Ravaged Tied Family

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder…

The women in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

RAVAGED TIED FAMILY — the shocking story of an innocent family learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


They were creeping along now at about five miles an hour, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the two-lane highway stretching for miles in both directions, the close walls of the canyon nearly scraping the paint off the sides of the cars.

The temperature had to be over a hundred degrees, and not a whisper of breeze disturbed the black soot and noxious fumes that crept into the station wagon from the growling semi looming just inches in front of them. Crystal held her breath, clenched her teeth, ready to explode.

“Stubborn bastard!” June Martinson said. “I told you we should have stayed on the freeway. Now look at us! It’ll take us ten years to get out of this God-forsaken canyon.”

Howard Martinson’s big hands crushed the steering wheel tighter, sweat beading on the backs of them. “If you don’t shot that trap of yours, I swear I’ll belt you. I told you to relax, for Christ sake. We’ll be out of here in no time, and we’ll save about fifty miles.”

June sucked furiously on her cigarette, glancing at Crystal and Randy in the back seat. “A big bird is going to swoop down and rescue us, children. Your daddy’s got it all planned out.”

Howard glared at her. “I’m warning you, big mouth, one more word…”

June stared out the wide window. “Bastard,” she whispered.

“Randy, open up that atlas and shove it up front.” Howard took the atlas over his right shoulder as Randy handed it to him, then tried to drive and read the map simultaneously.

Crystal just knew they were going to end up squashed, beneath the trailer of the semi, but she didn’t dare say a word. She hadn’t survived this long in this family without knowing when to hold her tongue.

Randy was leering at her again, his brown eyes scoping her tits, then his gaze moving down to take in her bare legs and feet. She felt her nipples stiffen under the thin material of her T-shirt, felt an itchy throb in her cunt. She looked away, not wanting him to know she was excited. The way Randy looked at her sometimes, she just knew that he was on the verge of raping her. It was the same look she got from almost every guy at Lincoln High. Boys were such animals. If she gave them any encouragement, look out!

“We’ll be turning off any time now,” her father announced.

Her mother swung toward him. “What are you talking about? The sign a few miles back said no gas, no exits, no nothing for the next forty miles.”

“Just relax,” Howard said. “I’ve been through here before. I know a secret shortcut.”

June groaned. “Another great shortcut like the one we’re on now? Why don’t you just get us back to the freeway? You haven’t been through this area in twenty years. Don’t you realize that things change?”

“June, will you just shut up?”

June exhaled loudly, flung her cigarette butt out the window, and sat back, crossing her arms.

Out of the corner of her eye, Crystal saw a bulge moving in Randy’s shorts. He had his hand in his pocket and was stroking his cock. Her pussylips swelled, tingling. He’d been jacking himself off about four times a day during the entire trip. She wondered how he could stand all that sticky cum in his underwear all the time. She could smell it, had been smelling it all during the trip, and wondered why her parents couldn’t.

Boys were disgusting. It wasn’t just Randy. All boys were. She’d watched more toys than she could remember jack off in class, groping their cocks by shoving a hand in a pocket. She’d heard that some boys cut holes in their pockets so they could wrap a bare hand around the naked meat of their cocks right there in class! How could they be so bold? Sure, a lot of girls, masturbated in class by squeezing their legs together, but that was hardly noticeable, seeing that most girls sat with their legs crossed most of the time anyway.

Crystal crossed her legs and began to work her pussylips against each other, the raw fuckmeat of her inner cuntlips moist with pussycream and as hot as the asphalt of the highway. She dared not glance at Randy for fear she’d draw attention to herself. Maybe she could bring herself off without Randy even noticing.

As she repeatedly contracted the muscles of her thighs, forcing delicious fuck-thrills through her teenaged cuntmeat, she began to slide her smooth legs against each other. Her toes curled from the sensations. The crotch of her shorts fast became wet, and she could smell her cunt. She prayed that Randy and her parents wouldn’t detect the musky female aroma, but she was too hot to stop herself. It was maddening, having to masturbate like this, but it was equally exciting.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see his brown toes wriggling with pleasure. He had deeply tanned legs that were covered with golden hairs. The truth was, she wanted him to fuck her. But she couldn’t let him, could never let him. It wouldn’t be right. No, even if he tried to seduce her, she would have to resist. If he wanted her, he would have to rape her.

Crystal stifled a gasp, her heart slamming faster and faster. The thought of Randy raping her had almost brought her off. It was a terrible thought, almost as bad as the thought of her father raping her. But as terrible as the thought was, it excited her. Why did it excite her so? She was a bad girl, disgusting. She wondered what her parents would do were they ever to find put what a filthy mind she had.

They were both so anti-sex. She wondered how she and Randy had ever managed to be born. She couldn’t imagine her parents fucking. They’d almost cut off Randy’s hands when they’d discovered that he jacked off. She could still remember that day, even though it had been five or six years ago. Even the word sex was taboo in the Martinson household. It was all so strange, because her dad was a handsome and virile man in his late thirties, and her mother was still a voluptuous blonde with a set of tits that Crystal envied. She didn’t think her parents had fucked in years though. At least, she’d never heard them, and she didn’t think it was possible for a man and a woman to fuck without making noise. Whenever she herself got fucked by some hot stud from school, she couldn’t help gasping and squealing and grunting, and the stud usually moaned and bellowed like a bull, going on and on about how hot and tight and wet she was.

Randy was suddenly shivering. Crystal dared to turn her eyes and discovered her handsome brother in the throes of orgasm, attempting to hold himself rigid and to stifle his breathing while his cock flexed in his shorts, filling with sticky cum. His body vibrated with rhythmic shudders, his toes curled under, his eyes rolling under closed lids, his face contorting as each spasm gnawed through his tight loins. The scent of his jism filled the back seat of the station wagon and Crystal got drunk on it.

Shimmying her legs together, working her pussylips against each other, she brought herself off before Randy had recovered enough from his orgasm to open his eyes. As the waves of heat and fuck-itch saturated her teenaged crotch, passing in waves through her loins and down her legs, she rolled toward the door of the car, closing her eyes, crossing her arms, and pretending to be asleep. Biting her lips to keep from gasping out loud, she held herself as tight as the could, the sensations of orgasm exploding in her loins.


Howard had pulled the station wagon off the highway and they sat looking at the sign, June saying they’d be crazy to even consider taking the untended side road. She demanded they get back on the highway.

“No way,” Howard said. “We’ll have to wait ’til midnight to squeeze back into that mess. Look at ’em. A bunch of sheep. All of ’em afraid of a little sign. We’ll be back on the interstate before that truck that was ahead of us makes it another mile.”

“Howard, you turn this car around and get back on that highway.” June was shouting.

“Jesus Christ!” Randy snapped, covering his ears.

Howard glared into the back seat. “You watch our tongue, young man. Don’t think you’re too old for a thrashing. I’ll give it to you right here, if you ask for it.”

Randy closed his eyes and bit his lip.

Howard threw a quick glare at Crystal, as if daring her to say anything, then stepped on the gas. The car jerked forward, leaving the highway with its crawling traffic behind them in a cloud of dust. June muttered to herself, letting out a sharp shriek as the station wagon bounced over a pothole in the rutted clay road. They were heading into another canyon, a narrower canyon, following the tortuous windings of a small stream which flowed below the road at their left.

“Will you all just calm down,” Howard said, sounding as if he was trying to calm himself down as well. “I’ve taken this route before. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ll be back on the interstate before you know it. And then we’ll find ourselves a campground with a swimming pool.”

Randy glanced at Crystal, and they both rolled their eyes! They’d both been through similar routines countless times before.

The road got better, then worse, then better again. In places the road had been washed toward the stream, leaving hardly room enough for the car to squeeze between the drop-off and the wall, of the canyon. If they didn’t roll off into the stream or get stuck in a pothole, or blow out a tire on one of the sharp rocks that threatened every few feet, then it would be a miracle.

“Notice the tire tracks,” Howard said, his gaze glued to the road ahead as he maneuvered the station wagon. “We’re not the only ones who have taken this road recently. It seems as if there are still a few other brave souls left in the world.”

“Brave fools,” June muttered, but Howard ignored her.

It was about a half hour later, just when Crystal thought they might make it back to the interstate alive, that the other brave souls came into view. Crystal knew they were trouble the moment she spotted them. She’d seen their kind in the movies too many times not to know what they were like.

“Oh, my God!” June said. “Howard, turn around.”

“Just stay calm,” Howard said. “Nothing to worry about.” He waved at the four motorcyclists as he steered past them, giving them a smile.

The four were down at the edge of the stream, their chrome-trimmed cycles parked up above on the road. They resembled four pirates, one of them with his pants off and wading in the stream while he pissed. The pissing cyclist was the only one to acknowledge Howard’s wave, holding his beer can up in salute and giving Howard a toothy grin, his red bandana holding his long hair in place. The other three all stared grimly at the passing auto as if either stunned or disturbed by the intrusion. Howard managed to squeeze the car between the cycles and the canyon wall, missing one bike by inches.

“Don’t look back,” Howard half whispered, although Crystal was already looking back, disturbed by the way the four cyclists seemed to be calling a quick conference.

As soon as the station wagon had rounded the next bend, Howard gave the car more gas.

“What’s wrong?” June demanded, sounding half hysterical. “Oh, for Christ sake!” Howard said. “Just stay calm! There’s nothing to worry about!”

“I just knew something like this would happen,” June said. “They’re going to come after us. I just know it.”

“Maybe we should’ve brought your pistol, Dad,” Randy said.

“Oh, for Christ sake!” Howard snapped. “Will everybody just shut up and relax! You’ve all been watching too much Goddamned TV. This is real life, not TV.” He started to say more, but his words were drowned out by the droning roar of the four cycles as they suddenly rounded the bend.

Crystal, still looking back, felt her heart swell and tighten in her chest as the four huge cycles and their savage-looking riders slid into view, closing fast on the car. Within seconds two of the growling machines were prowling past the station wagon, one on each side, while the other two cycles fell in behind the car. One bear-like cyclist, a black patch over his left eye, winked at Crystal as he slid by, the sun glinting off his half-bald scalp and off his gold earring. Crystal slid down in her seat, hiding herself like a little girl.

“Holy shit!” Randy said, watching the other cyclist pass on his side. He was a wiry, dark-haired youth.

Crystal caught sight of a large blue swastika tatooed on the youth’s bare left shoulder and of a gleaming silver hunting knife, the blade of which was clamped between the youth’s front teeth.

“Howard, run them down,” June said hysterically. “Kill them before they kill us.”

“Let’s not lose our heads,” Howard said, slowing the car as the two cyclists cut in front of him and decelerated. “They’re just playing games.”

The huge cyclist suddenly put up his hand and stopped his machine. Howard hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. The cyclists all cut their engines, and suddenly the idling of the station wagon sounded pathetically weak in the stillness of the canyon.

“Stay calm,” Howard half whispered, his voice quavering.

The big man swung off his cycle and ambled up to the side of the car. His denim vest, stained with black grease, fell open at the front, displaying his enormous hairy beer belly, which appeared to sway as he walked.

“Afternoon,” Howard said, his attempt at a friendly tone completely unconvincing.

The big man walked right past Howard’s door, ignoring him. His hairy paw fell on the hand of Crystal’s door and he swung the door open with such force that it almost broke off. He grinned down at Crystal with stained and rotted teeth. “Ain’t you a perty little bitch!”

As he reached down and grabbed Crystal by her shiny blonde hair, she screamed.

“Hey, what the hell!” Howard shouted, throwing open his door. But before he could get out, a tall blonde cyclist appeared and kicked him in the gut, Howard fell back, gasping.

The big man dragged Crystal out of the car while the other cyclists forced June and Randy out on the other side. Crystal heard her mother screech and heard a loud slap. She heard Randy grunt as he got punched or kneed in the stomach. The big man bear-hugged Crystal, drooling stinking kisses and bites all over her neck and cheeks. He was sweaty, and she itched as he mauled her in his filthy embrace. His hard-on throbbed against her lower belly.

“Digger likes you,” the big man growled, forcing off her shorts. He tore the zipper open, then tugged her shorts and panties off with a vicious jerk. The ripped clothing floated down Crystal’s naked legs as if made of tissue paper. His hairy paw twisted between her thighs, his fingers pinching the spongy meat of her blonde-furred cunt muff. He screwed a rough finger up her pussy, and she gasped, a shiver passing through her.

“Don’t,” she whimpered. “Please don’t.”

Digger laughed, ripping off her T-shirt, nearly pulling off her head in the process. His rough paws slid all over her smooth naked body. She squirmed in his arms, the wiry hairs of his chest and abdomen scouring at her silky young skin. Digger got his fly open and his prick flexed up like a hot tailpipe between her legs.

“Please don’t,” Crystal cried, pounding at the man’s massive chest.

Digger laughed at her attempts to defend herself and stuffed her frantic cries back down her throat with his huge tongue. Gripping her jaw so tightly that his claws penetrated to the bone, he French-kissed her, his spit leaking down her gagging throat, his prick sliding and jerking between her thighs.

Although fighting Digger, Crystal managed to catch glimpses of her father and brother being bound to the motorcycles with clothesline rope, and of the dark-haired youth using his hunting knife to rip the clothes off her mother.

“Howard!” June was shouting as if she’d completely lost her mind. “Howard, stop them, stop them!” She sounded pathetic.

Digger raised Crystal as easily as if she were a child’s doll, sitting her on his rot-hard, nearly vertical cock. His enormous prickhead split apart her pussylips. He gripped her at the waist, his hands neatly encircling her slender middle completely, and twisted her body from side to side, screwing her down onto his billy club-sized fucker. As Digger’s cockhead slipped inside her pussy, she winced from the painful stretch it gave her cunt. If her fuckmeat had been any less elastic, it would have torn.

“Ahhh!” Digger sighed, his one good eye glazed with pleasure as he fucked all of his thick cock up into Crystal’s tight cunt. “You got a real prick-skinner there, perty girl. But you ain’t no virgin, are ya?”

Crystal took quick breaths, wondering whether it felt like this to have a baby. She could feel the man’s prickhead lodged in the mouth of her womb, and throbbing there like a living heart. She felt dizzy. Her vision was blurred. She clawed blindly at the hairy gorilla with her fingernails, but he only laughed, jerking her up and down on his cock as if she were a sex-toy. Then he was walking with her, using her body to jack off his cock as he took easy strides. He had to weigh at least 300 pounds, and Crystal weighed less than a third of that.

Without breaking the key-like union of his cock in her cunt, he leaned forward, shoveling Crystal into the back seat of the station wagon and crunching down on top of her. The sun-heated vinyl burned her back. The huge, hairy, sweaty bulk of the grunting man smothered her. As he started to fuck, to enjoy the savage rape of her teenaged pussy, he eased some of his weight off her, allowing her to breathe. His breath stank of beer and rotted teeth.

“You love old Digger, don’t ya, hot chicky? You want old Digger to fuck ya now ’til doomsday, don’t ya?” He chuckled, lapping at her face, biting her ear, rubbing his grizzly face against her cheek. “Well, don’t worry, chicky, old Digger just might do that.”

His one visible eye had rolled back, only half the gray iris showing, and it looked glazed, resembling the eye of a corpse. Crystal could feel his heartbeat against her tits. As he fucked her harder, ramming his cock in and out at least eight inches per stroke, he panted so violently that he wheezed. His cock fucked in and out, turning her cunt to a seething fuckhole. Hot pussycream ran opt of her cunt and greased her asscrack. Despite herself, she was turned on.

She could hardly stand the mad pistoning of the big vein-rippled cock inside her. Reaching up with both her arms and legs, she clung to the rutting animal, digging her nails into his hairy shoulders, kicking at his chaps-clad ass with her heels. His hairy abdomen rubbed all over her naked front, exciting her for some perverted reason. Moaning, grunting, she began to rock her hips, to slide her cunt up and down on his cock as he pumped. She found herself clawing at his denim vest and at his pants, found herself wishing he was naked so she could feel all of his bestial hairy body on top of her.

He seemed to read her mind, because he paused in his fucking, lifting up so he could shuck off his vest, unbuckling his pants and letting them slide down his legs until they bunched around his boots. He wore no underwear, so he was able to strip his loins naked without breaking his fuck-union with Crystal. He settled back down on her then, slicing his cock in her clutching cunt.

Crystal bathed in the hairy flesh of the big man. His sweat drenched her like warm oil. She smelled his stench more strongly now, the aroma of his armpits and balls, and she could hardly breathe from the heady fumes. He was disgusting, like some kind of manure perfumed bull in a barnyard. She hated him, felt like vomiting from his smell, but she rocked her hips, fucking his cock, getting more turned on by the moment. Her hatred, her disgust, only increased her pleasure.

“Fuck me!” she whispered between clenched teeth. “Oh, fuck me!” She gouged the jerking man with her fingernails and toenails, dug her heels into his ass and tried to get him to fuck her deeper, to fuck her harder. The vinyl car seat was wet under her back, oiled with sweat, and she squirmed between it and the cunt-grinding beast on top of her, feeling filthier than she’d ever felt in her young life. The cuntjuice oozed from her pussy, greasing the seat under her ass. The scent of balls and cunt saturated the oven-like air in the back seat of the stationwagon.

The big man writhed, rubbing Crystal into the car seat as if she were a cigarette butt he was putting out with his body. His wiry body hair scoured her tender skin. As he humped, fucking his cock in her pussyhole, he rotated his ass, grinding his cock down into her, reaming her out, fucking her deeper and harder than she’d ever been fucked before.

“Ohhh, yesss!” she moaned, “ohhh, do me, fuck me, oh, so deep, so hard!” She twisted her head sharply, this way and that, the fuck-tension building in every cell of her body, her nipples like wood and rubbing up against the man’s hairy chest. As the big bear sank his rotted teeth into her neck, she screamed, as much with pleasure as with pain and fear. She was sure he would sever a neck artery, that a torrent of her hot blood would fill his mouth and that she would bleed to death as he ravished her helpless, shuddering young body.

“Mmm, mmm!” the man growled, gnawing on her neck, sucking up her tender flesh and chewing on it. “Hot baby, hot chicky!”

Oh, God, I’m being raped, Crystal thought. I’m being raped! It was a more savage experience than she had ever imagined, and the feelings were more intense than she’d ever imagined they would be. He was brutal, but so exciting. Oh, so exciting! She could hardly stand the feelings. The man’s cock wouldn’t quit, wouldn’t even pause. Her pussyhole clutched almost spastically, its every cell burning and itching. Her cuntlips had swollen like rubber sacks filled with hot water. Her fuckmeat felt hotter and tighter than ever before. Her clit had grown long and hard, being rubbed back and forth by the slippery cockshaft of the relentlessly humping bull on top of her. Daggers of fire shot through her clit. She dug her fingers and toes into the big man, rocking her pelvis, rubbing her tits against him, going out of her mind with pleasure.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna come!” she groaned. “Oh, God, I’m gonna come!”

“Yeahhh!” the big man sighed, grinding her into the car seat. “Ohhh, yeahhh!”

His prick plunged deeper, swelling larger and harder. His huge, cum-bloated balls happed against her crotch. His prickhead seemed to inflate as it kissed the depths of her thrill-saturated womb. As his prick shuddered fiercely, flexing inside her, contracting, he bellowed like a bull and exploded a torrent of hot jism into the pit of her fuckhole. The moment his hot cum splashed against her seething fuckmeat, her cunt went into such intense spasms that she whined like a cat.

“Ohhhhh, Goddddd!” she whimpered, biting the man’s grizzly jaw, tearing at him with her nails, crushing him in her spastic embrace. Her cunt filled with heat and pleasure, gripping the man’s rhythmically flexing cock like a strong fist, milking the turn out of him as he cried out and spurted again and again.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Digger gasped, his body shuddering and jerking, his cock plunging into Crystal’s prick-skinning fuckhole. Her cunt overflowed and hot sticky cam oozed down her asscrack. Digger ground down into her, rubbing his balls in his own cum as he collapsed on top of her, grunting, moaning, his prick buried inside her to the hilt.

Crystal’s cunt continued to contract even after her orgasm had subsided. She felt the man’s cock soften inside her, felt it throb with the aftershocks of its own orgasm. As her pleasure dissipated, as her excitement abated, she began to feel uncomfortable, down right miserable. She began to panic as she lay helplessly under the sweating pig. The stink of him made her want to vomit. She heard a commotion outside, heard her mother gasp, heard slapping noises and dirty male laughter, heard her mother groan. As she recovered her senses, Crystal remembered where she was, remembered that she wasn’t the only one being held captive and abused by these animals. She wondered what in God’s name had been happening to her mother while she, herself, was being raped by Digger.


June stopped screaming because she knew she had to. Her mouth bled inside from the slaps she’d received. She had a bloody nose as well. The blood tasted salty and like iron. She held her breath as the crazed young man forced her down over the leather seat of the motorcycle and began to cut the clothes off her with his hunting knife. He had a grip on her hair, and her eyes teared heavily from the searing pain in her scalp. Lying belly-down over the seat, she stated at the ground.

The cold steel of the knife blade slid along her back and made her shiver. She sobbed, but dared not scream again. The vicious youth might slit her throat. She almost wished he would plant the hunting knife in her back and end it all right now. She wouldn’t be that lucky, though. The knife sliced down the length of her back, slitting her blouse and bra. As the sun lashed at her naked back, the youth pushed the tip of his knife blade under the waist of her jeans and panties. She felt the blade tickle the length of her asscrack as the boy cut away bier pants. He sliced down the legs of her jeans, then cut the straps of her sandals. Her clothing fell away and she was naked.

“Hot Momma,” the boy muttered. “Yeah, Hot Momma!” On his knees behind her, he suddenly forced apart her asscheeks and plunged his mouth between them, sucking on her asshole.

June stifled a gasp. She’d never been more shocked in her life. How could the boy do such a filthy thing? She was more shocked over his sexual perversity than over his knife-happy behavior. Now she was sure he was insane, a degenerate sexual pervert.

The youth’s tongue slipped inside her, sending shivers up her spine. The boy moaned like an animal as he licked her out… as if he were enjoying the taste of her filthiest body opening. His tongue slid in and out of her asshole, twisting, licking, probing. June felt tingles in the tips of her toes, felt throbbing sensations in the tips of her nipples. Her naked tits hung over the edge of the black-leather seat like two swollen cow udders.

“God, leave her alone! Will you just please leave her alone?” Howard received another punch for his words. He groaned sickly.

“Toss them, smelly panties over here, Sammy baby,” said one of the other cyclists. “This dude needs something stuffed in that hole in his face before. I shove my fist in it.”

The boy lapped at June’s ass, rubbed his nose up and down her ass-cleft, pried apart her cuntlips and started to lick at her fuckmeat.

“Sammy, I said toss me that bitch’s underpants. Get your nose outta her ass for a second, for Christ sake, before I land my boot on your own ass.”

“Fuck you,” the boy said. He found June’s panties and fired them at the man who was lashing Howard to one of the motorcycles.

“Thank ya kindly. Now go fetch the girl’s underpants and carry ’em to Willis. He’s got his hands full with the young dude.”

“Aw shit!” said Sammy. “I’m some kinda slave around this place. Shit!” He slapped June across the ass, making her gasp and jerk. “Don’t go away, Momma. If I have to go after ya, I’ll stick ya with my knife before I stick ya with something you’ll like better.”

“Sammy,” called a deep voice.

“Yeah, Willis, I’m coming.” The boy trudged off.

June tried to think of a way to escape, but her mind just wouldn’t stay still long enough for her to focus on any one thought. She felt so naked and vulnerable, she wanted to die. The sun licked at her ass and back, at her naked legs. She shifted restlessly, and the blouse fell away from under her belly. As her naked stomach made contact with the hot leather of the seat, she began to sweat, getting the leather slippery. The seat wasn’t the only thing getting slippery, though. Her cuntlips and inner thighs were getting wet, too, as the fuck-juices trickled out of her. She felt so naked, so exposed, that she was turned on, and she couldn’t help herself.

A slow trickle of pussycream tickled down her inner thigh. She wiggled her ass, almost wishing the crazed youth would hurry up and get back to her. His tongue had felt so good in her shithole.

She swallowed, tasting more blood, and cursed herself for forgetting momentarily where she was and what was happening. She might be killed. Her husband and son and daughter might all be killed with her. Howard and Randy had shut up, but she could still hear Crystal grunting and whimpering. What was that ugly bull doing to her? My God, what was happening?

She pushed up off the cycle to run to Crystal’s rescue, but a rough hand fell on her shoulder. “Going somewhere, Momma?”

The youth spun her toward him and crushed her in his arms, biting her all over the neck as she whimpered. He slid down, biting her tits, getting her nipples between his teeth and stretching them like rubber. He sucked like a hungry calf.

“Jesus, what tits!” the boy muttered, mauling her tits with his hands and mouth.

June stood there helplessly, letting the youth devour her. She saw Howard, who was sitting on the ground and tied to one of the cycles, gaze at her almost with disgust, then turn his eyes away. The long-haired cyclist with the red headband was tying a gag around Howard’s head, securing June’s panties in Howard’s mouth.

Nearby, the tall blond cyclist, the handsome one, was gagging Randy. Randy’s mouth bulged with Crystal’s panties, and his half-naked, jeans-clad body was tied to a cycle upon which he was sitting, his hands bound behind him. He resembled a barefooted, bare-chested cowboy who was tied astraddle the bare back of a horse, on his way to be hung. Unlike Howard, Randy didn’t look away, but gazed at her as if fascinated, looking her up and down, watching the young cyclist, who was no more than a few years older than Randy himself, suck on her tits. June looked away, feeling humiliated and hurt. Her husband was disgusted by her, and her son appeared to be enjoying the sight of her abuse. She even thought she detected lust in Randy’s eyes.

She heard grunting and groaning coming from the stationwagon and was shocked to see it rocking, its shock absorbers creaking like the springs of a mattress. She could make out a whale-like back, naked and hairy, moving up and down in the back seat. She thought it impossible that that enormous man, who resembled an ugly and monstrous pro wrestler, could even fit in the back seat of the wagon, let alone that he could be lying on top of her slim little daughter. It was unimaginable that that brute was fucking Crystal. It just couldn’t be!

Sammy spun her around and made her lie face-down on the cycle, but along the length of the seat this time rather than drooped over it from the side. He forced her down until her nipples kissed the sun-sizzling metal of the gas tank, then slapped her on the back when she screamed and tried to rear up.

“Fry them tits, Momma.” He shoved her down hard, pressing his elbows into her back.

She was straddling the wide leather seat now, her tits squashed to the hot gas tank, her chin resting on the handlebars. The boy threw a rope over her back and began tying her to the cycle. When he got her torso secured, he shoved her wadded-up jeans and blouse under her pelvis so he could lift up her ass, then pulled her legs up slightly and lashed them to the rear wheel of the cycle. She was positioned now so her cunt and ass were easily attainable from behind.

“Whew! Ain’t she a ripe-looking bitch!” The long-haired man with the red bandana had come over and was standing in front of her, his hands on his hips.

“I get her first, Coyote,” the boy said, throwing off his vest and prying off his boots.

“Don’t fret, Sammy, baby,” Coyote said, unzipping his jeans. “There’s plenty of bitch meat here for all of us.” He pulled out his big, floppy, uncut cock.

The boy stumbled out of his jeans, his hard prick flexing up and slapping against his tight abdomen. As be straightened up, his cock throbbed heavily, dripping fucklube. June gazed at his big fucker, wondering whether Randy had a similar cock. She quickly put the thought out of her mind, wondering what had come over her to have such a thought. She must be losing her mind. Perhaps she’d already lost it.

“I’m gonna have me a Hot Momma,” the boy muttered as if to himself. He climbed up behind June, mounting both the cycle and her ass. Straddling the machine, standing on tiptoe, be rubbed his hot prickhead up and down her cunt-furrow, greasing it with her fuck slime.

Her spread-open cunt itched, excited by the contact of the youth’s prickmeat. A hot throbbing began in her loins and her fuckhole began to leak again.

“Juicy Momma,” the boy whispered, his words juicy as he salivated.

Coyote chuckled and started pulling off his clothes. “Well, stick her, whelp! Quit hogging that bitch ass.”

“Go fuck yourself,” Sammy growled. “I’m gonna take my time.”

The tall blond man ambled up, smiling as if to himself. “Nice,” he said. “Real nice.” He slipped his T-shirt off over his head, revealing a smooth, chiseled torso.

June watched the handsome man start to unbuckle his pants, anxious for a look at his fucker, but suddenly her head was jerked back by the hair as Sammy fell forward, using her hair like the reins of a mare as he rammed his big cock up her cunt. Her mouth gaped, a slow groan escaping her throat, her eyes full of tears.

“Ahhhhh!” the youth moaned, working his cock in and out with short, quick stabs. “Hot Bitch Momma!”

Coyote clapped. “Give it to her, give it to her!” His uncut prick snapped up, the foreskin pulling half off the knob, and he moved up, straddling the front wheel of the cycle. Shoving Sammy’s hands away and taking a firm grip on her hair, he held her head steady as he rubbed his moist, stinking cockhead all over her face, coating her lips with his cockcheese.

June gagged, wishing she were dead. She wanted to scream at him to get his stinking cock out of her face, but she didn’t dare. She could only whimper, her nose starting to bleed again as Coyote rammed his fucker at her nostrils. Sammy straightened up, fucking her with longer, harder strokes, his prickhead ramming the mouth of her womb, all eight inches of his hot cock ripping in and out of her. She hadn’t been fucked this hard in a long time and she moaned with a pained pleasure, her mouth wide open. Coyote forced his cock into her mouth, rammed it down her throat. She gagged, choking to death.

“Suck it,” Coyote said, jerking on her hair. “Come on, bitch, pleasure my prick.” Just when June feared she would black out for lack of air, Coyote eased his cock out a few inches.

Gulping air, thankful to be alive, June began to suck almost as if she appreciated Coyote’s smelly uncut cock. As she smacked her lips, licking and sucking, Coyote sighed, his fucker swelling in her mouth, his cock veins rippling along her lips as he fucked between them.

On her ass, Sammy fucked like a jackrabbit, pistoning his cock, making it sizzle inside her. He grunted with each thrust, smacking his lower abdomen against her ass, reaming out her cunt with his big teenaged cock.

“Hot Momma, Hot Momma!” the youth muttered, digging his fingernails in her ass and humping viciously. “Fuck you, oh, fuck you!”

June could almost hear the youth grinding his teeth as he concentrated, ramming her again and again, nearly knocking the wind out of her. She grunted with each thrust she received, but her voice was stuffed back down her throat by Coyote’s plunging cock. Coyote’s hairy groin scoured her nose, which continued to bleed, her blood dribbling on Coyote’s sliding prick. With each thrust of the man’s prick into her throat, she tasted more of her own blood and she gagged on it.

“Lick under the head, ya stupid bitch!” Coyote said, tightening his grip on her hair, cracking her alongside the head with his free hand. “Ain’t nobody ever taught you how to suck cock?”

Whimpering, June churned her tongue at the underside of the cyclist’s stinking prickhead. His big cock swelled in her mouth and he rammed it halfway down her throat, his naked belly undulating.

“God damnnnnn!” Coyote growled. “Aw shit!” His prick shuddered, contracted, poured hot jism down her throat. He fucked with quick motions, his prick pulsing, his jism spurting against the walls of her throat and gagging her.

June swallowed the man’s cam. The pungent flavor of it sickened her at first, then began to please her. As the man poured out his load, she sucked, milking his cock, delighting in the way it pulsated between her lips. She was almost disappointed when he hauled his cock out.

Coyote slammed her back and forth across the face with his big floppy prick. The blows nearly knocked her out.

“Goddamn bitch!” he growled. “I didn’t tell ya to suck that hard, didn’t tell ya to lick like that. Sheeit! I didn’t wanna come yet, Goddamn it!”

The youth behind her slapped her ass repeatedly, using both his hands, whacking both of her asscheeks. He fucked without a letup, his prick fucking as if driven by a machine. “Ohhh, Hot Momma, Hot Momma!” June’s cunt sizzled, its swollen walls of hot fuckmeat melting with pleasure. She wiggled her ass, unable to control it.

The tall, blond man pushed Coyote. “Hey, lay off her! I want her conscious, for Christ sake!” He pulled Coyote away.

“Goddamn bitch!” Coyote muttered, waving his prick in his hand as if it were a heavy rubber hose.

“Go sit down and cool off, man,” the blond man said, “Don’t go having a stroke or something.”

“Fuck you, Willis!” said Coyote, wincing as he ambled off over the sharp rock fragments everywhere on the red clay road.

Willis showed June his prick. It was cut, clean, and a lot bigger than Coyote’s cock, standing out from the handsome man’s naked loins at a forty-five degree angle. He pressed it close to June’s nose so she could sniff it.

She moaned, opening her mouth, begging to suck it. It was the first time she’d ever begged to suck any man’s cock. She drooled, hungry for Willis’ big prick, churning her ass as Sammy fucked her cunt from behind.

Smiling, Willis eased his cock away, just out of range of her straining tongue. “Not yet,” he said. “Maybe never. You want it too bad.” He turned around, backing his muscular ass toward her face, showing her his dangling balls and his asscrack. Hauling apart his asscheeks with a pair of huge muscular hands, he showed her his moist brown asspucker.

She held her breath as Willis mashed his ass against her mouth. The aroma of musk and sweat and shit was too much for her.

“Eat it out,” Willis said, reaching back to plant a big hand on her head. He squeezed her skull as if it were a grapefruit, grinding her nose and lips against his asshole. “Lick, shove your tongue up my shithole!”

“Lick it out!” Sammy bellowed, ramming in savagely, slapping her tender back with rough hands. “Do what Willis tells ya, Bitch Momma!”

Willis ground his hairy asshole at her bleeding nose. She was trapped between the two merciless males, tears flowing down her checks, her cunt getting raw.

“Well shove it in, stupid,” Willis said. “Tongue-fuck my asshole, ya dizzy broad.”

Trying to hold her breath, June twisted her tongue, working it in deep. She wished she were dead. She couldn’t imagine anything more degrading or perverted, being forced to lick out the asshole of this man. She grunted as she probed the man’s shithole with her tongue, her cunt clutching at Sammy’s relentless cock. Her toes prickled from the intense fuck sensations that streamed through her body. She was both in heaven and hell, getting fucked as she’d never been fucked before, but smothering against the stinking asshole of Willis. Just when she thought she was getting used to the taste of Willis’ shithole, he farted.

June retched again, certain she was going to vomit this time, but Willis released her head, pulling his asshole from her tongue. A breath of fresh air saved her at the last moment.

Willis bent over, showing her his asscleft and crotch and heavy-hanging balls. They were big balls, like those of a bull. June didn’t need to be told what to do next. She began lapping at the stud’s sweaty crotch and balls before she got bellowed at or slapped some more.

“Ahhh!” Willis sighed. “Give ’em a nice wet tongue-bath. And get my ass some more, too.” He backed up closer, rubbing his crotch in June’s face.

“You heard ’em, Hot Momma. Lick that ass some more.” Sammy slapped her hard on her lower back, making her shriek.

She could have killed the savage youth. Instead, she slobbered frantically, all over Willis’ asscrack and crotch, licking off the sweat, tasting musky hairs. The heady male aroma both repulsed and excited her. She bit gently at the tall man’s large balls, nipping them with her lips. All the while, she rotated her ass, churning her cunt around arid round the pistoning cock of the youth. Her fuckhole felt tense and molten like a volcano about to erupt.

Willis jacked his cock as June gave his balls and ass a tongue-bath. His muscular arm jerked. “Mm, way to lick, bitch!”

June felt a rush of rage. She couldn’t stand being called a bitch. She felt like sinking her teeth into his huge swollen balls. Instead, she lapped them with long wet swipes of her tongue. Her tongue traveled up, cleaning out the steaming ass-cleft of the man.

“Ahhh, yeahhh, lick my ass!” Willis sighed, jerking away at his big cock. “Suck them big balls!”

“I’m gonna blow your head off, Hot Bitch Momma!” Sammy fucked her frantically, his prick burning the meat out of her cunt, his hard belly smacking her ass, his fingernails buried in her fleshy hips. “Oh, Christ, oh, Momma, oh, shit!” The boy grunted like a pig, started to whimper as if he were being whipped. His prick swelled inside her, growing hard as stone, vibrating, pulsating. He collapsed forward on top of her, pumping his jism up her cunt. “Ahhhhhhh!”

June gasped, her ass jerking with the seething explosion of cum into her. The mad jerking and vibrating of the youth’s cock sent needles of pleasure through the swollen fuckmeat of her cunt. As the boy released another flood of hot jism into her body, June felt a rush of maddening sensation in her fuckhole. Arching back, her fuckhole contracting furiously, she exploded with orgasm, letting out an agonized whine.

“Hot Momma!” the youth moaned, crushing her to the gas tank of the cycle, jerking and grunting on top of her, fucking like a machine out of control as he pumped his cum into her. “Ohhhh, yeahhhhhhh!”

June saw stars. The pleasure exploded in every cell of her body. She shuddered violently, nearly passing out. She’d never been fucked like this, had never experienced such an intense orgasm.

The boy’s cock throbbed inside her until he’d emptied his balls, then softened. The boy bit her hard on the neck. “Dirty bitch,” he growled in her ear. “Goddamned whore!”

Grunting, be forced himself up, then yanked his prick from her ravished cunt. He whacked her a few times on the ass with his heavy, jism dripping cock before he unstraddled the bike.

Willis turned around, still stroking his cock. His pisshole was wide open and leaking fucklube as he fisted his big veiny fucker. He rubbed his prickhead on June’s cheeks, smearing warm fucklube all over them. June held her breath, revolted by the slimy fluid and by the smell of the man’s cock. Now that she’d experienced her orgasm, now that her insane fuck-tension had been drained off, the sight and smell of the man’s cock disgusted her.

“Let’s cut her up,” Sammy said, going for his hunting knife, his smelly young ass spreading toward her face as he bent over to look for the weapon under his discarded clothing.

Willis planted a bare foot on the boy’s hand. “Leave it be, hot-head. Just because you got your rocks off don’t give you the right to waste her. She’s got a lot of fuck left in her, and I intend to have it.”

The boy’s shoulders tensed for a moment, then dropped. He straightened up and walked away without a word. June exhaled with relief.

Willis smiled, waving his big cock at June. As he moved toward her to ram it down her throat, a bull-like voice growled, “Hey, Willis, don’t waste it on that washed-up old bag. Looky what I got for ya here.”


Crystal stumbled over the sharp rocks, daggers of pain shooting through the soles of her tender feet, her eyes blurry with tears and half-blinded by the raging midday sun. Digger had just dragged her out of the stationwagon, and her eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the sun’s glare. Digger’s sticky cum ran down the insides of her thighs, dribbling from her raped cunthole.

Digger’s massive hand, gripping the back of her neck, shoved her toward the smiling blond man. The blond man had a prick even larger than Digger’s, and he looked just as strong as Digger, although nothing like Digger in physique. The blond man was tall, his body solid muscle. If the man hadn’t been a member of this gang of savages, Crystal would have developed an instant crush on him.

“Ain’t she a perty one?” Digger said. “Wonder if her throat’s as soft and wet and tight as her cunt.” He let out a dirty laugh.

Crystal’s eyes focused more now, adjusting to the bright light, and she instantly took in the scene around her. Randy was tied astraddle one of the big motorcycles, his hands bound behind him, a gag tight in his mouth. He was dressed in nothing but jeans, the same as he’d been dressed in the car. His brown eyes flicked up and down as if photographing her entire nude body a hundred times a second.

Her father was looking at her too, although he turned his eyes away quickly when she caught him gawking at her tits. He was seated on the ground, his legs stretched out before him, his back against the cycle to which he’d been bound with rope. Like Randy, he was gagged.

When she spotted her mother, her legs almost gave out. The poor woman had, been stripped stark naked and tied face-down against the gas tank and black-leather seat of a cycle. The seat behind her ass glistened with cum, some of the filthy male fuck-slime leaking down the black leather. They’d raped her, and they’d beaten her. The woman’s nose bled, and her back and ass looked red and bruised.

Crystal was about to explode, lashing out with her fingernails like an enraged cat and tearing these brutal men apart, but the boy with the swastika tattoo suddenly was on her, his sharp teeth tearing at her nipples as he mauled her tits. She screamed, falling back against Digger’s hairy body.

“Hot bitch tits!” the boy muttered, nearly severing Crystal’s right nipple. “Let me get my knife and cut off the cherries, Digger.”

Digger cracked him across the skull, sending him rolling. “Cool yourself off,” Digger said. “Willis gets the chicky next.”

“Go take a swim, ya crazy whelp!” shouted the long-haired man with the red headband. He was sitting on the ground, resting his back against the only unclaimed cycle. He grinned at Crystal, masturbating his uncut cock and playing with his hairy balls.

The boy staggered to his feet and stumbled away, muttering to himself. Digger forced Crystal down on her knees in front of the blond man.

“She’s all yours,” Digger said. “Have yourself a pleasurable time, Willis.”

“Why, thank you, Dig-baby,” Willis said, wrapping his big fingers in Crystal’s blonde hair. He waved his big, dripping fucker at her. “Ain’t you a pretty little bitch!” He smiled, rubbing his hot prick all over her face, getting her cheeks slimy with his fucklube.

Crystal whimpered, shaking, unable to control herself. She was terrified, only now coming to fully realize the terrible danger she was in, that her family was in.

“Hey, Daddy,” Willis said. “You’ve got a real pretty little bitch here.” He leaked some fucklube on her nose.

Crystal was on her knees only a few feet to one side of her father and she could see him staring at her. She felt so humiliated, getting her face washed with fucklube while her father looked on.

“Does she suck good?” Willis asked Howard. “Bet she gives real good head.”

Howard struggled, muffled groans coming from his panties-stuffed mouth. He glared with hatred at Willis.

“Jealous, huh?” Willis said, rubbing his prickhead back mid forth along Crystal’s lips. “Want her all for yourself, don’t ya? How many times have you fucked that tight little ass of hers, Daddy, or that itchy little pussy?”

Howard appeared to swell, the veins gn his temples and neck looking ready to burst. His body shook. He struggled violently for a few seconds, then slumped back.

“Hey, Daddy,” Willis said, tapping his hard prick on Crystal’s cheek, “don’t get excited. It ain’t good for your blood pressure.” He yanked suddenly on Crystal’s hair, causing her to gasp and, as her mouth gaped, he rammed his huge prick down her throat. “Ahhhh!”

Crystal choked violently, spit gushing out of her mouth and bathing the man’s huge balls. The man’s prick pulsated in her throat, buried to the hilt in her face. Her gullet was stuffed. Fucklube leaked into her stomach. Her nose was squashed against the man’s hairy, bone-hard crotch. She couldn’t breathe.

Willis smiled down at her almost calmly, although his flushed face and his deep breathing showed her he wasn’t quite as calm as be was trying to appear. He watched her turn blue, watched her choke nearly to death on his cock. At the last second, just as she was passing out, he slipped his long, snakelike cock out of her throat.

Willis eased his fucker back in, starting a humping rhythm, fucking her mouth and throat. “Suck it, baby,” he breathed, his eyes rolling. “Pleasure my prick.” He rammed his cock in all the way, withdrawing it as Crystal gagged. “Suck, come on, suck.”

Snot leaked from Crystal’s nose and spit from her mouth. She sucked frantically, praying that the big man wouldn’t try to choke her again. His enormous, vein-rippling prick rubbed back and forth, in and out, stimulating her sensitive lips, her tongue, her throat.

“Come on, bitch, suck!” Willis moaned, gripping her head as he fucked her face. His loins thrust, his abdominal muscles rippling.

She felt the strength of him and moaned with lust. She loved his hard prick. She wanted to suck the cum out of him, to swallow his strength. She writhed, her nipples tingling, her naked young body pulsating with need. Her tips swelled, sliding along his cock. Her tongue tortured the back of the man’s prickhead.

“Ohhh, you’re good, real good,” Willis moaned. “You’ve sucked a lot of prick… I can tell.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Crystal saw her father flinch. Despite the lust overwhelming her, she felt embarrassment and shame. Here she was, sucking cock right before his eyes, and now he knew that this wasn’t the first time she’d sucked prick. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see her father. For the first time in her life, she realized she was a slut… and her father knew she was. She could hardly stand the shame. She sucked the big man’s cock, trying to push the shame out of her mind. A swarm of fuck-tingles saturated her swollen pussylips and she shimmied her legs together, forgetting her shame completely.

“Mmmm!” she moaned, sucking loudly, slurping, munching, and she welcomed the huge fucker as it filled her throat, reaming out her gullet. Her throat had relaxed now and Willis could fuck it all he wanted.

Willis grabbed her ears, jerking her head as he fucked his cock down her throat with hard screwing thrusts. “Ahhh, baby, suck that big thing. Make it come, yeahhhh!”

Crystal’s blonde head bobbed, her long hair flapping. She was dizzy from all the jerking the big man was doing on her head. He was almost ripping off her ears. Her spit rushed out of her fucked mouth and drenched the man’s huge flapping balls, which swung against her chin like two fat lemons. Spit ran down her neck, trickling over her upthrust tits.

“Hot sucking bitch!” Willis muttered. “Hot damn!” His huge prickhead swelled even larger, massaging the walls of her throat. He fucked in deeper, his prick hard as steel and throbbing like a head.

Crystal couldn’t control herself. She was too excited to care anymore what her father thought of her. Her loins were on fire, pulsating with a fuck-itch that was driving her out of her mind. She grabbed her own nipples, rolling them between her thumb and fingers, stimulating herself as she slurped and sucked at the man’s sliding fucker. Slick juices dribbled from her cunt and made her legs slip together sensuously as she shimmied them. As she shimmied her legs together, working her swollen pussylips between them, her blood-swollen cuntlips made lewd squishing noises. The fuck-tingles streamed through her legs, through her asshole, up her spine. She was getting close to the ultimate pleasure, and she couldn’t help but to squirm and groan, her slim young body dangling from Willis’ tusk-like fucker, her throat impaled on it.

Suddenly she felt rough hands moving down her naked belly, felt a hard, hairy body pressed up against her from behind, felt a hot breath on the back of her neck and an even hotter cock fucking against her lower back. The cock was wet and slippery. The man’s hands shoved her hands away from her tits and replaced them with his own, twisting on her nipples until she just about screamed.

“Coyote’s got ya,” growled her molester as he rutted at her from behind. His prick slipped between her asscheeks and he rubbed it up and down between them. “Ever been buggered, little girl?”

“Suck!” Willis gasped, humping faster, driving his cock down her throat in a frenzy. “Goddamn it, suck!”

His groin pounded her nose and she thought he was going to bloody it. His humping was vicious now. Sucking frantically, the lust in her own loins reaching a peak, she writhed in the grasp of the man behind her, trying to ignore the pressure his cock was applying to her asspucker. Coyote’s cock leaked fucklube, greasing her asspucker well as he rubbed his fucker up and down in her warm ass-cleft. She found the rubbing of his hot prick between her asscheeks an added turn-on. She enjoyed the twisting of his prickhead against her sensitive, lust-swollen asspucker. The heat and sensation welled up in her loins. She sucked Willis’ cock, feeling her orgasm come on. Coyote pinched her tits, and that sent her over the brink.

“Uhhhh!” she grunted, her body shuddering, the sensations gnawing through her clit, through her pussy, and spreading in unbelievable waves all through her young body. “Ooooooh!”

Willis drove his cock down her throat, stuffing her cries back down it. His huge fucker vibrated, flexed, swelled enormously. She rolled her eyes up and watched the tall blond man’s eyes turn back into his skull as his thick cum spurted straight down her throat.

“Awwwwww!” the big man cried out. “Oohhhhh, yeahhhhh!” He humped in a frenzy, his cock contracting again and again, his molten fuck-fluid streaming down her quivering throat.

Her body pulsed to the rhythm of the man’s spasms, the pulsations, of her own orgasm matching his. The sensations so overwhelmed her that she wasn’t sure what was happening when she felt her asshole suddenly filled as if with a gigantic hot turd.


Willis stepped back, hauling his softening fucker out of Crystal’s throat. The moment Willis had stopped away, Coyote knocked Crystal forward, down onto her hands and knees. She was like an animal now before him, like a bitch dog, and she whimpered like a dog, the last twinges of orgasm still pulsing in her cunt, her asshole splitting from the pressure of Coyote’s cock inside it.

Willis chuckled, nudging Crystal’s hanging right tit with his toes, then stepping away. “Take care of her, Coyote. I gotta get me a drink. She sucked all the juice outta me.”

“You’re a hungry bitch, ain’t ya?” Coyote said, starting to work his big fucker in and out of her asshole. “Let’s see if your shithole sucks as good as your mouth. Jesus Christ, you’re a tight one!”

Crystal held herself stiff, hoping that if she didn’t move, the pain would go away. She couldn’t believe that Coyote’s cock was in her asshole.

“Well, move it!” Coyote slapped her ass. “I might as well fuck a dead fish if you ain’t gonna move it.” He fucked into her viciously, ramming his hard prick against her asscheeks. His prickhead throbbed in her guts.

She arched up, gasping, her asshole on fire. “Please!” she whimpered. “It hurts.”

Coyote laughed, easing his cock halfway out, then ramming it in again with a grunt. “It’s supposed to, little bitch. That’s why I’m doing it.”

He fucked quicker, working his cock in and out, and Crystal squirmed, her back arched, her ass wiggling as she tried to escape the man’s horny fuck-tool. She gasped with each thrust, unable to believe what was happening.

She discovered her father watching her, and she felt even more shame than when she’d been forced to suck cock in front of him. She didn’t dare look toward Randy, sure that he’d be ogling her.

Coyote reached under her, stroking all over her belly with rough hands, catching her tits and squeezing them. Her hard nipples slipped between his fingers like cigarettes and he rolled his fingers up and down, making her moan. Her cunt contracted as he stimulated her tits and for a few seconds she forgot the pain in her asshole.

Coyote fucked, slipping his cock in and out, panting and grunting like a beast. The more his cock fucked, the looser her asshole got, reining despite her attempts to fight off the pain by keeping her shithole tight and hard. His fucklube greased her shitter, and her own ass-cream mixed with the man’s cockjuice, and soon his cock was sliding in and out easily. Miraculously, Crystal’s pain began changing to pleasure. She wiggled her ass, more out of excitement now than out of an urge to escape.

“Yeah, fuck that cock!” Coyote moaned, his prick squishing inside Crystal’s moist asshole. “I knew you was a bugger girl right from the start. Been getting ass-fucked by your daddy ever since you could crawl, ain’t ya?” Crystal dared not glance at her father. She was too embarrassed, too, full of shame especially since Coyote’s filthy suggestion sent a thrill through her naked, abused body. The idea of her father buggering her ass excited her. She hoped to God her dad couldn’t read her mind.

Coyote slapped her ass alternately with both hands, turning both asscheeks hot and red. His dick rammed in and out. “Wiggle it, bitch, wiggle it!”

Crystal panted, her tits heaving, her lithe back arched. Her ass gyrated like a fan, pleasuring the filthy man’s cock. Her asshole began to respond to the buggering as if it were a cunt, clutching and quivering and sucking. His prick made juicy squishing noises inside her, obscene noises that only excited her more.

She was ever aware that her father was watching, and her brother and mother, too. She wondered what was going through their minds, seeing her on her hands and knees like an animal, her tits flapping and her ass jerking as she ass-fucked the smelly cock of the depraved motorcyclist. She couldn’t help but grunt and moan as the man thrust into her. He was fucking pleasure into her asshole.

Coyote grabbed her long hair and yanked on it, tugging her head back, forcing her to arch her back even more. She whined from the pain, her eyes filled with tears. Strangely, the sexual pleasure she felt only increased.

“Oh, don’t,” she begged. “You’re hurting me.”

Coyote jerked viciously on her hair. “Dirty little bitch!” he growled. “You deserve being hurt.” He slammed her ass with hard, open hands, and fucked her asshole with his horny prick.

Crystal wailed, her ass on fire from the slapping. She was being raped again, raped and beaten and abused. It hurt so bad, it felt good. Her sexual pleasure became intense. She wriggled, gibbering and sobbing, snot leaking from her nose and spit from her mouth. Her asshole clutched at Coyote’s cock fiercely.

Coyote clawed at her back, drawing blood. His horny nails raked down her asscheeks, tearing her skin and setting her ass on fire. His hairy balls flapped against her cunt. She moaned, writhing, the pussycream bubbling out of her cunt, her asshole on the verge of spasms.

“Ohhhh, fucking bitch!” Coyote moaned, plunging his cock savagely, his fucker slicing deep in her guts. “Screw you! Fuck you!”

Crystal grunted, her ass jerking against the hard belly of the lust-maddened brute, her tits swinging heavily, swollen with pleasure. The tension in her loins made her grind her teeth. She contracted her asshole around the pistoning prick of her molester, trying to pop his cockhead right off the shaft, trying to skin his prick alive, trying to suck the cum out of him. Suddenly her asshole craved cum, craved the feel of it spurting hot and sticky into her.

“Oh, fuck me!” she muttered between her teeth. “Cream me! Do it now!”

Coyote growled, throwing himself on top of her, biting her neck like a male cat. As he ripped at her tender flesh with jagged teeth, he ground his hairy abdomen against her ass, reaming her out to the hilt. His cock shuddered and his jism surged into her asshole like scalding water.

“Ahhhhhh!” he bellowed. “Ohhh, fuck!” His body jerked spastically as he poured his jism into her.

Crystal collapsed, forward, unable to support his weight. As she writhed on the sunbaked clay, the rocks cutting into her, Coyote fucking out and creaming her asshole, hot pokers of lust surged through her loins and exploded in molten streams of orgasmic pleasure. She whined like a mating cat, chewing at her fist as the spasms ripped through her body. Her asshole clutched viselike at Coyote’s spurting prick, milking him dry.

“Shoot it,” she moaned, her eyes blurred, her head spinning. “Ohhhh, yessss!” She squirmed against the ground, not caring that the hot stones gouged her flesh, loving the pain, loving the pleasure. “Ohhhh, fuck!”


Fuck-slime dribbled all over the seat of the motorcycle. June couldn’t help it. The sight of her nubile little daughter being sexually abused excited her as much as infuriated and disgusted her. She spotted the silver blade of Sammy’s Buck knife against the red day ground. If she could break loose of her bonds, she would snatch up the knife and plunge it into the naked back of the animal who was fucking her daughter, cutting out his heart even as he spurted his filthy cum into her destroyed little asshole. But June realized now what kind of daughter she had a filthy little whore. Crystal deserved any pain she was forced to suffer.

The mad-eyed youth who had raped June appeared on the road, climbing up from the creek bed, his prick obscenely erect, his wiry body naked. Scowling at Crystal and Coyote, the boy strode over the sharp stones on the road, seemingly oblivious to any pain, his prick wagging like a menacing club, and be kicked Coyote in the ass. “Get off her, you old hog. It’s my turn now. Everybody’s had her except me.”

Coyote rolled off Crystal, shielding his eyes from the sun. His jism-wet prick flopped on his hairy belly, still pulsing. “Go fuck yourself,” he mumbled.

Sammy disregarded Coyote’s remark and reached down to jerk up Crystal by her hair. She screamed, blubbering, her face a mess of snot and spit, her tits and belly bruised from the rocky bed upon which she’d collapsed.

“Come on, bitch baby,” Sammy said. “You and me are gonna go for a little ride.” He dragged Crystal by the hair, forcing her to straddle one of the cycles. His cock throbbed excitedly as he lashed her to the cycle in an upright, sitting position. “Just a minute now, baby. Let me get my knife.”

He started toward June, but before he could get to his knife, Digger was leaning over to pick it up. Sammy held out his hand.

“Uh-uh,” Digger said, grinning, “You ain’t going off with both the bitch and the knife. You’ll bring her back all carved up, and I like her fine just the way she is. I ain’t through with her yet.”

“I won’t cut her none,” Sammy said, trying to snatch away the knife.

Digger put the knife behind him. “I said, no knife. You can either have the knife or you can have the bitch. Take your pick.”

“Shit!” Sammy said. He spun around and marched toward Crystal. “What’re you looking at?” he snapped, slapping Crystal across the face. He mounted the cycle behind her, starting it with a roar. Red dust exploded into the air as the boy tore off up the road, his belly and prick pressed to Crystal’s backside.

June watched in shock as her screaming daughter disappeared around the bend up the road, the sadistic youth humping at her naked ass even as he maneuvered the roaring motorcycle.

Digger inserted the knife between the rope and June’s back and he severed it. He grabbed June by the hair and made her sit up. She almost slipped off the seat, sliding in the jism and cunt juice.

“Come on, Hot Momma. Let’s have some fun.” Digger yanked her off the cycle and be gave her a shove.

She fell, skinning her knees and hands. Her tits wobbled heavily. “Please don’t hurt me,” she begged pathetically. She knew Digger could crush her in a bear-hug and snap her spine in a second.

Digger drew the tip of the knife blade lightly down her back. “Up, bitch! Up!”

Sobbing, June stumbled to her feet, the fuck-slime continuing to leak from her cunt and slide down her legs. The scent of cunt and jism made her sick to her stomach.

Digger pressed the knife to her back. “Get moving.”

He marched her directly at Randy, whose gaze crawled all over her like beetles as she approached, her tits wobbling. The boy’s crotch bulged, as if he’d stuffed a softball in his pants.

She stood before Randy, her tits heaving, anger and shame and fear filling her. She couldn’t look into his eyes… but she didn’t need to. The boy was too busy gawking at her tits. He even licked his lips, as if he wanted to bite her nipples.

“Well, well,” Digger said, sliding the blunt edge of the knife blade against June’s right tit. “Looks like sonny boy wants to chew on his momma’s titties.” He tickled her nipple with the tip of the blade. “Maybe I oughta slice one off, and make Momma feed it to him.”

Randy swallowed, not saying a word. It was almost as if he didn’t care if Digger cut off her tit. She felt like killing him.

Digger laughed. He suddenly slapped June on the ass, knocking her against Randy and the cycle. Her naked tits momentarily squashed against her son’s chest and she smelled his warm breath. Digger forced her to her knees.

“Unzip him and pull his fucker out,” Digger ordered.

June was horrified by the idea. “I… I can’t,” she whispered.

Digger pressed the knife to the side of her neck, and June reached up, fumbling with her son’s zipper. She reached inside his pants, nearly jerking her hand away as she felt the moist hardness of her son’s cock. His fucker was enormous. She could feel arteries twitching in his prickshaft, could feel it throbbing. She couldn’t get it out.

“Well unsnap him, for Christ sake,” Digger said.

June wanted to scream. Gritting her teeth, she unsnapped her son’s jeans and watched his prick spring out. It stood straight up, throbbing against his skinny belly like a billy club. Against her will, she inhaled the musky, sweaty aroma of his cock and found herself getting turned on.

“Lick!” Digger ordered, and June didn’t resist, couldn’t resist… didn’t want to resist.

She salivated profusely as she lapped up and down the backside of her son’s upright cock, coating it with spit, making his prick shine. The veins and bumps of his splitting-hard cock thrilled her tongue.

The boy gasped, trying to hump despite his being tied securely to the cycle seat. His prick throbbed wildly, fucklube leaking out and running down it like a clear frosting. June licked off her son’s sap-like juice, savoring the slightly salty, slightly sweet taste of it. As she licked her son’s prick, she squeezed her legs together. Her pussylips were swollen and tight. The itchy thrills that saturated her fuckmeat made her moan with desire. She craved sexual release.

Digger yanked her away by the hair. “That’s enough, bitch.”

June panted, blubbered. She wanted more than anything to thrust her hand between her legs and to relieve her fuck-tension, but she couldn’t masturbate in front of everybody, especially in front of her son.

Digger cut the boy lose. “Climb off that chopper and take off your pants, boy.”

Randy did as he was told, moving slowly at first, as if his joints were stiff. His prick remained standing almost vertical, the fucklube oozing put of it and running in long trickles down his cockshaft. He stepped out of his jeans, standing completely naked in front of his mother.

“Okay, boy,” Digger said. “She’s all yours. Do whatever you want with her.”

June felt only relief. Digger was freeing her, was giving her over to the hands of her own loving son. She had to bite her lips to keep from laughing out loud. She gazed up at Randy, smiling.

He was smiling, too… except it wasn’t a smile that comforted her. It was a smile much like the smiles of these cyclists-cold, savage, charged with lust. She screamed as he suddenly dove on her, knocking her flat on her back on the rocky ground. Then he was biting her tits, sucking them, trying to gnaw the nipples off. She kicked and clawed at him, groaning with pain.

“Ohhh, wowww!” the boy growled, his voice quavering. His body almost burned her with its heat. His huge prick ground against her abdomen as he rubbed himself all over her, rutting at her naked body with unbridled lust. He sank his teeth into her neck, chewed on her ear, reached up and mauled her tits, nearly popping off her nipples.

June writhed helplessly on the sharp stones and burning, dusty clay. She pounded her son’s back with her fists, kicked at his ass with her heels, screamed at him to get off her, but he wouldn’t quit. Sliding down, he rammed his cock between June’s thighs. His fist-like prickhead pounded her wet crotch and suddenly forced apart her pussylips. His long, thick, hard cock fucked into her cunt, filling her as she’d never been filled before. She arched up, gasping from the stretch in her cunt. Her son ground down on her with all his weight, solid bone and muscle, and he began to fuck her savagely.

He was raping her! Her own son was raping her! June cried out in shock and sank back. Randy humped between her legs, reaming her out, fucking the pussycream out of her cunt.

She lay under him helplessly, allowing him to take his pleasure. She couldn’t fight him. He was too strong. She couldn’t believe this was happening. For a few moments she wished she could get hold of that knife so she could kill both herself and Randy. But then her cunt began to contract, to respond against her will to her son’s cock, and within seconds her pussy was filled with an insatiable fuck-itch. She began to rock her hips, to fuck her son’s cock as it fucked her cunt.

“Oh!” she gasped, clawing at Randy’s muscular back, thrusting her tits up at him. She foot-stroked the backs of his legs, lightly scratched his thighs with her toenails. She began to bounce her ass, despite the sharp stones under it, to impale herself on her son’s huge prick as he stabbed it into her again and again.

They grunted together, fucking like a pair of animals. Throwing her head way back as she arched her neck, she caught sight of Howard. She saw him upside-down, but she could read the hate in his eyes. She knew he would kill her if he could get loose. She smiled at him, showing him her teeth, displaying her pleasure.

“Whore!” Randy muttered, fucking her with long, grinding strokes, cracking their pelvic bones together. “Fuck you, bitch!”

She couldn’t believe the words bubbling from her son’s mouth. It was as if he were possessed. He glared down at her like a demon, fucking the guts out of her.

“Yes!” June whispered. “Oh, yes, fuck me, oh, darling, fuck me. Yes, yes, yes!” She crushed the writhing youth in her arms, rubbed her heel up and down his moist asscrack, shoved her foot between his legs and tickled his swollen, cum-filled balls with her toes. The heat welled up throughout her body. Every cell of her tingled, tight and prickling with lust and fuck-sensation. She jerked her ass, driving her pelvis up at her son’s pelvis, fucking his cock, loving him as she’d never loved him before.

“Mom!” Randy moaned. “Oh, God, Mom, fuck you, fuck you!” He humped in a frenzy, his loins hammering, his cock pistoning faster and faster. His cock fucked so hard, so deep, thrusting into her very womb, reaming her out, pleasuring every nerve of her clutching, quivering, juicing fuckhole.

June couldn’t bear it another second. Grinding her naked body up against him, clutching him in the savage embrace of her arms and legs and cunt, she closed her eyes and exploded, every cell of her body sparking as if with electricity.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she whined. “Ohhhhhhhh, Randy, yessssssss!”

The boy exploded into her, whimpering like a whipped pup. His lithe body shuddered in her embrace, his loins jerking spastically, his prick flexing and spurting inside her.

“Ohhh, yeahhh!” he grunted. “Hot bitch, Mom, uh, uh, yeahhh!” His jism surged into her in hot thick streams, sucked out of him by her madly clutching cunt.

“Randy, oh, Randy!” she moaned, the pleasure shaking her, flashes, of white light exploding in her skull. The fuck-pleasure gnawed through her cunt, through her loins. She wanted to die with it. She didn’t ever want to uncouple from her virile young son.


Sammy forced Crystal down on the cycle on her back, lashing her to it. Her head rested on the steel handlebars, her back on the gas tank, her ass on the leather seat. Her wide-spread legs hung off the sides just the tips of her toes touching the ground. Through ropes cut into her, one rope lashed around her chest, just above her tits, the other strangling her waist at navel-level. Her hanging arms were also lashed to the hot, oil-smelling machine, as were her legs. Her pussy was wide open, the sun beaming down into its wet pinkness, and her tits pointed up in the air as if set on platters and offered to whoever wanted to eat them.

The boy glared at her, jerking himself off, his balls flapping under his quick-jacking hand. “You’re all mine,” he said, his dark eyes crazed. He spoke as if to himself.

Crystal felt like a piece of meat about to be devoured by a ravenous beast. “Don’t hurt me,” she whimpered. “I’ll do anything you want… just don’t hurt me.”

The boy grinned at her, showing his teeth like a vampire. He leaned over her, smelling of sweat, and started to lick her nipples. Crystal tensed, holding her breath. The boy sucked up a mouthful of tit and bit into it sharply. Crystal gasped, pain shooting through her tit. Her cunt contracted, ejecting Digger’s filthy cum. Coyote’s jism oozed from her raped asshole. The boy gnawed on both her tits, making them raw, bruising them. Crystal squirmed helplessly against the leather and steel of the motorcycle, gasping as the pain saturated her mauled tits, moaning as her cunt contracted so hard that it nearly cramped.

The boy licked down her belly, nipping at her golden fuzz and ripping it out with his teeth. She whined, begging him to stop but knowing it would do no good. Reaching her cunt, he began to tear out her cunt-hairs with his teeth. Burning tears filled Crystal’s eyes. As the demented youth tortured her, he masturbated himself shamelessly.

“Pussymeat,” the boy muttered, biting into her crotch, sucking up mouthfuls of her swollen cuntflesh. He bit her pussymeat sharply, pinching small bits of it between his front teeth, then tearing at it.

Crystal screamed, struggling frantically. Daggers of painful fuck-sensation shot through her legs, pulsing out from her tortured crotch.

The boy gripped her pussylips with both his hands and ripped them apart even farther, opening her up completely. Hot wind whirled down into her fuckhole. The boy rammed three fingers down inside her, twisting them, reaming her out.

Crystal twisted her head from side to side, sure she was and gouged her supersensitive pussyflesh, making her scream and whine. He laughed, trying to grind his entire hand up into her.

He jerked his hand away suddenly. “Ouch, Goddamn it!” He leaned over, slapping his foot, then dancing around on one leg and rubbing it. “Goddamned fire ants! I’ll kill ’em all!” He prowled back and forth, scanning the ground for more ants, grinding the life out of any he spotted.

Crystal watched him, convinced he was psychotic. The blue swastika tattoo appeared to throb on his muscular shoulder. His prick wagged from side to side like a heavy club, jutting up out of his tight loins at an acute angle. He stomped his big feet on the ground, killing ants, pounding up red dust.

The boy moved away from the cycle, head bent forward as if he were following a trail. When he got about fifty feel away, he cursed. “Fucking nest! I oughta dump gas on it and set it on fire.”

He stood watching the nest of fire ants awhile, then glanced back at Crystal. A demented grin twisted across his face. He stopped, quickly thrusting his hand into the nest of fire ants. Screaming, cursing, he shot to his feet, then ran toward Crystal, his face contorted with pain. Crystal screamed as the youth, his hand swarming with fire ants, thrust it between her legs, forcing several fingers up her cunt. Crystal’s scream echoed off the walls of the canyon, nearly snapped her vocal cords.

Her cunt exploded with pain as dozens of fire ants began eating her alive inside. The boy ran around and around the cycle cursing as he raked away and smashed the ants biting his arms. He pounded his legs and arms, slapped his chest and belly, bellowed as he knocked off the ants that were biting his cock and balls. Then he was mounting the cycle, driving his ant-bitten cock between Crystal’s legs, tucking it up her flaming, ant-infested cunt.

Crystal bit her lips so bud that they bled. She’d never endured such agony. Her cunt seemed to have swollen instantly, the poison of the ants entering her system immediately. She was delirious with pain. As the boy’s cock plunged in and out of her, she sighed with a sort of relief. The boy’s savage prick was at least crushing the ants that still remained alive in her pussy. A few ants were biting her legs, but her loins pulsed with such fire that, she hardly felt the isolated bites.

The boy fucked furiously, ramming his cock in and out, grunting and muttering, crushing her savagely against the cycle. She could do nothing but lie under him, whimpering with the agony of the ant bites. The boy’s plunging cock began to soothe away the terrible burn in her pussyhole, and she wished her loins weren’t so immobile. She wanted to wiggle her ass, to make the boy’s prick fuck circles inside her as it plunged. She squirmed, against the ropes binding her, and the boy responded by squirming on top of her, rotating his ass as he fucked down into her, reaming out her swollen, fire-throbbing cunt.

A lone ant crawled on her tit, making its way to her nipple and stinging it. Crystal blubbered with pain. The boy’s chest, grinding like stone against her tits, crushed the ant. Crystal almost laughed with relief, though her nipple continued to throb as if seared by a hot needle. For about a minute after the fire ants bit, the pain was maddening.

The pain of the ants bites wasn’t so bad in her cunt now. Even the bites on her clit didn’t torture her so much anymore. As her clit was pushed back and forth, stimulated by the boy’s hard cock, Crystal moaned with pleasure. The boy’s prick was soothing to her ant bites, and the pain of the bites was transforming to an intense pleasure. Fuck sensation saturated her loins, intensified by the throbbing, burning ant bites.

“Hot damn!” the boy muttered, his eyes glazed and rolling, his wiry body undulating as he fucked her with every ounce of energy he possessed. “Never had me a fuck like this. Not never. Jesus Christ, I’m so fucking hard! Ahhhhhh!”

Crystal strained against her restraints. The way she was laid out under the boy, the way she couldn’t move, was driving her crazy. Her arms and legs strained, needing to wrap around the humping animal, needing to crush him in an embrace. The sensation in Crystal’s pussy was too intense. She needed to gnaw at him, to dig her fingernails and toenails into the muscular youth. She couldn’t stand her immobility, couldn’t stand his cock pistoning in her wide-open pussy. She had to clamp her legs around him or go out of her mind. She wailed with need, with pain, with pleasure.

The boy bit her jaw, sinking his teeth in to the bone. Hot spit ran down her neck unless it was blood. She couldn’t be sure which. The boy released her jaw and bit into her neck, then sucked up mouthfuls of flesh, covering her neck with hickies. Crystal’s cunt contracted repeatedly as the boy sucked and chewed her neck.

Her cunt chewed the boy’s grinding, fucking, quivering prick, chewed it from base to swollen knob, nearly sucked it out of his loins.

His cum-bloated balls swung heavily against her crotch. Pussyjuice dribbled out of her fuckhole. The smell of cunt hung in the air around the cycle. The youth drooled all over her, panting, his heart smashing against her tits, his hot sinewy body mauling her.

“Hot chick!” the boy mumbled. “Mmmnnn, hot chick!” His pack swelled inside her, growing hard as marble. He arched back, his eyes rolling upward, his muscles showing deep ridges, his entire body quivering. All his strength directed itself through his loins, through his massive column of fuckmeat. He moaned as if tortured, his hot cum exploding into her cunt.

“Ahhhhh!” he bellowed. “Awwwww!”

Crystal was stunned for a split-second, stunned by how fast the boy’s orgasm had come on, stunned by the hot jism surging into her pleasure-swollen fuckhole. As his huge cock pulsed and flexed inside her pussy, as the cum filled her, she contracted her pussyhole frantically, massaging the boy’s cock with her pussy-walls. It was enough to bring her off.

Their fuckmeat became a pulsating mass. Jism leaked from Crystal’s clutching pussyhole. Streams of hot fuck-pleasure shot through Crystal’s spasming young body. The youth grunted on top of her, grinding his flexing, spurting cock inside her. When he was done shooting, he collapsed on top of her, moaning softly, his softening cock sucked and massaged by Crystal’s still-spasming cunt.

Crystal thought the boy had fallen asleep. She lay under him, wanting more than anything for him to roll off her so she could breathe again. His prick continued to soften inside her, and she winced with squeamishness as she felt it beginning to slip out like a snake. At that moment, the boy opened his eyes, glaring into her own eyes demonically. He grinned, his prick giving a twitch inside her. Suddenly her pussyhole was flooded with heat. She didn’t know what was happening until she felt his hot fluid gushing out of her and running down under her ass. The boy was pissing inside her, emptying his bladder into her body as if she were a toilet.


They had Randy tied to the motorcycle again, only sitting on the ground this time like his father, his back leaned up against the machine, his hands tied behind him, his torso lashed to the cycle. His prick had never gone soft after he had fucked his mother, and now it throbbed like an upright club as he watched Digger and Willis work her over.

On her hands and knees on the hard, sunbaked round, the stones grinding into her knees and palms, June felt like a cow at the slaughter block. Naked and helpless before the eyes of the maniac cyclists, before the eyes of her son and husband, she felt like a cow with tits like hanging udders. She dared not look at Howard. She could sense his disgust without glancing his way. She hated him for despising her, although she knew he was partially justified in doing so. Her pussy wouldn’t stop leaking, wouldn’t stop throbbing. And although her stomach twinged with anxiety, her heart throbbed with an excited expectation. What would they do to her next? How would they torture and degrade her? And would she again experience pleasure… and lust? Lust had taken hold of her. She couldn’t help herself. Howard had a right to be disgusted.

“Hold still, ya old bitch!” Willis slapped her viciously across the ass. His enormous prick throbbed against her stinging asscheek.

He was going to fuck her from behind like a stallion on a mare, like a stud hound on a bitch. She could hardly hold her ass still. She’d already been fucked twice, once by Sammy, once by her own son, but she craved more. Her cunt needed cock. It was insatiable.

Willis slammed her ass again. “Hold still, damn it!”

“Yeah, hold, still, cocksucking bitch!” Coyote cracked a leather belt across her back, and she shrieked. He thrashed her again, chuckling to himself.

June bit her lips, whimpering helplessly, trying to hold still so the vicious men wouldn’t hit her again. Willis, who kneeled behind her, rubbed his huge cockhead up and down her pussy-furrow, coating it with cunt juice. Coyote paced around and around them, wielding his leather strap, threatening at any moment to scourge her back. Digger carefully lowered himself to his knees, his body quivering with blubber, his big uncut prick sticking straight out, its purple knob shiny and wet.

Willis worked his cock up and down, between her asscheeks, greasing her hot cunt furrow with Randy’s cum. At the same time, Digger peeled back his foreskin and wiped his wet prickhead on her lips, rubbing it back and forth. There was the smell of unwashed cock and of cunt. The cunt smell came from Crystal, she knew, from Crystal, whom Digger had raped earlier. June was so occupied with Digger’s prick, so repulsed by the smell of it, that she only remembered Willis as his cock roared up her cunt. She gasped, her mouth gaping. Digger stuffed his stinking prick down her throat. As she choked, Willis drove his huge prick in and out of her cunt hard and fast, stretching it almost painfully. Had Randy not fucked her moments ago, loosening her up, she was sure Willis’ cock would have torn her up inside.

“Well, suck it, stupid bitch!” Digger pinched her cheeks, one of his dirty fingernails breaking her skin.

Gagging, her spit drooling out and washing all over Digger’s hairy, stinking balls, June did her best to suck, to bob her head, to lap at the man’s bitter-tasting cock. Digger’s foreskin slipped back and forth. She lapped at the backside of Digger’s prickknob, trying to please him so be wouldn’t hurt her. As she sucked, her cunt contracted repeatedly around Willis’ cunt-raping cock.

Willis yanked his cock out of her. “Jesus Christ, that cunt’s got teeth!”

Coyote strapped her across the ass. “Watch these cunt-teeth,” he warned, cackling like a lunatic.

June’s ass throbbed with a searing pain. She whimpered, still gagging on Digger’s cock, wincing as he ground his hairy groin at her nose. The smell of him would make her vomit, she was sure of it.

Willis forced apart her asscheeks, rubbing his jism-coated cock up and down between them again. Gripping her asscheeks, he began to grind his hard prickhead at her asspucker.

Choking, squirming, she moaned with agony as Willis’ fence-post cock forced open her virgin asspucker and roared up into her tight shithole. Her loins almost exploded from the pressure, her pelvic bones nearly breaking apart.

“Bet she ain’t as tight as her daughter,” Coyote said, raking his horny toenails down June’s left tit, then gouging her sensitive nipple.

“Like hell she ain’t,” Willis grunted, starting to fuck June’s tightly gripping shithole. “She’s got a fist in there. Shit!” He slapped her ass. “Loosen up before I lose my prickshaft.”

June felt like an accordion between the two men, Digger raping her throat, Willis raping her asshole. She grunted from the violence of their assault, hardly able to held herself up. As the two big men violated her fuckholes, Coyote muttered to himself and danced around them in circles, letting the leather strap fall across her back without warning. She tensed, gurgling deep in her throat each time Coyote thrashed her, and as she stiffened, her fuckholes contracted and the two big men groaned with pleasure.

“Now this is what I call fucking a bitch,” Digger said, gripping her face and fucking her throat. His prick throbbed deep in her gullet, sending his slick fucklube down her throat. “Come on, Hot Momma, suck that fucker! Pleasure that thing. Make it come.” The man’s hairy, distended abdomen pounded her face, making her nose bleed again.

June tasted her blood. She’d never imagined rape could be so violent. Willis’ prick reamed out her asshole. His prick slipped in and out as if greased with butter. Her asshole was melting, sizzling. She began to feel a kind of pleasure in it. It was as if her asshole had taken over the function of her cunt and was becoming as sensitive to stimulation as her cunt. She moaned as itchy thrills pulsed through her clutching, cock-sucking shitter.

Willis rammed his hard abdomen at her ass, jolting it with his pelvic bones, smacking it. His prick slipped out nearly all the way, just the tip of his prickhead still nuzzling her open shithole, then fucked in all the way, disappearing completely inside her. The long, violent thrusts sent rushes of pleasure through June’s loins, and she rotated her ass, unable to control herself. Her cunt contracted, her asshole contracted, and she sucked hungrily, all her fuckholes going at once. She wanted cum, wanted to feel it spurt into her, wanted to spasm as the two cocks raping her fuckholes spasmed and shot.

“Dirty old bag!” Coyote growled, cracking the strap across her back. “Filthy old fuckhole! Pleasure them cocks!” He strapped her again, and she moaned, welcoming eyen the pain.

“Yeahhh!” both men moaned in unison, humping their loins, driving their cocks.

June squirmed between them, wiggling and gyrating her naked ass, loving the feel of Willis’ hard abdomen, colliding with it again and again. She smacked her lips, sucking the big smelly prick sliding between them. She swallowed his fucklube greedily, swallowed the flavor of cock and of her daughter’s cunt. She wished she could taste Digger’s cock fresh from Crystal’s dirty little pussy, all frosted with her teenage cunt juice. June’s tits flapped as she jerked and grunted between the two humping men.

“Sow!” Coyote said, whipping her harder. “Dirty bitch sow!”

Her back burned from the repeated lashes of the strap, but the pain thrilled her. Each time the belt fell across her back, she felt a surge of pleasure in her pussy. She couldn’t understand it, but she really didn’t care about that right now. All she cared about were the sexual sensations gnawing and pulsing through her body. Her nipples felt like hot pokers. Her tits swelled enormously, flapping like milk-bloated udders. The fuck-tension in her loins rushed toward a maddening peak.

Willis and Digger exploded simultaneously, sending torrents of scalding jism into her sucking fuckholes. She gurgled, choking on Digger’s cum, hardly able to swallow it fast enough. The potent taste of it made her drunk. Willis’ cum surged up her asshole, filling her as if with hot cream. His hard prick fucked in her asshole obscenely. Jism leaked out around his sliding cock and dribbled down her itchy, swollen cunt. As the hot jism spurted into her, June let herself go, let the fuck-tension overflow and burst inside her. Her body shuddered with orgasm. She whined and grunted hysterically.

Digger and Willis sounded like two groaning, grunting bears. Their pricks flexed inside her, swollen hugely. Hot jism continued to gush from their cocks. June moaned, every cell of her naked, fucked body alive and prickling with pleasure. She clawed at the rocky ground with her fingers and toes and sucked furiously on Digger’s bone-hard cock. Just as a spasm ripped through her loins, Coyote began to curse, showering her back with hot cum and cracks of the strap. She was drowning in cum. The hot stuff rained down on her, fed her, filled her asshole.

They all cried out together, writhing with bestial orgasms. June was sure she was going to suffer a stroke. She held on, though, her own orgasm outlasting those of any of the men.

Coyote started to piss on her. She almost fainted as his acid piss bathed her welts. Her eyes rolled back in her head, the pain killing her.

“Good idea,” Digger said. “Nothing like a good piss after a good fuck.” His prick wiggled slightly as he started his piss stream and he sighed as the bitter fluid gushed from it.

June retched several times, unable to do anything but swallow most of the filthy man’s foul-tasting piss. Piss ran out of her mouth, drenching Digger’s balls, but he didn’t seem to mind. Piss ran down her neck. She didn’t think she could ever be more humiliated.

Willis began pissing up her asshole. It was the ultimate degradation. Swallowing piss, bathing in it, taking an enema with it, she felt like a worthless sewer. She remembered that her son and husband were looking on, and she could have died with shame.


The cycle roared, flying over the ruts and stones of the road, and Crystal hung on for her life. She grunted with each bone-jarring jolt, Sammy’s prick ramming deep in her asshole. He’d forced her to sit on his cock when they’d re-mounted the cycle, and now they were bouncing back down the road toward the stationwagon, Crystal’s tits flapping violently, Crystal riding both the cycle and Sammy’s cock. She clung to the handlebars, sure the bike would hit a pothole and her body would be splatted against the road or the close wall of the canyon.

Sammy whooped like a lunatic, steering the fume-belching machine around the last bend, then bringing it to a quick halt just inches from where her mother crouched on all fours on the ground. Digger and Willis jumped up, yanking their cocks out of June’s mouth and asshole respectively. June looked terrible. Her nose bled and yellow fluid leaked from her mouth. Her back, drenched with more yellowish liquid, was criss-crossed with ugly purplish welts. She looked as if she’d been in a boxing match… and beat to hell.

Sammy revved the machine, humping at Crystal’s ass as he did so. Then he cut the motor, knocking Crystal off with a violent shove. Crystal hit the ground, skinning her knee. Hot wind licked at the rim of her wide open asshole.

“There she is, Digger,” Sammy announced. “Safe and sound. I didn’t cut her up or nothing.” He hopped off the bike and headed for the stream. “Gotta cool off,” he said to nobody in particular.

Digger pushed Crystal down on her back with his foot, letting it rest on her belly. Her tits heaved. Even after all she’d been through, she felt as apprehensive as when she’d first spotted the motorcycle gang. There was no telling what they might do next. They might kill her as easily as anything else.

“Who wants to fuck her?” Digger said.

“Don’t look at me,” Willis said, milking his big floppy cock as he stood over Crystal. A few drops of piss leaked out and fell on Crystal’s face. “I’m all fucked out.”

Coyote hung a leather strap, around his neck. “Well, for Christ sake, don’t, expect me to fuck the little bitch. I done shot three loads in the last half hour.”

“Let me see,” said Digger, grinning wickedly. “Who around here ain’t yet lost a wad?”

All eyes fell on Howard. Although he was still gagged and tied to the motorcycle, he looked worn out, as if he’d been through as much of an ordeal as Crystal, herself.

“Cut Big Daddy loose,” Digger said, handing Willis the hunting knife. “Let’s see what he’s made of.”

“With pleasure,” Willis said.

As Willis freed Howard, Digger yanked up Crystal by the hair until she was kneeling. “Take your clothes off, Big Daddy. Your little girl here’s dying to see what you got between your legs.”

Crystal’s father rubbed the rope marks in his wrists, then clenched and unclenched his fists as if trying to get the circulation going in his arms again. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Willis cut off the man’s gag and pulled Crystal’s wadded-up panties out of his mouth.

“Don’t say nothing,” Digger said. “We don’t want none of your lip. Get naked like a good little boy and you’ll stay healthy longer.”

Biting his lip, his eyes downcast, he pulled off his shirt, then unbuckled and unzipped his pants. As he stepped out of the pants, the three cyclists snickered.

“Ain’t them boxer shorts a sight?” Coyote said. “Didn’t know nobody wore them things no more, except maybe one of them sissy lawyers or politicians.”

“Watch out,” Digger said. “Looks like he’s got a miniature rifle hid inside them boxers. Take ’em off, old man. Don’t be a shy one.”

The cyclists snickered some more as Howard bent over and pulled off his boxer shorts. As he straightened up, Coyote applauded.

Digger yanked on Crystal’s blonde hair. “What do ya think of your old man, chicky? Like what ya see.”

“Uh-huh,” Crystal said, embarrassed and feeling foolish.

The cyclists all laughed at her and she felt even more self-conscious. She’d never seen her father naked before. Turning her head, trying to avoid looking at her father and his big erect cock, she spotted her brother sitting on the ground and bound to a cycle. She almost gasped out loud at the sight of him. He was stark naked now, with an enormous prick jutting half-way up his belly. She’d never seen Randy totally naked before either. He gazed at her as if drunk, his cock throbbing heavily. She shivered with both, shock and excitement. Never had such lust-vibrations passed between them.

“Come on, Big Daddy,” Digger said. “Chunky’s got something for you.”

Willis prodded Howard in the back with the hunting knife, and Howard stumbled forward, his prick wagging heavily. He stopped just short of Crystal, his balls close enough that she could smell them.

Digger tightened his grip on Crystal’s hair. “Give Daddy’s balls a bath, chicky… and his cock, too.” He pressed her face against her father’s balls.

The taste and smell of his balls excited her, made her pussy throb and lubricate. Sammy’s cum oozed from her cunt and she shimmied her greased inner thighs together. Her dad’s balls rolled in their hairy sac and he moaned, his prick throbbing up and down against her forehead.

She licked under her father’s balls, tasted the salty, sweaty meat of his crotch. She nibbled and sucked his sac-flesh, lapped up and down and around and around his balls, getting more excited by the moment. She thought she had to be dreaming. This couldn’t really be happening.

“Suck his prick now,” Digger ordered, and Crystal reached up, her hands shaking as she wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of her father’s cock.

Her father’s prick throbbed powerfully. It was a struggle to bend his big fucker down, but she managed it, immediately flicking her tongue across his gaping pisshole and licking off the droplet of fucklube that was oozing out. Her father moaned, breathing loud and rapidly, his cock quivering, the veins on it bulging. His prickhead swelled like a shiny apple, looking ready to explode off his cockshaft. She kissed his glossy knob, running her tongue around its edges, lapping it all over. A flick of her wet, soft tongue across the sensitive underside of his prick made him grunt like a bull. He rammed his cock against her mouth.

Digger released her head. “She’s all yours, Big Daddy!”

She gasped with surprise as her dad suddenly gripped her head as if it were a volleyball and forced his cock into her mouth. His prick stuffed her throat. His hairy groin ground against her hose.

“Ahhhhh!” her father sighed, his cock buried to the hilt in her face. “Ohhhh, mannn, suck it!” He jerked on her head, plunging his prick down her throat, fucking her face as if it were the crotch of a whore.

“Way to go, Big Daddy,” Digger yelled. “Show that chicky of yours who’s boss!”

“Yeahhh!” Howard moaned, plunging his prick in and out of the soft throat of his young daughter, “Mmmmn, yeahhh!”

Crystal gagged repeatedly as her dad’s cock hammered her tonsils. She could hardly catch her breath, he was fucking her throat so fast. She felt dizzy as her father violently used her head and throat for his pleasure.

“Suck!” Digger bellowed. “Suck, you little whore!” He slapped her viciously on the ass, then slapped her again.

Crystal’s ass felt as if it had been seared by a hot frying pan. The heat spread through her loins and up through her torso. A pleasant warmth saturated her tits. Smacking her lips, sucking her dad’s slicing prick, she wiggled her ass, hoping that Digger would slap it again. He did, cracking it hard. She whimpered with pain, but the pain quickly transformed to pleasure.

Her dad was grunting, fucking her throat hard, dripping sweat down on her. His prick pulsed in her throat, on the verge of orgasm. Crystal moaned, cooed, hungry for her dad’s cum.

“No ya don’t.” Digger yanked brutally on her hair and she crashed backward, sharp stones knifing into her back and ass as she hit the ground. “You ain’t getting off that easy, chicky.”

Crystal writhed on the ground, arching up away from the stones, her tits heaving, her eyes filled with tears of pain. She didn’t know what to expect next.

Her dad stood over her his lust-maddened gaze running all over her body, between her legs, up to her tits, up to her well-fucked mouth. She felt so naked and vulnerable and ashamed, she wanted to curl up in a ball and hide her face. Her dad jerked on his cock, breathing heavily, excited by her humiliation and vulnerability.

Digger kicked her hip, gouging her flesh with his jagged toenails, “Up on your hands and knees, slut! Your dad wants you like a bitch dog, don’t ya, Big Daddy?”

“Yeah,” Howard said, spit leaking from the corner of his mouth. “Bitch dog.” He stroked his cock hard and fast, watching his teenaged daughter crawl in the dust and struggle to a hands-and-knees position for him.

“Look at that ass, Big Daddy,” said Digger. “You ever see such a perty ass? Makes ya wanna shove your arm up in it, don’t it?”

“Oh, fuck!” Howard muttered. With a bestial growl, he dropped to his knees behind his daughter. Gripping her upturned young ass, he rammed his splitting-hard prick between her asscheeks. Her asshole swallowed his fucker in one voracious gulp. He grunted as his abdomen collided with Crystal’s ass, and Crystal moaned.

“Fuck that ass,” Digger ordered. “Fuck the shit outta her.”

“Yeah,” Howard mumbled. “Fuck, fuck!” He rocked his hips, beginning to work his cock in and out of his daughter’s hot asshole. He moved as if drunk, drugged out of his mind on lust. His belly smacked Crystal’s ass rhythmically as the momentum of his fucking took over. “Yeah, oh, yeah!”

Crystal dared to glance over her shoulder. The muscles of her dad’s chest and abdomen contracted as he swung his pelvis, driving his hard cock in and out of her. His cock made a squishing noise in her asshole. She watched with a perverse sort of pleasure as her father’s long prick buggered her clutching, lust saturated asshole. Wiggling her ass, rotating it around her dad’s fucker, she smiled with depraved pleasure as she saw her dad’s eyes roll. She turned her face forward again, jerking her ass back and forth, fucking her father’s cock as it fucked her ass.

Digger nudged her tits with his dirty toes. “Jesus Christ, what a slut! I ain’t see many chicky’s so wicked that they’d fuck their own daddy’s cock — and with their asshole yet! Jesus Christ!”

Crystal panted, ass-fucking her dad’s cock faster, wanting to feel it shoot off in her lust saturated asshole. The pussycream poured out of her cunt and drooled obscenely down her inner thighs. She felt so dirty, so good.

Digger stood in front of her, lifting his filthy foul-smelling toes to her lips. She wrinkled her nose. He stroked her lips lightly with his big toe, then suddenly rammed it in her mouth, cutting her lips with his toenail.

“Clean ’em up, scumbag!” Digger snapped. “Lick between ’em and under the toenails.” He twisted his toe viciously in her mouth. His other toes gouged her face.

She wanted to scream. Digger had no right to treat her like absolute shit.

“Ahhhh, yeahhh!” Her father fucked into her, grinding his cock in deeper, panting as if he were running a race. It was as if Digger’s humiliation of her was exciting him even more. “Mmmmnn, fuck that ass! Ahhhh!”

Digger fed her first his right foot, then his left. She tasted sweat and grit. Some of the filth she licked out from under his toenails had probably been there for years. She almost vomited. Her dad’s cock continued to fuck her ass, and her cunt sizzled, tightening with fuck tension. Her body remained strong despite the revolting toe-sucking she was being forced to perform.

“Enougha that,” Digger said, pulling his toes out of her mouth. “Hey, chicky, you did a real good job. You deserve a reward.” Turning around, he lowered himself to his hands and knees, his belly hanging. His enormous hairy ass spread before Crystal’s face. “I don’t let any old chick lick my ass. Think how lucky you are.” Reaching back, he spread apart his asscheeks, revealing his stinking, sweaty fur-lined ass-cleft. His asspucker resembled that of a pig. Crystal held her breath, afraid she would vomit if she got another whiff of the man’s putrid ass. She would not do it! They could kill here, but she would not lick Digger’s ass!

Coyote appeared at her side suddenly. Digging his fingers into her scalp he rammed her head forward, burying her face between Digger’s spread asscheek. “Lick it out?” Coyote bellowed. “Yaw heard the boss! Shove your tongue up it!” He twisted on her head violently, rubbing her nose in Digger’s shit smelling asshole.

Crystal had no choice. Gagging she shoved her tongue up the asshole of the disgusting leader of the motorcycle gang.

“Ahhh!!” Digger sighed. “Ain’t nothing like a perty girls tongue to soothe the old hemorrhoids.”

Crystal almost vomited. Twisting and pistoning her tongue inside the huge man, she tried to turn her attention to her own asshole. Her dad’s cock felt like a bludgeon inside it. His prick had become harder, had swelled larger. In and out his cock plunged, reaming her out, turning her asshole walls to sizzling meat. Wiggling her ass, she let the pleasure build in her pussy. She was going to come, and she was going to come quick.

Her father seemed to sense the urgency with which she churned her ass. He fucked into her faster, his belly like a clapping hand as it collided again and again with her ass. His prick swelled, throbbing faster.

Digger sighed, mashing his dirty ass in Crystal’s fade. Her father groaned, humping in a frenzy. Crystal went crazy, banging her ass back against her dad’s abdomen, fucking his cock with all the energy she had left, trying to bring herself off as well as him.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Her father exploded into her, hot jets of turn spurting into her guts. “Yeahhhhh!”

The fuck-tension reached a head in Crystal’s loins. Her asshole and cunt went into spasms. She saw stars as the delicious sensations of orgasm swirled through her naked, frantically jerking young body.

“Mmmmmm, ohhhhh!” she moaned, her tongue still buried in Digger’s asshole. It felt so good, she could hardly stand it.

Her dad’s cum streamed into her, filling her asshole, greasing her guts. His big fucker flexed, contracting hard with each ejaculation. He collapsed on her back, rutting at her like an animal as he poured the rest of his cum into her.


June ground her teeth with frustration and anger. Both her husband and son appeared to have joined forces with the four animals who called themselves motorcyclists. At least Howard and Randy were doing nothing, to protect her and Crystal. They had the chance now, they were untied, but they just stood back watching, hands on their tips, cocks jutting up in the air, as the four bikers threw her and Crystal together in a naked heap on the ground and surrounded the two women like mad dogs. Despite her disgust and rage and fear, June could hardly keep her eyes off all the erect cocks, each a different length and thickness, each a slightly different shape. Some were circumcised, some were naked knobbed. June couldn’t help being somewhat excited with all this naked, hard prickmeat around.

Laughing, the bikers kicked at the women, rolled them in the dust and over the jagged rocks. The two females groaned as the stones dug into them.

“Crawl,” Coyote ordered, and the women slithered like snakes, the rough ground scouring their tender nipples.

“Kiss our feet,” Sammy demanded and, after a few savage kicks, got what he ordered. The sniveling females continued to crawl, kissing the filthy naked feet of the four men, each man in turn.

The men squatted down, balls hanging low, and the mother and daughter were forced to suck and lap at their big ball sacs. They kicked and kissed the pricks of the men then, and took turns sucking on each man’s cock until he pushed them away.

The men straightened up, snickering among themselves, satisfied with themselves.

June felt the mad urge to dive at one of the hairy legs before her, sinking her teeth into it like an enraged dog. But then she realized how animalistic she was becoming — which was exactly what the men wanted to see her become so she restrained herself. Besides, they’d surely kick her to death if she tried attacking any one of them.

Digger forced a toe up Crystal’s cunt, and Crystal writhed as he reamed her out. The men laughed their appreciation.

“Hey, let’s see some pussy-eating,” Coyote suggested.

“Yeah,” Sammy said. “I can get off on that.”

“You heard ’em,” Digger, said to the females. “Let’s see ya eat some pussy.”

“Sixty-nine,” Willis said. “Eat each other’s pussy at the same time. Come on, girls… before we have to get mean.”

June wouldn’t budge. She wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly, but if those, bastards thought she was going to suck pussy — any pussy — let alone the pussy of her daughter, they were out of their minds. Lying on her side, she crossed her arms, determined to fight to the death.

Crystal swung into the sixty-nine position with June and thrust her crotch at June’s face. Gum ran from the girl’s raped pussy and asshole like a grayish paste. June was stunned, unable to react. She was even more shocked when Crystal thrust her teenaged face between June’s legs and began to lap at June’s crotch. She gasped as her daughter’s tongue slithered up into her cunt.

“Come on, Bitch Momma, get eating!” Sammy growled, digging his toenails into the back of June’s head and forcing it forward.

June’s nose plunged between her daughter’s pussylips, cum running into her nostrils.

“Eat!” Sammy bellowed, grinding her face between Crystal’s legs with his foot. “Suck cunt, you bitch!”

Helpless, whimpering, June gingerly began to lick. She would have let them kill her before she would have submitted to their demands except she was getting horny. Crystal’s soft, wet tongue wiggling in June’s pussy was getting June excited. June spread her legs wider, letting her daughter nuzzle deeper. As the girl’s tongue slid inside her to the hilt, June moaned with pleasure, ramming her own tongue up Crystal’s hot, sticky pussy. Crystal moaned, too, and the two females clamped their hot thighs around each other, sucking each other out, eating pussy as if neither of them could get enough of it.

“Goddamn!” one of the men said, and the other men muttered as well.

The sounds of slurping and sucking filled the air as June and Crystal ate pussy. June swallowed mouthfuls of cum and pussycream. She didn’t know which of the men had shot their loads up Crystal’s cunt, but she didn’t care. She realized how disgusting the act she was performing must appear, but she didn’t care about that anymore either. A perverted lust had taken command of her. She was enjoying eating pussy, her daughter’s pussy, and it felt so good to have a hot tongue up her own crotch.

“Mmmmn!” June moaned, swallowing warm juice, tasting hot pussymeat. And Crystal answered with a moan of her own.

Out of the corner of her eye, June could see the four cyclists masturbating themselves, jacking their big dripping cocks as they watched her and Crystal. Her heart slamming harder in her chest, she chewed, on her daughter’s pussy, sucked her daughter’s cunt, rubbed her dripping, lust-inflamed crotch in her daughter’s mouth.

The men muttered dirty words, cuss words.

As they beat their hot pricks, fucklube oozed from their pinholes and dripped down on the bodies of the two naked, writhing women.

June felt absolutely filthy. She grunted, twisting her head as she sucked and slurped and munched Crystal’s dirty little fuckhole. The men kicked her and Crystal from time to time, as if the two females were pigs in a pen. June’s back and ass were still wet and sticky with stinking piss, and pin still ran out of her asshole. She felt slightly sick to her stomach from the piss she’d been forced to drink. She was a disgusting mess, a heap of grunting, lusting, worthless fuckmeat.

Crystal chewed into June’s clit, sending a rush of hot tingles through June’s pussy. June groaned, shimmying her thighs around her daughter’s clamped head trying to bring herself off against her daughter’s face. She imagined the fuck-slime pasting all over Crystal’s rosy cheeks, a combination of pussycream and filthy male jism. June gained a perverted thrill from knowing that the jism her daughter was so greedily sucking ant of her and swallowing had been ejaculated from Randy’s prick. The disgusting girl didn’t know it, bit she was eating the cum of her own brother. June couldn’t imagine anything more vile than that, but it excited her to think about it. She bit Crystal’s hard little clit, torturing it with her tongue as she clamped it between her teeth. The excited fuck-bud squirmed like a tiny worm, and Crystal groaned, humping madly, grinding her teenaged crotch in her mother’s sucking mouth.

“Jesus Christ!” one of the men moaned. “I’m gonna come again, for…” His words became animalistic grunts as he exploded his hot cum all over the two pussy-eating women.

Both June and Crystal humped excitedly, stimulated by the shower of hot, sticky cum that rained down on them. As a second man cried out and fired his load, June’s heart pounded frantically, her excitement reaching a dangerous level. She ground her hairy crotch in Crystal’s mouth, crazy to bring herself off. A third cyclist blew his load and suddenly Crystal moaned as if she were being thrashed her teenaged cunt sucked, at June’s cunt-fucking tongue, spasms pulsing through her lust-saturated cuntmeat. June was momentarily stunned at the strength of her daughter’s orgasm. Crystal’s cunt became like a hairy mouth that chewed at her own mouth. The fourth cyclist began shooting, pelting the females with scalding cum, and June’s lust and fuck-tension peaked. Daggers of hot pleasure twisted through her inflamed pussy, shot in all directions through her loins, shook her entire body. Her eyes rolling back into her skull, June whined into her daughter’s seething cunt, her own fuckhole seething and exploding with agonized pleasure.

The smells of jism and cunt hung in the air around the humping, grunting, writhing women. The sun beat down on them, frying their bruised, skinned, slime-covered bodies. They squirmed in the red dust, growling like a pair of dogs, gnawing the pleasure through each other’s spasming pussymeat. As their orgasms subsided, as their humping slowed, one of the cyclists forced them apart.

“Lick the cum off each other,” Digger ordered.

“Get licking!” Sammy growled, kicking at them.

June was so exhausted that she could hardly move. Moaning, she forced herself to begin lapping at her daughter’s naked body, cleaning off the fat, sticky gobs of cum that hung all over the girl. As June licked off Crystal, Crystal did the same to June. The two females moaned with exhaustion, the cum dripping off their lips, their heavy tits dragging in the dust as they willed themselves to move and to lick. June had never felt more like an animal than now, crawling in the dirt, lapping up cum like a hog, at the trough. The fat gobs of turn slid glibly down her throat, like raw oysters.

One of the cyclists started to relieve himself. His hot piss rained down on the two whimpering women, splashing all over them. June tasted piss as she continued to lick, the cum-wads clinging to her daughter’s skin seemingly endless. The other three cyclists imitated the first, chuckling with evil satisfaction as they relieved their bladders on the naked bodies of the helpless mother and daughter. Piss gushed down on the crawling females, running all over them, bathing them from their faces to their toes.

“Keep licking,” Coyote ordered after the women had cleaned the cum off each other. “Lick up the piss, too, ya stinking bitches.”

June lapped up the stinking piss of the four men, her tongue slithering all over bet daughter’s smooth young body. She couldn’t resist applying a few sucks to Crystal’s hard little nipples, and Crystal reciprocated by sucking on June’s own stiff tit-nibs.

June became aware of the buzzing rumble of what sounded like more motorcycles. It was faint at first, but within seconds it became louder, and June realized that whatever was approaching, whether motorcycles or a truck or whatever, was approaching fast.

“Patrol!” Digger bellowed, and suddenly the four cyclists were running around frantically, gathering up their clothes, stumbling into pants and boots.

Sammy stuffed all his clothes into the saddlebags on his cycle, then ran around wild-eyed, shouting about his knife. “My knife, Goddamn it, where’s my knife?”

“Fuck your knife, shithead!” Coyote yelled, starting his machine, he was shirtless, his denim vest slung over his handlebars. “Let’s get the fuck outta here!”

Willis and Digger straddled their bikes, starting them with simultaneous roars. “We ain’t waiting for ya!” Digger shouted.

Coyote, Willis, and Digger fed their machines gas and started forward, red dust spinning up behind them. Coyote’s front wheel raised off the ground as he shot forward his long hair flapping behind him.

Sammy ran around as if he’d lost his mind, his prick still hard and whacking up and down, slapping against his belly. “My knife,” he muttered, and June almost felt sorry for him.

She spotted the knife gleaming on the ground nearby and pointed to it. Sammy rushed over, snatching it up, his worried face taking on a demonic smirk.

The roar of motorcycles became deafening in the canyon. Coyote, Willis, and Digger disappeared around the bend up the road, only Willis looking back.

“Next time, Hot Momma,” Sammy yelled running for his bike, his body naked, his knife clutched in his right hand. “Next time slice off them big tits of yours.” Leaping on his cycle, he started it instantly. Jerking forward, the big machine performed a wheelie for ten yards before the front wheel dropped down again. Just as Sammy’s naked ass disappeared around the bend up the road, two motorcycles roared into view from down the road.

The women jumped to their feet, crossing their arms and trying to hide their nakedness. Howard and Randy stood as if frozen, their hard pricks jutting up out of their naked loins. June’s heart slammed with apprehension, her mind all mixed up. She wasn’t sure what was happening. The roar of the cycles was maddening.

Then she saw the badges gleaming on their chests, the sunlight reflecting off the silver metal. She saw the holsters and pistols on the right hips of the men, and the billy clubs dangling off their left sides. They wore high, black-leather boots and gray uniforms. Windshields rose above the handlebars of their growling machines.

“State troopers,” June said. “Thank God!”


Crystal stood meekly before the two tall men, her hands cupped over her furry blonde pussy. She’d given up trying to hide her tits. She was stark naked, there was no hiding that fact. She couldn’t see the eyes of the two troopers because they were hidden behind sunglasses, but she could feel their gazes on her. As they questioned her father and mother, their eyes returned again and again to her. The gazes of the two men traveled up and down her body like fingers.

The family was lined up in front of the two officers, Crystal awl June in the middle, Howard at the left end of the line, next to June, Randy at the right end, next to Crystal. Crystal watched her brother’s prick throb. She couldn’t stop marveling at how big it was. It thrilled her that his big, billy club fucker wouldn’t go down, even as he stood here in front of the scowling police officers. She glanced to the left and discovered that her father’s cock was still hard, too.

“You mean you don’t believe us!” June cried incredulously. “For God sake, why would we lie about such a thing?”

Crystal snapped out of her preoccupied daydream, as flabbergasted as her mother that the two officers were skeptical of the story Howard and June had given them.

The trooper with the blond mustache glanced at the cocks of Randy and Howard. “I don’t see how any man could get so excited by watching his wife or daughter, or his mother or sister, go through what you’ve just described.”

The other trooper shook his head. “Same here. Sounds like a cock-and-bull story to me.”

“We’re telling you the truth,” Howard said, raising his voice. “Look at these women. Can’t you see they’ve been through hell?”

“And who put ’em through hell?” asked the mustached trooper.

Howard shook his head, speechless. He looked at June and Crystal for support.

“For Christ sake,” June said. “Would I try to protect a husband who had just abused me?”

“Happens everyday,” said the clean-shaven trooper. “A lot of wives apparently enjoy getting beat up.”

“Well I don’t!” June snapped.

“What about your daughter? Does she enjoy it?” The trooper squatted, inspecting Crystal’s scrapes and bruises. He trailed his fingers over her skin lightly, as if testing to see if anything was broken.

Crystal got goosebumps. For some reason she felt uneasy as the man fingered her.

“Spread your legs,” the trooper said.

“Now wait a minute!” June said.

The trooper glanced up at her. “It’s all part of my job, Missus.” Reaching out, he spread apart Crystal’s pussylips with his thumbs. He dipped a finger in the fluid running out of her and sniffed it, then wiped the sticky juice on Crystal’s leg. “This girl’s been sexually penetrated within the last half hour, I’d say.”

“Well, of course,” June said, shaking her head as if disgusted, “What have we been trying to tell you?”

“Control yourself, Ma’am,” said the mustached trooper as he hunkered down in front of June. “Spread, please.”

Exhaling with exasperation, June spread her legs. The trooper leaned close, inspecting her cunt and sniffing it. “Same here, Roy. She’s been fucked, too.”

The two men straightened up.

“All right,” said Roy. “Why don’t you all came clean? It’ll be easier on you in the long run. Which of you guys fucked the girl?”

“This is preposterous!” June shouted. “My daughter and I are beaten and raped by a gang of maniacs, and you idiots are questioning my husband and son as if they’re criminals.”

“Cool it, huh?” said the mustached cop. “You might not be aware of it but incest is a criminal offense in this state.”

“It’ll get you thirty years,” said Roy. “Right, Tom?”

“Jesus Christ!” Howard mumbled, watching the mustached cop nod grimly.

Crystal and Randy glanced at each other, swallowing.

“All right, out with it!” Tom snapped suddenly, drawing his billy-club. “Which one of you, dirty bastards fucked the girl?”

“Not me!” Randy said. “I didn’t do it.”

The cops glared at Howard.

Howard put up his hands as if surrendering. “I admit it… but I was forced. And those four animals raped her. They’re getting away right now. When’re you going after them?”

Roy smirked. “Nice try, old man, but it won’t work. You’re going to sit here and wait for us while we run all over the damned country looking for four men who probably don’t even exist. Nice try, but we’re a little bit smarter than that.”

“Well handcuff us, for Christ sake, if you’re afraid we’ll disappear.” Howard’s voice trembled with anger.

Tom’s mustache lengthened as he smiled. “No need to, hot-nuts, because we aren’t going anywhere.” He rammed the end of his billy club into Howard’s abdomen.

Howard clutched his gut, bending over and moaning.

“In this state we don’t take kindly to tourists coming in and dirtying up the countryside by committing crimes against nature and the state. Maybe where you come from incest is legal, but it’s not here, and we don’t intend to let it go. You bastard tourists think you can sneak up some side canyon and perform all kinds of disgusting, sinful acts and get away with it, you’re crazy!” Tom raised his boot and shoved Howard savagely.

Howard hit the dirt, curling up and clutching his gut. He moaned sickly.

Roy suddenly gripped Randy’s chin, digging in with his nails and making the boy wince. “How about you, hot-shot? You swear up and down you didn’t fuck your sister, but how about your mother. Bet you’ve been billy-goating between her legs. How about it, hotshot?”

Randy shook, breathing fast.

“Sure he fucked her,” Tom said. “Look at his eyes. No need for him to say a word.”

“You’re right about that, Tom.” Roy raised his right hand and slammed it across Randy’s face.

The boy stood tottering for a moment, then keeled over.

“You bastards stay put now,” Tom said. “Either of you try weaseling away, we won’t think twice about planting slugs in your yellow backs.”

“You’re both crazy,” June raved. “And you call yourselves police officers!”

Tom gave June a cool stare. “And you call yourself a woman! Fuck, you’re nothing but a dirty old sow. Who ever heard of a mother riding her own son’s prick? Fine mother you are!”

“She needs a lesson,” Roy said, drawing his own billy club.

“She sure does,” Tom said. He reached out, crushing her right tit in a clawing grip and forcing her down to her knees.

Roy circled around behind June and pressed his boot heel to her upper back, forcing her forward onto her hands and knees. “Look, at that ass,” Roy said with a whistle. “The boy’s had himself more than her cunt. Her asshole’s leaking slime.”

“For Christ sake,” Tom said. “The crimes are adding up. Now we’ve gotta add buggery to the incest charges. They’re all gonna see 99 years behind bars.”

Roy pushed the club end of his billy club between June’s asscheeks, twisting the wood stick, forcing it in.

Crystal stood by, watching silently, in partial shock. She was frozen where she stood, watching with horror and fascination as the scowling trooper worked his nightstick into the asshole of her helpless mother. The club slid into June’s asshole at least eight inches as June gasped, taking quick breaths.

Roy released the club, and the handle end of it twitched rhythmically, resembling a throbbing cock which was growing out of June’s ass.

Tom went down on one knee behind June. He prodded her cunt with the blunt end of his own billy club, working it between her pussylips. As he twisted the hard club up June’s cunt, she moaned, her body squirming.

Roy unzipped his gray trousers, reaching in to haul out his cock. He pulled his big hard fucker out with some difficulty, exhaling with relief as he at last freed it. His big prick throbbed in the sunlight, moist with sweat and dripping fucklube. Crystal’s nostrils flared involuntarily as she caught a whiff of the man’s sweaty cock. Despite herself, she breathed more deeply, the lust welling up in her pussy.

Roy squatted in front of June. Holding her head up by the hair, he banged her back and forth across the face with his bludgeon-like fucker. His fucklube flicked off in sticky droplets gluing to June’s contorted face. With a moan, he rammed his prickhead against June’s lips. He forced her mouth open and rammed his cock inside. His long, thick cock disappeared into June’s face. June’s throat bulged as his fucker stuffed it, sliding down like a huge snake.

Roy held June’s head, working his cock in and out of her throat, Tom, down on one knee behind June, worked the billy clubs in her asshole and cunt, slipping them in and out with fucking motions. June, her face a deep red, spit leaking from her mouth and off the shaft of the trooper’s sliding prick churned her ass in sensuous circles as Tom raped her two rear fuckholes with the billy clubs.

“Jesus Christ!” Tom mumbled. Letting go of the clubs, he quickly unzipped his pants and struggled to extract his rampant fucker from his trousers. When he at last freed his big prick, he massaged it from one end to the other, as if trying to rub the ache out of it. Then he released it, letting it throb obscenely in the sunlight as he took hold of the billy clubs again and resumed club-raping June’s asshole and cunt.

Crystal’s pussy throbbed. Furtively, she shoved her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy, stifling her need to breathe heavily as the warm tingles swarmed through her swollen pussymeat.

“Suck it, bitch, suck it!” Roy growled. “Use your tongue a little bit, you perverted old whore.” He twisted June’s head from side to side, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

Tom worked the billy clubs in and out of June’s rear fuckholes. The clubs made squishing noises in her body, just as cocks did when they fucked her. As Tom pulled each club out before he twisted it back in, the sunlight reflected off the wet, slick wood. June moaned, wiggling her ass as the billy clubs fucked her asshole and cunt. Her big swollen tits swayed underneath her.

“She’s turned on, damn it!” said Tom. “Can you believe it? She’s turned on.” His prick flexed up and down, lube dribbling from its open pisshole.

Crystal licked her lips, drooling for a taste of the trooper’s big naked fucker. He spotted her.

“For Christ sake, the little pussy’s as big a slut as her old lady. Look at her, jerking herself off while her momma gets fucked out with billy clubs.” Tom glared straight into Crystal’s eyes, hypnotizing her. “Get down here, itchy crotch. Now!”

Crystal jumped as the trooper shouted his last word. Whimpering with sudden fear, she coyly approached the man.

“Get down here! Move it!” Tom shouted. “You got arthritis or something?”

Crystal dropped down, scrambling on her hands and knees. The trooper’s huge fucker throbbed inches from her nose. She could smell it. She had to swallow to keep from drooling.

“Now suck my prick,” Tom ordered. “I wanna feel that pink tongue of yours crawling all over it.”

Crystal licked gingerly at his big throbbing prick, tasting its sweat. Tingles rushed through her crotch as her tongue traveled up and down his quivering fuckpole. Using one hand to bend the big fucker toward her, she wrapped her soft lips around his swollen prickhead and wiggled her tongue down into his open, lube-oozing cumhole. The trooper moaned, jerking his hips, thrusting his prick into her mouth. Crystal choked, her mouth stuffed with salty tasting cock, her lips stretched put like rubber bands around his super-thick fucker.

“Oh, fuck, suck my cock!” Tom said. “Lick the back of the knob, candy lips. Pleasure that big thing.”

Crystal got so excited sucking Tom’s huge cock that she shoved her right hand between her legs again and masturbated her aching pussy while she gave the man a blowjob. Her fingers slipped between her hot, greasy cuntlips. She rubbed her hard clit, slipped two fingers up inside herself, fingerfucking her pulsating fuckhole. Her tongue churned at the backside of Tom’s hugely swollen prickknob, causing his hard fuckrod to flex strongly, throbbing in her drooling mouth. With each contraction of his big cock, fucklube bubbled into Crystal’s mouth, and she swallowed the salty man-juice hungrily.

“Damn, she’s good!” Tom said, breathing hotly as he worked his cock in and out of Crystal’s mouth and throat. He still had hold of the billy clubs and was plunging them in and out of June’s dripping, clutching fuckholes. “Christ, she’s got a tongue-like a calf’s.”

Roy rocked his hips, ramming his cock in and out of June’s throat. “Like mother, like daughter,” he moaned. “Shit, I can’t take much more of this. I’m gonna cream this bitch. I’m gonna drown her.”

Jane cooed and whimpered and squirmed, her throat stuffed with Roy’s plunging prick, her asshole and pussy clutching at the wooden clubs Tom was so vigorously thrusting into them.

“Goddamn!” Roy bellowed. “Ahhhhhh!”

June choked on Roy’s cum as it burst against her tonsils.

“Eat it, you fucking whore!” Roy groaned, grunting and gasping as he pumped his hot cum-load down the throat of the helpless woman. His head snapped from side to side. Cum dripped from the shaft of his hard, plunging prick.

“Oh, shit!” Tom said, his voice pained. He twisted the billy clubs viciously in June’s fuckholes. His prick swelled in Crystal’s mouth, growing harder, the thick veins on it bloating.

Crystal sucked frantically, bobbing her head, churning her tongue at the backside of Tom’s apple-sized cockhead. At the same time, she jerked her fingers in and out of her clutching, sucking cunt. The pleasure whirled through her loins. She knew she was going to come at any second.

June’s body shuddered. Her loins humped, her ass jerking. She whined as her orgasm overwhelmed her, gurgling as Roy’s thick cum spurted into her throat Tom released the billy clubs in her fuckholes, and the protruding ends of the long clubs flexed rhythmically, the ends of the clubs buried in June’s body being sucked and chewed by June’s spasming fuckholes.

“I’ll be damned!” Tom said, working his cock faster and faster between Crystal’s smacking lips. “Look at that bitch come! She’s chewing those clubs to a pulp with her shithole and cunt! Goddamn!” He grabbed Crystal’s blonde head, jerking it back and forth over his cock, flicking her face until her nose started to bleed.

Crystal’s head spun inside, her brains being shaken loose by the troopers violent rape of her face. The man’s cock felt as big as an arm in her mouth now. Blood-tinged snot ran out of her nose and she choked repeatedly as his huge cock rammed down her gullet again and again. Her tits flapped, her nipples splitting hard and tingling. She twisted and plunged her fingers in her cunt, bringing herself off. As her blue eyes rolled back with ecstasy, as her cunt exploded with spasms, the trooper’s cock flexed so hard that it nearly tore her head off. Streams of fuck-sensation shot all the way to Crystal’s toes as the trooper’s sizzling cum spurted down her throat. The man and girl moaned together, their loins shuddering with spasms of pleasure and lust.

“Awwww!” Tom groaned. “Shit, fuck, Goddamn!” His fucker contracted again and again, spurting an endless load of thick, slimy cum down Crystal’s swallowing throat.

Crystal felt the hot fuckcream pooling in her stomach. Her senses were saturated with the taste and smell of the potent cum, and she sucked greedily, hungry for all she could get. She reamed put her soft, sucking pussy with her fingers. Warm juices ran out of her lust-filled cunt, drenching her jerking hand. She felt so dirty and naughty and ecstatic, she could hardly stand it. She sucked the trooper’s big cock even after it had ceased shooting. As the huge slab of fuckmeat softened in her mouth, she sucked hard, tasting the thick wads of cum that rolled put of his long pisstube. She swallowed the fluffy cum-wads, drilling the tip of her tongue into the man’s cumhole so she could clean out every last drop.

Tom pushed her away. “Dirty fucking bitch!”

Roy hauled his cock out of June’s mouth, giving her a disgusted look as he slowly straightened up. “Just like her ma, Tom. The old lady’s a filthier slut yet.”

Tom pulled the billy clubs out of June’s fuckholes as he stood up, “Christ! Never saw such slime in my life!” He held the dripping billy clubs up, shaking his head and wrinkling his nose. Then he glanced down at Crystal, a dirty grin spreading over his face momentarily before it changed to a mean sneer. He shoved the dripping billy clubs at Crystal. “Have a coupla popsicles, cocksucker. Go on, lick ’em off… every last drop.”

Crystal realized that all eyes were on her as she licked her mother’s fuck-slime off the billy clubs. She swallowed cuntcream and jism. The fluids were both salty and sweet, bitter and tart and alkaline. By the time she’d finished licking the billy clubs off, her pussy had begun to throb with renewed lust. The billy clubs felt like big hard cocks as she licked them, and tingling sensations streamed from her lapping pink tongue to the pink meat between her legs. She couldn’t help squeezing her legs together and wiggling her naked young ass.

The troopers were able to read her excitement. They both glared down at her through their sunglasses, and Crystal was able to see four clear images of herself in the four mirror-like lenses. Her naked body was flushed with excitement. Her face was rosy with lust. She looked seductive even to herself.

“Ever see anything like it?” Tom asked.

“Never,” Roy said. “She would have sucked jism outta the sticks if you wouldn’t have taken them away.”

The softened cocks of the two men throbbed upward, reaching full erections again.

“Seems to me,” Tom said, stroking his cock, “that the little bitch likes putting on a show.”

Roy worked his hand up and down his own cock. “Yeah, it seems so.”

“Well then, let’s let her put on a show for us,” Tom said. He lifted his boot and knocked Crystal over, rolling her onto her back.

The sunshine washed over her. Hot stones dug into her back. The troopers stared down at her like giants. Tom leaned forward, the billy clubs still in his hands. Crystal felt like an insect under a microscope.

“Spread your legs,” Tom ordered. As Crystal opened herself up, Tom inserted the blunt end of one billy club between her pussylips and twisted it, working the thick rod of wood up into her excited young cunt.

Crystal gasped, her cunt stretched hugely. She tensed up, her toes curling. The trooper inserted the other billy club in her open mouth, twisting it in until Crystal gagged, then let the free end of the club fall on her chest. He took her hands then, and wrapped them around the free end of the club that protruded from her cunt.

“Fuck yourself,” Tom said. “Go on, fuck yourself.”

Crystal shifted her eyes around. They were all watching her, and a wave of self-consciousness made her flush with embarrassment. Here she lay, her mouth stuffed with a billy club, another billy club in her cunt, her hands wrapped around the free end of it. The troopers expected her to fuck herself in front of everybody. Her hands shook as they began to work the huge club in and out.

“Suck,” Tom growled. “Don’t just work on the one stick. Suck on the other one.”

Spit leaked from Crystal’s mouth, running down over her chin and neck. She felt like a drooling infant with a pacifier in its mouth. She closed her eyes, sucking one billy club and masturbating herself with the other one. She could hear the squishing of the club in her cunt, could hear the tense silence in the canyon, which was disturbed only by the heavy breathing of the two masturbating troopers as they ogled her.

She moved the club in and out eight inches at a time, fucking her gaping pussy with the huge wooden dildo. The hard, smooth wood slid easily between her juice-greased pussylips. Her sensitive cunt walls, fluffy and hot, sucked at the club. Her clit squirmed against it, daggers of pleasure shooting through her small fuck-nub.

“Damn, look at her!” Tom said, and she opened her eyes slightly, enough so she could see the excited cop gazing down at her with lust and jacking his big hard cock.

Roy was jacking his prick just as fast, his tongue flicking along his lips as he salivated over her.

Crystal’s lust surged. She plunged the billy club in and out of herself, spreading her legs as wide as she could, curling her toes. She munched on the club in her mouth, pretending it was a big hard cock. Her tits swelled, her nipples standing up like fingertips and quivering. She arched her back, thrusting her cunt up at the billy club as she rammed it into her teenaged body faster and harder.

She panted, making, sharp grunting, whimpering noises. She rocked her hips, humping at the sliding billy club, fucking herself and fucking the club at the same time. The sun-baked ground felt good against her back, hard and rough. The stones bruised some of her vertebrae, bruised her shoulder blades, but she enjoyed the mild pain, which helped to excite her even more. Her cunt grew tighter and tighter, her fuckmeat swelling, the fuck-tension building to a head inside her.

The two men moved closer to her, standing directly over her, staring down at her nudity and shameless masturbation. As they jacked their swelling pricks, their fucklube rained down on her, splatting against her belly, her tits, her face. She enjoyed the rain of hot male fucklube letting it excite her even more.

“Oh, Christ, I can’t take it!” Roy groaned. “Shit!” His eyes rolled back and cum exploded from the piss slit of his jerking prick, failing all over Crystal in heavy splashes. The tall man’s knees shook. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” He spurted again and again, jerking off on Crystal’s naked, heaving body.

Crystal’s excitement reached a peak. Plunging the billy club wildly, she arched up, wiggling her ass, bringing herself off. She bit down hard on the club stuffed in her mouth, gnawing on it as the toe-curling pleasure clawed through her sensitive young pussy.

“Mmmmmmmn, mmmmmmmmn!” she moaned, her eyes wobbling drunkenly, her lithe body jerking as the spasms ripped through it.

“Ohhhh, yeahhhhh!” Tom bellowed, “Hot bitch!” cum shot out of his cock in thick white torrents, showering down on Crystal like gobs of molten wax. The fuck-wads glued themselves to her body, one of them plopping directly on one of her thrusting nipples.

As Crystal squirmed in the dirt, degrading herself in front of the two cops and her entire family, the cops finished blowing their loads on her. The two men were milking the last of their cum from their pricks when the radios on their motorcycles, which had been hissing and buzzing with cop-talk all along, suddenly sounded clearer and louder. They retrieved their billy clubs, yanking the nightsticks roughly out of Crystal’s mouth and cunt, and hustled toward their cycles, stuffing their pricks in their pants.

Roy snatched his mike from the bike and babbled back into it, responding to the voice on the other end. The two troopers muttered curses and swung onto their bikes, zipping up as they straddled the machines.

“Don’t go nowhere,” Tom shouted at the family. “You stay put, hear?”

Their motorcycles roared to life and they switched on their red lights and sirens.

“Stay put!” Roy bellowed at the family, scowling as he swung his bike in the opposite direction.

The two motorcycles roared off, leaving billowing red dust behind them. Their sirens howled, echoing off the walls of the canyon.

“Everybody in the car!” Howard yelled. “Get your clothes and get in the car!”

“But they told us to stay put,” June said. She crawled over to Crystal, jerking herself off as she lapped the cum of the two men off her daughter’s body.

Crystal lay there, unbelieving. She eased herself up on her elbows, watching her mother lap at her like a dog, her mother’s fat tongue catching the thick gobs of white fuck-slime and shoveling them into her mouth. The woman moaned as she ate the cum, masturbating herself.

“For God sake, June!” Howard bellowed. “Have you lost your mind? In the car! Now!” He ran at June, hauling her away from Crystal by the hair.

“On your feet!” Howard ordered. “Randy, gather up all the clothes, quick!”

“But my clothes are all cut up!” June whined, still fingering her pussy.

“You can cover yourself with them at least,” Howard said, pushing June toward the car. “Come on everybody, let’s go!”


It took almost an hour for the stationwagon to make its way out of the canyon. Crystal watched her father drive with a concentration she had never seen him display before. June clung to the dashboard, staring ahead as the car wound its way around sharp curves, her naked tits bouncing. June had wrapped her torn blouse around her neck like a blanket, but it failed to cover her tits. Howard didn’t seem to care about his wife’s nakedness. He was too intent upon driving.

In the back seat, Randy and Crystal kept their eyes trained on the road behind them, on the lookout for motorcycles. Dust rolled away in red clouds behind the accelerating car. The luggage and camping equipment in the rear of the wagon slid and tumbled, shifting violently with every bounce and lurch. The two teenagers held on, Crystal dressed only in her T-shirt, Randy dressed in jeans. During the hour-long exodus of the family from the confines of the canyon, Randy’s pants managed to work themselves off his slender hips again, and Crystal’s hand closed around his cock, sliding up and down his big prickshaft. Randy’s hand wandered between Crystal’s parted thighs, one of his fingers slipping inside her hot, slippery cunt. Maintaining their watch for motorcycles approaching from the rear, they slowly fingered each other, each exploring the other’s fuck-equipment for the first time. Crystal shook all over. Before the stationwagon swung up onto the smooth concrete of the highway at the end of the canyon, the excited girl had shivered with two orgasms. Her pussy just wouldn’t quit.

The family sighed with relief as the car accelerated along the highway. They began to talk a little as they neared the approach ramp of the interstate only a few minutes later. Crystal’s hand tightened around her brother’s straining cock, fucklube greasing her palm. As Howard swung the car up the ramp, Randy suddenly fell on Crystal, forcing her down on her belly and mounting her from behind. She shook with lust as her brother’s huge prick slipped inside her cunthole. The boy began to fuck his sister like an incensed stallion, plunging his fucker in and out of her clutching pussy.

“For Christ sake!” Howard muttered. “We’re on the highway, for Christ sake! Jesus Christ!” He sounded too shook up to think of anything more creative to say.

The boy ignored him, pistoning his cock in his sister frantically, whacking his hard belly against Crystal’s wiggling little ass, biting the back of her neck like a tomcat, grunting and moaning without stop.

Crystal squirmed on her belly. Her T-shirt had ridden up and her naked tits rubbed against the vinyl seat. Pussycream leaked out of her, getting the seat greasy under her pussymound. She twisted her head, trying to break the grip of her brother’s teeth on her tender neck-flesh while at the same time enjoying the pain. Her shoulders and back were all goosebumps from her brother’s gnawing. Even her naked legs crawled with chills. She moved her feet up and down, stroking and scratching her brother’s hairy legs with her toes, feeling sensuous and dirty as her smooth legs rubbed against her brother’s hairy legs. As his cock plunged in and out of her cunt, she contracted the muscles in her loins, delighting in the way his prick flexed inside her, thrilling to his moans of pleasure. He sank his teeth deeper into her neck, drooling warm spit on her.

In the front seat, Howard kept shaking his head. “Jesus Christ! Shit! We’re not home free yet, you know.” He shot glances in the back seat at his two teenagers, watching them fuck like a pair of animals in heat. “Oh, Christ!”

June thrust her hand between her legs, jerking herself off as she watched Crystal and Randy fucking. After a minute, she leaned aver, unzipping her husband’s pants.

“June, what the hell?” Howard said, although he kept both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel. As June unsnapped his pants, he lifted his ass, allowing her to put them down to his knees. “Christ, June!” he said. “What are you…” June went down on his splitting-hard cock and his words became a groan.

June felt positively wicked. She’d never done anything like this before. It excited her to no end. She bobbed her head, her lips rippling over the thick veins of her husband’s sweaty prick, her tongue churning at the most sensitive areas of the man’s fuckrod. Howard grunted, humping up and down with quick, short thrusts, his prick throbbing, the fucklube leaking out of it and running down June’s, hungry throat. June plunged two stiff fingers in and out of her pulsating crotch, beating herself off as she sucked her squirming husband.

In the back seat the teenagers whined like a pair of mating cats, writhing all over. Randy’s naked ass bucked up and down, his swelling cock plunging faster and faster in his sister’s cunt Crystal gasped again and again as his hard fucker jabbed the depths of her womb, grinding her out, pleasuring her super-sensitive fuckmeat. Randy worked his hands under his sister and got them around her swollen tits, pinching her hard nipples, tweaking them mercilessly. Crystal squealed with unbearable excitement and pleasure. She wiggled her ass, rubbing it madly against her brother’s hard lower belly. The tension in her cunt soared to an explosive level.

“Ohhhhh, Randy, I’m gonna come!”

“Awwww!” Randy moaned. “Yeahhhh!” They exploded simultaneously, Randy’s scalding cum exploding into Crystal’s cunt as the first intense fuck-spasm ripped through her melting teenaged fuckmeat. Crystal arched backward, twisting her head, her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. Her cunt contracted hard with each flex of her brother’s cock. Hot jism squirted into her again and again as her pleasure-wracked cunt milked it from Randy’s sizzling cock.

“Ohhhh, Crystal,” Randy moaned, “Fuck you, fuck youuuuuuu!”

“Fuck me!” she gibbered, her body tingling with pleasure. “Oh, yes, Randy, fuck me, cream me, oh, yessss!”

In the front seat, June’s eyes flooded with tears of lust. She was burning up with desire, on the verge of orgasm. She clawed at her pussy, fingerfucking herself so fast that her arm ached. As she listened to the cries of ecstasy coming from her incestuously fucking teenagers, she moaned with a frantic desire, starved for her husband’s cum. Howard suddenly placed one hand on her head, forcing her head down, then releasing it, then forcing it down again after June had jerked it up. He ground his cock deep in her throat, forced her nose to drown in his thick pubic hair. He groaned loudly, fucking her throat, grinding her face down over his vertical fuckrod.

“Uhhh, ohhhh, June, take it!” His prick shuddered in her mouth, swelling hugely, harder than stone. His pisshole flared wide open and the cum erupted from his prick like molten lava. Hot sticky fluid burst against June’s tonsils, shot down her gullet. “Ohhhh, Christ!”

June’s head swam, her eyes rolling. The scent and taste of her husband’s cum hit her like smelling salts. Swallowing frantically, she wrapped her legs together, crushing her hand between them. Spasms gnawed through her crotch, spread in hot waves through her asshole and loins. Fuck-pleasure streamed down her legs, tingling every one of her toes. Her nipples quivered, saturated with the exquisite feeling that flooded the rest of her body. As her husband spurted his thick cum down her throat, she cooed with satisfaction, getting just what she needed.

They crossed the state line as June was hungrily milking the last cum from Howard’s softening cock. The sun was dropping in the sky as the afternoon wore on, and they were all getting hungry. Howard pulled off on an exit ramp. At a deserted wayside on a side road, the family cleaned up and dressed in fresh clothes. They ate at a diner in a small town, not saying much because they were too busy shoveling in the food.

“Do we camp out tonight or find a motel?” Howard asked, wiping his lips with a napkin.

They all stared at him, being accustomed to receiving his orders rather than being asked their opinions.

June lit a cigarette. “Whatever you’d like, darling.”

Howard looked across the table at Crystal and Randy. Randy’s cock was hard as bone, and Crystal’s pussylips were swollen and spongy.

“Let’s camp out,” Randy said.

Crystal squeezed his cock. “Yeah, let’s.”

“Settled,” Howard said, raising his hand for the check.

They camped in a forest near a placid lake. Pine trees towered over them, the lower boughs waving from the heat of the bonfire they’d built. The night here was cool, and the fire cozy and comforting. As far as they could tell, they had the entire lake and the hundreds of acres surrounding it all to themselves.

As the heat of the fire intensified, they gradually removed their clothes. The women watched the men drive wooden stakes into the ground as if getting ready to set up the tents. The men sweated, their naked bodies bronze and gleaming in the night light. As they stood up and turned toward the women, their rampant cocks stood out from their loins, throbbing like menacing clubs. The women shivered, both with excitement and twinges of anxiety. The men picked op ropes, grinning luridly, like the depraved motorcyclists. As the men moved toward the women, Crystal and June started to shiver and cower.

The men dragged the women toward the driven stakes and knocked both females down. June was staked out flat on her back, her arms and legs spread-eagled, her wrists and ankles bound to the stakes with rope. They bound Crystal face-down, spreading her legs and binding her ankles to two stakes, but leaving her arms free.

“What are you going to do to us?” June shrieked, her tone half theatrical and affected, but at the same time earnestly anxious and frightened. The woman’s tits heaved invitingly, and the two men fell on her.

Howard mounted his wife between her legs and buried his hard prick in her cunt. Randy straddled his mother’s face, sitting back on her tits as he slammed her back and forth across the face with his huge prick. As the helpless woman gasped from the violent fucking of her husband’s cock in her cunt, her son rammed his bludgeon-like fucker down her throat, choking her. June’s lips looked as if they would tear as Randy’s cock stretched them and knifed between them.

Crystal, staked belly-down on the pine needles, and near enough to the fire that sweat was beading out all over her, propped herself up on her elbows and watched her brother and father rape her mother. Randy and Howard fucked the woman brutally. The rape scene fascinated Crystal and excited her. Her cunt throbbed, pussycream lubricating her tingling cuntlips.

June wasn’t long in coming. Within minutes she was bouncing her ass up and down in response to her husband’s pistoning prick, the pussyjuice bubbling out of her and glazing his hairy balls. Sucking her son’s huge cock with smacking lips, she groaned loud and long, her eyes rolling back and becoming slits. Grunting, bumping her loins at her husband’s fucker, she shuddered all over as the orgasmic spasms wracked her raped and abused body.

The men pulled out of her while she was still coming. She moaned, straining at her bonds, writhing obscenely. “Oh, keep fucking!” she gasped, spit running out of her mouth. “Keep fucking meeeee!”

The men rose up, their dripping pricks throbbing up and down. They panted, catching their breaths. Neither man had come. They looked at Crystal and she shivered with mounting excitement, wondering what they were going to do to her.

Randy caught her from behind and pulled her up until she was kneeling. Her father slithered down on his back, pushing his legs between her spread knees, then sliding down until she was kneeling over him. Randy lowered her body down on top of her father’s so that she was lying on him, belly-to-belly. His prickhead tapped against her crotch. Forcing Crystal to slide down slightly, Randy guided his father’s cock into Crystal’s cunt. Crystal almost came as her father’s cock stuffed her. Randy climbed on Crystal’s ass and rammed his cock up her asshole. Crystal and both men groaned in unison.

“Howard, this is perverted,” June said. “Let that child go. You can’t do such a thing.”

“Don’t be so fucking jealous, Mom,” Randy said, talking back to his mother for the first time in years. “We just satisfied your horny cunt, so now let Crystal have a little fun, huh?”

Crystal lay between the two men, afraid that if she moved, her pelvis would break apart. The pressure in her loins was tremendous. She couldn’t believe that two huge cocks were stuffing her simultaneously — her dad’s prick up her cunt, her brother’s donkey-sized cock up her asshole. As their cocks began to slide in and out of her, she tensed up, her mouth wide open. Her young loins had never experienced such an intense stretch.

Her dad moaned, squirming underneath her rubbing his hairy chest against her swollen tits. His prick made quick, jabbing thrusts in her cunt. Randy swung his pelvis, driving all of his endlessly long cock in and gut of her asshole. He rubbed his hard belly against her ass as he fucked into her, breathing on the back of her neck, muttering fuck words in her ear.

Crystal panted, her loins tight and on fire. Both she and the two men sweated profusely, the fire heating their naked bodies, and Crystal slipped sensuously between the bodies of her father and her brother, luxuriating in the sensation of being drowned in sweat and muscle.

She felt the rope cutting into her ankles, and she realized she enjoyed being tied down and used in this way. She got so excited that she bit her dad’s square jaw.

Howard’s eyes rolled back as she bit him. He grunted like a boar, his prick jerking, his cum spurting into her like hot wads of spit. Her father’s sudden orgasm apparently excited her brother, because within seconds he was grinding his nude body against hers, his ass bucking up and down, his sizzling cum exploding into the depths of her asshole. “Uhhhhh!” the boy moaned. “Ohhhh, shit!”

Crystal’s cunt and ass overflowed with pleasure. Gnawing on her father’s jaw like a hungry kitten, she wiggled her fucked butt, the orgasmic sensations going off inside her like a pack of firecrackers. Randy chewed the back of her neck, pumping his cum into her asshole. Her father’s prick flexed in her cunt, oozing the last of his cum.

What a vacation! Crystal thought, dizzy with pleasure, drunk on lust. Never in a million years would she have guessed that this trip with her family would turn out so fucking well.

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