Rubber pants and collar

As the limousine pulled through the London streets, David wondered how this
weekend would live up to the start it had. He was, of course, rock hard in
his rubber underwear, and lying with his head in his Mistress’ lap wasn’t
helping. ‘Stop here!’ she called out to the driver, and stepped out into
the street, pulling him with her. She walked across the street to what was
clearly a sex shop, ringing on the door to get in. As they went in, David
saw row upon row of fetish clothes; rubber, leather, uniforms, harnesses,
and a large section of butt plugs, strap-ons, vibrators and other toys.
David felt himself instinctively tighten his ass round the butt plug deep
inside him, feeling it move as he did.

Karen walked straight over to a row of studded collars. Taking one down
from the row, she called out ‘present!’. David looked at the staff and
other shoppers ‘What, here?’ Karen just stared sternly at him, and
realising that these was no discussion, walked over to her and kneeled at
her feet. Karen raised her hand and slapped him sharply across the face,
drawing curious looks from the other shoppers. ‘Never question my orders,
especially not in public. Do you understand?’ ‘Yes Cerise’ he responded

Leaning down she put the collar around his neck, fitting it tightly, high
above his shirt collar. Clipping a black leather leash to it, she leant
down to his ear. As a proper punishment for your disobedience, you will
shop with me as my pet dog. On your hands and knees, always with your head
at my knee. Understand?’ David could not believe his ears, but now knew
better than to argue. ‘I do, Cerise’ Karen tugged on the leash, and
brought David up to the front of the shop, where a woman wearing black with
multiple piercings in her face was behind the counter. ‘ I need to buy some
more suitable clothes for my slave here’ she said. ‘Can you show us around?’

They toured the shop, David erect and excited by being so degraded in
public. They bought three corsets for Karen, one in leather, one in latex,
and one more of a harness in leather, with steel rings. Then they moved to
the mens section. Karen picked out two latex hoods, one with a ball gag,
and one with some sort of opening to allow the wearer to drink from it. She
bought a full leather harness, a Chastity belt, and a number of rubber
garments which he couldn’t quite see – but Karen and the assistant seemed to
be very excited by them.

Finally they were ready to pay. As they did, Karen passed over a number of
larger butt plugs, commenting that David was wearing one already, but she
wanted to have a variety, and to make them larger as the weekend wore on.
The assistant beamed to hear that he was already wearing one, and to David’s
horror, was positively ecstatic at Karen’s suggestion that she replace the
one he had in for a larger one there. The assistant bustled them into the
back room, and Karen undid his trousers, commanding him to assume the
position. Bending forward, clutching his ankles, he felt the assistant
pulling the back of the tight rubber pants down. The butt plug was snugly
between his butt cheeks, and he gasped as the assistant roughly pulled it
from his ass. He wimpered slightly as his ass was lubed up again, her long
fingers reaching inside his ass, pushing against his prostate. As the
withdrew them, she stroked his perineum, then gave it a sharp pinch, and he
winced, but moaned too, finding pleasure more than pain. The new plug slid
quite easily into his well lubed ass, but he felt fuller than before as the
larger plug sat in his ass.

‘May I use your bathroom?’ Karen asked the assistant. ‘Of course, it’s just
in there.’ She replied. Karen flicked the leash, and David followed on all
floors, his trousers left in a heap on the floor. As they entered the
bathroom, Karen lifted the skirt she was wearing, revealing her shaven
pussy, and squatted over the toilet, as there was no seat, letting go a
strong stream of pee into the bowl. As the flow slowed and stopped, she
stepped off the toilet. ‘I can finish properly, squatting like this, so you
had better help me’, grasping his head she pulled it towards her pussy. He
fastened his lips over her pussy, and it was just a moment before he felt a
quick burst of hot salty liquid into his mouth. Swallowing quickly, he only
just tasted the salty, buttery slightly acid tang. Three more quick spurts,
and he had a good mouthful, which he swallowed bit by bit, then moved to
clean up the rest of his Mistress’ pussy.

Flicking the leash again, they were off. ‘You may walk on your two feet now’
she commanded as they left the shop, but kept the leash held discreetly as
they crossed the road and got back into the limousine. ‘Now we are better
prepared for some of our fun’ The car sped on to a weekend that David would
never forget…