Donna Got What She Needed

My wife, Donna was all a man could ever want.
Successful at her work, a good wife, and excellent
mother. Unfortunately, I could sense that sexually, she
was frustrated. As beautiful as the first day I saw
her, Donna had that kind of beauty that everyone
noticed. Donna was concerned with her weight but it
never bothered me.

In fact, it was the thing that attracted me to her the
most. Voluptuous is the word I immediately think of
when I think about my wife. Large breast, full hips, a
big round ass. Donna weighed around 200 pounds, but
every man’s eyes were on her in the grocery store, in
the mall, and even in church. I was watching her now,
sitting in the choir, about two rows in front of me.
Donna’s massive breasts were straining her silk choir
robe and several men adjacent to me, even right now,
were stealing glances at my beautiful big-titted wife.

As I sat there, I realized that I wanted this feeling
to go further. I was rock hard in my pants as I watched
Rick, my daughter’s dentist; ogle my wife and her huge
breasts. Rob, on my right, was a golfing buddy, but
right now, I knew he was staring at my wife’s chest
rising and falling as she sang. I wanted them to see
more of my wife, to want her even more.

I sat there in the choir, thinking of ways I could
expose my beautiful wife to men. Why was I thinking
like this I asked myself in my mind? Deny it all I
want, I had to keep my hands in my lap to disguise my
rock hard cock as I thought about them seeing her
udders bare, about them touching her beautiful smooth
round ass as they prepared to take her.

Lying in bed that night, I fantasized about how I could
expose my wife further to men. I asked myself how far I
really wanted this to go. Did I actually want to watch
another man fuck my wife?? I had no idea but just lying
there in bed thinking of the possibilities, I got hard.
Donna and I had great sex but I needed more for some
reason. Strangely enough, even though I knew Donna was
happy with me, I sensed she thought about more also.

Suddenly it hit me. Sam, a guy I worked with for
several years was not working out of one of our offices
out of State. He was coming to a conference at our
office next week. I had asked him to stay with us and I
knew he always had a thing for Donna. That would be the
perfect opportunity to take it to the next level.

The following Friday night, Donna and I were getting
ready to go out for the opening night party to welcome
all the visiting representatives from our company. The
majority of attendees would be married men visiting a
strange town without their wives, including Sam. Donna
would probably be one of only a handful of women there.
I had gotten Donna a new outfit, which I could tell she
was nervous about wearing.

It was a beautiful black dress with a plunging neckline
which showed acres of cleavage. The dress was also
shorter than those she usually wore. Donna stood there
in her black panties and black bra, which was
struggling to hold back my wife’s massive mammaries.
Donna was easily a 42ddd and then some. Her huge tits
squeezed out around her bra and her full ass looked
inviting in the silk black panties.

I came up behind Donna and gave her a wrapped gift box.
“What did you do?” Donna asked lovingly. “Just a little
something to make you even more beautiful if that’s
possible,” I replied. Donna giggled and opened the box
which contained a black garter set and sheer black
thigh highs. “You want me to wear these tonight?” Donna
asked, obviously embarrassed. I quickly nodded and gave
her a grin as I rubbed my straining cock against her
silk encased ass.

Donna finally emerged from the bedroom and I couldn’t
take my eyes off of her. Her makeup perfect, lips
lightly frosted, hair perfect, everything perfect. Her
massive jugs bouncing heavily as she walked toward me.
Her legs full but not fat. She bent over to pick up her
purse and I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.

“You look unbelievable,” I said and Donna again flushed
red with embarrassment. I could barely contain my
excitement as we drove toward the hotel conference
center. When we walked into the room, I felt a hundred
pair of eyes on my wife. As we passed the huddled small
groups of men, I heard murmurs, which included snippets
about “tits, ass, udders,” and one guy said rather
loudly “fuck the shit out of that.” I wondered if Donna
could hear their vulgar comments and if it excited her
as it did me.

The entire time, we never yearned for conversation. I
think every man in the room got over to us and ogled my
wife as he pretended to be interested in who we were,
where we were from, and what we did. Their eyes bobbed
in unison with my wife’s tits every time she breathed.
Suddenly Sam approached us and I didn’t realize who he
was for a second. He appeared to have colored his hair,
had lost weight, and obviously had been working out.

He also had two friends with him who he quickly
introduced as Vic and Mike, both also very handsome and
well-built men. I glanced at Donna and was stunned that
she seemed to be stealing glances at all three men, and
her nervous lip licking made her appear flirtatious.
The more we talked, even though everything was on the
up and up, the sexual tension was obvious.

Suddenly, Sam chugged his drink and said, this fucking
shit is always so boring, why don’t you, your lovely
wife, Vic, Mike, and I head on up to my suite. I have
some snacks and we can bust open the mini bar and catch
up on old times. Before I could even respond, Donna
quickly nodded and before I knew it, my Sunday school
teacher wife and I were headed up to a suite with three

On the way, the men started complimenting her on her
dress and her beauty. Donna giggled as she thanked them
and stated several times that she was too old and fat
for these younger men now a days. They assured her she
wasn’t and told her she was the most beautiful and sexy
woman in the room.

I couldn’t believe this open flirtation was going on
like I wasn’t even there but I couldn’t help it. I was
so excited and had no idea was would happen once we
stepped into this room. Sam opened the door and he was
right, it was a suite. The outer room had a couple
sofas, chairs, a wet bar and entertainment center.
There was a separate bedroom in addition to the master
suite, which included a jetted tub.

Sam turned on some music and asked everyone what they
wanted to drink. I responded but Sam interrupted me and
asked Donna what she wanted and handed Vic and Mike a
beer. I went and got my own and I thought I caught Mike
smile at Sam. Sam handed Donna a seven and seven and
everyone’s eyes were on my wife as she sipped it with
her sparkling eyes. “Why don’t you dance with your wife
Don?” Sam asked.

I hesitated for a moment and Vic said well hell if you
don’t I sure as hell will. I watched as he quickly got
Donna to her feet, she giggled as he put one arm around
her thick waist and the other held her hand. As they
danced, Mike walked over to me across the room, leaned
over, and asked me what size my wife’s breast were.

I was so surprised I couldn’t speak and Mike said, “I’m
guessing at least a DD cup, probably bigger. Big
fucking tits I know that much. You take care of her
right Don??” he was snickering now. “I bet she sucks a
mean cock too, huh? Look as those fucking lips on her.
Damn, would I wouldn’t do to have her bob on my rod.”

I just stood there and listened as Mike talked about my
wife. I couldn’t move and even if I wanted to, I
couldn’t. My cock was so hard it would be painfully
obvious to everyone in the room that I was excited.
Hell, beyond excited.

As Vic and Donna danced, I watched Vic’s hand slide
lower and lower on my wife’s waist and it was not
resting on the upper portion of my wife’s huge round
ass. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. As I
opened the door, I was surprised by Sam who obviously
had slipped to the bathroom before I had.

I stared too long at the reflection in the mirror at
Sam’s huge cock. Oh my god, it had to be at least 8
inches long and it wasn’t hard. Sam caught me looking
and just laughed. He looked at me in the mirror and
asked me if my wife had ever seen one that big. I
nervously replied, “No,” my voice shaking.

Sam laughed again and said, “I figured that. You think
she would like one Don?”

I stuttered again and replied, “I-I didn’t know.”

Sam laughed and implied they all wanted one that big.

When I came out of the room, Mike was now dancing with
my wife. Vic came over to me and was telling me what a
great wife I had. “Big fucking tits your wife has there
Don,” then he added, “Why don’t you get me another
fucking beer?,” not really a question, but a statement.

I sheepishly went into the kitchen and got another beer
and when I returned I could see Sam and Vic talking
animatedly. “How big is your cock Don?” Vic asked when
I returned.

I sat there silently and Vic said, “Yeah, I didn’t
think so,” and laughed. I realized at that point that
this was going further than I ever imagined. I watched
Donna who seemed to be having the time of her life.
Dancing with these men, feeling their eyes on her.

Sam handed Donna another drink and I suddenly felt so
warm. I sauntered over to the heating unit and glanced
at the thermostat and it was turned all the way to the
right at 90 degrees. I went to turn it down and
suddenly Sam’s hand grabbed mine. He whispered in my
ear to get my fucking hand off the heater, that it was
going to get a lot hotter in here before that
temperature got turned down. I slinked back to my seat
on one of the two sofas.

Mike was next to make his move in the now obvious plot
to fuck my wife. “Fuck it’s hot in here,” Mike said as
he suddenly yanked his shirt over his head. Sam quickly
snickered in my direction and added, “Yeah, the fucking
heat is broke and they are supposed to be fixing it

Mike was a very large man with a body obviously tuned
in a gym. Donna kept stealing glances at Mike’s chest.
Vic followed Mike’s lead almost immediately and Donna
giggled but kept right on dancing with Mike, tight
against his hairy chest. Sam followed suit about a few
minutes later.

The heat, coupled with the liquor, was causing Donna to
sweat profusively now. Her thin dress was pasted to her
upper body and I could see sweat glistening on her
forehead, upper lip, and on the slopes of her massive
tits. “Hey honey, your turn!” Sam yelled pointing at my
wife’s dress.

Donna giggled and shook her head no. Sam replied that
it didn’t matter and that it would be no big deal. The
heat was broke he added and he implied that it would be
no different than if they all went swimming together at
the beach and my wife was wearing a bathing suit. I
watched miraculously as Donna was listening to his
bullshit. Donna would never have done something like
this and I couldn’t believe that she was actually
listening to this.

Vic and Mike nodded in agreement and I was physically
shaking in my shoes as Mike reached down to the hem of
my wife’s dress and slowly started raising it. The room
seemed to freeze as everyone watched my wife’s black
dress rise up exposing the tops of her stockings, then
her garter belt, then the bottoms of her massive
breasts, then her overstuffed bra and finally off her
completely. “Damn” Sam said under his breath. “Fuck
Yeah!” Vic said next to me. “Your wife was built for
fucking Don and that’s what she’s about to get.”

Donna’s huge cow udders were overstuffing her bra and
as she danced with Mike her upper chest jiggled and
bounced obscenely. Mike’s hand had now fallen to the
middle of my wife’s panty encased ass, and he was now
openly caressing my wife’s full ass. Sam suddenly
yelled, “That’s not fair, Donna is wearing her swimsuit
and we still have our pants on!”

I watched as all three men now removed their pants. Now
I was sitting in a hotel room with three nearly naked
men and my wife who was dancing with them in her bra,
panties, garters, and stockings. I couldn’t believe
this. My cock was betraying me as I watched the men
seduce my wife right in front of me.

Mike, still dancing with Donna, was wearing plaid
boxers and it was not apparent that Mike was very well
endowed. The front of his boxers protruded out several
inches and it appeared his massive cock was lying
against his upper left leg mashing into my wife’s belly
as they danced. Sam was sitting next to me now on the

I glanced down and noticed him secretly stroking his
cock, its massive length running half way down his
thigh, a good 3 or 4 inches extending past the leg of
his own boxers. Donna couldn’t see it from her angle
and I wondered what would have happened if she could.
Vic was now sauntering up in back of my wife and it was
apparent he was going to dance with Donna along with
Mike. Vic’s cock was straining the front of his bikini
briefs and his massive cock log was wrapped half way
around the side of his briefs. It looked to be nearly a
foot long but that was impossible, wasn’t it?

Donna felt Vic in back of her and giggled. She was
becoming giddy now, the alcohol having an effect. She
had no idea what there intentions were. Vic said, “I
think Donna has been naughty and needs a good
spanking.” Donna giggled as Vic started spanking her
lightly on her ass with his hand. “Bring her closer so
I can see her get spanked,” Sam laughed.

Mike led her toward us on the sofa and Vic was spanking
my wife’s big ass harder now, Donna’s big titties
jiggling when he contacted her huge round ass. Donna
was now about three feet from us and Sam told Mike he
would have to stop dancing with her so Vic could give
her a really good spanking. Still thinking it was all
in clean fun, Donna allowed Vic to bend her over and he
pushed her far enough that my wife had to catch her
self with her hands on the couch. Sam caught her hands
and placed them on his knees.

My huge breasted wife was not bent over in front of
Sam, her huge breasts hanging inside her bra, which was
straining mightily at the massive weight of her udders.
Donna’s thick creamy thighs were encased in black sheer
thigh highs, her wide hips framed with the black lace
garter belt. Donna was giggling loudly now but suddenly
her giggle caught in her throat.

I glanced at Donna who was now staring open mouthed at
Sam’s massive cock which was a good four inches past
the hem of his boxer shorts. Sam stopped laughing and
put his hand on my wife of 18 years chin. He slowly
raised her head to look into his eyes. “Do you want to
see the whole thing baby?,” Sam whispered to my wife.
Donna didn’t respond and kept glancing from Sam’s face
to his “boxer tent.” Keeping one hand on Donna’s chin,
Sam took his other hand and slowly undid the button on
his plaid boxer shorts. Then he reached inside and
pulled out the largest cock I have ever seen.

It was a wavering tower of meat. The only way I can
describe it is if you have ever seen one of those
three-pound hickory farms beef logs. Sam was holding it
near the base and the massive cock log jutted straight
up, nearly a foot. It’s plum sized head was only a foot
away from my wife’s shocked and now flushed face.

Sam was waving it slowly and laughing deeply as he
watched my wife’s eyes follow his huge cock. Sam looked
up and winked at Vic who in one smooth motion and in-
between spanking my wife’s big ass, whipped out his own
massive cock. Donna didn’t even realize it and Vic was
so smooth that he was now spanking my wife’s huge ass
with his cock versus his hand. Vic’s cock was about the
size of my forearm and I watched as it bounced off my
wife’s big ass like a fat rubber dildo.

“Touch my cock Donna,” Sam whispered to my wife. Donna
didn’t move and I could see her nostrils flaring as her
breathing had increased dramatically the last few
minutes. “Take your little hand and grab my fat cock

Donna again didn’t respond and I could see her lips
quivering. Donna glimpsed over at me and Sam laughed.
“Donna, don’t worry, Don wants to see you touch my
cock, don’t you Don?” I sat next to Sam on the couch
silently. “See Donna? If Don didn’t want you to he
would have told me to stop. But he didn’t did he?

Now take your pretty little hand and grab my cock
before I make Don pull those pretty panties down and
let Vic spank you on your bare ass with his cock versus
just on those big panties your wearing.” Donna moaned
suddenly, realizing was Vic was doing and she glanced
over her shoulder at the same time his massive meat log
was meeting her jiggling ass cheeks. Donna gasped when
she saw the size of Vic’s cock, which was as big, if
not larger than Sam’s cock.

“You know you want it big tits,” Sam laughed. “Touch
it, Don won’t get mad.” I gasped as Donna lowered her
head down a couple of inches closer to the gargantuan
cock. “That’s a big girl,” Sam whispered.

I watched half in horror, half in excitement as my
wife’s beautiful round lip-sticked mouth moved a little
closer now, knowing Sam could probably feel my wife’s
hot breath on the fat mushroom shaped head of his cock
log. As if in a trance, my wife’s small shapely hand
with our wedding rings sparkling reached out and
touched Sam’s cock, then quickly drew back as if she
had been burned.

But before her hand fully retreated, Sam grabbed it and
brought it back to surround his massive prick. Donna’s
hand couldn’t even reach all the way around it. Her
fingers lacked several inches from touching and a good
eight inches of thick fuck meat extended above my
wife’s hand.

“Hey baby, I tell you what, you stroke my cock a little
and I will make sure Vic here doesn’t try to fuck that
sweet married cunt of yours, deal?” Donna nodded up and
down slowly and started to slowly shuck her hand up and
down Sam’s thick shaft. “Mmmmmm,” Sam mouthed. “That’s
the way you big-titted bitch.”

Donna shuddered slightly at Sam’s rough language. I sat
there silently, afraid to move for fear of anyone
seeing how hard I was watching my wife get groped and
used right here in front of me. Mike had moved in
closer now and Vic winked at him and pointed at my
wife’s panty covered ass. Mike nodded with a grin and
then reached out and slowly pulled my wife’s black silk
lace panties to the side exposing my wife’s plump cunt.
I went to say something but Mike gave me a death stare
and I froze.

Donna was unaware what Mike had done. Suddenly Donna
jumped as Vic stopped slapping her ass with his massive
cock and was now rubbing his plump cock head along my
wife’s fat protruding cunt lips. Donna wiggled her fat
ass to get away but she never let go of Sam’s huge
cock. “Stop moving your big ass or it might slip in,”
Mike yelled.

Donna instantly stopped and Mike said “that’s a good
girl.” Donna’s face was flushed as Vic continued to rub
his huge cock along her fat cunt. My wife was becoming
flushed now as Vic slid his huge cock up and down my
wife’s hot wet cunt. Donna’s eyes were fixated on Sam’s
huge cock-head as pre-cum had started to leak out, ran
down his rigid shaft, and was starting to make noises
as my wife shucked his huge cock up and down. My wife’s
lips were slightly parted and I could see her pink
tongue nervously wetting her frosted pink lips.

“Go ahead, lick it baby,” Sam whispered. Donna mouthed
a feeble “noo” and Sam just laughed. “You know you want
to kiss it you sexy big-titted fuck pig.”

Donna shuddered at the crude language Sam used but she
moved at least three inches closer to his massive cock,
now only inches from her luscious mouth. I could hear
my wife’s fat wet cunt now and so could the others. “I
think someone’s getting excited here” laughed Vic.

My wife’s cunt was sloshing every time Vic ran his huge
cock along her cunt. Donna shuddered again and Vic
said, “be careful baby, my cock almost slipped into
your big wet cunt back here.” Sam gripped my wife’s
chin again and had her look into his eyes. “It’s Ok
baby, we all know you want to kiss my cock.” Sam looked
right at me. “Don, tell your wife it’s all right if she
kisses my cock, plants a big ole kiss right on the head
of it.”

I just sat there as if in a trance.

“Tell her Don, tell your wife you want her to kiss my

“Please, no,” I replied feebly but Sam just laughed and
told Donna to look in my lap. I turned red with
embarrassment, as he had noticed my rigidly hard cock.

“Come on baby, Mike hear is dying to take that fucking
bra off those big cow udders you got but if you just
give me one little cock kiss I will make sure he

I gasped as Donna now slowly closed three-inch gap and
her plump full lips lightly contacted Sam’s enormous
cock head. “Yeah baby, that’s a girl” as I watched as
Donna flicked her little pink tongue out and lightly
licked his shiny plum sized cock head. Donna was
breathing heavily now and her cunt sounded like a swamp
as Vic continued to stroke his huge cock up and down my
wife’s cunt furrow.

Sam took my wife’s hand off his cock now and replaced
it with his own. Suddenly he slapped my wife in the
face with his huge cock, then again and again, laughing
as he left traces of pre-cum against my wife’s smooth
creamy cheeks. He was teasing her now, slapping his big
nasty cock against my wife’s full lips.

I suddenly realized that Donna was not turning away
even though no one was holding her head or restraining
her. Sam continued to assault her face with his nasty
fuck pole. “You want to suck my big cock don’t you big
tits?” Sam asked sarcastically. Donna replied with a
feeble “no.”

“I don’t know about sucking your cock, but her fat cunt
it trying suck my cock into it, the horny bitch,” Vic
laughed. “Ah so that’s it, you want Vic to slide that
monster into your fat cunt don’t you?” Sam bellowed.

Donna didn’t respond and Vic continued to assault my
wife’s fat wet cunt with his cock head. “Well looky
here,” said Vic. They were laughing now as my wife was
attempting to move her big round ass back against Vic’s
cock but Vic kept pulling it away while constantly
rubbing up and down her damp cunt crevice.

“Tell you what big tits, here’s the deal, Vic will
shove his big cock up your cunt the same amount of
inches you can wedge my cock into your mouth,” Sam
laughed and everyone broke up. “Yeah bitch, deep throat
that big fucker and I will bury my cock into your sweet
fat wet cunt back here balls deep,” Vic added.

Sam looked down at Donna and smiled, “You need it don’t
you bitch, a real cock.” Sam gripped her head again
pulling her lips off his cock head. “Look at your
husband and tell him you want Vic’s big cock to stuff
your fat married cunt.”

Donna looked at me with yearning in her eyes and
mouthed the words, “I am so sorry,” as she slowing
opened her mouth widely to attempt to get the huge cock
head in her mouth.

“That’s a good bitch,” Sam exhaled as Donna only
managed to get the plum sized head into her mouth. My
wife’s cheeks were grossly stretched out of shape and
Sam told Vic to give her about two inches since that
was all she had managed to take so far. Donna groaned
around the massive cock head as Vic’s own thick head
went into her hot wet cunt. Donna was shaking now and
trying to back onto more of Vic’s monster log.

Everyone was laughing and Sam told her she needed to
take more to get more. My cock couldn’t possibly get
any harder as I watched my wife attempt to shove more
of Sam’s massive cock into her mouth. She took another
inch in as it pressed against the back of her throat
triggering her gag reflex. Sam whistled and added, “Oh
you poor baby, your not going to be getting much cock
in that starving cunt if you can’t do any better than

Donna moaned again and drove down harder on Sam’s thick
fuck stick but still only got maybe another inch wedged
into her throat before the she started gagging again.
“Give her another inch Vic,” Sam sighed as he shook his
head at Donna’s feeble attempt.

“Hey, I got an idea,” said Mike. “I got a dog that
won’t swallow pills and we have to close his mouth and
rub his throat to relax him so he can take it. Well now
that’s a great idea,” Sam replied and suddenly Sam
grabbed my arm and pushed me into a standing position.
“Relax her Don, she your puppy and she needs this
medication right now.”

Everyone laughed but Sam’s look told me he meant it. I
stood there for a second and Donna’s eyes looked up at
me in shame as her mouth was stretched obscenely around
Sam’s fat cock. Donna looked up at me as best she
could, she closed her eyes burning in shame, but then
reopening them with a pleading look in her eyes
brimming with tears.

“Help her Don, push your wife’s pretty little head down
and help her swallow that cock,” Sam whispered.

My hands shaking, I reached out and touched the side of
my wife’s face. I could feel her cheeks stretched out,
ballooning to accept the huge cock head. Quivering, I
ran my hand down to her throat and used the other had
to place on the top of my wife’s head.

“That’s it Don, help your big-titted wife get the cock
you can’t give her.” I closed my eyes in shame as I
gingerly pushed my wife’s head down while
simultaneously slowly stroking her creamy white neck
and throat. Oh my God, I could feel Sam’s huge plum
sized cock head entering her throat.

“You’ve got to try harder than that Don,” Sam laughed.
“Tell him Donna, tell him to shove your married virgin
throat down onto my monster dick.”

Donna shook and made a response that eventually I could
make out around Sam’s huge cock. “Plssgghh!” was the
best she could manage for please. I got tears in my
eyes but was rock hard as I pushed harder on the top of
my wife’s head and felt Sam’s thick cock head slide
further down my wife’s silky throat.

Donna’s nostrils were flaring wildly now as she
struggled to breathe. Saliva was coming out of the
corners of her mouth and was running down her throat
and onto my hand. “That’s it Don, keep shoving your
slut’s head down onto my fuck stick.”

Suddenly it was easier and I felt several inches of
cock slide past my hand on my wife’s throat. Oh my god,
it was past her throat and down into esophagus. “That’s
it bitch, take my cock,” Sam told her. “Vic, give her
about four more inches as a reward for doing better.”
Donna shuddered as Vic plunged four more thick inches
of cock into her fat wet married cunt.

My wife’s face was distorted now as about eight inches
of cock was wedged firmly in her throat. Sam’s pubic
hairs were just about to start tickling her slightly
freckled nose. Without warning, Sam suddenly grabbed
the top of my hand which was still firmly on top of my
wife’s head and slammed down the last remaining two and
half inches.

At the same time, Vic slammed the rest of his massive
cock into my wife’s fat wet cunt. Donna suddenly bucked
like a wild animal but she was helpless to prevent the
onslaught. I could feel my wife attempting to back off
of the meat log, which was down into her chest cavity,
but Sam was too strong. Everyone was laughing now and
suddenly my wife starting cumming. “Thar she blows!”
laughed Mike who now reached down between my wife’s
legs under her healthy stomach and vigorously rubbed
her clit. My wife’s legs were shaking now and I could
hear splashing noises coming from my wife’s stuffed
cunt as she started to squirt do to her excitement.

Sam was sawing in and out of my wife’s mouth, throat,
and esophagus now as my wife’s cheeks ballooned and
shrank rapidly with the cock onslaught. “You’re about
to get it bitch!” Sam yelled as he suddenly raised
Donna by the hair so that only his cock head was wedged
into her mouth.

I stared in horror as my wife’s cheeks suddenly bulged
as is a hand grenade went off in her mouth. Thick white
paste was now oozing around her tightly sealed mouth as
his fat cock head was blocking off her throat and it
had no where else to go. Vic was fucking my wife so
hard not her legs and feet were actually leaving the
floor on every thrust.

He was using her garter belt to hold her, the thin lace
straps cutting into her fleshy back and belly. “Here’s
the best part Don, watch this,” as Sam reached up over
with his other hand and pinched off my wife’s nose. I
watched in horror as my wife’s teary eyes went wide
open with fear as she struggled to breathe around Sam’s
huge cock. She was trying to suck in air around Sam’s
cock with such force she was actually filling her nasal
cavity and sinuses with cum.

Sam laughed and again directed everyone to watch as he
suddenly released his hold on my wife’s nose as cum
rockets shot from her nose to be quickly replaced by
silvery white bubbles of cum. Vic watching the
spectacle in a mirror lost it and unloaded cups of
sperm into my wife’s well fucked cunt.

Mike, who had not participated whatsoever, now focused
on what he had been ogling all night. Sam released his
grip on my wife’s head and Vic pulled his spent cock
out of my wife’s cunt. Mike rolled my wife over onto
her back, half on and half off the sofa, reached down
and with both hands ripped my wife’s bra right off her.
Donna’s tits burst out and bounced free to settle down
near her belly button.

Mike pulled out another massive cock and commenced
sawing in and out of my wife’s massive jugs. Mike kept
trying to keep his balance while fucking my wife’s tits
but he kept having to take his hands off of Donna’s
huge melons to catch himself. Sam leaned over and
whispered in my ear to help Mike. As if in a trance, I
reached down and took a hold of my bride’s udder sized
tits and held them around Mike’s log of flesh. “That’s
it bitch, look at my cock.”

I broke from my trance long enough to see my wife
staring at Mikes huge cock, the head looming near her
mouth as it bumped into the bottom of her chin. “Spray
paint her Mike,” Vic said. At Vic’s words, Mike cursed
him and let out a deep guttural yell as his huge cock
cannon started spewing out thick ropes of cum toward my
wife’s beautiful face.

First a long line fired straight up her face, catching
the top of her left nostril, some continuing up between
her eyes to get caught in her beautiful hair and some
glanced off her nostril, went straight up in the air
and fell back to her left eyelid.

Another rope struck the left side of her face, sealing
her left eye shut and spider webbing into her hair. The
next blast came as his huge cock bobbed free and struck
my wife in the forehead almost missing her completely.
As a result, a huge dollop of cum caught in her hair,
matting it down. The remaining blasts of cum rendered
my beautiful wife unrecognizable, sealing her eyes shut
and filling her eye sockets like a spunk mask.

“We have to go now Don,” Sam laughed. Why don’t you
clean your bitch up and take her home. “We’ll be seeing
you around to have some more fun now that we know your
wife likes.”