Office Smother ( Facesitting, Humiliation)

The two girls who constitute my information technology department came and installed the Internet on mine and the other department heads PC’s last week.

The slighter, Bethany came round and showed me how to browse and search. Bethany is a good-looking blonde in her mid twenties and as far as I know unattached.

I didn’t exactly ask her out, but I made the initial ‘are you seeing anyone’ soundings. Bethany had blushed and said she’d have to take a rain check, which I took for a polite no.

I wasn’t that bothered. I have a well-earned reputation of being an office Romeo and there were plenty of others.

Just having the Internet on my PC gave me the chance to indulge myself. I have always had a fetish towards porn and pretty soon I was surfing away.

At first I was discrete, but as time went by I became more and more brazen I also became clever in my searching.

I moved from girlie pictures onto hardcore and finally fetish. I found a site (name withheld) where some stunning attractive women spent their time sitting on the faces of male or female slave’s. It was called face sitting or smothering. After a few visits I was hooked.

What I didn’t know was that Bethany and her comrade Fiona could see everything that I was doing. So I carried on in blissful ignorance until one day when I had two visitors.

I looked up from my PC, which for once didn’t have any porn loaded.

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

“Maybe!” Fiona pulled up a chair whilst Bethany looked out of the window.

I felt annoyed. I hadn’t asked her to sit down. I was a senior manager and with that came certain privileges.

“Would you like to explain yourself?” I said coolly.

“I was going to ask you the same!” Fiona answered.

“Stop messing about!” I snapped. “Why are you here?”

“This!” Fiona pushed a single sheet of paper across the desk. “Read it. You’ll find that it’s a list of web sites you have been to, some of them are very naughty.” She smirked as she spoke.

I read the list of sites. They were all the favourites that I went to most often. I went very cold.

“Where is this from?” I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking. I already knew that I could be in big trouble.

“A little something called a firewall.” Bethany answered. She’d come over and was perched on the edge of my desk. “It’s meant to stop people hacking our network but it also records the Internet sites that we use. I was just doing a general trawl and there you were. Mr Porn!” She laughed.

“This is just a list!” I blustered. “It proves nothing. You could even have made them up.”

“Could have, but didn’t.” Fiona answered. “We have more proof, lots more, any decent IT geek can extract it.”

“We actually found some of the sites very interesting.” Bethany added.

“Yeah, so much so that we printed off a few of your favourite Jpegs, like to see, of course you do! Here!” Fiona started spreading out glossy, colour printouts. “We have a colour laser, what do you think of the quality?”

I don’t know how long that I just stared at the images. They were all from the face sitting sites, a dozen or more pictures on men being suffocated under women’s panted or naked rears.

“Is that your scene?” Fiona asked.

“What do you want?” I whispered.

“Just answer the question first!” Fiona insisted.

“Yes. I mean I have never done it, but I like the pictures.” I stared down at the desk as I answered; my face was burning with embarrassment.

“So you like having a girls ass in your face.” Smirked Bethany.

“Look what do you want?” I rallied. I had appointed both of them and I could always give them a pay rise. “Don’t you get enough salary?”

“I think that amounts to bribery.” Fiona laughed.

“Call it what you want, now how much!” I demanded to know.

“We thought about 5k each would be reasonable.” Bethany answered. “Back dated to when we started.”

Inwardly I blanched at the figure. It would take some hiding in the department budget. “Alright, but what happens this these?”

“Our secret, just you and us.” Bethany replied.

“Can I trust you?”

“No!” Bethany laughed. “That’s just something you have to live with!” She slid off the desk and walked behind me. I could feel her hands on my swivel chair. “Just look straight ahead.”

Fiona now stood up, only she crossed to the door. She glanced down the corridor. “All clear!”

Immediately I was falling backwards as Bethany pulled my chair from beneath me. I landed with a thud on the carpeted floor and before I could recover she was sitting across my face, rubbing her pantied ass across my face.

It was the shock more than anything that kept me there. Bethany was far to light to hold me down. I jut couldn’t believe what was happening and then as suddenly as she’d started Bethany was gone.

I heard the door slam. Slowly I got to my feet, reset my chair and tried to recover my composure. I glanced in the mirror. I looked dishevelled, my hair was tangled and my tie askew.

The pictures were still on my desk; hurriedly I shovelled them into a draw. I spent the next couple of hours trying to make sense of what had happened. I knew that I had been blackmailed into giving the two of them a rise and I guessed that they would use the evidence again and again to get what they wanted. Still all that I had to do was be patient. In time that evidence would become old stuff, almost historical. All I had to do was keep my nose clean, stop visiting the porn sites and eventually whatever hold they had on me would weaken, and then I’d extract my revenge,

Despite my resolve all the time I kept getting flash backs of the brief smothering that Bethany had given me. I wished I could remember more, I couldn’t even say what colour her panties were. The sensation had been so brief that my memory was imprecise.

In mid afternoon my door opened and in strolled Bethany as cool as you please. I wanted to snap at her but held back. I didn’t know why she was here; beyond she was going to demand something more off me.

Slowly she circled my desk, pausing each time she passed the back of my seat. I tensed, expecting her to repeat the trick of this morning; my cock also stiffened.

“Stand up!” Bethany ordered in a bored voice.

Almost in a trance I did so. I could feel my heart pounding with expectancy and the blood rushed to my head, making me feel giddy. I heard my chair being moved.

“Sit down!” Bethany instructed me. “No stupid, on the floor.”

I did so, despite the deep embarrassment I was feeling and the small risk of discovery.

Bethany pulled my head backwards until it rested on the edge of my chair. It was hardly a comfortable position but what Bethany did next made it ten times worse.

Facing away from me Bethany flipped up her skirt and once again sat on my face. She squirmed about until she was comfortable. After a few moments she spoke. “Tonight, you come to our office, leave it until after six. Understand?”

I couldn’t answer. I was being gagged and smothered by her magnificent ass and pussy and I was in ecstasy. She could have sat there all day and I wouldn’t have complained.

“Tell no one, just be there.” Abruptly she stood up, smoothed down her skirt, but this time not before I’d seen she was wearing white panties.

“See you later!” Bethany left my office. She hadn’t even waited for my reply.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in personal turmoil. A part of me couldn’t wait till six o’clock; another part raged that I was being stupid, that even thinking about it was dragging me deeper and deeper under their control.

I knew that common sense told me to ignore the summons. It could only make things worse for me, but something deep inside me demanded that I obey. I endlessly replayed in my imagination the moment that Bethany’s dominating butt had rested on my face. Each time I got an erection. I was worried I was starting to realise that I actually liked being smothered, of course then I had no idea of the horrors that accompanied a real smothering.

I had a decision to make, either I ran or I capitulated, and much as I fantasised I knew that if I capitulated then my life would never be the same, might not even be my own. I decided that I had to run, to give myself a chance to think. At five o’clock I even managed to leave the building. I was almost on my way home. I was just starting to believe that I had defeated my personal devil when a quite voice shattered my celebrations.

“You haven’t forgotten your six o’clock appointment?”

I turned around. Bethany was just standing there. She didn’t have an outdoor jacket on but had followed me nevertheless.

“Fiona said you’d bolt. Now come back this instance.” She spoke as if to an errant child. “Immediately.” She spun on her heals and walked back towards the building. She didn’t even look back to see if I had obeyed.

I followed and I knew that my doom was sealed. Bethany didn’t insist I follow her to her own rooms. So I made my way to my own office and sat there watching the clock drag itself around to six o’clock. I was beginning to realise that my tormentors were very cute and knew exactly how to make me suffer.

At six o’clock I made my way down into the bowels of the building. The IT department had been the last one to be formed and as a consequence had the least attractive offices, the ones that no one else wanted.

I was shaking by the time I reached my destination, my legs were like jelly and I felt as weak as the proverbial kitten.

Bethany was waiting for me when I finally turned the corner to their office. The corridor stopped at their door. Unless you were visiting them there was no excuse for being on this corridor.

“Fancy seeing you down here!” Bethany laughed. She pushed the door open. “Come on in. We have been expecting you.”

Bethany let me enter first and then closed the door behind her. She stood before the closed door, less I tried to bolt for freedom. Fiona was seated at her desk. She looked up when I came in. “Take your shoe’s and socks off.” She ordered me, looking up from the computer screen on her desk.

I looked around. The office was larger than I’d expected and more opulent than any on my floor. In particular I noticed the large couch in one corner.

“The caretaker has a fetish.” Bethany leaned against her desk. “In fact most men do. All you need to do is find out what it is. Shoe’s and socks, now!” she clapped her hands for emphasis.

I sat down on the couch and did as I was told.

“No one told you to sit down.” Bethany snapped. “Stand up and now your jacket, tie and shirt.” She ordered.

I still hadn’t spoken and Fiona was back working on her computer. I stood up again. I was feeling very nervous, my mouth was dry and I could literally feel the blood rushing to my head.

“Hurry up!” Bethany demanded.

I stripped down to my pants, feeling more than a little stupid. I could see how stupid I must look, a half dressed man in the company of two fully dressed young women. It also spoke volumes as to who was in charge.

“Better, now, have you any idea what is going to happen?” Bethany grinned. It was not a friendly gesture.

“Not really.” I whispered.

“Should I tell you?” Bethany teased. “Do you really want to know what will happen?”

“I don’t know!”

“WORM!” Bethany exploded. “Fucking stupid, weak little worm, GET ON YOUR KNEE’S!” She demanded.

I dropped to my knee’s, keeping my head low, that seemed natural.

“When we saw what you liked we couldn’t believe our luck.” Bethany was circling me again, rubbing her hand through my hair. “A little ass sniffer in our very own firm, and one who pays us. You are a gift from the gods.” Suddenly she tugged at my hair, pulling my head back until I was staring into the bright florescent tube lighting. “Now you are going to find out just what being smothered means and after we have finished, you’ll be ours, body and soul.” Bethany finished her tirade by tugged my hair so hard that I cried out. “Shut up.” She snapped.

“You know how to shut him up.” Fiona laughed.

“Indeed I do.” Bethany pulled me backwards and immediately sat down on my face. “Now try and speak!” She laughed.

I couldn’t. She knew that, she was sitting squarely across my mouth and nose. I couldn’t even breathe. I couldn’t even see anything as Bethany’s ass cheeks covered my eyes. I was buried in a soft, warm darkness, and then I began to smell her. I thought that I knew how women smelt. I thought of myself as a sophisticated lover, oral sex was something I did. So I though I knew how a woman’s most intimate parts smelt and tasted. I was discovering that I had no idea.

Bethany kept me pinned beneath her smelly ass, waiting until my lungs were burning, before allowing me the slightest of relief’s. The casual raising of her dominating backside just long enough for me to breath once or twice and then I was smothered again.

“It gets harder!” She laughed, grinding her ass into my face. “Harder to breath, and it starts to hurt.”

She was right, right on both accounts. I was struggling to breath and she was heavy, heavier than I could have imagined. When she next lifted her ass I was grateful not only for the air but also the release of the pain. Each time she sat down I began to experience more than just willing submission. I began to experience real domination. Bethany was actually starting to dominate me, even if it were against my wishes.

I learnt then not only how a woman could smell but also the real fear that suffocation brings. Each and ever time that Bethany squashed back down on my face I was afraid that it would be my last. Yet despite my fear I made no attempt to resist, this was so near to my private fantasies that I was caught in a submissive triangle in which I was the not all together unwilling victim.

Bethany was wearing panty hose. I could have sworn that earlier she had only worn panties, now I was encased in nylon, her ass, her legs, her thighs, every where that she touched me.

“Not that much fun, is it ass sniffer.” Bethany laughed, still grinding herself across my face. “What’s it like, having your face rammed up my ass crack. I bet it’s good and sweaty by now; panty hose does that for me. It’ll get better once we get down to bare ass smothering, that’s when you really begin to suffer.” She was enjoying herself, trying to make she suffer and it was working.

Other things happened I could never have guessed at. I lost all track of time. I had no idea how long I’d been smothered, how long Bethany was keeping me between breaths. I felt in a painful, and disoriented world. Even their voices were muffed, bodies simply shapes. All that mattered was that she did let me breath.

Relief only came when suddenly Bethany moved away. She moaned that her legs were aching. The relief was only momentary as Fiona moved from behind her desk and replaced her friend on my face.

Being smothered by Fiona was very little different from Bethany. She was a little heavier, smelt different but she treated me the same. The casual releases of my face to allow a snatched breathe of air. She ground me down, following on from Bethany; Fiona sustained the assault on me.

Finally Fiona had had her fill and rolled away. I half expected Bethany to replace her, but both women had returned to their work after ordering me to stay where I was. I was in no condition to move. I just lay there, drawing in a great lungful of air, grateful that my face was no longer being pounded. I had had my nose crushed beneath their powerful asses, pushed up their ass cracks, rammed against their cunts, sure their pantyhose and underwear had shielded me but it had been bad, very bad.

“How do you feel ass sniffer?” Bethany asked. “Why don’t you sit up?” She looked up from her computer screen. “Come on ass sniffer. I said sit up!”

I tried. It seemed far harder than it should have been. I was young and healthy, sitting up shouldn’t have been a problem and yet it was.

“Hard work?” Bethany laughed.

Fiona looked up and simply smiled.

“Yes!” I agreed. Even my voice seemed slurred, as if I were drunk.

It was the cue; Fiona came and pushed me over. Casually she sat across my chest, grabbed my wrists and held them above my head. “A little education.” She smirked. “When you get smothered your body is deprived of oxygen, it reacts by calling on its reserves. If the smothering lasts a couple of minutes then it doesn’t matter, but if it happens for a lot longer, say about the time we spent on you, then your bodies exhausted. You’ll find that your minds pretty stupid and you probably think that you’re drunk.” Fiona shuffled forwards until my face vanished beneath the hem of her dress. “Right now we could anything we wanted to you, like this.” Fiona shifted forwards again, this time she sank onto my face. I didn’t struggle. She was right. I didn’t have the energy. “See what I mean, you couldn’t fight us, even if you wanted to.” She only pinned me for a moment before once more releasing me and returning to her desk.

After that they left me alone, at least for a few minutes, then one or the other would return and smother me. The smothering never lasted long but it felt as if they’re asses was drawing both my strength and my will from me. Occasionally I’d try to resist but it was like a child resisting their parent. Bethany even laughed a she beat me down again.

At last it seemed as if they’d tired of their game. For once Fiona didn’t crush my face, she came and stood over me, so that I had a grandstand view of her pants. “Are you married shithead?” She asked

“No.” I managed to gasp. I had been but a messy divorce had emptied my bank account and put me off marriage for life.

“Got a partner?” Fiona continued to probe.

“No one regular.” I admitted. I was off relationships, the divorce had seen to that.

“Live alone?”

“Yes!” The divorce had a lot to answer for.

“Anyone expecting you this weekend?”


“Good.” Bethany and Fiona exchanged glances, and then Bethany turned to me. “We have a lodge in the hills. You can visit.”

“Excuse me!” I gasped. Fiona was right. I wasn’t thinking clearly.

“You heard! Tomorrow bring on overnight bag with you, don’t tell anyone where you are going. Understand?”

“No!” I shook my head. I didn’t know if I were objecting to the idea or the suggestion that I was stupid.

“Just do it shit head!” Bethany exploded. “Now get dressed and piss off.”

I was dismissed and they totally ignored me as I struggled to rise and dress. I felt so drained, so utterly exhausted. I was too tired even to make it home. I lurched back to my office and collapsed. It was almost midnight before I finally made my way home.

The next day my first thought was that I’d had a bed dream but one look in the mirror told me otherwise. I looked as if I’d had a hard night on the booze, my face was puffy and swollen, my eyes bloodshot. Instantly I knew that I was viewing the affects of the facesitting. There was little I could do to disguise the pounding my face had taken. On the way to work I concocted a tale about a late night drinking session. It might fool most people but not Bethany and Fiona.

Bethany was waiting in the foyer. She took one look at my battered face and smiled. “Looks nasty, and where is your bag?”

I gestured to the briefcase I was carrying.

She laughed.

Bethany followed me into the lift, a confident smirk on her face. The lift emptied until we were the only one’s on board. I didn’t speak. I figured that Bethany wasn’t here for conversation. At my floor I left the lift and of course Bethany followed me. I felt a cold shiver. She was following me. I began to expect the worst. The euphoria I’d first felt from the facesitting had been replaced by a quiet dread. I reached my office and Bethany, instead of following me, swept by with a casual ‘bye’.

I sat in my office and drew in my breath. I had been scared, last night had been a horror story, one I could never have imagined. The digital images I’d downloaded revealed nothing of the humiliation and pain I’d suffered last night. I was just settling into my work when the door swung open and Bethany entered the room.

“Alone again.” She laughed softly.

“What do you want?” I whispered. I was shaking with trepidation.

“Guess!” Bethany taunted. She crossed the room and stood behind me. “I can’t wait until tonight.” She whispered. “I had to see you. I hope that you don’t mind.”

I stood up, part of me wanted to run but I had no escape, but a part of me wanted to be smothered, despite the hurt and humiliation, I wanted it. I had a do not disturb light over my door; a button on my desk activated it. Bethany reached over and pressed.

“So we won’t be disturbed.” She whispered. “Now, get on your knee’s.” She added.

I dropped in one single move, my head bowed and my body bathed in sweat.

“You stink!” Bethany complained. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back until I was looking up into her cold, angry face. “Get your cock out!” She hissed and when I hesitated she tugged hard, her knee in my back preventing me from falling backwards. It felt as if my hair was being pulled out at their roots. I hurried to obey, unzipping myself and dragging my half erect cock into her view. “Better.”

Bethany pulled the chair out and once more pulled my head back until it was resting against the seat. I knew what was coming. Bethany straddled me and I started up into her pantied rear. She wasn’t wearing tights and the crotch of her white panties stared down at me. She sat down, settling across my face, her ass cheeks covering my eyes, my nose and mouth covered by her crotch. “Wank yourself off. I’ll only let you breath after I’ve seen you spurt.”

It took a few, precious seconds for the reality of what she was saying to sink in, then I started, pulling furiously on my now erect cock. Bethany sank down, resting her full weight on my face; my neck began to throb, a dull burning sensation that was building. Bethany wriggled, settling down, smothering me even more completely. I was lost in the pain and the sensations. There was the euphoria of being smothered; the smells of her body invaded my senses. There was the growing desperation, the need for breath and the knowledge that Bethany totally controlled me. The pain was growing, distracting me from my masturbation. I had to come. I didn’t care how demeaning it was, I knew that I had to come and quickly.

Bethany was laughing softly, goading me with her teasing, and taunting suggestions. “Hurry up arse ache.” “Is that how big it gets?” “I’ve seen thicker fingers.”

Then it didn’t matter. I felt the build up in my balls and I knew that it was happening. I jerked even faster and then stopped as my spunk drilled itself through me, ejecting itself in one long, relieving fountain.

Bethany screamed in triumph and rubbed her arse across my face before slowly lifting herself just enough for me to breath. I pulled in a huge gulp of air and then Bethany returned to her seat on my face! She had promised that she’d release me after I’d jerked off! I moaned and groaned in desperation and frustration, but that only served to encourage her the more.

“What’s wrong dick head? Isn’t my ass good enough for you?” She wriggled again, pulling my head from side to side. I was so utterly trapped that my head wasn’t mine, and it hurt, even the slightest move was a hot dagger into my neck. I cried out but Bethany’s cruel, dominating ass smothered my cries.

I had been a fool to believe her. Bethany was in charge and she was leaving me in no doubt of the fact. Finally she did move and I collapsed onto the floor, holding my neck, just glad that the pain had stopped and that I could breath again with her permission.

“You look a real mess.” She laughed as she stood over me. “Look at me!” She snapped suddenly. I did so and Bethany once more straddled me. I was expecting more smothering but she was content to assert her dominance over me. “Now, do you understand your position, how utterly worthless you are?”

“Yes!” I whispered.

“Good!” And with that Bethany left, leaving me shattered on the floor. Gradually I recovered. I was appalled at how I looked. Only by chance I hadn’t splattered myself with my own sperm, but the carpet was littered with the tell tale marks. I spent ten minutes in the men’s toilet trying to recover my composure and then another ten minutes re-arranging my desk so that it covered most of the embarrassing evidence.

That lunchtime I had a meeting with the other department heads. I was hardly a star performer and was grateful when the MD called the event to an end, but as I moved to leave his office he called me back.

“Sit down Ron.” He suggested and then waited until I did so. “A word, well several words.”

“Is there something wrong?” I asked.

“Yes.” He paused and then continued. “Is there a problem, you were very distant at the meeting?”

“Just distracted.” I answered. It wasn’t a lie. All the time the image of Bethany’s pantied behind just as it descended onto my face kept springing into my mind.

“Work?” The MD pressed.

“More personal.” I conceded. Bethany had just smothered me again.

“I don’t like that.” The MD began. “I have to say Ron that I don’t like my managers bringing their personal problems to work. Is that why you look such a mess?”

“Afraid so.” I admitted. “I’ll get things sorted this weekend.” I lied.

“Good.” The MD smiled and that was my dismissal.

I left his office both distracted and relieved. I did have a problem, well two problems, but they would understand, once I’d explained to them what the problem was, surely they would understand.

Fiona was waiting for me when I returned to my office. She followed me in, closing the door behind her. Once more I felt a mixture of trepidation and excitement at being alone with her. Would she demand her portion of me just like Bethany had done?

“Beth told me about your little session, did you enjoy that?”

I didn’t know what to say and simply smiled weakly.

“Wimp!” Fiona exploded. She crossed the room and thumbed the button. “Just so we aren’t disturbed.” She looked across the room. “You know the position.”

Reluctantly I obey her quiet command, sitting down with my head resting on the cushion of my chair. Fiona straddled me and lowly lowered her pantied rear onto my face. I started up into her stained crotch and then her flesh cut off both my light and air.

“You know what to do.” She ordered and once more I fumbled my cock into her view. “Pathetic!” She laughed. “The same rules, you only breath after you ejaculate.”

I started whilst Fiona shifted and wriggled, finding her best position and being oblivious of the returning pain and humiliation. I came as quickly as I could, before my lungs really started to burn.

Fiona left me without a word and for a minute I just sat there, then I began to cry. They were using me. I wasn’t even a human being to them, just a bit of fun.

I spent the rest of the day in my own private hell. Every phone call, every knock on the door I imagined was from them. It became so that I was dreading the phone to ring, and the clock ticked ever so slowly towards lunch and then onwards towards the weekend.

At four thirty the phone rang. It was Bethany. “Be at our office in fifteen minutes.” The tone was clipped and to the point. It didn’t invite comment.

It was the beginning of another, sordid life, but I didn’t know that then, that they could do anything they wanted to me.