Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

A little over a year ago, I found myself as a sophomore in
college who worked as a receptionist at a dental office. The pay was,
to say the least, not too good. I was living at home with my parents,
brown-bagging my lunches and driving an ancient car to work and

Then, one night at my aerobics class, a woman by the name of
Sheri approached me concerning a part-time job. She said that she
loved my looks and the way I moved to the music. She then asked if I
would be interested in coming to work for her as a “party strip-o-

Of course, my immediate reaction was, “No way! What type of
girl do you think I am?” But, I thought about it for a few days and
found Sheri at the next class and spoke to her once again.

She explained to me that “her girls” told her the type of
stripping they wanted to do – anywhere from stripping down to a modest
bikini to going totally nude. She said that the men would drool at my
“All American Girl” looks, and my large (36d) breasts, tiny waist and
round, firm ass. She said that long blonde hair like mine was very
valuable in her business.

As far as I was concerned, the money the job offered was too
good to be true! So, I agreed to go out with several girls over the
next week to see what it was all about – kind of “on the job

On Friday night, I accompanied Tricia (a beautiful, tall
blonde with a knockout figure) to two separate bachelor parties. At
the first one, she dressed as a schoolteacher (glasses, suit, ruler
and pad, etc) and stripped naked to the beat of every rock song that
had the words “school” and/or “teacher” in it. She was terrific, and
the men absolutely loved her. Also included in the price of Sheri’s
“strip-o-grams” is a bottle of (cheap) champagne and a one hour
“mingle” with the guests, and both of us had a few drinks with the
guys. I was fully clothed, but Tricia was nude except for her high
heels and G-string!

After the mingle, Tricia and I went to the second party. This
time, she dressed as a nurse. Being later in the evening, this party
was a lot rowdier than the first, and the guys were all over her
during the mingle. I told her when the hour was up and that it was
time to go. She was seated on the groom-to-be’s lap and he was
nibbling on her right breast. She grinned and told me to leave; that
she would bum a ride home herself later.

On Saturday evening, I went to three birthday parties with
Allison. Allison was married and had a little daughter but still
looked great. She had a set routine. She arrived, got paid, changed,
danced (with no touchng), stripped to a modest bikini and left.
Fast, safe and professional. The only problem was that Allison,
dancing three times, didn’t make close to what Tricia did dancing
twice, not even counting tips. The difference was that Sheri charged
for each girl, depending on the clothes she kept on.

I thought about it for a week and decided to go to work for
Sheri, but agreed to strip only to a bikini. If I was forced to
confess, however, I’d have to admit I did find the thought of taking
my clothing off in front of wildly approving strangers an exhilarating

So I quit my job at the dental office and re-arranged my
college time schedule to accommodate my new profession. Most of the
work would be done at night while I attended college in the day. But
there were occasions when I had to strip in the daytime. That was
rare, though.

I spent the evenings of the next week getting my outfits
together and learning the basics for the routines.

Needless to say, within three months, I agreed to strip all of
my clothing off and dance nude. Dancing and stripping to the bikini in
front of a mixed crowd of men and women and then virtually running to
the next party, two or three times a night was crazy and no fun at
all. Getting lost for five minutes could throw all the appointments
off, and there was just very little (if any) tipping. I got jealous of
the money the two girls who did strip nude got, compared to what I

Stripping naked in front of strangers is one thing, but I
found the mingle time the hardest to deal with. Once I decided to go
nude, most of the parties I attended were all male – very rarely I
would see a woman in the room as well. Most of the functions I went to
were bachelor parties, business meetings, conventions, and some
birthday parties. The men were great 99% of the time. During the
mingle, I’d slow dance and sit on laps, and if their hands roamed, I
gently moved them away and offered a sweet, teasing smile. Usually
this was enough. But, sometimes, they would be so persistent or rough,
that I’d stand up and loudly tell them to behave. In the beginning, I
always went out with a companion, usually a guy supplied by Sheri. But
since he had to get paid, it cut into my profit and I soon learned how
to handle myself in almost all imaginable situations.

At my second bachelor party I was offered $100 to stay and
“entertain” the groom-to-be. I politely refused, but in the past I
have occasionally accepted such offers if the money and the crowd
looked okay. I know what that makes me, but I can live with that for
the time being. The money has been good enough and I’ve been busy
enough that I have my own apartment and I’m driving a brand new Ford
Mustang convertible!

The first time I let myself be bought was at a bachelor party
full of lawyers. I was shooting pool in only my string of pearls and
high heels with the groom-to-be when my escort, Todd, called me over.
The “best man” had offered Todd a hundred bucks to go home without me,
if I was agreeable to “earning a few big tips.” Todd was an old pro at
the escort game, and told me that if I ever wanted to make big money,
this was the way to do it.

I told him I had never done anything like that before, but the
money offer sure did sound lucrative. He told me that some of the
girls gave a flat fee and then took all comers at the party, or that
some charged for each individual guy. He said that if it was my first
time, I might not want to charge by the guy, and then I could stop
whenever I wanted to. I couldn’t believe I was talking to a man about
the best possible method of selling my ass off to strangers!

Todd said it was like selling cars, and that I should start
high and be willing to bargain. After a few more minutes and another
drink, I finally decided to try it. I told Todd to tell them my price
was $600 flat, cash up front. There were lots of guests at the party,
but only five of them wanted me in a sexual way. To our great
surprise, there was no bargaining! The men agreed to the price and
immediately paid up!

I made the easiest $600 of my life that night. The guys
chipped in for the groom-to-be’s share, and then the rest of the
wedding party took their turn. I even think the father of the bride
was debating it, but he chose not to join us. We went to a separate
room to get it on, and all the men behaved like gentlemen, even though
more than a few of the “non-takers” walked by or even stopped at the
door to watch the action. It was fun, and on the way out, I told
myself that it would never happen again. But I knew that it would.
And, it has. In fact, several times.

I have also had some very interesting experiences. About a
month ago, I performed in one of the most complicated set-ups to
surprise a groom-to- be. By accident of timing, the groom was hiring a
new secretary and was conducting interviews. Many of his fellow
workers fabricated a resume for me and scheduled me for an interview,
on the Friday before the wedding. I arrived dressed in my best
business dress-suit and acted quite nervous.

The office had gone out to lunch, and only about seven guys
were left by the time I got there. Doug, the future husband, was
interviewing me when his boss came over and introduced himself. He
just sat and listened until I said the key words, “I’ll do anything to
get the chance to start a career with this firm.”

Right away, the boss spoke up, “Would you show us your tits?”

Doug almost died! He started to say something to his boss, but
I stood up and said, “If that’s what it takes.”

I took off my power jacket and started to unbutton my blouse.
Doug was not protesting anymore!

As I pulled my blouse off my shoulders, I said, “I’ll do even
more for you!” With that cue, the co-workers just outside opened the
door and hit the “play” button on the portable stereo-cassette player
I brought along with me. I started my routine, and Doug knew he’d been
had – but good!

I stripped and mingled until other co-workers started
returning, and wound up going for a late lunch with the boss and two
of his office-mates. I had another appointment later that night, so
they had to settle for three expensive blow-jobs and good-bye kisses
in the company limousine.

All this is a little background for what happened last

I’m good-looking, and I put on an entertaining show. I work as
often as I want to, at least three days/nights per week. Since coming
to work for Sheri, I’ve become her best dancer, often being requested
by name, and recommended by former clients. I’m still working on a
degree at college, but since I am living such a comfortable lifestyle
with my dancing – I’m in no real hurry to attain a degree. I can do
this for years to come!

Last weekend, I was specifically requested for a second show
(which means my second, and last, show of the night) at a birthday
party in a private home. This is unusual, because parties in the home
seldom request full-nude strippers due to the mixed crowds. Anyway,
the bill was pre-paid by credit card and included a 35% tip for me – a
very heavy tip.

My first show was another bachelor party, and I stripped from
my nurse’s uniform to the nude and mingled. It was a pretty tame bunch
of guys compared to some of the parties I’d been to in the past, with
only two or three of them grabbing me in various places while dancing
with me.

I was feeling good. I had swallowed down a couple glasses of
wine and had been poked and squeezed enough to be feeling quite warm
inside. When the hour was over, I went into a bedroom to change and
asked the guy who had set the whole thing up to come along.

Here we were. I’m naked, and this good-looking guy is nervous
and all eyes. I guess I was a little horny, because I really began
teasing him, giving him great split beaver shots as I put on my
garterbelt and nylons, and asking him how everybody liked my
performance. I heard him grown as I bent over to pick up my bra, and
he was looking at my ass and pussy. I sure can be a good cockteaser!

I walked over to him and planted a big kiss on his lips. “I
want to thank you for the nice tip you collected from the guys.”

He wasn’t biting. I saw his wedding band, and his wife would
have been proud of him. His hands stayed at his side. I could feel his
cock straining against his slacks, but he remained a gentleman. More
than a little disappointed, I finished dressing into my cop outfit and
left that party a little frustrated and a lot horny.

I drove to the private home for my next gig. It was a nice,
single house in the suburbs of Los Angeles and it looked too quiet for
a party to be going on, especially since my instructions were that I
was supposed to be a police officer coming to the door to quiet things
down. Fortunately, as I approached the front door, I could hear the
stereo blasting inside. I banged loudly on the door, wanting the knock
to sound authoritative.

A kid about 15 or 16 opens the door, sees the uniform and his
eyeballs almost pop out. I’m surprised to see anyone that young at the
party and double-check the name. The kid says I have the right house,
so I walk in yelling for them to turn the music down.

The biggest shock came when I walked into the den, where the
party was. It was only three teen-age boys! I didn’t know what to do.
I know there must be a law or rule somewhere that says we cannot strip
in front of anyone under 18 or something, but I’ve never seen it, and
the question never came up with Sheri. I also know that with the fee
and tip I was making for this party, it’s too much money to simply
turn around, leave, and give a refund.

I looked at the kid who opened the door with a stiff glare.
“Officer Quigley (the fake last name I use on assignments), L.A.
County Sheriff’s Department. We’ve received several calls regarding
the loud music that is coming from this house. Where are your

“They’re out of town, Officer,” the boy said. “We’ll turn the
stereo down, we promise.”

I whipped out my nightstick and walked around the den as the
boys scurried over to the stereo to turn it down. I saw cans of
Budweiser all over the room. I knocked one empty can over, then
slapped the palm of my hand with the nightstick. “And what about these
beers?” I sternly asked. “Am I supposed to ignore three underage boys
sucking down beers?”

The first kid spoke up again. “We each just had one, Officer.
You know, to celebrate my… 16th birthday.”

Sixteen!!? I knew I was in a spot. I looked at these three
faces, considered the money and thought, “Hell, they’re just five
years younger than me. What the hell!” But I wanted to tease them just
a bit longer.

“16, huh?” came my words as I approached them. “That’s not a
good age for drinking alcohol. Do you know that you can be arrested
for this?”

Ted, the shy one, gulped and nearly keeled over when I said
that! I figured it would be cruel to lead these guys on any further.

But the birthday boy, Jeff, who had planned all of this,
looked at me and said, “We promise not to drink anymore, Officer.”

I handed a cassette tape to Jeff and said, “Put this in the
deck and turn it up.”

He looked curious, but complied. The music blasted out and I
went into my routine, and read the birthday card, just signed “a

Once the three of them saw what I was doing, they couldn’t
believe their luck, and they really got into it. They were a great
audience, enjoying every movement I made. When I was down to my
garterbelt, stockings and heels, I asked Jeff if he wanted me to
take the rest off. He replied, “Just like that is perfect!”

It was pretty sexy being with these young studs, and I was
already horny. So, I teased them at every possible opportunity!
Pressing into them as we danced, spreading my thighs as I sat down or
stood up, etc. I knew I was acting like a teen-age boys wet dream –
and I was loving it!

Finally, it was time to go and I asked Jeff to point out a
bedroom and to get my suitcase from the car. I was combing my hair in
a full length mirror when Jeff knocked and walked in with my stuff.

“You were great tonight, Ashley. I can’t tell you how much I
enjoyed your dancing.” On and on, he blabbed compliments at machine
gun speed.

I walked over to him and placed two fingers against his lips.
“Hush, Jeff.” I took my fingers away and kissed him, pushing my tongue
between his young lips and teeth. He responded with unbridled passion.

I pulled his t-shirt up and over his head and arms, baring his
smooth, hard chest. I unsnapped his jeans, pulled the zipper down and
let them fall to the floor. I wanted this young stallion, and wasn’t
about to charge him extra for it! Then, I pulled Jeff to the bed and I
laid down, reaching up for him with my arms and hands.

My pussy was soaking wet and ready for his hard cock. He was
deep inside of me in a second, and immediately began humping. “Slower,
slower, dear,” I encouraged. “We’re in no hurry.”

We settled into a rhythm, and I began to ride up the crest to
an orgasm. I was almost there as I felt Jeff tighten up and then fill
me with his hot cum. Thank goodness for birth control!

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ashley! I came too fast!”

“It’s okay, Jeff,” I told him. “It was really great while it
lasted.” My problem was that I had almost gotten there, and then he
left me hotter than ever. Jeff rolled off of me and for the first
time, I noticed Mark standing in the open doorway to Jeff’s room. “How
long have you been watching us?” was my question.

“Umm, umm, I just came up to see what was going on,” he

I was on Jeff’s bed, on my back. My legs were spread wide open
and I could feel some of Jeff’s warm cum leaking down my inner thighs.
I knew what I looked like to Mark, because he had a lump in his pants
worthy of an adult-video actor. I threw caution to the wind, and
decided to go with the moment. It wouldn’t be the first time I had
gotten it on with more than one guy at a party – it wouldn’t be the
last time, either!

I smiled up at Mark. “Why don’t you join me, too?”

It was all the coaxing he needed. His jeans and underwear were
down at his ankles and his cock was buried up my cunt in two seconds
flat! I figured right there that these boys were not much into

This time, I paced Mark to match me, pumping deeper and deeper
into my wet pussy. I was soon rising, again, getting to the climax
that had been building all night. I wrapped my legs around Mark’s
waist and slammed my hips up at his. It worked, and I was soon
experiencing a delirious orgasm, completely lost to the world and
everything in it.

When I came back down, Mark was just beginning to cum, and I
made it as good for him as I could.

I was in a glow. Jeff had stayed in the room and watched, and
now was sporting another erection. I smiled at him and said, “I’ll
take care of that, but we have to be fair. You two go downstairs and
bring Ted up.”

As I said, Ted was the shy one. Although reluctant and
apprehensive, he performed well for a virgin. He was just pulling up
his jeans when Mark yelled up that Jeff’s parents had just pulled into
the garage!

Jeff and Ted ran downstairs to hide the beer cans and I rolled
out of bed to dress. The pounding I had received from my three teen-
age studs had taken it’s toll on me, and I was moving slowly. I wasn’t
finished dressing when Jeff appeared at the door and begged me to stay
where I was until he could sneak me out.

I agreed, not wanting to get him into trouble. I suddenly felt
glad that I had parked my vehicle on the street, and not in the
driveway! I laid face-down on the floor on the far side of the room,
the bed shielding me from the door. There was an air conditioning vent
nearby, and I crawled over to it and pressed my ear against the metal
so I could hear what was being said downstairs. “Good night, Mom and
Dad. Sorry your plans did not work out. I think I’m going to sleep.” I
heard Mark say, “Umm, Ted and I will head home. We’ll see you later,
Jeff.” I heard the front door slam shut and I figured that they had
high-tailed it off into the night.

I heard footsteps coming closer and knew it was Jeff since he
said he would be going to sleep. I looked up and watched as he opened
the door with a pained expression on his face. “Sorry, Ashley. But my
mom and dad are going to be awake for a little while.”

I smiled at him and shrugged my shoulders. Then I opened my
blouse and said, “Well, no sense wasting all this time. I’m sure we
can think of SOMETHING to do.” Jeff locked the door and came over to
re-join me.

We quietly fucked and sucked each other for several hours! His
young stamina was fantastic! We quieted down even more when we heard
his parents come upstairs and enter their bedroom across the hall, but
we didn’t stop.

I woke up in Jeff’s arms around 3:00 a.m. He was sleeping away
like a baby and I really hated leaving him. What a cute little guy he
was! I began to dress, again, and then looked at his naked body in the
bed. Just so he’d know it hadn’t all been a dream, I draped my tiny
bra and damp panties on his cock, then covered his body with a thin

I started for the door, then got another idea. No one or any
group of people that I had ever stripped for had effected me like
these guys did. I found a piece of paper on his dresser-drawer and a
pen as well. I wrote him a little note…

You were absolutely incredible last
evening, Jeff. I’ve left you my bra
and panties as a remembrance of our
time together. But be assured that I
will be getting in touch with you and
your friends again in the NEAR future.
Until next time…

I reached into the suitcase and fished out my purse, then
pulled out some lipstick and covered my lips with it. Then, I planed a
red kiss right on the paper next to my name and put the lipstick back
into my purse. I proceeded to place the message underneath the covers
next to the bra and panties and then re-covered his nude body. I made
sure I had gotten everything – and then snuck downstairs after locking
the bedroom door behind me. I exited through the front door – I sure
was glad this home wasn’t equipped with a security system – and
hurried to my car. I felt wonderful, and couldn’t remember having a
more exciting night in my life! It was a great time and I don’t
regret one moment of it.

It turned out that Jeff wasn’t as innocent as I thought he
was. Just before we drifted off to sleep, he told me that he ordered
his own strip-o-gram, using his father’s credit card! His uncle had
seen me at a bachelor party and Jeff heard him telling his father
about me. What a sly fox.

And, what a night!

I have more to tell of my stripping experiences and may write
about them again soon. I hope to have some more time with my three
young studs; maybe I’ll write about that as well. But do me a favor
and upload this to every computer network and bulletin board you
can… I’d appreciate it!