Deana Wets Herself

Deana and her husband Tom lived close by to Ken and
Cynthia’s house. Deana and Cynthia were close
friends as were their children. The two families
frequently got together and did activities together.

Deana noticed that Ken always paid plenty of
attention to her, his eyes seemed to follow her like
radar, and the focus always seemed to be on her
breasts or ass.

Deana was forty-one, but she took care of herself and
was in great shape, although she had the body of a
housewife, not a model. She was about 5 feet tall,
weighed 105 pounds, had dark blonde hair, small
pointy breasts and a fairly large ass.

Ken was older but good looking and seemed to be well
endowed if you could believe the bulge he had in his
jeans and Deana was inclined to believe it! At a
picnic at her house, she and Ken had been drinking
wine out by the fire in the back yard and she had
reached for the bottle and her hand had grazed his
jeans, and she had jumped when she had felt all that
hard meat!

Deana had never achieved an orgasm while having sex
with Tom, her only respite was the few times she
found some alone time and could let herself go as she
fantasised about Ken, dreaming up scenarios when she
lay alone in bed masturbating furiously! Because of
problems with her husband, they rarely made love, and
when they did it was quick and boring.

Deana was determined to remain faithful to Tom, but
her sexual desires had increased as she had gotten
older and she could barely control herself sometimes,
it seemed that there was never enough time for her to
satisfy herself, time to spend alone when no one was

Deana got home from work around 5 on wednesday’s, one
of her daughters was studing at a friends, and having
dinner there tonight, her other daughter had a sleep
over and wouldn’t be home tonight, and her husband
was doing a shift as a volunteer fireman and wouldn’t
be home till midnight. So she knew that she had some
time alone and she would have a chance to masturbate
two or three times before anyone came home.

She went up to the bedroom and started to undress
when the phone rang. Ken wanted to pick up a
computer disc that he had left for her to install on
her computer, could he stop over and pick it up. She
figured that he wouldn’t take more than a couple of
minutes and just seeing him would provide enough fuel
for her fantasies that it would be worth it.

She buttoned her blouse back up again, although she
left the top two buttons undone, she was being a
little racy, although she told herself it was
harmless. Suddenly she heard him knock on the door.
He had gotten there too quickly, he must have called
on his cell. She ran to the door to let him in.

“Hi, Deana, hope you didn’t mind me stopping over on
such quick notice?” Deana could see he was eyeing
her again like he always seemed to do. She didn’t
really mind right now, as she was flushed from coming
home to spend time playing with herself, now all of a
sudden, the object of her sexual daydreams was here
in her foyer.

“I didn’t have time to get your disc, give me a
minute and I will go upstairs and get it!” Deana ran
upstairs to the bedroom and went over to the computer
desk, rummaging through the discs and papers on the
desktop for his CD, when all of a sudden he walked
right in.

“I have it here somewhere”, Deana said. She kept
pawing through the mess, but she could feel his eyes
burning a hole in her ass! Deana felt a tingling
running through her body, and she felt compelled to
bend over the desk and let her ass fight the tight
confines of her slacks! Deana hadn’t played the
tease since high school, and that had only been with
one boy, Tom, her future husband.

Ken must have crept up behind her, because suddenly
he was all over her, rubbing his extremely hard
erection against her full ass, and reaching around to
squeeze her breasts gently as he nuzzled and kissed
her softly on her neck.

Deana closed her eyes for just a second and tried to
drink it all in before she put a stop to this, but it
excited her so much and was already making up a new
fantasy in her mind she could use for fun time as
soon as she got rid of him!

“Hey cut that out!” Deana told him! He spun her
around and bent down and kissed her deeply. Deana
held her lips together for a few seconds, but he
pried them apart and darted his tongue into her
mouth. She kept still briefly, but she was so
excited she opened her mouth and felt his tongue
flutter softly in her mouth, then her tongue answered
his entreatys and started exploring his mouth and
dueling with his rapid oral thrusts!

Ken’s hands slipped down her side, both of them first
grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her up against
his erect member, then he stroked her face as he
continued kissing her, and started fondling her
little perky boobs. She felt tingling in her crotch
as she stood there getting groped and kissed, then
she reached around his backside and squeezed both of
his ass cheeks with both hands as she ground her pant
clad crotch against his hard cock.

Why was she acting like this? She felt so bold, like
she was playing a role, but she was so excited she
could almost scream, in fact her crotch was
lubricating so profusely, it itched like crazy, to
which she again rubbed her mound against him, trying
to put out the fire!

All of a sudden she broke free of his probing tongue,
she ha made a qick decesion and whispered to him, ”
This is the first and last time, do you understand?”.
She had made the decision instantly without even
thinking about the consequences, but her body was
doing the thinking right now. She grabbed his ass
again, crushed her mound against him and thrust her
tongue back into his mouth.

Ken lifted her up and gently deposited her on her
bed. Deana whispered, “Please turn out the light.”
He smiled and unsnapped her pants and tugged them
down. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it
off her shoulders. She again asked him to turn off
the lights. He answered by reaching between her
breasts and unsnapping her bra, freeing her pointy
little breasts. Deana started to panic, but Ken bent
down and rained tiny kisses on her tummy. She calmed
right down, even when he tugged off her panties as he
was kissing her quivering tummy.

Ken slipped off his shirt and pants quickly, and lay
back on her bed, then he hoisted her up and over him,
pulling her on top of his torso, their warm naked
chests rubbing together.

They continued kissing for a little while until Ken
slowly slid Deana off of his chest and back down on
the bed next to him. Deana rolled over on her side
and ran her hand over his chest, following it down
until she came to his crotch. Slowly she brought her
hand up and lightly grasped his cock. As her fingers
closed around its girth she gasped and got up and
leaned over him to look at it, never letting go with
her firm grasp.

“I had no idea it was so large!” she choked as she
stroked its length. His penis had to be 9 or 10
inches long, and extremely thick. She couldn’t keep
her eyes off of it. As she stroked it back and
forth, she couldn’t help thinking how small her hand
looked grasping it!

This whole thing seemed like one of her private
masturbation sessions, especially since this was
happening all in her bedroom! She knew she should
feel guilty, and she probably would later, but now
everything was driven by her throbbing crotch.

Ken rolled over and went back to kissing her tummy
and slowly worked his way down to her pussy. She
immediately became agitated, wishing he had turned
out the light, she felt all exposed and spread out to
view, as her juices wet the sheets. But he kept
slowing rubbing her tummy with his right hand as he
started to tongue her drenched labia.

She moaned as he lapped up her juices and ran his
tongue up and down her swollen lips. She loved that
he didn’t just start chewing on her clit as Tom
always did. That always desensitized her right away,
and she would just coldly wait for Tom to finish.

But Ken was making this a three course meal, and was
still on the appetizer, he continued drinking her
juices and playing with her nether lips lightly as he
continued to stroke her tummy in circular motions.

She was enjoying this tremendously, she started to
stroke his head, pulling him closer to her. Suddenly,
as she felt his tongue flick her clit very lightly,
the itching in her vagina started again. She knew her
juices were flowing now, her crotch was soaked with a
combination of her juices and his saliva. He
continued to gently flick her clit with his tongue,
much as his tongue had dueled with hers before as
they were making out.

She wanted to do more but the feelings that were
building up in her pussy were rendering her
incapacitated, all she could do now was grind her
snatch against his mouth and moan loudly.

All of a sudden the lights almost sparkled as she
started to cum, her orgasm came about her in strong
waves, and she closed her eyes and ground her crotch
on his face as she experienced her first multiple
orgasm. She came 3 times, each one more powerful
than the previous, he seemed to know enough to stop
after her third as she had became very sensitive
after repeatedly cumming.

Tom had always begged her to give him head, but she
had always found a reason why she couldn’t give him a
blowjob, but she suddenly found herself very anxious
to give Ken a blowjob to thank him for the wonderful
oral sex he had just given her.

She lay her head on his chest and stared at the huge
hunk of meat pointed at her. She wet her finger,
then touched the tip with her finger. She moved her
head closer, opened her mouth as wide as she could
and drew most of his head into her mouth. Grabbing
the large shaft with both hands, she started to bob
her head up and down his cock taking a little more
into her mouth each time. Deana took one of her
hands off of his shaft and cupped his nut sack while
she managed to take more and more of his cock, not
just in her mouth, but now into her throat.

Ken started to moan as her movements started to pick
up speed. Deana started snaking her tongue and
licking his dick as she bobbed her head rapidly up
and down his cock. She took the hand that wasn’t
cupping his balls and started to work it up and down.
Her saliva had wet his dick down and was lubricating
her rapid hand movements. She started stabbing her
tongue in the tip of his cock between licks on the
side as she was swallowing almost all of his cock.

Ken’s groans picked up speed as her movements also
sped up, and she continued to alternate between
swallowing his whole cock, licking it and stabbing
the tip with her tongue as she pumped faster and
faster and squeezing his balls.

Suddenly his cock erupted, spewing spurt after spurt
of hot cream as Deana sucked and sucked trying to
swallow the entire load. Her mouth filled up and she
swallowed but there was so much cum it oozed around
his cock head and ran down her chin. She rolled over
on her back, licking the sweet cream from her lips
that she had missed!

Ken lay staring at her ceiling for a minute, then
crawled between her legs and started eating her
again. He slid two fingers in her pussy and started
pumping them in and out while he tongued her vagina
bringing a litany of moans. Her juices were making
squishing sounds as he pumped her, and he rapidly
swirled her clit as he worked her cunt. The fluid
was streaming out of her as Deana started screaming
and cumming, he had brought her again to the brink in
less than two minutes. Deana lay there gasping for
air, her little breasts rising and falling as she
sucked in air and tried to calm herself down.

“Are you ready to do some real fucking?”, Ken said?
“I am ready for anything you want to try!” she said!
Ken crawled up on top of her. His cock was already
rock hard, and bored into her stomach as he held her
head in both hands and started to tenderly kiss her.
Their tongues started to duel as his cock seemed to
grow larger and harder.

Deana said, “I am ready right now, give it to me!”.
She spread her legs and brought her knees up, tilting
her pussy up at him as she pleaded for his cock. Ken
grabbed his shaft and dragged the large head up and
down her wet cunt, all the while making a squishing
sound. After a few passes, Deana grabbed his arm and
pulled it and his cock head into her wet pussy. Deana
held her breath as Ken kept his cock moving and
slowly eased all 10 inches slide in until his fat
balls slapped up against her wet ass. Deana grabbed
his arms and gasped, “Just hold still for a minute.”
She lay there without moving for almost a minute
until she started to squirm, and then started
revolving her hips and pushing against his hard meat.
“C’mon, start moving!” she said.

Deana’s labia clung to his cock with a suction borne
from the extreme tightness of her passage that never
before had such a huge object in it as he slowly
pulled it out till just the large dick head remained
captured by her pussy lips. She followed his
movements by pushing up against him, grabbing his
arms hard as he reached the end of his meat’s travel
trying to prevent him from pulling it out entirely.

Ken started the downward ride, slowly pushing his
meat back in, watching her face as her mouth opened
and sucked in air. He clamped his mouth over hers
and slid his tongue in her mouth aping his repeated
in and out pelvic thrusting, as Deana’s whimpers
slipped out of their connected mouths.

For someone who had only one sexual partner, the man
she had married right out of high school, Deana
fucked like an experienced whore, moaning and
groaning, moving and grinding her hips against him,
as her lubricants streamed down her thighs.

Ken broke their kiss and withdrew his cock from
Deana. She lay there stunned from the loss of their
fleshy connection. He rolled her over on her stomach
and slid an arm under her belly hoisting her up and
raising her big ass up in the air. Ken took one of
his knees and bumped one of her legs spreading her
stance even more. He took his cock and slid it up
and down her wet lips, then lifted it and aimed it at
the tiny lips. He pushed, and for a second her slit
almost resisted, then her flaps folded in on his cock
and he slid into the unresisting passage.

His penis entered her until he bumped into her cervix
making her groan for a second. Deana said, “Take it
easy, in this position you feel even larger than
normal!” They started to slowly fuck, Deana grinding
her ass in circles agaist him as Ken manhandled her
little tits, spinning her nipples like radio dials.
Deana closed her eyes and humped away, as the
sensations built up slowly. Ken picked up speed,
causing the slap slap slap of their groins to
increase. Now he was pummeling her cervix, he
released her tits and firmly grabbed her hips and
increased his speed as he slammed her repeatedly.
Deana felt a warmth spreading through her pelvis,
when all of a sudden, she started cumming. She froze
for a second as the waves washed over her, Ken pulled
out till her labia were clinging to the tip of his
penis, and slammed all 10 inches in, battering her
cervix as he started to cum! Even though she had
inhaled a pint of his cum before when she gave him
head, he injected so much semen in her, that he
filled her cervix, flooded her quivering slit, and
still more squeezed out around the tight suction that
his penis created, leaving a pool of man juice
dripping down her thighs onto the bed!

Deana collapsed on the bed, her head, shoulders and
breasts mashing into the mattress, Ken’s spent body
lying on top of her. Deana thought, holy christ, so
this is what its like! They lie there spooning like
drained lovers for a few minutes, his penis
softening, but still remaining in her tight wet cum
filled passage.

Then Ken rolled over on his side bringing Deana with
him still connected by their swollen sexual organs.
His dick almost fell out of her, but he lifted her
leg and planted her foot on his leg. Then he started
rubbing her furry mound, and drawing circles around
her clit. She put a hand on his hand and let him
know to move slow, her clit was still sensitive.

The fact that she was still ready for him caused his
cock to start hardening and growing in its captured
sheath. He continued to play with her clit lightly
as she tried to push back against his now rock hard
meat. Ken let go of her clit, reached out an grasped
her hand and brought it back to her slippery button.
He now put his hand on hers silently encouraging her
to play with herself. Then he raised his hand to her
little breasts, squeezing them gently, and started
kissing her neck and shoulders.

With the realization that she could play with
herself, and with him watching, it seemed to release
any inhibitions that she might have had with it, and
all of sudden, with no warning she started cumming
again! Ken kept kissing her over and over again as
the waves receded, then he slid his still hard cock
out of her, and pulled her on top of him, kissing her
deeply all the time.

They lay together like that deeply kissing each
other, lost in the their arousal, Ken’s cock standing
up like a pole resting against her ass cheeks. After
a few minutes when Deana had recovered her breath,
she lifted her rump high enough to let his cock wetly
slap against his groin, then lowered herself, letting
her ass sit on its supine length. It was like
straddling a log, she found herself sliding back and
forth on it, enjoying the slide as her labia mashed
and formed a seal on it as she slid back and forth.

Deana broke their kiss and raised herself up, sitting
erect on his rod, working it now with a circular
motion, not bothering to ride the slide any more. Ken
reached up and played with her small breasts large
erect nipples, just barely grazing them. Deana had
always felt a little inhibited about the size of her
breasts, but there was no doubt that Ken was totally
into them. His eyes and hands showed her that he
worshipped them. They were enjoying each others
bodies as they stared into each others eyes.

Suddenly Deana raised one of her legs bringing her up
above him, grabbed his hard hunk of meat, rubbed it
back and forth against her cum dripping slit, and
tried to settle down on it. It bumped against her
pelvic bone painfully, but with another wiggle, it
pried her cum drenched labia apart. She moved her
ass from side to side and started the downward slide,
taking it slowly to enjoy the ride.

It seemed like it took forever, but she finally
settled onto his lap with a little shake of her hips.
She reached down, and rested both her hands on his
chest. Ken reached up and grabbed her face with both
hands, bringing her face down to his, and deeply
kissed her. Deana started to grind his cock in a
circular movement, while they continued to kiss
passionately. Deana could feel her orgasm building
already even though they had just started. It seemed
that in this position, she had infinite control over
the building warmth. Ken watched her eyes close, he
could see that she was on the verge of cumming, and
he reached around in back of her ass, dragged his
index finger up her slit till he bumped into his
cock, bathing his finger in her moisture, then
reached around his dick and slid his finger a knuckle
deep in her puckered asshole.

Deana grabbed his chest painfully, ground her ass
down on his cock and finger and came immediately
screaming out loud, as she continued to pound circles
on his cock! Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, the
finger in her ass, multiplied her pleasure and made
her explode like she had never experienced. At some
point Ken slipped his finger out of her ass, and she
collapsed on him panting like a dog.

Ken knew Deana was his now, their bodies had written
a contract of lust that could not be broken. Ken
still needed to cum, so he slipped out of her, and
rolled her over on her back. He slid down and put
his chin on her pelvis, Deana tried to stop him, she
knew where he was heading, but Ken spun around and
started lapping her pussy from the top to avoid their
cum. Although she was still sensitive she started
responding almost immediately, he then slid one
finger into her wet passage, then followed it with a
second as he worked her clit with gentle little stabs
of his tongue.

Deana reached over and grabbed his cock with both
hands, and started licking his dick head. She opened
her mouth as wide as she could and let him slide his
cock into her throat until his balls bumped against
her lips. It seemed so easy to take him in, she
didn’t know if it was the “69” position, or that she
was so excited! She grabbed his cock at the base and
pulled it out, taking control of the action, letting
it come out of her mouth, his glans pressing against
her lips, then sliding down to his balls. As she
picked up speed, she started adding tongue which she
would let slip out of her mouth and circle his cock’s

He kept eating her as she bobbed up and down on his
rod, but he could feel a tickle in his balls that
told him to either stop this, or ride it out and cum.
He removed his face from her juicy thighs, and pulled
his cock out of her oral sheath. She reluctantly
released his dick, she had quickly grown a taste for
sucking dick, she love watching the effect she had on

He reversed himself and planted his knees between her
spread thighs. He hooked his hands under her knees,
lifted her up and slid first one, then a second
pillow under her ass. Her shoulders were resting on
the bed, her ass pointed up at a crazy angle. He
didn’t have to prime her pussy like before, the
height of her slit was almost the same as his
extended cock. He just leaned forward, pushed hard
at the tiny closed lips and they spread and popped
open as her mouth had just opened to admit him. The
time for subtly was over, he slammed his cock as hard
as he could. He could see her belly button bulge as
his balls smacked her ass. He continued to slam her
hard and fast as she clawed his chest trying to grab
on to him. He could see that she was adrift without
any bodily contact other than their connected groins,
so he reached under her ass and removed the pillows.

He lowered himself on her supine body, as she lifted
her pelvis and spread her legs to admit as much of
him as she could. They made love this time, slowly
pumping each other, as they ran their hands over each
others bodies. Deana wrapped her legs around Ken,
trying to draw him deeper. Deana pushed her tongue
into Ken’s mouth and darted it rapidly as they mated.
Ken untangled her legs off of his back, hooked his
hands under her legs and pushed her knees up next to
her ears. He increased the speed of his fucking,
there was not turning back now, he plowed her as hard
as he could as his balls slapped loudly against her
wet ass.

Deana started cumming loudly, her juices squirting
around the tight suction of his cock, he released her
legs and pushed his cock as hard as he could,
slamming into her cervix and exploded, pumping his
hot semen into her. She screamed as the hot volley
of cum sprayed against and into her cervix, looking
for a way out of the tight passage, oozing around
their tight pelvic connection. They both gasped and
kissed as their sexual organs began to relax from the
breakneck speed they had been used.

She could barely breathe, she felt like she had run a
marathon. She told Ken, “We both have to take a
shower and clean up, we smell funky.” Ken was game,
so they both got up and walked down the hall to the
bathroom. The water was hot, they stood there at
first just luxuriating in the sting of the water
jets, Ken started to soap up Deana up, spending more
than enough time soaping up her boobs, then her back
and ass, Deana ran her hands down his chest, then
gravitated to his cock, soaping that off as she
continued to rub her hand on his chest.

They started to kiss again as the water beat down on
their heads and shoulders, Deana cupping his almost
fully erect cock. She wrapped her hands around his
neck, jumped up and swung her legs around his waist,
and dropped down on his cock. He swung her around,
leaned her against the wall fo the shower, reached
under her ass, grabbed his own cock, and shoved it in
her, then release her letting her slide down the pole
till their pelvis slammed each other. He hooked his
hands under her ass, and started to lift her up and
down as fast as he could. She tried to suck his
tongue out of his mouth as she grunted each time he
slid his cock in her. Deana whole body started
shaking as her cum hit her, and she cried out as the
waves washed over her.

He released her, his cock slid out of her and creased
her chest and stomach as she lowered herself to the
floor of the shower. He hadn’t come, so she knelt on
the tile and took his cock into her mouth. She
reached around his ass and grabbed both cheeks
pulling him towards her. She kept both hands on his
ass and slid her head back and forth on his cock, not
stopping till his balls would hit her lips.

Suddenly he erupted, and although this was the fourth
time he had cum tonight, he seemed to have a quart in
reserve, the jets continued to pump, she swallowed
over and over, but she couldn’t contain it all, more
seemed to leak out of her mouth and on to her chin,
but the still running shower washed it all away.

Time to get out of the shower, get him out of here
and clean the bedroom up! Although they smelled
fresh and clean now, the bedroom was a bodily fluid

Deana had cum 9 times tonight in the space of a
couple of hours. She knew that she could not just do
this once, she needed this now, she had never felt
this way before, and would need more, more than her
fingers or Tom’s ineffectal fucking could give her.