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A young buxom woman and her kinky boss

When I got back to my apartment from work the next day, I powered up my laptop and checked my personal mail account. Wow, there it was! Really? One day? I moved the cursor over the email from ‘’. What if it was a rejection, instead? Abby, calm. Remember what Sara confessed, they don’t fuck […]

Office fuckers

“You shouldn’t smoke in this office.” “Should I put it out?” “No, that’s okay. How are you today?” I paused for a second, listening to the silence thunder in my ears. “He left.” “What happened, Carla?” “He told me yesterday, after fucking me. I told him to make love to me, but I guess he […]


There is a co-worker in our office, an attractive 35 year old married lady. For months I have been as horny as hell for her, to the point of jerking off in my office when there were only the 2 of us left in the late afternoons. At least I had the pleasure of cumming […]