Tied Up And Whipped

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

TIED UP AND WHIPPED is the story of one girl, Barbara, who gradually discovers that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. And she finds that she also enjoys them. Her story is a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, to Barbara, her behavior and fantasies become a norm.

TIED UP AND WHIPPED — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


Barbara crawled across the floor on her hands and knees. She didn’t dare look up, knowing that if she did she would get another stinging lash on her ass. Her bare knees scraped against the rough wooden floor and her palms were full of splinters, but she couldn’t stop now. She had to keep going or the punishment would get worse. The door to the cabin was only ten feet away but she knew there was no way of escaping. Not now. The guys were too excited to let her go. And in a way, she asked for it. After all, the two camp counselors, Roger and Steve, didn’t force her to come to their cabin. She knew what they had in mind when they asked her to come over and party with them. She just didn’t expect the two teenagers to be this rough on her.

“Come on, bitch, you’re moving too slow,” Roger said. She headed towards him as fast as she could. His legs were just a few feet away when she accidentally lifted her head. He stood there with the long black leather belt in his hand. He flicked his wrist and the leather that had cut into her so much during the night trailed lightly across the floor. And his hard cock pointed right at her mouth.

She looked up and saw him grinning through the long black hair that covered his face. His whole body was stiff, not just his prick. As she stared at his heavily muscled body she couldn’t help feeling wet. She wanted that cock pounding in her cunt, those strong arms pinning her to the floor. But that wasn’t what he waited now. He wanted to fill her teenage lips with cream.

Roger grabbed her long blonde hair and twisted it hard. When Barbara opened her mouth to cry out in pain he pushed his cock through her lips, poking it deep into her throat. Then his thick wet shaft slid in and out of her mouth. By tugging on her hair he made her head bob up and down on his prick. Each time he twisted her hair his hairy nuts prodded her lips while his dick poked at the roof of her mouth and then plunged way down her throat, making her gag on it.

“Suck on it. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it. That’s what you came to the cabin for. A mouthful of dick. I saw how you looked at me before, baby. Well, now you got what you wanted, so eat it!”

She looked up and saw from his cold dark eyes that this wasn’t just a game to him. This was for real. He wanted to fuck her senseless. And she couldn’t stop him. Roger moved his hips forward, shoving his wet prick to her mouth really hard. Barbara groaned as his meat sloshed in and out of her lips but she knew she had to please him. She grabbed the base of his cock and jerked it up and down while she munched on the wet probing flesh. She closed her fingers tight around his throbbing prick and led it into her mouth, slurping on it as hard as she could. It felt long and wet and stiff, and for a minute she forgot all about how much they’d hurt her tonight. What mattered now was the wet dick in her mouth, the plunging hot cock that fucked her lips, impaling her head. Barbara concentrated on slithering his prick in and out of her mouth while she licked and sucked on it.

“Ahhh, that’s the way to do it, you cunt, that’s how to suck dick.” Roger’s hips rocked back and forth really fast, filling her mouth with ten inches of stiff dick. It grew thicker in her mouth with every stroke. And it grew longer as Barbara’s tongue swirled all around it, licking and sucking on the pulsing tip.

“You had the bitch long enough,” Steve said. “Send her back over here. I want to get some more action with that big titted whore.” Barbara felt scared. She didn’t want to crawl back to Steve. He wasn’t as strong or as muscled as Roger but he was a lot meaner. He was the one who enjoyed hurting her the most.

Roger pushed her lips off of his cock. She could feel some wet drops of semen dripping from her puffy mouth and all she wanted to do now was finish him off, to get it all over with. But she knew he wanted it to last a long time. Just like Steve did. That’s why they’d been passing her from one to the other all night long, making her suck on their cocks until they were just about to come, then pushing her away.

“You heard him,” Roger said. “He wants to feel that cocksucking mouth of yours now.” He pushed her down to the floor and she landed on her back. Her huge tits flopped out of the skimpy red bra as she rolled all over the floor. She tried to fit her tits back into the bra but Roger yanked it real hard and pulled it down to her waist. “Don’t be shy on us, now, Barbara. Don’t try and hide those fucking tits.” He reached down and grabbed her left tit in his hand and squeezed it as hard as he could. Her hard nipple pushed against his rough palm while he tugged at her milky white flesh, digging his fingers into her skin. “Now get back to work!”

She got back on her hands and knees and crawled across the cabin floor again, this time heading for Steve. Midway she passed her clothes that were strewn all over the floor. Her white blouse, her short red skin, her stockings and her shoes were lying there, right where they made her strip when she first walked into the cabin. Now all she had on was the bra that hung around her waist and her transparent satin panties. She looked over her shoulder once and saw the marks from the belt blossoming on her full rounded ass. Then she crawled up to Steve and stared at his rigid prick.

Steve made her kneel in front of him while he bent his knees and lowered his prick right in front of her tits.

“No,” she said. “Don’t do it, please, just be nice. I’ll suck you off, just don’t do that to me again.”

He laughed at her, a cruel mocking laugh. He looked so nice to her before with his short hair and his constant smile. But now she knew what he was really like.

He held her shoulders, trapping her as his prick slid up and down her chest. His cock pressed into her nipples, making them wet with cock juice, and his balls pressed into her huge mounds. Barbara tried to get away from him but his grip on her shoulders grew harder until his nails dug into her skin. Then his throbbing dick pushed in and out of her huge tits as fast as he could move his hips. “What’s the matter?” he said. “Didn’t any of your boyfriends ever fuck those jugs of yours? Baby, they were made for it.”

She knew she couldn’t get away from him so she stopped struggling and let him tit fuck her. But it felt so strange. All that hard wet meat, coating her tits with sticky liquid, pressing really hard into, made her shiver all over.

“Come on, baby, don’t let me do all the work,” Steve said.

“What do you want me to do?” Barbara said.

She was ready to do anything for him now, just so it would be over soon.

“Use your hands,” he said.

Barbara knew what he wanted. She slid her hands up her side and then cupped each firm tit. She pressed her hands together, pushing her milky flesh onto his cock, wrapping his sticky prick with her tits. Then she lifted her hands up and down, massaging his cock with her semen coated jugs. He was grinning now, louder with each stroke. She could feel the tip of his cock pulse faster and faster, quivering against her skin.

Then a hot glob of cum splattered onto her tits. The hot spermy liquid dripped down her mounds, coating her nipples with sticky white cream. The cum was still spitting out of his prick when he pushed her head forward. Jets of cream splashed the underside of her chin and then as she moved her head down all the way it shot into her mouth. Strands of semen dripped out of her lips and then he plunged his spurting dick into her open mouth, forcing it way into her throat. Barbara gagged at the size of it but she couldn’t stop him. He held her head all the way down and rammed her mouth with his cock until his nuts slapped at her lips.

“Don’t stop sucking, bitch, lap it up!” Steve said. Barbara sucked on his shaft, inhaling all of his cum while he fucked her mouth. A pool of semen gathered in her mouth, choking her as it slithered down her throat. When Steve slid his cock out of her mouth a flood of cum spilled from her lips. She spit it out, coughing and gagging. And he just laughed.

“You’re supposed to swallow it, jerk,” he said.

Barbara just looked at him. She was afraid to tell him that she wasn’t going to ever swallow it. None of her boyfriends had ever made her do it. But then, she realized, these two guys were different than any she had ever met before. They were rough, and they made chicks do whatever they wanted to. She could tell that she wasn’t the first girl to get fucked in this cabin.

“Well, come on,” Steve said. “Let’s see you lick up that cum, baby.”

“Yeah,” Roger said. He was standing right next to her now, staring at all the cream that dripped down her tits, and out of her mouth. “Let’s see you do it.” As he spoke he dangled the leather belt in front of her face. “Unless you want to argue about it.”

Barbara looked at the belt. Then she looked at both of the teenager’s faces. Neither one of them was smiling. She ran her tongue around her mouth, swirling up the cum that was dripping down her chin. Then she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed. It tasted sweet and warm, and sticky, and it wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be. But still, the odor was so strong, and it was so thick.

“Satisfied?” she said, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

“You’re not through yet,” Steve said. “Lick up the cum from your tits.” Both guys laughed at her as her face whitened. She hesitated but she knew she had to do it. She bent her head and lifted her right tit with both hands. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and then lapped at the cum on her nipple. She bent her head as far down as possible, fitting her mouth over her tit, and then she sucked in the semen. By the time she had licked both tits clean her mouth was full of cream. She swallowed it in one loud gulp. And this time she loved it. It filled her and made her feel warm inside.

“Okay, baby, it’s time to take care of me,” Roger said. His cock was dangling up and down in the air. It was rock hard, and the tip of it was pulsing red.

Now, as she stared at it, she wanted it in her mouth. She wanted to feel his hot cum pouring down her throat. But instead of sticking it into her mouth, Roger pushed her down to the floor, making her lie there on her back.

He stood above her and pointed his thick meat down at her mouth. “Grab it, Barbara,” he said. “Show me how much you love my cock.”

His feet were planted on both sides of her, touching her naked upper body, holding her in place. She reached her slender hand up and grabbed his raging dick with her fingers. Then she jerked him off, aiming his thick knob right at her mouth. The tip of it pulsed and throbbed as her hand slid up and down his long shaft, pulling on it, trying to bring it closer to her lips. “You want it now, don’t you, Barbara? You want to wrap your fucking lips around my dick and suck it.”

“Yes,” she said. “I want it.” She didn’t care about what they’d already done to her, stripping her, forcing her to crawl back and forth to their stiff dicks. Now all she wanted was to feel semen spurting into her mouth. She pulled on his cock harder, bringing him towards her. Roger crouched lower and his cock was now only about six inches away from her face. She slid her other hand up the muscles of his leg and then cupped his balls with her fingers. She rolled his nuts back and forth while she jerked him off. She was milking him, she thought, milking him for that sweet juice.

Barbara moved her hand from his nuts and wrapped it around his cock. Even with both hands on his dick she still wasn’t able to cover it completely. The thick knob kept poking through her sticky fingers, growing, pulsing, aiming right at her open mouth. “Give it to me,” she said. “Stick it into my lips.”

“Not yet,” Roger said. “When I’m good and ready to do it, that’s when you get a mouthful of prick.”

Steve laughed. He was kneeling beside her now. In her excitement she’d forgotten all about him. He took her left hand and brought it down to her hip. Then he peeled her red panties down to her thighs. “Come on, baby, you can have some fun too.”

He pressed her hand between her legs. She felt the wetness seeping out of her, pouring out of her cunt. “Go ahead and do it,” Steve said. “I want to see you finger yourself.”

Barbara was going to refuse, but even as her finger touched her wet hole she knew she couldn’t help herself. It felt so good, so warm and wet. She opened her thighs and then slid her index finger right into her pussy. And then she couldn’t stop. Her finger raced in and out of her slit, rolling her clit in her hand. Bursts of pleasure shot through her body every time she touched her clit. That, and the burning cock in her hand, made her lose control. She bucked, up and down on the floor, pressing her hips down on her busy fingers while she pumped the long hard meat in her hand.

“Look at that slut go,” Steve laughed. “Hell, she’s good. I’ll bet she does that all the time. Fingers her hot box…”

Barbara kept on humping her fingers. He was right, she did it all the time, and now she didn’t even care if anyone was watching her. It just felt so good. Too good to stop now.

“Don’t you?” Steve said. “Admit it.”

“Yesss!” Barbara said. “Yesss, I do it all the fucking time.” Her voice was strained now. Every single nerve in her body was awake, ready to explode. “I finger my cunt all the time. Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh.”

Her cum spilled out of her cunt, sopping her thighs, coating her hand with warm and sticky cunt juice. Her whole body shook with each pulsing burst of liquid. She moaned and rolled all over the floor. And her hand was pumping on Roger’s cock as hard and as fast as she could move it.

She looked straight up, saw his cock moving closer to her face. It was just inches away as her hand flailed up and down the full ten inches. Roger’s legs suddenly went stiff. He raised himself on the balls of his feet and moaned.

Then he shot off all over her face. Streams of white semen flew out of his throbbing tip and splashed her chin, her mouth, her hair. And still it kept coming. Gobs of it slithered down her fingers, dropped onto her tits and slid down her side. Then she raised her head, straining forward until her lips sunk onto the burning spitting dick in her hand. She sucked as hard as she could, slurping up his cum, and then letting it slide down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, moving with each thrust of cock.

Barbara sucked in as much cum as she could. Then she pulled his cock out of her lips and swallowed. Her hand still pumped on his prick, sliding the tip of it across her cheeks, then across her lips again where she kissed and sucked it.

“Okay, bitch, that’s enough for now,” Roger said. He pushed her away. Barbara fell down to the floor, resting her head on the rough wood. She looked down her body and saw that she was covered with semen. Her face, her tits, and her stomach, were all coated with white sticky cum. She slid her hands over her tits and smeared the cream onto her fingers. Then she brought her hands to her mouth and lapped up the cum.

“Look at her,” Roger said. “She loves it. And she tried to act so fucking innocent before. Man, what a hungry bitch we got tonight!” He laughed and stared at her. “That’s right, honey, you stay on the floor for a while and play with yourself. You can put on a little show for us.”

Steve was already climbing into his jeans, though. Maybe it was over, Barbara thought. Now they would let her go back to her own cabin.

“I don’t know about you,” Steve said to Roger. “But this slut made me thirsty. Shit, she drank up all of my reserves.”

“What are you talking about?” Roger said.

“I’m talking about booze,” Steve said. “Let’s take a ride down into town and pick up some beer at the bar.”

“Sure, but what about our friend here? Do we take here. She’d split as soon as we left.”

“No I wouldn’t,” Barbara said.

“Maybe you wouldn’t,” Steve said. “But we can’t take any chances. We want to show you a few more tricks when we get back.”

Both of them picked Barbara up off the floor and led her over to a bed in the corner of the cabin. They threw her in the air and she landed face first on the mattress.

“I’ll stay,” Barbara said. “I promise I’ll stay.”

“Oh, we know you’ll stay alright,” Roger said. “Because we’re going to make sure that you don’t have any choice.”

Before she knew what was happening Barbara was tied to the bed. The black leather belt that they’d used on her ass was now wrapped around her wrists, pushing them together, and tied to the metal bedpost. Steve used his belt to fasten her ankles to the bottom of the bed.

As she laid there, bound so that she could hardly move, Steve slid his hand down her back, and then cupped her bare ass with his hand, prying her crack apart. “Nice ass,” he said. “You ever had a dick back there, honey?”

Barbara didn’t say a word.

“Guess not,” Roger said. “Good, that means it’s going to be nice and tight.”

The two of them left her there and headed out of the cabin. When she heard their jeep drive away she tried to get free of the belt. But it was wrapped too tight. There was no way she could get her hands free.

And when they came back she knew it would be the same. They would keep her tied down while they slipped dick into her asshole. She’d heard about that before from some of her older girlfriends who tried it. They said it hurt but it felt good. And Barbara couldn’t help wanting to find out for herself.

Even though she was eighteen, and before this, had considered herself pretty experienced when it came to sex, she was just finding out now what it was really like.

A part of her wanted it, she realized, a part of her wanted to be handled rough, and forced into sex. Why else would she let them do all that to her before? She could have gotten out of it if she really wanted to. After all, there were plenty of cabins around. Some of the other counselors would have been there to hear her if she did scream.

She didn’t scream in the beginning and she wasn’t going to scream now, she thought. Because even while she was tied to the bed she felt a warm familiar wetness between her legs. She was going to have a night full of dick.

She couldn’t help laughing to herself. Here she was a summer camp counselor for all the teenage boys and girls that came to Ember Lake, supposed to set an example for them, and what was she doing now? She was tied to the bed, waiting to get fucked in the ass. And not only was she waiting, she was looking forward to it.

As long as they don’t hurt me, she thought.


By the time that Roger and Steve came back to the cabin Barbara was a mass of quivering, ready flesh. For the past ten minutes she was thinking about their hard cocks pushing into her asshole, and the thoughts alone were enough to make her dripping wet.

She turned her head and stared at the cabin door as they walked into the room. Steve held a brown paper bag in his hand, and Roger was carrying a bottle of wine. They set them down on the other bed and stared at her, grinning.

“Now isn’t that a pretty sight?” Roger said.

“Yeah, she’s just lying there, waiting for us. Waiting for a good assfucking,” Steve said.

The two guys opened some beer and then walked over to her. They pulled up two chairs and sat next to her on the bed, one on each side. Steve leaned over and slid his hand down her back. He pulled the panties that were down to her thighs back up over her ass. “Too tempting, baby,” he said. “We want to rest up before giving you another round.”

Barbara smiled at the way they were talking. Mother round. As if they were playing some kind of sport. And her ass was the prize.

After a few minutes, when the guys were on their second beer, Barbara couldn’t wait any longer. She rolled her hips back and forth on the bed, then she raised her ass up and down, slowly, twitching her rounded cheeks for them. And they couldn’t help but notice what she was doing.

“Man, she really wants it,” Roger said.

“Well, then, let’s give it to her.” Steve put down his beer and then stood up. He untied the belt that held her wrists to the bed while Roger released her feet. But only for a minute. Then spread her legs wide, as far as they would go, and then used each belt to tie her ankles to the bed.

Then she heard their zippers going down. Both guys stood in back of the bed. She looked over her shoulder and saw that they were ready to go. Two hard pricks dangled in the air, and they were both for her.

“Me first,” Steve said. He climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her. His knees pushed at her thighs, making them spread even further apart. And his cock rubbed against her panties, pushing in and out. She could feel a wetness seep through the satin and then she felt the full weight of his prick on her ass. He slid his cock up and down her crack a few times, getting her soaked with juice, and then he tuned at the elastic band of her panties. He pulled them down slow, halfway to her ass, and then he yanked really hard. Her panties ripped down the side as he pulled them down to her thighs. The elastic band cut into her skin. But she didn’t mind. All that she cared about was the stiff wet knob that prodded her asshole.

His strong hands pried her cheeks apart. She gasped in pain but she didn’t try to get away, even though it felt like her whole body was being stretched farther than it could go. And then his cock pushed into her, pressing hard against her unyielding hole. Barbara groaned and bit her lip. All that meat pressing into her was just too much. It would never go in, she thought. Never. It was too thick and too hard. Her hands clutched at the blanket in front of her, making tight fists.

“Damn, she’s a tight one,” Steve said. He slid his cock up and down between her crack, slapping his nuts against her skin while he made her wet all over. “But that’s what I like, and you’re going to like it too, bitch.” He grabbed her shoulders and pushed them down to the bed, pinning her beneath him while he rammed her with his prick. His thrusts increased in speed and soon his slippery cock was slamming her so hard that her whole body bounced up and down on the bed.

Barbara rolled her hips up and down, pressing her wet cheeks against his cock. She was dripping all over now. Her cunt was ready for stiff dick, but she knew it would be a while before the guys got around to that. First they were going to jam her asshole with cock. And, as she felt that rock hard prick sliding up and down her crack she knew she was going to enjoy it.

“Put it in,” she said. “I want it now, I’m ready for it.”

“Okay, slut, here it comes.” His hands moved back down to her ass, cupping her firm rounded flesh. Then he pried her apart, pressing the head of his cock into her hole at the same, time. She grunted with pain but at the same time a feeling of pleasure poured through her. He pushed it in an inch and then moved her hips from side to side, fucking her asshole with fast strokes.

Barbara reached behind her and grabbed his thick cock in her hand. She closed her fingers around it and jerked him off. As her hand slid up and down his wet shaft she could feel the thick knob inside of her pulse and throb faster and faster every second.

“More,” she said. “Give me some more of that hard dick. Come on, fuck my ass!”

He laughed and then pressed his full weight down on her. His prick slit her apart in a singe stroke and burrowed all the way into her hole. The pain made her cry out but the pleasure made her move her ass up and down. At last she had a thick prick in her hole and it felt better than anything before. It was so hard and so long. It impaled her, controlling her body with every single thrust. “Ooooh,” she said. “I love it, I love your fucking cock.”

“Quit talking, whore, I don’t want to hear anything. And I don’t care if you like it or not. All I care about is fucking your hole.” His hips crashed down on hers again and again while his prick filled her asshole, stretching it more each time, almost pushing right through her. His hairy nuts bounced on her cheeks as he pounded her ass with dick.

Barbara laid there and moaned, letting him move her body any way he wanted to. He lifted her hips, pulling them back onto his, burying his cock deeper inside her. Then, while he had her stuck onto the end of his dick he reached over her shoulders and crushed her huge tits in his hands. His grasping fingers dug into her jugs, squeezing and tugging, lifting them up and down. She couldn’t move at all now. And she felt that her whole body was his for the taking, to do anything he wanted to. It was out of her hands and she loved it. AJI she had to do was lie there, and sweat and groan, and take his thick prick into her asshole.

She closed her eyes and wiggled her ass, lost in wave after wave of pleasure. And then she felt something wet and sticky sliding across her face. She opened her eyes and saw Roger’s monstrous rigid prick pointing at her lips. She grabbed his prick with her hand and led it into her open mouth, sucking and nibbling on the tip of it. Now she had two cocks working on her, one on each end, slashing in and out of her ass and her mouth. Roger grabbed her head and pushed her mouth back and forth on his dick, fucking her lips while Steve rammed her asshole. “That’s the way to suck, honey,” Roger said, poking at her throat. “Now eat it up, lick it.” As he knelt in front of her he rocked his hips back and forth, plunging his cock further down into her throat. With each thrust of dick in her ass, she was knocked forward, engulfing Roger’s dick clear up to his hairy balls, which slapped at her lips.

Then Roger pulled her head away. He slid under her body so that his knees were right under her shoulders. His engorged cock slithered in front of her face, bobbing and poking at her mouth. He pushed her face down to his nuts and made her suck on his sack until both of his balls were in her mouth and his giant prick was slapping at her cheeks.

After a few minutes he didn’t have to show her what to do. She worshiped his cock with her sucking lips and her tongue, moving her mouth up and down the full length of his meat. She held it stiff in one hand, squeezing the firm throbbing prick with her fingers while she slurped on the tender flesh. Her saliva dripped down his shaft and down her lips until she took it into her mouth again and blew him as hard as she could.

The sound of her dick licking mouth filled the room, joined by the steady wet slap of Steve’s prick in her ass. The two of them lunged their cocks in and out of her in a steady beat, driving her crazy with each stroke. Back and forth, left to right, she was pounded by stiff dick, and she couldn’t do anything but lie there and take it.

“Slow down, baby,” Roger said. “I don’t want to shoot yet.”

“Why not?” Steve said. “We can have her all night long. I’m sure a hot piece of ass like this slut can get it up for us a dozen times. Ahhh, man is she tight.” As he spoke he drilled her ass with his cock so hard that Barbara started to cry out. But her mouth was filled with dick and all that came out was a gagging sound.

Roger slid his prick out of her lips. As it dangled in front of her face he pushed her back, making her kneel up on the bed. She didn’t know what was going on at first but then Steve grabbed her arms and dragged her down to the bottom of the bed. Her ankles were still tied to the posts and it hurt as she was pulled back, but a smile came to her lips when she realized what, was happening. Roger slid under her, moving down to the bottom of the bed, until his ten stiff inches of cock pointed right at her box. At last she was going to get it in the cunt.

Her ass was hanging over the bottom of the bed, still getting fucked by Steve’s hard cock, when Roger reached up for her hips. He dragged her down hard and his prick split her cunt lips wide and sank deep into her dripping slit. As soon as his thick cock was inside of her Barbara came all over it, gushing her cunt juice down around his plunging meat. “Ahhhh, fuck it,” she said. “Stick it in me harder. I want to feel your cum inside of me. Rape me, come on and rape me with your fucking prick!”

She looked down at Roger’s face and saw that he was in ecstasy. His eyes were closed and his mouth was shut tight. He was groaning and sweating while he pulled on her hips, shoving dick to her pussy.

“Here it comes, whore,” Steve said. He held her hips tight and then rammed her asshole with his cock as hard as he could. She felt a quick burst of pain deep inside of her as his cock pushed almost through to her cunt. And then his prick spit cum into her asshole in long hot squirts. She rolled her hips back and forth while he creamed into her. Cum ran out of her ass and dripped down the back of her thighs, and still it kept spouting into her hole. Hot and wet cum, driving her crazy.

She bounced up and down on Roger’s prick and then felt his load of cream spurt into her pussy in warm thick jets. She looked down and saw white gobs of cream bubbling out of her slit, dripping down onto Roger’s shaft in a steady stream. Both cocks emptied into her so much that she felt like her whole lower body was covered with dribbling hot semen.

While Steve held her still, Roger slipped out of her cunt and stood up on the bed. He shoved his dripping cock into her mouth and fucked her lips as fast as his hips could move, sending dribbles of sperm down her throat. She gobbled it all up, lapping and sucking on his cock while she held his nuts in her hands, squeezing and milking them.

Their cocks assaulted her for another minute and then both guys moved away from her, letting her land on the bed in a heap of semen stained flesh. She just laid there, out of breath. Her cunt was warm and juicy and her asshole was soaking wet with semen. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “That was too much. Too fucking much.”

“The hell it was,” Roger said. “We’re not finished yet. You’ve got another round coming up. As soon as we can get it up!” He laughed, loud, mocking her. And Steve joined right in. The two guys moved closer to the bed. They were drinking more beer, looking down at her cum stained body.

Barbara wanted to go now. She didn’t think that she could last through another round. All she wanted to do was get back to her cabin and pass out for the night. “Please let me go now,” she said. “I’ve done enough for you for one night.”

“Listen to her.” Roger said. “She talks as if she’s done us a big fucking favor. Come on, bitch, you liked it more than we did.”

She gave up trying to reason with them. In a way he was right. She did enjoy it more than they did. It was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. It was new to her, being treated this rough, treated as just a plaything, a piece of ass to be fucked, and a mouth to fuck. So she just laid there, waiting for them. She couldn’t help think about the morning. She was on duty, then, had to take care of the teenaged bastards all day long. A hike in the woods, and then she had lifeguard duty at the beach. It was going to be a long day and she had to get some sleep tonight. But that wasn’t up to her. That was up to Roger and Steve. And she knew that it depended on how long their cocks would last.

“Alright,” she said. “Do whatever you want to. I don’t give a damn!”

“Hey, honey, that’s no way to talk to your lovers. Is it, Steve?” Roger said.

“No, I think she needs another lesson in manners.”

Barbara looked over her shoulder and saw them coming towards her. They were both laughing but she knew it wasn’t going to be fun this time. Roger took off the belt that tied her left ankle to the bed while Steve unwrapped the other. For the brief moment that she was free Barbara tried to jump off the bed and get to her clothes that were still lying on the floor. But Roger caught her by the arm and threw her back towards the bed. He held her down with one hand and held the black leather belt in the other. “Now you just lie there like a good cocksucking bitch and everything will be alright,” he said.

“Take it easy,” she said. “I was just…”

“Shut up,” Steve said. He grabbed her legs and pulled her down to the bottom of the bed so that her ass was sticking straight up in the air and her knees were dangling just above the floor. She was now completely naked and helpless, held in place by the two guys. Their hands swarmed all over her body, digging into her skin, mauling her flesh, handling her as rough as they could.

Roger climbed onto her back, pressing his knees on both sides of her shoulders. He moved forward so that his prick hung right on the side of her face. He grabbed her head and made her turn towards his cock. “Open up that sweet mouth of yours,” he said. As she opened her lips he slid his prick back and forth across her mouth, making her lick and suck his long meat.

Even as she lapped up the semen from Roger’s cock, obeying his command, Barbara couldn’t help shaking with fear. She knew that Steve was somewhere behind her, standing close to her naked ass.

The leather belt slapped into her ass hard, stinging both cheeks. Barbara struggled with Roger but his weight held her down. As she wiggled under him she heard the belt cutting through the air and then another burning lash struck her ass. “Stop it!” she shouted. “Stop!” But then Roger twisted her head savagely and shoved his dick into her mouth. She gulped it down, deep into her throat and closed her lips around the base of his cock. The belt kept on stinging her bare ass but she could bear it now. As the cock in her mouth pulsed and throbbed, getting ready to spit, Barbara was turned on. Helpless, pinned, whipped, she thought. Forced to suck cock while a leather belt stung her bare ass. She rocked her hips up and down, moving with each blow, and her cunt was all wet and dripping. Because with the pain came a pleasurable feeling. It was warped, she knew, but still, she couldn’t help liking it. The hard whipping sounds of the belt drowned out her sucking lips as she rolled around on the bed, licking on the cock that was stuffed into her mouth.

She knew her ass was red now, she could feel it somehow. Red and round and ready to be fucked. She squirmed on the bed more than she had to, taunting Steve with her ass. It worked.

In the next second she felt Steve’s hands sliding around her hips, prying her ass apart again. And then his wet and thick knob pressed at her asshole. She thrust her hips backward, forcing her hole onto his hard throbbing meat. Then he lunged into her, burying his dick right between her cheeks in one fast shove. The thick cock split her apart and then pounded in and out of her asshole. It was tight and hot, and she loved the feel of all that hard flesh hammering away at her insides. She wanted to cry out, to tell him to fuck her harder, to jam it in there and come all over her ass, but she could hardly even breathe with Roger’s long dick sliding in and out of her lips. Barbara just laid there and let both guys do all of the work. Their cocks moved her body up and down. With each lunging stroke she either got another mouthful of cock or an assful of dick.

Both of them were grunting and groaning now, swearing at her, calling her a cocksucking bitch, a cheap teenage whore, and she loved it. The sound of their cruel voices added a thrill to the wild sex. She knew that they meant every word of it, too. That’s all she was to them, a slut with big tits and a tight ass and a pretty mouth to fuck. And Barbara almost felt that it was true now. She was in love with their thick merciless cocks as they pounded in and out of her holes. And she didn’t care what she had to do, as long as she could feel the hot cum spitting into her. It seemed like an hour passed, an hour of long stiff thrusts onto her body, before either one of the guys showed signs of getting ready to come. But then she knew it would be soon. Steve’s cock was burning in and out of her asshole so fast that her whole body jiggled. And his throbbing tip, buried deep inside of her, told her that any second now he would shoot off.

She sucked harder on Roger’s cock, wrapping her lips around the base of his stiff flesh, while he rammed it down into her throat. She moved her lips up and down, trying to nibble on his hairy nuts, but her mouth was too puffy and her jaws were too sore. She just held her face still and let him fuck her mouth.

Then Steve slammed her down to the bed, driving his dick further into her asshole. She jerked her hips back and forth, swallowing his cock with her tight asshole. And then he shot his load into her hole. Gobs of cum squirted into her ass. She could feel it travelling through the thick vein in his cock, pulsing and throbbing, and then spitting into her tight ass. When her ass was full of hot cream, and it was dripping out of her hole down her cheeks, Barbara got off on it. All that cum inside of her, streaming and flooding her insides, made her feel all wet and slutty. While his cock pumped her ass she felt a wave of cum burst out of her cunt and drip down her legs. She moaned and jerked and gasped while her entire body was racked by a long shuddering orgasm. Steve rammed her ass for a few more minutes, sloshing his dick in and out of her cum soaked hole, and then he pulled out for good.

Roger slid his cock out of her mouth and hurried behind her, taking Steve’s place. Barbara just laid there with her big ass hanging over the bed, waiting for him to stick it in.

Roger gasped her hips in his hands and then forced his cock into her asshole in one stroke. She groaned when it slithered into her wet hole, but she was in ecstasy, just from the feel of that pulsing ten inches. Roger fucked her ass nice and slow at first, ramming it in and out of her with a steady push. But then his hands moved up to her bobbling tits and his fingers, swam all over her nipples. He pressed them into her chest, crushing them, squeezing them as hard as he could. And while he mauled her big tits he increased the speed of his wet cock. She looked behind her and saw his long organ as it pulled almost all of the way out of her ass. She shuddered and then stared at it as his prick sank out of sight, deep into her ass. Then it all became a blur to her. Just a steady feeling of being controlled by his rock hard cock passed through her mind. Cock, stiff cock burning away at her asshole. She was reduced to just a quivering wet hole, wanting nothing more than that big dick inside of her. She twitched her butt up and down, tugging on his cock, and then she jammed herself back onto it, forcing his prick to split her even more. His hands moved over her stomach and then grabbed the front of her hips. With a sudden shove he brought her so close to his groin that she could feel his hairy nuts flattening out against her ass cheeks. Then he spurted his hot load of cream into her tunnel. It felt like buckets of cum pouring into her asshole in a steady stream. His whole body was rigid and his cock was pulsing inside of her, spitting semen deep into her butt. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned. “Do it, that’s it, it feels so fucking good. Ohhhhh, the way you fuck my ass. It’s so damn good. Fuck it. Don’t stop now.”

“Sure, bitch, whatever you say.”

“Ram it, fuck it!”

Roger pounded her ass hard, tearing her apart with his giant organ, filling her hole with thick and slippery gobs of cream. And then it bubbled out of her hole and ran down the back of her legs.

“Ahh, what a tight ass, baby, what a tight fucking ass,” Roger said. “You are just what we need to pass the summer away, bitch.” Even while he spoke she felt more dribbles of sperm seep into her asshole. She groaned and shuddered, cupping her huge tits in her hands while he fucked her asshole. Then, when he pulled it out of her butt, she fell forward on the bed. At first she just laid there, exhausted, but then she slid her hands all over her sore ass, smoothing the semen all over her cheeks.

“You can go now, honey,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Roger said, when she got up to pick up her clothes. “And come on back any time you feel like it. We like tight assed whores like you.”

Barbara dressed quickly and left the room before they could change their minds. Not that she didn’t like what happened, it was just that she was too tired to even think of having another cock inside of her tonight. Once she was out of the cabin she sighed with relief. Now she could get some sleep.

She walked back to the cabin really slow. Every part of her body was stiff and sore from all that pounding. And she was wet all over. There was semen in her hair, on her tits, her cunt, and there was still some dripping out of her asshole. She was glad that it was late and none of the other counselors were around to see her like this. She knew that one look at her stiff walking, and anyone could tell that she just had a round of heavy fucking.

In less than a minute she was at her cabin door, number eleven. She unlocked it and went inside. The room was large and it was bare. She didn’t have that much with her when she first arrived, just a suitcase full of summer clothes. She went to her bed by the wall and fell onto it right away. She was glad that she didn’t have a roommate yet. At times like this she wouldn’t want to have to explain what had happened to her. But she knew it wouldn’t be long before her room-mate arrived. The camp administrator told her that Sheila, her intended room-mate, was delayed for a week or two. And then Barbara would be just like all of the other counselors, sharing a room with another person. But for now she was happy being alone.

Her hand slid down to her legs as she thought of everything that had happened to her. All of that fucking was too much for her. She couldn’t help reliving the experience of having stiff dick in her ass and her mouth at the same time. She fingered herself for a long time, just lying there with her legs spread apart.

But then she happened to glance at the clock above her bed. It was four in the morning. In three hours she had to be wide awake, ready to lead some of the teenage campers through another day of activity.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep immediately, dreaming of stiff dick.


Barbara was tired to begin with, but after hiking with the kids for two hours she was totally exhausted. There were ten guys in her group and seven girls. All during the morning Barbara had to chase after some of the guys that ran into the woods. They were constantly giving her trouble, showing off for the girls.

And she thought being a camp counselor was going to be a breeze. Bullshit, she thought now. She had two more months to go. Two months to handle all these rich brats. Their parents had sent them to the camp just to get them out of their hair, to let someone else handle the monsters. And that someone was Barbara. She couldn’t believe how childish they were acting. She was only a year older than some of them but it seemed more like ten.

What the hell, she thought, she’d just have to learn to put up with it. And there was at least one kid that wasn’t too bad. His name was Bob and he was a short blonde haired angel, she thought. So cute and innocent looking. He stayed right behind Barbara all during the hike and didn’t give her any trouble at all.

Finally, when her legs were about to give out from under her, Barbara led the kids back to the camp. She was tired but there wasn’t any time for rest. She had two hours of lifeguard duty ahead of her down at the beach.

“Okay, kids,” she said. “Get changed and then come on down to the beach. Wait until I get there before you go into the water.”

The teenagers all raced to their cabins, in a hurry to get into their swim clothes. And Barbara walked slowly back to her cabin. As soon as she got inside she wanted to jump into bed and forget about everything. But she had to take care of the teenagers so she went through her dresser to pick out a bathing suit.

Barbara pulled out the first one she found, and without even thinking, she put it on. Only when she saw herself in the mirror did she realize she made a mistake. It was a tight blue bikini outfit that barely held in her huge tits, and hardly covered her ass. The bottom hugged her crack and her rounded cheeks poked out. Hardly the best thing to wear around a bunch of kids, she thought. Her nipples poked through the skimpy top and every time she moved, her tits almost fell out of the cups. But she was too tired to change. Fuck it, she thought, let the monsters have a thrill.

When she got down to the beach Barbara realized she was worrying about nothing. Most of the teenage girls were packed into skimpy bikinis that showed off even more than Barbara’s did. There was one girl, with long red hair, that had tits as big as Barbara’s. They were hanging out for all of the guys to see. A black bikini top crisscrossed her chest, and just the two thin black straps kept her from being completely nude.

Barbara wasn’t surprised to see that nearly all of the guys followed the red haired girl into the water. They were splashing all around her, dunking her under the water. She laughed and encouraged them. From her lifeguard’s chair Barbara could see that the teenage guys were copping as many feels as they could. But the girl didn’t seem to mind at all.

Maybe these kids weren’t as childish as she thought. She smiled to herself as she watched them horse around in the water. Then, as the sun beat down on her blonde hair, she closed her eyes briefly. Right away the memory of last night came to her. Roger and Steve tying her to the bed, sticking their dicks up her asshole, into her mouth, into her cunt… and the belt too, the leather belt that whipped into her bare flesh. As she thought of all this she couldn’t help squirming in her seat. She pressed her thighs close together, trying to ease the ache in her cunt. She was wet down there already. Soaking wet.

She drifted off into a light sleep, dreaming about long wet dick sliding into her ass.

Barbara woke up about ten minutes later. When she opened her eyes she saw that the kids were still splashing around in the water. But there was no sign of the red haired girl, and a few of the guys were gone too. Damn, she thought. She was supposed to keep track of the kids all the time. If the administrator came along now and saw that some of them were missing Barbara would get hell.

There was only one thing to do now. She had to go and find them. And fast. She climbed down from the lifeguard’s chair and walked down the beach about a hundred yards, where the woods met the sand. She walked into the woods for a couple of minutes and then she heard them. They were giggling and laughing. The girl’s voice rose high above the guys. She was teasing them, Barbara was sure of it.

She stepped closer, and then, through the open space between a crowded row of trees she saw them. The red haired girl was lying on the ground less than ten feet away from where Barbara stood. She was on her side and the black bikini straps were pulled down below her tits. Her big jugs were jutting straight out in the air, supported by the thin straps. There was a gob of white cum dripping down her chin and her lips were smeared with semen. “Come on,” she said. “Who’s next? Don’t any of you jerks know how to fuck?”

There were four teenage guys standing around her. One of them was naked and his long cock was drooping between his legs. He was the one the girl just finished sucking off, Barbara thought. And there were three more to go. They were older guys. Their bodies were just starting to develop. But their cocks were already there. Barbara could tell just by looking at the hard bulges in their swim trunks.

“Come on,” the girl said. “I want a stiff dick in my pussy.” She dug her thumbs into her bikini bottom and peeled them down her legs. Then she rubbed her hairy cunt with one hand and massaged her big tits with the other. “Well, what’s the matter? Do I have to tell you how to do it?” She laughed and rolled on the ground, moving her hips back and forth.

One of the guys, a tall stocky black haired kid stepped in front of her. “Alright, Suzy,” he said. “Spread em.” As she opened her legs for him he pushed his swim trunks down his thighs.

“Ooooh, that’s what I’ve been waiting for,” she said. “Let’s see what you can do with that big cock of yours,” Suzy spread her legs wide and then put her arms above her head.

He knelt down on the ground in front of her, then moved up between her knees. Barbara stared with hunger as he brought his prick closer to the girl’s wet pussy.

“Ahhh,” Suzy gasped. “Ooooh, I like it, ahhh, shove it in me. Fuck my cunt.” She churned her hips up and down, puffing his prick deep inside of her. All of the teenagers were naked now, and their pricks were stiff with hunger for the big titted redhead lying on the ground. Barbara knew that she should walk in there and stop them — after all, she was supposed to be supervising them — but the sight of those hard teenage cocks was too exciting for her. But no, she couldn’t do that either. She had to settle for the voyeuristic pleasure of watching the guys pound away at the horny redhead.

“Suck it,” one of the guys said, kneeling in front of her face, poking her mouth with his prick. Suzy opened her lips and sucked his fleshy stem into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock while her lower body bounced up and down on the dirt. She slurped and moaned, taking dick into her mouth and her dripping cunt at the same time. Barbara was jealous of the bitch. All that teenage cock, and all for herself. She grabbed a skinny brown haired kid by the dick and jerked it back and forth in her hand. She was pumping at three cocks and she showed no sign of slowing down. Barbara felt wet all over. Her bikini bottom was soaked with cunt juice. Her hand slid down between her legs, moving back and forth across her pussy. And her eyes were glued to the teenage cocks sliding in and out of Suzy’s wet openings.

In just a few minutes all of the teenagers were groaning out loud, thrashing and bouncing up and down in the bushes. Then Barbara saw Suzy’s cheeks bulging in and out and a flood of white cream gushed out of her lips. She jetked and sucked on the cock in her mouth, pumping it as hard as she could. Her hips slammed against the guy on top of her, wiggling left and right, and then her whole body went stiff. Muffled moans escaped her lips as cum spurted into her pussy. And then the guy she was jerking off moved closer to her face. Her hand flew up and down his shaft and then a milky load of cum squirted all over her face, spattering onto her big tits.

When the guys climbed off of her, resting up for another shot at her lush body, Barbara moved silently through the bushes. She wanted to get away before they discovered her. By the time she got back to the beach Barbara was so horny that all she could think of was stiff dick fucking every hole in her body. But she was still on duty for another hour at least.

She went for a swim to take her mind off of sex but it didn’t work at all. The cool water swam between her legs in wave after wave and her whole body tingled. She was dying for prick by the time she came out.

As she sat on the sand, drying in the sun, she saw Bob, the blonde haired kid that had stuck by her side earlier in the day when they hiked through the woods. He was slender and his body was that of a guy’s. He was shy and embarrassed as he tried to talk to her.

Barbara smiled at him, trying to put him at ease. But then she realized he had more on his mind than just talking to her. His skinny legs were planted right in front of her and his eyes were peering down her blue bikini top. He was staring right at her huge tits.

At first Barbara was amused at it. But then she saw the thick bulge in his dark swim suit. She could make out the outline of his long prick as it poked up towards his stomach.

She couldn’t help staring at his cock. She wanted to yank his swim suit down to his knees and stuff his stiff prick into her mouth. But she resisted the urge. There were too many of the other teenage kids still around. But cock, stiff cock, she had to have it before long.

She leaned back on her anus, digging her fingers into the hot sand. And then she inhaled deeply, thrusting her tits straight out at him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, and his cock grew longer, right in front of her eyes.

“Bob,” she said. “After the swim session is over, would you like to come to my cabin? There’s a few things I have to move around.”

“Sure,” he stammered. “I’d be glad to help.” As he spoke he didn’t even take his eyes off of her huge tits. He was practically drooling.

Barbara laughed to herself. She was robbing the cradle. But she didn’t care. She was so worked up now that she would do anything for a stiff prick.

When Bob left her to go back in the water she stared at his body, dreaming of what she would do to his prick.

Finally, the swim session was over. She had two free hours before she had to supervise the kids again. And she meant to make good use of the time.

She threw her beach towel over her shoulder and then walked back to her cabin. Bob was right behind her. Every now and then she looked back at him and smiled. He was too excited to say a word.

As soon as she got into the cabin she closed the door behind him. He stood in the center of the room, just looking at her, wondering what to do. “Where’s the stuff you wanted me to help you move around?” he said.

“Right here,” she said. She slid her hand down under the elastic band of her bikini bottom and rubbed her pussy. There was no sense in playing any games, she thought. She wanted his cock, and she wanted it now. Barbara peeled her bikini bottom down her legs and kicked it onto the floor. Then she slid her fingers into her wet cunt, putting on a show for him. He stared at her fingers as they went deep into her dripping slit.

Barbara turned around for him and then bent way over. She had her hands on her hips, prying her ass cheeks apart. Her tits flipped out of the bikini top and bobbled in the air. When she turned wound she saw that the guy was really turned on. His cock was so thick and hard that the bathing suit looked like it was going to rip any second. She pushed him down on her bed and then as he sat there staring at her, she pushed her cunt into his face. Her hands grabbed his head and pulled it close. “Lick it,” she said. “Come on, Bob, lick my cunt.”

His tongue slipped out of his mouth and dabbed at her cunt. She moved his head up and down, rubbing her wet pussy lips across his face, shoving her clit into his open mouth.

“Ah, that feels good. Real good,” she said. “Now I’ll do it for you. Would you like me to lick you, Bob? Want me to suck on your cock?” She was teasing him, getting him all worked up.

He laid down on the bed. “Yeah,” he said. “Do it.”

Barbara knelt down on the floor. She planted her mouth on his thighs and kissed and sucked them, moving her head up toward his crotch. Then she slipped her fingers into the side of his swim trunks. She pulled them down to his thighs. His hard dick sprang straight up in the air. Little clear drops slid down from the top of it, pouring out of the tiny slit. Barbara could tell that he was going to shoot his load any second now. She climbed onto the bed next to him and kissed him on his mouth. Then she moved her lips slowly down his chest. “Play with my tits, Bob, make me feel good.”

His hands grabbed at her jiggling tits and his fingers closed tight around her flesh as Barbara’s head moved down towards his cock. She grabbed his dick in one hand and held it rigid. Then she opened her mouth and sank her lips onto his moist cock head. Bob groaned and pushed it into her mouth. His slippery shaft quivered inside of her lips, dripping onto her tongue. She pumped his prick a few times, closing her fingers tight as she led it in and out of her mouth. Then she pulled it out of her lips and ran her tongue around the thick fleshy tip. Bob cried out and shot off all over her extended tongue. His cum squirted into her mouth, spattering deep into her throat. Her hand was covered with his sticky fluid. Streams of white ran down onto her wrist as his dick kept spitting at her. She ran his cock all over her face, pumping thick gobs of cream from his tip that spurted onto her lips and her cheeks. Then she licked his prick clean and swallowed his sweet tasting semen. As the guy laid there moaning, Barbara moved her hips up to his face. She put her knees on the side of his head and then spread her legs wide. Her dripping cunt lowered onto his lips and then she rocked back and forth, fucking his mouth with her cunt. She buried her head back into his moist groin, sucking and playing with his prick, trying to get it stiff again. The two of them bounced all over the bed, sucking and slurping on each other until they were both at the peak of orgasm again.

Barbara turned around and slid off of him. The shaft in her hand was throbbing really fast now, hard and wet, ready for her. She stood above him and spread her legs wide. Then she sank down onto him, guiding his rigid prick into her wet pussy with her hand. It shot all the way into her, sending her into a series of shudders that drove her crazy. She bounced up and down on his dick, ramming her cunt onto his shaft as hard as she could. Bob grabbed her tits and mauled them in his hands, squeezing and pulling at her huge mounds while she pinned him down onto the bed with her dripping slit.

Barbara felt the wave of pleasure building inside of her as she wiggled on his dick. She hopped up and down, moving from left to right, ramming that dick in and out of her as fast as she could. And then her cum spilled all over his rock hard cock. “Ahhh, fuck it, stick it into my cunt. It feels so good. So fucking good. I love your cock. So stiff and so long. Ahhhhh, fuck me!” She rocked all over the bed until her passion was spent. But she knew she still had to take care of his prick. She was surprised that he hadn’t come yet. She knew she was probably his first piece of ass.

As Barbara straddled his cock she felt warm all over. Warm and wet. She wanted to take it in the ass now. To feel that stiff teenage dick pounding at her tight hole. And even as she thought of that, she couldn’t help remembering how Roger and Steve did it to her. So rough and hard. She wanted to be forced to take it in the butt by this teenager. But she knew he was still too innocent to get rough with her. At least she could fantasize, though. She made believe that she was his prisoner, that he’d been whipping her with a long black leather strap, and now he wanted to ram it into her hole.

She slid off of his cook and turned around. She held his cock in her, hand and then led it to her asshole. The throbbing meat split her apart and shot deep into her ass, burning and pulsing inside of her. With her tight ass around his cock she slid up and down on it as fast as she could, crying and groaning as it hammered away at her butt.

That was all he needed. He grabbed her hips and yanked her down hard, plunging his dick way into her. His prick quivered and then spat thick gobs of cum into her ass. “Ooooh, do it,” she said, “do it harder.”

His prick splashed streams of semen into her tunnel. While his rod sloshed in and out of her butt, Barbara cupped her huge tits in her hands, squeezing her own flesh as she got fucked in the ass.

When he was through pumping her, Barbara pried herself loose from his cock. Cream gushed out of her asshole and poured down onto his cock. Without slowing down, Barbara turned around once more and took his prick into her mouth. She sucked up all of the juices and then swallowed.

She was tired now, exhausted, fucked out. She laid down on the bed and closed her eyes. She wiggled around on the bed, smearing all of the wet cream across her ass cheeks. She was vaguely aware of the teenager dressing, and then she heard the cabin door close as he went outside. She knew he would be back soon, and then she could get him into treating her rough. Bit by bit she would teach him how to turn her on.

She had an hour left to relax before she had to go back on duty again. She spent it on the bed.

Just as she was ready to go back outside, dressed in jeans and a tight denim shirt, there was a knock on the cabin door. It was Bob.

“Well,” she laughed. “Back for more?”

There was a strange look on his face. He didn’t seem so friendly any more. He was nervous, too, as he stood there in the doorway.

“Is there anything wrong?” Barbara said.

“I’ve been talking to some of the guys,” Bob said.


“And I told them what happened.”

Barbara’s face was red. She was pissed off now. She knew she’d never hear the end of it. All those teenaged bastards would make life hell for her.

“The guys want you to take us on another hike in the woods. Tomorrow night at twelve. If you don’t, I’ll have to report you.” Bob laughed, turned around, and left her standing there.

She knew that she didn’t have any choice now. She had to do what the kids said. And now she realized that Bob wasn’t so innocent after all. And maybe she wouldn’t have to teach him to be rough with her. She knew how sadistic those teenage guys could be. And she was going to find out tomorrow night.


Later on in the evening, at nine, Barbara had to make her rounds of the camp, just to make sure everything was under control. All of the counselors had to do it so they split up the hours and took turns checking out the camp. Barbara always got the nine o’clock spot and that was one part of her duties that she didn’t mind at all. At that time of night it was usually quiet and there really wasn’t much for her to do.

She went down to the beach and saw a few of the teenagers sitting around a bonfire with two of the counselors. After spending a few minutes in front of the fire she went back towards the cabin and completed her circuit. Just as she was at the last cabin, the one at the edge of the woods she heard some male voices, whispering in the darkness.

Barbara quietly walked around to the back of the cabin. She saw three or four teenage guys peering into the cabin. “There she goes,” one of them said. “Look at her, man what a piece.”

“I like the other one, the one on the bed.”

Barbara moved closer but as she neared the guys her foot stepped on some dry brittle branches on the ground. The guys looked over at her, and then all of them took off at once, crashing through the trees as they ran into the woods.

At first Barbara thought of chasing after them, but then she decided to see what they were all spying on. She moved closer to the cabin, and when she got to the point where the guys had been standing she saw a thin crack in the cabin wall. She pressed her face next to the rough wood and peered into the dim cabin. A thrill ran through her body as she saw what was going on. No wonder the guys were so excited, she thought.

Inside the cabin two of the teenage girls were moaning and gasping. Both of them were nearly nude. Lying on the bed, with her hips on the edge, was the redhead that Barbara had seen in the woods earlier in the day, putting out for the guys. But now she was putting out for her room-mate. Suzy’s legs were spread wide and her bare thighs hung over the edge of the bed. Her white t-shirt was pulled up over her large firm round tits. She rocked her hips up and down on the bed while her room-mate knelt on the floor, sucking on her cunt. “Lick it,” Suzy said. “Oh, it feels so good when you lick my clit.” She grabbed the girl’s head and pushed it hard against her pussy.

The other girl was a slender brunette. Her tits were smaller than the redhead’s but they were perfectly shaped. She was still in her black see-through panties. Her long black hair swept across Suzy’s thigh while her head moved up and down and her tongue snaked in and out of Suzy’s wet slit.

“Eat it, Donna, eat it,” Suzy said. “Ahhh, ahhh, I can’t take it any more. It feels so fucking good. Ohhhh, I’m going to come all over your tongue. I’m going to fill your mouth with my fucking cream.”

Donna’s lips slobbered all over Suzy’s cunt, and her sucking sounds were almost as loud as Suzy’s moans. Donna slid her hands up Suzy’s hips and then grabbed her bare tits with her fingers. She pushed and pulled at her jugs while she ate out her dripping cunt.

Barbara pulled her eyes away from the crack in the wall. A strange feeling took over her as she walked around to the front of the cabin. She knew she had to stop them but the images of the two girls writhing inside the cabin really got to her, excited her so much that she couldn’t stop from shivering in the night. She felt aroused, and she also felt desire.

She pushed open the cabin door, slammed it behind her, and stormed into the room. Suzy looked up at her. Her face was contorted by shock but she didn’t stop sliding her juicy slit over Donna’s face.

“What’s going on here?” Barbara said.

“Ohhhh,” Suzy moaned. “Ohhh, ahhhh, lick it, lick it.” She stared at Barbara and a thin smile came to her face. Then she opened her mouth and moaned louder than before. Her animal groans drowned out Donna’s slobbering cunt smacking lips.

“You’ve been putting on a show for all of the guys,” Barbara said. “You’ve been…” She couldn’t get out any more words. All she could do was stare at Suzy’s bare tits, at her dripping slit, and at the juice covered mouth of Donna. Barbara went over to the wall and threw a chair in front of the crack, just in case the guys decided to come back.

“Okay, stop it,” Barbara said. “You can get in a lot of trouble for this.”

“I can’t stop,” Suzy said. “Not now. I’m so close, so fucking close. I want to come.” She grabbed Donna’s face and then pulled it right into her wide open cunt. Then she slid up and down, back and forth, on her slippery tongue.

Barbara moved closer to the bed. She was fascinated by the sight of the two girls moving against one another, fascinated by the musty scent of sex that filled the room. The odor of dripping wet cunt got to her, made her filled with the urge for sex. But she couldn’t. She was here to stop them. “Now,” Barbara said. “Now. You’ve got to stop.” She pushed at Donna, trying to force her to stop. But then Barbara felt Suzy’s hand clutch at her wrist. She pulled her down to the bed, and then guided Barbara’s face to her heaving tits. “No,” Barbara said. “No!” But then she had a mouthful of tit as Suzy clasped her head to her chest. The first touch of female flesh sent a tingling sensation up and down her body.

Barbara sucked on the tit in her mouth almost by reflex. She felt Suzy’s hard nipple press against her tongue, and then she was lost in the pleasures of Suzy’s ripe body. Barbara slid her hands up to Suzy’s chest and gripped both of her tits. Then she moved her mouth from one to the other, sucking all that fleshy tit into her wet lips. It was as if something had suddenly awakened in her. She knew that this desire for another woman had been buried in the back of her mind for a long time. And now, at last, her hunger was out in the open.

“Ahhhh, ahhhh, suck, suck it hard. Fuck me with your tongue, Donna, fuck me with your wet tongue.” Barbara felt the bed shake as Suzy writhed all over it, bouncing up and down.

“Take off your jeans,” Suzy said. “Take them off.”

Barbara obeyed. She wanted it bad, and she would go along with anything the redhead said. She unzipped her jeans and peeled them down her thighs. Suzy looked at her with hunger. “Everything,” Suzy said. “Take everything off and then I’ll do it to you. I’ll show you what it’s like.” Suzy closed her eyes and twisted her upper body all over the bed. She cupped her bare tits with both hands and fingered her erect nipples. “Ahhhh, ohhhhh, do it, do it,” she gasped.

Barbara stripped down really fast, taking everything off and throwing it to the floor. Suzy’s eyes traveled up and down her nude body and then her mouth opened wide. “Get on the bed,” she said. “Ohhhh, hurry up, I want to taste your cunt before I come.”

Barbara climbed onto the bed. She let Suzy fondle every part of her body and then she felt herself being pulled. Closer and closer to the sweating redhead she moved until her cunt was less than a few inches from Suzy’s face.

“Spread your legs,” Suzy said. “Spread them for me.” As she spoke she gripped Barbara’s fleshy thighs and pulled them apart, then she pulled Barbara’s dripping cunt down onto her face.

A gasp of pleasure slipped out of Barbara’s mouth when she felt Suzy’s wet lips nibble at her pussy. She felt Suzy’s hands tugging at her ass, prying her cheeks apart. Then a few seconds later Barbara sighed in ecstasy as Suzy stuck her finger into her asshole.

“Aaahhh,” she cried as the finger pushed deeper. With all that pressure in her hole Barbara lost control. She wiggled all over the teenage girl’s face, pressing her juicy slit right onto her mouth. “Ahhhh,” Barbara moaned. “Eat it, eat my cunt.” And then she knew she was no different from either one of the girls. She loved the feel of a woman working on her, the feel of a wet mouth slurping on her cunt and a slippery tongue pushing in and out of her hole.

Then Suzy’s hands slid up her body, moving closer to her juggling tits. Her fingers fastened onto Barbara’s jugs and then pinched her nipples. The pain and the pleasure shot through her, making Barbara go crazy on Suzy’s sucking mouth. She raised her ass a few inches in the air and then lowered herself once more on the wet sucking lips. Her clit was swollen and with each stroke of tongue on it she felt a hot and wet throbbing sensation.

“It’s so good,” Barbara said. “I love it, uhhhh, suck, suck it. Eat me out, eat it. Ahhhh, ohhhh, fuck it with your tongue. Stick me with it.”

Suzy responded to everything that Barbara said. She licked faster and she sucked Barbara’s clit right into her mouth. And then her lips made wet smacking sounds as she slurped all of Barbara’s drippy cunt juices into her mouth.

Barbara looked down at the slender hands that gripped her tits. Suzy’s nails pressed into her flesh as she lifted and pulled at Barbara’s huge jugs.

“Ummmm, rmmmph, uhhhhhh,” Suzy groaned. Then her whole body shook rapidly. The force of her writhing flesh as it bounced on the bed nearly knocked Barbara off. But she grabbed Suzy’s head and held it still while she fucked it with her wet slit.

As cum came all over Donna’s face, Donna licked and sucked harder. Her wet smacking lips drove Suzy into an even greater frenzy. She bucked up and down on the bed, pouring her cum into Donna’s mouth while she lapped and slurped on Barbara’s cunt.

Then Barbara forgot about everything else. All that mattered to her was the hot wet tongue that was flicking her slit. It went in and out of her really fast and it felt just like a small wiggling cock. Barbara spread her legs wider, opening up more for Suzy. And then she felt a finger slide into her cunt. It probed deep and then went from left to right. Suzy fingerfucked her and sucked her off at the same time, driving her crazy with the wet strokes that went faster and faster.

All of a sudden Donna was on the bed. She was behind Barbara when she reached out and grabbed for her tits. Barbara leaned back and let the girl handle her bobbling jugs while Suzy sucked her off. And then Barbara was pulled down on the bed until she was almost flat on her back. Suzy buried her face into Barbara’s wet cunt and tilted her head forward so she could watch Donna get into the action.

Donna forced Barbara to lie down on the bed with her face up. Then she straddled Barbara’s hips and moved up, inch by inch. Barbara felt wetness seeping out of the girl’s cunt as it slid across her tits.

Then she was staring right at Donna’s wide open slit as it moved towards her mouth. “Suck it,” Donna said. “See what it feels like to have cunt juice dripping into your mouth.”

“No, I can’t,” Barbara said. “I can’t. Ahhhhh, ahhhh.” She liked having it done to her but she didn’t want to do it to anyone else. Not yet. It was too big of a step. All she wanted was to feel Suzy’s tongue slither in and out of her box, fucking her with nice fast strokes.

“Do it,” Donna said. “Eat my pussy.” She moved up suddenly and trapped Barbara with her legs. With her knees on both sides of Barbara’s face, Donna shoved her pussy onto her mouth. It almost smothered her as Barbara felt the dripping wet cunt lips cover her mouth. “Suck it,” Donna said. “Go ahead and suck it.”

Barbara moaned. She tried to pull her head away but couldn’t.

“Come on, don’t be afraid,” Donna said. “Or else we’ll have to make you do it.” Even though her voice was soft and even, there was a hint of menace in it. And then Barbara shivered. She knew she was going to be forced to suck pussy. And that was enough to get her into the mood. Force. She loved it. It was so raw and cruel. Forced to suck cunt like she was a slave, Barbara thought. And then she felt herself getting wetter and wetter as Suzy munched on her pussy.

Donna reached behind her and grabbed both of Barbara’s tits in her hands. She twisted sharply and a surge of pain coursed through Barbara’s jugs. She cried out loud, but then her mouth was covered once more by Donna’s wet groin. “Suck it, and suck it like I want you to. I know you want to do it.”

Barbara slid her tongue out of her mouth and then she dipped it into the wetness. Her nostrils were filled with the odor of cunt and her lips were coated with hot dripping cunt juice.

“Fuck me,” Donna said.

Barbara pushed her tongue in and out as fast as she could, lapping and sucking on her cunt.

“No, stick it in deeper. Do it the way I want you to.”

Barbara spread her palms on Donna’s thighs and then she pushed them. As the teenage girl’s legs moved further and further apart her cunt opened up and then slid wetly across her face. Barbara kept on pushing the girl’s legs apart, making her spread more and more with each second. And then she lifted her head up and sucked hard on the dripping twat in her mouth. She fucked Donna with her tongue, sticking it in and out, moving it from side to side.

Donna bounced up and down on her face, shoving her hairy cunt into her mouth again and again. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned. “Do it harder, eat my cunt harder. I want you to fuck it and suck it until I come in your mouth.”

Barbara did everything to Donna that Suzy did to her. As Suzy’s tongue darted in and out her cunt, flicking from left to right, Barbara did the same to Donna. The sound of their sucking lips got all three of them more excited. And soon they were a mass of dripping cunts and sucking mouths wiggling all over the bed. The bedsprings creaked and the mattress bounced under them as they sucked and fucked one another.

Then Barbara suddenly went rigid. She felt the pleasure building up inside of her until it was too late to hold back any more. For one long second she felt it coming on and she clenched her legs tighter around Suzy’s face in one last attempt to keep from coming. But Suzy could sense it building inside of her so she slid her tongue over Barbara’s clit and slurped it into her mouth. Barbara groaned and then shot streams of cum into Suzy’s mouth as her body was wracked by spasm after spasm. Her wetness coated Suzy’s mouth and Suzy sucked it all in. As she gulped it down Barbara rammed her pussy right against her mouth and then fucked her lips, pouring more and more hot cream into her sucking mouth.

Donna grabbed Barbara’s tits again and twisted tern savagely. The pain nearly knocked her out but it sent her off into another long shuddering orgasm that drenched Suzy’s lips with hot juice.

Barbara sucked greedily on Donna’s cunt now that she had that hot wet feeling down in her cunt as her cum seeped out of her hole. She dug her fingernails into Donna’s firm ass and pried them apart. Her middle finger slid into the tight asshole and wiggled around.

“Ahhhh,” Donna said. “Do it, fuck my ass and suck my cunt. I’m going to come. Don’t stop.”

She slid her finger in and out of her asshole while at the same time she fucked Donna’s cunt with her tongue. The pressure on her head grew stronger as Donna clamped both of her knees tight around her face.

The dripping cunt on her lips pushed harder and harder against her until Barbara couldn’t breathe any more. She was smothered by juicy cunt lips and she knew that any second now hot cum would flood her mouth.

“Fuck it, fuck it, make me come,” Donna said, sliding up and down on Barbara’s mouth. “Make me come into your mouth. Uhhhh, I’m going to cover your face with my cream. I’m going to make you suck me until there’s nothing left. Ahhh. Ohhhh, here it comes, here it comes.”

As the girl screamed with passion and rocked her head back and forth with her violent motions, Barbara sucked her clit into her mouth. She ran her tongue all around the swollen fleshy bud and then she nibbled on it with her lips. Her tongue then shot deep into Donna’s pussy, almost all the way in, and Donna released a flow of hot salty cum into her mouth. Over and over she bounced up and down on Barbara’s face, leaving behind a hot sticky smear of cunt juice each time.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop now,” Donna said. “Keep sucking on it. I’m still coming, I’m still fucking your mouth.” She went rigid and then another flood of cream gushing into Barbara’s lips.

She sucked it all in and then swallowed. Her mouth and her throat were full of the taste of cunt, wet and sticky hot cunt.

And Suzy kept on sucking on Barbara all the while. Her tongue rode in and out of her dripping pussy, lapping up every bit of cunt juice. Then she ran her tongue around the inside of Barbara’s thighs, tickling her with her quick strokes of wet pleasure.

Then the three of them rolled around on the bed, grabbing and puffing at one another. They sucked and fingered one another over and over, always coming back for another taste of juicy cunt.

At one point both girls held Barbara down on the bed. While one of them fingered her snatch the other one sat on her face and made her suck on it. They switched places, using Barbara again and again, forcing her to please both of them at the same time. Their hands swarmed all over her body and then they passed her from one to the other.

Barbara’s mouth sucked on tit, on cunt, on bare flesh over and over until her whole mouth was coated with hot sticky cum. Then she laid back while the two girls worked on her, fucking her, sucking her, pushing her all over the bed. Throughout the night she came again and again as the two girls worked her over. And then finally she couldn’t move any more. She was tender all over. Every single nerve end in her body was tingling and she couldn’t bear one more touch of skin on her bare flesh.

She climbed off of the bed and slipped back into her clothes. She didn’t say a word to Suzy and. Donna because both of them were lying on the bed in the 69 position, sucking each other off.

Barbara walked out of the cabin, taking one more look at the sweet sight of the two teenagers munching on each, other’s pussy, and then she closed the door behind her. She walked stiffly to her cabin, and then as she went inside she collapsed on the bed.

She ran her tongue around her mouth and tasted the sweet scent of cunt juice. As it slithered down into her throat she closed her eyes. Her mouth was sore and so was her cunt. Completely exhausted, she fell into her dreams right away.


Barbara spent most of the next day thinking about the threat that Bob had made to her. He wanted her to take him and some of the other guys on a hike through the woods at midnight. All day long she threw herself into her work, trying to take her mind off of the threat of blackmail, but she couldn’t shake the fear that crept up on her. Those guys would be mean to her, she knew that for a fact, and even though she would enjoy some of it, she wasn’t sure how far it would go. And Bob, the innocent looking kid, was behind it all. She’d definitely made a mistake when she took him to her room and seduced him. But now it was too late to do anything about it. She had to go through with it or else he would report her to the camp administrator.

When night came she stayed in her cabin, waiting for the knock on her door that would tell her it was time for her to go into the woods. She felt a little relieved when midnight arrived and there was no sign of Bob or the other guys. Maybe they forgot, she thought, or maybe they changed their minds.

She sat by her bed smoking cigarette after cigarette as the minutes crept by. And then, at ten after twelve, she figured she was safe. They weren’t coming, she thought. They didn’t have the balls to carry out their threat.

She was dressed in tight fitting jeans and a faded blue denim shirt. No bra. If they wanted her she would make it as easy as possible to get at her. Maybe that way they wouldn’t be so rough on her.

But then she decided she was worrying about nothing. They wouldn’t show up. Not now. It was getting too late. They were probably all in their cabins, sleeping. Just as she decided to do the same, just as she pulled down the covers on the bed, she heard laughter outside her cabin.

The fear came back to her immediately. There were a lot of male voices out there and she knew that every single one of them was dying for a piece of her ass. The voices grew louder and she could hear them milling around just outside her cabin.

There was a loud rapping at the door. Barbara walked over to it and opened it slowly. Standing in front of her was a group of six teenage guys, and Bob was in front of them all. “Come on out,” he said. “It’s time for our little hike in the woods.”

“Yeah,” one of the guys in the back said. “You can teach us all about nature.”

“Quit playing around,” another one said. “Just bring that fucking whore out here. I been waiting to get at her all day long.”

Barbara stared at them. Her eyes traveled from one to the other and she didn’t like what she saw. All of them had a defiant look on their faces, as if they were going to show her a lesson. But at the same time as she fought off the fear there was a hungry urge building up inside of her. All that cock, all those bulging jeans, were for her.

“We’re waiting,” Bob said. “You heard what they want. Come on outside.”

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Barbara said. “I’ve been thinking that maybe you’re bluffing.” She thought that maybe she could scare them away if she acted as if she wasn’t scared of them. And it had to be acting, because now, as the reality of the situation hit her, she was totally afraid. Once they got into the woods they would be beyond control.

“Guess I’ll just have to do some talking about what you did to me,” Bob said. “Would you like that?”

Barbara shook her head. She reached behind her and turned off the light. Then she closed the door and stepped out into the circle of guys. They closed the door and stepped out into the circle of guys. They closed in on her, surrounding her, and then pushed her towards the woods.

They went up the trail that started a hundred yards behind her cabin. And with every single step that she took she had to fight off the greedy hands that swarmed all over her body. The guys kept on bumping into her on purpose, and when that happened she would feel a hand grabbing at her tit or sliding across her ass. She could hardly recognize their faces as they went deeper into the woods. The moon was shut off by the tall trees and soon she could hardly see at all.

“This looks good,” one of the guys said. She was grabbed by two of the teenagers and forced down to the ground. All around her she saw their jeans, bulging at the crotches. She knew that couldn’t wait any more.

“Please let me get up,” she said. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just let me get up.”

Someone pushed her forward. She fell onto the dirt and her arms collapsed under her. “We’ll decide what to do with you.”

Now that her eyes were used to the darkness, she could make out the faces of the guys. The one who just spoke was standing behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw him leering at her. He was a heavy tall teenager. His hair was short and dark. And his eyes were cold. As she looked up at him he seemed like a giant towering above her. He reached down and grabbed her long blonde hair, then pulled her up, so that her face was level with his cock. As she cried out in pain he rammed her face into his crotch and then pumped her mouth with it. She could feel tow wet his jeans were as he rubbed his dick all over her face. With one hand he pushed at the back of her head, forcing her open mouth onto his wet bulge. He used the other hand to undo the snap on the top of his jeans. Barbara looked up and saw him grinning down at her. “It’s time for your meat,” he said. “Time to start eating dick.”

The other guys laughed and crowded around her. All of them stared at her as her head was forced back and forth on his pants. Then he pulled his zipper down, pushing her face away for a second. His hard throbbing dick flopped out in front of her face and tiny drops oozed out of the thick tip. He held his cock in one hand, pointing it straight at her face. Then with the other he pushed her mouth onto it, stabbing it into her lips with a singe thrust.

“Ah, go to it, baby, gobble up that dick.”

She was too scared to do anything. All she could do was kneel there on the ground, moaning while his prick battered away at her mouth. “Come on, suck it, you bitch! Lick it all over, baby.”

She grabbed his fleshy stem with her fist and pounded it up and down. As her hand flew over his shaft she inhaled as hard as she could. A loud slurping sound escaped from her lips as she pulled the thick long meat down into her throat.

“Yet, she knows how to suck all right. She’s a real dick lover. Aren’t you, honey?” He wiggled his cock around, making her head bob up and down on it.

The taste of his wet rod made her forget about the danger all around her. For a brief second she slurped on his prick as if it was the only thing in the world that she wanted. It throbbed and pulsed inside of her mouth and slid across her lapping tongue. But then she glanced around her and saw all the stiff cocks bulging from tight jeans. Once again she felt afraid, but she kept working on the cock in her mouth so he wouldn’t get rougher with her.

“You guys get the ropes ready,” he said. “While this slut works on my dick.” He grabbed her head and held it still so he could fuck her mouth.

Barbara looked to the side and saw the guys passing out long ropes. Ropes meant for her.

“Stop looking around, bitch, and concentrate on sucking my cock. You’ll find out what’s in store for you soon enough.”

Barbara grabbed his prick and jerked it back and forth so that the thick knob slipped in and out of her tight lips. His flesh pulsed on top of her wet tongue and then it quivered as it filled her throat. She reached out with both hands and grabbed his bare ass. Then she pulled him forward, stuffing dick into her mouth until his nuts rested on her lips. Then she squeezed his hairy sack in her hands while she munched away on his prick.

“That’s it, whore, eat up my cock. You really know how to suck it.” He wiggled his hips and rammed the insides of her cheeks with his hard cock. The wet knob pressed into her wet mouth and then slowly pulled out. He dangled it on her lips, stroking her face with it. She could feel the cum leaking out of his hard meat, sticking to her face. She knew he was ready to spit into her any second so she held the base of his cock still with one hand and then opened her mouth wide. Her head moved closer and then her O shaped lips sank down onto the hard throbbing dick. She slurped and sucked as she moved down on it, bringing it deep into her throat. Then on the way back, when she slid it out of her mouth, she jerked it a few times. His cock grew larger and stiffer, like a giant piece of wet rock in her mouth. After pumping on it with her hands and slurping on it with her dripping lips her mouth suddenly filled with hot spurting cream. Gobs of it landed on her tongue and then slid down her throat as he pushed his prick deep into her. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking, slurping, swallowing all of the cum that shot out of the quivering cock head.

“Do it, bitch, do it like that. Suck all of that cum into your fucking mouth. Ahhhhh, eat it, eat that hot cream while I fuck your face.” Then his words broke off into strangled grunts and moans while his hot semen spurted into her lips. Soon her mouth was full of it and she could no longer breathe. Then the sticky white cream poured out of her lips and dripped down her chin. His spouting cock moved back so that it stuck halfway out of her mouth. Then the hot semen leaked down onto his hot shaft. Barbara’s hands got sticky with cum as they flew up and down his dick, milking him of every last drop of cum. When he pulled his prick out of her mouth she looked up at him and saw a cruel leer on his face. She knew he was going to have another shot at her before the night was over. Barbara swallowed the hot load of cream that had built up in her mouth. As it poured down her throat she gagged on it. But then she licked her lips and slurped in the rest of the cum that had dripped out of her mouth. His hard dick slapped at her mouth a few more times and then he made her suck him off until he was tired of her hot sucking lips. He pushed her away from him, knocking her down to the ground. “Okay,” he said, “she’s all yours now.”

The other guys moved in on her. She saw their faces filled with lust as they crouched down low. Then their hands pinned her to the ground while they slid all over her body, pawing at her flesh. And Bob was the one who handled her the roughest.

“Let’s tie her,” Bob said. “That way she won’t be able to move around so much.”

“No!” Barbara screamed. The thought of being held down by ropes, tormented by all these wild teenagers, was too much for her. She tried to fight the guys off but there were too many of them. Once she managed to get to her feet, but as soon as she ran she heard a loud yelling and laughing from all of the teenagers. And then they chased her. She was tossed from guy to guy, and always they held her tight, feeling her up, and then they’d let her go. Only to be caught again. It was just a game to them. But it was a rough game and Barbara knew she could only lose.

After tormenting her for a few minutes, hunting her through the woods as if she was just an animal, they got tired of the game. And then the laughing stopped.

While two guys held her arms, forcing them behind her, Bob grabbed the front of her jeans and pulled her towards him. He led her to a small clearing in the woods. There were two thin trees spaced close together wit just enough room for a person to walk through.

“This is the spot,” Bob said. He grabbed her hips and held her still. Barbara struggled with him but she couldn’t get away. Not because he was strong enough to stop her, but because she was too weak with fright. Helpless, she just stood there, crying and moaning, while they worked on her. The two guys fled her arms first, spreading them wide so that each wrist was bound to a tree. The rough rope tore into her skin. She strained at them but knew she could never get free. And all the while Bob stood in front of her, grinning at her.

They fled her ankles next, fastening the ropes just as tight around her skin. The guys were nearly silent now and all around her she could hear heavy breathing. They were all behind her except for Bob, and she knew what that meant. They wanted her ass, and they were going to get it no matter how much she pleaded with them.

“It’s time,” Bob said. “Time for another look at your tits.” His hands went to her shirt, lingered at the top, and then moved towards the buttons. The look on his face was that of lust but the huge bulge in his pants was that of a man.

“Please, Bob,” she whispered. “Let me go. Let me go back to my cabin and I’ll be real good to you.”

He laughed. “You’ll be real good to me anyway. And you’ll be real good to everyone else.” He unbuttoned the top button swiftly. Then his hands moved down her shirt. He crushed her tits through the faded material and lifted them up and down. His fingers dug into her, tearing at her flesh. Her nipples grew hard, though, and pressed against his searching palms. He felt it, and then he smiled. “You can stop acting,” he said. “I know you love this, you’re just a cock hungry bitch, aren’t you? You love every fucking minute of it.”

She stared at him and then saw that the smile was gone from his face. His grip tightened around her huge jugs and then he twisted hard. Barbara groaned and tried to get away but all she could do was sway back and forth. The ropes that bound her were just too tight. And then, as he squeezed harder and harder, crushing her tender flesh, she knew what he wanted. An answer. “Yes,” she said, gritting her teeth. “Yes, I love it, I love every minute of it.”

“Good,” Bob said. He released her tits. But then he went back to her blouse, working the buttons loose one by one. When she was unbuttoned halfway down her chest he reached inside and grabbed her bare tits. He pulled her left tit out of the blouse and then sucked on it greedily with his mouth. He pushed her flesh in and out, sucking her hard nipple into his mouth. And then his other hand crushed her right tit. The pleasure and the pain mixed together and caused her to moan out loud.

Then Bob ripped her shirt open the rest of the way. Her huge jiggling tits flopped out into the open and he stared at the twin mounds with lust. As his mouth planted onto her chest again she felt rough hands tearing at the back of her jeans. She looked down and saw two strong hands pulling at the snap. Then they moved down her hips until they found the zipper. At the same time she felt a hard cock stabbing at the back of her jeans. A stiff bare cock, and it was pressing right into her asshole.

She looked over her shoulder and saw that it was a longhaired teenager, a husky one that she’d seen around the camp before. There was beer on his breath and she knew that he’d been drinking all night, drinking to get up his courage to do this to her. To stick his prick into her asshole.

He unzipped her jeans and then pulled them down her thighs. His wet cock pressed right into her panties, prodding her asshole. “Uhhhh, that feels good, doesn’t it?” he said. “A nice hard dick for your sweet ass.”

“No,” Barbara said. “Don’t do it. What’s your name? Tell me your name.” She pleaded with him, her voice little more than a whimper.

“Andy,” he said. “Why? Does it make any difference if you know who’s fucking you?”

“Listen, Andy, don’t do it to me, not now. Later I’ll make you feel good.”

He laughed. It wouldn’t work with him. And it wouldn’t work with any of them. There was no way she could reason with them. Once more she struggled at the ropes but all she managed to do was hurt her wrists as the rope cut into her.

Bob had his jeans down now. His cock was pointing straight at her cunt. He moved closer to her, rubbing his wet head against her thighs. He moved back and forth, teasing her by touching her wet cunt with his hard throbbing prick. She dripped all over. She couldn’t help but respond to the sight and the feel of his rigid flesh.

“Go ahead,” she said. “Go ahead and fuck me. Stick it into my hole.”

Bob suddenly thrust into her. His cock pierced her dripping cunt lips and shot up deep inside her. Then he plunged in and out. With the feel of his warm and wet meat inside of her Barbara was helpless. It felt so good, so hot. She moved her hips up and down, driving her wide open cunt onto his prick. And then the wet slaps of flesh grew faster and faster. In and out his prick sloshed, stabbing at her juicy slit, hammering away deep inside of her. His skinny body slid against her and his hands clutched at her huge bobbling tits, pulling them down while he drove dick into her pussy.

Then her panties were pulled down to her thighs. She was bare ass now and she knew it would only be a few seconds before Andy shoved his cock into her tight hole. “Ram it,” she said. “Ram it into my ass. I don’t care what you do to me any more. Just stick me with cock.” Her sex urges were taking over now, making her want cock more than anything else in the world. Cock, she thought, all of that teenage cock pounding away at me. And the cum, the hot cum. That would be the best, all that squirting hot white juice inside of her. “Fuck it,” she said. “Fuck it.”

He gripped her hips and pulled at her flesh, making her crack get nice and wide. Then the rigid dick slid up and down her ass cheeks, getting her nice and wet with the few drops of juice that leaked out of his throbbing tip. Barbara looked around her and she saw the other guys moving in front of her, watching her take dick in her ass and her cunt at the same time. They were watching her with naked lust in their eyes, getting stiffer with each second, as her half naked and bound body shook back and forth with steady strokes of cock.

Andy prodded her asshole with his cock. Then he pushed it harder against her. Her ass opened even more as he forced his prick inside of her. It was just a few inches in her tunnel when she felt it grow stiffer and longer, pulsing wildly inside her butt. And the wet hot feeling of dick in her ass drove her crazy. She moved back against it, taking it deeper inside of her. There was burning pain as the thick prick sloshed in and out of her, going deeper with every stroke, but there was also a thrill of pleasure that ran through her. Forced to take it in the ass, forced to take it in the cunt, she thought. And it’s going to go on all night long. Her mouth, her tits, everything would be fucked. Every part of her body would be coated with sticky dripping cum.

“Fuck her harder,” Andy said. “Make her shake all over, Bob. Fuck this silly bitch.”

Bob pounded his meat into her faster, doing what Andy wanted. And then Barbara knew why. As Bob’s prick pushed deeper into her cunt, the force of his thrusts drove her back harder and harder, pinning her onto Andy’s thick pulsing meat. With a sudden shove and a loud groan he buried his cock all the way into her ass. And Barbara groaned too as his thick shaft split her apart, fucking her firm ass faster and faster.

The two of them shoved against her, pushing her body back and forth, driving her crazy with lusts as their wet hard dicks manipulated her sweating flesh. “Fuck me,” she said. “Both of you. I want you to come at the same time. Come in my asshole and in my cunt and squirt it all over me. My face, my face, you can come on my face, and my tits. I want it everywhere. Fuck it, fuck it!” She was talking to all of the guys now, not just Bob and Andy. She wanted to urge them on, to get them all excited so they would take her fast, so they would stick her with their pricks and then fill every one of her holes with cum, hot sticky cum.

“You cunt,” Bob said. “You horny fucking cunt. That’s all you are, just a dick hungry cunt.” He grabbed her hips and then slammed them down onto his body, driving his cock way into her dripping pussy. His throbbing shaft burned in and out of her hole, wet and slippery, and hot. Hot stiff dick. “Fucking whore, fucking whore,” Bob said over and over as he got lost in the pleasures of her body. She grew excited over the way he talked to her, treating her like a cheap tramp, a teenage cocksucking whore. She loved it, and she knew that a part of it was true. Now that she was tied up, forced to take dick in her ass and her cunt, she knew she wanted it. It had to be. Why else would she let them bring her up here? All that cock was what lured her here and now she had to take it. There was no turning back.

“I want your cock to spit into me, into my ass. Andy, fuck it, rape my asshole with your hard long dick. Ohhhh, ahhhhh, fill it with cum, just till it with cum. And it’s going to drip out of my ass, it’s going to shoot off all over me. Fuck my hole, fuck it hard.”

Andy rammed his dick in and out of her ass, doing everything that she said, but doing it in his manner. He held her by the hips, and then stabbed her with his dick. Then when she was imprisoned by his pulsing flesh he wiggled it from left to right. Then it would slide almost all the way out of her ass. Just the tip of it would be lodged inside of her tight hole. He did that to her over and over, withdrawing his cock almost all the way, and then ripping it way back into her, fucking her ass as hard and as cruel as he could.

But she loved it now. She wanted it harder and harder, she wanted it to tear her apart and then fill her with hot spitting cream. And then there would be more. One by one the teenagers would come to her, and force her to take care of their stiff cocks.

Bob was getting ready to come. She could tell by the look of ecstasy on his face. His lips were closed tight and there was a glassy look in his eyes. His breathing was hotter and hotter on her skin as he moved from one bare tit to the other, sucking and slurping her flesh into his mouth. He drooled all over her jugs and the saliva dripped down her chest onto her stomach. Her nipples were sore and bruised from all the biting and the sucking that he did to them. But they were still hard. And she was going to come too, but she wanted to wait until his cum splashed into her, until it gushed deep into her pussy and then dripped out of her hole and ran down her legs. Then she would let herself go, let the flood of cunt juice spill all over his raging cock.

“Now,” she said. “Now, fuck it, come inside my cunt.” She wanted to reach out and grab his skinny ass and force him closer to her, pull him deep inside of her cunt, but her hands were tied too tight to move. All she could do was stand there and take care of two cocks as the ropes burned into her skin.

“Ahhhh,” Bob said. “Ahhh, I’m going to come, just for you, just for a big titted whore. Get ready, you bitch, here’s what you want.” He stood up on the balls of his feet and his cock went inside her another inch, fucking away at her wet and drippy cavern. Then the first spurt of cum shot into her cunt. It splashed against her and slid back down onto his churning cock. Two more thick gobby squirts jetted into her cunt and then a whole flood of cream shot into her, gushing, flowing, splattering against her wet flesh. She bounced up and down on his dick, impaling herself on it while at the same time Andy drove his long cock deeper into her ass, slapping his nuts against her cheeks. The feel of that hot spitting cum and those two rock hard dicks was too much for her to control. She shuddered and then strained at the ropes as she squirmed all over their dicks, releasing a flood of cum onto Bob’s spitting dick. “Rape me,” she said. “Ooooh, ahhh, it’s so hot, so good, fuck me with it, stick me with your fucking dick.” She heard the squishing sounds of cock pounding into her pussy, the sound of cum splattering into her while her own cum gushed down around the throbbing fleshy shaft.

The sensation of his spitting prick sent her into a long shivering convulsion where she bounced up and down and swung back and forth, emptying her pussy juices all over his meat. The wild gyrations of her body made Andy’s cock stick deeper into her butt. Then his thick knob beat faster and faster and she could feel the hard vein in his dick get ready to shoot into her ass. He grunted and shoved it all the way inside, then splashed cream into her tight hole. It spattered against the end of her tunnel and then poured back out of her hole in thick milky spurts.

“My ass is on fire,” Barbara moaned. “It’s burning me. Your cock is tearing me apart. Slow down, you’re fucking my ass too hard.” She rocked back and forth, moaning and sobbing, bouncing on his cock while it split her ass cheeks apart with its hot wet thickness.

“Yeah,” he grunted. “Well, here’s some cum to put out the fire, honey. And don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of it for a bitch like you.” The hot semen gushed into her asshole, squishing and spattering against her while he rammed his dick up her hole.

Then the two teenagers pulled away from her. As they stepped back the cum gushed out of her cunt and streamed down her legs. And the same wet feeling spread all over her ass as the gobs of hot cream seeped out of her butt. She stood there, dangling from the tight ropes that held her wrists.

Barbara saw some of the guys whispering to one another, giving quick glances in her direction every now and then. They looked at her with cold eyes and she suddenly felt that the fun was over. One by one they dropped out of sight. They were all behind her now, and she knew they were all looking at her firm ass, watching it as she twitched left and right, as the cum fell down the back of her thighs and then dripped all the way down her legs.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” one of them said. “That ought to really get this bitch hot. She needs something like that to get her in the mood.”

Barbara turned to look over her shoulder. But even before she could see what was going on, a strong hand clamped down on her head. She was forced back so that her eyes were looking straight ahead, held in place by the hand that treated her roughly.

And then she knew what was happening, what they had in mind for her next. She heard a whistling in the air, like a whip cracking through the night. And then a sharp slap on her ass sent her reeling. It stung her and made her cry out in pain. Then it got worse. Every second she felt a stinging in her ass as the guys took turns. She knew they were using long thin branches, or sharp thorny vines because when it struck her ass she could feel it bend and sway. But it hurt just like a whip, just like the leather belt that was used on her before by the two camp counselors. And then, as she thought about that, a thrill ran through her. The whipping got faster and harder, and her ass was really on fire this time. She could almost feel the welts blossoming on her firm round cheeks as lash after lash cut into her.

“No more,” she said. “Please, no more. I can’t take it.” But she wanted it. She wanted to be whipped and then fucked in the ass again. All that cream would soothe the pain, and all that cock would take her mind off of the whipping.

“Ahhhh, don’t do it any more,” she said. “No more,” and as she talked her words slowly turned into whimpers, pleading little cries of pain. But she didn’t want it to end. Not now. She could still take the raw punishment for a little while longer. As the stinging lashes sent her body forward in spasms of pleasure and pain her tits jiggled and bounced up and down. Every part of her body was moving as she just writhed and moaned.

A short kid with greasy brown hair and a huge belly stood in front of her. He untied the ropes that held her wrists. She thought he was freeing her until she saw what he had in mind for her. As the ropes came off and her wrists dripped down to her sides, he grabbed both arms and pulled her hard. She fell forward until she was practically bent in two. But the ropes on her ankles held her legs stiffly in place so that her hips were still at the same level. He was naked and his hard cock poked at her face and at her tits as he pushed her until her wrists were even with her ankles. Then one of the other guys helped him tie her wrists to her ankles. Now her ass and her cunt were sticking straight up in the air, a perfect target for a cock. Either hole was ready for stiff dick.

The blood rushed to her head as she stared at the ground just inches away from her face. And the whipping started up again. The hard slashing branches came down on her raised ass faster than before. She shook with each stroke and moaned and whimpered.

“Here, suck it.”

She tilted her head and saw the massive flesh of the short kid confronting her. His cock was engorged and it dangled wildly in the air. She opened her mouth wide and stretched forward. But only part of her lips could touch the thick rod in front of her face.

He laughed and slid it all around her mouth, poking it in and out of the wide O shape of her lips. Then, as he moved closer, her lips fastened around the fleshy tip. She sucked on it and inhaled it into her mouth. Once it slid across her tongue it grew even longer. Then inch by inch it filled her mouth, making her cheeks bulge and her mouth drool all over it. “Eat it, you slut. Suck on my dick.” He held part of his cock in his hand and jerked it off. His hand banged against her puffy lips while he reeled it in and out of her mouth. He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her head. With a sudden shove he buried her face into his sweaty cummy groin. Her mouth sucked on the bottom of his shaft and it was full of pubic hair, wet curly strands, in just a few seconds. His huge sack of hairy nuts slammed at her mouth while he made her suck him off.

Then a stabbing pain shot through her as one of the guys hovered above her and rammed his dick straight down into her widespread asshole. It pushed her down and made the ropes go taut as they cut into her flesh. Then, with her head straight down, sucking on a mouthful of cock, her ass was stabbed again by a wet and thick prick. His hands pulled at her hips, lifting them up as he pushed his cock down into her tunnel. “Oh, man, she’s a tight bitch, look at that fucking ass. Mnnnn, what a piece.” His hands swam all over her ass cheeks, prying them apart, squeezing and crushing her flesh. And then his dick sloshed in and out of her. She could feel it squishing deep inside of her butt. And as it forced its way into her hole, the pushing dick made her head go down further and soon she was practically swallowing cock. It went straight up into her throat, throbbing and growing stiffer with every suck of her dripping lips, and ten it wiggled left and right, forcing her face to bob and shake with each movement of hot prick.

“Suck it,” the guy in front of her said. “Slurp on it as hard as you can. I’m going to shoot my cum all the way to your stomach. Eat it, baby, eat it.” He grabbed her head and pushed it back and forth, fucking her mouth, stabbing at her lips with his hard meat.

Even as she was blowing him, slurping on his dick, she felt hot spitting cum shoot into her asshole. It poured down her tunnel, burning and splashing against her, squirting and filling her ass with cream. His cock pounded in and out of her butt, releasing spurt after spurt of cum. She groaned and lifted her hips up and down, working on the spouting cock head trapped deep inside of her ass. And as she moaned her mouth suddenly filled with more gobs of semen. It shot into her, splattering inside of her mouth, spurting against her cheeks. And then it dripped out of her lips, flowing down around the plunging cock.

She slurped on his nuts, sucking the cum back into her mouth, swallowing what little she could. But most of it dripped back down out of her smacking lips and coated his throbbing cock. She trapped his prick by pressing her tongue against the bottom of it, pushing his throbbing flesh right up to the roof of her mouth. Then, with his cock tightly held by her steady sucking mouth, she felt some hot drops seep into her throat. She gulped it down and then ran her tongue all over the hard meat, lapping and slurping on the sticky spitting rod.

“Yeah, do it, baby, don’t waste a bit of it. Just keep sucking it while I fuck your mouth. Ahhhh, that’s it, honey, eat it all up like a good little slut.” As he talked he let out another spurt of dribbling semen. She lapped up the few remaining drops and then licked his cock clean. He pulled his cock out of her mouth then and ran it around the edge of her cum soaked lips. She sucked it back in and blew on it as hard as she could, tasting the hot sweet cum once more as she tongued the wet slit of his thick tip.

“Okay, whore, you’ve had your turn with my dick. Now get ready for someone else.” He backed away from her and soon he was out of sight. Barbara groaned as the cock in her ass slowly pulled out. She wanted it to stay there, so she could feel the wet meat pulsing in her hole, but she knew she had no choice. They would fuck her only when they wanted to. Her desires meant nothing to them. All she was to them was a hot piece of flesh to fuck and empty cum into. When his cock slid completely out of her ass she felt a burning sensation again, but this time it was one of need. She wanted more dick in her ass, more cum, more hot throbbing flesh spitting into her butt.

She groaned as she swayed back and forth, tied up, a prisoner, a cum soaked prisoner waiting for more cock to fill her holes.

They kept her there for a few minutes, just watching her, jeering at her. Then she felt more hands sliding across her bare skin, poking and mauling her quivering wet flesh. The ropes were taken off her ankles, and then her wrists. She fell forward, landing on her stomach. She just laid there, waiting to see what they would do to her next.

She was half dragged, half lifted to her feet. Then, as the guys swarmed all around her, they stripped her of every last piece of clothing.

Completely naked they pushed her down so that her back pressed against the rough bark of a thick tall tree. Then the ropes were used again. This time she was tied sitting down. Her thighs were spread wide in front of her. She looked down and saw her drippy pussy opened up, ready for a stiff plunging dick. Her cunt juices flowed right out of her and wetted her thighs.

Her bare tits jutted straight out in the air as the tight ropes crisscrossed her chest, raising her hard nippled mounds. Her hands were kept free and she knew why. That way she could use her sticky fists to work on their cocks.

As she sat there, bound to the tree, she looked straight ahead. Her eyes fell onto a redheaded kid, tall and thin. Then she moved her gaze down his body and saw his thick dangling flesh growing longer and stiffer until it pointed out at a slightly missed angle. Just the right level for her mouth. He moved towards her and stuck it right into her mouth, forcing her lips to part as the throbbing flesh shot into her throat. She gagged on it and her cheeks bulged as she grabbed the pulsing base with both hands, stuffing it further into her throat. “Yeah, you know what to do with it, don’t you, bitch?” he said. “Just reel it in that hot mouth of yarns and suck on that dick.”

“Mmmmnnph!” she groaned, slurping on hot dick, cupping his hairy sack, pushing his nuts against her lips. Then he withdrew his cock almost all the way out, leaving just the tip of it in her hot wet mouth. She blew him as hard as she could, trying to inhale that hard meat deep inside her. But he just teased her with it, sliding the tip in and out of her mouth while she jerked it off. Dribbles of semen poured onto her tongue and the wet knob quivered and, pulsed, beating inside of her lips. Then Barbara was surrounded by hard throbbing dicks as two more guys moved up to her and poked at her face. They took turns shoving her mouth onto their cocks and she had bulging cheeks every few seconds as a thick prick darted into her mouth.

Barbara grabbed cock with her hand and jerked it off as she moved wildly from one to the other. Both hands were shooting up and down hard sticky prick while she sucked and drooled all over the cock in her mouth. Then all three cocks banged away at her face at the same time. Thick drippy cock heads slid across her bulging cheeks, coating her face with semen. And she found herself rocking her hips back and forth, trying to put pressure on her swollen clit, trying to make herself get off just by sucking on dick, pounding it with her closed fingers, and squeezing her thighs together.

Just as she pulled the redhead’s prick out of her mouth, ready to suck on one of the other guy’s cock, he came all over her face. Gobs of cream spit out of his dick and smeared her skin with hot spattering juice. She turned her head back and grabbed his dick, pumping it as hard as she could while it shot off all over her. She aimed the spitting tip at her open lips but his cock throbbed so wildly that the cum splashed on her chin, her cheeks, and her nose, before she could suck it into her mouth. Then the hot white gobs dripped down her, falling onto her bobbling tits. She moved her upper body all around, trying to catch the spattering cum, and the ropes cut into her twin mounds of milky white flesh. But that only made her hotter. She moved faster and faster, bobbing her head back and forth, taking his dick down into her moist wet lips, jerking it off, squeezing out more shots of thick sweet cum.

“Go to it, bitch,” he said.

“Suck it all up in that hot mouth of yours. Take it in, baby, take it in and suck hard on it. Ohhhhh, ahhhh, blow it, baby, blow my fucking dick.” He hammered away at her mouth, shooting one last stream of jism down her throat.

Then he pulled it out. The throbbing tip was just inches from her face. And then a few more drops of pearly fluid leaked out of it. She stuck her tongue way out and dabbed at the pulsing, wet and hot cock. Then she slurped her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed the semen. As she gulped it down the two other guys moved in on her, prodding her flesh with their cocks.

One guy crouched down in front of her and rammed his prick into her roped jugs, banging away at the large mounds with his wet shaft. The other guy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her sideways so that she could suck on his cock while the first guy jabbed her tits.

Barbara moved one hand down to her right tit. She pushed it in so that the huge tender flesh wrapped tightly around his monstrous cock. His prick grew even longer, coating her jiggling tits with drops of semen as he poked it in and out. He grabbed both tits in his hands and pushed them even tighter around his prick. Then he slid the tip of his cock back and forth, up and down her valley of milky white flesh. Barbara looked down, still sucking on the other kid’s prick, beating it off with one hand, and she stared at the red engorged shaft pulsing all over her jugs. The thick knob quivered, growing and shrinking every split second until it was puffy and hard. And then he shoved it into her right nipple, burying his prick deep inside of her flesh. The ropes hurt her as he moved her all around but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was to feel the hot spurting jets of cream splatter onto her tits and then drip down her stomach. She gave up all hope of being fucked in the cunt by one of the guys. She knew that all that they wanted to do to her was bang her mouth with cock, fuck her tits, and stick it into her asshole. But she knew if she worked hard enough she could manage to get herself off simply from the thrusts of their hard spitting dicks.

Her head rocked back and forth as the other guy forced his prick way inside of her mouth. He jiggled it around, lifting her head up and down, stabbing her lips with stroke after stroke of wet meat. “Suck it, whore, suck it. Make me come in your mouth. I want to see you with more cream dripping out of your fucking lips.” Both hands held her cheeks and then he moved her head up and down on his shaft, sticking it way into her throat, fucking her mouth with pulsing wet plunges of dick. Barbara moaned and slurped while he fucked her face. She grabbed his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. Then she jerked it off really fast, nibbling on the five inches of it that fucked her lips while her hand worked back and forth on the other three inches of cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and held it right in front of her face. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked the full length of it. It swung back and forth, bending, sliding across her cheeks, getting her face all wet. Her hand moved down to his hairy swaying sack of nuts and squeezed. He groaned and then forced his dick back into her mouth. “Now suck it like that until I come. You hear me, bitch? You hear me.”

He drew his cock all the way out, dangled it in front of her lips and then plunged it back into her mouth. His nuts slapped against her lips and she knew his prick would stay in her mouth, fucking away at her until the hot juices spit out and then flowed down her throat.

Barbara’s other hand clutched at the prick banging away at her tits. She jerked it off, pushing it into one tit and then the other. Her hand was dripping with juice, and her motion made wet slapping sounds, sounds of hard cock getting ready to spit all over her milky white jugs, to make them even whiter, whiter with hot dripping cum. She stared at the cock slapping away at her chest, waiting to see the cum fly out of the tip of it.

His nuts were bouncing up and down on her stomach now as his strokes got longer and longer. His prick would start at the bottom of her tits, poking at the undersides, and then he would put it in the middle, plunging it past the ropes that bound her, inching it upward towards her face. Sometimes his strokes were so hard that the throbbing tip of his cock bashed into her chin and then she would have two cocks fighting for her mouth, fighting for a chance to stick it into her sucking lips.

But she knew the other guy wouldn’t let her suck anyone else until after he came in her mouth. She pressed her legs together, sucking, slurping, pounding cock into her tits, building herself up so that the hot sensations poured through her once more. She could come any second now. She knew that. But she wanted to wait until her face and her tits were covered with semen. Then she would let go, then she would let the cunt juice gush out of her slit and pour down her churning thighs.

Then she felt it coming. The cock banging her tits quivered and shook all over. She looked down and saw it throb wildly. Barbara pressed her chest forward, straining at the ropes so she could enfold his cock with her tits when he shot off. With a loud groan he straddled her, pinning her to the tree with the force of his shove. And then the sticky white cum flew out of his pulsing tip and spattered all over her tits. Pools of it dripped down her nipples, then hung at the rounded base of her chest before sliding down onto her stomach. It spouted all over her, gushing into her jiggling tits, covering her with a river of sticky cream. And then he pushed his cock up, holding it right between her jugs. The cum splashed onto her chin in gob after gob.

Barbara moaned, slurped, and sucked as loudly as she could. Her smacking lips traveled up and down the cock in her mouth, increasing the pressure, inhaling it as hard as she could. His cum spit into her mouth, poured over her tongue, and then slithered down her throat. As she slurped in his steady hot wad she pressed her thighs together. Then with one hand she touched the dripping wet cunt lips and pushed her middle finger inside her hole. That triggered her. She shook all over, fingering her wet pulsating cunt while her cum flowed down in bursts, coating her entire hand until she was sticky all over.

The thick cock impaling her head pulled back, half in, and half out of her mouth. Then he just rested it there, sliding it slowly across her tongue, spitting the rest of his semen into her. Squirts of it poured down her throat, flowing out of his cock in thick sweet gobs.

The two guys worked on her for another minute, jabbing at her tits and her mouth with stiff pulsing prick. Then they moved away from her and stood there with their hands on her hips, watching as cum raced down her bobbling jugs and out of her white coated lips.

Barbara was exhausted. Now that she had her orgasm she was no longer in the mood. She thought of the cabin and how nice it would be just to go back there and crash out on the bed. There she would be safe, and she would no longer have to put up with all this stiff dripping cock banging away at her.

But it wasn’t over yet.

The guys untied her once more. This time they made her face the tree. They pushed her roughly against the bark and it scratched her tender semen coated flesh. She moaned and whimpered but it wasn’t any use. She knew what was coming.

The ropes moved around her upper body over and over until she was tied firmly to the rough bark. Just the top of her naked flesh was held by the ropes. Her ass, facing the guys, was left uncovered by ropes. That was their target now. She knew that all of them would take one more shot at her, having rested after coming on her at least once.

With her eyes closed and her face pressed right into the rough bark, Barbara gritted her teeth as the first swollen cock pierced her sore asshole. It pounded in and out of her butt, throbbing, growing, stiffening right inside of her. And then after a few minutes of burning pain she felt the cum shoot into her ass in hot bursts.

When it was over another guy took his place. And it went on and on. She couldn’t see their faces. All she could do was stand there, tied to the tree, and groan as cock after cock emptied a load of semen into her asshole.

Cum dripped down her ass cheeks, down her thighs, as they worked her over. Cock after cock, spitting and fucking and impaling her, pressing her right into the tree. And Barbara had to take it all. All that cum. All that semen.

Then, when she felt she couldn’t take it any more, she was relieved as the ropes were taken off of her. She stumbled away from the tree and looked around her. All of the guys were heading back to the cabin, leaving her there, dripping with semen. She climbed back into her clothes and then began the walk back to ha cabin. She could hardly move but she knew her cabin was only a short distance away. It seemed like hours as she walked, but finally she made it to her door. She went inside and collapsed on the bed.


Barbara lived through hell for a week. Everywhere she went she saw the teenage guys smirking at her, pointing her out to their friends as she walked by. She could imagine the disgusting things they were saying about her. And the worst part was that it was all true. She kept to herself most of the time, just doing her work for the day and then going back to her cabin to sleep. But that didn’t work out too well either. For when she was alone she just fantasized about all the guys, conjuring up images of them torturing her and forcing her into sex. And she had to admit to herself that she wanted it again, she wanted to feel hard dick treating her roughly. Sex was on her mind all day. She had to have it, no matter what the consequences were.

When she returned to the cabin late at night, after walking around the camp, she saw a car parked out in back. It was a small foreign car, a convertible. At first she didn’t understand who could own the car, but then she realized it had to be her room-mate. She’d shown up at last. Barbara opened the door and walked inside, hiding her excitement. She was horny and she wanted sex. She didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl. It had been too long since she last felt the pleasures of sex.

The girl was sitting on the opposite bed, unpacking her clothes from a brown leather suitcase. She turned to face Barbara and Barbara practically drooled right then and there. The girl was beautiful. Her hair was long and it was a deep red. Beneath her tight halter top Barbara could see two perfectly shaped tits, jutting straight out. Under the yellow top she had nothing on at all. Barbara tried not to look, not to stare, but she couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like to suck on those large mounds of flesh. And her creamy thighs looked fantastic to her. The girl had on a pair of white shorts that hugged her full round hips.

The redhead noticed Barbara’s stare and her face turned a bit red. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Laurie. I would have been here a lot sooner…” And then she talked, rattling on and on about why she was late, but Barbara hardly heard a word. She was concentrating too hard on sneaking looks at Laurie’s ripe body. She nodded her head whenever it seemed appropriate, and occasionally she spoke a word or two.

When Laurie finished unpacking her suitcase she slipped into her night clothes. She turned away from Barbara while she took off the top, but Barbara got a glimpse of her huge melon shaped tits as the girl bent over to pick a blue robe. It was transparent and Barbara could see the firm round ass encased in a tight pair of deep blue panties.

When Laurie slipped under the bed covers Barbara said, “I’ll be glad to show you how things work around here.” And she would, too. She would be glad to show the girl how to spread her legs, and how to suck pussy.

“Thanks,” Laurie said, and then she rolled over, puffing the covers up over her shoulders.

Barbara climbed on top of her own bed and then leaned back against the pillow. She picked up a book and read under the dim light from the wall lamp. And every now and then she looked over to see if Laurie was sleeping. She wanted to be sure that the girl was in a deep sleep before she made her move.

After an hour Barbara heard Laurie’s steady breathing. She was sound asleep, and now Barbara couldn’t wait any longer. She turned the light off and then slipped out of her clothes. Naked, she crossed the dark floor and moved towards Laurie’s bed.

It took a few seconds for her eyes to get used to the darkness. But gradually she could make out the sleeping form of Laurie. Barbara was nervous as she crept closer, putting her hands on the top of the blanket. She didn’t want Laurie to wake up until it was too late, until she was in the middle of a hot wet orgasm, and then she wouldn’t want to stop Barbara at all.

Barbara pulled the blanket down her body, bringing it all the way down to her feet. She stared at the girl for a long time, building up her nerve to go through with it. Then she slid her hand across the transparent blue robe. As her palms pressed down on Laurie’s tits her nipples shot straight up, hardening at her touch. A smile came to her face and she stirred lightly on the bed. Barbara grew bolder, squeezing both of her hands around Laurie’s tits, pushing and pulling at them. But the girl showed no sign of waking. Instead she stretched her arms wide and she spread her legs so that both ankles were dangling over the side of the bed. Barbara slipped her left hand down the loose neck of the robe, and this time she crushed her bare tit in her hand. Laurie groaned in her sleep and she pushed upward, pressing her tit into Barbara’s greedy palm.

Barbara walked down to the bottom of the bed. For just a second she stared at the scantily clad girl, at her large heaving tits, and at her fully curved hips. She couldn’t wait any longer. She had to touch her, had to feel her cunt and make it wet. Then she would press her lips to Laurie’s pussy and suck. She had everything planned. If only she doesn’t wake up, she thought. All I need is a few minutes with her.

She leaned over the bed. Her hands slid up Laurie’s thighs, pushing the blue robe up over her hips. Then her fingers gently slid across her smooth flat stomach. She slid her fingers down until they went under the dark blue panties. And then she peeled them down with both hands. Even though she was still sleeping, Laurie responded by lifting her hips off the bed. And then there was no resistance. Inch by inch Barbara pulled her panties down until they were past her thighs. Then she leaned down and pressed her lips against Laurie’s flesh. She moved upward, kissing and sucking on her flesh. With both hands on her widespread legs, Barbara moved up to the dripping cunt just inches from her face. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and lapped at the wet slit. It tasted hot and salty to her, nice and wet, and she couldn’t go easy any more. She planted her lips onto Laurie’s wet pussy and sucked. Her tongue lapped in and out, fucking her cunt, while her lips drooled and sucked on the wet flesh.

Laurie stirred. She moaned and then pressed her cunt against Barbara’s sucking mouth. Her hips slowly moved up and down, then she picked up the pace. And Barbara was sure that Laurie was still asleep, probably dreaming that it was a man sucking on her cunt.

Barbara slid her hands down Laurie’s hips. Then she grabbed her firm round ass cheeks. Her grip got tighter and tighter as she got carried away by the strong musty odor of cunt that filled her nostrils. She inserted one finger into Laurie’s ass, prodding it nice and easy, pushing it in further and further. Then she pulled Laurie’s hips towards her, making her cunt spread even wider. Hot juice dripped into her mouth, juice that she eagerly swallowed.

Laurie’s breathing grew heavy and her lips opened up to allow her long tongue to dart around her lips with rapid flicks. Barbara looked up and saw that her eyes were still closed. She was asleep but every other part of her body was awake.

Barbara sucked and slurped on her pussy, taking her clit into her mouth, munching on the swollen bud while hot cunt juice coated her lips. Then she slid her hands up Laurie’s body, slipping them under her robe, pushing it up above her stomach. And then she grabbed two handfuls of tit. She pushed them together, squeezing the tender flesh with her fingers.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Laurie moaned. “Ohhhh, uhhhhhh.” She rolled all over the bed and her hips were pounding fast against Barbara’s face. Her cunt slid across Barbara’s mouth, making a wet slapping sound as she licked and slurped on the hot dripping slit.

Her hips bucked up and down and her juices flowed more. Barbara’s mouth was covered with hot liquid and she knew that Laurie would come soon, would empty her pussy juice into her lips. But she didn’t want her to come, not yet, not until Barbara felt the girl’s tongue working on her own quivering juice hole.

Barbara moved onto the bed, letting her weight down fully on the mattress. The springs creaked as she buried her face into the wide juicy hole in front of her face. Then she moved up, pressing her body hard against Laurie’s. She could feel hard nipples pressing into her jugs as she slid from side to side. Then she opened her mouth, bent her head down, and sucked on the huge jiggling tits. She fed them into her mouth with both hands, taking turns sucking on them. Then she fell back down onto Laurie and pressed her cunt right against her juicy slit. She moved up and down as if she was fucking her, and the wet juices mixed as both girls dripped all over one another.

Laurie opened her eyes.

She pushed Barbara away when she realized what was happening to her. And the words of shock came tumbling out of her mouth. “No, no, what are you doing to me? Stop it, stop it…”

But Barbara didn’t move. She just pressed her cunt against Laurie’s. And her hands grabbed at her huge tits. She squeezed her fingers deep into her flesh, pinching the erect nipples.

She knew she had her now. Laurie gasped and moaned. Her eyes were still wide with fright but she stopped pushing Barbara away. With a long shudder she clasped her arms around Barbara and pulled her down close so that their huge tits pressed together and their dripping slits humped and pushed in a frenzy of desire.

“Ohhhhh, ahhhh, it’s good, so good. I feel wet all over, I want to come.” Laurie’s moans grew louder, and her body rubbed up and down against Barbara.

“Let me suck your cunt,” Barbara said. “Let me lick it for you.”

Laurie pushed her down, slowly, guiding her head towards her wet hole. And this time she spread her legs wider than before, so both of them were hanging straight out over the bed. As Barbara licked her cunt, Laurie slid her hands down to her tits and, digging in with her fingernails, she pulled Barbara’s mounds up so that they bobbled against her thighs. Barbara ate her cunt for a long time, stroking the wet slit with her tongue, fucking it and fingering it with her hands and mouth.

Then Barbara turned around on the bed, moving her hips up until they were right next to Laurie’s face. She spread her legs and then pressed her cunt onto the girl’s mouth. At first Laurie turned her head away but then Barbara jabbed her finger in and out of her cunt, fucking her with long wet strokes. “Eat it,” Barbara said. “Eat my cunt, stick your tongue in it and fuck it.”

Laurie probed with her tongue. As soon as the tip of it touched Barbara’s clit she sank down, smothering Laurie’s face with her dripping cunt. Then both girls sucked and drooled on one another, eating pussy, sliding their hands across excited flesh.

They rolled all over the bed, shoving cunt into each other’s mouth, fucking and humping as hard as they could. And then Barbara felt Laurie’s hips shake, buck up and down, trapping her head as she came and came all over her tongue. Barbara sucked the girl’s cum into her mouth, slurping away with her lips, fucking her slit with her tongue. And the hot juicy liquid spilled all over her mouth, dripping down her chin.

Then Barbara felt the surge of pleasure shoot through her body. And then it burst out of her in spasm after spasm of juice. It flowed out of her cunt and drenched Laurie’s mouth. Both girls moaned as they came, as the hot cunt juice poured out of their drippy slits.

“That was so good,” Laurie said. “So fucking good. But I want more. I want some cock, stiff cock.”

Barbara pulled her mouth away from the dripping hole. “Yeah?” she said. “You really mean it?”

“Oh, do I need it!” Laurie said.

“Well, I know a couple of guys that will be more than happy to take care of you.” She thought of Roger and Steve, and she thought of what they would do with the new girl, the new piece of meat.

“Get them,” Laurie said.

“Okay,” Barbara said. “But I’d better warn you. They’re kind of rough. You may not like what they do to you.”

“I don’t care what they do to me. As long as I can get some cock I’ll do anything they want.”

Barbara smiled to herself. She knew that no matter how much Laurie wanted sex, she would find out that Roger and Steve were going to be a lot rougher than she expected.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Barbara said. She slipped into her bathrobe and then, went out into the night. A cool wind was blowing, making her cold, making her nipples grow hard. She went to their cabin and knocked loudly on the door. After a few minutes she heard someone moving around inside.

Roger opened the door and stared at her. His eyes were full of sleep as he leaned against the doorway for support. “Oh,” he said. “It’s you. What do you want? Something to suck on?” He jeered at her, looking up and down her body. And then she saw the outline of his cock in his underwear. It was stiff and it made a delicious looking bulge.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’ll suck on it. But I’ve got something else for you. My room-mate showed up tonight. And she’s hungry for it. I told her about you and Steve.”

Steve’s eyes lit up. “A new cunt, huh? Is she good looking? I don’t want to fuck any pig that comes along.”

“Yeah, she’s alright,” Barbara said. “And she likes it rough. She told me so.” She knew that would get him. And she was looking forward to seeing the two of them work her over. They would do the same to her, but at least she knew what to expect.

“We’ll be over. Just give us a few minutes and then we’ll come and take care of you sluts.” He closed the door in her face.

Barbara smiled as she walked back to the cabin. She couldn’t wait to feel them mauling her. And she couldn’t wait to see how Laurie handled them. It was definitely going to be a long night.

“Are they coming?” Laurie said. She was still lying down on the bed. Her panties were back in place though, and she had the transparent robe pushed back down below her hips.

“Yeah,” Barbara said. “They’ll be here. And then you’re going to have more cock than you dreamed possible. They like to make it last.”

In a few minutes the cabin door opened. Roger and Steve walked inside. Both of them wore jeans, nothing else. They stepped into the darkness, moving towards the bed.

“Turn the light on,” Roger said. “I want to see what our new whore looks like.”

Barbara turned the light on. Then both of the guys stared at Laurie. “Yeah,” Steve said. “She’s going to do just fine. Look at those tits.”

Laurie looked nervous now. She didn’t expect them to be so crude, so casual about it. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Laurie.” She smiled at them, acting as if she wanted them to be friendly to her.

Steve laughed at her. “Laurie,” he said. “Big fucking deal. We don’t want to know your name. We just want you to suck our cocks.” He moved closer to the bed. Laurie slid over to the edge, trying to avoid his outstretched hands.

“I thought…”

“Shut up,” Roger said.


He went over to the other side of the bed and grabbed her tit through the robe. “I said shut up. You talk when we want you to. And you won’t be able to talk because your mouth is going to be full of dick.” He stuck his hand under the top of the robe and then he pulled it hard. There was a ripping sound as the thin material shredded, as he tore it right off her and threw it to the floor.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “Please wait, I don’t think I want to do anything now.” Even before she finished speaking, Steve grabbed her head and thrust it into his bulging crotch. Her lips were forced open by his wet jeans as he slid it up and down her mouth.

“Reel it out, bitch,” he said. “Take it out of my pants and put your fucking lips on it.”

Laurie looked over at Barbara, as if Barbara could stop them. And Barbara couldn’t help smiling. “Try and enjoy it,” she said. “You don’t have any choice.”

“Yeah, that’s telling her,” Roger said. “Listen to Barbara, honey, she knows the score.” His hands went down to her bare tits and closed tightly around them, mauling her huge fleshy mounds as he pulled and tugged on them.

Laurie unzipped Steve’s pants. As she pulled them down to his hips his thick shaft flopped out in front of her face, dangling in the air. She stared at the hard meat, watching it throb and grow right in front of her eyes.

Then she felt it throb inside of her mouth as Steve forced it into her lips. He laughed and grabbed her by the hair, tugging on it, making her head bob up and down on his erect shaft. Laurie moaned with pain but she didn’t try to get away from him. She knew that the only way to get out of this was to please him. She grabbed the thick hard base of his cock and jerked it up and down. Her closed fist banged against her lips with each stroke. And then she could only fit one finger around the hard meat as the rest of it plunged deep into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge.

“Suck it, you whore, suck it. Let’s hear some of that slurping. Come on, bitch. Do it right, drool all over that dick in your mouth.”

Laurie obeyed him. Her lips made a loud sucking sound as she drooled on his prick, slurping it in and out of her lips. Her cheeks bulged in and out as the thick glistening shaft fucked her face. Her head rocked back and forth while he wiggled it left and right, stabbing her wide open mouth with his hard dick.

Then Roger climbed onto the bed. He was completely naked now and his prick bounced up and down in the air as he straddled her hips. As he moved up her stomach he pulled on her tits really hard, pinching her nipples between his fingers.

Laurie cried out but her whimpers were muffled by the cock in her mouth.

“Mnnnn, nnnnnnnnn, mmmmmmm,” she moaned, trying to say no, but not able to say a word. And then she let it happen to her, knowing it was no use trying to fight them off. As Steve forced her head down to the pillow, sticking his dick into her wet slurping mouth, Roger fucked her jugs, prodding the hard nipples with the tip of his cock. And then he moved it all the way up, poking at her chin while she sucked Steve off.

Barbara moved closer to the bed, enjoying every minute of it. She knew her turn would come soon enough, and she knew that they would get rougher as the night wore on, but for now she delighted in the sight of both cocks working on Laurie. Drops of semen already coated her chest as Roger got worked up, pressing her tits around his shaft. And saliva dripped out of her mouth as she munched and sucked Steve’s prick.

“Yeah, bitch, right into your tits,” Roger said. “I’m going to cream all over them, I’m going to fuck these huge jugs until you beg for my cum.”

Barbara heard a subtle change in Laurie’s moans. Bit by bit her whimpers went from fear to lust. And then she moved up and down on the bed, grabbing Roger’s cock, leading it far into her tits while she jerked and sucked on Steve’s prick.

It was going to happen soon, Barbara thought. The cum should spit all over her, into her mouth, and onto her tits. Just the thought of all that semen shooting out of puffing quivering dicks, got her all wet. She threw her robe down to the floor. Then she climbed onto the bed behind Roger. As his long glistening cock shot up and down Laurie’s tits, and his nuts slapped on her skin, Barbara moved her head down until it was right between his legs. While he banged Laurie’s jugs, Barbara sucked his hairy sack of nuts into her mouth. She slid her tongue all over the rough skin, munching on his balls. She could feel his sack throb and jump up and down between her lips.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he groaned, “ahhh, eat my nuts you bitch. Suck it into your mouth.”

Barbara slurped all over his sack. Then she reached her hands around his hips and grabbed for his cock. The stiff wet rod pulsed in her hand as she beat him off, pushing and sliding his cock over Laurie’s tits. And above her she could hear the wet sucks of Laurie’s lips as she munched on Steve’s prick.

“Uhhhh, I’m going to come on your tits, bitch, I’m going to cream all over you.” Roger slid his hips faster and faster, ramming his dick into the valley between Laurie’s huge mounds of milky white flesh.

And then Barbara stopped sucking on his nuts. She wanted to see it happen. She wanted to see the cum spurt out of his cock and splash all over Laurie’s chest.

Barbara got off the bed and stood right next to Laurie. She grabbed her tits and then wrapped them around Roger’s cock, fucking his long shaft with Laurie’s jugs. The first spurt shot all the way up to Laurie’s face. A gob of it landed on her chin and then dripped down her neck. Then the cum jetted out of his cock in quick long streams. His semen spattered onto her tits, coating her nipples as his thick knob pressed deep into her flesh.

Laurie moaned and shook all over, bashing his cock with her tits while the cum spit onto her. And Barbara ran her hands all over Laurie’s chest, moving them from tit to tit, grabbing Roger’s spouting prick, then smearing the cum onto Laurie and onto Roger’s raging throbbing staff.

Then Steve shot his load into Laurie’s slurping lips. “Suck it up, bitch. Drink that fucking cum.” He rammed her puffy mouth with cock, filling her cheeks with hot semen. Then it gushed and flowed out of her cocksucking lips, joining the pool of slippery wet cum that slithered across her tits in long thick streams.

The two guys fucked her mouth and her tits for a few more minutes, making her suck them clean of sperm. And then they both climbed off the bed.

Laurie writhed on the mattress, staring at their long cocks, at the glistening shafts of meat, that had just fucked her without mercy. And she wanted more, she wanted it to happen again. It was in her eyes.

Barbara knew that they were both in for it now. After the guys shot their first loads they would get rough with the girls, rough and mean, so they would turn on again. And now was the time.

Roger grabbed Barbara and threw her down on top of Laurie. Their naked flesh rubbed against each other while the bed bounced from the sudden weight.

“Turn around, whore,” Steve said.

Laurie just stared at him, not understanding what he wanted.

“Move it, you bitch.” This time he grabbed her and turned her around on the bed so that her head was just inches away from Barbara’s hot wet cunt.

Roger looked around the room, going through the dressers until he found what he wanted. He came back to the bed with a lot of belts hanging from his hand. He used one of them to tie Barbara’s wrists to Laurie’s ankles. And Steve used another belt to tie Laurie’s wrists to Barbara’s ankles. They were both trussed up, tied with their faces buried in each other’s wet drippy slit.

And the guys still had more belts to use.

Barbara shuddered when she heard the belt whistling through the air. And then she felt the hard leather stinging into her bare ass. She cried out in pain and her open lips tilled with wet cunt juice. Then she heard another crack and knew that Steve was whipping Laurie the same way. Her cunt pushed into Barbara’s mouth, and at the same time Barbara felt hot tongue and wet lips opening to her drippy slit.

The crack of the belt warned her a split second before it slashed into her sore ass. She shook all over, trying to avoid the strike but she was bound too tight. And then the belt struck her ass over and over.

The guys whipped them for a long time, laughing and swearing at Laurie and Barbara while they tormented them. And soon the pain was a steady sensation to Barbara, a steady and pleasing sensation. She sucked greedily on Laurie’s pussy, taking her swollen clit into her mouth and nibbling on it. And Laurie did the same to her, sucking her off while the hard leather belt crashed into her ass.

Cunt juice ran down Barbara’s lips, coating her chin with sticky gobs. Her tongue raced faster and faster in and out of Laurie’s slit.

The whipping stopped just when Barbara felt like she could come. But now, without the steady slapping of leather on her ass, she couldn’t do it.

Then she felt Roger’s stiff dick sliding between her legs, right under her cunt. And then she heard Laurie moan and slurp as his cock passed through her lips. The hard meat slid back and forth, wetly stroking Barbara’s cunt lips before it shot into Laurie’s mouth.

As she bucked up and down in pleasure Barbara saw Steve’s massive rod poke through Laurie’s wet thighs. It headed towards her mouth. Barbara opened her lips and sucked on the throbbing tip. She moved her head closer, swallowing as much dick as she could. Then, when his cock pulled out of her slurping lips, Barbara tongued Laurie’s pussy. And it went back and forth like that. First she had a mouthful of cock and then she sucked on Laurie’s cunt. Down below the same thing was happening to her. As Roger’s cock passed through her wet crotch she wiggled all over it, closing her thighs tight against the throbbing flesh. Then, as it slid out of Laurie’s mouth, Laurie tongued Barbara’s juicy dripping slit.

“What a fucking mouth you got,” Roger said. “So fucking big, just the right size for my cock.” He rammed his dick into Laurie’s mouth with increased speed. And the quickened strokes drove Barbara crazy. His wet cock lunged across her drippy slit, into Laurie’s mouth, and then back trough Barbara’s legs again. Over and over she felt the hard throbbing cock slosh through her. And then she knew she would come. Just in a few seconds.

Barbara sucked on Steve’s cock really hard. She trapped it in her mouth and ran her tongue around the tiny wet slit, slurping on it, drawing it deeper into her mouth. And Steve liked the feel of it. Instead of slipping it out of her mouth he plunged it further in. As it made her cheeks bulge Barbara saw Steve’s hairy sack squeeze through Laurie’s thighs. She munched on the thick staff, pushing her head down onto it as hard as she could. Then it pulsed in her mouth and jabbed in and out of her lips.

Barbara shook all over. With the two cocks working on her she was in a frenzy, a wet cummy frenzy. The hot cunt juice poured out of her and dripped all over Roger’s cock. She groaned and sucked and slurped and came in a series of hot wet shuddering spasms.

Then Roger pulled his cock out of her legs. He rammed it right up her asshole in a sudden lunge. Hard cock split her cheeks apart, driving deep down into her hole, wet and hot and throbbing. The feel of his long pulsing meat trapped inside of her butt made her shudder again and creamy bursts of cum poured out of her hole and smeared Laurie’s slurping mouth. Barbara pushed her cunt against the sucking lips and then she rocked back and forth, making Roger’s dick push deeper into her asshole. It grew even longer and thicker as he fucked her ass, slapping her skin with his wet sack of nuts. Barbara groaned as his cock burned in and out of her butt. And then her lips made a loud smacking sound on Steve’s prick. She wanted them to come at the same time. To fill her jiggling ass and her sucking mouth with hot dribbles of cream.

Roger put his hands on her asshole, guiding his cock into her, sticking his finger into her, stretching her wider and wider with every second. Then he spread his hands over her asscheeks and pulled them apart. Barbara could almost feel herself ripping wide open, impaled by his hard fucking dick.

“Do it,” she screamed, but all that came out was a muffled moan because her mouth was full of wet plunging cock, banging away at her puffy lips.

A thick spat of cum shot down her asshole. She twitched her butt, tugging on his prick with her tight hole. And then it streamed into her in spurt after spurt. Hot and sticky. Flowing out of his pumping, quivering dick. “Take it all, bitch,” he said. “Take it all right down your hole.”

She didn’t have any choice, tied up as she was, but she wanted it to spit into her. She jerked her ass back against him, letting him stuff his prick even deeper inside of her. It was hot and wet in her hole, spitting and throbbing, and the thick tip kept bashing away at her. She could feel the cum seep out of her hole as his cock rose up and down, pounding away at her flesh. And the cum soothed her sore ass, coating her aching flesh with hot milky liquid.

Then Steve shot off into her mouth. Just as his cock was moving down into her throat it spat a load of hot cream. Jets of it spurted down her while she sucked on the wet shaft. Then Steve pulled it out of her mouth while it was still shooting off. The cum flew out of his quivering tip and then shot onto her lips. He moved his cock to Laurie’s dripping slit and squirted all over her. As his prick squirmed into her hole the cum ran out of it, leaking down the base of his shaft.

Barbara lapped at his cock with her tongue, sucking the hot cream into her mouth. Then she licked Laurie’s cunt lips, touching his prick at the same time. She managed to fasten her lips around his cock so that it shot through them each time it plunged into the wet dripping slit.

She stared at the rigid meat, at the spurting cum, at Laurie’s quivering hole. And then she made a loud drooling sound, licking them both at the same time, drinking their juices, filling her mouth with cum. Her lips smacked away, slobbering all over cock and cunt until her mouth was sore.

When Steve pulled his prick out of Laurie’s hole, Barbara gave his wet meat one last suck, inhaling the last bit of sticky cum into her mouth. Then she swallowed it loudly and ran her tongue around her lips.

The two guys got off the bed. “Thanks for showing us your new whore friend,” Roger said. “She’s a nice piece of ass.”

Steve just laughed as he pulled his jeans on. When Roger did the same he came over to the bed again and then released the belts that tied the two fucked out girls together. As they left the cabin Barbara made no move to pull away from Laurie’s wet slit. Instead she used her hands to pull on her flesh, sliding her fingers over her wet skin, bringing her pussy closer to her mouth.

And Laurie responded to same way, licking Barbara as hard as she could. The two of them sucked and slurped on each other. Her mouth sucked Barbara’s clit hard, licking her swollen clit, then fucking her pussy.

And Barbara’s mouth was full of cunt all night long.


Barbara sensed something was wrong the minute she went into her cabin. A week had gone by, a quiet week with absolutely no trouble at all. She had to put out for some of the guys when they wanted it, but she wanted it just as much. But now she had a sick feeling in her stomach. Laurie was acting so nervous that she knew something had to be going on. And that something was going to be bad for her. She just knew it.

“What is it?” Barbara said.

“I didn’t want to tell you,” Laurie said. “But it looks like you’re in trouble.”

“Come on! What the fuck is wrong? Why are you so upset if I’m the one in trouble?” Barbara didn’t like the look on Laurie’s face. And she hated waiting for her to come out with the problem. “Will you tell me?” she said.

“Mr. Holt came by this afternoon. He was mad as hell, and he was looking for you. I couldn’t believe it! He came in here ranting and raving about you.”

Barbara pictured the huge man in a rage. She didn’t like the image. Especially when she knew the anger was all aimed at her.

“He wants you to go to his office as soon as you can.”

Barbara turned and walked back out the cabin. She was scared as she walked up the path that led to the largest cabin of the camp, the one that served as Mr. Holt’s office and his living quarters. There was a light on in the front, office but the rest of the cabin was dark. As she walked up to the door she caught a glimpse of Mr. Holt sitting behind his desk. He looked mean, but then that was the way he always looked. He was a broad shouldered man of about forty or so, with a graying beard and short black hair. And she knew he was in great shape, too. The few times she’d seen him around the camp she was amazed at his build. Barbara liked the way he looked, the way he carded himself, but she was also afraid of him. Especially now.

She knocked on the cabin door.

He looked up from his desk, and then when he realized who it was, an angry expression flashed across his face. “Come on in.”

Barbara walked inside and sat at a small wooden chair in front of his desk. She crossed her legs and then folded her hands across her knees, staring straight ahead at him.

He lit up a cigarette, blew smoke in her direction, and then began talking. “I’ve heard a few startling things about you, Barbara.” His voice was cool, and she knew he was just toying with her.

“Like what?” Barbara said.

“Like you’re nothing but a lousy whore. I heard some of the guys talking about you. What you did for them. And, I have to remind you, Barbara, that we’re dealing with minors here. And minors can get us in a lot of trouble.”

Barbara opened her mouth, as if she was going to say something, but she knew there was no way she could talk herself out of it.

“I see you’re not denying it. Then it’s true.”

She saw anger building up inside of him. His face was red, and his eyes burned right into her. His hands were on the edge of the desk, and his knuckles were white as he gripped the hard wood surface.

“You fucking bitch. Do you realize what can happen to this camp if words gets out, if any of those bastards start talking to their parents?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Holt, it’s just that I couldn’t help it. See, I was forced…”

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear it.” He stared at her for a few minutes, studying her. Then he rose from the desk and walked up to her chair. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to call in the authorities, Barbara. I’ll explain the whole situation to them, and see if I can get them to hush it up. But you will have to take all the blame. And maybe there’ll even be a sentence for you. If they decided to prosecute you, there would be nothing else but to go along with it. I can’t risk being blamed for it.”

Barbara was sweating now. She saw it all coming down on her. Just because she wanted a little fun, just because she gave in to her urges, he was going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble. The thought of being taken to the police, maybe even sent away to jail, made her shiver. There was a pit in her stomach, and then the tears poured down her cheeks. She sobbed and moaned in the chair, hardly daring to look up and face Mr. Holt.

His hand lifted her chin, stained with a river of tears. “There’s no other way,” he said. “It’s your own fault, too. If you weren’t such a slut, none of this would happen.”

Barbara was numb. There was nothing she could say, no way to get out of it.

“What is it that you did for the guys, anyway?” he said. “The way they talked, you came off as a real bitch.”

“I did whatever they wanted me to,” she said. “Anything at all.”

“Like what?” Mr. Holt said. He was closer to her now. His hand still held her chin. “Did you ever suck them off?”

Barbara turned towards him. Her eyes settled on his crotch, just inches away from her face. And she could see that he was excited, that he was getting off just from talking about what she’d done.

“Yeah,” she said. “I sucked cock, and took it in the ass, and let them fuck me any way they wanted to.”

The bulge in his pants grew longer and thicker. She could see the outline of his prick as it strained against his pants. “Maybe there is something we can do,” he said. “Maybe we can work something out.”

Barbara nodded her head. She knew what he wanted from her. She knew he was just like all the others, dying for a piece of ass, a piece of her teenage flesh.

His hand went to the back of her head and pulled it forward. Her lips pressed against his bulge. She sucked it through his pants, munching on the hard flesh with her wide open mouth.

She reached up with both hands and worked at his belt and his zipper. She pulled his pants down to his thighs and then hooked her fingers into her underwear. As soon as she got them down by his pants his hard prong flopped out and slid across her face. The tip of it was wet, and as she grabbed it in her hand she felt the long stem get harder and start to throb wildly. She led half of it into her mouth and sucked on it, moving her head up and down his shaft. He groaned and fed dick to her lips, pushing it deep down into her throat. Then he used both hands to pull her head roughly to his groin, stabbing her mouth with dick, pushing his sack of nuts against her lips. “Do it, show me what a fucking whore you are. Eat that thing. Suck on it, you little tramp. Suck on it and make me come in your mouth.”

Barbara licked and slurped on his hard dick, taking the throbbing hot meat down into her throat, then pulling it out and jerking it off. The tip of his cock slid over her cheek. She tongued it while her hand flew up and down his rod, while she kissed and sucked off his prick.

Out of the corner, of her eye she saw someone else walk into the room. She turned her head, still with his prick in her mouth, and saw a woman staring at her. The woman was about thirty, dressed in black, and her hair was just as dark as her clothes, long and straight. His wife, she thought. She’d forgotten all about her. And now she was caught.

“This is Barbara, I take it,” she said. She came over to her husband and watched in fascination as his long wet prick slid in and out of Barbara’s sucking lips. “You’re right. She’s every bit as good as you said she was.” The woman grabbed Barbara’s head and pushed it down on her husband’s prick. “Eat it,” she said. “Eat it, you little bitch. Suck it into your mouth.”

Barbara’s lips opened and closed around the fleshy shaft that stabbed into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down so fast that she was dizzy, but she couldn’t stop. The two of them held her head so hard that all she could do was go along with whatever they wanted.

And now Barbara knew it was all a setup. Holt had planned this all the way. He and his wife wanted a piece of her, and this way she couldn’t do anything about it. Both of them could get her in a lot of trouble if they wanted to. The only way out was to please them, to let them do whatever they wanted to her. Barbara got scared. She knew they had her as long as they wanted her, and there wasn’t any way she could get away from them. It was going to be rough, too. She could tell by the way the two of them forced her to suck on his dick. Barbara groaned as it sloshed in and out of her mouth. It was hot and wet and long, impaling her head, forcing her to suck it all the way down. Her slurps and her drooling lips made them both laugh.

“Look at the slut,” he said. “Look at her suck on it. No wonder the guys all liked her. She’s a real cocksucker. A fucking sex-hungry cunt.”

“And she’s ours now,” his wife said. “All ours. And we’re going to show her that.”

She rocked Barbara’s head back and forth, and then she pushed it from side to side. After Barbara sucked on it for a while, the woman grabbed her husband’s cock and jerked it off onto Barbara’s face. With each stroke of her sticky fingers the thick knob bashed away at her lips. “Suck on it, honey,” she said. “Let’s see you get his cum into your mouth. And then you can swallow it all.” Her hand beat up and down faster and faster, and the throbbing flesh went in and out of her lips, coating them with a thick liquid. He was getting ready to come. His prick quivered and grew even thicker, making her cheeks bulge, making her lips spread even wider so he could fuck her mouth.

“Yeah, beat it off,” he said to his wife. “Faster, Ann, faster, stick it into her lips.”

“Ooooh,” Ann said. “Doesn’t that feel good when it goes into your mouth? You love it, I can tell. That’s right, be a good little bitch and suck it up.”

Her voice was laced with a cruel tone. And Barbara knew she was in for it, that the woman really wanted to torment her. It was just starting now. With a sucking mouth, with puffy lips, that’s how they wanted her, she thought. A slave. A sex slave.

She was forced into it again, and now, as the thought of being trapped, being punished, raced through her mind, Barbara felt wet. Her juice dripped out of her cunt and soaked her panties, seeping right through her jeans. She inhaled his dick, slurped on it, and then ran, her tongue around the pulsing tip.

It quivered in her mouth and then shot off all over her tongue. Barbara slobbered on dick, sucking his tip while it spat gobs of thick hot cream into her. The steam of sticky cum splashed onto her tongue and then squirted down her throat. She could feel throbbing sensations in every inch of his cock. The hard vein that ran down the middle of it pumped and splashed into her. It grew and quivered in her mouth, stiffening, spitting. And then the cream ran out of her lips. It dripped down onto Ann’s slapping hand, all white and creamy. Ann pressed her fingers up to Barbara’s lips. “Suck it up, bitch, take all that cream into your mouth.” With the cock still banging away at her mouth, Barbara slurped as hard as she could. And bit by bit she pulled the cum into her lips. Stands of it led from Ann’s fingers to Barbara’s mouth. Then her mouth was full of more cum as he jiggled it around, fucking her face, emptying his last load of hot cream.

“Now swallow it all, you whore,” he said when he pulled it out of her sucking lips.

“Yeah, honey, let’s see you do it. Let’s see you drink all that cum,” Ann said.

While the two of them watched her bulging cheeks, Barbara swallowed a mouthful. She choked it down because there was more, another thick gob that slithered down her throat. Then she opened her mouth and gasped as the hot sweet cum settled down in her stomach.

“Okay, honey, come on with me,” Ann said. She pulled Barbara from the chair and led her across the room. Then she pushed her down a dark hallway. Barbara heard the footsteps of Mr. Holt following right behind them.

She stumbled a few times in the hallway, and that made Ann laugh out loud. “What’s the matter,” she said. “You nervous? Well, let me tell you, baby, you should be. Because now we’re really going to have some fun with you.”

Ann threw her into a small room. In the darkness Barbara could barely make out the shape of a bed in the center of the room. She headed for it automatically, knowing that was going to be for her. As she sat down on the wide mattress two flickering lights went on. She saw Mr. Holt lighting still another candle, fastened into the wall.

Then, in the shadowy light, she saw a huge wooden board nailed onto one side of the wall. And on the board were metal bracelets, long black whips, and a number of what looked like velvet ropes.

Holt closed the door. She heard the lock snap into place. And when he turned around to face her there was a wicked leer spreading from cheek to cheek.

Ann slid her hand down the front of her black blouse, unzipping it. Barbara stared at the woman’s huge fleshy mounds as they jiggled in front of her face, jutting out from a tight black bra. The nipples protruded just above the cups, and they were hard.

“Suck,” Ann said, shoving her tits into Barbara’s face. “Suck on my tits.”

Barbara opened her mouth and fastened her lips around the fleshy tit that pressed into her. She slurped on it, inhaling as much of it as possible. Her hard nipple poked against Barbara’s tongue.

Then Ann moved her chest from left to right, slapping at Barbara’s face with her tits. Her lips went from tit to tit, sucking and slurping on the milky white jugs.

Ann stepped away from her. She bent over and hooked her thumbs into her black skirt. As it slid down her legs, Barbara saw the crotchless panties that she wore. Her slit was wet, and Barbara could see pearls of liquid on her cunt hairs. Ann slid her hands down her black stockinged legs, pinching her thighs and then moving her finger back up to her cunt, sticking it right into her hole.

“Give me some head, bitch,” she said. She pressed her curd into Barbara’s face, rocking her wet cunt lips across her mouth. Her dripping clit smeared Barbara’s face with cunt juice the minute she touched it. And then Barbara snaked out her tongue, fucking her as if her cunt was the best tasting thing in the world.

The juice ran down her lips. She grabbed Ann’s hips and pulled her closer. As her fingers slid towards the back, Barbara felt bare flesh. There was a wide opening in the panties and her firm ass cheeks were ready and waiting. She groaned as Barbara cupped her ass, sliding her fingers up and down the crack, then prodding the tight hole.

Ann made her suck on her cunt for a few more minutes, rising up and down on her face, smearing her with juice. Then she pushed Barbara away from her. “That’s enough for now, slut, let’s see what you got.”

She pushed her down on the bed. As Barbara kicked her legs up in the air, she felt Mr. Holt grabbing her, pinning her ankles together. Ann ripped Barbara’s shirt down the middle. Then she slid her fingers into the lacey material of Barbara’s bra and lifted it up. She stared down at her tits, leaning her head forward, sliding her tongue under the cups, licking her hardened nipples. Barbara struggled on the bed, but there was nothing she could do. Ann pulled the bra down below her tits so that they jutted straight out in the air. As her fingers raced over Barbara’s flesh, pulling and pinching her nipples, Mr. Holt worked on her jeans. He had them halfway down her legs when he pressed his cock against her thigh. The wetness from his thick tip spread all over his legs as his cock moved up, pressing against her panties. The hard meat pushed inside of her, sliding into her cunt right through the skimpy material. Then he hooked his fingers into the right side of her panties and pulled them off of her.

All she had on was her bra now, and even that was pulled down to her stomach. Mr. Holt pulled her off the bed and made her sit down in front of him while he shoved his dick against her face. He made her suck it a few times and then he pulled it out of her lips, making a wet popping sound as his prick slid down her chin.

“Bring her over here,” Ann said. She was standing by the wall, right in front of the metal bracelets.

“No, please,” Barbara said. “I don’t want it.” But she did. She wanted to be tied, and whipped. And she wanted to feel hot cum spurting into her.

But for now, she had to pretend, she had to act scared. That way they would get rougher with her, that way they would force her into it.

He dragged her across the floor, almost lifting her off the ground with his strong grip. Then he threw her against the wall. Her tits slapped against the rough wood, and then his hand pressed right into the middle of her back. His cock slid up and down her crack. He pinned her to the wall with his prick shoving against her. And then he stretched her arms over her head.

“Yeah, honey, it’s time you got what’s coming to you,” Ann said. She laughed as she grabbed Barbara’s wrist. Then the metal bracelet clicked around her wrist and held it so close to the wall that she couldn’t move her arm at all. Ann did the same to her to her wrist, and then Barbara stood there, both arms wide, chained to the wood.

“Now for your legs, bitch,” Holt said. He moved down, sliding his prick down her legs, and then he crouched low behind her. He grabbed her ankle and spread it wide, pushing her left leg far away from her right. She felt the cold metal clamp down on her ankle as he locked the bracelet on the floor around her flesh. “Nice and wide, baby, we’re going to make you spread for us.” He pulled hard on her other ankle and then locked the bracelet around it.

“Doesn’t she look pretty?” Ann said. “Our nice little slut, just waiting to get fucked. Get her, get her good.”

Barbara could just barely turn her head over her shoulder. When site did she saw Holt standing behind her, a long whip in his hand. “Don’t be so surprised,” he said. “You’ve got it coming. You’ve been bad, Barbara, and now it’s time to punish you.”

She whimpered and pressed her hips against the wall, as if she could get away from him. But then the long whip cracked through the air and slashed at her bare ass. Her buttocks jiggled as her whole body shook. The pain seared through her head, but the juice ran down her legs. Every part of her flesh was on fire, on fire and waiting for more.

Crack! It cut into her ass again. And this time it was harder than before. The whip sliced into her and then she felt the leather as it dropped down around her legs. Barbara saw Ann standing right by her husband. She had one hand around his thick cock, jerking it off, while her other hand played with her dripping cunt. Barbara stared at her sticky fist, at her finger as it ran in and out of her slit. She jerked her husband off really fast, saying, “Whip her. Whip the fucking bitch. Ohhhh, do it, do it to her. Teach the cunt a lesson.” Her words got louder and louder and then turned into a series of moans, of long gasping moans.

The whip cracked against her ass again and again, and Barbara responded. She shuddered and twitched her ass back and forth, rolling with the shock of each stinging lash. Then she felt a hand at her chest. Ann was right next to her. Her fingers closed around Barbara’s right tit and then squeezed.

“Ahhhhhh, owwww, it hurts, it hurts.”

“Yeah, and you love it. You love it cause your fucking body needs it. I know what you want. And that’s just what you’re going to get.” Her fingers moved down to her nipple, and then they closed together, pinching her. Barbara stared down at Ann’s red fingernails as they mauled her flesh. And she felt Ann’s huge tits pressing against her side, sliding up and down. The whip cracked into her ass, onto her thighs, tearing at her, making her drip.

“And now, baby, now you get what you need,” Holt said. In a few seconds Barbara felt the stiff head of his dick poke into her asshole. He cupped his hands around both of her thighs and pulled, spreading her apart, stretching her while he pounded cock into her butt. It went in a few inches, sloshing inside of her, pulsing and throbbing, dripping into her hole.

“Fuck it, stick it in,” she said. “I want your cream. Your hot fucking cum. Fuck my asshole with it. Put it all the way in and stick me with it. Ahhhh, ooooh, that’s it, that’s it.” She groaned as his cock pried her ass cheeks apart, as it slid all the way in, pounding her tunnel while his nuts slapped at her skin.

Ann kept mauling her tits, puffing on both of them, and then her tongue slid across Barbara’s shoulders, then down to her chest. She pulled her tit into her mouth and sucked. As her teeth bit down on her hard nipple, Barbara shuddered, moaned, and then cried out in a long sigh of pleasure. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me all over.”

Cock pinned her to the wall, hard and wet, fucking her tight asshole. “You cunt,” he hissed. “You fucking cunt. I’m going to fill your ass with cum and you’re going to drip with it. You’re a bitch, nothing but a slutty bitch with a cock in her ass.”

“Yes, yes, I’m a whore, a fucking whore and I love your dick. I love it. Fuck me with it. And then spurt into me, make me wet, make me hot.”

He laughed at her, and then he dug his fingernails into her asscheeks, crushing her sore flesh, pulling her ass apart so that his cock could sink into her even more.

“Fuck this whore,” Ann said.

“Yeah, do it, do it,” Barbara moaned.

And then she was lost in passion again, rough passion, tie passion of a stiff dick fucking her ass, pounding her against the wall, driving her crazy with long fast strokes. His cock hammered away at her, sliding in and out, leaving a few drops behind each time. Then she fell into the beat, pushing her ass back against him just as he thrust his dick forward. His cock and Ann’s pinching fingers drove her to the heights of ecstasy. Her asshole tightened around his prick, closing around it, trapping it in her tunnel. Then it spit into her. Hot gobs shot into her slippery asshole. The cum flew out of his tool in a rush of spattering, squishing liquid. As the spurts filled her hole Barbara shook all over on it, stuck on his spouting prick, on the throbbing hot wet tip deep inside her. His nuts slammed against her cheeks, and his strong hairy thighs pushed against her. His whole body held her captive, pinning her to the wall while he emptied his cock into her hole. Then the cream seeped out of her butt and ran down her ass cheeks, down her thighs. That made the wet slapping sounds even louder. In and out it churned, shooting into her, fucking her without mercy.

She grunted each time he slammed her against the wall. “Ummmm, ahhhhhh, do it,” she moaned. “Fuck it. Fuck my asshole. Ohhhh, it’s so hot, so fucking hot and wet.”

“Take it, bitch. Take it into your ass.”

“Fuck this whore,” Ann screamed. “Fuck her. Teach her a lesson, ram her ass with your cock.”

The three of them screamed and moaned as their bodies pressed against one another. And the odor of sweat and cum and dripping cunt juice filled the room. It was the smell of sex, raw sex, and it drove Barbara wild. She didn’t want it to end, she wanted to have stiff dick fucking her ass, her mouth and her cunt all night long. And pussy, too. Her mouth was watering for it. The taste of hot dripping pussy juice in her mouth was what she needed now. That and cum, mixed together, seeping down her throat, staining her face and her tits. Cum, hot cum, was all she needed in the world.

Holt pulled his prick out of her ass. He jabbed her cheeks with it, coating her skin with the last few drops of semen.

“My turn now,” Ann said. “Let me have a crack at this slutty bitch.”

He took the metal bracelets off of her wrists. Then he pulled her shoulders back, knocking her off balance. In a few seconds Barbara fell back down to the floor, hard, landing on the rough wood. As she bounced across the hard floor the metal bracelets cut into her ankles. She cried out loud and rolled around, still bound at the ankles. She cried out loud and rolled around, still bound at the ankles. The wet cum dripped out of her asshole and poured all over the floor. She could feel it leaking out of her sore ass bit by bit. Barbara looked at Holt’s cock as he stood above her. It was still throbbing and still wet. Drops of white slid down the shaft, collecting in a pool at the base of his cock.

She stared straight up, looking at his large sack of nuts swinging back and forth above her. She wanted to stuff his hairy balls into her mouth and then jerk off his prick, letting the cum flow all over her face.

But then she saw Ann push her husband out of the way. She hovered above Barbara with her legs spread wide. Barbara looked at the red gash above her, at the dripping slit. And she stared hungrily at Ann’s large tits as they protruded from the bra.

“You want to suck me, don’t you, you pig!” Ann said. “Let’s see how good you can eat pussy. I want to sit on your mouth and feel your tongue inside of me.”

Ann lowered herself, planting her knees on both sides of Barbara’s head. Then her dripping cunt moved down towards her mouth. Barbara stuck her tongue out and lapped at the wet silt. Her tongue parted Ann’s cunt lips and then went deep inside her flesh.

“Ahhh, it feels good, whore, real good. Lick it all up. Tick my cunt.” She sat sown completely on Barbara’s sucking lips, putting her full weight on her head. The strong odor of wet cunt filled her nostrils as she lapped and slurped on the hot pussy sliding across her face.

Ann reached down and grabbed Barbara’s tits. She pressed the huge fleshy mounds together and then rubbed them up and down. “Nice bitch,” she said. “A good fucking body on this cunt. It’s a shame to let it go to waste. Why don’t you fuck her?”

Her husband got down on his knees and slid his wet drooping prick across the inside of her thighs. Barbara moved her left hand down her stomach, heading towards his slippery prick. She slid her fingers over her wet cunt, inserting her middle finger into the slit, fucking herself for a few seconds. But then she grabbed his dick and pulled on the flesh, squeezing it in her fingers. She jerked him off slow, leading him towards her cunt. And it grew hard bit by bit, throbbing in her fingers. But it wasn’t stiff enough to put into her cunt yet. She closed her fist around his shaft and pulled it up and down, milking it, waiting for it to get hard as a rock so she could put it into her juicy cunt.

“Suck it, honey, suck my cunt. Do it harder. Yeah, that’s it… Ahhh, I want you to fuck me with your tongue. Come on, you know how to do it. You know how to do anything. You’re just a slut. A slutttt, ahhh, eat it, eat it.”

Barbara’s tongue made a wet lapping sound each time it shot into Ann’s cunt. She buried her face in her groin, licking it all over, sliding her munching lips over her throbbing clit.

“Uhhh, uhhh, it feels so good,” Ann said. “It feels like a cock, a wet slippery cock. And I’m going to come on it. I’m going to come on your fucking tongue.”

Barbara felt the hands on her tits squeeze harder and harder as Ann got more and more excited. From the steady juice that poured into her mouth, Barbara knew that Ann was going to cream any second now. She lapped harder on her pussy, licking and sucking, drooling and moaning. Then she slid her right hand over Ann’s silky skin, pulling at her exposed ass. She touched her asshole with her index finger and then prodded it lightly.

“Stick it in,” Ann cried. “Fuck my ass with it, fuck my ass and fuck my cunt at the same time.”

As she worked on Ann, Barbara felt Holt’s cock stiffen in her other hand. It was wet now, with hot drops of dick juice. She led the throbbing meat to her cunt hole and then gasped as it slid right into her. His hips ground against hers as he pronged her with his shaft, slipping it all the way in. His nuts banged away at her hole while his thick meat shot deeper and deeper. The wet cock head throbbed against the dripping walls of her cunt. She moved up and down for him, letting him bang her as hard as he could.

He wiggled his cock left and right, then thrust it straight in. As soon as all of it was inside of her Barbara bucked back and forth, coming on his fleshy stick. The cum poured out of her and dripped down his rod. It leaked out of her hole and made her wet in her crotch and on her thighs. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, “ahhhh, ahhhh, uhhhhhh.” She shuddered and then released another hot burst of cream. His cock kept on sloshing into her, driving way inside, pumping her churning hips. Then he took it out of her slit and moved it up to her stomach. The thick fleshy shaft throbbed on her skin, hot and wet. The cock head poked into the underside of her left tit, pushing deep into her flesh. Then it slid across her nipple.

Ann shouted out loud, then drenched Barbara’s mouth with cum. It shot past her lips and then the salty liquid poured down her throat. Barbara’s head rocked back and forth as Ann fucked her face with her dripping slit. “Suck it, you whore. Suck my cunt.”

Barbara slurped it all up, sucking her cum into her mouth, stabbing at her slit with her tongue.

Then, bit by bit, the flow of cunt juice slowed down until only a few drops slid into her mouth. Ann stood up, wiping her cunt with her fingers.

Barbara looked down at the monstrous dick sliding over her chest. It moved up and pushed through her lips. He made her suck it for a minute before taking it out of her drooling mouth and ramming it back into her chest. She was sticky all over, wet from his cock and from his nuts as they slapped away at her jugs.

Ann knelt down beside both of them. She slid one hand between Barbara’s wide spread legs and fingered her hole. With the other hand she reached down to her husband’s cock. Her fingers closed tight around it as her sticky fist jerked him off, leading his cock into Barbara’s wet tits.

“Ohhhh,” Barbara moaned, reaching out for his prick. “Fuck it, fuck my tits.” She grabbed the tip of his rod and squeezed it between her fingers. Both Ann and Barbara pumped his cock, pressing the sticky wet flesh down into the valley between her tits. Then it slid up and down her, fucking her, banging her milky jugs.

“Jerk it,” he said. “Now, do it, uhhhh.” He rose up from her chest, grunting and gasping. The first gob of cum splattered onto Barbara’s chin. Then spurts of thick white cream coated her entire face. As the cum ran down her lips she sucked it into her mouth, swallowing the sweet semen. Ann grabbed his spitting cock and shoved it into her mouth. She pumped it up and down as she sucked on it.

Streams of white sperm seeped out of her mouth as she blew her husband.

Then Ann took it out of her slurping lips and jerked it off onto Barbara’s tits. Pools of cream slithered down her jugs, dripping down her stomach and her sides. Barbara smoothed both hands over her tits, smearing the cum in her hands. Then she brought both hands to her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

Holt and his wife climbed off of her, leaving Barbara chained at the ankles, with cum all over her body. They left the room and Barbara could hear them out in the office, laughing and talking about her.

They didn’t come back until an hour later. And once they were in the bedroom they ignored her completely. Barbara didn’t say a word. She just laid there on the floor, waiting for them to make the next move. But instead of doing anything to her, Holt and his wife climbed into bed.

And they slept.

Barbara closed her eyes after a while, and then she too fell asleep on the rough wooden floor.

She woke in the middle of the night. Holt was sitting on her chest, prodding her chin with his cock. He didn’t say anything to her. He just slid up her tits until his prick was even with her mouth. Then he fucked her lips savagely, ramming it hard into her throat. He shot off into her mouth, letting thick gobs of cum squirt down her throat. Then, still silent, he moved away from her.

Barbara swallowed all of the semen, and then she waited. Throughout the night, Holt or his wife slid out of the bed, forcing her to suck them off. And it was always silent. As if she was just a slave, a piece of meat who had no say in the matter.

In the morning her face was covered with dried cum. She dabbed at the semen and the pussy juice around her mouth, lapping it up with her tongue.

Holt and his wife left her alone for an hour. They came back inside and sat down on the bed, staring at her nude body.

“We’ve decided to help you out,” Holt said. “To make sure that you don’t get into any more trouble.”

“What do you mean?” Barbara said.

“From now on you’re going to be assigned to this cabin. You’ll stay with us and work out the rest of the summer here.”

Barbara looked up at him. He was smiling. He knelt down by her legs and unhooked one ankle bracelet. He pushed her over on her stomach. Her legs were crossed and there was some pain but she knew better than to complain. Barbara said.

“How can you assign me here?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

He stuck his prick right into her asshole then, without warning, and plunged it to the hilt. As his cock slid in and out of her tight hole she knew what she was going to be doing for the rest of the summer.

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