The Village Girl Alati

Every day and every night now, it seemed they were the sexual
playthings of the troopers. They had to relieve themselves in front of
the soldiers, their pussies were shaved every day, they were fondled
while carrying out their chores, were made to give blow-jobs when they
stopped to rest or to make camp, and often the girls had to perform
degrading sex-acts like giving blow-jobs to the guard dogs or playing
with themselves to orgasm for the soldiers entertainments while they
ate dinner. The soldiers were very discerning when a girl was
reluctant in her performance, and the youngest of the girls was often
threatened with whipping when they failed to perform satisfactorily,
so they had to learn how to please the soldiers.

They were never referred to by name, as the soldiers had never
bothered to ask their names. They were given any variation of
degrading labels, like “bitch”, “slave”, “slut” or “whore”. They were
treated as less than humans, and forced to do strenuous menial labour.
Opportunities for escape were few, since they were guarded even as
they slept, and the dogs of the soldiers were always on the alert.
Besides, there was a threat of putting the other girls who didn’t
manage to escape at risk of an excruciating punishment, and they could
not see how to run away with a five-year-old who tired easily.

They learnt how to speak dirty because the soldiers like it, they had
to learn to pleasure themselves, the soldiers, the dogs and each
other, sometimes within a certain time limit, and they had to submit
to the fondling and ogling of the soldiers. Alati was often wet
between her legs because of all the stimulation and sex-talk and
threats that went on between the girls and the soldiers. Every time a
soldier fondled her pussy, his hand would come away moist and he would
snigger and announce it to the closest buddy, who would confirm that
she was the horniest of all the slutwhores they had captured.

However the soldiers had never forced their cocks nor their dogs’
cocks into them yet. They finally found out why.

High after drinking and watching the girls dance a striptease and lick
each other to orgasm one night, a soldier told them their
destination… the Empire City, the heart of the Emore empire. Alati
had heard stories about the Empire before, this large city that
floated in the sky and its dazzling beauty as well as its scientific
and technological advances.

He also revealed to them their destiny – they were to be trained as
sex slaves for the people of the Empire. This was why they had never
been violated — the soldiers could earn many times more money for a
virgin. Besides, after the virgins had been trained and sold into
brothels, the soldiers could enjoy themselves as well, for a fraction
of the price others pay.

“Count it your fortune to be abducted by us,” he cackled. “It’s much
more luxurious to live as a slave in a brothel than in your poor
little villages. And if you are pretty and have some skills,” here he
rubbed his trouser front, “you can even become a personal sex slave of
some high-class owner. That’s a good life!”

Alati and the girls hugged themselves and sobbed. In the villages
there had been stories circulated about girls who had been captured
and enslaved by the Empire. They had suddenly disappeared and then one
or two returned many years later, having escaped the Empire’s grasp.
They told wild tales of the workings of the Empire, and they had an
almost insatiable appetite for sex. In other words, they became raving
mad nymphomaniacs, and they were almost always rejected by their
families and cast out to live to live in the forest as whores. Some of
them carried intricate markings on their bodies and some of them even
had rings on various parts of their bodies, especially the private
areas. Village mothers threatened their disobedient daughters with the

“Tomorrow we reach the Empire!,” gloated the soldier. “Now don’t think
of doing something funny ‘cos you know what will happen to the rest!”
He reiterated the threat of a harsh full-body whipping for all the
rest of the girls if one of them even attempted to escape.

That night and the next day the girls were filled with gloom and
dread. They tried to drag their feet at walking, but the soldiers kept
swinging switches at their calves to keep up the speed.

“Here we are finally!” said the captain. The girls were confused.
There was nothing but an empty expanse of land and sky. Alati
remembered suddenly of the soldiers’ ability to camouflage their camp

They were then led to a specific patch of land, which upon entering,
revealed itself to be a metallic room with buttons on a wall. All the
soldiers crowded into the room, placing the girls in the center with
them at the sides. The room then began to move upwards, to Alati’s

They stepped out of the room into a much larger room, which had rooms
just like the one which brought them up. Everything was blindingly
white. They were herded, lost and without direction, into a shower
room. Their clothing was roughly removed by the soldiers before they
entered, and the captain and three others disrobed and entered too.
Warm soapy water was sprayed onto them, and the captain ordered them
to wash themselves thoroughly or they would help the girls to wash.
This gave all of them great encouragement to scrub well, although the
soldiers and the captains would still cop a feel here and there with
the excuse that they had not showered properly enough. By the time
they got out of the shower, the four men were all sporting hard-ons
and the girls were red-faced and on the verge of crying from the

The men were given clothing to wear, while attendants went over to the
girls. They were told to put their hands against the wall.

Immediately clamps grew from the walls and locked their hands against
the wall. Alati, who saw the clamps coming, tried to pull away but she
was pushed from behind towards it. At another signal, clamps also grew
from the floors and clamped their feet down.

Then the clamps began to move to position the girls a measured
distance from each other. The clamps on their feet moved away from the
wall and apart from each other, parting their legs, and the clamps on
their hands moved downward such that they were bent with their ass
facing upwards. The clamps did not hurt them, but they could not move
as the attendants examined their bodies and their intimate parts.

Alati felt a hand feel her arms and move towards her head. Her head
was lifted by her messily shorn hair and her mouth was opened to
reveal her teeth. The hands then moved down to examine her breasts,
feeling them, compressing each breast and then pressing them together.
Her nipples were then rolled, pulled and pinched. Alati groaned as the
stimulation of her sensitive breasts made her wet between her legs.

The hands then moved down to her belly and felt around slowly,
progressing downward slowly. They stopped at her hips. Alati gritted
her teeth as she tried not to be aroused by the inspection, but it was
difficult. Her legs were examined next, the hand moving steadily
upwards towards her legs. Her ass hole was probed as examined next, a
finger entering it while she squirmed.

Alati was sure the attendant could see her pussy clearly, and more,
see that she was wet from all the stimulation. This made her feel
ashamed, which oddly, increased the wetness she felt. She wanted the
inspection to stop and struggled against the bonds, causing her
breasts to sway from side to side, but they held firmly as the hands
examining her reached her pussy.

She moaned as they were spread apart and the lips were caressed
gently. She knew she must already be swollen because she had felt her
juices starting to run down her legs. The fingers flicked at the semi-
open lips, moved up and down the length of them, and entered her,
feeling about cautiously. Alati felt on edge as she strained against
the bonds, but his time she wanted to hump the finger that was
caressing her so intimately. There was a snicker from behind, causing
her to blush deeply again, but she couldn’t care less as the passion
grew in her belly. The examination stopped just when she thought she
had a chance to find release.

“It is acceptable,” was the verdict. So were the rest of the girls.
“You have chosen well. Do you wish to auction them to the training
schools right away?”

“Yes,” said the captain. “Let’s do it right now so my men and I can
rest later.”

The girls were released from the clamps and their hands were
restrained behind their backs. Their necks were collared and chained
to one another, and they were led, pushed and spanked through brightly
lit passageways until they reached a large door. Upon entering the
door, the girls found themselves in a large marketplace. It was
recognisable as a marketplace because of the food and fruits that were
on sale. They were led towards an open space where they could see
other girls were floating seemingly in the air, all in grotesque
positions, some with their feet only one inch above the ground. The
others were stark naked, just as they were. There were many onlookers

They were released from their collars and cuffs when they reached an
empty lot. Alati’s messily shorn hair was grabbed and she was led by
her hair to a spot. Suddenly she was suspended in the air. She
screamed, but little sound came out. She could not move, not even to
open her mouth.

The new girls attracted attention, and as Alati struggled against the
invisible material holding her in place, those who were watching
grinned at her discomfort. The captain who had raided her village came
forward and held her ankle. She was surprised he could do that and
that he could feel it. He put one hand under her knee and bent it,
then he bent her other leg. Moving the knees wide apart and under her
so she was kneeling, he moulded her back so that she was bent
backwards with her nipples pointing upwards. Her hands were moved away
from the body, outstretched. He pushed her head back even further and
then opened her mouth, placed a small ball-like gag in her mouth and
closed her eyes. She could not move one muscle to protest as he did
this to her.

After she had been properly “arranged”, people began to touch and
probe her with their hands. She could not see them, and could not stop
them while being locked in this position by mysterious forces. She
felt weak and vulnerable, being forced to expose all of her private
body parts in such a public way.

Some people felt her hair and her face. Some pulled her lipsup and ran
their fingers across her white teeth. Some squeezed and pinched her
breasts and her nipples. Fingers explored her fingers and toes and
even her belly button. And of course, her anus and her sex were the
most explored and carefully examined of all of her. She had been
sexually stimulated since the morning, and now her juices kept flowing
out of her pussy. Those examining her could not fail to notice this.

She heard bargaining going on, the captain’s and his men’s voices
praising her body and extolling her suitability to be trained. Voices
were trying to lower her selling price. A hand rough with calluses now
replaced all the fingers probing her pussy and began to rub and caress
it. She moaned as it expertly teased her exposed clit, moving in
circles up and down its length, pressing pleasurable points. It
entered her and rubbed her on the inside. Having been on edge the
whole day, Alati did not need much stimulation to reach her climax,
her scream muffled by the gag as she reached orgasm.

She heard laughter as she blushed, realising she had once more
demonstrated how easily she could reach a climax and how much she had
wanted it. She blocked out the voices as she writhed internally with
the shame of it all.

It seemed that her climax had facilitated her sale as soon she was
collared and her hands were cuffed behind her. She was lowered slowly
to the ground before the invisible material that had supported her all
the while disappeared. Gravity took over and her unsupported body
slumped to the ground.

“Up, slave. Time to go.” A man tugged at a chain linked to her collar.
She turned back and looked at her friends, suspended and held in
various lewd positions. A switch on her legs caused her to jump, and
then she was led away from the market place, knowing she would
probably never see them again. She wept as the man led her away, bound
and naked.
“Why so sad? You’re going to experience the wildest time in your
life.” The guy turned around to grin at her and winked. Looking at him
through her fog of tears, she read his badge: Manuel, Resource
Recruitment, Aphrodite Personnel Agency.