The Hotter Mom Got

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul — some bidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modem everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

This is a dramatic representation of a family that dares to let its most base desires come to the fore. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

THE HOTTER MOM GOT — the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.


Long, lovely legs flashing beneath her short black lace nightie, Rachel Carrington climbed up the ladder and went on through the trap door into the attic.

She was going to look for her dildo. She was fairly sure that it was stored away somewhere in the attic, but not absolutely. She hadn’t seen it in years. Being a happily married woman whose husband, Ivor, had a gigantic prick, she had little need of the big rubber cock she had used at college.

But today was an exception.

Ivor had not neglected her. He had thrown their customary morning fuck into her. But he had been quicker about cumming than usual, and had drained his balls off before Rachel’s cunt had creamed.

After he had left for work and the kids, Chuck and Frostie, had gone out to play, Rachel had gone back to bed and began to finish what Ivor had started with a finger-fucking.

But her own hands weren’t awfully satisfactory, after her years of connubial bliss, and as she frigged away, she got to thinking about her rubber prick from the past.

Rachel had sent for it mail order when she was living in her sorority house, and it had been a big hit. It was equipped with a leather harness so that a girl could strap it on and use it to fuck another lady of similar persuasion.

Her sexy sorority sisters hadn’t been lesbians — nor was Rachel — but they were all horny all of the time, and they had all taken turns belting the rubber cock on and fucking one another silly with great regularity.

They’d done a lot of cunt-lapping, too.

But a hot college girl doesn’t have to be a dyke to enjoy sucking cunt, so that was okay.

Now, with fond memories of those days, Rachel was eager to locate her latex lover. Fucking herself with the tool wouldn’t be nearly as much naughty fun as it had been shoving it up other girls’ cunts, but she figured that it would be a lot more satisfying than her unadorned hands.

She rummaged around in old suitcases and trunks and, in the end, located the device. She held it up and gazed at it, recalling the randy kicks she had had with it, both using it on other girls and having them use it on her.

Her cunt began to bubble.

She had intended to take the dildo down to her bedroom if she found it, but now she had a better idea. She didn’t want to leave it lying around. Her husband might feel hurt if he found it and figured that he wasn’t giving her as much loving as she needed.

But she knew that once she had creamed off, she wasn’t going to feel like bringing the dildo back up to its hiding place in the attic. Her legs would be too shaky to climb the ladder, for one thing.

So she decided to use it on herself right where she was, then put it back where she’d found it.

This was to be a fateful decision.

Rachel, a tawny-haired beauty with a curvaceous body — big tits and solid, meaty ass divided by a narrow waist — lifted her skirt and tugged her bikini panties down, squirming out of them.

The crotchband was so damp that they lay in their own gooey puddle on the attic floor.

She perched on the edge of a big steamer trunk — which was appropriate, considering how her cunt was steaming. She slipped the bulbous knob of the rubber cock into her mouth to lubricate it, then guided it into her pussy.

She began to pump it in and out, her ass grinding on the edge of the trunk.

The rubber prick vanished up her foaming fuckhole, and the leather straps snaked up her lovely thighs. Her clit began to tingle as she massaged the cock across it, angling it so that every thick inch was rubbing her clit.

But it was lots of fun and Rachel, horny as she felt, was in no hurry to end the session.

She pulled the cock out of her pussy and held it up to her radiant face. She rubbed her nose against the mushroom-shaped knob, sniffing her own hot pussy perfume. Then she licked it and slipped it into her mouth, sucking on the head as if it were a real cock.

She had always gotten a kinky kick put of sucking it after another young lady had creamed on it, and she was remembering those naughty times now.

Then the lithe lady tuned over and jutted her ass up. Grinning saucily, she nudged the tip of the cock into her tight asshole.

Wriggling around with pleasure, she fed the thick, hard rubber tube up her shit-chute. She frigged it into her ass a few times as she shoved three fingers up into her cunthole, feeling the dildo sliding in and out in the twin passage through the slender dividing membrane.

She drew it out of her shithole and turned ass down on the steamer truck again. Now she began to suck the prick again. It made the woman feel deliciously depraved to taste it, now that it was flavored from her shithole.

As she mouthed the soiled head, her slobber poured down the stalk. The frothy drool reminded her of jizz trickling down a man’s prick from his pisshole.

It was a shame that her dude couldn’t cum, Rachel was thinking. It would be a lot more exciting if she could squirt some jizz into her mouth and cunt.

Her fevered imagination was turning her on as much as the physical action, and now she was really getting horny. She jammed the cock back up her randy cunt and began to frig herself towards the creamy conclusions.

Her blonde head tilted down as she watched the big rubber prick go in and out of her unfurled, pink cunt-folds. It was too bad she wasn’t limber enough to double up and get her mouth on her pussy, she thought.

It would be really nice to suck on the smoldering fuse of her clit while she pounded the rubber prick in and out of her fuck-chute.

Her nipples shot out like high-caliber bullets, and her clit echoed the explosion.

Rachel began to shudder all through her voluptuous body as she surged to the peak.

She melted and her cunt-cum poured down the dildo in a creamy deluge.

She smiled happily, feeling content.

Then she leaned back on the top of the steamer trunk, breathing deeply in the aftermath of her climax. She had released the dildo, but it was still stuck up her cunt, gripped in her pussy by suction.

She wiggled her ass and watched the hilt of the rubber cock sway around, the harness swinging.

She was just about to drag it out of her cunt and put it back in its hiding place.

Then the trapdoor swung open.

Frostie, her curly-haired daughter, came up through the space and into the attic.

Rachel stifled a cry of alarm.

She realized that she was well back in the shadows at the far end of the room and that it wasn’t likely that the girl would see her.

She sure hoped not.

It would be embarrassing as hell if her teenaged daughter caught Mom with a dildo stuck up her cunt!

Rachel was aware that the whole attic was permeated by the fragrance of steaming cunt, and she hoped that the teen wouldn’t notice it.

Then she found out he wasn’t innocent.

Chuck followed his sister through the trap door.

Both kids were grinning devilishly. As Rachel, becoming suspicious now, held her breath, her son gently lowered the trap door back into place. Then he stood on it, as if to make sure that no one could push it open from below.

The siblings stood face to face. “Boy, am I horny!” Chuck said. “Me, too,” his sister sighed. “You hear Mom and Dad fucking this morning, Sis?” the handsome youth inquired.

“Yeah! Mom sure makes a lot of noise when she’s getting prick, huh?”

Both kids giggled.

“It really turned me on,” Frostie said. She tilted her head and peered into her brother’s face. “Did you jack off, Chuck?”

“Naw — I saved my load, Sis,” he grunted.

“Goody! I didn’t finger-fuck myself, either. I figured we could sneak up here.”

“Yeah!” he enthused. “You wanna do me first, Sis, or shall I do you?”

Frostie considered for a moment, licking her lips in a speculative and suggestive fashion.

“I’ll suck you off first, Chuck,” she decided. He grinned and started to open his fly. Frostie sank gracefully don on her knees before him, both on top of the trap door.

Holy shit! thought their mother. Those naughty, naughty kids are going to give each other head! My God!

Should she stop them?

Like hell she should!

Rachel was going to watch.


Chuck whipped his zipper down and his formidable cock came bouncing out like a meaty shock absorber. Grunting, he reached into his fly and hauled his balls out, too. His prick loomed up in his sister’s pretty face.

Their mother gasped softly when she saw how huge and hard her son’s prick was, how loaded his balls.

His cockhead was a bulging slab of flushed purple meat, already frothy where preliminary fuck juice had come oozing out of his pisshole. His cockshaft was long and thick and gnarled up the underside by a dark, fat, throbbing vein. At the base of his prick, his balls were as big and fat as juicy melons.

Her son’s cock looked as huge as the rubber cock that was still stuffed up her cunt, Rachel thought — and a hell of a lot tastier!

Frostie was licking her lips as she gazed at it, and the girl’s nostrils flared open as she inhaled, breathing in the musky, gamy fumes rising from his meat.

Her blonde head swayed about as she fob lowed the jerking convulsions of his cock, and her blue eyes turned inward as she focused on his slimy cock-knob.

Chuck thrust his hips out. “Suck it, Sis!” he rasped.

Teasingly, Frostie avoided contact for the moment, moving her head playfully back.

But then she ducked in and flicked her tongue out against the greasy tip.

Chuck groaned.

His sister sighed with pleasure as the flavor of his gooey cock-knob registered on her tastebuds.

Chuck wrapped his fist around his cockshaft and gave it a slow push-pull, snorting like a bull.

“Don’t you dare jack off!” his sibling cried.

Her brother leered at her.

“Then get to work!” he croaked, pulling his hand back off his prick and shoving his hips out.

It was obvious to their peeping mother that this was not the first time that her kids had enjoyed oral sex. She was mildly shocked.

But mainly she was envious.

Her own mouth was watering and her tongue was sizzling in her saliva as she spied.

Frostie sat back on her heels and opened her blouse. Her nubile tits emerged, the globes firm and the tips like juicy pink gumdrops.

Her daughter’s delectable nipples were making Rachel drool damned near as much as the sight of her son’s smoking-hot cockmeat.

Frostie squirmed in and began to rub her tits against her brother’s cock and balls. She brushed the taut tips against his cockhead, greasing them up as more preliminary goo oozed from his piss-slit.

Cupping her plump tits, she lifted them and deepened the cleft between. Chuck nudged his prick into her cleavage and humped, frigging up and down.

His cockhead was laying a trail of slime out of her tit-tunnel and up her breastbone.

Her tawny head tipped down and she flashed her pink tongue against the tip of his prick.

“Yummy!” she sighed.

She stuck her tongue out so that her brother could see his jizz filming the moist lapper meat.

Her mother was every bit as thrilled by that sight as her brother was — although, of course, naughty Frostie was unaware of being watched.

The passionate, peeking parent was sliding her own tongue around in envious emulation.

Frostie let Chuck tit-fuck her for a while, then ducked down and began to tongue his balls. She laved all over them with her tongue, purring with pleasure.

She could feel his heavy cum-load sliding around inside the gamy bags. She sucked gently, absorbing the nutty goodness of his cumbags.

The teenaged cock-sucker was obviously relishing the foreplay and savoring the preliminaries. Her mother knew the feeling well. The best part of sucking a cock was the moment when it exploded and the cum spurted into her mouth and throat, but that didn’t mean she — or her daughter — couldn’t enjoy the meat course before the creamy dessert.

Frostie drew her tongue up the veined underside of her sibling’s prick, licking slowly from the thick root on up to the bulging crown.

She lapped up again, slurping wetly and noisily along the raised ridge of his ventral vein.

“Lick it, Sis! Yeah!” he enthused.

She flutter-kissed against the sensitive underside of his cockhead where it flared out from the stalk like a clenched purple fist.

His balls were as gnarled as a Gordian knot as they swelled huger by the moment. More precum spilled from his open pisshole.

Frostie was enjoying the licking, but the experienced teenager realized that her brother was liable to get his rocks off at any instant — and she sure didn’t want him to shoot before his cock was in her hot mouth.

She drew her tongue up and down a few more times, then turned her radiant face down over his cock-knob. She kissed it and worked her nimble tongue into his pisshole.

Then her lips parted and she pushed her head down, taking his cockhead into her facial fuckhole.

It was driving Rachel crazy to see this, Frostie’s cheeks sucked in as she nursed and puffed out as she blew down his cock. Her lips were unpeeled, turned outward on his prick just under the knob.

Her drool was running down his cock, shot through with streaks of gooey pre-cum.

“Milk my meat, Sis!” he rasped. Her lips moved on his cockhead like a torch singer caressing a microphone as she delivered a steamy ballad.

“Sure, Brother! That’s the idea, huh?” she sighed. “I wanna drink your slime! I love to swallow all of your hot, thick fuck-juice, Chuck!”

He moaned and humped.

He sank his cock deeper into his sister’s mouth, the shaft hissing through the oval collar of her lips, and his balls swinging heavily at the base.

“Ummmmmm — yeah — fuck my face, Chuck! Jerk it to me! Use my mouth for a cum bucket!” she whimpered.

Chuck reached down to feel her tits, then moved his hands onto her shoulders, steadying her as he slogged in. His hands slid on up and her cupped her lovely face between his open palms as he shoveled the cock into her mouth.

“Suck for it, Sis! It’s cummin’!” he gasped.

“Ummmmmm — ummmmm — ahhhhh!” she elated. She was as eager to drink his spunk as her brother was to feed her his massive cum-load.

“Shoot — cream me!” she gurgled.

His balls were swollen and solid as they surged up toward the moment of eruption.

Her head ducked up and bobbed down as she met his sliding prick, swallowing on down. His cumbags looped up and slapped her under the chin.

“Uhhhhh!” she sputtered, bobbing her head down and clogging her throat on his cock-knob.

She sucked back up, worshiping his cock and hot to drink his brotherly cum, eager for the oil that was bloating his balls so massively. “Cum — cum — cum!” she begged.

Rachel was silently urging her son to shoot as well. The randy lady was keen to see her littie girl get a mouthful of jizz.

She was jealous of that succulent load, too.

Chuck began to grind in savagely now, his hard ass twisting and corkscrewing as he drove his prick in and out of his sweet sister’s face on the cum strokes.

“Here it cums, Sis!” he howled. “Yeah — yeah! Whitewash my throat!” The boy grunted and gasped. His prick slid through her lips, and his cumbags blew like bombs.

Hot jizz flooded her gullet.

Frostie gulped it down in cum-drinker’s rapture and sucked for more. His second spurt skimmed over her tongue, making her tastebuds spark and tingle.

She sucked and swallowed, savoring every slimy drop of her brother’s cum. He filled her mouth and she drank it down and he topped her up again.

Frostie was gulping the goo down as fast as she could, but Chuck’s load was overwhelming her.

Cum spilled from her lips, overflowing her voracious mouth. The thick, creamy stuff slid on down his cockshaft and washed over his balls.

Then her head bobbed down in a blur of golden tresses, and she sucked the stray jizz back from his cock. It mixed with her drool in her mouth and she swallowed it down, only to get another jizz jet spurted in.

Chuck grunted and groaned, his whole athletic body shaking as he drained his load off.

His sister ducked down, swallowing toward his balls, then pulled back up his thick prick, sucking through every inch. Her lips were distending as she drew up his cock, damned near pulling her mouth inside out on his prick as she rose to the crown.

More errant spunk washed down his cock, accompanied by some of her slobber. Her saliva bathed his prick, streaked through with threads of fuck-juice.

Rachel was going nuts.

Seeing her daughter drinking her son’s slime was driving the mother mad. Her mouth was working as she swallowed her own drool, imagining it was Chuck’s spunk.

The rubber cock was still buried in her cunt and she grasped the hilt and began to whack it in and out, angling it so that the length of the hard cock was running over her clit as it stuffed her.

But it was hardly satisfying.

It was only a substitute cock — and it was her son’s living prick she was longing for.

She pulled the cock out of her cunt and shoved the fat knob into her mouth. She sucked greedily, pretending that she was sucking Chuck’s sweet, delicious teenaged cock — and that her own cunt-cream, as she tasted it on the dildo, was her daughter’s pussy-nectar.

Frostie was still feasting, relishing the randy cock and savoring the succulent slime.

“Glubbbb — gulppppp!” she sputtered.

Chuck humped into her mouth, hosing her. His juice was painting her palate and spraying her cheeks. Her tongue was soaking it up like a sponge.

He began to falter, missing a stroke and losing the beat, his thrusts becoming irregular. “Don’t stop, Chuck! More — more!” the gluttonous cum-drinker whined on his cock-knob. “Keep shooting off, baby! Drown me with the fucking staff!”

Then her passionate pleas were choked off as he clogged her throat on another thrust.

At last he was finished.

He stopped humping and stood with his head and shoulders back and his loins heaved out, his limber body bridged into an arch. His prick was still in her mouth.

She kept on sucking and bobbing up and down, milking out the dregs. More jizz dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her heaving tits.

The blow-job was over.

But it was quite obviously only the first act in an ongoing drama.

And their mother was going to stay till the end.


Frostie kept on munching her brother’s drained cock for a while. His balls were hanging loose and slack now, all of his cum spent for the moment, but his cock was still fat and firm in her mouth — standing in rampant testament to his teenaged potency.

Then she pulled her lips off his fat cock-knob, and shifting her head around, she used her nimble tongue to gather up the stray spunk from his lower prick and balls.

Rachel, watching this, took the rubber cock out of her lips and emulated her daughter’s performance, licking up and down the slimy cockshaft.

Her naughty kids were already into incest, the horny housewife was thinking.

They were already corrupted and depraved.

Why shouldn’t she take advantage of it?

She fully intended to, all of her inhibitions melted in the heat of her desire, her maternal instincts overwhelmed by carnal lust.

But she knew it would be better to involve herself in the relationship gradually, working up to rather slowly, than to just announce her presence out of the blue. She didn’t want to shock or embarrass the kids.

She knew that the teenagers were so randy today because they had listened when their mother and father were fucking that morning.

If they liked to spy, Rachel was damned well going to give them something to spy on — and plenty of it.

But, for now, she was content to play the peeper herself, as the second act began to unfold.

Frostie licked down into her sibling’s groin, worked around his balls and slurped back up his cock. She took the bulging prickhead into her lips again.

His virile cumbags were already starting to balloon with another cum-load.

He frigged in and out of her lips.

It seemed as if his cum-hungry sister were going to milk him off again.

But, as much as she adored a mouthful of cock and a bellyful of jizz, Frostie was ready to get her own rocks off by this time.

Her greedy mouth was sated — sort of — but her pussy was steaming for some attention.

She sucked a bit longer, screwing her mouth down on his prick. Then she drew away. She had polished his cock-knob to a purple luster. It was gleaming atop his elongated prick like a wet gemstone.

“Lie down, Brother!” she whispered, spunk spraying from her lips as she spoke.

Chuck grinned and got down on top of the trap door, still maintaining security — not realizing that barring the door did no good now, because their mother was already in the attic and looking on with glee.

He lay on his back, his cock towering up above his groin like a rocky spire and his cumbags steadily filling up again at the base of his prick.

Frostie stood up and removed her skirt.

She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Obviously, she had known what they would be doing and figured it would have been silly to put on a garment that she would be removing again so soon.

Naked, she stepped across her brother and stood over his prone form.

He gazed up into her groin.

Their mother’s attention was focused on that foaming fuckhole as well.

Mother and son were both licking their lips.

Frostie’s pussy was gaping open in a wide oval. Her coral pink cunt-lips were unfurled like a flower and her cunt-slot was full of juice.

Her clit was standing out in a little taut knot, as if echoing her nipples.

Cunt-juice was pouring into her crotch, turning that groin grotto into a steaming swamp. Ribbons of the gooey stuff unwound down her inner thighs.

She gracefully sank down to her knees, straddling her brother’s eager, upthrust head.

Chuck was shooting his tongue out even before he had made contact with his sister’s cunt. He was staring at that juicy delicacy like a hungry child looking into the window of a candy shop.

Rachel was having trouble controlling herself.

It had made her plenty excited to sec Frostie suck Chuck off and drink his jizz, but this return engagement was stimulating her in two ways.

She envied her daughter a cuntful of Chuck’s tongue — and, equally, she envied her son a snack on that sweet and delectable cunt.

“Feed me, Sis!” Chuck croaked.

His tongue was humming like a vibrator.

“Sit on my face, baby!” he urged.

His hands slid up her slim flanks and he cupped her by the trim cheeks of her ass.

Frostie lowered her loins and rubbed her cunt against his mouth and chin. She brushed her pussy up and down, mopping his whole face.

His nose sank into her cunt-slot and slid across her clit, and the boy whined like a doggy as she inhaled her tantalizing pussy perfume.

His tongue whisked and flailed. He lapped into her cunt-slot and slurped on her clit. He tongued both unfolded pussy-lips at the rim, then stabbed in as deep as his lapper would go, in a tongue-fucking action.

She rode his face, her ass twisting. Her thighs tensed and rippled as she saddled her groin on his head, jerking in spasmodic bliss.

Whatever the boy lacked in technique, he more than made up for by enthusiasm.

Their mother could hear Chuck slurp and slobber as he gorged in the girl’s gooey groin.

She could see his nimble tongue flash in and out, spooning out cunt-juice lavishly.

Then the youth clamped his mouth to his sister’s pussy and began to quaff steadily.

She shuddered all through her nubile body.

“Yeah — eat, baby! Eat!” she wailed.

The flow from her cunt was getting hotter and thicker and more fragrant as her juice turned to cunt-cum. It was pouring into his mouth like heated wax.

She reached down and used her fingertips to spread her pussy open wider, as if she were trying to stretch the pliable slot right over his head — to put her pussy on his face like a rubber on a prick.

Chuck munched and gobbled ravenously, drinking the girl’s goo with gusto.

Her slender back arched and her plump tits swung up and down, the tips swollen and distended.

His lips were plastered to her pussy like a rubber plunger on a clogged drain as he sucked her juices out. His throat pulsed as he swallowed.

Rachel yearned to have her son’s mouth on her own muff — and to sink her tongue into her steamy fuckhole, as well.

“Cum, Sis! Cum!” Chuck gurgled, his voice muffled on her soaking cunt.

“Creamin’, Brother! Ooooooh — drink me!”

The waves of joy came rushing across her loins and shot up her trembling thighs. Her pussy simmered and smoldered and dissolved at the depths.

Cunt-cum swirled down her chute and came flooding into her brother’s panting mouth in a deluge.

She drained off and slumped, her head down, her chin resting on the slopes of her tits.

Chuck raised his head up, still stuck to her cunt. His mouth seemed to be glued in her groin by a paste of pussy-nectar and saliva.

He kept on dining in her pussy as she swayed on his face, moaning in rapture.

Frostie reached down below her blonde bush and fingered around, feeling his tongue and lips as they worked in her sodden cunt. She took her clit between thumb and forefinger and whipped it against his tongue.

Then she groped behind her back and got a handful of his cock, and balls.

Her randy sibling was fully aroused again.

She slid back and her pussy pulled from his mouth with a juicy slurping sound, breaking the suction. She squatted back on his lean belly and gazed down at his face. They smiled at each other in tacit understanding.

“Ready for a fuck?” Frostie asked.

“You know it is, Sis!” he enthused.

Now, with some last vestige of parental concern or maternal instinct, their mother wondered if she should prevent her kids from screwing.

Oral sex was very naughty, but she figured that fucking was the ultimate incest, a sin she should stop.

But would she?

No way!


Frostie squirmed back down her brother’s body and her adorably shaped ass bumped his standing cock. The meaty prick nudged into the crack of her ass.

She wriggled against it, one hand reaching back to fondle his balls. He humped up from the trap door, driving his fat cock through her ass-cleft.

Then she began to lift herself on tensed thighs. Her haunches slid up and his cockshaft pulled down through her ass-crack. She went up another inch and his cockhead slid into her crotch.

The lithe young lady hovered over him, balanced on top of his towering cock and squirming around like a flagpole sitter getting comfortable.

Holding his prick by the hilt, she rubbed the bludgeon-shaped cock-knob into her cunt-slot and whipped it against her clit, stirring her creamy cunt on the meaty ladle.

He reached up to maul her tits, kneading the plump globes and plucking at the taut tips. Her nipples swelled in his hands and her clit flared on his cockhead.

“Squat on my prick, Sis!” he moaned.

Rachel began to very slowly push her pussy down onto Chuck’s rampant prick.

Inch by precious inch, the hard, throbbing cock vanished up into her fuck-chute.

She paused with half of his cock buried in her, twisting her ass about saucily.

Then she sank on down and took him balls deep into her seething fuckhole.

Her cunt-lips were cued to the hairy hilt of his cock, and her ass was cushioned against his balls. His flaring cockhead was buried in the very core of her cunthole, smoldering there like a burning ember.

She hunkered down, holding the full penetration, thrilling to the sensation of having her cunt chock-a-block full of incest meat and giving her brother time to enjoy having every inch of his prick enveloped in hot pussy.

Not riding him yet, the girl exercised her cunt muscles. The inner rings fluttered and rippled as they ran up his cock, massaging his prick as if she had a mysterious hand inside her loins, frigging him off.

She could feel hot dollops of pre-cum spill into her cunt as his pisshole dribbled.

Chuck humped, but she maintained the passion so that he wasn’t sliding in and out yet, but was simply heaving her up and down on his groin.

“Fuck, Sis! Ride my prick!”

Her torso twisted as she wound her seething cunt-tunnel around on his buried cock like a juicy nut on a bolt. Her tits swung and her ass churned.

Then she began to rise and fall on his prick. Chuck met her in counterpoint, stabbing up as she came down and dropping back as she rose up.

They were moving in perfect harmony — and moving faster with every stroke.

Rachel could hear Chuck’s cock hiss into Frostie’s fuck-tunnel and hear the girl’s pussy squish as it clung with fierce suction to the sliding prick.

Her cunt-lips were pulling out on his cock as she pulled up, and his thick prick, came out glistening from her creamy cunt-slot. The friction was intense. Rachel was breathing in the fumes of hot cockmeat and creamy pussy.

She half expected to see smoke or steam drifting from her daughter’s groin as the pace stepped up.

Although brother and sister had already cum once, in each other’s ardent mouths, it was evident that this fucking was not going to be prolonged.

Rachel was hammering her rubber cock into her cunt, then nudging it up her shithole, then bringing the richly scented and flavored prick to her mouth for a suck.

How she wished that she were crouched down behind her girl’s grinding ass, with her face shoved into their groins, licking and sucking cock and cunt together and drinking their cum in combination.

It was a treat she planned to have soon.

But for now she played the passive peeper, as the fucking soared to the crescendo.

Frostie pumped up and down in a wild horny dance, and Chuck pounded up to meet her as she dropped.

“Gonna blow, Sis!” be cried.

“Yeah! I’m melting, Chuckie! Hose my hot cunt with your thick slime, baby!”

He yanked down on her hips and burrowed up her pussy, rattling her bones with his vigor. Her ass swung and jolted and his leaped up from the floor.

Her clit detonated, setting off a deeper blast in the depths of her pussy. Her cunt-cum began to pour out so thickly that it looked as if someone had spilled a milkshake in the girl’s lap.

Chuck howled like a banshee.

His balls exploded and steaming geysers of goo shot up into her cunt. The stuff was so thick and solid that she thought she could hear it splash inside her, and the jets were so powerful he almost blew her off the end of his prick.

They ground together, fucking each other through the savage convulsion, clinging at the creamy crest. Then they began to ebb.

They continued to fuck together, slower now, as they worked off the fading waves of bliss.

Finished, she squatted all the way down on his cock, a radiant smile on her face.

Chuck craned his neck and raised his head. He kissed her mouth, tasting the residue of his own cum on her smeared, spunky lips. Then he ducked down and gave both of her nipples a loving slurp, his face switching back and forth.

She stroked his cheek, smiling fondly at him. Her other hand moved behind her ass and she fondled his cumbags, making sure they were empty.

Then she pulled her pussy off his prick. The cock-knob lodged in her cunt for a moment, then came out like a cork from a borne.

His prick was rubbery now, but still fat and impressive, looped in a meaty coil from his crotch.

Her vacated cunt-slot stayed wide open, retaking the shape of his prick. Her gaping cunt was spilling a sauce of spunk and cunt-cum down her thighs.

She slid up his belly.

“Mop me up, Chuck!” she moaned. She jerked her pussy into his face, and the cunt-hungry youth slurped up the seepage with relish.

Then the nimble girl twisted around and took his semi-stiff cock into her mouth, sucking all of their combined juices from the rubbery meat.

“Wanna fuck again, Sis?” he rasped. She considered for a moment. She nibbled on his prick while she pondered the possibility of further sibling incest.

But then, with an impish grin, she shook her blonde head and said, “Let’s save it.” Chuck raised his eyebrows.

“If Mom goes shopping, we can suck and fuck in the big bed,” Frostie said.

He grinned — more a grimace.

“Yeah! I can make believe that I’m throwing the cock to Mom!” he grated.

“And I’ll pretend I’m fucking Daddy!” the delectable daughter responded.

This, obviously, had a profound effect on their listening mother. It seemed that her children were as hot to fuck with their parents as she was to have sex with them.

Things were going to work out fine. Chuck and Frostie got dressed and went back down through the trap door.

Rachel, sticking the rubber cock back up her cunt, came across the attic and knelt on that door. There was a gooey puddle glistening on the wood where cunt-cum and jizz had dribbled down Chuck’s groin when his sister had been riding on his cock.

Rachel lowered her head and licked it up.

It was scrumptious.

And that family-oriented lady could just imagine how much more succulent it would be when she was drinking it straight from her son’s cock and tonguing it from her daughter’s pussy.

Her mind was made up.

She lapped up all the second-hand slime. Then she gave her cunt a last pounding with the rubber cock, creaming off once more.

Then she put the dildo back in its hiding place.

Rachel had already made her plans for the rest of the day — and those depraved plans did not include a dildo.


Rachel went down from the attic and to the master bedroom. Wanting to make sure that she kept the kids at home and interested, she put on her sexiest negligee. It was slinky and semitransparent and she studied herself in the looking glass.

She was sure that Chuck and Frostie would not want to leave the house when their curvaceous mom was parading around in that provocative garment.

Her fat tits were spilling from the bodice, exposed almost to the nipples, showing lots and lots of deep, smooth cleavage.

The bushy vee of her cunt showed in a shadowy triangle through the sheer material.

Satisfied that she was presenting an eyeful, she set her scheme into motion.

Rachel was horny to suck and fuck with both of her teenaged children, but she reckoned that the best way to get around to family frolic was to put on a performance, to begin with. After all, she had played the peeper on them — she owed them a show.

Her husband had had flowers sent to her on their last wedding anniversary.

The boy who had delivered the flowers had been an attractive kid, and Rachel had been tempted to seduce him at that time. But it hadn’t seemed right to fuck someone else on her anniversary.

Today was a different matter.

She phoned the florist and ordered a dozen long-stemmed roses sent ta the house directly.

Long stems seemed appropriate.

Then she went downstairs and sprawled out on the living room couch, assuming a provocative posture. She got the hem of her negligee well up her thighs, turned so that her crotch was facing the archway to the hall.

She heard soft whispering and movement and knew that, as she had hoped, Chuck and Frostie were spying on her.

The kids were obviously keeping a watch so that they would know when and if she went out, so that they could have some naughty fun in her bed.

But she had different things in mind.

Making sure she was holding their interest, she stroked her cunt a bit, casually. She could feel their eyes burning into her. She wondered what they were doing to each other as they peeked on her.

Then the doorbell rang.

She got up slowly, giving Chuck and Frostie time to sneak away from the archway. Then she went down the hall and answered the bell.

It was the same delivery boy.

He was tall and dark, with a flashing grin. His name tag said his name was Mike. His eyes bulged out when he got a look at the voluptuous woman in her sexy negligee.

No wonder someone was sending this lovely lady flowers, the youth thought.

“Mrs. Carrington? I got a delivery…”

“Long-stemmed?” she said, smiling wickedly. “Why don’t you come in, Mike? I’ll give you a tip.”

She led him to the living room. She took the bouquet. Then she waited for a moment to give her kids time to get back to their vantage point by the arch.

She was certain they would peek. After all, their mother was dressed very scantily and she had just invited a robust young man into the house, and Chuck and Frostie, who were obviously fascinated by sex in all versions, must be interested.

In a moment a fleeting shadow told the woman that her audience had, arrived.

Mike was looking bashful, blushing a bit. He was trying not to be too obvious about it, but the boy just couldn’t keep his eyes off this luscious lady. He gaped at the heavy mounds of her tits, looming from her low-cut neckline. His gaze shifted down to the vee of her crotch, faintly visible through the sheer fabric of her sexy silk negligee.

“Sit down, Mike,” she said, indicating the couch with a nod of her tousled, tawny head.

He sat quickly. His cock had started to bulge out quite noticeably in his trousers and the boy was glad of a chance to hide it by sitting and crossing his legs.

But Rachel, cockeyed lady that she was, had not failed to note his erection as it rose. Everything was going according to plan.

“What lovely flowers,” she murmured, gently drawing one from the box. “I always get feeling so… romantic… when someone gives me flowers.”

She held the blossoms to her face, sniffing. “Maybe romantic isn’t quite the word,” she amended. She smiled at the teen. “Horny, perhaps…”

He gulped. His Adam’s apple ran up his lean throat like a gong up a pole.

“Yes, horny,” she went on. “It’s a shame that I’m home all alone today.”

She added that to make her kids believe that she thought they had gone out, so that they would feel more comfortable and secure in their spying.

She wanted Chuck and Frostie to enjoy the performance as much as she was enjoying being the performer, playing for the avid audience. Rachel loved to exhibit herself as much as she loved to play the voyeur on others, and when it was her own family involved, it was even better.

“If only there was someone here so that I could be affectionate,” she sighed.

She was giving Mike meaningful looks, and he was squirming around on the couch, flustered and embarrassed, yet hopeful.

Was that lovely lady a cockteaser?

Or was he about to be involved in a meaningful sort of situation, delivering more than flowers?

Rachel held the long-stemmed rose out for the young man to sniff. Then she lifted one foot up onto the couch. Her short negligee fell away from the long, smooth arch of her shapely thigh. Looking past the flower that she was holding before his face, Mike found himself staring right at her curly cunt-bush.

His prick jumped to full, booming rampancy. His balls were so full of jizz that he had to part his thighs to make room for them. They lay like inflated waterwings in his groin.

Rachel drew the red rose back and brushed it up her inner thigh. Then she drew it right through her crotch, stroking her pussy with the long-stemmed blossom. She moved in like a feather duster in her cunt.

Then she held it out to Mike again.

He sniffed eagerly. The rose was sweet enough, but now, scented from her cunt, it was tantalizing.

“Lick it,” she sighed.

His tongue shot out and he lapped at the cream-soaked flower avidly. She drew it back to her cunt and juiced it up again, then offered it to his face once more.

“Eat it,” she purred.

Mike nibbled on the red blossom and moaned.

“Does my pussy taste good?” she murmured. “Ummmm — ummmmm!” he gasped, munching.

“Would you like to suck my cunt, Mike?”

Mike grinned happily. The young man had lost all of his shyness and embarrassment by this time, as he realized that his long-standing dream had been answered.

He had delivered long-stemmed roses to a nymphomaniacal housewife in need.

In the hallway, brother and sister exchanged a glance of awe and anticipation.

They were going to get a chance to watch their sexy mother cheat on Daddy!

They both knew that they should feel ashamed of Mom for being so naughty, embarrassed at having a mother who would so casually ignore her nuptial vows by seducing a delivery boy without a qualm.

But there was no room in either of their seething minds for an emotion such as shame. Both of their brains were brimful of lust.

They had been standing beside the arch, Chuck looking over his sister’s shoulder as they both peered into the living room. His hard cock and bloated balls were pressed to the pert cheeks of her high, round ass.

Now, their legs going weak, they both sank down onto their knees. Chuck reached around to open his sister’s blouse, then drew it back and off. She groped behind her to open his pants and haul his cock out. He tugged her skirt down over her squirming haunches.

They didn’t have to worry about being naked in the hall or having to sneak suddenly away.

Their mother had led them to believe that she thought they were not home, and besides, it was evident that Rachel was going to be preoccupied for some time.

Stripped to the buff, having disrobed awkwardly and blindly, because they were both keeping their attention focused on the action in the living room, they cuddled together. Frostie went down onto all fours.

Chuck knelt behind and over her, his prick throbbing against her ass.

His hands slid up her ribcage and looped under, cupping her plump tits as they swayed under her like ripe fruit ready to be plucked and eaten.

Her swollen nipples exploded in his palms as he kneaded the firm tit-meat.

She reached back behind her ass and took his heavy, spunk-laden balls in her hand, fondling lovingly. As she played with his balls, Chuck nudged his steely prick into the crack of her ass.

They were clinging together in the doggy fucking position now, and Chuck could have easily slipped his pounding prick into her foaming fuckhole — or he could have shoved it up her shithole, for that matter.

Frostie, that naughty teenaged sexpot, liked it up the ass almost as much as she liked it in her smoldering cunt or voracious mouth.

But the siblings didn’t start to fuck.

As much as they loved to suck and fuck together, it was nothing new for them.

But watching Mom in action was.

So they felt each other up, but only incidentally, as they played peeper on Mom.

And, very much aware of their presence, Mom gave them plenty to peep on.


Rachel opened her black negligee fully, then let it fall back from her shoulders. It slipped to the floor like a silken shadow.

She arched her supple back and thrust her heavy tits out into Mike’s eager face.

He began to suck her nipples.

She tossed the rose aside. Who was interested in a flower when that young man had his own meaty long stem raging in his trousers?

As he nursed on her swollen nipples, she gazed down into his groin.

His cock was bucking so violently that it looked as if it might tear its way through the fabric of his pants — or burn a hole through the material.

Horny Rachel was hot to get at his cockmeat. Her fingers were tingling and her palms were itching for a feel of that teenaged prick.

Her cunt was smoldering for a stuffing, and her lewd mouth was drooling with equal desire.

But she had plenty of time and she wanted to make this a truly memorable occasion for Mike — and, mainly, for the fascinated spectators.

She held her tits to his face as he switched from peak to peak, sucking and licking. He ran his tongue up through her deep cleavage and swept it around to flash against the rosy nubs again.

Then she drew back and thrust her belly out. She resisted the urge to glance toward the archway, not wanting to take a chance on alarming Chuck and Frostie, of alerting them to the fact that their mother knew damned well they were watching.

She had one foot on the couch and the other on the floor and she moved her meaty thighs apart.

Mike glanced up at her radiant face questioningly. He looked just like a new boarder at a rooming house, asking if it were time to dine.

“Eat my pussy, you lovely boy!” she invited.

His head turned back down and he stared longingly into her widespread groin.

She tilted her cunt up. Steamy fumes wafted into the young man’s face and his nostrils twitched as he breathed in that heady aroma.

Her cunt was presented to his hungry face like a delicate shellfish spread out on a hairy platter and coated with a creamy French sauce.

“Don’t just look — lick!” she chided the boy as he delayed the pussy-eating and gaped at her gooey cunt in a sort of dumbstruck awe.

His head jerked forward and his tongue shot out. He lapped at her cunt-lips, running his tongue slowly up each unfurled rim, then flicked at her clit. Her voluptuous body shuddered as if she had been shocked through with a charge of high-voltage current.

She undulated and squirmed, jerking her groin up and down in his face.

Mike lapped into her cunt-slot, using his curled tongue like a scoop, spooning out her thick cunt-juice.

She held his face between her hands, and ground her pussy around, her wide, firm ass corkscrewing. The flower delivery boy began to stab his tongue into her as deep as it would go, tongue-fucking steadily.

A wash of cunt-juice poured down his chin. “Ahhhhh!” Rachel whimpered.

Frostie shot a glance back at her brother.

“Jeez — Mom likes to get tongue-fucked as much as I do,” she whispered, impressed.

“Yeah — and that guy ain’t much older than I am, either,” Chuck replied.

They stared at each other for a moment as the implications of that fact struck them both.

But then their eyes were drawn to the scene again, like iron filings to a magnet.

Stroking Mike’s cheek, Rachel said, “Don’t just lick, you darling boy! Suck, too!”

His mouth opened wide and he plastered his lips to her swampy cunt-slot. As he sucked on the rim, his tongue kept driving up her hole, so that he was ardently French-kissing her cunt like a bearded mouth.

Her cunt-rings sucked on his tongue.

It made him wonder what it would feel like to have those taut cunt-muscles sucking and pulling on his prick, instead — and to wonder, too, if he was soon going to find out about that sensation.

It seemed more than likely, with a lascivious lady like this one.

He had only brought her a dozen flowers. What would she be like if someone were to bring her a whole fucking hothouse?

He was rooting in her cunt like a truffle pig snorting for expensive mushrooms — and finding her clit instead of the rare fungi. He groveled in her groin and burrowed up her cunt, slurping and slobbering.

Her flow was increasing heavily, the juice pouring into his lips lavishly.

Mike knew she was about to cream.

But then she pulled her pussy off his face with a slurp as she broke the suction.

He glanced up, surprised.

Had she finished cumming already, without Mike knowing it was over?

But no. Rachel was loving this tongue-fucking so much that she wanted to prolong it for a while.

She turned around and, facing away from the seated youth, shoved her big ass back.

“Kiss my ass, too!” she urged him.

Mike had never done that before. But he was sure as shit willing to experiment. He kissed both firm asscheeks, then ran his tongue up through the musky crack.

Rachel placed her open hands on the round cheeks of her ass and spread them apart, opening the cleft and exposing the puckered brown ring of her asshole.

Mike began to lick that shithole avidly.

The kids gasped and glanced at each other again, amazed at how wanton their parent was.

Little did they know that Rachel was pulling out all the stops for their benefit.

Chuck’s cock was pounding like a jackhammer in the crack of Frostie’s ass, and her pussy-juice was streaming down her kneeling thighs like a cataract. Both teenagers were desperately horny and hot and ready to cum. But they ignored the needs of their loins as they pleasured their frantic eyes and fevered minds.

They knew that if they started to fuck, they were liable to lose their concentration. And they wanted to watch Mom misbehave even more than they wanted to get their own randy rocks off — for now.

So they only snuggled together and looked on as the action continued.

Mike rimmed and reamed into Rachel’s musky, tart, tangy asshole. He stuck his nose into the shit-slot and inhaled the flavorsome fumes. He drooled into her asshole, then sucked his tainted saliva back out and swallowed it.

Ass-sucking was great!

This was the first shithole he had eaten out, but it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last.

His tongue snaked up her guts, and his lips sucked avidly on the tasty rim. Her ass-ring was pulling on his tongue as if she were trying to digest it in reverse.

Suddenly she trembled violently.

As her lover ate in her asshole, Rachel’s cunt, neglected and unattended, was starting to go off all by itself. And she sure didn’t want that to happen.

She bent right over and grasped her ankles with her hands, heaving her haunches up. Mike went up with her, his mouth glued to her gooey shit-socket.

“Go down on me! Do my cunt!” she moaned.

The ardent delivery boy gave her asshole a last adoring slurp. Then his face slid on down and he buried his head in her groin again, from behind this time. His forehead was jammed to her ass-cheeks as he worked his jaw and mouth in and clamped his lips to her cunt.

Her pussy was erupting like Vesuvius.

Cunt-juice came out, boiling over his tongue and pouring past his lips. The cunt-cum was so scalding hot that he thought it might blister his tongue, sear his lips. But it would be a small price to pay for such a feast.

Rachel’s ass jerked up and down like a seesaw as she jackknifed over, holding her ankles, her heavy tits swinging under her.

Mike gulped greedily from her pussy, his eager tongue and enthusiastic lips draining her off.

Done, she sank to her knees with a sigh, a dreamy smile on her trembling lips.

Her cunt was satisfied, and now her hot mouth was salivating. It was Mike’s turn to cum in a face, and Rachel was really looking forward to that.

Especially since her children were watching.


Rachel turned around and faced the young man on the couch. He looked at her hopefully, then grinned when he saw her licking her lips.

His own lips were drenched with her juices, and she kissed him passionately on the mouth, exploring his tongue and lips with her own questing lapper.

His mouth was flavored from her fuckhole. She drew back and — more for her daughter’s benefit than anything else, since she had the hots for the girl as much as she did her son — she sighed, “Ummmmm — I love to taste my cunt cream on your lips, Mike!”

She kissed him again, panting heavily. Holding his face between her hands, she fed him a tongue sandwich, probing his mouth.

“I’m making believe that your mouth is a pussy, darling,” she told the boy, again for Frostie’s ears. “This is how I tongue a cunt.”

She stabbed her tongue into his cunt-flavored mouth.

Mike was groaning. Horny as hell already, the news that this lascivious lady was bisexual was adding to the fires in his loins.

And it was intriguing Frostie and Chuck, too. “Jeez! Mom eats pussy!” Chuck gasped softly.

He thought his sister, being a normal, prick loving girl, might be shocked.

But Frostie moaned, “She could eat my pussy out anytime she wanted to — and I’d go down on Mom, too!”

Chuck gulped. The naive youth had never before known that even the most heterosexual, feminine sort of female could relish a snack of pussy. He knew damned well that his sister wasn’t a dyke — and the thought of her tonguing a cunt, especially their own parent’s creamy pussy, was driving the young man wild with excitement.

So Rachel’s clever conversation was having the desired effect on her children — sowing the seeds that would lead to subsequent sucking and fucking.

She kissed Mike’s mouth some more, then drew back and began to open his pants. He sprawled back along the couch, watching her deft hands work on his belt and button and the zipper of his fly.

She pulled his prick out.

It stood rock-hard, a long, thick, slab-headed cock, the tip dripping with preliminary goo.

She halted to gaze fondly at his cock, then hauled his cumbags out, too. They were fat as melons, swollen with his pent-up spunk load.

“You gonna blow me, lady?” he gasped.

She fluttered her tongue around as if she were getting it limbered up for the exercise ahead of it.

“I love to suck pricks,” she purred, knowing that her words would embellish the sight and sound of the action, turning her peeking kids on even more. “I like a nice, long suck — and then I love to swallow jizz.”

Mike heaved his haunches up desperately, eager for her to set her words to action.

She leaned down and licked his balls, sighing as the manly flavor registered on her tongue.

She was holding her head angled so that the watchers in the hall could get clear look at all the juicy details of the oral sex.

The knowledge that her kids were watching thrilled her every bit as much as the prospect of milking off that tasty teenaged prick.

She lapped all around his groin, lifting his balls in her hand to tongue at the gamy underside. Then she licked up and down his veined cockshaft.

Pre-cum slid down his cock, and she gathered it up on her nimble tongue as she slurped up to meet the flow. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to show the boy how his jizz was filming the pink meat — and to show her kids as well, or course.

She swallowed with her mouth open, her delicate throat pulsing as the jizz slid down her gullet.

She gazed at his prick studiously, calculating how near the boy was to shooting off. His pisshole was flowing like a fountain, and she guessed that he would cream off pretty quickly once she began to suck.

Drinking cum was the best part of a blowjob, to be sure, but she was in no hurry to gulp down her reward. She wanted to prolong the pleasure and the performance.

“Turn around for a minute, darling. Let me suck your ass for a while, first.”

She heard two stifled gasps from the hallway as her kids reacted to that, and smiled secretly.

Mike threw one hip up and rolled over on the couch, drawing his knees up under him and holding his hard, muscular ass up in her face.

Rachel opened the firm asscheeks with her hands and began to dip her tongue into his shitter. He moaned, she sighed — and another muffled response came from the audience. She was making sure that they had a good view of her pink tongue dancing in Mike’s brown shithole.

She tongued out his asshole, then placed her lips to it and sucked. She adored the taste and the texture and the tangy fragrance, rimming for her own pleasure as well as to thrill her children.

She slid down and lapped at his balls as they ballooned between his kneeling thighs, then slurped up his ass-crack and ate out his asshole some more.

Mike was trembling so violently that she was afraid he might shoot off prematurely.

She sat back on her heels, licking her soiled lips and feeling her fat tits, pulling at the tips.

“Turn around, Mike! Fuck my face!”

He spun over onto his back again, his lean body bridged, his cock looming up.

She placed her tongue at the base of his cock and drew it up to the knob. Then she turned her head down over him and gulped his cockhead in.

“Ummmmm — ummmmmm!” she purred.

She pulled off him and used her fluttering tongue on his greasy cock-knob, then swallowed it again.

He began to thrust up, stuffing more of his prick into her face each time. “Glubbbb! Slurppp! Slurpppp!” She was making more noise than necessary, adding sound effects.

Her mouth filled up with pre-cum. She swallowed some, gargling the goo gleefully, making it evident that she was drinking from his cock. She let some spill from her lips and trickle down his prick so that her kids could see what she was swallowing.

Her tawny head bobbed down, and she sucked the overflow back from his prickshaft.

She was starving for spunk now.

The asshole appetizer and the canape of precum had made her ravenous for his full dose.

And eager for her peeking kids to watch her drinking the young man’s jizz.

“Jizz me! Juice me!” she whimpered. “It’s cummin’, lady!” he croaked. She couldn’t bear to wait another moment, to let nature take its course. She folded her fist around his prick and began to jerk him off in her mouth, knowing the double action on sucking and pumping would bring the horny boy to the crest in the fastest way.

She laid his flaring cockhead on her arched tongue and her lips pulled on his prick, just below the knob. Her hand pulled up, bumping her mouth, then jacked down towards his balls, making his cock-knob throb.

“Here it cums! Swallow my slime!” Mike wailed.

His balls blew and his prick thundered and a great spout of cock-spume shot into her mouth.

She swallowed hungrily and he fed her more. The boy’s load had been steadily increasing all the while he was eating her cunt and she was rimming out his asshole, and he had a bucketful of the succulent stuff. His cock was pouring forth like a cornucopia.

It was like drinking from a fire extinguisher. She sucked and swallowed and sighed, and his formidable prick kept on spraying her mouth. Some of the slime was running from her lips.

She took her hand away and finished him off with her mouth alone, bobbing up and down on his cock, taking a jizz jet straight down her throat, then another that skimmed over her flashing tongue.

She drank him dry, savoring every single drop of his sweet jism.

Rachel couldn’t remember when she had enjoyed drinking from a cock more than this but, then, she had never had her children watching her before.

Mike flopped back, panting.

She let his cock spill from her lips. Turning her head so that she was facing the doorway, she swallowed the final mouthful, showing her kids just what she was doing.

Mike’s balls looked as if they’d blown out, but his prick was still standing tall and hard.

There was no doubt that Rachel was going to fuck him now. There was only one consideration — how to do it so that her kids got the best look at the details.


Opening her sensuous mouth wide, she took his prick in and swallowed all the way down to the root, as if she were going to take him balls and all.

Then she very slowly pulled her lips back up, sucking through every sweet inch. She moved her head away and got to her feet.

Rachel had decided that the best way to couple with her lover would be standing up, with the boy behind her. As they enjoyed a knee-trembler, she would be presenting a full frontal view of her body to the lookers.

Mike was peering at her, puzzled that she was standing up. His prick was still as hard as a fucking rock, and he knew that she must be horny, having swallowed his cum with her cunt temporarily neglected.

Rachel, facing the archway, stood with her legs wide apart. Her cunt was dripping. She tilted her tummy, up so that her kids could see between her legs. She looked down herself to see what a visual treat she was supplying.

Her cunt was open and creamy, and her clit was standing like a stump in a swamp.

Gooey globs of pussy-juice were winding down the flesh of her inner thighs. Her fuckhole was dripping like a leaky faucet in her groin.

She felt her tits and nipples and passed her open hand through her crotch, caressing herself. Looking over her shoulder, she winked at the delivery boy.

“Stand behind me, darling,” she suggested. “I need a cuntful of your big cock!”

He scrambled to his feet, moving awkwardly, the looming bulk of his hard-on throwing him off balance. His depleted balls were filling up rapidly, his potency recharging his sexual vigor drop by drop.

He stood behind her and held her by the hips as he rubbed his cock on the firm cheeks of her solid ass and slipped it into the crack.

Mike humped, driving his cock up and down in her ass-cleft, as if he were honing it on a grindstone. It felt so lovely to have his cockhead sliding across her asshole that Rachel was sorely tempted to ask the boy to throw a fuck up her shit-chute.

But her cunt was smoldering too much, taking precedence over her shitter.

And, too, if he were to plug her ass, the kids wouldn’t be able to see his cock sliding in and out while she continued to present a full frontal to them.

She rose onto her toes.

“Shove it up my cunt!” she cried.

Mike bent at the knees and lowered his loins. His prick slid down through her ass-crack and the fat cock-knob slipped in between her legs.

She tucked a hand down into her groin and held him by the cock. Tilting her wrist, she rubbed his cockhead around in her bubbling pussy.

Cunt-juice flooded down his prick as her pussy juiced over the crown.

She laid her head back on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, flicking her tongue out.

“Fuck me silly, baby! Screw my ass off! Pound me to jelly on your big prick!”

Mike began to inch his cock up her.

Chuck and Frostie could see all the juicy details of the action in their mom’s crotch.

The thickly veined underside of Mike’s hard cockshaft was sliding into her cunt-slot, sinking up her fuckhole, vanishing slowly as his balls swung at the base.

Her cunt-lips were sucking just like her mouth had, swallowing his prick into her pussy hungrily.

Chuck’s cock was beating like a drum as he held it to his sister’s trim ass. The boy bent down and shot his tongue into her asshole for a quick snack. When he rose up, the willowy girl twisted lithely around and gave his cockhead a slurp. She took a few slugs on the meaty slab, then turned around again.

As much as those horny teenaged siblings loved to suck and fuck with each other, they were determined not to do anything that would detract from their observation or break their visual concentration.

Clinging in a loving huddle, they watched as Mike shoved the last of his prick up their mom’s cunt. It disappeared. His balls ballooned in her crotch, and her cunt spilled juice out over them in frothy torrents.

She kept her thighs parted wide, giving the voyeurs a clear view as she and the delivery boy held the penetration.

Then they began to fuck, moving in unison, screwing in perfect harmony, as if they had been lovers for years rather than first-time fuckers.

Rachel went up onto her toes, then dropped back on her heels. Her round ass was jammed tight to the young man’s flat belly. Her meaty thighs rippled with sinew as she danced on his cock.

Her face was a mask of lust, eyes narrowed, lips slack and panting. Her tongue was sliding across her mouth and, through her hooded eyes, she was gazing toward the archway, wishing that she could see exactly what her kids were doing as they enjoyed the show.

They sure as hell weren’t eating popcorn!

“Ohhhhhh — ahhhhhhh!” she cried, adding sound effects.

Her ass twitched from side to side, and her gently rounded belly pumped up and down. Her hips were working like laboring pistons and her heavy tits swayed before her.

Mike plunged up her pussy savagely, rattling her bones. She felt transfixed on his towering prick. His cockhead was burning in the depths of her pussy, and his iron-hard prick was levering up her cunt like a white hot crowbar. He was fucking her brains out.

The kids were enraptured as they watched. Mike’s thick, cock emerged, glistening from their mother’s cunthole, then slammed back in and shook her violently as all of the long cock disappeared and his heavy cumbags came rolling up into her crotch.

“Fuck!” she moaned. “Fuck-fuck!”

She cupped her tits and played with the tips, holding the fat mounds out toward the hallway, as if she were offering them to the audience.

She was, in fact.

But Chuck and Frostie didn’t know that — yet. Mike yanked down and his cockhead appeared in her open pussy, a great bulging lump of purple meat, gnarled and knotted and throbbing.

He rammed it up her again, driving in to the core and lifting her onto her toes.

She slid, a hand down and began to finger around the sliding action, playing with his slippery prick as it sank in and pulled out. She stroked her cunt-lips and tugged on her swollen clit, adding self-stimulation to the fucking action — and demonstrating to her kids that frantic fucking wasn’t enough for her, that as she took cock from behind, her clit was available for mouthing.

Still, they failed to understand that she was hoping they would join the scene.

But she had all day.

She cupped Mike’s balls and fondled them. They were getting alarmingly swollen. Despite the plentiful spunk-load he had shot down her throat, the virile youth was getting set to blow his wad again.

She whirled in a wanton waltz, gavotting on his grinding cock, spinning in a dance of desire.

But it was more than a dance — she was performing like some exotic stripper for an avid audience. She loved to have her children watching her wanton fucking. She could feel their eyes burning into her flesh.

Her nipples shot out toward them.

Her clit was pulling from her pussy as if it wanted to fly across the room.

Mike’s pisshole was seeping with preliminary goo. When his prick pulled out now, the wash of her cunt-juice was shot through with streaks of glistening cum.

He hammered in and his balls whacked her solidly as she dropped down to take him in to the hilt.

“Shoot in me! Shoot in me!” she babbled. His cock was so huge now that she thought her hipbones might jump out of their sockets as he stuffed the massive prick up into her cunt.

“Here it cums!” the flower-delivery boy wailed as he prepared to deliver his spunk.

“Yes — yes — yes! Slime me!”

He howled like a beast and drove his cock in as his balls went off like a bomb. The sap rushed up through the core of his long-stemmed prick. Rachel cried out with joy when she felt the hot stuff filling her cunt.

Her clit went off and her cunt melted.

His cock-spume shot into her. Then his prick drove up through the tide of his own cum. As he filled her cunt, his great prick was pumping his cum back out of her, laced with her cunt-cum.

She could feel every blessed spurt.

The potent young man was pumping as much jizz into her pussy as he had fed her mouth.

And each time he sprayed more cum into her cunt, Rachel creamed off again. Her clit was going off like a machine gun, in volley after volley.

He shot his last jism into her and slowed down. His legs were shaking and he clung to her lush hips as if for support.

She kept on pumping for a few moments, rising and falling on his stationary cock as she worked off the last waves of her sweet climax, using his living cock much as she had used her inanimate dildo.

And that cock was still nice and stiff.

She felt his balls exploringly. They were deflated, but showed every sign of recharging yet again.

Rachel had supposed the young man would be finished after he had creamed off twice. She had wanted her kids to see her suck him off and fuck him and, after that, she assumed he would be drained and she could dismiss him — and get on with the fascinating business of seducing her kids.

But Mike was more formidable than that.

His cock had only diminished slightly, and it was still pulsing up her pussy as she squirmed on it. It seemed a shame to send the sweet boy away with a hard-on.

It seemed her kids would get a third act.

And since she had already taken his jizz in her mouth and her cunt, Rachel was thinking that it might be fun to get fucked up the ass, next.

It was a real variety show.


Rachel tugged down on Mike’s balls as she jerked herself up onto her toes. His long, slime coated prick came out of her pussy like a sword from a wet scabbard, slurping against the clinging suction.

His bulging cock-knob filled her cunt-slot, lodged there for an instant, then popped free. Rachel twisted around to face him and dropped down on her knees.

She loved to suck a cock after it had just come out of a creamy cunthole — her own cunthole or any other woman’s, for that matter.

She was about to dive on his cock.

Then she realized that she was blocking her kids’ view, that all they would be able to see was the back of her tawny head as it bobbed up and down.

She held him by the hips and shifted around, pulling him with her. His torso revolved and his cock came around like the turret gun of a battleship. It was still aimed at her face as she knelt before him, but now Chuck and Frostie could see his prick in profile — and in relation to their mother’s sensuous mouth.

She swallowed down his cock.

He guessed he was going to get another blowjob now — that once this promiscuous and insatiable woman got her cunt creamed off, her mouth was horny again, and vice versa. She seemed the sort to alternate between face fucking and cunt-stuffing all day.

He humped into her mouth, slinging his prick into her facial fuckhole with enthusiasm.

She sucked all the juice from his cock. Then she drew her lips away, dripping. “I love to taste cunt on your prick, Mike,” she told him, batting her eyes flirtatiously. “Cunt juice is as delicious as cock-cream.”

She figured that would interest her listening daughter no end.

Mike shoved his prick back in her face. She playfully eluded it, turning her head so that his saliva-wet cock-knob brushed her jawline and cheek, instead of sinking back into her mouth.

Then she dropped down on all fours and wriggled around, presenting her ass to him.

Mike knelt behind her immediately, believing that he knew what she wanted. He started to guide his cock into her cunt for a dog-style fuck.

But she groped back between her thighs and gasped his prick, hauling it higher. She fitted the huge cockhead into the puckered brown bud of heir asshole.

He gasped as he realized that his lustful lover wanted to get ass-fucked next.

And both of her fascinated children were gasping as well. Was there no end to their parents’ depravity? They sure as hell hoped not! The naughtier their mom was, the more fun it was to watch her in action.

Rachel moved his cockhead around in her shithole. That tiny slot rippled and parted, preparing to spread out and take the fat prick.

Pre-cum oozed in, greasing her up.

She pulled on his cock and his knob sank in. Her asshole clung to his prick. The cock flared and she whimpered. It hurt just a little bit to get it up the ass, but the slight tinge of pain only added to the thrill, blending in with the pleasant sensations.

“Shove it up me, darling! Feed my ass!” she moaned, wriggling about on the end of his cock.

Mike held her by the hipbones and started to lever his long prick into her guts.

His cock-knob was the fattest part of his huge prick. As it slid up her shit-chute, it was spreading her open, blazing a trail for his cockshaft.

With a lunge, he buried his prick.

She squealed with pleasure. His cockhead was smoking and throbbing in her bowels, and his cockshaft was wedged like a crowbar up her shit-chute. He was so deep in her digestive tract that she thought that his cockhead must be wallowing around in the cum-load she had swallowed from the opposite end — for, after all, taking up the shithole was only a soft of blowjob in reverse.

His balls were hanging down in her groin and she held them and worked them around in her cunt-slot. Her clit pulsed against them and they ballooned as his sperms prepared a load for her ass.

“Fuck my ass, Mike! Bugger me!” she said.

He began to pull his prick out and shove it back in. The fit was snug, the sensations exquisite. This lady was a marvel, he thought — her mouth and her cunt and her asshole were all transferable.

He slogged in, tilting her haunches up on the lever of his iron-hard cock. Her knees bounced on the floor, and she shoved her ass back, the round cheeks jamming against his flat belly.

Mike was lasting longer this time, taking his time about it. Since she had already milked him off twice, he felt no desperation to get his rocks off and he was enjoying a lingering frolic in her shit-chute.

His prick came out, soiled and steaming, then rammed back up her guts, making her shudder and shake. It felt as if his elongated cock was going to come out of her mouth, spiking her all the way through.

“Ummmm — ahhhhh! Pack the fudge, baby!” she moaned. “Pour the prick up my fucking ass!”

Chuck and Frostie were so horny by this time that they just had to get off. Yet they sure didn’t want to miss out on the performance their passionate parent was putting on with the delivery boy.

Chuck knelt upright behind his sister’s haunches as she swayed on her hands and knees. He guided his stiff prick into her cunt from behind. He spooned the slab of his cockhead in her pussy, then inched it up her fuckhole, sinking in to the balls.

They were mounted in the same fashion as their mother and Mike, except that Chuck had his cock up the proper channel while Mike was up Rachel’s shitter.

Chuck began to throw the prick into Frostie, maintaining the same pace as their mothers lover. Her ass spun against his belly as he fed the cock to her cunt. Her pussy was sucking like a mouth as he drove in and pulled out against the clinging, squeezebox action.

They were doggy-fucking at the same rate that Mike and Rachel were ass-fucking, but Chuck and Frostie had been neglecting their own need to cum as they watched their mother and Mike get off repeatedly.

They didn’t endure as long.

Frostie began creaming almost on the first stroke and Chuck stepped up the action as he surged to the crest. Then his jism was gushing up heir cunt.

He riled his sister’s fuckhole with spunk, and she melted on his cock. They fucked each other through the spasms and held to the heights, then came down through the slow, descending spiral together.

They clung together with Chuck still mounted on her haunches and his cock stuck up her cunt. Now they could fully concentrate on their mom again.

Rachel was juicing all over Mike’s cumbags as she rubbed them around in her randy cuntslot. His cock was expanding, spreading her shitchute open.

“Jizz me! Cum up my ass!”

He whimpered and whined. Her tight back passage was pulling and snatching on his prick. He hoped he wasn’t going to skin his prick in that snug channel — although it would be worth it if he did.

She could feel little jets of spunk, hot spurts of preliminary jizz, squirting in her bowels. The film of fuck-juice on her tongue was liquefying again. Tasting it, she imagined that the cum Mike was pumping into her ass must be running right up into her mouth.

Then Mike cried out in rapture and his balls erupted in her cunt-slot. A split second later, his lavish load was streaming into her shit-chute.

Rachel gurgled with glee as that steaming hot enema filled her bowels. Her cunt creamed off, and her lover drowned her belly from behind.

He bowed over her, panting, drained and spent and exhausted at long last. Rachel kept on squirming on his prick as she finished foaming off.

His cock was definitely shrinking and softening now, turning slack and limp in her ass.

He pulled it out as it had gone in, inch by slow inch. His cockhead slurped from her asshole and drooped down, his prick inert between his thighs.

Cum bubbled from her vacated shithole and streamed on down into her crotch, joining with the rivers of cunt-cum pouring from her pussy.

She turned to face him, still on hands and knees, her head level with his loins. She gazed at his groin. She could see clearly that the youth was finished for now. His balls were all shriveled up, and his cock was hanging down as straight as a plumb line.

Normally it would have dismayed the promiscuous housewife to have a lover lose his tension when the rest of the afternoon was still ahead of them.

But not today.

Making it with Mike had been fun, but now the boy had served his purpose. It was time to send him away. Rachel was hot to fuck and suck with her kids.

But Rachel was still Rachel, and as a sort of savory after the meal, she lowered her head and slid up to his loins. She turned her face up and opened her mouth wide. His drooping cock sank into her mouth.

She sucked joyously. Even limp, teenaged prick was a tasty treat and now, highly scented and flavored from her shit-chute, it was delectable.

It rippled and quivered in her mouth.

Christ — was he gonna get hard again?

Rachel was in two minds about that. It would be fun to drink another cum load from his ass soiled prick, yet she was desperate for incest with her own kids.

She couldn’t turn Mike away if his balls began to fill up again, though. She sucked on the dangling cock and it rippled and swelled slightly. It was like munching on a mouthful of rubber hose.

She swallowed right up to the hilt, then pulled her lips down, sucking all the tangy goodness from his prick. She drew back to gaze at him, not sure what to do.

Then the matter was taken out of her hands — or mouth, as the case may be.


There was an executive position open at the company where Ivor Carrington was employed. Ivor was hoping for the promotion, but it was not yet determined. Another man, Jake Carter, was vying for the post.

Henry Grimes, the chairman of the board, asked both of the aspiring executives to come to the board room. They did so, glaring at each other, both competitive. They took their places at the big conference table, expecting Grimes to interview them and gauge their qualifications. Grimes, a steel-haired, iron-eyed businessman, stared at them silently for a while.

“The prime consideration for the position is that the man remain cool under fire,” he grated. “You must show no hesitation at the bargaining table, no weakness. You must never reveal your emotions.”

Ivor and Jake nodded.

“Your qualifications being equal, I shall promote the man who best maintains his cool — and I’ve arranged a little test for that.”

He rang the intercom.

A moment later his wife came in. She was a strikingly beautiful redhead with big tits and a sensuous slash of a mouth. She was much younger than her spouse.

Ivor liked to look at her — but he did wonder why she should be involved.

Then he found out in no uncertain terms.

Hazel Grimes looked at her husband. He nodded at her. She smiled and crawled under the table.

Ivor gasped when he felt her open his fly. Then he remembered that this was a test and tried to compose his face and remain calm. It wasn’t easy, as she drew his cock and balls out.

Then her hands left him.

Jake Carter gave a gulp and Ivor realized that his cock, too, was being produced.

Then the test began.

Hazel shifted back and forth, sucking on Ivor’s cock, then on Jake’s, alternating between them.

Both men struggled to keep poker-faced, not revealing which cock she was working on. Henry Grimes lighted a fat cigar and stared hard at them through the smoke, his eyes calculating and shrewd.

No one spoke.

The only sounds in the boardroom were the slurping of Mrs. Grimes’ expert mouth as she sucked one, then the other.

Ivor knew damned well he could never manage to retain his composure when he started to shoot. Thank God he had pumped a lot of fuck-juice into his voluptuous wife that morning, he was thinking, Jake was a bachelor. Unless Jake had jerked off recently, Ivor was at an advantage.

Ivor felt some pre-cum dribble from his pisshole and seep onto her tongue. His eyes fluttered. He clenched his jaw and knotted his fists. How in hell could a guy look cool and calm and collected when he was spilling spunk out into his boss’ wife’s mouth?

She moved away again. He breathed a sigh of relief. He could feel Grimes staring at him with those hard eyes and he could feel his hard prick jumping violently.

He felt sure he was going to lose the promotion the very next time she took a slug on his cock.

But suddenly Jake gave a strangled cry and began to flop around like a fish out of water, landed on his own horny hook, gaffed through the groin.

“Argggghhhh!” he howled.

Grimes’ eyes glinted like ice as he watched Jake expose his vulnerability.

But Jake, knowing he had failed the test, was thrashing away and gasping.

“Yeah — yeah? Suck it out of me, baby! Drink my spunk!”

Sputtering sounds came from under the polished table as Hazel gargled the goo. It seemed to last for a long time. Then Jake slumped back in his chair, sweating and moaning and breathing like a steam engine.

Grimes sneered.

“You are dismissed,” he said coldly.

Jake sighed and left the table, tucking his cock back into his grey flannel trousers and looking unhappy — a creature hoisted by his own petard, unable to maintain his composure when he shot his wad.

He left the boardroom, a dejected man, and Grimes gave a nod to Ivor.

“The position shall be yours, Mr. Carrington,” he said. “You showed remarkable restraint.”

“Errrrr — thank you, sir,” Ivor muttered.

Hazel’s head emerged from under the table. Her eyes were bright and her lips were slimy.

She gestured at Ivor, inclining her head, jism running down her chin.

“Shall I finish him off, too, dear?” she asked.

Grimes looked at Ivor with his gimlet eyes.

“Well, Mr. Carrington?” he asked.

Ivor hesitated. Was he still being tested? Would he fail and be demoted on the spot if he emptied his cock and balls into that cocksucker’s lovely mouth.

Yet to refuse might show timidity.

“Of course,” he said.

Hazel gave a happy little squeal and ducked back under the table. Her gooey mouth engulfed his cock and she gulped right down to the root.

Ivor was determined. He stared back at his boss, his gaze level and cool. Her head went up and down as she slurped merrily away, doing this work for her husband, taking part in the company business in her own strange way. It was office work, to be sure. She was filing, his cock away in her mouth, taking dictation in his lap.

Ivor began to tremble.

His balls went off and his thick sap began to spray into her mouth. He whimpered, but softly. The last of his foaming fuck-juice splashed in her throat. She stayed on his prick, draining the dregs.

Ivor had managed not to howl or exclaim.

Grimes smiled at him — a rare smile from that stolid and stem executive.

“You did much better than Carter,” he said. “His spunk tastes better, too, dear,” his wife said from under the table.

And so was Ivor promoted on merit.


Henry Grimes’ wife, evidently a lady of hearty appetite, was giving her husband some head when Ivor left the board room and went back to his office. But it wouldn’t be his office for much longer. His promotion mean he would be shifting to a much larger and more gracious suite, and now he was too excited to carry on working.

He was eager to toil his loving wife about his promotion — although not going into any details of how he had earned it — and thought about phoning home.

Then he decided to take the rest of the day off. He would go home and give Rachel the good news in person and maybe they would go out to celebrate.

She would be surprised to see him. Ivor was an ambitious, hard-working guy and he never took the afternoon off or got home early. His arrival would certainly be unexpected.

Yes, Rachel would be surprised.

Ivor didn’t know the half of it!

Chuck was still holding his cock stuck up his sister’s cunt as they watched their mother nursing happily away on Mike’s ass-flavored cockmeat.

They heard a car pull into the driveway. Jeez — did Mom have some other guy coming to see her? Chuck wondered. He pulled his prick out of Frostie’s pussy with a squish and a following tide of foam. He moved over to the window and looked out.

“Holy cow!” he gulped.

Daddy was home!

He darted back to whisper the alarming news to his sister. They had no time to get dressed. They snatched up their discarded clothing and fled down the hall, ducking into the kitchen just in time.

Ivor came in, smiling.

He walked down to the front room and looked in — and his smile froze on his face.

Mike saw him and blushed.

Then Rachel saw him. She let Mike’s cock slip from her lips, trying to look contrite. Ivor was gaping at them in astonishment.

“I-I got carried away, I’m afraid, darling,” Rachel mumbled, in feeble excuse.

Loving husband that he was, Ivor was dumb founded. His wife had a lover. He had caught her sucking the boy’s prick — and the evidence was plain that they had already had lots of sex before he arrived.

For one thing, the boy’s cock was limp and his balls had obviously been well-emptied.

Rachel’s lips were all drenched with jizz, her cunt was spilling the milky fluid out lavishly and even her asshole was oozing spunk.

Mike, looking terrified, quickly pulled his clothing on. Giving the husband a wide berth, he moved to the archway and dashed out. He had no idea what the repercussions might be, and he wasn’t going to hang around to find out.

Rachel was still kneeling, her head down now as if she were deferentially asking his forgiveness, looking as contrite as she could under the circumstances. She gazed at him through lowered lashes.

And she saw him start to grin.

“Aren’t you angry, darling?” she whispered.

“Hell, no — I’m horny!”

He moved toward her, tearing his clothing off as he approached. Rachel was relieved and delighted that he was taking such an agreeable position in the light of her flagrant infidelity.

She wondered vaguely where the kids were now.

And hoped they would be watching again.

They would, for certain.

Hiding behind the kitchen door, they exchanged a glance when they heard their father announce his horniness. What a peeper’s paradise today was turning out to be? No words were necessary. The saucy siblings were in tacit accord. Naked, they tiptoed back down the hallway, eager to watch Mom and Dad fuck.

Ivor knelt down and kissed his wife lovingly on her spunky lips. His tongue ran into her mouth, avidly exploring that faithless facial fuckhole. Then he dropped his head to her tits and sucked the perky peaks. He slid down lower and she rolled back onto her ass, lifting her knees and parting her lush legs.

Ivor clamped his mouth on her adulterous cunt and began to suck greedily. It had really turned him on to catch her with a mouthful of teenaged cock.

He held her by the ass, lifting her up as he gulped from her faithless cunt. He felt a little jealous, but that only made him hungrier.

Rachel saw shadows flit by the door and knew that the kids were once again watching. It thrilled her. She wrapped her thighs around Ivor’s face and rode his head in a wild horizontal waltz.

She began to cream off.

Her pussy was already full of cunt-cum and jizz, and now she was pouring another load in. Ivor was drinking it out of her greedily. He was belly-down on the floor and his steely prick was jammed down into the carpet under his loins, heaving his ass up on the far end of his hard-on like a boulder pried from the earth.

She shuddered through the waves of her cumming and dropped back, arms spreading out. Ivar kept on eating, adoring her delicious cunt, lusting for it all the more for having found it filled by another guy.

She arched and squirmed and undulated.

“Fuck me now, darling! Fuck me just like that horny young man did!” she cried, knowing those words would turn him on — and her kids, to boot.

Ivor groveled in her groin a bit longer. He was lapping in that gooey grotto like a dog, his slurping tongue spraying cunt-juice up into her hairy bush and onto her belly as it whisked through her creamy slot.

Then his head came up and he got his knees under him, starting to mount her. But Rachel rolled aside. If he threw the cock to her missionary fashion, she knew that her kids, would only be able to see his cork screwing ass and his swinging balls — and she wanted to show them more than that.

“Let me get on top, darling,” she whined. And, Ivor, in total ignorance of his role in this parental passion play, was happy to oblige.


Ivor rolled over and stretched out on his back, his cock standing like a rock spire from his groin Rachel curled on her hips beside him and took his prick in her hand. She wanted to put on another variety show for the kids, giving them plenty of detail to peek at.

Fat tits swinging like melons, she leaned down and started to tongue the head of Ivor’s prick. She was careful to keep her head positioned so that the watchers in the hallway could see the contact.

Her blonde hair tumbled over his cock, and she brushed it aside with her hand.

She slurped juicily, making a lot more sound than she had to, thrilling their ears as well as their eyes. She drooled down her husband’s thick, veined cock and slobbered on the slimy tip.

“Suck it, baby!” Ivor rasped.

Her lips parted and she took the huge slab of his flushed cock-knob into her mouth. She nursed on his cockhead, then bobbed her head down and swallowed all of his prick.

She gurgled and gulped, stuffing her mouth brimful of succulent cock. She bobbed up and down in the traditional blow-job motion, making Ivor groan.

Her face turned as she screwed her mouth down and her lips distended along his cock as she pulled up. But she was changing the rhythm stroke by stroke, not getting into the steady sucking that would milk him off. She wanted to make the performance a long one.

Dimly, through the slurping sounds she was making, she could hear the children panting and moaning.

She wanted to increase their peeper’s pleasure — and that naughty mom knew just how to do that. She pulled her mouth up and spoke onto his cock-knob, softly — but loud enough so that Chuck and Frostie could hear her.

“That young man I sucked and fucked…” she began.

“Mid took up your ass, too,” Ivor added slyly.

She looked surprised.

“You got jizz running out of your asshole, too,” her husband explained.

She smiled on his cock, pleased that all of her sins were common knowledge.

“He wasn’t much older than Chuck,” she purred. “When I was sucking his prick, I was pretending that I was giving our son a blowjob…”

Ivor grunted and his cock jumped savagely. Chuck’s cock was hammering, too, as he heard his mother express her incestuous longing.

“I think about sucking Chuck off a lot, darling.” The wicked woman was panting on her husband’s prick as she confessed to her base desire. “I’d love to milk our son off in my mouth and swallow his sweet spunk.”

Ivor was getting in the mood for this pillow talk.

“Yeah, baby — yeah! I think about fucking Frostie, too,” he croaked. “She’s a sexy bitch — I’d love to fuck her face and then her cunt!”

“Oooooh — that makes me hot!” Rachel whimpered. “I’d love to watch you fuck our daughter — while our son was stuffing my cunt full of hard prick!”

Ivor assumed this was only talk.

But Rachel knew better — and Chuck and Frostie were starting to get the picture, to realize that their fantasies could easily become reality.

Chuck’s cock was hard as a hammer as he thought about fucking his sexy mom.

Frostie’s fuckhole was flooding as if a dam had given way inside her loins. Already full of her brother’s jizz, the girl was hot for a cuntful of her daddy’s gigantic cock — and a mouthful, as well.

Chuck pressed his prick to his sister’s ass. But he made no attempt to shove it in her. Both kids were wondering the same thing — what would Mom and Dad say if they were to walk in and join them?

But they couldn’t be sure and they waited and watched the parental passion play itself out.

Ivor’s pisshole was spilling out preliminary spunk and Rachel was lapping it up. The stuff was as thick and viscous as glue on her tongue. She was making sure the kids could see the slime on her lapper as she spooned it up, purring and panting with cock-licker’s joy.

She pushed the tip of her tongue into his pisshole, gathering the pre-cum straight from his flaring cock-knob. Then she ducked down and her lips fluted all the way to the hilt of his cockshaft.

Rachel always relished a mouthful of cockmeat — her loving husband’s familiar prick or the meat of passing strangers. And it was particularly thrilling now, with the kids looking on.

Ivor’s prick was humming like a vibrator. Jizz spilled from her lips and for a moment she thought that he had shot his wad. But it was only more pre-cum. His prick stayed hard and his balls swelled huger.

She hesitated, tempted to milk him off and drink his delicious cum. But she wanted the children to see her getting fucked, as well.

She plucked his prick from her mouth and fluttered her tongue on the greasy cock-knob, licking up the milky seepage with hungry moans and whimpers.

Then she knelt upright, her mouth coated with cum, gooey gobs running down her chin. She threw one knee across and straddled him.

His cock towered up against her belly, so long that the knob was brushing the undersides of her heavy tits. Her back was to the door, blocking the view for the moment — but not for long.

Rachel knew how to choreograph a performance, to arrange things so that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. She began to slide up his prick as if she were climbing a tree. His cockknob slipped into her groin.

She balanced atop his cock, squirming and wriggling, only the tip in her cunt.

She could imagine what it looked like from the hallway as she squatted over his cock. Her cunt-lips were sucking on the purple knob, and pussy-nectar was streaming lavishly down his veined cock and washing over his pulsating balls. His ventral vein was throbbing.

“I’m thinking about Chuck, darling!” she sighed.

Father and son both moaned.

“I’m making believe that I’m sitting on Chuck’s big prick — and you can pretend that I’m Frostie while I ride your cock, darling!”

Ivor grinned. He had already been doing just that — although, unlike his wife, Ivor assumed that it was only make-believe.

Rachel began to lower her cunt, taking his gigantic cock into her inch by inch. The fascinated teenagers watched their father’s prick vanish little by little. Then Rachel dropped down and took it all.

Her cunt-slot was plastered around the base of his cock and his balls were jammed to her ass.

She held it all up her pussy and reached behind her ass to fondle his cumbags. But then she realized that her hand was blocking her kids’ view and she moved it aside again. She twisted her cunt on his cock, grinding her ass and jerking her belly.

Cunt-juice and pre-cum oozed from her steaming fuckhole, thick as flour and water paste.

She put her hands on her asscheeks and opened them, giving Chuck and Frostie a look at her gooey shithole. That tiny slot was still oozing out din.

Then Rachel began to ride.

Saddled on Ivor’s loins, she went up and down with deliciously slow strokes. Ivor humped up to meet her, matching her lingering pace, his balls flopping below his cock.

Ivor was moaning and his prick was hammering inside her. But Rachel didn’t want him to cream so soon. She wanted the kids to get a frontal of her naked body, too. Having showed them her shithole, she was hot to feel their eyes on her tits and cunt bush.

She dropped down all the way on his cock. Then she began to pivot her body around on that prick.

The lithe lady spun slowly around without taking Ivor’s cock out of her wet pussy, so that now, still riding his cock, she was turned towards the watchers.

She looked down into her groin to get a glimpse of what she was showing the kids. Her cunt was spread wide around the root of Ivor’s prick, crammed full of cock.

Goo came out like paste. She wriggled around, heaving her fat tits out, feeling herself up. She pulled at her nipples, then tugged on her clit. Her mouth was open as she panted and her face was contorted by lust.

Her fuckhole flowed with cream like white frosting.

Rachel could just imagine what her son must be thinking as he gazed at her maternal cunt.

Was her daughter drooling over it, too?

She sure hoped so!

And Frostie sure was!

Frostie was flicking her tongue out as she stared at her mom’s delicious-looking pussy. The sight was making her so cunt-hungry she almost felt sheepish about it. A teenager shouldn’t want to sink her tongue into her own mother’s cunt, she figured. But knowing her desire was wicked only made the girl hungrier for that cunt.

Frostie was as hot for Mom as she was for Dad.

She jerked back against her sibling’s cock as her fevered imagination went wild.

She dipped her hand down into her own pussy and spooned up a palmful of cunt-juice from that gooey grotto. Then she brought her hand to her mouth and began to lap it up, wishing her palm were her mother’s pussy.

Oh, how that naughty nymphette longed to suck her mother’s juicy cunt — especially right after her daddy had shot it full of jizz, so that she would be getting a double dose of incest nectar from that scrumptious pussy!

Would Mom let Frostie eat her out? The girl wasn’t sure. But there were few things Rachel wanted more.

Rachel began to rise and fall.

The steaming fragrance of her fuckhole was rising to her face, and the woman knew that tantalizing aroma must be drifting to the archway, as well — that her son and daughter were breathing in the fumes of her foaming fuckhole. It would certainly excite Chuck — and Rachel hoped that Frostie was getting cunt-hungry, too.

She slid up Ivor’s cock and poised with only the huge head in her cunt. Then she sank back down and stuffed her pussy to the brim again. He pumped up. Rachel felt as if she were transfixed on his prick, impaled through and through, his knob nudging through her vital organs.

She was grinding steadily on his groin, swaying and squirming. Her curvaceous body bridged and bowed, tits looming up, hips churning.

Rachel was ready to juice off now, waiting for Ivor to shoot up her as she creamed.

Her cunthole was pulling hungrily on his cock, trying to suck his spunk out.

“Cum, darling! Slime in me! Ooooh! I’m melting! Feed me your fuck-juice! I’m thinking it’s Chuck’s!”

Ivor slammed up, his body bridging deeply.

“Here it cums, baby!” he gasped.

“Yeah! Jizz me, Chuck! Cum in me, Chuck!” she fantasized.

“Take it, Frostie!” Ivor groaned, joining in with his wife’s incestuous imaginings.

Rachel pushed her pussy down as Ivor’s prick began to spray off. A geyser shot into the depths of her cunt. She creamed on his spurting stalk. Ivor kept pumping the jizz jets up her, and she kept riding and juicing off, creaming again each time he squirted.

She pulled up and pumped down. He was shooting as his cock sank in and shooting again as it pulled out, filling her fuck box to the brim with boiling spunk.

She could feel each spurt hit her solidly. She could hear the stuff splash in her cunt core. He was almost blowing her off the end of his prick.

Her clit was vibrant, cumming over and over again, going off like dynamite. Her cunt-cum was pouring out like plastic explosives. She rode wildly, milking his cock and working herself through her cuming.

Ivor drove his prick up and Rachel dropped down, taking it all, another hot dose hosing her horny loins. They held at the crest, then began to come down slowly.

Ivor slumped on the floor, his balls empty, his prick spent — but still blessedly stiff.

She kept bobbing her cunt up and down for a few moments, working off her fading spasms.

Done, she sank down, panting, looking between her legs and seeing the cum gush from her cunt. His cock was buried, still nice and firm. Her own groin, stuffed with cock and oozing cunt cunt-cum and spunk, looked so scrumptious that Rachel wished she could go down on herself.

And she knew that it must look every bit as tantalizing to Chuck — and maybe Frostie, too.

It was time to get her kids involved.

And, with no qualms at all, Rachel was planning on doing just that.


Rachel dragged her sadden pussy up and pulled it off Ivor’s cockhead. Kneeling astride his hips, she shoved her groin out so that the watchers could clearly see all the jizz and cunt cum pouring from her pussy.

She jerked her cunt around a bit, then began to slide up Ivor’s arched torso. Her pussy was spilling out a spunky trail up his belly.

He craned his neck and lifted his head up eagerly to meet that approaching delicacy. Her cunt clamped to his mouth and he began to munch with relish.

Since she had been riding him reversed, Rachel was now mounted in the sixty-nining posture. She dropped her head and nuzzled his balls. She took his cock knob into her mouth and nursed the slimy slab hungrily.

Then, following her sordid scheme, she pulled her lips off him. His cockhead brushed her under the chin as she whispered, “Your cockmeat is so yummy after it’s been up my cunt, darling! I do love the taste of cunt-juice! Ummmmm! I wish your prick had just come out of Frostie’s fuckhole and I was sucking her cream from you!”

Ooooh — so do I, Mom! thought Frostie, lapping her own cunt-juice from her palms and fingers.

Rachel took another slug on Ivor’s cock-knob.

“I-I think about sucking Frostie’s cunt almost as much as I think about blowing Chuck,” she confessed.

Her words were having the desired effect on everyone. Ivor burrowed his tongue deep into Rachel’s pussy, thrilled by her naughty inclinations. Chuck was amazed to discover that his mom was bisexual. But Frostie, who had bisexual leanings herself, understood that even the most normal and feminine woman or girl could relish a chance to do some mutual cunt lapping — and the prospect of incestuous lesbian love was driving her crazy.

Rachel licked, whispered, licked some more.

“I’d suck her silly, darling — I’d glue my mouth on our daughter’s cunt and suck her until her eyeballs caved in. I’d give her a fucking tongue-bath all over her sexy body. I’d suck out her asshole…” she paused to deliver some more tongue strokes to Ivor’s hammering hard-on, “… then I’d suck Chuck off, too!”

She took a deep suck on Ivor’s cock-knob.

“I’d suck Chuck just like this,” she whined. “Am I wicked to want that, darling?”

“Yeah,” Ivor grunted, his face buried in her cunt and his words wet and muffled. “But who gives a damn? I’d love to fuck, Frostie, too!”

“Oh, yes — I’d suck her off first, then you could fuck her and fill her cunt up and I could suck her again!” Rachel enthused, running her mouth up and down his prick, sucking his balls, then his knob.

Frostie was frantic, and Chuck was frenzied. Was it just naughty talk or were their parents serious? What would Rachel do if they just walked into the room, naked, and offered her cock and cunt? Chuck was hot to fuck his sexy mother and Frostie was eager to fuck her daddy and then to do some cunt-lapping with Mom.

The sibling sex they enjoyed was naughty enough, but the thought of sucking and fucking with Mom and Dad was even naughtier — and more thrilling for it.

But did they dare take a chance? What if they offered themselves for incest and their parents declined? It might be only talk, after all.

Frostie’s tongue was sticking out as if drawn by meaty magnetism to her daddy’s cock and her mother’s cunt, and Chuck’s prick was aimed like a rocket at the target of his voluptuous mother’s mouth and pussy.

The siblings exchanged a glance, each wondering if they dared to make their dreams reality.

They needed just a little more proof that their parents would welcome their arrival. Rachel soon saw to that.

Rachel licked and sucked on Ivor’s prick some more, until she had gotten it as big and stiff as it could get and his balls were ballooning once more.

Then she slid back down his body. Her pussy pulled from his face with a slurp. Creamy cunt goo washed over his chest and belly. She knelt upright again, her thighs arched around his cock and balls. She rubbed her open pussy up and down on his lowering prick, then pulled her cunt-slot open wider with her fingertips, showing the inner folds, knowing how delicious she looked. The pussy-perfume poured from her groin, permeating the room, wafting to the hallway.

She fitted his cockhead in her cunt and pushed on down, slowly stuffing her pussy. She held it buried, tilting her groin up, showing the coupling clearly.

Her seductive scheme had reached the high point now, ready to culminate.

“Darling — is it just talk? Would you really want to fuck Frostie and watch me fuck Chuck?” she huskily panted, squirming on his prick.

“I sure would!” Ivor groaned.

Rachel lifted her head and stared at the archway.

“Well, kids?” she said.

It was all the invitation the kids needed.

Naked and holding hands and smiling wickedly, Frostie and Chuck walked into the room, just like any siblings out for an afternoon stroll.

Ivor raised up on his elbows, gaping and blinking in surprise. Unlike Rachel, he hadn’t known the kids were watching — nor that they were willing. But that fact was more than evident now and he began to grin. He was as hot for his daughter as Rachel was for both kids.

Rachel gave the new arrivals a sultry look, squatting down, her cunt plastered to Ivor’s cock root and her cunt-juice running out lavishly. She was turned toward the kids, her slender back arched and her tits shoved out.

The kids paused, ardent but unsure — figuring it was up to Mom to direct them.

Rachel opened her lips in an oval, forming a facial fuckhole, her tongue darting in and out.

She gazed at Chuck’s smoking-hot cockmeat and then at Frostie’s foaming fuckhole. It was hard to decide. But Chuck’s pisshole was pumping out plenty of pre-cum and Rachel knew the boy was desperate to get his rocks off. She figured the best thing would be to milk him off first, relaxing him a bit, so that then she could enjoy a prolonged suck session with her daughter.

Chuck stared at her open mouth, still hardly able to believe this was really happening.

“Fuck Mom’s face, darling!” Rachel purred sweetly. “Put your big prick in Mom’s hot mouth! Let Mom drink your hot, thick jizz!”

Chuck groaned and stepped closer, shoving his slimy cock deep into his mother’s mouth. She began to suck with gusto as he fucked in and out through the compressed collar of her wet lips.

“Ummmm — ahhhhh — unghhhhh!” she sputtered.

Chuck fed it to her, his balls rolling up below his cockshaft, pressing to her lips as his huge prick sank in to the hilt.

The boy held his mom’s lovely face between his open hands as he shagged into her mouth. Her mouth was magic! Mom sucked cock even better than Sis!

He rammed back into her throat and she took it all, gulping and gasping on the load, choking on her son’s sweet prick.

Ivor had twisted up, still stuck balls-deep in Rachel’s randy cunt, watching in fascination as their son fucked her in the mouth.

“Jesus! Suck his prick, darling!” Ivor gasped. Seeing his wife blowing the boy was turning Ivor on even more than having her blow him.

“Ohhhh — drink his slime, Mom!” Frostie moaned, knowing from personal experience what a yummy treat their horny mother had in store for her hot mouth.

“Yeah — swallow his spunk!” Ivor encouraged.

Chuck pumped in savagely. Getting sucked off by Mom was wonderful — and it was all the more exciting because his father and sister were watching.

His cock drew out to the knob, streaked with slimy ribbons of preliminary goo and frothy slobber. He plunged in again and his mother sucked her son’s sap back off his smoking-hot prick. Her throat was fluttering as she ingested the incest oil greedily.

“Here it cums, Mom!” Chuck wailed.

Ivor and Frostie both leaned closer to watch a son shoot in his mother’s, mouth, thrilled to the core by the wickedness of oral incest.

Chuck’s balls exploded.

He squirted a tide of fuck-juice into her mouth and throat and she gulped it down gluttonously. He hosed with another spurt, then another. His cock was going off each time he pumped it in, spraying her throat, hosing her cheeks, showering her dancing tongue.

Rachel was in seventh heaven as she drank from her son’s prick, adoring his cock-spume — and knowing that this was only the first of many such teats, now that she had started having incest with her children.

She sucked on his cock-knob, draining him off as, years before, he had nursed on her nipples — but she was getting a lot more nourishing cream-load than she had ever fed him as a suckling infant at her breast.

“Don’t stop, Chuck! Keep cumming!” she wailed, in her greed.

Her belly was already full of his jizz, but she was hot for more.

Spunk overflowed her pursed lips and ran down her chin. Her tongue was floating in slime. Chuck kept spurting the cum out and she savored every sweet drop.

Drained at long last, Chuck staggered back, his legs turning rubbery. His prick pulled from her lips. It stuck straight out for a moment, parallel with the floor. Then it snapped back up and stood at full erection. His balls began to fill up again instantly.

Rachel swallowed the last mouthful with her lips parted, letting everyone see it go down her throat. Ivor moaned. His wife could suck their son off anytime she wanted to — especially if he were there to watch.

But there was another member of this fucked up family who was hot and hungry for attention now, too. Frostie was licking her lips, and her cunt was streaming. She was so hot that she thought she would have caught fire — if she wasn’t much too wet to burn.

“Do you want me, too, Mom?” she whispered.

And the mouth that replied was the mouth that hungered for that nubile teenaged body.


Frostie was hot at mouth and cunt equally, not knowing which end was hornier, but knowing for sure that she was going to satisfy all her dark desires before this memorable day had drawn to a close.

The lithe girl knelt down, facing her mom. Chuck and Ivor both stared hard, thrilled by the prospect of seeing lesbian love between mother and daughter.

Ivor was already buried in her cunt and Chuck had just whitewashed her tonsils, but they were both willing to wait and watch for a while.

Rachel and her daughter kissed.

They swapped tongues back and forth, sharing the flavor of Chuck’s cum — so familiar to the girl but such a brand new taste treat for Mom.

As they panted and drooled into each other’s mouth, they both arched their backs and rubbed their tits together, stiff nipples brushing.

Frostie fed her tongue to Mom, then sucked on Mom’s tongue as it came snaking out. Engrossed with each other, they were hardly aware of the two horny males observing, although a hard cock would soon be welcome, to be sure.

Frostie ducked her head down and sucked a fat nipple into her lips. She switched and mouthed the other, then slid up and held her own tits out to Rachel’s face. Rachel nursed on her daughter’s swollen nubs hungrily. They began to switch, bobbing up and down, tit sucking in turn. They both loved this foreplay — and they were both hot to get on with the more serious business of cunt-lapping.

Frostie was so hungry for her mother’s cunt that she could wait no longer. She mouthed a tit, but this time she went sliding down lower. She licked Rachel’s belly and lapped into her curly blonde bush.

She went down to the floor between her father’s legs and tongued up the insides of her mom’s meaty, shapely thighs, stopping just short of her groin-teasing her tongue and her mother’s cunt by the delay.

Frostie placed her chin on the floor and gazed straight ahead at her mom’s meat-filled pussy. The girl was hot to eat pussy and all the more so since her father’s delicious looking prick provided the stuffing.

She squirmed closer and licked her daddy’s bloated balls, whimpering at the gamy succulence of those cum-filled bags. She could feel his fatherly fuck-juice sloshing around within the solid spheres. What a joy it would be to drink his jizz out of Mom’s cunt!

She bobbed up. Her chin pressed to Ivor’s balls and she began to flick her tongue into Mom’s groin. She licked her clit and her unfurled cunt-lips and sank her tongue into her swampy pussy alongside Daddy’s prick.

Eating cunt was even better than she had supposed — especially when it was her mother’s cunt and she was licking her father’s prick at the same time.

She opened her mouth and clamped her lips to the hot coupling, starting to suck voraciously.

“Ahhhhh — suck my cunt, baby!” Rachel wailed.

She began to ride up and down on Ivor’s prick. His long cock came out soaking and Frostie drew her tongue up the underside of his shaft, licking her mother’s cunt-juice off her daddy’s delicious cock.

Now pre-cum was oozing out as well as cuntjuice and she lapped up the sweet nectar in a blend.

She fitted her lips to Ivor’s cock, letting him fuck through her mouth as he shoved up into Rachel’s pussy. He was humping in a frenzy now, doubly inspired by his wife’s clinging cunt and his daughter’s greedy mouth.

Rachel twisted her ass, dancing on his cock, grinding her pussy into Frostie’s eager face.

“Shoot, Daddy! Cream, Mom!” Frostie begged.

Rachel angled her loins so that every inch of Ivor’s hard prick was running over her clit as she bounced up and down. Frostie drew that fiery clit into her lips and sucked it like a tiny prick.

Rachel’s clit exploded in Frostie’s mouth, and her cunthole melted on Ivor’s cock.

Ivor rammed up and his cock spurted out a geyser of goo. His jizz fined Rachel’s cunt and came bubbling from her cunt-slot, mixed with her cunt-cum. Frostie clamped her mouth on the coupling and drank deeply.

Frostie was in pure rapture as she swallowed cunt-cum and fuck-juice, gulping down a double dose of incest juice. She could have cheerfully kept sucking away in her mother’s crotch for hours, for days — forever!

Ivor shot a final jizz jet up into Rachel’s cunt and began to falter. Rachel pumped up and down, working her cumming off, feeding her daughter more cream.

Ivor’s cock, turning rubbery now, slipped out.

Frostie sucked it into her mouth, savoring her mom’s pussy-nectar on her dad’s prick. She polished his cock-knob to a shining gloss.

Then she clamped her suction-cup mouth on her mother’s vacated cunt-slot and began the succulent task of drinking that delicious honeypot off.

Rachel’s pussy boiled over like a caldron and her daughter swallowed it all with joy.

She stabbed her lapper in to spoon out gooey mouthfuls and sucked ravenously on the gaping cunt-slot. As the teenager slaked her thirst, her own cunt was smoldering.

And that was just as well — because as Rachel’s cunt got satisfied, her mouth was getting frenzied.

Frostie wallowed and burrowed and rooted around, happy to eat pussy as long as Mom wanted her to. But now Rachel dropped back along the floor, sliding off Ivor. Her tawny head thrust up, lips parted.

“Sit on my face now, baby!” she gurgled. Frostie’s lips came off Rachel’s sodden pussy with a juicy slurp as the suction yielded. She got on her knees and moved on Rachel’s curvaceous body. She straddled her heavy tits and mopped her pussy on the mounds. She flicked her clit against the swollen tits.

Then she knelt astride her mom’s upturned face.

Rachel’s lapper danced out invitingly, like a calling card tendered by a lesbian. Her daughter dropped down and plastered her pussy on Mom’s mouth.

The girl began to shake and tremble violently as her mother sucked her cunt with wild abandon and total enthusiasm. Rachel had sucked cunt before, but never one as delectable as this teenaged pussy. It was like a creamy tart, melting in her avid mouth.

As she sprawled out, her face buried in the vee of Frostie’s loins, Rachel lifted her knees up and parted her thighs wide.

Chuck looked at his father.

“Fuck your mother, son!” Ivor rasped.

Chuck jumped on her heaving pelvis and ran his cock up her cunt sinking in to the balls on the very first plunging thrust. He held it buried. She locked her legs around his haunches, heels drumming on his hard ass. Then her feet shot up, pedaling in the air.

Chuck began to fuck her furiously. His sister’s ass was grinding around just in front of his face and he dropped his head down and began to suck out her asshole as he shoveled the prick to his mom’s fuckhole.

Ivor looked on approvingly, his eyes shifting back and forth, enjoying both ends of the encounter. He watched his wife suck and tonguefuck their daughter’s creamy cunt, then watched their son drive his cock in and out of his mother’s cunthole with savage virility.

Frostie jerked and whimpered as her mother’s tongue explored her cunt, and her brother’s mouth sucked hungrily on her shit-socket.

But her own mouth was sadly neglected.

“Daddy — fuck my face!” she whined.

Ivor stood up and moved in front of the kneeling girl. His giant cock loomed in her face. She licked the flaring cock-knob and ran her tongue up and down the heavily veined underside of his cockshaft.

Pre-cum bubbled from his pisshole.

Frostie slurped it up and gasped. Her father’s fuck-juice was thicker and creamier than her brother’s, she thought as she let it dribble onto her tongue, driving her tastebuds into a frenzy.

Ivor began to fuck into her mouth, sinking in all the way. She gagged as she clogged her throat and sighed as she sucked back up to his crown.

In perfect harmony, the family churned and jolted together, all surging at the same pace towards the blessed peak of a four-way cumming.

Like a well-oiled fucking machine, a self-lubricating suction engine, they pumped away, locked together in a loving clusterfuck, a pretzel of twisted passion.

Piss holes were dripping and cunts were oozing as they rose towards the ecstasy of an incest cum. Frostie drank some preliminary goo out of her father’s cockhead and fed her mom a mouthful of cunt-cream. Chuck was ramming into his mother’s pussy like a rutting bull, and Ivor was pouring the prick into his daughter’s mouth with glee.

“Cum — cum — cum!” Rachel gasped in Frostie’s groin, addressing them all indiscriminately.

Ivor cried out and pumped his prick down Frostie’s throat and shot off. The fatherly fuckjuice came out in a torrent.

The cum-loving teenager gulped it down and her cunt melted on her mother’s face. Girl cum gushed out in a deluge. Rachel sucked and swallowed as she drove her ass and hips in a wanton dance on her son’s prick.

Then Chuck was blowing great gooey wads of son-spunk into his parent’s pussy, and Rachel creamed all over his spurting cock, joining in, everyone cumming together.

That happy, harmonious family fucked each other through the spasms and sucked each other through the vibrant waves, all draining off apace. They began to flag and falter, slowing down, yet still grinding away, making sure that each had milked the other to the dregs.

Finished at last, they all collapsed and cuddled together in a jumble of naked bodies and limbs. They all knew it wouldn’t be long before they were ready for more, inspired by the joy of incest, insatiable in their lust.

And it wasn’t very long at all.

They fucked and sucked in all the combinations long into the evening — and then they all went to bed together ready for more action at the break of dawn.

It wasn’t until the next day that Ivor remembered to tell them that he had won a promotion. It no longer seemed so important.

Ivor would be spending a lot more time at home.

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