Asstr Teen Story

My parent wasn’t poor, but we didn’t have a lot. That was the reason I
spend my summer vacation with my mothers sister and her husband and
The second reason was possibly to keep my cousin from dyeing of boredom.
My aunt
and uncle earned considerably more than my parents and could afford a
summerhouse. My parent joined us for a week, but else I was there alone
for 5
weeks. My cousin was only 11 months younger than me. Her name was
Marie. She
was a shy girl with brown curly hair and the thickest glasses I had ever
They made her look like a fish. She was very bright, but I don’t think
she had
many friends in school. Even though we had known each other since we
were born,
it always took a day or two before she got used to me and began to
relax. Once
she was over that, we got along well and we had some wonderful summers
together. The summerhouse was situated close to the sea. It consisted of two
houses. The main house and the annex, were Marie and I stayed. The main
had the livingroom, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. The annex had two
bedrooms and a bathroom. The garden was surround by trees as shelter
prowling eyes and the sometimes harsh wind from the sea. Most of the summer, my aunt and uncle would drive to work early and come
home in
the evening. We were alone in the daytime. We were very trustworthy
capable of taking care, and our parents trusted us. We had never let
them down.
We play, bathed in the sea or took long walks. If the weather was bad,
we both
liked to read. All in all a great way to spend the summer for both of
us. This summer I had just turned fifteen. My Uncle picked me up at the
station on
the first day of my summer vacation. As always, he told me I had grown a
since last time and we chatted about school and vacation during the
short drive
to the house. The surprise came when we got to the house. I couldn’t
Marie. She had grown a lot too, but most significant: her glasses were
gone. I
could suddenly see the most beautiful big brown eyes. It had changed her
completely. Before she looked, and sometimes acted, like a fish out of
Now she suddenly looked beautiful. I asked her where her glasses were.
mumbled that she had got contact lenses. I kept looking at her all day. This was Saturday. Sunday she slowly began to get used to me. After
lunch we
wanted to go bathing. It was here that I noticed the second changed. The
bumps on her chest had grown notably. From golfball size they had grown
to the
size of big oranges. She displayed a lovely curved body in her one piece
suit. I immediately had to rush into the waves to hide my growing
erection. I
don’t think she noticed anything. I tried to act naturally, and after 10
my dick went back to normal size. She was after all my cousin and
playmate. I
guess I kind of got used to her too. Monday we were alone. Her parents left before we woke up. The weather
was not
very good, but it wasn’t raining, so we decided to go for a walk along
the beach
to look for amber. We had found some before and it was always exciting
to do. It
was like a treasure hunt. After a couple of hour’s search, we headed
home for
lunch. We hadn’t found anything and the fresh wind was increasing to a
force wind. Instead of walking along the beach, we walk a little inland
the summerhouses to get shelter from the wind. It was still early in the
so most of the houses were empty on weekdays. We looked in through the
and tried to guess what kind of people lived in them. Many of the houses
only low scrub-roses around their gardens, but one house was, like ours,
more or
less hidden behind some trees. I don’t know why we were drawn towards
particular house. Maybe it was because we could get close and still hide
the trees. We assumed it was empty like the rest, but when we looked in
the big window less than 2 meters from us, we got the sight of our
lives. On the
floor were a man and a woman, naked. He was lying between her wide
spread legs,
licking her crotch. We both froze and starred. A few minutes passed.
The woman
had been lying more or less motionless on the floor, but now she moved
like she
had a fit. Then they changed position. The woman took the man’s dick in
mouth. I was amazed how much she could fit in there. When she had sucked
him for
a while, they changed position again. The woman got on her hands and
knees and
the man put his cock into her. At least I think he did, I couldn’t
really see.
It didn’t take long before he straitened his back and tensed. Then it
was over. We tiptoed away from the house and continued home in silence. I didn’t
know what
to say and neither did Marie. We didn’t dare to look at each other.
After twenty
minutes, I broke the silence.
‘It was.. Have you ever..’
‘No. I.. It..’
Silence again. We got home and made lunch. We found something else to
about, but I couldn’t forget the couple in the house. I had to go to the
bathroom to masturbate twice that afternoon. And it made me more aware
of Marie
and her body. I was sure the show must have started something in her
mind too. I
hoped it had. We were too embarrassed to talk about it, so we both tried
to act
like nothing had happen. Our room was on each side of the bathroom. The next morning I woke
first. I
showered and brushed my teeth, but for some reason I decided to go back
to bed.
Maybe it was because the weather was really bad. The sky was dark and it
raining. I had left my door open half open. I must have drifted of to
again. I woke again when Marie locked the bathroom door behind her. I
listen to
her shower. I badly wanted to get a glimpse of her when she left the
shower. The
previous years, we went from the bathroom to our room without clothes
on. I
still did and I hoped Marie did too. I was disappointed. When she came
out, she
had a towel around her body. I just covered her ass. She held I together
on the
side facing away from me. Just as she came out, a lightning flashed. A
later the rolling thunder made the house shake. I knew Marie was scared
thunder. Very scared. The story in the family goes that some distant
had been kill by lightning. It must have been many years ago, because
none of my
relatives could remember his name. But Marie had always been scares of
and lightning. She screamed and ran into my room. She jumped into my
bed and
put my pillow over her face. I completely forgot I was naked and put the
over her. I put my arm around her and tried to calm her. She was crying
hysterically and her body was trembling. Marie had let go of the towel when she put the pillow over her head. It
covered part of her body. My hand brushed over her naked back. I became
aware of
my own nakedness. It made my dick grow hard instantly. Marie didn’t
anything. She was still scared out of her mind. I tried my best to calm
After 10 minutes, the thunder had passed us and I removed the pillow for
‘Is it over?’ She asked with a small trembling voice.
‘Yes, I think so. But I might come back.
‘I’m sorry I woke you like that. But I get so scared when it is
‘It’s ok. I was awake. I have already showered.’
Marie moved her hand to get the towel back together. When she reached
under the
blanket, her hand touched my cock. At first she didn’t realise what it
was. She
put her hand on it but yanked it back as she had got an electric chock.
Her face
turned crimson.
‘Sorry.’ She mumbled. We didn’t dare move. We were suddenly aware of the fact that we were
naked under
the blanket in a small bed. We had been naked together lots of times
when we
were young, but it suddenly had a startling significance. I still had my
hand on
her back. I didn’t dare to move it. And I didn’t really want to either.
smooth warm skin felt so good. The temperature was very warm under the
now. A new thunderbolt ended the deadlock. Marie threw her arms around
me held
me tight. Her fear of thunder was greater then the embarrassment of
being naked.
I caressed her back again. I even let my hand pass over her buttocks.
Marie was
lying on her stomach and I was lying on my side. My dick poked her in
the side,
but she didn’t notice. Every time a new lightning flashed, she snuggled
to me and turned gradually to her side. I could feel her breasts against
chest. I wanted the thunder to stay over us for the rest of the day. But
when I
saw how scared Marie was, I wanted it to stop. She was trembling and
crying. I felt sorry for her. I could only try to calm her by talking to
her and
caressing her back. When it was finally over, we were facing each other,
body pressed close together. Marie looked blushing at me.
‘Thank you for holding me. I think we should get some breakfast now.’
She got up and took the towel in the same motion. I got a glimpse of a
brown triangle between her legs before she had the towel arranged around
her. I
dressed and we rushed through the rain to the house. The weather didn’t improve that day. It rained and there was no more
Marie didn’t want to leave the house in case the thunder returned, so we
in all day, playing chess and reading. I wanted to tell her how much I
had enjoy
to comfort her this morning, but I couldn’t find the words. My mind was
by the thought of her naked body and how to get another chance to see
her naked.
It mixed with the vision of the couple making love yesterday. I lost
every game
of chess we played. Later in the afternoon I went to the bathroom to
That helped a little. But my dick was hard most of that day. It was
awkward to
go around and hide it all day and I didn’t succeed. I caught Marie
starring at
my crotch several times that day. I hoped she somehow felt the same as
I. That
night, I felt asleep dreaming about her. I woke early the next morning when the car started. My aunt and uncle
left for
work. I went to the bathroom to shower and then back to bed like
yesterday even
though the sun was shining and there was no chance of thunder. I heard
enter the bathroom as soon as I left it. We never showered so soon after
other because there wasn’t enough hot water. And I could hear Marie yell
she entered the shower. It was cold and she only stayed in it for a few
She came into my room holding the towel around her.
‘You used all the hot water. I’m frozen.’
‘I can warm you.’ I hadn’t planned to say that, it just came out of my
mouth. As
soon as I had said it, I wished I could take it back. I was sure it was
much too
obvious. And Marie immediately blushed. Maybe I did too. She didn’t say
for a long time. But then I got a pleasant surprise.
‘OK.’ She said and came to my bed.
I pulled the blanket aside, without baring my lower body. She crawled
under the
blanket, still holding the towel. I didn’t dare pull her to close. There was no good excuse today,
she would be more aware of the situation. But she let go of the towel
once the
blanket covered her.
‘Don’t you think we should get rid of the wet towel.’ I suggested.
Marie hesitated. But she pulled it off and threw it out from under the
Apart from my dick being hard as steel, we were on equal terms. We
weren’t lying
close like yesterday, but the electricity in the air was as thick as a
thunderstorm. I risked putting a hand on Marie’s shoulder. She tensed
for a
second. Then she relaxed and it felt like she moved a little closer. We
lying on the side facing each other. My hand moved slowly down her side
to her
hip. I didn’t dare go further. Our breathing was heavier than normally.
I moved
my hand up again.
‘Your skin is so smooth.’
Marie instantly blushed and looked away.
‘Eh.. thanks.’
If only she wasn’t so shy. If only I had the courage to do something.
thoughts rushed through my head. My hand travelled up and down Marie’s
side. It
moved a little lower now. There were no protests. Marie didn’t touch me. We stayed like that for an eternity. At least 3
My hand was on its way up Marie’s side, when she suddenly turned to lie
on her
back. It brushed over her breast. I froze with my hand on her breasts.
gasped but she didn’t try to move it. I held my breath. I could feel her
against the palm of my hand. It was hard. I had no idea about how a
should be, but I was surprised how hard it was. I didn’t want to move my hand, but I also wanted to explore more of her
body. I
tried to catch Marie’s eyes, but she looked in all other directions. She
lying on her back now. I tried to move my hand down her belly. It felt
smoother then her back and side. I moved back up to her breasts again.
held her breath until I move down her belly again. I moved up and down
like I
had done on her side before, gradually moving lover. When I felt some
hair I
didn’t dare go lover. Suddenly Marie got up.
‘I think I’m warm now.’
She was a little confused when she looked for the towel, so I got a
better look
at her. She had a thin brush of brown hair in her crotch. She turned her
back to
me as she picked up the towel. Her labia were nearly bare. It looked
like she
was sweating between her legs. She left the room to get dressed. We were both in a terrible good mode that day. The weather was good
enough to
bath. Since we had just eaten, we looked for amber before we jumped in
waves. The winds had been high during the thunder yesterday and that
meant new amber on the beach. We walked the same direction as yesterday
found a few small pieces. On the way back we walked in between the
houses. We
didn’t talk about it, but soon we were behind the trees by the house
were we saw
the couple the other day. There was no show today, so we proceed home
talking about why we were there. But now I was sure Marie was just as
as I was. We had put our bathingsuits on under our clothes, so we went
strait in
the water when we got back. For the first time ever, Marie had a bikini
on. My
dick was instantly awake and I couldn’t hide the tent in my loose
trunks. Since
I couldn’t hide it, I let her look. She knew what caused it, I was sure
that. I guess that was why she had put on the bikini. We played in the water until our lips were blue. It was the best chance
to touch
each other without any excuse. And we touched a lot. Maybe not more than
but we were more aware. We wrestled in the water, enjoying the close
contact. At
one point the top of her bikini was pushed up over her breasts. She just
shyly and pulled it down. She was somehow not as shy today as she used
to be. We
went up to the garden to dry in the sun. We lay close on the blanket,
but we
didn’t touch. It was like we needed some kind of excuse to touch each
other. But
when I think back now, I’m sure we both were longing for the other to
take the
initiative. We went early to bed that evening. I know why I did it. I wanted to be
sure to
wake early and shower, so I could be ready when Marie had showered. I
hoped she
would come into my room again. Next morning I was awoken by the sound of
car. I rushed to the bathroom. I made sure there was no warm water left.
yesterday, Marie entered the bathroom when I left. Five minutes later
she was in
my room.
‘Will you warm me again.’
She looked at the floor when she asked, but she did ask. I raised the
blanket as
reply. She dropped the towel just before she slipped under the blanket.
she lay on her back. I put my hand on her belly and smiled at her. She
back, but lowered her eyes and blushed. I touched both her breasts as my
drifted up and down her body. I didn’t dare touch her crotch. I was
still afraid
she would get embarrassed and stop me. Instead I moved to her thigh. No
I got braver and next time I my hand was on her thigh, I move closer to
inner side of her thigh. After three or four times, she spread her legs
little. I interpreted it as an invitation to go further. My hand passed
up along
her inner thigh. Not all the way up, but close enough to feel the heat
from her crotch. Marie had closed her eyes and was breathing deep. Her legs spread a
little more
next time I passed her thigh. Her nipples weren’t hard when I touched
them the
first time this morning, but they were now. I figured they reacted like
my dick.
It had to be because she was aroused too. I touched her labia next time
I moved
up. Marie gasped but she still didn’t stop me. I now moved from her
breasts to
her crotch. Her breath intensified and her legs spread more. Her thigh
my cock. I moved closer so my other hand could caress her face. Her legs
were so
far apart that I could get between them and let my finger slide all the
way up
and down her slit. Her crotch was damp. I forgot about her breasts for a
My fingers brushed lightly up and down her slit. I pushed a little
harder. Her
lips spread to let my finger sink into the slippery fold of her pussy.
Marie let
out a little cry. I froze. I was sure this was it. But instead she
spread her
legs wider. Her right leg was now leaning against me. To be more
precise, it was
leaning against my cock. The more I moved my finger between her lips,
the more
irregular Marie’s breathing became. I could feel a bump in the top of the slit. It had to be her clitoris. I
that it was the most sensitive point. It was confirmed when I rubbed it.
held her breath. Up until now she had been lying still apart from
spreading her
legs. Now her hips began moving up and down and push against my fingers.
held her breath for a long time. Then her body strained and she began to
very fast. She pressed Her thighs tight together around my hand. I had
to stop
moving. We lay like that until Marie had calmed down. She released my hand and
looked at
me with smiling eyes. We were silent. Marie turned to her side and put
her arms
around me and gave me a tight hug. I was very aware of my cock poking
into her
thigh. But my god, it was exciting to fell her body so close. Again,
none of us
knew what to do next. I badly wanted her to touch my cock, but at the
same time
I was afraid I would come all over her. I felt I would be very
embarrassing. I
had to do something.
‘Should we get some breakfast?’
‘Yes. I’m hungry.’
She slipped out of the bed and rapidly put the towel around herself. I
wanted so
much to get a good look at her, but she covered herself too fast. The breakfast was silent. I tried to tell a joke. That broke the ice. We
and joked, but we didn’t mention the morning in bed. The rest of the day
like any other day. Perhaps our wrestling in the water was more daring.
nothing else. I sneaked to the bathroom to relieve the pressure in an
attempt to
lead my thoughts in another direction. Worthless effort of course. Half
an hour
later my cock was hard again and all I could think of was Marie’s naked
body. We
went to bed early. She sent me a knowing smile just before she said
and closed the door to her room. I thought about visiting her in her
room, but I
couldn’t find a good excuse. So I had to hope for the morning ritual. Just as I had enter the bathroom and emptied my bladder, there was a
knock on
the door. Marie asked if she could goo to the toilet before I showered.
I left
the bathroom to let her pee. When she came out again I gathered all my
‘We could shower together if you want. Then you don’t have to take a
I held my breath. Marie looked down.
‘I don’t know. I’m not pretty…’
I was stunned.
‘I think you are very pretty. Very.’
‘But my breasts are so small. Not at all like the women we saw.’
She was whispering. I felt sorry for her and put my arms around her.
‘Yours are much prettier. Her breasts were hanging down. I think you are
‘Do you really mean that?’ she whispered.
‘Yes I do. You are very, very pretty.’
‘Thank you.’
We stood there for a while.
‘Let shower, OK?’
‘Yes.’ We undressed without looking at each other openly. But we both peeked.
When we
was in the shower-cabin I got a good look at Marie’s naked body for the
‘You are very beautiful.’
Marie’s face turned crimson. I don’t know if it was my remark. Her eyes
glued to my cock. I turned on the water.
‘May I wash you?’
‘Yes.’ She whispered.
I soaped her from neck to feet. She spread her legs to give me access to
her crotch. When I had rinsed soap off, I kissed one of her nipples. I
think about it, I just did it. It made Marie sigh. It was still me who
had to
take the initiative.
‘Do you want to wash me.’
‘Yes.’ She replied without hesitation.
When her finger touched my cock, it jerked. Maybe I jerked too.
‘Did I hurt you.’ Marie asked a little scared.
‘No. It felt good.’
She continued to soap me. When all the soap was washed off, we stood
looking at each other. I could see Marie was thinking very hard. She bit
lip. I gave her time. It took a long time before she spoke.
‘Will you do like the guy did with the woman. Kiss me down there.’
She was whispering to the floor. Her face was red like a cherry. I knelt
front of her.
I didn’t know what to do. I kissed the hair over her slit. She spread
her legs
more and arched her back. I extended my tongue. The tip touched her
lips. My
hands moved up to her hips. I licked along the slit. Then I pressed my
between her lips. Marie gasped and her knees gave in under her.
‘Maybe you should lie down instead.’
‘I think so.’
I turned off the water. Marie was unsteady when she stepped out of the
cabin. I held her arm. We quickly dried ourselves and ran into my room.
slipped under my blanket. I removed it to expose her body to my hungry
eyes. I
wanted to lick her as much as she wanted me to do it. I knelt between
her legs.
My hands on her thighs moved them further apart. After a few cautious
along the slit I pressed my tongue into the delicate folds. The taste
peculiar but I liked it. A light shiver ran through her body when I
touched her
clit. I licked her like I was destined to do that from birth. It was so
exciting. I had forgot all about the fact that she was my cousin long
ago. She
was a beautiful naked girl and she let me lick her pussy. I was in
heaven. The pattern from yesterday morning was repeated. But her reactions were
today. When she held her breath, she put her hands behind my head and
pressed me
into her pussy. It added considerably to my excitement. I was afraid I
was going
to hurt her with my teeth when she moved her hips up and down very wild.
But I
was stuck. She whimpered when she began breathing again. Then she pushed
‘Enough please.’ She whispered.
I crawled up to her and lay on top with my cock between her legs.
‘Did you like it?’
I knew I was a stupid question.
‘It was wonderful.’
She smiled and for once se looked me in the eyes. I think she had gained
confidence in herself. I hoped it was because it had told her she was
Our mouths meet for the first time. Only our lips. But soon we kissed
with our
tongues. It felt good. A warm and close feeling. We broke the kiss and looked deep in each other eyes. Marie took a deep
and I was afraid I was too heavy on top of her. I rolled off. She looked
down at
my cock.
‘Would you like me to.. um.. kiss your.. put your.. penis in my..
It was what I had dreamt of since we saw the man and the woman, but I
didn’t know what to say. I knew I would probably come in her mouth. What
she do? Would she be disgusted? But before I knew it, I heard myself say
Marie hesitated for a brief moment. The she got up on her knees and bend
me. Her hand brushed my cock. It closed around the shaft. Carefully she
The head was slowly exposed. It was exactly like the woman had done. The
tip of
her tongue touched the head. My cock jerked. A drop of precume
appeared. She
did it again and giggled. She starred at it while she tasted the drop
she had
licked off. Her mouth opened and the next second the head was in her
warm soft
mouth. God, it felt good. Her tongue licked around the head. The woman
had moved
her head up and down. Marie did the same. Slowly, half my cock
disappeared into
her mouth. It looked and felt better than I had ever imagined. Marie
looked up
at me.
‘It feels so good. Please don’t stop.’
She didn’t, Her head moved up and down over my cock. But not for long.
It felt
too good. I wanted to warn her. I tried.
‘Marie, I’m com…’ was all I managed to say before my cock jerked and
sent a
squirt of cum into her mouth. Marie pulled back, more surprised than
scared. The
next squirt splashed into her face. She put the cock back into her
mouth. Squirt
after squirt filled her mouth with cum. She didn’t know what to do but
she had
to make a decision before her mouth overflowed, so she decided to
swallow it.
When my cock stop squirting, her mouth let it out. Still holding my cock in her hand, she looked up at me.
‘It was fantastic, Marie.’
She smiled proud. She wiped the cum from her face with the back of her
‘So that’s what it’s like when boys come.’
She cuddled up next to me and kissed me. Her mouth tasted salty.
‘I have dreamt about this since we saw the man and the woman.’
‘So have I. But I didn’t dare.. I almost said no when you wanted to warm
‘I was so afraid you would.’
‘It’s s nice to lie like this. But..’
‘But what?’
A knot formed in my stomach. What was wrong?
‘I’m hungry.’ Marie giggled.
‘Marie. You scared me. I thought something was wrong.’
I was slightly angry, but I couldn’t help laughing at my own anxiety. After breakfast we went for a walk. I suggested we went to the house
with the
trees to peek again. Marie immediately agreed with blushing cheeks. We
walk to the house. There was nothing to see, but I wanted to stay for a
while to
see what happened. When nothing had happen after five minutes, Marie
proposed to
take a walk and return later. We walk on the beach hand in hand for an
hour. Now
we suddenly could talk about the thing we had seen and done. Marie had
been sure
her breasts were too small and her ass too big. I reassured her that she
very beautiful. We returned to the trees. When we had been there one or
minutes, we saw the woman go through the room. It looked like she had
just got
out of bed. We took another walk. When we returned the next time, they
eating breakfast. They were still dressed like they had just left the
bed. The
woman was wearing pants and a long T-shirt. The first time none of us
noticed how they looked. They were probably around thirty. She was slim
long blonde hair. Her ass was big and round. He had short dark hair. He
muscular and Marie thought he was good looking. I told Marie she was
prettier than the woman in the house was. Marie’s eyes sparkled when I
said it. Nothing happened. They ate their breakfast. It was boring so we walked
back to
the beach to bathe. The wrestling and play in the water was bolder than
previous days. I put my hand inside Marie’s panties under water. I tried
to pull
them of, but even though we were the only people on the beach, Marie
Instead she put her hand inside my trunks. We weren’t wrestling anymore.
ten minutes of touching under water, we were pretty worked up. We both
wanted to
get home fast. I was glad we were alone on the breach when we got out of
water. My dick was raising my trunks to a tent. Marie giggled.
‘We must hope we don’t meet anybody on the way home. You are indecent.’
‘I can make you indecent too.’
I reached for her bikini-top to pull it off. Marie screamed and we
fought over
it in the low water. I was the strongest ad I managed to get it off. I
ran ahead
of her to the beach. It was very common for girls to walk topless on the
but Marie had never done it.
‘Please give it back.’
She ran after me with her arms over her chest.
‘Why? You have beautiful tits and I love to look at them. Show me.’
We stopped a few meters from each other. She kept her arms crossed over
chest, but she looked more excited than angry.