The Sister Keeper

It often comes as a shocking blow to learn that a person one has held in high esteem is not what he appears to be.

The model husband next door who is exposed as a wife-beater. The high government official wider investigation for corruption. The respected banker caught with his hand in the till.

For Jennifer James, the startling discovery of what her brother has become is shocking, but not as shocking than the realization of what his friends and clients do for pleasure.

The masks people don to deceive others come in many forms, and some hide twisted, depraved minds that welcome the chance to prey on the unsuspecting.

And the prey in THE SISTER KEEPER is Jennifer James, a girl who discovers what lurked beneath the mask of normalcy that many people wear — and her discovery leads to her downfall.

THE SISTER KEEPER is a novel that reveals clandestine thoughts and sinful secrets within our society.


There was so much to talk about that Jonathan didn’t know where to begin. He glanced at his twin sister Jennifer as she rambled on about the plane ride, what the weather had been like in England, and as she talked, Jonathan couldn’t help but notice her figure. Dressed in a short-skirted blue suit, he made out the firm figure of her bulging breasts, trim waist and shapely hips. As she crossed her legs to get more comfortable in the car, Jonathan heard the sensuous sound of her nyloned legs rubbing against each other.

He was glad that the drive from the airport was almost over. Had it gone on for one more mile he knew that Jennifer would start to notice the bulge of his cock as it crawled along his pant’s leg.

Then they were at the hotel, walking hand in hand through the lobby. As they stood near the elevator, Jennifer turned toward him and looked directly at him. Jonathan smiled somewhat embarrassedly.

The situation seemed awkward and funny at the same time, and for a moment they only laughed. Jennifer thought quickly of all the strange events that had led up to this meeting — how their mother had died giving birth to them and how their father, busy with all his money-making schemes, had given the twins to relatives, Jonathan to maternal grandparents in New York, Jennifer to an aunt in England. Brother and sister had had to wait twenty-three years before actually laying eyes on each other. But now they would be together. Their father had died, leaving them his one successful business venture, a plush resort-hotel in California, and the twins had agreed by mail to come out and manage the place.

Jonathan still held her hands tightly, and Jennifer felt unaccountably happy. “I was just thinking,” she laughed, “how much we’ll have to tell each other before we’re really acquainted.”

Jonathan laughed, too. “I know! Crazy situation, isn’t it? We’re twins, and we don’t even know each other! But we’ll make up for that tonight. I’ve arranged for us to have dinner in your room, and we’ll tell each other all about ourselves.”

Holding her hand, he led her up the steps and into the gaudy, cavernous hotel. People smiled at them, and Jennifer knew it was because they made such an attractive couple. She thought again how handsome Jonathan was, so much more attractive somehow than Ben, the big, bumbling university student to whom she had been engaged for three years — Ben, who had angrily broken off their engagement when she announced her plans to come to America and manage the hotel. Ben, whose awkward but frantic passion had claimed her virginity, had possessed and devoured her body many times, but had somehow never brought her to an equal sexual level. But she had promised herself not to think of Ben. That was over and done with.

Jonathan kept his word. After Jennifer had showered and changed her clothes, they had dinner in her room, an indecently luxurious feast of filet mignon, salad and champagne. Then they talked. There seemed to be an endless number of things to know about each other, and it was after midnight before they began to run out of ideas.

Then Jonathan, now stretched out on the bed, grinned at her and said, “We haven’t talked yet about the most important thing of all. Tell me about your love life.”

Jennifer blushed and giggled. “You’re kidding, of course!” She lounged in an overstuffed chair, her small feet propped up on the bed, feeling a little drunk from the champagne.

“Oh, no, I’m serious!” Jonathan, still grinning, reached out and squeezed her foot playfully. “After all, what’s more important than who you love, who you sleep with, how you feel about sex?”

Jennifer felt herself blushing even more. Her Aunt Hilda had raised her very strictly, according to a Victorian code in which sex was something that ladies had to endure but which they never discussed. Why, Aunt Hilda would die of shock if she knew that Jennifer had been fucking Ben for nearly three years! Jennifer knew that Americans were more open about sex, and that Jonathan’s frankness and lack of embarrassment were probably not unusual in this country, but she suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“I suppose you’re right,” she smiled. “But I find it very hard to talk about things like that.”

Jonathan squeezed her foot again and smiled encouragingly. “My God, you don’t have to be shy with me, Jennifer! I’m your brother! And isn’t a brother supposed to be someone you can confide in, someone you can trust? Come on, tell me all about it! How many lovers have you had?”

Jennifer forced herself to reply. After all, she was going to live in America now, and she might as well start behaving like an American. Blushing hotly, she said, “Just one.”

Jonathan’s bright, blue eyes widened in sincere amazement, his voice was wondering. “Is that all? Honestly? But you’re twenty-three years old, my dear! Where have you been living, in a cave?”

“In London, as you know perfectly well,” Jennifer answered, somewhat irritated. “Why? Have you had so many more lovers than that?”

Jonathan laughed loudly. “I should hope so!”

“How many, then?” If he was going to be frank, so would she.

Jonathan grinned at her teasingly. “Why, to tell you the truth, I’ve lost count. Look at you blush! But it’s true, I really can’t remember. I started fucking when I was fourteen, and I’ve been busy at it ever since. It is one of the better things in life, don’t you think?”

“No, quite frankly, I don’t,” replied Jennifer, even more irritated now. “I never found it all that great.”

Again Jonathan stared at her in amazement. “Jesus!” he exclaimed. “What kind of bumbling ass have you been fucking? He’d have to be pretty inept not to turn you on.”

Jennifer reddened at the word “bumbling”, for that was exactly how she thought of Ben in bed. For a long time she’d suspected that there must be more to fucking than a man climbing on a woman, giving a couple of shoves, and climbing off again. Otherwise, why was everyone so excited about the subject? But all those wonderful things they talked about, being “horny” and appeasing it by “coming” — none of them had ever happened to her. But it wasn’t right, she concluded, to talk about it with a man, not even her own brother.

“I’d really rather change the subject, Jonathan,” she said nervously. “In fact, I think I’d like to go to bed now. I’ve had a very long day.”

He was looking at her very strangely, a kind of gleam in his eye which she could not interpret. He began to squeeze her foot again, gently but persistently, and then his fingers slid softly up to her ankle and squeezed it, too.

“Tell me about it,” he insisted, his voice low and encouraging. “I’d like to help you, Jennifer, I really would. You’re missing out on so much. Tell me what this guy does in bed.”

“Jonathan!” She felt really shocked now. “Don’t you think that’s a bit personal?”

He looked at her pityingly. “Poor Jennifer! You act like you were raised in the Victorian era!”

Again he’d struck home, describing Aunt Hilda’s attitudes perfectly, and Jennifer reddened with determination. She could be just as frank as he was! “Well,” she said hesitantly. “He just does it, that’s all. I mean, when he wants me, we undress and go to bed, and he just — well, what else is there to do?”

Jonathan sighed deeply. “I see. He doesn’t kiss you? He doesn’t play with your tits? He doesn’t eat your pussy? He just jumps on and fucks you?”

Jennifer jerked her ankle out of his grasp and jumped to her feet, trembling with embarrassment and anger. Her voice shook. “Jonathan, I’m sorry, but I just can’t talk like this! It doesn’t seem right! I suppose there’s a lot of thinking I’ll have to get used to about this country, like your frank way of talking, but it’s not something I can learn overnight! I really would like you to leave now, so I can get some sleep!”

Jonathan had stood up, too, and he approached his sister with the same strange look as before, a kind of gentle eagerness. “Jennifer, I believe it is something you can learn overnight, if you’ll just let me show you how.”

His arms snaked quickly around her, tightened, and then he kissed her on the mouth, his lips hot and aggressive, forcing her mouth open, his tongue sliding inside to probe. It happened so quickly, she had no time to resist him, and now he had her arms pinned and she was forced to submit. She had never been kissed like that before, had never felt the play of a man’s tongue deep in her mouth, and she was surprised to feel a kind of dizzying thrill rushing through her body. She was still feeling dizzy when he broke the kiss.

“He never does that to you, does he?” Jonathan whispered. Then he planted moist, hot lips on her neck, kissing and tonguing downward toward the plump swelling of her breasts. One firm hand caressed her back, while the other strayed to her small, round ass, squeezing and exploring them.

“Jonathan, stop this at once!” she managed to cry out. “You’re my brother, for heaven’s sake!”

Jonathan raised an impish face from between her tits. “But, darling, that’s what brothers are for!” he said softly. “They’re supposed to look out for their sisters, show them the ropes, as it were. I see that your sex education has been badly neglected, and I’m simply bringing you up to date. You should be grateful for that.”

“You seem to find this very amusing!” Jennifer snapped. “I don’t!” With great effort, she freed her arms and pushed against his chest, but Jonathan clung to her, pinning her down, holding her arms, and she felt something rock-hard against her loins, pushing painfully and insistently. Then she blushed as she realized that it was his erect cock.

“Please, Jonathan,” she said weakly, a little frightened now at this strange brother of hers. “Let me go. I don’t like this game, not at all!”

“Its not a game, darling,” he said, his voice low and husky now. “I’m perfectly serious.”

He kissed her again, stuffing his tongue, hot and stiff into her protesting mouth, his hips wriggling eagerly in an effort to spread her legs. Jennifer was repelled and frightened at the same time, and she began to struggle, trying to rock him off her body. Her efforts increased the brutal friction of his hard cock against the tender flesh of her pussy and seemed to excite Jonathan even more.

“Yes,” he whispered huskily. “Fight me, that makes it more exciting!”

Jennifer exclaimed disgustedly, “Jonathan, for God’s sake, will you get off me and get out of my room? I won’t have this!”

“Oh,” he said mockingly, looking her in the eye. “You won’t have it, you say? And what is it you won’t have?”

“Why…” Jennifer stammered. “What you’re doing, of course!”

“And what am I doing?” His voice remained calm and amused.

“You know damned well what you’re doing!” she sputtered.

“But you don’t want to say it.” He grinned at her. “I’ll say it, then. I’m trying to fuck you, Jennifer. I’m trying to get into your pants. Trying to ball you. What do they call it in England?”

“But, Jonathan!” She was so horrified at his words that she stopped struggling. “I’m your sister. Doesn’t that make any difference to you?”

“Yes,” he said teasingly. “It does make a difference to me. It makes it even more exciting.” He watched her increasingly horrified expression. “Jennifer, you’re an educated woman. You must know that there’s no biological reason why brother and sister can’t fuck. The old incest taboo is strictly a social thing, a superstition, in fact. All the animals do it, with no problems, so why shouldn’t people do it?”

Jennifer made no reply. He was right, of course, yet what he proposed seemed monstrous and perverse to her. She saw, too, that there was no convincing him with words. His mind was made up, and his way of thought was utterly foreign to her. All she could do was fight.

She bit his hand, and Jonathan cursed loudly and jerked away from her. Jennifer used the opportunity to wriggle out from under his superior weight, leap off the bed, and run for the door. But Jonathan was much too quick for her. Before she could even touch the doorknob, his slim but powerful arms were around her waist, dragging her back towards the bed. “Please don’t scream,” he said, almost politely. “The guests would hear, and it would be bad for business.”

He was right. She knew she did not want to cause a scandal in the hotel by screaming, by letting everyone know that her twin brother was trying to rape her. She had her heart set on managing the hotel and doing it successfully. But her immediate problem was Jonathan. He had dragged her back to the bed now and was fumbling at the buttons of her dress. As he bent over her, Jennifer noticed the huge bulge of his crotch, stretched by his aroused and swollen cock.

She seized his wrists and pleaded, “Jonathan, don’t do this thing! If you keep on, I assure you, I’ll fight! But I don’t want to hurt you or quarrel with you — so, please, stop now, and I’ll forget about it.”

Jonathan’s vivid, blue eyes looked sleepy and sensual now as he met her gaze, and his voice was soft and urgent. “Jennifer, I don’t want to hurt you, either. I want us to be very good friends. And we could be such good friends, darling. I could do such pleasant things for you, make you so happy, if you’d just let me. Please, Jennifer, forget all your silly hang ups, and let me make love to you. You’ll never be sorry, I promise.”

“No!” Jennifer shouted. “It’s filthy! I won’t do it!”

Jonathan slapped her face, deftly and very hard, and she fell back limp on the bed, knowing that she was fainting. When she came back to consciousness, minutes later, he had removed her dress and was just pulling off her bra, his bright eyes intent on her slim but shapely body.

“Jonathan…?” She still felt dazed. “You hit me. Why did you do that?”

“Terribly sorry.” He smiled at her. “It was for your own good, of course. My only aim is to make you happy, and that involves teaching you to enjoy sex. You were foolish enough not to cooperate.”

“Oh, Jonathan!” Jennifer moaned in frustration. How could she make him understand? She heard him draw in his breath sharply as he removed her bra and stared at her naked breasts. She knew they were pretty, perhaps on the small side, but round and white and firm, the nipples a bright pink.

“Beautiful,” Jonathan muttered. “You have nearly perfect tits, you know that, Jennifer?” Without waiting for an answer, he cupped both breasts in his firm hands, molded and caressed them, and rubbed the nipples with his thumbs, making them spring hard and erect. Then suddenly he sank onto her, his mouth fastening wetly around one nipple as he began to tongue and suck it. Jennifer felt something very strange then. As if a nerve directly connected the two places, she felt a jolt of pleasure streaking from nipple to cunt, and her pussy contracted sharply and spurted out hot juices. She knew then, that although her mind rejected what Jonathan was doing, her body more than accepted his attentions, and she was shocked at herself. Ben had never aroused her like this — why should Jonathan?

Her brother had, moved over to suck the other nipple now, and Jennifer looked down dazedly at his blond head which, like hers, was almost so light as to be silver. She didn’t want to lose him, yet how could she let him continue to enjoy her body?

“That’s enough, Jonathan,” she murmured. “Please stop now and go to your room.”

He took his time about answering her. The noisy sucking continued a moment longer before he lifted his head, and then he paused again to flick out his wet tongue and gently lash her nipples. It made Jennifer shiver, partly in pleasure and partly in disgust. Then he smiled lazily at her.

“Darling Jennifer,” he said. “I have no intention of stopping now. This is merely the beginnings I’ll go on doing very nice things to you, and all you have to do is relax and enjoy it. Before long, I promise you’ll be wanting me as much as I want you. Is that really anything to be alarmed about?”

For Jennifer it was. Not only did she fear the very word “incest”, she feared, too, to surrender herself to a man unreservedly, and she suspected that her brother might keep his word and attain her total submission. No one had ever achieved that before, and she hoped no one ever would.

“Jonathan, please,” she said meekly. “I’m afraid.”

He took her face between his hands and smiled in an almost fatherly way. “There is nothing to fear, Jennifer. Everything I do to you will be beautiful and pleasurable. Like this.”

He kissed her then, the same deep-probing tongue kiss as before, and she felt her mind reeling. Then his hand was fumbling with her last garment, her small lacy panties, tugging them down over her taut belly until his finger grazed the soft fur of her mound. Jennifer gave a gurgle of alarm, wrenched her face away from his, and began to struggle wildly, pushing at him, pounding him with her fists.

Jonathan swayed above her, dodging her blows, watching intently, almost like a venomous snake waiting for the precise moment to strike. He found it. Suddenly he seized her wrists and forced her arms down to her sides, his blue eyes wide and hungry now as he watched her lovely tits shake and wobble with her frantic moments. Then, with her arms pinned, he lowered himself again and planted his mouth on her lower belly, kissing, tonguing, and tasting the smooth, fragrant flesh. His burning tongue worked downward, steadily, toward the fringe of blonde pussy fur that showed above the band of her panties. So he intended to play with her them, too, where Ben had never touched her.

“Please, Jonathan, please,” she moaned.

“Patience, my dear,” he said softly. “You’ll like this.”

On the contrary, Jennifer began to feel disgusted. She had heard of this practice before, of men “eating cunt”, and she considered it unnatural and loathsome. She would not let any man do this foul thing to her! With all the strength she could summon, Jennifer wrenched her arms from her brother’s grasp and twisted out from under his pinioning body.

She leaped off the bed and raced for the door, but Jonathan, with a sharp laugh, beat her to it and stood there with his back against the door, grinning at her.

“You know you can’t fight your way past me, Jennifer,” he laughed. “So why don’t you be a good girl and come back to bed?”

Jennifer retreated to the opposite corner of the room, glaring at him and thinking desperately of another means of escape. Her room was on the third floor of the hotel, the top floor, so the window was out of the question. She could not lock herself in a closet or the bathroom, either, since Jonathan had a set of master keys.

“Come on, dear,” he teased. “Come back to bed. Let Brother eat your sweet, little pussy.”

“Go to hell!” Jennifer snapped.

Jonathan sighed. “Very well. We’ll save that for later. Right now I’ll entertain you with a little strip show.” Still leaning against the door, he began to unknot his tie.


Jennifer knew that he meant to shock her with this new exhibition and that her best defense was to look away, to deny him the satisfaction of an audience. But curiosity held her. Except for Ben, she’d never seen a man naked before, and she had long wondered if all male bodies were basically alike or if there were important differences between them.

She gawked as Jonathan stripped off tie and shift, revealing a slim but muscular chest that was thickly matted with light blond hair, so unlike the pink, flabby, hairless chest of her former lover. Then Jonathan quickly stepped out of his pants and shorts, and Jennifer almost gasped aloud. She hadn’t known a cock could be that big. Ben’s was almost dwarfish in comparison.

“A very respectable piece of equipment, don’t you think?” Jonathan was grinning at her, following her gaze.

Jennifer blushed deeply but could not look away. Her brother’s cock was erect, swaying lazily, obscenely, before him. It seemed to reach halfway down his tight-muscled thighs. Thick, pale, and laced with bulging, blue veins, it ended in a wrinkled white point, again very much unlike the bulbous purple head of Ben’s circumcised prick. To Jennifer, her brother’s cock seemed much more attractive. His balls were huge, too, looming like ripe, round fruit between his legs, bristling with white-blond hair, the same rare color, she realized, as the soft thatch of her pussy. Jonathan began walking toward her slowly.

“I realize I’m being selfish,” he laughed. “I should let you go on feasting your eyes for a while. But I’m getting a little impatient. How about this? I’ll let you play with my cock for a few minutes, and then we’ll fuck.”

Jennifer paled. “Keep away from me, Jonathan!”

He advanced, leering at her, and with a small shriek, Jennifer darted out of her corner in a frantic attempt to reach the door. Jonathan caught her wrist as she flew by him, spun her around roughly, and locked his arm around her waist. With his free hand he began jerking off her panties.

Jennifer kicked, scratched, and pummeled him, but he seemed not to care. The final humiliation came when he had pulled her panties down to her knees and Jennifer, jerking away from him, stumbled and fell to the carpet. Before she could right herself, Jonathan was on her, seizing her panties again and pulling them off. Jennifer wailed in shame and clapped her hands over her cunt to hide it from his leering eyes.

“My God,” he breathed. “Don’t cover it! It’s beautiful! So tiny, so golden! Let me see it again, please!”

His soft, pleading voice seemed insane to her. Whimpering, Jennifer got slowly to her hands and knees and began to crawl away from him, not even choosing a destination.

Jonathan followed just as slowly, his enormously long, thick cock waving heavily as he advanced, his eyes devouring her lovely young body. Then suddenly he dived at her, so quickly and unexpectedly that Jennifer was knocked flat on her back, and he had spread her legs before she quite knew what had happened.

“No, Jonathan, noooo!” What began as a harsh command ended in a squeal of surprise and unwilling pleasure when her brother’s blond head dipped between her legs and she felt his hot, slick tongue lapping stiffly and eagerly at the raw flesh of her clit.

Jennifer fell back limply on the carpet, and Jonathan spread her shapely legs even wider, planted his mouth on her fat little clit, and began to suck noisily, wetly, with an expert swiftness that made her body quiver and shake.

No one had ever done this to her before, no man’s mouth had ever touched the sensitive deep-pink parts between her legs, nor would Jennifer have permitted it if she’d had a choice. The idea had seemed disgusting. But now that it was happening, now that Jonathan was tonguing, kissing, sucking at the exact source of her pleasure, she wondered how she had held out so long. The sense of erotic gratification was beyond belief, a thousand times better than anything Ben had ever done to her.

For a long moment Jennifer was utterly lost, unable to do anything but shiver and gurgle deep in her throat as her brother’s knowing tongue and mouth aroused fiery responses in her clit, in the plump pink lips of her pussy, around the mouth of her cunt, and over the tight-puckered hole of her anus. Oh, God, it felt so good! She wanted it never to end! Her cunt gave a powerful contraction, and a flood of hot juice streamed out to tell Jonathan of her secret arousal.

She blushed deeply as she felt him lapping up her gushing cunt cream. “Yes, yes,” he crooned. “You’re getting hot for rue now, aren’t you, Jennifer? Here’s something else you’ll like.”

He stuffed his thick tongue up her cunt, worming it swiftly as far as he could up the tight passage, and Jennifer groaned loudly, almost fainting with the sudden pleasure of his penetration. Then, as her brother began to lap and probe and suck at her wildly convulsing cunt, she knew she would soon be beyond resistance, that she must stop him now. She pushed at his shoulders and succeeded in dislodging him from between her legs. But he did not seem angry. He only leered, his handsome face sticky with her cream, and began to crawl over her.

“I think I know what my Jennifer would like,” chanted. “A little taste of cock, right?”

Jennifer gawked at him in honor as he straddled her chest and let his huge, stiff cock graze her chin and cheeks, leaving a sticky trail of his own lubricating juices. His wiry balls scratched her chest, and the gleaming purple of his glans began to emerge now from its wrinkled sheath of skin, ugly and menacing.

“Come now, darling,” he urged softly. “Open your mouth! How do you know you don’t like it, until you’ve tried it?”

“Jonathan, for God’s sake! You…”

It had been a mistake to say anything, for as she opened her mouth in protest, her grinning brother seized his long, thick cock and plunged it deep into her mouth. She felt her mouth stuffed and probed, tasted the strong, salty tang of his glans, tried to escape his triumphant and excited gaze. He held her head in position arid began to pump his fat, silky prick inside her mouth in short, firm strokes.

“Jennifer,” he said huskily. “Suck on it! Suck my cock for me, please!”

Without knowing why, Jennifer gave his probing prick one firm suck, but then gagged, overcome with her prejudices against that lewd practice.

Jonathan saw her sudden revulsion and quickly pulled out.

“My God,” he said, with some irritation. “You’re really an amateur, aren’t you? I can’t believe it — a woman your age who doesn’t know how to eat cock! Ah, well,” he sighed. “We’ll just get on to the fucking. At least you know how to do that.”

He sprang to his feet and extended a hand to help her up. Jennifer rolled swiftly away from him, bounced up, and headed once more for the door. Jonathan gave an angry growl, grabbed her around the waist, and, with one powerful effort, threw her onto the bed so hard that the breath was knocked out of her.

“My dear,” he snarled. “Your resistance is becoming a bit of a bore! For God’s sake, you’ve already let one man put his cock in you — what’s the big fuss about taking on a second one?”

Still fighting to regain her breath, Jennifer managed to gasp, “Jonathan, I just can’t, not with my own brother!”

His eyes gleamed, and he started toward her. “But you will, darling, you will!”

Jennifer felt too bruised and breathless to move. Her brother reached the bed, crawled over to her, and slipped his hands beneath her to cup the small, tight globes of her ass. She watched him limply, miserably. His hands squeezed her buttocks, and then one hand strayed around to tickle and circle the shaft of her clit, while the other crept between the tightly clenched cheeks of her ass, searching out her asshole.

“Here,” he whispered. “This will make you feel better!”

Jennifer gasped and stiffened as he suddenly thrust his little finger into her asshole and wriggled it quickly upward, all the way. She expected pain and she was astonished to feel a delicious sense of penetration, a strange buzz of pleasure that jumped from anus to cunt to clit. At the same moment, his skillful fingers massaged the tiny, wet shaft of her clit, and that felt very good, much as she wanted to resist it. Her cunt contracted, creamed, and bathed his busy hand. He watched it happen, then glanced up at her and grinned. “Nice? Yes, I thought you’d like it.”

“Jonathan, please stop.” Her voice was weak and pleading.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t do that,” he said. “It would be very cruel of you to make me stop now. Look at my prick.”

Jennifer looked and shuddered. He was fully erect now, stiffer and more engorged than she’d dreamed possible, his tight-skinned prick standing straight up against his flat belly. It seemed a good eight inches long to her, and enormously fat, and she cringed at the thought of trying to take that huge piece of meat inside her body. At least Ben’s cock hadn’t hurt her after the first few times, even though it hadn’t excited her, either. But she knew she was too small, too tight, for this great sausage of a prick.

Jonathan did not read her thoughts accurately this time. Watching her stare wide-eyed at his stiff-standing prick, he seemed to think she was admiring it, craving it.

“Yes, yes, my darling,” he crooned. “You’ll have it in just a moment.”

Jennifer gasped and twisted away from him. His finger popped out of her asshole, but he was still kneeling between her legs. As he quickly threw himself onto her hotly, she felt the painful hardness of his cock ramming brutally against the tender tissues of her vulva. Brother and sister struggled fiercely, she twisting and shrieking under him as he held her arms and jabbed his cock blindly between her legs, frantic to fuck her.

“No, Jonathan, it hurts!” she wailed. “Oh, please, no, nooooo!”

Her protest ended shrilly as she felt Jonathan’s huge, rock-hard cock sham into her cunt. It nosed in only an inch with its first thrust, but Jennifer already felt her tiny cunt stretching and aching.

“Ohhh!” she groaned. “Please, take it out, it’s too big!”

Jonathan ignored her. Pulling his hips back, he breathed in sharply, then plowed into her again with all his strength, and this time his incredibly thick cock fought all the way to her womb. Jennifer felt the walls of her cunt pushed out, raked and torn, and she began to sob.

“Jonathan,” she wept. “It’s too big, I tell you! Please get out before you hurt me!”

With his cock still fully into her, his big, shaggy balls nestled between her thighs, Jonathan lowered himself onto her. He kissed her quickly, and whispered, “No, it’s not too big, it’s just right! This is just how it ought to be, darling, snug and hot. Relax, I’ll make it wonderful for you!”

As Jennifer lay paralyzed with fear beneath his sweating body, her brother began to feed his cock to her in short, slow strokes, very gently, involving her cuntlips and plump clit in teasing friction.

Gradually he increased the speed and depth of his thrusts, and his fucking became noisy, juicy.

“Oh, yeah!” he grunted. “So good, baby, so good!”

All the while, Jennifer was struggling with herself. She hated the idea of letting her brother fuck her, hated being conquered by any man. But she knew, at the same time, that he was giving her the most exciting and satisfying fuck of her life. God, if she’d only known it could be like this, she’d have fucked every man she knew! The way his thick, silky shaft slid sensuously over her clit and labia, the way his big cock — not too big now, but perfectly right — filled and probed her, all of it was bringing her exquisite pleasure and was lifting her higher, with every passing second, towards that ecstatic release she’d heard so much about but had never experienced. Why not let him do it for her? Why not, just once in her life, let a man satisfy her completely?

“Baby baby! God, it’s great to ball you!” Jonathan’s gentlemanly language was gone now, replaced by a very American vernacular, and somehow Jennifer found herself wildly turned on by his crude words. “Take my, meat, baby!” he gasped. “Take my cock all the way in!”

She let the last of the tension leave her body, and opened herself joyfully to him. Jonathan, sensing her final submission, began to fuck her furiously, knocking her breathless with every fat lunge of his prick, his wiry balls flapping wildly against her ass, their bellies meeting in loud slaps. Jennifer felt a fiery, dizzying sensation in the depths of her cunt, a rapidly engulfing pleasure that began to ripple through her body, shaking and tossing her, and she realized that this was it, the climax she’d always denied herself. It was so good she wanted to cry, and she heard her own voice as if it belonged to a wanton stranger, sobbing hoarsely as she bucked her hips to meet the thrusts of her brother’s cock.

“Jonathan! Oh, darling, yes, fuck me! You’re making me come, oh, oh, YES!”

She could only moan out her pleasure then, and as she writhed and gasped in her climax, she saw her brother watching her, licking his lips as he studied her abandoned movements even as he went on hammering his cock deep into her. Then suddenly he gasped, his eyes rolled back, and Jennifer felt burning wetness flooding her cunt as he grunted, groaned, and pumped out his come. His sweat-soaked body ground into hers. He squeezed her breathless, wriggling fiercely between her legs, as he instinctively struggled to shoot his load into her convulsing womb. Jennifer gladly opened her legs as wide as she could, following her own instinct to take all of his seed deep into her belly.

At last they were quiet, exhausted and sweaty in each other’s arms, almost asleep. Jennifer felt his cock twitching and shrinking inside her cunt, and she sighed deeply: well, they had done it, and she had to admit it was fantastic, beyond her wildest dreams. At last she understood the seeming craze for sex that possessed all her friends. There was just one little hitch, of course — the man who had brought her to that beautiful, wailing climax happened to be her twin brother.

Jonathan sighed, too, and crawled off her to reach for the bedside lamp. “Christ,” he laughed, still out of breath. “You really drained me, Jennifer! I never came like that before!”

“Jonathan,” she said hesitantly. “You don’t intend to sleep here, do you? I mean…”

He grinned at her. “Why not? I’ve already fucked you. Sharing your bed is an innocent thing in comparison.”

He switched off the light, then snuggled up to her in the darkness, pulling her buttocks against his limp, dripping cock. She felt she should protest, but his body was so warm, gentle, and comforting. She felt sleep coming over her quickly.


Jennifer woke abruptly the next morning to feel her brother’s cock again busily working inside her cunt, this time from the rear. Pig, she thought. He didn’t even wait till I was awake!

Jonathan shuddered, sighed, and flooded her cunt with his come. Seconds later he was bouncing out of bed, slapping her playfully on the ass, and remarking, “What a pleasant way to start the day, right?” Then he strode off to the shower.

Jennifer pretended to be asleep when he came out again, and he left quietly. Damn him, she was thinking, he’s going to spoil everything! She had looked forward so much to living in California and running the hotel, but she could hardly stay here if her brother kept jumping in bed with her!

Well, she would simply have to talk to him and make him understand that she’d have no more of it. For now, there were other things to do. She hadn’t even toured the hotel and its grounds or met the staff yet, and she decided to spend the day catching up on this duty.

The Granada Hotel, as her father had named it, was a mammoth structure done in Spanish style, with extensive landscaped grounds. It was very popular with the young, rich crowd of the Western states and with many Easterners as well. It lay on a crescent-shaped bay of the Pacific, and so could offer surfing, swimming, and boating. On Jennifer’s first morning, the hotel seemed filled to capacity, and the veranda and grounds swarmed with noisy, frolicking people.

Jennifer met and spoke with her staff, from desk clerks to chef, and was satisfied with their competence and loyalty. She was on her way out of the hotel for a look at the grounds, when she passed a door she hadn’t noticed previously. Its name plate read, “Dr. Charles Ciardi, House Physician.” Well, thought Jennifer, if there is such a person, I ought to know him. So she knocked.

“Come in!” rumbled a pleasant voice.

Jennifer entered a small, cluttered room, filled with bookshelves and filled up by a big desk. Behind the desk, in a swivel chair, lounged a powerfully built, dark skinned man in his thirties, with an intelligent, craggy face. His chief feature seemed to be his hair. Thick black hair covered his head, arms, and the back of his hands, and bristled from the open collar of his light, cotton shirt. He looked appreciatively at Jennifer and grinned, showing strong, white teeth.

“Let me guess!” he said. “You think you’re knocked up. Or you suspect you caught a dose of clap from your boy friend. Don’t be shy, young lady, tell me everything! I’m a doctor.”

“None of the above,” said Jennifer coldly, much put off by his unprofessional manner. “I happen to be the new owner of this hotel. My name is Jennifer James. You, I assume, are Dr. Ciardi?”

He didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed. He only laughed, “Miss James, of course! You’ll have to pardon me — I’m not noted for being diplomatic.”

“Indeed.” Jennifer eyed him thoughtfully, feeling an urge to get rid of this brash man if she could. “And just what are your duties here, Doctor? Besides sitting with your feet on the desk and being rude?”

Again he laughed. “Oh, I’m indispensable to the place, Miss James, I assure you! This is one of my rare free moments. The place simply crawls with psychosomatic ailments, that is to say, imaginary illnesses, and it’s my job to treat theft. Headaches, ulcers, false pregnancies, rashes, paranoia, even delusions of grandeur — I’ve see them all. I don’t get to practice much medicine, but it pays extremely well.” He gave her an intimate, knowing glance which she did not like. “I can tell you’re thinking about firing me. But wait a day or so, and see how many frantic people I treat. You couldn’t get along without me. And occasionally I even do some real doctoring — there are some cases of sunburn, arid the surfers keep getting banged up.”

“I’ll think about it.” Jennifer replied shortly, getting up to leave.

“By the way,” Dr. Ciardi began, his voice more serious now. “I treated your father in his last illness. It was cancer, and I’m sorry to say that even though I caught it early, he refused my advice to have an immediate operation. He loathed doctors. I sincerely hope you haven’t inherited his stubbornness on that point.”

Jennifer merely nodded and walked out, thinking that perhaps Ciardi wasn’t a quack after all. She would keep an eye on him, to make sure. She walked out the side front door of the hotel, down the broad stain, and out onto the immaculate grounds.

Wanting to escape the crowds for a while, she walked toward the distant border of the property, where there was a small, wooded area and no people in sight. She had been strolling here for perhaps fifteen minutes when she heard what sounded like the low, desperate cry of a woman in pain.

The noise seemed to be coming from beyond a thick grove of trees nearby. Jennifer hurried over in that direction, peered through the leaves, and froze, open-mouthed.

“Eat my pussy, damn you! That’s what you’re paid for!”

Jennifer could see clearly, too. In a small, bidden clearing within the grove, a woman stood holding her skirt up over her naked pelvis and waving a pair of black lace panties in her other hand. Facing her, and grinning broadly, was a young man.

“Go fuck yourself,” he said mockingly. “That’s one thing you haven’t tried yet.”

“You arrogant bastard!” the woman shrieked. She threw the panties at the young man, and they hit his shoulder and wafted lazily to the grass. He kept grinning, hands on hips, and the woman’s eyes blazed angrily.

Jennifer knew that according to everything she had been taught, all the manners and all the etiquette, she should leave, at once and allow the couple their privacy. But she couldn’t bring herself to go just yet, because she recognized this man and woman.

The woman’s identity could not be mistaken.

She was Laura Langley, an immensely popular television actress, currently starring in a sentimental series about a young widow with nine children. In real life she appeared much older than in the series; she was no doubt in her middle forties, and though her face was still beautiful it looked somewhat haggard and hard. Her long, abundant red hair was obviously dyed, and she was not using the husky, soothing voice for which she was famed. She was screeching.

“You lousy sonofabitch, I told you to eat my pussy, and you’re damned well going to do it!”

The mocking young man, tall and tan and golden-haired, strikingly handsome and built well, was Kip Kovak, a bit player in TV, who, according to all the gossip magazines, was Miss Langley’s lover. Now it appeared that he was her paid stud. But at the moment he was not being very subservient.

“Eat it yourself,” he laughed. “I bet you could if you got desperate enough. I hear you were quite an acrobat when you were younger.”

“You’re fired!” shrieked Laura Langley.

Kip Kovak walked lazily towards the infuriated actress, stopping inches away from her. His voice was soft and sexy now. “Aw, come on, baby, don’t be mad. I was just kidding you, just getting some laughs.” He tilted her chin up, leaned closer to her. “You wouldn’t fire me, anyway. You know nobody can bring you off like I do.”

Laura melted. Her eyelids drooped, her breathing slowed, and she snaked her arms around Kip’s neck. “Oh, Kip,” she crooned huskily. “I know, I know! Do it to me now, please!”

The young man grinned and cupped her breasts, big and heavy and swaying beneath her short dress. Laura closed her eyes and moaned softly. Then Kip seized the hem of her dress and slowly drew the garment off over her head, tousling her thick, red hair and uncovering a body that, although a little thickened and slack, still preserved the famous curves so often photographed and admired by the public. Beneath the dress Laura worn only a bra to hide her magnificent tilt.

Kip deftly and quickly unhooked the bra and drew it off, and the woman’s huge breasts fell, quivering, into their natural slope, still shapely and full, tough lacking the firmness of youth.

Now the famous actress stood naked and yielding before her young gigolo, her large, green eyes soliciting him warmly. Her skin was tan except for the pale white of her breasts, buttocks, and lower belly. The large triangle of her snatch was dark brown, the true color of her hair, and her legs were long and shapely. Jennifer thought she was still extraordinarily beautiful, and apparently Kip Kovak did, too, for as he eyed her body he lost his cool, mocking manner and suddenly became excited. With a harsh growl, he seized her and lowered her to the grass.

“Oh, yes,” Laura moaned, almost as if in pain — the same noise that had attracted Jennifer’s notice in the first place. “Yes, darling, eat me!”

Laura stretched out limply, submissively on her back, while Kip quickly removed his clothes. The actress watched him with feverish impatience, licking her lips, and then, unable to wait any longer, thrusting her own hand between her legs. With her middle finger she found her red clitoris. As she spread her legs wider, Jennifer could see all of her gleaming, rosy slit, wet and swollen in readiness. The dark mouth of her cunt seemed quite large, and was drooling a steady trickle of white cream. Laura rubbed her clit harder, and the stream of vaginal juices increased.

Meanwhile Kip tossed aside his shorts and stood naked. Jennifer had to admit that his body was magnificent, broad-shouldered, thin-hipped, tan and hard, with every muscle tautly outlined. But, she thought absently, he wasn’t nearly as well hung.

Jonathan — and then she blushed at her own wicked thoughts. It was true, however; his prick and balls, though certainly big enough, were only average compared to her brother’s prodigious equipment. Perhaps, Jennifer thought, he made up in skill what he lacked in size; certainly he must, or he wouldn’t be Laura Langley’s stud. And he wasn’t hard yet, either, it was too soon to judge.

“Oh, come on!” Laura was crying impatiently. “Don’t just stand there showing me how beautiful you are!”

Kip chuckled and then suddenly hopped over her to straddle her face, his limp, white cock grazing her heavily lipsticked mouth. “Hungry?” he teased.

“Not now, damn you!” Laura snarled, jerking her head aside. “I don’t want your cock now! I want your mouth!”

“Okay, boss!” Kip laughed, crawling off her. “Your obedient slave will now give you some head!”

He put his head between her legs, and there was a loud sucking noise as his mouth fastened on the large, prominent bump of her clit. Laura gasped, then groaned deeply, and she spread her legs obscenely wide, giving him room to work.

Jennifer, blushing deeply and beginning to tremble at this embarrassing sight, knew that decency called for her to leave at once. Yet she knew she wouldn’t go — no matter how naughty it was to watch, it was the sight of a lifetime, something she couldn’t help observing, the secret life of a famous woman, the real Laura Langley.

Certainly better than any movie magazine, Jennifer thought wildly.

Kip continued his swift, noisy sucking of Laura’s clit, and the beautiful older woman groaned steadily and kept her long legs wide apart, giving him all the pussy he wanted. Her big, green eyes rolled wildly and then closed, and she worked her red-nailed fingers urgently in the grass, then in Kip’s golden hair. Slowly a rosy rash spread over her whole body, the sign of sexual arousal, and her big white breasts stiffened and swelled, the long brown nipples growing erect and pointed. Now Kip drew back a little and flicked out his stiff tongue to lick and lash at her swollen clit, and Laura gasped and shivered.

“Oh, my beautiful boy,” she crooned. “You’re the best, the very best! Nobody turns me on like you!”

Kip slammed his mouth onto her clit again, sucked harder and faster and more loudly than ever, and Laura dug her nails into the grass, clenched her teeth, and began bucking her hips rapidly in time with his sucking. She grunted with the effort and seemed to be on the very verge of coming, when the young man suddenly raised his head and grinned at her.

“I want a raise,” he remarked. “I thought this would be a good time to ask.”

“Oh, shut up!” Laura shouted, but then broke into helpless laughter. “Get back to work, smart ass! If you do a good job, I’ll consider your request!”

Kip chuckled and lowered his head again. This time Jennifer saw his tongue snake swiftly into Laura’s wide cuntmouth till it was buried in her moist depths, and then Kip’s head bobbed rapidly as he probed and stuffed and licked her pussy. Laura shrieked with pleasure, and her hands fluttered to his long blond hair, her fingers tangled in it, pawing, pulling. She began to gasp and to buck her hips again.

“Make me come!” she howled. “Yes, yes, just a little more, and I’ll be there!”

Kip abruptly withdrew from her cunt and leaped to his feet. He wiped his face with the back of his hand, ten stood there grinning down at the writhing, frustrated woman.

“Uh-uh,” he laughed. “I know you too well, baby! With the hang over you’ve got, I’d bring you off, and you’d go right to sleep, and I wouldn’t get my share! I have to think of me, you know.” He extended a hand to her. “Come on, sweetheart, up on your knees! Time for your favorite snack!”

“Oh, damn you!” Laura shouted. “Why do I keep you around, anyway? I’d get more obedience from a trained bear!”

“No doubt,” laughed Kip. “But I do much nicer tricks. Don’t I, baby?” He made his voice lower, huskier. “Remember last night?”

Laura flushed hotly, and her eyelids drooped sensuously. Without another word, she took his hand and let him pull her up to a kneeling position. He let go of her then, and she crawled forward fill she was only inches from his body. She began to kiss his feet, ten moved her red lips slowly up his well-muscled legs, kissing ankles and knees and thighs. She reached his limp cock and took it tenderly in her hands, petting and rubbing and squeezing it gently, using her fingertips to work the wrinkled foreskin back until she had exposed the red, shining glans with its tiny, dark hole.

She flicked out of her sharp-pointed tongue and used only the very tip to ream and clean the little hole. Then, with an excited shudder, she cupped his sagging, golden-furred balls, and while she gently palmed and squeezed them, she fastened her mouth around the gleaming head of his cock and very slowly drew, the whole organ deep into her mouth.

Kip had been standing before her cockily, hands on hips, grinning smugly as he watched her performance. But now, as his flaccid prick was drawn into the heat and silky pressure of her mouth, he suddenly twitched, moaned, and closed his eyes, bending forward dizzily to rest his hands on her shoulders. As he continued to moan helplessly with the pleasure of being sucked, Laura smiled triumphantly to herself.

“Oh, God,” Kip muttered. “Yes, yes, suck it! Shit, that’s good!”

Laura had his whole cock in her mouth now. His golden balls rubbed her chin, and as she began to suck faster and with more pressure, Jennifer, peering goggle-eyed through the trees, saw Kip’s testicles suddenly quiver, swell, and grow taut and fat. His slim hips began to move rhythmically now, in time to Laura’s noisy sucking, and he fed her his cock in short, shallow strokes. Every time the white shaft emerged from her mouth, it was fatter and stiffer, ludicrously smeared with the woman’s red lipstick. Kip dug his fingers into her shoulders, and bared his fine white teeth in a snarl of pleasure.

“Yeah, suck it, baby, suck it! Faster! Oh, Jesus, yeah! Take it in deeper now!”

Jennifer pressed a hand to her mouth and felt slightly nauseated. She had never done that to a man before, until last night when her brother had briefly forced her to taste and suck his cock, and she never wanted to do it again. She didn’t understand how Laura could stomach it, let alone enjoy it — yet the beautiful actress seemed to love what she was doing. She sucked Kip’s rapidly stiffening penis as if it were some delicacy, muttering, “Ummmm!” as she worked. Her eyes gleamed, and her hands worked eagerly and happily as they pumped and tickled his swollen balls.

Suddenly Laura arched her head backwards and swallowed Kip’s cock, working her throat roughly around it, and he howled delightedly.

“Oh, shit, yeah!” he gasped. “Make me come now, baby, eat my come!”

Jennifer gagged and started to turn away, unable to watch any more. She turned back quickly, though, when she heard Kip’s angry voice: “What the hell! God, I was just gonna come!”

He stood there, flushed with rage, his prick so stiff that it nuzzled his lower belly, greatly lengthened and fattened now after Laura’s sucking. She had pulled away from him and was laughing at him.

“Well, it’s only fair,” she teased. “You did the same nasty thing to me!” She moved farther away, getting on her hands and knees now and wriggling her big but well-shaped ass. “Besides, darling, I want to fuck! Come on! We’ll do it doggy fashion, just because you like it best. You see, I’m not selfish.”

“Oh, no, you’re not a bit selfish,” Kip snorted angrily. “You just treat me like a trained seal, that’s all!”

“Don’t pout, little boy,” purred Laura, raising her ass a little higher. “Show me what a big man you are! Give me some of that nice, big cock!”

Kip laughed helplessly. “I just gave you some. Oh, well, what the hell?” He walked to her, knelt behind her, and grasped her hips. “I’m so damned horny now, I just gotta get my rocks off, no matter how! But tonight you suck me off, or I quit!”

“Anything you say, darling,” cooed Laura.

From where Jennifer watched in secret, she had a side view of the couple, and she could see plainly as Kip worked his hips to get the purple, oozing head of his prick snuggled into the shadowed recess of Laura’s cuntmouth. The actress sighed and wiggled her ass in lewd invitation.

“Ummmm!” she purred. “Yes, put it in! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, darling! I want you to bang me like you hated me!”

“That’ll be a cinch,” muttered Kip.

He gave a violent thrust of his hips, and his long, stiff prick popped loudly into Laura’s cunt and quickly vanished as it penetrated her all the way.

“Eeeee!” squealed Laura. “Beautiful! Oh, fuck me, darling, now — hard!”

Kip grunted and obeyed, working his hips furiously, and Jennifer could hear the loud squishing and sucking sounds of his thick cock in the well-lubricated depths of Laura’s cunt. He certainly earns his pay, she thought, as she watched the handsome blond boy giving it everything he had, banging Laura with incredible force and speed.

Soon he was panting, and sweat beaded on his powerful body, ran and dripped onto the grass and onto Laura’s frantically wriggling buttocks. He was carrying out her command to the letter, fucking her as if in hatred, as if in violent rape.

But Laura was in ecstasy, working her ass in time to his pounding, digging her sharp, red nails into the ground, and moaning out her sensations. “Fuck me, lover!” she shrieked. “Hurt me! Yes, yes, deeper, harder! Hurt me with your big cock!”

Jennifer absently licked her lips as she watched, utterly fascinated, all her gentle and polite upbringing forgotten. She’d never seen other people making love before, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. She wondered how it would feel to be in Laura’s place, to take the brutally hard thrusts of Kip’s stiff cock deep in her belly. As she imagined it, she almost gasped aloud, for her own cunt gave a sharp and powerful contraction, and she felt hot juice spurt out to wet the crotch of her panties. Down, girl! she told herself, embarrassed and amused at her own arousal. It was the same powerful and totally unexpected excitement she’d felt last night when Jonathan ate her pussy, a fierce and urgent horniness previously unknown to her. It bewildered and frightened her, but she couldn’t think long about it now — there was too much to watch!

The scene was very noisy now, with the loud, lewd sucking of cock in cunt, with Kip’s ragged gasping, and with Laura’s uninhibited shrieks and moans of pleasure. As she knelt beneath her lover’s violent fucking, her body shook and bounced, and her big, beautiful, white breasts swayed heavily back and forth as they hung down from her chest. She licked her lips steadily, and her wide green eyes were glazed and burning like those of a rutting animal.

“Good for you, baby?” Kip’s voice was mocking, even as he struggled for breath. “This the way you want it?”

“Oh, my God, YES!” howled Laura, oblivious of the mockery in his words. “Oh, you big, beautiful stud, yes!” He fucked into her so hard then that she almost fell, and Jennifer heard her squeal, “Oh, make me come now, please!”

Kip swiftly moved one hand from her hip to her stiffened clitoris and began rubbing it roughly, even as he kept up the wild pace of his fucking. Laura screamed. Then her body began to shake violently, and she collapsed onto her belly, taking Kip with her. She shrieked and sobbed into the grass, and, with a quick, triumphant glance at her convulsing body, Kip closed his eyes, bared his teeth, and, moaning softly, shot his come deep into her cunt. After a few thundering slaps of his belly against her big, soft buttocks, he, too, collapsed.

Jennifer felt hot and flushed and breathless, and there was an urgent ache in her cunt. She turned even redder as she watched Laura wriggle out from under her young lover, roll him over on his back, and tenderly lick his limp cock clean of its glistening juices.

“Lovely, darling, just lovely,” Laura whispered huskily. “I agree, you deserve a raise.”

Kip laughed, rather bitterly, but did not reply. Jennifer shook herself and hurried out of the woods, back towards the hotel, wondering now at her own behavior. What in heaven’s name had possessed her to do such a thing? It was bad enough to spy on an unsuspecting couple while they fucked, but even worse, she had been powerfully aroused by watching them! The crotch of her panties was completely soaked with hot cuntal juice, and, her tits were stiff and tingling. She craved a man, and hungered for a good, long fuck. Ben had never made her feel like this. Was she some kind of female pervert, getting her kicks from watching others?

No, she knew that wasn’t true. She had felt the same dizzying lust last night, under the skillful hands and mouth and tongue of her brother…

Jennifer, always a sensible girl, sighed and forced herself to consider the problem and its obvious solutions. She could either masturbate or find herself a suitable lover. That was that. Suddenly she laughed at herself, knowing she was too inhibited either to satisfy herself with her own hands or to seduce a stranger. It was ridiculous even to think of it.

Yet what else was there to do? Grin and bear it, I suppose, she thought to herself. She pushed the problem from her mind and hurried back to the hotel.


Jennifer passed the rest of the day busily but uneventfully, working in the manager’s office and going over the hotel’s books. She was pleased to discover that things were going very well financially for the Granada Hotel. She liked the staff, with the possible exception of Dr. Ciardi; she hadn’t made up her mind about him yet. There was therefore only one real problem in her new life — her brother. She’d been a fool to submit to him last night, for now he’d assumed that he could have her any time he wanted her. And Jennifer had no intention of carrying on an affair with him. Yes, Jonathan was the one problem she had yet to deal with.

Later that evening, as Jennifer lounged on her bed and read a book on hotel management, her brother knocked on the door. She didn’t know whether to be pleased or not. It would give her an opportunity to talk things over with him, to make clear that their incestuous relationship must end; but it would also give him a chance to misbehave again. She sighed, put down her book, and went to the door.

She opened it, keeping it on the chain lock, and said in a friendly but firm voice, “Jonathan, I want to make clear that there will be no repetition of last night. I’m absolutely set against it. If you have business to discuss, we can do it in the office tomorrow, and if it’s something else — well, I simply think it would be best if you didn’t come into my mom.”

Jonathan smiled down from his superior height, looking bland and innocent. “Jennifer, darling,” he said. “You’re absolutely right, of course. I must have been out of my mind last night. I do promise to behave. And I do have business to discuss with you, urgent business that won’t wait. If you could just give me a minute…” He broke off. He looked so apologetic, so reasonable and so calm that Jennifer relented.

She removed the chain lock and admitted her brother to her bedroom. He went to sit on the bed while she took the only chair. He did have business to talk about, a minor hotel emergency, namely the delay of a shipment of frozen lobster from the East — very embarrassing in light of the fact that the hotel dining room featured lobster thermidor as a regular item on its menu. Jennifer solved the problem by telephoning the hotel chef and convincing him to offer another seafood until the lobster could be obtained again. She was rather proud of herself for her diplomatic settlement of the problem, her first effort at hotel management.

“Very well,” she smiled, turning again to her brother. “So much for the lobster crisis! Now, if there’s nothing else, Jonathan, I’d like to get back to my book.”

He gave her an intent look which she did not like very much. “There is one more problem, Jennifer,” he said slowly. “Something just as urgent.” And to her surprise and disgust, he suddenly unzipped his fly and drew out his long, white, and fat cock. “This has to be taken care of,” he grinned.

“Jonathan, for heaven’s sake!” Jennifer reddened and averted her face from his lewd exhibition. “If you’re going to start that again, you can leave right now!”

“Jennifer,” he pleaded, absently pumping and fingering his huge cock. “You can’t expect me just to forget what happened between us. It was a beautiful fuck, you know that. And you’re hardly frigid, either, little sister! You must want it, too. Come on, Jen, let’s have a little fun. Into bed! I feel like I could go all night, make you come a hundred times! You can’t turn down an offer like that!”

“Oh, yes, I can!” She glared at him. “Jonathan, I despair of ever getting through to you! I’ve told you again and again, I won’t have an affair with you! It’s immoral, indecent, sickening — even to think of it! Once and for all, the answer is no.”

Jonathan rose abruptly, strode to her chair, and seized her hand, laying it on the warm, soft, plump shaft of his prick. She gasped and jerked her hand away, as if she had touched something diseased. “Jen, Jen,” he pleaded softly. “Remember how it felt, stiff and hard, deep in your cunt? Remember how you enjoyed it?”

Jennifer remembered all too well. His words provoked a vivid memory, and she felt a little trickle of hot cream wetting the crotch of her panties. There was no denying it to herself — it had been heavenly fucking Jonathan. But she would never tell him so! “I repeat, no,” she said coldly. “Please understand, Jonathan. If you and I are to work together in this hotel, you must leave rue alone! You must never even mention this thing again. Otherwise I’ll leave!”

Recognizing the hysteria in her voice, Jonathan backed off. Stuffing his fat cock back in his pants and zipping up, he smiled soothingly at her, then patted her on the head. “All right, little sister,” he laughed. “I tried, but you win. It could have been lovely — but I won’t force you.”

He strode back to the bed and sat down again, lighting a cigarette and looking quite neat and composed. “Well, then, let’s talk about something else. We’ve been invited to a party tonight — that’s something else I came to tell you. It’s being given by one of the guests, Jack Harlan, a fellow who’s made millions in oil. Needless to say, it would be good public relations for us to go, but I also think it would be a lot of fun. What do you say?”

Jennifer was so relieved to have won her argument with him, so glad that they would not have to quarrel any more, that she was quite ready to please him. “Why, it sounds delightful,” she smiled. “When do we go?”

“In half an hour, as a matter of fact,” Jonathan replied, glancing at his watch. “Can you be ready by then?”

“Nothing to it,” said Jennifer. “What should I wear?”

He scratched his head. “That’s a very difficult question to answer. In California the ladies dress rather eccentrically. You’re likely to find everything from evening gowns to blue jeans. Tell you what, though. Since everyone is fascinated by the fact that we’re twins, we might as well exploit the image for business. Let’s dress alike. I noticed when you were unpacking that you have blue pants and a blue sweater. I happen to have one very much like it. We’ll wear those, if you don’t mind.”

Jennifer laughed. “It seems rather silly!”

“Darling!” Jonathan laughed, but persisted. “This is America! Everybody has to sell himself. Come on, think of the publicity, the Hotel Twins, Jennifer and Jonathan! We can have all our clothes alike, even our bathing suits and pajamas! We’ll infuse to be separated, walk around hand in hand…”

“Stop!” laughed Jennifer. “You’ll make me throw up! Go on now. I’ll get dressed — yes, in the blue outfit — and you can call for me in half an hour.”

“Right!” He got up, gave her a light, brotherly kiss on the forehead, and left. Jennifer breathed a loud sigh of relief. She seemed to have won the battle with her brother, and there was only clear sailing ahead.

Half an hour later Jennifer and Jonathan entered the luxurious top-floor suite of Jack Harlan, the Texas oil man. They were greeted by the host, a tall, beefy, florid man in his late thirties, with an affable manner and a booming voice.

“Come right on in, folks!” he thundered, his drawl betraying his origins. “We’re mighty honored to have you. Hey, everybody, here’s the twins! You two know all these people?”

Jennifer and Jonathan were introduced to the other guests. The old man’s wife, Bonnie, was nearly twenty years his junior, blonde and giggly and cuddly, and she appeared to have no more brains than a baby bird. Also present were Laura Langley and Kip Kovak — Jennifer blushed a little on being introduced to them, recalling the outlandish scene she’d witnessed that afternoon, but they did not notice her embarrassment. Finally there was a well-known American poet, Harold Witherspoon, a thin, impish little man with a mane of silver hair. With him was his mistress, a sinuous, black fashion model who went by the sole name of Ouida. Ouida was nearly a foot taller than her lover, sported an enormous Afro, and said very little, although her big, dark eyes seemed to catch and evaluate everything that happened.

“What’ll you folks have?” boomed Jack Harlan, as he guided the twins to the bar. “Or maybe you’d care for somethin’ besides alcohol? We can supply whatever you want.”

Jennifer didn’t understand what he meant until her nose suddenly picked up the unmistakable, rich odor of marijuana. It emanated from cigarettes smoked by Kip Kovak Harold Witherspoon, and Ouida. Shortly after, Jennifer saw Laura Langley take some pills from her purse and swallow them with her drink.

“I’ll have a gin and tonic,” Jennifer said firmly. Jonathan laughed but ordered the same, and they went to sit with the others. Jennifer was rapidly beginning to wish she was elsewhere. At first she had been impressed with the oil man and his guests, proud to be among rich and famous people. But the pill taking, the pot smoking, and the generally lewd and loose talk of the group soon put her off. She resolved to make an early escape from the party, sensing tab things would get out of hand before long. But she was too late. Things got very much out of hand before she’d been there half an hour.

Laura Langley was easily the highest person in the room, thanks to a combination of booze and pills. Almost compulsively, the beautiful red-haired actress kept turning the conversation to sex, and as she sat on the sofa between Kip and Jack, she kept setting her hand on their crotches and squeezing.

Jennifer found her behavior disgusting, but she was hardly prepared for what Laura did next. Weaving to her feet, the actress raised her martini glass.

“I wish to announce that I’m the best damned cocksucker in the room!” she said in a cultured but slurred voice.

This was greeted with loud laughter from everyone but Jennifer, who sat red-faced and mortified. The poet, Harold Witherspoon, jumped to his feet.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he proclaimed in a theatrical tenor. “We have just heard a rather bold and dubious assertion from Miss Langley concerning her sexual prowess! I challenge her to prove that assertion!”

“You’re on, sweetie!” replied Laura. Passing her glass to Kip, who barely kept it from spilling, she strode over to the poet, knelt, and unzipped his fly.

Witherspoon grinned and winked at the others but did not move. Laura’s deft fingers quickly drew out his short, fat prick, a pale, white uncircumcised organ that ended in a wrinkled point.

“Ummmm!” Laura exclaimed. “Just right for a little snack!”

“If you please!” replied Witherspoon. “We will have no remarks about size! I realize it’s no colossus, but it has served me well. Wouldn’t you say so, my dear?” He glanced at Ouida.

The beautiful black girl grinned at him. “Well,” she replied languidly. “It’s served you well with me, all right! But let’s see what the lady can do with it.”

Laura was now lapping the poet’s fat, little cock with her wet, pointed tongue, wriggling the tip under the wrinkled foreskin, making Witherspoon twitch and snort. Then, abruptly, she sucked the whole organ into her brightly lipsticked mouth, with such hot force bat the little man moaned loudly and sank forward to rest his hands on her shoulders.

“Ahhhh, God, yes!” he muttered. “Nice, very nice!”

Laura began to suck his cock quite loudly, making slurping and sucking noises that caused the others to titter and guffaw — all except Jennifer. From the moment of Laura’s crude announcement about cocksucking, she had sat in paralyzed horror, unable to believe what was happening. My God, the utter depravity of these people! They were all watching a highly personal and intimate act, a woman’s feverish sucking of a man’s penis, with no more embarrassment or hesitation than they might watch a baseball game! Well, she supposed that was their rights their business, but she certainly did not intend to be part of it!

She started to rise from the love seat she was sharing with her brother, but Jonathan caught her wrist and gently but firmly forced her to sit down again.

“Don’t break the spell,” he whispered eagerly.

“This is going to be fun!”

“But, Jonathan.” She whispered, too, but her voice was horrified and frantic.

“Sssshhhh!” he silenced her.

Jennifer did not want to make a spectacle of herself or to make a display of outraged feelings which might damage the hotel’s popularity. She decided to sit quietly until there was an opportunity to slip out of the room unnoticed.

Meanwhile she gawked at the famous Laura Langley, who knelt before the little poet and sucked on his cock as if it were the most delicious food in the world. The obscene noises continued, the slurping and swishing of her wet tongue and hot saliva all around Witherspoon’s rapidly stiffening prick, and now Laura was also squeezing and tickling his small red balls, sending the poet into a frenzy of horniness.

“Holy Christ!” he whined. “This girl is GOOD! Oh, oh, ohhhh!” He began to jerk his hips in time to her sucking, plunging his fat little cock loudly in and out of her red lips.

“Oh, Harold,” chirped Bonnie, the oil man’s cute little wife. “I can do better than that!” She sent her baby-blue eyes around the room and settled them on Kip Kovak, who was lounging in his chair and grinning at the spectacle. “Come on, handsome,” drawled Bonnie. “I’ll demonstrate on you.”

Kip shrugged, grinned again, and walked to the center of the room, close to where his red-haired mistress knelt before the poet. With no hesitation or modesty, he unzipped his tight jeans, drew out a very stiff prick, and let it wave lazily before him. Bonnie giggled and crawled across the rug toward him, her pink tongue hanging out in mischievous imitation of a panting dog.

“Grrrr!” she growled, crawling right up to Kip’s feet and gaping at his tight-swollen balls and cock.

“Hey, man!” laughed Kip. “To suck, not to bite!”

“I know that, honey,” she purred. Her little pink tongue curled upward and licked briefly over the gleaming purple glans of his cock, lapping up a little glob of cream that oozed from the dark hole. “Ummm, nice!” she giggled. Then Kip gasped as the little blonde suddenly gripped his cockhead between her lips and sucked the whole organ into her mouth.

“Aw, shit!” Kip yelped, as Bonnie began to suck his fat meat very noisily and fast. “Yeah, go, baby, go!” He steadied himself by leaning on her shoulders, then glanced rather dazedly at Harlan the oil man, who sat close by and was watching with amusement. “Hey, Jack,” moaned Kip. “You got a very talented wife!”

“Don’t I know it!” Jack said contentedly. “Finest little cocksucker in the South! But, beggin’ your pardon, ma’am,” he continued, turning to Ouida. “Would you like to demonstrate your skill, too? I’d be a most willing subject.”

The slender black girl shrugged. “Why not? I can do better than those two, any day of the week.”

Jack grinned and went to take his place beside Kip, unzipping his pants and pulling out a long, thin prick that pointed straight ahead in its hardness. Ouida took her time about joining him, walking very slowly and sensuously, her slim hips swaying, her large, dark eyes fixed on his cock as if she were judging it. She knelt down in one slow, graceful movement, took the wrinkled foreskin in her slender fingers, and expertly worked it back to expose the fat purple glans. She snaked out her red tongue and burrowed it into the glans hole, wriggling and reaming, till Jack Harlan sighed and flushed with arousal. Then Ouida drew his erect penis into her mouth in a tantalizing motion, till his black-furred balls settled against her chin.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, baby!” he crooned. “You took it in all the way, that’s beautiful! Now suck me off, slow and easy… Yeah, that way! Ahhhh!”

Ouida’s slow, delicious sucking contrasted sharply with Laura’s voracious, swift mouthing of Witherspoon’s furiously plunging prick, and with Bonnie’s alternating rhythms, quick then slow, on Kip’s cock. The men groaned, shivered, jerked their hips to feed their swollen meat into deliciously hot, wet, velvety tissues. When they could catch their breath, they exclaimed their pleasure or exchanged comments.

“Nibble it a little, darling,” Harold gasped to Laura. “Yes, just a bit of your sharp little teeth, I’m something of a masochist. Ah, yes, delightful! Now suck it again! Ahhhh! My God, you’re superb!”

“Hey, boy,” Jack grinned at the red-faced, panting Kip. “How you doin’? My little wife sure knows how to eat cock, don’t she? And that ain’t all — when she feels you comin’, she’ll swallow it! You’ll feel your meat slide right down her hot little throat! Ain’t that somethin’?”

Ouida, plainly jealous of Jack’s praise for his wife, abruptly swallowed his cock. The old man howled and began to pump his hips furiously, his belly slamming the black girl’s face, his wiry-haired balls slapping her chin.

“Oh, eat it, honey, eat it!” he bellowed. “Look at this, Bonnie,” he called to his wife. “See what this sweet little gal is doin’? Wild, ain’t it?”

Bonnie glanced briefly at Ouida. Then, just as determined to be best in the contest, swallowed Kip’s fat prick. Kip groaned, grinned, and increased the tempo of his jerking hips. Laura Langley, not to be outdone, opened her throat to Witherspoon’s stiff, little penis, and the poet whined his surprise and delight.

“Ah, my dear!” he panted. “Exquisite! And your reward is coming fast, I believe! A nice meal of hot come! I hope it’s your favorite flavor!”


Jennifer could endure no more. While the others were absorbed in the triple blow job, she dashed out of the suite and hurried to her own room. Jonathan had been too intent on the action to see her go.

Locking her door, Jennifer quickly undressed and got into bed, trembling and blushing. She felt almost sick. Could it really have happened? She hadn’t believed that human beings could behave that way. The very idea of taking a man’s penis in her mouth and sucking on it, of letting him come in her throat, was new to her and quite frightening. But for six people to do it all in the same room, exchanging wives and sweethearts, was more than her old-fashioned, uninformed mind could comprehend. Yet it hadn’t been a nightmare. She’d really been there, seen it and heard it. It didn’t bear thinking about, not now. She was too bewildered. She was glad of the stiff drink she’d had, however, which would help her to fall asleep and forget.

Jennifer was just at the point of drifting off cuddled warm and snug in her bed, when she heard a key turning in the door. What in the world? Of course, it had to be Jonathan and his damned master key! What could he want at this time of night? Too drowsy and mentally weary to get up, she waited for his explanation, intending to make her own feelings so clear that he’d never dare enter her room again.

It was Jonathan. She saw him briefly in the yellow light from the hallway before he closed the door. Then it was quite dark again, and she could not make out his shape, although she heard him moving around quietly, she heard his soft breathing and the rustle of cloth. What the devil was he doing? Why wouldn’t he go away and let her sleep?

She felt a sudden draft of cool air as Jonathan lifted the covers and crawled into bed beside her. Before she could voice a protest, he had snuggled up to her and wrapped his arms around her. He was naked, and she felt the hard, long ridge of his erect cock against her buttocks. Damn him! He hadn’t taken his promise seriously at all!

“Jonathan,” she said icily. “Get out of my bed at once! I told you, I won’t stand for this!”

He cuddled closer against her, and she felt the tickle of his hair on her back. His firm hands found her breasts, cupped them and began to knead gently, while his stiff penis somehow crept between her thighs.

“Darling,” he said contentedly, as if she had not spoken. “You shouldn’t have run off like that. You missed the grand finale, a truly spectacular sight! They all contrived to come at once, dreadfully noisy, but fun to watch. The ladies are sitting around now comparing flavors.”

“Oh, for God’s sake, Jonathan! How vile! How can you stand to associate with such people, let alone watch them doing those filthy things?”

Jonathan sighed. “Poor, dear Jennifer! I can’t stand to see you suffer like this, to see you missing all the fun in life! I must liberate you from your repression’s! It’s the very least I can do, as a brother. We’ll start with a little pussy eating — I know you like that.”

“Jonathan! No!” She tried to wriggle out of his embrace, but he tightened his arms around her, and no matter how she writhed and twisted, his stiff, long cock remained lodged between her thighs, hard and vulgar and menacing. She felt it oozing hot juice onto her ticklish inner thighs, felt his coarse-haired balls, hot and swollen, grazing her legs.

“Please don’t struggle, Jennifer,” he sighed. “It’s such a bore. We both know how it will end, anyway, with my cock sliding into that slick little cunt of yours, and you opening your legs and loving it. That’s such a delicious moment, isn’t it? So why don’t we skip this silly resistance and get right to it? God knows, I’m ready!”

Jennifer had no doubt of that. His cock was hot between her thighs, incredibly thick and stiff, so hard, she was sure it must ache. The steady oozing of cream from his glans was another infallible signal of his readiness. Well, let him go stick it in somebody else! No doubt Laura would be glad to have it! He wasn’t being forced to fuck his own sister!

She made one more determined effort to fight loose from him, but Jonathan demonstrated unsuspected strength, just as he had the night before. The slim, graceful, and effete-looking young man in fact had muscles of steel, and he was able to seize Jennifer’s shoulders and twist her over onto her back with no trouble at all. She clawed at him in vain; he seemed not even to feel it. Roughly he separated her legs with his own, making her cry out in pain, and then he dipped his head into her crotch.

“No, Jonathan, no!” she wailed. “I won’t have it! I — Oooo!”

Her angry protest ended in a squeal of involuntary pleasure as her brother’s thick, hot tongue stuffed her juicy cunt. She seemed to be full of his thrusting, probing tongue, deliciously impaled on it, getting the penetration she’d unconsciously been needing all day. For a moment she could say nothing, think of nothing but how incredibly good it felt to have Jonathan’s expert, long tongue snaking deep into her cunt. She felt herself rising quickly into hot horniness, and she thought wildly, Oh, Christ, if only he weren’t my brother, I’d let him suck me all night! She desperately wanted it to go on, especially now that he was beginning to ream her very fast, licking up all her juices. To her shame, she felt her vagina give a long, powerful contraction, drawing his fat tongue in deeper, then cream hotly and abundantly, so that he couldn’t help but know how she was enjoying his efforts. She heard his eager throat noises, acknowledging her arousal and urging her on, and there was a loud slurp as he curled his tongue in her flooded cunt and sucked hungrily. Her heart pounded, she knew she could come in an instant if she relaxed — but she could not give him that triumph. She must never let him make love to her again.

“Jonathan, get out of me!” she shouted, pushing on his shoulders. “That’s quite enough!”

He pulled his tongue slowly out of her cunt. In the dark she could not see his expression, but she was sure it was mocking and leering. “Why, Jennifer,” he laughed. “Whatever do you mean, enough? You were almost ready to come! You little darling, I felt you creaming all over my tongue! I know you enjoyed it immensely! But perhaps you’ll like this batter.”

Suddenly his wet mouth was on her clit, sucking the little fat bud between his lips, tickling it with his stiff tongue tip. Jennifer squealed and dug her nails into his shoulders, completely taken off guard by the abruptness of his attack and feeling nothing but the heady pleasure of having her clit sucked. Again it was very noisy, juicy and hot. But her tiny bud was even more sensitive than her cunt, and she could not withstand the sharp, almost violent jolts of pleasure that shot from her clit to animate her whole pelvis, making her jerk her hips in time to his sucking and causing her vagina to cream steadily.

“Oh, Jonathan, no, no, no,” she chanted, her husky voice giving the lie to her words. “You mustn’t, Jonathan, it isn’t right. Please — no, nooo!”

In reply, her brother only sucked faster and more forcefully on her rapidly swelling clit, and at the same time he thrust a finger up her soaked, hot cunt, pumping it in and out with dizzying speed like a miniature cock. Jennifer felt herself near the end of her control, wanting to come so badly that she doubted she could resist it. His lips nipped her twitching clit, his stiff tongue circled the shaft, his finger fucked her cunt in deeper, more delicious stabs. Jennifer panted and creamed helplessly. She had to make him stop! Orgasm would be total capitulation to his depraved plans, an unconditional surrender to an incestuous affair with her twin brother. Again she pushed against his shoulders with all her strength.

“Stop, Jonathan, for God’s sake! I don’t want to…” She stopped, she had said too much.

“Don’t want to what?” he laughed, raising his head. “Don’t want to come? That’s silly! Silly, silly Jennifer,” he chanted. “Doesn’t want to come! But brother’s tongue will make her come! Brother’s nice, stiff tongue on her sweet, little clit!”

“Jonathan, you’re insane!” cried Jennifer. “You — Oooooo!”

Oh, damn it all, he had her this time! He was back between her legs, sucking furiously on her fat, raw clit, sending violent stabs of pleasure through her whole body. Jennifer gave a loud sob, fell back limp on the bed, and began to chant just as crazily as he had, her voice high and shrill like the mewing of a kitten.

“Jonathan… Ahhhhh… So nice… Darling!”

He forced hot saliva over her throbbing bud, then lapped it up noisily. Jennifer felt the very first, faint tingle of orgasm, sighed, opened her legs wider — and suddenly he pulled away.

“Damn you!” she snapped, shaking with anger. “You did all that just to make a fool of me! You insensitive bastard!”

She heard him chuckle in the dark. “Insensitive? No, quite the opposite. How can you say such a thing? Haven’t I been generously eating your pussy for the last quarter of an hour, without a thought for myself? Good grief, girl, what more do you want?” He lay down beside her, seized her hand, and brought it over to touch his enormously swollen cock, curling her limp fingers around the thick, hot shaft. “It’s time you did something for me, Jennifer,” he said reprovingly. “If anyone’s been selfish, it’s you.”

He was right, in his nasty way. She’d been lying there with her legs spread, letting him suck her, without even touching him except to push him away. She wanted to came so badly, so frantically, that she was willing to play his game, just one more time.

“What do you want, Jonathan?” she sighed.

“Well, you know, it was awfully lonely for me at the party,” he said. “Especially after you left. All those fellows getting sucked off, and nobody for me! It’s only right that you make it up to me, Jennifer. I can understand your not wanting to do it in front of tile others, you’re not used to that sort of thing. But here, now, with just the two of us, you can’t object to sucking my cock, can you?”

“Indeed I can!” she snapped. “It’s a filthy, unnatural practice, and I wouldn’t dream of doing it! If you’d like me to rub it, bring you off that way, I suppose I could, but to take it in my mouth! Certainly not!”

“Thank you,” he replied angrily. “But I can jack off myself. I’ve been doing it since I was twelve, and it’s hardly a novelty. However, in spite of my athletic ability, I can’t suck my own cock. That’s for you to do, if you want any more favors tonight.”

Jennifer felt such a desperate, nagging demand in her cunt, she almost cried. She needed an orgasm almost as much as she needed to breathe, but Jonathan had just named a terrible price for it. She remembered last night, how he had forced his sticky penis into her mouth, making her gag. No, dear God, no!

“Come on, sweetheart,” Jonathan said gently. “It’s not so bad as all that! Most women enjoy it, and you can learn to like it, too.”

He took her face in his hands, guided her over to his stiff-standing cock, and set her lips on the creaming tip. She shut her lips tightly. Without another word Jonathan squeezed in her cheeks hard, forcing her mouth open, then pushed her head down. Jennifer moaned as she got the strong, salty taste of his glans, then felt the bulbous, sticky, hot cockhead sliding over her tongue. He pushed it in slowly, filling up the space between tongue and palate and pressed in cheeks, till her mouth was full of his thick meat. His prick was so abnormally long that she could only take in half of it, but that seemed enough to satisfy Jonathan. He sighed and began to work her head up and down, his fingers curled tightly in her hair.

“Ahhhh, yes, that’s a good girl!” he crooned. “Keep your cheeks pulled in like that, suck on it now! Good! That’s excellent! Ahhhh! Play with my balls, too, that makes it even more exciting!”

Dumbly, Jennifer obeyed. Any movement of her head, any attempt to pull away, would be unbearably painful, for he held her hair tightly. The shock of the strong taste, the urge to gag, had passed now, and she felt able to continue in a mechanical way. Keeping her cheeks drawn in, making a wet, fleshy nest for his fat, creaming glans, she began to suck slowly on his cock. Obeying his other request, she fumbled in the darkness, found his coarse-furred, bloated testicles, and began to fickle them swiftly with her fingertips, copying Laura Langley although hardly understanding the woman’s pleasure in doing such a thing. Jonathan grunted his pleasure, and she went on working in silence for a few minutes. Now that she was getting used to it, it was not unpleasant having her mouth rhythmically stuffed and unstuffed with his salty cock, hut she could hardly get ecstatic about it. Then quite suddenly Jonathan pulled her head up, and his cock popped from her mouth.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed. “I almost came! That was very close! You did very well for a beginner, darling! I’ll make you into a great cocksucker yet!”

Jennifer prayed silently that he never would. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, wondering what he had in mind next. No more kinky stuff, she hoped. She’d had quite enough of that for one evening! Jonathan was crawling around the bed, and suddenly he turned on the bedside lamp. She blushed deeply as she saw him leering at her.

“I wish I’d thought of this before,” he grinned. “I would love to have watched you sucking my cock. But better late than never. On your back, darling! I’ll give you your reward now!”

Jennifer was suddenly furious. She hated his lewd remarks, his filthy leer, his obvious assumption that she was dying to get balled. “Leave me alone!” she shrieked. “I’m tired of you and those awful people you go around with! If you’re so bloody horny, go ball Laura Langley! I’m sure she’d be delighted!”

“I’m sure she would, too,” laughed Jonathan. “But I don’t want to ball her. I only want my own dear sister!”

He lunged at her, caught her arms, and they began to struggle. Jennifer clawed, bit and kicked, but her brother was not only stronger, he also knew how to fight, and just how to grab and hold her and wrestle her down on the bed. She rolled over on her belly, shielding herself from him, but Jonathan simply scrambled onto her back and pinned her.

“I hadn’t planned on doing it this way,” he chuckled. “But if that’s what you want, fine. I didn’t know you liked to experiment, that’s all.”

“You know bloody well…” Jennifer began, then stopped and gasped. Jonathan dug his knees between her legs, spread them in one violent motion, and sank down between her thighs. She felt the brutal hardness of his cockhead against her tender labial tissues, then felt it slide slickly into the indented, moist mouth of her cunt.

“No, Jonathan,” she whined. “Don’t fuck me!” He laughed, and then she felt the wide stretching of her cuntmouth, the enormous pressure and girth of his erect cock nosing slowly up her narrow cunt, till she was completely stuffed, almost breathless with the fullness of her cunt. His creaming glans rested against her womb, his bristly balls tickled her ass, and she felt his hot breath on her neck as he settled down to fuck her.

“Ummmm!” he whispered. “Nice fit, isn’t it? We were made for fucking each other, weren’t we? Does it feel good, Jennifer, is it nice the way my prick’s snuggled so deep in you?”

“Oh, God,” moaned Jennifer. She hated him, hated every filthy thing he was saying, but she loved what he was doing to her. And she needed it so badly. He began to fuck her slowly at first, his fat cock raking her clit and labia with every prolonged thrust, and she involuntarily sighed and wiggled her ass each time his hugely swollen prick glided into her. God help her, she couldn’t resist! It was the most delicious thing that had ever happened to her, she couldn’t give it up!

“Nice?” Jonathan insisted, his breathing a little faster now. “Is it good this way, darling, or do you want me to fuck you faster? Harder?”

“Please, Jonathan,” she said faintly. “Don’t torture me!”

He licked the back of her neck, speeded his cock a little, sending it deeper and faster into her little cunt. She creamed hotly, continued to cream without control, as he increased the tempo and force of his thrusts. Each time his slim body slammed down on her back, she felt his hot sweat. She found herself raising her ass to him, jerking it in time with his strokes, in an instinctive search for all the penetration and friction she could get. She began to pant and whine.

“Tell me now!” he gasped. “Tell me how it feels!”

“Ohhhh!” moaned Jennifer. “No, no, noooo!”

“Yes! Describe it for me! What do you feel?”

“Stuffing…” Jennifer babbled, so wild with pleasure that she didn’t care what she said, “… fat, thick… oh, so good, so good!”

“Yes, yes!” he urged in a hoarse whisper. “Go on!”

“Love it,” whined Jennifer. “Deep in my cunt! Slam it, hard, oh, yes, YES! OOOOO!”

He was fucking her crazy, she dimly realized that. Fucking her expertly into total, shameless surrender, but she didn’t give a damn now. All she wanted was the beautiful, blinding orgasm which was just that moment beginning to ripple out from her furiously creaming aunt.

“Oh, God, Jonathan!” she wailed. “Darling, keep fucking me, I’m coming, oh, oh, OHHHH!”

Her whole body began to shake, and she shrieked and sobbed with the devastating pleasure of coming. Dimly she heard Jonathan gasp as her convulsing cunt nipped and milked his deeply buried cock, and she mewed happily as she felt her belly flooded with his hot seed.

“Baby, baby!” he shouted. “Take my come! Ah, Jesus, yeah! AJHUIH!”

Time passed, she didn’t know how long, until at last her convulsions war over and she lay snuggled in her brother’s arms, warm and drowsy under the covers. Jonathan was already snoring softly. They both rolled onto their sides, his limp but huge cock was still in her, and she liked it that way, wanted to go to sleep with it still twitching in her cunt. Briefly, before she drifted off, she thought to herself. There must be something wrong with me, so horny, so shameless, all the time. I ought to see Dr. Ciardi, yes, that would be the sensible thing to do. Find out why I behave like this… But she did not pull away from her brother’s embedded cock.


Jennifer was awakened the next morning by her brother’s renewed attentions. He was fondling and kissing her tits, and then, while she was still drowsy, he began slipping between her legs and filling her with his long swollen cock. She was too drowsy to protest at first, and then she was enjoying it too much to stop. But later, as Jonathan went whistling off to the shower and Jennifer still lay panting and wriggling with the last spasms of climax, she returned to her thoughts of the night before. Certainly there must be something wrong with her. Never in her adult life had she experienced this uncontrollable lust, this inability to refuse a man’s body, which had possessed her since her arrival at the Granada Hotel. She did not like it; she must do something about it. The sensible thing was to consult a doctor. And although she was still undecided whether or not she liked Dr. Ciardi as a person, she trusted his medical ability. She decided to see him just after breakfast.

Jennifer found Dr. Charles Ciardi in his customary position, feet on his desk, slouched in his swivel chair, his powerful, hairy body and weathered face seeming very much out of place in the tiny, book-lined office. It was, Jennifer thought to herself, comparable to finding a grizzly bear in charge of the ladies’ lingerie department. But Ciardi’s temper was far from bearish. He was quite cheerful and began chatting to her even before she sat down.

“Ah, Miss James, good morning,” he began. “How kind of you to visit me in my humble rat hole, and so early, too! However, you’re not the first.” He paused to sigh. “Two cases of heartburn already this morning, and Laura Langley was just in here, claiming she has all the symptoms of pregnancy. How can you get pregnant from sucking cock?” He saw Jennifer redden and frown. “Oh, sorry! I’m not noted for the delicacy of my language, but I’ll try to watch it in the future. Well, what can I do for you?”

Still blushing deeply, though less because of his language than because of what she had to tell him, Jennifer said hesitantly, “Doctor, I came to consult you. I have a very annoying, very personal problem.”

Ciardi raised his eyebrows. “Good God, girl, you’ve only been here two days! It’s not possible to contract the crabs or any other of those nasty little diseases in so short a time! Ah, but there I go again! See, I’ve annoyed you again! I’m sorry! Now, I promise I’ll shut up and just listen. Please tell me about it, and I’ll do all I can to help you, with no nasty remarks.”

He smiled encouragingly, and his manner became so professional and serious that Jennifer, even though she was angry with him for his previous crude remarks, decided to go ahead and confide in him. After all, she had no one else.

“Well,” she said slowly, forcing the words out. “I hardly know how to tell you. It’s so awful, so embarrassing! I never experienced anything like it before, not until I came to this hotel. I was perfectly normal up to now. But…”

“Go on, go on,” urged Ciardi gently. “I’m a doctor, nothing shocks or surprises me. Just tell me about it as best you can.”

Jennifer gathered her courage. “I think I’m a nymphomaniac.”

Ciardi swiveled abruptly in his chair, so that his face was turned away from her, and she suspected be was stifling a laugh. She was prepared to be angry at him again, but when he turned back to her his face was perfectly calm and sober.

“Now,” he said gravely. “What makes you think that?”

“Why, I have all the classic symptoms,” Jennifer replied, blushing hotly. “I always seem to be — well, to want sex. And I seem unable to refuse a man’s advances, even though I later regret it. That’s the real problem, Doctor. How can I get rid of this overpowering desire? How can I keep from being so easily aroused and seduced?”

Ciardi could contain himself no longer. He gave vent to a loud bellow of laughter, finally controlling himself enough to say, “My desk young lady, there’s nothing wrong with having a normal sexual appetite, which is what you obviously have! My advice is to relax and enjoy!”

Jennifer turned nearly purple with rage, struggled from her chair, and stormed out of Ciardi’s office. The gall of the man! To dismiss her very serious problem with his crude witticisms! Her flint impulse was to fire him — but that wouldn’t be right, dismissing him because of her personal grudge. Na, she would simply avoid him as much as she could.

Wrapped in her anger and oblivious to everything else, Jennifer rounded a corner and nearly collided with Laura Langley. The actress, who was wearing a brief bathing suit, seemed delighted to see her.

“Darling!” she laughed. “I was hoping I’d run into you, although not quite so literally! We’re having a little party on the beach this afternoon, and I want you to come. I’ve already spoken to your dear brother, and he’s promised to be there. Will you come? I simply won’t let you refuse!”

Jennifer thought quickly. Her first impulse was to refuse. After what she’d witnessed last night, in Jack Harlan’s suite, she did not want to be around Laura and her crowd ever again. On the other hand, in spite of Laura’s private life, Jennifer still greatly admired her as an actress and therefore hesitated to offend her. But, nothing objectionable, nothing lewd, could possibly be done on a public beach, so there would be no danger of being forced to observe another orgy.

“Why, thank you, Miss Langley,” Jennifer smiled. “I’d be delighted.”

“Call me Laura, darling,” said the actress. “All my friends do.”

In late afternoon, Jennifer changed into her blue bikini, took the largest towel she could find, and strolled down to the beach. At some distance from the hotel she saw a group of people sitting around, and even from far away she recognized Laura’s bright, red hair. As she got closer, she was dismayed to see that it was the same bunch as at last night’s party — Laura and Kip, Jonathan, Jack and Bonnie Harlan, and the poet Harold Witherspoon with his mistress, Ouida. Jennifer wished she had not come, but she knew it would be rude to back out now that they’d seen her.

She received cordial, effusive greetings, and Jonathan sprang up to kiss her cheek and slip his arm around her waist in an unbrotherly manner which she did not like. But gradually her doubts lessened. Nothing outrageous was happening. People were swimming, lounging around on towels and blankets, drinking beer, chatting, eating fried chicken and potato salad — all very much like an ordinary picnic. Jennifer relaxed and had a long swim. Later she lay on her towel, got pleasantly high on beer, and managed to contract the slight sunburn which seemed to be a status symbol in California. She felt drowsy and contented.

Dusk came, following a beautiful sunset, and no one seemed inclined to go back to the hotel. There was still plenty of food and beer, the air was still warm, the water inviting. It was Harold Witherspoon who began what Jennifer considered the hanky-panky. First, as the gathering darkness made them invisible from the hotel, Witherspoon produced his cache of marijuana, and all of the party except Jennifer shared it with him, sitting around a small campfire, smoking, and becoming more and more jovial and animated. Then Witherspoon proposed a nude swim.

This idea was enthusiastically received by everyone except Jennifer, who began to gather up her things in preparation for a hasty exit. Jonathan held her arm, however, and she was forced to listen to everyone’s protests and persuasions.

“My God, Jen!” her brother teased. “I knew you’d been raised kind of strictly, but you’re a big girl now! Surely you don’t have moral objections to nudity!”

“No, of course not,” answered Jennifer, much embarrassed. “I’m not that old-fashioned. If you people want to do it, that’s your business. It’s just that I can’t do it myself.”

“Oh, nonsense!” laughed Bonnie. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, honey! In fact, you have all the advantages — you have the nicest body of any girl here, and you’ll put the rest of us to shame! How can you pass up a chance like that?”

Jennifer thought wryly that Bonnie was right, she did have the best figure. Bonnie herself was a little on the round, plump side; Laura, although still impressively shaped, was getting to be over the hill; and Ouida was tall, slim, graceful, and elegant, but very nearly flat-chested. However, vanity could not persuade Jennifer.

“Oh, I really couldn’t,” she blushed.

“Aw, come on, little lady!” boomed Jack Harlan. “Don’t spoil the party! Be a sport!”

Jennifer hated to ruin anyone else’s good times, and, after all, she really was being silly. Nude swimming was commonplace nowadays. She finally gave in, and everyone cheered.

“Nothing delays us now!” cried the poet, trying to undress and gesture at the same time. “Let us offer our bodies to Neptune!” He swept his arm to indicate the ocean, tripped, and fell in the sand. Everyone laughed as Ouida picked him up and helped set him on his feet again.

Jen’s impulse was to turn her back on the others while she took off her bathing suit, but she knew she was being prudish. She forced herself to face them, and as she tossed aside the skimpy suit she received brief but admiring glances from the men. The women were too busy looking each other over to notice the men’s reactions. Although no one commented, each woman had her own secret judgment about whose figure was best. Ouida wished she was little and cuddly like Bonnie; Bonnie wished she was shapely and firm like Jennifer; Jennifer wished she was tall and slim like Ouida, and Laura felt no one could compare with herself. But the men, equally silent, felt a secret desire to fuck Jennifer and each hoped that the evening would give them the chance.

Harold Witherspoon led the charge into the surf, babbling one of his own unintelligible poems, and for half an hour they all splashed around, ducked each other, and played like children. Then there was a general retreat to the campfire, where they lay on towels and blankets, smoked grass and drank beer.

Jennifer felt happy. The nude swim had been perfectly innocent, even fun. She intended to finish her beer and then go to her room for a good, long sleep. Her new friends did not seem objectionable now, and she was not even embarrassed to notice them glancing at her nude body as she reclined on her towel. All seemed to be going so well — until, just like last night, Laura spoke up.

“Christ!” she exclaimed. “I’m horny as hell!”

This announcement was greeted with laughter, and even Jennifer had to smile — it was so like Laura to say such a thing. Jennifer hoped it would stop there. But she was out of luck. Laura bent over Kip, who was sitting beside her, and voraciously sucked his limp cock into her mouth.

“Hey!” laughed Kip. “Don’t you ever get tired?”

Laura, her mouth occupied, did not reply, but everyone else did, somebody shouting, “Go, Laura, go!” They watched intently, with obvious enjoyment, as the actress, her long, red hair streaming over Kip’s naked thighs, sucked his cock swiftly and noisily, her fingers simultaneously tickling his flaccid balls. Kip was at first only amused, but as Laura’s expert tongue came into play, he groaned, closed his eyes, and became oblivious to his surroundings.

Jennifer felt a strange struggle going on inside herself. One part of her wanted to leave the obscene performance instantly; but another part of her was unwillingly fascinated with it. Just as before, when she had spied on Laura and Kip in the woods and watched them screw, she was mesmerized by the sight of two famous people doing something so intimate. For the time being, then, she said nothing and only watched.

Harold Witherspoon soon became fidgety, wanting to get in on the action himself. He abruptly leaped onto Ouida, who giggled and shrieked, spread her legs, and pressed his silvery head between her thighs. Ouida pretended to struggle for a moment longer; then loud, wet sucking was heard, and the beautiful black girl moaned, closed her eyes, and lay back on the blanket as Harold greedily licked and tongued her pussy.

“Hey, honey, how ’bout you and me?” Jack Harlan grinned at, his wife.

“I thought you’d never ask!” tittered Bonnie.

He stretched out on his back, and Bonnie crawled over hint her plump pink body contrasting with his tan and hairy flesh. She seemed to plop her fat little ass right in his face, then stuck out her pink tongue and began to lick his long, thin, meaty prick. She squealed, then sighed, as Jack used his tongue on her tight-puckered anus, first circling it hotly, then wriggling inside to stuff and ream.

“Ooooo!” cooed Bonnie. “Get your tongue in there, honey! Oh, it feels so nice!”

She shrieked in delight as he wormed his thick tongue all the way in her asshole, and then she seized his long, white cock and sucked it into her mouth for a vigorous pumping and a bath of hot saliva. Jack groaned and began to move his hips in time to her sucking, bat he did not withdraw his tongue from her anus. Meanwhile, Kip was beginning to pant and jerk his hips as Laura’s cocksucking speeded up and her expert fingers rubbed and tickled his balls. Ouida was moaning, low and steady, while Harold gobbled and sucked and tongued all the creamy flesh between her legs.

Jennifer caught herself watching all the action with open mouth and wide eyes. There was no denying the fact that she was fascinated with the scene and that it was, unaccountably, beginning to turn her on. There was a sudden tingling sensitivity in her nipples, the twitching and swelling of her clit, the slow, hot creaming of her cunt. She felt very ashamed of herself. She must leave at once, get away from this orgy which gave rise to all her wicked feelings.

“Jonathan,” she whispered to her brother, who was sitting beside her and watching the others with amusement, “I think I’ll leave now. No one will notice.”

Without taking his eyes from the other couples, he reached out and caught her wrist firmly. “Ah, but they will notice,” he whispered back. “And their feelings will be hurt. Even worse, I won’t have a partner.”

“Partner?” Jennifer gasped. “You must be joking, Jonathan! You can’t seriously mean…”

“Why not?” he interrupted, looking at her with some irritation. “Why do we have to miss out on all the fun? Come on, Jen, don’t be such a drag!”

Jennifer faced him sternly. “Jonathan, the things we’ve done already, just in the privacy of my room, are bad enough! I can’t believe you want to make a public display of incest! That’s too depraved even for you! Or is it? In any case, you’ll never have my cooperation!”

He sneered at her. “Christ, you’re really something else, you know that? I didn’t think it was possible for anyone your age to be so prudish! Well, times have changed, little sister! Nobody’s going to be shocked or outraged if we make love in front of them — in fact, it’ll excite everybody. It’ll be great for business, the kind of thing this crowd loves. A real brother and sister act! And, to give you a more basic argument, I’m horny. So cut the crap, Jennifer, I’ve really had enough of it!”

She slapped his face. She had hardly finished, when he returned the slap, so hard that she fell back on the towel. No one had noticed their angry exchange, but Ouida saw what happened next.

“Well, will you look at that!” she exclaimed. “Eatin’ his sister’s pussy! Hey, look, everybody, this is wild!”


They all suspended their activities to take a look. There were the James twins, so remarkably alike with their golden-brown skin and silver-blond hair and firm, well-shaped bodies, engaged in a peculiar struggle on the towel. Jonathan had his face buried snugly, aggressively, between his sister’s legs holding her thighs widely apart, his mouth already busy on her clit, while Jennifer, with a horrified expression, was sitting, pushing at his shoulders in a vain effort to dislodge him. She looked up, saw all the others watching and grinning, and blushed.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “Please don’t watch! This isn’t my idea! I don’t want him to do this!”

“But my dear young lady,” replied Witherspoon. “The whole idea is to watch! We all enjoy watching each other. And I must say, this is the best show yet. Just imagine, twins making love to each other! Delightful!”

“Don’t fight it, sweetie,” added Laura. “Just lie back and enjoy. No one’s going to inform the newspapers, after all! We’re just one close little family, all friends. And it looks like your brother is doing a very nice job, too! How does it feel?”

Jennifer could not answer. She had never felt so utterly humiliated in her life. Fortunately for her, the others went back to their own erotic play after watching for a few moments, and she had to endure no more than an occasional glance or grin. She tried to distract her mind from Jonathan’s expert tonguing by watching the others. Ouida was howling through a remarkable series of orgasms just at that moment, wrapping her long slender legs around Harold’s shoulders and digging him into her pussy as if she could never get enough of his furious sucking. The Harlans were still noisily eating each other. Laura, finding Kip too close to coming for her own needs, had pulled her mouth off his hugely swollen, straight-standing cock and presented him with her ass. The handsome blond man was leisurely licking out the inside of her cunt, making her flush with horniness and twitch her big, white buttocks impatiently.

Jennifer was sorry she had watched, because it was no distraction at all from what Jonathan was doing between her legs. All around her she saw nothing but abandoned sexual pleasure, the same thing she wanted for herself. Jonathan was so good at this kind of thing, damn it all! She shivered with pleasure as he sucked her clit into swollen erection, as he stuffed her creamy little cunt with his thick tongue, and as he wriggled his wet tongue into her anus. She wanted so much to relax and let him bring her off. But she couldn’t bear to do it in front of other people. Feebly she continued to push at his shoulders, to whisper her protests: “No, Jonathan, for God’s sake! Stop! They’re all noticing!” But she knew she was kidding herself, that she wanted him to continue. If only they were alone, in her room!

“Oh, shit, I can’t stand it any longer!” cried Laura. “Foreplay is fun, darling, but enough is enough! Give me your cock!”

Kip, thanks to her sucking, had an erection that threatened to burst, and he was only too happy to obey. Kneeling behind her, he seized her hips to steady himself and slammed his fat, stiff prick into her with such force that the impact of belly and ass made everyone start.

“Ohhhh, GOD!” bellowed Laura. “Yeah, slam it to me, baby! Hard, yeah, hard!”

No one could say that Kip wasn’t a good employee. He followed her command instantly and perfectly, balling her with thunderous force. The beautiful woman dug her nails into the blanket and wailed without shame.

The others watched Kip’s swift, dog-style fucking for a while, some grinning, some licking their lips, and others making comments. “Magnificent young stud, isn’t, he?” the poet inquired of the group in general. “Ah, to have his energy, his endurance! However, I must make use of what I have. Come, my dear.”

He rolled onto his back, his small, white prick pointing at the stars, fat and rigid in erection. Ouida seated herself with her back to him, wriggling her creamy little cunt down around his shaft; she came to rest on her knees and began pumping up and down, doing all the work, while Harold sighed happily and watched the other action. Ouida, too, though she was obviously enjoying the act of wriggling and pumping her tight cunt all around his stiff cock, kept her eyes on Laura and Kip. She was grinning.

“Oh, quick, honey!” Bonnie cried to Jack. “My pussy’s just creaming away like mad!” She got on her hands and knees, facing Laura and Kip, so she and her husband could fuck and watch at the same time. Jack knelt heavily behind her, his face even more flushed than usual, and placed his thin, stiff penis to the moist valley of her cuntmouth, and shoved. “Eeeee!” squealed Bonnie. “That’s just great, sugar! Now ball me hard!”

“It’ll be my pleasure,” laughed Jack. He began jerking his hips fast, slamming against her with every thrust so that her plump little tits flopped and swayed with the impact and his bristly balls slapped and flapped wildly against her thighs.

“Our turn!” gasped Jonathan, raising his flushed, cream-smeared face from Jennifer’s clit.

“No!” she shrieked. “I won’t let you fuck me in front of anyone else, and that’s final!”

He glared up at her. “Well, you’re entitled to rob yourself if you want,” he snarled. “But you can’t leave me high and dry! No, by God, you’re going to bring me off, Jennifer! It’s, the least you can do! Look at this.”

He leaped to his feet, and to her astonished eyes the rest of his body seemed dwarfed by his erect cock. It was easily eight inches long and menacingly thick and swollen, the foreskin forced back from the bulbous, purple head which steadily oozed white jism. His balls, too, were fat and tight. Jennifer realized how painfully horny he must be, and that if she thwarted him he might be unable to control his anger. She feared her brother’s deceptive strength.

“Jonathan,” she whined. “I want to help you, I know how you must feel! But not here, not in front of all these people!”

He sat down beside her and whispered, “Please, Jennifer, please don’t make a scene! Think of business! Those people will be pleased if we join their act, and really pissed off if you leave. It would be putting them down, don’t you see — showing your contempt for them! For God’s sake, act like an adult for a change!”

His charges stung her. She had been behaving like a child, that was trim. If she was going to stay with the hotel, she would have to learn to please the guests, no matter how much she disliked their activities.

“All right, Jonathan,” she said meekly. She reached out for his stiff-standing cock and began to pump it with her hand, determined to relieve him as fast as she could. But her brother gave a contemptuous snort, pulled her hand away, and forced her head down till her lips grazed the oozing glans of his big penis.

“Suck it!” he whispered harshly.

“Oh, God, Jonathan, not that!” she sobbed.

“Suck it, damn you, or I’ll break your neck!”

She felt his strong fingers tightening on her neck, and she quickly opened her mouth. His sticky cockhead popped inside, and his fingers relaxed their grip, then trailed away from her back.

“Good girl,” he sighed. “Give Brother a nice blow job, okay?”

There was no escaping it this time. He expected her to draw his penis into her mouth and suck on it till he choked her with his seed. Jennifer felt nauseated, but she saw no way out, not with Jonathan’s murderous temper. Mournfully she sucked in more of his thick meat, her mouth painfully stretched, her taste buds blasted by his strong, salty tang. She remembered what he had taught her last night, sucking in her cheeks as far as she could, giving his balls a feathery tickle. Jonathan sat up while she worked, sighing contentedly and playing with her breasts.

“Take it in a little more!” he urged.

She obeyed, drawing in his enormously long prick as far as she could, till it tickled the back of her mouth and almost made her gag. She began sucking mechanically, her mouth stuffed and aching, hardly knowing what she hoped. She wanted it to be over soon, but on the other hand she dreaded her first taste of a man’s sperm. The only way was to keep her mind off what she was doing, otherwise she couldn’t stand it. Still sucking on her brother’s stiff cock in the swift, hard way he liked best, she turned her eyes to the other couples. But to her horror, she found them all watching her!

Bonnie was wriggling her fat little ass in obvious delight as Jack hammered his cock into her from behind. She caught Jennifer’s eye and giggled. “Nothin’ like a nice big mouthful of cock, is there, honey?” she chirped. “And you sure got a mouthful! Man, I never saw a dong that big before!”

Laura, although feverishly slamming her buttocks up to meet Kip’s thunderous strokes, was not yet too distracted to add her comments. “Yes you lucky little bitch!” she panted. “Stop frowning! Most girls would give anything to eat a gorgeous, big prick like his! If you don’t like it, I’ll take it!”

“Thanks, Laura!” laughed Jonathan. “But I can’t neglect my duty as a teacher! Do you know, this girl is over twenty-one and doesn’t even know how to give a blow job?”

“You’re giving her an awful big one to practice on, though,” chided Ouida, who was still expertly pumping her cunt around Harold’s cream-soaked prick. “Maybe too much for a beginner.”

“Yes,” agreed Harold. “Mine would be more the right size. Want to trade, Jonathan?”

“Trade what?” grinned Jonathan. “Girls or cocks? One I could go for, but not the other.” Everyone laughed, even Witherspoon, who seemed to consider his small cock a constant joke.

“Shit!” bellowed Jack. “I don’t see how you people can talk so much, with all this nice fuckin’ goin’ on!”

“I’m with you!” groaned Kip. “In fact, I’m gonna come any second now, baby, so you better take advantage!”

“Right!” laughed Laura. “I’ll shut my mouth and open my cunt!”

She did just that. They all watched intently as Kip slammed his prick into her even harder and faster than before. Laura’s green eyes widened and glazed, an ecstatic leer stretched her face, her buttocks pumped furiously in time to her lover’s strokes.

“Oh, Jesus, can’t hold out!” yelped Kip. “Here it comes!” He ground his prick deep into her, shouted, and began to shudder with his climax.

“God, oh, GOD!” wailed Laura. “Me, too, oh, yes! Love it, ahhhh, AHHHH!”

Watching Laura writhe and shriek in orgasm, Ouida suddenly gasped, her whole body shook, and her eyes rolled, then closed. Almost immediately, Harold began to yelp like a dog.

“Oh, that sweet, nipping cunt of yours!” he cried. “You’re coming, yes, I feel it, taking me with you!” For the first time since the fucking began, the little poet began jerking his hips, feeding his squirting cock roughly into Ouida’s cunt.

Stimulated by the sight of the others, Bonnie and Jack Harlan began fucking furiously, yelling and squealing, the big man almost knocking over his wife as his belly slammed loudly against her ass. “Aw, Christ, take my load, honey!” Jack shouted.

“Yes, I want it. I want it! Ahhhh!” Bonnie shrieked in reply.

Jennifer had been so absorbed in watching this succession of loud, writhing orgasms that she was hardly aware of her brother’s thick cock hammering ever faster in her mouth. Now, however, his words brought her back.

“Swallow it, Jen!” he gasped. “Oh, baby, please swallow it!”

Jennifer almost gagged at the idea. But if obedience would make him come any faster, it would be worth it. Controlling her nausea, she opened her throat — and felt the enormously long cock glide down, till it seemed to reach to her stomach. She was terrified, sure she would choke, and it was almost with gratitude that she felt the first hot spurt of Jonathan’s come.

“Ohhhh! Jesus Christ!” he whined; “Beautiful!” He kept trying to dig deeper into her throat as he shot his seed, but finally it was over and he sighed and pulled out, his limp cock dribbling come in her mouth. She knew she would offend him if she spit it out, so she reluctantly swallowed. Jonathan kissed her proudly.

“That was great, Jen!” he sighed.


The others were finished, lolling around and watching the twins. “Oh, man!” chuckled Jack. “I thought ol’ Jonathan was gonna die when she swallowed his cock!”

“Yeah, your sister really learns fast!” said Kip. “Perhaps she’ll consent to practice on me next?” added Harold. “What do you say, my dear?”

“Excuse me, please!” Jennifer squeaked. She leaped to her feet and raced down to the water. She just had to be alone for a minute, and to rinse out her mouth, even if she had to use salt water. She was joined after a while by the other three women, who giggled and splashed and washed the dribbling come off their thighs.

“That’s one beautiful big cock your brother has,” Laura confided to Jennifer. “I intend to give it a try before my vacation ends. Christ, I bet it’ll be good! He ever use it on you?”

Jennifer was spared a reply when Harold called from the campfire, “Ladies! Ladies, come back now! We have a surprise!”

“He’s not very big,” laughed Ouida. “But he sure is inventive! I wonder what he’s got cooked up this time?”

The women returned to the campfire. Jennifer intending only to find her bathing suit and leave. But Harold, clapping his hands for attention, announced, “Ladies, wonderful news! The other gentlemen and I feel up to another round of sport! We have decided, just for fun and variety, to draw lots for you! No one knows yet what partner he will have.”

Laura, Ouida, and Bonnie laughed appreciatively, but Jennifer drew back from the group in shock. “You’ll simply have to excuse me!” she snapped. “It’s more than I can take! I’m leaving!”

Jonathan caught her arm, “Jen, don’t start that again!”

Harold Witherspoon considered the problem. “No doubt she’s shy, inexperienced,” he said. “We shouldn’t be harsh with her. Dear young lady,” he went on, meeting Jennifer’s eyes. “Try to be reasonable. Not fifteen minutes ago we all watched you suck off your own brother. What, could possibly be more compromising than that? It would be innocence, in comparison, to get fucked by a man who isn’t related to you. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, but…” Jennifer felt confused. Witherspoon’s argument was logical, and she did not want to make enemies, but something still made her feel it would be terribly wrong to stay.

“Ah, you agree, then? Good! Let’s get on with it!” Witherspoon cried, giving her no chance to reply. Jennifer shrugged. She was suddenly very tired, too tired to protest, and she knew, from the way he was gripping her arm, that Jonathan wouldn’t let her escape anyway. What did it matter? One more round and everyone would be exhausted and ready for bed, as ready as she was now. She could endure it.

While Harold emptied the picnic basket, Kip and Jonathan gathered up the women’s bikini bottoms. These were placed in the basket, and the men were to close their eyes and draw, taking the woman who belonged to the suit. Jack Harlan drew first, pulled out a flame-orange garment, and looked around expectantly. Like most men, he had no idea who had worn what, being much more interested in bodies than in clothes.

Laura came forward grinning. “You for me, darling,” she leered, taking Jack’s arm and leading him over to a blanket.

“Hot dawg!” laughed Jack. “I always wanted to fuck a famous movie star!”

“Television, darling, not movies,” corrected Laura, reaching for his swaying, limp cock.

Harold Witherspoon closed his eyes, reached into the basket, and drew out a pink bikini bottom.

“Oooooh, goodie!” squealed Bonnie. “That’s mine, Harold! How exciting, making it with a real poet.”

“You’ll find my prick quite poetic, I’m sure,” Harold said gallantly, while bowing. “Shall we get at it?”

They found a beach towel to lie on, and Jonathan took his turn at drawing. Suddenly Jennifer hoped he would pick her bathing suit; even if he was her brother, at least he was familiar. But to her disappointment, he pulled a tiny, yellow garment out of the basket. Ouida did not come forward to meet him, bat called languidly from her blanket, “Over here, lover! My, lucky me, I get the big one!”

Jonathan joined her, obviously delighted to have drawn the lovely black girl. Kip stood by the basket, grinning at Jennifer.

“Well,” he laughed. “I guess this is what you’d call a mere formality! But just to do things properly…” He reached into the basket and plucked out Jennifer’s blue bikini panties. “Yours, I presume?” he leered.

Jennifer’s knees felt weak. She began to tremble.

How had she gotten herself into such a repulsive mess, obligated to fuck a stranger? When she did not move but only looked at him in panic, Kip strode to her, picked her up, and carried her over to the remaining blanket.

“Hey, look,” he whispered soothingly. “Don’t be afraid! I’m not a monster, after all! We’re gonna make out just fine together, I know it! After all, it’s kinda like my profession. You just take it easy, and I’ll make it good for you, okay?”

Jennifer nodded weakly, and he set her down on the blanket. There was no point in getting into an argument, and Kip seemed pleasant enough. She would just let it happen, get through it mechanically like she’d sucked Jonathan’s cock, and then she would be free to leave. Kip lay down beside her and began to kiss her and fondle her breasts. He used his tongue when he kissed, reminding her of Ben. But with Ben it had always been awkward, slobbery, and rather disgusting. Kip made it clean, expert, and wickedly exciting. Jennifer enjoyed his kisses, the pleasant touch of his firm hands on her breasts, but did not look forward to the more intimate things that were to follow. Eventually Kip began to suck her nipples, giving her a chance to see what everybody else was doing.

Jennifer blushed at herself for being disappointed. All she saw was three blow jobs in progress, the object being to get the men hard again. How dull, she thought crazily. Then it occurred to her that Kip might require help, too. She didn’t have to eat his come, just suck him a little; it seemed almost rude not to do it, when all the other men were getting it. She gently pushed him off her, knelt beside him, and dipped her face toward his flaccid, white cock. But he caught her hair and stopped her.

“Hey, no,” he said gently. “You don’t have to. I know you don’t dig it — I saw your face when you were eating your brother. You just relax and let me turn you on, okay? I’ll get hard when I need to.”

“No, let me.” Jennifer felt a rush of gratitude for his kindness and was determined, to repay him, even if she had to do something she didn’t relish. Just a little bit, at least, to show that she wasn’t ungrateful. She bent again, took his flabby prick in her hand, and directed it to her mouth. On some wild impulse she stuck out her tongue and wriggled it under the wrinkled foreskin, swiftly circling the moist glans beneath. Kip sighed, and she continued licking him that way for a minute or so, not really minding it, when she saw his cock suddenly swell and bloom before her eyes. It lengthened, fattened, and jerked erect in her hand.

“Hey, thanks,” Kip murmured. “That was sweet. But now it’s my turn.”

He eased her onto her back and took a moment to look her over, then to run his hands down her firm, smooth body. “Christ, it’s nice having somebody young for a change,” he said softly. “Not that I’d tell the boss!” They both glanced automatically at Laura, but found her preoccupied with sucking Jack’s balls. Jennifer was still looking when she abruptly felt Kip’s tongue wriggling into her cunt. Oh, God, it felt nice! It looked as if he night make her enjoy this fuck after all! She sighed and opened her legs wider.

“Glorious! Glorious!” Harold Witherspoon was proclaiming. “What a talented little lady you are!”

Bonnie was unable to answer his compliment, for her tongue was busy and noisy in the depths of his anus, while her little hands worked playfully on his cock and balls. He stood, arms folded, while she knelt behind him, and although he already had an erection that threatened to burst, the poet seemed content for the moment to remain in a passive role and enjoy Bonnie’s expertise.

Jonathan was not so inactive. He seemed to be detouring Ouida’s body inch by inch, beginning with her mouth and working down to her small, pretty breasts, the tight-curled black patch of her, mons, and all the creamy parts between her legs. The slender black girl lay limp, puffing as he kissed, tongued and sucked, but there was evidence, in Jonathan’s hugely swollen cock, that her blow job had been energetic enough.

Theirs was a relatively quiet and placid scene compared to what was taking place on the next blanket. Her buxom body arched over Jack Harlan, Laura was snarling, gurgling and growling as she licked feverishly all over the surface of his penis and testicles, her lovely, long tits swaying and brushing his belly. Jack was equally noisy and hungry as he attacked her pussy with his tongue, lips and fingers.

Watching all this, while Kip’s tongue worked deliciously in her cunt, Jennifer felt it was all unreal. It couldn’t be happening, not to her, not to anyone! Eight naked human beings, loudly and greedily eating each other on a public beach, like so many dogs feasting on meat, oblivious of all rules of decency and modesty — no, she could not really be part of this! It was only a week ago, after all, that bet prim aunt had seen her off in London with a final admonition to stay away from men. They were filthy-minded creatures, her aunt warned, who wanted only one thing from a woman. At the time, Jennifer had tended to agree with her. But how much she had learned since then! Far from just wanting a quick fuck, a swift release, men knew a thousand different ways to enjoy a woman’s body and to make her enjoy theirs. Jennifer felt bewildered, very much uncertain of what was the right thing to do.

Kip was crawling up over her, wiping her cream from his mouth before he kissed her. “Feeling better now?” he whispered.

“Ummmm,” Jennifer replied vaguely, smiling and curling her arms around his neck. No purpose would be served by telling him her doubts, nothing gained by hurting him. She would play along, get it over with. She wrapped her legs around his slim ass, pumped it, making his steel-hard cock nudge her vulva, in an ancient female signal that required no words.

He licked her neck, then whispered in a husky, excited voice, “You want it now?”

“Ummm,” she repeated, pumping his hips again. His oozing glans raked over her labia and snuggled into the indented mouth of her creamy cunt.

“You’re a sweet kid,” he whispered. He kissed her, forcing his tongue far into her mouth, and at the same time, in a twin motion, his stiff, long cock eased gently into her. She held her breath during the whole delicious penetration, feeling his fat meat stuffing, stretching, and crawling the length of her narrow cunt, till it nudged her womb.

“Good?” he sighed. “Is that good?”

“Ahhhh!” Jennifer moaned, much more sincerely this time. It did feel good, very good. Her legs were still wrapped around his ass, putting her in control of their motions, and she squeezed and pumped him to show how she wanted him to fuck her, in long, slow, easy thrusts. He grunted acknowledgment, too exhausted to speak, and she let her legs fall to the blanket. Kip took over, serving her just as obediently and skillfully as he did Laura. Jennifer thought wildly, crazily, that she was being fucked by a cock that had been into the famous actress, that had filled her cunt many times. It gave her an odd feeling, seemed somehow to make them sisters. I’m being fucked by Laura Langley’s stud, she thought — and giggled.

“What?” Kip raised his head and grinned at her. “Nothing.” She grinned back, then deliberately tightened her cunt muscles around his deep thrusting cock. His eyes rolled, he moaned and buried his face in her hair. Come on, stud, she thought, get it over with. I have to get out of here, out of this insane dream.

She looked around and saw that the others were watching them with glazed, hungry eyes. Well, they must look good together, she supposed. They had the best bodies of the group, they seemed to melt into each other perfectly. She didn’t care if they watched now; she was beyond that. She returned their looks blandly, lazily. Harold Witherspoon was the first to become overexcited. With a snort of horniness, he threw Bonnie onto her back, scrambled between her plump white legs and lifted them up to rest on his shoulders. In this position her thighs were spread widely apart, her slit stretched and opened to his eyes. He looked, grinned, gave her clit a little tweak, then poked his small, stiff cock into her cunt.

“Oooo!” squealed Bonnie as he penetrated her. “You said it was a little one, but it feels mighty big and nice to me!”

“Oh, it’s little, all right,” grinned Witherspoon. “But it’s a great little actor! And your cunt is superb, my dear! Snug, hot, juicy, and, I see, very muscular! Shall I compose a poem about your cunt? Let me see…”

“Harold!” Bonnie squeaked impatiently. “Will you stop talkin’ and move it?”

He looked tempted to say more, but then he began pumping his hard, little cock in and out very fast and noisily, watching the action with pride. Bonnie squealed, shrieked, and bucked her hips in time to his strokes.

Meanwhile Laura had become equally impatient with watching. Roughly, she pushed Jack down on his back, straddled his belly, and rammed her soaked cunt down on his straight-standing, long, thin prick, tightening her vaginal muscles and swiftly sucking it all the way into her. She was in a very aggressive mood, pumping her heavy ass up and down, taking the male role and doing all the work, while Jack lay flushed and gasping beneath her, somewhat overwhelmed by her violence.

“Hey, sugar!” he gasped. “I’m supposed to be fuckin’ you!”

“Silence!” snarled Laura. “You’re my slave, I’ll do what I want with you! And right now I’m going to fuck you till you howl!”

Jack shrugged. “Takes all kinds, I guess. Go ahead, honey, do it your way.” He folded his arms behind his head and lay there watching her and grinning, his eyes moving over her, from her big, brawn, furry snatch to her wildly bouncing tits to her lovely face which was contorted in ecstasy. “My, my!” he sighed; “This is service! Bonnie, how come you never do me like this?”

“Oh, honey, I can’t talk now!” gasped Bonnie. “I — oh, oh, OHHH!” She gave up the effort to speak and lay back blissfully, her plump cheeks red, her cuddly body quivering and shaking as Harold furiously balled her.

Jennifer found the antics of the two couples wickedly amusing, but she could not smile at her brother and Ouida. They made, a beautiful pair, inspiring admiration rather than amusement. Stretched out fully, on their blanket, Ouida on top, they were moving together with the sensual grace of a serpent, slowly writhing, coiling and uncoiling, her slender black body contrasting handsomely with his blond and tan features. Occasionally Ouida arched her belly upward, and then Jennifer could see the mammoth length and thickness of Jonathan’s pale, white penis as it dipped into Ouida’s cunt and slowly eased out again, gleaming with her cream. Their voices were husky and low, and Jennifer could catch only a few words.

“Lover…” breathed Ouida, “… so good and big… God, it’s fat… long…”

“More?” panted Jonathan. “Deeper…”

She nodded frantically. His hips slammed upward, and Ouida wailed loudly, then bared her flashing white teeth and began to nibble his neck. Jonathan wrapped his legs around hers, locking her against him, trapping his cock very deep in her belly, and she wailed again. Jennifer, for reasons she did not understand, found herself powerfully aroused by watching Ouida and Jonathan. The other couples were only amusing, but this sinuous entanglement of black and white bodies, the low, husky, erotic talk, and the way the proud Ouida utterly surrendered her delicate body to the force and size of Jonathan’s mammoth cock — all of it made Jennifer flush with list, made her cunt tighten and cream hotly.

Kip assumed the gripping and creaming were in response to his fucking, and he moaned gratefully and thrust even deeper into her. The sharp advance of his fat prick brought Jennifer back to her own scene and made her aware of how really good he was at his job. With each stuffing thrust of his cock, he managed to rub the hard shaft over her pulpy labia and raw clit, wringing delicious jolts of sensation from them before gliding on into her wet, receptive cunt. Even the hairy tickle of his balls against her thighs pleased her, and she suddenly wanted them to be slapping crazily against her ass, as would happen if she opened her legs wider, raised herself to him, and urged him to fuck her faster. Her thought somehow communicated itself to Kip as she started to spread her legs. He jammed his hands under her ass, lifted and spread her, and speeded the force and pace of his probing cock. Jennifer moaned delightedly.

He raised his head to look at her, and she saw he was flushed and sweaty. “You like it this way?” he smiled.

Jennifer felt great warmth toward him, for the way he unselfishly worked for her pleasure; she wanted him to know how good he was, even wanted to howl out her sensations as his fucking made her feel high and light, flying towards her climax.

“Oh, yes, yes!” she moaned loudly. “You’re fucking me so well! I love it!”

Kip grinned and humped her faster. “How about that?”

“Ooooo!” shrieked Jennifer. “My God, YES!”

She was utterly shameless now in her mounting joy, wrapping her legs around his waist, digging her nails into his shoulders, squealing shrilly. Her wild response caught the attention of the others, busy as they were, and there were some appreciative smiles and comments.

“I knew my gorgeous stud could get to her,” Laura said proudly. “Congratulations, Kip darling you melted the iceberg!”

“Man, how that little girl is lovin’ it!” exclaimed Jack. “Look at that! Hey, Bonnie, you lookin’?”

His wife replied with a piercing squeal that was not meant for him. Harold had just fucked her into a blinding explosion of coming, and the little poet was not far behind her. With a triumphant snort and a furious wriggling of his skinny buttocks, he inundated her cunt with his seed.

“Hey, Bonnie…” Jack began again, but suddenly his face flushed hotly, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he began to jerk his hips. “Aw, shit, yeah!” he bellowed. “Take it, baby, take it all!”

“I feel it!” wailed Laura, grinding her pussy down on his squirting cock. “Ummmm! Oh, oh, me, too! Ahhhh!”

In the midst of Laura’s abandoned shrieking, Jonathan’s low moans, could hardly be heard. But everyone was aware of the strange noise coming from Ouida, a high, sharp sound, almost like a wounded animal except for its undertone of deep pleasure. Her little cunt was too small to take Jonathan’s load, and hot, white come gushed out to splatter his belly.

Everyone was listening, too, as Kip and Jennifer climaxed together. Kip gave a loud howl, but Jennifer was more explicit. “Oh, love,” she shouted. “Fuck, fuck, fuck me! I feel it, I feel your cock squirting, making me come! Ah, Ah, AHHHH!”

No sooner had her final spasms passed, then Jennifer was sickeningly aware of the spectacle she’d made, writhing, shrieking, shouting out obscenities to Kip as he balled her. Oh, God, in front of everybody, too! They’d all watched and heard, no doubt of that. They were still watching as she and Kip lay panting and sweaty in each other’s arms.

“Well, darling,” Laura said archly, summing up everyone else’s opinion. “I think you enjoyed our little party after all, didn’t you?”


Jennifer awoke the next morning feeling no less wretched and ashamed. She was only glad that Jonathan hadn’t spent the night with her. Utterly drained after his evening’s activities, he’d gone to his own room and fallen asleep at once. Jennifer had not been so lucky. She’d tossed around for half the night, frying to decide her own future. She still loved the hotel and loved the idea of managing it, but there was one enormous problem now — she wasn’t sure that she could stand the kind of role she’d have to play and the people she’d have to play it for. If last night’s crowd was a typical selection of the hotel’s guests, and if she always had to join their games in order to help business, then she wanted no part of it.

By morning her mind was made up. It killed her to have to leave the Granada Hotel and give up all her happy plans for living there and running the place — but there was no other way. She really couldn’t go on living like this. She almost hated the brother she’d hoped to love, and she certainly hated herself. She decided simply to go away, leave the whole thing to Jonathan, and try for work somewhere else in America, although she had no idea what kind of work it would be.

Immediately after breakfast she began packing, certain that Jonathan, exhausted, would not be out of bed before noon. She wanted to be packed and on her way before then, so as to avoid arguing with him. But she was interrupted after half an hour by a loud knock on the door. She sighed. If it was Jonathan, she might as well face him and be done with it, but she dreaded his anger.

“Come in!” she called listlessly.

Dr. Ciardi entered, closed the door behind him, started to speak, and then stopped as he saw the suitcases on the bed. He raised one of his thick, black eyebrows at her.

“What’s this? A vacation already?”

“I’m leaving for good,” said Jennifer, turning away to avoid his questioning gaze.

“But why? I thought you were enthusiastic about managing the place?”

“I was,” she admitted. “But that was before I knew the kind of place it is. Or, rather, the kind of people who come here.”

“Aha,” said Ciardi. “I think I begin to understand.” He came and sat on the edge of the bed while Jennifer nervously paced the rug, wishing he’d leave and let her finish her packing. “Now, tell me all about it,” he continued. “Just what is it that bothers you about the guests?”

“Doctor,” Jennifer said shortly. “It’s very kind of you to take an interest, but there’s really no point in discussing it. My mind is made up. I’m leaving, and I want to leave right away. So, if you’ll excuse me…”

“Hold on,” he muttered. “Hold on! I want to be sure you’re making the right decision. It’s a shame to give up this fine old hotel and leave it all to that playboy brother of yours. Why do you find the guests unbearable? Oh… not that I don’t find them unbearable a lot of the time — but I want your reasons.”

“Very well.” Jennifer decided to satisfy his curiosity quickly, then send hint away. “I suppose I’d have to say it’s their morality, or their lack of it. They seem to be a bunch of sex fiends, that’s all they ever think about or do. I can’t work with such people.”

“Sex fiends?” Ciardi smiled. “Certainly there’s a lot of hanky-panky going on, but it strikes me as harmless fun.”

Jennifer reddened indignantly. “Harmless? Fun? I see that you’re no different from them!”

Still he smiled. “Miss James, what makes you so uptight about sex?”

“Please leave,” she said icily. “I see no point in continuing this talk.”

“No, I want to get to the bottom of this. You fascinate me. First you come to my office to complain that you’re horny all the time, that you can’t get laid often enough, and now you’re bitching because the guests, in your opinion, are preoccupied with sex. You’ll excuse me if I’m puzzled. But perhaps you can explain?”

Jennifer burst into tears. His words were crude but accurate. She had contradicted herself, had been a terrible hypocrite. “Oh, Doctor,” she sobbed. “I feel so confused!”

“So do I,” he answered. “But let’s work on it now. Let’s try to solve your problem. Come here.” He extended a hand and drew her over to sit beside him on the bed, putting his arm around her shoulder in a paternal manner. “To begin with, Miss James, I repeat what I said in my office — there is nothing abnormal about your libido. A woman your age ought to have a strong desire for frequent sex. The question is, having this desire, why can’t you enjoy it?”

Jennifer blushed horribly but forced herself to answer him. He was offering help, and, God knows, she needed it! She said haltingly, “I really don’t know why, Doctor, but I just can’t be easy about it, especially afterwards. I feel so guilty, so soiled! But even when I — when I’m doing it, I feel it’s dirty and wicked.”

“I see. Excuse me for making like Freud, but please tell me about your childhood. Who raised you, and how?”

Briefly Jennifer told him about her aunt and her strict principles, including her lectures on the evils of men and sex. Ciardi shuddered.

“My God,” he said when she had finished. “With an upbringing like that, all that stupid, puritanical indoctrination, it’s a wonder you even lost your virginity! But, really, don’t you see now how wrong all those ideas are? Don’t you see that — if you’ll pardon the vernacular — she was full of shit?”

Jennifer couldn’t help smiling. “Yes, I see that pretty clearly. I could hardly have summed it up better, although I wouldn’t have used your words. But even so, I can’t seem to change my feelings. How can that be? How can I know my aunt was wrong, yet still feel that she was right?”

“Oh, that’s no puzzle,” sighed Ciardi. “You can’t change overnight, that’s all. You lived with the woman for twenty years, and you can’t just hop a plane, fly to America, and lose your hang ups over the Atlantic. It will take time for you to stop feeling guilty about sex. But you can do it. I can suggest a way.”

“Oh, would you?” Jennifer gave him a tearful smile. “I’d so much appreciate your help, Doctor! I don’t know where to begin, myself.”

He smiled back. “Begin by calling me Charles, and I’ll call you Jennifer, all right?” She nodded, and he went on, “Now, the thing to do is take it one step at a time. Don’t try to change everything at once. You must learn, bit by bit, that there is nothing wrong with sex. It is pleasant, it is fun, you have every right to enjoy it — and you must learn to think that way in every phase of it. Allow me to make a small demonstration.” He took her chin in his hand, and tilted her face up to his. “I’m going to kiss you. Don’t be frightened, this is just a lesson. I want you to forget everything except two things — that you’re being kissed, and that it’s pleasant. Will you please try it?”

Jennifer swallowed hard. “All right.” His method sounded sensible to her, but she wasn’t at all certain that she could think as he suggested. She sat meek and submissive, but her palms were cold and sweaty.

Ciardi’s lips met softly with hers, and she made a sincere effort to feel the way she had been instructed. I am being kissed, she thought, and it’s pleasant. She repeated the thought over and over. It began to work. She was aware of his good masculine scents, the comforting expanse of his broad chest, the warmth of his big hands on her back, and most of all, his gentle but firm, smooth lips pressing ever closer, fill his mouth was tenderly opening her mouth and she felt the silky tip of his tongue on the tip of hers. A strange, dizzy wave of warmth swept over her, and she sighed and relaxed against his shoulder and let him slip his tongue all the way into her mouth. He held it that way, stuffing and possessing her mouth, though not aggressively, and she felt the strange, warm wave again. She realized now that the wave began in an excited tightness in her cunt, but she refused to be ashamed. Ciardi was right — kissing was simply pleasant and fun, and nothing to feel bad about.

His tongue retreated, and he drew away and smiled at her. “Well? What did you feel?”

She blushed slightly but answered, “You were right. I tried it the way you said, and it was pleasant.”

“Good. Now close your eyes and go on thinking the same way.”

She obeyed, and he began to fondle her, working his big hands intimately but gently over her face, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, and finally her breasts, kissing her as he did so. She puffed and sighed and lay limp against him. It was pleasant, really, just as he’d said. She wished he wouldn’t stop. But after a few minutes, she felt him easing her down on the bed, lying beside her, and unbuttoning her blouse.

“Doctor…” she began, suddenly alarmed, trying to sit up. “I don’t think…”

“Now, Jennifer,” he said soothingly. “Don’t stop now, just when you were doing so well! Think! Is it really so different, kissing your lips and kissing your breasts? They’re both parts of your body, both legitimate sources of pleasure. Don’t make false distinctions, false barriers. This should feel just as nice, just as good and right, as what I did before. Please, now, lie back and relax and think as I told you.”

“I don’t know…” she protested, but she allowed her body to sink back onto the bed, trusting his experience and knowledge. She shivered a little as he drew her blouse open, and she felt rather embarrassed at not having on a bra, though she hated the uncomfortable things. But he made no comment. His smooth hands cupped the two, pretty, white globes, enjoyed their soft warmth, and thumbed the bumpy, pink nipples. She shivered again as she felt his hot, wet tongue on her left nipple, flicking, lashing, circling. Concentrate, she ordered herself, just feel what he’s doing! She sighed. It was true, the breasts were definitely an erogenous zone, communicating their excitement straight to her damp, aroused pussy. Yes, this, too, was pleasant. He worked over the right nipple now, circling it wetly with his tongue.

“God, you’re reacting just fine! I’m going to suck your nipples now, didn’t be afraid,” he whispered.

Far from being frightened, Jennifer moaned delightedly he sucked one nipple into the fierce, wet heat of his mouth, tongue and lips busy on the bumpy flesh. She felt an almost painful but exciting stiffening in both her nipples as he sucked them erect and aroused. Her cunt creamed and her breathing became heavy. As when he had fondled her clothed body, she wanted him to continue for a long time, but, having made such good progress so far, Dr. Ciardi was ready to move to the next step.

“You’re doing fine,” he assured her as he lifted his head from her nipples, which were now stiff and pointed and gleaming with his saliva. “Very good. You’ve got the idea — don’t think of anything else but what’s happening, how nice it feels. That’s all you’re concerned with. Now we’ll try something else.”


He began removing her clothes. Jennifer squeaked in protest, but he put a finger to his lips. “Don’t upset your mood, stay cool. Remember I’m a doctor, I’ve seen thousands of naked people. Above all, don’t be ashamed of your body — it’s a beautiful thing, it deserves your respect for all the nice things it does for you.” He went on lecturing her softly, soothing her, and before she quite realized it, he had her completely undressed. She felt more naked than she ordinarily might have, because he was still fully dressed in his suit and tie; but on the other hand, the fact that he kept his clothes on calmed her fears. He wasn’t going to try anything, he was just frying to help her.

“Lie back. Close your eyes. Relax and enjoy.” His commands were gently given, and Jennifer obeyed. Then she felt his warm breath on the fur of her pussy. She struggled to discipline her mind — enjoy, enjoy, enjoy… His blunt fingers parted the curly lips, discovered her tiny, glistening, red clit. He bent down, flicked out his pointed tongue, and brushed the little organ lightly. Jennifer sighed. This step was going to be easy, she thought, for there was nothing in the world she liked better than having her clit tongued and sucked. But she made the mistake of opening her eyes and looking down at him while he lashed her fat bud with his tongue. His big head, covered with unruly blue-black hair, was unfamiliar to her, that of a stranger who had never been between her legs before, who had no business looking at all her secret parts. She struggled to get up.

“Please…” she cried.

Ciardi pressed gently but firmly on her thighs, forcing her pelvis down again. “No,” he whispered. “Don’t panic, don’t give up.” They looked at each other, across her upward-thrusting tits, his brown eyes earnest and encouraging, her blue eyes wide and frightened.

“But, Doctor,” she protested. “It isn’t right! I feel so exposed, so lewd! It can’t be right, can it, for a man to kiss a woman there, to use his tongue there?”

“Yes, it is!” he said fervently. “It is right! It’s good, it makes us happy, it’s harmless fun. There’s nobody else in the world light now, just you and me, doing pleasant things together. Don’t think about anything but that. For instance, tell me what you feel now.”

He bent and flicked her clit again with the wet, warm tip of his tongue, over and over, until she sighed and closed her eyes and relaxed.

“How does it feel, Jennifer?” he asked softly.

“Good…” she sighed. “I like it.”

“Fine. Now, this?”

His stiff tongue began to trail through the folds of her labia, rubbing and wetting every surface, slowly, sensuously, until she was quivering. “Well?”

“Heavenly,” sighed Jennifer.

“Excellent. Now concentrate on this.”

He inched his tongue slowly up her cunt, tickling the walls with his tongue, gradually filling and stretching her. She moaned and creamed hotly all around his tongue, and she went on moaning as he worked deeper. He reached out, took her legs, and moved them up till her knees touched her tits, thereby shortening her vagina and making it more open to him. She felt him licking her womb, and she almost fainted, both from the pleasure of it and from the heady thought of being licked in so intimate and secret a place.

“Oh, please!” she gasped. “No more! It’s too much.”

He withdrew and looked up at her affectionately. “Sorry, I hadn’t meant to go that far. It’s just that you’re so pretty down here, I got carried away. In my work, I see a lot of pussy, and, frankly, much of it is unattractive or dull. But yours is sweet. It — however, I digress. We’d better get on with our lesson.”

“Oh, Doctor, I don’t know,” Jennifer sighed. “I think you’ve made your point. I see what to do now. And I don’t want to…” She broke off not wanting to finish. She had been about to say that she didn’t want to climax in front of him, though she wasn’t quite sure why.

He read her thoughts. “I know. It’s a very personal, intimate thing, and I’m still somewhat of a stranger to you. But you mustn’t be afraid. I’m on your side. And you’re doing so well, we really ought to continue. Tell me how this feels.”

He slipped his big hands under her buttocks, lifted her to him, and began to lick all around the puckered mouth of her anus. Jennifer was alarmed. This was one place, she felt, where he had no business to put his tongue. It was wicked, nasty, to taste her there. She was starting to twist away when she felt his stiff tongue wriggling into her asshole. It was hot, very wet, and too exciting to ignore. Her whole upbringing told her it was wrong — but he had persuaded her to dismiss that upbringing because it was false. She wavered, and as she did so his tongue got in all the way, stuffing her anus deliciously. He sensed her pleasure and held his thick tongue still, letting her wiggle her ass and work her anal muscles around it, letting her get the feel of it. Then he began to pump in and out.

“Oh, God,” moaned Jennifer. “Oh, my God! Please, you have to stop! Don’t make me come that way!”

He stopped and withdrew. To her relief, he now crawled out from between her legs and sat on the edge of the bed, wiping his face with a handkerchief. Then he patted the place beside him and smiled at her. She returned his smile and went to sit beside him.

“Well, now,” he laughed. “Do you feel guilty about anything I did?”

Jennifer thought about it. “No, I don’t,” she answered, laughing also. “I should have, but I only felt pleasure. Why?”

“Partly because you did as I told you. You blanked out all those stupid repression’s and prejudices of yours. But I think there’s another reason, too.” He took her hand and looked at her intently. “You were passive, I did all the work, and therefore you weren’t really responsible for what happened. You couldn’t feel guilty about things you weren’t responsible for. Now, if you were to do something pleasant to me, it might be different. I hope not, but we should find out. You initiate the action this time, you be in charge, and we’ll see how you react.”

Jennifer blushed but smiled. He made good sense. She really ought to know all her reactions to this new scheme. Trailing her arms lightly around his neck, she kissed him, taking her time and using her tongue rather impishly in his mouth. At last she broke off and grinned at him.

“So far, so good,” she said. “I liked that.”

“Well, all right, Jennifer,” he said, smiling. “But it’s not much. If you felt guilty about a mere kiss, you’d really be in bad shape. If it’s to be a real test, you’d better try something more serious. Like this.”

She heard his zipper, looked down at his lap, and saw him drawing out his cock. She forgot her manners and simply gawked for a moment. Springing from a thick forest of black hair, his cock appeared very white, pale, and fat. It was not as long as her brother’s, but it seemed thicker. Above all, it was stiff — suspiciously stiff.

“You have a hard-on!” she said indignantly. “I thought you were being entirely professional about this!”

Ciardi snorted. “My dear child! I’m only human! How could I possibly undress you, fondle you, kiss you, eat your pussy, without feeling anything? Your demands on the medical profession are heavy, indeed!”

Jennifer blushed. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Very well. Proceed.”

He waited, his fat, white cock sticking straight up in his lap, as if there was nothing unusual about his request. Jennifer reddened even more, but saw no point in refusing. It was just one more step in the lesson. She gingerly touched the silky, warm shaft, curled her fingers around it, and then bent to lick timidly around the bulbous, purple glans. A little glob of white cream trembled in the hole, but she avoided it.

“Taste it,” Ciardi whispered. “Don’t be afraid.” She hesitated, then lapped up the little droplet and rolled it around on her tongue.

“How does it taste?” he asked.

She blushed. “Salty. Good.”

“All right. Now take the whole thing in your mouth.” Again she hesitated, but finally she did as he instructed, opening her lips wide and going down on the fat meat. It stuffed her mouth, and she could not take in the whole shaft. “Now suck,” Ciardi whispered. “Just suck and decide how you feel about doing it.”

Jennifer worked the penis stiffly in her mouth, letting it nudge her velvety cheek, her slick palate, the ticklish surface of her tongue. She was certain now that she was getting to like the taste of cock, and that was a step in the right direction. When Jonathan made her suck him, she always felt panicked, as if she would choke or be sick, but somehow she did not feel these things with Ciardi. He was gentle, he sat still and did not feed her his prick, but let her guide it. She sucked him contentedly for a few minutes, enjoying the slick silky flesh. Then Ciardi sighed and lifted her head away.

“I could have gone on,” Jennifer protested. “I was actually getting to enjoy it.”

“That’s good,” he said, smiling faintly. “But I must repeat, I’m only human. I would have come in your mouth in another second.”

“Oh!” Jennifer blushed. She was deeply grateful for his consideration. Even if she was coming to enjoy sucking on a prick, she still abhorred the idea of letting a man ejaculate into her mouth and throat. “Well,” she smiled. “What now? Is that the end of our lesson? Did I pass?”

“Jennifer.” His voice was suddenly lower, rather raspy. He put his arms around her, applied his weight, and they sank onto the bed. He kissed her, more roughly than before, and spread her legs with his. She felt his hard, fat cock butting blindly against her vulva. She tensed in his arms, but he didn’t notice. “Jennifer, let me fuck you.”

She pushed him away and burst into angry tears. “Damn you!” she shrieked. “You liar, you-you cad! You pretended to help me, to give me medical advice, and all the time you just wanted to screw!”

Ciardi guffawed. “And what’s wrong with that? My God, we did everything else! The whole point was to enjoy, and what could be more enjoyable than to finish with a grand climax? Pun intended.”

“Oh, get out!” she sobbed. “You’re terrible! Everything is a big joke to you! I don’t think you even take my problem seriously!”

“Oh, but I do!” he exclaimed still laughing. “Look at all the trouble I went to, trying to help you!”

“Trouble, my ass!” bawled Jennifer. “Get out!”

Ciardi zipped up and, to her great annoyance, exited laughing. She felt completely devastated and friendless. She had trusted him, believed him, and had even begun to be fond of him — and now all his efforts turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate attempt to get laid. Well, she thought wearily, just one more reason to get out of this God-forsaken place, fast!

She slipped on a robe and was just continuing with her packing, when Jonathan walked in. Jennifer started and blushed.

“You could have knocked!” she snapped.

He ignored her anger. Grinning, he circled her, looking her over. “Why, Jennifer, darling, you’re all flushed and hot! Your hair’s rumpled, you’re practically undressed, and you’re trembling! I just passed Ciardi in the hall, and he looked rather peculiar, too. Tell me! Tell Brother! I love secrets! Did the good doctor score?”

“Oh, shut up!” she shouted.

He only laughed. Everybody seemed to be laughing at her today. “Come on, Jen, did he ball you?”

“Certainly not!”

“No, knowing you, I suppose you wouldn’t let him,” Jonathan grinned. “But I can tell he got you horny. Lucky I happened by. You don’t have to be modest with me, and I can take care of you right now.”

“I’m afraid not,” she said coldly. “I’m leaving.”

“Hmmm, yes, I noticed the suitcases. But of course you’re not serious. You couldn’t give up the hotel.”

“I don’t want to, Jonathan, but I have to. I can’t live this way, like we’ve been doing, being part of a perpetual orgy. You seem to like it, so you can have it. I expect you to buy out my half eventually, but I can wait a few years for my money. I can’t wait to leave.”

He studied her carefully and saw that she was deeply serious and determined. He spoke without smiling now. “Very well, Jen, if that’s the way you feel, I have no right to stop you. I’m sorry things didn’t work out as we planned. But I would like you to do me one more favor, one more thing for the business, before you go. It won’t take long, and there’s nothing in it to distress you. Just a little publicity thing.”

It seemed the least she could do. “What is it?”

“A miracle, for one thing Kip Kovak has accepted Laura Langley’s offer of marriage. He must really be hard up for money, poor devil. Anyhow, they’re going to announce their en nut to the press this afternoon, aboard Jack Harlan’s yacht. And since the whole thing happened at our hotel, we can cash in on the publicity. Laura and Kip even suggested it. We can be there, pose with them for the photographers, and Laura will give the reporters some romantic little story about falling in love at the Granada Hotel — she’s so good at that, everyone will forget it’s her sixth marriage. Anyhow, it seems too good to pass up. What do you say?”

Jennifer sighed. She desperately wanted to be on her way, but she knew she should cooperate. Jonathan needed all the help he could get, now that the whole management of the hotel was on his shoulders. And this was one meeting of the bunch that couldn’t possibly turn into an orgy — not unless they wanted their antics photographed and described in every major newspaper in America! She had to smile at that.

“Oh, very well, Jonathan,” she said. “When do we go?”

“Around five. I’ll stop by for you. Wear something really gala, okay? Laura wants everyone dressed to the teeth.”

“Right. Around five, ten.”

Jonathan smiled and left, silently applauding himself on inventing such a plausible and convincing story on such short notice.


While her brother guided his small power boat through the busy harbor, Jennifer admired Jack Harlan’s yacht at a distance, and the was even more impressed when they came aboard. It had more than all the comforts of home — it was luxurious, a floating palace. Jonathan led her to a large main room which featured a bar, a high ceiling with heavy beams, and large windows which afforded a fine view of the hotel on one side and a panorama of the sunset on the other. In the room Jennifer saw only the group she was already familiar with — Jack and Bonnie Harlan, Laura Langley and Kip Kovak, Harold Witherspoon and Ouida — but she assumed that the press would be along shortly.

“Here’s our twin.” Jack boomed. “Hi, there, Jonathan — I see you persuaded her to come after all!”

“Well,” Jennifer smiled, “I could hardly stay away on such an important occasion. Laura, congratulations!”

Laura gawked. “Congratulations on what? Jonathan, what did you tell this girl to get her out here?”

Suddenly Jennifer understood. She reddened and turned to her brother. “You rat,” she said coldly. “It was all a lie, wasn’t it, to get me to another party?”

Jonathan smiled blandly. “Oh, tell!” chirped Laura. “What fantastic tale did you invent, you clever boy?”

Briefly he explained, and while Jennifer fumed, everyone else laughed and applauded. Kip remarked in an aside, which no one but Jennifer heard, “Me engaged to that old barracuda? That’ll be the day!”

“I somehow fail to be amused, Jonathan,” Jennifer interrupted. “I would like to be taken back to the hotel. The sooner I leave this place, the better.”

“Now, now!” Jonathan put an arm around her shoulder and led her to a sofa. “It’s too late to go anywhere tonight, Jen. Why don’t you just relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy Jack’s yacht?”

“That’s right, little lady!” thundered their host. “Anything you want, you just name it! You just stick around and enjoy yourself, hear?”

“Yes, darling,” Laura added. “We’d be devastated if you left!”

Jennifer shrugged and accepted a drink. Her brother was right. She could not get a plane, even a bus, at this time of night, and she might as well spend her last evening being amused by the antics of the group. She had no intention of participating, however; if Jonathan tried to force her, she’d jump over the side and swim ashore.

Besides Laura’s customary exhibitionism nothing much happened for a while — people got drunk, the room slowly filled with the rich odor of marijuana, some pills were passed around. Jennifer confined herself to a couple of drinks and enjoyed the view of the harbor. Jonathan insisted on arguing with her, though in a friendly way, about her decision to leave.

“Jen,” he said at last. “You’re an invaluable asset to the business. Not only do you have good ideas about hotel management, but you’re half our image — the twin image. Everyone is fascinated with us, you know. I can’t go along without you. Please reconsider.”

“No, Jonathan, I won’t,” she replied wearily. “You can make it alone. Our father did. I could never live like this, taking part in the guests’ orgies for the sake of business.”

He seized her hand and bent close to her and whispered, “Oh, but I think you could! Remember how it was with Kip? You’re learning to enjoy it, whether you know it or not! That’s why I brought you here tonight. It’s just a matter of getting used to it, den — one more time, and it won’t seem unusual or distasteful at all.”

She pushed him away. “Take me home!”

He grinned. “No, darling, not yet. Stick around, enjoy the party!”

She was about to make an angry reply, when Jack Harlan clapped his hands for attention. “Ladies and gentlemen! A contest! Miss Ouida here has kindly consented to perform a little feat of skill — and then the other ladies can offer their talents and see if they can do better. Miss Ouida to the center of the room, please!”

The tall, graceful black girl walked languidly to the middle of the floor, while Harold Witherspoon remarked, “I believe you’ll all be amazed and delighted with this trick. I read about it — used to be performed by whores in the better houses, around the turn of the century — and then I taught Ouida to do it. Go ahead, my dear.”

Ouida was wearing a red gown; she unzipped it down the back and let it fall lightly to the floor.

The men whistled and stomped their feet, while the women, in various degrees, looked envious of Ouida’s slender beauty. She was now wearing only a tiny pair of red bikini panties and red slippers. The shoes she kept, but she whisked off the panties and tossed them to Harold, who sniffed them adoringly and then ticked them in his pocket. Light background music played, and Ouida danced to it for a few moments. Then she looked at Harold and snapped her fingers, as if demanding something from him. The poet fished in his pocket and took out a quarter, which he tossed at Ouida. It fell at her feet, and she snapped her fingers again.

“Throw her a quarter, gentlemen,” instructed Harold. They all laughed and obeyed. Ouida danced around the four coins, stood directly over one of them, then suddenly squatted and snatched up the coin with her cunt. There was a gasp from her audience, then wild applause.

“Isn’t she marvelous?” exclaimed Harold, as his mistress danced across the room to squat over his hand and deposit the quarter there. “It takes a great deal of practice, and good muscular control, as you might well imagine,” he added proudly.

Ouida did not acknowledge his compliment or the applause. Maintaining her usual languid expression, she danced back to the center of the room and picked up the remaining quarters one by one, bringing them to Harold in the tight grip of her cunt. Jennifer, although revolted by the nature of the trick, could not help but admit that Ouida made it into an artistic performance. There was prolonged applause when she finished. She bowed in a mocking manner, scooped up her dress, and went to sit beside Harold.


Center stage was soon crowded, Bonnie surrounded by the men. Ouida eyed the naked bunch with her usual lazy indifference, but Laura was plainly piqued at no longer being the center of attention.

“Little bitch!” she hissed to Ouida. “She took all the men for herself!”

Ouida laughed. “Why, honey, aren’t you satisfied for the time being?”

“I’m never satisfied!” snarled Laura. She glared at the slender black girl, but then her expression slowly changed to warmth and excitement. “To hell with men,” she laughed. “Let’s eat each other’s pussies!”

Ouida cocked an eyebrow. “You really go for that kind of thing?”

“Sure, why not? It doesn’t matter how you get it, so long as you get there!”

Laura had suddenly seized Ouida’s legs, spreading them, and dipped her head right into the girl’s vulva. Her pointed, pink tongue darted out to lick and lap. Ouida giggled, then pushed her away.

“Wait a minute, honey!” she laughed. “Let’s get down on the floor, where I can do you, too!”

Laura flashed her a hungry look, then hurried to stretch out on the rug. Ouida scrambled over her, her slim ass towards Laura’s face, and they began sucking noisily between each other’s legs. Jennifer, who had been watching, turned away, unable to look any longer. Instead she watched the main action in the center of the room.

After some discussion, a place had been found for everybody, although the arrangement struck Jennifer as extremely awkward. Kip Kovak was lying on his back, and Bonnie was on hands and knees over him, his stiff cock just nosing into her creamy little cunt. When he was securely lodged, Harold approached her from behind, straddling both her legs and Kip’s, and wriggled his hard little cunt into her anus.

“Oooo!” squealed Bonnie. “Am I stuffed! Okay, gentlemen, I’m full of cock on one end — now let’s have it on the other!”

Jonathan and Jack positioned themselves with some difficulty, standing on either side of Kip’s head and leaning forward to graze Bonnie’s lips with their long, erect pricks. She opened her mouth wide and sucked them both in.

“Everybody comfortable?” Jack inquired. There were grunts of assent. “Well, then, let’s go!”

Jennifer gasped and shuddered. She saw the men all begin to jerk their hips at once, fast and hard, with no apparent thought for Bonnie’s comfort. The plump little woman was jolted back and forth, up and down, as four stiff cocks hammered into her. Yet her gurgling and happy grunting showed that she was enjoying herself enormously. There was no doubt about how the men felt, either. They were making a game of it, getting up a kind of cooperative rhythm. First Kip gave a tremendous lurch of his hips, bouncing Bonnie up high as his long cock slammed into her cunt. Then Harold butted her ass, stabbing his stiff, little prick in her anus, knocking her forward. In turn, Jonathan and Jack rutted in unison, stuffing her mouth and throat and pushing her backwards. Then it was Kip’s turn again.

Jennifer did not see how Bonnie could bear it. Her mouth was grotesquely stretched, her pelvis tightly stuffed, her small body bounced and knocked brutally around. Jennifer could watch no longer. Quietly she made her way to the bar, having to step over the furiously sucking Ouida and Laura, who did not even notice her. Ouida’s white little teeth nibbled Laura’s clit, then sucked it voraciously, while Laura’s pink tongue was wriggling into the black girl’s cunt.

At the bar, Jennifer mixed herself a very stiff gin and tonic, then sipped it with her back turned away from the action. She thanked God that no one had asked her to participate, and she prayed that this round would exhaust the group so she could go back to the hotel. Naturally Jonathan wouldn’t drive her back until he had had his fill of orgying. Slav tried to blot out the scene around her, but though she could not see it, she could hear it. There was the loud slurping and sucking sound of lips, tongues, and cocks in juicy parts, and a wild mixture of human noises of pleasure — moans, sighs, grunts, shrieks, whinnies, squeals, and bellows. She knew it would take her a long time to forget this night, but it was her intention to try, to get as far away as possible. If only they’d finish now, and let her go!

“Hey, man!” she heard Jonathan yell. “You’re shootin’ all over my cock!”

Jack, who was sharing Bonnie’s mouth, replied only with a hoarse shout as he came. Jonathan laughed, ten gasped as he felt himself coming, too. Unable to ignore the noise, Jennifer turned and watched. She saw Bonnie hungrily gulping their seed, while Harold and Kip exploded more hot, sizzling come into her ass and cunt. Across the room, Ouida and Laura ate each other into a frenzied climax. Then men were falling away from Bonnie in all directions, leaving her to wriggle and squeal.

“Oh, my!” she sighed at last. “I never been so well fucked in my life!”

“You deserved it, honey!” panted Jack. “Ain’t she somethin’ else, gentlemen?”

There were general murmurs and gasps of agreement, then the men flopped in chairs and on sofas to rest. Jennifer made her way to her brother.

“As soon as you’re rested,” she said coldly. “I want you to take me back to the hotel.”

Jonathan looked at her with some surprise. “Jen! I’m sorry — we forgot all about you! Why, you were completely left out of the fun!”

“So were a few other people,” Laura said bitterly. “Bonnie hogged all the men.”

“Alas,” sighed Harold. “It was not a good idea to pit the ladies against each other. They all gave lovely performances, of course, but now there are hard feelings. Let me think — we must have a game to bring us together again, something in which everyone is equal and everyone participates.” He fell into deep thought, and Jennifer took the opportunity to argue with Jonathan.

“I won’t stay for any more games!” she insisted. “You’re taking me home immediately!”

“Go fuck yourself,” Jonathan grinned.

“You bastard!” Jennifer retorted. “I…”

She was interrupted by a shrill squeal of delight from Harold. “Oh, I’ve got it!” he cried. “I’ve got it! You’re all going to love this!” He leaped to his feet and looked around, then frowned at Jennifer. “Dear Miss James, you’re the only one still clothed. You’ll have to undress for this game.”

“I am not playing any of your filthy games!” cried Jennifer. She started to back away from the group, then yelped as Kip and Jonathan seized her arms. Swift and expert female hands — Laura’s and Bonnie’s — stripped away her clothes, leaving her naked and blushing before the others.

“Lovely,” mused Harold, gawking at her body. “Perfectly lovely! Now we’re ready! Let’s form a circle, men and women alternating.”

Jennifer was dragged along to the middle of the worn and placed between Jack and Harold as the circle took shape. “Now,” giggled Harold. “Everybody bend over and seize the hips of the person to his left!” There was much laughter as they followed his instructions, making a circle of bending bodies, each person nosing the buttocks of the person in front of him. Jennifer, urged into cooperation by Jack’s strong hands, found herself looking at the brown pucker of Harold’s anus and his sagging, silver-haired balls.

“We will commence with a little anal titillation,” announced Harold. “Or, to those with small vocabularies, ass licking. Then, when the men have got it up again, they can fuck the ladies ahead of them, while the ladies continue in the same fashion as before.”

“Pig!” laughed Laura. “We have to lick uses the whole time!”

“Don’t worry, doll,” said Kip. “You’ll be licking my ass, and you always liked it before.”

“So true!” purred Laura. “What was I thinking of?”

“Let me out of here!” cried Jennifer. “I won’t do this awful thing!”

Boos and hisses greeted her plea. “Come on, honey, be a sport!” Jack said from behind her. “Now, you just gotta like THIS!” He gripped her hips more tightly, and then she gasped loudly as she felt his hot, wet tongue wriggling into her anus.

“Oh, noooo!” she squealed. “Take it out!”

He replied only by thrusting his tongue in till she felt impaled on its slick, burning length. She was furious, yet simultaneously aware of how good it felt. Jack began to pump his tongue in and out of her ass, and she sighed involuntarily. It was a tickling, mischievous, titillating feeling that made her cunt begin to cream and her clit throb with anticipation.

The others set to licking and tonguing each other’s asses, too, and Harold chirped, “Do me, darling! Don’t leave me out!”

Jennifer looked at his tiny anus and felt almost sick. She did not want to lick anybody there, let alone this disgusting man. Yet if she refused, she would spoil the game, make everyone angry, and she dreaded the thought of what they might do to her. With a shudder she leaned forward, closed her eyes, and began tonguing Harold’s skinny buttocks. He giggled.

“Ummmm! Very pleasant, my dear!” the little poet muttered. “Rut you must lick my anus, too! That’s the point of the game!”

“Oh, no!” Jennifer sobbed. “I couldn’t do that!”

There were murmurs of agreement. The group was getting impatient now, irritated with Jennifer’s resistance. Between licking Harold’s ass and being raped by a dog, her choice was inevitable. She placed the tip of her tongue on the clenched, brown anal mouth before her, then began to lick and circle.

“Ahhhh!” sighed Harold. “That’s more like it!”

Jennifer licked mechanically, trying to blot out all sensation of what she was doing. There was no noise in the room now but harsh breathing and the juicy, sucking noises of tongues reaming anuses. Behind her, Jack continued to stuff and probe her ass with his thick tongue. Jennifer tried to ignore that, too, but without success. It was strange, how penetration of her anus felt so much like penetration of her cunt, giving her the same horny urge to jerk her hips in search of more friction, making her cunt cream and her clit swell up. To make matters worse, Jack was doing everything else in his power to turn her on, reaching between her legs and tweaking her fat little clit, reaming her juicy cunt, rubbing the swollen, moist lips of her labia. Damn him! She loved to be played with like that, it was making her unbearably horny. Worst of all, as she grew more aroused and unthinking, she was shocked to find her tongue imitating Jack’s, working into the tight-clenched mouth of Harold’s ass, trying to thrust inside. She did not seem to be able to control it, it was an automatic response to all the delicious things Jack was doing to her. He gave her anus a loud, thorough licking, thrusting deep and hot into her, and she moaned and jammed her tongue into Harold’s asshole. A deep groan from Harold told her how much he liked it, but he could not reply, since his own tongue was deep in Laura’s asshole.

The loud, lewd anal play continued, and soon had its expected results. With a triumphant bellow, Jonathan straightened up from tonguing Bonnie’s ass, his huge cock now stiff and swelling. He seized his prick and jammed it into her cunt. Bonnie gave a delighted squeal and began tonguing her other partner, Jack, harder. Kip was the next to get hard. They all heard a deep, joyful moan from Ouida as she received his stiff cock. Harold was hard and worming his prick into Laura next, and Jennifer observed all this and waited impatiently for her turn. God, she needed a cock inside her now! Jack had driven her wild with need as he sucked her asshole and fingered her clit, labia, and cunt. He must fuck her now, he must!

Suddenly Jennifer felt his tongue slither out of her ass, then the sharp butting of his cockhead against her vulva. She whined, spread her legs, worked her dripping cuntmouth wound till his cock slipped in. She waited, breathless and eager, for him to push in all the way. When he did so, it was with a force that lifted her to her toes. She gave a shrill squeal of delight, then stuffed her tongue as far as she could into Harold’s tight, pungent ass. She would lick him gladly now, if it was the price she had to pay for a badly needed fuck.

The circle made a strange pattern, alternating the standing, rutting men with the bent, sucking women. Each woman responded joyfully to the stiff cock that fucked her from behind, wriggling her ass, uttering shrill little cries in her throat. Each man grunted and whined as he felt a hot, wet, little tongue probing deep in his anus. Jennifer experienced a crazy sensation of togetherness. They were all linked by tongues and cocks, one continuous chain meeting itself, all fucking and sucking each other. Harold could be justly proud of his idea, for it had literally and figuratively wilted the group. To show her appreciation, she began pumping her tongue swiftly in his tight anus, and she fumbled between his legs, found his small coarse-haired balls, and began to tickle and fondle them. He tightened and then released his anal muscles to give her happy acknowledgement of her play.

A few moments more, and orgasm exploded in a chain reaction around the busy circle. A guttural moan from Laura signaled that she was the first to come, and in her frenzy she sucked powerfully on Kip’s anus, triggering his climax. He rutted furiously against Ouida, who came in turn. So it went, around the circle, and Jennifer felt herself flashing into orgasm as Jack’s abundant, hot seed sprayed deep in her belly. Her tongue went wild in Harold’s ass, and as she continued to squeeze and tickle his balls, she felt them tighten and then sag in the course of his ejaculation. A moment more of furious humping and tonguing, then bodies began sinking to the carpet amid sighs, moans, and gasps.

Jennifer was not surprised at the wave of shame and disgust that engulfed her the moment she sank to the floor. All her participation and cooperation had been due to the desperate need for a climax, and now that she wasp satisfied, she came back to her senses. She almost gagged, recalling that she had stuffed her tongue into a man’s anus and licked him there. She could hardly sink lower than that.

The thing to do now was leave, get out and never come back. But she was exhausted. She crawled wearily across the room, found her drink, and gulped it down. She would just make herself another, a double this time, and rest. A little rest, then she’d have the energy to attempt an escape. With her fresh drink, she snuck into a dark corner and waited.

Bodies were lying everywhere around the room. No one seemed to have any energy left except Ouida. The tall black model was amusing herself by strolling around the room, lighting candles and turning out the lights. Jennifer was glad — it made her hiding place even darker, and she might not be noticed again. Ouida finished her candle lighting and went to curl up on the rug beside Harold. Jennifer sighed, relaxed, and closed her eyes.


She did not know how much time passed. She was not asleep, but she was certainly drunk, drunker than she’d ever been in her life. No wonder, one powerful gin and tonic after another — until now everything seemed vague and dim around her. Stupid of her to get smashed like that. How would she escape, if she couldn’t even walk? Maybe she should try swimming ashore, getting sobered up by the cold water — if she could navigate while seeing double! No, no, that was stupid, too. She’d never make it, not in her condition.

“Ah, my dear, here you are!” Harold’s wispy voice startled her. “I’ve been looking for you,” he said. “Silly of you to hide away in a corner like this!”

Jennifer opened her eyes and saw him standing before her. Skinny, flabby, white, his long mane of silver hair disheveled. “What do you want?” she mumbled.

“I want to help you.” He gave her a kindly smile, then sat down next to her, slipping one thin arm around her shoulders. She was too weary and drunk to pull away. He went on warmly, “Since the first time we met, I’ve been unable to help noticing your disgust, your crippling inhibitions. A terrible shame, my dear, in one so young! You shouldn’t be all bottled up like this, so repressed and puritanical. You should be totally free to enjoy your body and all the things you can do with it, all the beautiful pleasures of sex.”

“Beautiful?” Jennifer laughed cynically. “What we did in the circle — do you call that beautiful? Licking people’s asses?”

“Why not?” replied Harold. “Why should the anus be a despised, forbidden part of the body? It gives pleasure, too. No source of pleasure should be ignored. If you could just lose your inhibitions, you’d believe this as firmly as I do. Tell me, have you ever masturbated?”

Jennifer blushed and answered coldly, “Certainly not!”

Harold laughed and shook his head. “There you go again! Condemning something you know nothing about! How can you just assume it’s wrong, without trying it? Do you really believe it’s evil?”

“Well, no,” Jennifer admitted. “I suppose not. But I couldn’t do it myself.”

“Why not? There’s nothing wrong with it — you’ve just said so — and it’s loads of fun. I do it all the time, and so do my friends. Would you like me to show you how?”

Jennifer laughed. “I didn’t know it was something that had to be taught!”

“Oh, well,” Harold shrugged. “One can fumble around and do it in a primitive manner and get some results. But masturbation, like every other erotic technique, is an art. It has to be learned, and preferably learned from a master. I could show you some lovely things to do to yourself.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’d rather you didn’t.”

He smiled mysteriously and, ignoring her remark, stood up. “Don’t go away,” he chirped. “I’ll be right back.” She watched his skinny ass and legs as he scurried away, hoping Ouida or some other woman would distract him. She wanted to be left alone.

But he was back in a moment, carrying his suit jacket. Something bulged in one pocket. “Now, wait till you see this!” he said enthusiastically. “Here’s something that can give you hours of pleasure. Ouida loves it. Here, ever seen one of these before?”

He reached into the bulging pocket and pulled out an object. Jennifer looked at it and turned away. “Oh, my God,” she said disgustedly. It was a dildo, she was sure of that. She’d seen them advertised before.

“Oh, have a look,” urged Harold. “It won’t bite.”

Jennifer cast another glance at the dildo. It was fairly small, about the size of Harold’s own little cock, and made of white rubber. He molded and bent it, to show her that it was flexible. “I had it modeled after my own,” he said proudly. “So, Ouida would have something to play with when I’m away an lecture tours. Sweet, isn’t it?”

Now that Jennifer took a closer look, she saw that the dildo was in fact an exact replica of Harold’s erect prick. She could not help smiling at his eccentricity, and he seemed to take her smile for encouragement.

“Would you like me to use it on you?” he asked. “I’m very good at it.”

“No!” snapped Jennifer. “Please take your nasty little toy and go play with someone else! I’m not at all interested!”

“Oh, come on!” he smiled. “Just see what it’s like! It can’t hurt, and I’m sure you’d enjoy it.”

Still smiling at her, he gently laid his hand on the golden curls of her mons and inched a finger between the furry lips to rub her clit. Jennifer shivered and tried to draw away, but he kept his hand firmly in place. With his fingertip, he began to rub and circle the fat bud with such gentle expertise that she couldn’t help but enjoy it. He had her wedged into the corner, and it was not easy to escape him. All the while he smiled sensually into her eyes.

“Pleasant, isn’t it?” he murmured. “Spread your legs a little, my dear, and I’ll put a finger in your cunt, too.”

That brought Jennifer out of her daze. She seized his hand and pulled it away from her snatch. “Leave me alone!” she hissed. “Just go away and leave me alone!”

He only blinked. Then, turning to the others, he called, “May I have some help over here? The young lady is not being cooperative!”

Ouida and Jack came to his aid, and the others began to drift over to watch. Jennifer had only gotten to her knees when Jack seized her shoulders and forced her down on the rug and held her there. Ouida grabbed her ankles, spread her legs, and held her down.

“Ah, that’s better!” sighed Harold. “Now perhaps I can convince her. She keeps refusing to have fun! It’s quite pathetic!”

“Please,” Jennifer began to sob. “Let me go! Jonathan, you know how I hate this sort of thing — please make them let me go!”

Her brother smiled down at her. “That’s just the point, dear — you hate it. Harold will make you love it. Then there’ll be no more of this silly talk about leaving the hotel.”

“Be cool, okay?” Ouida encouraged her. “Harold is really an expert at this. You’ll dig it.”

“And remember the clog,” Laura added. She was smiling, but her voice was menacing.

Jennifer sobbed but ceased to struggle. For the moment she was defeated, surrounded by an eager audience, threatened with worse — fucking a dog — if she did not cooperate. Ouida continued to hold her ankles and Jack her shoulders, while Harold grinned and rubbed his hands together.

“Just what do you have in mind?” Jonathan asked him.

“Oh, a little game,” Harold chirped. “Just a little game. I was trying to convince your sister of the pleasures of masturbation. She refused to believe me. Now I’ll have a chance to change her mind. Who would like to take me up on a bet? That I can make her come, using only my fingers, in exactly one minute?”

As bets were placed, Jennifer prepared herself against what was to come. Her only wish was to defy Harold to remain insensitive to whatever he did. If she did not, if she allowed him to arouse her, the humiliation would be more than she could bear. The bets having been taken care of, he turned to her again.

The others watched in grinning fascination as the little poet knelt beside Jennifer parted the golden curls of her snatch, and found her fat, red clit. “Did you ever see such a pretty pussy?” he remarked as he touched it. “Such an unusual color.”

“Just the color that Jonathan is, right here,” laughed Laura, patting Jonathan’s crotch. “You certainly can tell they’re twins!”

“Shit, yeah,” said Jack. “I’d like to see ’em fuck. What about it, Jonathan? Do we get to see you making it with your sister?”

Enthusiastic applause greeted this suggestion. Jennifer reddened and looked pleadingly at her brother, but to her horror he smiled and nodded. “Sure, why not?” he said. “I like the idea myself. But later. Right now let’s let Harold get on with his work.”

This was agreed to, and now Harold seized Jennifer’s clit between thumb and forefinger. Kip, who was to time the action, checked his watch, then nodded at Harold. The poet began to work his fingers, and Jennifer almost gasped aloud as she felt sharp stings of pleasure being wrung from her clit. The man was an expert! It would be an uphill fight for her to shut out all sensation of what he was doing. It seemed to be no more than a lewd teasing, tweaking, and molding of her clit, yet the sensation was exquisite. She felt her vagina beginning to contract and cream, and she pressed her thighs together to hide her flow of juices. Still the fierce, radiating pleasure continued as he steadily worked her fattening, red clit between his fingers. She saw the others grinning down at her, hoping to see her conquered, and she closed her eyes.

“That’s a good girl, relax and enjoy it,” crooned the poet, mistaking her gesture for one of pleasure. “I’m going to give you a beautiful come in just about thirty seconds.”

So half her trial was over. If he did not succeed in less than a minute, he lost his bet. This encouraged Jennifer in her frantic effort to blot out the mounting pleasure produced by his fingers playing insistently on her clit. But then, to her complete surprise, he suddenly added a variation to his play. Still stimulating her clit with one hand, he now thrust the other between her legs and began to work his little finger into her anus.

“Oh, no, no!” walled Jennifer.

“Oh, yes, yes!” laughed Harold. “This will bring you off with a bang, I guarantee!”

It was all too true. He succeeded in wriggling his finger inside her ass, all the way to the last knuckle, and ten began to pump it like a miniature cock. Combined with his finger on her clit, it was too much for Jennifer. Her brain was no longer in command; it was her pelvis now, stimulated beyond endurance, and soon her whole body was reacting to the delicious sensations produced by Harold’s flying fingers.

“Ooooo!” shrilled Jennifer, as the double stimulation of anus and clit produced a sharp, beautiful climax. Her body undulated and rocked to the rhythm of the poet’s fingers, and dimly she heard applause.

“Well?” Harold released her and looked at Kip.

Kip was staring wonderingly at his watch. “Right on the button!” he exclaimed. “One minute exactly!”

There were whistles of appreciation, while Jennifer cringed and blushed. My God, she was no better than a trained seal, climaxing on demand! She had never felt so ashamed in her life. She prayed that Harold, having won his bet, would leave her alone now — but his next words blasted that hope.

“All right, here’s a second bet,” the poet announced. “This time I’ll make her come, using only my mouth, in exactly thirty seconds.”


The group laughed unbelievingly, and this time more money was bet against Harold’s success. Jennifer felt more confident of defeating him this time, too. She did not doubt that he was a champion pussy eater, but no man in the world could bring her off in thirty seconds! She almost smiled at the thought.

The bets placed, Harold released Ouida from the duty of holding Jennifer’s ankles but asked Jack to continue pinning her shoulders. Then the skinny little man scrambled between. Jennifer’s long, lovely legs and buried his face in her golden muff, accompanied by applause and lewd comments. Jennifer stiffened and braced herself as she felt the first delicious, wet, burning contact of tongue and clit. He used just the stiff tip of his tongue, tickling the base of her fat bump and then very slowly circling the shaft, over and over. Jennifer could see how easily he would bring her off if she lowered her guard. There was something about the sensuous slowness of his tongue that was already making her cunt cream again, even though she’d just climaxed. The circling and lashing became gradually more insistent, and she felt her clit fatten, twitch, and stiffen in miniature erection. Her clit, she knew, was like a time bomb now, set to go off any second if he applied just the right touch. Again she closed her eyes and fought inwardly to ignore the heady waves of pleasure he was giving her.

“He ain’t gonna make it this time,” sighed Jack. “He’s too slow. She’s fightin’ it.”

“Have faith,” chuckled Ouida. “He can do it! I should know!”

“Ohhhh!” gasped Jennifer. He had taken her completely by surprise, deceiving her with his slow tonguing. Now, suddenly, his mouth and tongue seemed to be all over, flicking hotly into her anus, stuffing thickly into hex cunt, racing back again to circle her clit with dizzying speed. It was the most beautiful thing she’d ever felt, and she almost wept as she fought down her arousal — a shame, a damned shame, not to be able to enjoy a performance like this! Then his tongue was in her cunt again, probing forcefully, giving indirect stimulation to clit and labia, sucking and licking ever deeper into her. The pleasure took her breath away, and she grunted to regain it, to resist. “Uh, uh, UH!”

“Come, baby, come!” Jonathan chanted. “Let’s see you come!”

Jennifer briefly opened her eyes and saw her brother staring at her as though hypnotized. The others looked the same, some licking their lips as they watched. Laura was unconsciously playing with herself, rubbing her clit with her fingers.

Harold’s fat tongue gave a prodigious thrust inside her, and Jennifer wailed loudly in unexpected climax, her lovely body writhing and twisting around the delicious impalement. Again came the mocking applause, the obscene remarks, as Harold withdrew, his face smeared with her cream.

“I’ll be a sonofabitch!” laughed Kip, consulting his watch. “He did it! Thirty seconds flat!”

Kip clapped him on the back, and the skinny poet modestly exclaimed, “Oh, it was nothing, my friends! Just a little talent I invented to amuse Ouida.”

“I don’t call, it ‘nothing’!” replied Ouida, proudly wiping her lover’s face with a handkerchief. “I think you’re a genius!”

Jennifer watched as if in a nightmare. She was beginning to hate them all, even the gentler ones like Kip and Ouida, because despite their differences in manner, they were all alike in one respect — their complete lack of compunction in using her as an object, a mere toy in their games. They cared nothing for her humiliation and protests. She prayed that they would release her now. Then she would go so far away that she’d never see any of them again.

“Well, now what?” asked Laura, always eager for new amusements. “Should we set her up with the dog?”

Jennifer choked in horror — but was soon relieved to hear Ouida say, “Oh, hey, that’s a little too much! Like going from the bush leagues to the majors all in one night! She needs a few days of training, at least. I know, Harold, why don’t you use the dildo on her? How long would it take to bring her off with that?”

There was excited inquiry about the dildo, and Harold produced it to delighted cries. “An exact replica of my own cock,” he announced proudly. “I will undertake to make her come in one minute with this little toy.”

Like hell you will, thought Jennifer. His fingers and tongue had been one thing, real human contact and difficult to withstand, but she surely could not be aroused by an artificial penis! The very idea of having the thing inside her was disgusting, but it would be worth it to beat Harold at his vile game.

She saw everyone squatting and kneeling around her to get a good view of the action, and she closed her eyes to spare herself as much humiliation as she could. Hands grasped her legs and spread them widely apart, and other hands slipped pillows under her ass so that her hips were raised and her slit exposed to everyone’s view. Harold petted her pussy while Kip adjusted his watch. Jennifer heard excited breathing and a few titters and giggles. She blushed but held herself stiff and unyielding.

“Go!” cried Kip.

“Ooooo!” Jennifer hated herself for that cry. She experienced a delicious sense of cool penetration as Harold slipped the dildo into her cunt. She hadn’t expected that. She flushed hotly as the poet inched the thing steadily deeper, the rubber tugging at her labia and clit as it advanced. Dear God, it was heavenly! She had wild visions of getting the little toy to herself, playing with it, giving herself endless strings of orgasms — it would be easy. But then she heard the others making crude remarks and came back to her senses.

“She sure does have a little cunt,” remarked Jack. “You sure that thing ain’t too big for her?”

“Oh, don’t be silly, honey,” said Bonnie. “She took Kip’s cock and yours, and they’re bigger than that!”

“No trouble,” Harold assured them. “It’s going in very easily.”

“Because she’s creaming,” sneered Laura. “You can see it on the thing. She wouldn’t admit it in a million years, of course, but she likes it.”

It was true that Jennifer had creamed abundantly all around the dildo as it finally touched her womb. She couldn’t help it. It was so much like getting a good fuck, she just responded instinctively. Now, however, she tried to fortify herself against any tricks Harold might pull. She was prepared for a sudden speeding up which might take her off guard. The others watched breathlessly now as Harold slowly drew the dildo out, glistening with her juices, till only the tip remained inside her. Then, as he eased it into her again, he rubbed the shaft all along her swollen clit and puffed labia. Jennifer moaned. God, why did he have to do that? Why did he have to know that was just where she needed friction?

Harold understood her moan. He continued to work the little rubber penis in and out of her cunt, faster, rubbing deliciously over her swollen, aroused parts. Jennifer moaned steadily and began to work her hips. Oh, hell, she didn’t care now, she just had to come! The others were beginning to clap rhythmically to her hip movements, but it didn’t matter anymore. Then she gave a piercing shriek and came, humping furiously around the dildo’s deep impalement of her creaming cunt.

“Hey,” laughed Kip. “That worked too well! You got her in only forty-eight seconds!”

Everyone laughed, and Harold remarked, “I got carried away, I’m afraid. I meant to make it one minute, but she responded to it so beautifully! Ah, well…”

“One more show!” Laura cried, clapping her hands. “One more performance by the little lady before we get back to our group activities! Let’s see her get it from her brother!”

There was wild enthusiasm for this idea, and in the height of it, Jennifer was able to wrench loose from the hands that held her and race for the door.

She didn’t care if she had to swim naked to the hotel — this was one thing she would not tolerate! To have a crowd of leering, grinning people watching while she was fucked by her own brother! She had almost reached the door when Jonathan caught her around the waist. Others rushed up to help, and she was dragged to the center of the room.

“Oh, no, please!” she sobbed. “Anything but this! How can you do this? He’s my brother, for God’s sake!”

“Precisely the point, my dear,” cooed Harold, who was standing by, rubbing his hands together. “It’s the most exciting thing we’ve ever devised, in my opinion. I’m extraordinarily titillated by the thought of watching twins fuck. Especially you two — you’re so uncannily alike, all blond and golden and slim. It should be lovely.”

“Come on, get on with it!” Laura urged. Her eyes were bright with excitement and she was rubbing her own clit steadily. “This I gotta see!”

“Oh, NO!” wailed Jennifer. “You’re depraved, all of you! You’re insane!” This was greeted only with laugher, and then she felt herself lifted off the carpet. Jack, behind her, held her under the arms, while Kip and Laura each took a leg. They held her several feet in the air and spread-eagled her, and ten Jonathan stepped between her legs. His enormous cock was stiffer than she’d ever seen it, the foreskin forced back from the grossly fat, purple bead which steadily dripped the juices of his arousal. It was an awesome sight, and the women gasped while the men whistled.

“Christ!” cried Laura. “My mouth is wateing! You just be sure to give me some of that later!”

“You think you can get it in?” Kip asked. “It looks pretty big for a little cunt like hers.”

“I’ll manage,” grinned Jonathan. He stepped closer and rested the oozing glans of his thick penis at the tiny mouth of her cunt.

“No, Jonathan, please!” Jennifer wept. “Not in front of all these people!” She tried to twist away from the threatened impalement, but she was held fast by Jack, Kip, and Laura.

“Go!” Laura breathed. “Stick it in!”

There was dead silence as Jonathan held his swollen cock and eased the tip into Jennifer’s small cunt, perhaps only an inch before he stopped to let the others have a look.

“Gee, you’re really stretching her!” gasped Bonnie. “It’s so exciting! Push it in farther!”

“Ooooo!” Jennifer mewed like a kitten as Jonathan sank his huge, thick shaft deeper into her. She cried not out of pleasure but from the effort to clench her cunt tight and prevent his penetration. Unfortunately, this only excited Jonathan more, and he began to push harder.

“Aw, shit!” he whined. “She’s so tight! Christ, it’s great!”

He rammed her hard, and everyone gasped, then clapped, as his enormous prick sank in all the way to his golden-furred, swollen balls. Jonathan gave a loud sigh, then began to hump her steadily, forcefully, while the others set up a rhythmical clapping in time to his strokes. His cock was so thick that it forced the juices from her cunt to splatter on his belly, and the sound was loud and lewd. Jennifer had a nightmarish feeling again as she looked around and saw eyes focused, as if hypnotized, on her brother’s slamming cock as it invaded and stretched her tight cunt. Only Jonathan met her eyes. Towering over her, he flashed her a look of lust and triumph. He appeared so much the grinning, leering conqueror, that she had to close her eyes. There was nothing to attend to now but the powerful stuffing and unstuffing of her cunt; the others held her perfectly still for his assault, so that she took the full force of every thrust right up to her womb.

“Oh, go, man, go!” Jack panted. “Slam it in there!”

“Beautiful!” sighed Harold, who was pumping his own cock in his fist. “The most beautiful fuck I’ve ever seen!”

“Fuck her harder!” cried Laura. “I wanta hear her squeal! Make her yell for it!”

Jennifer knew dizzily that Laura would soon get her wish. No one could fuck her like her brother, no one could give her such wild pleasure. Now, as he speeded his strokes, she was lost. His power, his enormous cock, were sooo much for her; dear God, she was only human, she couldn’t keep her body from responding joyfully to the marvelous fucking she was getting! She felt the first hot stings of orgasm deep in her stuffed cunt, and she clenched her teeth to keep from wailing her pleasure.

Laura spotted her deception. “Come on, you little bitch!” the actress shouted. “Scream! Howl! We can see he’s making you come! Show it, damn you!”

Jennifer only clenched her teeth harder. Tit orgasm was blinding, radiating out from her cunt in shock waves, beginning to shake her body. She opened her eyes wide in delirious pleasure, saw her handsome brother sweating over her, his face grim with lust now, and felt his beautiful, big cock slam her womb. Insane words reached her lips.

“Oh, Jonathan! Lover!” she sobbed loudly.

“Nobody fucks like you! So good, so damned good! I’m coming, I can’t stop coming! Ah, ah, AHHH, AHHHH!”

Just before she closed her eyes in her final spasms, Jonathan grinned triumphantly, lewdly, at her, and she felt his seed flooding and burning into her womb. Then she heard other shouts of triumph as he hammered her till he was drained of come. She wept as his limp penis slipped from her cunt, as hands lowered her to the carpet. She would never forget the conquering look on his face, those mocking shouts, as long as she lived — but with any luck, she’d never see these people again. She sprang to her feet and went in search of her clothes.

“I hope you’re all satisfied now!” she shouted as she dressed. “I hope to God you’ve had enough! I’m leaving this time, and you’ll have to kill me to stop me!”

“Oh, we needn’t go that far, darling,” cooed Laura. “We saw everything we needed to see. It must be wonderful to have a brother like yours, who can give you everything you need. And I mean everything!”

Jennifer didn’t bother to reply. She was dressed now and on her way. She felt, like weeping as she paused beside her brother for, one last, look. She had hoped to love and admire him. But now, as he lolled on the carpet and gave her a lazy grin, she saw nothing in him that was good.

“Good-bye, Jonathan,” she said softly.

“It might have been good, Jennifer,” he smiled. “Very good. You’re sure you won’t reconsider?”


He sighed. “You’re hopeless.”

“In my opinion, Jonathan, you’re the hopeless one!”

He did not reply, only glared at her with a mocking, ugly expression that was close to hate. That was the way she saw him last.


No one stopped her this time. After some experimentation and failure, she was able to operate Jonathan’s boat and get back to the hotel. She ran up the stairs to her room, too impatient to wait for the elevator. She couldn’t finish her packing too quickly! Her only thought was to get out and get far away.

She threw open the door of her room and saw Dr. Ciardi lounging in the only chair, smoking a cigar. He started when she burst in, then smiled in obvious relief.

“Thank God you’re back!” he sighed. “I was beginning to worry about you! I’ve been waiting for hours, to apologize for this afternoon. I really shouldn’t have treated you like that.”

“Apologies accepted,” Jennifer said shortly. She hurried to the suitcases on the bed and got on with her work of departure. But curiosity moved her to add, “Just what were you up to, anyway? Was I right? Were you just trying to get laid?”

He laughed. “Yes and no. That is, I do have a powerful need for you, I admit it… But I also want to help you.”

“You could be an enormous help to me,” she said, “if you’d call a taxi. I’ll be ready in five minutes.”

“You’re really frantic to leave, aren’t you? Why? What’s so repulsive about this place?”

“Oh, my God,” she sighed. “I don’t think you have any idea what goes on around here! Oh, you mentioned hanky-panky, innocent fun, but them’s much more to it than that!”

Ciardi looked at her intently through his cigar smoke. “Tell me about it. I want to understand just what’s driving you away.”

She told him. Somehow she wanted to convince this strange, burly, mocking man that she was not crazy, that she had a compelling reason to leave. She began with the day of her arrival at the hotel and described everything up to the present, leaving nothing out, not even her relations with her brother. Towards the end she was blushing and stammering, and Ciardi was looking studiously at the floor. But she told it all, and he listened without interrupting her.

When she had finished and turned away to continue her packing, her hands trembling, she heard Ciardi’s deep slow voice. “Jennifer, I must apologize again. I was wrong about you, entirely wrong. I thought you were a silly, hysterical, uptight girl who was just imagining things. Now I know differently. Those people are different. Oh, I don’t put them down for what they do in private and with mutual consent — that’s none of my business. But to force an innocent girl to participate, to make you do all those things against your will — my God, that’s awful! It’s sick! I’d like to beat the shit out of that brother of yours! I’ve got half a mind to go out there right now and…”

“Charles.” She blushed as she used his first name at last. “Please, let’s not make waves. I don’t want any more arguments, any more contact with those people. I just want to leave.”

“And where will you go? What will you do?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “I have no place in mind, I’m not trained for any particular work, but I’ll find something.”

“Oh, to be sure,” he said bitterly. “Maybe clerking in a dime store or waiting tables! Have you any money?”

“Very little, I’m afraid,” said Jennifer, hanging her head. “I spent almost all my savings to fly over here.”

Ciardi seemed angry. “Look in your purse. How much money do you have?”

Jennifer blushingly obeyed. “Twenty dollars and some odd cents,” she announced.

“Jesus Christ!” snorted Ciardi. “You propose to go out into a country you know nothing about, find work without being trained for anything, on twenty dollars? That’s ridiculous!”

Jennifer stamped her foot. “All right, so it’s ridiculous! I agree! But since you’re all-wise, tell me what else I can do! I can’t stay here, can I?”

“No,” he said gently. “You can’t. I never meant to suggest it. I have a much more satisfactory plan in mind.” He rose and walked to her and put his arms around her. “At the risk of sounding corny, let me take you away from all this, Jennifer.”

“What?” she gawked at him. “You can’t leave your job!”

“Oh, yes, I can,” he answered firmly. “I’ve been thinking about it for along time. There’s no pride, no professional satisfaction in a job like this — lolling around on my ass all day, collecting fees for treating imaginary illnesses. I want to do some real doctoring with real people, people who need me. I can’t do that here. I have in mind a small town, somewhere here on the West Coast, where there’s a desperate need for more doctors. I wouldn’t make a much money as I do now, of course, and I’d have to work a helluva lot harder, but it’s what I really want. How don it strike you, Jennifer? Would you enjoy that kind of life? Could you even tolerate it?”

She laid her head against his chest. How could she have been so blind? Here was a good man, an honest man, one who seemed to care for her sincerely, and she hadn’t even recognized it until now. She trailed her arms around his neck, over his massive shoulders, his broad chest, and she felt warm and secure — and abruptly aroused. He was not only a good man, he was a very sexy man, another fact she’d been trying to hide from herself. She wanted to touch him all over, everywhere at once, but she restrained herself. This was too big a thing to rush into.

“Charles,” she said meekly. “I need to think. I’m very fond of you, I like your plan — but everything seems so sudden. Give me a while, will you?”

“Of course.” He smoothed her hair. “Give me a kiss, though.”

She complied willingly, and it was as good as before. She loved the sheltering expanse of his chest and heavily muscled arms, the way she could sink against him and feel secure, the way he kissed her — softly at first, then with growing excitement and insistence, working her lips open, slipping his tongue deep into her mouth and holding it there as if to proclaim his possession of her. She sighed, then started a little as she felt his warm hand on her breast. She began to draw away, then stopped. There was something about his touch, she couldn’t understand what — but she was suddenly, violently horny! She blushed as he went on kissing her, fondling her tits, wondering at herself. Never had she been so powerfully turned on to a man before, so wild with desire for him. Her passion embarrassed her and she fought against it. But somehow he began to sense her arousal.

He broke the kiss. “Jennifer,” he whispered. “Don’t fight it! Remember what I told you this afternoon — it was all true! If you want me, want me completely, then don’t hold back!”

He kissed her again and, responding to his words, she thrust her tongue into his mouth lustily. He was right, she should hold back nothing. For the first time in her life she felt aggressive with a man, wild to seduce and enjoy him, ready to take tie initiative. She felt no shame. Even as she played her tongue around in his mouth, she fumbled for his crotch, found the warm bulge of his cock, and began to stroke it. He moaned deeply in his throat. She snaked her hand downward, found his balls beneath the cloth, and stroked there, too. He moved his hips back and forth, feeding his testicles to her squeezing hand. Jennifer could not understand his effect on her, her sudden wild horniness, but she was not ashamed when she felt her cunt beginning to seep its hot juices.

Ciardi pushed her gently away and began easing her dress down over her shoulders. His face was flushed and excited, and his big hands shook as he drew the dress down over her naked breasts, over her hips, uncovering her tiny pink panties. The dress slipped to the floor and Jennifer stepped out of it. Ciardi swallowed hard and bent to cup and kiss and suck her pretty tits. She let him do it for a few moments, her cunt creaming heavily as his hot tongue made her nipples quiver and spring erect.

Then she pushed him away and gave him a mischievous look.

“This is my seduction,” she grinned. “I’m in charge! You just stand there and blush while I leer at you and undress you!”

He didn’t blush, but he stood still as she began to unknot his tie. She felt him trembling almost imperceptibly. She grinned at him lewdly while she removed his tie and shift. His chest was thick with black hair, and she impulsively rubbed her breasts against him, enjoying the furry feeling. Then she reached for his belt buckle, smiling to herself at the huge bump of his crotch. Oh, she was turning him on, all right, even though he was trying to remain silent and dignified! She urged him out of his pants, shoes, and socks. His shorts were another matter — by now his cock and balls were so swollen that her work was difficult. At last, however, she had him completely undressed, and she stood back to admire her work, licking her lips as she gazed at his powerful, hairy body.

This time he did blush slightly, but tried to cover it with a laugh. “Well,” he asked huskily. “Are you going to stare at me all night? Or are you going to take me to bed? You’re the seducer, it’s up to you.”

“I think I’ll play with you for a while,” she said teasingly. She whisked off her panties, allowed him to gaze for a moment, then seized his hand, which dwarfed her own. “Come with me,” she laughed.

Jennifer led Ciardi to a full-length mirror and had him stand squarely before it. Then she stood beside him. “Look,” she said softly. “Isn’t that a beautiful contrast?”

It was. They complemented each other perfectly — Jennifer dainty and golden and curved, Ciardi massive and hairy and dark. She gently took his cock in her hand and curled her fingers around it, holding it snugly as they studied the action in the mirror. She saw Ciardi’s brown eyes grow hot, and he quickly slipped his hand around and eased a finger through her golden pussy to touch her clit. He rubbed it, and she sighed deeply. They saw a trickle of white cream gush from her cunt and run down her legs.

“Oh, darling!” moaned Jennifer. She let go his prick, swiftly knelt beside him, and then lifted the heavy, thick meat again, directing it to her mouth. When she had her lips around the glans, she gazed in the mirror again, and they both watched as she sucked the long, fat cock into her mouth.

“Oh, baby, baby!” moaned Ciardi. “That’s sweet! Suck it for me a little, will you?”

She gladly obeyed. She loved the taste of his cock, loved its stiff weight on her tongue. She sucked it in as far as she could take it, about half its length, and drew in her cheeks sharply to make a juicy nest for it. Then she cupped his fat balls firmly and began to massage them in time with her vigorous sucking. She watched it all in the mirror — the wide stretching of her lips around his thick, white shaft, the rippling muscles of his hairy belly as he began to pump it to her, the feverish, glazed look in his eyes as he enjoyed all that she did. She reamed his glans with the stiff tip of her tongue, lapping up all his salty juice, and he moaned. She could have gone on for hours happily eating his cock, but after a few minutes he pulled out with a deep sigh.

“Jennifer,” he panted, lifting her to her feet. “That was beautiful! Nobody’s ever done that for me before! But I didn’t want to come in your mouth. I have better ideas.”

He picked her up and began to move toward the bed, but she laughed and protested, “Hold on, now! I’m the seducer, remember, and I call the shots!”

“Not any more you don’t!” he replied, in a kind of growling laugh. “You’ve made me so horny, I can’t wait any longer! So if you get raped now, it’s all your own fault!”

He dropped her on the bed, and Jennifer shrieked and started to crawl away. Ciardi tackled her, and they rolled around on the bed, wrestling and laughing and panting. At last, however, he flipped her onto her back and pinned her. She loved the furry, broad weight of his belly and chest, but she was not trough playing. She went on giggling and trying to twist away as he wedged a knee between her legs. Gradually he forced her thighs apart, then settled down between them with a heavy sigh. She felt the hard, fat head of his cock in the hot, creamy indentation of her cuntmouth. Oh, she was ready for it! She wanted him like she’d never wanted a man before. She waited breathlessly for him to push it in, but he didn’t move. She looked up in some surprise and saw that he was smiling at her in an odd way, as if waiting for her to do something. Suddenly she understood. Her cunt gushed hot juice, and her eyes glowed.

“Please, darling,” she said in a warm, husky voice. “Put your cock in me! I want your cock!”

That was it — she could tell from his gratified eyes that he wanted her to spell it out, to tell him in the most explicit way how she wanted him. He licked her cheek, and she felt his thick, smooth penis glide into her cunt an inch or so. She was wild to get more of it.

“Yes, Charles, yes, stick it in!” she gasped. “All the way, darling! Let me have all of it!”

She felt a little more slow penetration, but she was impatient. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she thrust up hard with her hips, and sucked in with her vaginal muscles, trying to get fully penetrated. “Oh, Charles, more!” she squealed. “I want more of it! I want to feel your balls tickling my ass! Bury it in me, please!”

Jennifer gave a long, low animal groan of pleasure as Ciardi at last gratified her demand, shoving his thick cock roughly into her until he butted her word. “Oh, love!” she whimpered. “Yes, yes! I can feel it now, so big and good in my cunt! My God, yes!”

“Fine,” he said blandly. “But what do I do now? I’m rather innocent, you see, and I have no idea how to proceed.”

“Oh, Charles!” She had to laugh. There would always be his eccentric sense of humor, even when they fucked — but she didn’t mind it any more. “All right, you poor virgin boy,” she chuckled. “I’ll have to instruct you. What you do is SHOVE, baby, shove!”

He laughed and obeyed, suddenly beginning to hammer her heatedly with his huge cock, stuffing her deliciously, his balls flapping hard against her ass. She squealed happily and arched her back to get the full force of his thrusts.

“This how you do it, lady?” he panted. “Is this how you want it?”

“Oh, Charles, for heaven’s sake!” wailed Jennifer. “Will you please shut up and fuck me?”

There was silence for a while, except for the creaking of bedsprings and ragged breathing. Then Ciardi gasped, “Jennifer, I have a confession to make! I lied! I’m not a virgin!”

She kissed him to shut him up, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth and holding it there. She loved everything about him, even his ill-timed jokes. But right now, what she loved most was his magnificent, fat, pounding cock. She was wild for it, straining and bucking against him to get all of it deep in her belly. He fucked her viciously now, ramming her womb with each stroke, and still she could not have enough of it. Ciardi, sweating heavily, broke their kiss and breathed hotly against her neck.

“Jennifer,” he groaned. “I’m going to come, darling, I can feel it! Can you come with me?”

“Oh, God, yes, yes, YES!” shrieked Jennifer, wrapping her legs violently around his ass, digging him deep into her, trapping his squirting cock so that it sprayed the very door of her womb. “Give it all to me!” A violent orgasm racked her body, and she clung to him as tightly as she could, wild to take all his seed into her gulping womb, surrendering herself to him as she could do to no other man.

“Oh, God, God!” whined Ciardi, humping her in short fast strokes. “There… all yours!”

When it was over, she still held him, keeping his drained, twitching cock deep inside her. He was kissing her, all over her face and neck and hair. It might not always be possible to have him so perfectly close as this, but she intended never to be far from him again. “Doctor,” she teased. “I’m certain already that I’m pregnant, and you’re responsible! You’ll have to marry me!”

“Pregnant?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure,” she grinned.

“Well,” said Ciardi. “Just to be certain, let’s do it again.”

She felt his cock stiffening again inside her.

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