Robert pumping his seed into Virginia’s cunt hole

When Virginia Saxton was contacted to tutor Robert Vanderfield in
Geography, she was both ecstatic and intimidated. Robert was very
popular at her high school and was a member of both the varsity
football team and auto club. His reputation as a sexual hunk was
the topic of many a rumor shared by the girls at school. When the
instructor asked Virginia to help Robert study for a major test
coming up, she was more than thrilled to help him. Robert was in
danger of not being able to play in the finals unless he passed
Geography. Virginia was a straight “A” student with a reputation
of being somewhat shy around boys. See had only dated a couple
times and nothing memorable had happened. For a girl as beautiful
as Virginia, her social life was pretty lame compared to Robert’s.

The church activities and school social events she participated in
were almost sterile when it came to learning about boys. Virginia
couldn’t understand why she always got nervous around them.
Virginia’s friend Janet was concerned about Virginia getting
involved with Robert and the group with which he hung out. There
had been stories of wild parties involving drugs and sex at
Burrows Lake. Virginia was sure nothing of the kind could happen
at her house and promised to tell Janet all the boring details the
next day.

Her dad’s den was the best place in the house to crack the books
and study. After Robert arrived for his tutoring, he seemed far
more interested in sitting very close to her and touching her than
studying Geography. Virginia was struggling with feelings that had
her both frightened and aroused. Robert’s charisma and seductive
charm were affecting her judgment. The possibility of doing
something “a little naughty” appealed to Virginia. “This would
really give me something to tell Janet,” she thought. When Robert
put his arm around her, she looked up into his blue eyes and let
him kissed her. Virginia melted into his embrace as she
experienced her first real kiss with a boy, actually more of a
young man. His tongue darted between her teeth and soon their lips
joined in a deep French kiss. Virginia felt things she had never
felt before. Her excitement was radiating out from her contact
with Robert. Her pussy started getting wet as their tongues
entwined. Robert had her on cloud nine and spinning out of
control. He reached up during their long kiss and touched her
breast through her dress and bra. Electric bolts of pleasure raced
through her body. Virginia was so lost in their kiss that when
Robert’s began slowly massaging her tit, she allowed him to
continue touching her. What was she doing here on the couch with
Robert!? He had his hand on her breast. No person had ever touched
her there. He was moving his hand in ways that excited her more.

Virginia moaned as Robert continued fondling her breast, moving
his wet lips from her mouth down the side of her neck. Sparks of
electric fire shot through Virginia’s body as Robert took
advantage of her innocence. Every place he was touching her was
pure pleasure. Her pussy was on fire and getting very wet. Robert
began to open her dress and run his tongue down between her

“Ohh Robert, we can’t! Ohh, we can’t! Stop please, Ahhhh, Nooo!”
Virginia whimpered as Robert gained access to her bra’s front
clasp and opened it, setting her firm white breasts free. Warning
signals started going off inside Virginia’s head as Robert’s
rugged hand and wet tongue caressed her naked tit flesh and
nipples for the first time in her life. Virginia’s head snapped
back against the couch as the first pleasure rush hit her. All her
fears and anxiety faded into the night as the feelings of carnal
rapture began to consume her thoughts. Virginia knew she was
losing control of the situation very quickly and had to stop what
was happening. Every time Robert moved to a new untouched part of
her inexperienced body, the sudden rush of pleasure prevented her
from gaining any real control of her reasoning. Every touch sent
electric bolts of pleasure jumping across her semi conscious mind.

They shot down between her legs to the centre of her loins, her
clit and wet pussy channel. Virginia could only feel the touch of
Robert’s mouth and hands on her body as he expertly ignited her
smouldering emotions. Nothing mattered except her gratification
and keeping these new feelings of rapture coming and cumming.

John Saxton passed the brightly lit strip mall and food store at
the entrance of his subdivision. The party at Greg’s house had
gotten boring after an hour so he headed home. He had a full day
ahead of him tomorrow at the agency for which he worked. The new
advertising plan had to be ready for the new client by Thursday,
and Sandy had not even completed work on the ad slogan. The
problem was mostly his fault for spending too much time aroused by
her being near and not concentrating on work. Sandy always came to
work bathed in Shalimar perfume and wearing outfits that offered
an ample exhibition of her full breasts and thighs. It took
everything he could muster just to not stare at her for hours.

Thoughts of slowly removing every piece of her clothing, spending
hours of fondling her firm breasts, caressing every part of her
body, eating her cunt then driving his hard cock into her for an
explosive climax made work impossible. He was in a constant state
of arousal and his sexual hormones were out of control. Even being
around his daughter Virginia was becoming difficult. As she
reached her teen years, all the attributes of puberty were rapidly
taking hold. John became nervous and jittery when she came near
wearing only her cut-off T-shirt and panties around the house. At
sixteen, Virginia had blossomed into a beautiful young girl. Her
flawless complexion, auburn hair and petite frame gave her the
demeanor of being a model. John was often concerned about how she
was going to handle herself once boys started noticing her more.

Maybe a cold shower before bed would help settle down his libido.
John noticed that an unfamiliar car was parked in the driveway to
his house. After parking his car at the curb, he walked around to
the place where the vehicle was parked. It was a late model Dodge
with all the signs that the owner was a male high school student.

The fuzzy dice, high school emblem on the back window, four on the
floor and large rear tires suggested that a boy was visiting
Virginia. She had mentioned before he had left for the evening
get-together that a friend was coming over to study. Virginia’s
friends were always welcome to visit. John walked up the curving
driveway to the house. A downstairs light was on in his library
and study. He moved around to the window before entering the house
and looked inside. What he saw through the window caused him to
stop in his tracks.

Virginia was on the couch in his study with a young man. The man
was sucking on one of Virginia’s breasts with his mouth while
fondling the other breast with his hand. Virginia’s head was
moving back and forth against the couch with her eyes closed. Her
fingers were tangled in the man’s hair as he devoured her firm
white bosom. The front of her blouse was wide open. Virginia’s
lips were moving as if struggling with her words. She often shook
her head as to suggest that she was saying “no,” but did nothing
to push his mouth or hand away. Instead, she allowed the man to
continue feasting on her body.

John was standing in the shadows struggling with what he was
seeing. His precious young sixteen-year-old daughter was allowing
some man to kiss and fondle her in his house while he was away.

John watched as the man moved from one breast to the other,
leaving a wet trail wherever his mouth went. Virginia was
permitting this to happen to her. The man worked his free hand
from her breast down to Virginia’s crotch. His fingers ran up and
down one thigh then the other, slowly working her skirt up around
her waist and exposing her white satin panties damp with pure
pussy juice.

John stared at the sight of his daughter’s wet panties, her bared
naked breasts and angelic face. John was shaking from what he was
seeing right before his eyes. One side of him wanted to stop what
was happening to his daughter Virginia, his young, sweet, virginal
little girl who was obviously going too far. He should go in there
and throw this man out of his house and stop her from making a
mistake she would surly regret. However, the other side of him
wanted to watch Virginia and this stranger. John moved closer to
the window that was opened slightly to permit a cool evening
breeze to enter the room, and allowing the sounds of the couple to

“No, no Robert, Oh stop Please, Ahhhh Oh God, Please,” Virginia
babbled when the man’s fingers grazed across her wet pussy-mound
hidden by her soaked panties. Robert moved his mouth to the breast
where his roaming hand had been and pulled the extended nipple
between his lips with a deep sucking action. Virginia moaned and
twisted around on the couch to allow Robert better access to her
tit. Her fingers moved through his hair, pulling him closer as he
suckled her nipple.

When Robert’s hand finally came to rest on her drenched panty
protected pussy-mound, Virginia’s entire body flinched as the
truth of what was happening jarred her senses alive. She moved her
hand down to protect herself from his touch but she didn’t have
the strength to remove his fingers from her body. “Please Robert,
Please no! We can’t, can’t do this! I’ve never! Oh God Please
don’t!” Virginia whimpered as Robert ignored her pleadings and
began to work his fingers into the wet unexplored fissure
concealed by the soaked fabric. Virginia tried to moved away from
the adept grasp of her seducer, but she lacked the will to do much
more than twist around in his embrace. As the sensual feelings of
having her most secret place invaded rushed to her brain, she
slowly began to open her thighs to the exploring fingers. Virginia
face was flushed with lust and abandon. Her tongue moved around
her wet lips. She was gradually surrendering to Robert’s
persistent attack on her chastity and naivete. As Robert’s fingers
stroked Virginia’s wet panty covered pussy slit, she began to rock
her thighs to the rhythm of his touch. “Ahh, Yes! Ahh, Please!
Ohhh, God Please! Ahh, Oh Robert!” Virginia whispered as Robert’s
finger became the centre point of her consciousness, “Please! Yes!
Ah Yes! More! Don’t Stop! Oh Yes! Ah! Ah Yes!”

John watched as his sweet innocent daughter’s loins began to
haunch to the touch of Robert’s hand on her pussy. He knew what
was going to happen to Virginia if he didn’t intercede right now.

The sight of his young daughter being seduced by Robert excited
him. His cock was rock hard inside in pants and was straining to
be set free. The spectacle occurring on his study couch was more
erotic than anything he could imagine. John opened the fly of his
pants, removed his cock and fondled it as he spied on his daughter
and her boyfriend. He began stroking his dick to match Robert’s
assault on the entrance to his daughter’s wet virgin cunt. He
could not believe what he was seeing and experiencing. The rush of
pure exotic sexual tension had his exposed cock harder than it had
ever been. Virginia continued to moan and undulate her hips to the
symphony of Robert’s adept touch. As Robert manipulated Virginia’s
pussy mound, protected by only the thin soaked material of her
panties, he reached down to the opening of his jeans and opened
the button fly. As his jeans slid back off his legs and onto the
floor, Robert’s hard blood filled cock came into view. The
circumcised head discharged white droplets of pre-cum juices from
it’s opening. Robert stroked his cock a few times with his free
hand, working the moisture of his pre-cum over his cock head. His
large testicles hung very low, heavy with cum aching for release.

As Robert’s hand moved under the waistband of Virginia’s panties
and began to peel them down, she instinctively raised her hips. As
the cool air hit the hot entrance to her most secret untouched
place, she shivered and trembled with both fear and excitement.

Virginia now knew that her pussy was completely vulnerable. Robert
pulled the soaked remnants of her last protective barrier down her
legs and discarded it on the floor beside the couch. Her eyes
gazed into the face of her experienced seducer. Robert’s kissed
Virginia as his fingers moved to her right hand resting by her
side. His fingers closed around her wrist, then he lowered her
palm down to and around something warm and firm. Virginia was so
consumed by Robert’s kiss that she didn’t realise that she now
held his hard penis in her hand. Her fingers closed around the
pillar of flesh for security as her senses reeled to sensations of
depraved abandon and raw carnal nakedness rushing through her
body. Robert now moved his hand to Virginia’s naked loins and
began running his finger through the fine hairs surrounding the
hooded cover of her extended clit. He worked his fingers around
the moist fleshy folds, then started at the bottom of Virginia’s
gash and slide his finger up to meet her clitoral button. Virginia
whimpered and instinctively opened her legs to allow Robert
complete access to the centre of her budding sex. Her building
surges of pleasure were now erupting with every stroke of her
sensitive clit. With her hand closed around her lover’s swollen
cock, Virginia arched her body to achieve the most pleasure from
the hand inflaming the entrance to her virginal chasm.

John listened was Robert raised his head from their fevered kiss
and began to talk to Virginia in a low whisper. “Virginia, I want
your Pussy,’ Robert said as Virginia’s gradually opened her eyes.
“I want your sweet wet pussy Virginia.” Robert said with a grin
across his face. Virginia could only nod with approval of his
intentions. Virginia now realised that she was holding his ridged
penis in her right hand. As her fingers affectionately stroked
Robert’s cock and balls, his pre-cum emissions increased. She now
held the promise of unfathomable pleasure and had no doubt her
virginity would soon be vanquished and ravished by the potent
phallus in her grasp.

Virginia watched as Robert rose from their place on the couch. His
rigid penis and large testicles were presented for her appraisal
and adoration. Robert stripped Virginia of her remaining articles
of clothing, then positioned her naked form on the sofa with her
legs splayed open and accessible to his fervent cock. Virginia lay
waiting as a willing sacrifice for him to consume. She needed
Robert to guide her to where she had never been before. Her eyes
were fixed on Robert’s inflamed cock, dripping with pre-cum as it
throbbed and danced to a primitive carnal beat. The bloated
mushroom head and swelling blood vessels along the tightly drawn
shaft made it both rousing and ominous. For a second or two,
Virginia, took in the scene before her. “I shouldn’t do this,”
Virginia spoke softly, ” I shouldn’t let you do this to me.”

Robert, sensing his prey was beginning to regain some of her moral
convictions, proceeded to lower his mouth to her dripping pussy
mound. The moment Robert’s tongue washed through her virgin gash
and sucked Virginia’s clit into his lips, she was overwhelmed by a
wave of rapture and exploded into her first oral orgasm. “Ah Yes!
Oh God Yes! Eat my pussy! Eat me! Eat me!”, Virginia chanted as
Robert sucked and devoured the opening between her legs. With both
her hands on the back of Robert’s head, Virginia propelled her
cunt up into the mouth of her carnal ravager.

John was beyond belief as he watched Robert reduce Virginia into a
depraved sexual animal grinding her sex into his foraging mouth.
He could see everything from his shadowed vantage point. The
action going on in his study had driven his sexual tension to the
point where he thought he was going to shoot his load of cum all
over the windowpane. Virginia was laying across the couch with
Robert’s face buried in her snatch. Virginia’s mind had abandoned
any hold on reality, making her body essentially Robert’s prize
for the taking. As Robert continued his intimate assault on the
vaginal portal to Virginia’s last untouched region, his hand was
stroking his manhood in preparation for the ultimate conquest he
had been working towards all evening.

Virginia knew that before long, Robert’s cock would replace his
mouth at the virginal entrance to her pussy. She had allowed him
to seduce her, strip her naked and do things to her body that the
girls at school had only whispered about. Soon the large ridged
cock she had held in her small hand would be placed at the opening
of her pussy. Virginia was going to allow Robert to pierce her
virgin pussy with his rigid naked manhood. Robert rose from his
position between her legs and ran his wet mouth slowly up her body
to the valley between her breasts. As he feasted on her protruding
nipples, his hand positioned the head of his excited cock at the
open of Virginia’s pussy. Robert stroked the drenched furrow with
his cock, plowing back and forth until the head of his penis was
covered in Virginia’s pure female secretions.

“Do you know what your hot wet pussy needs?” Robert said to
Virginia as his cock moved against the aperture of her virginal
portal. “Your pussy needs fucking, Virginia! I’m going fuck your
pussy with hard cock! My hard cock! Feel my hard cock Virginia?
What do you want me to do with my hard cock, Virginia? Where does
it belong? Virginia, Tell me where it belongs!” Robert whispered
as his breathing became quicker, “Where do you want my hot cock to

“In my pussy’, Virginia said softly, “In my wet pussy hole. Fuck
my pussy hole. Fuck me please. I’m virgin. Please, go slow. Fuck
me now Robert. Fuck my virgin pussy hole, please, now!” Virginia
reached down and touched the rigid cock at the entrance of her
cunt. She felt the sacks holding his sperm filled balls. Robert’s
man seed was waiting in his balls, ready to fill her cuntal cavity
with his semen. There was no time to find protection from Robert’s
seed. Her cunt was a hot burning caldron and only his wet cock
juice would put out the fire. She could smell the raw sexual scent
of his body mixed with hers. Getting pregnant was the farthest
thing from her mind as Virginia opened her legs wider, ultimately
surrendering her cherry cunt to Robert. When he started sliding
his naked cock into her virgin pussy, Virginia’s head tossed from
side to side as the sensations of unbridled animal lust and of
having a man’s cock entering her untouched hole overwhelmed her
senses. Her cuntal walls stretched as the rock hard projectile
forged its way into her wet cunt. When Robert’s cock met the
resistance of Virginia’s hymen, he eased back and rammed through
her virginal barrier until the head of his penis met her cervix.

His cum filled balls rested in the crack of Virginia’s ass. Robert
covered Virginia’s mouth with his to stifle her cry when the pain
tore through her belly. They laid together kissing each other, his
hard throbbing penis soaking in the delicate tunnel between her
legs, allowing her to become accustomed to the sensation of his
lance buried deep in her body.

John’s mind feasted on what he had just witnessed. Robert had
seduced and fucked his little girl of sixteen years. As John
watched the two entwined lovers, his hand was busy stroking his
rigid inflamed cock. She had allowed Robert to fuck his naked
unprotected cock into her cunt. Her cunt was now filled with a
man’s cock. She was no longer his innocent virgin daughter. She
had become a women before his eyes. Virginia had asked Robert to
fucked her. She had open her cunt to his cock and he rammed his
manhood into her. Now Robert’s naked unprotected cock set posed at
the vulnerable opening to Virginia’s womb. His sperm sacks resting
against her ass cheeks, boiling to be released into her
defenseless cunt.

Robert, sensing that Virginia’s vagina was becoming lubricated
with her own secretions, started slowly moving his rigid cock in
and out a few inches. A crimson tide had been released when
Virginia’s hymen had been breached. Robert’s cock was visibly
stained red with Virginia’s cherry blood as it moved in and out of
her pussy. The fleeting twinges of pain Virginia was perceiving
diminished with every cock thrust into her cunt. She moved her
knees up and opened her legs to allow Robert more room to
manipulate his cock into her new sexual pleasure port. Soon the
feelings of depraved rapture were taking hold of her again. Now a
virgin no more, she wanted Robert’s cock to move into her faster
and harder each time he impaled her. Her mind was returning to the
lusty animal state before her deflowering. The feeling of his cock
pounding into her cunt was all she could focus on. Virginia
wrapped her legs around Robert’s back and started pulling him into
her love hole. She had to feel her cunt filled with more cock,
faster, harder and deeper than the stroke before. Virginia began
to chant, ” Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” with every thrust of the
pounding phallus. Robert was getting the ride of his life between
Virginia’s thighs. She was bucking so hard against his driving
cock that they fell off the couch and onto the carpeted floor of
the study.

With the firmer surface to fuck on, Robert starting pounding his
rigid cock into Virginia’s pussy with reckless abandon and
bouncing the head against her cervix. Virginia started to salivate
and babble incoherently as Robert’s ferocious driving cock thrusts
assaulted her pussy. Their moans and gasps filled the study as the
two teenage lovers hurled themselves against each other’s bodies.

As two passionate animals in heat, they could only feed the fire
between their legs. They cared not of what could happen when
Robert released his man seed into Virginia’s cunt. Only the raw
naked drive toward orgasm mattered now. The only way to attain
their final absolute release was by fucking. Virginia and Robert
fucked each other into sexual paradise. The sensual detonation of
their loins and raw animal lust carried them higher as their
orgasm consumed them. As Virginia and Robert hammered their
genitalia together on the study floor, both erupted and came.

Robert’s cock swelled and pumped the hot boiling semen from his
testicles deep into Virginia’s cuntal hole and splashed against
her cervix. Virginia felt Robert’s sperm flooding her tunnel,
making it slick with their combined juices. Strings of white cum
appeared at the place where their bodies were joined. Her
primitive urges drove her to fuck harder and carry his seed back
into her womb where it could find her egg and spawn. The gasping
sounds of lungs drawing fresh air and the cries of raw sexual lust
filled the study as the two teenage lovers finally collapsed from
their mutual climax. They lay locked together as his quivering
cock emptied its last jet of seed and started to slowly shrink.

The sight of Robert pumping his seed into Virginia’s cunt hole
pushed John over the edge. His cock started spraying his juices on
the wall near the window to his study. John swooned as Robert
continued driving his ejaculating cock into his daughter’s gaping
pussy hole again and again until his balls were spent,
inseminating Virginia’s cunt overflowing with potent man seed. As
John’s orgasm faded, he realized he was in danger of being
discovered. Moving slowly back from the window, he made his way
down the drive to where his car was parked.

Virginia and Robert slowly returned from the culmination of
nirvana, taking control back from the centers of their sexual
urges which were allow to run wild and unabated this night. As
they kissed and looked into each other’s eyes, Virginia knew that
Robert would be fucking her again soon. His cock, still buried in
her cunt, was becoming longer and harder. Nothing could restrain
them from these feelings of pure sexual passion. Robert started a
slow stroking action in Virginia with his cock, well lubricated by
the cuntal pearl left by their first copulation.