Sex with Minnesota Twins

Dear Idiot,

How are you? Never mind I don’t care, I just want to write
you and complain about something that you wrote to a
newsgroup that I found on google. I recently found your
stories on the usenet, and even though they completely
suck, I did a search to find more to read. Well, I saw a
post by you on
called “Minnesota Twins.”

Man, am I pissed off. It was about some stupid, pathetic
baseball team. I would call it something else too, but you
seemed to have said it all with that. It wasn’t at all
about sex nor did I see anything about any twins. No hot
blonde twins. No hot redhead twins. No hot latina twins.
Nothing. Just baseball. You get me all hot and bothered
about screwing a couple of hot twin girls and you give me

Let me tell you about when I got to screw TWO sets of hot
twins, one night at my frat house. Then maybe you can get
some idea on how to write a story you shell headed freak!

We were boozing it up as we usually do on Wednesday night
seeing as how we can just skip our Thursday classes.
Anyway, we got this huge ass keg in the living room on the
coffee table. My buddy, Jason, just finished pissing in a
can that the frat president was using to shit chew in.
Then, the weak ass bastard passed out. Not that I minded,
cause I got to laugh at him later AND make out with his hot
little chick until she passed out. Unfortunately, I was
all hot and bothered and we weren’t allowed to fuck girls
we didn’t date who passed out anymore after Marty and Bill
went to jail and turned all queer.

So, I start to wander around, and I look into a room were
Phil is toking it up with these two really cute blue-eyed
blondes. Well, I do the math and come up with an answer
that I liked. I step in and take a seat between the two
girls, right across from Phil. He frowns because he knows
what I’m up to, but he passed me the roach anyway. I take
a hit and pass it to the girl on my right.

She inhaled really good and practically threw her titties
into my face. Which was alright with me cause she had this
huge rack that was aching to be squeezed in my hands.
Anyway, while she holds it in, she reaches over to hand it
to her friend on my other side. Well, I turned and see the
exact same face staring at me.

She smiled at me and licked her lips at me as she leaned
closer to me for the joint. Soon I had my left arm in the
valley of his massive breast and her buddy moved in next to
me too. Soon, I both sides of me were surrounded by tittie
flesh and I wasn’t complaining at all. The first girl
lifted the smoldering joint up to the second’s lips and I
was soon watching her suck in the smoke.

Anyway, Phil and I took turns being made into a hooter
sandwich until there was just barely enough to hold. Girl
one then took the joint and girl two poked out the pinkest
pointed tongue that I had ever wanted to see on my dick.
Girl number one then put it out on her twin’s tongue and
then popped it in her mouth and swallowed. Well, that was
just freaky enough that I leaned over and began making out
with girl one.

Now, I was ready to go after sucking face with Jason’s
girl, but I figured that this one would need a little warm
up. I figured way wrong, cause she just grabbed at my dick
and started squeezing me through my loose shorts. When she
felt that I was already hard, she moaned in my mouth.
Before, she was done with that sound, I felt girl two press
her tits into my back and attack my earlobe.

Seems Phil got the munchies and the loser left me with two
hot identical twins. The only difference was that girl
number one had two hoops in her left ear and girl number
two had two hoops in her right.

Soon, I had my shorts down and I was leaning back watching
their cute blonde faces licking at my swollen cock. They
weren’t too far into that when I heard a girl ask, “I smell

I look over my shoulder and see two identical, skinny asian
girls. Girl two looked up at them and said, “The grass in
done but we can share this with you.” Then she took my
cock head and tried to swallow.

Well, those two asian cunts nearly broke their skinny asses
making time to my dick. Both were really thin with little
girl tits, but that seems to be hot with an asian girl.
Soon, all three were fight over me like there wasn’t enough
for all of them. There was. My dick is about as big
around as the thick end of a coke bottle and nearly as

It felt nice, but because of all the heads, I couldn’t see
for shit so I got the girls into a 69 with her sister and
got my video camera to tape it. They were still licking
like there was no tomorrow when I got back. After setting
my camera, I ran around to the blonde with her ass in the
air and stuck my dick up her pussy.

I could tell that she was a real whore, because she didn’t
scream when I put it in her with one hard push. I’ve sent
about five girls into the hospital for stitches after a
fuck, but I went right into her. Which was okay, because I
was looking for a whore. And I got three of them. The
asian girls screamed a little when I first poked them, but
the yells were muffled by muff, so who fucking cared.

I fucked one till, I made her come, then moved to the next
and so on. For an hour, I battered the sluts with my club
till I felt I was ready to spew sperm. One of the asian
girls had this ring in her clit (not the hood, through the
clit) so I decided to shoot in her. I filled the bitch
with my jism and left them all licking in up from her cunt.
Then I told my frat bros about them.

I still have that eight hour tape and watch it between