Mom’s The Best Sucker

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under emtremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, joins the neighborhood mate traders.

Carol Taylor is an outwardly proper person, quite normal in all respects. Or so she seems. In her lurks a love of the perverse, as her son and niece find out. MOM’S THE BEST SUCKER — a fictional story about a society that refuses toface many of its real problems.


Carol Taylor lifted her feet and placed them on the back of the front seat. The open convertible allowed the full heat of the sun to burn on her already-golden flesh, her dark-blonde hair flying back from her head.

The car wasn’t moving, but parked in a clump of trees.

There was no one else with her. She liked being alone, but not all the time. Sometimes she liked being with someone, but she had no one to be with. Not now, since her divorce. She had her son, Roger but he was still a little boy and besides he had his own friends.

Resting her head on the back seat, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift as it usually did when she was alone. By herself, she could pretend, act anyway she liked. She would not be disturbed here in the pine forest, and she could allow her fantasies to run free without fear of being caught.

Carol fantasized a great deal. She fantasized about anything and everything, but most of her fantasies were erotic. She would imagine certain neighbors undressed in a bedroom perhaps, or on the couch, fucking and sucking as she stood watching from some dark window.

Carol loved to fantasize about fucking and sucking. It excited her, made her beautiful tits swell in hardness, caused her nipples to burn and tingle so deliciously. She enjoyed the pulsing heat that would start between her long thighs, grow with intensity until her cunt was juicy and dripping, her clitoris bulging with that sweet pleasure-pain. Then, when her cunt was thoroughly juicy, she would let imagination grow wilder, pretending she was being fucked by two or more men, at the same time, or one after the other.

Feeling the sun on her bare legs, she pulled her yellow skirt past her knees, looking at her legs. They were shapely legs, long and slender and the skin so smooth they were unbelievable. She was very sensitive along the inner surfaces, and loved to feel herself there. With her eyes slitted, she watched her hand move slowly from one knee up her thigh. She caressed herself with a light touch, feeling shivers flow through her. She pulled her skirt to her lap, exposing the crotch of her panties. The bikini panties were not designed to be functional, but to arouse.

She enjoyed wearing soft, frilly, sexy clothing, and always chose her panties with extra care. She told herself she never knew when someone would turn her on. When that happened, she wanted to be as sexy looking as she could.

Drawing her fingertip along her thigh, she sighed softly.

Her ass rested at the very edge of the back seat, and she twisted gently as her cunt grew puffy, her clit starting to throb teasingly. She drew light circles about her thigh with the tip of one finger, using her erotic mind to form images of a man, any man, touching her eager body. She could see, with her mind clearly, the man’s body, but not his face. She never concerned herself with faces. The man’s cock was, naturally, very hard, straining out toward her, the piss hole wide open and dripping with eagerness for her wet cunt.

Carol pulled upward on her panties, making the crotch dig into her pussy slit, the cunt lips puffing outward on each side. She looked at herself, seeing the dark blonde curls and pink flesh. She thought her cunt was beautiful. Some women didn’t have beautiful cunts, she thought, but she was one of the lucky ones. Her cunt was very beautiful, with well-defined lips, an unusually long clit.

She knew her cunt was tight because her ex-husband had told her so, and she knew because of her own fingers entering it so often. Her cunt had the unusual ability to clamp down on a cock and hold it tightly. Her pussy would do this without any conscious effort on her part, as if it had a mind of its own. She loved that strange ability to grip a cock so very hard. The pressure of her pussy at those times was so delicious, she would often come.

Holding her panties tightly into her cunt, she stroked a finger up and down. The touch of her finger sent her hips to jerking. She gasped hotly as she felt a puffy cunt lip.

“Ohhhh,” she mewled.

Sliding one hand into the waist of her panties, Carol fondled the curls of her pussy hair. The hair was soft, very soft and she loved playing with it. But she seldom played with her cunt hair long. By the time she reached this point, she was highly excited and had to rush to the next point, the next point being her clitoris. She pressed her fingertip upon the throbbing clit and smashed it, not hard, but lightly.

“Oh! Yes!” she sighed as her first orgasm burst.

Her first orgasm was usually mild. It was the next orgasm she wanted, the second one that would burn and explode and rip through her lovely body with such rapture, she often felt light-headed and close to fainting with ecstasy.

With a twist of her hips, Carol began to agitate her clit. She rubbed along the sides with two fingers then squeezed the sensitive swelling. Taking her clit between a thumb and forefinger, she twisted, turning and pinching and letting the delight swell higher. Then, as her ecstasy was almost at its peak, Carol darted her middle finger into her cunt, deep and hard.

“Oooo, fuck me!” she wailed softly as her finger fucked in and out of her cunt, the heel of her hand smashing at her clitoris. Her hips lifted to take the finger deeper yet. “Fuck me! Please, pleas… fuck me!”

Her cunt closed tightly about her finger, and Carol arched her body, her tits straining in her blouse. She closed her eyes tightly as the rippling heat flowed outward from her cunt, spreading toward the bones of her hips. Then her cunt convulsed, sucking and clinging to her finger with wet fire.

Usually she jerked and thrashed as she came, screaming with the wild raptures that filled her. She struggled to control the sounds. She didn’t want anyone to catch her, not really. It was fun to think of being caught finger-fucking herself, but she didn’t want it to happen in reality.

Her body slumped as the orgasm faded, her finger still inside her cunt. She enjoyed the pulsations of her cunt around her finger awhile then pulled it free. As always, her finger and half her hand were drenched with the hot juices of her cunt.

As usual, Carol gazed at her hand and finger. She had been curious for years about the taste, the scent. Sometimes she had come close to licking her cunt-wet hand, but her courage failed at the last minute. Now, seeing the glistening wetness, she pulled her hand close to her face. She smelled, and detected an exciting odor. This was as close as she had ever come to tasting herself and it was when she usually lost her nerve.

This time, she didn’t lose it.

With a whimper, Carol snaked her tongue out fast, before she could change her mind. She ran her tongue through the wetness, tasting. The juices were hot and she was surprised at the taste. With another whimper, Carol plunged her middle finger into her mouth, closing her lips tightly, sucking and licking.

And, to her surprise, she came again.

Carol jerked her finger out of her mouth and sat up on the seat, dropping her feet to the floor of the car.

For a moment she almost sucked the finger again, and then felt the heat of guilt and shame spread over her face.

It was always this way.

After it was over, she felt shameful for what she had done.

As erotic-minded as Carol was, she had little experience sexually.

She had not done any of the things she fantasized about. Even while married she allowed nothing but fucking between her and her husband.

Thirty years old, and almost as shy and virginal as she had been as a young girl. Carol dreamed of sucking a hard cock, of licking at heavy, loaded balls, of burying her face into the cheeks of a tight ass, probing the ring of an asshole. She fantasized of tonguing a sweet, soft, wet cunt, or of being tongue-fucked by someone else.

It wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive enough. Carol was indeed a beautiful woman, an inch or so taller than average, with long, silky, dark-blonde hair and sparking green eyes. She had the face that would have launched a thousand ships in olden days. She was slender and well built with shapely tits as tight and firm as always, with nipples straining out, pointing upward.

And she had a hot, juicy cunt.

Her lack of experience was due to her shyness, and that alone.

Even when her husband spoke of some erotic thing he would enjoy, she would turn from him with a burning face and refuse. But in her mind she was screaming for him to do those exciting things to her, to make her — force her — to do them.

Stepping from the car, Carol smoothed her skirt over her hips and thighs, feeling the wetness in the crotch of her panties. Sliding under the wheel of the convertible, she backed out carefully. When she got home, the panties would be hidden in her drawer, with the rest of them. She would bathe and change into her other panties, probably put on a bra, then a housedress. Her other panties, although bikini style, were simply utilitarian and not sexy at all. Her pretty, frilly panties were to be worn only when she fantasized and finger-fucked herself.

She was still feeling ashamed of herself by the time she parked the car and entered the house. Sometimes this sense of guilt lasted for hours. She hated the feeling.

The house was quiet as she walked to her room. She wondered where Roger was, but wasn’t worried. He was usually down the street with his cousin, Ginger. She could call later and have him come home. She was glad her sister and brother-in-law lived so close. It not only gave Roger someone to play with that she liked, too, but she could always talk with her sister. Roger and Ginger had used both houses as if they lived in them, running in and out and doing whatever they pleased.

She sat on the toilet, knees closed, elbows propped there. She cupped her chin in her hand and her mind started to build a fantasy once more. She thought of being in the open, naked as she was now, taking a piss as a group of boys and girls surrounded her, watching and listening to the tinkling sounds of piss splashing into water. Carol didn’t know why this should make her feel good, but it did. It was simply an extension of her erotic fantasies.

This particular erotic dream suddenly became a reality.

“Oh! Roger!” Carol gasped, covering her tits quickly, the stream of piss cutting off.

Her son stood in the doorway of the bathroom, looking at her. He didn’t seem the least bit ashamed of catching her on the toilet, naked and pissing.

“Go away!” Carol gasped.

She covered her tits and leaned over, looking at her son with fear-filled eyes. Not fear, not really, but with embarrassment.

Roger laughed, more a giggle than anything. Carol watched her son’s eyes move up and down her body. She flushed even more, and found she couldn’t say anything. She wanted to shout at him to leave her alone, but her throat was constricted. Her cunt was gripped with orgasm.

“Go away, Roger,” she finally said, her voice very low, without force. “Please, don’t look at me.” Carol saw a small face peering over her son’s shoulder, and she gasped again.

Ginger’s blue eyes were wide, and she giggled in a lewd sound.

“Ginger! Roger! Go away! Please!”

She was relieved when they did go away.

She shoved her foot out, trying to kick the door shut, but couldn’t quite reach it. She looked around carefully then stood up. With a quick motion, she grabbed the damp towel and twisted it about her body. She tucked it securely to her armpits, not knowing almost half of her ass was showing, with the hint of pussy hair in front. She was rattled, otherwise she might have known she was exposed.

Believing she was well covered, she went into the living room, and found her son and niece sitting on the floor. They had turned on the television and afternoon shows were going through those stupid antics. She walked past them and, before she reached the kitchen, felt eyes on her. She peeked over her shoulder and sure enough Roger and Ginger were staring at her. She followed their eyes with one hand, and then gasped with a hot blush on her face when she felt the naked cheeks of her ass.

She moved quickly into the kitchen, drinking a glass of cold water. She felt trapped now. There was no way she could go back through the living room, not with the towel showing everything she had. And she couldn’t stay in the kitchen until Roger and Ginger decided to go back outside, either.

She peeked to see if she could sneak past them.

Ginger was standing up, her dress pulled up behind, with the seat of her white cotton panties showing. She was prancing before Roger, shaking her slim hips in a parody of Carol going into the kitchen.

Carol felt so ashamed she could die.

“Don’t look at me,” Ginger said, trying to imitate Carol’s voice. “You’re not supposed to see my butt, you know. Even if I show it, you’re not supposed to see my ass, Roger.”

Carol gasped when she heard her niece. The impulse to say something about her language was strong, but Carol had to swallow it. If she said anything, it would make matters worse, she felt.

And Roger! He was playing along with Ginger.

“Oh, Mother,” she heard her son say, his voice childish. “I see your ass, Mother! Why are you showing your ass to me, Mother?”

“So you can see it, you bad boy,” Ginger replied, shaking her little ass saucily. “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to look at Mother’s ass? Even if I show you my ass, you’re supposed to look away.”

“But, Mother,” she heard her son giggle. “It’s so pretty. I can’t help looking at it!”

“Well, you can look awhile,” Ginger said, still pretending to be her aunt, “but you don’t try to touch my ass, you hear me, young man?”

“I wouldn’t do that, Mother.” Roger said. “I’ll just sit here and look at your naked ass like a good little boy, Mother.”

“You better!” Ginger said. “You can look but if you try to touch my ass, I’ll have to punish you.”

“Oh, don’t spank me, Mother!” Roger said pretending fear. “I’ll just look at your pretty ass, that’s all, Mother!”

“You better, you bad boy,” Ginger said, twisting her ass at her cousin in a childish motion.

Carol felt herself flushing as she watched around the corner of the doorway. She saw the tight cheeks of her niece’s ass, the white panties cupping them sweetly. She felt drawn to that small ass, her palms itching to touch, to cup and fondle. She wanted to run her hands up and down those young thighs of Ginger, feel the smooth flesh and find the heat between them. She tried to imagine what Ginger’s young cunt would feel like, taste like. Then she was drawn to her son. Her fantasy saw him sitting there with his cock out. She ran her tongue over her lips as she imagined his cock standing up so very hard. She pictured herself near him, stroking his beautiful young cock in one hand, feeling her niece’s cunt with the other. She tried to feel their young and eager hands on her body, but the ridiculous position she was in suddenly closed off her fantasy.

She sucked in a deep breath.

She couldn’t stop in the kitchen doorway.

With her head held high shoulders back, she walked bravely from the door and right into the living room. Ginger quickly shoved her dress down, and Carol felt their eyes following her across the room. Her face was bright pink, and she couldn’t do anything about it but she walked as quickly as she could, and felt their eyes on her all the way.

As she disappeared down the hallway, she heard them giggling.

“Oh, don’t look at my ass!” she heard Ginger say.

“But it’s so pretty, Mom!” she heard her son laughing.


It had been two days since the towel incident. Carol relived it over and over in her mind, and just the night before she had lain in her bed and fantasized about Roger and Ginger. The fantasy was her best yet, and she had tried to imagine her son’s cock, throbbingly hard, inside her cunt, fucking her as she twisted and moaned and whimpered in delight, her hands feeling the sweet body of her niece, kissing that pretty little girl, licking at the wet, sugary cunt.

She imagined taking her son’s cock into her mouth, feeling the searing head crowding her tongue, the smooth prickhead probing the back of her throat.

Carol had come so many times during the late evening, she had been unable to keep track of the wild delicious convulsions.

She sat on the couch, her feet propped up on the low coffee table. It was not yet noon and she had nothing to do. Roger was in his room, finally getting it cleaned up.

Carol leaned back, letting her mind go through her fantasy of the night before again. She closed her eyes to savor it, to see her mental pictures in full clarity. Her dress was slightly above her knees, and her cunt was beginning to pulsate in that ever-so-delicious way. She felt her clit swell and throb, and then the tip, that sensitive tip, was pressing against the tight crotch of her nylon panties. She twisted her ass slightly on the cushions, making a soft whimper as her cunt burned wetly, her tits becoming tight and full.

She didn’t see her son enter the room.

Roger had dressed in a pair of faded, Levi’s cut-offs his chest bare. He saw his mother leaning back, her eyes closed. She had her hands resting on the couch near her hips, fingers balled tightly. He gazed at his mother’s tits as they rose and fell, then his eyes moved down her body.

He noticed his mother’s hips were moving, grinding in a slow manner. She had her feet slightly apart and he gazed at her rounded knees. There was a nice tingle in his young balls, and he wanted desperately to see more of his mother’s body.

Moving very quietly, he stood on the other side of the coffee table, leaning down and trying to peer between his mothers knees.

Carol, deep into her fantasy concerning her son, had no idea Roger was there. She moaned softly as her cunt burned, twitched, and parted her feet about a foot.

Roger’s eyes blazed as he saw up between his mother’s thighs. He looked at the creamy, soft inner flesh then noticed a dark shadow high up. That was her panties, he knew, and her cunt was right there hidden by that thin band of cloth. His cock began to harden inside his cut-offs, and he struggled to hold his increasingly harsh breathing quiet.

Carol opened her feet a little more, and Roger fought hard to be silent. He was now looking at the crotch of his mother’s nylon panties clearly, seeing the bulge they made over her pussy. His cock was in full hardness, pressing painfully at his shorts. His balls felt full, loaded, and very hard.

With her eyes still closed, her breathing louder, Carol inched her skirt up her thighs.

Roger stared, hard, not breathing because of his intense excitement. He stood upright now, still able to see between his mother’s thighs. His cock pressed outward, outlined in hardness, the swollen, smooth prick head poking just past the stringy fringe, exposing itself. He stared with steaming excitement as his mother pulled her skirt higher and higher. Then he almost gasped aloud before he could stop it. He was staring at her panties fully exposed now.

Carol moved her right hand, crossing over her hip bone, then worked her fingers teasingly downward. Roger’s eyes followed his mother’s hand, his eyes bulging and hot, his breath caught inside his throat. He saw his mother touch herself between her long thighs, and she rubbed very lightly with the tip of one finger, Carol drew the fingertip up and down the bulge of her panties, tracing the slit of her cunt from bottom to top, her hips arching upward as she moaned in self-induced pleasure. A soft whimper followed the moan, and then she whispered a name.


At first Roger wasn’t sure his mother had used his name, but when she whispered it once more, slightly louder, he heard it distinctly. And while she called out his name, she rubbed her palm up and down her crotch, pressing at her cunt.

Carol was seeing, in her mind, behind her closed eyes, her son’s cock, up and very hard, throbbing and dripping. She breathed deeply, her tight tits lifting inside her blouse. She pressed the tip of her middle finger against the tight crotch of her panties, pushing the cloth into her cunt. Roger saw the dark curls of his mother’s blonde cunt hair on the sides of her panties and his balls felt a sharp stab of pain.

Carol’s eyes fluttered open.

She froze.

She was staring at her son, or rather, at the swollen head of his cock that now poked from the fringe of his shorts. Her finger was inside her cunt to the first knuckle, and she was frozen in this position, lewdly, unable to take her eyes from Roger’s prick.

Roger, too, felt immobilized. He knew his mother had opened her eyes, but like her, he couldn’t move either. He didn’t want to move. His cock jerked up and down, half outside his shorts. His piss hole flared open, dripping a clear liquid.

Carol didn’t know what to do.

She couldn’t take her hand from her cunt and she couldn’t close her eyes, nor could she turn her head. She couldn’t stop staring at his cock, her son’s cock. She wasn’t breathing and for what seemed a long time she was absolutely still with her finger up her cunt.

Then her breath came out in a loud, long hissing sound.

Her hand jerked from her cunt, and she shoved her dress down swiftly, dropping her feet to the floor. She tucked her skirt between her thighs, sitting upright and finally getting her eyes off her son’s cock.

But her son, now that the spell was broken, made a giggling sound. He felt his cock was sticking out of his shorts, but he didn’t try to stuff it back into them. He stood there, watching his mother. Her knees and half her long, enticing thighs were still showing to him, and that was where he looked.

Young, inquisitive, Roger felt he now had the right to touch his mother. He had seen her touching herself, feeling her own cunt and he felt he could do it too.

He moved around the coffee table and sat next to his mother. Carol felt his hip and thigh against hers. She kept her head turned away from him, her hands clawed shyly in her lap. She still couldn’t talk and sat stiff and shaking. In Roger’s young mind he felt his mother was tying to tell him something. To his way of thinking, she had shown herself deliberately to him, teasing him, her way of asking him to touch her and feel her up. The fact that she was his mother made it all the more exciting to him. He and his cousin, Ginger, had played around, like boys and girls will, but he had never fucked Ginger. Ginger was willing, very much so, yet was afraid to try.

Roger knew what a cunt looked like. Ginger’s cunt was soft and pretty and wet most of the time. He enjoyed touching and feeling, putting his finger in the tight heat. He liked it when Ginger would stroke his hard-on and play with his balls.

Carol felt her son’s hand touch her thigh.

She jerked, but remained sitting there, her head still turned away from him. She was blushing furiously, pressing her clasped hands into her lap. She couldn’t tell her son to move his hand, couldn’t tell him because her throat was dry and constricted and the words wouldn’t come. She felt him move his hand from just above her knee up her thigh, to the hem of her hiked-up skirt. When she felt his fingers sliding beneath her skirt, she began to tremble visibly.

Roger pushed his hand underneath his mother’s skirt, his cock still sticking out of his shorts. When he couldn’t shove his hand any farther because of her hands pressing down, he pulled her hands apart. Carol didn’t resist. She couldn’t resist.

Again Roger pushed his hand under her skirt. When he shoved his fingers between her thighs, Carol finally made a sound. It was a soft, low whimper. Roger felt the heat of his mother’s cunt burning through her panties, then the curls of hair, and paused.

He lifted his other hand, and Carol swallowed when she felt it on her tit. She closed her eyes, her head remaining turned away, pink with shame and expectant ecstasy. Roger squeezed his mother’s tit and quickly darted the fingers of his other hand between her thighs. Carol felt his fingertip at her straining clitoris, and her legs, of their own volition, parted.

She listened to his heavy breathing, knowing she couldn’t stop him.

It was a fantasy coming true and she didn’t want to stop him.

She felt her son press a finger into her cunt, showing the crotch of her panties. This time she could not hold back the gasp. Roger released his mother’s tit and pulled her hand to his lap. Carol sucked in a hot breath as Roger curled her fingers around his hard cock. His prick was so hard and hot in her fist, and her fingers seemed to squeeze his prick by themselves. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to pretend this was only fantasy that it wasn’t really happening.

Roger pulled his finger away and she felt him pressing her back onto the couch. She complied, but only because she felt so weak and helpless, her passions controlling her. She lay on her back, eyes tightly closed, breathing in short, gasping sounds. Her firm tits lifted and fell. She covered her eyes with one hand so she could hide from him. She felt him scooting her skirt up her legs, past her hips, bunching it around her narrow waist.

Then Roger parted his mother’s thighs.

Carol tried to imagine this as just another fantasy, but the sensations of being touched by her son were much too real.

She felt his hands pulling at her panties, peeling them down her hips, along her thighs, then off her feet. He pulled his mother’s long legs wide apart, staring at her cunt. Carol felt her son’s eyes on her pussy, and there was nothing she could do when her clit burned harder yet.

His mother’s cunt was different than his cousin’s. Ginger had a little fuzz on the pink lips of her cunt, but it was nothing compared to the hair on his mother’s cunt. Carol had a thick, dark-blonde bush of curly hair, shaped like a fan, with pink lips that were glistening with wetness. He saw his mother’s extra-long clit standing up in a hard knot. Knowing how much pleasure it gave Ginger, Roger touched his mother’s clitoris. Carol made a sobbing sound, pressing her arm tighter over her eyes as her hips began to squirm.

She couldn’t make Roger stop. She didn’t have the courage. She lay there, exposed from her waist down, legs wide apart, trembling as her son looked at her cunt, touching, feeling her up, her face burning with embarrassment.

Again he pulled his mother’s free hand to his cock, closing her fingers. Carol moaned when he held her fist tightly there, and began to pump her fist back and forth, making her jack him. Her fingers gripped his cock hard, eagerly, thrilled to feel the power throbbing up her arm. When her son turned her hand loose, Carol continued to grip his cock and jerk by herself.

She jacked his cock quickly, pumping with a tight fist. One of his hands moved up her body and again he was cupping a tit, moving from one tit to the other, all the time finger-fucking her faster and faster. The liquidy sounds of his finger-fucking sent a wild, burning reaction through Carol’s heated body. She couldn’t stop her legs when they moved wider apart by themselves, couldn’t stop her hips from lifting to his finger.

Roger fucked his mother’s cunt a bit longer with his finger, then pulled free, taking his other hand off her tit. Carol felt her son opening the hairy lips of her cunt, felt his hot eyes peering. She felt his breath on her thighs, and cunt hair. She pressed her arm tighter against her eyes in an effect to keep from peeking down at him.

“Turn loose, Mother,” Roger said in a hoarse voice.

For a moment she didn’t know what he was talking about then realized she was jacking his cock almost frantically. She jerked her fist away.

She heard a rustling sound, a familiar one. She stopped breathing again as she understood what her son was doing.

“Roger…” she moaned.

Roger shoved his cut-offs to his knees and climbed onto the couch between his mother’s open thighs.

Carol felt him moving, felt his touch.

Roger pushed the swollen head of his cock down, rubbing along the wet silt of his mother’s cunt.

Carol tried to control the sudden shaking of her body but the more she tried, the higher her hips seemed to lift. She felt her son’s cock rubbing at her steaming cunt, smashing at her inflamed clitoris, then downward to the slippery slit again. She felt as if she was about to come already.

Roger watched as he moved the swollen head of his cock up and down the wet heat of his mother’s pussy. He had rubbed his cock on Ginger’s cunt before, a number of times, but his mother’s cunt was wetter and hotter than Ginger’s ever had been. Besides, all the thick cunt hair excited him, tickled the sensitive head of his cock. He ran his cock through the thick hair of his mother’s cunt. Then he placed the bulging head of his cock at his mother’s cunt again, and started to rub up and down.

The prickhead slipped into his mother’s cunt.

“Roger,” Carol hissed, but that was all.

The wet heat that gripped his cock was too much for Roger.

He groaned and fucked his cock completely into his mother’s cunt, smashing into the thick hair with the base.

Carol gasped as she felt her son’s cock penetrating her completely, her cunt opening and stretching, then closing about it. She even felt his young, hot balls resting on the cheeks of her naked ass.

“Roger,” she gasped again. “Roger, don’t.”

But Roger couldn’t stop for anything now. He thought his cock had been shoved into a boiling vat of butter, and the tight gripping of his mother’s cunt was so much better than his or Ginger’s fist. This was better than anything. The feelings were sensational. For awhile he held himself there, his cock buried far up his mother’s searing wet cunt. He was startled, like his mother, to find his cock suddenly inside her fiery cunt. He had not intended to stick his prick into her, at least not all the way.

But the urge had become too powerful to resist and he had given in. His cock was deep inside his mother’s hairy, tight pussy. Roger began to fuck his mother.

Carol sobbed sobs of pleasure, not of shame. She kept her eyes covered by her arm and her hips began to move with her son’s thrusting motions, her cunt riding on his plunging cock. She moved her pussy up when he came down, and lowered her cunt as he pulled up. The friction of his cock sent rippling rapture through her body.

She could hear Roger gasping above her, feeling his cock banging away into her cunt. She knew her hips were churning with him, almost in a frenzy, fucking right back at her son, and there was nothing she could do. It was much too late. Her son was fucking her and she was cooperating and grinding her hot cunt right at his cock and there was no way either of them could stop.

Roger panted, fucking his cock in and out swiftly, his balls beating up and down on his mother’s grinding ass cheeks. The wet sounds of his cock fucking in and out of his mother’s cunt seemed very loud to Carol, louder than those her husband used to make. It seemed to her she could feel her son’s cock more than she ever had her husband’s. Her cunt flexed about his cock, pulling and squeezing as her ass twisted and bounced to meet his thrusts.

Roger fell on top of his mother, his arms wrapping about her shoulders, his hips pounding up and down. He buried his face into his mother’s still-covered tits. Carol finally pulled her arm from her eyes but only to shove her hands down her son’s back, her hands curling into the tightening cheeks of his ass, urging him to greater efforts. Her long legs lifted, then wrapped about his legs, her ankles locking. She strained her cunt to him, her head moving from side to side as rapture controlled her. She clung to his naked ass, her fingers digging into the flesh. Her cunt tried to suck his cock deeper, the stretching of the hairy lips ever so delicious. She grunted and whimpered as her ass beat up and down on the couch, her cunt flying on her son’s very hard, very young cock.

She squeezed her son’s ass brutally, feeling his balls bang upon her ass. She lifted her hot thighs higher, drawing them up his hips to his sides, her heels beating at his back.

Roger, with his face pressed between her covered tits, grunted and gasped and pounded frantically, fucking in a frenzy. The sensation of needing to piss was stronger and stronger and he wondered what was happening. He wanted to stop, almost afraid he was going to injure himself, yet the sensations drove him on and on.

Although Carol wasn’t aware of it, her son was about to come for the first time in his young life. He was about to gush hot come juice out of his young balls for the first time, spurt up his mother’s boiling cunt. She dug into his tight ass hard, straining her cunt to him as she felt an orgasm bubbling near the explosion point.

“Roger, I’m about to… oh, please! Faster! Roger! Harder, harder!”

A wail started deep inside Carol’s throat, a wail that grew higher in volume until it became a scream. It was a scream of intense ecstasy because Carol’s cunt was exploding. She was coming in tight, rippling waves of orgasm. She had not come this strongly with her husband nor with her own fingers.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Carol wailed, tossing her head from side to side, hair flying. She strained her spasming cunt against her son’s cock, pussy lips sucking and pulling and squeezing. “Oh, God… I’m… Roger! I’m coming so hard! Oh! Baby! Baby! Baby!”

Her hands cupped the tight cheeks of his ass, digging into the flesh, trying to pull his throbbing cock deeper into her convulsing cunt.

Roger was choking now, the sensation that was unfamiliar to him stronger than ever before. He didn’t know what was happening, but the feeling was so good he didn’t want it to stop, ever. He thought his cock was becoming bigger and harder inside his mother’s cunt.

“Mother, I think… Mother, something is gonna happen!”

“Yes, darling!” she urged in a tight, gasping voice. “Do it baby! Oh, God, do it! Let it happen, Roger!”

Her hips churned frantically as her squeezing, exploding cunt grabbed at her son’s cock, sucking hard. Carol wanted her son to gush that come juice up her, to splash along the satiny walls of her pussy, to fill her cunt with that sweetness of his young, hard, tight balls.

Roger’s cock spurted.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. The sensation almost made him lose consciousness; it was so powerful and so good. He felt his cock doing something in a rapid spasm, but wasn’t sure what it was. Through the ecstasy of this first discharge he could sense that his mother loved what was happening.

With a shudder, Roger slumped on top of his mother, his body loose and trembling, his cock still stuffed into her cunt. And his prick began to soften. Carol’s pussy squeezed. She stroked her son’s naked back, from his neck to his ass, her long legs straight out now.

“What happened, Mother?” Roger asked, his voice muffled between her tits. “I thought something broke in me!”

“Oh, baby!” Carol gurgled. “You came, darling. You came!”


Carol, no longer bashful, lifted her son’s face, looking into his puzzled eyes. She grinned with pleasure, her eyes shining. “You came. Roger!” she repeated. “You spurted into me.”

“Spurted what, Mother?”

“Oh, you baby!” she said, hugging him tightly, tightening her long legs about his hips. “I didn’t know! You mean I’m the first? You’ve never had that happen before?”

“Not like that, Mother,” he confessed. Carol relaxed her thighs and pushed him from her. She sat up, pulling her skirt down but not all the way. Her legs were still showing. Roger sat next to her, his shorts at his knees. Carol looked down at his cock. It was soft now, glistening with the juices of her cunt. She grinned at him, not at all bashful. She cupped his cock, kissing his cheek. “Did it feel good?” she whispered.

“Oh, yeah!”

“And you really don’t know what happened?”

Roger shook his head.

“So innocent,” she cooed softly, stroking his wet cock. “I had no idea you were so young, honey. I thought you could come.”

“Whatever it was, it was awfully good, Mother.”

“I’ll show you what it was,” she whispered softly.


Roger leaned back on the couch, watching his mother’s hand fondle his cock.

Carol felt elation, proud to have taken her son’s first discharge into her cunt. She could feel his come juice now, inside her pussy, seeping slowly.

She slipped her hand down and cradled his balls, massaging them with tenderness. She could hardly believe she was holding her son’s cock and balls now, after all her fantasies. The excitement running through her was great, fantastic and she was so pleased with herself for not being ashamed or embarrassed with her son. And she was pleased that he was not ashamed.

With her husband, she had wanted him to force her into various sexual acts, positions, make her do those delicious things she fantasized about. But with her son, she didn’t feel that way. Maybe it was his youth, his innocence, whatever it was, she wanted to teach and show and enjoy everything with him.

“Would you like to see me jack you off, Roger?” she asked boldly, her eyes glowing with inner passion. “Would you like to watch Mother jack your cock off?”

Carol ran her tongue over her lips, feeling her excitement increase with the use of such words to her son. She squeezed his balls in one hand, his cock in the other.

“You have a beautiful cock, Roger,” she whispered throatily. “It’s such a pretty cock, and you fucked me so wonderfully.”

Roger giggled.

She looked into his face, gripping his cock and balls. “Don’t you like to hear those words, honey? Don’t they tingle, down here in your precious balls?”

“Oh, wow, Mother!” he gasped, nodding his head.

“I want to hold your cock and balls,” Carol murmured hotly. “I want to touch them and feel them and… oh, you feel so good!”

She stroked his cock and balls, watching his prick swell, turn hard and stick up. She pumped his cock a few more times then pulled her hand back. She looked at him, eyes smoldering. She toyed with her blouse.

With a bold look, she lifted the bottom of her blouse, but not high enough to show her tits.

“Want to see me?” she whispered. “Would you like to see Mother’s tits, baby?”

Roger couldn’t reply.

“Well?” she asked, a wicked grin spreading over her beautiful face. She toyed with the buttons of her blouse.

“Want to see Mother’s tits? You have to answer me, darling.”

Roger managed to nod his head.

Carol opened her blouse, wishing she had left her bra off that morning. Peeling the blouse off, she sat next to her son with her bra on, her skirt almost in her lap again. She saw her panties on the floor where her son had tossed them earlier in his eagerness. She was amused slightly that it was her son now who was shy, and not her. She reached behind her back to unhook the bra, and her tits swelled outward.

Teasingly, she cupped her tits inside her bra for a moment. Then, with a quick movement, she threw the bra to the floor next to her panties. Roger gasped as he gazed upon his mother’s naked tits. They arched out in firmness, light brown nipples soaring outward, hard and tingling. Roger’s cock jerked, and his pisshole flared wide. He started dripping again and his fist grasped his cock hard as he stared at his mother’s tits.

“You like them?” she asked softly. She cupped her tits, lifting them higher in offering. “Do you like Mother’s tities, baby? Aren’t they pretty and firm and round?”

Roger gulped, squeezing his throbbing cock as hard as he could.

“Oh, don’t squeeze it so hard, honey,” she moaned. “Hold your cock but don’t hurt it. I want to do things with it, and you mustn’t hurt it. It’s such a lovely cock, darling.”

She circled a fingertip about her nipples.

“Want to feel them?” she asked huskily. “Go on, Roger, feel Mother’s tits.”

Roger lifted a shaking hand.

“Play with it, honey,” she urged.

Roger cupped his mother’s tit and fondled, feeling the satiny flesh, the firmness, the excitingly hard nipple. Carol lowered her hand to his lap, pushing his other hand off his cock. She closed her fingers about his prick and began to stroke up and down.

“Kiss it,” she whispered. “Kiss Mother’s tit!”

Roger grinned, and pressed his mouth to her nipple.

Carol sighed and pressed forward, her nipple sliding into her son’s mouth.

“Ohhhh, honey!” Carol mewled. “Suck it! Suck my tit, please! Suck on Mother’s nipple! Oooo, it feels, so good! Roger!”

She grabbed his throbbing cock, gripping, making the prick head bulge. She moaned softly as her son tried to swallow her hard nipple, his hand digging at the other one. Carol pumped up and down on her son’s cock, then turned loose and gently shoved his mouth off her tit.

“You’re so eager, baby,” she grinned happily. “I love it, though.”

Roger giggled and dived his hand to his mother’s lap. She playfully slapped his hand, but at the same time parted her legs for him. Roger shoved his fingers through the soft, silky hair of his mother’s cunt, a fingertip sliding along the side of her once-again-distended clitoris.

“Oooo, that’s good, Roger,” she breathed. Roger looked down at her, watching as his mother’s hips lifted. She twisted her hips, cooing softly as he felt about the fiery wetness of her pussy. She grasped her son’s wrist and moved his palm up and down her pussy, then squeezed her hot thighs together, capturing his hand between them.

Roger’s cock stood tall, jerking back and forth with hardness, dripping again. A small, glittering bead of juice seeped from his piss hole and ran past the smooth head of the shaft. Carol gasped with pleasure as she saw, and ran her fingertip over the tip of his cock.

“You’re dripping, darling,” she cooed softly. “I love to see a hard cock drip. You want some more of Mother’s pussy, Roger? You want to fuck Mother in the cunt again?”

Roger nodded enthusiastically, working his middle finger into the steamy wetness of his mother’s cunt. Carol gurgled in pleasure and flung her long legs wide open, offering her hairy cunt to her son’s hand. Roger stared between his mother’s thighs, fascinated with her hair-lined cunt. He fucked his stiff finger in and out of her pussy, his knuckle banging at the puffy, sensitive pussy lips. Wet sounds came from between her thighs, and Carol leaned back.

While Roger fucked his finger in and out, Carol pumped her crotch up and down, fucking on his finger. She grasped her sons cock hard, making the prick head bulge smoothly.

“Oooo, Roger, give it to me!” she whined. “Give this lovely hard-on to me! My pussy is on fire again, baby! Roger! Oh! Roger… fuck Mother! Hurry, honey, hurry!”

She twisted and squirmed on the couch until she was flat on her back. She brought one foot to the cushions, leaning her knee at the back of the couch. The other foot rested on the floor, her legs open. Her cunt glistened wetly, waiting for his cock. Her clit stood up, the tip swollen. The pink pussy lips parted slightly and the juices seeped.

She shoved her hands down her stomach, pulling at the lips of her cunt, lifting her ass.

“Shove it to me! Ram your cock up mother’s cunt now, Roger!”

Roger was on her knees at the other end of the couch, staring at his mother’s cunt. His cock lifted and swung with eagerness, his balls looking very tight at the base. His mouth was open, and he began to gasp hotly. His fist closed about his cock.

“Look at it!” Carol hissed. “Look at Mother’s cunt, but fuck it, too! Ohhh, baby, you can look at my cunt all you want later! I need your precious cock in me now! Come on, Roger, fuck me Mother!”

She turned loose of her pussy and held her arms up to him. Her tits rose with firm nipples. Roger groaned and fell forward, crushing his mother’s tits against his bare chest. His cock pressed into her stomach, his balls resting on the thick, soft pat of curling pussy hair. Carol wrapped her arms about her son’s waist, hugging him tightly, her lips smashing into his. She kissed him hotly, hungrily, lips writhing. The tip of her tongue snaked out and licked from one corner of his mouth to the other. At the same time, she raced her hands to his tight, young ass.

With a quick thrust, Carol drove her tongue into her son’s mouth, licking at his teeth, reaching for the back of his throat, whimpering with increasing desire.

“Oooo, so fucking hard, Roger!” she whined as her tongue left his mouth. “Your cock feels so good on my stomach this way. Rub it on me, baby! Rub your hard cock on Mother’s stomach! Ahhhh, that’s it, honey! I bet you could rub on my belly and come. Want to come off on my stomach? You can, you know. I’d love to feel that hot come juice squirt on my skin.”

Roger grunted and rubbed his cock back and forth, feeling the hair of his mother’s cunt on his hairless balls. But Roger wanted to feel the wet heat of his mother’s cunt again. He scooted downward, his cock moving through the soft hair. Carol gurgled softly and shoved a hand between their bodies. She pressed at her sons cock as he moved down, and grasped for a moment, rubbing the bulbous head up and down her inflamed clitoris. She wiggled her naked ass beneath him, smashing her clitoris at his dripping piss hole.

“You could make me come doing this, I bet,” Carol whimpered huskily, pumping her hips up and down, beating her clitoris against the head of his cock. “I bet I’d come real hard this way, baby.”

“I wanna stick it in you again, Mother!” Roger gasped.

“You do?” she teased, her eyes gazing into his now. “You really want to fuck Mother, Roger?”

“Come on, Mother!” he pleaded, poking his cock toward her cunt. “Let me stick it in you!”

“Say it, darling! Say you want to fuck me!”

“Mother, I want to fuck you!”

“Oooo, yes!” Carol wailed, shoving the rounded head of his cock downward and letting her son thrust. “Ohhhh, that’s sweet!”

Roger rammed his cock deeply into his mother’s fiery cunt, his tight balls smashing at the cheeks of her ass. He lifted his head, eyes tightly closed, his face straining. Carol gurgled and cupped the checks of her son’s ass again, grinding her cunt onto his cock.

“Fuck me!” she hissed. “Fuck my cunt! Oh, Roger, ram your cock up mother’s cunt. Fuck that pussy, baby! Oh, yes, fuck that hot cunt!”

Roger fucked in and out swiftly, driving his cock all the way, then pulling back until the head almost slipped free, only to ram hard again. Carol gurgled and shot her hips upward, smacking her cunt onto the base of his stabbing cock. She gasped as he pounded into her pussy, forcing the air from her lungs. She clung to his tight ass, her fingers digging into the flesh. She shoved her head back, her eyes closing in rapture for now. She grunted and sobbed as her ass met her son’s cock lunge for lunge. The tight heat of her pussy clutched his cock, sucking and squeezing. Carol cried out with increasing ecstasy, hunching her cunt up and down with wild movements.

“Fuck it, fuck it!” she sobbed. “Ohhhh, Roger, fuck that hot cunt! Give Mother’s cunt some hard, lovely cock! Ohhh, God you feel so fucking good in my pussy, baby.”

Roger groaned as his cock dove up and down, his balls smashing at his mother’s upturned ass. He shoved a hand behind her, reaching for her rounded ass. Carol shifted her position slightly so he could grab hold of one naked ass cheek. His other hand was clawing at a sensitive, swollen tit. His hips pounded from the waist down, and she loved the expression on his young face.

“Harder, Roger, harder!” she urged, sobbing as pleasure rippled through her flesh. “Oh, God, fuck me hard! My tits are so tight… my cunt is so hot and wet! Fuck Mother, baby, fuck Mother!”

She drew her silky legs up, sliding the hot flesh of her thighs along her son’s hips, then his sides. She pulled her knees far back, almost doubling up. Her ass lifted from the cushions, and Roger was almost on his knees now, fucking wildly, pounding his mother’s cunt with his throbbing cock. The wet sounds of his cock smacking into her excited Carol almost as much as his cock did.

“Oh, Mother!” Roger gasped. “Ohhh, Mother!”

“God, yes, baby!”

“You feel so hot in there, Mother!”

“Hot in my cunt!”

“Cunt!” Roger grunted as he thrust inward. “Cunt… cunt!”

“Oh, yes, Roger!” Carol squealed. “It is a hot pussy! Mother has a real hot, wet cunt, all for you! Mother’s cunt is for your sweet, hard cock, baby!”

“It’s so good, Mother!” he groaned.

“It’s beautiful, Roger!” she replied breathlessly. “Oh, hold my ass tight, baby! Squeeze Mother’s hot ass tight… squeeze Mother’s tit! Ooooo, I’m going to come, Roger!”

Carol twisted and slammed her cunt up and down, grinding powerfully. She whimpered then cried out as her orgasm exploded. The wet lips of her fiery cunt clutched around her sons cock.

“I’m coming!” she screamed, digging harshly into one cheek of her son’s ass. “Ooo, my cunt… I’m coming, baby!”

Roger could feel his mother’s wet cunt grabbing at his cock, squeezing as she came.

Carol thrashed mindlessly as she came, her pussy clutching, sucking on her son’s throbbing cock. The spasms went from her toes to her head, causing the muscles of her flat stomach to ripple. Her hips trembled and she smashed them upward, her cunt clutching the base of her son’s cock. She felt his balls sliding against the tight pucker of her asshole, increasing the intense ecstasy she was feeling. Scream after scream boiled from her throat. She had never felt this good before.

“Ohhhh, you haven’t come!” she squealed. She had been so absorbed in her own orgasm, she failed to know her son had not come yet, “Ohhh, baby, you have to come, too! It’s not fair if you don’t come, too! Come, darling! Shoot it up Mother’s cunt! Mother’s pussy wants your come juice, baby!”

She held her son’s naked, bouncing ass with both hands, lifting and wrapping her long legs about his waist. She arched her cunt up to him, wiggling and grinding. Roger’s face was near his mother’s tits, and she squealed in pleasure when he closed his mouth about a hard nipple, sucking hungrily, his tongue flicking.

“Hold my ass tight, Roger!” she cried. “Squeeze Mother’s ass! Suck my tit, baby! Ooo, suck Mother’s tities and squeeze Mother’s hot ass and fuck the hot piss out of Mother’s wet, hairy cunt!”

Roger fucked with vigor, ramming his cock deeply, lifting until his prick almost came free, then fucking hard and deep. Carol clung to her son’s naked, churning ass, whimpering as her cunt burned toward another orgasm. Her cunt was being beaten and smashed at the base of his hairless cock, sending electric thrills throughout her flesh.

She found a finger near her son’s asshole, and began to rub at it. Roger grunted as he felt his mother’s finger rubbing him in this unusual place. It caused his cock to jerk into a surprising hardness, and he thrust hard and deep.

“Mmmnmm, you like that, huh?” she cooed, rubbing at his asshole harder. “Does it feel good, my finger there, baby?”

“Oh, Mother!”

Carol rubbed and pressed at her son’s tight asshole, something she had wanted to do with her husband so long ago. She pressed harder, bringing a grunt from him. His cock lurched inside her cunt, and she felt he was close to coming.

“Take it out?” she shouted.

Roger was about to come and he didn’t want to take his cock out of that hot, wet place.

“Hurry, take your cock out!” Carol said, pushing at her son’s hips. “Come on my stomach, baby! I want to feel you come all over my stomach!”

She pushed at his hips hard, and his cock lurched free. Roger rammed forward, trying to get his cock back into his mother’s cunt before he came. The prick head ran through the thick curls of her pussy, and a fast squirt of come juice rushed from his piss hole. Carol was looking down between their bodies and saw the creamy come juice boil into her cunt hair.

“Oooo, that’s beautiful,” she hissed.

Time and again Roger’s cock gushed, sending streams of thick, hot come juice through his mother’s cunt hair, then over her stomach, filling the dimple of her belly button. His balls were pressed upon her swollen clitoris, and Carol cried out as her clit contracted with a powerful orgasm once again.

Her stomach was drenched in her son’s come juice, splashed almost all the way to her tight tits. The dark blonde cunt hair dripped with it, and as Roger pulled back, Carol smeared his come juice about her flesh, rubbing it in as if it were the most precious of all lotions.

Roger slumped at the other end of the couch, breathing hard, his eyes dreamy and tired. Carol mewled softly as she rubbed his hot come juice into her flesh then shoved her fingers through her cunt hair and smeared the come juice about the lips of her bubbling pussy.

Roger’s cock, glistening wetly, dangled between his legs as he rested. She noticed his shorts were off now. Now that he was naked, she looked him over, pleased with what she saw. He was young, very young and his body was strong. The hairless appearance of his cock and balls appealed to her erotic sense, appealed strongly. His very youth was an attraction. Too, being her son seemed to create the most intense, most beautiful feelings of passion in her.

She lifted her naked foot and touched his cock and balls with her toes, rubbing them gently. She felt the wetness of her cunt on his cock and smiled seductively. “Give me your foot, baby,” she whispered.

Roger shoved a bare foot between his mother’s thighs. Carol held his ankle and pressed his sole upon her cunt. She angled his toes, and Roger grinned wickedly as his mother pressed them into her pussy.

“See, you can fuck me with your feet, even!”

Roger watched his mother’s pussy move up and down, his toes inside the fiery wetness. The slippery feel excited him, and he pulled his foot from her crotch, starting to lean over his mother to fondle her hairy cunt. But Carol pulled at his foot, drawing it up her body to her tits. She rubbed his wet toes on her nipples, then dipped her chin to her neck and kissed his big toe.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, and snaked her tongue out to lick. She ran her tongue about his toe, tasting the juices of her own cunt there. Carol pulled his toe between her lips, sucking gently at it. “That tastes good.”

Her tongue swirled about his toes, licking away the pussy juices. She began to writhe her naked ass, closing her legs about his waist and pulling him toward her.

“Let me show you, something!” she whispered, removing his toes from her mouth. “Let Mother show you something exciting, baby.”


Roger moved up on his mother’s body.

Carol had him straddle her waist and sit there. The feel of his cock and balls against her stomach sent excitement pulsing through her flesh. She watched his cock. She caressed his young thighs, his hips. She closed one hand about his balls, the other about his cock, pulling and stretching, helping him become hard.

“Rub on my stomach!” she whispered throatily. “Rub your ass back and forth on my belly baby.”

Roger began to rub, feeling the hot flesh of his mother against his ass. She turned loose of his balls, pressing his cock and balls onto her skin, too. The heat of his cock, balls and young ass sent a deep, hot pulsation through her pussy. She slipped her hands past her son’s hips, holding the top halves of his young ass, pulling and pushing him on her flesh.

“Mmmmm, it feels so good!” she purred thickly. “I can feel your balls rubbing me, and your tight ass. Oooo, baby, your asshole is touching me, and it’s so hot!”

She pulled at his hips, drawing him higher on her body. She licked at her lips as she saw his piss hole flare, a bead of clear liquid forming there. His cock came to her tits, and then she turned loose of his ass. She placed her hands on her tits, closing them around his cock.

“Tit-fuck me,” she hissed hotly. “Fuck Mother’s tities.”

“Smooth, Mother,” he said, watching her hold her tits tight about his cock. “Smooth and hot.”

“Want to fuck Mother’s titties, to come this way?”

“I wanna come every way I can,” he said.

“Oooo, you will!” Carol gurgled in pleasure, tucking her chin down to watch the head of his cock appear between her tits. His prick was dripping enough to make the valley wet and slippery, and it felt very good to her. She could feel his cock throbbing between her tits, and it made her nipples tingle and stand up with almost painful hardness. Her ass twisted on the cushion, wriggling as her pussy throbbed and yearned for filling.

She wanted him to stab his cock into her cunt with brutal force, but she wanted to watch him slide his cock between her tits most at the moment. She flicked her tongue out, and touched the tip of his cock.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she whispered.

Roger giggled. His mother’s tongue felt strange on his prick, strange but so good.

“Do that again, Mother!” he groaned.

“Mmmmm, you like that, huh?” she gurgled, and licked at his piss hole with the tip of her tongue. “You taste kind of good, honey.”

Roger shoved his cock as close to her mouth as he could and still keep between her tits. Carol’s hot eyes flashed up into his face. With a giggle, she swirled the flat surface of her tongue about the head of her son’s cock. She was surprised at the feel, the taste of it. It was better than she had fantasized, and her tongue lapped eagerly, swiping across his piss hole to taste the oozing juices.

Roger shoved his cock closer.

“Mmmm, you’re eager, aren’t you?” she cooed.

“Take it in your mouth, Mother!” he urged. Carol’s eyes flushed.

“Really? You want to put this thing in Mother’s mouth, baby? What makes you think I do such a thing?”

“You would,” he said. “I know you would, Mother.”

“I’ve never done it before,” she said.

“Do it now, then.”

Carol lowered her eyes to his cock, so near her eyes almost crossed. Her tongue licked again, and then she whimpered.

Carol’s lips pursed as if to kiss the head of her son’s cock. She pressed them lightly upon the smooth, hot flesh. For a moment her breath caught, then, with a low, soft cry, she pulled the head of her sons cock into her mouth.

“Ohhbh, Mother!” Roger groaned, his eyes glazing over.

The feel of Roger’s cock between her lips was strange, yet so appealing. Her lips stretched just past his piss hole, she experimentally ran her tongue about. The silky texture of his cock delighted her. She whimpered and lapped gingerly up and down his dripping hole. The seeping fuck juices were slippery, hot and tasted so very good.

Roger grunted as he stared down at his mother’s face, seeing the head of his cock almost fully inside her mouth. Carol’s eyes were closed, and the hot air coming from her nose seared the throbbing shaft of his cock. His body jerked as she ran her tongue about the smooth cock head, swirling around the creamy skin, probing at his seeping piss hole.

“Ohhhhh, Mother, Mother!”

Carol’s eyes opened, staring up at her son. They were shining with a bright glow, dancing almost.

Carol’s hands moved to his hips, caressing them as her lips pulled on the head of his cock. Moving her hands past his hips to his ass, she curled her fingers about each ass cheek then she pulled him forward. The hardness of his throbbing cock moved past her teeth, into her mouth.

“Ahhh, it feels good, Mother,” Roger whispered, his eyes huge as he watched his cock being pulled into his mother’s mouth. “It feels real good!”

Carol drew her son’s cock inward until she felt the smooth prick head brushing at the back of her throat. Her lips pressed against the base, and his balls rested on her chin. She held him there, her hands tight on his naked young ass. Every bit of his precious, hard cock was inside her mouth, throbbing at her throat. She pressed her tongue on the underside, licking around, tasting.

“Mmnnn!” she moaned, digging her fingers into the checks of his ass, her lips writhing at the base of his cock. She slipped one hand down and between his thighs, pressing his hairless, loaded balls upon her chin.


Carol’s cunt throbbed jealously, juicy and bubbling. Holding her son’s cock in her mouth, she twisted and squirmed her naked ass on the couch, opening and closing her creamy thighs. She pressed her thighs upon her burning cunt, smashing her long clitoris. The sensation sent her creamy flesh to rippling with ecstatic shivers.

Placing her hands on her son’s hips, she pushed him backward, very slowly and gently. As his cock pulled back between her lips, Carol created a strong suction. The head of Roger’s cock came from his mother’s mouth with a small, wet sucking sound.

“Oh, Mother!”

“Baby! Oh, God, baby!” Carol hissed huskily, her eyes moist with boiling desire, sparkling with tiny lights. “That’s wonderful! You taste so good all over! I like the way your cock feels between my lips, darling. I could taste you dripping in my throat. I came, you know.”

“You came?” Roger asked.

“Oh, yes!” Carol gurgled and rubbed the head of his cock about her nipples, making them slippery. “It wasn’t a real big one, but I came anyway.”

“Is that what you wanted to show me, Mother?”

Carol shook her head, grinning happily as she smashed his piss hole against one nipple.

“That just happened,” she said. “It was something else I wanted to show you.”

“Show me now.”

“Lift up,” she said.

Roger lifted, but it was not the position she wanted him in.

“You have to squat over me, honey.”

Roger drew his feet along her sides, his knees bent until he was squatting above her.

Carol stared with erotic hunger at him, seeing his young cock straining forward, his tight balls hugging the base. She managed to grip one of her tits with both hands, pressing hard to make her rigid nipple stick straight up.

“Sit on Mother’s tit,” he whispered.

Roger giggled lewdly, trying to look past his hard cock at what his mother was doing.

“Sit on your tit?”

“Yes, but not all the way.”

She pulled her chin to her neck again, her eyes boiling as she watched her son’s ass squatting above her rounded tits. Carol held her breath as she moved her right nipple upward. She rubbed along the crack of her son’s ass, then at his tightly closed asshole. Roger moaned with the contact, and Carol let her breath come out in aloud hiss.

“Bounce on it!” Carol said huskily. “Bounce up and down on my tit, Roger!”

Roger bounced gently, feeling his mother’s nipple probe at his puckered asshole. He giggled with shy lewdness.

“Can you feel Mother’s nipple?” Carol asked. “Can you feel my nipple on your ass, baby? Rub back and forth on Mother’s nipple. You’re so hot there, right on your asshole, darling! I can feel the heat of your asshole on my hard nipple!”

Roger wiggled and rubbed, his hips jerking about as Carol held her tit tight, her nipple bulging upward. She could watch the contact just past his sweet balls. His cock strained with a hardness that pleased them both.

“Ooooo, you’re fucking Mother’s nipple, darling!” she whimpered. “Fuck Mother’s nipple, baby! I wish I could stick my nipple up your hot ass, right inside your asshole!”

She crushed her tit upward, trying to press the hard nipple into the tightness of her son’s whole, but it failed to penetrate. Still, the heat excited her, the visual stimulation better than any of her mental fantasies. She rubbed her nipple back and forth on his asshole, touching at the back side of his hairless balls.

Carol’s legs opened and closed, scissoring, pressing at her cunt. She gurgled with increasing pleasure, her eyes constantly watching where her nipple touched him. She ran her tongue out and tried to lick the head of his cock, but it was just slightly out of her reach. Roger, though, jerked his hips forward, and the tip of his cock penetrated his mother’s lips. Carol mewled softly and flapped her tongue about his seeping piss hole. With the tip of his cock in her mouth, Roger still managed, somehow, to keep his asshole on one of his mother’s nipples.

“I gofta move, Mother!” he groaned. “I can’t just sit here! I have to move!”

Carol’s eyes flashed into his face, her hands back under his spreading ass cheeks. She sucked at the head of her son’s cock as strong as she could, knowing if she kept it up he would gush come in her mouth. For a moment she hesitated, not knowing what it would be like to have a cock squirt into her mouth. That had happened only in her fantasies, and she didn’t know what it would be like in reality. Yet she kept sucking greedily, her nipple being scraped by his tight, hot asshole. She let her son move his cock back and forth, fuck at her mouth. She was almost passive with him sitting on her tits, with her only movement her tongue and lips, her legs opening and closing. Roger’s balls bounced below her chin, adding to her rapture.

She felt his cock throbbing more than before and she was sure he was dripping more. Her tongue was coated with the slippery juices and she had to swallow. She found it enjoyable to swallow those juices, more than she had fantasized. Her mouth became watery as she sucked at the head of her son’s cock. Her cunt was pulsating with a wild heat, and she could feel an orgasm boiling deep inside it. She began to moan and sob softly as her son started moving the head of his cock back and forth between her lips.

Roger’s hips jerked, pumping back and forth. Carol cupped the cheeks of his ass, her fingers digging into the tight flesh, urging her son to move as fast as he wanted. She felt what he was feeling, and she wanted it to be good for him. She would worry about his coming when it happened. Right now she loved the taste and feel of his young cock fucking in and out of her lips, the friction thrilling her, making her mouth tingle.

Roger gasped, leaning over and bracing herself with his hands on the arm of the couch just above his mothers head. He pumped up and down, pushing only the head of his cock into his mother’s mouth. He panted heavily as his balls turned tight, swelling with a surprising load of come juice.

Carol sucked with her lips while her tongue swirled. The fuck juices dripping from his piss hole filled her mouth time and again, burning at her throat. She swallowed them and her ass began to twist and writhe on the cushions. Her cunt was on fire, blazing hotly as that deep orgasm started swelling like an over-filled balloon. She began to groan. Her eyes, although open, were glazed and rolled about dreamily.

Roger eagerly fucked at his mother’s mouth, but always with just the swollen head. Carol could hear her son gasping, and she could feel the greater hardness of his cock with her lips. He was quickly approaching the point of discharge and she still didn’t know how to handle it when he came. Yet her tongue kept swirling as she sucked noisily, making wet sounds.

“Mother, I think I’m gonna do it again!” Roger cried out.

His hips jerked up and down spastically, uncontrolled. His cock was fucking in and out of her tight, sucking lips. Carol held his tight, shaking ass checks in her palms, letting him fuck the head of his delicious cock into her mouth as vigorously as he wanted, as he had to do.

With a sudden groan, Roger jerked his cock a few inches from his mother’s lips… and came.

The creamy white come juice gushed out of his prick rapidly, splashing upon Carol’s face. She cried out as the hot come juice smeared her checks and nose. She dug hard into his ass, one finger pressing upon his tight asshole. Her eyes remained wide open, but glazed in rapture. She took a full load of her son’s come juice into her face, and not a drop penetrated her still-open lips.

Squirt after squirt splashed into her face and she could feel it trickle down her flesh, onto her neck. She could see her son’s cock jerking up and down as he came, watching the thick come juice boil from his piss hole before it landed in her face.

By the time Roger finished coming, Carol’s face was covered with his come juice. Still Roger squatted there, gasping hard, his cock deflating slowly until the wet tip rested upon one of his mother’s tits.

“Mother, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” he said, looking bashful.

“Don’t worry about it, darling!” she said, sliding her hands up his thighs and cupping his ass again. She pulled him forward, his legs sliding over her shoulders until his cock and balls dangled above her face. “I loved it. Roger. You can come in my face anytime you want.”

Then she lifted her face and buried it into her son’s crotch, inhaling the exciting scent of him, his cock and balls pressing into her come-juice covered face. She kissed at his balls, then beneath than. The tip of her tongue darted out, and scraped along the underside of her son’s balls until she had both of them on her lips. With a little sob, she sucked them into her mouth. Roger grunted in surprise. Carol sucked at his preciously young balls, his cock resting alongside her nose. Her eyes were closed again as she swirled her tongue about his tender balls, tasting them.

Then she released him.

“You fucked me in my mouth, baby,” she whispered. “Did you know that? You fucked Mother in the mouth just the way you fucked a cunt a little while ago. Did you like that, Roger? Fucking me in my mouth?”

“I sure did, Mother,” he said, pulling his ass back to her tits and sitting there, but not putting his full weight on them.

“You should have had your cock in my mouth when you came, you know,” she whispered. “You shouldn’t have pulled it out. You wouldn’t have taken your cock out if it had been in my cunt, would you?”

“Oh, no!” Roger replied. “I couldn’t have, Mother.”

Her face glistened with come juice, and few drops had splashed into her hair. Her lips felt puffy and slightly stretched even now. She grinned up at her son very wickedly. “Then, next time you fuck me in my mouth, you have to leave your cock in it, and come!”

“Come in your mouth, Mother?” he asked, surprised.

“Why not?” she said.

“But… that would be the same as peeing in your mouth,” Roger said.

Carol laughed, half giggling. “Well, in a way, but not the same.” Her eyes rolled for a moment then she whispered in a very low voice, “I wouldn’t care if you did pee in my mouth, darling.”

Roger gasped, sliding off his mother and standing there, looking down at her.

“Really? Aw, Mother, you wouldn’t let me pee in your mouth.”

Carol ran her hand between his thighs, cupping his balls and looking at his dangling cock.

“Why wouldn’t I?” she murmured.

“Because that’s… I don’t know,” he said.

He moved his eyes down to her hairy cunt. Carol opened her legs wide.

“Touch my cunt, baby,” she invited, cradling his empty balls lovingly in her palm. “Feel Mother’s cunt, honey. I’m very wet and hot, but I came when you did. My pussy is very hot.”

Roger ran his fingers through the silky hair of his mother’s cunt, along side her throbbing clitoris. He leaned over and peered at the pink wetness, and with a sudden giggle, shoved his mouth to her pussy. He kissed his mother’s cunt, feeling the wet heat surround his mouth.

“Obhhh, baby!” Carol cried softly, lifting her crotch to her son’s mouth. “OOOO, kiss my pussy, darling! Oh, kiss Mother’s hot, wet cunt!”

Roger parted his lips slightly, and moved them until they were on her long clitoris. Carol’s hips jerked upward and her clit slipped into her son’s mouth. Roger, without any experience, sucked at his mother’s clit instinctively, making her cry out with ecstasy. Carol pressed a hand at the back of her son’s head, grinding her cunt up at his mouth.

“Suck it, Roger!” she squealed. “Oh, baby! Suck Mother’s clit! Ahhhh, yes, honey! Suck on Mother’s cunt hard! Use your tongue more, darling! Lick at my pussy… taste Mother’s hot, wet cunt!”

She twisted at his balls with one hand, pressing the back of his head with the other. She closed her hot thighs about his face, and Roger, his head upside down between his mother’s thighs, sucked and licked at her throbbing clit hungrily, finding the fuck juices sweet and tasty. His tongue slipped downward and stabbed into his mother’s cunt. Carol let out an excited sob of rapture, and began, to grind at his mouth.

“Eat me! Eat me!” Carol squealed. “Oh, baby, suck Mother’s cunt! Eat Mother’s hot pussy! Lick my hairy cunt, Roger! Oooo, suck hard, tongue hard! Use your tongue like a cock, baby! Tongue fuck me in my fucking hot cunt!”

Roger clung to his mother’s thighs that were wrapped about his head now. He licked and sucked at her cunt, his tongue going everywhere because she thrashed and churned so wildly into his face. His nose snorted hot air against her naked ass, his tongue diving deeply then his lips sucked at her clit again. Carol screamed and gurgled, twisting at her son’s hairless balls in mindless rapture. She bounced her naked ass up and down, beating her pulsating cunt into his face, twisting her crotch in tight circles.

“Oooo, suck me, suck me!” she cried. “Suck Mother’s cunt, Roger! Oh, you’re going to make me come, baby! Suck my cunt and make me come… make me come right in your fucking mouth, darling!”

Roger’s tongue fucked in and out of his mother’s cunt, thrusting with rapid stabs. He could feel her pussy clawing at his tongue. But his tongue was not as long as his cock and stabbed only an inch or so. Yet that was enough to send Carol over into a shaking, shuddering orgasm.

“I’m coming!” she screamed loudly, smashing her contracting cunt into her son’s face with almost brutal power. “Oooo, you’re eating my fucking hot cunt and making me come and I love it and your tongue is so good and I want you to suck my cunt and eat my pussy and lick my cunt and make me never stop coming and I love you and… oooo, God!”

The final spasms of her overwhelming orgasms shattered her, both physically and mentally. Carol’s hips shot up hard into her son’s face as the final contractions shot through her.

And still Roger sucked and licked.

“Please, no more!” Carol cried, trying to shove his face from between her legs. “No more, Roger! Ohhhh, baby, stop sucking me! My cunt can’t take anymore! Stop, darling, please stop!”

Reluctantly, he lifted his face. Standing upright, he grinned down at his mother, his face smeared with cunt juices, his lips looking puffy. He ran his tongue over his lips, tasting the hot fuck juices there.

“You sure taste good, Mother,” he giggled.

“My cunt tastes good?” she asked softly, stroking his hip. “Is Mother’s cunt sweet, baby?”

“The sweetest, Mother.”

She laughed suddenly. “How do you know it’s the sweetest cunt? Have you been kissing your cousin’s little pussy?”

“Aw, Mother!” Roger said, blushing slightly. “Don’t worry about it.” She smiled.


With his cock resting in the palm of her hand, Carol lay on the couch, her lovely dark-blonde hair fanned about her beautiful face. Roger ran his eyes over his mother’s naked body, seeing her flawlessly tight, round tits, with her light brown nipples still arching upward. He saw her flat stomach, her narrow waist, then her long, long legs. Finally he gazed again at the thick triangle of her curly cunt hair.

Carol’s face still gleamed with fuck juice and her eyes burned with a light that was both perverse and delighted as she looked at the head of his cock.

“Pee in my face!” She whispered.

“AW, Mother.”

“Do it, baby,” she urged in a throaty voice. “I want you to pee in my face. Please, Roger, piss in my cocksucking face!”

Roger giggled nervously, not knowing if his mother was playing or not.

“Yes, it is a cocksucking face, Roger,” she murmured. “Didn’t I just suck your cock, make you come in my face? That makes Mother’s face a cocksucking face, I’d say. Now I want you to piss in it. I want you to hold your sweet cock up and send your hot piss into my face!”

“Do it!” she hissed.

“I’ll try!” he agreed.

He shoved his hips out a little, holding his cock up. Carol stared at the piss hole, holding her breath. She ran her tongue over her lips, getting a slight taste of Roger’s come juice.

“Piss,” Carol hissed. “Piss in Mother’s face!”

Roger strained, and began to dribble a little piss. Carol watched and began to gurgle as pee dropped to her tits.

“More!” she urged hotly. “Piss more, darling!”

Roger tried, but something was holding him back.

“Ohhbh, please, baby!” she pleaded hotly. “Piss on me! Piss on Mother! Piss on Mother’s tits and wash my face in your hot piss! Hurry, Roger! Oh, God, please hurry and piss in my cocksucking face!”

Carol’s hips twisted on the couch, her legs opening and closing as she stared and waited for her son to send a hot stream of piss across her tits and face. She squeezed his balls then turned them loose. She shoved his fingers away from his cock and took hold of it herself, aiming the piss hole at her straining tits.

“Piss on them!” she shouted. “Piss on Mother’s fucking tits and piss in my cocksucking face! Piss on me now, Roger!”

“I’m trying, Mother.”

Carol waited, holding her son’s cock with a thumb and finger.

With a sigh, Roger released his piss.

“Ohhhh!” Carol gurgled as the golden piss splashed across her naked tits. She worked his cock about, causing his piss to rain upon both her tits, drenching them with wetness. Her nipples bulged up hard, tingling. The hot piss on her creamy flesh sent a shiver of ecstasy flooding through her, and her cunt twitched and began to pulsate again. She washed her hand across her piss-soaked tits, then, with a wild cry of perverse rapture, shoved her hand between her spreading thighs and began to finger-fuck herself vigorously, humping her hips up and down. She twisted her son’s cock until the hot piss was raining directly into her face. She squealed as she began to come, her cunt pumping at her buried fingers. The hot piss washed his come juice from her face and neck and Carol closed her eyes, aiming his piss from her forehead to her chin.

Roger stared down at her, his eyes big and excited.

“Oh, Mother!”

“Piss in my fucking face!” she whimpered, stabbing all her fingers in and out of her hairy, gripping cunt. “Piss in my face! I love it, Roger! Oh, God! Piss all over Mother! It’s so hot, so wet! I’m coming, darling! Mother’s cunt is coming and don’t stop pissing on me!”

But Roger was finished.

His cock dribbled and finally stopped.

“Ohhhh. I want more!” Carol sobbed, and suddenly lifted her head. She closed her lips around the end of her son’s cock, sucking wildly.

She drew a few final drops of hot pies from his prick into her mouth, and swallowed greedily. Her hand was squeezing her cunt now, smashing her clitoris.

“Oh, God!” she wailed, falling back to the couch, legs splayed wide open and her arms loose now. “Wonderful! So fucking wonderful, Roger!”

“Did you really like it, Mother?”

“I loved it, darling,” she said softly, her eyes filled with love for him. “I loved it as much as having your cock come in my face and up my cunt.”

She lifted her head, kissing the tip of his prick.

“Now, go shower and then find Ginger to play with.”

She sat up on the couch, caressing her wet tits. “What are you going to do, Mother?”

“I’m going to clean myself up,” she said, “and get all pretty for you. You don’t think we’re going to stop fucking each other now, do you?”

“I hope not! Mother!” he grinned.

“Then get cleaned up!” she said, slapping his hip playfully, “and when you find Ginger, don’t try to fuck her.”

“Why not?” Roger asked.

“Because I have some ideas.” His mother grinned wickedly. “Play with her, feel her little cunt all you want, but wait before you try to fuck her.”

“Ginger will let me fuck her,” he said.

“Oh, she will, huh?” Carol looked at him. “Have you fucked your cousin, Roger?”

He shook his head. “We just play around, Mother.”

She looked at him for a long time then pulled playfully at his cock. “Get cleaned up, find her and come back here.”

“What are you gonna do! Mother?” he asked. “With Ginger, I mean?”

She gave her son a mysterious look. “You’ll like it, whatever it is I do with her, I promise you that. Don’t think I didn’t notice you two playing around, making fun of me.”

“We weren’t making fun of you! Mother,” he said.

“I know. I just said that. Besides, I guess I did show a little of my ass to you two kids, didn’t I?”

“You damn near showed all your ass!” Roger giggled.

After her son had cleaned up and dressed, Carol bathed for a long time in a tub of almost scalding water. She loved to bathe in water so hot it would blister anyone else.

For a fleeting moment, splashing the hot water over her tits, Carol felt a twinge of misgiving for fucking her son. There was no sense in her trying to deny the ecstasy she had felt — that was real, very real. If only she would be satisfied just fucking him, she thought, it would be okay, then her conscience wouldn’t bother her.

It was the wildness in her that demanded more, the intense perversity she felt her body demanding. She didn’t feel degraded to have her son piss in her face, squirt his sweet, hot come juice there. She couldn’t be degraded and humiliated if that was what she wanted. It would only be humiliating if it happened when she didn’t want it and, Carol grinned to herself, she wanted it, wanted it badly.

She wondered how she could change so suddenly from a shy, slightly inhibited woman, a mother who enjoyed wild fantasies, into a woman demanding such erotic enjoyment. Her fantasies had become real, and she loved it.

The water was starting to cool, but she kept splashing it over her tits. She had lovely tits, she thought, cupping and lifting them. Her son had sucked them wonderfully, drawing on her sensitive nipples sweetly, strongly. She twisted her nipples gently, remembering how he had hesitated a bit when she asked him to piss on her. And he had done it.

Carol had wild fantasies about being pissed on, especially in her face and now it had happened. It was hotter than she had imagined it would be. She wasn’t surprised that she had come as her son raked his hot, sweet piss into face. She leaned her head on the back of the tub, smiling as she remembered how it had felt, his hot piss splashing into her face. She had wanted to part her lips then, to take his piss between them, taste it, drink it.

Carol shrugged, sitting up to finish her bath before the water became too cold. Maybe next time she would, open her mouth, she thought and get him to piss into it.

She climbed from the tub, toweling her sleek body with a fluffy towel. Her skin glowed pinkly and she was pleased that she had such a beautiful and shapely body for her son to enjoy. She had been in the tub over half an hour, and Roger should have returned home by now. Unless he had found his cousin, and had her leaning up against a wall someplace, showing Ginger what she had taught him that morning. Carol grinned to herself, trying to picture her son with his cock between the slim, young thighs of his pretty cousin, pressing into her succulent, hairless cunt. A throbbing started in her own pussy as she brushed her hair, thinking of her son fucking Ginger.

Stepping into a pair of very lacy, flimsy panties, Carol decided it was now time to get rid of all her utilitarian cotton panties. They weren’t sexy enough, and she had always hated them. She bundled them up, and, wearing nothing but her bikini panties, walked through the house and dumped them all into the trash container. She flipped her middle finger at the discarded panties, and waggled her skimpily covered ass back to the bedroom, where she slipped into a pleated skirt that swirled about her hips and thighs when she twisted, and a tight blouse that stretched across her straining, naked tits. Stepping into high heels, she felt ready to greet her son when he returned.

Roger had found his cousin, brought her home with him. Carol found herself seeing Ginger in a different way now that she knew what Roger had been doing with her. Her niece was a lovely bundle of sweetness, with big, expressive eyes that had a smoldering quality. Ginger was a year younger than Roger, yet seemed to exude a sexual nature quite unusual in a girl so young.

The tight sun suit Ginger had on molded her sweet, saucy little ass to perfection, showing the tight and compact curve of each asscheek. Her slim thighs were a golden tan, very smooth looking. For tits, there were two small bulges where Ginger’s nipples were, nothing more. Carol looked for a panty line on the sun suit but didn’t see one. The idea that her niece was naked beneath the sun suit sent a quiver along the puffy, hairy lips of her own cunt.

Roger must have said something to Ginger, Carol felt. The little girl was quieter than usual, sitting with her hands folded in her lap, looking around with her big eyes. Carol felt tension in the room as she sat next to her niece. The tension, she knew, came from not knowing what and how much Roger had told Ginger, and if Ginger was going to cooperate with them.

The answer came when Ginger rested her palm on Carol’s knee, peeking up with pretended bashfulness at her, a tiny smile starting on her lovely, moist mouth. Roger was standing, facing them, grinning from ear to ear as he watched and waited. Carol glanced at her son, then at her niece.

“Aunt Carol!” Ginger cried softly, and squeezed Carol’s knee.

“God!” Carol moaned and placed her hand on top of Ginger’s. She pressed Ginger’s palm against her knee, then slipped it upward on her thigh, barely beneath her pleated akin.

“Ooooo, Aunt Carol,” Ginger whispered, turning her face up to Carol, her young eyes swimming, slightly unfocused.

Carol trembled, unable to keep her hands off her niece. She rested her palm on a naked thigh and slowly stroked, feeling the creamy sweetness of Ginger’s flesh. The skin felt hot and buttery smooth and she pressed her fingers between her niece’s thighs. Ginger gurgled with pleasure, and flung her knees wide apart.

Roger fumbled with his pants, and pulled his cock out. Carol turned to look at him, her eyes dancing with heat. She ran her tongue over her lips as she moved her hand inquisitively toward her niece’s little cunt. Roger stroked his cock, watching his mother and cousin.

“Ooo, look at Roger!” Ginger giggled.

“I see,” Carol purred, her hands shaking. She had never felt a pussy other than her own before, and she was so anxious to do it, her cunt was bubbling. She felt her panties turning wet as her pussy began to seep those slippery, hot juices.

“Feel her up, Mother!” Roger said in a strange, cracking voice. “Feel Ginger’s pussy, Mother.”

Carol looked at Ginger. The little girl was gazing up at her, those eyes enormous, expressing a willingness to be felt up. Ginger nodded her head, a slight up and down movement. Her knees were very wide now. Her small fingers were digging into her aunt’s thigh halfway to her crotch.

Carol’s fingers were shaking as she moved her hand higher. She gasped as she made contact with her niece’s crotch. She could feel the steaming heat through the material of the sunsuit.

With a soft cry, Carol shot her other arm around Ginger’s small shoulders and pulled her tight.

Roger saw his mother’s lips close against those of his cousin. Seeing them kissing so hungrily sent his cock to throbbing up and down, beads of clear liquid dripping from his piss hole. He squeezed his cock with excitement, breathing heavily with visual delight.

Carol parted her lips and thrust her tongue into her niece’s mouth. She was surprised and delighted when Ginger began to suck with a strong, wild greediness. Carol rubbed her hand up and down Ginger’s crotch, feeling the wet heat that radiated out from that young cunt. Ginger twisted her small ass on the cushions, squirming and whimpering as she sucked at her aunt’s darting, licking tongue.

“Oooooo, baby!” Carol whimpered, and shoved her fingers beneath the crotch of her niece’s sunsuit. She felt the hotness of the young girl’s cunt lips, locating the rigid clitoris.

Ginger gasped with pleasure, her lips pulling on Carol’s tongue hard, her small hand darting up Carol’s body to clutch a straining tit. Carol cried out with pleasure as her niece squeezed her tit, those small fingers testing the firmness, barely able to cup the tit mound. Carol’s finger slipped down, and entered the exquisitely tight lips of Ginger’s bubbling little cunt.

“Ooooo, Aunt Carol!” Ginger whimpered as she sucked Carol’s tongue. “Ohhhh, that feels good, Aunt Carol!”

Carol thrust her middle finger deep into her niece’s pussy, feeling the satiny walls, the slippery wetness. Such a young cunt, so tight and hot, she wondered if Roger could get his cock inside.

She fucked her finger in and out of her niece’s cunt, finger-fucking her swiftly, feeling the tight heat gripping in flexing motions about her finger. Ginger rested her head on the back of the couch, her eyes rolling about with a dreamy movement, her young lips parted as she gasped and purred in pleasure. Her small ass twisted and arched, her legs parted as far as they would go.

Roger couldn’t stand and watch. His cock was bulging much too hard. He stepped toward them, and immediately Ginger lifted her hand and grasped his cock.

“Jerk him, Ginger!” Carol urged hotly. “Jack on my son’s cock, baby! That’s it… pump his hard prick!”

“Oooo, I like hard cock!” Ginger gurgled, churning her hips up and down to meet the thrust of her aunt’s fucking finger, pounding her small fist back and forth on Roger’s throbbing prick. “I love hard cock! I like to feel and hold and jerk on Roger’s hard cock!”

Carol’s eyes blazed with passion as she watched Ginger’s fist, her middle finger stabbing in and out of the wet tightness, then up to smash and rub the tiny, extremely sensitive clit of Ginger.

“Feel me!” Carol cried. “Ginger, feel my cunt!”

“Oh, yes, Aunt Carol!” Ginger sobbed, and shoved her hand under the pleated skirt. Carol opened her legs and Ginger cupped her hairy cunt outside her panties, squeezing and rubbing. “You’re so hot. Aunt Carol! Your pussy feels so hot and wet!”

“It is, baby,” Carol gasped, kissing at Ginger’s cheek, licking at the sweet flesh. “My cunt is wet and hot!”

“Take my clothes off!” Ginger sobbed, grinding her little ass frantically. “Please, take my clothes off! I want to be naked, real naked!”

“You sweet little thing!” Carol whispered heatedly. “So sweet and so hot! Yes, of course I’ll take your clothes off, baby.”

She pushed her niece forward to get to the buttons at the back of the sunsuit, then peeled it from Ginger’s arms. The two small nipples strained out hard, mounds of burgeoning tits showing. Carol couldn’t resist them. She closed her palm over one tit and lowered her mouth to the other, sucking hungrily, her tongue swirling about the tight knob.

Ginger shoved her sunsuit past her hips, lifting her feet to remove it. She cooed and sighed as her aunt kept sucking at her small tit. Naked, she parted her young legs very wide and grasped her cousin’s straining cock again, holding very tightly.

Carol sucked first one tiny nipple, then the other, her hand sliding up and down the flat, trembling stomach of her niece, between her thighs to feel the burning sweetness of that hairless little pussy slit.

Roger, standing near his cousin so she could cling to his hard, throbbing cock, watched as his mother felt and fondled Ginger’s cunt. Ginger’s hand was beneath Carol’s skirt, and Carol’s exciting thighs were exposed. The idea of seeing his mother and cousin touching each other, two girls playing with each other’s cunt, sent his balls into tightness of pleasure.

“Can Roger fuck me?”

Carol lifted her mouth from a rigid nipple, laughing in a lewd way.

“I’m surprised you two haven’t been fucking already, Ginger,” Carol said, her eyes flashing with heat.

“Can he?” Ginger asked again.

“Of course my son can fuck you, baby,” Carol said in a thick voice. “I want to see his cock inside your sweet little cunt!”

“Oooooooo, I wanna fuck now!” Ginger moaned. “Right now!”


Roger peeled his clothing off.

Ginger sat on the couch; legs splayed wide, her little cunt gleaming pinkly. Bubbling and visibly twitching. The sweet little lips were puffy and moist, the tip of her clit peeking invitingly from the sugary folds. Her big eyes burned as she watched her cousin undress until he stood up naked, his cock arching outward, the prick head big and smooth and swollen.

Carol used both her hands to peel her niece’s pussy open, parting the lips to expose the rigid clit completely. The wet interior of Ginger’s pussy looked sweet and wet, ready for Roger’s cock.

“Shove it up her cunt, Roger!” Carol hissed thickly. “Stick your cock in Ginger’s pussy, baby. Oooooo, let me see you fuck her!”

Ginger twisted her small ass, her eyes blazing on Roger’s cock hungrily, her small tongue licking at her lips with anticipation.

Using two fingers of one hand, Carol held her niece’s cunt open, and reached for her son’s cock with the other hand. She pulled her son between Ginger’s open legs, not that he needed to be pulled. When Roger was between Ginger’s open legs, Carol pressed his cock downward, rubbing the dripping prick head upon the eager little girls cunt. Ginger cooed at the contact, arching her cunt up.

Carol rubbed the head of her son’s cock up and down Ginger’s cunt, smashing it at the rigid clitoris, bringing peals of gurgling pleasure from Ginger. She rubbed the swollen cock head up and down the tight cunt slit. She slid her son’s cock gently into the opening of Ginger’s cunt.

“Ooooo, it feels good already!” Ginger whimpered. “I want more inside me! I wanna feel Roger’s hard cock real deep inside my pussy, Aunt Carol! I wanna feel his cock stretch my cunt… stuff my pussy!”

“You will, sweetheart,” Carol said softly, watching the head of her son’s cock pushing inward. “Roger is going to shove every bit of his wonderful hard cock up your sweet little cunt and fuck you. You’re going to love it. Ginger. You’re going to love his cock in your cunt.”

“I already do!” Ginger sobbed, twisting her hips. “I already love it in me! Oooo, stick it real deep, Roger!”

Carol leaned over, watching her son’s cock starting to move into Ginger’s cunt. She was holding her breath, eager to see this.

“Fuck her, Roger!” Carol hissed. “Roger, shove your cock in Ginger’s little cunt and fuck her! I want to see your cock fucking her, Roger!”

“Hurry, Roger!” Ginger cried.

Roger placed his hands on his cousin’s hips, his eyes burning down at the head of his cock just inside those sweet, tight pussy lips. He and Ginger had rubbed each other before, the head of his cock rubbing at her pussy, but this was the first time he had actually put his cock inside her. The heat was fantastic, the tightness overwhelming.

He pushed.

Ginger whimpered.

Carol gave a delighted cry.

Roger’s cock slipped deeper. Then he fucked more of the hard prick into her cunt. Ginger was holding her breath, her eyes wet and unfocused, her lips parted as she tried to see his cock going into her pussy. Carol gasped in pleasure as she watched that hairless cunt of her of her little niece spreading open, stretching to take her sons throbbing cock.

“Beautiful,” she whispered, leaning closer. She inhaled the exciting scent of Ginger’s sugary cunt and her sons cock.

“So beautiful! You have a lovely little cunt, Ginger, and it’s lovelier yet with Roger’s cock going in.”

Roger paused with half his cock inside Ginger’s cunt. The tight beat thrilled him, and his balls were very tight at the base. He had to struggle to keep from coming. If felt so good to him, he wanted to come.

“I hope I can wait!” he gasped.

“You have to, Roger,” Carol hissed. “You have to fuck Ginger before you come! Fuck her now if you can’t wait. Ram it to her, baby! Ohhhh, let me see you ram your cock up her hot cunt now, darling.”

“Yes!” Ginger squealed. “Shove it hard and fast into me, Roger!”

Roger dug his fingers into his cousin’s hips, holding both tightly. He sucked in a deep breath and fucked his cock forward.

“Oooooo, yes!” Ginger wailed, her eyes glowing as Roger’s cock slithered all the way into his cousin’s cunt, his balls smashing at her upturned ass.

“So fucking tight!” he gasped. “Ginger, your cunt is so fucking tight!”

“Fuck her. Roger,” Carol hissed, spreading two fingers down across her son’s buried cock, feeling the cunt of Ginger stretch, seeing the way Ginger’s pussy accepted her son’s cock so eagerly. “Oh, baby, fuck Ginger’s hot little cunt now! Ram it to her… Fuck her!”

Roger pumped, fucking his cock back and forth. Ginger gurgled and sobbed as her small hips twisted and churned. Tears of joy streamed out of her big eyes.

“Ooooo, it’s so good! I knew it would be good, Roger!” she cried. “Oh, you fill me up! Roger! Your cock fills my cunt up so full!”

Carol stared with erotic fascination, watching her son fucking Ginger vigorously, seeing the shaft of his cock glistening with fuck juices. Her own cunt was on fire and she jerked her skirt almost violently past her hips. She flung her knees open, and began to rub at her pantied cunt almost harshly. She yanked the crotch of her panties aside, and thrust two fingers up her juicy cunt. The tip of her tongue licked at the hip bone of Ginger, working swirling wetness along her niece’s thigh.

“Oooo, it smells wonderful!” Carol mewled, inhaling deeply. “Your cunt smells so good, Ginger! Roger, fuck her pretty pussy. Ooooo, look how juicy your pussy is getting, Ginger!”

Carol slipped a fingertip about her niece’s straining clit as her son pulled back and began to rub. Roger moaned and fucked his cock in and out, watching his mother rubbing Ginger’s cunt, her fingers pounding into her own hairy pussy. His balls swelled tightly, almost painfully. His cousin’s cunt gripped and clawed at his cock.

Ginger slammed her cunt up and down, riding on Roger’s prick, her cunt sliding back and forth. She twisted her small hips with frantic ecstasy, sobbing her pleasure. She balled her fists tightly, and started beating them on the couch, her hips grinding with rapture. She gurgled and whimpered, her first fuck sending her small body into shivering pleasure.

“Oooo, it feels so deep, Roger!” she sobbed. “You go so deep in my cunt and it feels so good and I love to fuck! My pussy is on fire and it’s so wet and you’re hard and I can feel your cock jerking… ohhhh, fuck me faster! Faster, faster!”

Carol moved her lips across the rippling stomach of her niece, licking the girl’s trembling flesh. She kept her eyes turned to watch her son’s cock fucking in and out of Ginger’s cunt, flicking her tongue at the dimple of Ginger’s belly button. She swirled her tongue downward, almost reaching the upper part of Ginger’s cunt when Roger began to grunt.

“Ooooo! I think I’m about to come!” he yelped.

“Yes, baby!” Carol urged. “Come, Roger! Come up Ginger’s little cunt! Her pretty cunt wants it, baby! Shoot it up her pussy! Send that hot load of sweet cum juice up her hungry cunt!”

With a wild squeal, Ginger slammed her crotch up hard onto her cousin’s cock. She whipped her hips in a tight circle by instinct, moving because her ecstasy made her move. She screamed. Carol made a hissing sound of delight when she saw her niece’s pussy gripping in flexing motion, sucking at her son’s cock as Ginger came strongly.

“I’m gonna come!” he shouted, and then his body shook.

“Oooo, you’re coming in me!” Ginger wailed. “I feel it, Roger! I feel you coming inside my pussy! Ooooo, more, Roger, more!”

Carol wasn’t fucking herself with her fingers. She was absorbed in watching Ginger’s cunt contract on her son’s gushing cock.

Yet Carol’s pussy was convulsing with boiling orgasm. She squeezed her legs tightly together as she came, her eyes glazed in erotic delight so close to Ginger’s cunt with Roger’s cock.

“Ooooo! I’m coming, too!” she sobbed. “I’m coming just watching you two come!”

Roger’s balls writhed against his cousin’s grinding ass as he spurted time and again into her greedy cunt. Carol, her pussy exploding, shoved a hand under Ginger’s thrashing ass, cupping a sweet little ass cheek squeezing to intensify Ginger’s orgasm. Ginger cried out as her cunt entered a second orgasm.

Roger became weak, his knees wobbling. As his legs gave way, he slumped toward the floor, his cock sliding out of his cousin’s cunt with a soft, wet sound. Carol made a throaty hiss as she saw come juice seeping from her niece’s cunt. She swallowed, wanting to glue her mouth to that sugary pussy and suck her son’s come juice from it, but she wasn’t sure what Ginger would say or think if she did. Instead, she slipped off the couch and on her knees and hands, leaned down and began to lick hungrily at her son’s cunt-wet cock. Ginger watched, her eyes big.

“Aunt Carol!” she gasped. “What are you doing?”

Carol gurgled and scraped the flat surface of her tongue along her son’s cock, tasting the wetness of her niece’s cunt there. She lifted her head, turning to look up at Ginger.

“I’m getting a taste of your pussy, honey,” she laughed throatily. “I’m tasting your pretty cunt on Roger’s cock!”

Ginger giggled lewdly. “But he pees with that, Aunt Carol.”

“Mmmmm. I know,” Carol replied, and swirled her tongue along her son’s cock to his balls. She lapped at her son’s balls, her ass sticking up in the air. She used one hand and flipped her skirt over her ass to her waist. “And it makes my cunt wet just tasting his cock.”

She pulled her son’s cock into her mouth, bringing a surprised squeal from Ginger. “Oooo, Aunt Carol! You got his cock in your mouth!”

Carol purred and sucked, stretching her son’s cock with her lips. She wiggled her upturned ass saucily, moaning softly with cocksucking delight, loving the taste of her son’s cock and Ginger’s sugary cunt. She tasted not only her niece’s cunt juices, but her son’s come juice, too.

She sucked a bit longer as her niece stared with big eyes then lifted her face. She licked her lips, sitting back on her heels.

“Mmmnmm, I came again!” she whispered. “I come so fucking easily!”

“You sucked on his cock,” Ginger said, awed. “You had his cock in your mouth, Aunt Carol! And Roger pees with his cock, too!”

“I don’t mind!” Carol said, smiling. “I don’t mind what he does with his cock. I like the way it feels in my mouth, Ginger!”

“I couldn’t do that!” Ginger said, making a face. “I don’t trust him. Roger would pee in my mouth just to be funny.”

“Have you had his cock in your mouth, honey?” Carol asked. Ginger made another face and drew up on the couch. “Not me!”

Roger giggled. “I told you, Mother, we just rub each other!”

“He’s never even had his cock inside me until now, Aunt Carol,” Ginger said. “And I sure don’t wanna have it in my mouth!”

“I will!” Carol said. “Roger, stand up for me.”

Roger got to his feet, and Carol sat on her heels. His prick was level with her face. Carol cradled her son’s balls, fondling them. She flicked the tip of her tongue across his piss hole, and Ginger made another face. But at the same time she leaned down to watch, wanting to see everything up close.

Carol looked at her niece from the corner of her eyes, seeing the interest there on the young face despite what Ginger said about sucking Roger’s cock. She opened her lips and sucked her son’s cock between them, pulling his prick to her throat. She pressed her lips at the base of his cock, writhing them, his precious balls against her chin.

Ginger gasped, her eyes big, filled with excitement.

“Suck me off. Mother,” Roger urged, placing his hands on top of his mother’s head. “Suck my cock off like you almost done before.”

“Mmmmm,” Carol mewled about his cock.

The hardness between her lips sent wild shivers up and down her back. Having Ginger watch her sucking on Roger’s cock was more exciting than she had thought it would be. Being seen with a hard, throbbing cock stuffed into her mouth was deliciously exhibitionistic, she knew. She didn’t feel degraded to be seen with a cock in her mouth; she felt erotic, excited. She lifted her hands and clutched her son’s tight ass cheeks.

She moved her head back and forth, sucking with tight hot lips on her son’s now swollen cock. She pulled her lips back until she held just the prick head between them, her tongue swirling about his piss hole. She moaned in pleasure, seeing Ginger’s eyes so close, watching with a glazed expression in them. She dropped one hand from Roger’s ass and slipped it between Ginger’s legs. Ginger gurgled softly and opened her thighs. Carol cupped her niece’s still-wet cunt, feeling her son’s come juice seeping from the hairless lips. She wormed a finger into Ginger’s cunt.

Ginger scooted her crotch into her aunt’s hand, resting her cheek on Roger’s hip, watching as Carol’s lips sucked back and forth. She placed a small hand on her cousin’s ass, her other hand cupping one of Carol’s straining tits, slipping into the blouse to feel the naked swells.

“You gonna make him come, Aunt Carol?” Ginger asked in an excited voice. “Are you gonna make his cock squirt in your mouth?”

“Mmmmmm,” Carol purred, pulling her mouth off her son’s cock. “I am, honey. I want Roger’s cock to gush a gallon of come juice… right in my fucking mouth!”

“Ooooo, Aunt Carol!” Ginger squealed. “I wanna watch him come in your mouth. Let me see Roger come in your mouth, Aunt Carol!”

“You can,” Carol said. She closed her lips back around her son’s cock, starting to suck vigorously, making wet sounds. She thrust her finger into the juice-filled cunt of her niece, finger-fucking her as she sucked Roger’s deliciously hard cock.

Again Carol thought how it would be to have his cock gushing down her throat. He had come in her face, not in her mouth, before. Carol was half afraid to have a cock squirt into her mouth, not knowing what it would be like. But she knew what it tasted like and the desire to have a cock come off past her lips was one of almost desperation.

Ginger gazed hotly and squeezed at her aunt’s tits inside the blouse, while clutching at Roger’s ass cheeks. She pressed her cheek hard at his hip, watching Carol’s mouth stretching about his cock. She ran her tongue over her own lips, wondering what it would taste like.

Carol sucked harder and faster when she detected the increased throbbing of her son’s cock. She slipped her hand off his ass and cupped his balls, finding them tight and hot. She pulled and squeezed his balls tenderly, her mouth pulling and sinking on his prick. She pressed her tongue at the underside, making his cock scrape the roof of her mouth. It excited her to feel the swollen prick head probe the back of her throat.

Ginger was whimpering softly as she watched, wiggling her crotch on her aunt’s finger.

“You’re gonna make me come too, Aunt Carol,” she gurgled. “You’re gonna make me come with your fingers!”

Carol flashed her eyes at her niece, and plunged her finger harder into the come juiced pussy. She made wet sounds with her probing finger, feeling the juicy heat in her palm. She swallowed as much of her son’s cock as she could, her throat working. She pressed his hairless balls against her chin, mewling in rapture as his cock throbbed inside her mouth.

“Mother! I’m getting awfully close to coming!” Roger yelped, digging his fingers into his mother’s hair. He jerked at her head, and Carol stopped sliding her lips back and forth. Roger fucked at his mother’s mouth, pounding his cock in and out, bruising her lips, making them tingle with hunger. Carol clutched his tight balls, feeling them writhe. She anticipated his come juice, still not sure what it would be like, but wanting his cock to send gush after gush down her throat.

Roger beat his cock back and forth, fucking deep into his mother’s mouth. Carol held her lips as tight as she could, feeling the friction of his prick burn all the way from her mouth to her cunt. She began to sob with delight as the throbbing increased in his cock. She felt his balls twist, and began to pull at them. She moaned around his cock, her finger no longer thrusting into Ginger’s cunt.

“I’m gonna come now, Mother!” Roger shouted.

“I wanna see!” Ginger yelped.

Carol, without thinking, jerked her mouth off her son’s cock. She turned loose of his balls, gripped his prick with her fist and began to jack frantically. She lowered her face, turning it up toward the head of her son’s cock, her mouth as wide open as she could get. Her tongue thrust outward. She jacked on her son’s cock with a fast motion, and then Roger grunted, sending a thick spurt of come juice from the end of his cock. Carol caught it on her tongue. Ginger whimpered as she saw it land on her aunt’s tongue. Carol pumped her son’s cock in a frenzy, catching each spurt of his come juice in her mouth. The taste was exotic, delicious and she found herself going through a very tight, very ecstatic orgasm while her son came off into her mouth.

“Oooo, I see it!” Ginger cried out excitedly. “I see Roger coming in your mouth, Aunt Carol!”

Carol jacked her son’s cock fast, taking each spurt into her mouth, letting it fill. The thick, hot taste was better than she thought it would be, and she closed her eyes.

Roger’s cock stopped spurting and Carol closed her lips. She swallowed, making a soft sound of pleasure. Her lips glistened with come juice, exciting her even more. The fact she had finally taken come juice into her mouth was another fantasy come true.

Carol sat on her heels, rolling her tongue about in her mouth, the taste of her son’s come juice lingering there. His spunk burned into her throat as she swallowed but it was a sweet, erotic burn. She knew now the pleasure to be received sucking her son’s cock off, letting him come down her throat.

“Kiss me, Ginger!” Carol whispered.

Ginger sucked in breath, seeing her aunt’s lips glistening with wet come juice.

“Kiss me, baby,” Carol urged again, lifting her lips to Ginger’s young mouth.

Ginger didn’t pull away as Carol pressed her slippery lips against hers. She felt the wetness, and moved her arms about her aunt’s shoulders. Carol pressed her tongue past her niece’s lips, and Ginger got a faint taste of Roger’s come juice. She made a soft purring sound and sucked at Carol’s tongue, then licked across her aunt’s lips.

“Mmmmmm, I think I like it, Aunt Carol,” Ginger giggled as they parted. She ran her tongue over her lips then lapped at a small spot of come juice on the corner of Carol’s mouth. “Yes. I think I like the taste.”

“I want to kiss your little cunt,” Carol whispered in a thick voice.


Carol gazed between Ginger’s thighs. Roger leaned over and opened his mother’s blouse, exposing her full, rounded tits. Ginger began to breathe with excitement as she saw her aunt’s tits revealed.

Carol slipped between Ginger’s thighs and while squeezing one tit hard to make her nipple protrude, rubbed up and down Ginger’s tight, fiery cunt.

“Oooooo, that feels good, Aunt Carol,” Ginger whimpered, lifting her cunt to Carol’s tit.

“Your little pussy is so fucking hot, baby!” Carol whispered, watching her nipple rub at the wet pussy. “You have such a pretty little cunt, Ginger, and it’s so hot and wet!”

“Because Roger came in my pussy,” Ginger giggled.

“Mnnmmmm, that makes it better,” Carol murmured, slipping her nipple past the wet, pink lips of Ginger’s pussy, trying to fuck in and out. “I bet I can fuck you with my tit, Ginger.”

“I like it!”

Carol stuffed her tit into the tight heat, sighing as she saw the pink lips cover the whole of her rigid nipple. She moved her chest back and forth, pressing her nipple in and out of Ginger’s little pussy.

Roger was almost dancing as excitement grew in him again, watching what his mother was doing with Ginger.

Ginger moved her hands between her own legs, pulling at her cunt, opening it for her aunt’s tit. She lifted her ass, grinding her crotch smashing at Carol’s firm tit happily.

“I want to kiss your cunt, Ginger,” Carol whispered throatily. “I want to put my lips on your pretty little pussy and kiss it, taste it, lick it!”

“Ooooo, Aunt Carol!” Ginger squealed.

Carol drew her tit away from Ginger’s pussy, running, her fingers over her slippery, thoroughly smeared nipple. She gazed into Ginger’s pussy with wild, smoldering eyes. With a sob, she shoved her face down.

The soft wetness of Ginger’s cunt burned at her mouth as she rubbed her closed lips up and down it. She shoved her hands to Ginger’s twisting hips, gripping them tightly. Parting her lips, she kissed at the sweet pussy, feeling the heat. Her head seemed to spin with erotic passion, and she clung to the twisting hips. She closed her open mouth around Ginger’s cunt, and began to suck. She drew out the come juice her son had spurted, swallowing mindlessly. She sobbed in passion as her tongue snaked into the hot tight cunt. She licked and sucked, pulling the come juice from Ginger’s cunt into her mouth, swallowing hungrily. She felt her niece’s clitoris throbbing at her upper lip and then Ginger grabbed the back of her head and smashed her cunt into her mouth hard.

“Ooooo, suck me, Aunt Carol!” Ginger wailed. “Suck my pussy! Ooooo, your tongue goes as deep as Roger’s cock, almost! Oooo, use your tongue up my pussy, my cunt! Suck my cunt, Aunt Carol!”

Roger was almost beside himself as he saw what his mother was doing. His cock reared up into full hardness once more, and Ginger grabbed it with one hand, still pressing the back of Carol’s head with the other.

Roger fucked his cousin’s tight fist, staring at his mother’s face buried between Ginger’s thighs.

“Eat her, Mother!” he grunted. “Suck her cunt good, Mother!”

Carol was thrilled to feel a soft, hot cunt in her face. She lapped her tongue in and out, licking from the very bottom of the tight pussy slit, up along the puffy little cunt lips, then about Ginger’s knotted clitoris. She sucked at Ginger’s clitoris, bringing peals of ecstasy bubbling from her niece’s throat. She sucked and licked so eagerly, she found her tongue sliding from Ginger’s clitoris, down the hot cunt and almost into the tight crack of her small asshole.

Ginger, squealing with ecstasy, lifted her legs and drew them up and back, lifting her cunt into Carol’s face. Carol found her nose pressing into the little pussy as her tongue scooted downward. She tasted the hot pucker of Ginger’s asshole and, with a groan, began to lick in a frenzy, mindlessly. She shivered with rapture, amazed at what she was doing.

Roger fucked his cock in his cousin’s hand, staring hotly at his mother’s face almost concealed in Ginger’s crotch. He wanted his cock in a nice hot, wet place. Removing his cousin’s fist from his cock, he moved behind his mother.

Carol felt her son lifting her skirt, and drew her ass up. She was leaning now into Ginger’s cunt, sucking hungrily as her son pulled her panties down off her rounded ass to her thighs. She arched her pussy backwards, offering it to her son.

Roger fucked his cock to his mother’s cunt. “Oohhh, Mother!” Roger whined as his cock was enveloped in the wet heat of her pussy. “I’m gonna fuck you good!”

Carol waggled her ass for him, her tongue flying up and down Ginger’s hot young pussy. She licked frantically at the soft, sugary cunt and wiggled her ass when her son fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. Being fucked by him as she sucked Ginger’s cunt sent ripples of rapture though her.

Roger grabbed his mothers hips, fucking his cock into her cunt hard and deep. He fucked at her pussy so hard from behind, he was smashing his mother’s into Ginger’s cunt. Carol loved it, grunting as her son fucked the breath from her lungs. She slammed her naked ass back, making slapping sounds with the creamy ass cheeks. She tongue fucked her niece with a wicked, swift tongue, sliding her hands down to the grinding sweetness of Ginger’s tight ass cheeks.

“Ooooo, suck me!” Ginger squealed. “Suck my cunt, Aunt Carol! Oooooo, your tongue goes so deep! Suck my pussy… suck me hard! Oh, make me come, Aunt Carol!”

Ginger’s eye wobbled and rolled as she tried to focus them on her cousin, wanting to see him fucking his mother from behind. She clutched at her aunt’s head with both hands again, grinding her boiling cunt powerfully at the sucking mouth.

Wet sounds came from Roger’s cock as he fucked in and out of his mother’s squeezing pussy. Juicy sounds came from Carol’s mouth as she lapped and licked and sucked at Ginger’s boiling pussy. Ginger gurgled and sobbed as she shot her cunt hard and brutally into her aunt’s face. The harder Ginger smashed her cunt into her mouth, the better Carol loved it. She felt her son’s cock throb between the slippery lips of her cunt, and moved a hand down to his swinging balls, rubbing them at her swollen clit as he fucked his cock up her pussy. She cried out with rapture, trying to suck every inch of her niece’s sugary cunt into her mouth, wishing she could swallow it down her throat the way she could her son’s cock.

Roger grunted and moaned with the sensation of his mother’s hot, wet cunt clutching his cock. He dug his hands into her twisting, churning hips, pulling back on them as he fucked his prick into her. His balls swung back and forth.

Moaning softly with erotic hunger, Carol thrust her tongue hungrily into Ginger’s juicy cunt, tasting the come juice her son had spurted in earlier, sucking with her open mouth.

Her mind was spinning with ecstasy. Although this had not been one of her specific fantasies, it was wonderful. The feel of a hard cock — her son’s young, hard cock-fucking her from behind as she sucked and licked greedily at a succulent cunt excited her tremendously. Her niece’s cunt was tastier than she had imagined a pussy would be. The taste sent ripples of delight about her smooth flesh, the scent so heady it made her weak with desire. The way Ginger clung to her head, grinding her sweet pussy into her mouth was beautiful to Carol. The more vigorously Ginger slammed her pussy at her lips, the better Carol loved it. Her tongue darted deeply, feeling the hairless cunt grip with flexing movements, almost as if Ginger’s lovely pussy was sucking at her tongue.

“Oooo, Mother!” Roger groaned from behind her. “Your cunt is burning my cock up, Mother! Oh, you’re so fucking wet!”

Carol moved her mouth out of Ginger’s pussy long enough to whimper. “Fuck that wet cunt, darling! Oh! Roger, fuck my mother’s hot, wet cunt!”

Ginger swung her legs up and over Carol’s head, closing her hot little thighs tight about her aunts face. “Suck me, Aunt Carol!” she squealed. “Oh, please, don’t stop now! I’m about to come, Aunt Carol! Put your tongue back in my pussy, Aunt Carol! Ooooo, you’re about to make my clit come!”

Carol rushed her mouth back to Ginger’s bubbling cunt, her tongue darting in and out, flicking up and down the swollen bud of her rigid clitoris. The hard knot was small on her tongue, but ever so sensitive. Each time her tongue lapped over Ginger’s clitoris, the girl’s small body would jerk almost violently, and Ginger would wail with ecstasy. Carol loved the tightness of those slim thighs wrapped about her head, holding her, feeling those small feet on her back. She loved the feeling of her face buried into the sugary, wet cunt while her son fucked her in the cunt powerfully, loved the wet sounds they made, the sensations that flooded her body. She sucked at Ginger’s bubbling cunt hungrily as her cunt started throbbing with more power around her son’s plunging cock. Her own clitoris, longer and larger than Ginger’s, was being smacked by her son’s loaded balls with each inward stab. The hairy lips of her pussy were fiery and wet, clutching her son’s cock with spasms. She was very close to orgasm.

“I’m gonna come, Aunt Carol!” Ginger cried, her voice thick and filled with rapture. “Oooo, my cunt, my cunt! You’re gonna make me come, Aunt Carol! Suck me… tongue-fuck me! My pussy is gonna… ohhhhh, I’m coming, Aunt Carol!”

Carol felt the contractions of her niece’s sweet cunt clutching at her buried tongue. She grabbed Ginger by her small, thrashing ass, lifting the hairless crotch tight into her mouth, sucking with hot whimpers of joy. Her own cunt was starting to swell with a swiftly rumbling orgasm. She shook her upright ass in a frenzy as her lips sucked at Ginger’s convulsing cunt.

“Here it comes, Mother!” Roger grunted, fucking his cock hard and deep into her cunt. “Tm gonna come… gonna blow your fucking cunt apart!”

Carol felt her pussy exploding around her son’s throbbing prick. Then the hot splashes of his come juice flooded the velvety walls of her steaming pussy. The feel of her son shooting his wonderful come juice into her cunt and Ginger’s pussy gripping at her fucking tongue sent Carol into a shattering orgasm. Mindless with rapture, Carol moved her hand off Ginger’s ass and reached between her thighs. She clutched at her son’s writhing balls, holding them tightly to her contracting clitoris, feeling them empty as he gushed into her thirsty cunt. Her other hand clutched a small cheek of Ginger’s ass, her middle finger between the hot ass crack. She rubbed at her niece’s tiny asshole furiously, making Ginger gurgle and come a second time.

With a heavy sigh, Roger pulled his prick from his mother’s cunt. Sitting on the floor, gasping with exhaustion. He looked up his mother’s thighs, at her cunt, the pussy hair now drenched. He saw the pink lips of her pussy through the frame of dark-blonde hair. Slightly above, he noticed his mother’s asshole.

Impulsively, Roger shoved his face into his mother’s ass, darting his tongue against it.

Carol cried out in pleasure when she felt her son’s tongue licking a wet circle about her tender asshole. She ran her tongue about the wet lips of Ginger’s cunt until her niece finally calmed down.

“Roger, lick my ass, baby! Ooooo, lick Mother’s asshole! I’ve never felt a tongue on my asshole before and it feels so good, baby! Ohhhh, suck Mother’s hot hole!”

Ginger loosened her thighs and let them fall from Carol’s shoulders. Sitting up and looking past her aunt, seeing Roger’s face pressed into the crack of his mother’s shapely ass, she giggled wickedly.

“Eat Mother’s asshole,” Carol whined, wiggling her pretty ass into her son’s face. “Lick me right on it fucking asshole!”

But Roger pulled his face away, laughing and giggling.

“Oh, you little shit!” Carol squealed playfully. “You could have made me come again, damn it. Why didn’t you keep licking my asshole, Roger?”

Carol turned and sat on the floor, leaning back against the couch, her beautiful face radiant. She drew her knees up, resting her chin on them, hugging her legs to her tits, smiling happily. Her hairy cunt poached from her thighs.

“I had to stop licking you in the ass, Mother,” he said, then grinned lewdly. “It tasted like shit!”

“You little liar,” Carol giggled. “It did not taste like shit. I just had a very nice, very hot bath, and you know it.”

Ginger drew her feet beneath her, sitting on them. She seemed quite at ease, naked with her aunt and cousin. “What did it feel like, Aunt Carol?” she asked. “Getting licked in your ass, I mean?”

Carol turned her head. “Want to see?”

“Youd lick my ass?” Ginger asked.

“Honey, you’re so fucking sweet, I’d lick you anywhere,” Carol replied, pressing her lips to her niece’s knees. “All you have to do is point, and I’d lick.”

“What about me, Mother?” Roger said. “I’m here, too.”

“You too.” Carol smiled. “Both of you. I’d lick and suck and fuck the two of you anytime, anywhere.”

“Then why do you have your clothes on?” Ginger asked. “Me and Roger don’t.”

“You want to see me naked?” Carol teased. “You want to see me, your proper aunt, all naked?”

Ginger nodded, her young eyes glowing. “Sure, why not?”

Carol laughed softly. She opened her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders, her flawless tits exciting Ginger. She unzipped her skirt and scooted it beneath her ass, then off her legs. She leaned back on the front of the couch and parted her long, creamy thighs, letting her hairy cunt be exposed to them. She ran her fingers through the hair of her pussy, opening the cunt lips for them. With her niece and son watching, Carol fondled her cunt, dipping a finger in and out, rubbing at her clitoris.

“You two like to see this?” she asked, her voice husky with erotic emotion. “You enjoy seeing me without clothes on, playing with my cunt?”

“Oh, yes, Aunt Carol!”

“I see you do it all the time, Mother,” Roger bragged.

“You do not,” Carol replied, pulling up on her cunt to make her clit stand upright. “Sometimes I stop to eat and sleep.”

“Hardly ever,” Roger laughed.

“Listen, you little motherfucker,” Carol said then laughed. “I guess you are a motherfucker, arent you?”

“I seem to be,” Roger agreed.

“And a [missing text]!” Ginger squealed. “Don’t forget you fuck me, too, Roger.”

Roger turned onto his side, getting to his hands and knees and starting to stand up but Carol grabbed his hips, and before he knew what his mother was up to, Carol buried her face into his ass, her tongue licking at the tight heat of his asshole.

“Suck it. Mother!” Roger grunted, slamming his ass into his mother’s face. “Suck my asshole and you’ll make my cock hard!”

Ginger gurgled and climbed off the couch. She leaned down and watched her aunt’s tongue circling the tight asshole of her cousin, and pressed her lips to one ass cheek. “Let’s both lick him, Aunt Carol.”

Carol pulled her face back. Ginger, with a little squeal of lewd pleasure, shoved her tongue from the base of Roger’s spine to his asshole. Roger yelped as his cousin licked directly into his asshole. He felt his mother’s hands slide up inside his thighs and grasp his balls. Ginger’s hot little tongue swirled and probed into his ass. Carol ran her tongue to her son’s balls, licking up past them to his asshole once more. She rolled her tongue tightly, and pressed it hard upon her son’s asshole. Roger yelped as his mother’s tongue moved past the tight ass ring, going almost an inch up his ass. His cock jerked and his balls drew in tight. Ginger saw where Carol’s tongue went and giggled in her sweet, lewd way.

“Lick him in the ass, Aunt Carol,” she whimpered. “Fuck Roger up his asshole the way you do my cunt!”

“Mother, you wanna make me come all aver the fucking floor?” Roger groaned, arching his ass into his mother’s face. “Stick your tongue up my hole and I’ll squirt on the fucking floor!”

“No you won’t!” Ginger cried out throatily. She wiggled and squirmed beneath him, her face below his hardening cock. Roger found himself gazing into his cousin’s hairless cunt, the cunt his mother had just sucked almost dry. Moaning as his mother rammed her tongue in and out of his asshole, Roger shoved his hands under Ginger’s small ass, cupping the compact ass cheeks. He lifted her crotch and shoved his mouth to her cunt. When he started licking and sucking at Ginger’s grinding pussy, he felt his cousin’s tongue licking at the head of his rounded, swollen cock.

Ginger shoved her hands to Roger’s ass, pulling the ass cheeks wide for her aunt. Her sparkling eyes looked up past his dangling balls, watching as her aunt ran her tongue in and out of Roger’s asshole. Her own tongue licked eagerly at the smooth head of her cousin’s cock, tasting the juices that started to drip out of his piss hole. She closed her hot little lips about the head of Roger’s cock and began to suck, her tongue swirling in constant motion on the sensitive tip.

Roger sucked and licked at his cousin’s cunt, stabbing his tongue in the way his mother had just done. Carol drew her tongue out of her son’s asshole and peered down at Ginger sucking on the head of Roger’s cock. She moaned with heat.

“Ooooo! Ginger, you suck his sweet cock off, and I’ll tongue-fuck him up his hot little asshole!”

Carol shoved her tongue from her lips, licking at the shaft of her son’s cock, tasting the stretching lips of her niece below. While Ginger sucked the head of his cock, Carol licked the prick shaft and on his balls. Taking her son’s balls into her mouth, she sucked them hard, making Roger grunt into Ginger’s bouncing cunt. His tongue delved deeply, tasting the sweet freshness of Ginger’s young, hairless pussy. His cock throbbed in Ginger’s mouth.

Carol sucked at her son’s balls awhile then lifted her face to his ass again. She placed her hands on Ginger’s and pulled the cheeks of her son’s ass wide open. The asshole winked at her.

Roger’s body shook with what was happening to him. His mother’s tongue ran in and out of his asshole, and Ginger was sucking powerfully on the head of his cock. He could hardly stand it as he sucked and tongue fucked his cousin. He was about to come again, and so soon after flooding his mother’s hairy pussy.

Ginger gave a loud, muffled squeal, slamming her steamy little cunt hard into Roger’s face. The convulsions that rumbled through her pussy were strong, making those pink, sugary lips suck and clutch at his buried tongue. With his mother’s tongue reaming into his tight asshole, Roger didn’t stand much of a chance. He groaned into his cousin’s cunt, and his cock throbbed.

Ginger pulled her mouth off his prick, wanting to lick about with her tongue just as Roger came. She squealed in surprise as the hot, thick come juice splashed down into her face. For a moment she was too surprised to do anything, then she closed her lips about the piss hole, and sobbed as the thick come juice gushed time and again into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow at first, and her mouth filled until come juice seeped from the corners of her lips. Then she began to swallow, the come juice burning down her throat. She slammed her exploding cunt into Roger’s face, grinding in a frenzy of erotic rapture.


Carol laughed when she saw her niece’s face.

“You couldn’t swallow it all?” she asked.

“I almost choked,” Ginger said, starting to wipe her lips.

“Wait, let me,” Carol said.

She held her niece by the shoulders. Roger turned in time to see his mother’s tongue licking at Ginger’s lips, cleaning the small mouth of come juice.

“Mmmmmnm!” Carol mewled when she finished. “I love that taste. I can’t get enough of it! Come juice is the most wonderful, sweetest taste in the world.”

“I kinda like it, too,” Ginger said. “I don’t know why I never thought of sucking Roger’s cock before.”

“You didn’t fuck him until today!” Carol reminded her niece.

“Because we were afraid we’d be caught,” Roger said. “Me and Ginger sure did wanna fuck, I can tell you that.”

“Well, you’re caught,” Carol said. “Caught good! So fuck all you want, and suck, too if you want. But one thing — I have to be included. I won’t have you two hot little kids around here fucking and sucking each other without me. You hear, both of you?”

Roger and Ginger nodded their heads, both giggling.

Carol got to her feet, stretching, arms above her head. Her tits thrust outward sweetly, her ass arching. Her legs were parted slightly, and her cunt peeked through the thick hair.

“Hey, we don’t have to always fuck here you know. Who said we have to hide in a fucking house to screw?”

“We can’t fuck outside, Mother,” Roger said. “Someone would see us, maybe Ginger’s folks.”

“We can’t let that happen, can we?” Carol said. “But I know a nice place we can use. Tall trees, soft grass, and lots of sunshine. Anyone like to have a picnic?”

“Picnic? Aw, come on, Mother,” Roger protested.

“I don’t mean that kind of picnic, you nut,” Carol laughed. “I’m talking about a place to fuck in the sun and air and listen to the birds and… you know, real nature fucking?”

Ginger jumped to her feet, wiggling with excitement. “Really, Aunt Carol? Will we be alone? I mean, there won’t be anything to stop us, anyone to see us, will there?”

“Would you really care if someone saw you with Roger’s cock up your little cunt. Ginger?”

“Not really,” Ginger giggled.

“Then what about it, kids?”

“I’m game,” Roger said.

“I knew you would be, baby,” Carol said, grabbing her son’s cock and balls as he stood up. “You only pretend you’re afraid someone will see us, but you really don’t give a fuck either.”

Roger grinned at his mother, closing a hand about her tit and making her nipples thrust out. He leaned in sucking. Ginger molded Carol’s other tits, running her hot little tongue about it her eyes hot as she watched Roger suck the other tit.

“Oohhh, you two are so wonderful!” Carol squealed, hugging her son and niece tightly to her naked body. She clutched her sons ass, her other hand digging into the tightness of Ginger’s sweet ass letting them suck on her tits awhile, feeling the tingles all the way her cunt.

“You better stop for awhile. If you two keep sucking on my tits, we won’t get any further than this room!”

With childish laughter, Roger and Ginger released Carol.

Ginger grabbed her cousin by his cock, pulling.

“That’s enough right now,” Carol said. “Let’s all clean up and drive out to this place. Then we can get it on again.”

After showering, Carol dressed in a pair of very tight, short shorts, a pair she had bought a few months ago and hadn’t had the nerve to wear. Now she wanted to wear them, wanted Ginger and Roger to see as much of her lovely body as possible in public. She wrapped a tiny halter about her shapely tits and put sandals on her feet. Roger wore a fresh pair of cut-offs.

Ginger had used a pair of scissors on her sunsuit. Since she had no clothes at her aunt’s house, she had to put her sunsuit back on. But she had cut the crotch out of it, fastening it together with a safety pin.

“What’s that for, honey?” Carol asked.

“So Roger can get to my cunt easier,” Ginger giggled, wiggling her cute little ass.

“God, baby! You’re such a naughty little girl!” Carol said.

“I am, arent I?” Ginger giggled again. “Don’t you like me naughty, Aunt Carol?”

“I love it, you little hot cunt!” Carol said, hugging her niece tightly for a moment. “If only I had known about all this before. Look at the fun I’ve missed.”

“You won’t miss anymore, Mother,” Roger said, sliding his hand over his mother’s tightly clad ass, giving her a playful squeeze. “You have a nice ass, Mother. I bet it’s hot and tight and…”

“Roger, are you saying you want to fuck your mother’s ass?” Carol pretended shock. “You really want to fuck your mother’s ass?”

“Well, next to your cunt and the blowjobs you give me, I bet your asshole is the next best place.”

“Roger!” Carol exclaimed, still pretending to be shocked. “You wouldn’t, not really, would you? You wouldn’t try to fuck me, your own mother, up the ass, would you?”

“Try me!” He grinned up at her. “Just be careful how you bend over, Mother.”

Ginger stood listening to them, her eyes huge.

“Aw, Aunt Carol,” she said. “You’re not really gonna let Roger fuck you in your ass, are you? That might hurt, really hurt!”

Carol ran her hand over the front of her son’s shorts, her eyes taking on a hot glow.

“Why not?” she said in a throaty voice. “It’s the only hole I have left. Besides, I can stick my finger real deep in my asshole, and I don’t think Roger’s cock would hurt at all.”

“Will you let me fuck you in the ass, Mother?” Roger asked, his own eyes wide now. “I was just teasing, but can I, Mother? Can I fuck you in the ass? Right up your tight asshole?”

Carol kissed her son’s cheek, squeezing his cock and balls through his cut-offs.

“Why not? It might be fun.”

He reached for her ass, but Carol danced away.

“Not now!” she said. “We have someplace to go, remember? You and Ginger can sit in back, and we’ll put the top down on the car.”

Roger and Ginger helped put the top down, then climbed into the narrow back seat. Carol moved under the wheel, backing the car to the street. As she drove, with the sun burning on her body, she felt free of inhibitions — the need to fantasize.

She glanced into the view mirror. Ginger had her head down in Roger’s lap, and Carol had to turn around to see what she was doing, although she knew already. She saw Ginger had taken Roger’s cock from the fringed legs of his cut-offs, and was licking her hot little tongue about the head of his prick.

“Don’t you care if someone sees you licking his cock, Ginger?” Carol asked.

“No,” Ginger said, sliding her tongue about the smooth head of Roger’s cock.

Carol shivered and glanced around. There was hardly any traffic and the danger of Ginger being seen was very remote.

“This time I’m not gonna choke,” Ginger said. “This time I’m gonna get all Roger’s come juice down my throat.”

Carol found it difficult to drive. She wanted to watch Ginger sucking her sons cock. She dropped one hand off the steering wheel and reached between her legs, pressuring her cunt. She kept looking over her shoulder at Ginger.

Ginger drew her knees underneath her body, causing her tight little ass to lift into the air. The safety pin had been removed, Carol noticed, and the hair less pink flesh of Ginger’s cunt flashed in the sunlight. Ginger gurgled as she stuffed half of Roger’s cock into her mouth, her tongue licking as she waggled her uplifted ass.

“Ooooo, baby, baby,” Carol moaned from the front seat. “Suck him off, Ginger! Suck Roger’s cock off, make him came in your hot, sweet mouth! Drink his fucking come juice down, baby! Ooohhh, I want to stop this fucking car and climb back there and help you!”

Ginger made gulping sounds as her small mouth moved up and down, her lips very stretched around Roger’s cock. Her tight ass was almost exposed over the side of the car and even that excited Carol. The sounds Ginger made told her of the hunger the little girl had. She could imagine the way Ginger’s tongue licked and swirled about Roger’s cock. She worked a finger into the tight crotch of her shorts, finding her cunt bubbling and wet. She poked her finger at her clitoris, steering carefully with the other hand. Lifting her finger to her mouth, Carol licked at the juices of her own cunt.

“Suck his cock!” she moaned, shoving her finger back to her pussy. “Suck his prick good, baby! Ooooo, suck that hard cock, Ginger! Make him come in your sweet little mouth! Oh, I wish I had it in my mouth!”

Roger arched his cock upward, trying to fuck deep into his cousin’s tight mouth. Ginger’s lips pulled hard, her mouth hot and wet and sending tremors of ecstasy through his balls. He rested his hand on top of Ginger’s head, but with a light touch. He squirmed his ass on the seat of the car, moaning softly with pleasure.

“Take his balls out!” Carol hissed. “Pull Roger’s balls out of his shorts so I can see them, Ginger.”

Ginger’s small hand slipped into the shorts, and she pulled Roger’s balls free. She let them rest in her palm as she sucked on his cock, making hungry, wet sounds.

“Ohhhh, shit!” Carol whimpered, thrusting her hips forward so she could get her finger up her burning pussy. “I want to taste his cock, too, damn it! It’s so hard to sit here, drive this fucking car, and fuck myself and watch you two little fuckers! It makes me so hot, makes my cunt so fucking wet!”

“Park the fucking car, Mother!” Roger groaned. “Park the fucking car and watch, then?”

“I can’t!” Carol wailed. “There’s no place to stop here!”

Ginger gurgled and almost strangled herself on her cousin’s cock. She went down so fast and hard, the rounded prick head almost penetrated her tight young throat. She recovered swiftly and bobbed her pretty little, face up and down, making sure she didn’t suck more than half into her mouth.

Roger groaned as Ginger’s wet tongue licked about the head of his cock. He felt the need to piss, and fought against the urge to do so into her mouth. If it had been his mother sucking him, he would have given in and pissed. But he didn’t know if Ginger would go for something as wild as that.

“Oh, God!” Carol yelped. “I’m coming! My cunt is coming… and I can’t hardly drive this fucking car! Suck his cock, Ginger! Suck his little balls dry! Make him come in your cocksucking throat, baby! Ooooo! My cunt is on fire and my finger is so deep and I’m coming so fucking hard and fast!”

“I’m gonna came, Ginger!” Roger yelled. Ginger made a gurgling sound and began to suck on the head of his cock as hard as she could, greedy and hungry.

The first squirt came roaring from his piss hole, splashing at the back of her throat. Ginger’s eyes popped wide open with surprise to feel his cock coming into her mouth. Before she could swallow, he squirted again. Her checks seemed to balloon outward. Her tongue raced about his piss hole as her throat started working. The thick come juice was hot, burning at her throat. She gulped wetly.

“Take it! Take it!” Carol shouted, her own cunt squeezing at her finger. She scooted her ass forward on the seat until she was almost lying and driving at the same time. “Suck that cock, Ginger! Swallow my sons sweet come juice! Eat it up, baby!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Ginger whimpered, swallowing as fast as she could, but still losing the creamy juice. She drew her lips up on Roger’s cock until she had them just around his piss hole. She sucked as hard as she could, drawing the hot come juice across her tongue. She could swallow better now and managed to take the rest of his boiling come juice down her throat.

“I lost some!” she wailed when Roger finished coming.

“Lick it up!” Carol urged.

Ginger shot her tongue about her cousin’s cock and balls, lapping up the come juice she had lost. She licked at Roger’s balls, cleaning him. When she finished, she sat up on the seat, giggling naughtily. “I’ve got come juice all over my hand, Aunt Carol!”

“Give it to me!” Carol hissed. “Let me taste it!”

Ginger shoved her hand over the seat, and Carol grasped her niece’s wrist, her tongue licking at the palm, tasting her son’s delicious come juice. She licked Ginger’s palm thoroughly clean, then pushed her finger back into her cunt. She fucked her finger in and out a few times then lifted it. She shoved her glistening finger over the seat.

“Taste me, Ginger,” she said. “Have a taste of my cunt.”

“Oh, yes!” Ginger pulled her aunt’s finger into her mouth, sucking and licking, tasting the cunt juices. “Mmmmm, you taste as good as Roger’s cock, Aunt Carol!”

“You think that tastes good, Ginger?” Roger said, tucking his cock and balls into his shorts. “You should suck the juice from my mother’s cunt. That tastes better yet!”

“Oh, baby, don’t put your cock back inside,” Carol said. “Let it stay out so we can see it.”

“I’d like to suck your cunt, Aunt Carol,” Ginger said, giggling again.

“You’ll get hair in your fucking mouth, too,” Roger laughed. “I always do.”

He leaned back, his cock exposed to the sun. Ginger leaned over the seat, dropping her arms across Carol’s shoulders. Carol turned her head, and Roger watched them kiss. Ginger cupped her aunt’s rounded tits, squeezing them and pressing her tongue into Carol’s mouth. Carol sucked at her niece’s tongue, mewling in pleasure while Ginger fondled her naked tits. They were well out of the traffic areas now, and not another car was on the road.

“Take my titties out, Ginger,” Carol said softly. “Take my fucking tits out so I can feel the sun on them!”

Her halter dropped away and she sat driving the car naked from the waist up. She felt very, very happy and free, driving along almost naked, with her niece leaning over and caressing her tits, pulling and twisting at her nipples sweetly. She noticed, in the mirror, her son sat in the back seat with his cock out, sliding his hand up and down hip cousin’s thighs under the cut-open sunsuit. A tremor of erotic pleasure went through Carol’s body. Roger ran his hand under Ginger’s sunsuit, shoving it over her tight little ass. He stroked the flesh, looking at the sweet ass cheeks. He couldn’t resist leaning forward to kiss his cousin’s ass. Pressing his lips to one fine cheek, he slipped the tip of his tongue over the skin.

“Ooooo, Roger is kissing my ass,” Ginger cooed, digging her fingers into her aunt’s firm tits. “He’s licking on my ass! Aunt Carol.”

“Shake it for him, honey,” Carol replied, flashing her niece a grin. “Shake your pretty little ass right in his face!”

Ginger, squealing in delight, cupped and held Carol’s naked tits tightly, wiggling her pretty ass into Roger’s face. Roger lapped the flat surface of his tongue up and down tasting the sweetness of the tight ass. He probed the tip of his tongue past the crack, bringing a gurgle of pleasure from Ginger as his tongue-tip scraped the tiny ring of her tight asshole.

“Oh, Roger, lick me there!” Ginger gurgled, wiggling her ass into his face. “Lick my asshole, Roger!”

“Oh, God!” Carol purred. “You two are so fucking hot!”

She pulled the car into the stand of trees, already shaking and ready.


When the car stopped, Carol slipped out the door.

Ginger was leaning over the seat, her head hanging down, pretty ass in the air. She had her feet on the seat in back, parted around Roger. Roger had his face buried into his cousin’s sweet ass, his tongue lapping from her cunt to her asshole, poking into the juicy pussy a few times then licking up to try and penetrate Ginger’s asshole. Ginger wiggled and gurgled.

Carol stood watching them, feeling her cunt pulsating wildly inside her tight shorts. The air was warm, and the sounds of birds could be heard in the trees. The grass was soft and lush, the small clearing concealed by the tall trees from the road.

It was her place, her private place, where she had been coming with her fantasies, a place she could be alone without prying eyes.

Now she was there with her son and niece. She fumbled with the zipper at the back of her tight shorts. The sun and air on her skin felt good, warm, erotic. Her tits jiggled slightly as she peeled her shorts down, stepping out of them. She left her sandals on. Standing up, her arms high above her head, she luxuriated in the freedom of her nakedness. Her tits strained outward, nipples pointing to the blue sky. She parted her feet and lowered a hand to her stomach, her fingers gliding down and through the thick bush of her cunt hair. Her ass shivered as she rubbed two fingers along her swollen clitoris.

Roger still had his cousin bent over the seat, still sucking and licking at the deliciously young ass. Glancing down at him, Carol saw her son’s cock standing straight up in the air. Sliding her hand over the side of the car, she gripped his cock.

“Come on, you two,” she said. “Enough ass kissing. Get out and take your clothes off. It’s wonderful to be naked here.”

Roger pulled his face out of Ginger’s ass, grinning at his mother.

“I like her ass, Mother. Ginger’s asshole is as tasty as yours!”

“You horny little fuck-face,” Carol grinned, pulling at his cock. “Get out of the car and take those stupid shorts off. Feel the wind and sun on your precious balls. You’ll love it, baby. You too, Ginger. Come on, both of you.”

Ginger stepped from the car, pulling at her sunsuit. She looked around, pleased. The distant sound of a passing car could be heard. “Are you sure no one else comes here, Aunt Carol?”

“Pretty sure!” Carol said, watching Ginger twisting out of her sunsuit. “But what if someone did come? Does it worry you?”

Ginger looked back toward the road, then giggled. “Not me!” she said.

Carol laughed. “You’re just a little showoff!”

Ginger turned her compact ass toward her aunt and waggled it saucily.

“I don’t know whether to slap it or lick it,” Carol said, running her tongue over her lips. “A little of both, I think.”

“It’s better to lick,” Roger said, coming out of the car.

Carol stood leaning against the front fender of the car, watching her son step out of his cut-offs. Seeing him there, at her private place, undressing so willingly increased the burning sensation between her thighs. His cock stood out in full hardness, his sweet and hairless balls dangling below. She gazed at his balls, wondering at them. He came so fucking much! His balls hardly emptied before they seemed full again, loaded with come juice.

Ginger walked around the clearing, exploring, bending to look at some unusual wild flower. Carol watched her, her eyes roaming about the tightness of her niece’s lovely naked ass, those slim thighs.

“Open your pussy for me, Ginger,” Carol whispered, stroking one of her own tits. “Let me see your juicy little cunt, baby.”

Ginger giggled and parted her legs. She shoved her boyish hips forward and with both hands, pulled the pink lips of her cunt open. Her small clit stuck out. Carol’s eyes began to smolder with heat, her tits lifting as her breathing increased. She gazed at the succulent cunt as Roger moved up to her, sliding his hand down his mother’s stomach, feeling through the thick tangle of her cunt hair. Carol let out a soft sob of anticipation and placed her hand on the back of his, shoving it between her thighs and cupping his fingers to her pulsing, wet cunt.

“I’m getting hungry,” Carol whispered throatily, gazing at Ginger’s sugar-sweet cunt. “Oh. Roger, feel my pussy! Play with Mother’s cunt. I’m getting hungry for Ginger’s pussy!”

Carol dropped a hand to her son’s cock, closing her fingers, squeezing as she began to jack. Straightening up, she twisted until Roger was standing behind her. Facing her niece, her eyes devouring the naked sweetness, she ran the swollen head of her son’s cock up and down the hot crack of her ass. Roger leaned back, looking down, watching his mother slide the head of his cock up and down, the head between the cheeks of her rounded ass.

“Qoooo, that feels good, Roger,” Carol mewled as she arched her ass back into him. The head of his cock pressed at the tight pucker of her asshole.

Roger was just short enough to stand behind his mother and probe the heat of her asshole with the head of his cock without bending his knees.

“Ohhhbh, what are you doing?” Carol whimpered, wiggling her ass.

“I’m gonna stick my cock in your ass, Mother!” Roger grunted, pressing harder. “I’m gonna shove my cock right up your hot asshole!”

Ginger stood watching, still holding the sweet lips of her young cunt wide apart. Her big eyes were burning as she watched.

“Are you gonna let him put it in your ass, Aunt Carol?” she asked, excitement in her voice. “Really? Are you gonna let Roger stick his cock up your asshole, Aunt Carol?”

“Ooooo, if he wants to,” Carol purred, “If he wants to fuck his cock up my ass, I’ll let him.”

Ginger rubbed at her pussy as she moved toward them, coming closer. She peered around Carol’s hip then dropped down to the soft grass in front of her aunt. Carol opened her legs, almost squatting. Ginger giggled as she looked into her aunt’s cunt, seeing the puffy, wet lips surrounded by that curling hair. She dipped her face, and saw Roger’s cock pressing into the crack of Carol’s wiggling ass.

“Ooooo, God!” Carol sobbed with pleasure. “Oh, Ginger, suck my cunt! Kiss my hot pussy, baby!”

Ginger pulled her finger away replacing it with her young lips.

Carol held the back of her nieces head, pulling that sweet face into her cunt. Ginger sucked at the hairy pussy lips, her tongue lapping. She shoved her hands past Carol’s hips and clutched the rounded cheeks of her aunt’s ass. She pulled them wide apart.

“Oh, Roger, push hard!” Carol cried with growing rapture. “Push your cock hard! Shove it up Mother’s asshole, baby!”

Ginger pulled her aunt’s ass cheeks wide open, her small tongue snapping in and out of Carol’s seeping cunt. Carol pulled her niece’s face harder yet into her crotch as she felt her son’s cock pushing into her asshole.

Roger was holding his breath as he worked his cock in farther. He could see the head of his cock parting the tight ring of her asshole.

“Now!” Carol cried. “All the way up my ass now, Roger!”

Roger rammed his cock forward.

“Owwww!” Carol yelped. “Owwww, damn!”

Roger paused. The head of his cock was past the burning ring of his mother’s asshole.

“More!” Carol urged. “I want all of it up my asshole! I want every fucking hard inch up my hot fucking asshole. Roger!”

Roger lunged.

“Owwww!” Carol yelled again. The sound was half pain and half delight.

Roger’s cock was deeply buried up his mother’s asshole now, and he pressed tightly, wrapping his arms about her naked waist. His hands jerked up to close about his mother’s tits.

“Oh, yes!” Carol burbled. “Now fuck me! Fuck me up the ass, Roger! Ooooo, Ginger, eat my cunt while Roger fucks my hot ass! Both of you, give it to me! Eat my cunt and fuck my asshole! Ooooohhhh, I love it! Ram it to me, Roger! Rip my asshole, my hot, tight asshole! Fuck it and bang it and… ohhhh, yes, yes!”

Carol’s asshole felt stretched so big, yet it clung to her sons cock with a fierce heat, gripping almost too tightly for him to fuck back and forth.

Ginger lapped and sucked at her cunt, her bright eyes, her nose, buried into the thick hair. Carol could feel the wicked little tongue flicking from her tingling clitoris, down and into her dripping cunt. She could feel her son’s cock throb as it slipped back and forth, the friction against her tight asshole sending trembling ecstasy through her. Her knees shook and became weak, and, if it had not been for her niece’s face buried into her crotch and her son’s cock fucking into her asshole, she would have probably fallen down, as it was, she seemed held upright by Ginger’s face and her son’s cock.

“Oh, God! Ohhhh, God!” Carol whimpered as Ginger’s tongue and her son’s cock penetrated her, sending rippling rapture through her.

Roger dug his hands into his mothers tits, fucking her in the ass vigorously. He was kissing and licking at her shoulder blades, his tongue leaving moisture on her flesh.

Ginger made wet sounds with her tongue, lapping at the fiery lips of her aunts juicy cunt. She wasn’t pulling at carol’s ass now, but was running her hands up and down Carol’s creamy smooth thighs, sliding a hand between them to feel her cousin’s balls swinging back and forth.

“Up your ass, Mother!” Roger grunted at his mother’s back. “Fucking up the asshole! You’re so tight, Mother! Your asshole is so fucking tight and it squeezes my cock so hard!”

“Yes, it does,” Carol sobbed with rapture. “Mother’s asshole is tight for your sweet, hard cock, baby! Ooooo, fuck Mother up the ass! Fuck my hot and tight asshole! I love the way your cock feels up my ass, Roger!”

She wiggled her hips, grinding her cunt into Ginger’s face and her ass into her son’s cock. The sun burned down through the trees onto their naked flesh, the air warm. Fucking in the open was exciting, erotic, and it increased the boiling hunger of Carol’s body.

“Suck… suck my cunt!” Carol wailed. “Tongue-fuck my pussy, Ginger! Roger, oh Roger… fuck my ass! My asshole is on fire, baby, and your cock is stuffing it and you two are going to make me come and I don’t want to ever stop! Ohhhhh… oh, so close! So fucking close! Faster, baby, faster! Ram it to my ass! Shove your tongue deep up my cunt, Ginger! Roger, ram it hard! Ohhhh, there, there!”

The convulsions of Carol’s orgasm sent her cunt into gripping waves of motion against Ginger’s sucking lips and licking tongue. The spasm created a tightening, sucking sensation on her son’s pumping cock. Ginger was clutching Roger’s balls in her hand as she fucked frantically at her aunt’s cunt with her greedy little tongue.

“Shoot it to me!” she cried. “Shoot that come juice up my asshole, Roger! Come in my asshole! Squirt it to my ass! Spray that fire up my asshole, honey! Come… come up Mother’s ass hole!”

Roger grunted. His mother’s asshole was gripping at his cock so tightly he couldn’t move. Carol’s asshole squeezed at the base of his cock. His balls writhed in Ginger’s hand, and, with a wild grunt, Roger gushed, sending stream after stream of hot come juice into his mother’s hungry asshole.

“Oh, turn me loose,” she sobbed softly as her orgasms faded. “Turn me loose, please! I can’t take any more! I’ll fall down if you don’t turn me loose.”

Ginger pulled her face from the hairy cunt, her flesh smeared with fuck juices. Her eyes sparkled up at her aunt, her tongue licking across her puffy lips to get the final taste of Carol’s juicy pussy. Roger slowly began to pull his drained cock from his mother’s clinging asshole.

“Ooooo,” Carol cried softly as she felt her sons cock pull from her asshole. She stood with her legs shaking, leaning against the car again for support. Her eyes were hazy and unfocused as she looked at them, a huge grin on her beautiful face: “I’ve never taken a cock up the ass before…”

“You have now, Mother,” Roger said, proud of his accomplishment. “You sure have now. Look at my cock, it’s all tiny and used up.”

Ginger lifted to her knees and cupped his cock and balls. “I can take care of that, you know,” she giggled.

“I’m sure you can,” Carol replied. “A little tongue, a little hot mouth, and his cock will be hard as ever.”

Ginger looked dubiously at Roger’s cock. “I’m not so sure I wanna have it in my mouth right now.”

Carol laughed. “Afraid you’ll get a little shit taste, huh?”

Ginger giggled and smashed her face into Roger’s cock and balls, kissing them. She pulled his cock into her small mouth, and sucked, her tongue wiggling.

“You’re right. Aunt Carol!” she said as she let his cock drop out of her mouth.

“I’m always right.” Carol said, looking around. “I’ve got to pee. I guess I can squat right here.”

Ginger giggled lewdly as she watched Carol squat, her knees wide apart. Roger fondled his cock as he watched his mother, a gleam coming in his eyes.

Carol held her shoulders up straight, her tits jutting out. She watched her son and niece as she ran her hands to her cunt. She parted the hairy pussy lips then sent a golden stream of piss hissing onto the grass. Ginger sucked in a loud hiss of air as she watched, her eyes staring at Carol’s cunt, watching the hot piss spray forth.

“Ohhhh, this feels good,” Carol said.

Roger, with the gleam growing in his eyes, suddenly sent a stream of piss toward his mother.

“Oh!” Carol cried.

Roger’s hot piss splashed the inside of her thigh then rained down onto the hair of her cunt.

“Roger! Shame on you!” Ginger said.

Roger grinned, pissing a strong stream onto his mother’s stomach and mixing with her piss. Carol ran her hand through her drenched cunt hair and mewled softly, her eyes glassy as she stared at her son’s cock.

“My tits, baby,” she hissed. “Piss on Mother’s tits!”

Roger lifted his cock, and drenched his mother’s firm tits with piss. Carol sucked in her breath as he pissed on her flesh.

“Oh, this could almost make me come again,” she purred.

Ginger stood watching, her eyes huge, feeling a strange tickling sensation between her thighs.


Carol sat facing her son and niece, her legs crossed. The grass beneath her ass tickled her cunt lightly. Roger had his legs stretched out, his hands behind him, leaning back. Ginger sat with one leg out, the other bent at the knee, her chin propped on it.

Ginger didn’t understand the strange feeling she had felt in her cunt as she watched Carol piss, with Roger pissing over her tits and into the thick hair of her cunt. She knew it excited her, but she had not expected to feel that particular heat in her pussy. Roger’s cock was standing up again.

It was impossible for him not to get a hard on, seeing his mother’s naked body, his cousin’s body. His cock strained up, prick head swollen and dripping, although it had only been perhaps half an hour since he had fucked his mother up the ass. Like Ginger, he was thinking about pissing on his mother. He knew his mother loved it, and he enjoyed pissing on her. He was anxious to find out if Ginger would like it, too. He also wanted to see what it felt like to have his cock up Ginger’s tiny asshole.

He sat upright, stroking on his cock slowly.

“You must need some pussy, honey.” Carol said softly, watching him play with his cock. “There’s no need to jack off here, not with two hot cunts available.”

“How about a blow job?” Roger asked.

“I’ll suck it off,” Ginger replied, leaning over his lap and kissing the head of his cock. Roger leaned back, spreading his legs wide and watching his cousin pull his hard-on into her mouth. As before, Ginger could only suck half his cock but what she did with that half was fantastic. Carol got on her hands and knees, shoving her face into her son’s crotch. She licked and sucked at his hairless balls.

Roger moaned in pleasure, feeling the two wet, hot mouths on his cock and balls. He shoved his hand to his cousin’s thigh, reaching up to her cunt. Ginger squealed and moved her knees toward his head. Roger pulled Ginger’s legs over his head and looked up at her sweet cunt for a moment. Then he shoved his face into her cunt. Ginger gurgled and pulled hard at his cock, her eyes glowing as she watched Carol sucking on his balls, both of them in her mouth.

“Fucking cocksuckers,” he moaned into Ginger’s pussy. “Fucking hot cocksuckers!”

Carol lifted her mouth. “If you start calling names, we won’t do this for you!” she said. Then she laughed. “I guess we are though, huh, Ginger?”

Ginger lifted her lips from his cock. “I’m a cocksucker, and I’m hot, so I guess I am a hot cocksucker, Aunt Carol.”

“Mmmmm, you and me both, baby,” Carol said. “Let me have a nice suck on that hardon.”

Roger sucked at his cousin’s cunt, lapping up the seeping fuck juices and he felt his mother and Ginger take turns sucking his cock. He shoved his nose at Ginger’s puckered little asshole, his tongue darting deep up her pussy. Ginger wiggled her crotch into his face, squealing softly when her turn came on his prick. As she swallowed half his cock, Carol went back to her son’s balls.

She lifted his hands and Roger found himself being beat double. Ginger was sifting on his face now, squirming her cunt down hotly, sucking at his prick. Roger felt his mother move his knees back, and then she was licking at his asshole.

Carol ran her tongue up her son’s asshole, his balls on her nose. She watched Ginger sucking greedily on his cock and, while tongue fucking her son in the ass, pulled and twisted at Ginger’s tight nipples.

Roger tongue fucked Ginger swiftly, breathing against her asshole. The sensation of having his cock sucked and a tongue up his ass at the same time was fantastic.

The sounds of their sucking excited them. Carol’s cunt boiled between her thighs, and she wanted to ram her finger in, but she was playing with her niece’s tiny tits, straining her tongue up her sons asshole. She gazed with smoldering delight as Ginger sucked back and forth on Roger’s cock, fucking his prick with her hungry little mouth. Carol listened to the soft moans and wet gulping sounds. She pressed her lips to his asshole, sucking hard as if trying to pull shit from him. She loved the way his asshole clutched her thrusting tongue.

Roger placed his hands beneath his cousin’s dancing ass, cupping the ass cheeks as he tongue fucked her. He began to move his tongue from her cunt to her fiery tight asshole. Ginger squealed about his cock as his tongue licked her asshole and she began to grind her ass into his mouth. Roger’s cock began to throb with more power.

Ginger, knowing the sign, sucked harder. Her tight cunt was pulsing, an approaching orgasm swelling inside her trembling stomach. She was almost sitting upright in Roger’s face and she squirmed and wiggled her cunt and ass into his sucking, licking mouth. Carol plunged her tongue as deep as she could into her son’s ass. She knew he was about to come and she began to dart her tongue in and out of his asshole swiftly, gasping hotly.

Roger groaned, his balls writhing at his mother’s nose.

His cock strained, his piss hole flaring. Ginger licked the dripping fuck juices from his piss hole, swallowing with a murmur of delight. Her lips tightened on his prick, the suction strong.

“Oooooooo!” Roger grunted into his cousin’s cunt and ass.

Come juice gushed into Ginger’s mouth, boiling out in squirt after squirt, thick and creamy. Ginger gulped at it hungrily, feeling it burn down her throat. The creamy juice splashed over her tongue and she caught the full taste of it. Her young cunt exploded into Roger’s mouth. Roger tasted the increased flow of fuck juices and he sucked as hard as he could while sending streams of come juice into Ginger’s mouth.

Carol made a soft, hissing sound when she felt her son’s asshole squeeze her tongue. Her eyes, glazed in passion, watched as Ginger swallowed Roger’s spurting come juice, hoping some would escape those tight lips so she could lick it up. But Ginger sucked it all this time, not losing one single drop.

Her little cunt clung to Roger’s lips, flexing with steamy orgasm. She wiggled and twisted her ass into his face as she came, squealing around his prick.

“Ohhhh!” Ginger moaned, her mouth coming off his cock with a soft sucking sound. She slipped from Roger’s face and sprawled on the soft grass, her long legs opening and closing. “I came so hard!”

Carol lowered her sons ass, trailing her tongue along his crotch over his balls and finally taking his softening prick into her own mouth in the hopes of finding a last taste of his sweet, hot come juice. She nuzzled at his cock, her ass lifted in the air, swaying sensuously.

Leaving his cock, Carol licked and kissed her way up her son’s stomach, tasting his flesh. Reaching his face, she cupped his checks and kissed his lips.

“You’re so sweet, darling,” she murmured softly. “Every place I kiss you, lick you, you taste sweet. You get sweeter all the time.”

Ginger, recovered, sat up and watched her aunt and cousin. She watched Carol’s naked ass twisting as she rubbed her hairy cunt on Roger’s cock and balls, twisting. Carol spread her smooth thighs about her son’s and fucked her cunt against his cock.

“Mnimmm, I’m going to come this way,” she moaned. “I’m going to rub my cunt on your cock and come, Roger.” Ginger moved close and began to caress and fondle Carol’s squirming ass. The touch added to Carol’s delight and she smashed her cunt down onto her son’s cock hard.

“Ohhhh, I’m doing it!” she groaned. “I’m coming now.”

Ginger leaned down and scraped her tongue along the crack of Carol’s ass then dipped in deeply. She licked at Carol’s twinkling asshole, and Carol moaned as her orgasm tightened.

They all rested for a while after that.

Ginger knew what she wanted to do and she didn’t care if it hurt her. She looked at her aunt, then at her cousin. Roger was getting hard again, she saw. He should, she thought, lying there and looking at both cunts, his mother’s and hers. She watched his cock swell slowly then peered at her aunts pussy. The taste of it seemed to linger inside her mouth, along with the taste of Roger’s cock and come juice.

“I bet I know what you’re thinking. Ginger,” Carol smiled at her niece.

Ginger grinned. “You probably do, Aunt Carol.”

“You want to try it up the ass, don’t you?”

Ginger nodded. “I would!” she said, then glanced shyly down. “But there’s something else, too.”

Carol sat up. “Tell us, honey. You don’t have to be shy with me and Roger. After all we’ve done, you can’t be bashful now.”

“I know,” Ginger said, a slight flush on her pretty little face.

“Then what is it, baby?”

“Does it hurt. Aunt Carol?”

“God, no!” Carol sighed. “Oh, maybe just a little, at first. But once that cock is inside, it’s fantastic. You’ll love it, Ginger, I can almost promise that. But, honey, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. This isn’t a contest you know. You don’t have to take Roger’s cock every way I do.”

“Oh, but I wanna take it in my asshole!” Ginger said.

“Then do it, baby.”

“Will you help me, Aunt Carol?”

“Of course. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

The flush on Ginger’s face deepened.


Carol caught an inkling of what Ginger wanted. She grinned. “There’s something else, isn’t there?”

Ginger nodded.

Roger looked at his cousin with a gleam. “I bet I know what it is, Mother,” he said. “I saw how Ginger was looking down when I pissed on your tits and cunt.”

Carol stared at Ginger. “Is that it, Ginger? Do you want Roger to piss on your tities, your cunt?”

“Well…” Ginger swallowed, then nodded her head.

“What’s so bad about that?” Carol laughed throatily. “Do it.”

“I wanna…” Ginger’s flush burned on her face.

“Come on, baby,” Carol urged.

“Okay! Then,” Ginger said, lifting her shoulders bravely. “I wanna get fucked up the ass by Roger, but I wanna lick your cunt and have you lick mine at the same time and when Roger comes I want you to piss in my face.”

Carol started laughing. “You bet I will, honey.”

“Crazy fucking cunts,” Roger said, shaking his head.

“Roger, shut the fuck up,” Carol said. “You like us and you know it!” She pulled her niece toward her, smashing her tits at the girl’s tiny ones as she kissed Ginger’s hot little mouth.

“Come on, get on top of me,” Carol said, leaning back and spreading her legs wide. “Shove that pretty cunt in my face.”

With a squeal, no longer blushing, Ginger straddled her aunt’s face. Pressing her sugary cunt into Carol’s mouth, she said to Roger.

“Fuck me in my ass, Roger.” She bent over and began to suck her aunt’s pussy.

Roger, his cock throbbing hard, moved on his knees behind his cousin’s lifted ass. He watched his mother running her tongue in and out of the hairless pussy a moment, then watched Ginger’s asshole pucker. Carol, lapping hungrily, gazed at her sons cock. She slipped a hand up and pulled the swollen prick head to Ginger’s asshole.

Ginger moaned as she felt Carol rubbing the head of Roger’s cock up and down her asshole and she arched her back.

Roger gripped his cousin’s hips while his mother fitted the bulging head of his cock to the tiny ass pucker. Carol stared with hot eyes, watching as she licked Ginger’s cunt. Roger pressed, and Ginger moaned.

With a jerk of his hands, Roger pulled Ginger’s hips backward as he lunged his cock forward.

Ginger jerked her mouth out of Carol’s cunt, screaming as the burning pain sliced through her asshole.

Roger almost jerked his cock from her ass.

“No! Fuck me!” Ginger screamed. “Oh, it hurts… but fuck me anyway!”

Roger held his cock deep inside his cousin’s gripping asshole, feeling her ass squeeze his cock. Ginger stopped screaming, and buried her face frantically into Carol’s cunt, licking in a frenzy.

When Roger started fucking her in the ass, the pain seemed to go away, and then it felt very good.

Carol, with her tongue licking swiftly at the seeping pussy of her niece, watched her sons cock stab into the tight asshole an inch from her eyes. Her son’s balls rested on her forehead. She cupped Ginger’s little ass cheeks, and pulled them wide, seeing the ring of Ginger’s ass gripping Roger’s cock at the base. The sight sent ripples of erotic pleasure through her. She squirmed her cunt upward, closing her thighs about Ginger’s face, beating her hairy pussy into the young, sucking mouth. She felt her niece clutch the cheeks of her ass tightly.

Roger fucked his cock in and out of Ginger’s squeezing asshole, his balls rubbing across his mother’s forehead. He gasped and grunted, feeling himself ready to come already.

“Ginger, I gotta come now!” he yelped.

Ginger couldn’t answer, but she squealed in to Carol’s pussy. Carol shoved her cunt harder into her niece’s face, and when she felt her son’s balls unloading, she came. Her cunt convulsed into Ginger’s mouth, and she sucked powerfully at Ginger’s pussy. Ginger moaned into the juicy, hairy cunt and came, too. The boiling come juice splashing up her tiny asshole created an intense orgasm for her, stronger than she had experienced so far.

Roger strained up his cousin’s asshole, his cock gushing time and again, his face lifted to the sun, contorted with rapture. Carol felt his balls smashing at her forehead as he came, and she closed her eyes as her own orgasm faded. She began to strain differently now, trying to do what her niece wanted. As she felt herself ready to piss, she found a different taste in her mouth. For a moment she was puzzled, then realized Ginger was dribbling piss into her mouth. With a wild squeal, she sent a hot stream of her own piss out of her hairy cunt, right into Ginger’s face.

Ginger squealed as the hot piss splashed into her face, and then she opened her lips, catching Carol’s piss with her tongue. The stream became stronger as Carol sucked at the piss and Ginger lifted her drenched face to yell at Roger.

“Piss in me, Roger! Piss up my asshole!”

She opened her lips and closed them about her aunt’s pissing cunt, taking the stream into her mouth, drinking thirstily. Carol, too, was drinking the sweet, hot piss from Ginger’s cunt.

Roger, his cock still buried up Ginger’s asshole, strained to piss.

As soon as he did, Ginger cried out with perverse ecstasy.

She felt Roger pissing up her asshole, drenching her, and she wasn’t sure she could take it all. But it felt so good, she closed her asshole about his cock, sucking as she lapped at Carol’s pissing cunt. Roger found it hard to piss with Ginger’s asshole squeezing his cock. He pulled back, and Ginger protested with a moan, but his cock came free. On his knees, he held his prick and began to pits upon Ginger’s little ass, spraying her asshole, then aiming down into his mother’s face.

Carol slipped her mouth an inch or so from Ginger’s pissing cunt, but holding it so she could take the piss into her mouth. Roger, too, pissed into his mother’s mouth, giggling with excitement.

Carol began to sob with ecstasy, drinking the hot piss from her son’s cock and the beautiful, hairless cunt of her niece.

When it was over, Carol’s face and hair was soaked in piss. Ginger climbed from Carol, sprawling on her face in the soft grass, her tight ass writhing gently as she moaned and whimpered.

“My God!” Carol said, struggling to breathe. “My God!”

“Fucking cunts,” Roger whispered, sitting down.

“And you love us fucking cunts,” his mother laughed throatily. “You love to fuck us, cornhole us, get sucked by us, and you love to piss on us.”

“You bet!” he agreed.

Ginger turned onto her side, a huge grin on her pretty face. “Are we gonna piss like this all the time?”

“Anytime you want!” Carol said. Ginger threw herself on her aunt, hugging her tightly.

“Oh. I wish I could live with you and Roger.”

“You can always stay overnight,” Carol said, hugging her niece tightly and reaching out for her son. “My son and I will give you so much pleasure, you can’t stand it.”

“As long as you piss on me,” Ginger giggled.

“And me,” Carol said, cupping her son’s cock and balls. “And on me, too.”

“Piss on both of you,” Roger replied, hugging them both.

“Please do!” Carol said, knowing she wouldn’t have to fantasize ever again.

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