My fat wife gets in the toilet

One summers evening not long ago, Hazel and I decided to go
out for a drive. We had been talking dirty to each other
all day, and we were both randy as hell. Hazel is in her
30s, size 18 with nice big tits, and after some
encouragement she agreed to come out wearing just her knee-
length rain mac, sandals, and nothing else!

We drove to a little village, and went for a walk. In the
centre of the village was a public toilet, with the
entrance secluded, and I guided Hazel into the mens toilet.
There were two cubicles, one of which was occupied, and we
crept into the other. Soon we were kissing and groping, and
I undid her coat and stroked her silky smooth flesh. Hazel
pulled my zip down and released my aching cock and began
wanking me as we kissed.

The dividing wall was wooden, and there was a hole, about
four inches across cut through it. Hazel had her back to it
and I noticed whoever was in the next cubicle was looking
through it.

I whispered to Hazel that we were being watched, and she
whispered back that she wasn’t bothered. I removed her
coat, leaving her naked apart from her sandals, and pulled
my trousers and underpants down, and took my t-shirt off.
Whoever was next door gasped as he saw Hazel’s magnificent
big arse. I spun her round and fondled her tits from behind
so he could see her fleshy naked body full frontal.

Hazel whimpered, obviously turned on by being watched, and
when a huge solid uncircumcised cock was pushed through the
hole, she reached out and stroked it gently, pulling the
foreskin back before kneeling down and licking round the
shiny bell end and under the tip.

After less than a minute of gentle licking and sucking by
Hazel we heard a muffled groan, “OOUUUHHHHHHH” before a
copious dollop of spunk squirted from the pulsating cock,
splashing onto Hazel’s tongue. The rigid straining pole
jerked rhythmically as its anonymous owner continued to
ejaculate, his sticky white semen gushing out over her face,
neck and tits.

I cleaned the spunk off Hazel with some tissues, and
continued kissing her and groping her soft naked body,
eventually sliding a finger into her gaping wet gash, which
had her moaning in lust. The occupant of the next cubicle
continued watching though the hole as I finger fucked
Hazel, flicking my fingers over her hard pink clit and
burying them in her sopping hole.

After a while, We heard movement next door, and the cubicle
door opening. There was a light tap on our cubicle door,
and, excited, I reached across and undid the bolt. The door
swung open, and there stood a good looking young lad who
looked barely 16, trousers and underpants round his ankles,
wanking the big solid cock Hazel had previously caused to
spunk on her.

Hazel stared at it intensely, and I beckoned him in. He
locked the door behind him with trembling fingers, and I
motioned to him to sit on the loo seat. He shuffled past
us nervously, brushing against Hazel’s smooth naked flesh and
sat down on the edge of the seat, his stiff weapon pointing up
in the air. Hazel parted her plump fleshy thighs and
straddled the boy, pushing her open wet cunt down on that
huge young cock, sighing with desire and taking it easily
into her soaking wet vagina. He slid into Hazel fully and
reached up and began squeezing and kneading her massive
dangling tits as she rode him, bouncing heavily on his firm
hips, pressing her palms against his hairless muscular
chest, and whimpering aloud with each rapid shove of his
big solid dick. I moved alongside them and began wanking my
throbbing cock as I watched my wife being fucked senseless
by this rampant young stud.

After the boy had been screwing Hazel for a short while, we
heard footsteps approaching, and someone entered the next
door cubicle. I motioned to Hazel to be still, and though
she tried to remain motionless with the youth’s massive
cock buried deep inside her, she found it impossible, and
began gently gyrating her massive arse, slowly screwing her
well-lubricated cunt down on his rock solid tool.

Whoever was in the next cubicle was soon peering through
the hole, watching my plump lust-crazed 30-something wife
being fucked by a barely 16 year old lad. I offered my cock
to her lips and she sucked it in, sliding her tongue on the
underside of my bell-end. The boy was playing with Hazel’s
swinging tits, leaning up to lick her hard nipples, and
sliding his hands all over her fat naked body, occasionally
gripping her big arse cheeks tightly as he pumped his cock
into her slippery hole. A hand and thick forearm came
through the aperture in the wall, and reached across to
stroke and knead Hazel’s smooth wobbling arse. This made
her move even faster, sliding hurriedly up and down on the
young lad’s horny penis.

Suddenly Hazel closed her eyes tight, gasped noisily, then
let out a high pitched moan, as she reached an explosive
orgasm. “AAANNGHHH, AHH AHH AAANNNNNHHHH”she whimpered as
she fell forward, squealing in pleasure and shuddering
frenziedly, embracing the lad tightly and burying his
unbelieving face between her huge soft quivering tits as
her wet vagina spasmed on his enormous plunging cock.
Hazel’s trembling climax triggered the young boy off and he
grunted “UUUNNGGGHH UH UH UGHHHH” as he plunged his excited
penis firmly into her sodden hole from below. His body
stiffened as his young spunk gushed into Hazel’s slippery
cunt.He gasped and grunted with sexual gratification as he
filled her hole with his sticky sperm.

When the boy had finished coming into Hazel he withdrew and
thanked her. Hazel climbed off him and he left the cubicle
after pulling his trousers up and kissing her lightly on
the lips and both nipples. The guy in the next cubicle was
soon pushing our unlocked door open. He was about 50, going
bald and heavily built. His cock was thick and stubby,
standing out proud from his unzipped jeans.

The man stared at Hazel standing before him, spunk dripping
out of her cunt. “That was nice. Can I have some?” it was
not a question really because he moved forward and grabbed
her big tits with both hands, squeezing them roughly.
“sit down” he ordered, and Hazel sat with her bum on the
edge of the low toilet and her fat legs parting wider and
wider as the man knelt between them and dropped his
trousers and underpants.

“HMMM soft”, he exclaimed, “SOOOO soft!!” as he fondled and
mauled her fleshy thighs and tits. Hazel looked at me
helpless but excited and I just shrugged smiling.

“HHHHNNN!” she moaned as the stranger immediately forced
his heavy weapon between her spunk-soaked labia and into
her recently fucked vagina “That boy has opened you up
nicely for me young lady” he whispered, “now you’re going
to get a REAL fucking.”

The man pressed his lips to Hazel’s, and kissed her deeply
as he powered into her forcefully. He gripped her tightly,
pressing his muscular body against her soft flesh. Her tits
were crushed against his chest and I watched as his arse
undulated briskly as he fucked my willing wife.

Hazel was gasping for air, but the man kept his lips
planted on hers and his tongue forced deep into her mouth
as he rammed hard into her soaking wet vagina.
“HHHHMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNGHHHH” she squealed as she came, her
eyes glazing over and her soft quaking body struggling to
escape his iron grip. He didn’t let up though and continued
fucking her vigorously.

Hazel struggled vainly to break free but instead reached
another violent orgasm, then another in quick succession as
the stranger locked her in a vice-like grip and ‘raped’

I couldn’t believe Hazel had climaxed so many times in such
a short space of time. I watched fascinated as the man
finally grunted “UH! Take my CUM up your wet CUNT, fat
squirted cum into Hazel as powerfully as he had fucked her.

I watched as he withdrew his softening dick from Hazel’s
well-fucked cum-soaked slit. The middle-aged man simply
groped her lovely soft tits briefly , pulled up his
trousers and left without a word or a backward glance.
Hazel was staring into space, still in the same position,
obviously stunned by what had just taken place with two
complete strangers. I took my rightful place between her
fleshy thighs and fucked her gently. Her freshly-used cunt
felt so wonderful and hot and I soon felt the waves of
intense pleasure engulf me as I flooded Hazel with my

After we got home that night Hazel said she’d been in
ecstasy with the whole experience. We’ve vowed to do it
again sometime.