World of Mystery and of course, sex!

Felix Harris yawned and stretched as he pondered the computer
screen in front of him. His Minotaur Ranger had just swung his Battleaxe of
Cleaving at several nasty looking wolf creatures and now he had to wait for
the monsters to decide what they were going to do. His Universe of Battle
character swayed gently back and forth on the screen while the online game
made up its mind what it wanted to do. The server was extremely crowded
tonight so there was some major lag time, but since tomorrow was a Saturday
and he had no school, he wasn’t in any particular hurry.

“Hey Stormtreader! Why are you still hanging around in that low
level dungeon? You are way too high a level to gain any real experience
points.” The soft and very feminine sounding voice came through his
earphones just as the voice chat icon started flashing and his friends list
informed him that his favorite online friend had just logged on.

Felix paused before answering because the monsters had made
their attacks. As he had expected, the creatures’ claws and fangs couldn’t
even begin to get through his enchanted plate mail. He directed his next
slashing attack then said, “Maybe so, Mistral Mage, but I missed a bunch of
treasure last time I went through here with a party so I decided to come
back and mine it for all I can. I need some weapons and armor upgrades.
Want to join me?”

Mistral’s tinkling laugh came back and the small tornado icon
that identified her did a little dance. “Thanks, but I’m currently in the
Marsh of Sefrazz and I am real close to finding the Staff of Twelve Suns.
If I can get my hands on it, it will double my mana score and give me two
extra spell ranks.” She paused and he could almost see her Elvin Mage
casting Star Bolts at her enemies as she chuckled softly. He idly wondered
if it was entirely too geeky to have the serious hots for someone that you
had never met. “Okay, cleared out the last of the Ghost Wasps. Now I just
need to find an entrance to the Bone Citadel.”

“Well, good luck. I think I am going to log off and try to find
something to eat. See you later tonight?”

“Sure, no school tomorrow here so I am probably going to be on
pretty late. See ya when you get back, Stormtreader!”

Felix logged out of the game and sat at his desk for a minute.
It always struck him as particularly pathetic that the closest thing that he
had ever had to a real date was flirting with a girl he had never met while
they killed monsters in UOB. He got up and walked over to his mirror and
studied himself. He really didn’t think that he was that unattractive. A
little too plump around his waist didn’t mean that he was fat. Some acne on
his face didn’t mean that he was hideous. He was smart, talented and his
folks had plenty of money, but he could never find a girl who wanted to go
out with him.

Just then his computer beeped to alert him that he had new mail.
He walked back over to his computer and opened his email program. Sure
enough, a box appeared with the message, “Congratulations, Stormtreader!”
He didn’t recognize the sender, but the use of his UOB identity got his
attention. To be on the safe side, he quickly used his anti-virus program
to scan the entire thing for anything dangerous. When it turned up
negative, he opened the letter.

“Congratulations, Stormtreader AKA Felix Harris! Because of
your excellent gamesmanship on Universe of Battle, you have been chosen to
beta test a brand new MMORPG. Called World of Mystery, this new game will
go one step beyond the other online games by actually placing you in the
game. That’s right; you create yourself as a character and then see that
character come to life on your computer screen. You will start from the
very beginning and learn all of the skills and abilities that you will need
to succeed in this strange new world. Spaces on the beta test are limited,
so sign up as quickly as you can to begin the ultimate adventure.”

A web address followed the pitch and Felix found himself very intrigued. He
had been getting a little bored with UOB. He had explored most of the world
and been through most of the good dungeons at least once. There were a few
more he wanted to hit, but for the most part he stayed online because of his
chances to see Mistral. If there was some banging new MMORPG out there and
he was getting in on the ground floor, his fame among his fellow nerds and
geeks would be made. Plus, if he didn’t like it, he could always return to

Convinced, he tapped on the web address and waited for his browser to
launch. When the website came up, he was very unimpressed. A simple black
screen with the name of the game and Welcome was all he saw. A couple of
seconds later, a button appeared on the screen that read, “Press here to
enter World of Mystery.” Felix was tempted to log off and forget about it,
but decided to keep going. After all this was a beta test site and they
might not have gotten a lot of the good stuff up and running yet. He tapped
on the button and the screen shifted to the character creation screen. At
once, he saw where this game would be different.

Most role-playing games had some sort of system where you rolled dice and
generated random scores which you then assigned to a set of statistics such
as Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Here, he was run through a series
of questions ranging from his physical appearance. (The game politely asked
for complete honesty on this one and some of the questions were very
intimate including his penis and scrotum size. Here he couldn’t resist
lying and doubled his length and girth. He also left out the fact that he
was blind as a bat without his glasses. He was as honest and accurate as he
could on the other questions.) When he was done, he was surprised to find
that an hour had passed since he had begun. He tapped the “Create Character
button” and sat back.

He watched in amazement as line by line a fairly accurate if somewhat
cartoony version of him appeared on the screen. It took nearly fifteen
minutes to render, but when it was done a very well done 3-D image of him
rotated on the screen. Of course, his sexual measurements weren’t even
remotely accurate, but he could live with that.

Next he tapped on the “Create Destiny” button which launched him into a
whole new set of questions. He was given a list of professions to choose
from first and the game informed him that this would the profession that his
character would be taught as he advanced in the game world. He chose the
“Hunter” profession which seemed the closest to his favorite class of
Ranger. A picture of a handsome man dressed in studded leather armor and a
long fur cloak appeared on the screen wielding a serrated edged saber. “Way
cool looking,” Felix muttered as he read the description of the profession.

“Hunters are the protectors of the forests and creatures of Theria. They
possess formidable fighting skills as well as skills usually only learned by
Bandits. Being one with nature, they are also able to call upon the Goddess
of Nature to perform very powerful spells. One with the beasts of the
forests, Hunters automatically gains the respect of wild creatures and has
little to fear from them. Monsters and supernatural creatures are immune to
the Hunter’s abilities.”

Felix clicked on the accept icon and waited for the system to process his
actions. Finally, another screen popped up with what looked to be the
standard disclaimer for use. Felix read as far as to make sure that he wasn’t
going to be charged for the service then clicked “I accept.” Another screen
popped up asking if he wanted to read the basic rules of the game and the
information files on the world and its creatures. Felix had always
preferred to jump head first into any game, only referring to the rules and
information files when he got stuck on something, so he clicked on “Read

The screens shifted colors and patterns for a moment or two and he assumed
that it was setting up the server and preparing the game. He expected to
see a download button pop up so that he could install the game on his
computer. He was surprised when the computer beeped one last time and a set
of well rendered wooden double doors appeared on the screen. Written in
bright red cursive across them were the words, “Enter the World of Mystery,
if you dare!”

He was about to click it when his IM icon popped up with Mistral’s symbol in
it. He clicked on it and typed “Hey, wassup?”

“Did you get an invite to test some new MMORPG? I just got one the moment I
logged off to go potty.”

“Yeah, I just finished creating my character and was just about to give it a
whirl when you IMed me. I don’t expect much from it, but maybe we can team
up and kick some butt.”

A laughing emoticon popped up in the chat box and she typed, “Sounds great.
You go ahead and start and I will get going after I pee.”

“Right, see you in the game.” He closed the IM box and then turned back to
the doors. “Well, here goes nothing.” He clicked on the doors and waited.
Suddenly a sound like a massive wind filled the room and he felt the
temperature drop rapidly. It felt like a wind was rushing from his room and
into the screen in front of him. Colors began spiraling out of the screen
and filling the room like some sort of Technicolor mist. “Okay, this cannot
be happening,” he said frantically clicking on the screen trying to stop
whatever was happening. Nothing he did had any effect and the winds and
colors intensified. The doors on the screen started to groan loudly and
open very slowly. As they opened, the winds got stronger. His shoulder
length hair was literally being pulled forward towards the screen.

The doors groaned louder and slammed open. The winds became a hurricane and
despite his fear, Felix was amazed to see objects from his room caught up by
the winds and sucked into the screen like it was a window. He watched as
his backpack which contained his laptop and most of his really valuable
personal possessions float up off his bed along with his stuffed Meowclops.
Fear if losing his valuables made Felix forget his own situation. He let go
of the desk and lashed out as the pack flew by. He managed to grab the
straps of the pack before it was sucked into the impossible vortex. His
elation was short lived though because he felt himself lifted by the winds.
He had barely a moment to ponder how something as large as he would fit into
a 19″ monitor before the winds shoved him through. Thankfully, he blacked
out just as his head hit the screen.

Chapter two

“Somehow I don’t think we are in Toto anymore, Kansas”

He woke up with a massive headache and soaked to the bone. He ached all
over, mostly from what he assumed was a nasty fall, but he was pretty sure
that some of the aches could be attributed to the fact that someone was
poking him in the ribs. “Ouch! Cut it out, Bailey.” He wasn’t sure why
his little sister was in his room to begin with, but she sure didn’t have
the right to be poking him in the ribs. He paused in what promised to be
one of his better tirades against his thirteen year old sister when whatever
it was that kept poking him stopped and made a very loud barking noise.
Several other similar noises answered the first one and Felix realized that
there was more than one thing around him. He very slowly rolled over onto
his back and opened his eyes.

Overhead was not the expected roof with the various models he had put
together over the years. Instead, thick green foliage covered most of his
range of vision. Not being a big expert on trees, he wasn’t sure what kind
they were, but he was pretty sure that they didn’t belong in his room. The
light filtering through the leaves seemed strange too, not the usual warm
yellow he was used too. Sounds reached him that seemed both familiar and
strange. There were bird and animal noises, but they didn’t sound like the
ones he heard in the park or when his parents dragged him away from his
computer for a weekend in the mountains. He could also hear a distant
roaring sound that seemed continuous. He could also hear water running and
came to the amazing conclusion that he was lying in some sort of stream.

He was distracted from all of this when he heard the barking sounds again.
He turned to his left and saw the most amazing thing he had ever seen.
Crouched not five feet away from him were several creatures. He counted
four, but some how sensed that there were many more hiding behind the trees.
They didn’t seem overly tall, but were rippling with muscles. Their bodies
were covered in a thick, short hair from their heads to their toes. They
wore no clothes, but some of them had what appeared to be a length of rope
tied around their waists that had sharpened sticks stuck through them. The
one that had been poking him, or so he assumed, carried a long wooden staff
that seemed to be intricately carved and seemed to be the biggest of the
lot. She was also very obviously female and mammalian since a sizable pair
of breasts peeked out from under her long grey hair.

The leader made the odd barking sounds again which reminded Felix of a
nature show he had watched not that long ago about monkeys in South America.
The female leader leaned down and stared at him from less than a foot away,
giving him a very close look at her face. She had very flat features and a
sloping brow line that reminded him of pictures of early man. Two very
large brown eyes stared at him from deeply recessed sockets. Her nose
reminded Felix of a baboon’s since it was long, wide and very flat. Her
mouth seemed much wider than a human’s and when she opened it, he could see
an impressive number of sharp teeth. She seemed more curious than dangerous
as she poked him again. Felix decided that he must look as strange to them
as they did to him.

The female seemed to get tired of poking him and started tugging on his
clothes with her long fingers. She touched the fabric, and then barked back
at her people excitedly. Felix got the impression that she found his
T-shirt and jeans very fascinating. She dropped her staff and started
tugging on his belt, making more of the barking noises. Rather than see his
only clothes ripped to shreds by the creature, Felix reached down and
unbuckled both his belt and his cargo pants. With a loud hoot, the female
yanked his pants and underwear down around his ankles. Only his boots
stopped her from pulling them completely off. She struggled with them for a
minute or two before she happened to look up. She gave a much softer bark
and stopped pulling. Felix sighed in relief as she let go of his pants.
The sigh turned into a gasp as he felt her hand wrap around something else
instead. Her hand felt like smooth leather as she grasped his cock. He
looked down in disbelief as she began to stroke it with rough movements.
Half of him was amazed that he was actually getting aroused from this
creature’s touch and the other half was astounded by the reaction her touch
was producing.

At the ripe age of 16, Felix had long ago accepted the fact that his cock
was not going to get any longer or bigger. Although a decent five and a
half inches long and two inches in girth, (He had measured it once just out
of curiosity.) it was nowhere near the stupendous shaft that he had dreamed
of since puberty had hit. Now he saw the kind of penis that most guys only
dream about rising up from his groin. It was at least ten inches long and
very thick indeed. Despite the weirdness of it all, he groaned loudly when
the female reached down and wrapped her other hand around it too. It only
took a couple of seconds to get him fully erect and then she simply released
his cock and straddled him. Felix groaned again much louder and the female
gave an answering bark as his cock slid inside of her.

“Okay, this is obviously some sort of weird dream,” he muttered quietly as
even more of his cock slid inside of her. The heat from her pussy was
incredible, much hotter than he had ever imagined a normal girl would feel
like. The oily secretions that the female was producing seemed to coat his
cock allowing him to slide into her much easier. This was good, because she
was very tight and even with her on top pushing as hard as she could, it was
still slow going. “Mom is right; I have been playing way too many computer
games and not spending more time in the real world. I mean, when the best
that my sex struck brain can come up for a partner is some strange monkey
woman, and then I need to get out more.” Still, he had to admit that if it
was a dream then it was a hot one.

Completely oblivious to the fact that he was still lying in cold water and
that the other members of her pack were watching, Felix reached up with both
hands and grasped the female’s very hairy but still impressive hips in his
hands and pulled down as she pushed. This allowed her to slide all the way
down until all of him was inside of her. The rest of the creatures let out
loud barks that sounder like cheers and she grinned at them, baring her
canines. Never in his wildest dreams had Felix ever thought that he would
be having sex with someone while others cheered them on. The female began
slowly sliding back up his shaft, making little whimpering sounds as she
went. When she reached the very tip, she paused for a brief second then
simply let herself plunge back onto him. Felix groaned and reached up to
grasp her breasts which made her hoot loudly in surprise. He was about to
let go when she began grinding her hips harder against his which let him
know that she enjoyed it. So he kept holding onto them and rubbing his
palms over her very large and long nipples.

Felix had read somewhere that most virgins didn’t last very long on their
first fuck. A couple of minutes was usually all it took to spew their first
load. So he was very surprised when he seemed to last a very long time. He
was positive that he felt the female shudder several times in what he
assumed were climaxes before he felt his balls tighten up. The female also
seemed to sense this because she began fucking him harder and faster. One
of her hands reached behind her and grasped his balls very gently and began
squeezing them. This was all it took to set him off. He grabbed her hips
again and shoved his cock as deep as it would go. The female shuddered
again much harder as he began to cum. He could feel what felt like years of
stored up sperm rushing out of his cock and into her. He moaned loudly and
the female howled like a wolf as he came.

After what felt like hours, Felix relaxed his grip on her hips and slumped
back down into the water. He was sure that he had an idiotic grin on his
face, but he really didn’t care. The female slowly slid off of his
partially deflated cock and crouched beside him. Although her mouth was not
designed for smiling, he got the impression that she was. She reached down
and gently began stroking his cock again. He was shocked to see it start to
rise again. From the look on the female’s face, she was just as surprised.
She stroked faster until he was fully erect then barked several times over
her shoulder. Felix was starting to realize that these creatures’ barks and
hoots had a much wider variety than he had first guessed. No expert on
languages, he was fairly sure that these creatures possessed a pretty
sophisticated language.

In answer to the female’s barks, a much smaller creature stepped out from
the others. It had light brown hair that appeared to be much softer than
the females. It wasn’t until it got closer that Felix realized that this
was another female. This one was probably much younger than the first since
its breasts were barely starting to bulge and its hips weren’t nearly as
wide as the first one’s. He also noticed that her hair wasn’t as thick.
She seemed nervous and made quiet little yipping sounds. The older female
barked several times, almost angrily. This made the younger female crouch
down beside the two of them. The female reached out with one of her hands
and took the younger female’s hand. She carefully moved her other hand out
of the way and wrapped the younger female’s hand around his shaft.

Felix groaned loudly, making the younger female jump. The female hooted
loudly and the rest of the group echoed her. The younger female seemed to
conquer her fears and began imitating the female by stroking up and down.
Felix moaned again because her hand was much softer and smoother than the
older one’s. He could feel himself already building towards a massive
orgasm. A few seconds later, the female barked softly to the younger female
and grabbed her shoulders. The younger female struggled for a second, then
relaxed as the female lifted her up and made her straddle him. Felix had to
grit his teeth to keep from cumming as he felt the female’s hand place his
cock directly on the younger female’s pussy. A split second later, she
pushed down as hard as she could on the younger female’s shoulder. The
younger female howled and Felix groaned as she was forced all the way down
his cock in one move. When he was fully inside of her, she collapsed on his
chest panting loudly.

If the older female had been hot, this one was a blast furnace that was so
tight it was almost painful. He could feel her internal muscles convulsing
around his cock as her pussy tried to accommodate his intrusion. In an
instinctive move to try and comfort her, he reached out and wrapped his arms
around her body. The younger female growled softly and nuzzled his chest.
His actions seemed to work because he could feel her insides relaxing a
little. She even started to move her hips a little and the pants became
little gasps. Felix hugged her tighter and began moving his hips in time
with hers. The more they moved, the slicker she became until she was moving
very easily up and down.

Suddenly, the younger female sat straight up and started working her hips as
fast as she could. Felix realized that she was about to cum and reached up
to play with her breasts. Although they were much smaller than the other’s,
they were obviously just as sensitive since she howled loudly and ground
against him even harder. He took her nipples between his fingers and began
twisting them roughly. This was all it took for her to reach her peak. She
began barking loudly as faster as she could and pounding down on him so hard
that he was half convinced that she was going to drive him into the rocks in
the stream. This did nothing to deter his own orgasm and just as he felt
her insides convulse around him, he felt a load of sperm that seemed even
larger than the first one erupt from his cock. The next few eons were a
haze of pure pleasure as the two of them came.

The younger female finally stopped cumming and collapsed onto his chest
again. He held her for several minutes before he was convinced that he was
done and so was she. Apparently this was too long for the older female
because she reached out and dragged the younger female off of him. The
younger female howled loudly as he slid out of her, but he wasn’t sure if it
was from anger from pain or from anger. He struggled to sit up in the water
and was surprised to see that his groin was covered in blood. Since he was
certain that he wasn’t injured, he guessed that the younger female had been
a virgin.

Just then, the older female crouched down beside him again and shoved her
face into his crotch. He was shocked to see her sniff at the blood/sperm
mixture. He was even more surprised when she opened her mouth and began
licking it off. Although tired and a little pained, his cock responded to
the long licks of her thick tongue and began to rise again. She took
several licks before stopping and backing up. He started to feel
disappointed until the younger female leaned down and did the same thing.
After she had licked a couple of times, another female whose hair was a deep
caramel color crouched down and after looking at the first female
expectantly for a second started licking.

Felix lost count of how many members of the group participated in what was
obviously some sort of ritual. By the time the fifth one had finished, he
was on the verge of yet another orgasm and was doing his best not to come.
The incredible feelings these creatures were producing were something that
he wanted to last forever. He wasn’t even aware of when the females all
finished and the males started licking him. All he knew was that when he
finally erupted, he spewed his load all over the face of one of the younger
males. The male seemed completely unsurprised by these and happily licked
up his load as it sprayed. He even licked Felix clean once he was done
cumming. Afterwards, several of the males gathered around the younger one
and licked his face and chest clean.

Completely exhausted now, Felix collapsed back into the cool waters.
Several of the larger members of the group reached down and almost gently
pulled him out of the stream. As they started carrying him away, he
wondered exactly what would happen to him next.