The French Maid – Day 1.

I had applied for the job at the hotel several days before. It was a hotel
in the countryside, and catered for businessmen. The interview told me
that I had to be broad minded and ready to handle most situations on my own.
For that I would receive a much higher then usual wage plus tips, what the
customers gave me, and a percentage of what was left at the main desk. It
sounded too good to be true, but I took the job, wondering what was really

I’m slim, have long straight blonde hair, small breasts, and 19 years old.

I arrived at 6:30 and was immediately told to change into my uniform. I was
surprised to see what that uniform was. (I had already been told to wear
white underwear). They before me hang several uniforms from size 10 to 12
only. It consisted of white stockings, suspender belt, a short mini black
dress and a little white apron. I was beginning to catch on by what they
meant when they said I needed to be broadminded.

After changing I was told to see the manager. I entered his office. He was
about 45, heavy set, with short black hair. I told him my name. He asked if
I understood the requirements of the job, I told him I thought I did. He
asked me to turn around, which I did. He then asked me to bend forward a
little,…I did that too. From where he was sitting I could guess he was
looking at my bottom and my white panties…the dress was really very short.
“Oh yes, you’ll do.” He told me.

He then gave me a warning. “Whatever happens here is up to you. But we look
after our staff and our good name. So if for any reason you decline a
situation, we will back you up fully. Any situation that occurs is if you
want it too. I find we get the best from our staff that way.”

I was beginning to enjoy this. My mind was racing, ‘situations’, mmmmmhh; I
wondered what that would actually mean.

I didn’t have long to find out.

At 8am I was sent up to a room with the breakfast tray. I knock and was told
to come in. A young man was lying in bed looking at me. He was about 25,
with blonde hair, and very good looking. “Morning sir.” I said walking over
to the beside table where I put the tray.

He looked me up and down. Then smiled. “You’re new.”

“First day sir.” I told him, hands clasped behind my back, smiling.

He smiled again, “Look, would you mind re arranging my pillows a little,
maids do it so much better.”

Now I guessed. “Yes of course Sir.” I leaned over him and began to arrange
the pillows, his face was near my throat, I could imagine him looking down
the front of my dress at my breasts, held in that little white bra. I was
getting horny. He raised his head up and I felt his lips brush my throat. I
stood back, “Sir?”

“Don’t worry,” he smiled, “Please carry on.”

I leaned over him again, only to find his head returned and he started to
lick my throat while I moved the pillows. These pillows ere going to take a
long time to re arrange I decided. I pushed upwards a little and felt his
lips caress the upward swell of the top of my breasts. Then I felt his hand
touch the back of my leg and slowly caress it’s way up to my bottom. He
lazily circled the cheeks with his fingers while I remained leaning over
him. Then his finger moved to between my legs, stroking gently my pussy
through my panties.

“I think there’s something under these sheets, could you check?” He asked.

I was about to suggest the same seeing that there was an out line of
something long about where his hips would be. “Of course Sir, I’d be glad

I slide a hand over his chest and under the sheets…I let my fingers drag
along his smooth chest, down his tummy, and then finally felt something
touch it, hard and slightly wet.

“There is,” I told him. My fingers caressed the hard yet soft head of his

“Perhaps you had better take a closer look.” He told me.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. My head swooped down to his chest where I
gave him a couple of long licks across before sliding under the sheets,
downward. I could see in the half-light the head of his cock pointing
straight up at me. I brushed my lips against it before opening my mouth and
sucking the warm head into my mouth. He moaned and I started to swirl my
tongue around the head. With my hand I pulled back the skin letting the top
slide out completely and pushed my lips down that to just below the rim of
his cock head. Hold it there in my warm mouth I began to gently wank his
cock with my hand. His hands were busy too. One was holding my head,
caressing my hair with his fingers. The other one had found it’s way into my
pussy and was gently finger fucking me.

I pulled away to ask him if there was anything else he required but he said
‘no’ and explained he was really happy with what I was doing so far. I was a
bit disappointed, I wanted to fuck him, but then I was working and he was a
guest here. I kept moving my hand up and down that shaft, keeping his head
in my mouth, licking over the top of his cock while I did so. I heard him
say how nicely I was doing that.

With my other hand I gently started to squeeze his balls, sort of milking
him. I took the head of his cock from my mouth and started to lick and bite
the side of the shaft down to his balls, which I then licked before planting
his cock back into my mouth. I held his cock tightly now, pushing the sheet
off me. Holding it up straight at the ceiling I then started to bop my head
up and down on it. I just used my hand to steady it while my lips did the
work. After a minute or two I heard him warn me that he was going to come. I
held my ground…I didn’t want to spoil the sheets did I?

I kept on bopping my head up and down on his cock until suddenly I great wad
of warm stick cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed quickly as another and
another wad shot out the end of his cock. My hand was squeezing his balls
quite hard now and his legs were jerking up and down. He was moaning a lot,
but I believe it wasn’t about the service. Finally he stopped pumping and
his cock started to grow small in my mouth. I kept licking until it was very
soft and tiny. I looked at him. He had his eyes half closed. “That’s was
outstanding.” He told me. “Thank you.”

His finger was still playing with me but I needed more then that. “It’s ok,”
I said and then looked down at his hand. He smiled and withdraw.

“A tip for the lady,” he said. “My wallet is in my side jacket pocket on the
chair, I think a fifty is in order.”

Wow, and for something I enjoyed, “Thank you sir,” was all I could really

A minute later I was outside, £50 richer.

Back downstairs I killed time for a while before being sent to another room.
“He wants his bath cleaned.” I was told. I went up stairs and found the
room. Knocking I found a man in his 50’s standing there in a dressing gown.
He was over weight, and had grey hair. But he looked ok and seemed friendly
enough. “It’s my bath, would you mind cleaning it young lady?”

I bowed and went to the bathroom. It didn’t seem dirty at all, but still, I
could guess at the routine. I knelt down on my knees and bent over the bath
, which I started to wash and wipe with a cloth. I heard him come in behind
and soon I felt his hands gently hold my hips. I carried on wiping the bath,
knowing that the tops of my legs must be showing by now. I could guess the
view he had. He squeezed my hips a couple of times and then let his hands
wander down to the sides of my legs, and then back up, but this time under
my dress. He enjoyed that for a time and then raised my skirt over my back.
I felt him kiss my bottom cheeks and then his tongue traced along the line
of my panties. I wriggled a little but continued to wipe the bath. I was
enjoying this.

His fingers slide into the tops of my panties and then he slowly rolled them
down over my bottom under they were around my knees. I heard him fumble and
then felt his cock suddenly touch my pussy. I pushed back a little and the
head slipped in. “My goodness, we are keen.” Was all he said.

Holding my hips he started to push his cock into me more, and I was more
then ready for this after my first visit to a room this morning. His long
cock started to thrust in and out as he held my hips tightly in his hands. I
pushed back each time to meet his thrusts. One of his hands slide under me
and clutched at my breasts through my uniform. I felt his fingers kneed my
breast, squeezing the now hard nipple between his fingers through the

He slowly managed to undo the top three buttons, then ravished my breasts
and bra with his hand. The other one he used to push my hips back and forth
against him. I could feel the build up within myself and then I started to
come…it was great…long and intense. I lost some of my power then but he
made up for it with his thrusts. Suddenly he yelled he was going to come and
ordered me to sit facing him with my back to the bath. I spun round and
slide to the floor. He held his cock in his hand and aimed it just below my
chin. Suddenly I saw the head widened and a spurt of creamy coloured cum
flew out and hit my throat where it started to run down to my half-exposed
breasts. He pointed his cock downwards and aimed the next few spurts at the
tops of my breasts. Spurt after spurt flew out, spotting my uniform and
breasts and bra. It felt warm and sticky; there was a string of it from my
shoulder to my left breasts. It started too slide down in gobs. He then
wiped his cock against my chest before standing back to admire his
handiwork. “Wonderful little girl.” He said again and again. Finally he
walked out of the bathroom and came back in with two £20 notes. “There you
go girl, you come back this afternoon with my tea and I’ll double it.”

I went downstairs and asked one of the girls about my uniform. She told me
to shower and she would get me a uniform. I started to take my clothes off
but suddenly she stopped me. “It’s up to you,” she said, “But there’s an old
gent in room 42, he loves nothing better then he watch one of us have a
shower. He’s not very demanding either.”

So taking a towel I went up to the room and knocked. Walking in I found he
was still in bed. At first I wasn’t sure what to say but he must have been
used to this, “Go on my dear, head for the shower if that’s what you want.”

I did just that. Removed the old uniform and stepped in. I didn’t draw the
curtain. I started to soap myself all over and then the door opened. He
walked in. He must have been 70. He was thin and gaunt, but he stood upright
and seemed nice enough. He had a robe on which he soon managed to get his
hand under and I could see he was playing with his cock. I needed to be
clean so I made a special show of soaping my breasts and pussy. He loved
that. Once or twice he reached out and fondled my breast and bottom. Just
running his hands over them, “For old times sake.” He said. His cock was now
out of the robe. It was thin and short and he was pumping it up and down.

I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so I reached for it and started to
wank it for him. He seemed to like that and kept closing his eyes. I wasn’t
sure if I wanted to suck it, it didn’t look so nice but I figured that at
his age
it would be a treat. I knelt down in the shower and put my face close to his
goin. “Oh yes.” He muttered. Opening my mouth I popped the thin cock in and
then closed my lips around the shaft. I swirled my tongue around the top,
then started to move my head back and forth. He had to actually steady
himself by holding onto my head and shoulders. I could feel his hips start
to thrust a little. His cock felt nice in my mouth, being small meant I
play with it with my tongue more then normal. I pushed it from side to side
and sucked and licked at it.

Suddenly he called out, “Miracle!” and then I felt a small wad of come pour
out the end. I opened my mouth letting it slide out over my lips and chin.
More cum oozed out the end, it didn’t spurt, but for him I think even this
was something. I let it ooze out over my tongue, then let it slide off over
my lips and drip on to my legs and the shower basin.

He shook his head, “If only you knew how long that’s been…” he said. I felt
so wonderful. I guess the other girls hadn’t done anything like this for
him, they probably just wanked him off. He asked me to stay with him a
after I had finished my shower. I did, and for an hour he talked to me,
telling me his experiences in the war when he was 20, and various other
things. I found it interesting to hear things like that. At the end he told
me he had kept me long enough and gave me a large tip. I handed some of it
back, telling him I was happy enough with half of what he had given me. He
seemed so overcome I thought he was going to cry.

It was now mid day. I had lunch and chatted with some of the other girls.
The rule was we couldn’t talk about what went on in the rooms except in a
very general way. “It’s ok here,” one said, “No one ever pushes you into
anything, and if you don’t like the look of someone you just say ‘no’.
Though they like it if you then send someone else up.” It seemed that nearly
all the guests knew what services were provided, though that didn’t were
kept in the dark. All girls had been told never to make the first step.

The rest of the afternoon passed off uneventfully. I was summoned to various
rooms, but it was for real chambermaids work rather then specials. The old
man in 42 didn’t call me back, I suspected it was because he was still
getting over what had happened…I hoped so at least.