The Naughty Niece going wild

The solid, heavy white shaft of six-inch muscle, lined with winding blue veins and topped with a rich, purple, helmet-shaped knob flaring out to a wild, oversensitive corona was the fattest, most stunning, cock the two girls had ever seen. They had heard there were larger pricks, and perhaps there were fatter ones, but neither of them had ever seen one. In fact, neither of them had ever seen very many cocks at all, save for infants whose diapers they’d changed while babysitting, and somehow or other neither of the girls could become aroused at the sight of such tiny peckers.

The girls should not have been looking at the heated, swollen, blood-engorged tool at which the both of them now stared, their mouths agape. But there were these two tiny holes in the bedroom wall separating their room from the master bedroom. And though pictures usually hung over the two holes on the girls’ side, the pictures were now resting on a dresser while each of the girls had an eye glued to one of the holes, staring into the next bedroom, both more than desirous of becoming part of a tableau similar to the one they were watching.

The woman on the bed was not too many years older than either of them. In fact, if she was out of her teens, it couldn’t have been by more than a year or two at most. Her white naked body was lithe, long and firm, with no fat or loose flesh on it. Her long blonde hair came almost down to her waist, though judging from the darker bush at her crotch, it was obvious the blonde part came from a bottle. Her face was nice, though nothing spectacular. She had large eyes, a slightly hooked nose, and a full, ripe, sensuous mouth she continually pursed. Her full, up tilted, globular tits were each more than a handful, with large brown areolas and raisin-pointed nipples. Her belly was as flat as her hips were round, and she had a nice, solid, bouncy ass. Between her two firm, slender thighs was a fat pair of cuntlips, enhanced by the thick, dark bush encircling them. The outer parts of the labes were a stark white, but as the lips parted a little, one could easily see the rich pink color inside.

The girl they were watching, like the two of them, seemed enchanted by the man’s thick dong. To her, it was a tasty, lovable, meaty prong and at that moment it belonged to her and her alone. She, like the man, was unaware of the two feminine peepers.

She seemed unable to contain herself at that moment as she lay on her side, with her face staring at the marvelous fucking tool. Her mouth opened wide as she leaned forward and very slowly began engulfing the entire piece of hard, solid meat. Christ! What a juicy, delicious cock! She stuffed more and more of the rod into her mouth until it was filled. Even then her mouth might have taken the slightest fraction of an inch more, had he more to offer. The entire meaty roll of cock was jammed in, pressing her tongue down as its spongy head rubbed her throat, and the roof of her mouth felt all a tingle with the silken softness of the throbbing shaft.

Now her tongue began racing up and down along the underside of the heavy shank, thrilling to the satiny, velvety, yet always masculine sensation of the meat. It actually pleased her to know she was completely stuffed, jammed, clogged, stopped up. She imagined her whole body to be a huge mouth entirely crammed with prick.

All cocks tasted good, but this one tasted better to the peroxide blonde. Why? Simple. It happened to be the cock she was tasting at that particular moment, and the fact that it was presently corking her mouth made it taste better than all its predecessors. She was in ecstasy over the sensations it produced. She felt as much delight in the pressure of her ovaling lips surrounding and squeezing the rigid rod as he did feeling the pressure.

Unlike most other women, the man’s heavy body didn’t bother her at all. He could have weighed twice as much, but with such a perfect, fat, spear-straight cock she just didn’t give a damn. This cock, this prick, this dong was her toy, her sucker, her pleasure. She tingled to the touch of her lips sliding down the rich, meaty shaft to the base, where his hairy crotch could tickle her nostrils. And then she thrilled to the sensation of the backward slide of the hard rod as her head rose until she could surround the pliant, grainy head with her lips while her tongue scrubbed the underside where knob and shaft joined, making him pant and writhe. She loved to lock her lips just under the burning corona, making him wriggle almost out of control. On his superb skin flute she could play a masterful solo, feeling his pre-cum drip out quickly or slowly, depending on how her lips applied themselves to his marvelous masterpiece of horn-like meat.

And then there was the constant corking and uncorking of her mouth as her head bobbed up and down. Had his prong been longer, she might have tried stuffing it into her throat. And had she strangled on it, she wouldn’t have cared a bit. One had to die anyway, sooner or later, and if she could die with the fullness of cock clogging her windpipe, she would have no complaints.

The man was no less sensitive to it all. Being without his wife for the summer, he had been amazed when the blonde nymph had offered to return to his summer cottage with him. He was in his forties now, almost at the male menopause, thinking himself no longer attractive to women because of the paunch he had developed. Just why the girl had volunteered to go with him when he’d propositioned her was something he would never completely understand. He was aware it was a one-night thing, or in this case a one-day thing since it was early afternoon. But he was intelligent enough not to question his good fortune.

Her name was Lorelei, and he was positive it was a name he would always remember long after she was gone, for he was completely unaware of the coming events that would eventually totally eclipse her from his mind. But at that moment he was convinced he was in some kind of Valhalla, because she sucked his cock with a verve his wife had long forgotten. She sucked dick so superbly he was afraid he would prematurely ejaculate into her throat before being able to build his internal senses to the peak of pleasure.

But Lorelei, for all her youth, was wise to the ways of men. Sex was an important part of her youthful life, and she had learned not to gauge men by how they looked or how well they were physically constructed. She had met some of the world’s strongest men in her travels around the country, and most of them were so interested in the upkeep of their bodies, they didn’t care at all for their partners when it came to fucking. It was a simple “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am,” with them, getting their own rocks off, finding their own relief and therefore not only denying the woman with them ultimate pleasure, but also denying themselves the true feeling of pleasure.

Married men were always better sex partners than single men. True, many married men were shmucks, unfeeling and uncaring, never once giving their wives a decent orgasm. But many married men cared as much about their wives as their wives did about them. Each was always striving to please the other, and, as a result, both were constantly satisfied. By talking to various married men, Lorelei was always able to determine which of them was the one concerned with his partner’s ultimate satisfaction. As a result, she was always able to choose a good partner for herself.

Here, now, at this summer resort, where many married men had liberated wives who wanted separate vacations, Lorelei was able to find numerous men she could enjoy fucking and sucking. And she was always able to attest to the fact that the more mature, usually out-of-shape forty- or fifty-year-old man was one helluva better lay than the young smart-asses in their teens and early twenties who thought they were Gods because of their physiques, or the thirty-year-old who was still bringing his wife with him but ogling the younger girls, making promises with his eyes his body would never keep.

There were one or two boys in their late teens, still male virgins who, if properly broken in, would be great lovers throughout their lives. Lorelei occasionally played with them as well. And as a result of playing with one of them, a young eighteen-year-old boy named Marty Wahl, she had learned about his uncle, Ira Wahl, a forty-year-old summer bachelor only because Ira’s wife had decided to take a European tour with her ladies’ club.

Not wanting to make a big thing of it, Lorelei had met Ira Wahl through his nephew and, despite the man’s huge belly, had taken an immediate liking to him. He was the last of the “interesting men” she had discovered at the beach resort of summer homes, and after this one last day with Wahl, she intended taking off for other resorts. Never bed with a man more than once, was her motto. It helped avoid emotional involvements.

From the heavy throbbing of Wahl’s cock, she could tell that if it remained lodged in her mouth, he would shoot too quickly. And she wanted it no more than Wahl at that moment, so with one final strong suck, she parted her lips and withdrew his heavy, thick, tasty rod. She had sucked enough. It was time for him to perform. And she knew he would, with no urging on her part. It was one of the things that made him her type of lover.

She lay back on the bed and he towered above her, not only tall but wide, yet she wasn’t afraid. For all his weight she knew he would keep himself carefully balanced, probably putting less weight on her than a man fifty pounds lighter.

Her thighs parted, revealing the young, moist smoothness of her ripe young inner labes. Heavy cream began seeping out and forming a constant line down her left cuntlip to her inner thigh onto the bed.

Wahl kneeled between her legs, pointed his spring-loaded cock, aimed, and with a single hard thrust, was m. He paused for an instant, savoring the way her cunt walls fought him, making him shudder. And Lorelei trembled as well, feeling his meaty tool plunge into her clinging hole, sensitizing every bit of flesh it touched. Then he began a regular rhythm of attacking and retreating, letting her hips adjust to the throbbing fuck-beat. Each inward plunge of his dick was sheer rapture, each withdrawal was heavenly bliss. Her hips instantly sensed the beat and picked it up, rising to meet his downward pressure, backing away as he lifted himself.

Yes, Lorelei was proud of herself, once more guessing right. He was interested in seeing to it she enjoyed the fuck, knowing he would come without any trouble. The screw would be equally enjoyable for the both of them.

It would also be enjoyable to the two girls watching from the other room. Each one felt her own sensitive slit beginning to seep slick liquid as she watched the way the man’s thick cock sliced into the woman’s split and sank its full length into her cunt.

In and out, in and out, his hips rotated against her thighs as his solid cock pistoned its way trough her simmering snatch, increasing the tension and heat in both of them. She could sense the tension screwing its way through his hip and thigh muscles, and it made the pleasurable sensations she was receiving all the better. With all his weight pressing on his arms and knees, he still managed to bring his face to hers. Their mouths came together in a long, lingering kiss, and once again Lorelei gave herself a mental pat on the back. The man’s tongue swabbed through her mouth right after she’d finished sucking his peter, showing he was no sissy. His tongue lashed hers, licking her lips, teasing her palate, tasting her gums, touching her teeth.

She rotated her butt gently, making her sweet pussy tug on his dong as it continued prodding its way in and out, all but locking into her tight twat. It gripped the probing plunger with gentle, shuddering force as their flesh rubbed one against the other. He was controlling himself, but barely, his heavy chest skimming against the sensitized points of her pebble like tits.

Now his flesh was concentrating on the multitude of rapturous sensations shooting through it. His sliding cock could feel the contractions of her tight, crushing pussy walls while enjoying the sensations created by the touch of her inner and outer cuntlips. The jungles of crotch hair met again and again, each scrubbing the other, teasing and tantalizing. The very tip of his plunging cock seemed separated from the rest of him as it continued traveling in and out of the tight, watery bog, twitching, shivering, wanting to travel through her belly to her heart.

And Lorelei felt the impinging prick point stab its way through her tender cunt again and again, slurping in with sucking sounds, almost popping out as it withdrew. When he threw all his weight on one hand and reached down with his other to massage her tender cunt, she exploded then and there.

It was her first orgasm of the afternoon, and it was a good, strong, overpowering climax.

“Don’t come,” she whispered, well aware he knew she had peaked. “Don’t come just yet. Hold off awhile longer and it’ll be better. You’ll see.”

“I’ll do my best,” he promised hoarsely. “That’s all I can say.”

She smiled up at him, knowing his saying it was as good as his doing it. She knew her men, and this was a perfect example of the kind she liked best. She had no intention of getting married at this early age. She wanted to enjoy many more whangs like the one softly riding through her creaming cunt. By the time she was ready for marriage, the man would be old enough to be as understanding as the one fucking her right now.

His arms swept under her thighs, raising them high and carrying them over his shoulders. This way he was able to put the littlest bit more weight against her without her feeling pressure. One hand grabbed a buttcheek and squeezed, while the other hand’s forefinger pressed itself against her quivering asshole, and Lorelei had her second orgasm of the afternoon. And it was one helluva come. Wahl could tell she was climaxing madly, not only in her squishy cunt, where his lodged cock could feel the crushing pressure of her pussy, but in her entire body. Her fingers and toes clenched; her nostrils quivered and dilated, her teeth gritted together, her thighs crushed his body tightly to hers, as her eyes widened and she gasped. Her head spun to one side, and suddenly his mouth was down on her ear, his tongue lancing into it, making her thrill with even greater rapture as she climbed to the height of her orgasm and then slowly, ever so slowly, floated down. The hot tongue continued licking in, making her shudder with ecstatic pleasure as she settled down.

“Me on top,” she suddenly whispered. “Don’t pull out of my cunt. Keep it locked in me.”

Her thighs wrapped themselves around his body, and even as her cunt was cooling from the previous plunging, they spun. They spun quickly, and suddenly she was on top, her thighs wide open as he rested for a moment. And then she began rising and falling as she sat up straight, letting his knifing cock run through her clinging hole as she bounced up and down on it. Once again her cunt walls gripped his prick tightly, making sucking sounds as she fucked up and down its full length.

She smiled down on him, thrilling to the total skewering of his punching prong in her flaming quim. As she rose, she began rotating her hips, spiraling again on the way down. He was good, a really good fuck. Most younger men would have popped two loads by now with no strength to do more. Yet here he was, in good control of his orgasm as she fucked herself on his cock, moving up and down with measured rapidity. Her own horniness was building again, and it would only be a matter of time before her third climax took complete control of her body.

“Good God!” one of the two peeping girls whispered to the other. “Look at the way your father’s holding out. Gee! He’s terrific.”

“I know,” the other girl replied. “I’ve had dreams of Daddy sticking his cock into me for years, but he’s kind of stuffy about it. He’s got this bug against incest, damn him!”

“But what about me?” the first girl whispered. “I’m only his niece. D’you think I could convince him to screw me?”

“Not while he’s sober. But I’ll tell you what. You help me bag your brother, and I’ll help you nail Dad.”


“Cross my heart.”

“It’s a deal. When do we start?”

“Relax. Marty’s out playing softball somewhere. We’ll have to wait. Let’s watch the end of this.”

So the two girls focused their attention on the fuck action in the next room.

Lorelei was putting pressure on her knees, tensing herself to gallop up and down the length of his pulsing cock. She began riding hard, bouncing up and slamming down, feeling the buttery slipperiness of his tool as it probed into her cunt again and again. Each time she rode to the top of his fat fuck-pole, her pussylips would contract tightly around the knobby dome, squeezing and crushing and pressuring. And just when it seemed he couldn’t hold out any longer, the cuntal grip eased itself and down she slid again, wildly rotating her hips until she’d gotten to the bottom of the hard meat, feeling the short, curly hairs tantalize the tenderness of her pussylips.

She leaned forward now, kissing his face, licking his lips, biting his earlobes while the hard points of her nipples sliced along his almost hairless chest. Lying flat the way he was, his belly seemed to recede into his body, never getting in the way. And then their lips locked together again in a long, hard, wet kiss. Her long, blonde hair had fallen down on either side, covering his face completely, teasing him as his mouth opened wider in an attempt to swallow up her lips.

All the while her ass continued riding up and down, slamming against his thighs, making his balk shudder, covering everything below with slick, hot, oily, pussy water.

Once again a finger of his reached for her asshole. Finding her sweat-slick crevice, it moved along until it found the pucker, then slowly moved in her bung, adding to the thousand tiny thrills charging through her body. It made her body writhe in undiluted, delicious ecstasy. Her tremble communicated itself to him, and for an instant he almost lost control of himself and came. At the last second he regained that self-control, still building the enjoyment within himself as her body once again rose to the heavenly top of his cock before charging straight down and almost smashing his pelvic bone.

He inserted his other hand between their joined crotches and his thumb began rubbing her quivering clitoris, massaging it and building her third climax of the day to reality. It would overpower her shottly, after which he would start thinking about his own come.

Realizing she was being a little selfish, Lorelei decided to return some of his sensations. She reached down with one hand and poked under his rump until she found his asshole. But his brownie was fighter than hers, and as she continued her rhythmic bounce on his steaming cock, she found it difficult to penetrate his bung. So she licked her finger a few times, making certain it was well-lubricated with saliva, after which she tried again, timing it to coincide with a downward thrust. He grunted as his asshole began opening, and little by little, as she continued bouncing, up and down on his mighty rod, she prodded her finger into the tight bung, thereby forcing his body to come slamming up to meet hers each time she was spiraling down. She had done this often, and purposely kept that one fingernail short. She could feel the sphincter of his bung relaxing, making the entrance that much easier. And her own body, responding to the combination of cock-thrusts in her leaking cunt, finger-jabs in her asshole, and her own finger knifing into his hung, began twitching and shuddering, not so much with an orgasm which was yet to come, but with the throbbing anticipation of it.

Now her large, weighty jugs were rolling against his chest, her spiky nipples rubbing his flesh, building the peak higher for the both of them. Her face was pressed to his, her burning cheek nuzzling his, her lips sucking on his earlobe and then biting into it, making him rotate all the more violently as her body continued lifting and rising to the cadence of both fingers thrusting in and out of their assholes.

He knew even more than she’d believed. He was touching her in places few men knew about, making her contort wildly, causing short, shocking spasms to blister their way through her body.

The two on looking girls, each of whom knew next to nothing about sex, were surprised to see their respective father and uncle so knowledgeable, and it enhanced his image in their minds even more. For all his weight, he had always been a lover in their eyes rather than a father or an uncle. Now they understood why. He seemed to radiate sexual knowledge, knowing how to make a woman totally happy. His constant pressure on her asshole with one finger and her cunt with the thumb of his other hand was driving the blonde into wild raptures.

Lorelei was insane with delight. The cock buried in her flaming quim wasn’t the longest she’d ever had, but it was one of the thickest she’d ever fucked. It filled her cunt so sublimely, touching every part of her hole, she was shuddering each time she came churning down on it. How marvelous it was to feel such a fantastic breadth of meat stuffing her snatch with its solidity. It was at times like these she could understand the reason for her continual seeking of the perfect fuck. Instinctively she knew this wouldn’t be it, but it would come damn close.

“Eat me,” she suddenly begged. “Eat me out. Can you eat pussy as well as you fuck?”

Once again, on the near brink of orgasm, Ira Wahl pulled away from the body above his as she rolled off. As she lay flat, he fell on top of her in a sixty-nine position, letting her know, and rightly so, she wasn’t getting something for nothing. In order to be eaten, she had to eat, herself.

His face jammed itself between her pulsating thighs, his hot sucking mouth clamping itself on the fiery lips of her burning pussy. His tongue stabbed into the deep, heated recesses of her blistering cunt, lapping out the heavy juices now beginning to heavily pour out, drinking the tasty ooze of her sweet and salty pussy. And then his tongue was flat against her quivering clitoris, lapping away wildly while three fingers suddenly went plunging in where his teeming cock had been, moments before. The fingers of his other hand were playing with her ass, the forefinger once again firmly entrenched in her tight, crushing asshole. He could feel the strong pressure of her smooth, velvety thighs as they clamped about his face, locking him into place, keeping his head from coming away. His tongue continued its wild pressure against her fully extended, vibrating cunt while his three fingers in her seething cunt continued pumping in and out, in and out.

At first, Lorelei was only aware of the tongue and lips working between her own thighs. Time seemed to stand still for a moment, and then, as charge after charge of lightning blazed through her churning twat, she realized something was hitting her in the face. That was when she understood his fat cock was there again, waiting for her to devour it.

Grabbing his flat, hairy ass, she pulled him down, ramming the full length of fat dong down her throat. The thick piece of salami was a plug of savory delight as she gobbled wildly, and then she felt his own heavy, meaty thighs close around her face. Despite the weight of his belly pressing into her throat and chest, she was again delighting in the taste of the heavy, juicy cock.

Her sucking on the violet knob brought an instantaneous response by him in the heavier tonguing of her swollen cunt. At one point he withdrew his tongue, surrounded the cunt with his hard teeth, and literally began to chew on it with more ferocity than she had applied to his cock. But then, before she could feel pain, he used his tongue to apply the balm of saliva, and now the girl was writhing in absolute sexual intoxication. By his very manner he had inspired her to want to do even more for him than he was doing for her. He was a rare one, all right, bringing her to two mounding culminations and now to the brink of a third without once thinking of himself.

Unknown to either of the participants, the two youthful female observers were continuing to watch, each rubbing her own uninitiated pussy, feeling the heavy flow of cunt oil seeping down both thighs as they rubbed their own clitorises in the hope of feeling something similar to the pleasure the blonde was receiving.

Wahl’s tongue lifted from her flaming cunt and began licking at her perineum, once more forcing her to part her thighs. His finger, deep in her asshole, jabbed even harder as his tongue circled the three fingers plugging her muff and began licking at the rim of her asshole. She shuddered violently when his tongue stabbed right into her hung alongside the finger he had stuffed inside. He chewed on her all but insensitive asscheeks, biting them hard, leaving teeth marks that wouldn’t disappear for many hours to come.

And as he licked out her clean, tasty brownie, he felt her slide his cock out of her mouth, open wide, and swallow both his balls. Her tongue licked the hairy flesh all around, its tip seeming to touch into every crevice, sending shockwaves of delight through every nerve fiber in his body. Her oral action made the nuts tighten against his crotch as her hot, open mouth pressed up against it hard, licking one ball at a time, feeling the way it seemed to revolve in the sac. He wiggled around, indicating her mouthing of his tails was too much for him. Then she let the wrinkled sac slide out of her mouth as his tongue once again withdrew from her tantalizing asshole and titillated her clit lightly, until, without being able to help herself, she began coming strongly. Only this time it wasn’t one grand climax, sweeping through her body with overpowering awe. This time it was a series of multiple climaxes, each stronger than the previous one, the weakest of which was stronger than either of her two previous orgasms. She bounced wildly, and would have bitten his stiff cock in half had he kept her head locked between her thighs.

Wahl knew it was time to serve himself. The girl had been good to him, and what was more, she had been good for him. He had given her two great orgasms, and then a series of greater orgasms. It was time for him to come.

Once again rising from his position on top of her, he reversed himself and sank between her thighs, burying his seething cock in her simmering quim until it was out of sight. As she continued to writhe in the throes of her orgasm, he began pounding into her cunt with wild, strong, almost vicious strokes.

“Make him fuck me like that,” one of the on looking girls whispered to the other. “I want to feel that hot, fat, hard cock of his all the way up to my eyeballs.”

“Once Marty fucks me, Daddy is all yours,” the other girl assured her.

Ira Wahl’s screwing cock was moving with rapid-fire speed now, machine-gunning into the sweet cunt until he swore he’d rubbed it raw. The overpowering sensation which had crawled up his dick so many times that day came rushing up this time, and before it had a chance to retreat, Ira Wahl plunged his cock harder and deeper, and he was suddenly spurting what seemed like an entire ocean of jizz into the tight, squeezing confines of a juicy cunt in the process of attaining its final orgasm.

He clasped her young body tightly, not merely surrounding her, but almost engulfing her. He gasped and wheezed, letting the orgasm take complete control of him, and the girl responded by tightening her own hold on him, pulling down, taking his complete weight on her willowy body, and somehow finding herself capable of temporarily withstanding the pressure as her heavy, balloon like tits almost buoyed him back up.

Slowly the two began drifting down from another dimension, and it was Wahl who was conscious of his weight long before the girl, rolling off her body and lying beside her on the bed. They remained side-by-side for some minutes, his proud cock now a wilting worm coated with sperm and cunt juice.

The two girls watching through the holes in the summerhouse wall could barely contain themselves, furiously rubbing their own clits as they stared at his shrinking cock, envious of the cunt that received it. Neither could attain the satisfaction she sought, and the frustration made them all the more envious of the blonde. How they ached to feel something like that marvelous prick between their own thighs. How they itched to feel its heaviness plug their empty, never-used holes. How they so wanted to taste that milk-white sperm.

As if she had heard their thoughts, the blonde rolled over and began licking off the residue from Wahl’s cock and balls. And she kept on licking until his genitals were clean.

Rising, she donned her bikini and said, “I have to be going. Thanks a lot.” And she left, leaving the fat man to wonder what the world was coming to when a girl thanked him for a fuck.


Pamela lay on her bed, a jumble of nerves. Her Cousin Tracey Wahl lay on the other bed, feeling equally frustrated. The two pictures were now back in place on the wall, and each of the girls couldn’t get the sensation out of her cunt. It was a yearning need for a cock, something neither had ever felt, but something both had longed for, for more than half a year.

Both girls were totally naked, like the blonde had been earlier. And each was as different from the other as she was different from the blonde.

Pam was a little like her father, a bit on the heavy side, though it was really baby fat and would eventually disappear. She had reddish-blonde hair, cut short and fluffy. Her big brown eyes always had that innocent look in them and went well with her short, upturned nose and full, rosy cheeks. Her body, in spite of its cherubic appearance, was a delicious thing. She had large, upstanding tits, at least two sizes larger than those of the blonde. Her nipples were a soft brown, surrounded by half-dollar-sized areolas the same light-chocolate shading. Her waistline was a bit thick but would thin out in a year or two, and she had large, very round hips, as well as a large ass her father had often playfully cupped and squeezed. Her thighs were round like barrel cacti, and between them, topped by a mound of strawberry-blonde hair, was a sweet, puffy pair of cuntlips just barely parted to reveal the wet pinkness within.

She had been aching to feel a cock between them ever since the night she’d been awake and heard her parents grunting together. And she was fully aware the man she coveted most was her own father. She could have surrendered her cherry to any of a dozen boys hanging around the beach, but she wanted none of them. The only alternate to her father was her Cousin Marty, eighteen years old, her own age, and the brother of the girl in the next bed.

Tracey Wahl was very thin, with a pretty, maturing face in spite of her braces. She had soft brown hair not quite down to her shoulders. Her nose was also short and upturned, and her eyes seemed even more innocent than Pam’s, if such a thing were possible. Her body was taking longer to mature. As Pam was the slightest bit overweight, Tracey was the slightest bit underweight. She had very small, round, firm titties. Her nipples were much thinner than Pam’s, though when she was excited they grew to the same length as those of her cousin. Though way past the need for a training bra, she was hardly voluptuous. Even so, she was aware more than one boy on the beach would have given a lot to feel her tits. But she was determined her first fuck would come from a master, and the most masterful cock she had ever seen belonged to Uncle Ira. Her waistline was so narrow it could have been spanned by two large hands, and her hips were just now beginning to nicely round out. Between her slender thighs was a light patch of brown hair on top of what looked like an even more convex pouch of pussy than Pam’s. It was the one part of her body to have matured faster than the rest of her. At eighteen, a year younger than Pam, she always felt a year behind in the fun. But this year, sharing the summer cottage with Uncle Ira, Pam, and Marty while her parents were off seeing South America, she got the distinct feeling she would be having a lot of fun. And after having viewed Uncle Ira at work, she was now positive.

“I’ll bet Marty’s got a man-sized peter by now,” Pam ventured.

“I wouldn’t know,” Tracey replied, her fingers deep in her leaking twat, exciting herself all the more, still seeking some kind of fulfillment. “Marty and I haven’t taken a bath together in eight years, now.”

“Gee,” Pam noted, sitting up and staring at her cousin. “I’ll bet you’re sorry.”

“Well, you know how it is, especially with my parents. They’re really stuffy. Heck, Marty’s kind of a prude, too.”

“I’ll nail him,” Pam assured her, “if you help me.”

“I’ll do anything if you can find a way to get that big prick of your father’s into me.”

“You talk like you know what it feels like to be poked in your pussy.”

“I do,” Tracey whimpered, rubbing her clit even harder now.

“You mean you’ve been laid?” Pam asked, incredulous.

“Heck, no,” Tracey sighed, rolling on the bed, her thighs tightly encasing her rubbing fingers. “But I got rid of my cherry with a candle last year, and every now and then I use it again. I’ve already learned to come, a little.”

“You’re ahead of me,” Pam admitted, watching the expert way the younger girl was fingering her gash. “I’ve played with my pussy a few times, but I’ve never been able to come.”

“Well, it’s something that takes time,” Tracey explained. “I mean, getting a climax isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You have to work at it, and that’s just what I’ve been doing, fingering myself whenever I can, using my candle, and I’m beginning to come pretty regular now. Like… uhhh… now… I’m almost… oooh… there.”

Pam watched as Tracey’s slender body suddenly lightened, her muscles tensing as her head literally banged against the pillow. She looked as if she was having an epileptic seizure, and for a moment Pam was frightened. Then she recalled the goofy look on the face of the blonde her father had just fucked and sucked, and she realized Tracey was enjoying every bit of the sensation coursing through her body.

She waited until Tracey began to relax and breathe a bit more normally. Then she asked, “How did it feel?”

“It was the best one so far,” the skinny girl told her. “Each one gets a little better, but no matter how good they are, there’s always something missing. I can’t figure it out yet.”

“But you still like it,” Pam stated.

“Heck, you’d better believe it. There’s no other feeling in the world like it.”

“Could you make me come?” Pam asked. “I’m dying to come. Please, Tracey?”

“Gee, I’ve never touched anyone else before. I was kind of hoping the first person I’d touch would be your dad.”

“Well, how about doing it to his daughter instead?”

“Look, I’ll make a deal with you. I read a couple of books about how women make each other come, and I’m willing to do it to you, but you have to promise you’ll do the same thing for me another lime.”

“Sure, Tracey. Did you think I’d ever leave you high and dry?”

“No, it’s just that you have to do it the way I do it to you.”

“Heck, if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.”


“Word of honor.”

“Okay,” Tracey nodded, getting up. “You just lie back on the bed and spread your legs wide open. Then no matter what I do, you keep them wide open.”

Pam lay back on the bed and parted her chubby thighs, revealing her juicy quim, soaked with juice. The mound of red-gold moss above it was also shining with her secretions. It was almost as if the girl’s pussy was winking, and Tracey almost winked back.

Sitting on the bed, Tracey leaned forward, smelling the musky scent emanating from the depths of Pam’s burning twat. Drops of colorless balm seeped out and dripped along the puffy labes before leaking onto the round thighs themselves.

Leaning forward more, still somewhat uncertain, she stuck out her tongue and caught a bead of the oily liquid as it came squeezing out from between the coral twatlips. Pam jumped just to feel the touch of the other girl’s tongue, not knowing what was happening, but fully aware she liked it.

Sucking it into her mouth, Tracey decided it didn’t taste at all bad, and began licking a bit more eagerly, letting her tongue slice into the slick silt between the divided pussylips. Pam bounced this time, hitting her nose with the center of her steaming twat. Tracey, in order to suck better, slid her hands under Pam’s ass and gripped the fat cheeks tightly, squeezing them as her tongue licked through the gash again and again.

Pam suddenly realized the hot, slippery sensation she was feeling sliding into her burning twat was Tracey’s tongue. It drove her wildly ecstatic, and she would have been battering her butt against the bed had not Tracey been holding it firmly in place while her mouth continued doing all sorts of unbelievably delightful things to her inflamed snatch.

Tracey could feel Pam’s cunt hair tickling her nose, making the whole act even more arousing. She was drinking Pam’s pussy water avidly now, thirsting for as much as she could get. Her tongue slurped into the frothing snatch and whipped out gob after gob. She rolled it to the back of her tongue and swallowed, anxious for the next gush.

Pam felt electricity shooting through her entire nervous system as the other girl’s tongue became more and more educated as to the best places in her cunt to touch in order to arouse the maximum feeling in Pam. She couldn’t bounce, but she could writhe, and so she did, trapping Tracey’s pretty face between her hot, heavy thighs.

Now Tracey was swabbing the cunt-crack from top to bottom again and again, licking out the heavy dew as it continued endlessly pouring out. At one point her tongue swiped a little higher than she’d intended, and it came into contact with Pam’s wriggling clit. The effect was as if a piece of ice had been touched to that area. In spite of Tracey’s touch on her ass, Pam jumped and squealed.

Realizing she had found the most sensitive spat, Tracey began licking the fleshy extension with continuous pressure, pulling it tautly between her lips while her tongue lashed it again and again. It felt as hard and as small as a split pea, yet Tracey was fully aware of the progress she was making.

The smell and the fee of Pam’s snatch surrounding her began to make her feel hot and bothered all over again. It was one of the things she’d realized was missing before — the closeness of another human being. True, she’d have preferred a man, yet she didn’t find anything to dislike about the nearness of Pam. She licked and slurped fastidiously, feeling the liquid passion continue to flow in heavy rivers.

Pam shut her eyes and imagined the tongue was a man’s cock, especially when Tracey hardened it into a stiff shaft and drove it deep into the explosive center of her shuddering pussy. God! In all her imaginings nothing had felt this good. The sensation was utterly blissful and totally indescribable. And from the way Tracey’s tongue was lapping into her cunt, it was obvious to Pam that her cousin was enjoying lapping her twat. She, Pam, would be more than happy to reciprocate when the time came.

The aroma exuded by Pam’s cunt was getting stronger, letting Tracey know she was doing more than arousing Pam. She was bringing her toward that orgasm she had so desperately sought. The knowledge made her lick her cousin’s gash all the faster as she felt a sense of accomplishment. Her own cunt was juicing, and she knew she would need a come of her own pretty soon. Well, Pam had promised, and when she was finished eating out the older girl, she’d make sure Pam kept her promise.

Now Tracey’s tongue began tantalizing the rim of her inner cuntlips, scouring the elastic edge of her hot hole again and again. And then her tongue returned to the aching, thrumming little button of pink hardness at the top of the velvety cleft.

Tracey’s tongue massaged the quivering clit again and again, then once more returned to the peach like slices of Pam’s pouting cunt, stopping only once to remove a strand of hair from between her front teeth. Then her tongue began sliding lower, teasing Pam’s perineum, making the older girl shiver with a new set of delightful chills. She licked it lightly, barely touching it, driving Pam insane with delight. And then she stabbed her tongue a little lower, lapping at the puckered bung, alternating between licking and sucking. Her tongue ran in circles within the tightness of the other girl’s vibrating asshole, and then, just as suddenly licked its way back up through the slick crack of cunt, right to the shuddering, twitching, aching clitoris.

This last was too much for Pam, and suddenly a new, completely different sensation totally overwhelmed her as she experienced her first orgasm. It swept through her with the power of a tornado, totally overpowering her. She bucked again and again as her thighs continued tightening and loosening, still clutching Tracey’s lovely face between them.

Tracey felt both elated and jealous. It had taken her so long to achieve anything this intense, yet here was Pam already fully enjoying it. And in the meantime Tracey realized it would never have come about had it not been for her. So if Pam was really enjoying her orgasm to the fullest, it was because she, Tracey, had caused it.

Well, hell, if Pam could come this strongly the first time, there was no telling how overpowering Tracey’s own orgasm would be when Pam began licking her pussy. Hell, she was more than primed, and it was just about time.

And Pam was more than willing, dreamy and relaxed as she felt. She figured if her own cunt had tasted so good to Tracey, then Tracey’s pussy would present a veritable feast for her, though she had to admit she would much rather be tasting a good solid cock. Like Tracey, she had a yen for her daddy’s dick, but knowing how old-fashioned and stuffy he was about such thin, she would settle for Cousin Marty’s.

The object of Pam’s dreams, Cousin Marty Wahl, was down at the beach lifting weights with two of his buddies. At eighteen, Marty had an extremely powerful build, though his muscles were sinuous like those of a cat rather than bulging. He was five feet nine inches tall, and would probably grow to six feet in the next two years. The fat of his youth was gone, replaced by thick, heavy muscle. He had dark hair, modishly long, looking almost incongruities considering how masculine the rest of him appeared. Facially, he bore a strong resemblance to his uncle, with finely chiseled features a sculptor might have created.

Along with Hairy Harry, the blond gorilla, and Bob, who was even more slender than Marty, he was taking a turn at pressing a hundred eighty pounds thirty times without stopping. All three wore bathing suits barely covering their crotches and nothing more.

As usual, their exhibition drew a small crowd, mostly girls. Many of the girls were well over eighteen and would have loved to have been fucked by any of the three muscle men, despite their youth. Not that their own boy friends were fat, but almost none of them possessed the powerful construction of which these three could boast.

Hairy Harry, so called because a carpet of yellow jungle matted his chest and peeked out from beneath his tights, was the strongest of the three. He pressed the barbells forty-eight times without pause, while the best Bob could do was twenty-six. Marty did the thirty presses, and probably could have gone another ten had he strained, but Marty knew enough not to bring on a possible hernia by showing off. He was the only one of the three not panting heavily when he finally put the weights down.

The three also practiced a certain amount of acrobatics, keeping their well-developed muscles toned and limber. It was Bob, the thinnest of the three, who excelled at acrobatics, able to do somersaults, handsprings, and mid-air body twists better than the other two. Hairy Harry was too muscular to do too much turning and twisting, though Marty was not only able, but performed with far greater dexterity than Harry.

They worked out for three hours every day, after which they put the weights away in a nearby cabana Hairy Harry’s parents had rented for their son for the summer, and went swimming. After the swim, they returned to the cabana, where there was almost always one or two unattached girls waiting to be picked up.

Subtlety was not one of Hairy Harry’s assets. He was a six-foot monster with a quiet voice, but otherwise he believed in the direct, honest approach.

That day, as they approached the cabana, two girls were standing there, waiting. None of the three boys had ever seen either of the girls before, but that was only natural. Very few girls bothered with Hairy Harry more than once. He was too athletic in his sexual activities. And though Marty had come to know and enjoy his one time with Lorelei, he had never seen her again after their fuck, not even realizing she was with his uncle as a direct result of having been introduced to him by Marty.

The three muscle boys stopped outside the cabana and surveyed the two girls. Both were over eighteen, and both were apparently out for their own amusement. Each was attractive, for though neither was a raving beauty, they had amply endowed bodies.

“You.” Hairy Harry said to the nearest one. “What’s your name?”

“Ann Marie,” she replied.

“Yeah, well you can come inside and take a shower with me.”

With his arm around her, he led her into the cabana, and as he was closing the door, they heard him say, “D’you blow? I hope you blow, ’cause I’m in the mood for a good lip-job.”

“He likes to take command, doesn’t he?” the other girl stated.

“That’s the way he is,” Marty replied, picking up a towel he’d left outside the cabana.

“I’m all that’s left,” the second girl told them.

“D’you boys want to share me?”

“No thanks,” Marty replied, disliking the idea of sharing a girl with anyone. “I’m not in the mood. You can go with Bob.”

“Suits me,” Bob nodded, and he walked off with the other girl, not really knowing where to go.

Marty shrugged and watched them walk off. He wanted pussy, sure, but he wanted something nice and clean. Lorelei had been someone special, and that was why he’d allowed her to take him off with her, though they’d eventually ended up at the summer cottage rented by his uncle. Unlike the other girls on the beach, she hadn’t come panting up to the cabana the previous day, when they’d finished their swim. Rather she had watched Hairy Harry and Bob each take a girl inside Harry’s cabana, while Marty actually shrugged off the propositions of another girl. He had started the quarter-mile walk back to his uncle’s bungalow, and she had fallen into step alongside him. She had started the conversation, and before he realized it, he had found himself fascinated by her.

When they had gotten to the summerhouse, she had walked in with him. There was no one home.

She looked around while Marty went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of soda. Her eye was caught by the photos of Marty’s uncle, his aunt, his sister, and his female cousin.

“Pretty girls,” she said to Marty when he gave her the soda.

“My sister and my cousin,” he answered.

“I’m surprised you haven’t tried something with them.”

“You have to be kidding,” he laughed. “I mean, sure I’d love to crawl into Cousin Pam, but I don’t think she’d exactly go for it. I know Uncle Ira wouldn’t exactly dig it.”

“Who says he has to find out? And with a sister as pretty as the one you have, I’m surprised you haven’t tried anything with her.”

“It isn’t that I haven’t thought about it. But I read somewhere that if I tried something like that with Tracey and she reacted the way the books say she would, she could be soured on the rest of her life. Hell, I don’t want that responsibility.”

“That must be a pretty old book you’re reading,” Lorelei laughed. “The only reason for frowning on incest today is the possibility of pregnancy. And let’s face it, there are a lot of ways for a girl to keep from getting pregnant.”

“Oh, hell, I know that,” he nodded. “Both my sister and my cousin have been taking the Pill for more than a year now, though I don’t know why. I think they’re as cherry as the day they were born.”

“Then it’s up to you to relieve them of that burden,” Lorelei told him. “And since your sister can’t get pregnant, I’ll bet you’d be doing her a favor if you fucked her.”

“Could be,” he nodded. “I don’t know. I mean, to be honest, well, I’ve fooled around a little, but I’ve never really gone all the way.”

“Well then,” Lorelei said, smiling, “I guess it’s up to me to make a man of you. And don’t worry about me. I take the Pill, too.”

“God, but you have a nice pair of tits,” he told her, looking at the way they shimmied under the band of bikini top.

He sipped his drink, then put it down and walked over to her. She stood there, letting his inexperienced hands wander over the two fleshy mountains, squeezing her nipples through the cloth. Eventually he stayed with the right nipple, squeezing and kneading it, feeling it swell beneath the pressure of his fingertips.

Lorelei felt herself responding instantly and realized it wouldn’t take much to make a master cocksman out of this one. Her tits always immediately responded to touching. In fact, there were times when a man’s eyes resting on them would make them grow. Now, as Marty’s fingers began to amateurishly diddle the solid point of her full jug, warmth began flooding through her veins. He could see the joy in her eyes and understood he was doing the right thing. She also set her drink down, then straightened up, turned her face to his, and their mouths came together like a pair of clashing cymbals. Her lips were already widely parted as her tongue began licking his lips, teasing them apart, and then she tasted the slitheriness of his tongue. Her body pressed itself to his, and her cunt mound was grinding against his already swollen cock. What a shame. She would have loved to feel his rod slowly grow. Her hips rotated and she could feel the cock twitching.

“Oh, Jesus!” was all Marty could say as he reached behind her and undid the strings holding up her bikini top. His eyes flashed with glowing excitement as he saw her huge tits suddenly bounce free of the confining cloth. They were huge, with hard, thick points already fully enlarged, ready and waiting for him to chew on them.

“Let’s do this right,” Lorelei suggested. “Hey, I’m covered with sand, and you have a crust of salt water all over you. Let’s take a shower together.”

They walked into the bedroom he was using and stripped off the rest of their bathing suits. Marty began gasping, staring at the full beauty of her firm boobs, so much fuller than the smaller tits of other girls he’d known. The sight of her fully swollen nipples made static buzz through his balls, and he wondered if he would shoot prematurely.

Lorelei looked at his long, hard, thick cock. For such a young boy he was heavily hung. His rampant rod was about seven inches long. It had a nice thickness to it, too. Oh, she was going to love having that prick inside her cunt.

“Come on,” she said, a wide smile creasing her lovely face.

Had he been an experienced man, she’d have teased him a bit, increasing his yearning, but this was one boy who was more than excited. She walked into the bathroom with him and waited while he adjusted the water temperature of the shower.

When the water was just right, they stepped into the stall, shutting the door behind them. Once again he began fingering her nipples, eager to suck them. But she forestalled him, saying, “Let’s get clean first. Soap me all over.”

She turned to face away from the needle spray of the shower, letting him take the bar of soap and rub it up and down her back and ass. But the more he touched her, the more his prick throbbed, dying to plant itself somewhere inside her. When he got to her firm ass, he soaped strongly, trying to press his cock into the hot crevice between her full asscheeks. His hands pushed her buns together until the pressure on his cock drove him insane, and he almost popped his wad against her tight asshole.

“Easy,” she warned. “We want this to be good for the both of us. Take your time.”

His trembling prick reluctantly withdrew from the vale between her asscheeks as his hands continued soaping her body, now reaching between her legs and caressing her cock-hungry cunt. He even managed to slide a middle finger into the aching depths of her steaming snatch, literally lathering it as she shuddered in response.

Finally he turned her to face him and began soaping her in front, starting at her dark muff and working up. His eyes remained locked on her soap-covered beaver, but she insisted he finish soaping her entire body.

His hands roamed all over her flat stomach, stopping only to probe into her navel for an instant, after which he moved the soap higher until he got to her tits again. He rubbed the swollen nipples briskly, making her look down past where he was touching her to the red-tipped, twitching prong pressing against her thighs. Her tongue came out and licked her lips, hungrily aware of how much she wanted that hot, hard cock buried in her cunt. She loved to watch the way his thick red knob swelled and receded in continuous pulsations.

He began applying heavier pressure as he soaped her tits now. His fingers squeezed her nipples almost unmercifully, making her breathe all the more heavily, feeling them compress like oversized raisins at his touch, only to spring back again. He continued using the soap the entire time, and soon her boobs were completely covered with white froth, little drops of soap and water falling from her nipples.

His hands moved back down the way they’d come, feeling the flatness of her stomach, and now the pressure in his nuts was becoming excruciating. He squatted, his face close to her bush of dark hair, his eyes following the way the hair curved downward, coming to an abrupt end at the top of her creaming split.

She shuddered and sighed heavily, leaning back and feeling her shoulder blades press against the hard, cold tiles. She was gazing between her tits at where his face was inches from her humid cunt. In order to keep his balance, he had to keep his thighs wide apart, and she was able to see his solid meat as it stuck out. Beneath it, his heavy scrotum dangled like an old-fashioned sling filled with two stones. His fingers were pressing her thighs, gently teasing her tender cuntlips, and she was glad he was using a mild soap.

With her head back against the wall, she shut her eyes, allowing his fingertips to send waves of lightning shooting through her cunt. She stood there, taking as much as she was able, chewing on her lower lip and almost biting her tongue. Then she parted her thighs even wider, reached down and gripped his hair to keep herself from slipping and falling. Thunderbolts seemed to course through her body as his fingers pushed into her blistering hole. It was too much. She shoved at his head and he went falling back. His hand came away from her frothing gash. He used it, along with his other hand, to break his fall, and he simply lay there on the stall shower floor, looking up at her, admiring the way her body loomed over him in all its wonderful curviness. Her eyes were smiling as she stared down at him, and at that moment, her face, which had seemed sexy but plain, now took on ax erotic radiance. He could see by the rise and fall of her heavy tits that she was panting.

She was unable to contain herself any longer. The sight of his marvelous cock was becoming too much. She needed something to fill her hole.

With handfuls of water she washed the soap away from her gash, and when it was completely rinsed, she said, “It’s time for your first lesson. Glue your lips to that crack and let your tongue slide around inside.”

“Huh?” he asked, staring up at her.

“You heard me,” she said in a voice barely audible above the sound of the shower. “Kiss my aunt.”

He stared at her twat, his eyes wide with anticipation. The wide-open gash looked even more tantalizing with water beating against it. A trail of water dribbled from her pussy hair in a dripping stream down along the inside of one thigh. The whiteness of the outer twatlips contrasted strongly with the pinkness within, luring him closer as he moved until he was on his knees.

Lorelei sighed in anticipation, eager to feel his youthful mouth press itself against her anxious aunt. She spread her thighs as wide as she could, making her sweet pussy more available to his lips.

His fingers once again touched her inner thighs, making her shake visibly. Then, ever so slowly, he brought his mouth closer, really wondering what pussy would taste like. His parted lips touched the slick lips of her flaming cunt, and she began spasming wildly, jolted from top to bottom at the mere touch. Then his tongue probed between the slick, gooey lips of her steaming twat, parting the sliced labes even more. And as the probing tongue sank in deeper, the girl began to tremble with delight.

To Marty, cunt tasted different. Not bad, not sour as he’d anticipated, but different. Not bad, not sour as he’d anticipated, but different. And the more he let his tongue wash around inside her hot hole, the more he began to appreciate the taste.

Lorelei slammed her head back against the wall again and almost cracked a tile. She felt no pain, not with the overpowering thrill of his tongue probing in and out of her blazing twat making long, loud sucking noises. The pelting of the water on her skin was like trillions of needles trying to force their way into her pores. She couldn’t take it any longer, and even as he continued sucking away at her pussy, she found the handles and turned the water off. Enough water had cascaded over him to remove the grit and sand, anyway.

His tongue was licking higher now, getting closer to her throbbing clitoris. Each time he swabbed his tongue out of her steaming hole, it slid a little higher.

And then he suddenly found the pink pearl, and he pressed the flat of his tongue against it, hard. He rubbed his tongue back and forth, crushing it against the hardened circle of her tender flesh, feeling it press back against him. Now he rubbed his tongue almost viciously against her cunt, seeing the way she writhed and twisted, knowing he had gotten to her. He applied relentless pressure for more than three minutes, tantalizing the hardened nubbin of flesh. And then he got the idea to slide under her and pull her crotch straight down, his shoulders forcing her silken thighs farther apart so his lips could tease her inner labes as his tongue once again sank into the fuming inner depths of her gushing hole.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, her plea only encouraging him to go deeper.

Now his upper lip was rubbing her thrumming clit while his tongue sank to its full length in her flaming cunt hole. And then his tongue withdrew as his lips pursed themselves around her aching clit and began sucking on the extension of flesh as if nourishment could be withdrawn from it.

The blonde girl thought she would faint. A mistiness covered her eyes as heavy lust totally enveloped her entire body. Her hands went to her cannon-sized tits, squeezing the nipples until she actually felt pain. Even then, it was a sweet pain. The effect was to make her clamp her thighs tightly around his head, imprisoning it between her satiny thighs. This only served to make him suck her throbbing cunt with greater verve. The sensations followed one after the other, driving her wild with passion. She banged her head on the file wall behind her again and again in the hope of breaking the spell his tongue had cast, but the spell was unbreakable.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned, taken completely by surprise, unable to believe an inexperienced boy could cunt-lap so naturally. Her voice quavered as his lapping tongue and sucking lips continued their overpowering assault on her box. And at this point she didn’t know whether a not she wanted him to stop.

Falling forward, she all but hung over his shoulder, still feeling the devastating effect of his pressuring lips and nibbling teeth on her quivering cunt. As it was, she was moaning and completely out of control. She leaned down and grabbed his ass, digging her nails into the firm cheeks. This only served to arouse him even more, speeding up the working of his mouth as he licked and sucked on her gushing twat.

She had always been quick to peak, and this time was no exception. Her orgasm swept over her like a torrential downpour, and suddenly he found himself drowning in an ocean of cunt juice. The liquid came spilling out of her boiling pussy, spilling into his mouth, nostrils and eyes as if she had all of Niagara Falls inside her snatch. He drank greedily, swallowing as much of the viscous cream as she released, feeling it flood his mouth and spill over onto his neck. The surrounding strain of her soft white thighs squeezing against his ears brought a pulsating thudding into his head. The sound of his sucking and drinking boomed inside his head.

The strength of her climax completely mystified her. She found herself crying and calling out, her voice echoing off the bathroom tiles and huffing her ears. She fell from his back onto the floor of the shower, and still his head remained rammed between her legs. He was still working away at her box, refusing to ease up in spite of the abatement of the flood. He wanted more.

And then, just as suddenly as his earnest cunt lapping had begun, it stopped. He pulled his face from between her thighs, backed up just enough to stretch her out on the stall floor, and then he threw his youthful body on top of hers. Her hand was there to grab his cock as he came down on her, and now she skillfully guided it to her waiting cunt, feeling the way its head was soaked in its own lubrication. She could feel the knob press strongly against her hairy labes and she almost hummed she felt so excited. Her climax, which should have been enough to satisfy her, had merely been the prelude to her next orgasm. The thick, spongy dome slowly pressed between her sopping pussylips, parting them gently like soft, tender gateways, and then his prick was sliding ever-so-slowly into her simmering snatch.

Her arms and legs surrounded him, her back on the cold, wet shower floor, and she felt nothing of the coldness or the wetness. All she could concentrate on was the pressure of his flat, wet stomach against hers, grinding and rotating. She countered, spiraling herself, pressing her hips higher, her cunt sucking on and clinging to the full length of his long, fat dick.

“Oh, shit!” he murmured. “That feels fantastic. Oh, Christ! It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a cunt, and — oh God! — it feels unbelievable.”

“You really like it?” she said, smiling, realizing she was on the verge of regaining control.

“Oh, Jesus, yes!” he exclaimed, starting to fuck his solid meat into her sucking cunt. He used long, deep, heavy strokes, making her murmur in approval as his solid prong seemed to sink even deeper into the weeping center of her flaming pussy. His hands were all over her, crushing her heavy, swollen boobs, her nipples surrounded by his palms and his fingertips actually disappearing into the soft flesh of her tits. The harder he squeezed the more she hunched her crotch up, twisting and spiraling so she could fully appreciate the full length and thickness of his lovely prick.

Her flaming hole gripped the in plunging shaft, doing its best to delay the way his rod continually thrust into her. He was knifing his sharp cock into her cunt with all the anger of a man skewering his worst enemy on his sword.

She grabbed his head and pulled it to her tit. His mouth automatically opened and swallowed the taut, solid nipple. He pulled a lot of her teat into his mouth, feeling the nipple scrape at the back of his throat, and still a lot of tit remained unswallowed.

The filling of his mouth with her jug seemed to increase his sensitivity. He began fucking like a maniac, and she reacted with a more distinctive raising of her hips. The water on the shower floor made it slippery and they moved from one side of the shower to the other and back again, still fucking away madly. His steaming prick seemed to be diving into her twat with even greater force, plunging even deeper, reaching into the very center of her womb.

“Put a finger in my ass,” she begged.

At first he thought she was crazy, but when she repeated the plea, he reach bed under and plunged a finger into her asshole, making her to rise even higher each time he slammed down into her snatch.

“Wow!” she screamed, and the sound of her voice made his body jerk against hers all the more strongly. There was still a little soap on his finger, and it slid right in her bung, almost all the way. When he saw the way she was responding to his finger, he began sawing it in and out of her shifter in rhythm to the way his heavy cock was plunging into her hungering cunt. Soon he was not only plunging it in and out, but moving it circularly as well. It made her rebound from the bottom of the stall even more vigorously, and he suddenly realized there was no way in the world he was going to hold back his load. It suddenly came erupting from his balls and washing into her clinging cunt, flooding her with rivers of white sperm.

The heat and quantity of the cum-flood set her off again. There, on the shower floor, she bucked like a wild mare as she began coming a second time, feeling her climax totally overwhelm her. Her arms and le tightly crushed him to her, and with one and he held solidly onto her while his other hand continued running the forefinger in and out of her bouncing asshole. The jizz continued spurting from his cock into her twitching cunt until there just wasn’t any left.

Afterward, when they finished dressing, Uncle Ira walked in, and Marty introduced Lorelei to him.


Marty never saw Lorelei pass when she left his uncle. She had taken a route behind the summer homes, while he was walking in front of them. There were no paved streets in the area, and the potholes didn’t do the cars much good.

He was thinking of Lorelei as he headed for the cottage, and just missed seeing his uncle drive off to pick up some groceries. He felt horny, as he had the previous time. Working out whetted his sexual appetite, and though he wanted nothing to do with most of the beach girls, he would have loved getting into Lorelei’s sweet pussy again. The trouble was, she wouldn’t let him. Each male who laid her laid her for one time only. But he sure as shit could have used a good hot cunt.

He went right into the bathroom and took a shower, washing the sand, salt, and sweat from his body, then went to his room and put on a pair of tight shorts and sandals. As he finished combing his hair, he heard some funny sounds. He stopped combing and listened. At first he heard a girlish giggle, and then he beard sighing. It was faint, and he realized the noises were coming from the room his sister shared with his cousin.

Good God! he thought to himself. What the hell could the two of them be doing in there?

Walking to their closed, door, he pressed his ear to it and listened.

“A little higher, Pam,” he could hear Tracey’s voice saying. “Get my clit. Get my clit. Oooooh, that’s it, lick it good!”

Get her cunt! Lick it good? Cousin Pam was eating out his sister? Shit! This he had to see.

Leaving the house, he walked around to the side where the girls’ bedroom window was located. As he neared it, he saw the blind was down, but the window was open and a breeze was pushing the blind a little bit away from the sill. There was less than an inch of seeing space, but Marty looked, and sure enough, there was his sister, lying on the bed, her naked body glistening with perspiration while Pam knelt between the girl’s thighs, wildly eating out Tracey’s cunt just like he had eaten Lorelei’s not too long ago.

Christ! The sight of them naked, beautiful, delightfully put-together made his swollen prick want to tear right through his clothes. Shit! He’d known his sister was starting to fill out nicely. He had watched her undress when they were back home and she was in the bathroom. She had the dumb habit of forgetting to close the door all the way, much less locking it. And more than once he had gotten glimpses of the way she was developing. And as her body had developed, so had his lust for her.

But Cousin Pam. There was a body of a different size and shape. Pam was shorter than Tracey, but larger in every other way. The way her buns swelled made him itch to plunge his anxious cock between the two luscious cheeks. And when she sat up for a moment to catch a breath of air, he got a profile view of her tits, and — wow! Double wow! One wow for each tit. They were larger than Lorelei’s, and rounder. Her nipples looked to be thicker, too, although it was difficult to tell from that distance while glancing beneath a window blind.

“Remember,” she was saying to Tracey, “I want to feel that cock of your brother’s inside me before the end of the week. Heck! He was the main reason I agreed to come here with Daddy this year.”

Marty’s ears were burning. Pam wanted him to fuck her! Well, he’d be damned if he’d disappoint her. Hell! Maybe his sister would get so hot at the sight of his dick, she’d want to feel it running into her cunt, too. Goddamn! Wouldn’t it be something to be able to fuck both girls all summer long? And he wouldn’t have to share them with Hairy Harry or Bob, either. They’d be all his.

He was tempted to break in on them then and there, but then he changed his mind. Busting in at that time would startle them and drain some of the sexual desire from them. They’d feel caught, trapped, and perhaps they wouldn’t respond to his approach as readily. He wanted them at the peak of their heat.

He also realized the only smart way to nail them was one at a time. He’d fuck Pam, first. In fact, since Pam was so hot for him, he’d wait for her to make the first move. Then, after he and Pam were fucking on a regular basis, he’d somehow get his cousin to can his sister into watching a performance. Tracey was every bit as hot-blooded as he was, and he knew she’d never be able to just sit there and watch while they fucked. She’d soon be participating in some minor way, even if it was just squeezing his balls while he pumped his hot seed into Pam’s burning pussy. And then he’d have her.

The evening would be the best time. Uncle Ira was always out with his friends, either playing cards or some such thing, and he’d be alone with the girls as he’d been ever since they’d come to the bungalow a week earlier. Christ! A whole week wasted. Just think, he could have been fucking the two of them, Pam certainly, for a whole week. Well, he’d sure as shit make up for it. All he had to do was keep control of himself until the girls made the first move, and from what he’d seen, it would be very shortly.

It would have been an even more perfect summer if Aunt Harriet, Uncle Ira’s wife, had come along. God! Talk about a woman being built. Harriet Wahl was a mere five feet one inch tall, but she had round, full tits just like her daughter Pam, only her hair was midnight-black. Her face was different from her daughter’s. True, Pam bore some kind of resemblance to her mother, but unless one saw the two of them together, one would never notice it.

Aunt Harriet, being a little older, was also a little heavier than her chubby daughter, though on her it wasn’t baby fat. Even so, she was a luscious bundle of flesh, and Marty had dreamed of fucking his aunt for as long as he could remember.

Marty had no idea that Uncle Ira, already on the main street of the small village, had stopped at the local telegraph office to wire Harriet in Europe. Ira Wahl knew his wife better than anyone, and he realized she would already be getting lonely with her tour itinerary.

He had no doubt she had already gotten laid by a couple of suave Europeans, probably one Frenchman and one Italian. She had a strong craving for cock, just as he hungered for cunt, and when they took their separate vacations, each always fucked members of the opposite sex, though Ira Wahl, having gained a lot of weight, had not been sure he would be attractive to girls that year. That was why Lorelei had been such a pleasant surprise.

In his youth, Ira Wahl had been dull. Even his first date with his future wife had started out dull. He was surprised she let him kiss her good night when he brought her to her apartment. It was the kiss that did it. The moment his lips touched hers, Harriet instantly fell under the spell he wove. His tongue caressed her pliant lips, stroking them, teasing them into parting so as to expose her tongue. And when he touched her teeth and her gums, sparks were set off inside her.

Still kissing her, he carried her into her apartment, kicking the door shut behind them. It was a tiny apartment where Harriet lived with a roommate. Said roommate had gone away for the weekend, and Harriet was alone with Ira Wahl, at the not-so-tender-mercy of his kiss.

In the dark, Wahl had floundered his way through to the bedroom, still carrying Harriet. He set her on the nearest bed, lying down next to her, still kissing her, feeling the way she responded. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, pulling his head close, preventing his lips from removing themselves from hers. Her own tongue tried teasing his mouth the way his tongue teased hers, and Wahl found her an adept pupil. She was the first woman to properly respond to his kiss, which strengthened his conviction that she wanted him to fuck her.

Forgotten, by Harriet, was the dull person with whom she had spent the evening. All she knew now was the nearness of a man she strangely desired. She didn’t bother to try to figure out why she suddenly wanted him. All she knew, all she cared about was to have, to be laid by this man. His presence was warm and reassuring. His simply being there made her feel good all over, and she hadn’t begun to remove any clothing.

Remove clothing? What was wrong with her. Harriet had never before allowed a man too many liberties with her. She wanted to remain a virgin for the man she would one day many. Now here she was, thinking in terms of getting laid by a stranger she had only just met. And it was a stranger she had found utterly dull until a few, short moments ago.

But as his hands caressed her cheek and stroked her neck, Harriet knew she would let this stranger, now kissing her, do as he pleased. In fact, she’d tear him apart if he didn’t. For some unexplainable reason, heat, starting at her already juicing gash, was raging through her body like a forest fire out of control. She crushed her body to his, feeling the hardness her rubbing box was generating between his thighs, and she knew this was the man who would take her cherry.

As Wahl kissed her, he let his hands lightly wander across her body, touching her through the thin summer dress she was wearing. He could feel her wriggle each time his fingertips came to a sensitive spot. Her body writhed as if in torment, but it was a delicious torment. She twisted and turned under his expert caresses as his palm wandered over her burgeoning tits, stroking one pulsating nipple at a time.

Still his tongue probed into her mouth, making her tingle as it touched her own tongue, lightly brushing the roof of her mouth. When he would have withdrawn his tongue, she sucked it back into her mouth, and Ira Wahl knew she had the made of a superb cocksucker. She sucked his tongue furiously, chewing without biting, using it to fondle against her own, eager to taste what she could of him. She moaned softly in her throat, making light, whimpering sounds as his hands worked at the zipper of her dress. She was anxious for him to remove it so he could warm her thrilled flesh with his masterful caresses.

For a very short while thing went blank, and then Harriet suddenly understood she was totally naked. Not only that, but she could feel the heat of his own naked body crushed against hers. How he managed it she would never remember.

Her tits were full, though a bit small, yet now they seemed to have a life of their own as his marvelous fingers played over them, making her brown nipples swell. He had to literally pull his tongue from her grasping mouth and force her down on the bed so his lips could kiss her heated flesh. She struggled under his oral caress, squirming as his tongue snaked its way beneath her throat, don to her upstanding nipples. He sucked one into his mouth, letting his knowing tongue lick it again and again, making it stretch to its utmost as if with a power all its own.

Her hands pulled at his hair as he began tasting her other nipple, chewing on it until it was almost blood red. He engulfed the entire tit into his hungry mouth, letting his tongue continue to roam across her turgid nipple as it slid to the back of his hungry mouth. Her flesh was a gourmet’s delight with a natural scent and taste she hadn’t bothered to cover with artificial perfumes.

“Oh, God!” he heard her mutter, using her arms to crush his head against her heated body. “I love you, I love you,” she went on, “but if you stop now, I’ll kill you.”

Wahl had no intention of stopping. He had fucked many women, but until now had never felt passion. This woman, with her almost-unearthly beauty, her natural aroma, and her withering internal heat, was affecting him as no other woman could. He knew she was his soul mate. Once would never be enough. He would have to have her again and again, throughout the rest of his life. He knew at that moment he would many her. What was more, Harriet knew it, too. The fiery, passionate love he felt for her made itself known to her, and she knew she’d never love another as she was loving this man. He was IT.

His hands slid lower, one in front the other in back. He sent bolts of electricity through her pores as his fingers carefully slid across her skin. One hand rubbed the flat plane of her stomach while the other cupped the mounds other ass. His mouth continued its endless work on her swollen nipples, sucking at one up thrust nub, then returning to the other.

Now his mouth released the hold it had on her heaving jugs, and his tongue slowly licked its way down her belly. He could feel her sucking in her breath, trying to hold it, only to lose the hold and release it.

Both hands began moving between her thighs at once, one from in front the other from behind.

The one in front traveled through the curled moss covering her crotch. He could feel the hairs glistening with her lubricant. The liquid was thick and heavy.

Harriet was in a heaven she’d never known existed. The electric thrill of his tongue laying her highly sensitive pussy set her off in all directions at once. When he pressed its flat, slippery surface to the quivering button of her swollen clit, she experienced something totally unknown to her. It started at the V between her thighs and spread like the winds of a cyclone across the rest of her body. She was undergoing the first of a series of mini-climaxes. Each one would raise her to a higher peak in the orgasmic scale.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured. “Do it, do it, do it. Don’t stop, for God’s sake, don’t stop!”

Pleased he was reaching her so completely, Ira Wahl had no intention of stopping. His tongue continued working on the delicate flesh of her labes, moving to the hardened, up thrust nub of her clitoris, licking and sucking it, and then returning to the depths of her burning cunt. He found her quim to be a wealth of rich tastes, with a flavor like nectar, drawing him on and on. He pressed his yearning mouth to the elongated split, sucking up the oils it emitted, wanting to push his face all the way into her oozing cunt.

Her hands which up to that time had been gripping the sides of the mattress, now reached down and twisted themselves into his hair. She pulled his face against her hungering hole, at the same time bouncing her body, trying to ram her asshole farther down on the finger embedded in it.

He stopped and, leaning to the side, found a dry spot on her blanket and wiped his cum-soaked face. Then he pulled himself up beside her and lay there, holding her tightly, her face buried in his shoulder, her heated box pressing against his hardened cock.

“Is it always like this?” she asked, her body shivering as she clutched him to her. “Does it always feel this good?”

“It can feel a lot better once we get rid of that hymen,” he replied.

“How can anything be better?” she wanted to know.

“It can,” he assured her. “The secret is to enjoy everything. Enjoying the doing is as important as enjoying being done to.”

“I’ve never let a man touch me before,” she confessed. “I’ve always been a sort of prude. I’m almost ashamed to admit you’re the first man I’ve ever let go this far.”

“It isn’t finished, Harriet. This is the beginning of a lifetime of good things, provided you’re willing to do as I say.”

“Anything,” she promised, having completed the throes of her after-climax, feeling her body beginning to heat with desire all over again.

“You have to do for me what I did for you.”

“Oh, yes! Yes!”

Without Wahl’s saying a word, Harriet slid from his arms and moved her head along his body, letting her tongue do to him what his had done to her earlier. It dithered along his chest, pausing only to tickle both nipples before continuing along his stomach. Her mouth was actually eager to taste him, because she moved past his stomach, opened her mouth wide, and slowly brought it down to cover the knob of his throbbing rod. Harriet seemed to thrive on the taste of his pre-cum, and licked it up eagerly. Her lips tightened around the knob of his pulsating cock, careful not to hurt it with her teeth. Her tongue moved like an eel, winding its way around the shaft, moving ever lower, and then she began to suck while her head bobbed up and down furiously.

Now, his head on the bed pillow, had a clear view of what Harriet was doing, and felt the blowjob all the more since he could see the action. Though the lights in the room were off, light came in through the window near the bed, and he could see everything.

Harriet was sucking his burning prong as naturally as if she had gone down on men all her life, yet instinctively Wahl knew she had told the truth. His was the first cock she had ever seen, much less touched or tasted. And was she ever good! Her lips tantalized his corona each time her head came up, and her tongue teased the underside of his pulsating shaft each time her head moved down. She was eating his meat because she enjoyed it, and not because she merely wanted to please him. This time her head dipped lower, she took in a little more of his twitching tool, until he felt her cushioned lips touch the hairy base of his rod. Now she let her teeth nibble on the root of his throbbing hard-on, biting without hurting, but just enough to make the burning sensation increase. He could feel the back of her throat caress the point of his flaming poker, and more pre-cum gushed from his sperm-slit into her waiting throat.

Then her entire mouth slid up, revealing his spit-soaked cockshaft for an instant before her head dipped down again, her wide, hungry mouth engulfing his hot tool. At the bottom of his cock there was a sensitive nerve, and Harriet’s questing tongue seemed to feel it throb. She applied oral pressure there, her stretched lips crushing against the base.

God! Wahl thought. A woman looked her most beautiful when she was sucking on a cock.

And as far as he was concerned, it was true. As lovely as Harriet’s face had been before, it was all the lovelier to him now as her hollowed cheeks and draining lips pulled on his roasting cock. She looked like a Goddess.

To Harriet the sensation was new, but delightful. She had no idea sucking a prick could offer so much pleasure. She gobbled his meat with so much joy it no longer occurred to her what she was doing was for someone else’s pleasure rather than her own.

Her hands rubbed against the sensitive sac beneath his prong, and she could feel it tightening against his body. She was amazed that the longer his cock grew, the smaller his scrotum became. But she rubbed the hairy nuts ever so gently as her pursing lips continued sucking on the powerful rod lodged between her jaws. When the knob touched the back of her throat, she was afraid she might experience a gagging sensation, but the thrill of the heated cockhead as it lubricated her gullet made her throat muscles loosen, and she was only sorry the cock wasn’t longer so she could swallow it right down.

And then Harriet’s throat tightened around Wahl’s corona as her tickling tongue shot straight down the shivering shaft. The spongy cockhead felt as if it were in a crusher. The throbbing stick quivered violently as boiling seed suddenly shot out of his nuts, through his poker, into the purpled head, and out of the leaking hole into the back of Harriet’s waiting throat. The rock-hard dong jerked furiously as more and more sperm blasted out in a regular pattern. His cock twitched with each rhythmic explosion, blasting out thick, gooey globs of jizz into the heavenly throat of the sucking Harriet.

Harriet drank and drank, barely able to taste the fuck juice as it went down her gullet. It wasn’t the vodka-taste she had hoped for, but neither was it unpleasant. Someone had once told her cocksucking was a dirty thing to do, but she didn’t feel the least bit unclean.

She sucked until the cock was bone dry, and still it was hard. Wahl pulled his rod away when she prepared to suck again. He threw her on her back, and with his hand touched her virgin twat. It was soaking wet again.

“This time it’ll hurt,” he warned her. “But it’ll hurt only once. And after this it’ll never hurt again.”

“Hurt me,” she begged, lying back, taking hold of his still-rigid prong and guiding it to the hot, puffy gash between her legs.

Wahl felt his cocktip push between her cuntlip. He eased in slowly at first, hearing her whimper with pain as his thick cock spread her tight, virgin walls which were sopping with fluids, easing the way as much as possible.

“It hurts!” she cried. “But it’s a good hurt. Ira Wahl, don’t you dare stop now!”

Taking a deep breath, he jammed the rest of his hard prick into her hot hole, shredding her cherry. His mouth came down hard on hers as she screamed with the pain. The scream ran into his throat, down his gullet, all the way down to his shuddering loins. It made his pecker vibrate in her pain-filled cunt, and the vibration reawakened the arousal within her.

Harriet’s arms circled Wahl’s neck, holding him tightly to her, breathing heavily into his mouth as her tongue twisted around his. Then her arms slid down his back, raking long furrows in his flesh until she reached his butt. With the pressure of her fingers, she forced the hairy cheeks of his ass apart, keeping his dick locked inside her torn hole. She rubbed her hairy pussy mound against his crotch, forcing his cock to create friction inside her aching cunt. And then he began fucking her with long, hard strokes.

Harriet held onto his ass, her thighs wide open, her heels digging into the bed, bouncing in rhythm with the pace he’d set, her ass moving in circles as well as up and down, matching him stroke for undulating stroke.

Now Wahl worked his hands beneath her butt cheeks, cupping them, throwing most of his weight on his shoulders, and therefore on her. But Harriet didn’t seem to mind. Glorious thrills were working their way into her quim with every thrust of his pumping pole. He plowed into her cunt violently, fucking at a hell-for-leather clip.

Having experienced more than one orgasm that night, Harriet was no longer a stranger to the cuminative feeling, and now expected it. Her body didn’t disappoint her as the rampant prick of Ira Wahl continued thundering into her box with the delicacy of a rhino. The orgasm came charging down on her as her fevered snatch continued moving up and down the meaty tool buried in it. Like a mouth it sucked and slurped on the intruding cock. Her butt vibrated against the bed like a jackhammer as her cunt squeezed his unyielding cock in an attempt to either bend it or break it.

“You’re wonderful,” Harriet crooned, not breaking the fuck-rhythm as her lips now reached up and nibbled on his ear. “I’m getting that… feeling… again. Don’t slow… down. Hurry, hurry, please!”

Wahl pounded his dick into her hot box like he’d never fucked before, because he felt love with this woman. God, did he feel love. Both were perspiring heavily now, gasping for air, and he was frying to drive his cock clean through her, pinning her to the mattress. His humping merely succeeded in making Harriet reach greater heights on the rainbow. He rammed, shoved and pushed, and the two of them bounced so hard, they were almost coming off the bed. Their bellies clapped together like thunderbolts until Harriet, unable to hold off any longer, tightened her cuntlips about his pistoning cock, stiffened her body beneath his, and tore at his ass with her nails.

She spasmed again and again, squeezing his prick for all it was worth, forcing the second wad of jizz to come blasting out of Wahl’s prong, this time into the waiting gap of her cunt. She clasped him tightly to her, her fingers continuing to dig holes in him while her heels now kicked on his ass, trying to convince him to shove his balls into her spasming twat, as well.

Harriet’s legs clamped around Wahl’s waist. Her cunt muscles tightened around Wahl’s cock, and he knew she wasn’t finished yet. Leaning forward, she wrapped her arms around his neck, then spun over till she was sitting on top of Wahl, who now lay on his back, his still-hard poker buried in her come-happy quim. The burning heat of her satiny cunt held him locked into her as she did all the work, rocking back and forth. She leaned forward so her small, but full tits rubbed his hairy chest, her nipples touching his. Her quim was so tight Wahl thought her labes would snap his cock off at the root, but rather than lose the feeling, he lay there, letting her rock back and forth. It was heavenly the way her shimmering slit gobbled and held his prong. His grip on her ass tightened as he felt her achieving yet another orgasm. This time it was a complete series, and only after she had reached the highest peak of the evening did Ira Wahl unleash his own final orgasm, inundating her grasping, sucking cunt with whatever was left of his heavy, white spunk.

Their sexual compatibility made marriage a must for Ira and Harriet. And for twelve fabulous years they went through married life with an enjoyment known by very few people. Ira should have been bothered when his wife went off to Europe that first year. It was she who had insisted on the separate vacations, and he had finally acquiesced after a lot of begging on her part. That had been nearly eight years ago.

The first night Harriet was gone, Wahl had gone to the summer cottage with his daughter, then only eight years old, and when he was certain she was fast asleep, he had found himself the first of many summer playmates. That first year he had felt guilty about fucking around on his wife. He felt even more guilty when Harriet, after only two weeks away from him, had turned up at the summer cottage one morning, admitting she couldn’t stay away from him the two months she had intended. She also confessed to having laid some other men, but hurriedly assured him no other man could compare to him. Ira Wahl, after having screwed six separate women in those first two weeks, knew he was the last one to berate her for screwing around, and surprised her by accepting it very easily.

Every summer after that, Harriet went away on a separate vacation, only to return after two weeks. It had become a ritual with them. She eventually learned of her husband’s infidelities, but accepted them as easily as he had accepted hers. Neither had the courage to admit they would have loved to have swung openly with their mate and another member of the opposite sex. But both wanted it, and each knew the other wanted it.

The telegram Wahl was sending his wife was almost part of their ritual. He wanted to let her know how much he missed her, encouraging her to come back to the States and the summerhouse as soon as possible. Unless she found a cock as fascinating as his and so far she never had, she would be back by next week. It wasn’t that Ira Wahl considered himself the world’s greatest cocksman. It was simply that he was the greatest for Harriet. She had become attuned to his dick, and it would have taken a Casanova or Don Juan to keep her from him after those two weeks.

In the meantime, he had one week before Harriet arrived. He had to find some cunt to keep himself occupied. He wasn’t so young any more, and his paunch had given him an inferiority complex. Lorelei had been great for his ego, but she was a one-fuck woman. He needed others and wandered which of the teeny-hoppers would be available that year.

Every now and again his thoughts wandered to his daughter, Pam. Her body was becoming similar to her mother’s, and he secretly admitted to himself he would love to fuck her sweet pussy. Aloud he would never have condoned the idea of incest, but in his mind he could picture himself screwing his delicious daughter. And his niece, Tracey, was starting to look more and more like a woman. He wondered what kind of a lay she would make. But old-fashioned upbringing kept him from doing more than wondering, and he never allowed his thoughts to become too strong.

Shrugging, he made his grocery purchases, then headed back to the cottage.


Evening slowly settled on the tiny summer village. Pam and Tracey made supper for everyone in the cottage, and after supper Ira Wahl told the others he was going to look for a card game and probably wouldn’t be back for four or more hours. In reality, he was headed for the village bar where he knew some would-be worldly-wise women in their early twenties were hanging around with nothing better to do. There were the usual pros there, as well. And they got their share of business. But Wahl could always spot the amateurs, the ones who thought it was in to be picked up at a bar and get their asses competently screwed off. His confidence was slowly returning, what with the way Lorelei had made him feel earlier. And that fuck bout with her was just a warm-up. With a little luck he’d find just what he needed, and the heat beginning to build in his balls would cool off.

Ten minutes after Wahl was gone, Pam and Tracey finished doing the dishes. Marty had gone to take another shower.

“Now’s your chance,” Tracey told her cousin, putting away the last dish.

“I just took a shower before supper,” Pam retorted. “Besides, I’m not in the mood to make it in the bathroom. That floor tile is too cold.”

“Wait in Marty’s bedroom. He hates lights. He keeps it dark in there, and he’s always playing that FM radio of his, so no one’ll be able to hear what goes on.”

“What about you?” Pam asked.

“Tonight’s your night,” Tracey told her. “You don’t want me around when Marty pops your cherry. It’ll hurt a little, but I’ll bet it’s a lot more fun than having it done with a candle.”

“But how’ll you keep yourself busy?”

“There’s always some kind of dumb show on TV. Don’t worry. This’ll be the last night I spend with a TV set. Somehow, some way, before tomorrow’s sun sets, I want that fat cock of your father’s working in me, and I expect you to help me if he doesn’t go along at first.”

“I always keep my promises,” Pam solemnly assured her cousin.

Tracey went into the cottage living room and settled in a large chair in front of the TV set after turning it on. Pam quietly sneaked into Marty’s room, took off her shorts and halter, and silently waited under the covers of his bed.

Marty, under the rain of the cold shower, totally unaware of what waited for him, was doing his best to wipe out the erotic dreams floating through his head. The sight of Pam’s tits, barely held in by her halter, bobbling all over the place that evening, had really gotten to him. He was surprised his uncle hadn’t bawled her out for being so open. He had been unaware Ira Wahl’s attention had been held by the mini-bikini bottom of Tracey’s bathing suit. Wisps of twat hair could be seen above the line of the mini-bottom, as well as hanging out below against each thigh. It had taken a lot of will power on Ira Wahl’s part not to grab his niece and fuck the shit out of her.

Finishing his shower, Marty dried himself off, then peered out the bathroom door. He could hear the TV set on in the living room, which was out of sight where he stood. He assumed both girls were in there, watching television, and with only a towel around his waist, returned to his room. He entered quickly, shutting the door and whipping the towel off. A faint streetlight came slanting in through the lower half of his open window. It didn’t cut across his bed, so he had no idea Pam was in the room with him. He had an idea she’d be making her move soon enough after what he’ll heard coming from the bedroom window earlier in the day, but he didn’t know when. So he decided he’d relax and make things easy for her. Maybe she’d come into his room tonight, or maybe she’d get cold feet. If she did, he’d have to go into her room and ball her right in front of his sister, which, come to think of it, wasn’t the worst idea in the world.

Walking over to the window, he enjoyed the feel of the light sea breeze blowing in off the ocean a few blocks away. It blew through his fevered crotch which the cold shower had not helped at all, and it dried what few beads of water were still there, missed by his careless towel.

Turning towards the bed, he threw himself on it and beard an “ouch!” as he felt something soft resist his lying down.

“What the hell…”

“It’s only me, Marty,” he heard Pam’s voice.

“Pam,” he whispered back, playing the game she had started. “What are you doing in here?”

“Waiting for you,” she replied. “You take long showers.”

She sat up, pulling the covers off her upper body and pressing her full, hot, swollen tits against his back. Her hands snaked around him and her palms pressed themselves against his nipples while her mouth kissed his shoulder.

“Hey, Pam, I mean…”

“Marty,” she whispered, breathing in his ear, “you’re a big boy now, and I’m a big girl. So before you ask, yes, I know what I’m doing. If I don’t appeal to you, say so and I’ll go. I mean, I’m not going to stay where I’m not wanted. But if you’re half as hot for me as I am for you, let’s stop wasting time and get down to it.”

“Hell, yeah,” he murmured, twisting around and suddenly finding her full, hot mouth branding itself on his.

His throbbing prick, which had been at half-mast all through the shower, now sprang to instant attention. And it shuddered between his thighs as her groping hand reached down and felt it.

God, his cock was really big! Pam thought, wondering if she would be able to take it all.

Their tongues encircled one another like fighting cobras as her hand squeezed his cock again and again, thrilling to the pulsations she could feel from within. Her grip was so tight she appeared afraid to let go, as if she would completely lose his dick if it slipped from her grasp. And the harder she squeezed his vibrating prick, the harder she pressed her mouth against his, literally ramming his lips into his teeth.

“God!” she whispered, still kissing him. “I’ve thought about this for such a long time.”

“Hell!” he replied, his mouth still jammed to hers. “We’ve been here a week. It sure took you long enough to let me know.”

“I thought you were only interested in lifting weights,” was her answer, her left hand wandering across his chest, feeling the solidity of his pectorals. He turned to face her, his right hand encircling her naked back, feeling the hot, yearning flesh of her body. Meanwhile, her hand began jerking reflexively on the hard, fat length of his solid dick as she now pressed the swollen nipples of her full jugs hard against his own solid, as yet hair less, chest.

Her mouth all but screamed for more kissing, and he gave it to her, hot and hard, letting his tongue whip frenziedly through her wide-open mouth, attacking it with her own tongue. Then, just as suddenly, her mouth pulled away from his and pressed itself to his ear, whispering heated words of love and adoration to him while her hand continued its jerking and squeezing of his shuddering cock.

Marty grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away from him for a moment, the better to stare at her. His eyes had become accustomed to the darkness, and he could make her out very clearly. The hard, upstanding nipples of her solid, yet velvety tits stood out like guiding lights to him, and he wanted to drop his head down and swallow both boobs at once. God! They looked so absolutely beautiful. His face came down and sank itself between them, and she released the hold she had on his prick to squeeze both sides of her huge knockers against his cheeks, his flushed cheeks, enveloping his face completely into her hungering body. She shivered as she felt his tongue lick out on either side, lapping at the flesh. She kissed the top of his head, then his forehead, then pulled his face from between her mountainous boobs and pressed her mouth to his again as her full jugs rubbed against his chest.

She wanted to feel his solid boner again, but couldn’t bear to take her hands from his body.

She forced him to lie down on the bed, then began rubbing her heated nipples all over his body, arousing him all the more as they seemed to blaze with fire. Little by little she worked her rubbing boobs lower until she could feel his hard cock probing between them. She used her hands to press the pulsing prick more firmly into the valley of her cleavage, stuffing a nipple into each side of his groin, letting the flaming nails of hard flesh press into the flesh of his balls from both sides.

Marty writhed in mad exultation, the sensation as new to him as it was to Pam, who was doing it instinctively. The heat of her full tits pressing on his beating prick was something he never before imagined. And when she began moving her body around, shoving the heavy tit-flesh up and down, and then from side to side, he was almost certain he was going to shoot a fast load. He looked down the length of his body and saw the way his swollen, crimson knob protruded from between her fabulous tits, alternately bloating and receding as blood pumped savagely into his thick cockshaft. The crown appeared ready to explode it swelled to such fantastic size, riding in and out of the silken valley between her squeezed-together tits.

At one point she stopped bobbing up and down while on the downward move, and her head lowered. She stared at the tower of throbbing cock, watching the leaking lubricant slowly seep from its head. She recalled how good Tracey’s pussy juice had tasted, licked her lips, then stuck out her tongue and let it touch the quivering tip of his expanding rod. The sensation was as if someone had probed into the tip of his cock with a hotwire.

He jumped and yelled, then brought his hands down on her head, gathering her hair in his fingers and twisting them through, pushing her head lower. Pam’s tongue began licking at his dick like a starving calf at a salt pillar, her blisteringly hot tongue lapping around and around the spongy knob as it stood resolutely up from between her full tits.

“Oh, shit!” was all Marty could say, almost completely lost in the sensation of her sucking lips.

Hell! Who was seducing whom? He was the man. Seduction was supposed to be his job. Well, hot damn, she may have started it, but he intended finishing it his way.

Grabbing her under the arms, he pulled her up, suddenly and abruptly, the spearing, solid length of his hot cock sliding along her burning body as he yanked her towards him. He turned her on her side and pressed her against him, his meaty cock now pressed upright between their bellies. Pam was shuddering and sighing, not knowing what to do with her mouth now that the tip of his cock was not around to be licked. She clutched him all the more tightly to her, her fingertips digging into his flesh, slowly undulating her hips to better feel the pressure of that steel like rod against her navel.

Her body was a vibrating mass of wanton flesh as she pulled back just enough to fit a hand between them so she could once more encircle his solid hard-on with her grasping fingers. She raised one leg and slowly but surely forced the hard tool between her thighs, letting its meaty head rub against the slick moisture of her parted pussylips. Marty automatically thrust forward, shoving his cock so far between her thighs, it came out in back. And then she clamped her leg tightly together, squeezing the cock so tightly his oily seepage came oozing out to coat the cheeks of her ass as his prong-tip rubbed between the bottom of the heavy buns.

The downy beard of pussy hair was moistly pressing against the top of his quivering rod, and the surrounding lips of her slick twat separated and nibbled along the top of his stiff cock. When she began easing her body forward and back, it was like a slurping tongue running the full length of his simmering prick. Heavy cunt oil came dripping out and soaked the entire length of prick, his hairy crotch, and the bloated sac of balls below, as well. Each time she slid forward and back, the hard cock twitched violently between her sucking labes, making them wish his tool was buried inside instead of running along the outer lips, teasing them. She was doing it purposely, moving with an insane slowness, letting the mushroom like cap of cock slide from the front of her sweet pussy to the rear and up into the crack of her ass. Her cuntlips sucked on every inch of dick along the way. It was a maddening sensation, a teasing sensation, and though Marty didn’t know it, it was the kind of thrill many men never experience in a lifetime of fucking. Pam was a Wahl, all right. She took to fucking as readily as her mother had when her father had popped her cherry. And the crushing pressure on his twitching cock was so great, Marty swore he thought his balls would explode.

Suddenly no longer able to stand the constant teasing, Marty grabbed both of his cousin’s asscheeks and spun so he was on the mattress with Pam sitting astride his solid belly, his cock still pressed lengthwise into the crevice of her cunt and ass.

“What’s with you, cuz?” she asked. “Can’t take a little cunt-teasing?”

“Jesus!” he muttered. “You act like you’re really experienced.”

“When my blood comes out all over your bed, you’ll know how experienced I am,” she laughed. “Come on, Marty. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Make it good the first time.”

“I’ll make it good,” Marty assured her. “But, Pam, I’m gonna fuck you. You aren’t gonna fuck…”

Before she realized it, she was on her back on the bed and he was on top of her, his mouth kissing her face and throat as the flat of his hand probed between her silken thighs, touching the soft, pouch like mound of her virgin cunt. He could feel the fantastic blast furnace of heat coming from within, incredibly hot to his palm and fingers as he pressed, rubbed and stroked, teasing the pussyflesh carefully, feeling her body, which had tautened when he’d spun her around, suddenly relax and become more and more limp. Her mouth continued eating his, her breath pouring between his lips as if she were attempting to resuscitate him, her tongue stabbing in and out of his mouth as if it were a prick fucking him.

His middle finger pressed against her quivering clitoris, and he could feel the hot bead of pink flesh began to swell and grow as he rubbed it, letting him know she was more than ready for her first fuck. Her hips began undulating in a wild, full rhythm as he continued massaging the swelling tilt. And then he slid his finger lower, feeling the gooey slickness of the tender outer lips of her flaming pussy. He pressed the point of his finger against her never-before-entered cunt mouth. He moved it in a half-inch and felt her tense again, half expecting to immediately feel pain. When the pain didn’t come, she slowly began to relax while his finger rested inside her hole for a few minutes. Then it slowly withdrew. He moved the fingertip in and out, like the tongue of an adder striking again and again, slowly but surely making her sweet inner labes part all the more certainly. He became aware of her ever-increasing excitement as she began to feel tingling thrills she had never felt before. Her fully rounded ass began bouncing on the mattress in time to the way his finger was penetrating her pussy as her lips once more glued themselves to his mouth, her tongue literally clutching and twining itself around his tongue for support.

Marty stretched his body above hers, his boom like cock swinging from side to side, and slowly used his knees to force her thighs farther apart. Slowly, very slowly, he pressed himself downward, feeling himself aroused to the point of no return. No matter how she acted or reacted now, she was going to get good and fucked. He could feel the maddeningly soft sensation of her velvety thighs as his rigid cock bounced off one and then the other. The mere knowledge her flaming virgin cunt was there, wide open and less than an inch from his solid prick, waiting only for his thrust, to be delivered by a mere forward plunging of his hips, was nearly too much for him. Sheer will kept him from spraying his load all over her outer cunt.

Pam lay there in the warm evening darkness of the room, her weight on her heels and elbows, ready to return his thrust, knowing the sooner he broke through her cherry the faster the pain would subside. The sensation of the proud hard-on teasing her pussy flesh so boomingly as if still uncertain what came next, made her reach up with her hands and caress his butt, bringing her crotch up another half-inch until she felt the rampant point of his solid knob pressing lightly against her soft, fur-surrounded snatch. It retreated suddenly as if frightened away by a feeling neither of them could understand. But Pam was as determined to lose her cherry as she was to enjoy the oncoming fuck in spite of all she’d heard about the first screw being the most painful.

“Fuck me, Marty,” she whispered. “Fuck me good. Shove your cock in me. I know I’m tight in there, but I’ll be able to take all of it. You’ll see.”

Her lips were pressing against his ear, whispering heated words and driving him insane, overcoming his fear of hurting her. She tugged hard on his ass, bringing his cock against her anxious split. This time he moved forward a bit more, pushing the slithery twatlips just the tiniest bit apart until the tip was actually past the outer labes and pressing between her slavering inner pussylips. It moved into her a fraction of an inch, just enough so both could feel and understand the rounded knob pushing gently into her unaltered tunnel.

Marty was ready to pull back again, when Pam reached underneath her thigh and grabbed his cock solidly, holding him in place and preventing him from retreating. His throbbing rod, wet and sticky with their combined juices, remained locked into position for what both of them wanted.

The flowering, spreading lips of her inner pussy, her unentered virgin hole, began to widen as the flaming, slithery head of his prong moved ever-so-slowly forward. She tensed the muscles of her butt in near-panic, trembling with anticipation, looking forward to what was about to happen, yet naturally afraid of the pain she knew she would have to endure. Even so, her desire was far greater than her fear, and she dug her fingers into Marty’s ass, urging him more and more deeply into her, feeling the fat, heavy thickness of his cock make itself felt more and more readily the deeper it moved. She forced his tool into her twat a millimeter at a time, the blazing lips of her wanton cunt enclosing the enlarged knob like a sucking pair of oral lips, doing their best to draw his rod deeper inside while experiencing the joint sensations of rapture and pain. The sensations were driving her mad with lust and pain as she once again rotated her hips in an effort to use his prong to widen her fuck-hole. Her tight, unused pussy squeezed his throbbing meat like the fingers of a strong little fist. He could feel her inner flesh stretching as her hole widened a little at a time until his thick, throbbing prick was a third of the way in. It was pressing against her cherry, pulsing strongly, vibrating with a throbbing intensity. Once again Pam’s asscheeks squeezed tightly together as if in an effort to repel the invader.

But both were beyond retreat now. They knew there could only be one ending now. There would be no satisfaction on the part of either one until every last bit of heaving, throbbing, pumping cock was buried in the flaming depths of her hot, blazing quim, even if her cunt ruptured in the process.

With one hand she reached up and wrapped a hand around his neck, pulling his face closer to hers, biting his lips with her teeth, trying to bite his teeth, as well. He felt the slight moan of pain as it came from her throat and swept into his. The pressure of his knob against her straining cherry remained constant as he held himself in readiness, waiting for her to signal him she was ready.

But instead of signaling Marty to move, Pam began sliding along his bonelike tool herself, rocking her large, albeit solid ass back and forth, riding very carefully along the shaft of marble-hard cock, sucking on that part already in her hole with her cunt muscles. Her tunnel was becoming wetter and more moisture-laden as her desire and anticipation speedily grew. The moan in her throat was no longer a sound of pain but a sigh of rapture as she began ramming her body higher and harder against his. He could feel her body trembling with excitement as her pussylips sucked his cock with the hope of gaining sustenance from it.

“NOW!” she suddenly screamed, and turning her head to the side, sank her teeth in his shoulder as she rode upward. He, matching her thrust, came slamming down. Her fingers sank into his ass and her mouth opened wide as she screamed into his arm when her cherry suddenly bunt. Her flaming cunt, tighter than a clenched fist, swallowed up another third of his steaming cock as it drove into her. One more thrust, and the rest of his mighty, solid shaft of meat went drilling into her fuck-hole, lodging its full mass in her crushing interior. It was as if the end of everything suddenly engulfed them in a masterful flash of wonderful glory.

Pam felt as if her entire body had been cut in half, wedged apart by the mighty dong of her cousin. And yet, for the first time in her eighteen years she felt whole, as if some missing part of her had been restored.

Her arms held tightly to him, crushing his body to hers insistent on bearing his full weight, panting, completely unmoving for the moment, wonderfully lost in the unbelievable satisfaction of sensation and thrilling delight, completely enjoying the hot, pulsating mightiness of the meat that made her a total woman.

As the wonder of the moment faded, she reached under herself, curious to know all there was to know about his sexual organs. She fingered his heavy scrotum, feeling the round smoothness of the balls inside the heavy, wrinkled sac. Then the tips of her fingers touched the place where the base of his heavy cock joined to her leechlike cuntlips, as if by feeling for herself she could ascertain he had really fucked it into her. Her fingertips squeezed it gently, feeling the involuntary twitching in response. Yes, his prick was in her all right, right up to the balls.

“Now,” she said to her cousin, “I want you to pump that thing back and forth inside me until I feel what I’m supposed to feel.”

So Marty leaned into her, kissing her on the mouth while squeezing her full asscheeks, and slowly began withdrawing his bloody whang. Her body was quivering strongly under his hands, but the shaking was from her increasing arousal and desire, and in no way from pain or fear. They had broken the one baffler, and though it had hurt her at the time, the pain, mingled with the passion, had heightened her sensitivity and feeling so that she now felt every last little bit of his meat touching her interior. Terror had given way as the thrilling feeling of his hard prick slowly slid back from the sheath it had fully filled, making her realize there was a sense of loss. His hard dick moved very slowly as it pulsated back and forth through her cunt hole, and then, when he was certain the pain was gone, he speeded up, increasing his thrusts and withdrawals while picking up the fuck-tempo.

Her arousal was at its peak as her tongue began slicing into and out of his mouth with the same rapidity his cock used in reaming in and out of her squishing cunt. She rolled a little from side to side as she bucked to the ever-increasing plunges of his spearing prick. Her butt cheeks matched the beat of his humping hips, and soon her ass was flying up and down on the bed with mad regularity, shuddering with desirous sensations each time his mighty prick sliced into her cunt. Her unbelievably tight sheath clutched the shaft of his cock as it slid in again and again, adjusting itself to fit perfectly around the massive weapon.

After pressing her lips against his so hard they were bleeding, she suddenly tore her mouth from his, panting for air as her head wildly beat from one side to the other against the pillow beneath, her ass moving ever faster in time to the inward plunges of his prick and the clenching of his fists as they still held her butt. Now she seemed to know how to fuck properly. Her body rose until all of his seven inches were deeply embedded in the fuming depths of her bog like cunt, and then she would retreat, letting his heavy cock ride out as far as its bulbous head. This she would not permit to pass her clutching twatlips. Once she felt the flange of his corona, she immediately reversed her field, once again sucking the full length of his dick into her hole. The pressure of her cunt around his iron like cock became so powerful he actually felt some pain himself.

“Marty,” she murmured, speaking for the first time since her cherry had been popped. “Oh, Marty, it feels so wonderful. I could go on like this forever.”

He could have hung there, suspended on his palms and knees, and she would have done all the work. As it was, her thrusting movements were speeding up, making him to increase the speed with which he fucked his heavy dong in and out of her juicing quim.

Marty thought his hot cock was actually on fire and burning up. He was positive if he had withdrawn it from the sucking maw of her leeching pussy he would have seen his thick, red tip had turned white-hot and would shortly burst into flame all by itself.

Marty knew he would be coming any second. Christ, but wouldn’t it be something if he could make Pam come this first time? So few women had orgasms their first lay. If he made her climax, it would prove he was that much more of a man.

Pam began wriggling uncontrollably beneath her humping cousin as she felt tat same strange sensation within her she had enjoyed earlier in the day, when Tracey had lapped her pussy. Only this time the sensation was coming from somewhere way down deep inside her, building and swelling the way a flower opens to greet the sun. It was a newer, different, greater feeling than the one she had enjoyed with Tracey. Tracey’s had left her with the odd feeling something was missing. But right from the start she could tell this sensation was offering total fulfillment. The climax began creeping through her body the way an octopus’ tentacles reach out, stretching farther and farther with each passing second. This was more than any human could endure.

Around the cock plugging into her, her sweet, watering cunt began twitching and bouncing from side to side. Her nails sliced into his flesh, but she was oblivious to it all. She only cared about the ecstasy crawling up and over her, moving ever so slowly, making her wonder if she would ever feel the full power of it.

And suddenly her body stiffened beneath his. Her arms were out flung, and her legs were straight, the heels no longer digging into the mattress. A strange, hoarse gasping was emitted from her throat as her complete orgasm finally exploded, erupting from within and blasting itself to the farthest reach of her body.

The clutching of her sweet cunt was too much for him, and as she reached the summit of her satisfaction, he exploded with such ferocity she felt the blistering heat of his jizz burst into her, splashing her cunt walls, coating every part of her sheath, spurting without end, blasting again and again as he continued driving his fleshy tool into her quaking snatch as if trying to pin her to the bed permanently.

Pam surrounded him with her arms and legs, clutching him tightly to her, her body visibly shuddering with complete pleasure as she felt herself dissolving with ecstasy.

“God, it was so good,” Pam whispered in the darkness, feeling his once-solid meat begin to deflate inside her sated cunt.

“Yeah,” Marty admitted. “It was great. Hell, Pam, you’re the best I’ve ever had.”

He had no intention of admitting she was only the second female he’d ever fucked. It would not only embarrass him, but it might make her feel less secure. After all, if she believed him to be an experienced man where fucking was concerned, his admission that she was the best lay he’d ever had would make her feel that much better.

Pam, being the same age as Marty, knew her cousin hadn’t had that much experience, though she had no real idea how many other women he’d screwed. Nevertheless, it gave her a feeling of power to know she could arouse so much feeling inside him this first time.

She felt a wetness beneath her and reached under. When Marty had entered the room and removed the towel he’d had, he flung it on the bed, and somehow or other it had worked its way under her. When his mighty cock had pierced her cherry, the blood had come out on the towel. Though the mattress beneath was slightly damp, not one drop of her virginal blood touched it.

Marty pulled out the towel, balled it up, and threw it into a corner of the room. He wasn’t worded about any more blood staining his mattress. But he was determined to keep Pam with him that night, because he was in the mood for a lot more fucking. When he expressed the idea to Pam, she didn’t object in the least.


Ira Wahl was beginning to feel let down again. He had gone to the village bar and grill and had already had more than six beers, but there hadn’t been one interesting piece of young ass in that night. The pros were there, and had he been willing to pay, he could have had one of them for the night, but Wahl was averse to paying for what he’d had free for so many years.

It was almost ten-thirty when Wahl, half-drunk and disgusted, decided he would pack it in for the night. Disgustedly, he went to his car and drove back to the summer cottage. He could see the blue light coming from the TV screen shining through the living room, but otherwise the house was dark.

Tracey Wahl had fallen asleep in the big easy chair across from the TV set. The sound of her uncle opening the front door awakened her, and from where she was curled up in the huge chair, she could see he was not only half-drunk, but also horny. She could almost smell the sexual need radiating from him.

“Tracey?” he asked, noting her slight figure uncurl in the chair. “Is that you? Where’re Pam and Marty?”

“Both asleep by now,” she replied, standing and purposely stretching her lithe, lean form.

Ira Wahl’s preference had always been for big-titted women, but there was no doubt in his mind that little Tracey was well along the road to development. Her boobs might have been small, but they were firm and stood up beneath that Band-Aide that passed for a bikini top without any actual support. She had a gorgeous, trim little waistline, and her hips were just now beginning to blossom. And in the light coming from the television set, he could still see those wisps of snatch hair above and below the mini-bikini bottom she wore. Christ! She was a woman all right. Maybe she was only eighteen, but what the hell did that matter? In India girls often married before the age of twelve. Jesus! What a fabulous, firm body she had.

Wahl shook his head as if trying to push such thoughts out. What the hell was the matter with him, anyway? Where did he come off thinking of his niece as a sex object? Hell, he was a big man. It was all right to play around with the eighteen year-old-and-up set, basically because they knew what they were doing by that age. But Tracey was not only too young, but also his brother’s daughter. Not that his brother or sister-in-law would have really given a damn. They were always away on some vacation or other, saying the kids were old enough to look out for themselves. Were Tracey to become pregnant, his brother would have shrugged it off, paid for the girl’s abortion, and then would have gone off on another vacation. In his own way, Ira had been more of a father to his brother’s kids than his brother had been.

“Tracey,” he said quietly, doing his best to gain control of himself. “I don’t think you should walk around the house with that bikini on. I mean, it’s very disconcerting. You’re a beautiful young lady now, not an infant. Any man who looks at you does so with the idea you are a woman.”

“How about you, Uncle Ira? D’you think I’m a woman?”

“Tracey, I’m your uncle. I… uh… don’t think of you… I mean… I do think of you, but the way I think of Pam — as a daughter.”

“Well, just how d’you think about Pam, Uncle Ira?”


“I mean, I’ve watched the way you’ve looked at her sometimes. I’ve seen that same look in your eyes when you look at Aunt Harriet. I mean, it’s like you’re fucking her all the time, even when you’re not touching her.”

“Tracey, where did you learn such language?”

“Come on, Uncle Ira. I’m grown up now. The word ‘fuck’ is a perfectly good word. In fact, it’s one word that says a lot. You look at your wife like you’re fucking her all the time. And I’ve seen you look at Pam that same way.”

“Tracey, please, this is not a topic to be discussed between us.”

“You’re wrong. This is just the topic to be discussed between us. I mean, you want to fuck your daughter, but you don’t have the guts to admit it.”

“That’s enough, Tracey.”

“No it isn’t. You do want to fuck Pam, don’t you?”

At another time, with less beer in him, Ira Wahl would have closed the subject. But now, he was sweating heavily because he knew Tracey’s statement was right. He’d had the hots for his little girl for more than two years, ever since she really filled out.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” was all he could say.

“Sure you don’t,” Tracey told him, smiling. “Because you know it’s true. What’s more, you want to fuck me, too. I’ve seen you looking at me the same way. You’re looking at me that way right now.”

“Tracey!” he almost yelled, horrified she should be able to see it so clearly in his eyes.

“Easy, Uncle, easy. You want to fuck me, so why not admit it?”

“I… well… mean, I…”

“C’mon, Uncle Ira. Confession is good for the soul and all that. I’ll make a confession to you. I want you to fuck me.”

Ira Wahl stared at his niece, stupefied. She had not only read his mind where she was concerned, but had confessed a similar desire on her part. Hell! At this point it would be so easy to…

No! Absolutely not! He didn’t dare. It was unthinkable.

“Tracey,” he said hoarsely, licking his lips. “We’ve had enough of this. From now on I don’t want to see you walking around wearing that excuse for a bathing suit. From now on…”

“Okay,” she smiled, breaking into his conversation. “The bikini bothers you, the bikini goes.” And with two quick movements she shed both her top and bottom, leaving her totally naked, her beautifully tanned body bathed in the light of the TV tube. He could see how firm her small, up tilted titties were, looking like ivory hillocks topped with splashes of chocolate syrup, with a chocolate covered raisin centering each one. And the beaver between her thighs was ample, a thick, heavy growth.

“Tracey, please don’t do that,” he said, and his voice was begging, not ordering.

“Came on, Uncle Ira. Be man enough to admit you want to fuck me. And then do it. I’ve been waiting for that cock of yours for a long time. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

“Then are just some things that aren’t right,” Wahl protested to his niece, knowing how feeble his voice sounded.

“Who says?”

“There are laws.”

“Stupid laws, old-fashioned laws.”

“I can’t, Tracey,” he said, the sweat pouring out in rivers now, drenching his skin as he stared at her naked loveliness beckoning him to touch her, to feel the smooth satin of her flesh and caress the hot, moist gash between her lovely thighs. He could see the way her pussylips pouted so invitingly through the forest of her beaver. The hair was already covered with the rain of her female water, and in the light coming from the TV set he could see the barely visible slice between those puffy labes.

“Sure you can,” she urged, moving her body from side to side, letting him see her firm little titties jiggle ever so slightly. “You can because you want to. You want to, and I want you to. And that’s all that counts.”

“What if… something happens?”

“You mean what if I get pregnant? I won’t. I’ve been on the Pill a long time now.”

“Why would you need to take the Pill? Have you been…”

“Have I been fucking around with a lot of other boys? No, Uncle Ira. Even though I lost my cherry to a candle, I’m still a technical virgin. I’ve been waiting a long time to feel that hot, fat dick of yours inside me. I’ve kept myself pure for you.”

“For me?”

“To be honest it was a toss-up between you and my brother. Much as I like the idea of Marty decking me, I think I’d rather start with your more experienced prick. C’mon, Uncle Ira, let’s get things moving. You know you want to fuck me. I can read it in your face. You’re doing all you can to hold back. Well, stop holding back. I want it, and I want it now.”

“Tracey, no!” he cried, backing away as she slowly came towards him.

“Yes,” she insisted. “Yes. Put your hands on me. Feel me. Touch me. Let me touch you. Then fuck me good. Make me come with that fat prick between your legs. Come on, Uncle Ira.”

“Tracey, don’t do this.”

“I’m doing it. I want your cock.”

Goddamn her! Goddamn her to hell! She wouldn’t let up. She kept insisting he fuck her. He had no will power left, and what was more, she knew it. She was taking advantage of the situation.

He rushed to where she was standing and gathered her seemingly frail body in his huge, gorilla like arms. His mouth came crushing down on hers, and he found her lips parted, her tongue an anxious, striking asp, lashing out at his tongue. He could feel her braces reminding him of her youth, but he was too far gone to think about retreat. She was young, she was tender, but she wanted his cock, and he would give it to her, and give it to her, and give it to her until her cunt was so sore she’d beg him to stop.

Tracey could taste the sourness of the beer on her uncle’s breath, but his nearness, the smell of his sweating body, and the way his huge arms surrounded her, holding her slender self tightly against his huge belly, made flames erupt within. He wanted her. He really wanted her as much as she’d thought. Perhaps more. Now was the time to find out.

Her hand reached down and for the first time in her life she felt a cock. There was clothing in the way, but she could feel that hard, tubular extension of meat as it poked against his pants. She wanted to touch his prick, to really feel it, and as his mouth sucked on hers, pulling her tongue inside and chewing on her lips, her hand opened his fly, reached in, snaked through the underpants, and found the hot, hard rod. It was burning hot. She was surprised her flesh didn’t sear the burning cock felt so hot. There was more, and she wanted to feel all of it, and as he continued kissing her, one hand gripping her taut, small, round buttcheeks and another running over her budding boobs, she undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. It took both her hands to get the elastic of his under shorts down, temporarily pulling his throbbing cock out of sight until the shorts moved below his groin. Then the spring-loaded pecker came popping up and her hand grabbed it again, squeezing his rod until she was sure she would flatten it out with the pressure she was applying.

She pulled her mouth from his and pressed her lips to his ear, biting his earlobe hard before stabbing her slick, burning tongue into the center of his ear, making him jump.

“Like it?” she asked, breathing heatedly as her hand continued pulling and tugging on the turgid cock. Her other hand was also at his groin, caressing his large, heavy balls, first cuddling them, then squeezing them, sending a mixture of pain and desire shooting through his nuts.

“My God!” he whispered. “Where did you learn to do all these things?”

“I never did them before in my life,” she retorted. “But I always dreamed of doing it, and I can tell you, your cock and balls feel better in my hands than I ever imagined.”

“Oh, Christ! That feels so terrific.”

“Does it really, Uncle Ira?” she teased, her one hand still pulling on his swollen meat while the other almost squashed his balls.

Wahl’s eyes were looking down, staring at the juncture of her beautiful, silken thighs, seeing the wet bush of curly cunt hair, and it made his mouth water.

“My God!” he murmured. “It’s so unbelievable.”

“Shall I squeeze harder, Uncle?”

“Crush them,” he begged. “Crush my balls.” Strange, hitherto-unknown passions were shooting through his body. The last time he’d felt this aroused was that first time he’d fucked his wife. Prior to that, there had never been a sensation to equal the one he was feeling now.

Colorless nectar was pouring heavily out of her sweet cunt, making her pussy hair look as if she had come out of a shower. Her cuntlips were shining, reflecting the light of the TV set now totally forgotten in the background. She knew he was looking at her flaming snatch, and opened and closed her thighs, increasing his arousal to an even greater pitch. And all the time her two hands continued working on his stiff cock and tight nuts.

“I’m going to hurt you some more,” she told him. “I’m going to bite that tasty-looking cock of yours. I’m going to chew on it.”

“Yes,” he agreed, panting so heavily he could barely speak. “Bite it, chew it, and suck it. Make, me come a dozen times.”

“But first I want you to do things to me, Uncle Ira. I took a shower about two hours ago, between TV shows, and I’m clean all over. So I want to feel you lick me all over. Start at my feet. Lick the soles of my feet, nibble my toes, and work your way up.”

She fell back on the sofa and raised her feet in his direction, holding them up in the air, smiling wantonly at him, urging him on. He stared at her lovely, small, round tits as they seemed to grow somewhat, as if the hunger in his eyes was all they needed to enlarge. Her own hands were rubbing her nipples, making them fill with blood.

But with her feet up in the air, apart and pointing in his direction, he could stare between them down at the dark, dank center from which oily liquid still came oozing. A ray of light from the TV tube managed to work its way between her thighs and he felt himself salivate as he stared at her pouting cunt mound and slavering labes, made all the more beautiful by the ring of thick, forest like hair surrounding it.

Going to his knees, Wahl grabbed her left foot and kissed the arch, then slowly licked up towards the sole, making her squeal and gyrate with delight. His tongue pressed lightly against the ultra sensitive flesh of her foot, making her sigh with delight.

But all the while his eyes remained locked on her oozing pussy, looking more and more appetizing as the lips opened and closed with her breathing. Her fingers, like light butterflies, played across his shoulders, creating a bewitching sensation, increasing his hunger for her.

“My God!” she whimpered. “My God! It’s a million times better than I ever dreamed. Don’t stop!”

She panted and gulped as his mouth surrounded her big toe, sucking on it as avidly as she wished to suck on his cock. Then he took a second toe and a third one into his mouth, pressing them with his tongue, making her wriggle them furiously as her body writhed on the couch, her small titties bouncing more and more enticingly. He sucked strong and hard, and soon she was squealing wordless sounds as increased passion ran rampant through her entire body.

Abruptly she yanked her foot from his sucking mouth. He lunged for her, but she rolled off the sofa onto the floor as he hit the cushions.

“No more,” she told him. “My foot can’t take it. God! If that mouth of yours is as good in my pussy as it was with my feet, I’ll have a hundred orgasms. Climb on top, Uncle Ira, start licking away, and let that wonderful prick and those marvelous balls dangle over my face.”

Wahl didn’t need to be urged a second time. He was in the sixty-nine position before she could finish speaking, his head between her thighs, staring down at the honey flowing from between those tantalizing pussylips. He wasted no time but sank his mouth directly between her thighs, latching onto the succulence of her dribbling cunt.

His tongue went straight for her hard, pearly clit, licking it wildly, slurping across it again and again as his lips felt the softness of her downy muff and his nose moved into the swampy slit of her anxious quiff. The prickling feeling of her pussy hair drove him insane, and he licked all the harder, sucking her quivering clit with all the power of his two lips, almost vacuuming it into his mouth.

The barest touch of her tongue running across the dangling tip of his fiery cock made him vibrate and shake, churning his body every which way. He could feel her hungering lips part and suck the tip of his blistering poker into her mouth and the sensation by itself drove him wild. But added to it was the knowledge it was Tracey’s mouth doing the sucking, and he almost shot off then and there. God! She was a vampire, a leech the way she sucked and pulled with her lips while swabbing the head of his cock with her hot, slithery tongue again and again.

When his face finally sank into the morass of her bog like pussy, she closed her thighs tightly around his head, and with his fat, thick cock clogging her mouth, murmured, “Yes, yes, that’s the way. Mmmmm!”

Wahl sent his tongue sluicing through the mouth of her sodden cunt lapping her blazing twat walls and slurping out the cream so he could drink it down. Her excitement, already at what she thought was a peak, began to climb even higher as her body writhed almost desperately under his slurping tongue. It sucked back and forth, rubbing her burning cunt walls again and again, then came snaking out to lick her flaming red button of flesh. With his cock halfway into her mouth, she moaned and sighed as his tongue began rimming the inside of her left outer labe, and then the inside of the right one. She vibrated like the tail of a jet plane as his tongue continued slobbering through her puffy gash, thrilling to the sweetish, salty taste of her dank pussy. He worked his tongue from side to side, opening her cuntlips even wider as she bounced wildly on the floor, slamming her crotch into his yearning, anxious face.

Wahl found he was spiraling his own body, his heavy balls slapping her nose and cheeks as her hands crawled all along his butt cheeks, one finger running up and down the crack of his hairy ass. The feel of her cheeks and nose touching his nuts made his cock seem to grow another half-inch then and there. It was either grow or burst open he was so overpowered with desire.

His body was once again perspiring heavily, and he was afraid she might be revolted by the odor of it. But the masculine scent of him only seemed to arouse her all the more. And so he sucked the syrupy fluid from her seething pussy, his tongue surging deeper and deeper into her gushing split. He spun his tongue across her nutlike clit, then sank into her scorching hole, only to withdraw and repeat the maneuver. Newer and greater turbulences swelled in her as she bounced wildly, arching her back to better receive the full pressure of his lapping tongue. She revolved her hips, and her butt would have bounced on the floor had he not had a handful of asscheek in each fist, tightly kneading and squeezing the taut, round globes as a forefinger toyed with her asshole much the same as one of hers was playing with his. And when his tongue left her dripping pussy to pay homage to her aching clit, he timed it so the finger near her asshole then moved to the sopping snatch and sank into it for an instant, coating itself with the tasty slime which it would then rub against the puckered entrance to her shit-chute.

Tracey began sucking his dick farther in, literally slurping all over the full length of his thick dong, and it was really thick. It seemed so massive it literally stretched her cheeks, rubbing against the roof of her mouth, her tongue, and the insides of both cheeks at once, while feeling the light scrape of her teeth. At one point he let himself down and almost strangled her with the length of his cock. She gagged, and he had to pull up again.

She let the weighty cock slide completely out of her mouth, then began licking his nuts, nipping the flesh with her teeth, sending all kinds of fiery quivers through his vibrating balls. And while her mouth nibbled at his nuts, one of her hands began tugging on the length of his hot tool while the forefinger of the other hand found the entrance to his asshole and began pushing in.

“I never realized an asshole could look so gorgeous,” Tracey muttered. “It’s absolutely fabulous the way it wrinkles up and seems to pucker, almost like it’s waiting for a kiss.”

His own finger was sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of the girl’s tight asshole, and she began squealing as she literally punched her forefinger in the rest of the way. And then both were shoving their crotches hard against the other’s face. She continued mouthing his balls and jerking his rod while he kept up the eating of her delectable pussy, drinking the free-flowing wine it released. And each continued pushing a finger into the hung of the other, causing the two asses to spin wildly.

She was approaching a climax, now. She knew it, but he, experienced as he was with women, also knew it. Her hand was tugging on his cock all the more wildly, her finger driving in and out of his tight asshole all the more swiftly. He swallowed her entire cunt, or so it seemed, as his tongue lapped and slurped and made the thick cream flow all the more freely, and then he squeezed her clit tightly between his lips, pressing hard, all but biting on it.

She squealed, then screamed, and began bucking madly as gushers of cunt water came jetting up into his face, flooding his eyes and nostrils.

“More!” she kept begging. “More!”

“More, huh?” he spat at her, sitting up and pressing his balls into her mouth. “I’ll give you more. You said you wanted to be fucked. Well, fucked you’ll be no matter how sorry I feel later on.”

He had her flat on the floor, now. Her eyes seemed to glitter with a feral brightness in the light of the TV screen. He leaped up, yanking his crotch from her face, spun around, then fell flat on top of her. His thick, spongy knob began to press against her tight box, and for a moment Tracey feared he would split her in two with its thickness. The heavy knob began pushing harder, parting her tight labes, pressing itself into the squeezing confines of her frothing cunt, slick and heavy with the dew of her orgasm. In his cock went, all the way in, parting her cunt walls as if they were the entrance to the Red Sea, jamming his rod in to the balls. He filled her tight young snatch completely, stoppering the creaming cunt more effectively than a cork in the neck of a bottle. Tracey screeched, unaccustomed to having something so thick fill her. The stretching of her aching pussy walls brought a certain amount of unexpected pain, yet with it was the sweet rapture of hard, hot meat plumbing her cunt more effectively than any candle.

“Oh, God, Uncle Ira,” she whispered. “You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed of this. You ye always been the man I’ve wanted first. Fuck me good. Make me really feel it. Don’t be careful or tender. Really put the meat to me.”

To Ira, it was a new sort of ecstatic bliss. Whoever said all cats were gray in the dark was crazy. Every pussy was different, but Tracey’s was even more different than the others. Ira Wahl’s tastes had always run to plump women, much like his wife, Harriet. This was the first time he had fucked a very slender female, and the sensation was to him as if he were being laid for the very first time. The taut narrowness of her clutching snatch, added to the greater room between her thighs, drove him mad with delight. She felt so delicate, so fragile, as if she would crack if he leaned on her too heavily. And her youthful cunt muscles, developed when she probed into herself with the candle, now squeezed his cock with a fierceness no other woman had ever matched.

He threw his full weight on her, letting his heavy stomach slam into her, and he could hear her gasp. Yet her body remained both firm and resilient, her gasp being one of ecstatic wonder at the sensation of his meaty prick driving into her twat rather than one of surprise at the pressure of his weight. He felt the way his thick rod seemed to just barely snug into her youthful cunt, his hard, heavy balls slamming against her perineum, actually touching the crack in her ass.

Tracey felt the weight of his nuts slam against her asscheeks and wished her asshole could widen enough to gobble up his balls while her cunt swallowed his throbbing dong.

“Fuck me hard!” she begged. “Fuck me deep!”

“Better believe it,” Wahl promised, and slammed his heavy prick deeply into her fuming hole.

She sighed as he slid his rod back only to hammer it home again, repeating the action with strong consistency. She thrilled to the way his dick continually pistoned in and out of her horny snatch, making loud slurping sounds because the fit was so tight.

She thought about her brother’s cock and wondered if it was as thick as her uncle’s. She doubted it. She hadn’t seen Marty’s prong for a long time, now. He was always prudish about dressing behind closed doors.

She heaved her crotch straight up in spite of the weight on top of her, matching the lunges of her uncle’s mighty prick stroke for stroke, and when she once again wrapped her arms around his neck, she felt his mouth seek hers. The taste and smell of beer, normally abhorrent to her, was fantastically arousing. She remembered feeling those lips she was now kissing when they had kissed the lips of her hungry cunt. He had used this same mouth to drink the flowing nectar running from her twat, and in her own mind, mingled with the taste of the beer, was the fabulous flavor of her cunt, the same cunt his heavy cock was fucking at that moment.

His tongue sliced into her mouth, licking this way and that, lapping at the insides of her cheeks, licking her gums, tickling her palate, raking across her teeth. It was as if this were truly the first time she was aware of the marvel of a licking tongue, the slick search of the oral digit reaching into the depths of her own mouth.

His rigid prick lanced heavily into her squeezing, juicing cunt, and his tongue speared almost as weightily into her mouth. He was keeping the motion of his throbbing cock constant with his slithery tongue, timing both beats in an ecstatic, lustful fuck-rhythm that drove her into rapturous heaven.

Tracey bounced wildly under the weight of her uncle’s stomach, finding him more and more arousing with each passing second, congratulating herself on insisting he be the one to fuck her first. She rode his punching prong, kicking his ass with her heels as if attempting to urge another, nonexistent inch of dick into her box. The heavy roundness of his ass seemed like natural cushions for her pounding heels, and she tautened her body all the more as she kicked them, making him fuck into her even harder.

Wahl’s thick cock became a mad, plunging piston, shaking her fuck-tunnel with every powerful in thrust. Her small, firm titties shook wildly each time the knob of his steaming cock slammed into the end of her cunt, and her asscheeks automatically tightened each time she felt his balls slap against them.

“Oh, Jesus!” he muttered. “This time I’m gonna come.”

He ran his heavy dong almost straight down into what was now an up thrust pussy, and she rotated her tight cunt around the stem as she felt the helmetlike knob begin to swell even more. It was getting to be too much for her, as well. Her own orgasm was mere seconds away.

He shot his boiling seed into his niece’s frothing cunt. Tracey squealed, feeling the flaming blast of his jizz. She felt her uncle’s dick blast again and again, and she thrilled to the hot fuck juice squirting against the end of her cunt. She felt the heavy stream of its sticky wetness coat her sheath, seeming to fill her womanly hole completely.

“Oh, God!” Tracey squeaked, using her knees to press deeply into Wahl’s sides, determined to keep his prick locked into her until she had her own orgasm. Her heels pounded on his ass, kicking hard.

“Shoot it, Uncle!” she gasped. “Shoot all of it into me! Fill my cunt with your jizz! Just let me tighten my cunt around that cock of yours… ooooh… yeah… I can feel… it. It’s there! That cock of yours is gonna make me COMMMME!!”

The magic moment was there, exploding with all the violence of a newborn volcano. Her cunt began vibrating like a tuning fork gone wild as the feeling swelled inside her cum-filled twat, and from there through the rest of her body. She rode to the top of eternity, enjoying a climax that was ultimate, wondering why she had never been able to attain such a feeling before.

And then, slowly, wonderingly, her orgasm began to settle. And as it settled, she slowly brought her legs down along his hips, making every touch a feathery caress along the length of his own tense loins.

Wahl, aware of his weight, wanted to roll off the girl. But at that moment, Tracey felt herself capable of bearing him and held him in place with her hands.

“I’ll crush you,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Crush me,” she begged. “I want more.”

“Tracey, I’m not a young man any more. I don’t have your kind of stamina.”

“Tonight you will,” she promised. “Tonight we’ll go to your bedroom where we have the rest of the night to fuck again and again.”

“You have more faith in me than I have in myself.”

“I just think you still want me, even after that great come of yours.”

“Wanting and doing are two different thins.”

“You’ll do,” she promised, releasing him, letting him stand up as he withdrew his prick from her bubbling snatch.

He looked down and saw his rod was already beginning to harden again. He couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t been this virile in years. It was only in those first ten years of marriage that he’d been able to raise hard-on after hard-on, and now he was doing it again.

He realized then it was because, in his own way, he loved little Tracey, just as he had loved Harriet right from the start. And as he followed her to his bedroom, he also realized he would probably be able to do as much with his daughter, because now he could admit he wanted to fuck her.


All four members of the summer cottage slept late the following morning. It was Pam who awoke first, and after she’d finished in the bathroom, ending up with a cool shower, she peered into the bedroom she shared with Tracey. It was empty. What was more, the TV set in the living room was still on. She turned the set off, noticing Tracey’s bikini was scattered around the room. So was her father’s clothing.

Her father? Tracey? Could it be, already?

She looked into her father’s bedroom, and low and behold, there he was with his arms wrapped around her cousin, she lying on top of him. The covers were off, and she could see her father’s cock, which had hardened while they’d slept, was still in Tracey’s cunt. Here it was, her opportunity, and she wasn’t going to lose it.

Entering the bedroom, she tiptoed over to the bed and carefully unwrapped her father’s arms from around Tracey. He moved a little, but it was obvious he’d had one helluva fuck-session with her the previous evening, and was too tired to awaken. But his cock was stiff and solid, and this was as good a time as any to make use of it.

Shaking Tracey awake, she held her fingers to her lips and helped her up and off her father’s thick dick. Tracey looked at her with surprise, fully aware of what she intended doing. She wanted to watch, but Pam shook her head. This first time with her father she wanted him alone.

Shrugging, Tracey left, and Pam closed the door. She stared at her father’s cock and her mouth watered. She wanted to taste it, but would wait awhile longer. She had licked Marty’s cock the previous night, but she hadn’t done any actual sucking. This time she wanted to suck, curious if men really enjoyed feeling a hot tongue against the bottom of their cocks while her lips squeezed as tightly as any cunt. She would find out soon enough.

But first, she wanted to feel the thickness of his heavy prick inside her cunt. Her father’s cock was a lot thicker than Marty’s, even if it wasn’t as long. So she mounted him and began rubbing the twitching head of his already leaking dong against her aching pussylips.

Ira Wahl was having the most fantastic erotic dream. He was dreaming he was about to fuck his own daughter, Pam. Hell, he’d dreamed it often enough, but, it had never seemed satisfying before. At least with Tracey it hadn’t been a dream and so had been more than satisfying.

Tracey? Yes, he had fucked Niece Tracey all through the night. He wasn’t the least bit contrite about it, as he should have been. In fact, he wanted more of her hot pussy, and though his eyes were closed, he could feel Tracey’s body hovering over his. Strange, but Tracey had felt so much more slender the previous night.

He opened his eyes and was startled to see Pam, his daughter, naked, with her huge, round tits bobbing back and forth as she reached don with her hand to try fitting his cock into her hole. But her twat was too dry. She needed lubrication. No longer able to resist after what he’d been through with Tracey, he said, “Let me make it wet, Pam. I’ll fit in much better. You’ll see. Lay on the bed, on your belly.” And Pam, surprised at seeing her father awake, obeyed him. He was up and on her, pressing his face against her butt, into the crack, and he felt her asscheeks tighten involuntarily, nearly trapping his tongue.

“Up on your knees,” he urged, knowing she would be more likely to keep her asscheeks parted kneeling.

She obeyed, and now he had his head on a level with her butt. He could see the pink folds of her snatchlips, glistening with the light, dainty moisture she was now emitting.

Placing his hot, flushed face against the pillows of her buns, he speared his tongue between the pink meat of her cuntlips. Gods! The girl tasted even better than she smelled. Her cunt-cream was both sweet and salty at the same time. He swirled his tongue around and around in her honeypot, feeling her alternately tighten and loosen her ass as the breath shot out of her. Each time his tongue stabbed into her gash, she moved forward for a fraction of a second, then backed into it. His nose touched the flowery bud of her asshole, a crack which had been carefully cleaned beforehand.

Now her steaming cunt was wide open to his questing tongue. He licked furiously, feeling the tender pussy flesh yield to his oral pressure.

“Oh, Dad!” she wailed in pure, unadulterated pleasure. “Please don’t stop! It feels so good!”

His lapping tongue found the hard little button of her rigid clitoris and began to lick it almost violently. He pushed his face a bit lower and closer so he could take the solid little member between his hungry lips and suck at it. He rolled the hardened bit of flesh around and around, letting the very tip of his tongue gently play across it.

Her box became more and more wet, lubricating greatly. Her fluid was always thick. It covered Wahl’s face, and still he kept gently nibbling at her almost thorn like clit. He thought he’d burn up, wondering if his cock would actually burst into flame and incinerate the rest of him.

Her thighs enclosed his flushed face, squeezing his cheeks until he felt her twat fluids literally slap him as they splashed into him. She was coming, screaming loudly, though he could barely hear anything the way his ears were covered.

Passion overwhelmed him as he pulled his face from the garden where he had been inhaling the floral like fragrances of her cunt. He moved up on his knees, squirming his hips as he pressed against her, feeling his prick worm this way and that, its sightless eye looking for the promised entrance.

For such a tiny girl she had wide hips. Her waist was like her mother’s, though not quite as thick.

Wahl looked down for a moment, staring at the way his cock was preparing to plunge into the rosy center of her cunt. He had backed off slightly, and there was some slight space between them.

“Hurry!” she begged. “Oh, please hurry. I can hardly wait!”

He spread her soft, round asscheeks so he could see her tender snatch more clearly. And then, all of a sudden, he plunged forward, the head of his cock leading the way, plunging unerringly into the warm liquidity of her surrounding cunt, rushing into the junction of her pussy, feeling its smooth, warm, wet walls inundating and swallowing up his dong.

“Oh, God!” Pam called out, her face pressed into the pillow, her mouth biting into it.

Her soft, marble-white body slammed back against him, her rubbery asscheeks slapping against his thighs. Now the skin was blushing a furious shade of dark pink. She began to automatically churn her loins, using them to surround the balance of his thighs, jamming the corridor of her creaming cunt even farther back on his impaling rod.

Wahl’s hands grabbed Pam’s thick waist as he relentlessly drove his pile-driving prong info the clinging depths of her hungering pussy. His body was sweating profusely, and he could, feel the film of perspiration covering her, as well.

His cock was a delightful excruciation as it thundered into the stretching sheath of her syrupy cunt. Against the front of his thighs, her rounded buttcheeks moved slickly.

Pam was gasping, losing all control of herself. Wahl stared at the line down the center of her back, his body overwhelmed with lust. Now he slammed against her even harder, and what little of his cock that had not entered her hole earlier, now filled her box completely. He could feel her fiery labes rub the heavy hair around his prong, and, digging his fingers into her hips, he tried holding her in place as he fucked away.

Wahl thrust his inflamed poker into her foaming box to its limit, and her quim seemed to swallow up his stiff tool as her hips rammed themselves back into his thighs.

Putting her weight on her shoulders and head, Pam, with her beautiful ass up thrust to meet her father’s pounding crotch, reached beneath her with her hands and used her fingertips to scrape along his pendulous balls. She felt them in her palm, then rubbed them, feeling how her fingers touching his wrinkled nuts seemed to spur him on to faster plunges.

Every forward lunge of her father’s cock, which filled her pussy almost to overflowing, actually moved her forward on the bed. To Pam it was as if a battering ram was working away inside her snatch. Her legs were spread as far apart as possible so she could fully enjoy his plunger, enjoy the superb feeling of pleasure his cock was imparting. Her body was a labyrinth of delightful, sensual feeling. No matter how many times he crammed his meat into the depths of her cunt he met only with sounds of sighs urging him on. Tiny as her twat was, she was able to handle the complete length of his cock, as she’d taken Marty’s.

Now he speeded up, plunging into her hot, steaming nookie with a near-viciousness. He jack-hammered away at his daughter’s sopping box, hearing his thighs slap against the cushions of her ass as she writhed, trying to move circularly on his piercing staff.

Her hands reached back and grabbed, yanking hard on his buttcheeks, tugging his weight into her, bearing everything on her knees and face, wanting to feel him flood her cunt with his jizz so she’d know she was pleasing him as much as he was pleasing her.

Her cunt had become compressed, and his bulbous cock found it difficult to push its way into her hole as it expanded in a torturous enlargement he knew had to end. He fucked and fucked with greater rapidity, hurrying to get his rocks off. The dam inside him suddenly broke, and his spunk flooded through his long, hard tool as he crammed it into his daughter’s twat with such wild vigor he wondered why she hadn’t actually began to split up the middle. And as he splashed his burning seed into her twitching hole, she muttered, “Thank God! I was beginning to think you’d never come.”

With his deflating cock still buried in her box, he collapsed on top of her. She accepted his weight without comment, secure in the knowledge she had pleased her father as much as he’d pleased her.

He lay there, feeling really good, knowing he hadn’t felt this way in a long time. Not that Harriet had lost her touch, but the newness of his daughter was what did it for him. She was smaller than Harriet. Her full tits were the full tits of a tiny woman. Harriet’s boobs had enlarged somewhat since their marriage, and though she was by no stretch of the imagination a heavy woman, her tits were almost pendulous now. The fact that Pam was the same, and yet different, was why he completely enjoyed fucking her.

“Tell me, Daddy,” she said, “do you men really enjoy being sucked?”

“Didn’t you like what I did to you with my tongue?” he wanted to know, standing up and walking over to a side table with a decanter of water on it. He poured himself a cup and drank.

“I’ve never been able to do anything like that,” she told him.

“I should hope not,” he snapped, his fatherly instincts showing.

“Still,” she teased, “I’d like to try sucking your cock.”

“I don’t think I can get it up again,” he said as she approached him.

“Is that so?” she asked, kneeling, and taking her father’s cock in her fist. And that was when he realized his prick hadn’t really gone down.

The feel of her fingers on his dong made him blush. It made his cock blush as it came erect again.

Pam leaned forward and took the knob of her father’s pulsating prick between her lips. The movement almost took him by surprise as he watched her copper hair hide her face from view. But it didn’t hide the feeling he had.

Her flicking tongue began licking his rampant rod, and Wahl began to breathe quickly. He could feel the pillows of her lips as they surrounded his enlarged prong. She moved her head forward and took half the burning prick into her mouth, letting her tongue run flatly along the underside. The warmth of her breath felt like jets of heat and the slickness of her saliva made him drool. Her jaws were oversized leeches, pulling at his meaty rod. Her head pulled back and she licked the burning cock. He felt as if this slippery piece of flesh, this tongue, was drawing the very life essence from his body.

Now she began sucking in earnest, pushing her face farther against his body, taking his swollen cock to the back of her tiny throat, pushing her face into his curling crotch hair, letting it tickle her nose as she gobbled. Wahl leaned back against the table, putting his weight on his hands and ass, watching the hungry way his daughter ate his meat. She looked beautiful.

With her teeth she nibbled on the root of his aching cock, and he squirmed. Leaning back, he let his hands rest on her head, running his fingers trough her hair, gently forcing her to keep the entire piece of meat in her mouth. Pam continued her swallowing, letting his lubricant slide down her throat, her heated breath covering his fully extended prick.

His balls were tightening again, and the agony was becoming too much. He fell back on the table, but Pam stayed with him, keeping her mouth locked on his creaming cock, burying her head between his thighs.

Now Wahl was on his back, and began bucking up and down, trying to shove his cock even deeper into his daughter’s hungry mouth, but even if there were more room for it, there was no more cock. It couldn’t grow any longer.

Her head slid up and her lips pressed on his knob for a moment, and then her mouth went back on down the saliva-shiny staff, and Wahl began to feel his own breath burn. Now as Pam continued sucking, he felt her hands caress his tight nuts, gently fondling the wrinkled sac.

Wahl ground his crotch into Pam’s face, crushing her head to him with his hands as he lay on his back, wildly gyrating and pumping up into the air. His head was too far back for him to watch her suck his dick, so he simply shut his eyes and let her continue.

Pam was too engrossed in the way she sucked the rampant tool to watch her father’s face. She understood why he had licked her pussy so well. She was enjoying the sucking of his cock as much as he’d enjoyed the eating of her pussy.

The stern of his prick kept jacking in and out of her mouth now, picking up speed. The head was no longer purple but almost a rich red as the back of her throat surrounded it and crushed each time his fiery prong thrust itself in. As it was, the cock was tingling again. His climax was only moments away. His hands pressed very hard now, and she could hardly move it. Her tongue took up most of the work now, lapping at her father’s prong and licking at his tightened nuts.

In his belly Wahl could feel the seed beginning to boil. Suddenly his balls began pumping out his load, sending the hot jizz up through his bloated cock at a furious pace.

Wahl gasped, unable to speak or even make a sound, and the way Pam was sucking his prong he knew she was too overwhelmed to even think. Razors seemed to slice through the inner part of his cock as the cum blasted from his cock, exploding into her waiting mouth. She gluttonously swallowed, draining, draining, and draining.

The heavy taste of her father’s thick sperm filled her throat, and Pam decided she liked it. She liked it a lot. It was a warm, comforting taste, teasing the back of her tongue with its sticky smoothness. The more she tasted the more she wanted, and as her father’s cock began shriveling, her face moved closer and closer to his thighs, keeping the lavender dome pressed against her tongue, squeezing out every last drop of tasty jizz.

Eventually there was no more. No matter how hard she sucked on the completely shrunken piece of meat, she couldn’t suck out any more spunk, nor could she get the tool hard again. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and released the flagging prick, then stood next to the table on which her father was now resting.

“Are you sorry, Dad?” she asked, looking into ins eyes.

“I should be, I know,” he confessed. “But I’m not. I’m glad. I only wish I’d done it sooner. Does that make me sound totally depraved?”

“Not any more than Tracey or me.”

“You know about Tracey?”

“I saw you in here with her this morning. That was what gave me the idea to do what I did. I mean, I’ve really been wanting you for the longest time, Dad.”

“And I guess I’ve wanted you just as long, honey.”

“I think you should know, I gave my cherry to Marty last night.”

“Well, after what I did with his sister, I have no right to play the indignant father.”

“I just wanted you to know. I mean, both Tracey and I love the both of you a lot. And we want to share the two of you between us.”

“I have no objection if Marty is willing.”

“Marty won’t have much choice after Tracey finishes with him.”

“You’re kidding! You mean Tracey and Marty are going to…”

“Is it any crazier than you and me, Daddy?”

“No… I suppose not.”

“We can have one heck of a ball all summer. Oh, hell!”

“What’s the matter?”

“I just remembered,” she told him. “Mom’ll probably be up here next week, like she comes every year. That’ll put a damper on the whole thing.”

“Not necessarily,” her father said. “D’you know why your mother goes away every year?”


“Much as she loves my cock, she gets tired of using the same old one time and again. She goes looking for European lovers, hoping to find someone who can satisfy her as well as I have.”

“No kidding! You mean Mom gets her share of outside action the way you do?”

“You know about that?”

“Sure, but who can blame you. Say, if Mom likes getting it from someone else, why don’t we let Marty seduce her? That way she can join us.”

“Come on, Dad. You have to give a little to geta little. What’s the difference whether Mom gets it overseas or here? And this way you get to ball Tracey and me, too. And when we go home, you still get to ball both me and Mom. We’ll even have threesomes.”

“Why not!” Ira Wahl agreed, shrugging.


There was going to be a problem getting Marty to understand and agree to family fun. Not that Marty didn’t want to fuck his sister. He did. He wanted to screw her more than ever, now. And had the two of them been on a desert island, completely away from civilization, Tracey had no doubt she’d have had him in the sack in no time. But with the others constantly around, she knew he’d be afraid to try anything with her. Pam had overpowered him and had broken though his resistance barrier. For that reason Pam would have no trouble popping him into bed again and again. But as long as Marty had that fear of being caught by his cousin or his uncle, he wouldn’t go near his sister.

Tracey could have awakened Marty and brought him to her room, letting him peep through the holes behind the pictures at what Uncle Ira was doing with Pam. But that might have turned Marty off completely. He considered Pam his own personal lay, and it wasn’t so much the idea she was screwing her father that would bother him, as the idea she was putting out for someone other than himself.

It was a problem. But all problems had solutions. And Tracey decided she had the solution. She would need Pam’s help. And Uncle Ira would have to go to the beach for a few hours.

It was well past noon when everyone had brunch. It was a good thing Marty worked out every second day and not every day, or he’d have missed a weight workout. As it was, he felt a lot weaker that afternoon than he had ever felt after lifting weights.

“I’m going to the beach,” Ira Wahl announced after they had eaten. He was wearing a pair of bathing trunks and a T-shirt, with sandals on his feet. He took a towel and left.

While Pam and Tracey did the dishes, Marty, feeling somewhat better after a full meal, took a quick shower, then went to his bedroom to rest. He noticed Pam had made his bed with fresh sheets. She was one good kid, Cousin Pam. If she could con Tracey out of the house, maybe he could have another fucking romp with her. Christ! She had been a terrific lay.

As if Pam had read his mind, she came into his room some minutes later and sat on the edge of the bed. Her hand wandered over his shorts, feeling the bulge of his cock. He shivered and said, “What about Tracey?”

“What about Tracey?” Pam asked. “She’s a big girl. She understood when I explained it all to her.”

“You told her?” Marty asked, astounded.

“Of course,” she nodded.

“But she’s just a kid! I mean…”

“You mean you’d like to fuck her, too, if you had the guts, but you don’t.”

“Hey now, you’re enough for me, Pam.”

“It isn’t a question of enough or too much, Marty. It’s a question of being able to enjoy someone else. You love Tracey. You want to fuck her. And she admitted to me she wants you to fuck her. So how about not fooling around any more, huh? I mean, if you want, you and I can fuck alone, or, if you’re man enough, Tracey can join us.”

That was what Marty had wanted in the first place, so he finally said, “bring baby sister on in.” Finally, he was going to fuck Tracey, too.

Pam stepped outside the room, and when she returned, she and Tracey were stripped to the skin. They wasted no time in running over to Marty, kissing him, and hastily undressing him. They had tricked him, but he no longer cared. He was already in a lathered heat.

Pam took charge, making Tracey sit next to him. Then she knelt in front of him and took his already rampant cock in both hands, looking up at Tracey and smiling, letting her know Marty was aroused but could use more petting. Tracey gently reached over, her mouth lightly pressing itself to his chest. Her tongue ran straight up his throat, then lightly circled his face, committing his jaw line to memory. Then she returned to his pectorals, letting her lips and tongue dance lightly across the front of his body. Each time her tongue tickled his nipples he felt electricity buzz through his body.

Her tongue was a wondrous delight as it toured his torso, stopping only when a delicious shiver let her know she had touched something ultra sensitive. It took her less than two minutes to discover most of his erogenous zones, and she played on these sensuous areas, lighting bright fires inside him. Marty’s rigid cock was already a burning flame and the flame could only be quenched by dunking the fiery tool into a cunt. He needed a blazing twat to suck out the jism fueling his balls.

Pam watched her cousin work, satisfied she was now an expert. She had felt Tracey’s mouth on her own body, as Marty well knew, and now his sister’s lips were turning him on in a big way. He had no doubt the two girls would play with one another as well as with him. Each was fully aware of the other’s needs, and each would work to help meet those needs. In the meantime, he writhed and squirmed under the flicking of Tracey’s tongue. The moisture seeping from his cockhead let the girls know he liked it. The large, red knob was already darkening to a rich scarlet as it seemed to swell ever larger. Round and smooth, with a texture not unlike that of their budding nipples, his thick cock must have looked like an old-fashioned cane with a large, round head the way Pam held onto it, letting his oils dribble into her palm so she could smooth her hand across his solid staff. Tiny blue veins seemed to stand out, but when her hands washed across the skin, the pipe like outside seemed to smooth out. His prick was the veteran of a senses of battles recently fought, and the blood vessels created the impression of battle scars. Like the rest of Marty, his hot prick looked rugged.

Pam seemed pleased by the sight of it, and appointed herself the caretaker of his rampant rod. She opened her tiny mouth just wide enough to fit in the puffed-up knob. She purposely kept her lips tightly compressed around the head, creating insane sensations with her tongue. She pushed her head hard, forcing the inflexible staff a bit farther into her slurping mouth, actually groaning from the effort. He soon realized she really couldn’t open her tiny lips much wider, and now that the huge dome and part of the unyielding staff of his swollen cock was in her mouth, her cheeks followed as if she were blowing on a trumpet. And her tongue was running along the underside of all the meat contained in her tight mouth. Pam hid sucked cock more efficiently with her father.

Not that Marty was complaining about her mouth being so small and his rock-solid prick finding difficulty in sliding all the way in. He stared down at the pretty face, made all the prettier by the fact that her mouth was stuffed with cock, his cock. Then he noticed the look on his sister’s face as she rubbed her lips across his belly, and he knew somebody was doing something right. It just felt good all over.

With his right hand, he reached down and just barely managed to grasp the large, pointy nipple of Pam’s right boob. Marty squeezed it slowly, trying to rub the palm of his hand against it as it grew, but her kneeling position made it difficult for him to do more than compress his fingers around that rubbery spike of spongy flesh. With his left hand he was grabbing Tracey’s left tit, and fondling it as if it were his personal, brand-new toy. To him, their tits looked heavenly. Yes, the feel of each was different, and he basked in the thrill of squeezing two different kinds of boobs at once. Pam’s jugs had a slightly softer, more yielding feel than Tracey’s.

Shutting his eyes, he surrendered himself to the thrill of the multiple sensations. He could feel the swelling of Tracey’s tit in his left hand, while the fingers of his right hand pulled tautly on Pam’s sensitive nipple. Tracey’s mouth continued making a circuit of the front of his body, while Pam gallantly tried cramming more of his roasting meat into her tiny mouth. As he noted before, it wasn’t that his cock was overly thick, but Pam’s little mouth was simply too shallow to take all his rod. And Pam was humming with her mouthful of prick while her fingers made her nipple sizzle. She rotated her body so strongly, she actually pulled her boob away from his massaging fingers. The way she yanked her tit away made him want to go after it, but the position in which he was sitting prevented his doing a thing without losing some enjoyment of what the two girls were doing to him. Automatically his hand compressed harder and squeezed Tracey’s small, firm boob, and this made Tracey suck his flesh harder, leaving little black and blue marks all around.

Tracey finally took her mouth from his belly and stared down at her cousin’s bobbing head. She reached down and gabbed the swaying tit Marty had been forced to release, and both brother and sister saw their cousin quiver with excitement. Moving away from her brother, Tracey knelt beside the cocksucking Pam. She dipped her head lower, turning her face upward and forcing it between her brother’s shin and Pam’s body, putting the hard little nipple between her lips and pressing. Pam writhed in sensuous delight, and while still pumping her mouth full of solid cock-flesh reached a hand between the thighs of her cousin, rubbing the girl’s fiery gash and letting her finger sp into the hot slot between the labes.

They remained that way for a while, Marty jack-hammering his turgid cock as far into Pam’s mouth as possible as the tightness of her lips began to have its effect on him.

“I’m gonna come!” he announced in a strained voice.

Tracey pulled her mouth from Pam’s tit, leaving it swollen and blood-filled, and sat up, saying, “You already had a mouthful of cum, and Pam. Let me do it. Please let me do it! Let me suck off my own brother and taste that wonderful white spunk from his hard prick! Please, Pam!”

Pam, having tasted how wonderful sperm was, shook her head, and Marty could feel the ridges of her teeth making indentations in the stalk below his throbbing knob. Tracey was getting angry, and Marty had to stop it before it turned into a war, so he said, “Why don’t you girls take turns?”

“Please!” Tracey pleaded with her cousin.

Pam nodded in agreement.

“How do we do it?” Tracey asked, as Pam sucked savagely.

“I’ll yell when I come,” her brother said. “Pam can have the first four blasts, then she’ll yank her head away from my dick and you can clamp your mouth down and take the rest.”

“Okay with you?” Tracey asked.

Her cousin nodded, then slid her mouth to the side so she only sucked on the right half of Marty’s pulsing prick. Tracey immediately got the idea and let her own lips nibble on the exposed left side of his throbbing dong. They moved their lips up and down in unison, and Marty, feeling Tracey’s mouth on his cock along with Pam’s went crazy. They were kissing one another with his pole in between. When their mouths rose to the top of his twitching prong, their tongues intertwined around his burning knob, and as their mouths headed towards his balls, he felt the froth starting to rise from within.

“Now!” he screamed, and Pam’s mouth instantly returned to the swollen top of his meat barely in time to catch the first blast of searing sperm. He could actually feel the stream splatter against the back of her throat, and then he shot a second one. Her tongue swooped it up and carried it to the back of her mouth as he unleashed a third blast of jizz. The fourth followed before she could swallow, and with her mouth full of cum-cream, Pam pulled her leeching lips from his bursting prick, making room for his sister who was anxiously awaiting her turn.

His fifth shot came too quickly for Tracey to catch it in her mouth. The spunk made a white streak along her left cheek as she clamped her mouth tightly over his fountaining rod. Now she was bobbing her head excitedly in the hope she could encourage more jizz to spurt forth from his twitching tool.

Marty fired at least a dozen times more, though he knew he had unleashed more in his first four shots than in his next dozen. Even so, Tracey was happily sucking away, noisily slurping and smacking her lips against his draining dong, hungrily sipping out the thick, gummy fuck juice, letting the others know she savored every drop.

Pam, seeing the white streak of spunk on her cousin’s cheek, leaned over and licked it off, then slid her head between Tracey’s chin and Marty’s balls and began licking his hairy scrotum, making sure Marty pumped those last few drops of cock-cream into his sister’s hungering mouth.

Marty stopped blasting and fell back on the bed. He felt drained. Neither girl was satisfied, however, so they turned to one another and began kissing, falling on the bedroom carpet. Each had a hand cupped over the other’s cunt.

They stretched out full length on the floor, each hungrily kissing and licking the other. Marty stared, amazed how responsive they were, and locked in a joint embrace from top to bottom. Lips pressed against lips, and open mouths allowed lunging tongues to pass back and forth. Arms were entwined in a combination of fascinating feminine curves. Legs twisted about one another, grasping and tugging the other female as close as possible until it looked as if the two sets of curves belonged to a single being. Their breathing was so perfectly matched it seemed as if only one person was inhaling and exhaling — a single living human female freak with four arms and four legs.

Their bellies pressed tightly against one another, sutured together by their joint perspiration. One rounded tummy rubbed against one flat expanse of belly flesh as their mouths clung voraciously, tongues whipping away. Tiny, full, rounded tit pressed against its huge counterpart, the four nipples grinding in perfect unison as they rubbed. Their hands no longer grasped each other’s pussies, but tightly clasped each other’s bodies, letting their pouting pussylips press together and feel the friction from the leaking lips of the other. Their crushing snatches pressed hard together, burning under the strain of heavy passion ignited when they had mouthed Marty’s spurting cock.

He sat back and watched them letting themselves get carried away by feelings neither he nor they had suspected existed. Women enjoyed one another all over the world, but rarely was it done with such inner passion. The two were more than making love to each other. They were actually loving each other. Both had been cock-hungry, and now they were starved for each other.

Marty looked down at them, and in a way he could sympathize with each of them. After all, he had sampled both, and had found them equally delightful.

Neither of the two girls seemed fully aware of what was going on between them. Each appeared to be reacting strictly to her own sense of touch and taste. The stimulation of nipple against nipple, and puffy pussylips against soothing labes made each temporarily forget she was a female in need of masculine attention.

Sliding off the bed, Marty moved in on the clinging girls. At that moment they were totally unaware of his presence. They were so tightly pressed against each other, the best he could do was rub their backs and kiss the napes of their necks. But it didn’t make either aware of him. Maybe it was just as well, because his cock was still at half-mast and in no way ready for another bout of fucking or sucking.

Pam had become the more aggressive of the pair, and she began by letting her fingers return to Tracey’s flaming quim, rubbing the juicy outer twatlips with her palm and exerting just enough pressure to stimulate a hot glow in Tracey’s belly. Tracey’s pussy began leaking a heavy, oily ointment, soaking Pam’s hand. Then Pam placed a forefinger on Tracey’s hard, extended, beadlike clitoris, and began moving it in a soft, tantalizing circular rhythm, first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Tracey rotated her body in a countermovement to Pam’s finger-massage. Soon they were in an entirely different universe, with Tracey’s firm thighs clamped tightly around Pam’s pressuring hand, her throbbing clit riding hard against Pam’s massaging fingers. Tracey clutched her cousin tightly to her, biting deeply into her shoulder, raking her fingertips along the other’s back, and then finally cementing her burning mouth against Pam’s lips, letting her tongue wash across Pam’s tile-white teeth.

It was Pam who broke the kiss first, her finger still making tiny, shuddery circles against Tracey’s pulsating nub. She leaned down and sucked Tracey’s entire right tit into her ardent mouth. She literally half swallowed the small boob, making hungry gobbling sounds in her throat, then easing her head back and letting the tit flow against her tongue until she could roll the turgid nipple between her teeth and lips. Pam was biting with just enough pressure to drive her cousin straight up the wall of sensual pleasure.

Tracey’s hot pussy, meanwhile, became a whirling dervish, circling again and again on the point of Pam’s rubbing finger. Tracey was moaning, awash in a sea of rapture. Pam, meanwhile, was so thrilled to hear Tracey’s sighs, she applied even greater finger pressure to the quivering clit while sucking strongly on the delicious rubbery nipple.

Marty was becoming aroused all over again. His limp pecker was beginning to stretch its head and solidify. He noticed Pam’s own bucking body matching the circular movement of Tracey’s inflamed twat, and he moved his cock against her butt, pressing it against the hairline spilt of her full, delicious-looking ass. His hardened prong opened the crack and slid between the hot juicy cheeks until it slid low enough to touch Pam’s greasy pussy. He let the knob soak in the sopping juices, then tugged the newly inflamed prong back and took aim at her tiny asshole. It was no go. His cock was too thick to penetrate her bung. He slid his left hand underneath, letting his little pinky soak in the heat of Pam’s steaming pussy, then he moved his pinky up until it was pressing against that tight, squirmy little asshole.

Slowly, little by little, his pinky began parting the web like flesh of her bucking brownie, and millimeter-by-millimeter forced the puckered sphincter to yield to its pressure. And with each little push, Pam gasped and rubbed her finger all the harder against Tracey’s thumping passion-bud.

Tracey clasped her cousin to her all the more tightly, their cheeks pressed closely together. Her mouth pouted so beautifully, Marty had to lean forward and kiss it while his pinky continued making inroads into Pam’s tight bum hole.

Pam, meanwhile, wanted to kiss Tracey elsewhere, and so stopped sucking on the tantalizing tiny cunt and began kissing her cousin on her right shoulder. Marty, who was still kissing his sister’s mouth, was unable to finish the kiss because Tracey’s lips wouldn’t let go. But Pam’s finger, still pressed to Tracey’s clit, applied extra pressure, and Tracey gasped, letting go.

Marty was so tantalized by Pam’s asshole, he would have knelt and sucked it had her butt not been bucking so violently. As it was, he had finally gotten his pinky all the way in her hung and was moving it around, stretching the elasticity of the sphincter to more easily accommodate his poking prick.

He finally yanked his pinky out and slipped a forefinger in. It went inside her shitter much more easily than he’d expected. Good! He reamed it around in her ass for a few minutes, then withdrew it, deciding it was time for his cock to make an entrance. She had never fucked an asshole before. This was going to be one hell of an experience.

Pam’s head was slowly moving down Tracey’s torso, bypassing the chocolate-tipped, whipped cream mounds of tits, and working down along the belly. She dipped her head to the scrunched-up navel and inserted her tongue, and Tracey nearly screamed as the oral digit made a few circular turns inside. From the winking belly button, Pam’s tantalizing tongue moved down the flat of her cousin’s tummy to the dark downy moss covering her crotch.

In no time Pam’s busy tongue tickled its way to the top of Tracey’s hair-fringed split. The blistering result of Pam’s burning breath as her wet tongue slithered through the surrounding pussy-hedge was to create an overpowering updraft of fire within her cousin’s exploding belly. Tracey was about to come.

Marty’s horny cock had finally found the sought-for entrance of Pam’s elusive asshole. He pressed forward, and Pam automatically pushed back as her tongue began sluicing through Tracey’s ultra sensitive honeypot. And as his powerful cock began making inroads into Pam’s ultra tight asshole, he saw her use her fingers to wildly massage Tracey’s clit while her tongue continued washing through the delicate silt. She forced Tracey’s slender thighs wider, so she could insert three fingers into the steaming twat as her lips and tongue returned to the twitching cunt, voraciously sucking on it, pulling it with such intensity one might think she was literally trying to pull it off.

Marty rammed his fiery cock into Pam’s asshole, and she writhed from the new, totally enjoyable sensation as his heavy prong began reaming back and forth, back and forth in her butt. He was giving her new sensation she hadn’t expected but most definitely enjoyed. It made her open her mouth and press it against her cousin’s writhing cunt. The flat of her tongue spread itself against the blood-filled cunt, and Tracey was wriggling in unspoken, agonizing ecstasies.

Tracey was going insane from the feel of her wonderful cousin’s loving mouth. Every nerve inside her besieged snatch was tingling and vibrating like a well-tuned violin string. Her brain received one delightful pleasure signal after another, and she felt it was no longer enough to receive. She had to give.

An instant later Marty found himself flat on the floor on his back, his cock still jammed in Pam’s gripping asshole. Pam lay on top of him, her tongue slurping across Tracey’s shuddering clitoris, and Tracey was on top of her cousin in a sixty-nine position, wildly licking Pam’s ruby-colored cunt bead. Every now and again Tracey’s tongue slithered down the full length of her cousin’s plump, delicious cunt-crack and touched her brother’s throbbing pole as it plundered its way back and forth within the rigid confines of Pam’s squeezing bung.

Tracey’s hungering mouth continued voraciously sucking on Pam’s eager gash, while Pam’s slurping tongue continued washing her cousin’s clit. And though the weight of the girls didn’t bother Marty, their combined bulk kept him from barely moving his aching cock in and out of his cousin’s tight, shuddering asshole.

It was Tracey who finally came first, and it was one hell of a come. The girl wailed like a banshee as she rolled this way and that, humping her slick, sweet, gooey cunt into her cousin’s waiting mouth. She jammed her face deep into Pam’s burning twat and screamed again and again, the sound absorbed by the soft, velvety wails of Pam’s sucking quim.

Her screaming into Pam’s hole, plus the pressure of her lapping tongue on Pam’s sensitive clit soon had the girl in an insane frenzy as she, too, climbed the incomparable rainbow, shuddering and shaking in the throes of some wild, unnamed passion, coming again and again.

Pam had the more intense climax, and an instant after completing her orgasm, she rolled off Marty, his hard cock tugging out of her asshole with the pop of a cork leaving a champagne bottle.

“Marty!” Tracey begged. “Oh, Marty, fuck me! I’ve been waiting so long to feel you fuck me. Fuck me now!”

Pam lay on the floor, face down, too exhausted for an instant to care what the others did. And Marty, who had been dying to sink his heavy dick into the morass of his sister’s tight pussy, got to his feet, then tugged Tracey up and flung her on the bed. He jumped on her, throwing his weight on her body, slamming his hot, hard dick deep into her seething snatch, shoving until his tool was buried in her hole balls deep. He was amazed his sister could take all the cock he had to offer. For a skinny little girl her cunt was very deceptive. His dick was jammed in tight, and he began fucking like a maniac.

“Oh, Christ!” he muttered, feeling the sweat start to form again as his sister’s tight little twat sucked strongly on his pumping prong. “Oh, Christ! I knew it’d be good, but I never dreamed it’d be this good!”

“Oh, Marty,” his sister sighed. “That’s a real supercock. That feels good. Your cock might not be as thick as Uncle’s, but it’s just as good.”

“You mean Uncle Ira’s been fucking you?” Marty asked, surprised, but not so surprised he forgot to go on fucking.

“Are you mad?” Tracey asked, her body attuning itself to his thrusts as she pumped her hips high and hard, getting the most she could from every downward plunge of his thrilling cock.

“Shit!” he muttered. “I was scared he’d find out about me and Pam. Now I guess he really can’t say anything.”

“Not a thing,” Pam told him, looking up at him from the floor, “because Daddy’s been fucking me, too.”

“Christ!” he grunted, slamming his anxious cock into his sister’s clinging hole with greater speed. “This is some fucking family!”

“And that’s not all,” Pam told him, fully snapped out of her lethargy, on her feet and supervising the way he was fucking his sister. “When Mom joins us next week, we hope you’ll bang her, too, and make it a real family affair.”

Kneeling behind the fucking brother and sister, Pam pushed Marty forward just the least little bit, staring at the way his shuddering cock moved rapidly in and out of his sister’s seething quim. The sight inflamed her all over again, and she decided to join the two of them. She leaned forward and placed her hot lips against Tracey’s wide-open pussy, her tongue pressed hot and hard against Marty’s prick shaft as it drilled back and forth into his sister’s frothing snatch, and the sensation made him screw harder.

The combination of Pam’s tongue and Marty’s pistoning plunger reaming out her flashing pussy was too much for Tracey. She screamed again, heaving her crotch as high as she could, and then her fuming cuntlips tightened their hold on her brother’s slashing pecker, and she began coming in a wild, thrashing, screaming fit of insanity that was a single, long, solitary yell. Had Marty not clamped his lips on hem, the entire neighborhood would have heard her as she came. As it was, her scream shook him to his toes.

At the very peak of her orgasm, Tracey went into a faint. Still not used to having prime cock, the sensation of it when combined with Pam’s tongue had created a hitherto undreamed of shivering, and she temporarily blanked out.

Marty unplugged his twitching, horny cock from Tracey’s sleeping body and automatically returned to Pam. His cousin fell onto the bed beside Tracey, her thighs wide open, saying, “Fuck me good, Marty, just the way you’ll fuck my mother when she gets here!”

He spread himself over her and squirmed until his fleshy dick worked its way completely into her clutching pussy. Just as her huge boobs were so different from the feel of Tracey’s, so was the inside of Pam’s bubbling cunt caressing his slamming, throbbing dick in a different way. Pam’s sheath was softer, foamier, sponger. And yet it created greater friction, and the instant he socked his aching cock into Pam’s hole, both knew they were going to come. And come they did, he going off first, splashing his spunk through her grasping cunt, spraying slick white sperm all over until she, too, rocketed to her final orgasm of the day.


Harriet Wahl was finding her European vacations more and more boring every year. Her first year hadn’t been too terrific. She had met four different men from four different countries and had gone to bed with each of them in turn, only to learn none of them were as good a lay as her own husband. After two weeks, she got disgusted, returned home, and joined Ira at the summer home they had, where she spent the rest of the summer getting good and fucked, but still wishing she had found another good man.

Her husband was a great cocksman, all right. He was the best she’d ever known. True, she had been a virgin when they’d first met, and he had been the first man to lay her. Even so, afterward she had tried out quite a few men and had discovered not one of them came anywhere near her husband. And that was what was so frustrating. After all, had she been able to find some other good fuckers, she would have limited her extramarital affairs to those few men. But every year, even while at home, when Ira was off working somewhere, she would sneak in her share of additional cocks, and not one of them was anywhere near as good as Ira’s. And now, off on vacation, she was once more traveling around Europe, seeking what appeared to be an impossible dream.

Last year things had been almost impossible. She had only found two men she thought worth bedding, and though both were excellent lays, neither was a match for her husband.

This year she was limiting herself to England. She was sick and tired of trying to communicate with men in languages she couldn’t speak or understand. Perhaps there was a good British subject capable of satisfying her continual, undying lusts.

At the moment she was in the townhouse of Lord Eric Carr, a distinguished nobleman she had met on the plane coming over. He was as different from a British peer as anyone she might have imagined. He was young, perhaps eight years younger than she, and very, very slender. He moved with a certain amount of grace, and seemed to have a lot of stamina. And she knew he admired her.

Harriet was a bit on the heavy side, though far from fat. Her tits were very large now, and very heavy, and though her waistline had gone from twenty-three to twenty-eight, she didn’t consider herself too unattractive, especially since her hips and bust both flared to a forty. Her thighs, for all the added weight, were still solid and not fleshy. And she had perfect calves.

She was wearing a white summer blouse with a built-in bra so she wouldn’t have to wear any kind of harness. It was too warm for a full bra. And she had on a mid-length summer skirt of green cotton. She wore pantyhose in place of panties and stockings, and her feet were encased in flat-heeled, sensible walking shoes, which made her look small. She was only five foot three, anyway.

Lord Carr had invited her to afternoon tea, and she had graciously accepted, but the moment she entered his home and saw the look in his eyes, she knew he had no intention of drinking tea that afternoon. On the contrary, she could see the quiver of his nostrils as he smelled her perfume, and she was fully aware of his masculine need for her.

Even so, for a while it was a game. He showed her over his entire estate, and when teatime did come around, he ushered her into a small suite of rooms in the west wing of his home. Everything about the place reeked of class. She wondered if an English nobleman fucked with his nose up in the air.

“You have a lovely place here,” she complimented, knowing he expected to hear it from her.

“And it’s graced all the more by your being here,” he complimented back. “You’re an absolutely ravishing woman, Harriet. I may call you Harriet?”

“Of course, Lord Carr.”

“Please, my friends call me Eric.”

He led her into the bedroom, a large, airy room with English Tudor furniture, which included a huge, canopied bed capable of sleeping six.

“This is a lovely room,” she said, not knowing what else to say.

“Shall we drop all this pretense?” he asked, gathering her in his arms.

With another man, Harriet might have played games and held him off for a while, but Eric Carr seemed to know her as well as she appeared to know him. Both were aware why she had come there that day. Both wanted to fuck.

He undressed Harriet very carefully, folding her clothing and placing it all very neatly on a nearby bench; then he undressed himself as well. His head bent and kissed her tits, sucking on nipples as thick as wine-bottle corks, and she responded by kissing the nape of his neck and allowing him to lead her to the bed where he made her lie down. The thick, heavy syrup was already pouring from her flushed twat. He slipped his fingers into the flooded interior of her soaking honeypot, letting them slide up into the slippery hole.

Harriet shuddered, her bobbling boobs shimmering as she luxuriated in the touch of Carr’s caress. He lacked Ira’s complete expertness, but he seemed to know what he was doing. Her blistering box was churning, ablaze with heated passion. She lifted herself with Carr’s working fingers still squirming around in her hole, then came down, letting them sink even deeper into her boiling nookie. She quivered, thinking it wasn’t possible for sex to feel this good without Ira.

“Ohhh, that feels so good, Eric,” she murmured, closing her eyes and leaning back as his fingers continued to work their titillating magic. Her creaming cunt was crammed full of his fingers, and it felt good.

“More,” Harriet whispered softly, bouncing her body all the more rapidly. “Fill my pussy, Eric. Fill it. I’m dying. I need more!”

Now Harriet was beginning to scream and writhe as she twisted and turned on the bed. Carr’s other hand reached beneath and began squeezing her round asscheeks, feeling the softness of them as they pounded against the bed.

Slipping his fingers from her oozing snatch, Carr found them thickly coated with her lubricating juice. He sucked the fluid into his mouth and decided her cunt was delicious. He had to eat her. Straddling her beautiful face with his knees, Carr let his long, thin dick dangle above her ripe lips. He bent forward, thrusting his head between her round, heavy thighs, murmuring, “I’m going to lap your sweet pussy, Harriet. I’m going to eat it until I’ve drained it of every drop.” And then he fell forward, letting his tongue slip inside the humid split of her horny cunt. He greedily sucked on the steaming, soaking labes, letting his tongue wash over the red flesh, lapping up the abundance of delicious juices as they flowed ceaselessly from her hole. He sucked and licked as if melted ice cream were running out of her fiery cunt.

Harriet took Carr’s long, dangling cock into her mouth and felt it immediately become hard. His pre-cum was slipping from the tiny slit in his knob, and she sipped the delightful liquid into her throat, letting her tongue run across the tightening skin of his rock-hard tool. Her oral caresses made Carr’s prick tingle.

Now Eric’s cunt-lapping suddenly became fiercer. He dug his teeth into the tender flesh of her labes, then sucked hard on her fully enlarged cunt, nibbling on it like a morsel of ripe fruit. Harriet felt burning waves of passion running through her. She felt half-faint she was in such an ecstatic state. All she could feel was her frying cunt which seemed to have swollen to twice its size. The melting pleasure made her work all the harder on the throbbing cock twitching between her full, round lips. She felt the swollen piece of meat become even larger, growing in her mouth. She began to choke on it as he tried to ram the salami like tool down her throat. For all its thinness his dick crammed her esophagus, as Carr kept pushing and pushing the mushroom-capped meat down her throat.

Suddenly he yanked his dribbling cock from her mouth and said, “I want to fuck your ass, Harriet. I want to cram my cock all the way into your bum.”

Harriet tingled with excitement at the thought of feeling the narrow cock fucking her asshole. It would be like having a fleshy thermometer jammed in there. The thought of that passionate rod reaming into her butt made her cunt cream even more.

She spun over on her belly, lifting her milk-white ass into the air, letting him enjoy the sight of her solid buns. Her gushing cunt was spilling juice onto the sheets she was creaming so heavily, but neither paid attention to her lubricant. She took three fingers full and rubbed the slippery stuff on his rampant prong, greasing it for the buggering ahead.

Carr reared up on his knees behind her, his narrow tool cleaving the air before him. Harriet’s delightful plump buns glimmered like pale honeydews. Carr’s thin fingers spread the crack between her melons, probing at the brown, crinkly hole of her hung. He took some more of her oozing juices from her pussy and rubbed it onto the puckered, flowerlike entrance. He covered his flaming cock with more of her oil, then pressed its thick head to the entrance of her scorching bumhole. His cock glistened like a huge sword, and then Carr skewered her. With a slow, steady motion, he worked his prong into the hidden depths of her tiny asshole. Her sphincter, for all the times it had let Wahl’s thicker cock pass it, seemed to fight Carr’s plunging prong.

“Shove your cock in!” Harriet yelled. “Ram it in, Eric, Goddamn you! Fuck your dick into my ass!”

Carr plunged his ripping tool fiercely into her tightened shitter. He screwed into the bumhole as he would have into a virgin cunt. Finally his thundering cock forced her sphincter to open and admit it, and in it went, sucked right into the tightness of her sleeve like asshole. Harriet wiggled her plump fanny as Carr’s prick slid into her shit-chute balls deep.

Carr felt himself panting and sweating like a racehorse now as he pounded fiercely into her narrow bung. His brain seemed to be throbbing in time to the fucking he was giving the luscious asshole surrounding his dick. Her white cheeks reddened with the way his thighs slapped them.

Harriet moaned from the exquisite feeling imparted by the pulsating, pounding prick filling her ass. A climax was fast approaching, and she didn’t want to do anything to put it off. If only Eric could hold his hard-on long enough. And then the rocking wave of orgasm overpowered her, making her back arch as she bounced on the bed.

Yanking his cock from Harriet’s ass, Carr spun her onto her back, then forced her legs back against her luscious, swollen nipples. Spreading her solid thighs wide, he viewed her luscious twat crack, remembering how delightful it tasted, then thrust his cock into her flaming split. His aim was unerring, and his rampant pole parted her roasting pussylips perfectly, letting them surround his attacking cock as it lunged into her burning box, deep into her belly. He forced the humping tool deeper and deeper into her raging cunt, listening to the sucking sounds it made as it pounded against her slurping labes.

Now Carr reared back slowly, and slammed forward, letting his tight balls hit up against Harriet’s crotch. He pounded her box with relentless vigor, slamming his fuck-pole deeper with each thrust, until his curly hairs mingled with the downy fur ringing her slimy cunt. Her seething snatch couldn’t get enough of his rigid meat. She wriggled her ass in small, short circles, making the pressure on Carr’s cock almost too much. Her belly muscles rippled with each thrust as the undulating walls of her twat tugged at his pounding cock. His body jerked in quaking spasms as his pistoning meat wedged deeply into her clinging quim. Harriet dug her fingers into Carr’s body. The marks she left would remain for days. She ground her clutching hole tightly against his crotch, more feverishly and frenetically squeezing his swollen, throbbing dick. Every muscle in her body screamed as she suddenly went into a wild paroxysm of orgasm, a cataclysmic eruption tearing into her guts as she felt Carr’s boiling cum-cream flood her taut twat with explosions as his prong spat its load into her aching hole.

“More!” Harriet begged, realizing this was the first good prick she had ever met after her husband’s. It lacked Wahl’s thickness, which meant it would never quite be the equal of Ira’s, yet considering its size and length, his prick was more than merely adequate.

Although her husband’s stamina was nowhere near what it had once been, it was still greater than that of most men she had known, and so Harriet wanted to see if Carr could at least stand up to her husband in that department.

“Suck my cock again and make it hard,” Carr suggested, and Harriet, never one to avoid sucking a tasty dick, especially one that had already given her more than a little pleasure, wriggled her body down until her mouth hovered directly over the half-shrunken wand.

Her tongue reached out and licked the spongy knob, and Carr visibly shivered, slightly oversensitive after his last come. Nevertheless, Harriet pressed her lips hard against the shaft and kissed it along its full length, actually feeling the veins within pressing against her tongue. She lapped lower, moving to his scrotum, feeling the roundness of his balls with her tongue, slowly sucking first one ball into her mouth, and then the other. Some residue of jizz that had fallen on the hairy sac was quickly snapped up and swallowed. She liked the way his fuck-cream tasted.

Now her tongue began to slowly climb up the solid shaft of cock to the pulsing dome, where she ran her hot, wet tongue into the slit like opening and tasted the mixture of spunk and lubricant, finding it delicious on her tongue. It had a bit of a tang to it, making it taste different from her husband’s.

Hungrily she curled her tongue around the skinny rod, using her tongue to stroke and caress it, alter which she once more pulled it deep into her mouth, sucking her cheeks so far in they rubbed the sides of the fuck-pole as the rubbery dome massaged the soft cup of her yearning throat.

Pulling his tool deeper, she opened her esophagus and swallowed the elastic head in, letting her gullet close around the knob and squeeze, building one delightful sensation after another, making the blood rush to the trembling tool until it was ramrod stiff. Nodding her head up and down in a slow, rhythmic way, Harriet gobbled his meat methodically, feeling at that moment as if she could swallow all his dick into her belly.

Carr was plunging his cock into her mouth with harder, heavier strokes, ramming his crotch into her face with a strong, sensuous rhythm, gripping her head tightly with his fingers as he fucked her mouth. He wanted to sit up and really get a grip on her hair, but Harriet pushed her arms against his efforts to rise, forcing him back on the bed as her lips continued their hungry nibbling of his pulsing cock.

She felt the throbs at the bottom of his solid staff, letting her know if she continued sucking his rod, he’d soon give her another dose of tasty spunk. She wanted his load in her cunt, along with the other one.

Jumping up, she sat on him, feeling the knobby point of his slender cock press against the entrance to her seething pussy. Reaching down with one hand, she steered the head of his cock straight into her steaming cunt. His spongy knob moved through the buttery folds of her smoking pussy as she gave a downward hunch to her body and rotating her ass at the same time.

Once again, the unbending cock, as solid as a steel pike, eased into her slushy, slurping pussy, sliding up and in until the top of her puffy cunt surrounded the base of his throbbing prick. She felt the large size of his heavy balls underneath, the hairs tickling her leaking gash as well as the lower part of her asscheeks. God mighty, it felt so fabulous!

She spun circularly on the pumping prick, sitting upright, letting him get a good glimpse of her bouncing tits as they slammed against her body again and again. Her knees gripped the sides of his thighs tightly as she rode up and down on his fuck-stick, twisting and grinding all the way.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she kept chanting, bouncing wildly on the slender, solid shaft of cock.

His hands gripped her full, fleshy asscheeks as she bounced more rapidly, moving a shorter distance now as she speeded up her wild bouncing.

“You’re quite the hot… bitch,” Eric Carr muttered through gnashed teeth as he struggled to keep up with her ass-grinding pace.

“Better believe it!” she almost screamed, leaning forward, letting her tits press into his chest as her arms gripped him tightly and she speeded up her wild downward plunging.

Suddenly he was coming again, shooting another full wad up into her frothing hole, and the feeling of hot jism soaking her cunt was all she needed to trigger another blistering orgasm. She came wildly, spinning on the staff of his up thrust cock, feeling it slowly yield, as if his jizz was all there was to keep it rampant, and now that it was leaving, the cock lacked support.

It was good, very good, but she needed more. Her orgasms had not been nearly as intense as with her husband, and as a result she would need a lot more of them to totally sate her.

When the wormlike prick finally fell out of her steaming hole, she fell back on the large bed, meaning to rest awhile and go back to work on his lordship. But Eric Carr had already fallen asleep, and Harriet knew from experience that when a man fell asleep right on the heels of a fuck, the last thing he felt like doing on awakening was to pick up where he left off.

Sighing, she looked at the sleeping Lord Eric Carr. He had been the best of the outside lot to date. But he still wasn’t nearly as competent a fuck as her own husband, Ira. What a pity, what a damn pity. He wasn’t half-bad, but neither was he that good when one came right down to it. Her cunt needed more than an occasional poke. Ira had seen to that. He had addicted her to good fucking, and anything less was like adulterated heroin to a drug addict.

It was no use. She would have to go back to the summer cottage and let Ira fuck all the frustration out of her, as usual. Well, what the hell, she’d had her usual summer fling, and this one had finally ended up better than the others, though still not nearly as good as she had hoped.

Getting up, she quietly dressed, then left Lord Carr where he lay, letting herself out. She would catch a cab, go back to her hotel, and finger-fuck herself to sleep. But tomorrow she would pack and kiss England good-bye. Hello, America, once again.


“Your mother’s coming home today,” Ira Wahl told Pam as he drove his stiff meat into her steaming cunt from behind. Both were standing up, she bent over the bed and leaning on it with her hands while her father’s thick prick slammed itself as far up into her hungering cunt as possible.

Tracey was on the floor, sitting with her head directly beneath their joined crotches, her tongue alternately licking the weighty balls of her uncle, feeling the way his crotch hairs tickled her tongue, and then lapping at her cousin’s clearly visible clitoris, compressing her lips around it and sucking eagerly for an instant. Then her tongue slid along the length of her uncle’s juice-covered cock on the outstroke and returned to his balls. She would have lapped at his asshole as well, but it wouldn’t have been fair to Pam, since it was impossible for her tongue to get to her cousin’s hung, as well.

“Are you worried?” Pam asked, writhing to the joint sensations of her father’s pounding cock and her cousin’s tantalizing tongue.

“A little,” her father admitted, screwing his throbbing prong into her hole a little more deeply, making her gasp as Tracey’s tongue pressed flat against the excited nubbin of her vibrating clit. It was a dual sensation, and not many women were able to enjoy them.

“Don’t let it bug you,” Pam told her father, enjoying the combination of bock and tongue more and more. “If Mom is everything you say she is, once Marty’s cock is inside her, she’ll insist he finish, and if Marty’s half as good with her as he’s been with Tracey and me, Mom’ll never let go of him. Hell, before you know it, Tracey and Marty’ll be living with us on a year-round basis.”

“Sounds… uhhh… terrific,” her father agreed, fucking a bit faster now.

“You like the idea, Tracey?” Pam asked, her voice shuddering with the lust being built inside her.

“Ummmm,” was all Tracey could reply, and both father and daughter accepted it as an affirmative answer.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Pam said, straightening up. “Tracey’s not getting as much from this as you and me, Daddy.”

“What would you suggest?” her father asked, gripping her hips to keep his, cock securely lodged in his daughter’s tight, squeezing quim.

“How about if Tracey and I clit-fuck while you take turns pumping that dong of yours into and out of both of us?”

“Sounds great,” her father agreed.

Tracey didn’t need to be asked. She slid out from between their four thighs and was ready to lie down on the bed when Pam said, “You weigh less than I do, Tracey. It’ll be better if I’m on the bottom.”

Pam made her father uncunt while she lay down, face up on the bed. Then Tracey lay down on top of her cousin, tit-to-tit, their nipples sensitively pressing into one another. Ira Wahl bent down and made certain their cunts were touching, rubbing strongly with a squishy sound created by the heavy flow seeping from both pussies. He watched them rub together more than a dozen strokes before he was content they wouldn’t unfrock. Tracey’s small, delicious ass bounced wildly, her buttcheeks opening and closing to reveal her winking asshole as she rubbed her hairy split against Pam’s creaming cunt. The two girls already had their mouths joined and were passionately kissing as their nipples created a wild friction, sending mad electricity sparking through their tits to the rest of their bodies. Tracey’s titties seemed to have grown slightly in the past week, and both her uncle and brother had teased her about it.

As the two girls lay, belly-to-belly, Ira Wahl knelt on the bed between their widely parted thighs. As Pam heaved her crotch up to meet her cousin’s downward thrusting, he slipped a pillow under his daughter’s plump ass, raising her a little higher, bringing her cunt-hole more in line with his hard meat. He moved forward and leaned over the two girls, feeling the sensitive, spongy head of his cock touch the bottom of his daughter’s crack as Pam once more raised her hips. Then, as the girls reversed their action, his heavy prick slid up through his daughter’s seething crack and ran directly into Tracey’s tight, quim-split. The hungry knob went the full length of Tracey’s crack before once more reversing itself and slithering don between partially parted labes. It barely touched Tracey’s hole before sliding on by and catching itself in the opening lips of his daughter’s puffy pussy. This time his cock didn’t slide all the way down, but was effectively trapped in Pam’s simmering snatch. As she bounced don, she sucked it into her hot hole, and he felt his prick slide all the way up into her fuck-channel, feeling tighter than ever because of Tracey’s weight on her. Equally thrilling was the feel of Tracey’s ass against his belly as he wildly pumped into his daughter’s cock-crushing hole. Had he been able to bend double, he would have licked his niece’s asscrack each time her tight little pair of buns came bouncing up. As it was, he had to settle for the feeling of those cheeks against his belly.

His thumping cock screwed into his daughter’s cunt a good eighteen strokes before he yanked it out, much to his daughter’s chagrin, and managed to stuff it into Tracey’s fiery furnace. Tracey’s snatch was also tight, but, not having as much weight on her as Pam, it seemed to be the littlest bit easier to slide into. He stroked back and forth wildly and Tracey all but screamed it felt so good. Her mouth was still stuck to Pam’s, kissing the heavier girl all the more violently. Her swollen clitoris burned with the ache to come, and now she felt her uncle’s hot and heavy prick running in and out of her sucking cavern, and she felt an orgasm starting to rise.

Her uncle was all ready to pull his pounding prick from his niece’s cunt and return it to his daughter’s furnace like hole when Tracey yanked her mouth from Pam’s and cried, “Don’t take it out, Uncle! Please don’t take it out! I’m almost there!”

As if to confirm her cousin’s plea, Pam said, “Keep it in Tracey, Dad. Let her enjoy the come.”

Wahl, with two writhing, plunging, churning female bodies beneath him, was more than willing to oblige. He stuffed his blistering prick deeper and deeper into Tracey’s clinging box, pounding into her wildly now, madly flexing his hips forward and screwing as far into her hole as he could go. Tracey’s entire body began tightening, her arms and legs becoming stiff boards as her boiling pussy rubbed itself raw against Pam’s pouting pouch of cunt. Her own cunt-hole squeezed her uncle’s vigorously pounding pole as the orgasmic sensations welled up inside her. It was as if a two-hundred-twenty-volt line had been plugged directly into her exploding pussy and a bolt of lightning struck her clitoris. She bounced and writhed wildly, screaming aloud. Fortunately it was mid-morning, and most of the neighbors had already gene to the beach.

Tracey’s arms held Pam all the more tightly as her crotch spiraled against her cousin’s, tugging the locked-in prick with it. Then, slowly, little by little, Tracey began to relax, and the sensation of her uncle’s pounding prick made her oversensitive.

“Now Pam,” she gasped. “Now finish Pam.”

Ira Wahl needed no further encouragement. He yanked his burning rod from his niece’s stewing pussy and plugged it instantly into his daughter’s anxious nookie. The pressure of Tracey’s swelling clit rubbing against her own had built Pam up to the point of readiness, and the instant her father jammed his flaming meat into her hole, she felt her own orgasm take hold. She bucked and churned as madly as Tracey had done only minutes before, her thighs reaching up and literally surrounding the two people above her. Wahl had been careful to keep his weight on his palms and knees, realizing he could crush his daughter. Tracey might have been a lightweight, but he certainly wasn’t. He was beginning to feel anxious now, noting the way his daughter’s cunt was cooling off, closing, and unable to take his seething cock without an unnecessary amount of dry friction. He knew he would be hurting the girl, and so he reluctantly pulled out.

Tracey leaped off Pam, turned around, and swallowed her uncle’s burning cock whole, sucking the full length into her mouth and down her throat. Her hand reached under and grabbed his balls, squeezing and crushing as her lips continued their salacious pulling on his boiling meat. Wahl clasped her head with his hands, pressing her face into his groin, ramming his crotch against her nose, letting his curly hairs tickle her.

Pam, seeing her father’s need for an orgasm, rolled off the bed, still feeling the pleasant sensation of her climax, and went around behind her father, pressing her face to his hairy asshole. Her tongue stabbed straight in, and Ira Wahl jumped forward as if someone had rammed a hot wire into his butt.

The action made his heavy knob press into Tracey’s narrow throat, and his hands on her head held her from retreating. The tightness of her gullet ringing his corona was the final thing needed for him to climb his own rainbow. The heavy white geyser came rushing into Tracey’s throat. This time she wouldn’t have to share the gusher with Pam. The jizz was all hers, and she drank every delicious drop of it, sucking and dining until her uncle’s cock was empty.

All three lay face up on the bed after that. They could have gone another two rounds, but with the coming of Harriet, Ira Wahl knew he’d have to save something for his wife. Hell! He knew, Marty was going to crawl into her, but that didn’t mean she would be permanently off limits to him.

“I’ll tell you girls something else that would be nice,” Wahl said. “I don’t think Harriet has ever had the benefit of any kind of female love. She’s been strictly cock-hungry all her life. Since you girls enjoy diddling each other so much, maybe you’ll enjoy getting Harriet in on the fun.”

“I’d love to play with Aunt Harriet,” Tracey acknowledged.

“First we have to get her used to the idea of fucking for more than one cock,” Pam pointed out. “I mean, she has to get used to screwing in front of you, Daddy. While Marty’s putting the prick to her, you have to walk in and join the fun, showing Mom you approve. Then we’ll have plenty of time to get her used to Tracey and me.”

“Starting next week, my own personal vacation will be over, and I’ll be working during the day,” Wahl pointed out. “I’ll be coming back here after work, as I’ve done every summer, but I’m going to miss you girls. Keep working on. Harriet, keep her sharp, and when I get back at night, all three of us will have fun.”

“Don’t worry, Dad,” Pam assured him. “Marty’d be around during the day to keep Mom, Tracey, and me going.”

“Well, Marty is a Wahl,” Ira Wahl acknowledged. “He should have the same natural talent all of us have.”

“He does,” Tracey assured her uncle. “Next to you, Uncle Ira, my brother has the best cock in the world.”

They dressed and waited for Marty to return from his weightlifting. After he had showered and changed, they had lunch, then went to the village and enjoyed an afternoon movie. It was well after four when they got into Ira Wahl’s station wagon and all headed for the airport.

Marty was feeling strange; he was looking forward to seeing his aunt more than ever, knowing he was going to try balling her. He had never looked at her in a sexual way before, but the more he thought about her, the better she seemed. He remembered she had nice, big, solid tits. Pam had assured him her mother’s boobs were still standing up nicely by themselves and needed very little support. She had developed her pectoral muscles and had kept them firm, so even now, at forty, her tits stood up like solid jugs.

Her waist was no fleshier than Pam’s, though Pam’s baby fat would shortly disappear, if only for a short while.

“I just hope she thinks I’m good enough,” Marty kept mumbling.

“Don’t worry,” his sister assured him. “Once you spear her with that great cock of yours, she won’t be able to resist you. You’re a great cocksman, Marty. And you’re getting really experienced. Aunt Harriet will love you.”

So they drove to the airport and waited for the announcement of the arrival of Harriet flight from Europe. Once there, they waited nearly forty minutes before the expected announcement was softly muted over the loudspeakers.

They had to wait another half-hour for Harriet to clear Immigration and Customs, but when she was finally done with them, they ran to her and helped her with her luggage. Marty was the one who carried the heavy steamer trunk and a suitcase by himself, and though he didn’t know it at the time, he was making a more profound impression on his aunt than he’d ever dreamed possible. The sight of her, in tight slacks and a light, pale-blue summer blouse, had made him lick his lips. Her figure was even plusher than he’d remembered. And he noticed her body didn’t shake with fat. Her flesh was firm. Had she offered the slightest encouragement, he might have fucked her then and there, at the airport, in front of everyone, not caring in the least what kind of spectacle he’d be causing.

Harriet noticed Marty had really filled out. He didn’t bulge like the muscle-bound monsters she’d seen winning those annual Mr. America contests, but he was wiry as well as strong. She was already wondering about his cock, curious as to whether it had matured with the rest of him. Yes, he had a nice body all right, and, unlike her husband, Harriet never even considered anything might be wrong in her wanting to fuck the boy. After all, there was no blood relationship. And even if there had been, her sterilization of more than a year ago would prevent her bearing any unwanted bastards. And according to what her daughter and niece were telling her as they drove to the summer cottage, Harriet understood Marty had some friends who were as muscular as he. Perhaps this was one summer that wouldn’t be wasted after all. She had never fucked someone younger than herself until she’d met Eric Carr, and he had shown her that youth was sometimes more than a substitute for experience, especially poor experience. Her nephew was even younger, and he was certainly better built. He had the same blood coursing through him as her husband, and in all the world there was no better fucking partner than Ira. It had taken her many yean to ascertain this, and though she would go on searching, she had come to accept the simple fact of her husband’s superior cockamanship.

Without realizing Marty had plans to ball her, Harriet Wahl began making plans of her own. As had been so aptly pointed out time and again, a person had only one life to live. And sex made up only half the years of that person’s life. It was get it while one could, or not get it at all. And a good cock was a good cock, no matter whose it was. If she’d had a son and he’d proven to be his father’s equal, she knew she’d be letting him fuck her long, hard, and proper by now.

When they finally got to the cottage, Harriet headed straight for the shower. She wanted to wash the grime and sweat of travel from her body. Then she put on a light summer dress and went to the kitchen where supper had already been prepared by the two girls. Everyone was giggling and smiling, and Harriet seemed to sense a conspiracy, though she couldn’t figure what it was all about.

“I’m going to find a poker game,” Ira Wahl announced when the evening meal was over. “I’ll be back around midnight.”

The two girls, along with Marty, announced they were going to watch some television, and invited Harriet to join them. She thanked them but refused, saying she was tired and wanted to make an early night of it. This was also her way of telling her husband his cock had better be ready in the morning, because by then she’d be in the mood for some fancy fucking.

She went to the bedroom she would be sharing with Ira, undressed, and slipped her luscious, nude torso beneath the sheets. She hadn’t realized just how tired she was, because she was almost instantly asleep.

After a while, she didn’t know bow long, she suddenly realized she was dreaming. That she knew it was a dream meant she was on the very threshold of awakening. But it was such a nice dream. She dreamed of an unknown lover pressing his solid, tantalizing body against hers from behind. It wasn’t Ira’s body, because there was no potbelly. She could feel the flat expanse of stomach molded to her spine as his thighs rubbed against her asscheeks. It certainly wasn’t the body of Lord Carr. Eric had had a thin, almost ungainly body. The one pressing against hers was very muscular and powerful. It was a nice feeling, with his hand rubbing her quickly watering quiff from behind, making her part her thighs so he could reach into her twat that much more easily. It was really nice. She could feel his hot breath in her ear. My, it was so nice she was tempted to drift further off into sleep again. The comfort of the dark room made her feel good and for a short while she did drift off again.

Some short time later, she had no idea how long, she felt the hand rubbing through her pussy hair from the rear, the wrist pressed into her slick, peach-shaped cuntlips. A finger as pressing against her wakening cunt. Oh, God, yes! That was really nice. This was the kind of dream one should always have. Mmmmm! It all felt so exceptionally good. And then she felt the thickness of his knob as it poked between her thighs, parting her gash, the fullness of it, lengthwise and widthwise running longer than the full length of her steaming silt. Automatically she pressed her butt backward while parting her thighs, giving the prick better access to her pussy.

Mmmm, but it was really good. Harriet felt all easy and yielding in the center of this wonderful dream, her muscles still completely relaxed even though the swelling head of the moving prick began seeking the direct entrance to her anxious cunt.

Her head pressed more deeply into the soft pillow as she sighed, feeling gentle hands caress and rub the full mounds of her round butt, after which they slowly eased up to her waist, lightly rubbing and massaging the entire time, making her body a repository of live erogenous zones. Fingers slid beneath her body, moving higher until she felt them press her right nipple. And then the nipple was in the palm of the hand attached to the fingers. The palm pressed against her heavy teat, rubbing circularly, rousing her nipple from the sleep she was enjoying, making it grow, swell, and enlarge. Harriet sighed again, hoping the dream had a long way to go.

The tip of his long cock pushed a little more insistently at the opening between her cuntlips, and Harriet suddenly sensed a truly ecstatic thrill as she pushed back and felt the knob begin to actually move into her hole. She writhed a little to help it slide in. Mmmm!

Oh, yes, this was a nice cock, all right. It was thick, though not quite as thick as Ira’s. Harriet slid its full length into her soaking, clinging box, and she could feel how long it was. The cock was definitely longer than Ira’s, though not the eight or nine inches for which she had hoped. Hell! It was her dream. Why wasn’t that damn cock as long as she had wished it to be?

She could feel the hand on her tit, still pressing the palm into her nipple while slowly rotating, and then she felt another hand pressing on the curve of her belly. He pulled her belly towards him, pressing her round butt into his thighs as he rammed his dong deep into her burning cunt until she could feel the weight of his nuts rubbing against the backs of her thighs. Even the hair on the balls felt unreal, sort of wispy and youthful.

Warmth flooded through her body as she realized she was really enjoying the fuck. But it had to be a dream, because in real life only Ira could make her react so acutely. The burning cock she dreamed inside her snatch was really different from all the others. This was an anxious cock. It had a burning appetite built into it, and though it wasn’t as long as she’d wanted it to be, she could still feel the heavy tool reaching way up into her hole, tunneling through her cunt until it could go no farther.

The prick eased back, then worked its way in again. It eased out once more, than wedged its bullet-shaped point in again, thrusting powerfully into the grasping tenderness of her sucking pussy. In again out again, in again out again, in and out, back and forth, reaching, puking, and shoving. Harriet moaned out loud, hearing her voice echo through the dark bedroom.

For an instant she was frightened the children watching TV in the living room would hear her, even if the fucking was a dream.

Oh, this was good, really good. It had been two weeks since she had felt anything this good. Her husband was the only one with the ability to arouse her this much. Even so, it was different. It just didn’t have the feel of Ira’s fat, heavy cock. And even in a dream, if the sensations she felt were similar to these aroused in her by her husband, then the cock moving inside her cunt should certainly feel the same, no matter how different she wanted it to feel. Ira’s had been the only truly great prick she had ever enjoyed, yet here was one making her feel really good. But it felt so entirely different. It moved within her rolling sheath in a different way.

Her eyes suddenly opened and she stared into the darkness. The plunging motion of the pistoning fullness within her was still there. She could feel the sensitivity of her swollen clitoris, enlarged because of whatever it was she realized really was inside her pussy. It was a cock. It definitely was a cock! Its full, velvety length was stretched all the way up into her steaming hole. And it was definitely churning in and out again and again.

She was wide-awake now, and that fabulous pecker was doing one hell of a job fucking her tight pussy, stabbing and withdrawing. And there was no doubt about the fact that someone’s hot breath was panting against the nape of her neck, and the hands holding her tit and stomach were real, strong, solid hands, the fingers clutching her flesh as if in desperation. A hairy crotch slammed into the bouncing cheeks of her butt as he anxiously sought to ram his striving meat deeper in the tight, crushing confines of her frothing snatch.

“Who is it?” she asked, almost afraid. “Who is it?”

But the overpowering sense of wonderment she felt as his screwing cock continued ramming into her fuck-hole kept her from being frightened. Her sweet, sticky pussy almost sang with delight as his hard meat continued knifing in and out of her tight twat.

Reaching between her thighs, her fingers felt the heavy sac of wrinkled balls. She felt them fill her palm to overflowing and caressed them as the solid prick continued nailing itself into her quim.

Suddenly she tugged her fingers away, stiffening with near fright. The balls she felt were definitely not Ira’s, and who else would have the nerve to fuck her in her own bedroom? But even as she thought about it, the long, hard cock inside her cunt was bringing her to the brink of an all-consuming, powerful, thrilling orgasm. The sensation filled her from top to bottom as only Ira’s cock had been able to do, making her asscheeks clench in thrilling ecstasy.

“Oh, Christ!” she heard the masculine voice behind her say. “Oh, Christ! I’m coming, I’m coming!”

And as the liquid fire began spouting thickly and heavily into her tightened twat, Harriet realized she recognized the voice. She knew it as well as that of her daughter’s or her niece’s. Hell! It was the voice of the one person she had planned to seduce ever since returning that afternoon. But she didn’t want to think about voices at that particular point in time. She didn’t want to think about anything or anyone as her mind whirled and her cunt devoured the flood of burning spunk continually emptying into it. This was it! This was the cock for which she had been searching these many years. It was the one prick equal to that of her husband’s. Ira’s was the more experienced prick, though much of that experience had been garnered on her. Yet this rod had a natural movement to it that reminded her very much of the quality of her husband’s mighty cock. This dick was longer, though not quite as thick, which was good, because she definitely didn’t want it to feel the same. She wouldn’t ever confuse one with the other. There would always be that difference, enough to make her really enjoy both cocks.

“Marty,” she whispered as the sensation in her burning cunt began to cool. “What are you doing here?”

If he thought he could get away with fucking her this easily, he might try dominating her, and Harriet intended remaining the boss. She had to appear the dignified, outraged aunt. Certainly at this point she couldn’t reveal to him her intent of fucking him. He would feel taken aback, perhaps somewhat ashamed, but she would let him know that if he came begging for cunt, he would get it every time, because, as his loving aunt, she had to protect him from other women in the summer neighborhood, especially the prostitutes who played for pay and carried all kinds of diseases.

“Marty,” she whispered, chastising him with her voice. “What you did just now wasn’t right. You know that. Now, if you behave, leave quietly, I won’t tell anyone you were ever here.”

“Leave?” Marty asked, his voice sounding more than a little amused. “Not a chance, Aunt Harriet. You and I are just beginning. You’re a very desirable woman. I can understand Uncle Ira’s having the hots for you. I have them myself. I’ve been dying to fuck you ever since we picked you up at the airport. I could hardly wait for Uncle Ira to leave. The girls are still watching TV, and they have no idea I’m in here, but if you raise your voice, you could always call them in so they can see us together for themselves.”

“Marty, you know this isn’t right.”

“Who says? I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it, and that’s all that really counts, isn’t it? I could tell the minute my cock was in your hot, squirmy pussy, you loved every second of it, so don’t give me any stories about it not being right. I’ve been wanting that cunt of yours until I thought I’d burn up. Well, tonight I got into it, an it was something we both enjoyed, so don’t hand me anything about how it wasn’t right. It was very right.”

“But I’m your aunt…”

“Who has one of the hottest boxes in the whole world. And I’m going to use that box every chance I get.”

“But what about your Uncle Ira?” she asked, turning to face him, automatically holding him against her large, heavy jugs.

“Uncle Ira’s a reasonable man,” Marty assured her. “He loves you, and he knows I love you. He’d only want what’s best for you. And my cock is definitely among those things that are best for you.”

“You have it all figured out, don’t you?”

“Aunt Harriet, before long, I have the feeling Uncle Ira and I will be sandwiching you between us.”

What a thought. What a fantastic thought! To Harriet it was the essence of a dream come true. The two best pricks in the world inside her at the same time. What more could a woman want?

Her hands automatically ran through his hair as he pressed his lips to her nipples, first the right one, then the left one, sucking, sipping, licking, nibbling, making the rubbery tips enlarge with sensitivity. She was too busy thinking about what could happen with both cocks to take notice of what was actually happening at that moment. Marty’s face slid along her belly, his tongue dotting points of sensuousness all the way his powerful hands cupped the cheeks of her full, round ass as his tongue slithered through the dark hedge of her crotch and his lips closed around the sopping gash of her cunt, still leaking his secretions. Odd, but semen mixed with female pussy syrup tasted exciting to Marty, and not nearly as revolting as he might have believed.

“Marty!” she almost screeched, abruptly aware of his mouth at her flooded gash. “What do you think you’re doing now? Marty, stop…”

And that was as far as she got as he sighed into her pussy-split, his mouth sucking at those moisture-laden lips of her full cunt, his nose and checks pressing strongly against her tantalizing muff. She felt the hot, inward plunging of his tongue as it reamed into her twat, and she realized he was almost as good as her husband when it came to muff-diving. He was a member of the family in every way, his tongue sluicing the honey from her boiling box, lapping her ultra sensitive pussylips, and there was no way she would have been able to stop him, even if she wanted to, which she plainly did not.

His lapping tongue licked her cuntlips again and again as her heavy flow of cunt-cream drained into his wide-open mouth. He pulled her sensitive labes into his mouth, applying his tongue to her weeping quim as if it were a solid prick, running it in and out of her vibrating channel. At one point he merely opened his mouth as wide as he could and sucked as much of her juicy cunt into it as possible. He all but swallowed it as he moved the tasty flesh around in his mouth before ultimately releasing it and slicing his tongue right back into the steaming center of her flaming snatch.

The flat of his tongue found the nutlike hardness of her aching cunt. He pressed down hard, sucking the tiny spike between his lips, and finally between his teeth, where he applied just enough pressure to make his aunt sigh.

Harriet’s hands had automatically gone to Marty’s head, holding it in place to better enjoy his cunt lapping. His voracious appetite for her pussy was matched by her heavy passion for his lips and tongue. She wanted more. And more she got.

Harriet couldn’t restrain herself any longer. Gritting her teeth, she rammed her sopping cunt hard against his working mouth and felt his teeth rub her quivering clitoris. Her belly began heaving in and out, squirming and writhing, her ass gripped tightly by her nephew while he fed at her seething gash.

“Eat it!” she finally gasped, releasing her emotions, baring them for her nephew to see. “Eat my cunt till it’s dry! Eat and eat and eat. God! What a mouth you have. What a cunt-eating mouth you have!”

His lips once again surrounded the nub of her button like cunt as he sucked with insane abandon. He sipped so strongly Harriet was willing to swear she felt her soul pulled out from her shimmering pussy. And as he sucked and chewed, his tongue continued wildly licking the very tip of her throbbing passion-button.

“Hush!” she groaned, and suddenly she came, violently bouncing with his face still glued to her burning pussy, spraying shot after shot of thick, heavy liquid into his gobbling mouth.

He drank, drank, and drank some more, and was still looking to drink even more when she grabbed his hair and ripped his face from her heaving cunt.

“No more,” she begged. “No more, Marty. I’m oversensitive. I need time to recover.”

“Sure,” he told her, his face glistening with a mixture of perspiration and cunt juice. “Rest all you want while you suck me off.”

“Things are moving a little too quickly!” she chastised. “I think we ought to slow down. I can go down on you next time.”

“Shit on that,” Marty told her. “My cock needs a blow job right now. So get your lovely ass over here, Auntie, and wrap your tongue around my hot pole.”

He moved forward as she sat up, rising to his feet and shoving his solid meat towards her face. The sticky juice seeping from the eye of his burning prick dripped onto her. Her tongue came out and licked it up, tasting the delicious oiliness and muskiness of it. Automatically, her lips formed into a tight oval as his throbbing cock began pushing into the ring formed by them. The pulsing knob slipped behind her lips, her tongue touching the still-leaking tip, and Marty immediately knew he was in for a super blowjob. Not that his sister and cousin weren’t good enough, but now he was going to get it from the cocksucker who really knew how to do it.

“God, but you look great,” he told her, admiring the way her face looked with her mouth surrounding the fleshy poker he was pressing into it.

Harriet stared at the dark, short, curling hairs of the boy’s crotch, breathing in the clean scent of his masculinity, mingled with the scent of her recently plundered cunt. “Suck my cock good, Aunt Harriet,” Marty whispered. “I’ll bet you can really do one helluva job, too.”

Harriet cupped the boy’s youthful nuts in her palm. She could feel the knobby dome of his pulsing cock running past her teeth now as he tried ramming it in deeper. Her tongue was automatically licking the spongy helmet, wrapping itself around the coronal rim, and feeling the sensitive edge for herself. Thunder seemed to sound somewhere inside her, touching every sensual point of her shuddering body. Oh, this was a good cock! It had a nice, clean, solid shape to it, ramrod stiff and unbending, much like her husband’s slightly shorter, thicker prick. Yes, it was a wonderfully suckable piece of meat, and it would be a shame if she didn’t do full justice to it.

Slurping, she tugged her nephew’s strong, hard rod deeper into her mouth, feeling it rub against her throat. When the throbbing knob tried pushing its way into her gullet, she gagged for an instant and pulled back. Then she took a deep breath, relaxed her esophagus, and went all the way against him, sucking his tool in to the hairy root. And then she began salivating all over it as she strong sucked and chewed, eating his meaty cock as if it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. Her head bobbed back and forth with avid strokes.

Christ! Marty was ready to go completely out of his mind. Her leeching lips and suctioning throat were applying unbelievable pressure to his white-hot prong. And the way her fingers were tightly gripping his balls made him fear his circulation would be cut off if she didn’t ease the pressure.

She was on her knees on the floor now, and little by little fell back, first onto her ass, propping herself up on her arms, and then on her elbows, pulling his body lower and lower, until she was finally flat on the floor with only a pillow to raise her head. His knees were on the floor, too, on either side of her head as he began hotly ramming his iron-hard cock into her throat, fucking her mouth wildly. The cheeks of his ass sat on her full, pillow tits, cushioned by the heavy flesh, aroused by the touch of her nipples. He fell forward himself now, hovering over her face with his cock fully inserted into her gnawing mouth. His knees and his elbows took his weight as he began fucking into her mouth with the same vigorous intensity he had used to plough into her squishy cunt. She was giving him head like neither his sister nor his cousin had, though he suspected they would eventually catch up to his aunt. It was just a question of time and experience.

She chewed on his throbbing meat, sucking the solid dome and chewing on the plunging rod, even biting at the root. And when he seemed to be tiring and letting up, her fingernails drove into his ass, making him buck all the harder and faster, shoving his pipe like cock deeper and deeper into her throat, exciting her to a fever pitch.

And then his knob expanded all the more and he was shooting great, ropy gout of hot, steaming jizz down her eager throat as she avidly drank, sucking until she totally emptied his balls. Only then did he withdraw.


Lying on the floor, her mouth full of her nephew’s cock, Harriet let her senses return to reality. She suddenly realized the dark room was lit up, and she and Marty were no longer alone. Gasping, she pushed Marty off and stood up. Looking around, she saw her husband, her daughter, and her niece, all standing against the wall, applauding her performance with Marty. And like Marty and herself, the three were totally naked.

“My God!” she asked. “What’s going on here?”

“Sex, my love,” Ira Wahl answered. “Lots and lots of sex. While you were in Europe seeking your ideal cock, I was here with your daughter and your niece, learning how absolutely delicious it was to have my dick buried in such young meat.”

“Ira!” she almost screamed. “Are you actually admitting you’ve had sexual intercourse with our daughter?”

“I had to seduce him, Mother,” Pam spoke up. “He’d have never gotten into the groove otherwise, and I do mean literally into my groove.”

“But this is awful,” she muttered. “Incest, I mean.”

“You mean what, dear?” Ira laughed. “You’re as addicted to sex as any of us. We’ve merely shucked our inhibitions about whom we would indulge with. And you’ve gotten rid of yours, as well. Marty has always been more like a son than a nephew to you. I have no doubt I’ve fantasized about making it with your son when he fucked you. Don’t bother denying it. It wouldn’t sound right coming from you.”

“But you and Pam?”

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” he laughed.

“Come on, Aunt Harriet,” Tracey said, approaching the older woman. “Face it! We fuck because we like it. We keep it among ourselves simply because we know no one else around is as good. We were watching Uncle Ira humping a pretty blonde last week, and we know for a fact she wasn’t nearly as good as either Pam or myself, and she was very good. So if fucking in the family is so good, why should we bother going out of the family?”

“Tracey and I are on the Pill, Mom,” Pam said. “So there isn’t any worry about pregnancy. And it’ll be a long time before either of us will be ready to think of settling down and getting married. Why should we keep our pussies empty all that time? And why risk going to a stranger for a fuck when the two best cocks in the world are right here, in this cottage? We know there are a lot of other things to do, but isn’t it nice to be able to come home at night and know a good stiff prick is waiting to be buried inside us?”

Harriet looked from one to the other, then finally shrugged and said, “I guess you’re right. Lt sounds crazy, but it’s too logical for me to argue with the four of you. Are you sure you all want it this way?”

“Positive,” the others chorused.

“Well then, I guess there’s nothing to do but agree. But I’m too worn out to do anything more tonight.”

“I am, too,” Marty agreed. “It’d really take me a while to build another hard-on, and though I know it’d be a lot of fun, I don’t think sex should be forced.”

“You’re right,” Ira agreed. “The two of you go to sleep in here. I’ll take the girls and fiddle with them for a while in their bedroom before we go to sleep. In the morning we can have one huge orgy.”

And that was exactly what happened. At nine o’clock the next morning, Ira Wahl, his daughter Pam, and his niece Tracey came back to the master bedroom where Harriet and Marty were just waking up. They decided to have breakfast first, after which everyone showered, and then they all returned to the master bedroom where fresh sheets were put on the bed.

Ira Wahl lay down on the bed, his cock already half-hard. His daughter went over, and in full view of her mother, took the solid piece of meat between her sucking lips and proceeded to tongue it wildly until her father’s prong stood rampantly ready. Harriet, who thought it might bother her to watch her daughter go down on Ira, decided the sight was strangely thrilling and arousing.

Tracey and Marty led her to the bed, and Harriet squatted over her husband’s thick cock, feeling the knob tickle the already-leaking slice between her labes. Slowly, very slowly, she let herself down until her snatch was filled with the heavy thickness of her loving husband’s weighty prong. He grunted with pleasure as his wife’s silken box made contact with his throbbing prick.

“Harriet, love,” Wahl whispered, “you still have the greatest cunt of them all.”

“And don’t you ever forget it,” his wife reminded, grinding her cunt around his stiff cock.

“You’re terrific all right, Aunt Harriet,” Tracey told her, smiling and squeezing her aunt’s nipples.

“You’ve had a lot of practice these past two weeks,” Harriet smiled, enjoying the way the youngest member of the group was playing with her full tits.

She was already riding slowly up and down, thrilling to the way the fat, hard dick worked inside her. Marty’s cock had been a great experience, but she was thankful she always had her husband’s again. What a marvelous cock. What a fatuous piece of solid meat. With each raising and lowering, she was already touching electric nerves in her ultra sensitive corridor of cunt. Each sparkling contact sent little shivers of thrilling rapture through her torso. It was wonderful to feel her husband’s weighty prick fucking her cunt again.

She was enjoying herself so much, she almost totally forgot about the others. Wild tingles raced through her nervous system, and she began humping her crotch into his groin all the more vibrantly.

Tracey bent her head and began sucking on her aunt’s nipple, and was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure escaping from Harriet’s tightly closed lips. Pam walked around to the other side and began sucking on her mother’s other nipple. And all the while Harriet was rotating her seething cunt around her husband’s burning cock, wriggling end bunching as her anxiety increased. She was losing herself utterly and completely to this wonderful pleasure.

And then, almost shockingly, she became aware of Marty directly behind her, his hot belly pressing against her round, fat buttcheeks. She could feel his long, heavy cock trying to press into the sweaty crease between those full, round buns. She was instantly aware of what he intended doing, and it thrilled her. It was happening just as she’d daydreamed. She was going to get fucked by the two greatest pricks in the world! She felt her arousal increase as the lengthy dong slid between the cheeks of her ass, aiming for the tight, crinkly bung.

“Do it, Marty!” she urged, leaning forward, forcing herself to sit still on her husband’s burning prick. “Aim right and push your cock in my asshole!”

Marty spread her asscheeks wide, and slammed the thick knob of his prong against her puckered hung. Harriet squealed with delight, keeping her ass muscles as loose as possible, but Marty’s bumping into her moved her slightly, and even Ira’s hands gripping her waist couldn’t hold her perfectly still.

Tracey gripped her aunt around the waist with her arms, while Pam put both hands on her mother’s shoulders, locking her into place. Then Harriet felt Marty spearing his prick forward, shoving into her shitter. Her sphincter valiantly resisted, but it was to no use. Marty applied heavy pressure, and the knob slowly sank in her bung. There was a squishy sound as his steel-hard dick squeezed into his aunt’s asshole. A thin membrane of flesh separated the two cocks as each now began pressing against the other, and Harriet, for the first time in her life, experienced a new sensation. She had been so certain there were no new sexual pleasures to enjoy, but now, with the twp pricks moving through her hot cunt and tight ass, each feeling pressure from the other, all her senses suddenly became that much more enhanced. Marty’s cock was much thicker than Eric Carr’s, and she felt her bung stretching. Had there been no pressure from her husband’s cock, now jabbing inside her burning pussy, the stretching of her asshole would never have felt as it had. She felt as if the pressure would tear her in two.

A thrilling ache followed the probing of the cock as it drilled deeper and deeper into her ass. The way Marty’s prong seemed to rasp into her, scraping the tight walls of her ass, made it feel as if it was dragging her husband’s solid meat deeper into her seething pussy.

The tight sheath of her ass slowly but surely began to widen, yielding under the heavy, insistent pressure of Marty’s pushing cock. To Marty, who had never experienced something like this, the pressure was even more delightful. His uncle’s prick forced the separating membrane lightly against his, making progress all the more difficult and delightful. He had to work for every little inch. He groaned and shoved, forcing, her elastic asshole to stretch enough to admit the full length of his plunging cock. Each advance was followed by a slight backing off before he once again plundered forward, ultimately filling her entire butt with his dick.

“It hurts a little,” she muttered, “but it’s such a nice hurt.”

Marty began undulating his hips, pushing back and forth with long, hard strokes. At the same time Harriet began riding her husband’s white-hot rod, positive something inside her would eventually split if she continued this hazardous movement. But nothing gave, and she continued riding, feeling greater and greater enjoyment with each passing second.

The feeling of being locked between the two males was becoming more and more overpowering. She was experiencing fantastic blistering of carnal enjoyment, making her bounce and slam into bet husband’s groin with savage fury.

“Christ! You’ll kill me if you keep this up!” He announced.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t keep it up,” Harriet replied.

“I’ll help keep him stimulated,” Tracey announced, and straddled her uncle’s face, pushing her damp quim into his mouth, thrilling as his tongue automatically thrust up into her blazing honeypot and licked out all the viscous juice. It made Wahl heave his crotch up all the harder against his wife’s pumping cunt, thrilling to the sensation of inner pressure coming from Marty’s long prick riding in and out of Harriet’s asshole.

Harriet had to bend over slightly to keep Marty’s fat cock pinned deep in her ass, and in doing so, her mouth found itself on a level with Tracey’s firm, chocolate-tipped tits. Though she had never sucked on a woman’s tit before, Harriet’s mouth automatically opened and pulled the fat nubbin of nipple between her lips, sucking and licking it with the tip of her wet tongue. Tracey sighed and pressed her twat even harder against her uncle’s working mouth, swamping him with her juices, making his tongue lick all the faster. This, in turn, made him hump his cock all the harder up into the seething cunt, and Harriet squeezed her muscles that much more tightly, applying pressure to the cock in her pussy, as well as the ramrod plunging in and out of her ass.

“No one’s leaving me out of this,” Pam announced.

She climbed up on the bed and stood with her calves on either side of her mother’s bent-over back, shoving her own pussy directly into Marty’s face. He had to lean forward a little to get to her pungent gash, but his mouth reached it and his tongue licked into the hot slice, slurping out the dripping cream, drinking it down his throat. All the while his cock continued slamming hard into his aunt’s asshole, thinking of her as a pleasurable extension of his dick to be used for his own enjoyment as his mouth continued gobbling Pam’s delicious pussy-flesh.

This is insane, Harriet thought to herself. She could feel her daughter’s thighs surrounding her hips as the girl continued thrusting forward, washing Marty’s face with her sopping beaver. Marty, while still gobbling, was ramming his heavy skewer into Harriet’s delighted asshole. And the deeper it thrust, the thicker it seemed to swell, putting more and more pressure on the membrane separating Harriet’s ass from her pussy channel. The pressure was communicated to Harriet’s seething cunt, which tightened its already strange hold on Ira Wahl’s fat cock, and he thought it was about to snap off at the base where her pussylips seemed to grip tightly now.

The continued squeezing on Wahl’s cock made him suck his niece’s cunt with greater ardor, and Tracey, in turn, gripped Harriet’s head tightly, making Harriet suck the girl’s rubbery spike of nipple all the harder. For more than a minute the quintet remained in that position, feeling building higher and higher in all of them.

Harriet, having her two holes well filled, as well as her mouth clogged with her niece’s tit, was the first to finally come. The orgasm began rocketing through her like a series of machine-gun bullets, one after the other, each one carrying her to a slightly higher peak until, unable to stand it any longer, her mouth dropped Tracey’s nipple as she screeched, jamming Tracey’s entire tit inside to keep the sound from being heard. Her arms tightened around Tracey’s body as her thighs clenched her husband all the more tightly between them, causing fantastic pain in the fat male rod with the pressure of her cuntlips. Her asshole tightened even more, preventing Marty from moving as her orgasm smashed through her, and she squirmed and twisted, tugging the two with her, constantly increasing the pressure on both.

It proved too much for both men, and the two came off together, Marty blasting hot jizz into his aunt’s crushing asshole while Wahl shot a load of burning cream into her cunt. And the joint splashing of the fiery spunk made Harriet’s orgasm even more intense. Fortunately for both men, their cocks were beginning to soften, and though Harriet’s asshole still locked Marty’s dick into her, and her cunt crushed the flagging tool of her husband, the pressure seemed much less intense to both men, each of whom was blessedly shooting his load as fast as possible, while still tasting female snatch.

Pam, slightly more sensitive than Tracey, was the next to come, pumping her pussy juice into Marty’s face, completely soaking her cousin’s eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks. And Tracey came before her female cousin had finished, unleashing gallons of lubricant into her uncle’s face, inundating it.

When it was all over, Harriet and Ira Wahl lay on the bed, while the three teen-agers lay on the floor near the bed, all five too weak to move. But even as strength began to slowly ooze back into their drained bodies. “We have to try that same thing but with me in the middle.”

“Lots of time,” Ira Wahl gasped. “As for me, I’m going to the beach today and soak up some strength from the sun. If I don’t, you three women’ll kill me in less than a week.”

“I’m with you, Uncle Ira,” Marty agreed, and the two donned bathing suits, grabbed towels, and slowly dragged their feet off in the direction of the beach.

“Don’t worry,” Harriet assured the two girls. “Those two men have a lot of energy left in them. I foresee the wildest summer any of us has ever enjoyed.”

The three females smiled and looked out the window at the retreating forms of the Wahl men. Then they all lay down on the bed together to rest, knowing the men would have to come home, eventually.

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