The Smell of Lust

They are are all around me. They can sense that I am different, This I
can tell by looking at them. It is so painfully obvious. They wish to
corrupt me: to make me like them.

I will not let that happen.

They see my glowing innocence and they are shamed for themselves. They
would like me to be like them so that they are not reminded of their

I can smell it on them. I can smell lust and lechery on each and every
one of them. The smell makes me sick.

In a supermarket I cannot even buy fruit anymore so much is their
harassment of me. “I see you like cherries,” one will say. “Fine
looking melons,” they will let me overhear. “G-d d—, there’s no hard
tofu left, I hate the soft stuff,” behind me. An especially nasty one
of them will say simply “Lettuce.” I am revolted.

I can feel their jealous rage at my celibacy. I will not give them the
satisfaction of surrendering that lofty position. I shall follow the
spirit and wisdom of Newton who died with his greatest achievement
being retaining his virginity.

One of them is near. I know it. The smell of sex lies heavy in the air
like lingering aroma of smoldering tobacco. There she is now I can see
her. She pretends not to look at me, but I know she watches from the
corner of her eye. I can look at these askance glances and see into
their thoughts.

This one is hot and dripping with her fantasy of stealing my pride.
She imagines restraining and raping me in several ways. She wants me
in her cunt, she wants to violate my rear. I can smell this desire
upon her. I smirk safe in the knowledge she will meet with

Yesterday one of them, a male of unnatural desires, forced me off a
bus. I sat in the window seat and he sat down beside me. I had my
guard down and did not notice the signs at first, but then I noticed.
His leg touched mine. He was imagining lying next to me in the nude.
He wanted to fuck my mouth and suck my body fluids. Slowly the stench
of his lust was making me sick. Then he moved his hand and brushed my
shoulder. I could stand no more of his fantasized debauchery and rang
to get off the bus. I stood immediately, slapped him, and moved to
wait by the exit. He screamed aloud his dream of taking me anally. I
quietly told him his dreams could not be and exited two stops before I
had planned. I could feel them all on the bus sharing in his perverse
thoughts after he voiced them. I saw the bus driver — via a
reflection in a store window — stare at the man’s proposed port of
entry as I left the bus.

I threw up almost at once.

They do not know it but I have uncovered their conspiracies and I will
keep my body fluids safe from this lecherous thirst. I know the “Eye
Our Ass” exists for the Government sanctioned rape of the citizenry. I
know that 6×9 is not the meaning of life but is a sin of life. I know
that courts symbolize themselves as scaling a blind woman. I know that
our icon of liberty holds a burning torch.

I will protect myself from it all. They do not realize that I can
smell it out.