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A teenage girl finds her mother’s vibrator and tries it out and caught by her sister

Dana was your average 18-year old. She was 5’5″ about 115lbs with short dirty-blond hair, slight-to-medium build, and quite good-size but firm breasts. By all accounts, Dana was well on her way to being a very attractive young woman. “Dana! Don’t forget to clean out the basement while I’m in town today. Ok?” Yelled her […]

She’s a party girl

The best peek I ever stole happened one night when I was up late partying with my friend Alex, smoking in his bedroom and talking bullshit. His parents were out of town, and we were taking advantage of the luxury. After three years of college life, we knew what it felt like to be poor. […]

Kinky game

Gail looked her usual self–which was the look of a typical college student–which she was. I had just flown in and found her waiting for me at the gate. I was visiting her for the weekend–a weekend away from law school for me. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months. Gail looked […]