My Best Friend Jessica

By 11 o’clock, we were both snug in bed – Jessica in her own double
bed against wall with me laying on a smaller twin-size bed on the other
side of the room. I had spent so much time at Jessica’s house over the
last four years that her father had decided to put a small bed in the room
for me, allowing me a more comfortable night’s sleep.
By the time 11:30 p.m. rolled around, I heard a knock on the window
outside of Jessica’s room. At first, I froze in fear of who could be
knocking – but Jess quickly pounced on the window between us and opened it
“Sshhhhh,” she said in a whisper. “Kim’s sleeping. We don’t want to
wake her up.”
“Sorry,” came a male voice that I recognized as Randy, Jessica’s
on-again, off-again boyfriend. At last count, I recalled, they were on
again so this late night visit shouldn’t have been such a surprise.
I still didn’t move, but rather lay in the bed in the dark as I saw
Randy crawl in through the window. Once Jessica had pulled the shades up,
the streetlight just outside of her house lit much of the room in a
yellowish glow. I could see Jess sitting on the end of her bed, wearing
just a Boston College t-shirt and a pair of blue cotton panties. Randy
was wearing jeans and a button up plaid shirt. I lie still and watched
what transpired.
The second Randy was entirely through the window, I looked on as he
began kissing Jessica on the mouth. Jess wrapped her arms around him and
was kissing back and I could tell through the darkness, their tongues were
engaged in an erotically wonderful dance.
The streetlight shown directly onto Jessica’s bed, allowing me to
lay still in the dark while seeing everything that transpired. I watched
as Randy’s hand slid along Jessica’s ribs and began rubbing her breasts
through the outside of the shirt. I watched as Jessica’s fingers began
fumbling with the button’s on Randy’s shirt.
Finally, Randy just pulled the shirt off the top of his head and then
pulled off Jessica’s, so I could see both of their skins reflected in the
dim light. I could see Randy’s skinny upperbody and the six-pack of
muscles around his stomach. I could see Jessica’s erect nipples sticking
out from her firm 34c chest, brushing against his skin.
I watched as Randy’s hand began moving around Jess’s naked chest and
then slid down her flat tummy and disappear into her underwear. I heard
Jess moan slightly as Randy’s fingers found their mark, somewhere down
near her undoubtedly wet crotch. Jess quickly began fumbling with Randy’s
pants and had them undone, pulling both the pants and his underwear down
In the light, i could see Randy’s penis and was shocked at its size.
He was only 16 – like us – but his cock, not yet fully erect, hung off his
body at least six inches. Jessica quickly took it in her hand and began
stroking it back and forth. Randy stood up and took Jessica’s panties off
and tossed them to the ground, then stood in front of my best friend.
Without missing a beat, Jessica took Randy’s cock into her mouth and began
giving him head, sucking and licking his penis until it stood fully erect
– somewhere around 7 inches and thick. It was the biggest cock I’d seen,
certainly bigger than any I’d ever had.
My own hands, I know noticed, had found their own way to the inside
of my panties and I began touching the outer lips of my vagina and my
moistining clit.
I watched as Jessica sucked Randy’s cock – him standing tall and
naked and her sitting on her bed, his cock going in out of her mouth in
such sweet rhythm. On occcasion, he woudl reach down and touch her
titties, or bend over and put his hand between her legs. Each time, Jess
would moan slightly turning me on even more.
Finally, Randy pulled his cock out of Jessica’s mouth and pushed her
back on the bed. Then he lower his own head, between her legs and began
moving his face around her crotch area, eating her private parts with
exhuberance. In the silence of the evening, I could hear Jessica moan
slightly, saying things like “Oh god, so good” and I could hear her
breathing and the sound of her wetness beging moved around by his tongue.
My own pussy was so wet with enjoyment, I could not believe how much this
turned me on.
After a few minutes of watching Jessica squirmed around on the bed,
Randy finally moved himself up her body, kissing her belly and her tits,
sucking on her nipples and turning her on even more. Then I watched him
lower himself on top of her and I heard her cry out when his big cock
started to enter her young pussy.
What I did next surprised even me. I was getting hot under my own
covers so I acted as though I rolled over in sleep, thereby kicking some
of the covers off of me. Both Jess and Randy froze and looked over at me.
Then, realizing i was “still asleep”, htey continued on – but I meanwhile
lay uncovered wearing only a tank top with no bra and maroon colored
panties. Randy checked out my entire body, before returning his attention
to his girlfriend.
They got quickly in to a rocking motion, two young lovers bulding up
the heat between them. Jessica let out quiet moan after quiet moan out as
Randy slammed his hard cock into her over and over agian. Now totally
uncovered, I returned my hand inside my panties, inserting just one finger
into my vagina, moving it in and out with every thrust between randy and
I heard Jessica plead “fuck me faster” and Randy turned it up a
notch, slamming his body into her at an even faster speed.
“I love your cock” Jessica said as her breahting grew more and more
rapid. “youre going to make me cum.”
As Randy continued to slam his cock into my best friend he looked
over at me and saw my hand in my undewear. He smiled, but said nothing.
Jessica never even noticed, instead just laying there, her legs wrapped
around her boyfriend, enjoying his hard cock inside her.
“OOOH RANDY,” Jessica cried out. “You’re so good. fuck me harder.”
Randy complied, moving his pelvis at an even faster rate. The next
time he looked over at me, i had my hand up my tank as well, feeling my
own erect nipples against my 32b chest. Randy could barely see me in the
light, but he knew what I was doing.
Jessica began breathing even faster and moaning louder as she was
ready to cum. Now, randy too began moaning slightly and su8ddenly both
their bodies arched together and they moaned loudly as Randy’s cock shot
its load of hot sticky cum inside my best friend’s pussy.
Randy collapsed on Jessica and both could be breathing slightly,
although totally relieved of sexual tension. I meanwhile sat up in my
bed, looked over at the two of them and smiled.
“Now maybe I can get some sleep,” I said, smiling.