The Night My Wife And I Got Closer Then Ever

I had just passed my medic test and needed to party. I
planed to take the wife to the stockyards so we could
hit every club on the strip. We arranged for a baby
sitter and a hotel near by. A close friend was getting
ready to go to the Marines. I invited him to join us
for the night and he accepted.

My wife has had fantasy about a threesome with him many
times. We use to talk about him being in bed with us
during sex. Some how it made her hotter than I had ever
seen. At first I found it weird to talk about having
anther man join us. I soon relised that making her
fantasy come true might help with our marriage. She
noticed that during sex when we were talking about him
with us I would get more worked up harder then ever.

Well back to the night we all went out. I had not told
him about my plan for both of us to please my wife that
night. He had been around us for years and even watched
some porno with us. So I new he would go for it. We all
hit the bars and needless to say got really drunk that
night. I watched them dance some and he seemed to get
quit close to her allot.

I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about. When we
got back to the hotel my wife wanted to watch T.V. so I
bought a xxx movie. About 15 min in my wife was really
horny. She keep rubbing my chest, legs, and even got to
my crouch. I was rubbing her some to but not like she
was. I was teasing her trying to drive her crazy. As he
was sitting on the other bed next to us.

I could tell he was stroking his cock under the covers.
When my wife had enough. She jumped up on to my lap and
started kissing me with the most passionate kiss she
ever gave. I pulled off her shirt and let her perfect
36c’s lose into the air. Her breast were beautiful in
the soft light of the T.V. I looked over to see him
starring at us.

My wife leaned down and whispered in my ear how much
being watched was turning her on. The soft touch of her
breast was driving me nuts now. I slide off her panties
and removed the covers in one quick movement. He was
looking right at us and we could feel his eyes on us.

She pulled off my boxers and quickly placed my rock
hard cock to her moist opening of her waiting love
pool. I shoved my dick in her as hard as I could and
she let out a load mown. He has trying to hide the fact
that he has stroking his dick till he heard her. As he
through the covers off ,and jerked hard on his dick was
the first time either of us had ever seen his dick. It
was slightly shorter then mine but just a fat.

I looked into her eyes as I laid her on her back. She
was looking at his rock hard cock. When she looked back
at me I just smiled. Knowing she was living out her
dreams. As we made love there next to him. I moistened
my hand for him to come closer. He needed on other
invitation. He climbed on the bed next to us and slowly
slid his hand over to her breast.

I had never seen her in such bliss then that moment.
While I was moving in and out of her he keep messaging
her chest. She was soon climaxing on my cock and almost
screaming. After she subsided. I moved her over closer
to the side of the bed. He stood up and walked over to
her head. She quickly reached out with her hand and
grabbed hit cock to guide him to her waiting mouth. I
was still on top of her and raised up on my arms to
watch her take all of him in one motion. She had her
eyes closed and clinched the body as if she was cumming

This went on for what seem to be forever. Till I was
about to explode deep in her. I shoved in one more time
till I hit her cervix, and held it there as I flooded
her with what seemed to be a gallon on cream. I slide
out of her and watched them move to his bed. He laid on
his back and she almost jumped on him.

On her way down she placed his dick to her sopping wet
cunt. He quickly raised his hips to shove his dick in
to the hilt. She leaned back and just moaned closing
her eyes. She looked so beautiful riding him with his
hand on her breast bouncing up and down. She can ride a
dick like a pro, almost milking the dick that’s deep in
her pussy. I started to hard again. So I walked over to
them and rubbed her back with my hands.

I tried not to get in their way. He moved his hands
down to her hips. I slid mine to her breast. Just then
she opened her eyes and leaned up to kiss me. It almost
blew my mind kissing my wife while she had another
guy’s dick deep in her pussy. We moved her to her knees
and I let him take her from behind while she sucked my
dick. She had stopped giving me blowjobs a long time
ago. This was great to have her deep thrusting me

He soon was shoving his cock hard into her. Making her
gasp. Which felt so good on my dick. I could tell he
was about to cum. So could as she drove her hips into
him. He grasped her hips and buried his cock as far as
he could. She pulled my Dick from her mouth and let out
an, “Oh My God!” when his body stiffened and he came in

Afterwards, we all remained still for a wile till his
cock slid out of her. My wife and me moved back to our
bed to finish. As she laid on her back facing me. I
slid my dick in slowly. She was so slick I had no
problem going in till our hips touched. Her pussy was
so hot I almost came right then. She was getting really
sensitive by now and was begging for me to come in her.

I slowed to a very slow pump. She couldn’t take it
anymore. She rolled me over and climbed up. I thought
she was going mad. She rode my dick till I thought it
was going to come off in her. When I was about to cum
again. I grabbed her and pulled her down to me.

I whispered in her ear if she needed my cum in her. She
screamed, “Yes! YES!” as loud as she could.

I let loose and exploded deep in her cunt. She screamed
for almost three minuets strait. I was sure we would
get a call from the office. We never did. Since then we
have had more fun and wilder nights. But that’s another