Cassie Daniels in Detention

Cassie lay in bed. The curtains were closed, but she could tell through
their thin material that it was light outside. She had woken from a very
peculiar dream to a more peculiar knowledge: that she had been enjoying it.

The dream had been about her last encounter with Mr Edwards. She had
recalled spank after spank in vivid detail, and the feel of his rough hand
stroking her sore bottom… and the pressure on her stomach when he had
stopped spanking her… she sighed and rolled over to glance at the clock:

8:50 AM

She was already late for registration! Cassie leapt out of bed and threw on
her school uniform. Not stopping for breakfast, or to check why she wasn’t
woken, she hurried out of the door and down the road towards school.

Luckily, Cassie lived quite close to school, but by the time she arrived –
20 minutes after lessons began – the corridors were empty. She sprinted to
her first lesson of the day – English – and paused at the door, out of
breath. Then she entered cautiously and began, “Sorry I’m late…” and saw
Mr Edwards standing by the whiteboard. Mrs Wilson must be ill…

“And why are you late, Miss Daniels?”
Cassie hated it when he used her surname – it always meant she was in
trouble – “I…overslept, sir.”
“Very well, take your seat.” said Mr Edwards. Cassie scurried to her place
and opened her bag. “We are discussing the poems that you wrote for Mrs
Wilson. Perhaps you could read yours, Miss Daniels?”
Cassie had pulled her anthology and pencil case out of her bag, but could
not find her exercise book. She tried her hardest not to whimper. “I don’t
have it, sir.”
“I see. Well perhaps Rebecca will read hers for us.”

Cassie paid no attention to Rebecca’s poem, and contributed little more to
the lesson. In fact, she retreated so far into her own world that she was
surprised when the bell rang and the other pupils began packing their
things. Mr Edwards was speaking over the rising hubbub as she packed her
“Mrs Wilson will be back for your next class. Miss Daniels, please stay
behind.” Cassie tensed, afraid, but also excited – that was weird, she
thought, and probably had something to do with her dream last night…

When the other pupils had all gone, Mr Edwards was writing something at the
desk. Cassie nervously stood up and walked towards the desk. Just as she
reached it, Mr Edwards snatched up whatever he had been writing – a blue
piece of paper – and handed it to her.
“Detention.” he said, matter-of-factly. “Half past three. I trust you won’t
be late again.” He smiled at her, but it wasn’t a kind smile. “Off you go to
your next lesson.”

Cassie scurried out of the classroom, heart pounding, butterflies
fluttering. As the day wore on, she tried not to think about detention,
until the time came and she made her way through the opposing tide of pupils
heading out of school to the classroom written on the detention slip. It was
upstairs, in an English room – the one she used to have English with Mr
Edwards in, in year seven. She knocked on the door, but heard no response –
well, it wasn’t quite half past yet. She tried the door and it opened
easily. There was a student already seated in the room, about halfway from
the front – in Cassie’s old seat. She looked around, and Cassie realised it
was the bully Miss Reeves.
Cassie was expecting a sneer, or a sharp remark, but the bully’s eyes
widened in something close to fright – and Cassie noted a hint of anger –
and she turned her head away. Cassie sat down a row behind the bully, and to
the left.

They waited silently for another few minutes and then the door clicked open,
and in strode Mr Edwards. Cassie’s head spun around to watch him as he
headed towards the front of the classroom letting the door slam behind him.
As she faced forwards she noticed that the bully had not turned around at
all – she wondered why.

Mr Edwards put his briefcase on the desk and turned to face them.
“Cassie, Jessica,” he greeted them – informally introducing Cassie to the
bully – “it is a shame to see both of you in Detention. I will not go into
your crimes here; you should both know that each of you deserves this.”
“Sir, please,” Jessica Reeves cut in, “does she have to be here, sir?”
Mr Edwards ignored the fact that she had interrupted. “You are both to be
punished, Jessica.” He answered coolly. Cassie heard Jessica utter a barely
audible whimper, and her mind began to suspect something she had feared.
“Since you are the elder student, Jessica,” Mr Edwards continued, “you will
be the first to receive your punishment. Stand up, please.”

Jessica got shakily to her feet. “Come around the desk.” She obeyed, walking
slowly to Mr Edwards’ side, behind the desk so that most of her lower half
was obscured. Cassie knew what would be asked next, and stared fixedly ahead
at the whiteboard. “Bend over, Jessica.” Cassie couldn’t stop herself from
glancing across as Jessica, meeting her eyes with a scowl, lowered herself
slowly over the desk. Cassie’s eyes flicked back to the whiteboard.

“Your discretions will continue to register this response, Jessica.” Mr
Edwards said, as Cassie heard him lift Jessica’s skirt. “You /will/ learn

There was silence for a moment, and then Cassie heard the first smack.
Jessica made no noise as another smack landed on her bottom, and then
another and another. It was some thirty seconds before she began to grunt
with each spank, and then eventually grunts were replaced by moans of
discomfort; cries of pain. Cassie bit her lip in sympathy as she heard the
spanking delivered. She snuck a glance and saw Jessica’s face relaxed to a
childish pout, her eyes closed and her lip protruding, head jerking forwards
each time Mr Edwards spanked her. Cassie began to feel a tingling down
there, and squeezed her legs tight together, increasing the pressure. She
breathed out sharply and Jessica’s eyes snapped open, glaring at her, hurt,
betrayed, and angry. Cassie nearly jumped and her eyes spun to watch the
whiteboard intensely again. The smacks stopped for a moment and Cassie held
her breath – was it her turn now? – but the quiet was broken by Jessica’s

“Please, no, sir, please, I’ll be good, not bare! Not bare!”
Mr Edwards answered with a smack which made Jessica gasp and Cassie clench
her thighs, and then there was the sound of cotton being roughly pulled down
bare flesh. Jessica began to sob, and within moments, the spanking had
resumed, this time on Jessica’s bare bottom. The sound of flesh on flesh
caused the tingling in Cassie’s loins to increase exponentially, and she
began to imagine what it would feel like to be spanked like that. As she
pressed her thighs together she began to move them up and down in time with
the spanking, rubbing on the folds of her pussy. She lost all track of time
as she imagined that rough hand on her bare flesh, spanking and stroking…

She was caught by surprise out of her world when the spanking stopped, and
Jessica’s sniffs were the only audible sounds. She heard no orders from Mr
Edwards and jumped as he entered her field of vision, stepping just in front
of her desk.

“I did not expect to have to call you here, Cassie.” he said,
disapprovingly. “I had hoped your behaviour would improve.”
He sighed.
“Very well. Stand up.” Cassie did as she was told. “Put your blazer on the
chair, Cassie.” She turned to put her blazer over the back of the chair and
paused there, wondering where his eyes were right now… “Come this side of
the desk.”
Cassie walked around to the other side of the desk, and stood looking up at
Mr Edwards. He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed. Then he spun her
around forcefully and bent her over the desk. She gasped as the wooden
surface knocked the breath out of her, and once she had caught it and Mr
Edwards had raised her skirt, she realised what this new position meant:
Jessica had a full view of her punishment – of her bottom. She breathed in
and held her breath, preparing for the first spank.