The Wicked Game Chronicles : The Devil and Mr Brownlow

or some reason, I felt embarrassed as I walked along the hotel corridor in
search of the room. The hotel was plush and I thought I saw Ms Duivel in the
lobby bar with a group of women but couldn’t be sure. At last I found the
room, used the key the room and entered, closing the door behind me.

It was a large room with a bed along one wall and a small table and two
dining chairs around it. Stripping my clothes off, I hung them in the
closet. I caught a glimpse of myself in the closet mirror and smiled
ruefully at the silver contraption around my genitals. A grow excitement
rose in me as I realised I was going to get relief and my imprisoned cock
groaned in pain as it fought vainly for full erection.

At least I didn’t have to wait long as Ms Duivel bustled in flushed with
drink and carrying a large bag. Without a word, she moved one of the dining
chairs to the centre of the room facing the bed. “Sit here,” she said and I
did. Quickly, she used leather straps and buckles to fasten both my wrists
to the arms of the chair and my ankles to the chair legs. Feeling helpless
and vulnerable, I looked at her in shock and a small hard laugh escaped her
luscious lips.

“Shut your eyes,” she said and, after I did, I felt her paste a strip of
tape across the closed eyelids. “And to make sure you can’t peep,” she
laughed and I felt a strip of cloth, a blindfold cover my eyes completely. I
was in total darkness and totally at her mercy.

“Kid,” she said, a note of triumph in her voice, “in a few moments, a gang
of gals from the office are going to come up here and watch you get your
rocks off.” I stiffened in shock and she laughed. “You should have asked for
more details of the deal, baby.”

“No, please,” I cried,

“It’s going to happen. And here’s the fun part. You won’t know who’s seen
you like this and who now knows about that little cock killer you wear. I’ve
told them to keep quite and just to watch but I’m sure they’ll enjoy seeing
your cock and watching you cum. This will be fun.”

“Please, Ms Duivel, don’t do this to me.”

“Could be Nicole or maybe Sandra. Who knows? The good thing is they will
know and you won’t!”

“Please,” I croaked.

“Hey, you wanted to cum. You chose option three.”

“Please, don’t,” I sobbed.

Suddenly, a knock on the door focussed my attention. “Too late,” I heard her
say with gJudy and the door opened. “Ok ladies,” I heard her say. “You know
the rules. You can’t say anything as we don’t want him to recognise your

I strained to hear something, anything, as it had occurred to me that Ms
Duivel might be pretending to have other people in the room. “There he is,
girls.” Suddenly, I heard a number of soft giggles as if they were stifled
with hands or handkerchiefs. She wasn’t kidding, there were other people in
the room!

“As you can see, he’s all locked up.” More soft giggles and a louder girlish
titter. “And he’s been locked up for about three weeks.” My straining ears
heard a sharp intake of breath. “So girls, you see your very presence has
been driving him mad for that time. He’s been constantly horny, he just
couldn’t get hard!” A small burst of faint laughter and I guessed there was
four or five, maybe more, extra women in the room.

I felt a finger fumbling on the device and, suddenly, my cock was free.
Relief! “Do you still want to try?” I heard Ms Duivel ask someone. “Ok, go
ahead,” she said and I felt someone stand close to me, a soft hand behind my
head and a soft nervous giggle.

Lush lips pressed against mine in a long gorgeous kiss, a kiss I lost myself
in and my cock jumped into full rigid erection, to the muffled sound of much
giggling from my audience. I felt ashamed, humiliated and used.

“Now, that’s a good salute to your kiss, girl,” Ms Duivel’s taunting voice
echoed in my head. A hand circled my throbbing cock. “Now,” teased Ms
Duivel. “Do you feel that nice little hand around your cock, Chrissie?”
Muffled giggles. “Do you?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Yes what?” she demanded.

“I feel a hand around my cock.”

“Wonder whose hand it is?” she taunted and I couldn’t help myself as the
weeks of pent up desire and the humiliation of the moment hit, causing my
cock to swell and I gasped and groaned in exquisite release. The hand
quickly withdrew as my sperm spurted out to a muffled exclamation of
surprise. “Well,” Ms Duivel pronounced. “Obviously got too much for him. No
big deal. Champagne for everyone!” She moved close to me as I heard the
clink of glasses. “Got to keep you occupied,” she said. I felt some thing
slipped over my ears and orchestral music filled my head. Headphones
connected to a portable stereo so I couldn’t hear their conversation.

I don’t know how long I sat there in my imposed darkness, listening to
music, naked while I imagined them laughing and talking about me as they
enjoyed champagne. It felt like hours but was probably only forty-five
minutes or so.

Ms Duivels voice seemed loud after the music. “Welcome back, Chrissie,” she
said and a few giggles echoed. The giggles were a little louder now,
probably from the effects of the champagne. “Ok, we still have the other
thing to do.”

Head bowed as someone wiped my crotch and then, I heard a buzzing noise.
“Who wants to do it? Ok, here you go.” The buzzing grew closer and I felt
pressure on my groin as some anonymous woman shaved the returning pubic
hair. I felt so embarrassed and so ashamed.

Something wet which I took to be shaving foam was applied. “Now, no sudden
moves, Chrissie.” Laughter and I felt a razor over my balls and groin. I was
wiped clean and my cock stirring all through the operation, now stood

“He’s really back,” Ms Duivel laughed and a burst of female laughter filled
the room.

Suddenly, a different set of lips settled on mine and inflicted a long
lingering kiss that caused my cock to throb wildly. Gentle fingers ran down
the underside of the shaft and I groaned through the kiss.

“Two high school kids in the back seat at the movies,” laughed Ms Duivel.
“If only you knew who it was, Chrissie!” A hand closed around my throbbing
cock with a squeeze and gently held it. I groaned again.

“This is how it is, kid,” she said and I heard that cold tone in her voice.
“One of the ladies from the office is going to jerk you off as a reward for
all that work you did. You just won’t know who it was and everyday, when you
walk through this building, you’ll wonder who jerked you off. Was it Nicole?
Or Thelma? Perhaps, the janitor? Someone you haven’t met?” Muffled laughter.
“You’ll wonder who shaved you and, of course, you’ll wonder who else knows
your cock and balls are locked up. I tell you, this is great!”

Giggles erupted around me and the hand holding my cock gently squeezed it.
“Now, ask her to jerk you off,” she demanded and I knew there was no way

“Please jerk me off,” I whispered.


“Please jerk me off,” I repeated, my cock pulsating in her hand.

“And what will you do for her?”

I wanted to cum badly now. “Anything,” I croaked as the hand started
squeezing again.

“Lick pussy?” More titters and giggles around the room.

“Yes, I’ll lick pussy,” I said amidst the laughter and the hand around my
rigid cock now started pumping slowly.

“Everyone’s pussy?”

“Yes, yes,” I said desperately as the hand ceased its motion. “Everyone’s

Ms Duivel laughed loudly. “Hey, we need a code word so you’ll know who is in
our sorority. Any suggestions?”

“No Ms Duivel,” I said softly.

She leaned closed to me so I could smell her perfume. “How about something
dear to your heart, Chrissie? How about panties?” Loud laughter. “You love
panties so that’s the word. Got it?”

“Yes Ms Duivel.” I wanted the hand to move again.

“So, tell us what happens when a woman says panties to you?”

“I lick their pussy,” I said, face burning in humiliation as a round of
applause sounded in the room.

“I think he’s got it.” Loud laughter and the clink of glasses. Suddenly, the
hand started moving and it felt wonderful as it slid up and down my slippery
cock. My body tensed, I groaned and took deep breaths as the mystery woman
jerked me off. “She’s a quick learner,” announced Ms Duivel, followed by
raucous laughter.

Tensing, I groaned loudly and shuddered in an orgasm long overdue as she
pumped me dry. Another round of applause surrounded me. Embarrassed and
humiliated, my head sank to my chest and unseen hands wiped me clean.
Another set of hands threaded my shrinking cock through the curved metal
tube and, once again, I was locked up in the chastity device.

Through a fog, I heard Ms Duivel say goodbye, the door open and movement as
the anonymous women left the room. The door closed and I heard loud laughter
through the closed door.

The blindfold and the tape was removed and, blinking in the sudden light, I
felt Ms Duivel remove the restraints from my wrists and ankles. The silver
metal around my cock glittered in the light and I felt sick at the thought
of another period of enforced celibacy.

“The memo about your new promotion will go out tomorrow,” she said, looking
down at me.

“Thank you, Ms Duivel,” I said numbly.

“One more thing,” she said, sliding her skirt up. “Panties.” Sighing, I fell
to my knees and performed my oral duty. At least, this time, my cock didn’t
ache that much.