A Mother’s Love

It has been said that every person has same dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern everyday life. Yet, sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

A MOTHER’S LOVE is a dramatic representation of a mother who cares to let her most base desires come to the surface. Susan Morris is a person willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing herself to become completely liberated. Her story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


“Ooo, cock!” whimpered Janice, her eyes closed. “Cock and cunt! Hard, big cock and wet, hot cunt!”

She was in the park a few blocks from her home, concealed in dense shrubbery, her long legs spread around the trunk of a tree. She was pressing her tender little pussy against the rough bark, embracing it as if it were her lover.

Images of enormous hard cocks with hairy balls dangling below them floated in her mind. There were no bodies attached — just the cock and balls. Her cunt boiled with erotic hunger, soaking the crotch of her panties. Her tight jeans pressed against her tingling clit as she pressed hard into the tree.

“Oooo, golly, I want a hard cock!” she whispered to the tree. “I want a big, hard cock up my little cunt! I want to feel a hard cock fucking me! Ooo, I want a fuck so damn badly!”

Janice was very young, with an achingly sweet face. She had huge sky-blue eyes that looked at the world with fresh excitement, yet which had a smoldering quality in them. Her nose was small and straight, her mouth quite large with full, moist lips. She had a habit of licking her lips frequently — especially if she was in conversation with a boy or man. She also had difficulty keeping her eyes from the front of their pants. She loved to see a boy or man in tight pants — so tight she could see the outline of his cock.

Her dark blonde hair was usually pulled back into tight pigtails, making her look even younger than she was. Her neck was slender and her shoulders feminine. Her tits were small, but exquisitely formed. Her tits were firm to the touch, with spongy, creamy flesh and succulent pink nipples. Her waist was small, but her hips were rounding already. Janice had a tight, cute, wiggly little ass that made people drool when they looked at it. The cheeks of her ass swelled out in delightful curves, and her legs were long and smooth. She seemed, in fact, to be all legs.

Janice’s cunt was also small, very tight, and always boiling with need. Her cunt lips were chubby, but not fat, and they were very sensitive. Her clit was a bit longer than most young girls’ and the tight curls of hair on her cunt were much darker than the hair on her head. This was a source of amazement to her. She didn’t understand why her cunt hair was different in color and so much sparser. Blonde fuzz now curled outward from the lips of her pussy, but somehow she knew that as she became older, she would have a very thick thatch of dark cunt hair.

Rubbing her pussy against the tree, she could feel a nice orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach. The sensation was one she loved more than anything else. Coming was fantastic — coming was great — coming was what it was all about!

Janice knew what it felt like to be fucked. She had been fucked three times already, and wanted more cock. The problem was that although she was beautiful, most boys and men wanted to protect her, hold her and cuddle her, but not fuck her. She looked too sweet and innocent to fuck.

No one realized that she was so horny, she could hardly keep her hands off her body, her fingers out of her steamy, little cunt.

No one, that is, except the person who was now watching the delightful little girl as she rubbed her cunt against the tree.

Susan had been sitting on the bench in the park when she saw Janice walking slowly on the path. The little girl had not seen her, so preoccupied had she been with finding herself a concealed place to rub her pussy. Susan had been attracted immediately to the little girl attracted in away she had never been toward a girl in her life. Seeing the girl’s tight little tits straining at her thin blouse, the close fit of the jeans on her, exposing the outline of her pussy and her adorable little ass, had caused a reaction in Susan that both surprised and delighted her.

Something about Janice drew Susan, and she watched the girl with interest. Susan was not really surprised to find a growing tingle in her pussy as she looked at Janice. Being of an erotic nature, she was very familiar with her own desires. Unlike Janice, Susan had many opportunities to fuck, and she did.

Somehow, Susan could tell that this was an erotic little female. She watched Janice as she entered the shrubbery, and knew right away what the girl had in mind. She followed quietly and peered through the shrubs as the youngster began to rub her cunt against the tree. Her dark eyes sparkled with pleasure as she watched, her thrusting, round tits moving up and down as she breathed with excitement. She felt an almost overpowering desire to go to the girl, pet and fondle her — feel her hot little cunt and her sweet, small tits.

As she watched, her own pussy became very hot and moist, her legs weak. She wanted to kneel down because her legs felt so wobbly, but she was wearing a dress and was afraid to snag her nylons. She could hear the girl whispering the words, see the way she hugged the tree, grinding her cunt against it.

“Oooo, golly, golly,” Janice whimpered. “I want a cock up my cunt! I want to get fucked! My pussy is so fucking hot for a hard cock!”

Janice was hot, very hot.

Oddly, Susan thought immediately about her son, Stevie. He was the same age as this sweet little girl, and Susan felt excited as a picture formed in her mind of her son thrusting his cock into this hot little girl’s cunt. That made her pussy burn even more, and she could not resist shoving a hand under her skirt and cupping her own pussy and squeezing her juicy cunt-lips.

Janice was close to coming, and Susan, without actually realizing it, had stepped from the bushes and stood next to her, looking down at her with huge, smoldering eyes. Janice was so absorbed in the marvelous sensations in her cunt, she failed to notice anyone with her. She began to grind her cunt faster against the tree, soft moans of ecstasy bubbling from her throat. Susan was breathing harder as she watched the little girl make herself come off, and only when the throbbing convulsions ended, did Janice feel the presence of another. She opened her eyes and turned her head in shock, staring up at the lovely woman.

“Oh! I didn’t know anyone…”

“Shhh,” Janice said, squatting on her heels and caressing the girl’s trembling back. “It’s all right, honey.”

Somehow Janice didn’t feel afraid or ashamed. She looked into the face of this woman and saw someone with the same feelings. She stopped trembling, still wrapped about the tree. Her gaze rested on the woman’s thrusting tits, then traveled downward. She found herself staring at what was usually hidden underneath Susan’s dress. She saw the nylons, with creamy smooth flesh bulging over the tops, and then she thrilled when she saw the dark curls of the woman’s cunt. The realization that the woman wore no panties turned her erotic emotions on once again. She had wanted to go without her panties when wearing dresses, considering it wonderfully naughty, but had not had the nerve to do it yet.

“You watched me,” Janice said in a soft voice. “You’ve been peeking at me.” It was not an accusation, but a simple statement.

“Yes, honey,” Susan replied softly. “I watched you jack off, and I loved it! It was so beautiful!”

Susan’s hand moved up and down the girl’s back, and she touched briefly at Janice’s sweet ass. Then her hand moved up again — only now she closed her fingers over one of Janice’s small springy tits. It was not Janice that gasped in surprise; it was Susan. She had never felt any other tit in her life except her own, and she was surprised at her sudden, unexpected boldness. Janice was not at all surprised; she was delighted at having her tit touched. She leaned back, bracing herself with her hands. Still gazing under Susan’s skirt.

Susan slipped a hand into Janice’s thin blouse, cupping and caressing her spongy little tit. She was pleased that Janice was not wearing a bra, and the girl’s succulent nipple was very hard against her palm. She opened Janice’s blouse, looking around nervously to make sure they weren’t seen.

When she looked at the sweetness of that smalll perfectly formed tit, she could not resist leaning down and sucking most of it into her wet mouth. Janice moaned as Susan’s sucked her tit! Her tongue licked rapidly, making her nipple even harder — making it tingle even more! As she sucked the girl’s lovely tit, Susan moved her hand don her trembling stomach and pressed into the crotch of her tight jeans. The young girl lifted her hips, moving them about so that Susan could rub her fingers up and down her cunt-slit.

It was too much. Susan pulled her mouth off the delicious tit with reluctance and stared hotly at the pretty girl. “My car is parked over there,” she whispered, feeling strange and nervous.

Janice buttoned her blouse and stood up, taking Susan’s hand in hers without a word. Janice was a head shorter than Susan and they looked almost like mother and daughter as they entered the car. Susan started it, and pulled from the park. She drove until they were on the outskirts of the town, then found a perfect spot. She pulled the car off the road and down a dirt track leading to a low hill. It was pastureland, and cows were gazing near by.

After Susan stopped the car, Janice snuggled against her tightly without embarrassment. She began to run her hands over that small, exquisite body, feeling every curve and hollow.

Janice was again whimpering with eagerness when she lifted her small hand to touch one of Susan’s thrusting tits. Susan immediately pressed her lips to those of the young girl. When she felt Janice shove her tongue forward, she sucked furiously at it, holding the girl tightly by the cheeks of her ass.

Neither Janice nor Susan had ever done anything like this before, but there was a powerful attraction between them that they did not understand. All they knew was that it was overpowering, and they could not resist it.

Susan opened the girl’s blouse, exposing her succulent tits to the hot sun and slight breeze. She looked at her tits for a long time, running her fingertips around the stiff nipples. Then she worked at Janice’s jeans, opening them to reveal a pair of frilly bikini panties. She slid the jeans off the girl and then smiled as she watched her wiggle her ass against the seat, whimpering in eager delight.

Susan ran her hand up and down Janice’s long, creamy thighs, and felt the moist crotch of her panties. Then, overcome with desire, she stepped from the car, walked around it and opened the opposite door.

Janice turned on the seat, dangling her legs outside the car. No longer concerned about her nylons. Susan dropped to her knees and began to kiss and lick at the girl’s sweet thighs, whimpering with passion. She licked with the tip of her tongue, tasting her sugary flesh, licking along the inner softness, her mouth going close to her bikinied pussy.

“Ooooooo, that feels good,” Janice whimpered. “No one has ever kissed me this way before.”

As her tongue licked at the girl’s sweet flesh, Susan realized she had never kissed a girl this way before, either. But she wanted to — wanted to very much. She slid her hands up Janice’s thighs, then underneath to clutch at the tight sweetness of her saucy little ass. She cupped both of Janice’s ass cheeks in her palms, squeezing tight, and shoved her mouth directly against the moist crotch of her tight panties. Susan opened her lips and sucked, tasting the juices from Janice’s cunt.

Janice squealed in delight and pressed her cunt hard against Susan’s mouth, wiggling about. She grabbed at the back of the woman’s head, drawing her even tighter against her pussy.

“Oh, God!” Susan murmured as her tongue licked up and down the crotch of Janice’s panties. “Oh, God! Ooooo, so lovely, so sweet!”

Janice grabbed at her panties, drawing the crotch to one side. Susan, her eyes only inches away, gazed with delight up on the sweetness of the girl’s cunt — her scant hair, the puffiness of her pussy lips, the tip of her glistening clit.

Then, with a low moan, Susan pressed her mouth to Janice’s cunt, kissing her pussy furiously. Her lips opened, and she sucked in on that cunt, her tongue lapping up and down. She lifted the girl by her ass, and the little blonde wrapped her long legs about her head, her thighs hot against the woman’s cheeks.

Susan thrust her tongue into the hot tightness of Janice’s succulent cunt, stabbing it back and forth, fucking her pussy. Her upper lip pressed at Janice’s hard clit, her lower lip was very close to the girl’s tight little asshole, and her tongue was going as deep as she could force it.

“Mmnnn — so good!” Janice squealed as she twisted her cunt onto the mouth of this woman. “Golly, I love it! Fuck your tongue way up inside my cunt.”

Susan’s tongue darted in and out of Janice’s pussy, the taste of her sweet cunt thrilling her. Her own pussy was boiling — her cunt-lips tingling, and her slit so swollen, it was almost painful. She rocked her ass from side to side, and finally had to release one of Janice’s small ass-cheeks to slip a hand underneath her dress and a finger far into her own burning cunt. As her tongue fucked at the girl’s tight cunt, she finger-fucked her own pussy, moaning and groaning with the intensity of her pleasure.

Janice rocked and bounced her cunt into Susan’s mouth, grinding her little pussy in frenzy. With one hand, she held the back of Susan’s head and, with the other, kept her panties stretched far to one side.

“Ohhh, golly!” Janice wailed, her pigtails flying as her head twisted about. “Oooooh, golly, golly! Suck my pussy! I think I’m gonna come… soon!”

“Mmmm!” Susan moaned with her mouth tight against the girl’s cunt. Her lips were wide open, closing about the whole of Janice’s succulent cunt, her tongue stabbing hungrily in and out of her pussy. She could feel the little girl’s cunt drawing at her tongue — feel the tightness of her pussy walls, the contractions of her cunt muscles. The cunt juices filling her mouth were like nectar, and she swallowed often.

Susan’s fingers dug hard into Janice’s tight ass-cheek, the finger of her other hand probing the convulsing depths of her own hairy pussy. She could tell that Janice was very close to coming, and her tongue flew even more wildly in and out of her pussy. She felt as if she would come when Janice did, and she rubbed her fingers roughly against her puffy cunt-lips, her clit about to explode.

Janice grunted, slamming her cunt hard onto Susan’s sucking mouth, writhing about in furious delight. “Oooo, I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna come!”

Susan felt Janice’s tight pussy clamp upon her tongue — then the convulsions began. It seemed to Susan that this young, tender girl’s pussy was squeezing her tongue like a small, wet fist. Then her pussy exploded. She gave a muffled wail of ecstasy as her tongue was clinched by Janice’s pussy and she was overtaken by her own violent orgasm.

Janice twirled her crotch hard against Susan’s mouth, squealing loudly with pleasure. Then she slumped to the seat of the car, breathing very hard, gasping for air. Her sweet little tits strained; her pink nipples still erect. Susan pulled her slippery mouth away, and looked at the cunt she had just sucked off. Her cheeks were wet with pussy juices, her chin smeared. She ran her tongue over her bruised lips, then smiled.

“I’m surprised at myself,” she said. “I’ve never done anything like this before in my life.”

“I haven’t, either,” Janice replied, lifting her head to look at Susan. “But I liked it! Oh, golly, I loved having my pussy sucked!”

Susan stood up, smoothing her skirt. She looked around at the pasture, wondering what in the world had come over her. She had picked up men before and fucked them eagerly — but never a girl.

Janice seemed in no hurry to pull her jeans on. She got out of the car and stood in the sun, feeling glorious. Susan looked at her, taking in the beauty of this sweet girl as she stood there in her panties, her tits exposed to the sun. Again, Susan thought of Stevie, her son. The image of him fucking this lovely little girl made her tingle with excitement.

Susan sat on the seat of the car, her feet on the ground. Janice came to her, and she pulled the girl between her knees and held her tight ass in her hands, looking at her sweet face. When Janice leaned down and kissed her lips, she returned it.

“I don’t even know your name,” she murmured. “I’m Susan Morris.”

Janice looked at her dark eyes for a moment, then said shyly: “I’m Janice Henderson. I wish you were my mother.”

It was a strange thing to say, and Susan asked her about it.

“I don’t have a mother,” Janice said. “I live with my father. I don’t even remember my mother.”

Susan felt pity for the girl, but she also felt something else. She wanted to mother the girl, but she wanted more than that; she wanted her sexually, too. She pulled Janice to her.

“I wish I was your mother, too, darling,” she whispered, nuzzling the girl’s small tits.

“We could play with each other’s cunt all the time, then,” Janice said with a giggle.

Susan pulled away and looked into those smoldering blue eyes. “I have a son your age. Would you like to meet him?”

“When? Could I meet him now! Oh, I’d love to know your son!”

“When do you have to be home?” Susan asked.

“When I feel like it,” Janice said, and Susan caught the note of sadness. “My father never cares when I come home.”

Making up her mind suddenly, Susan said: “I think Stevie is home now.”

“Let’s go!” Janice said, scrambling into her tight jeans. “I think I’ll like him. I know he’d like me!”

“Oh?” Susan raised an eyebrow. “Why do you think so?”

A blush crept over Janice’s face. “You know.”

Susan laughed, a low, throaty sound. “Yes, I think I know just what you mean. But I’m not sure my son has ever had a girlfriend before. I’ve never seen him with a girl, anyway.”

“Could I be his girlfriend?”

“That’s up to you and him, baby,” Susan said as she steered the car back onto the road. “But you know, I have a hunch you won’t have any problem.”

Susan put her hand on Janice’s thigh, close to her pussy. Janice giggled again — that naughty sound that was so becoming. Then she surprised Susan. She slipped a small, hot hand underneath her skirt and felt the creamy flesh above her nylons.


Susan had been divorced for over five years and had been trying to raise her son, Stevie, as best she could. They used to talk a great deal, and he had always brought his problems to her. But the past year or so he had become withdrawn, seldom talking to her. Susan did not understand this since they had been so close before. Then she discovered that her son was jacking off.

She realized that he was of the age when boys became interested in girls, but were too shy to approach them. He was deeply interested in sex — of that she had no doubt. She had found his magazines of naked girls, and instead of being upset about them, she found it was pleasurable to know Stevie was jacking off. She found herself looking at him in a sexual way, wondering about his cock and balls. Oddly enough, she felt no shame or guilt about this.

When she had been his age, she, too, had played a great deal with her cunt, finger-fucking and dreaming of boys and men. At a very early age, she had fucked every boy that showed an interest in her. She became aggressive towards those who were too shy to make a pass. Then, as she grew into her late teens and became more beautiful than ever, she found men. They were a delight to her, and when she married her husband, he had been awed and amazed at her intense sexual interest. But he had become jealous and possessive, and that had eventually brought about the divorce. Susan had not been unfaithful to him, but he wouldn’t believe it.

Since the divorce, Susan had found many partners to fuck with, yet there always seemed to be something lacking in each. It was only within the past year that she had begun to understand why. She had not been interested in relationships with men — only with their cocks. She found that without love for the men, her sex was not as pleasurable. She enjoyed fucking, of course, but without the element of love, the fucking was no good.

Although she had not been startled to discover that Stevie was jacking off, she had been shocked to find her love for him a bit more than motherly. She had begun to daydream of Stevie fucking some young, pretty girl as she finger-fucked herself. She never dreamed of him fucking her — only that she was nearby, watching him thrust his cock in and out of some tight young cunt. With such an image in her mind, she would experience explosive orgasms that almost doubled her up when she came. She began to see him, in her mind, jacking off furiously, his jism spurting powerfully from his piss hole. A few times, she even attempted to peek at him, but so far had been unsuccessful.

Now, driving home with this sweet little girl pressed against her, she wasn’t sure what she had in mind, except that she wanted to see them fuck. How that would come about, she had no idea, yet she felt it would happen. At least they would fuck, she was sure. Whether she would be able to watch them fucking was something else. She knew Janice would not mind, but how Stevie would react was something else.

Stevie was in the yard when she pulled up next to the garage. He looked at his mother, then at the blonde girl next to her. He leaned into the car before they could get out, looking at Janice.

“Stevie, this is Janice,” Susan said. “She wanted to meet you.”

Janice looked at the boy shyly, a faint flush on her pretty face. “Hello, Stevie,” she said softly.

“Hi,” he replied, then moved aside as his mother got out of the car.

Susan watched her son closely, seeing if she could detect an interest. She was pleased when his gaze went up and down Janice’s lovely body, lingering on her tight jeans. She glanced at the front of his pants, hoping to see his cock swelling. But he had turned away and walked into the house.

They followed, with Janice holding tightly to Susan’s hand. Inside the house, Susan realized her son had not left them out of embarrassment or dislike for Janice, but to get the girl a frosty soft drink.

“You two get acquainted,” she said. “I’m going to change my clothes.”

In her bedroom, Susan undressed and put on a pair of shorts and a skimpy halter. The shorts were a pair that she seldom wore, and then only when her son was gone. They were white and hung low on her hips. At each hip, there were criss-crossed straps, exposing a good two inches of flesh. They were not designed to be worn without panties and she left her panties off. When she looked in the mirror at herself, she saw her dark cunt hair curling from the high, tight legs of the shorts. With a wicked giggle, she went back to the living room, where she found Janice and her son holding a conversation. They seemed to have taken to one another immediately.

When Stevie saw his mother in the shorts, his eyes went wide. Susan knew he was looking at her curling pussy hair, and she arched her hips out a bit, in a not-so-subtle way to let him know she didn’t mind. As he stared at his mother, Janice slipped her hand into his.

Stevie looked at Janice, his eyes showing puzzlement. Then he looked back at his mother again. Susan smiled at her son, then turned around. The two kids gazed at her tightly encased ass, seeing the arousing curves of her round ass cheeks provocatively exposed under the highs tight legs of her shorts.

Stevie was not certain what was happening; he had never seen his mother this way before. But his cock was getting hard. He looked at his mother and felt Janice squeezing his hand. Janice seemed to be glowing, her eyes misty with sexual desire.

Some music was playing on the stereo, and Susan writhed the cheeks of her ass and ground her hips to its rhythm, knowing her son and Janice were watching. She glanced over her shoulder at Stevie, seeing if he was ashamed, or if there was interest in his eyes. She saw interest, and a peek at the front of his pants was all it took to show her his cock was very hard.

But Susan also knew that Stevie wasn’t going to do anything with Janice as long as she was there. Turning to face the teenagers again, she arched her tits and hips forward.

“I’m going to take along shower,” she said, her eyes gleaming meaningfully. “You two get to know each other better.”

Stevie and Janice both gazed at Susan’s swaying ass as she left the room. As soon as she was gone, Janice squeezed Stevie’s hand tighter, looking up into his face shyly.

“What would you like to do?” she asked, her voice very soft.

“I don’t know,” he replied, seriously. “What would you like to do?”

A shiver went through Janice as he returned the pressure in her hand. She glanced down and saw the outline of his cock. As if by accident, she let the back of her hand brush against his hard cock. She felt his prick, then pulled her hand away, giving him a shy yet knowing smile. “Want to play with my tits?”

Stevie almost came in his pants.

Janice didn’t wait for him to answer. She took his hand and pulled it up, placing it on her springy tit. When she was awe he would leave his hand on her tit, she dropped hers back to his lap. When she curled her hand about his cock, Stevie again almost came.

“You don’t have to be afraid, Stevie,” she murmured, stroking his prick. “I like playing this way.”

Any concern that his mother might catch them vanished from his mind. He was so excited at feeling Janice’s small tit and having her hand rubbing his throbbing cock, he forgot everything except this sexy girl with him.

Janice opened his pants and pulled his cock free. She gazed down at his prick, her fingers wrapping about his cock-shaft and stroking up and down. She loved the hard throbbing of his prick — the way his prick-head was so swollen, his piss-hole flaring and dripping with pre cum. She ran her thumb over the sensitive head of his cock, wiping away the sticky fuck juice. Then she held his cock tight in her hot little fist, beating up and down on it.

“You gotta feel me up, too!” she hissed in an excited voice. “Come on and feel me up!”

Janice had to open her own jeans for him. Stevie was overcame by what was happening to him, and although he was wiggling around with erotic pleasure, he wasn’t sure what to do. His magazines didn’t tell him what to do. When Janice had her jeans open and down to her knees, he stared at her tight, bikini panties. She pulled the waistband of her panties up and slipped his hand underneath. As he felt her moist, steamy cunt, his cock lurched in her fist.

“Oooo, don’t come!” Janice squealed. “I don’t want you to come yet!”

Stevie looked on in amazement as Janice stripped her jeans all the way off, then her panties. Finally, she removed her blouse, and stood naked in front of him. Janice looked at his prick standing up from his pants and hissed: “Take your pants off! Hurry! I want to see you naked, too!”

Stevie ripped and tore at his clothing and became naked with her. Janice grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. She was breathing hard and fast as her cunt bubbled and twitched. He wasn’t like the boys she knew; Stevie would fuck her!

Climbing onto the couch, Janice spread her legs very wide. One foot rested on the floor, the other up on the cushions, her cunt fully exposed to the excited boy.

“Don’t you want to put your cock in my cunt?” she asked when she saw that he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Yeah,” he grunted, his cock almost ready to shoot as he looked at her. She looked just like the girls in his magazines, only she was just a kid like him — not a grown woman.

“Then do it! Come on! Stick your prick in me!” Janice pleaded in a hot voice, her hips writhing. “Put your cock inside my twat and fuck me!”

Janice had to show Stevie how to get between her legs, and then she had to take his cock in her hand and bring it to her boiling cunt. She made a hissing sound as the head of his swollen prick slipped into her tight, wet cunt. She felt his cock stretch her pussy nicely, then she grabbed his naked ass and pulled him close. His cock went deep into her pussy, and she made a sighing sound of delight. She held him there for a long moment, thrilling to the way his cock stuffed her tight pussy. Then she began to wiggle.

“Move up and down,” she said urgently. “You’re supposed to fuck your cock in and out of my cunt.”

Stevie began to move, and Janice squealed softly as the friction sent her into high excitement. She lifted her feet into the air, then closed her hot thighs about his hips and locked her heels over his now thrusting ass. She grabbed his head with her hands and shot her tongue into his mouth, her hips churning. She could feel his cock moving — feel the hardness of his prick going deep into her cunt, then almost all the way out, only to ram back in her fuck-hole again. She was wailing with ecstasy as he plunged his cock in and out of her gripping cunt, gasping and writhing beneath him.

“Ooooo, so good!” she whimpered as she banged her cunt up and down. “Golly, your prick’s so hard in me, Stevie! Fuck me! I love your cock — love it so much!”

She felt his balls slapping against her upturned ass, and she slipped one of her hands down his back and between his legs. She grasped his balls tightly, twisting and pulling at them as he fucked her faster and faster. His arms hugged her, and she loved the way his chest felt up on the hard nipples of her tits. She was shivering and shaking as the ecstasy grew and swelled inside her. Every nerve in her body seemed to lead to her pussy now. Her cunt was tingling and burning so much, she thought it was about to melt.

The sound Stevie made as he thrust his cock wildly into her gripping cunt was exciting to her, and she held his bouncing ass locked tightly with her heels and her hand.

Every lump and groove of his cock was felt by her sensitive cunt and she thought for sure the head of his cock would split her pussy! Anticipating the feeling of his jism spurting into her cunt, she moved her ass about in a frenzy of pleasure.

“Ohhh, I think I’m gonna come,” Janice wailed. “Oooo, yes I am! I’m gonna come, Stevie.”

“Me too!” he panted, driving his prick faster into her cunt.

“Come in my cunt!” Janice screamed. “Oh, fuck me! Come in my pussy! Come in me… hurry!”

Janice groaned as her pussy convulsed. Her cunt began to contract powerfully around Stevie’s prick so tightly he couldn’t fuck in and out. Her pussy squeezed his cock rhythmically, and she clutched at his ass with both hands desperately now, afraid he would try to jerk his cock out of her cunt before he came.

But Stevie would not have taken his cock from Janice’s boiling cunt for anything at this moment. His balls drew up tightly, and then he shoved his cock as deep as he could into her clinging cunt. His prick spurted jizz, and when she felt his cum filling her cunt, she went into a second, more powerful orgasm. She twisted her small ass about in a furious grinding motion, squealing in a loud voice. She began to shudder in a violent way, so great was her ecstasy.

In the bathroom down the hall with the door open, Susan listened to the two teenagers. She was sprawled in the tub, her cunt boiling as she pictured her son and Janice fucking. She could see his cock penetrating the cute pussy she had so recently licked and sucked off, and that made her erotic fantasy even better. Knowing that her son was fucking a cunt she had licked was creating a series of marvelous orgasms in her pussy as she rubbed at her clit.

She pulled the plug and let the water drain, and when the level was down, she scooted to the end of the tub and lifted her feet high onto the wall. With the faucet directly above her hairy cunt, she turned the water on. The splashing of the water against and into her cunt made her orgasms even better, and she gripped her tits hard as she kept coming.

“Fuck her, Stevie!” she whispered. “Oh, God, fuck her sweet little cunt! Ooo, fuck that pretty pussy, Stevie! Come in her tight, hot cunt!”

Susan slumped in the tub, exhausted by the many orgasms she had induced with her fingers and the water. Although tired, her mind was racing with erotic ideas. As she stepped out and began to dry her tall, slender body, the door opened further, and Janice slipped in.

The girl was still naked, and the expression on her sweet, innocent-looking face expressed the pleasure she had just experienced.

“He fucked me!” Janice said. “Your son fucked me, Susan!”

Susan dropped the towel, giving the little girl a huge smile. “I hoped he would,” she said. “I listened and got so hot, I want to lick your cunt again, baby.”

Eagerly, Janice sat on the toilet, spreading her slim legs wide. Susan dropped to her knees at caressed her smooth thighs. She saw her son’s jism glistening on the girl’s smooth cunt-lips, and she licked at the girl’s pussy hungrily.

“He came in your pussy, didn’t he?”

“Ooo, yes!” Janice squealed, rubbing at her small tits. “He shot his wad in my cunt!”

Quickly Susan shoved her mouth to Janice’s cunt and kissed it. She tasted her son’s jism there, and with her mind reeling, she shoved her tongue into the wet fuck-hole and began to tongue-fuck the girl furiously, lapping and licking at her son’s fuck cream. She shot her tongue deeply into the teenager’s tight cunt, holding her about the hips.

Susan was pleased when she felt Janice reaching down to play with her large, spongy tits. She loved the way the girl pulled and twisted her sensitive nipples, and her lips and tongue sucked and licked her cunt even more furiously.

“I think I’ll come again!” Janice whimpered, arching her cunt against Susan’s sucking mouth. “Ooo, I love to come! Oh, your tongue feels like Stevie’s cock in my pussy!”

Susan’s heart beat faster when she heard the girl talk about Stevie to her. Her tongue fluttered deep into Janice’s cunt, her lips closing tightly about her pussy. She felt the youngster’s cunt gripping her tongue again, and then the convulsions started.

When Susan pulled her face from Janice’s, sweet crotch, it was smeared with cunt juice for the second time that day. The young girl leaned down and ran her tongue over Susan’s sweet lips then said excitedly: “I want to visit here every day.”

Susan stood up, and Janice looked at the beauty of her naked body. She was thrilled with her thick mass of cunt hair, and she reached out and played with it. She grasped the woman’s cunt and worked a finger into her fuck-hole.

Susan wiggled her ass and shoved her pussy forward. She was coming again. Janice worked her finger in and out of the woman’s pussy until she came, and then she looked up with gleaming eyes.

“I like your cunt, Susan,” she said. “Your cunt is so hairy and wet! Maybe you’ll let me kiss your pussy when I come see you tomorrow.”

It was a strange request, Susan thought especially since she had been kissing and licking the girl’s cute pussy most of the day. And her son had just fucked her little cunt.

“I’ll drive you home,” she said, getting back into her halter and shorts. “Do you live far from here?”

“Only a few blocks,” Janice said, and walked from the bathroom, pretty little ass jiggling.

When Susan entered the living room, her son was fully dressed, as was Janice. She was eased at the expression on Stevie’s face. He seemed afraid to look at his mother, and he was blushing.

“I’m going to drive Janice home,” she said to him. Then she did something she had not done in over a year. She leaned down and kissed him on his mouth. “Don’t go anywhere, darling; I’ll be back in a jiffy.”


Susan was amused at herself.

She had left the house wearing her revealing shorts for the first time since buying them. Somehow, it no longer mattered — it even excited her. It was still early — slightly before six in the evening. The sun was still high and would not set for almost two hours.

Janice scooted close to Susan, placing a warm hand on her thigh, her fingers teasing about the tight crotch of her shorts. Susan felt a constant tingling between her legs, her pussy pulsating hotly. Now and then, she would caress Janice and the lovely young girl would kiss her bare arm and shoulder. Susan noticed she didn’t look very happy about being taken home.

“I’d rather stay with you,” Janice said. “Daddy is usually gone, and I get so lonely by myself.”

“I’m sure he loves you, baby,” Susan said. “Maybe he just doesn’t realize. Perhaps he is wrapped up in problems of his own.”

Susan had a mental picture of a man ignoring his young daughter, pursuing his own interests, letting her raise herself. She thought maybe Janice’s father was involved with a woman — or women — and neglected Janice. Surely, if he cared for the girl, he would try to spend more time with her.

But none of this was any of her business. Just before she pulled up to Janice’s house, she told the girl she could come visit say time she wanted. “I don’t have a job, Janice,” she said, “and I’m home most of the time.”

“Would Stevie be there?” Janice asked.

“I’m sure he would… now.”

Janice giggled wickedly. “It sure didn’t take long to make him fuck me!”

Susan laughed with her. “I knew my son was horny.”

Susan stopped at the curb, and Janice pointed to the car in the drive. “Daddy’s home,” she said, her voice lifting a bit with pleasure. “Come meet him. Please!”

“Like this?” Susan asked, meaning her shorts. “I’d be embarrassed.”

“He’d like you,” Janice pleaded. “Daddy likes pretty girls, and you’re the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Please, come meet him, Susan.”

Reluctantly, Susan climbed from the car and followed Janice’s sweet ass up the walk. Again, she was reminded of how pretty her ass was. The girl’s jeans were very tight, and her succulent ass cheeks jiggled as she walked. Susan felt a strong desire to touch the girl’s ass — her hands itched for it. There was a burning twitch in and around her cunt as they entered the house.

“Daddy?” Janice called. “Daddy, come meet my friend.”

Susan saw a tall, attractive man come from the back of the house. She felt an immediate attraction to him, and as usual, she glanced at the front of his pants. He didn’t look like a man who chased cunt, she thought, but then what did a man who chased pussy look like?

“Daddy, this is Susan Morris,” Janice said, taking her father’s hand in hers. Susan saw the affection the little girl had for the man. “Susan, my daddy, Frank.”

“Hello, Susan,” Frank said, his eyes appraising her openly and unashamedly.

Susan held her hand out, feeling a flush creep over her cheeks. She was startled when he took her hand. She started to pull her hand away, but found he held it, his eyes now looking deeply into hers. Susan found that her already-twitching cunt had begun to ripple until she thought she would come, just holding his hand.

“I hope this little minx didn’t give you any trouble,” Frank said, his voice caressing her.

“Oh, no,” Susan said, trying to keep the quiver from her voice. “No trouble. Janice is a delightful child, Mr. Henderson.”

“Frank, please. Would you care for a cup of coffee?” he asked. “Or perhaps you’d like a drink?”

“Coffee, please,” she heard herself replying. “I don’t drink — not really.”

She looped her arm through his as he led her into a nicely furnished living room. She sat on a very comfortable couch, trying to keep her knees tightly together.

“Janice, would you be a sweetheart and make us some coffee, please?”

Frank said this without taking his eyes from Susan. Susan didn’t feel nervous, exactly. What she felt was an intense desire and this confused her. She had never felt like this meeting a man for the first time — not this strong, at least.

When Janice had left the room, Frank sat down next to Susan, and she could feel the heat of his thigh against hers. She could not take her eyes from his, and when he suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, she responded to his unexpected kiss.

“Oh,” she gasped as he pulled away. “You shouldn’t… we’ve just met.”

“I couldn’t resist,” Frank said, a smile on his face. “I’m sorry if I insulted you.”

“Oh, no!” Susan said quickly, a flush on her pretty cheeks. “I mean… I don’t want you to…”

He cupped her chin in his fingers, holding her face to his. “I don’t think anything except how beautiful you are.”

Before Susan knew what was happening, Frank had his arms about her, holding her close, his lips pressing against hers. When she felt his tongue probe at her lips, she could not resist opening her mouth. Immediately, his tongue filled it, and she trembled as she sucked at it. She felt his hands sliding to her jutting tits and made no effort to stop him. Then he put one hand down on her hips, his finger caressing her inside the criss-crossed straps of her shorts. She felt as if her body was on fire, and she could not swallow a low moan of pleasure.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped when he released her, “You must think I’m terrible, letting you kiss me this way. I just met you, Frank.”

“Maybe so,” he said, “but I think you felt the same thing I did. I’m not sure what it is, but I like the feeling.”

Janice interrupted them with two cups of coffee, and Susan’s hands shook so badly she almost spilled the liquid. She sipped the coffee and listened to Frank. She found out he worked hare trying to build up his own business, that sometimes he worked until after midnight. She was relieved to know he wasn’t out with women. She also wished Janice would find something to do and leave them alone. But the little girl remained.

When Susan stood to leave, her legs were very weak and her cunt was boiling. At the door Frank suddenly pulled her against him, with Janice looking on with a pleased expression on her pretty face. As Frank pressed her to him, she felt his cock, hard and throbbing, against her quivering stomach. Her back was toward the door, and she felt him cup her ass-cheeks, drawing her close. Susan almost melted in his arms and her hips moved of their own volition, grinding for just a moment his hard cock.

Then she was gone.

By the time she arrive home, Susan was so steamed up she would have fucked anything that moved. She sat in the car for a long time, thinking of what had happened. She had never felt so attracted to any man in her life, and she had never allowed petting and kissing within minutes of meeting a man. But she could not deny the reactions of her body or of her cunt.

Stevie was waiting when she entered the house. She shut the door behind her and leaned against it for a few moments, trying to collect her emotions. She couldn’t stop the erotic shivers that rippled up her flesh and her cunt felt as if she would come with just a light touch. Her eyes were closed, and when she opened them, she found her son staring at her, puzzled.

“Anything wrong, Mom?” he asked.

“Oh, no!” she said. “Everything is fine, just great!” She walked toward him, and pulled his head tightly against her bare stomach, hugging him. “I love you, Stevie. God, I love you so much!”

“Hey, Mom,” he protested, trying to wiggle free. “What’s this all about, anyway? You sick or something?”

“I’m not sick, silly,” she laughed. “I just wanted to hug you. Do you know it’s been over a year since I’ve hugged you?”

She could feel his face against her naked flesh, feel his breath. Then his arms were about her waist, holding her tightly, too. Stevie dropped one hand, and for a brief moment, she felt it on her ass. His touch was so terribly brief; he had pulled his hand away as if he had touched a hot flame. But the touch had set her off, and she felt her cunt tingle hotly. She writhed her stomach against his face, swaying her hips as she held him. Then she turned him loose.

Susan leaned down and kissed Stevie’s lips, holding his face between her hands. Impulsively, she stuck the tip of her tongue into his mouth, then pulled away, giggling. She turned and skipped down the hall, and Stevie sat there, watching his mother’s tight ass, wondering about his suddenly-hard cock.

Ten minute later, Susan returned to the living room. She had taken her shorts and halter off, and was wrapped is a huge towel. It barely concealed the curls of her cunt, and Stevie was certain he could see the cunt hair. When she went past him and toward the kitchen, he saw the enticing lower swell of her ass cheeks clearly, and his cock swelled inside his pants. He didn’t know what was going on. He had never seen his mother this way before, but he was excited by it.

Susan made herself coffee in the kitchen, wondering just what she was up to. She wasn’t sure, but it made her feel so good. After being touched and kissed by Frank, her pussy had continued to tingle hotly, and her pussy heat was growing stronger by the moment.

Taking her coffee, she returned to the living room and sat on a chair across from her son. She crossed her long legs, and saw that he was watching her with glazed eyes. She knew he could seethe curve of her hip and the swell of her tits, and her cunt was twitching until she was afraid she would have to reach down and rub her clit, even if her son did watch.

Susan noticed that Stevie was nervous. She could see the lump of his prick inside his pants, and it pleased her to know she was giving him a stiff cock.

Finishing her coffee, she stood up to get another cup, and the towel slipped. She almost lost it. As it was, she grabbed it about her tits with a squeal and walked away with her ass totally naked. Stevie grunted with desire as he gazed at his mother’s rounded creamy ass and long thighs. His cock throbbed and he almost came in his pants.

When Susan returned, the towel was back in place, but her eyes were gleaming with erotic desire. She looked at her son, her eyes fixed upon the lump of his cock.

“Was she a good fuck?” Susan asked. “Janice, I mean.”

“You knew?” Stevie looked startled.

“She came to the bathroom naked, darling,” Susan grinned wickedly. “How could I not know you’d fucked her?”

He stared back at his mother, not knowing what to say. But Susan wouldn’t drop it. Stevie was not embarrassed, she noted. “I bet she was a good fuck, darling, but I think I’m better.”

“What do you mean. Mom?”

“I mean that I’m a better piece of ass,” Susan said bluntly. “Want to find out?”

Stevie swallowed hard, his eyes huge. Again, there was a flush on his cheeks. Susan was amused at his confusion, and she deliberately allowed one creamy, swelling tit to become exposed to her son.

Stevie gurgled with pleasure as he saw his mother’s tit — the nipple rubbery hard. Susan held her tit, placing her coffee cup on a small table near the chair. She worked her fingers into the springy flesh of her tit, her nipple standing out through her fingers.

“Would you like to kiss my tit darling?” she asked, her voice low and husky. “Want to kiss mother’s titty?”

He hesitated but Susan wasn’t going to let him out of it. “Come on, baby,” she urged hotly. “You’ve been sitting there with a hard cock ever since I came home.”

“But you’re my mother!”

“Does that bother you, Stevie?” she asked in a soft voice, squeezing her exposed tits lovingly.

“It don’t bother me. Come on, baby, kiss my tit for me.”

When he stood up, he made no effort to conceal his throbbing cock. Susan gazed meaningfully at the bulge of his cocks as he started toward her. She licked her lips with anticipation. As he sat on the arm of the chair next to her, she pulled his hand to her tit, wrapping his fingers about her creamy tit-flesh. When she knew he would caress and feel her tit on his own, she ran her hand half way up his thigh.

“Isn’t my tit nice?” she murmured. “Do you like mother’s tit, Stevie? Play with my titties, darling. Squeeze my tits and hold them and kiss them!”

Stevie was not so embarrassed now. He shoved the towel down, revealing both of his mother’s creamy, swelling tits. He fondled both of her tits, his cock achingly hard. Susan slipped her fingertips higher, and probed the tip of his prick gently. Then, almost in a frenzy, she opened his pants and had his cock out in the open. She looked at his prick as she wrapped her fingers around his strong, hard prick-shaft, pumping slowly and tightly.

She loved the way he was feeling her tits now, and she leaned back in the chair and pulled his face down. When her son closed his lips around her nipple, she sighed with pleasure, squirming her ass about until the towel was fully open.

As she jacked off her son’s cock, she was delighted to see his hand run down her stomach and into the thick mass of her cunt hair. She spread her legs wide, and then he had a finger inside her slippery, gripping cunt.

“Oooo, wonderful, darling!” she murmured, pumping faster on his cock. “Ohhh, do that to me, darling! Finger my pussy, Stevie! Finger mother’s cunt!”

Unable to resist, Susan dropped her face to Stevie’s lap. She brushed the head of his dripping cock with her hot lips, tasting the pre-cum that bubbled from his piss-hole. With a low growl, she opened her lips and closed them around the swollen head of his cock. She heard her son grunt with surprise, but he made no move to stop her.

Susan felt his cock burn against her lips, and her tongue fluttered about his dripping cock-head, licking all about his piss-slot. She could feet his cock throbbing between her lips and against her tongue. And although he was no longer finger-fucking her, he was holding her naked tits tightly?

The taste of Stevie’s cock was enough to make her go into a series of orgasms, and she mewled with pleasure as her ass writhed in the chair, her lips working on his sweet hard cock.

“Oh, Mom, Mom!” Stevie groaned. “That’s good! I like that! Suck my cock some more, Mom?”

Susan opened her lips wide, and shoved her face downward. She took the full length of his sweet cock into her mouth, feeling his prick-head brush the back of her throat. She pressed her hot, wet lips about his cock-shaft as she drew up, sucking powerfully oh his prick.

Suddenly, Susan pulled her lips off Stevie’s cock. She began to work feverishly at his pants, opening them, wanting desperately to see his balls. He was not much help; he was still surprised at her cock-sucking, despite his intense desire.

Finally, she had his pants half-way down, and she looked hotly at his exposed cock and balls. There was no more hair on them than Janice had on her cunt, and this was a delight to her. She cupped his balls in her hot palm, holding them. She kissed his nuts, ran her tongue over them, and he simply sat there, trembling with ecstasy.

Then Susan looked at her son. Her dark eyes were glazed with passion. She ran her tongue over her hips, then whispered: “Fuck me, Stevie! Oh baby, please fuck me! I’m so hot… I want you to fuck mother!”

She pulled him from the arm of the chair, drawing him between her knees. His cock jerked up down as she pressed him to his knees. Then she scooted her ass to the edge of the cushion, her legs spread wide. She took his cock in one hand and spread the thick hair of her cunt with the other. She rubbed the dripping head of her son’s cock up and down the steamy lips of her wet cunt, pressing his prick-head against her swollen clit. The contact of his prick against her pussy made her body shako with ecstasy and she moaned softly with anticipation of her son’s cock thrusting into her slippery cunt.

Stevie watched her press his prick against her clit, rubbing his cock-head with her fiery hot, very wet, pussy-lips. His balls had drawn up tight at the base of his prick, and he was struggling to keep from coming. He was so excited he was shivering and his hands were running up and down his mother’s hips and waist, over her shaking stomach and up to her swelling tits. He twisted at her nipples, making her whimper with delight.

“I want your prick in me, baby!” she hissed at him. “I want your cock in my cunt! Fuck mother, Stevie! Ohhh, I want you to fuck me so much!”

Stevie watched with amazement as Susan lifted her pussy and put the head of his cock inside her fiery cunt. She took him by his hips and pulled him forward, her pussy wrapping around his throbbing rock. His sparse hair was pressed tightly against the thick curls of her pussy, and his cock was buried all the way inside her cunt. His balls rested against the warm flesh of her ass, and she began to pant as she moved her hips. She was sliding hot cunt back and forth on his cock, and all he could do at the moment was stare down at the way she fucked him. “Come on, darling! Fuck me!” she urged hotly. “You’re supposed to move, too! Fuck me, honey! Don’t make mother do all the fucking work! Come on… fuck my cunt for me!”

Stevie began to thrust in and out, his cock stabbing deep into Susan’s pussy, then almost out of her clasping pussy-lips. She gurgled with ecstasy as she held his hips. “That’s it, Stevie! Oohhhh, yes, yes! Now you’re fucking me! Now you’re fucking mother! Ohhh, baby, baby! Give my hot cunt some of that hard cock! Fuck my cunt, honey! Fuck mother’s cunt!”

Susan’s hips churned in a frenzy as she clutched at Stevie’s hips. She writhed and squirmed, her cunt gripping his hard, throbbing cock like a wet hand.

The moist fucking sounds floated about them, and Susan was almost beside herself. As she squirmed her pussy against his stabbing prick, she realized she had wanted to fuck her son for a long time. She was not surprised at the revelation; she was pleased to let it come out. She had wanted to fuck her son for years, and at the same time, had denied it. Perhaps, if she had not met Frank, she would not be fucking her son now, she thought. But she was fucking her don, and it didn’t matter what started it off.

“Mmmmmmm, honey, honey!” she squealed as she banged her hips up and down. “Oh, that’s a beautiful cock, Stevie! I love your prick, love it so fucking much! Fuck my cunt, darling! Give mother’s cunt your hard cock! Oooooo, yes!”

Stevie couldn’t say much. His throat was dry and constricted. All his being was centered in and around his cock and balls. The things his mother was saying, though, increased his desire. His fingers dug into the firm, smooth flesh of her churning hips, and his gaze seemed glued to his mother’s hairy cunt as her fuck hole seemed to devour his cock like a greedy mouth.

Susan was not holding his hips now, but was clutching at her swollen tits. She dug her fingers into her firm, spongy tit-flesh until it hurt, her nipples feeling ready to burst. She squealed and whimpered and mewled, her eyes closed as the ecstasy shot through her naked body like electricity. Her flat stomach rippled as she churned and ground her hips, her cunt trying to get him, balls and all, up inside her pussy.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, God!” she groaned in pleasure. “Honey, oh, honey! I’m going to come! That sweet, hard cock of yours is going to make mother come! Oh! Fuck my cunt, baby! I’m about to come!”

With a loud wail, Susan flexed her pussy around her son’s prick and she began to come in a shuddering wave of rippling flesh. Her cunt squeezed reflexively on her son’s throbbing cock and he had some difficulty thrusting now.

She shot her hands to his hips and drew him tightly between her thighs, holding his cock deep up her boiling spasming pussy. “You, too!” she yelled! “I went you to come, too, baby! I want to feel you coming in my cunt! Spurt your jizz in my pussy! Give me that hot, delicious cum!”

Stevie grunted, and Susan felt his prick swell. Then he was shooting thick jism deep inside her churning, receptive cunt, Susan wailed again as she felt her son coming inside her and she went almost out of her mind with ecstasy. Her cunt squeezed and held his spurting cock, and she shivered and shook violently.

Stevie slumped over his mother’s shaking, naked body, and she held him tenderly. His cock slipped from her cunt, testing along the crevice of her ass checks. She caressed his heaving back for awhile, and when he recovered, she kissed him gently.

“Well, was I a good fuck?” she whispered, smiling. “Am I a better fucker than Janice?”

Stevie could hardly speak. But she was pleased with his reply. “Yes, you are, Mom.”

She cupped his ass and squeezed the cheeks, kissing his neck and shoulder. “I hope Janice is a good fuck, too, though, Stevie. I don’t mean to sound like I’m jealous, because I’m not. I think it’s great that you fucked her.”

Stevie stood up, looking down at his mother’s sprawled, beautiful body. He was no longer embarrassed. His cock glistened in the fading light with the slippery wetness from his mother’s cunt.

Susan saw the question in his eyes, and she laughed with pleasure. “Yes, she’ll be back, baby. Don’t worry. And you have both of us to fuck when your cock gets nice and hard, now.”

She got to her feet, picking up the towel and draping it across her shoulders. She wiggled her naked ass at him, then took his hand. “I don’t see any reason for either of us to sleep alone tonight, do you, darling?”

Stevie grinned lewdly at his mother. She led him to her bedroom, and, pulling the sheets back, told him to undress and climb into bed.

“This could become a habit, Mom,” he said.

“Ooooo, I hope so.”


Susan woke up late the next morning. She stretched and yawned, then became aware that her son was sound asleep next to her. She turned to look at him. He looked so young, sleeping there peacefully. A ray of sunlight came through the window, making his tanned body look golden. He had kicked the sheet off during the night, and was sleeping on his back. Susan looked down his body and saw that his cock was standing up firm and hard.

She sat up in the bed, crossing her feet in front of her, facing her son. She looked for a long time at his prick and balls, thrilled to be seeing them ready for fucking. Her cunt still throbbed from the fucking they had done after getting into bed.

She stroked Stevie’s thighs lightly, lovingly. She touched his balls gently, then ran a fingertip up the side of his upstanding cock. He continued to sleep. She wrapped her fingers about his prick and gently jacked up and down on his cock-shaft. She loved the hardness of his cock, the length of it, the sparse hair at his cock-root. She was surprised to find her son’s cock as big as it was. Somehow, she thought it would be a small prick, the way his cock had been as a little boy.

As she fondled his cock, she slipped a hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt lightly. She worked a finger into her pussy and then withdrew it, rubbing the moisture of her cunt along his cock. Then she reached down and kissed the swollen head of his prick.

Stevie moaned softly but continued to sleep. With a soft giggle, Susan pulled her son’s throbbing cock between her lips and began to suck up and down on his prick-shaft slowly and gently.

She loved the hard feel of his cock between her lips — the smoothness of his swollen prick-head against her tongue. But best of all, she loved the sweet way cum dripped from his piss hole. As she sucked him gently, she cradled his hairless balls. She kept her eyes open, and thrilled to the way that his scant hair tickled her nose and chin as she went down on his prick. Her mouth was hot and wet, and her moist, slippery lips glided up and down his hard cock easily — not furiously. She wanted to savor the hardness of his prick, the sweetness of his cock for as long as she could.

Her dark hair fanned out as she bobbed her pretty face up and down, her son’s cock filling her mouth with throbbing pleasure. Her lips tingled against his prick as she sucked, and even her tongue seemed to tingle with excitement. She swallowed as her mouth filled with his dripping fuck juices, her tongue moving slowly about the flare of his piss-hole.

“Oh, yeah — suck my cock good!”

Susan lifted her mouth off her son’s cock and looked up to see him watching her. She grinned at him and beat up and down on his cock with her fist, no longer gentle. “You like that, do you? You like mother’s mouth on your sweet cock, do you?”

“Gosh, yes, Mom!”

“You ever had a blow job, Stevie?” she asked.

“I never had a fuck until yesterday, Mom!” he confessed. “But your mouth sure feels hot and wet on my prick!”

“Would you like to get a blow job?” she teased. “Would you enjoy it if I sucked you off!”

“In your mouth?” he asked, surprised. “You mean, let me shoot jizz in your mouth, Mom?”

“Of course, baby,” she said. “I love to suck on a cock, and if it’s as sweet as your prick, I love to have it spurting cum in my mouth. I bet your fuck juice is so sweet!”

“Suck my cock, Mom! Go ahead!”

“Do what?” she teased, squeezing his cock.

“Suck me!” he yelled, trying to arch his cock into her mouth. “Suck my cock, Mom! Come on, don’t tease me! Suck my cock off! Suck me off, Mom!”

Susan laughed a low, throaty laugh. She kissed his trembling stomach, darting the tip of her tongue into his belly button. “I’m not a prick teaser, honey. After last night, you should know that. Of course I’ll suck your cock off! You just lie back and enjoy it. I’m going to give you the best blow job you’ll ever get.”

She ran her tongue down Stevie’s body and licked about the base of his prick, running her tongue through his silky hairs. She licked up the side of his cock, then down to his balls. She loved the way his flesh shivered against her tongue; she loved it when he reached down to feel her thigh.

With the flat surface of her tongue, she lapped about his balls, then up and down his cock. She ran her tongue over his smooth prick-head, flipped it rapidly about his dripping piss hole, and then sucked his prick into her mouth, taking his cock all the way in. She held his cock tightly with her lips, her cheeks working as the smooth head of his prick probed her throat.

Susan then started sucking up and down her son’s cock. She caressed his thighs and stomach as she sucked, finally sliding a hand underneath to clutch at his ass. She twisted and pulled at his balls as her lips moved up and down his stiff prick, her tongue never still.

Stevie couldn’t be as still as she wanted. He began to pump up and down, driving his cock up as her lips went downward. He was making strangling sounds in his throat as she sucked his cock — sounds that intensified her desire to have his cock squirting jizz into her hungry mouth. It had been a long time since she had tasted a hard cock between her lips, and she loved sucking cock. There had been times when she would have preferred sucking a cock off instead of taking a prick up her cunt. She took a great deal of pleasure in cock sucking, and the taste of slippery cum often caused her to come when it splattered into her mouth.

With her lips tingling and her tongue licking, she held her head still for a moment or so and let her son fuck in and out of her mouth. Then she began to suck his cock in a frenzy, wanting his fuck juice badly.

She slipped both her hands underneath his ass now, pulling up on his ass cheeks, trying to suck his cock down her throat. She made whimpering sounds of ecstasy as she devoured his prick greedily. She found his prick delicious, and her cunt bubbled hotly. She knew she would come when her son filled her mouth with his sweet, thick cum.

Stevie was gripping one check of his mother’s flexing ass while she sucked his cock. His fingers dug into her firm ass flesh, squeezing hard in excitement. He was grunting and twisting about on the bed in ecstasy, his eyes burning as he watched her lips stretch around his cock.

Susan, too, was whimpering with delight as she moved her face faster and faster up and down Stevie’s cock.

“Mom!” Stevie cried out. “Oh, Mom! I’m about to come! Suck my prick, Mom! Suck my cock hard? Oooooo, suck my cock harder! I’m gonna come, Mom! I’m gonna come in your cock-sucking, hot mouth!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Susan mewled, sucking his prick faster yet.

She felt his prick swell inside her mouth — then there was a lurch. She tasted his thick cum as his prick squirted, coating her lapping tongue with jism. Slit swallowed his cum quickly and sucked his prick hard, her tongue lapping furiously on his spewing piss hole.

Her pussy clenched tightly, then she began to come in powerful waves of pleasure. She mewled around his spurting cock, swallowing as her mouth filled with jizz time and again. She was amazed at how much fuck juice he spurted into her mouth. But she didn’t loose a drop of cum. She gurgled happily as he kept spurting jizz, and she continued to come and come until she thought her cunt would never stop.

Finally, with a last dribble of fuck juice oozing from his cock, Stevie slumped to the bed. Susan sucked up and off his prick, licking her lips. Her pussy had finally stopped its wild convulsions. She licked her swollen lips and grinned at her son.

“Damn, Stevie,” she murmured. “I thought you’d never stop coming! God, was your cum good! Baby, you come so much! I love that! Ohhhh,” she fell beside him, hugging him tightly. “I’m going to love sucking your cock off!”

The telephone began ringing just then, and with a frown, Susan looked at the clock. It was seven in the morning. Who would be calling so early? She wondered as she picked up the phone.

“That was Frank Henderson,” the said. “You know, Janice’s father. He wants me to meet him for lunch.”

“Shit!” Stevie snorted.

Susan poked him in the ribs. “My, what a way to talk in front of your mother,” she teased. “Jealous?”

“Yes I am,” he said. “I don’t want you dating anyone. Not now, Mom.”

She climbed from the bed and laughed at him. “Just because we’re fucking like fiends doesn’t mean the world stops, baby. Come on, you’ve got Janice, haven’t you?”

He reluctantly agreed, but she could see the sour expression on his face. “Besides,” she said, “it’s only for lunch. I don’t go around fucking just anybody, you know.”

She showered and dressed for her date with Frank. Again, she remembered the physical attraction of the man. She wondered if there could be anything to this other than sexual attraction, but was not going to speculate.

She looked very pretty in her lightweight summer frock; it held her swelling tits tightly, outlining them to perfection. The skirt was pleated and swirled about her long thighs when she walked. After a moment’s thought, she pulled on a pair of bikini panties, frilly and sexy. Nylons and a black garter belt set her thighs off. A pair of three-inch heels accentuated her shapely legs.

Susan met Frank at the intimate restaurant he had mentioned. He was sitting alone at a back table, sipping a drink. He saw her as she entered and lifted his hand toward her. As she approached him, she felt the pull — the electricity. She was not at all surprised to find her cunt tingling pleasantly as she sat across from him. She wondered if his prick was stiff, and was tempted to slip a shoe off and slide her foot between his thighs to find out.

“It seems my daughter is really taken with your son, Susan,” he said, smiling at her as he finished ordering lunch for them. “I’m glad she’s found someone to be with. I want to spend more time with her, but I’ve got to…” He let it trail off.

“You love Janice very much, don’t you?”

“Probably more than is good for me,” he said. Then she was pleased to see a faint flush on his face.

“I think know what you mean,” she said. “I feel the same way about Stevie.”

They ate in silence, each thinking of what they had said. The electric crackle was between them stronger than ever. Susan felt no guilt about fucking her son or about arriving for lunch with this man so soon after sucking his cock off. On the contrary, she felt more excitement being with Frank than she had with any man she had dated.

By the time the lunch was over, her cunt was boiling, and she could hardly sit still. She flirted with the man, her dark eyes flashing in such a way that he couldn’t possibly miss the message.

“I could take a little time off,” he said, his face sober. “I don’t have to go back to the office immediately.”

She looked at him and nodded her head slightly. He tossed his money on the table and held her elbow on the way to his car. “We can pick yours up later,” he said, as he opened the door for her.

Susan sat in the car, letting her pleated skirt swirl half-way up her thighs. She was pleased by the look he gave her legs. When he got behind the wheel, she slid close to him, and they were silent as he drove out of the city limit.

She didn’t know where he was taking her, nor did she care. All that mattered was that she was with him, and her cunt was about to melt with desire for him. She rested her palm on his thigh, feeling the heat of his body. She could tell he was as excited as she was by the way he breathed.

Frank drove almost to the very same spot where Susan had taken Janice. There were no cows in the pasture this time, though. He parked in a stand of oak trees, and after he cut the engine, she was in his arms immediately. As they kissed, his hands roamed over her body, and she was almost insane with erotic desire. She gripped his cock in her hand as they kissed, and he slipped a hand under her skirt and rubbed her pantied cunt.

“I need you!” Frank gasped. “God, do I need you!”

“I know,” she whispered huskily, squeezing his cock hard. “I feel the same way.”

He pulled Susan’s dress up and slipped his hand into her panties, rubbing at her swollen clit. Susan opened his pants and drew his cock free. His cock was very thick and very long — almost twice the she of her son’s. Her fingers could hardly wrap about his cock as she jacked on him.

“Oh, Frank,” she breathed heavily. “I want to fuck you now! I need your cock now!”

“You’re a hot woman, Susan,” he gasped as he worked a finger into her slippery cunt. “I’ve wanted a hot woman for a long time.”

“You’ve got one,” she whispered as she wriggled her ass against the seat. “You’ve got one, now fuck her!”

He pulled her from the car, and while she gripped his cock, he led her to the soft grass beneath a tall oak. Janice immediately sank to her knees, then onto her hands. “This way!” she urged hotly. “Fuck me this way!”

Frank quickly shoved her skirt to her waist, gazing at the beauty of her bikinied ass. He dropped behind her, his cock lurching powerfully. He pulled the crotch of her flimsey panties to one side and his cock penetrated her burning cunt quickly.

“Oooooo,” Susan hissed as his thick prick stretched her hot cunt. “Ooooo, your cock’s so big, Frank! I love your prick! Oh, give your big cock to to me. Fuck my cunt, Frank! Fuck my cunt hard and fast! Oh, I think I’m coming already!”

Susan’s pussy was squeezing around his cock, her orgasm exploding even before he began thrusting his prick in and out. She wiggled her ass for him as he held her hips, stabbing his prick back and forth.

“Tight cunt,” he grunted, his teeth clenched as he plunged into hot ecstasy. “Damn, your cunt is tight!”

“Fuck it!”

Susan slammed her ass back against him hard, taking his long, thick cock deep into her pussy. She thrilled to the power of his fuck thrusts, and bubbling sounds of lust came from her cunt as he pounded furiously into her boiling pussy. She shook violently as her orgasms grew intensely, and she didn’t care if he bruised the creamy flesh of her ass cheeks.

All that she cared about was his stabbing cock.

He moved his hands about Susan’s swinging ass, feeling and caressing her ass-cheeks, his hips banging hard back and forth. Susan groaned loudly, the sound carrying off into the warm air. Her pussy had never felt so stretched, so filled with hard cock before. She wished she could feel his balls banging against her ass, but didn’t want to take the time to get them out of his pants.

It was a furious fuck — a wild fuck.

She heard him grunt behind her. Then he drove his cock deep into her cunt, holding himself there. She felt his cum splash into her pussy, and she went into a gripping orgasm again, screaming out her pleasure as her ass rocked wildly. She didn’t want his magnificent cock to leave her cunt; she wanted his prick up her cunt forever.

But he finally pulled his prick free of her clinging cunt, and they both sprawled onto the grass, heaving and panting. Frank caressed her thighs, and she held his cock as they kissed.

“I think we ruined your nylons,” he said, seeing the tatters on her legs.

“Who cares?” she laughed happily. “I’d ruin a hundred pair for another fuck like that.”

“It seems we felt the same thing,” he said, running his tongue around her lips. “I don’t understand it, and I don’t want to understand it.”

“I know,” she said. “I know.”

“I’d like to stay here forever,” Frank murmured, nuzzling her neck, “but I’ve got to get back to work.”

She got to her feet reluctantly. Seeing her tattered nylons, she lifted her skirt and unbelted her garter belt, slipping the nylons off. She tossed them to the base of the tree. “I hope you didn’t tear my panties,” she laughed, holding her dress at her waist and looking.

Frank lifted himself to his knees and shoved his face against her pussy, holding her ass with both hands. She held his head tightly, squirming her cunt against his mouth as she spread her thighs. She felt his tongue lick up and down the crotch of her panties, and mewled softly with pleasure.

“You keep that up,” she said in a thick voice, “and I’ll come again.”

Frank’s tongue licked her pussy faster and harder, and she thought he was trying to shove her panties into her pussy. Instead, he pulled the crotch to the side and lapped vigorously at her clit. His hands dug into the cheeks of her ass, holding her cunt tightly to his mouth.

“Ohhhh, Frank! I’m going to come… again!” she wailed. “Ohhh, feel it! Feel my cunt grabbing you! I’m coming, Frank! Oooo, lick my clit faster!”

When he released her, Susan could hardly stand. Her legs were wobbly, and the expression on her pretty face was one of pure pleasure. “I loved that,” she murmured as he got to his feet. “Oh, did I love the way you licked my clit.”

“There’s more where that came from,” he purred. “I want to keep seeing you, Susan.”

“I won’t stop you,” she said, kissing him hard, pressing her hips against him, “And I don’t want you to go but I know you have to.”

They were both silent as he drove her back to the restaurant where her car was. Even then, they were reluctant to leave. But, with a brief, almost tender kiss, he left her, and Susan drove slowly home.


Janice bounced about the house happily, giggling and teasing Stevie.

Susan watched the children, pleased to see them getting along so well. It was the day after her date with Frank, and somehow the two children seemed exceptionally pleased that she was going out with him.

Janice would give Susan knowing looks and smile shyly at her. Susan returned the smile, often sticking her tongue out at the pretty little girl.

Janice was dressed in a summer sun-suit that revealed the creamy swells of her sweet little ass. Susan was sure the girl went out of her way to make sure her pretty little ass was revealed.

Stevie had a constant hard-on, his cock bulging against his pants. He made no attempt to conceal this from either Susan or Janice, but seemed proud of his stiff prick.

Susan, wearing a becoming summer frock — a bright yellow thing — looked quite pretty. The top of the dress was tight, molding her shapely tits to perfection, and the skirt was wide, flaring about her long, creamy thighs. Susan was very much aware of the attention both children showed her.

Stevie, sitting in a huge armchair, slumped forward, and unashamed of the lump of cock in his pants, seemed undecided who to look at — his mother or the pretty little girl. Susan was amused by him and perched on the arm of his chair and rumpled his hair. “Got a problem, baby?” she asked.

He squirmed, looking across at Janice. The girl was on the couch, slumped, as he was. Her legs were wide part, and he could see the tight crotch of her panties. Susan grinned down at him and made sure her skirt was hiked up over her creamy thigh. When Stevie placed his warm hand on her dimpled knee, she could feel him trembling. She pulled his head against her stomach, kissing the top of it. She swung her foot back and forth, and was not at all surprised to see Janice quite deliberately pull the leg of her sun-suit apart and slowly run a fingertip up and down the tightness of her panties.

Susan felt a slight shiver as she watched the pretty girl. Janice had not been so bold in front of both her and Stevie before. But the expression on the girl’s face was enough to show her excitement. As she and her son looked on, Janice held the side of her wide-legged sun suit to one side, worked a finger underneath her panties, and openly stroked her cunt. Then she began to snap the crotch of her panties back and forth, exposing her cunt briefly. Susan began to breathe faster as she watched, glancing at her son’s pants. His cock was throbbing very hard now, and feeling bold herself, she reached down and gave his prick a squeeze. Stevie grunted and looked up at his mother.

Susan saw the question in his eyes, and for an answer, she put his hand on her knee and drew it up along her thigh, shoving his fingers beneath her skirt and close to her own cunt. Stevie could not resist probing at the crotch of his mother’s panties, and when Janice saw this, she squealed in pleasure.

“I knew it,” she yelped happily. “I just knew it!”

“Knew what, honey?” Susan asked, spreading her legs so her son could feel her cunt.

“You and Stevie,” Janice giggled.

“How did you know, smart-ass?” Susan teased.

“I know things,” Janice said. “I can sometimes sense things — especially about sex.” With those words, Janice pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, mid slipped her middle finger into her tight, wet little cunt. She began finger-fucking herself unashamedly, her eyes glowing with hot desire.

Susan rubbed at her son’s cock, making him twist and squirm in the chair. His fingertips now moved up and down the crotch of her tight panties, and when his mother began pulling at his zipper, he helped her. His cock sprang out, and Susan gripped it quickly, squeezing and pumping his prick as she gazed at Janice, watching her finger-fuck her cute pussy slowly, but excitedly.

Stevie shoved her dress upwards, and Susan shivered with pleasure as his hand went under the waistband of her panties, down through her curly thick cunt hairs, and found her swelling, throbbing clit. She sighed as he began to rub her clit, wiggling her ass.

“Are you gonna fuck Stevie?” Janice asked in an excited voice. “I wanna see you fuck him, Susan!”

With a soft, throaty laugh, Susan stood up. She pulled her yellow skirt to her waist, then slipped her panties down and off her feet. Quickly, she threw her legs over her son’s, and, facing the little girl, her back to Stevie, she reached down and took hold of his cock.

Janice quickly came toward them, dropping to her knees so she could watch Stevie’s cock enter his mother’s hairy cunt. Her eyes burned brightly as Susan rubbed the swollen head of Stevie’s cock up and down the wet lips of her pussy. She made a sighing sound as she felt the head of her son’s prick slip into the hot wetness of her cunt.

Janice gazed eagerly, seeing Stevie’s cock gripped by his mother’s pussy. She reached out and cradled the boy’s balls, leaning close. She breathed heavily as she saw Susan sink down, and Stevie bury his cock fully into her hairy cunt.

Susan held herself still, thrilled at the way her son’s cock filled her cunt. His prick was different than Frank’s — smaller — but just as hard and just as sweet. She was hot for his prick, she couldn’t remain still long. She began to bounce up and down, fucking him. She squeezed at her flawless tits as she used the muscles of her legs to raise and lower her gripping cunt. Her dress stayed at her waist, and she could feel the hot hands of the little girl moving up and down her inner thighs, then playing with Stevie’s balls.

“Oooo, that’s beautiful!” Susan heard the girl croon. “I love seeing your cunt eating his cock up! Golly, fuck him! Fuck your son’s cock, Susan!”

Janice was almost beside herself with excitement. She ran one small hand down to caress her own pussy as she tugged at Stevie’s balls with the other. She rubbed at Susan’s stiff clit, then back to Stevie’s balls again. Finally, she shoved her face forward, unable to resist the impulse. She kissed Stevie’s balls, her nose pressing into Susan’s clit. Her small, wet tongue darted out, and she began to lick at the boy’s balls as Susan twirled her hips about, bouncing up and down on her son’s prick.

Susan looked down, watching the pretty little girl lick at Stevie’s balls and felt the girl’s hot breath against her tingling cunt, her nose brushed against her clit. Stevie’s hands were wrapped about her hips, and his fingers were spreading her cunt.

Susan was not shocked when she saw and felt the little girl kissing at her clit as she fucked her son. She trembled as the moist tongue scraped over her swollen clit, then slid down to kiss and lick, at his balls again.

“Oooo, baby!” Susan hissed hotly. “Lick his fucking balls! Oh, honey, lick my cunt… suck his balls! Oh, this is fantastic!”

Janice sucked one of Stevie’s balls into her mouth, her eyes wide as she watched Susan’s hairy cunt move up and down Stevie’s cock. Her finger was thrusting furiously in and out of her steaming cunt now, and she felt an orgasm bubbling someplace deep in her stomach.

Susan was twisting and shivering with pleasure, her ecstasy growing. She gazed down with blurred eyes, watching the pretty, erotic little girl suck on her son’s balls, taking a few licks now and then of her cunt. She knew Janice was finger-fucking herself.

“Ohhhh, honey,” she hissed huskily, “fuck that cunt! Finger-fuck your little pussy, baby! Ohhh, that’s it! Finger-fuck your hot little cunt! Lick Stevie’s balls… lick my pussy! Ohhh, between the two of you, Stevie’s cock and your tongue, I’m going to come like crazy!”

Janice whipped her eager tongue up and down Susan’s hairy cunt, taking a lick at Stevie’s cock as the woman’s gripping pussy went upwards. Then she lowered her head and sucked in both of Stevie’s balls, her tongue swirling as she looked up at Susan’s face.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Stevie yelped. “Ooooh, I’m gonna come!”

“Do it!” Susan grunted, sliding her cunt up and down her son’s throbbing cock faster. “Come, baby! Ohhh, please, come in me! I want to feel your sweet cock squirting jism up my hot cunt!”

Janice gave a muffled squeal as she sucked on the boy’s balls. Susan felt her son’s cock swell inside her clinging cunt. Then his cum splattered deep inside her cunt. Her orgasm raced through her body, and she yelped loudly, shaking convulsively. She gripped the back of Janice’s head and pulled the girl’s pretty face tight against the juncture of her pussy and Stevie’s cock, her hips twitching as she gasped in ecstasy.

She allowed herself a moment or so of rest, then slipped from Stevie’s prick. She stood at the side of the chair, looking down. Stevie was slumped, his cock standing out from his open pants. Janice was running her tongue all along Stevie’s cock, licking at the glistening fuck juices hungrily.

Janice finally sat back on her heels, grinning happily at mother and son, her lips wet. “I love that,” she said. “Licking on a cock after its been inside a hot cunt!”

“You just love cock,” Susan teased.

“I sure do!” Janice laughed. “I’m a little cock sucker, too. That’s what Da…” She dropped it quickly, a faint flush on her sweet face.

Susan gazed at the girl. “That’s what who says?” she asked. “Who says you’re a little cock-sucker, honey?”

“I’m not supposed to tell,” Janice replied inn a law voice.

“Your daddy, right?” Susan promoted. “Was it your daddy who said you’re a little cock-sucker, Janice?”

Janice barely nodded her head.

“You suck your daddy’s cock off, honey?” For a moment, Janice didn’t want to admit this, but finally she nodded again, her face flushing again.

Susan gave a laugh, low and throaty. “I should have known. Frank is horny, that’s for sure! And, knowing you, any cock is just fine, right?”

“No,” Janice said. “I just like Stevie’s cock and my daddy’s cock, that’s all.”

“But I thought Frank didn’t spend much time with you, Janice.”

“He don’t,” Janice replied. “But when he’s home, he lets me suck his cock.”

Susan lifted Janice up to her feet and held her tightly. She pressed the girl’s face to her tits and felt her wrap her arms about her. When she felt the girl’s hands cupping her ass checks, she pressed even tighter against her.

“I think it’s wonderful,” she whispered against the top of Janice’s head.

“Don’t tell him I told you,” Janice pleaded. “He said I would have to stop sucking his cock if I told anyone.”

“I have a hunch he won’t mind my knowing,” Susan said. “Now, I’m going to shower. Why don’t you and Stevie fuck each other? I’m sure he can get another hard-on for you.”

Sum showered in her bedroom, and when she came out, a towel wrapped about her naked body, she saw Stevie sprawled across her bed, his clothes off, his cock standing up hard. Janice was between his legs, his cock stuffed in her mouth. Her sweet little ass was waving in the air, her knees drawn underneath her stomach.

Susan dropped her towel, watching them. She was pleased at the way Janice could suck all of her son’s cock into her mouth. She moved to the end of the bed, watching how hungrily the girl sucked on his cock, listening to the soft sounds of delight. She watched her cute ass move gently, her creamy ass cheeks spreading, exposing the wink of her tight little asshole and the puffy lips of her sparsely-haired cunt. The woman’s cunt began to bubble again and she reached out to fondle the girl’s curvy little ass.

“Suck his prick, honey!” Susan whispered softly. “Suck his cock! Suck my son’s cock! Make him come in your hot little cock-sucking mouth! Make his prick squirt jizz down your fucking throat!”

Janice wiggled her ass when she felt Susan’s hand running over her ass cheeks. She gurgled hotly as she greedily sucked on Stevie’s stiff, throbbing cock.

Susan ran her hands around Janice’s smooth ass cheeks, brushing between them and over the tight pucker of her sensitive ass hole, then under to cup her hot little cunt. She rubbed at the girl’s erect clit, then slipped a finger into her wet fuck-hole.

Susan finger-fucked the little girl for a while, watching as her small mouth stretched around Stevie’s prick. Then she pulled her moist finger out of Janice’s pussy and probed lightly at the tightness of her asshole. The little girl squealed as she felt the pressure in her ass and arched her ass backwards.

Susan leaned over and kissed Janice’s creamy smooth ass cheek, darting her tongue out to lick delicately at her ass flesh. She peered at Stevie over the bobbing head of the girl, and his eyes burned back at her. As Susan ran her tongue about the sweet flesh of Janice’s naked little ass, she probed a finger into her tight little cunt, working it in and out of her wet pussy. She kept her thumb against the tightness of her tiny asshole, making her squeal in a muffled, excited way.

Finally, Susan pulled her finger from Janice’s pussy and shoved her mouth to her cunt. She opened her lips wide and sucked at her puffy cunt lips, the tip of her tongue fluttering up and down her pussy crease.

Susan held Janice’s small hips in her hands as her tongue stabbed into the wet heat of her cunt, fucking back and forth. Then, without thinking of it, she lapped her tongue up and around the pucker of the girl’s small asshole. This sent the youngster into writhing pleasure, her ass pressing backwards into the woman’s face.

As her tongue-licked and probed Janice’s asshole, Susan was surprised to find how easily the tip of her tongue penetrated the girl’s shitter. She shoved her tongue about an inch up her ass and wiggled it about, then began thrusting in and out, tongue-fucking her asshole.

Janice was mewling with ecstasy as she devoured Stevie’s cock. Her eager wet tongue lapped about his dripping piss-hole. Then she went down until her lips were pressed at the base of his cock, her throat working. She clutched Stevie’s ass with her small hands, tugging him upward as she went down. Her little ass twisted about into Susan’s face as the woman’s tongue slipped in and out of her asshole, up and down her sensitive ass-chute. Having a hard cock stuffing her hungry mouth and a tongue moving in and out of her asshole was creating an intense sense of erotic ecstasy in the little girl.

Susan felt her own pussy steaming as she tongued the girl’s sweet ass. Her hands moved up and down Janice’s smooth thighs, over her swelling ass cheeks and up to her very, small tits. She listened to her son whimpering with pleasure and stabbed her tongue as deep as she could into the girl’s asshole.

Janice gave a loud, muffled squeal as she suddenly began to come convulsively. Her asshole squeezed rhythmically about Susan’s delving tongue, and her lips sucked powerfully on Stevie’s cock. She felt his prick throbbing deep in her mouth, as his jism spurted. His cum coated her lapping tongue, filling her mouth with thick sweetness. She swallowed his cum with loud, pleased gurgles. She sucked furiously as his cock spurted jizz time and again into her hungry mouth.

Then Janice slumped to one side, her naked little body sprawling. Susan sat up on the bed. She leaned over and kissed her son’s glistening cock, then pressed her lips to Janice’s still-quivering pussy.

“I don’t think you two kids get enough fucking, do you?” she teased.

“Not me!” Stevie laughed, caressing his cock and balls.

“You don’t either,” Janice retorted.

“You’re right,” Susan laughed. “All I have to do is see a cock or a cunt, for that matter and my pussy gets so damned hot I can hardly stand it!”

Later, Janice asked if Susan was going to date her father again.

“Any time he wants a date,” Susan replied. “I like him an awful lot.”

“He likes you, too,” Janice said. “He told me this morning he hopes to see more of you.”

Susan laughed. “I don’t know what else I have for him to see! He’s seen it all.”

“Daddy fucked you?” Janice squealed. “Did he really fuck you?”

“Of course,” Susan laughed. “Are you jealous, honey?”

“Yes, I am, damn it!” Janice said childishly. “He hasn’t fucked me, damn him!”

“He hasn’t?” Susan asked. “But I thought you told me he…”

“He only lets me suck his cock off,” Janice said as Susan’s words trailed off. “He’s never fucked me.”

“Would you like for him to fuck you, baby?”

“Ohhh, yes!” Janice squealed. “I’d love to have my daddy’s big cock in my cunt!”

Susan gazed at the little girl. “We’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?”

“How can we get him to fuck me?”

“Leave it up to me,” Susan replied. “He’ll fuck you, Janice. I promise you, your father will fuck you — and soon, too.”


Susan had made the promise, and now she wasn’t sure how to go about keeping it. She knew Frank was a sexual person, and she knew he was letting his young daughter suck his cock off. But he didn’t know she knew that. She hoped he wouldn’t be embarrassed when she confronted him with her information. She felt something close to love for the man and didn’t want to jeopardize what they were developing between them.

After Susan had invited Frank over to her home, she told Janice not to visit the next evening. The girl was full of questions, but Susan quieted her and said: “Leave it up to me, honey. If what I suspect is right, you’ll have your daddy’s cock in your hot little cunt in a very few days.”

Susan spent all afternoon preparing herself for Frank. She took a long, luxurious bubble bath and spent a long time on her hair. She chose a very attractive and seductive gown — a gown that revealed her slender, curvy body. It was cut low in front, showing off the creamy valley of her swelling tits, including her dimpled belly-button. The gown was low in back, almost showing the crack of her ass. There was a slit up the left side — a slit going to her hip. She was naked underneath. She had considered wearing some very sexy and tantalizing panties, but thought being naked would be better.

Stevie gave a long, low whistle when he saw his mother, and she peeled away the slit toshaow her hairy cunt to him. “Do you think this will turn Frank on, Stevie?”

“I don’t know about Frank, but it sure makes my cock hard!”

When Susan walked, the slit opened to expose her long thigh and hips, and even part of the swell of one ass cheek. She was certain Frank would love it, but she was not sure how he would react to finding her son with them.

Stevie was part of her plan. If Frank realized that she was fucking her son, then perhaps he wouldn’t be so hesitant about fucking his little hot-assed daughter.

At seven that evening, Frank arrived.

He looked Susan up and down, his appreciation of her beauty obvious. “You look good enough to eat, Susan,” he said.

“I hope so,” she grinned at him, pulling him into the house. “I love to be eaten… you know that.”

His face fell when he saw Stevie in the living room. Susan noticed and laughed as she mixed him a drink. “Stevie won’t be any problem,” she assured him. “You’ll see.”

Frank looked closely at Susan as he took the drink, but her expression didn’t tell him anything. He saw the way her dress parted, and he shot a glance at Stevie when he realized he could see her ass cheek and that the boy could see it, too. “What’s going on here?” he asked.

“You’re about to be seduced, darling,” Susan laughed, sitting in his lap. “I’m going to seduce you, and I hope you won’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” he said. “But what about your son?”

“He won’t mind, either,” Susan replied, kissing Frank. “In fact, my son enjoys watching.”

Frank’s expression remained the same, but his eyes widened. He felt Susan squirm against his lap, and his cock began to swell and throb as her warm ass pressed against it. He placed an arm about her small waist and hugged her. “I don’t mind… if no one else minds,” he said. “I had no idea it was like this.”

“Disappointed?” Susan teased, licking about his ear.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “It sounds like fun.”

“It sure would be more fun if you’d start feeling me up,” Susan urged, twisting her ass against his now-swollen cock. “Mmmmmmm, you’re getting a lovely hard-on, darling.”

Frank glanced at Stevie, who was sitting across front them, a wide grin on his face. “I don’t think I’m the only one,” he said.

Susan looked at her son, and saw the hump of prick in his pants. She laughed. “My son always has a hard-on.”

She felt Frank’s hand moving up and down her thigh. “Surely you can feel me up better than that, can’t you?”

“For instance?”

“Under my dress,” she breathed hotly against his ear. “Feel my twat under my dress.”

Frank looked at the young boy as he slipped his hand under Susan’s dress. But that wasn’t enough for Susan. She pulled the skirt apart, revealing her thighs and hips. She took Frank’s hand and shoved it between her thighs and against her hairy cunt. “There, that’s better.”

“Are you sure, Susan?” he asked. “Aren’t you?” she countered.

She felt his hand pressing at her pussy, but it wasn’t moving. She slipped from his lap, looking at him. “Frank, you know how hot I am. You shouldn’t be surprised that my son is here with us, watching.”

“It takes some time to get used to this,” he said.

Susan went to her son and propped a knee on the arm of his chair, the slit in her dress hanging wide apart. She took her son’s hand and placed it half way up her thigh, her eyes on Frank. Then she leaned down and ran her own hand over her son’s obvious hard-on. “If you can’t handle it, Frank,” she said slowly, “I don’t see any reason for us to continue seeing each other.”

“I’m surprised,” he said. “I need a little time to get used to this.”

“How much time?”

“I… I’m not sure,” he said.

“Well,” Susan murmured, still stroking her son’s cock, “while you’re making up your mind, I’ll just see what my son has in his pants.” She opened Stevie’s pants and pulled his cock free. She wrapped her fingers about his prick and began jacking on it. Stevie moved his hands from her thigh and between her legs and rubbed at his mother’s hairy cunt. She pulled the skirt wide so Frank could see Stevie feeling her bushy cunt. “Stevie loves to fuck me, Frank,” she said. “And neither he nor I mind if you would like to watch us fuck.” Lifting her skirt to her waist, Susan straddled her son’s lap, her naked ass gleaming. Frank watched as she settled upon Stevie’s cock, taking his prick deep into her pussy. He watched her flex her smooth ass cheeks, then begin to fuck up and down on her son’s prick. His own cock was throbbing painfully as she looked over her shoulder at him. Her naked ass writhed erotically, and she saw Frank rub at his bulging prick.

She had his interest now. She began to thrust her cunt up and down her son’s cock — fast and then slow, her ass flexing all the time. She arched her ass backwards so Frank could see Stevie’s cock penetrating her cunt without any obstacles in his way.

“Mmmmm, nice!” she murmured as her ass twisted about in pleasure. “Suck a nice cock! Oh, I love a hard cock inside my cunt! I’m going to fuck your prick off, Stevie! I’m going to burn your sweet little cock up with my hot, wet, hairy cunt!”

Frank was quickly pulling his throbbing cock from his pants, beating at his prick with a tight fist. His eyes shone brightly as he watched her lovely, curvy ass moving up and down, seeing her son’s cock stabbing into her hairy cunt.

“Can you handle it now, Frank?” she hissed over her shoulder at him.

“I can handle it, Susan,” he grunted, jacking on his cock almost in a frenzy! “Damn, that’s good! You look beautiful, Susan, your ass bouncing that way, fucking your son! Fuck him, Susan! Fuck your son’s cock!”

But Susan suddenly slipped off her son’s prick and turned toward Frank, holding her dress at her waist. She arched her hips in his direction and spread the thick curls of her pussy. “Want some cunt, Frank? Want some of my hot cunt, too?”

“Yes!” he almost shouted.

“You have to take me and my son,” she said. “You have to take us both, or not at all.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I men, both of you fuck me,” Susan hissed hotly at him, working her middle finger into her cunt as she spread her legs wide, knees bent until she was almost squatting. “I want both of you to fuck me!”

Frank’s hesitation was gone. He was so aroused at this moment it didn’t matter. He stood up and began taking his clothes off. “If that’s what you want, that’s what you get.”

Susan gurgled with ecstasy and tore her gown from her body. She stood naked and proud before Frank and her son; then as they became naked, she dropped to the floor on her hands and knees, her naked ass waving in open invitation to them. She placed her head on the carpet and waggled her curvy ass. “Come on!” she urged hotly. “Fuck my hot cunt — both of you, take turns fucking me! Fuck me, damn you! I want your hard cocks in my pussy!”

Frank dropped to his knees behind Susan, his prick dripping. He shoved his cock hard into her cunt and began fucking her fast, gripping her hips with his fingers. Stevie knelt at his mother’s side, and Susan began to jack on his throbbing cock. She was buffeted by the power of Frank’s fuck thrusts, and her tits scraped on the carpet, sending shivers of pleasure through her, goose bumps lifting on her creamy flesh.

“Oooooo, fuck me!” she grunted. “Ohhhh, that’s so good! God, your cock is hard, Frank! Fill my cunt with your prick!”

Her fist beat rapidly on her son’s cock, then suddenly Frank yanked his cock from her gripping pussy. “You fuck her cunt, Stevie,” he said. “Stick your cock up your motber’s hot cunt and fuck her!”

Stevie quickly knelt behind his mother’s writhing ass and shoved his prick deep into her pussy. Susan yelped with ecstasy and darted her hand toward Frank’s cock. She jacked it a few times, then began to tug and twist at his balls. “Oooooo, baby, baby! Give it to me! God, I love that hard cock of yours, Stevie. Fuck mother! Fuck mother’s wet cunt!”

Frank moved his hand over Susan’s shivering ass cheeks, slid his hand up and down her warm ass crack. He could see Stevie’s cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, her hairy cunt-lips clinging to his prick as if reluctant to let his cock pull out. He rubbed her asshole as she pumped again on her son’s cock. Then he moved behind her uplifted ass again.

“My turn, Stevie!” he grunted. “My turn to fuck her now!”

Susan felt her son’s cock pull free of her pussy, only to be replaced by Frank’s larger, longer cock. She mewled as he began to fuck her and squealed in pleasure as she felt her son kiss the small of her back. He slipped a hand underneath to grab a swollen tit, and she waved her naked ass in a frenzy of growing ecstasy.

She was not aware when they switched again, only that she was being fucked thoroughly. Hard cock was stabbing relentlessly into her cunt, tingling her and thrilling her. She gasped and whimpered with ecstasy, her naked ass moving in circles as she hunched back and forth.

She felt a cock gushing thick jism into her pussy, but she didn’t know which cock it was. It didn’t matter; the only important thing was that a cock was coming inside her spasming pussy. No sooner had the cock been pulled out of her cunt, than she felt another prick exploding inside her. Her cunt was filled with thick fuck juice, and she felt herself in the midst of a series of powerful orgasms that seemed to go on forever.

Susan sprawled to the floor, her naked ass shivering as Frank and Stevie watched her.

“I guess we gave her a good fucking, didn’t we, Stevie?” she heard Frank say.

She rolled over, her legs spread wider — her clit still pulsating, dripping with fuck cream. She smiled up at them. “It was good fucking, all right,” she agreed in a breathless voice. “But that isn’t enough for me. I’m still hot!”

With a laugh, Frank and Stevie dropped to their knees on each side of Susan. Frank sucked in a nipple as her son did the same to her other tit. She grabbed them both at the back of their heads, holding their mouths down tight against her tits. “Suck my tits good!” she urged, writhing her hips again. “Suck my tits, both of you!”

She released their heads and took a cock in each hand, pumping until she had their pricks throbbing hard once more. “I want to suck cock!” she shouted. “I want to suck on a cock!”

Frank was first to get his dripping prick to hot mouth, and Stevie watched as his mother opened her lips wide and took the man’s prick between them. Frank leaned over her face and began to fuck into and out of her sucking mouth. She whimpered and twisted about as she sucked his cock, her tongue licking. She ran her hands to his dangling ball, holding them tightly. The sounds of her cock sucking filled the room, and Stevie moved between his mother’s thighs again. He plunged his cock into her wet cunt and began fucking her, still watching the way Frank fucked her mouth.

“Fuck her mouth, Frank!” Stevie yelled with excitement. “Fuck mother’s mouth!”

Hearing her son urging Frank sent Susan’s emotions roaring. She sucked vigorously on Frank’s cock, churning her hips up and down as her son stabbed her pussy with his throbbing prick. Every nerve in her body was stretched, tingling, burning. She felt as though she would have orgasms not only in her pussy, but in her mouth, too.

Susan’s lips gripped Frank’s cock tightly as he fucked up and down, fucking furiously at her mouth. His cock was going deep into her throat, and she loved it. Her hips whipped about as her son fucked her, and she clawed at his balls, her lips holding his cock tightly.

She could feel the deep throb between her lips and deep in her throat. She could also feel the way her son’s cock stabbed into her clutching cunt-lips. Desperately, she sucked on Frank’s cock, her pussy drawing at her son’s prick, hoping they would both come at the same time. She wanted jism spurting into her mouth and cunt simultaneously. She flung her ass about wildly as she sucked Frank’s cock vigorously.

“I gotta come!” she heard her son shout. “I just gotta come!”

“Me, too!” Frank grunted, driving his prick deep into Susan’s hungry mouth.

Susan was already coming again, her cunt clutching at her son’s cock as it began to spurt. Her lips clung to Frank’s prick as it began to spew jism. She gurgled as the fuck juice from both cocks filled her boiling cunt and her greedy mouth.

Her naked body shuddered, then she slumped, thick jizz dripping from her hairy cunt and the corners of her mouth.


Janice bubbled over with excitement when Susan and Stevie told her what had happened with her father.

“I bet you had more fun, tough,” she said in a little-girl voice. “I mean, you’re the one that had both those cocks, Susan.”

“I sure did have fun,” Susan laughed, stroking her son’s face tenderly. “It was the first time I’ve fucked two guys at once. But it isn’t going to be the last time, I can promise you that!”

“I’d love to try it,” Janice said. “Golly, two hard cocks in me at the same time!” She shivered and hugged herself tightly. “Oh, one cock in my pussy and one cock in my mouth! I can almost feel it now!”

Stevie moved toward her and placed an arm over her shoulders, his hand cupping her small tit. Janice dropped her hand into his lap, caressing his cock. Susan, sitting nearby, smiled at the children as they began to kiss and feel one another. She loved it when Stevie and Janice did this so she could watch. It was very exciting to see two kids of that age feeling each other up, playing with cunt and cock. It was even more exciting to her because neither of them had much hair on their fuck organs! Not that she preferred a hairless cock or balls; she loved thick-haired ones just as much.

Watching her son slide his free hand under Janice’s short dress, she felt her pussy start to tingle and bubble. Her eyes were bright as she saw her son’s hand slip into the tight panties of the trembling, excited young girl.

It was the afternoon following the evening she had been fucked by both her son and Frank. After Frank had left, she had worried about whether or not he had liked the fuck session as much as she and Stevie had. But she knew Frank had. She also discovered that Frank knew that Stevie was fucking Janice and that she, too, had licked the girl’s cute little cunt.

All four of them were of the same mind — as erotic as hell! Susan felt she was very lucky to have found Frank and Janice. If she had not been out that day and watched the girl play with herself — if she had not taken the girl home with her and licked her pretty cunt — she would never have met them. But she did, and things were perfect for her.

Janice had worked Stevie’s cock out of his pants now, and Susan watched her small fist jack up and down on his prick. The girl sucked on Stevie’s tongue and writhed her ass with growing pleasure.

Unable to stay out of it, Susan slipped to her knees in front of her son and tugged his pants off. His cock was strong and throbbing hard, dripping cum from its piss hole. She cradled his balls as Janice continued to pump on his cock. Then she turned and shoved the little girl’s skirt to her small waist. She pulled at the tight panties and slid them down over her feet.

Janice threw one leg over Stevie’s thigh, and Susan gazed from the sweetness of her tight, hot cunt to her son’s cock and balls. Reaching out, she slid one hand along the inner surface of Janice’s thigh, the other along her son’s. She traced a fingertip about the slightly puffy lips of the girl’s tender cunt, cupping her son’s balls with her other hand.

“You two are so beautiful,” she murmured softly, but with heat in her voice. “Oh God… your cock and cunt are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! I just love them both!”

Janice widened her legs, scooting her fine little ass to the edge of the cushions. Susan stroked her bubbling pussy gently, tracing a finger up and down her moist slit, from her hard little clit to her tiny asshole. Her other hand moved around her son’s balls, and jacked on his prick when Janice moved her hand off.

Susan slipped a finger into the hot tightness of Janice’s cunt and finger-fucked the tight fuck-hole jacking her son’s cock at the same time. It was thrilling to finger-fuck a pussy and jack a cock at the same time, and Susan’s cunt pulsated wildly, her ass swaying. Her nipples swelled beneath her light summer sweater, making hard buttons against it.

The urge to taste cock and cunt was strong, and Susan leaned forward, her moist tongue darting out. She ran her tongue up her son’s cock and over his swollen prick-head and lapped against his dripping piss-hole. Opening her mouth, she swallowed his cock, sucking up and down slowly to savor the hard, hot taste of his prick.

Then Susan moved her face to Janice’s steamy cunt. She pressed her lips to her pussy, kissing it. She flicked her tongue up and down her puffy cunt-lips, tasting the pussy cream seeping forth. Running her tongue up and down, she flicked at the girl’s sensitive clit, then wiggled it against the tightness of her pretty, puckered asshole.

Finally, Susan wormed her tongue deep into the hot tightness of Janice’s cunt, fucking it back and forth a few times, then moving to suck on her son’s cock.

The two children leaned back, breathing excitedly as Susan went from one to the other, kissing and licking. She was breathing hard herself and her pussy felt as if she would come just by licking and sucking them.

“Make me come!” Janice shouted, tossing her hips up and down. “Please, Susan, make me come! Golly, I’m so fucking hot! I wanna come!”

For an answer, Susan shot her tongue in and out of the girl’s slippery cunt rapidly, her upper lip pressing hard on her throbbing clit. She moved a hand underneath her twisting ass, cupping a firm smooth ass cheek. Her fingers dug into the girl’s ass flesh tightly as her tongue licked and darted in her cunt.

The hot taste of her sweet cunt was sending Susan’s emotions soaring, and she sucked and licked in a frenzy to make the girl’s pussy convulse. As she sucked the tasty cunt, her hand moved up and down her son’s jerking cock, then to his balls and back to his cock. She watched them kissing each other hungrily as she sucked cunt and jacked cock.

Janice was wiggling her ass about so excitedly, Susan had a difficult time keeping her tongue inside her tight fuck-hole. The smooth thighs against her face were hot and thrilling. She could feel her son’s cock throbbing in her fist, and she pulled her smeared mouth away long enough to say: “Stevie, don’t come! Please don’t come, baby! I’ll suck your cock off just as soon as I make Janice’s hot little cunt come!” And she licked cunt with even more desperate hunger.

Janice lifted her hips and pressed her pussy hard against Susan’s licking, sucking mouth. When they weren’t kissing, Stevie and Janice watched Susan with hot, glazed eyes. They were both breathing very fast and heavy by now — almost gasping.

Susan loved the way Janice’s little cunt squeezed at her deeply buried tongue. It seemed to her that the girl’s pussy was actually nibbling at her tongue, and this further excited her. She scraped her tongue up to her throbbing clit and began sucking hard on it, her tongue flicking back and forth.

Janice ground her cunt excitedly into Susan’s face, her own tongue contorted as the ecstatic sensation of her developing orgasm swelled hotly inside her rippling cunt.

“Oooooo,” she mewled hotly. “I’m about to come, Susan! Lick me harder… suck my cunt faster! Ohhh, golly, golly! I’m gonna come! Oh, am I ever gonna come!”

A powerful cunt contraction closed about Susan’s tongue, and Janice shot her hips hard into Susan’s face. Susan felt the girl’s tender cunt spasm, the powerful clenching at her tongue showing her that Janice was having a fantastic orgasm.

Susan kept her tongue thrusting in and out of Janice’s pussy, her upper lip tight on the girl’s convulsing clit. She dug her fingers into Janice’s suddenly-tight ass cheeks. She kept up a relentless sucking and licking until the little girl slumped, her, ass falling to the cushions. The youngster whimpered like a last puppy, but the sounds were of intense ecstasy.

“Now me, Mom!” Stevie was shouting at her, his cock ready to burst. “Suck my cock now, Mom! You just gotta suck my cock now! I’ll come all over your fucking face if you don’t hurry!”

Susan quickly wrapped her hot, wet lips about her son’s cock. She sucked up and down, taking the full length of his prick into her mouth, her tongue lapping energetically. As she sucked on Stevie’s prick, she caressed Janice’s still-quivering cunt. Her son’s cock filled her mouth, stretching her lips. She loved the way his smooth, swollen prick-head brushed the back of her throat — the way his cock felt against her tongue, between her hungry lips.

She held Stevie’s balls as she raced her mouth up and down his throbbing hard-on. Stevie was holding his mother’s head with both hands. He pumped his hips up and down, fucking her mouth as she greedily sucked his prick. She was anxious to feel his cum splashing into her mouth, and her cunt was twitching hotly. She knew she, too, would come when her son filled her mouth with his hot, thick jism.

Susan twisted Stevie’s balls, but not hard enough to cause him pain. Only enough to increase his pleasure! She felt his nuts draw tightly into the base of his cock, and knew this was the signal of his impending orgasm. She made low soft growling sounds as she devoured his cock. Her tongue licked rapidly about his flaring piss-hole, only to dive down again, swallowing his prick with zest.

“Im almost there, Mom!” she heard her son yell. She sucked his prick like a crazed animal. “I’m gonna shoot jizz, Mom! I’m gonna shoot cum right down your cock-sucking throat! I’m gonna come in your fucking mouth, Mom!”

“Mmmmm!” Susan squealed.

“Oh! Ohhh!” Stevie groaned.

Then Susan tasted the delicious sweetness of her son’s fuck juice spurting against her throat. She gurgled with ecstasy as she swallowed his cum, sucking hard to draw up more fuck juice. Her cunt convulsed, and she squealed around his spewing cock, her hand dropping from his balls to press into Janice’s. Her son spurted jizz time and again, filling her mouth more than ever before. Some of the pearl-white cum dribbled from the stretched corners of the month. She tried to swallow it all, but some of the jizz escaped. As she drank her son’s fuck juice, she pressed her hand harder between Janice’s thighs, making the little girl yelp.

“My cunt’s coming again!” Janice yelped in surprise. “I’m coming again! Oohhh, golly!”

As her son’s jizz dribbled to a stop, Susan sucked her lips up, scraping his piss-hole. She smiled at the two happy kids and leaned over and ran the tip of her tongue along her son’s cock-head, then twisted about to kiss Janice’s cute pussy.

Getting to her feet, she smiled down at them. “That was a pretty good fuck,” she said. “The only thing is, I needed something up my hairy cunt then. I came, but it would have been better if a cock was in my pussy.”

She gave Stevie and Janice cold soft drinks, then left them alone while she showered. Susan took two, and sometimes three, showers a day.

She was gone about half an hour, and when she returned to the living room, she found her son and Janice eagerly playing with each other again. Janice had removed her dress, and was wearing only her panties. Her son was completely naked, and he was bending over the sprawled little girl, licking at her cunt through her tight panties. His cock was again very hard, and she was thrilled to see they were ready to fuck each other again. “Don’t you two ever cool off?” she teased.

Janice shook her head as she writhed her crotch into Stevie’s face. “Not me!”

Playfully, Susan reached down and yanked on her son’s hard cock. He gave a yelp against Janice’s cunt, turning his head to look at his mother. “Don’t be so fucking hard on my prick, Mom.”

She slapped him on his ass playfully. “You two do whatever you enjoy best. I’ve got some shopping to take care of. Just don’t wear that cock and cunt out. I think I might need them when I get back.”

Stevie ran his hand up between his mother’s thighs and over her hairy cunt. “No panties?”

She stuck her tongue out at him, leaving the kids to their fucking and sucking.

“I sure like her,” Janice said, sitting up. “I wish she was my mother.”

“It would be fun to have you living here with us,” Stevie said, rubbing her cunt through her tight panties. “We could all have a nice time, couldn’t we?”

Janice nodded her head. “I don’t think my daddy wants to got married again, at least not right now. I know he likes your mother, though. He told me!”

“You really suck his cock off, Janice?”

“Sure,” she said. “I wish he’d fuck me, though. I’d love to know what it feels like to have his cock up my cunt. His prick is so big, but I bet I could take all of it in my cunt.”

“Can you get all of his prick in your mouth?”

“Golly, no!” she said. “I can only suck on his prick-head. But that’s fine. I love it when he comes in my mouth just like your mother loves it.”

“Suck my cock,” he said, offering his prick to her.

Janice eagerly scooted her face to Stevie’s cock. She held his prick and kissed his dripping piss-hole, then licked her lips. She opened her mouth wide and sucked his prick into her hot, wet mouth. She sucked on his cock for awhile, then pulled away and began licking at his balls. “My daddy likes to get his hairy balls licked. Do you like having your nuts licked too, Stevie?”

“Oh, yes!” He grunted as her tongue lapped about his balls. “Lick my balls and jack me off, okay?”

Janice dropped to her knees and sat on her heels. Stevie straddled her upturned face and she began to lick at his balls, her tight fist pumping on his cock. Her other hand clutched at his ass, her fingers between his ass checks. Her moist, eager little tongue lapped all about his balls as she jacked on his hard cock. Her sparkling eyes glowed up at him as he held the back of her head.

She liked the way Stevie squirmed and wiggled his crotch into her face. Her cunt was tingling again, as it usually was, and she used her other hand to rub at her fuck-hole, thrusting a finger into her pussy now and then.

Janice made soft cooing sounds as she lapped at Stevie’s balls. Her finger slipped between the cheeks of his ass and she rubbed at the tightness of his asshole, making him grunt with pleasure. She slipped her finger out of her wet pussy and shoved her hand far between her thighs. She rubbed at her own asshole and she sucked in one of his almost-hairless balls. She pressed her finger against the tightness of her shitter, remembering how it felt when Susan had stuck her tongue up her asshole. An idea boiled inside her brain, and she pulled her mouth from the boy’s balls, looking up at him hotly.

“Stevie,” she said in a low, excited voice. “Lot’s do something different.”

“Like what?” he asked. “I thought we’d done just about everything we could think of.”

“There’s one thing we haven’t done, and I’d love to try it.”

“I’m willing,” he said.

Janice stood up and shoved her panties off quickly. Then she was on her knees again, bracing herself with her hands. She wagged her cute ass at him. “There!” she squealed with naughty delight.

He looked at her wiggling ass. “We fucked that way, Janice,” he said. “That ain’t any different.”

“I want it there!” she said, arching her back to make her rounded ass jut up. “In my ass!”

“Are you joking?”

“I loved it when your mother stuck her tongue up my asshole,” Janice giggled. “I bet your cock would feel even better in my ass. Come on, let’s try ass-fucking!”

“You think it will hurt?”

“Stick your finger in my ass first,” she said. “Stick your finger up my asshole and let’s see!”

Stevie dropped to his knees behind her pretty, smooth ass. He looked at the tight pucker of her small asshole, rubbing a finger tip against it. Janice squealed with pleasure and wagged her ass with delight. Stevie pressed the tip of his finger into her asshole, and she gave another squeal. He shoved his finger all the way up her ass, and she bubbled with desire.

“Your cock!” she yelped. “I want your cock in my ass, Stevie! Come on, stick your cock up my asshole!”

Stevie pulled his finger out of her shitter and moved the swollen head of his prick toward her asshole. He rubbed his cock around her ass pucker, smearing it with his pre-cum. Then he pressed the end of his prick against her ass. She shoved backwards, and the head of his cock slipped into her asshole easily. “My cock’s in your ass!” he said.

“Golly, don’t I know it!” she giggled lewdly. “I can feel your prick! Ohhh, it sure seems big in there! I bet my asshole is stretched, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, kinda,” he replied, looking at the way her asshole gripped his cock. “I think we can ass-fuck, don’t you?”

“Oooo, yes!” Janice yelped, writhing her upturned ass tantalizingly. “I bet we can! Fuck my ass, Stevie! Fuck me up my asshole!”

Taking a tight grip on Janice’s hips, Stevie began to stab slowly in and out of her gripping asshole. The hot tightness of her shitter sent flames of delight through his body.

Janice gurgled as she placed her head on the floor, one hand between her legs, rubbing furiously at her cunt. The way Stevie’s cock filled her asshole sent ecstasy flowing through her body and her small tits swelled up hard.

Her asshole was gripping his cock in reflexive waves without any effort from her.

“You gotta fuck me harder!” she urged. “I want your cock fucking any asshole faster and harder, Stevie! It don’t hurt, honest! Golly, I love it! It feels good — different than in my cunt! Fuck my ass, Stevie! Fuck my asshole fast and hard! I bet I can come getting fucked up my asshole!”

Stevie clung to her twisting hips, watching his prick slide in and out of her hot, tight asshole. The way her shitter held his cock was almost unbelievable!

“Ooooo!” Janice guzgled in delight. “I love your cock up my ass, Stevie! Golly, do I like this! Your prick feels so good up my ass! Fuck my ass, Stevie! Fuck me in the asshole! Fuck my asshole hard and fast!”

She shot her ass back against his cock-root tightly, writhing her shit-hole violently. She rubbed her steamy cunt in a frenzy, the sounds bursting from her mouth showing her intense ecstasy. She began to come almost before she was aware of it, squealing and shuddering.

“You gotta come, too!” she shouted. “I want to feel you coming, too, Stevie! Come in me… come in my ass! Oooooo, hurry and come up my fucking asshole!”

Stevie plunged his cock in furiously now, Janice’s asshole holding his throbbing prick like a hot vise. His balls were tight against the base of his cock, and he could feel her hands on them as she finger-fucked her pussy wildly.

He gave a loud grunt and drove his cock as deep as he could into Janice’s tight asshole. She squealed with ecstasy when she felt his prick spew cum up her ass. The splashing of his jism up her asshole sent her into another powerful orgasm, and she shivered as her mind went blank to everything but her pleasure. Stevie slumped across her as she slowly dropped to the floor, his cock still clutched by the tightness of her asshole.

They didn’t even hear the door open when Susan entered, her arms filled with packages. She looked at them — her son lying on top of the little girl. She smiled and walked into the kitchen, placing the bags down. She went back to the living room, just in time to see her son getting off Janice.

“We did something different,” Janice grinned at Susan, rubbing at her asshole tenderly. “Stevie fucked me in my ass!”

Susan smiled at the girl. “How did you like it?”

“Ooooo, I wanna get fucked in my asshole again and again!” Janice giggled. “It’s as good as in my cunt or mouth! You gotta try it, Susan!”

“Kids!” Susan laughed. “You all think you’ve discovered it when ass-fucking’s been going on for centuries!”


That evening, Frank called to see if his daughter was with Susan. When he found out she was, he told Susan he had to finish up some work and would be home late. He asked if Janice could spend the night with her and Stevie.

“Are you sure?” Susan asked, her voice teasing him a little. “You know me, and you know what we did with my son.”

Frank laughed. “I know, and I think I’d rather have my daughter with you and Stevie than anyone.”

“That sounds like permission to me,” Susan laughed.

“I know my daughter, too. I’ve known her for a long time. She’s no different than you, me or Stevie.”

After promising to see her the next day, he hung up. Susan told Janice about the call, and the little girl was delighted to stay the night. “But I gotta sleep with both of you!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, baby,” Susan said.

“Neither would I!” Stevie said quickly, rubbing at his cock.

Janice hugged and kissed him, then did the same to Susan. They had a good dinner, and they were all so excited, they went to Susan’s huge bedroom almost immediately after the kitchen was cleaned up. Both kids were so excited, Susan almost had to force them to shower.

“Together!” Janice giggled. “I won’t take a shower unless Stevie takes it with me.”

“That’s the only way, honey,” Susan laughed, slapping them both on the ass. “Now scoot!”

She prepared for bed, listening to the laughter and squeals coming from the bathroom. She brushed her hair and then decided against wearing a gown. After all, why wear something when it would only be removed in a short time, anyway? She gazed critically at her body in the mirror, seeing the swelling firmness of her tits, her large nipples, her small waist, her bushy pussy and long, creamy legs. She was still very beautiful, she knew.

When Stevie and Janice came from the bathroom, she turned to look at them. They were such beautiful children, she thought. Her son was getting to be a man, and his cock and balls were simply lovely. Janice, with her small, sweet tits and sparse-haired cunt and her hot little ass was a real delight to have around. She had such an erotic mind for one so young, the woman thought. But she loved the girl for it. She could see the sweet puffiness of the youngster’s cunt as she stood holding Stevie’s hand.

The two came to Susan, and she wrapped them up in her arms, hugging their still-damp nakedness against her own. She loved the way her son’s cock pressed against her thigh and the way Janice’s small tits rubbed against her flesh.

She loved it when Janice parted her thighs and rubbed her moist little cunt against her leg. Then, as though they had planned it in the shower, Stevie sucked one of his mother’s tits into his mouth and the girl sucked in the other one. Each had a tight grip on her ass cheeks, squeezing them.

Susan hugged them to her tits, her hands running up and down their backs. The way they sucked on her nipples sent shivers of delight up and down her creamy flesh.

“That’s enough,” she said. “You two will have me coming just sucking my tits.”

They both giggled and raced for the bed. Susan watched them jump onto it, leg and cook and cunt and sweet ass flashing prettily. The sight caused her pussy to begin throbbing, and she joined them.

Their hands were all over Susan as she sprawled there between them. She stretched out, sighing in pleasure as Stevie and Janice fondled every inch of her tingling, burning flesh. They sucked at her erect nipple and licked down her quivering stomach and over her thighs. Then she gasped and peered down between her thrusting tits as Janice began to suck on her hard clit, Stevie tracing about the girl’s lips with a fingertip.

Then Janice moved away and Stevie lapped at his mother’s cunt, stabbing his tongue deeply into her pussy. She was rolled to her side, and as her son continued to lick and shove his tongue up her hairy cunt, the girl began kissing and licking at her smooth ass checks.

“You two are going to eat me up,” she mewled softly, clutching her tits with both hands. “I love your hot, wet mouths and tongues on my cunt and tits!”

As her ass cheeks were pulled apart, Susan felt the hot wetness of Janice’s tongue lapping against her tightly puckered asshole. A tongue was flying in and out of her cunt, and one was flicking about her asshole, and she was shaking with the intensity of her ecstasy.

“You like getting your asshole licked, Susan?” Janice asked in a thick voice from behind her. “Does it feet good?”

“You’re sweet, honey,” Susan murmured. “I love it! Lick my asshole for me, baby! Oh God… lick my asshole! Stevie, suck my cunt! Ohhh, both of you little fuckers, eat me! Eat my cunt and eat my asshole!”

She heard them giggle, but their tongues flew about her body wildly and hotly. She felt as if she would come anytime, but they didn’t keep it up. Instead, both of them stopped licking her at the same time.

“Don’t stop!” Susan yelped. “Why did you stop? You two had me almost coming.”

“Stevie wants to fuck you in the ass,” Janice said, shoving Susan to her stomach and spreading her ass cheeks so she could peer at the woman’s asshole. “He wants to stick his cock up your ass, Susan.”

Susan looked at her son’s cock. “I don’t see why not. I’ve had bigger cocks than that up my ass.”

She saw her son’s expression. “Hey, don’t get jealous, Stevie. You’re still just a young boy. Your cock will be a lot bigger when you’re older. I think it would be fun to have your prick in my asshole.”

Susan drew her knees underneath her body, arching her rounded ass high in the air. Immediately Janice shoved her face between the woman’s spreading ass cheeks and kissed her puckered asshole, her tongue lapping against her ass ring. Susan wiggled her ass into the young girl’s face and urged: “Stevie, get your cock up my asshole. Shove your prick all the way up my fucking hot ass!”

Stevie knelt on the bed behind his mother’s upraised ass. Janice took hold of his cock and rubbed his dripping cock-head up and down the crack of his mother’s ass. Then she pressed his prick-head against Susan’s asshole, and Susan shoved her ass backwards.

Stevie’s cock slipped into his mother’s asshole more easily than his prick had plugged Janice’s ass. As he began to fuck his mother up her ass, Janice leaned down and began licking her tongue around the woman’s creamy flesh, increasing her ecstasy. As the girl licked at her swelling ass cheeks, she slipped a hand underneath to cup and squeeze at one firm tit.

“Ohhh, God,” Susan whimpered huskily. “I love it, Stevie! Ooo, your hard cock feels so, fucking good in my hot asshole! Fuck my asshole, baby! Fuck mother’s hot, tight asshole!”

Janice dug her fingers into Susan’s firm tit, making the woman’s nipple tingle. Her moist tongue lapped about both ass cheeks, slipping down her ass crack to run along Stevie’s cock as it withdrew.

As much as she loved feeling her son’s cock inside her asshole, Susan needed more. She tugged at Janice, pulling the girl underneath her body so she could get her mouth on her sweet little cunt. Janice spread her legs wide, her knees up, and lifted her pussy as Susan began to lick and stab at her cunt. Her head was between Susan’s thighs, and she looked up at the woman’s bushy wet cunt, seeing Stevie’s balls swinging and his cock penetrating the tightness of his mother’s ass.

Reaching up, Janice gripped one of Susan’s ass cheeks with one hand and one of Stevie’s ass cheeks with the other. She began to lick furiously at Susan’s wet, hot cunt as she wiggled beneath her. The moist sounds of sucking filled the large bedroom, and the soft, ecstatic gurgles of intense pleasure mingled with them. Heavy sighs and mewls of pleasure came from all three. They were not fucking in desperation now. What they were doing was enjoying and satisfying each other. The sucking and fucking was slow and pleasant, with pleasure growing in slow stages. All three writhed unashamedly as they let the ecstasy flow through their naked bodies.

Susan’s cunt was bubbling hotter and wetter against the little girl’s mouth, and she, in turn, tasted Janice’s sweet cunt juices. She felt almost every throb of her son’s cock up her asshole and loved the way he would pull his prick almost all the way free, only to thrust his cock back in her ass again deeply. She squeezed ho asshole around his stabbing cock, whimpering into. Janice’s quivering cunt. Stevie’s low growls of pleasure filled her with tingling delight.

Susan lapped lazily and delicately at Janice’s sweet pussy, her tongue slipping into her cunt now and then. She licked at the girl’s swollen clit, running her tongue down her pussy slit, circling the tip about the tight, hot asshole her son had fucked that afternoon. Between them, Susan could hardly move, but she really didn’t want to move anyway. With her son’s cock thrusting in and out of her asshole, and Janice pressing her mouth into her hairy cunt, all she wanted to do was enjoy being fucked, whether she could move with the kids or not.

Both Susan and Janice were approaching orgasms, and Janice squirmed her cunt tighter into Susan’s mouth. Susan could feel her son’s cock throbbing inside her ass, and she squeezed her asshole tighter around his prick, wanting all three of them to come off at the same time if they could.

Suddenly, Janice rubbed her cunt hard into Susan’s mouth, a muffled squeal of ecstasy escaping from her. Susan felt the girl’s tight pussy clamp about her tongue as she came. Then her pussy convulsed, and she yelped against the youngster’s spasming cunt when she felt her son’s cock burst up her asshole.

The thick heat of Stevie’s cum spattered into Susan’s ass, and her orgasm became even more powerful. She shuddered between the two teenagers, coming to the point where she thought every nerve in her body was exploding.

When she felt her son pull his cock free of her asshole, she slumped to the side, off of Janice, breathing hard.

They rested with the bedside lamp still on. Susan found herself between the two kids, each holding one of her tits, nuzzling a face against her shoulder. She wrapped her arms about them, sleepy and content. A warm leg was thrown over hers, and the soft, warm breathing of the two teenagers gave her a sense of well being.

Just as she was dozing off, she felt the children’s hands fondling her tits. She smiled up at the ceiling as her nipples became hard and tingly again. But just as she began to squirm her naked ass against the sheets, Stevie and Janice stopped caressing her.

Instead, Janice crawled over Susan and began to manipulate Stevie’s cock. Susan looked down and saw that his prick was very hard again. Janice wrapped her small fist about his cock, jacking slowly, her eyes bright as she watched his piss-hole drip. Susan saw her pink little tongue flick out and lick at her son’s piss hole, then swirl all around the head of his cock. She saw immediately that the girl was a very good cock sucker — that she knew just what he liked.

Janice shoved her mouth down, holding Stevie’s cock between her lips. Her eyes glazed over with pleasure as she sucked and licked at his swollen, prick-head. Then, with a gurgle of delight, she gobbled up the boy’s cock, taking all his prick into her mouth. Her cheeks sank inward as she sucked his cock greedily. Soft moans escaped from her as her pretty face bobbed up and down his prick. Susan saw her sweet little ass writhing, and watched her grind her cunt against the bed.

“Turn around, Janice!” Stevie croaked with excitement. “Turn around so I can lick your cunt!”

Janice quickly twisted about on the bed, spreading her knees over his face. Susan pulled up in the bed, watching the girl’s sweet, round little ass spread. Then her son’s face was tight against her almost hairless cunt, sucking and licking her pussy just as greedily as Janice was sucking on his cock. His hands slid up the girl’s thighs until he could clutch at her ass cheeks and his nose pressed into her tiny asshole. His tongue licked up and down her moist cunt slit, delving deeply into her pussy, flicking back and forth.

Susan shifted on the bed again, her legs bent and spread wide. She rubbed and twisted her cunt as she watched her son and Janice hungrily suck and lick each other. The sounds of pleasure they made sent shivers of ecstasy through her body, and her tits swelled and became tender.

With her middle finger fucking in and out of her wet cunt, Susan began to urge them on.

“Suck his hard cock, Janice! Stevie, lick her sweet cunt! Tongue-fuck her honey pussy! Oh, Janice, suck Stevie’s cock off! Make him come in your little cock-sucking mouth! Eat her tight little cunt, Stevie!”

Susan plunged her finger brutally into her cunt, her naked ass writhing against the bed. Her eyes were very bright as she watched the children eating each other. Stevie’s thighs closed tightly about Janice’s face, and she humped her cunt up and down against his mouth and tongue. Now and then, his tongue would lap over her tightly puckered asshole, making the little girl squeal around his cock with ecstasy.

Slipping a hand underneath her ass, Susan began to rub and press at her asshole as she played with her cunt. She gazed hotly at the two teenagers as she wormed a finger into her asshole. Now she began to finger-fuck herself up her asshole and cunt simultaneously. She had to lift herself to her knees to do this, but her eyes never left Janice and Stevie. She could see the way the little girl sucked powerfully on her son’s cock, and she could see his tongue as it swirled and licked at her puffy little cunt.

“Eat it, damn you two!” Susan was urging in a thick voice. “Eat her cunt… suck his cock! Ohhh, shit, shit, shit! I’m going to finger fuck my hot asshole and cunt until I come! Suck his cock, Janice! Make his prick spurt that sweet jizz down your cock-sucking throat.”

Susan’s body was shivering with pleasure as her fingers stabbed furiously in and out of her fuck-holes. She liked the way Janice’s little ass spread out over Stevie’s face and the way his mouth pushed into her wet cunt. She loved the way Janice sucked on his cock relentlessly, hungrily. The girl clutched at Stevie’s ass cheeks and they both seemed to be trying to draw each other’s crotch tighter into their faces.

Stevie could hardly keep his lips and tongue in one place. He was so eager and hungry to taste Janice, his tongue went from her cunt to her asshole, licked at the insides of her creamy smooth thighs and lapped over the flawless roundness of her ass cheeks.

Janice, too, would take her mouth from his prick and lick and suck at his balls, making soft mewling sounds deep in her throat. Susan’s whole body was shaking now as she thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt and asshole. She could feel a powerful orgasm bubbling away in the depths of her cunt. She began to gasp and grunt, her hips twisting and grinding as her fingers stabbed into her fuck-holes.

“Ooooo, eat his cock!” she screamed. “Suck her cunt! Cock-sucker… cunt licker! Mother-fucking little fucking, cock-sucking kids! Ohhhh shit! I’m about to make myself come!”

Through her blurred vision, Susan saw Janice humping her ass up and down, grinding her pussy into Stevie’s face. Her pretty head was moving up and down swiftly, her lips gripping his cock tightly. Stevie was trying to fuck her in her mouth, but she held his ass cheeks so tightly, he could hardly move.

Stevie grunted loudly, and Susan saw him arch his cock deep into Janice’s mouth. The little girl squealed with ecstasy, and her throat began to work as she swallowed his jism, her cunt grinding onto his mouth as she shuddered into orgasm. Susan almost rubbed her spasming clit off her pussy as she came. Her finger was so deep up her gripping asshole, she wasn’t sure she would be able to pull it out.

When the two teenagers pulled away from each other, the first thing they saw was Susan, still on her widely spread knees, her fingers fucking fast and hard into her cunt and asshole, her body shaking as she came. Her orgasm seemed to take a long time, and her body shook violently. Her hips gave a final shudder and jerk, and then she was still. She swayed on her knees until Janice and Stevie thought she would fall from the bed.

But Susan finally sprawled out, lazy now, a smile of pleasure on her lovely face. Again, the two teenagers nuzzled up against her, their arms over her body. She hugged them tightly against her, kissing their foreheads tenderly.

“Now, that’s enough fucking for one night,” she murmured sleepily. “Every time you two start fucking around, I get so fucking hot! I have to jack off. And, damn it, I’m tired and sleepy!”

They giggled, but hugged her tightly and soon all three drifted off into well-deserved sleep.


“Frank,” Susan said as she pressed against his arm, “there’s something we should discuss.”

They were sitting in his car, parked on a deserted road a few miles out of town. They had enjoyed a good dinner, and now Susan was in the mood for some hard cock — his hard cock. She had not seen him in a few days, but his daughter had apparently moved in with her and Stevie. Janice had even lugged some of her clothing into the house, and so far, Frank had made no comment about it.

Frank’s arm was around her, his hand cupping her firm, round tit. He was gently fondling her tit, pinching her nipple lightly and tenderly as they both looked out at the twinkling stars filling the night sky. Susan’s hand had been resting on his thigh, near his cock. “What do we have to talk about, Susan?”

“Are you aware that Janice has been bringing her clothing to my house?”

“Of course,” he said, hugging her. “Don’t you remember, Susan? We talked about this before.”

“I know,” she replied. “But are you certain you understand what’s happening?”

“I think I do,” he answered.

“Janice is moving in with me and Stevie,” she murmured softly.

“It sure looks like it,” he agreed.

They were quiet for a while, that Susan said: “So where do we go from here, Frank?”

“Do you think we should get married?”

“That’s up to you,” she said in a low voice. “You know how I feel about you and Janice. I love you both. If you want to marry me, okay. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. But we’ve got to talk about it.”

“What’s to talk about?” he grinned down at her in the darkness. “I’m not financially ready for marriage, but I don’t want to give you up either. Janice wants to stay with you and Stevie and that’s okay by me.”

Susan sucked in a breath of air. “You could stay with me, too.”

“Just move in,” he laughed. “Take my clothes and move in like Janice, huh? Live together, is that what you’re suggesting?”

“My home is better than yours,” she replied. “You don’t have anything worth a damn. You’ve been putting all your money into your business. Move in with us, Frank. You’ll love it, I promise you.”

He was silent for awhile, but his hand was digging into her tit, making her nipple swell into tingling hardness. “What about Stevie?”

“You know about him,” Susan said. Her hand crept up and pressed down on his cock. “He wants a father — you.”

“Would you keep fucking him?”

It was time for Susan to be quiet for awhile now. Finally she answered. “You know I can’t stop fucking my son, Frank. I love him, and I love to fuck him. I can’t say I will ever stop fucking him.” She turned to look at him in the dark. “What about Janice?”

“What about her?”

“Would you stop her from sucking your cock off?”

“There isn’t any way I could. Janice loves to suck my prick… you know that.”

“Like I said, where do we go from here?” The moon had come up, full and round. The softness of the moonlight illuminated them. Susan stroked Frank’s cock through his pants, and he was feeling up and down her thigh under her skirt now. She began to breathe hard and could not resist opening his pants. She wanted to have his hard cock in her hand, feel it throbbing in her palm. It didn’t take her long to get his prick out, and she wrapped her hot fingers about his cock and stroked up and down.

Frank sighed happily and moved his hand high under Susan’s skirt, feeling around the tight crotch of her panties. Her panties were moist as they always were when he felt them. Susan spread her legs wide for him, scooting her ass to the edge of the car seat and bracing her knees on the dashboard. Frank leaned over and brushed his lips along her creamy thigh. He shoved his fingers into her panties and caressed her thick growth of cunt hair, then wormed a finger into her surprisingly tight cunt. Slowly, he finger-fucked her, feeling her fist grip his throbbing cock hard. His cock-head was dripping as her thumb brushed over his piss-hole. She loved the slippery warmth of his jism, and she smeared his cum over his swollen prick-head.

Susan was bubbling with desire, and she could not keep her ass from writhing. She licked at her lips, a soft whimper bubbling up. She twisted about in the narrow confines of the car and began to run the flat surface of her tongue over Frank’s swollen cock, tasting the slippery fuck juices as they seeped out of his piss-hole. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, over his sensitive prick-head and up and down his cock-shaft.

Opening her mouth wide, Susan gulped half of Frank’s prick between her lips, cooing with pleasure as his hot hard prick went down her throat. Closing her lips tightly about his cock, she began a long, slow sucking. Her tongue fluttered and lapped his cock as her cheeks and the roof of her mouth made a hot, slippery fuck-hole for his hard prick. As his hard cock filled and stretched her mouth, her cunt burned and tingled. She could feel her pussy throbbing, her hair-lined cunt-lips quivering.

Frank leaned over her as far as he could, pulling at her skirt. She felt the cool night air on her thighs and ass as he shoved her panties down. As she sucked on his cock, Frank fondled her creamy ass cheeks, slipping a finger down past her puckered asshole and thrusting it gently up her steaming cunt. She wanted his cock fucking her pussy, but she wanted to suck on his prick even more. As she began to suck his prick harder and faster, she wished her son was with them, his cock driving in and out of her hot cunt.

Moist sounds came from her mouth as she sucked his cock, and his finger stabbed in and out of her pussy slowly, becoming more insistent as his excitement increased. Susan pulled every inch of his long, thick prick into her mouth and held it there, her lips holding his cock tightly as her throat muscles worked on his swollen cock-head. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste of his cock, hoping he would gush a gallon of his sweet cum into her mouth when he came. Susan loved the taste of cum, and when a man came in her hungry month, she almost always came, too.

“Susan,” Frank said in a thick voice, “you sure know how to suck a cock! You’re as good a cock sucker as Janice.”

She lifted her month off his prick long enough to reply: “That’s because I love to suck cock, Frank. I’m just a born cock sucker, that’s all.”

“Yeah, you and my daughter both!” he laughed throatily.

Susan gobbled his cock back into her mouth and began sucking furiously, wanting to taste his cum badly — desperately wanting his jizz splashing into her mouth and dawn her throat. Frank was not plunging his finger into her cunt now. He was enjoying her hot mouth on his prick so much he couldn’t move. She sucked up and down his cock greedily, her fingers clawing at his inner thigh.

She loved the hot way his prick throbbed between her lips — the way his cock dripped so much jizz, forcing her to swallow often. Her tongue lapped and swirled at his piss hole, trying to penetrate his small piss-slot.

“You keep sucking on my cock that way, Susan,” Frank grunted, trying to arch up and shove his cock in and out of her moist mouth, “and you’re going to get the damnedest mouthful of jism you’ve ever had!”

“Please, oh, please!” she hissed quickly, keeping her mouth close to the head of his cock. “I want your jizz, Frank! Come in my mouth! Oh God, squirt your fuck cream into my wet, hot, cock-sucking mouth!”

She began to suck up and down in a mindless frenzy, her desperation driving her. She thought his cock was swelling even larger — becoming thicker and longer as she sucked his prick hungrily. She could feel his prick throbbing more powerfully, and she squealed as thick jism splashed over her tongue, rushing down her throat and down into her stomach.

Susan gurgled and swallowed Frank’s jizz, her tongue lapping swiftly now over his spewing piss-hole. Her cunt convulsed, going into such a strong orgasm, her body soared into ecstasy. He thought he would never stop coming, and she sucked and swallowed his cum with soft whimpers of intense pleasure. But he stopped shooting jizz, and she ran her tongue around his dribbling piss-hole until there was no more cum for her.

She sat up after kissing his cock, licking at her slightly puffy lips and grinning happily in the darkness at him. “There,” she said proudly, “how was that for a blow job?”

Frank sprawled back on the seat, his cock still throbbing from the pleasure her mouth had given him. He turned his head sideways to look at her beautiful face in the moon glow.

“You could give my daughter lessons on being a cock-sucker, Susan. She’s good, damn good, but I think you’re the better cock-sucker!”

Susan snuggled against Frank, caressing his cock with her warm hand. “I’m just more experienced,” she whispered. “When Janice gets older, she’ll be an even better cock-sucker than me, probably. She’s got the right idea and loves to suck a cock, and that’s the first step, you know… to love being a cock-sucker.”

After a few minutes, he sat up and tucked his cock back into his pants. “Let’s go have a drink,” he said. “That made me thirsty. Then, I plan on fucking the shit out of your hot, hairy cunt, Susan.”

“Then I think we better hurry and get that drink,” she laughed playfully. “If I have to wait much longer for you to fuck me, I be finger-fucking myself like crazy, or fucking one of those big bulls there in the pasture.”

Frank laughed loudly and stated the car. He drove to a small, dark cocktail lounge. They chose a booth in the back and ordered drinks. But even there, Susan couldn’t keep her hands off him. She felt his cock under the table, and even drew his hand underneath her skirt, close to her bubbling cunt. They talked and laughed, not caring if someone saw what they were doing.

“You still haven’t given me an answer,” she reminded him.

“What answer?”

“Moving in with me and my son… and your daughter.”

He looked at her, seeing the loving expression in her warm eyes. “You know I have to work hard and often very late. I can’t take much time off until I get this business going.”

“I understand that, Frank,” she said. “But you’d have some time with us. And Janice would have a home with a mother and brother.”

“It would be good for Janice,” he said. “Do she and Stevie do a lot of fucking?”

Susan grinned lewdly at him, squeezing his cock under the table. “We all do a lot of fucking… and cock sucking and cunt licking and well, we do a lot of everything.”

“I can imagine,” he said. “The three of you are so damned hot, I can’t imagine you doing anything else but fucking and sucking.”

“We take time to eat on occasion,” she teased. “Food, I mean.”

Frank gulped his drink. “Let’s get out of here. You’ve got my cock hard again, and by God, I want to stick my prick in that hairy cunt of yours!”

They hurried from the cocktail lounge, and at first, Susan didn’t know where Frank was going. Then she realized he was driving directly to her home. “Janice is there, you know,” she said. “And she’s probably in bed with Stevie.”

“Good,” he said.

The house was dark when he parked, except for the light in Stevie’s room. They entered the house, and Susan took Frank’s hand and led him to her bedroom down the hall. But they didn’t get to her bedroom.

As they passed Stevie’s door, they stopped and looked in. Susan watched Frank closely. Janice was in bed with Stevie, just as she had predicted. She was up on her hands and knees, her face resting on a pillow. Kneeling behind her uplifted, rounded ass, was Stevie. They could see his cock thrusting in and out of her cunt. She was squealing and mewling with ecstasy, and her little ass twisted and writhed spectacularly.

“Damn!” Frank muttered.

Simon’s heart skipped a beat. Frank’s eyes were wide and bright, and for a moment, she thought she saw jealousy in them. But then there was a small smile on his face, too.

“I’ve never seen my daughter without her clothes on,” Frank said. “I had no idea she was so damned beautiful! Look at her sweet little ass, would you?”

“Her ass is sweet, isn’t it, Frank?” Susan held his hand lightly. “It’s a beautiful little ass, and you want to know something… she loves being fucked in her tight little asshole.”

“I thought… hell, I don’t know what I thought,” he said in a thick voice.

“You thought Janice was too young to fuck is that what you mean?”

“I guess so,” he said truthfully. “I had no idea Janice was old enough to fuck. But look at the way she’s fucking Stevie’s cock! God, she must be a real little hot-ass!”

“She’s that, along with being a delightful cock-sucker,” Susan whispered. “You’ve got a lot to learn about your daughter, Frank.”

“I think we better hurry up and get this cock of mine in that cunt of yours, Susan. I’m about to come in my fucking pants just looking at them!”

Stevie and Janice had not even noticed they were being observed, so absorbed were they in their frantic fucking. Susan pulled at his hand and entered her bedroom, where she proceeded to undress swiftly. “Hurry and get out of your clothes!” she hissed at him. “Hurry, before I come, too!”

Susan sprawled on the bed, her long, smooth thighs spread wide. She rubbed at her hairy cunt as she watched Frank finish undressing. Her eyes smoldered with anticipation as his cock lurched upwards, his hairy balls dangling below. She held out her arms as he crawled onto the bed with her, and as he settled between her thighs, she grabbed his throbbing prick and pulled it into her slippery, bubbling cunt immediately. Bending her knees, she lifted her ass, and he sank his cock as deep into her cunt as it would go, his balls slapping at the curves of her round ass cheeks.

“Oooo, fuck my cunt!” she squealed as she clutched at his ass, scissoring her hot thighs up and down his hips. “Fuck my hot cunt, Frank! Oh God, I love your hard cock! Stab your prick into me, you bastard! Fuck the shit out of my pussy! Ooooooo, give it to me!”

“Hot fucking cunt!” he growled in her ear. “You’ve got the hottest cunt in the damned town! I’ll fuck your cunt! I’ll drive my cock all the way out of your cock-sucking mouth!”

“Oooo, yes, yes!”

Susan squirmed her hips upwards, grinding powerfully against Frank’s thrusting cock. The moist slapping of their stomachs seemed loud in the room, but they didn’t mind. There were sounds coming into the bedroom from Stevie and Janice, but both Susan and Frank were so involved in their own fucking, they hardly heard them.

They had been heard.

Frank was eagerly stabbing his prick between Susan’s thighs, and Susan was whimpering with the ecstasy his cock was producing in her cunt. Both had their eyes closed as they twisted and writhed. Neither had any idea that Stevie and Janice were now standing in the doorway of the bedroom, watching them fucking passionately.

Janice held Stevie’s hand tightly as she watched her father’s naked ass bob up and down between Susan’s long, writhing thighs. Her eyes were wide and hot, filled with excitement. Her small tits, hardly more than two nipples, were still swollen. Stevie’s cock was almost hard again as he stood next to the little girl, seeing his mother’s ass bang up and down, her stomach churning in a frenzy as she gripped Frank’s flexing ass cheeks.

“Oh, don’t they look good fucking?” Janice whispered. “Look at Daddy’s cock fuck her cunt!”

Susan had drawn her knees back until she was bent almost double, and they could see Frank’s big cock going in and out of her hairy, gripping pussy. They could see his balls beating against her upturned ass, hear the moist fucking sounds, the heavy, excited breathing.

Stevie ran his hand down Janice’s firm ass, working it into her ass crack and rubbing her tight asshole, his eyes glowing as he watched his mother fucking like crazy. Janice mewled and arched her ass back into his hand and Stevie’s finger went into her asshole easily now. He didn’t move it in and out, but held it inside the girl’s ass ring. Janice clung to his cock as they stood there staring in delight at their parents’ fucking in a frenzy of ecstasy.

“I wanna go in!” Janice said urgently. “I wanna see them fucking better!”

“I don’t think so,” Stevie whispered back. “Let’s wait until they finish fucking.”

Then they heard Susan yelp: “I’m going to come, Frank! Fuck me faster! I’m about to come!”

The two teenagers saw Frank drive his cock hard and deep in her cunt, a loud grunt erupting from his mouth. They saw the two naked bodies shake and then collapse as they finished coming.

Frank and Susan saw the children at the same time. Then Stevie and Janice giggled lewdly, and ran back into Stevie’s room, their naked asses flashing prettily.


It was late when Susan and Frank woke up the next morning. Immediately, Frank jumped from the bed and showered as Susan lingered in bed. When he came out of the bathroom, he started to dress.

“Why the hurry, Frank?” she asked.

“I’ve got to get to work,” he said. “I’m late already.”

She looked at him for a moment, then said: “Fuck that business! You can take the day off. We’ve got some talking to do with our children.”

“But Susan, I can’t just…”

She jumped from the bed and pressed her naked body against him. “Yes you can,” she insisted, kissing him on his mouth. “This is more important right now than a few more dollars. You’re taking the day off, and that’s all there is to it!”

Before he could continue to protest, Susan had unbuckled his pants and jerked them off. She grabbed his cock and pumped it. “You and I are going to tell our children our plans. And I don’t think getting dressed is necessary.” She looked up at him. “Do you?”

He sighed in exaggerated defeat. “I can’t fight the inevitable, I guess.”

“You’re right, darling,” she said. “So, let’s go see those two horny little kids.”

They found Janice and Stevie in the kitchen, sitting at the breakfast table. Stevie was dressed in a pair of shorts, and Janice had on a small halter and a pair of bright yellow shorts that were too tight on her curvy little ass. When they saw Frank and Susan come into the kitchen naked, they giggled.

“What’s funny?” Frank asked, gazing at his daughter. “You’ve seen my cock before.”

“Sure,” Janice giggled again, staring at her father’s prick. “But not when it was fucking a cunt like it was last night.”

“You two had no business peeking,” Susan teased, going to the teenagers and kissing each one. “Why didn’t you jump in bed and fuck with us?”

“We didn’t know if we should,” Stevie said. “Janice wanted to, Mom.”

“We don’t have any secrets from each other do we?” Frank said. “We know what’s going on.”

Janice reached out and fondled her father’s cock as she looked up at him shyly. “Daddy, are we going to stay here? Please, let’s stay here. I can have a mother and a brother! Let’s stay here, please!”

Frank’s cock began to swell in his daughter’s hot hand. He caressed her soft hair, seeing the love in her eyes — seeing how badly she wanted to be with Susan and Stevie.

Susan stood next to her son, his arm around hers feeling her rounded ass. Both of them were watching Frank, their eyes pleading with him. Susan inched out and took Frank’s hand, holding it tightly. “You don’t stand much of a chance now, Frank,” she said.

Janice darted her face into her father’s hairy crotch, nuzzling his hardening cock with her soft, moist lips. “Please, Daddy.”

“I guess I’m beat.” He grinned at his daughter, then at Susan. “We’ll stay here, I don’t know if we’ll be married eventually or not, but I have a strong hunch we will be.”

Janice jumped up with a happy squeal and hugged her father tightly, her hands holding his ass. Her face came just to his chest and she ran her hot little tongue about his nipples, shoving her stomach against his swollen cock.

“There’s one other small problem,” Susan said, still holding Frank’s hand.

“What’s that?” Frank asked.

“When in the fucking hell are you going to stick that big cock of yours in Janice’s cunt?”

He looked at Susan, not understanding at first.

“That’s right, Frank,” Susan went on. “Your daughter may love to suck your big cock off, but can’t you see she’s hot to be fucked by you?”

“But she’s so young!” he protested. “I couldn’t possibly get my prick in her pussy!”

“That’s bull shit, Frank,” Susan said. “Janice can take your cock. You can’t have any more excuses. That is, unless you don’t want to fuck her.”

Frank looked down at his daughter’s face. Her gaze was hot on his, misty with pleading. She held his prick tight against her trembling stomach, waiting for his reply. When he remained silent, she begged: “Daddy, I can fuck you! I can take your cock in my cunt! I can get most of your prick in my mouth, can’t I? Well, my cunt can take at least that much! Fuck me, Daddy! Please! I want to feel your hard cock inside any pussy!”

“Right now?” Frank asked.

“Do you know of a better time?” Susan asked him.

“I guess not,” he replied. “But I don’t want to hurt your sweet little cunt.”

“Your cock won’t hurt, Daddy,” Janice mewled. “It won’t hurt at all. I’ll do it easy.”

“You’ll do it?” he asked. “I thought I was the one going to fuck you.”

“Let her fuck her way first, Frank,” Susan said.

“All right.”

At his daughter’s instructions, Frank lay down on the floor in the kitchen, his cock standing straight up. He looked up as his daughter spread her feet on each side of his hips. Janice used both her hands on her cunt, pulling her cunt-lips apart as she stood there, her small hips arching forward lewdly as she looked down at him.

“My cunt may be tight, Daddy,” she said, “but that big hard cock of yours is going up my fuck-hole.”

Janice squatted above her father’s upstanding cock. Frank’s eyes were fixed upon her hairless pussy as she took hold of his cock and rubbed his dripping cock-head along her pussy-slit. His cock looked too large, and he thought it was impossible for him to fuck the girl.

But Janice knew better. She shivered as she peered between her spread knees, trying to see his prick against her boiling cunt. Susan and Stevie stood watching too; the boy’s cock was hard, his mother slowly jacking on it. They were as excited as the girl was about the fuck that was about to take place.

“Take his cock in our pussy!” Susan urged in a hot, thick voice. “Get your father’s cock in your sweet cunt, baby! Sit on his prick! Oooo, that looks so pretty… your father’s cock pressing at your sweet little cunt! Fuck him, honey! Fuck your daddy good! Show him your little cunt can take his big prick!”

“Oooo, his prick’s so hard!” Janice gurgled as she slipped the head of his throbbing cock between the tight lips of her hairless cunt. “Golly, his cock stretches my cunt! I don’t know if I can… yes, I can! I’m gonna get his cock in my pussy! I’m gonna get all of his cock in my cunt!”

“Easy, Janice,” Frank warned, watching her settle farther and farther down on his thick cock.

Janice moved her crotch down slowly. She was making soft hissing sounds as more and more of her father’s long cock entered her cunt. Susan and Stevie and Frank could see the way her tender cunt-lips stretched.

Janice lowered her ass gingerly, and when she had half of her father’s prick inside her pussy, she paused. Her little tits jiggled slightly as she breathed excitedly, her eyes glassy with ecstasy. She twisted her hips gently, rotating her pussy on her father’s throbbing cock.

“I want more,” she squealed. “I want more of your cock in my cunt, Daddy!”

Before any of them could say a word or realize what Janice was doing, she suddenly slammed her naked little ass down… and screamed.

But it was a scream of pure ecstasy, not pain.

Susan had dropped to her knees when Janice screamed, thinking the little girl had injured herself. She saw her stretched cunt-lips pressing into the wiry hair at the base of her father’s cock, then realized the sound she had heard was one of intense ecstasy, not pain.

“Fuck his cock, Janice!” Susan urged hotly, her eyes bright as she watched the little girl squirm her cunt down tight on Frank’s prick. “Fuck your daddy’s cock, baby! Fuck it good! Give her the best fuck of his life with your hot little pussy!”

“Ooooo I will!” Janice gurgled hotly. “I’m gonna fuck my daddy! Oh, I’m fucking my daddy’s cock finally!”

All three of them watched intently as Janice began to lift and lower her ass, fucking faster and faster as her cunt became more comfortable on his thick length of cock. Frank reached down and held his daughter’s ass cheeks ready to shove her off if she was injured. But he had no reason for fear; Janice was now bouncing excitedly up and down his prick, squealing with happiness and pleasure.

Susan turned and grabbed her son’s cock with her lips, clutching at his ass cheeks as she began to suck his prick vigorously. She kept her head turned so she was able to see Janice moving her little ass up and down on Frank’s prick. As she sucked her son’s cock, she felt Frank moving a hand between her thighs, rubbing at her wet pussy.

She arched her naked ass back, and Frank pulled at her thigh. “I want to lick your cunt, Susan!” she beard him say in a thick voice. “I want to tongue-fuck you while Janice fucks me!”

Without taking her mouth from her son’s cock, Susan shoved her ass back until Frank could press his lips onto her hairy cunt. As his tongue went into her pussy, she whimpered around Stevie’s cock, sucking his prick harder yet. She cupped one of Janice’s small tits, kneading and feeling it, and the girl wrapped the fingers of one hand about the woman’s firm tit.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” Janice was gurgling as her pussy rode up and down his throbbing cock. “Oooo, Daddy, your cock is so big! I love your cock, Daddy! My cunt is sucking your prick up! Daddy, Daddy… fuck my hot little cunt!”

Stevie’s eyes were huge as he watched first his mother’s face moving back and forth on his prick, then the way Janice’s smooth ass wiggled up and down her father’s prick. He didn’t remember how Janice got out of her shorts and halter, nor how his cock had emerged from his own shorts. Everything had happened so swiftly.

Janice could not believe how good her father’s cock felt stuffed in her stretched cunt.

She watched Susan suck on Stevie’s cock and balls, and Frank watched his daughter’s cunt glide up and down on his cock, the glistening tip of her small clit peeking at him. He moved a finger to her clit and rubbed as she fucked up and down. Then he shoved his face back into Susan’s cunt. Susan was practically sitting on his face now and wiggling with intense pleasure.

The fucking and sucking became furious now as everyone’s passions soared. Hands moved about bodies without regard to who was touching whom. They felt and sucked and fucked with total abandonment, taking pleasure in the feelings they received and gave.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Stevie suddenly shouted, grabbing the back of his mother’s head and slamming his cock hard into her mouth. “I’m gonna come in your cock-sucking mouth, Mom!”

Susan squealed a reply and sucked harder on his cock, writhing her ass in Frank’s face. His tongue was lapping at her pussy, and she could feel the deep rumblings of an intense orgasm building hotly inside her body.

Frank’s cock was throbbing harder, and his hairy balls were tight at the base. He was twisting his ass on the kitchen floor as he licked at Susan’s cunt, feeling the hot tightness of his daughter’s slippery cunt riding up and down lewdly on his cock. He was about to explode his thick jism into his daughter’s cunt and he grunted into Susan’s pussy.

“Oooo, Daddy!” Janice yelped. “I’m gonna come, too! Oh, I love your cock in my cunt, Daddy! Oooo, my pussy is burning up! Come in me, Daddy! I want your cock to spurt jism up my cunt!”

Frank felt his daughter’s cunt squeeze at his prick. Then as she came, the writhing of her flexing pussy put suction on his cock. He gave a loud grunt into the hairy hotness of Susan’s cunt, and shot fuck juice deep into his daughter’s orgasming pussy.

Janice felt her father shooting jizz up her cunt, and she shuddered with ecstasy. She gave a loud scream of pleasure, and ground her cunt hard onto his cock.

Susan slammed her pussy hard into Frank’s faces giving a soft gurgle of pleasure. She fell off of him and sat on the floor, knees spread wide, pussy still throbbing. Some of her son’s jizz dripped from the corners of her mouth.

Stevie sat weakly in the chair and watched Janice’s ass shiver as she lay atop her father. Frank gasped, trying to bring his breathing under control. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the four recovered enough to have breakfast.

“I’ll take Janice and Stevie with me tomor row,” Susan said. “We’ll gather up all your things and bring them here. This weekend, you can bring what else you want.”

“So it’s all decided, huh?” Frank laughed.

“My daughter and I are to move in with you and Stevie.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Janice said, sitting on his lap and hugging him. She wiggled her warm little ass again his cock and balls. “You don’t have anything to say about it.”

“It seems that way,” he laughed, fondling her small, tits. “Oh, well… I’ve always wanted a nice family like this.”

“And you’re not going to work today, right?” Susan said. “You’re going to take the day off and stay with us. The four of us are going to spend the day fucking and sucking and doing things to get to know each other better.”

“And I’m gonna fuck you up the ass, Mom!” Stevie said.

“And my daddy is gonna fuck me again,” Janice laughed. “Then I’m gonna suck his cock off, and then I’m gonna make his cock hard again, and he’s gonna fuck me in my asshole and then…”

Frank laughed at her eagerness, hugging her tightly and squeezing her small tit. “I think we better slow down and go easy.”

“Fuck that easy shit!” Janice laughed wickedly. “My asshole can take your big old cock just as easy as my cunt can!”

“I doubt it,” he said, and deliberately wormed his finger up his daughter’s asshole. “My finger hardly fits in your ass as it is.”

Janice smiled mysteriously. “You’re gonna fuck me in my asshole, Daddy,” she said firmly. “You gotta fuck every fuck-hole I have! Now, don’t argue. I can take your cock up my ass!”

“I don’t doubt it at all,” he agreed. “I don’t doubt you can do anything with your mouth, your cunt and your asshole. I think you’re just a hot little cunt that can’t get enough cock, that’s what I think!”

“You’re right!” Janice giggled, and slipped her father’s cock into her cunt as she sat on his lap.

Stevie moved between his mother’s thighs and thrust his prick into her hairy pussy. “Now I can have a dad, too,” he said.

“We can have a fucking Dad and Mom!” Janice said as she started fucking her father for the second time.

Their heavy breathing filled the kitchen, and as they fucked, they all gripped hands tightly around the table.

“I think this is going to be fun,” Frank whispered as he nuzzled his daughter’s hair.

Janice and Stevie fucked their respective parents for awhile, then suddenly switched off. Janice began to fuck Stevie, and Frank fucked Susan.

“Later,” Janice giggled as she banged her cunt against Stevie’s cock, “I’m gonna suck both cocks off! I’m gonna make my daddy’s cock and Stevie’s cock come off in my mouth! Then I’m gonna get my daddy to fuck me up my ass and come in my asshole, and I’m gonna lick my new mother’s cunt, and she’s gonna lick my cunt, and I’m never gonna stop coming in my fucking life!”

Frank and Susan laughed as they fucked against each other. “I think there’s going to be some heavy fucking and sucking going on around here,” Frank said.

“I don’t see you resisting,” Susan replied, nibbling at his shoulder. “You like it, you horny mother fucker!”

“I do!” he grunted, driving his cock hard into Susan’s cunt as he reached out to grip a small cheek of his daughter’s ass. “I love fucking my new family!”

“And you’re gonna fuck me in my asshole. Daddy?”

“Baby, I’m gonna fuck you any damned place you want to be fucked!”

“Then stick your finger up my asshole while I fuck Stevie!” Janice yelped excitedly.

Frank’s finger thrust deep into his daughter’s asshole as his cock fucked away in Susan’s cunt. Soon, the only sound in the kitchen was the moist slapping of cunt and cock.

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