Roped Mother, Raped Daughter

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives into his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

In ROPED MOTHER, RAPED DAUGHTER, Kathy Watson and her daughter, Betti, find themselves in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, they nevertheless find within themselves hidden resources, a strength of character they never realized they had.

These women suffer an unspeakably horrible experience, but come through with their sensibilities intact, each knowing that she is more of a woman.


Betti Watson felt that hot, shiver tinge spasm through her virgin cunt as she rocked her slim hips from side to side on the chaise lounge. Her electric-blue bikini bottom was snuggling up against her hot, swelling cuntlips, the silky material rubbing so nicely against her milky-soft pussylabes. The sensation was shockingly good, even better than the way those two patches were getting her stiff, rose-pink nipples going.

It was awful feeling this way, especially right at the home of her very best friend, Tina Anderson. But there it was, making her breath a little shorter while the sensitive places between her toes tingled like mad. Thank goodness, she thought, she had on her dark sunglasses. No one knew she was staring at Jack Foster. He was a rebel. That was what Tina had said, giggling all the time. Betti was sure Tina would have let him fuck her if he were interested in doing it. Instead, he just came around all the time, hanging around the big two-story wooden house and talking with Tina’s brother, Joe.

“Yeah, some nice pussy around here.” The whispered words drifted to Betti. She wasn’t supposed to hear that, she knew. But how the words made her flesh crawl with excitement and delight. To think, two men were talking aloud… fucking, and right in front of her! Tina was inside the house now, making some lemonade. That was when Betti heard more of the conversation.

“You know, I’ve lot some real good stuff at my folks’ garage. They ain’t home for the next two days. C’mon, Joe, don’t be such a pussy. It’s damned good booze.”

Betti turned around, peering over the top of the lounge chair just in time to see Jack and Joe disappear through the back garden gate. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should say something to Tina. But something went off in the blonde teenager’s head, something that urged her from the comfort of the chair and sent her tiptoeing down the alley, her rubber sandals making hardly any noise.

She could see the youths disappearing into a small garage just one block down the street. Oh, what a naughty thing they were going to do — drinking on the sly!

Betti drew close to the garage now, feeling her heart beating so fast she thought it would tear through her ribcage. She could hear them laughing inside, the sounds of bottles clinking reaching her ears. Betti peered through the window, seeing Joe taking a long swig from the bottle. It was getting darker, the sun having set behind the Santa Monica Mountains. She would have to go back and get a sweater or something. But Betti was still curious as to what the boys were really up to.

Studying Tina’s brother so hard, Betti didn’t bar the soft shuffling sound of Jack’s boots until he was right behind her.


She lurched against the wooden siding when she felt the flat of his right hand smack her ass hard. Betti spun around, her cheeks burning with shame as she rubbed her stinging asscheeks. “Sneaking around and spying, eh? You gonna tell Joe’s folks?”

Jack’s high-cheeked, ruggedly handsome face was twisted into an ugly sneer now. Betti felt the icy grip of fear tighten around her heart as she looked around, hoping against hope a car would meander down the narrow alley.

“N-n-n-no, I just… I was just kinda curious, that’s all.”

Jack’s lips curled into a sardonic smile as he dropped one hand down to his crotch. Betti couldn’t help herself. Her eyes followed that hand, watching as the fingers curled under his fly and squeezed a heavy roll of cockmeat starting to tent up the front of his faded jeans. God! He wasn’t wearing any shorts! Betti drew away from the young stud.

“I think I’d better go,” she whispered, feeling her throat tighten even more.

“Hey, no. You wanna see what’s inside? Then come on in.”

Betti winced, feeling his strong fingers pressing hard into her upper arm. He dragged her around the garage, pulling her without regard to how she stumbled over the uneven flagstone pavement. Betti pulled backward half-heartedly, feeling so guilty over having been caught peeping.

“Betti? What the hell?”

Joe was clumsily pushing the opened vodka bottle under a cushion, obviously surprised at seeing his sister’s best friend here.

“She was peeping around. I think we gotta teach the brat a lesson she won’t forget.” Betti didn’t like the sound of Jack’s voice. She didn’t particularly like what she was hearing. Joe looked confusedly at his buddy, his head cocked to one side while Jack flipped the lock. Betti felt terribly naked, her hands automatically drawing in front of her pussy while she folded in her upper arms to hide her be tits. “You know,” Jack began, sauntering up to Betti and drawing the backs of his fingers over her jaw, “I got a gang, a real nice group of boys who don’t take any shit from little pussies like this.”


Betti was horrified. Never, ever had anyone called her such a horrid name before. She backed away, her bikini-clad ass flattening against the garage wall behind her. He was moving one finger under the thin elastic band holding those two patches up against her still-rigid nipples. She could hear the chance in his breathing, see the added glow in his eyes. Joe was watching open-mouthed behind his buddy, his eyes wide while Jack toyed with Betti for another moment.


Betti felt the top of her bikini fly from her tits, dangling now like a piece of string from Jack’s fingers while her tits flopped down on her chest. She flushed beet red, flinging her hands around her naked tits and looking desperately at her best friend’s brother. Surely Joe couldn’t just sit there and watch this! Jack suddenly grabbed her wrists and pulled them wide apart lowering his head and biting her right nipple.


Betti struggled, her feet scraping painfully along the concrete floor as she felt his teeth sinking into her sensitive tit-tip. She screamed again, her ass jiggling and bouncing against the cinderblock wall behind her. The girl feared he would bite her nipple off. Somehow she managed to get one hand free and slapped Jack hard across he side of the face.

“Little slut!”

He repaid her three times over, swinging his left hand down knuckles-first and smashing his fist against the side of her face. Betti let out a groan, fearing he had shattered her skull from the force of the blow, her knees giving way as she sank to the floor.

“Hey, man, go easy on her,” Joe said.

“Remember what we were talkin’ about? About how some girls really like it rough? Let’s just see how fuckin’ rough this little bitch likes it.”


Jack was curling his fingers in Betti’s hair, dragging her from the corner of the garage as her feet strung out behind her. Her eyelids fluttered while a pulse exploded in her throat. Betti wanted to scream, but knew that would only infuriate the young stud hurting her.


He dropped her in the middle of the greasy floor. Betti pulled herself up, feeling the black slime dirtying her body. She grimaced, trying to wipe her hands on something and finding she was only making herself dirtier with her moves. She started to get up. But Jack was waiting for her to make a move like that, cocking his right foot and thrusting his booted foot hard against her belly.

Betti let out a whooshing sound, pitching back and doubling over. She wheeled halfway around, her hands clutching at her throat while her lone blonde hair spun out around her narrow shoulders. Gradually the girl managed to regain some of her breath.


He smacked her back down against the floor one more time, placing the heel of his boot up against her chin while rubbing the filthy sole against her mouth and nose.

Betti gagged, bringing her hands up and trying to push the awful thing off. But she felt him increase the pressure when she tried that. Groaning with disgust, the girl let her arms drop to her sides and tasted the awful filth. She gagged attain when Jack rubbed his boot back and forth, scraping the rough sole over her flattened lips.

Betti squirmed her body lightly against the floor, feeling the bikini bottoms snuggling up tight against her cunt. There was no more excitement. There was no more curiosity. There was only fear, terror and pain shooting through the girl like a narcotic as Jack pressed down harder, making her twist her head to one side. She gasped now, her throat tightening while terror gripped her heart like an icy fist.

Jack took his foot off her face for a moment, reaching down and slipping his callused fingers under her bikini bottom. It took little effort for him to rip the flimsy nylon from her cunt.

Betti let out a little cry, feeling the last shred of decency torn from her. They were going to rape her here in the garage, fuck her cherry to pieces! She started to cry, the hot tears rolling down her flushed cheeks as she continued to lie there helpless under the big stud. So, this was how she was going to lose her innocence! The horror and shame of it spasm through her, making the teenager ill.

“Get up.”

He twisted his fingers in her hair again, jerking her head-up and pulling until Betti found herself scrambling for her life. Her feet stumbled over one another while her knees shivered for support. Her tits slapped together as Jack pulled her hair fast to his classic 1967 blue Mustang. He flung her against the car, her thighs banging against the fender while her tits flattened across the cold smooth finish. Jack was holding her by the back of the neck now, his fingers pressing into her flesh while she leaned over and fought for what courage she could muster.

“Like to spy on girls, huh? You wanna get fucked, baby? Is that it? Is that why you came out here all decked out like this? To get some cock?”

“No, no, that’s not true!” she protested.

Jack looked at her thoughtfully, then shook his head.

“That’s not what I think, baby. I can see fuckin’ written all over your damned face. You want cock, and that’s lust what you’re gonna get.”

“No! Oh Joe, help me! Don’t let him do this to me!” Jack struggled with her, slapping her several times until Betti finally stopped her wild screaming. The harsh blows across her face took some of the fight from her as she struggled to stay conscious, her tits flopping madly against one another. With one back-handed blow, Jack knocked her half senseless across the hood of his car, pushing her up against the windshield and leaving her there for a moment. Ordering Joe to keep an eye on her, he swaggered over to the work bench, pulling open the center wooden drawer and fishing around for a moment or two before returning with four C-clamps.

Betti felt the windshield wipers cutting into her back flesh. She started to prop herself on her elbows and received a sharp blow across the face for that effort. When she tried rolling to the right she felt Jack’s hands grabbing her shoulders, pulling her up, up, until he had her stretched out on the roof of his car. It was so odd lying like this, her feet dangling over the back while her spine pressed against the cold top. He pulled her back a little, and her blonde hair fanned over the windshield as he climbed up to the top and crawled around until he was kneeling on her shoulders.

His weight made the girl err out, snapping her head from side to aide. Peering up through tear-stained eyes, Betti could see his prick was hard, pressing up against the front of his Levi’s until she thought the cockhead would burst right through the stretched material Jack took one of the clamps and tightened the screw until there was only half an inch opened. Bringing his hands down, he slipped the device over her right nipple, twisting the screw once more until it was crushing the nub in its grip.

Betti screamed, her eyes rounding while the cord in her neck stood out. She pounded her fists against the car’s roof, her body squirming and twisting under Jack. He ignored her, ignored Joe’s concern as he brought the other damp around and tightened that screw over her left tit-tip. Jack let the devices slip to either side of her body, distending her tits and making the pressing pain against her nipples even more intense.

The strong girl sobbed, choking on her own cries, the roaring of her pulse deafening her to early everything except her screams. Sliding down a few feet the big stud brushed the backs of his fingers against the soft blonde fuzz curling over her cunt. Betti cringed away, her thighs tensing while her legs squirmed against the roof of the car.

She bit her lower lip, feeling the flames of shame flare across her cheeks. No one except her mother and maybe Tina once or twice had seen her this naked! And here was this man gapping at her pussy, feeling it, touching it. He stuck in one finger, the jagged fingernail scraping along her sensitive cuntal membranes, Betti let out a groan, dosing her eyes in defeat and embarrassment while curling her fingers until the nails bit into her sweaty palms. She squirmed her asscheeks against the roof of the car nearly forgetting about the pain throbbing through her tits while that awful finger wormed sickeningly through her virgin pussy until that nail brushed up against her cherry.

Jack stopped, his eyebrows rising as he stared at the helpless, bound teenager in amazement.

“Man, you’re still a fuckin’ virgin! What do you do? Suck cock all the time? Or do you take cocks up the ass?”

Betti was too sickened by her fear to answer the awful question. She drummed her legs against the back of the car as she felt that finger pressing in, the nail pressing painfully against the bunched soft flesh that kept Betti still in childhood.

He stopped for a moment, cocking his head to one side, then slowly drawing out his finger. Betti let out a sigh of relief, feeling her muscles relax all at once with relief.

Then she felt the cold steel of the clamp against her right cuntlip. He was fitting that thing on her, slipping the C-clamp onto one pussylip, then twisting the screw until the steel was biting painfully into her soft, puffy cunt flesh. Betti knew screaming wouldn’t help. This guy seemed to thrive on her cries. Instead, she bit down harder on her lower lip until she could taste blood, resolved to not make one sound while he slipped the second clamp onto her opposite cuntlip and screwed the device tight.

The clamps pulled her pussy wide open, revealing the rich pink moist cuntmeat that made Jack lick his lips. Again he fucked one finger into her cunt, slipping it down, down until the tip speared into her cherry. And again Betti struggled to keep her cry down, the pain akin to that of being stabbed with a knife.


Jack pulled his finger out of her pussy, sniffing at the tip and grinning down at her.

“Virgin or not, you got some of this juice flowin’ outta you, and that means one hot cunt. You’ll see,” he said with a wink.

Betti was afraid to move one muscle as he slipped off her body and jumped to the garage floor. She could hear him opening the hood of the Mustang, then rattling around the front of the car. Her back and shoulders hurt from the awkward position she was in. And the clamps seemed to be living things, biting into her nipples and chewing down on them while her skin chilled to the cold automobile steel Jack was back in a moment with something large dangling from his hand.

“We’ll see just how good you are at takin’ things — you know, like pain and all that.” Betti rolled her head, catching sight of Joe, who was grinning at her. He had gone over to the other side, forgetting their years of friendship and thinking only of his cock! Betti could have screamed at him, but soon found she had other concerns to worry over.

Jack had a pair of jumper cables in his hand — big yellow ones, the blade jaws of which brushed over the rings biting into her nipples. She eyed them warily, her pulse leaping into high gear. What oh what were they going to do to her with that awful thing?


Jack quickly damped the jumper cables’ jaws onto the tit rings, fanning out the rubber cable over her body before pulling it backward over the windshield. He tugged at the device, pulling her tits back, back until the rounded bottoms were pressing against her chin. The pain was awful, exciting, sending spasms of agony through her tits!

Betti twisted around, inching back until her head dangled completely over the windshield, strands of her silky blonde hair tangling in the wipers. Rolling her eyes back, Betti could see even from her upside-down position that Jack was moving the cables around to his car battery. He had just attached the ground. Now he was tying with the red cable, looking at her, seeing the terror pulsing through her. Just as she was about to jerk up and pull the horrid cable clamps from her tit rings, Jack brushed the top of the metal against the positive terminal of the car battery.


It was as if someone had punched her with a hard fist! Her body jerked, her legs kicking up and out while her spine arched as if it would break. Her tits flopped together while her lips twisted apart to let out a short, sharp scream. Betti had never felt anything quite like that before. It had knocked the wind from her as she lay draped across the top of Jack’s Mustang.

“Here, take this and rope the slut down before she jumps off.”

“How?” Joe asked.

“Goddamn it! Just slip this fuckin’ thing around her ankles, run it through the car, then tie her other ankle to it.” Joe did as he was ordered, looping the line around Betti’s right ankle and cinching it securely with a figure eight before throwing the rope through the rear opened window, catching it on the other side, and drawing it through to tie it to her other leg. Betti felt the rope biting down onto her ankles, the sensation not nearly as painful as the clamps biting into her cunt and nipples.

“You enjoy that, baby? You like gettin’ a little juice up your twat?”

“No, don’t! You’ll kill me with that!” she cried, her eyes wide with tenor.

“With a car battery? Come on!”

But Jack screwed up his eyes in thought, dangling the damp again over the positive terminal before letting the metal touch it. Sparks flew, sputtering sounds filling the air seconds before the harsh current crashed into the girl’s bound body.

Betti jerked spasmodically against the top of the car, her legs pulling outward against the restraining line while her head jerked and bounced against the windshield. Her eyelids fluttered wildly while her muscles bulged and cramped. The perspiration flowing from her pores made the conductivity of her flesh all the more intense. The current flowed more freely, sparking across her nipples, turning the bright pink nubs into purplish stubs sparking against the biting C-clamps.

Her cuntlips were puffing up, sparking and spasm with the heavy current. She could smell the pungent aroma of something burning, something smoking. It was her own cunt! They were burning up her pussy with that damnable electricity, watching her body jerk and bounce. “Uhhhh…”

The current was off once more. Betti sagged against the top of the blue Mustang, her legs draped against the back while she sucked in air for her aching lungs. She was exhausted, her brain buzzing and humming from the heavy electrical assault. She raised her head slightly, sure she would see two black stumps where her nipples bad been. No. They were still there, hard and thick against the clamps. But they were a dark purple now, the color of passion, Betti thought ironically.

As the teenager started to move a little more, she heard a clanking sound, followed by the current tearing through her body a third time. “Eaghghghhghghhhhh!”

Spit stood out like diamonds on her lips while her tongue rolled back, threatening to choke her. Betti’s eyes widened as she rolled and pitched her thighs, the clamps chewing into her cuntlips and nipples. It was as if some awful beast were stalking inside her, ripping at her organs. Her bones almost rattled, the joints aching from the amperage tearing through her body. The blonde teenager screamed again, her body jerking up, slamming down, then arching up once more like a bridge span. She was rigid, stiff and shaking from the killing current while the two young men watched her with stiff, throbbing cocks.


Jack pulled the clamps from the battery, reaching up and tearing them from her tit rings. Betti wanted to mutter a thank-you but found she was far too exhausted even to moan. Jack kept her roped to the top of the car for the moment, enjoying what his buddy had done on the spur of the moment.

Joe was leaning against the trunk now, staring right up into the girl’s pulled-open virgin cunt. He was fingering his hard-on through his jeans, his eyes glazed and burning.

“First time you ever seen a cunt, boy? They’re good, real good when they’re in hot action. And I’ll bet this little slut’s sot one helluva hot pussy and don’t even know it… yet!” Betti writhed against his strong hands, a sob escaping from her lips. She still ached from the electrocution, her nipples feeling as if they had been ripped from her tits while her cunt throbbed with a delicious kind of pain. She was staring at the two men who held her tight against the car roof.

It was a clicking sound that brought Betti back to life. She looked up, peering over her high-riding tits only to see Jack with a long switchblade in his right hand. She had seen him playing with the thing in Tina’s back yard, holding Joe’s fascination as he flicked the weapon in tight little spirals into a tree trunk. Now he was holding the steel blade straight up, the glistening point nearly touching the top of his forehead. He moved between her widely spread thighs once more, lowering the knife blade until the steel touched her inner thigh.

Betti strained against the ropes, holding her breath while staring wide-eyed at what the man was doing. He turned the blade, letting the cutting edge rest lightly against her flesh. Then he drew the knife up, barely touching her skin. A long white try followed the weapon while Betti’s flesh quivered at the touch. She strained against the ropes, her hips moving against one another while her head shook from terror.

He drew the knife up, up, finally touching her cunt with the flat of the blade. Betti felt a breath explode from her lungs as she fell back against the roof of the car. Straining against the ropes until her thigh muscles cramped, the girl tried wriggling back, tucking her cunt away from the threatening knife. But Jack followed her closely, standing the blade up on end and touching her clit with the pointed tip while he rocked it from side to side.

Betti lay stiff, a slight tremor rippling through her quiet body. She expected the blade to come cutting through her cunt at any second.

When Jack pushed the sharp edge of the blade against her cuntal mouth, Betti lost control, feeling piss bubbling from her pussy.

“Damn!” Jack exclaimed.

Thank goodness! She felt the blade slide from her pussy in an instant, hearing Jack’s muffled cursing as he wiped his hand against his Levi’s. Quick as a striking cobra, he was back on the car, jabbing his fingers into her mouth and forcing her to lick the remains of her own piss. Betti gaged, tasting the vile piss with her tongue while her belly cramped and turned over in revulsion. Jack jammed his hand down farther banging her head against the windshield until the glass nearly cracked. She felt faint, her skull aching from the constant, relentless attack. He had one hand around her throat now, squeezing her windpipe slowly while still forcing her to lick at his soiled fingers.

The hand was abruptly gone from her neck. Turning her head, the girl coughed and spat. She barely had time to recuperate.

Jack reached down to one side, ripping the antenna from his car and tearing it from the base. He whipped the weapon through the air with a hissing, whining sound, bringing the thin steel down hard against her shoulders.


It was as if he had slit open her flesh with the switchblade. Betti shrieked, feeling the hot stinging pain bite across her right shoulder and down to her tit. The whistling continued, this time the antenna smacking hard across both tits just above her pulled nipples.

Betti screamed, her body slamming against the car hood. She twisted her body around as best she could, her less wrapped around one another. Jack slashed the antenna down across her belly, leaving a long narrow red mark just above her navel.

Betti screamed, and her legs jerked up and pulled maddeningly against the restraining rope. The line bit into her ankles, leaving low pink marks that started to turn purple as the whistling antenna smacked down again and again against her belly and tits. A particularly stinging blow bit into both nipples, the wire antenna clanging loudly against the C-clamps.


“Hey, man, somebody’s gonna hear her,” Joe said, looking nervously through the dirt-stained garage window.

“Naw. Ain’t nobody around here. Garage’s too far back.”

But Jack stopped the whipping, drawing one hand across his sweat-dripping forehead and throwing the antenna to the floor. Betti lay panting atop the car, her body whip-striped, her cunt pulled open, her tits chewed and pinched by the awful clamps.

“Let’s fuck the bitch! She’s gonna have that cock now. I think I’ve warmed her up enough,” Jack said.

Betti wasn’t so hysterical that she couldn’t understand what they were going to do with her. She felt Joe fiddling with the rope around her right ankle.

I’ll kick them both, she thought to herself with a grim smile. I’ll smash their balls when I get the chance.

She was pretending to be completely limp while Jack slipped the rope from around her left ankle. She readied herself, tensing her muscles ever so slightly as the pulleys started pulling her down from the car’s roof.

“Watch it! The bitch is feisty!” Jack warned. Betti managed to drive one foot into Joe’s face before Jack pulled her down roughly to the gage floor, purposely crashing her skull against the door handle of his Mustang. Betti crumpled to the floor, one arm draped over her head while her legs flew out from under her and she skidded halfway under the car. She felt Jack’s boots crushing her knuckles as he moved around, reaching for her arms and dragging her out from under the car.

“Stupid bitch! Thought you could get away with something like that? Where the fuck did you think I came from anyway?” Jack snarled, shaking her violently.

Joe was picking himself up, rubbing the back of his neck while staring angrily at the hapless Betti.

“I tell you, it don’t do no good bein’ nice to a slut like this,” Jack snarled.

“Yeah, see whatcha mean.” Joe was still rubbing his neck when Jack threw Betti over the hood of the car, pressing her chafed wrists on either side of the hood ornament. He held her pinned with his groin to the front fender, his cock-bulge rubbing scratchily against her naked ass while he roped her wrists to the steel horse ornament.

Betti squirmed and cried, tears flooding from her eyes while her knees beat painfully against the fender and tire. She heard jangling sounds behind her and knew the stud was pulling down his pants. It was when she felt something very hot, hard and insistent rubbing into her sweaty asscrack that the girl realized she was really going to be fucked.


She shouted and screamed, tiny farts of excitement escaping from her asshole while she jerked madly against the rope around her wrists. The girl cringed at. Jack’s hard touch, her skin crawling with revulsion as she felt his hard prick rubbing up and down, up and down, sinking into her asscrack and forcing her buns apart. His knees were digging into the backs of her legs while he moaned happily into her ear. She felt him biting into her earlobe just as he pressed his fat, mushroom-shaped cockhead against her asshole.

Betti’s mouth opened, a rush of air escaping from her throat as she realized with panic and horror what was actually going to happen. She shook her head violently, her hair splashing over her white, shocked face while she pulled at the restraining rope until blood oozed from the parting skin.

She felt her tight asshole spreading acheingly under the steady pressure. He was going to fuck her in the ass.

“Whore, slut,” he murmured, his hipbones knifing into her ass as her cuntlips flattened against the smooth, cool fender.

It was horrid what was happening to her — horrid, and strangely exciting. Her big tits were flattened against the car hood while her nipples, stretched and sore from the damping and the whipping, puckered into two hard points.

It was with a piercing shock of agony that the girl felt Jack’s prickhead spear into her asshole. “Yaghghghghhh!”

Betti snapped her head back, shocked beyond belief that this was happening to her. The pain made her piss again, the yellow piss staining her aching inner thighs as he fucked into her ass. He knew what she was doing, knew that she was losing control of herself once more. And that made it all the more delightful for him.

Jack lowered his head, biting at the nape of her neck. He jabbed again and again, each time dragging out tearing moan from the ass-raped teenager. The scalding agony radiating out from her drenched asshole took away her breath again and again as he dug his fingernails into her sore asscheeks. It was like having a huge fist being pushed into her ass guts, tearing her apart, rummaging around in her body as she felt the obscene slickness of her cuntlips against the car. “Man, gotta have some of that mouth.” It was Joe, his Levi’s long having been pulled down and discarded. Still wearing his white athletic socks, the young man scrambled around and jerked her head up by the hair just as he’d seen Jack do.

Betti opened her mouth again to shout, only to find it stuffed with his eight-inch fucker. “Good move, man. Good move,” Jack said, shaking the sweat from his forehead. “Fuck her mouth while I fuck her ass.”

“Uhfhhfhffff!” Jack had fucked his cock halfway in before puling out a few inches, making her feel as if he were dragging her guts out. Then he stopped, grunting and biting once more while burrowing his fucker down deep into her ass. Betti cried out, snot oozing from her nostrils while Joe fucked his prick down her throat. His leathery balls slapped against her chin while he held her head and fucked her face.

Hot, spicy sensations pricked through her raped asshole, tingling at her clit while Jack’s cock split her ass wide open. She felt the pain spreading higher in her ass, reaching around to her cunt and making the unplowed fuck-hole crinkle with a odd, delightful feeling. The whipping, she thought, had been easier than this. At least he had stopped, hadn’t stuck anything into her. Now he was fucking her au, moving his prick faster and faster, the sliding motion seeming to set her whole ass on fire! Her legs and arms spasmed against the car while she tasted more and more of the flowing, salty precum bubbling from Joe’s cock.

Jack looked up, watching as his buddy come into his own and worked his powerful naked thighs faster. Betti coughed and gagged, tasting more and more of the plum washing over her tongue. Her cheeks puffed out with every downward cock-thrust, her ass riding high up against Jack’s fucking prick while the cummy feeling between her thighs built up more and more. Heat sliced into her loins, making Betti more wild as she tasted the first big glob of cum gush from Joe’s cock and spatter down her throat.

“Yeah, man! Fuck, Jesus fuck! Cummin’ in the slut’s mouth!” Joe groaned, his eyes closed while his body arched back.

“Yeah, get that butt ready, baby! Gonna… uhhhhmmm!”

Betti sobbed, feeling the drag of her cuntlips milk more juice from her fuck-hole. She wasn’t cumming. But the heat of her pussy surprised her, considering what they were doing to her body. Jack was ramming his cock up her ass, filling up her bowels now with his hot jizz while his fingers reached around and twisted the rings still biting into her nipples. She had been raped, raped in the mouth, raped in the ass. It didn’t even matter that she still had her cherry.

“Man, that’s rood, hot ass,” Jack sighed, pulling his softening prick from her cummy asshole.

Joe had already slipped his cock from Betti’s mouth and was looking a little guilty as he pulled his Levi’s back on.

“Hey, kid, don’t worry about it. We’re gonna have ourselves a real nice time with this little bitch and she’s gonna enjoy it — probably more than we do. Right, bitch?”

Betti lay fiat atop the hood of the Mustang, nun oozing from her mouth while more jizz trickled from her stretched shitter. Her whole body sagged, stretched by gravity. A gurgle escaped from her cum-filled asshole as she wondered what she had gotten herself into.


Betti and her mother were just finishing dinner that evening.

Kathy Watson didn’t much like her daughter’s friend Tina, thought the brother was on the brink of delinquency, and certainly didn’t care for their mutual friend Jack. Still, she didn’t want to interfere with her daughter’s life. Kathy had worked too long and hard, she thought, in building up trust and communication between herself and Betti. It was especially important after that ugly divorce. She didn’t want that trust destroyed now.

But that Jack… how he bothered her! The way he came around scratching his groin when he stared at her.

Fucking! The horrible word, the disgusting thought flared in her mind whenever he came over with Joe and Tina. And that had been more and more lately. Betti seemed ill-at-ease lately with them, something Kathy was both puzzled over and pleased with.

Perhaps Betti was outgrowing that trashy group, she thought grimly as she finished sipping her strong evening coffee. Kathy liked her coffee strong, something to perk her up. God only knows, she needed something like that to spice up her hum-drum life. Perhaps a man…

And then the image of Jack flashed through her mind once again.


“Is something wrong, Mother?”

“Hm? Oh, no, no, dear.” Betti was clearing away the dishes, careful sliding them into the dishwasher. It was another nice evening — too nice, perhaps. Certainly, too dull. That was the one thing Tina and her brother and that sorry friend of theirs seemed to provide for her daughter. At least, Kathy thought glumly, they brought some life into the girl’s existence.

“I’m through now, Mother. I’m going upstairs to finish my American history homework.”

Kathy smiled wanly, receiving a polite peck on the forehead.

Alone again, her daughter upstairs dutifully doing her schoolwork. What mother wouldn’t give anything to have this happening rather than standing at the police station, wondering if her daughter was in jail? But still, something was missing. And Kathy knew what that something was. Her cunt ached for it.

Even now she could feel the flames of passion licking up her thighs — like a man’s tongue, she thought, her fingers trembling against the coffee cup. She set the cup on the saucer with a nerve-jangling clank, drawing her knees together and working her thighs against one another until she could feel the sexy slide of her cuntlips against her clit. How easy it would be to sneak away for a while, slip off to one of those singles bars she had seen so often from the outside. Kathy knew she was still attractive. There were plenty of men out there looking for a little strange pussy. A drink, some polite conversation, then to a motel room for…


At that point the phone rang. Hoping it was one of her friends from down the street, Kathy pushed those awful images from her mind and picked up the receiver.

“You Betti’s mom?”

It was Jack. She could tell from the deep, arrogant voice. A chill swept over her as if the breath of hell itself had touched her.

“Yes. What do you want?” she said nervously.

“Whoa! You’re ice tonight. Thus ain’t like you usually are — you know, starin’ at my crotch and all.”

Kathy nearly fell to the floor, twisting the black coiled plastic cord in her fingers while leaning heavily against the wall behind her. What on earth did that punk have in mind? “Get off the phone. And if you come over, I’ll call the police and…” He was laughing huskily. She could imagine him standing in the dark somewhere, the receiver tucked between his chin and shoulder while he was playing with his cock. She had received dirty phone calls before, and didn’t doubt this was another.

“No you won’t… not if you want to know what your daughter’s been doing. Right?” Her heart froze, skipping beats like mad.

Did Jack have something to tell her? She wanted to run from that possibility. No doubt, it would be something she wouldn’t like to hear.

“What do you want?”

“You, baby. Come on over to my place. I’m just a few blocks down from you. And come alone, okay? I got somethin’ here you might want to see.”


He had hung up. Kathy slammed the receiver down. Should she say something to her daughter? Would Betti even admit to knowing Jack more than casually? Was this some sort of prank? Everything rolled around in her rattled mind as Kathy slipped quietly from the back door.

Kathy had no recollection of rushing down the street, nor of ducking down an alley until she came up to lack’s house. He was there, waiting outside.

“Well, what do you want?” she asked coldly, squaring her shoulders and looking about nervously. In the gathering dusk, she was certain he couldn’t see her concern and growing fear.

“Come in here… in the garage,” Jack said.

Kathy hesitated for a moment, then stepped in behind the youth, keeping an eye on the door at all times. It was dark in there, so dark she accidentally banged one knee against something very hard. Almost immediately, Kathy was aware of someone else in the room. It stank of oil and gasoline, making her wrinkle up her nose as she started backing away toward the door.

A small yellow light came on near her, revealing Jack. He was holding something. A photo! Turning it, he pushed the picture into her face. Kathy’s jaw dropped open, her mind spinning as she looked at the image. There was Betti, stripped naked, draped over the hood of some car. Her ass was red. Yes, it was Betti, even though the girl in the photo had her head turned from the lens.

“The little slut doesn’t even know I’ve got this,” Jack said, tapping it against his chin. “Just a kind of insurance — to make sure she comes to me alone.”

“She… no, no, I won’t believe it! You doctored this up somehow to… to get me in here. Well, it won’t work,” Kathy said. “I won’t fall for this kind of… of filthy…”

She started to turn away when a hand lurched from the darkness and strong fingers gripped her elbow. Kathy found herself jerked back, yanked into the darkness while the door lock clicked.

“You… you won’t get away with this. They’ll find you… find you and arrest you for this!” Kathy threatened.

Someone was pawing at her dress. She jerked away, only to find more hands tearing at her collar. The woman screamed, half doubling over while flailing the dark with her fingers. It was when she stumbled forward and fell to her knees that she knew her game was over. Jack rammed his knee up into her chin, sending her tumbling backward. Her dress flew up around her waist, exposing her panties. Screaming, she pulled her dress down, crawfishing backward, her ass dragging against the cold, filthy floor.

Jack followed her, sidestepping her kicking feet, laughing cruelly at her. Kathy was about to say something when she felt herself bump into a set of legs. There were several young men around her — at least three, she thought, including Jack. When one figure dropped down, she saw it was Tina’s older brother Joe.

“Oh, my God! He’s got you involved in this, too?” she moaned.

“Sorry, Mrs. Watson.”

“Ain’t nothin’ to be sorry about. You’ve probably wanted to fuck the old lady, just like you made the daughter suck your cock.”

“What?” Kathy gasped.

She couldn’t believe this was happening. She struggled against the restraining hands. She heard tearing, ripping sounds and realized they were stripping her of her dress. She could feel the ragged ends of the garment sliding over her naked arms as she twisted there on the floor. Jack was in on the melee now, pawing at her, tearing at her bodice, then pulling the dress down over her ankles.

She somehow managed to twist herself up onto her knees, scampering away from the pulleys like an animal on all fours.

Jack booted her in the ass, the force of that blow sending Kathy sprawling face-first onto the dirty concrete floor. She skidded several feet before coming to rest just short of the closed garage door. Looking around, Kathy tried rising to her feet, only to receive another knee jab against her chin. The woman flipped backward, her legs sprawling widely apart while her arms stuck out crucifixion style.


Kathy couldn’t believe these boys, these children, she thought, who could have been her sons were doing this to her.


Someone had ripped the bodice of her dress completely off. She felt her tits springing free, slapping against one another as loud, coarse laughter exploded behind her. It had been Joe, Tina’s brother, who had done this to her! She turned around, scowling at him as she covered both tits with her hands.

“What’s the matter, baby? You don’t wanna show these pulleys just how much you got to offer a man?”

“Wh-what did you s-say?” Kathy stammered.

“Come on.”

Jack scooped her up, pinning her arms behind her and thrusting one knee into her lower back. Kathy groaned, the pain shooting up and down her spine while her hips rolled under the pressure lewdly. Someone else was pulling down at her skirt — a young blond boy, perhaps a little older than Joe, who was standing there gawking at her. The woman rolled her hips, feeling the panties snuggling up against her cunt. Joe sprang into action again, racing up and curling his fingers around her briefs and tugging them dawn.

Kathy twisted around, kicking at the boy then jerking her hips back to keep anyone from stripping her. But she could do little with her arms pinned painfully behind her. Joe pulled her panties from her ankles, bringing them up to his nose and sniffing at them deeply while the others laughed.

She was naked now, stripped nude by these animals while Jack held her elbows nearly pinned together behind her.

“That’s it, baby, walk around. Show us your stuff,” he growled, pushing the woman forward.

Kathy stumbled away from Jack, her shoulders aching from the abuse. She swept the long hair from her eyes, looking around and seeing the pulleys standing around and leering at her. She froze, one hand cupped over her pussy while the other drew up once more around her nipples. She was so ashamed, she could have died right there. Jack muttered a curse under his breath, reaching down and pulling his long black leather belt from his jeans. Kathy heard the hissing sound of leather against cloth and turned just in time to see him doubling his belt and raising it high in the air…

She shuddered, her knees trembling while sweat broke out on her forehead. She watched as the belt came down in a broad are, hissing through the air like a snake before it smacked dryly against her right shoulder.

Kathy screamed, nearly falling to the concrete floor as a hot ribbon of pain exploded on her shoulder. Rubbing the injured area with one band, she rushed to one side of the garage. In the panic racing through her, Kathy stubbed her toes twice on some metal pails, tumbling head over heels until she wound up crumpled among some gardening tools. Joe pulled the rakes and hoes roughly to one side, the dangling sound shattering her nerves. Kathy stretched out one band, pushing it through a tangle of green garden hoses as she tried to extricate herself from the mess.

Jack kicked her in the ass, pulling down on her ankle and dragging the woman out from the pile until she lay naked on her back. Two of the youths were towering over her now — Jack and the blond boy. Shielding her eyes with one hand, Kathy felt a tremor ripple through her body. Never, ever had she felt this naked, this vulnerable before in her life.


Jack dragged her up by one arm, nearly dislocating her shoulder with the pull. He smacked her on the ass with the doubled belt, bringing it down against her tits a second time. The woman screamed, trying to cover herself as best she could while lunging away from the maniac. Again she tripped, stumbling, catching herself, then stumbling again. Someone slapped her face, stunning the woman while Joe reached down and cupped his fingers around her pussy. She screamed, feeling him digging two fingers into her cunt and twisting them around. He was breathing heavily, his eyes wide and glistening while he wrapped one leg around hers, trying to force her back onto him. Drawing her elbows back, she jabbed the youth hard in the belly, knocking the wind from him. But Joe had learned from Jack, recovering quickly while curling his fingers in her cuntal thicket and yanking out a fistful of her pussy hairs.

Kathy screamed again, her eyes rounding as she doubled over and sank to her knees. Throwin’ the ripped cunt hair down, the young man cuffed Kathy against the side of her head knocking her completely to the floor. She lay there, one arm draped over her head, sobbing uncontrollably while drawing her knees up against her tits in a fetal position.

“Come on. Let’s get this bitch propped up so we can show her what it’s all about,” Jack grunted, slipping both hands under her shoulders and puling Kathy up from the floor. She muttered something, shaking her head and looking blankly around the garage. Her feet seemed to be slipping under her as her head lowed back, her long blonde hair swinging over her naked ass. What, dear God, were they planning for ha next?


“No, no…”

It was humiliating, disgraceful! Even in her dazed state of mind she realized they were doing something terrible to her. Kathy was knocking on a table now, her tits flattened against the tops of her thighs. She crouched there her ass naked for all the world to ex. Kathy buried her face in her hands, feeling her cheeks burning while the men all stared silently at her.

Jack reappeared with somethings under his arm. Turning her head and pushing the loose hair from over her eyes, she saw he was holding rubber bags with long black rubber hoses. Behind him, he pulled a long tube mounted atop a small portable generator. When she started to rise, he slapped her ass hard, barking an order for her to turn around and keep her mouth shut. Kathy cringed, her knees hurting as they pressed against the old, splintery wood of the work bench. She heard water running from the old double sink on the other side of the garage while there was clattering going on behind her. In a moment, she felt something poking up against her shitter. Kathy lurched forward, her muscles tensing while her knees moved agonizingly over the splintered wood.

“Star still!” Jack demanded.

Her mouth opened, her eyes rounding as she felt something slipping into her asshole. She wanted to swat back, to knock away the offending hand. But Kathy remembered the belt, the slapping, the fact that these youths could easily hurt her. They were young men, she thought, not children.

She jerked forward again, feeling more of that awful thing sliding into her shitter. They were pushing a thin, rubbery tube up, up into her bowels, tasking her asscheeks flex.

Kathy gulped in air, her eyes closing as she felt that awful thing worm into her ass guts. She had never, ever had anything like that happen to her!


She felt the tube hit a kink. Trembling, tears of rage and shame rolling down her cheeks, Kathy curled her fingers together until they bit into her sweaty palms. Jack pulled back on the long tube for a moment, feeding more and more in until she thought it would come snaking out of her mouth. It stop! Thank God in heaven, it stopped. She lowered her head, feeling her muscles relax.

Another sensation made the woman stiffen again, her nostrils flaring while she rasped for air. He was giving her an enema! She could feel something incredibly hot washing into her bowels, blasting through her ass guts and making her belly swell. That’s what they were filling up to the sink! Crawling away, swatting back, not caring what they did with her, Kathy tried to get away from the painful distention that was starting to cramp her belly.

“Hold her down, man!” Jack shouted.

She felt rough hands knocking her to the top of the bench, holding her still while he taped the catheter to her asshole.

“Gimme that candle,” he said.

She could feel his callused fingers working over her ass, keeping the catheter in while water started to trickle out of her stretched shitter. Someone lit the candle and handed it to Jack. He brought it up to her asshole, letting the bright orange flame flicker up her asscrack and turn the woman into a raging maniac.

Kathy screamed, feeling the flame singeing her asshole flesh.

Joe ran for some rope, twisting the line around her ankle and tying the hemp tight with a double figure-eight knot. He threaded the line through a nearby vise while the blond boy did the same thing to her left hand. They had her spread out on the table, her arms thrust to either side of her body and down, roped helpless while Jack played with her asshole.

Kathy screamed again, twisting her head to one side and pressing her bruised cheek against the rotten wood. Her ass was aching, feeling as if someone were tearing it apart while more and more water cascaded into her shitter. Jack moved the fire down to her pussy, burning some of her cunt hair. Kathy kept tugging at the ropes wildly until she heard something pop in both shoulders. Agony throbbed down her distended arms while her ass shot up in the air instinctively. She could smell burning flesh and pussy hair! Again she screamed, pounding her belly against the bench while splinters knifed painfully into her rigid little brown nipples.

Jack laughed at her wild attempts to escape, turning the candle down and letting the white wax drip from the flame onto the area surrounding the catheter.


Kathy shrieked, tossing her head wildly and shouting while she twisted her arms against the table. The burning wax was like sulfur on her asshole, making the woman jerk and twist each time a hot gob splashed onto her shitter. He was sealing the enema tube to her asshole, keeping the water in with concealing wax.

“That’ll do it,” Jack muttered, blowing out the candle.

Then he rammed the burned, hot end up into her cunt.

Kathy screamed again, her muscles bulging against her sweaty flesh while her thighs ridged from the hot, painful, rude intrusion. He had penetrated her pussy with that awful thing, fucked her with one crude thrust of the candle! Kathy squirmed uncomfortably, feeling the awful candle rodding up into her near-virgin cunthole. Her face slackened, a ragged breath sucked into her lungs while her cuntal muscles tightened around the strange, ramming rod. She hadn’t had anything in her pussy other than her finger for nearly five years. Her mind reeled drunkenly as she opened her mouth and let out gaspy moans. Her pussy was working against the lame white candle, the cunt walls grasping the long thick thing while the men watched it bob up and down.

“She’s so hot! Man, she’s got one hungry pussy,” Jack said, throwing his head back with a laugh.

He unclamped a Y-clip at the top of the enema tube, letting out more cold water that iced into her shitter.

Kathy let out a howl, her pussy muscles clenching up at the invading candle while her asshole went into painful erotic spasms. Kathy’s body shivered, her ass bobbing up and down as she tried to shake the offending rubber hose out of her asshole. She pushed down as if she were going to take a shit, feeling her bowels ballooning out and distending painfully. Another cramp, more powerful than the last, made her flat belly muscles ripple. She threw back her head and let out a watery belch. They had sealed her asshole! There was no way she could push out the water building with more and more pressure in her guts.

“Uhhhhhh… huhhhhhh!”

The splashing in her bowels stopped. Kathy lowered her head, twisting her wrists in the ropes and feeling the hemp cut itchingly into her sweaty flesh. The woman thought they would surely pull that thing out now, let her go now that she had shamed herself. But no, they were keeping her down, still forcing her to remain in that horrid position while Jack unclipped another Y-clip and let hot water bubble up into her stretched asshole.

Kathy’s eyes rolled, the cords sticking out from her throat as she tried to scream. Nothing but hoarse, guttural grunts escaped as she groaned and bobbed her ass up and down.

Something awful was happening — something she couldn’t explain as the pressure built and bubbled around in her bowels. The water had to be working its way up into her colon now, churning through her bowels, creating a hot, milky, delightful pleasure that was spreading like liquid velvet through her cunt. Her pussy muscles tensed again, but this time delicious hot spasms made them grab onto the candle and try to suck it in deeper.

“Man, her cunt is really hot, just like you said,” Joe said, watching the candle bob up and down as her bloated cuntlips worked on the candle.

“Let’s give the bitch a little more… this time with the machine,” Jack suggested.

Kathy twisted her head around, looking through lust-glazed eyes. Jack was wheelling the machine she’d seen earlier up to her, adjusting the tall plastic cylinder while instructing the blond be on how to check the motor. It was a grotesque sort of thing, something that both excited and revolted Kathy at the same time while her ass bloated up with more and more hot water.

Again a change! The icy water was making her shitter muscles contract against the tube painfully. She grimaced, her face a twisted mask of pain while her bowels spasmed from the rapid change in water temperature. Kathy couldn’t hold it any longer. She would blow up. The wax around her asshole and the catheter was holding more than anyone would have thought it would. Kathy pushed, down again, her ass muscles cramping, the pain radiating out to the curves of her flexing, taut buns. Sweat rolled down her naked tits, hanging like diamonds on her nipples before striking the top of the work bench.

“Okay, baby. Hey, get a pan over here. Yeah, that big black one’s okay,” Jack said.

She heard scraping sounds behind her, something cold striking her feet. Jack was puling her back. Then in an instant the wax seal was broken, the catheter loosened, and what seemed like gallons of brown, warm water exploded from her asshole and splashed into the baking pan.

Kathy screamed, her cunt going into delicious spasms from that sudden, violent release of pressure. Her body spasmed, shaking against the work bench while her ass ring bunched up and grabbed at the withdrawing tube. Jack laughed, pushing the catheter in a few inches and disrupting the harsh, biting spasms nibbling at her clit. Kathy wailed as her pussy nearly broken the wax candle in two.

“Man, oh man, she’s a hot one. She’d bite a guy’s cock off with that pussy,” he remarked, slapping her ass with one hand.

Kathy couldn’t help herself. She bit down on her lower lip, doing everything she could to fight the strange feelings coursing through her. But nothing could stop the onrush of hot shiver tingles racing up and down her overworked nerves. Finally the spasms stopped, her body calming for a moment.

Jack kept the tube up her shitter, rubbing it back and forth, then reaching over and taking the long black rubber tube from the side of the machine.

“It’s called colonies,” he explained to the other pulleys, who were staring at him curiously.

“They used this shit — yeah — back in the thirties. And now they’re usin’ it again. But we’re gonna have ourselves some fun with this broad. Look.”

He switched on the machine, holding the rubber tube just above Kathy’s ass. Immediately short, jerky pulses of water shot from the tiny two holes at the end, spraying her body with the icy liquid. She shivered, wanting to turn around and see what they had in store for her, and yet at the same time fearing to see.

Jack pulled the catheter from her shitter, tossing the used rubber to the ground and slipping in the long narrow black handle of the colonies machine. Kathy groaned once more, her ass jerking up in the air her hips rolling lewdly while shocks of delight and shame exploded throughout her body. Once more, against her will, her cunt muscles started sucking at the hard candle sticking from her pussy.

“Okay, watch this. I put a little white wine in here,” Jack said, tapping the long clear plastic tube sticking up from the machine.

With a flip of a switch, the liquid started to bubble like a lava lamp. A tiny machine at the base started to whir into life, two wheels bouncing up and down against the long black tube leading to Kathy’s violated ass. With one flip of the Y-clip, Jack opened the tube, letting the liquored water into her ass.

At first Kathy lay quietly, feeling the cold fluid flowing into her shitter. She had endured this only moments ago. She knew how to move her belly against the table to massage her bowels and let them relax under the increasing pressure.

But now there was something new, something that took her breath away. She was starting to feel a little woozy while a kind of harsh tenderness was making her bowels ache. Kathy twisted her body around, working her shitter muscles around once more, trying to shove that awful thing from her ass.

The pulsing was doing erotic things to her, as well. She thought the machine was shooting in the water the way a man’s prick shot jizz. Yes, yes, it was the same rhythm! Jack had been clever indeed, matching the spasms of his prick to the jerky thrusts of the colonic machine.

Kathy twisted her hips around, feeling her ass guts filing up, the pressure moving her organs around inside as before. She felt her nipples scratching and tearing against the tabletop while her knees beat against the wood. More tears sprang to her eyes as she worked her pussy up and down against the tabletop. She was screwing the candle into her cunt by herself, pressuring the thing down into her body and feeling the smooth waxy thing rubbing against per clit. She snapped her head back, her eyes glowing now while the wine in her bowels flowed faster and had its effect.

Kathy felt a buzzing, whirring sensation in her head, growing drunker by the second while the watered wine jetted in erotic spasms up her ass. The woman was beyond control now, her ass jerking up and down so fast the men could hardly keep up with it. Jack was watching with growing interest, rubbing his prick through his Levi’s while Kathy groaned and hummed.

“No, no, ohhhhhh…”

She couldn’t keep her cool any longer. Kathy was working her thighs from side to side as if a lover were fucking her, driving his prick into her while her ass bubbled over with the jetting, spraying wine and water. The men watched in fascination as the fluid bubbled and frothed around the woman’s asshole. Kathy could feel the warm liquid flowing down the backs of her shivering thighs. But she couldn’t feel shame and degradation any longer. Her cunt was spasming, cumming, climaxing again and again while that wonderful enema was doing such things to her!

“Uhhh… ohhhhh, fuck!”

Jack was sure she would do that. He switched the machine onto a higher pulse rate, sending a shower of liquid into her bowels. Kathy howled, her body jerking up, slamming down, then jerking up again.

“Come on, baby, that’s it, get it up, get it up!” Jack shouted, watching as the water sprayed out from her violated shitter.

Just when Kathy thought she could take no more, he stopped the machine, yanking out the tube from her asshole while twisting the candle from her cunt. It took little time for him to be behind her doggy style, jabbing his prick up against her cunt. She could feel the blind stabs, feel the hard, hot cockhead trying to work its way into her tightly clenched pussy.

“No, oh no, don’t… don’t fuck me! No, not like this… oh God, not like this!” Jack held her hips, arching his back and poling his prick directly into her hot, hungry cunthole. Kathy screamed, her body shivering as if someone had touched her with a live wire. Her pussy drooled, snapping shut wet on his cock once. Jack laughed, slapping her hard on the back of the head and calling her obscene names while rocking his hips. She could feel it, feel it as if he were tearing her body in two with that big cock. The enema had done its job, sensitizing her loins to every touch.

“Yaehghhg… ohhh!”

She came hard, her mind shattering wildly while she felt spurts of something hot and wet blasting into her pussy. Was it the colonies machine? Oh no, no, it was Jack’s prick that wonderful cock spitting its jizz into her hot fuckhole!


It was over! Thank goodness, it was, over! She could feel the spasms dying down ale her cunt slackened from the gigantic cum she had experienced. Kathy lay slumped on the table, her muscles like rubber, her ass and cunt burning while Jack pulled his softening prick from her pussy.

“Man, oh man! That was good, real good. I think, mama, we got winners on our hands — you and your daughter,” Jack said with a laugh. “No, I don’t believe you,” Kathy moaned, turning her face away from him.

He gripped her hair, twisting her head around and puling up on the tearing strands until her eyelids flickered from the pain and pressure, “You callin’ me a fuckin’ liar, bitch? We’re gonna take care of that. I’m gonna make you see just what kinda little slut you got runnin’ around your house,” he said, spitting in her face.

Kathy was sorry she had said anything. Perhaps Betti had fallen, had gone with these men. But she had schooled her daughter so carefully, so openly. Surely the girl would have told her something, would have indicated something was terribly wrong. Betti, fucked by these men, like this? Impossible!

“And you needn’t think this is gonna stop,” he said, puling up her head by the hair, then letting it down. “We don’t met a lady who loves nuts with an enema up her ass that often. You’ll be back, baby, and back with your cute daughter.”


“My brother? Are you sure, Betti? That’s too weird to be true.”

Betti clinched her fists, still feeling how that big cockhead fucked into her asshole. No, she wasn’t imagining things. Although she hadn’t told her friend everything, she had told her enough to startle the brunette into coming with her.

Both girls were crouched behind the garage having ducked behind the dumpster when the side door opened. She could hear scuffling, muffled groans, then the slamming of a door.

A woman, they thought, was running and stumbling away from the garage, rushing for the front yard.

Betti breathed a sigh of relief. They weren’t discovered yet. She peeped above the garbage container, catching a glimpse of the strangely familiar silhouette as it ducked around the corner.

“Who…?” Tina started to ask.

“It doesn’t matter. When they go, we can get in. Then you’ll see for yourself,” Betti whispered.

They waited for what seemed like an eternity, Betti biting down on her lip until she tasted blood. What she wanted to taste was revenge, revenge for having been ass-fucked that way, and for having had a seamy inner self revealed to her.

Finally, the pulleys left, laughing softly, shuffling in the direction of the street.

Betti spoke in a low voice, grabbing her friend by the wrist and puling her behind.

“Come on. They’re gone. You won’t believe this.”

Tina whispered something, her feet moving reluctantly under her as Betti crept in the shadows until she reached the side door. The boys had locked it. But with a few rattling moves, the lock gave way and the door opened.

Everything was dark, odd shapes hanging from the walls as the two girls crept in. Tina gasped, her hand striking something while Betti groped in the darkness for a light switch.

“Is it safe?” Tina asked nervously.

“I don’t have a choice.”

Betti flipped on one light, the yellow glow immediately flooding around them. Gasping, Tina put both hands to her mouth, looking around in disbelief.

“MY brother… my brother’s involved in this? I mean, Jack’s fun and fast, but… but this? And they actually raped you here?”

Betti felt her cheeks redden. She wanted to tell someone about it, about the cruelty, the kicking, the beating, and finally the ass-fucking. But she just couldn’t get the words out — at least, not yet.

“I’ve gotta tell my mom. I’ve gotta tell her about Joe or…”

Tina’s words were cut short as the two girls caught sight of movement in the doorway. It was Jack, back from the dark with his buddies behind him. Joe was peering over Jack’s right shoulder, looking a little sheepishly at his surprised kid sister.

“Hi, Tina!” Joe said.

“Shut up, kid. They were spying on us. Just like that lady. We gotta teach ’em again. And look who’s back — little missy who likes to get her ass reamed out.”

“Betti!” Tina gasped.

“Don’t believe them, Tina!” Betti snapped, agonizing as she looked around for an escape route.

“And we’re gonna do it some more, this time with your friend watchin’ and even takin’ part. You’d like that, wouldn’t you baby? The more the merrier!”


Something snapped in Betti’s head. She had brought her friend here as a witness to what had happened, not as someone who would laugh at her later. She broke from the girl’s side, rushing to the door with her fingers curled as if to scratch out Jack’s eyes.

He turned in a flash, watching as the girl tried to flee past him like a charlie tank. The youth was on top of her in a moment, leaping at her back, striking his knees against her lower back. Betti scrambled madly, screaming and clawing at the air as she felt the boy’s power overwhelming her. She could hear Tina crying out in the background, begging her brother to stop this.

But no help came. A sharp blow between her shoulder blades knocked Betti to her knees.

“No, no, no more!” she protested dully, feeling weak from the force of that blow.

When she felt someone trying to tug off her black-and-white striped jersey she screamed, clawing her fingers back at the offending hand. With a furious yank at her hair, Jack pulled her head back and hit her jawbone. Betti thought he’d broken bones, the resulting crashing pain sending her reeling off to one side. The screaming stopped, her cries dying out slowly as the pain around her head throbbed.

“Now we’ll show you just how we expect you two to behave… at least, around us.” Betti’s head lolled, her brain working at half power. She hardly heard what was going on. She could hear Tina protesting vehemently, her arguments turning into cries as the sound of smacking blows punctuated her protests. Yes, they were working her friend over. But there was little Betti could do. She passed out finally, her knees giving way…

How long she was out, Betti had no idea. When she awoke, she found herself bound to a large support pillar. A leather strap encircled her waist, cinched so tightly she could hardly draw a breath without feeling some pain in her chest. The restraints held her firmly against the timber, her wrists secured with half-inch line behind her back. Moving her fingers to get some feeling back in them, Betti felt her nails brushing against her naked ass. Yes, they had stripped her naked, stripped her naked and bound her up against the harsh wooden column behind her. “My God…”

Betti raised her head, peering through her curtaining blonde hair. She saw cords had been drawn under her armpits, then over her shoulders to be crossed behind her and knotted tightly. After a few attempts, the girl discovered she could hardly move, while breathing was an effort in itself. Her tits were thrust forward provocatively, although no man was around her right now to hurt her. She tried to move her feet, then peered down and saw that her ankles had been corded with two firm bands that bound both her feet in circle-eight fashion.

She groaned, twisting around in her bonds, feeling the ropes cutting into her flesh as she moved about and tried to let some blood back in her cold, numb limbs.

Turning, she saw Tina next to her. She examined the girl, seeing that she too had been roped in a similar way. None of the boys were here at the moment. There were bruises on the girl’s face and neck, while a long cut extended from her shoulder to her elbow. They had played rough with Tina, despite the fact her brother was in their sick little gang.

“He did that,” Tina sobbed, blinking the tears from her eyes as she nodded down at the wound. “MY own brother, calling me all sorts of filthy names before…”

“Oh, Tina, I’m so sorry. I should have had your father come with us. Or maybe my mother. Oh God, but if she ever found out… oh, I’d die.”

“We might do that, right here,” Tina said glumly, closing her eyes in defeat.

“No, don’t say that! They may do… things, but they won’t do anything like that. Never!”

She tried to give courage to the girl, feeling her own sinking. She talked to Tina, trying to keep her occupied while she racked her brain to think of something, anything to keep going. Footsteps at the doorway made Betti groan.

They were back, back to cause more mayhem while she and Tina suffered.

“Well, don’t they look fine. I think I’m gonna try this one attain. The other screams too much for my blood,” Jack said, sauntering up to Betti.

The other youths filed silent into the room. They moved to the side, closely witching Jack like pupils of a master. Betti looked at them glumly, realizing she and Tina were the class project.

“Now, what would you say if I told you your old lady was just here, gettin’ fucked and likin’ it all?” Jack said, his thick lips curling into a sick smile.

That familiar silhouette! No, no, it couldn’t be! Betti spat in his face, struggling against the bonds, her muscles bulging against the ropes.

“I knew you’d react that way,” Jack said, wiping the spit from his eye and reaching in his pocket.

“You’re filth! And you want everybody to be down on your level. I won’t go. I won’t slide down with you,” Betti said, feeling as if she had won this round.

She had other thoughts, however, when she saw Jack puling out his lighter and giving Joe a hand signal. The boy knew what that meant, disappearing in the dark only to reappear with a candle.

“Fucked your mother with this just recently. I’m gonna see if the two of you are alike.”

“You lie! You all lie!” Betti said, her voice cracking as she thought of that all-too-familiar shape shrinking out of the garage. No, it couldn’t have been her mother! Jack ignored her idle threats, lighting the tip of the candle and waiting until a long orange flame drew up gracefully from the blackened wick. He was chuckling softly, looking down at her pussy and waving the flame back and forth, back and forth, inches from her eyes.

Betti could feel the heat from the fire against her cheeks. Something was happening again in her, something she found agonizingly disgraceful as she stood there bound to the column behind her. She was feeling arousal, her cunt starting to twitch while her pink nipples were growing stiff once more and starting to tingle in that delicious war.

“No, take that away from me! No, don’t!” she cried, shaking her head violently.

Jack’s eyes gleamed as they always did when he knew he had a victim trapped in his lair. He brought the foe up to. Betti’s nose, the flame singeing the tiny hairs while burning her flesh a light pink. Tina struggled, her eyes widening as she watched her friend writhing against the unrelenting ropes. Betti drew her head back, her eyes crossing while she gurgled out a cry of terror and pain. He was going to burn her eyes out! Oh God in heaven, he was going to blind her, just as they had during the Nazi concentration camp era.

Then Jack began lowering the fire while still staring at the young, shivering girl. He brought the candle flame down, down until it was near her right nipple. Betti again felt the heat, her body pressed hard against the splintery upright wood, her ass flattened against the pole while she dug her fingernails into the wood. Her nipple was starting to swell in a moment, Jack brought the candle flame up closer, letting the tip of the fire brush lightly against her tit tip. “No, eaghghghh!”

Betti twisted and writhed madly, her body straining so hard against the ropes the hemp threatened to cut through her sweat-glistening flesh. He was almost burning her nipples off, letting the tip of the flame flick across her nub, then move down around to the bottom circle of her areola. Betti rose on her toes, — struggling against the ropes holding her down, her arms threatening to break against the restraining hemp. Jack moved the fire down, down until it was burning the fine light-blonde fuzz coating her belly. She strained to be silent, her lips a tight scar. When she let the fire flicker into her navel the girl let out a howl.


“Stop it! God, Joe, stop it! How can you let them do that to your friend?” Tina cried.

“Shut up, baby, or I’ll burn you at the stake, too!” Jack snapped.

Tina grew quiet, turning her head away as the smell of the burning flesh next to her grew nauseating. Betti drew in gulping breaths of air as Jack brought the fire up to her left nipple, letting the flame eat away at the tip until she yammered for mercy. Her cries had no effect, Jack moving the fire down to the full round bottom of her pendulous tit.

Then he made a violent move, one Betti would never forget. She felt the fire leave her nipples and was about to breathe a sigh of relief when she felt something awfully hot burning through her cunt. God in heaven, he had the candle dawn around her pussy!


Jack was shoving the candle up into her cuntal thicket, the flame burning her blonde pussy hairs. Betti shrieked, throwing her head back, banging her skull again and again against the pillar behind her. She cried and sobbed, the flame licking into her fuck-slot, then burning the curly blonde hair protecting her juicy little cunthole. Again and again, the girl screamed before Jack finally pulled the candle back an inch.

“It’s a shame. You’ve got a nice pussy… real nice. It’s soft and warm, and nobody’s plowed it. Yeah, a real virgin. I like that idea,” Jack said, looking around briefly for approval from his buddies. “I like fuckin’ with a Goddamned virgin. Of course, she’s no virgin up her ass anymore.”

“Betti!” Tina gasped.

Betti nearly fell through the floor. She surely would have felt more shame if Jack hadn’t passed the candle between her legs again. The smell of her singed pussy hairs seemed to be an aphrodisiac to him. He was waving the burning candle an inch from her cunt now, watching as the orange flame left the curling golden pussy hairs black.

“No, no, yaghghghhh!”

It wouldn’t end. He dappled her cuntal thicket with the melting wax, watching as more and more of the molten goo dripped into her cunt. It was too much to stand. The girl twisted and sobbed as the flame licked once more at her reddened cuntlips. The heat lanced into her pussy. The helpless girl babbled, her words disappearing in the froth of her horror as the fire burned more and more of her cunt hairs.

It came, then, as a surprise when she heard a hissing sound. Suddenly the fire was out. Looking down, she saw that some of her cuntal juice had dripped onto the candle’s burning wick, putting out the fire. She was aroused — hot and aroused, as excited as anything! What on earth could be making her sweet little cunt this hot?

“Man, oh man! I’m gonna give it to you, baby,” Jack said.

Betti tensed, knowing her gyrations and screams had set her glands in motion. She was panting, her nipples red not only from the burning flame but also from her own lewd excitement. The ropes, the harsh words, everything was making her so hot!

“Betti! What’s wrong? Why aren’t you saying anything!” Tina asked.

“She’s too fuckin’ hot to talk, that’s why, bitch,” Jack snarled.

As Jack taunted the sobbing Tina, Betti wept with fear and guilt and lust. She was exposing herself this way daily all sorts of horrible things and feeling them while the men mocked her. He turned, putting his heavy hands on her shoulders while Joe walked up and loosened the bonds around her wrists.

They were pushing her down, down, her knees bending until her lips were even with Jack’s groin. He pushed his cock-bulge up against her hips, rubbing them with the rough jean material. He unzipped his pants, puling out his stiff fucker and rubbing it up against her nose and mouth.

Kathy gasped, smelling the sour odor of his sweaty crotch. He was enjoying her mounting terror, her growing disgust. He moved in, reaching down and pressing his fingertips slowly and hard against the sides of her jaw until Betti opened her mouth with a groan.

“No, no… uhhhhh!”

He slipped his prick in. The taste of the sweaty slimy thing made the girl choke. He slapped her face twice to keep her from retching. The weight of his fat meaty cock scraped her lower teeth. He felt that and warned her of a savage beating if she so much as tried to bite his cock.

“Oh God, Betti! No, no, don’t do this to yourself! Oh, God!”

He was sawing his cock back and forth, his breathing growing uneven while he tugged at her hair and drew his knees up against her flattened tits. She yielded to him finally, her mouth filled with his cockmeat. The blue veins wiggled against her stretched lips.

As Jack moved back and forth, her cunt pulsed while her cuntlips dripped with more and more juice. It was as if some awful demon had taken over making her feel terrible, guilty things while he fucked her mouth. She tried not to choke.

Jack fucked her mouth faster and faster, finally letting out a choked cry as his jizz jetted into her throat.

Betti gagged, nearly vomiting as the warm cum spilled into her mouth, the slime oozing down her throat to her belly. She coughed, spit and cum frothing around the corners of her cock-stretched lips.

“Good, good head, bitch, real good,” Jack groaned, smoothing his hands around her skull while cramming his prick all the war down into her throat.

Betti groaned, defeated once more.


The small box they had forced her into was dark and nearly airless. She was trapped there, standing straight with less than one inch of room on either side of her narrow shoulders. Each time she took a breath, the young girl felt the air around her grow more fetid and thick.

She thought about Tina briefly, knowing full well that her own fate was far more important. Jack had enjoyed forcing her to suck cock. And now he and his buddies had thrown her in here after having had her lick his boots. Tina had beard her brother to let them go, with the predictable violent results. And now Betti found herself pushed into this horrid confinement, her knees braced against the front of the box while she fought for every breath she took. What bizarre thing did the boys have in mind for her and her friend? Betti thought about her mother, about the possibility that what Jack and Joe had laughed about was true. Again, the girl pushed that from her mind as fear gripped her and she whispered her prayers.

Someone was moving around outside the box. She could hear shuffling footsteps. Beads of cold perspiration dotted her wrinkled forehead. She cringed, nearly jumping against the front of that awful box when she heard a faint scraping sound to one side. She rolled her eyes in the direction of the noise, her skin prickling with horror. She could feel a distant trickle of air coming through needle-slim openings that dotted the wood all around her. Betti could just barely see tiny dots of light coming through these holes, and she was wondering what on earth they were there for. She soon found out, feeling something scraping against her windpipe.


The girl jerked her head back, banging her skull against the wood behind her. The thing was sharp as a scalpel, pushing up against her throat. She coughed, her eyes widening while her nostrils flared in fear. They were going to spear her alive with needles! Betti dug her fingernails deeply into her sweaty damp palms, her heart beating faster and faster.

The needle withdrew, only to be followed by a second and third needle pushed through the opening near her tits.

Betti groaned, hearing the steady scraping advance of the needles before she felt the tiny puncture wounds. In that moment, she flattened her shoulder blades as best she could against the wood behind her. She whimpered, instinctively trying to pull her hands up to her tits to protect them. But she could hardly move her arms. The needles came too quickly piercing her tits, nearly cutting through the tender, pulsing flesh. Betti let out a sob, trying to recoil from the attack. But her knees banged against the front of the long box. There was nothing she could do except stand there and endure what the pulleys did to her. She cried out again, feeling rage mixed in with her sense of helplessness.

More needles steadily advanced. She felt the awful tiny spears puncturing her nipples, that hot, painful feeling making her clit quiver while more pussy juice oozed from her fuck-slot.

There in the darkness of the box, Betti knew she could react as she chose without worrying what the others would think of her. The fear, the pain, the darkness all contributed to those awful lusty, lewd feelings that had confused her so many times in the past. Here she could give vent to them.

The boys were busy, she thought wryly, feeling two needles slipping up against her ass. One was well aimed, pricking her asshole and making her let out a tiny fart. She could hear laughter and knew Jack and the others heard her. She blushed, more needles pricking into her belly and ass. It was a steady onslaught. The searing pain, the delicious agony, and the fear tore into her cunt and belly and ass and tits. It was like having tiny teeth nibbling about her, making her clit hard while her cunt tightened and tingled.

“Uhhhh… oooooh!”

Betti beat her knuckles against the sides of the case in a rhythm to match the pricking needles. They seemed to be digging deeper into her body, the ones around her cunt especially hot and knifing as they poked into her puffy, swollen cuntlips. Betti threw back her head and howled in awful resignation, her eyes closed, her jaw trembling as spasm after spasm raced through her pussy.

“Uhhhh… oh God, no more, no more!” Betti moaned.

Again and again she begged them to stop, humping her belly against the front of the case as the sensations grew more and more concentrated and intense. She knew she was about to cum, climax here in the darkened box while those needles threatened to skewer her alive. It was then the twisting, poking needles stopped for a moment.

Betti regained some control over herself, shaking the sweat from her eyes and listening like the cornered, trapped animal she was. There were more scraping sounds. She thought she could hear Tina protesting once more, the whimpers followed by several loud slaps. Betti couldn’t be sure. She could hear all too well the pounding of her own heart, the racing of her pulse while her cunt throbbed with its own delightful, spasmodic rhythm.

There were more sounds, metallic sounds that made Betti nervous. What were they doing out there? “Aghghghghghhhhhh!”

In a flashing instant, she knew. They had wired some of the needles to a generator. Now the prickling spears were alive with amperage, sending sparks of current flashing through her trapped body while they continued to pierce her flesh. Betti shrieked, her body thrashing around in the box so mightily she threatened to topple the thing. The girl could smell her flesh being burned while her tits and cunt and asshole spasmed out of control. Her skin seemed to be alive with flames while her pussy climaxed again and again.

She was one big cunt, hot and wet and milking as her eyes rolled madly. Betti couldn’t believe the delight sparking through her body. The electricity was making her cum continually, holding her at that peak while her pussy muscles knotted up until they cramped and throbbed.

She couldn’t even cry out her delight. She hammered her knuckles against the sides of the box until they bled, cumming and cumming until her body was drenched in sweat.


Just when the girl thought she would collapse in the coffin-like box, the current stopped. She was still shivering and jerking, her tits rubbing up and down against the front of the box while her cunt reveled in the prickling heat of the lancing needles.

The door of the box suddenly opened and a burst of cool damp air washed against her sweating skin. Jack caught her as her knees gave way and she fell forward. He was holding her back against the rear of the box, his eyes dancing merrily.

“Enjoying yourself? Sure as hell sounded like you were gettin’ off in there,” Jack said.

“No, no, lemme alone,” she murmured, unable to look him in the face.

“No, I don’t think you want that… least of all, right now.”

“Oh, Betti, I tried to get them to stop, but…” Another smack silenced the hanging girl Betti didn’t even turn to see her friend. It was useless to protest, to beg them for anything. Jack had warped these youths’ minds, bending them to his sick way of thinking.

He had nearly done that with her, Betti thought, looking up through her long blonde lashes. But she would resist. She would fight the feelings running rampant even now in her. She would fight anything to keep her own identity, even if that meant fighting her own mother. “Now, I think we’re gonna finally finish this little slut off for a while… do somethin’ that’s gonna make her remember us. You can watch, Tina, ’cause the same thing’s gonna happen to you!”

Tina bit her trembling lower lip, her eyes wide with terror as she looked at the marks on her friend. While Betti had been trapped in that awful box, the boys had brought out more “toys” from the back of the garage.

One was narrow and tall — a sturdy wooden device, rectangular in nature, steadied by a — broad firm base attached to the upright boards with four small two-by-fours nailed in at fortyfive degree angles. There was an inner frame attached to the outer two upright supports, the frame about one foot above the broad base board. Tied to the corners of the frame were slim black leather thongs that now hung limply. Betti drew back, her flesh crawling. She saw immediately the inner frame could rotate around like the inside of a free-standing beauty mirror. The box and the needles and the current had been more than enough to weaken her. This surely would drive her to the hospital! She shrugged away from the young men grabbing at her, slapping futilely at Jack, then beating her fists against his massive chest. But her escape attempts were futile. The ass only shook their heads and pursued her, dragging her screaming and protesting to the frame.

She could hear Tina wailing as well, the young brunette seeing herself up on the frame in a few minutes.

Joe held Betti while Jack and his buddy pulled her hands to either upper corner of the inner frame. He fastened the leather thongs tightly around her chafed wrists, criss crosing the restraints just below her wrist bone and binding the bonds with a slip knot.

Betti pulled at the leather, feeling the thongs tighten even more with each move she made. It was with despair that the girl allowed Jack to finish his job, wrapping the thongs around her ankles and fixing her so that her body made a broad X in the frame.

“Now, for this.”

He pushed the bottom of the frame forward, tilting her body backward so her ass anted out and hung invitingly for all to see.

“Oh please, no, don’t… don’t hurt me anymore!”

Jack slapped her bare ass playfully, sticking one finger up into her asshole while tilting her back even more. Betti jerked her head from side to side, feeling the weight of her body pull painfully against her bound wrists and ankles. He had her parallel with the garage floor, in a moment, her body hanging down like a sack of flour. She shuddered, her tits flattened against her heaving chest while her long blonde hair hung down to the cement. The tearing black leather was acting as a kind of aphrodisiac while that awful heat in her cunt grew more and more intense.

Betti groaned, her head hanging back while she closed her eyes. Oh, God in heaven, would she ever be normal again? “Uhhhhh…”

“The little slut can hardly wait,” Jack said, laughing as he slapped her ass again.

“Hey, lemme warm up her butt,” Joe said, puling his belt from his jeans and holding it doubled in his right hand.

“Joe, you can’t!” Tina cried.

“Shut up, Sis.”

Betti heard the hissing sound of his belt cutting through the air and cringed, her body tensing like a wound spring as the belt smacked against her ass. She jerked, her fingers curling while her body snapped up, then fell back down once more. Again and again, the boy slapped her ass with his belt, leaving long red marks on her asscheeks.

“Hey, okay, enough,” Jack said when the boy aimed a particularly hard blow against the girl’s shitter.

“Man, oh man, I’m cummin’ in my fucking pants!” Joe rasped.

A dark stain appeared in the front of his Levi’s as he dropped his belt and grabbed his crotch.

Jack nodded glumly, kicking aside the belt as he pushed down his own jeans and grabbed the sides of the frame. Betti could hear his heavy breathing and knew he was going to fuck her.

The idea of having to endure this humiliation in front of them and the others somehow excited her. She could hear her friend gasp as Jack’s hard-on sprang out, his prick bobbing and lifting as the smell of her aroused pussy wafted to his nose.

“Hot pussy, man! Hot pussy!” he muttered, pushing his mouth up against the back of her neck and biting her there.

Betti shuddered. He was violating her, humiliating her, and she loved every second of it!

What was wrong with her? Why was she this weak? She could hear Tina calling out to her, telling her to be strong. Something was happening inside her, something that made her want this to happen and go on for a long time.

The girl let out a groan, shuddering while her skin puckered up in tingling goose pimples. Jack dug his dirty ragged nails into her hips and rasped out some command. The footboard rattled as Betti felt him righting the frame a little more. His prick was jabbing at her shitter. Oh, God in heaven, he was going to ravage her ass! Joe was pulling down his leans, the front gummed with milky cum. But his cock was still hard. With a nod from his buddy, Joe stepped onto the front of the platform, jabbing his prick up against her cunt while Jack pushed his cock against her asshole. Her ass ring tightened as his prickhead split her asshole and burrowed into her bowels. Betti gagged, her head jerking while Joe tried fucking into her cunt. He was going to tear her cherry, the last thing she had of value, Betti thought.

“No, no, don’t!”

Both men fucked her at the same time. Her cunt spasmed and itched while Jack fucked his prick into her hot, sticky asshole with greater force and abandon. Joe was trying to fuck his cock deep into her pussy. But he couldn’t get himself quite hard enough to reach and pop her cherry.

“Man, oh man, hot cunt, hot pussy! Her cunt’s fuckin’ milkin’ against my cock! Shit, and I came before… ahhhhhhh!”

Betti felt the pain edging around her asshole, her body whipping back and forth, the force of her movements making the wood around her groan. She could feel Jack’s fingers tugging at her asscheeks, while Joe fucked her cunt as best he could. She licked her dry lips, awful, lusty moans escaping from her lips.

Tina wailed with horror. Betti didn’t care. She was being fucked in both holes by two vital, virile young men. She laughed, her cries shrilling through the small garage. The blond youth who had been with Joe and Jack all the while watched sullenly, jacking off.

Jack suddenly let out a cry as his climax hit. Betti could feel it! It was just as it had been the last time, when all those gouts of cum spattered into her asshole. They were fucking her to the limit now, her asshole grossly stretched while Joe worked his cockhead against her cherry. She thought she would die as her hips gyrated wildly. Her face was flushed, contorted into a twisted mask of fuck-lust as she drew in ragged breaths. She was going to cum. She was rutting now right there in front of the pulleys tugging her arms and legs against the leather restraints until they threatened to cut through her sweaty, flushed flesh.


She was a mindless fucking thing, unable to control the feelings rioting through her. Spit slicked the corners of her mouth as she bounced as best she could against the rattling double frame.

She came and came and came on the awful frame. Her lips were pulled back and her eyes were glazed with lust. She could see Tina hanging there. She could see that her friend was horrified, disgusted at what she saw. But Betti didn’t care as that hard fat cockbone rummaged around her in her ass guts, pushing aside her organs painfully with the forward fuck-thrusts.

Oh God, God, to have two big cocks pushing around in her! Even though Joe’s cock was growing softer by the minute, still it was delicious having two men fucking her at the same time.


Jack shot the remainder of his rum load, slapping her hanging ass with both hands, then finally leaning heavily against her back. She could feel his tongue licking between her jutting shoulder blades as he slowly pulled his prick almost out of her ravaged asshole.

Betti groaned, her body shivering as if he had touched her with those damnable electric needles again. She could feel the hot jizz dribbling down the backs of her thighs while his prickhead remained in her stretched shitter for a second. She could feel the flanged cockhead tugging at her ass ring, making the wrinkled flesh pucker outward as if she were going to take a shit.


Betti’s lips formed a large circle as she felt Jack’s hard cock pop out of her shitter with a squishy sound. Joe had already pulled his cock free and was staggering around, wiping his hands and trying to pull his Levi’s up.

“Hey, Brad, over here. You ain’t tried this one,” Jack said, hiking up his Levi’s and jerking his head in Tina’s direction.

The brunette girl shook her head from side to side, her eyes widening as she looked at the blond boy’s hard, throbbing pride. Having watched the scene in front of him. Brad was more than ready to fuck the hanging girl.

“And she’s all yours,” Jack added, noticing that Joe seemed to have some regrets about having his sister used as meat. “Come on, it’s what we agreed.”

Jack put a restraining hand on his buddy. Joe shook his head, turning away while his sister started screaming. Brad was on top of her, slapping her with one hand while cupping his fingers against her pussy with the other.

“Oh God, God…”

Betti smiled, feeling herself wallowing in the filth these men had created. The sounds of her friend’s screams were like music to her as she hung there, cum dripping from her cunt and asshole. Oh, she had been such a naughty, naughty girl! She had led her friend hear and now reveled in Tina’s cries as she thought again — and again of having been double-fucked by these horny young studs.

“And don’t worry, baby. Like I told you the hot time, I ain’t finished with you and your family yet,” Jack said to Betti.


Kathy sat on the sofa, her knees pressed tightly together as she stared off into the distance. To one side of her, the sound of the steady ticking of the oak grandfather’s dock filled the otherwise silent living room.

She had been thinking about what had happens to her. She could still feel the hot water washing around in her ass guts. She could still feel those hands gripping her, the rough fucking, the shocked feeling she experienced when they told her about her daughter.

But what if they were lying? What if Betti wasn’t involved in all this? That picture could have been faked. Jack and his friends were terribly clever and could have done something like that simply to torment Kathy even more.

Betti — involved with those punks! Impossible, she thought to herself, shaking the loose blonde hair from her eyes. Still, the nagging suspicion hung around her like a cloud.

She had to know. She had to make sure her daughter was free of this… this delightful horror. Delightful? Why couldn’t she keep from smiling just a little as she thought of those feelings that had ravaged her?

Betti had just told her mother she was going over to Tina’s for some studying this evening.

That was odd, Kathy thought, considering she hadn’t heard from her daughter’s friend for nearly a week. Tina was continually calling, tying the phone up for what seemed like hours.

The phone was strangely silent now…

“Okay. Mother, I’m off,” Betti said, hugging her history books to her tits as she came into the living room and gave her mother a kiss on the forehead.

“Say hello to Tina for me,” Kathy said, keeping her voice level.

How she hated doing what she was about to do — spying on her own daughter. They had built up a sense of trust, she thought, throughout the past five years. Her cunt throbbed, her fingers moving in tiny circles around her knees as she became aware of how her clothes pressed deliciously against her nipples and pussy. She was thinking about straightening out her daughter, and acted no better than a street whore, herself.

Kathy shook her head, realizing her breathing had become labored and shallow. She felt her nostrils flaring, as they had when Jack had fucked her. She felt shakier than ever and wondered if she was even capable of doing something like secretly following her daughter. There, the front door clicked shut. Kathy rose, feeling her cuntlips friction against one another as she walked to the front door. Nooo, she had to be stronger than this! She couldn’t collapse or rush upstairs as she wanted to and finger-fuck herself. That was not her style, she thought, rushing through the door and dosing it quietly behind her.

Standing on the unlit porch and peering through the tall bushes on either side of the steps, Kathy caught a glimpse of her daughter walking quickly away. No, that wasn’t the way to Tina’s house. Her heart pounded as she stepped to the sidewalk, keeping well behind Betti. Oh, God in heaven, the girl was heading in the direction of that awful garage!

There had to be some mistake, Kathy told herself, cringing as she followed her daughter down the street. Tina ducked into a side alleyway. Kathy stopped at the alley, clutching her blouse, feeling a warm tear rolling down her cheek. Betti was going there. She knew her daughter was going there to the garage. Jack was right. The picture was real. Her daughter was involved with those horrid youths!

Somehow, Kathy managed to gather up the courage to follow Betti. She would confront them all, threaten them with the police. She didn’t care if they told her daughter about what she’d done and how she’d acted. She had to get Betti out of this mess before it was too late. Creeping forward, she found herself there in the alley behind the garage. There were muted sounds of laughter as the door slammed behind her daughter.

Kathy could wait no longer. She wouldn’t allow this to happen again. Sighing, the woman grabbed the rusty doorknob and twisted it, throwing the door open.

“I know what you’re doing here, Betti — and I’m ashamed of you!”

“Mother! I… I had to come here!” Betti exclaimed, her mind reeling about as she stood there half-naked. Her books were scattered on the floor. “They threatened to hurt Tina, even to hurt you.”

Kathy waved one hand in front of her as she surveyed the young men smirking in front of her. She started to grab at Betti, determined to yank her away from these awful youths. That was when she felt them grabbing her by the shoulders, ripping her away from the girl and throwing her hard against the wall. She could hear Betti screaming. Stunned, Kathy started sinking to the floor, a harsh sharp pain throbbing through her head. She could hear her daughter protesting as someone swaggered up to her. It was that blond be.

“Hey, Brad, you never had a crack at the old lady, did you?” Jack called out, punching Betti between her shoulderblades as she started to rush for her mother.

The girl’s mouth tore open while her knees gave way. She screamed in pain, her body nearly snapping in two as she tumbled to the floor with a loud crash.

When Kathy saw Betti falling to the cement, the woman roused herself and pushed forward, her fingers curling in the air. She would scratch off his face. She would rescue her daughter and herself from these madmen! But Jack was quick, driving his fist into her belly with a sickening thud. Kathy doubled over, the wind whooshing from her lungs as sharp pains throbbed through her stomach. Seeing her mother falling to the floor, Betti rolled onto her ass, elbowing and crawling backward toward the back of the garage.

“Gag her,” Jack ordered.

“No, you don’t understand,” Kathy cried.

“I’m going to take her away from all this!” Jack smirked and sneered, raising his heel up and bringing it down on her fingers. Kathy screamed, springing to life as she felt the tiny bones crushing under the pressing boot. It was all she could do to keep her sanity, her eyes rolling as the pain shot up her arm. She lurched forward, pressing her forehead against Jack’s leg. More pressure. She screamed again, her voice shrilling. He was to break her hand! She could feel the pain throbbing past her crushed knuckles and spasming up her arm. Vainly, the woman tried puling her hand free. “There… now, you feel better?” Jack removed his foot from her hand. Kathy sighed with relief, quickly jerking her hand free and pushing it between her body and arm. How her fingers hurt! She blinked the tears from her eyes, not daring to look her daughter in her eyes. She lay back limply, trying to regain her breath. Betti lay on one side drawing her upper arms slowly over her naked tits. She felt so embarrassed to be exposed like that right in front of her own mother.

“Please, let us go! Let my daughter go, at least. She’s so young, too young for you,” Kathy pleaded.

Betti struggled and screamed, trying to get to her feet as she looked helplessly at her mother. Those stories were true! Her mother really had been involved with these crazy youths, just as she was. They had lured her here, calling her and threatening her with harming her mother when… when her mother was nothing more than a willing slave to them. Betti could have died with shame, thinking of what they probably had done with her mother.

“Hold the bitch there,” Jack said, nodding in the direction of the cringing girl.

The girl felt strong hands gripping her shoulders. Brad ripped off her bra, laughing softly as her big tits flopped loosely against her chest.

Yes, the blond boy had savaged her friend, having beaten Tina across the face until he bloodied her nose before tearing her from the bonds and fucking her mercilessly again and again on the floor. He had fucked her dog-style, raping the girl twice before having thusly finished himself off by cumming in her face.

Through it all, Tina had cried and screamed for help from her impassive brother. No, Joe wouldn’t help, and Betti couldn’t either — just as she couldn’t do one thing right now for her own mother.

“Now, you came here to spy on your daughter right? Or did you want a little action, yourself?” Jack asked, nudging Kathy with the toe of his boot.

Kathy shrank back, grabbing her injured belly and sliding against the wooden wall behind her until her asscheeks pillowed against the supports… She shuddered, her hand jerking a little as she end the towering stud warily. She knew what Jack could do. She had endured him and his cruelty earlier, and now lay aching on the floor, sucking in deep breaths. Jack dragged a chair around, straddling the back and looking down at her, grinning. How she bated that cat’s smile! He was so sure of himself, so arrogant as she trembled like a defeated little animal at his feet! If only she could muster the strength and courage to attack him. Surely she could do that, do that one little thing for her daughter. But when she moved, Kathy felt a killing ache throb through her shoulders and belly. She fell back against the wall, dosing her eyes in defeat. “Why don’t you tell me the truth? I kinda wanna hear about how you were going to sacrifice everything for her sake — some kinda lie like that. Right?”

“No, that’s no lie!” Kathy gasped, looking at her daughter still prone on the floor.

Betti pulled herself up, shaking the stupor from her brain as she looked pleadingly at her mother.

“No, Mother, don’t… don’t say anything, please,” she begged.

“Quiet, you little cock-suckers!” Jack snapped.

“Don’t call her that!” Kathy protested.

Jack pulled a switchblade from his pocket and flicked the weapon open. The woman panicked as Betti screamed and drew back. Joe was behind Betti, reaching down and grabbing her hair only to twist it around and up. The girl’s eyelids fluttered, her body shuddering as if electricity were coursing through it. She kicked out her legs, her arms jerking up as she clawed up at the boy’s hands.

Kathy couldn’t bear to see her daughter suffering that way. She started to crawl up, leaning against the wall behind her while she felt some strength returning to her legs. Betti continued to scream, scratching and beating at the fingers hurting her scalp while her legs buckled under her. Kathy lurched forward, diving at Joe like an avenging tigress. Quick as a striking rattlesnake, Jack kicked the chair against the woman.


Kathy fell back, the top of the chair striking her forehead and leaving a long red mark. She screamed, hearing her daughter crying out again for help as Jack moved quickly once more in front of her. She drew in another ragged breath, trying to regain her balance and judge where the next attack would come from.

The woman screamed as she felt Jack’s fist sweep down and crash against her forehead. She fell back, her body snapping around while her legs slipped out from under her. Jack swung his booted foot back, kicking through a whistling are into Kathy’s face. The woman shouted again, sure she could hear something snapping and breaking inside her skull. The room spun around while her head snapped back. She fell heavily, hardly moving while all sorts of sounds filled her head. Jack nudged Kathy with his foot.

“I told you, you shouldn’t get too involved in this, lady. Now you’re really in for it.” He took the switchblade in one hand again, bringing it up to her face. When Kathy felt something cold pressing against her cheek, she drew back, finding herself eyeing that dreadful blade. She let out a err, inching back until she collapsed against the wall behind her. Someone kicked her again, this time the toe of the black boot bruising her belly. She doubled over, retching and gagging while the room darkened all around her. Kathy fought for consciousness. She had to remain awake for her sake, as well as for her daughter’s.

“No, no, don’t hurt us!” she panted, hardly able to get the words out, Joe and Brad yanked her up from the floor, dragging her to the far end of the garage and keeping her away from her daughter while Jack moved to Betti. Kathy struggled against the pulleys, tears blinding and burning her eyes as she heard her daughter begging Jack not to hurt her. And following every tearing, ripping sound of material, she could hear the girl’s sobs increase until they dissolved into hysterical cries.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

It seemed an eternity. Kathy stood there, her head hanging down while the men held her firmly with both hands. When they finally turned her around, Kathy felt a shiver of horror ripple through her body. There was her daughter, suspended from the ceiling by a larvae rope. Her wrists had been bound together with a smaller piece of line that now cut visibly into the girl’s flesh. Her arms were stretched higher over her head, the long, slim muscles pulled taut while her tits flattened against her upper chest. It was obvious Betti was trying to look as composed and brave as she could, tilting her chin defiantly up. But ripples of fear shivered over her milky flesh, making her terror obvious. Kathy started to move forward but felt the bullys’ hands restraining her.

Jack was to Betti’s right, pushing one hand against the girl’s naked thigh and making her swing. Betti’s jaw slackened, a ripple of pain shooting through her face as her body swung slightly from front to back.

“No, don’t! Don’t touch her! Don’t move her like that!” Kathy protested.

“C’mon, Mrs. Watson,” Joe said, copping a feel of Kathy’s tits. “You knew this was gonna happen, right?”

“And man, the cunts around here are somethin’ else. That Tina, his sister, is one strong, hot fuck,” Brad said, laughing in Kathy’s face.

“You, you animals! And you did this to your own little sister?” Kathy gasped.

“Hey, it’s not like she didn’t like it,” Joe protested.

Kathy shuddered again, her feet slipping on the greasy cracked garage floor. Her only thought now, she felt, should be her daughter.

And now she could see those awful welts and bruises that told her that indeed Betti had been a victim of these young men. When Jack slapped her bare ass hard, squirming two fingers into her shitter, Betti squealed, her legs kicking apart. Spurts of piss shot from her tiny pussy, trickling down through her cunt hair and making the pulleys laugh.

“Scaring the piss out of her. That’s the way I like my women,” Jack snarled.

Kathy nearly fainted when she saw what they were putting her daughter through. Jack was holding something in one hand, something she hadn’t noticed earlier. It was… oh God, a dildo of some sort! It was glistening, gleaming, metallic!

“I don’t mind teachin’ a little cunt like this some respect, and havin’ a good time doin’ it. It’s better to learn this way,” Jack said, wagging the dildo in front of Betti’s face.

Betti was speechless. She watched as Jack donned protective rubber gloves, then pushed the dildo into her daughter’s cunt. Betti’s eyes widened once more, her nostrils flaring while she sucked in an audible ragged breath.

“No, don’t…”

Kathy watched him tying something at the bottom of the dildo. She realized that it was electrified — probably battery operated. It wouldn’t have the shock of a circuit-operated machine. But it could still shock. And shock it did, the electricity making Betti jerk and twist while her knees shivered against one another. Her nipples were swelling, turning a darker red while they stiffened and puckered. One scream after another tore from the girl’s throat as her body danced about, jerking like an out-of-control marionette. She bounced up and down, screaming and begging them to leave her alone. Kathy shuddered, wanting to tear them all apart. But she knew their only hope was for her to remain sane, conscious. She wanted to beg for her daughter. But she knew no one would listen. And so Betti continued to twist and writhe, screaming as she threw her head back and looked wildly at the overhead rafters.

At that point, Kathy noticed Jack’s hard-on. He then turned the switch off for a moment, signaling the others to drag the woman up to her.

“You’ll suck me off while I fuck your daughter with this popping off her cherry.”

“Oh, God!”

It was sick, sadistic, something she expected from the men by now.

“Take off your clothes. I like to see a naked woman suckin’ cock.”

Reluctantly, Kathy shed her clothes, slipping off her bra and stepping from her panties as the men looked on…

“Man she’s almost better than her daughter,” Jack remarked softly pulling his prick from his jeans and letting it stick out like a pole.

“Get down on your knees and suck my cock. And do a good job, or you’ll trade places with your daughter here,” he threatened.

Kathy didn’t even look at her daughter as she dropped to her knees and took his cockhead between her lips. She heard him catch his breath as she flicked her tongue around the sensitive underside of his prick. She knew how to sued cock. Her ex-husband had liked having his cock sucked — almost more, she thought, than sucking and fucking pussy. But this was something new, something different. She was sucking cock while her daughter hung there and watched.

She took Jack’s cock deeper into her mouth, her tongue making strong sweeping licks over the cockhead as she felt his prick pulse faster. “Good head, baby, mood,” he purred.

She could hear her daughter cry out in pain again as a soft buzzing sound reached her ears. He was fucking Betti with that terrible thing, pushing the dildo in deep while Kathy sucked his cock. She had to bring him off fast, or God only knows what would happen to Betti. She bobbed her head back and forth, her big tits slapping softly against one another as he rocked his hips from side to side.

Betti was screaming even louder as Kathy felt the sour saute of jizz spatter over her tongue and slime her throat. Gagging, she still swallowed Jack’s rum, hearing her daughter’s cries slacken off.

Thank goodness she thought, feeling his prick soften between her lips. Thank goodness this was over.


Jack had finally pulled that dreadful dildo from Betti’s cunt. Kathy could see with some relief he hadn’t popped her daughter’s cherry — not yet, at least. Jack had let Betti fall to the ground, having untied the restraints that bound her wrists to the overhead dangling rope. She fell to the floor, her body shaking with awful sobs.

“Please, no more, no more, I can’t move,” the girl cried.

Jack grinned down at the helpless girl, nudging her with his toe, then turning to the hapless mother, who was still wiping his cum from her lips.

“Here, you beat some sense into her,” he said, handing Kathy his belt.

Kathy looked at him, wrinkling her forehead and feeling as if he had just asked her something in Russian. Cocking her head to one side, she stared uncomprehendingly at the young man, feeling a little sick. She knew she wasn’t capable of such cruelty to anyone, especially her own daughter.

“You heard me, you beat the little slut!” Jack hissed, her eyes narrowing. “Or I’ll do it. And you know what I can do.”

Standing there, hesitating, Kathy knew she could only cause her daughter more harm if she didn’t obey Jack. Her fingers closed about the belt buckle, feeling the cold through her fingers. It was an awful sensation, one that made her a little wild and queasy at the same time. Betti was looking tap through her tousled blonde hair, staring wild-eyed at her mother. An uneasy feeling churned in the pit of Kathy’s belly. She raised the belt, cocking her arm, then brought the leather down sharply across her daughter’s bare back. Screaming from the pain, Betti jerked her legs outward and rolled onto her back.

“That’s the way! Harder, harder!” Jack demanded while the other guys drew close.

Kathy stepped forward, spreading her legs apart a little farther for support as she looked into Jack’s eyes and thought he resembled an attacking wolf. She had to do it.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Betti,” the woman murmured.

She brought the belt down again, this time the black leather cracking across the girl’s naked tits. Betti shrieked, her body jerking and twitching as she crawfished back to get away from her mother. Kathy followed, bringing the belt down repeatedly.

Again and again, the belt whistled through the air, smashing against the girl’s reddening flesh and bringing out more purple welts. Each time, the girl cried out in an agonized scream, crawling on all fours, doing anything to get away from the hurting belt.

Jack encouraged the woman, kicking her at times, goading her with obscene remarks.

“That’s it! Whip that little bitch! Harder and faster, slut! Remember, she brought this on herself,” Jack reminded the mother. “And remember, she’s here ’cause she wanted to be here. Make the little bitch know she’s gettin’ a beating!”

It was incredible! Soon Kathy found herself caught up in the contagious sadism of the perverts around her. As much as she tried to resist, she found herself catching the fever of this hellish excitement. For a change, she was inflicting punishment on some poor soul, even if that soul happened to be her own daughter. “Agh! No more, Mother. Oh God, no more!” Betti begged.

But Kathy discovered she couldn’t stop. The excitement poured through her like liquid fire, inflaming her veins as she smacked the black leather again and again against her own daughter. She felt a warm flush flooding her cheeks while flames of incredible goodness licked up her thighs and up into her cunt. Her arm rose and fell faster and faster as she slashed the leather belt against Betti’s flesh.

The girl’s shrill screams of pain were intoxicating. Shaking the hair from her eyes, Kathy followed her crawling, sobbing daughter around the garage floor, spit frothing around her mouth as she hammered the belt like a whip against the girl’s vulnerable flesh.

“Okay, lady, okay, that’s enough. You don’t wanna kill her, do you?” Jack said, grinning.

Kathy stopped, her arm hanging down, the belt trailing on the floor like a huge black tongue. She stood there like a dumb animal waiting to be ordered about.

There was something shoved in her cunt now. Looking down, Kathy saw it was the same dildo that had tormented her daughter. But now when Jack turned on the switch something more than simple pain shot through her.

She dropped the belt, falling to her knees as her head dropped backward. Shocks filled her cunt, shocks that made her clit twitter while her big tits stood out.


He had on those rubber gloves again, gloves that made sure he wouldn’t get shocked while the low current bit into her swelling cuntlips.

Kathy sank to the floor, her body swaying drunkenly as she started to bite into her lower lip. Groans of anguish and delight seeped from her throat. Jack followed her down, keeping his hands on the dildo, then taking it out and flicking it off. Kathy fell forward, catching herself just in time before striking the cold floor. A low groan came from the crumpled body of her daughter.

“So, I see the little cock-sucker’s coming back alive. Not bad, baby. You got a good old lady here. She knows how the fuck to beat a little snot like you.”

Kathy knelt there, glad that her daughter was recovering. She looked at the young men around her and felt her anger rising like lava. How she would punish them for all this, punish them in a war they would never forget! But for now, she had to be silent, to give in to these animals. “Please, please…”

Betti was stirring on the floor. She was still dazed by her ordeal, her hands tentatively rubbing over her sore, injured flesh as she curled her legs up into a fetal position and hugged her knees.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” Kathy sobbed.

“Don’t touch me!” Betti shrieked, dragging her welt-covered body away from her mother.



The men laughed at the exchange, Jack pushing Kathy down to the floor while he moved up to Betti and slapped her hard across the mouth.

“That’s no way to talk to your old lady,” he said with a hard laugh. “You gotta show some respect. Shit, after everything we’ve done to you, I thought you would’ve shown at least that, especially to her.”

Betti lay there mute, her mind racing out of control. She felt nothing but hatred and fear as she scanned all those around her. Jack was nudging her again, pressing his boot toe up against her inner thigh. Betti could see her mother’s worried look as she knelt there on the floor, covering her mouth in shame and horror.

It was when the hard black leather pressed against her pussy that the girl crawfished back, beating her hands against the offending boot.

Jack kept pursuing her while the others watched with growing interest. Her bare ass skinned across the uneven floor, her hands reaching back while tiny whimpering sounds escaped from her throat.

“Please, no… don’t…” She shook her head form side to side, swinging her arms back a little farther. When Jack kicked her cunt lightly with his boot at her protest, Betti jerked backward, fireworks going off in her head. The girl ached from her pussy to her shitter from that blow. She wanted to crawl away and hide, to rub the sore spot still aching from the booting. But Jack obviously had something else in mind.

“Come on, baby, that’s the way, crawl, crawl,” he whispered.

The next time, the boot missed its target, whistling past her cunt and catching the girl in the ribs. Betti let out a howl, rolling onto her belly as she stretched out her hands and tried crawling away.

“Oh God, no, don’t… don’t… uhhh!”

Betti heard a hard slap following her mother’s second protest and guessed one of the men had silenced her. She deserved it, Betti thought glumly, remembering what Kathy had done to her. Betti was on her own now. On her own, fighting for life and her cherry. And when she felt his boot wedging between her asscheeks, the toe bruising her asshole, Betti let out another cry: “Ohhhhh, no, no, no!”

“Let’s get her up again. C’mon, Joe forget the old bird for a while. You can get her to suck your cock later.”

There was no elaborate tying scheme this time. Joe was too used by the thought of fucking Kathy to do a good job. Still, he followed orders, grabbing Betti from behind and dragging the screaming teenager backward until she felt her spine crashing against one of the support beams in the garage. In a moment, Betti found herself standing, her heels pressed against the base of the support while Joe quickly bound her wrists to the wood. Betti cringed as she felt the line biting into her bruised wrist flesh.

Joe swore at the loss of time with Kathy, kneeling behind the complaining teenager and roping her ankles tightly against the support beam. He was purposely twisting the rope around more tightly, digging the hemp into her flesh and making her writhe her shoulderblades and ass against the wooden beam. Her legs and thighs hurt, and the wood pressed uncomfortably into her back. She felt her asscheeks clenching against the splintery wood as Joe finished his job and rose, pinching her right nipple for added fun.


“Better than playin’ around in the school pool, right, man?”

“Yeah. Always wanted to fuck around with these two,” Joe said, wiping his nose with one finger.

Betti was disgusted. To think all those times she had visited Tina, Joe was plotting… this! Jack was busy in one corner of the garage, returning and producing something in his right hand that made the blonde teenager blink uncomprehendingly at first. She saw several brightly colored objects lying next to one another. Narrowing her eyes and blinking them dear, Betti realized they were long firecrackers. “This’ll make you think twice about talkin’ back to your old lady. That means you could finally wind up talkin’ back to us, and that ain’t good.”

“No, no, I’m sorry, no, no!” she babbled, rocking her body as best she could, her flesh bulging out over the rope bonds.

She trembled and strained, bawling with horror as Jack took one of the firecrackers and twisted it in slowly, slowly, screwing the cylinder into her cunt. The girl felt her pussy go into tremors of need, the tiny muscles spasming and rippling with delight. Betti threw back her head, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe this! They were going to destroy her cherry, her last bastion of innocence. Her heart beat wildly while her pulse exploded in her skull. A second pushing sensation in her asshole told the girl she was finished. Jack was inserting two firecrackers into her shitter, pushing them deep into her ass until only the long white wicks remained dangling out.

For good measure, he inserted a second firecracker into her pussy, just below the first one.

“Now, then, we watch,” Jack said.

Betti jerked her head around and saw Joe had her mother down on the floor, the woman’s head bobbing back and forth in a rhythm Betti sadly knew too well.

“No, please, oh don’t…”

Her voice grew weaker as her pussy muscles worked over the firecrackers, the movement drawing them in an inch while juice started to wet down the gunpowder. Oh, if only she could extinguish the fire before it got started, she would save herself. Betti concentrated, her face darkening as Jack flicked open his lighter and lit the two wicks in her cunt.


It wasn’t working. The flame was too hot, too intense. She could feel the shower of sparks raining into her pussy. At nearly the same time, Betti felt something terribly hot and stinging on her asscheeks. Yes, yes, he had lit the wicks of the firecrackers shoved up in her asshole! Two fires, both of them bright and hot, were roaring to her goals.

Betti bawled and screamed, her toes curling against the cold concrete while her hair splashed over her narrow shuddering shoulders. Her tits giggled against one another while her thighs ridged, the flames growing closer and closer to her ass and cunt.

“Ahhhh, owwwwwwww!”

The fires were rapidly approaching their destinations now. The heat was spreading across the girl’s lower ass slope and singeing her asscrack. At the same time, Betti could smell the pungent aroma of her cunt hairs as several of them burned and blackened from the approaching heat. She banged her head against the beam behind her, her wrists slipping in blood as she pulled insanely against the rope bonds. In the end Betti tensed, her mouth moving in prayer as the heat penetrated her pussy and shitter like a licking, tingling tongue.

For a moment, she thought the wicks might not work. The sparking fires sputtered, hesitated for a moment. Perhaps her ass and cunt had made the gunpowder in the firecrackers too moist for ignition. But then the flames sprang back into life.

“No… owwwwwww!”

Four sharp bangs, one following atop the other, echoed through the garage, followed by Betti’s ear-shattering shrieks.

Thousands of fiery needles ripped through her pussy and asshole, making her body bounce violently against the support beam. She jerked her hips while the scalding fire began to ignite more of her cunt hairs.

Jack laughed, putting out the small flames with the back of his right hand. But Betti continued to feel the agony long after the fires had been extinguished. She screamed and flinched, letting out another loud shattering cry before she slumped forward in a faint.

Joe threw water over her body and she awoke with a start. Her mother, she saw, was on the floor, creamy cum drooling from her halfopened mouth.

Jack reached between Betti’s thighs, sticking two fingers up into her cunt and feeling the bunched cherry flesh with the callused tips.

“Damn! That’s one strong cherry, baby. Gotta take it!”

“No, no, don’t!”

He unfastened her wrists, making sure the ropes around her ankles still held. Backing away, Jack let the girl fall to the floor, her legs drawn back behind her. Betti managed to catch herself before her head struck the cement, her arms hurting from the resulting fall. Jack was behind her in a moment, stroking her sides with his hands, his fingers caressing her thighs until he came down to her ravaged ass. Reaching around, the pulled the blackened firecrackers from her pussy and shitter, making the girl wince with pain. She was so sore there, so very sore.

“Okay, baby,” Jack said.

She heard his pants coming down, felt the weight of his body pressing against hers as he held her and started jabbing his prickhead up against her cunt. Betti flinched as the pounding cock struck her cunt again and again in spite of her violent protests. Jack held her hard, his hands reaching around and squeezing her tits while his hips drove in inexorably. She could feel her pussy widening, the tender cuntlips stretching itchily as the mushroom-shaped cockhead fucked in.

Betti opened her mouth as if that would ease his prick in. She gasped, feeling his cockmeat burning through her body, touching her cunt. It was so odd having something that big, that hard, that hot burrowing into her pussy.

And then the pain began, more concentrated than the pain from that awful set of firecrackers had been. She threw back her head, a long low moan escaping from between her lips as her muscles bulged against her sweaty flesh. Her hair matted over her face as she gave another moan.

She felt something tearing deep in her pussy, something ripping in two, and she knew exactly what it was. Screaming, trying to pull her ankles from the rope still holding them to the support beam, Betti felt her cherry tearing.

“Yeah, man, she’s doin’ it! Man, I’m inside!” Jack growled, tossing his head and fucking his cock all the way into the girl’s pussy. “God… oh, God!” Kathy cried, covering her face and rocking back and forth as she finally came to and saw her daughter being raped in front of her. “No, no…” Betti let her head drop down, her fingers clawing at the floor while that rodding cockmeat frictioned again and again through her newly plowed cunt. The awful hurt, the throbbing pain drove up into her brain. Now all her defenses were gone. She was nothing more than a slut, just like all the whores she had looked down on earlier. He was all the way in her cunt now, his balls slapping up against her ass while his fingers pinched and crimped her nipples.

When Betti groaned in protest, Jack only laughed, fucking her harder, rocking his hips from side to side so she could feel his cockbone more. The girl sobbed again, biting down on her lower lip until she could taste blood. Yes, oh God as she could feel something else happening to her, something so shameful she could have laughed with embarrassment. Lust, good hard lewd lust was boiling in her, taking her breath away as she crouched there dog-style, being fucked by Jack. Yes, yes, he was raping her just as Tina had been raped earlier. Only now Betti realized how much fun it could be, in spite of the pain. The young girl found herself enjoying the horror, wallowing in the degradation as she pushed back and rolled her ass hungrily against his flat, rippling belly.

“Hey, the little slut digs it! Man, that’s it!” he exclaimed, slapping her ass hard with his opened hand and fucking in all the way. “That’s it, baby! Roll that sweet ass up against me.” Lust boiled up in her like lava while her clit was stung with another round of spasms. His prick ground her insides. The bruising, ramming cock tore at her clit in a seemingly endless attack as he fucked farther into her snugging cunt.

Jack thrust down, his body hugging hers while he grabbed both tits and squeezed and kneaded them.

She could tell he was firing his cum load into her pussy. Throwing back her head again, she felt her cunt aching while her clit shivered and shuddered. She exploded, feeling herself become one hot, wet, milking cunt. Her belly ballooned out while her thighs tensed until they cramped. Gouts of his cum sizzled through her bubbling cunt, burning into her pussy walls like acid as the two of them grunted and came together.


Betti had been fucked by the hardest, stiffest, biggest cock in the world. Or so it had seemed. Of course, she thought with a secret smile, she was so dumb about things like this. She wasn’t as experienced as some girls at school, not even as experienced as her mother.

Her mother. Betti’s lips turned downward immediately into a deep frown. She sighed, shaking the hair from her eyes and looked down at the pink froth still wet between her legs. Jack had raped her, torn her cherry in that foul way.

And still, she couldn’t hate him — not the way she hated her mother now.

The boys had something else in store for the women. The tall blond called Brad had been left out of the fun — or so he complained. Jack acknowledged this, slapping his buddy on the back and turning Betti over to him. Brad stood in front of her now, scratching his head, looking down at her ankles still bound tightly to the support beam. Betti tugged at the ropes, stretching one hand tentatively back to try to untie them. Brad brought his foot down, crushing her fingers under the heel and making her cry out in agony. The pain shot up her arm, making her body shiver while hot tears rolled down her flushed cheeks. He kicked her hand back, pressing his filthy heel against her face and pushing her head back to the floor.

“Hey, take it easy, man, you don’t wanna break the toy, do you?” Jack asked, putting a restraining hand on his buddy’s chest.

“I wanna try that crank generator. Yeah, that one,” Brad said, rubbing his crotch and looking down at the trembling girl.

Brad had been something of an unknown, a boy in the background. In all the madness going on, Betti had even thought of him as being less harmful than the others. She soon learned otherwise.

Jack pulled out two beers, opening both and giving one to Joe while Brad took the small hand-cranked generator and put it down to the right of the girl. Betti watched, remembering the clamps earlier that attached her to the car battery. When she tried to move again, he backhanded her, his knuckles knocking her hard against the chin and stunning her. Groaning, the young girl rolled halfway to her right side, her legs folding over one another as Brad untangled the black electric wires and stretched them over her body.

One, two, then three wires were clamped to her inner thighs. She looked down with widened eyes, her pulse leaping as she saw the small black pads near her cunt. How it still ached from the firecrackers and the fucking. And now this? She brought her hands down again.

“Damn! Somebody hold the bitch back while I wire her up,” Brad said.

Jack reluctantly put down his half-empty beer, producing a pair of steel cuffs and slipping them onto the girl’s chafed wrists. How they hurt! The steel bit into her bruised flesh, drawing out more pain while her arms remained pulled behind her back. She was trapped face down, helpless as before. Brad grunted approvingly, sticking two wires up into her shitter, then drawing out two more black damps and pushing Betti over roughly onto her back.

“What are you doing to my daughter?”

Kathy rasped.

“Playin’ chess. Hey man, hook up this slut, too. Let’s watch ’em both wiggle around,” Jack suggested, swallowing the rest of his beer.

Joe followed Jack, walking a little unsteadily up to Kathy and reaching down for her wrists.

The woman protested, drawing away from him, her jaw still aching from the mouth-fucking she had endured. Joe grabbed her wrists firmly while Jack took the rope that had held her daughter’s hands, binding the woman quickly like a roped calf. He soon had her on her belly, one foot planted firmly between her shoulder blades while he finished tying the line around her wrists. Kathy let out a groan of defeat, staring angrily at the men over her and wishing she could reach a knife — something that would even the score.

“Here, drag her over here,” Brad said, pulling out two more wires and handing them to Joe.

Kathy grimaced. Joe was stepping on her thighs, threatening to crush her legs with his boots if she moved while Jack snapped two dips on either side of her clit. She brought her head down, biting her lip, knowing now she was hooked up to the transformer attached to her daughter.

“Now, this is almost better than the battery,” Brad said, taking the crank in one hand. “You get a lot more wattage and amperage from this direct current, and it makes ’em feel it real good.”

Betti lay there breathless, feeling the clamps biting into her body like tiny animals nibbling at her tits, cunt and asshole. She remembered being wired up before, squirming in pain and pleasure atop the car while those wires beat against her wriggling body. It was happening all over again. But this time, Brad had implied there would be more pain. In a moment she knew what he meant.

She watched the big fingers strip the handle watched the small dial move around, once, then felt knives tearing through her muscles. It was the worst agony she had experienced yet! Betti screamed, arching her spine and beating the back of her skull against the floor while her arms and legs jerked frantically against the restraining bonds. She screamed until her throat throbbed, spit frothing on her lips while her eyes bugged out.

Shocks ripped at her tits while her bowels cramped horribly under the electric attack.

And then it was over. Betti fell back exhausted to the floor, dragging in raspy lung full of air as her vision came back. It was there she realized her mother was moaning as well, her body jerking and twitching like a speared fish inches from her. She tea had been wired to the hand-crank generator.

“No more, oh God, no more,” Betti sighed.

But that was simply a cue for Brad to get on with it. He turned the crank again, sending more voltage into their bodies. Both women jerked obscenely on the floor, their bodies writhing and snapping uncontrollably.

Betti felt her bones throbbing as if they would shatter from the pressure and pain. Her joints ached while her flesh felt as if it were on fire and being peeled from her muscles. She howled in agony, her mouth a torn-open scar while she pulled against the rope holding her to the support beam.

Brad looked at the two women with growing interest, twisting the crank around and around faster and faster. They shrieked and shrilled more loudly, their bodies twisting and jumping more frenziedly against the cold concrete floor. Betti felt shocks jolting her clit while her ass guts seemed to catch fire and burn up and out to her shitter. She farted continually, piss spraying from her fuck-hole and shorting out the wires jiggling around her cunt. Her lips had turned purple and diamonds of spit stood on her chin and cheeks. Cunt juice speckled and dried on her tense, rippling thighs while the searing pain ripping her insides apart made her scream more loudly than ever.

Betti could hear her mother shrieking, her cries becoming more and more plaintive as the amperage burned through her flesh. Betti tried looking at the woman by her side. But the agony kept Betti flat against the floor, beating her body against the concrete.

Brad was turning the crank around faster and faster now, sweat dripping from his forehead, Kathy had arched her spine and lay bridged over the floor. She shivered, her body growing so taut the men thought it would snap in two. Her muscles were hard as steel, shivering and rippling against her sweaty-damp flesh while sparks flashed occasionally from her purplish nipples. Her eyes were wild, wide, rolled up in her head until only the whites showed while her tongue lolled over her lips. It was impossible to know whether she was conscious or not. The electricity had taking over all control, surging her body while her cries had turned into gagged, strangled moans.

Betti still fought that awful current blasting into her. But she felt something odd happening to her again, the same sort of thing that had happened with the firecrackers. Her cunt clinched, moved and twisted like a fist as if… as if she were being fucked by a long, hard, thick prick. Betti wailed pain stalking her like a wild animal while her cunt jerked and spasmed in climax. It was a wonderful feeling, the orgasm intensified by the agony sparking through her electrocuted body. She shuddered, jerking against the rope holding her down while the smell of her burning flesh excited her.

Brad was excited, turning the crank faster until his hand was a whir.

Betti thought her skull would explode. She could feel her flesh sizzling while her cunt surged to orgasm one more time. Her mother’s cries were no more than a faded memory as she jerked and twisted in an obscenely erotic rhythm to the burning amperage.

Brad’s balls ached. Quickly, he shut the machine down, puling off the wires while the girl rolled back and forth, screaming and crying out after feeling the current stop, Betti sobs and cries only aroused him more as he pulled down his jeans and knocked her knees apart.

After having fucked her mother in the mouth, the blond youth was excited once again by the thrashing, wailing, tortured girl.

“No!” Betti cried out.

Brad impaled her pussy, his hands squeezing her injured nipples while he fucked his cock deep, ripping through her bruised cunt and stinging her clit. The itching, aching force of her climax spread through her pussy. Betti scratched her fingers against the floor, feeling her body shuddering as his prick struck her clit again and again like a hammer.

“Yagh! Yagh! Ugh!”

His prick was grinding her insides, pounding her pussy while gouts of his cum spilled into her guts. Betti shouted, feeling her orgasm peak.

Oh God, God in heaven, this was so much better than anything she had ever felt in her life! Why in God’s name had she fought it for so long? She came and came and came, wishing the fucking would never end.


Betti’s climax had peaked like a thunderbolt, the power of it shattering her mind and making her twist like a rutting animal in the gutter. But that was some time ago. Betti had had time to think since then. She had quivered with a wild ecstasy, her cunt sparking while her nerve endings were quivering with the memory of that awful electric torture. Now it was over.

She lay huddled in one corner of the darkened garage, ropes binding her wrists and ankles together while a rubber ball gag had been stuffed in her mouth, secured with a leather thong. Jack had wanted that. Be said it turned him on, seeing her tied up. Betti didn’t doubt it. But what else could he do to her? He had fucked her so many times, had beaten her, degraded her. Surely he would tire of her and let her go.

Her mother? Betti cleared her mind, trying to think about Kathy, and finding only a blank there. Had they let her mother go? No. She didn’t think so. They had roped Betti while her mother lay groaning in pain on the floor, shoving her behind this partition and slamming the door. Would they forget her? She doubted that…

Things were not going well for Kathy, either. Unlike her daughter, the woman was the focus of much attention right now. They had left her on the floor for the moment, while they tied up Betti and dragged her off to the corner.

In that small period of time, Kathy had managed to creep toward the side door. She saw it was unlocked. Yes, she could get through it, maybe run for help. She no longer thought about the scandal that would follow her discovery. Just getting out, getting help was the only thing that mattered. She let out a sigh, stretching one hand up and touching the brass knob with her fingertips. There! It was turning. “Ow!”

Jack had caught her. He had purposely left the door unlocked that way to give her false hope. That, perhaps, was the worst torture of all. She drew back, crawfishing away from him as best she could.

“You think you can get away from us… with your daughter here? You’d leave her alone with us? I doubt it,” he sneered.

Kathy tried to rise to her feet, but fell back, her muscles weak. Jack saw her weakness and laughed, pleased with what he’d accomplished.

“The daughter’s okay for now. Grab this slut while I get some things ready,” Jack said to the other boys.

Kathy’s head lolled, her will and strength ebbing once more. Joe and Brad dragged her forward, more willing to obey Jack now that they each had had turns fucking the women.

There were clattering sounds coming from the other end of the building, where Jack had disappeared. He returned. At first, Kathy thought of more electrical torture of more beatings. But no, this was different. She looked more closely, leaning forward while the youths still held her tightly around the upper arms. It was a kind of stove, the outdoor kind, but more antiquated than anything she’d seen in the stores.

“Bought this at a swap meet last month,” Jack explained, setting up the device.

Now Kathy could see a scoop-like compartment under the pot-like trough where charcoal rattled about. There was a small canister of sterno, something Jack checked then opened.

Immediately, she caught the smell of flowing gasoline. In a second a flame was lit and the coals started to come alive. Joe and Brad dragged her back to the wall where a pair of wrist shackles hung three feet from the cement floor. They manacled her to the wall, watching as Jack pulled out three long branding irons. Kathy squirmed, her mind whirling as she focused on the pot and the awful irons inside. “The iron hot enough?” Joe asked, his lips curling into a grin.

Kathy looked up and saw his face change in that moment from a her’s to a man’s. Jack had done his dirty work. He had turned this teenager into a maniac, just like him. She shuddered, hearing the iron hissing against the side of the bowl as Jack dragged it up by the wrapped handle. She could smell the odor of the hot iron. She choked, knowing what they were about to do.

“You know, sometimes it really helps if a broad’s got something to remember us by. I think I’ve got just the ticket right here,” Jack said, nodding toward the burning pot.

“Oh no, no!”

Branded! They were going to brand her! Kathy felt she wouldn’t survive this kind of torture. Her hell on earth would be over, she thought, wondering what would happen to her daughter if she were to die right now. Jack’s boots scraped the floor, the walls echoing his footsteps. She wondered if her daughter would be able to hear her final screams as the iron burned into her flesh. He looked at her, turned, then picked up the first branding iron. The tip was glowing red, the heat radiating to her face. Kathy licked her lips, her eyes wide with fright while her heart beat so hard she thought it would tear through her ribcage.

“Now, where do I put it?”

“No, no! Don’t touch me with that! Oh please, God in heaven, don’t touch me with that!”

But he had already decided. He passed the glowing iron over her head, then brought it down to her asscheeks. He held it five inches from her supple, meaty buns. She broke out into a sweat puling at the manacles that chewed into her wrist flesh. Her forehead wrinkled while a cry caught in her throat.

How strange that now, just as she teetered on the brink of death, her pussy seemed to be glowing nearly as hotly as that branding iron dangling over her ass. She could feel a climax rapidly building. Jack had found her weakness early and was exploiting it.


The cry was for herself, as well as for the maniac about to brand her. Her eyes widened, her skin crawling with excitement as well as terror. Had she crossed that forbidden line, the line she had always known was there?

She wiggled back against the wall, her wrists twisting in the manacles as her eyes followed that glowing rod carefully. The iron shaft swung over her lower spine. Kathy cringed as Jack traced the swells of her ass with the tip of the poker. He dropped it down another inch, the glowing heat now reddening her ass flesh. She tried squirming away. But there was no place to bide. She sobbed again, her tits aching and throbbing while her nipples tingled. There was a riot of hellish desire, a lust that knew no morals as she hung there on the wall.

Jack’s cock was straining, pushing against his Levi’s while he swung the iron closer to her bare ass. At one time, she thought he would brand her ass. But then he brought the red tip up to her face, threatening to blind her with one touch.

“She’s a little whore, starved for cock. Right, pulleys?” Jack said with an awful laugh.

Before they had a chance to answer, he reached down, grabbing her cunt with one hand. He pressed his thumb down until he was massaging both her asshole and pussy. That glowing branding iron was drawing closer to her ass again. She bit her tongue to hold back the screams. The tip came closer, less than half an inch from her ass flesh. She breathed more deeply, her chest heaving as a bright red spot appeared on one of her shivering buns.

Jack hesitated only for a moment, then he brought the rod down all the way and let it rest against her sizzling flesh.

“Aiyseesee! Eseeseeseer!” Kathy screamed, feeling the burning heat blaze through her ass flesh. He was destroying her, setting her on fire with the dreadful thing as she flinched and gasped with the awful agony. She could hear the hissing sounds of the hot poker against her flesh. Oh God, it was awful, worse than she could have imagined! Kathy pressed her body against the wall, straining at the manacles. Spasms racked her cunt while the awful burning pain in her ass increased.

Jack paused, moving the poker over to the other asscheek and watching her closely before bringing down the slightly cooled iron against her flesh.


Kathy screamed until her throat was raw.

Thrashing like a wild woman she yanked on the manacles again, swearing and sobbing as tears ran from her eyes. Her naked ass shook while a storm of wild climaxes soared through her cunt.

Jack snorted with disgust kicking her around until her body twisted, revealing her branded buns. Stretching her asscheeks apart with one hand, he brought the poker around, the tip now relatively cooled from its former high temperature.

“Here, take it, bitch. You want cock so bad? You got something here a lot stiffer and hotter.” Kathy gagged, spit welling up in the back of her throat and choking her as she felt his fingers rudely spreading her asscheeks. It was there, that burning iron, pressed against her asshole! Only this time it wasn’t nearly as hot as before. Still, the woman cried out, her legs shooting apart as the hot metal rod fucked in.


Kathy’s body jerked and twisted, the pain lingering. It worked like a taunting lover, making her pussy drool and the lust surge while her ass gobbled up more and more of the hot poker. Her tiny clit jerked and twitched, her thighs rolling and twisting as one wave after another of mind-splitting climax shot through her.

The awful poker stabbed her ass guts again and again, making the woman gag and whine. Her cunt itched and spasmed again as the metal rod slowed down in its fucking. Finally, the iron cooled to her body temperature.

Two large red marks appeared on her asscheeks, souvenirs of what had happened.

Joe and Brad disappeared for a moment, returning with Betti.

“Oh God, Mother!”

They forced the girl to stare at her mother’s branded ass while they tugged at her ropes, “Okay, bitch, see your old lady? You can thank God we didn’t get to you yet. But we’ve got more time later for both of you and that little slut of a sister you got, too, Joe,” Jack said, nudging his buddy in the ribs.

The stink of fucking was like a heavy perfume in the old garage as the women dragged themselves to the door dressed in what ragged garments they had left. The boys pushed them out, laughing and swearing as they slammed the door shut. Kathy braced herself against the garbage cans behind the building, her clothes rubbing painfully against the recently burned areas of her ass. Betti was crying softly on the other side of the alleyway, her knees giving way.

“No, don’t, don’t give in,” Kathy whispered, rushing to her daughter’s side.

The move caused her some pain. But she couldn’t let the girl surrender like this.

“You’ve got to be strong,” she whispered.

Betti nodded her head, acknowledging her mother’s advice. Yes, she would be strong, strong as her mother.

They had survived, with their sensibilities intact, and that was all that mattered at the moment. There would be time later to deal with the strange and dark passions the boys had awakened in them.

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