Back door neighbours

“How about another martini,” Charlie Reed said.
Lauren was alone with Charlie in the Reed living room. They had just watched Lauren’s husband Jim and Charlie’s wife Pat walk out of the living room to go to a bedroom.
And not to play checkers, Lauren thought. Jim and Pat were off to a bedroom to fuck.
This was Lauren and Jim’s first try at wife swapping and she was nervous as hell about it.
Now Lauren smiled at Charlie and did her best to pull herself together. “I haven’t finished this one yet.”
Charlie snickered. “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get happy, doll.”
Charlie drained his glass and then watched Lauren as she did the same to hers. He picked up the empty glasses and walked over to the bar to get them filled again.
Lauren never liked to drink too much, but she realized she needed the booze tonight. She was very excited about swapping, but she still felt inhibited about it. She could feel the dampness in the crotch of her panties. She could feel her heart beating in her chest and she wished she could calm down and be as casual as Pat about everything.
Lauren rose up now as Charlie approached with her fresh drink.
“I like martinis,” Charlie said with a grin. “They put the fire where it belongs.”
Lauren blushed. “Yes, I guess.”
“You’re nervous, aren’t you?”
“You bet I am.”
Charlie laughed. Lauren smiled at him as his eyes ran over her body. She could feel an electric tingling in her pussy as his eyes boldly undressed her. She had to admit to herself that she was looking forward to getting fucked by him. This would be the first time she’d made it with anyone but Jim since they were married.
You’re such a good girl, she thought with sarcasm.
She and Jim hadn’t been doing much fucking lately and she was beginning to wonder if she hadn’t lost interest in sex.
Charlie continued chatting with her and soon she could feel the gin easing the tensions inside her.
“I guess Jim and Pat have already started,” Charlie said.
Lauren nodded. “You’re probably right.”
Charlie smiled. “I’m hot for you, Lauren. I’ve been waiting all week to get at you.”
A quiver went through her as she blushed. “Me too. I never thought I would be, but I guess I’m ready for anything now.”
“Well, drink up and let’s go to the bedroom.”
Lauren laughed. “You’re trying to get me drunk.”
“Sure, how’d you guess? Come on, maybe we can catch them together without them knowing about it.”
After Lauren drained her glass, Charlie took her hand and led her out of the living room and up the stairs to the second floor of the house. He took her to one of the bedrooms, a dimly lit room with a window open to let in the night air.
But the room was empty. No one was in the room except them and the bed looked unused.
“Where are they?” Lauren whispered.
Charlie grinned. “In the next bedroom, on the other side of that connecting door.”
Lauren felt herself shaking slightly. How strange it was to be alone in a bedroom with a man who wasn’t her husband. And a man she’d be fucking before long.
She looked around the room and decided it must be a guest room because it didn’t look lived in. She supposed Pat had taken Jim to the bedroom Pat shared with Charlie.
Now Lauren trembled as Charlie kissed her for the first time. He pulled her toward him, his tongue probing inside her mouth.
She sucked on his tongue, pressed her body against his to let him know she wasn’t resisting him.
She could feel herself trembling with excitement. Her nervousness was fading and in its place she was getting turned on.
As Charlie held the kiss, Lauren suddenly felt his cock pushing against her belly. He had an obvious hard-on and she was thrilled by it. She felt her body respond as his bone-hard cock continued to push against her.
Charlie whispered in her ear. “Christ, I’m dying to fuck you!”
The word excited her. She reached down between their bodies to touch his hard cock through his pants.
She felt wicked doing it. She felt a tingling in her tits as she walked her fingertips over the bulge in the front of his pants.
Charlie grunted as she felt her fingers touching his dick. He whispered again, his lips touching her ear. “Lauren, take your dress off!”
He guided her across the room to a chair near the window. Reaching over to the small lamp, he snapped the light off and the room was in sudden darkness.
Lauren trembled as she reached behind to slide the zipper of her dress all the way down her back.
She lifted the party dress over her head and then draped it over the back of the chair. Then she reached behind her again, unsnapped her bra and pulled it away to expose her tits.
She dropped the bra to the seat of the chair. Her nakedness made her feel so wanton. There was no turning back now. She was naked in a room with Charlie Reed and there was no turning back.
Now she heard Charlie next to her. She could hear the rustling as he took his clothes off.
She told herself she wanted it. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted it as much as he did. She hadn’t lied when she’d said she’d, been thinking about it all week.
Then Charlie reached for her in the darkness and his hand touched one of her tits.
Lauren jumped at the sudden contact. “Charlie, I’m not finished undressing. I still have my hose and panties on.”
He made a sound in his throat. “Leave the stockings and heels on, will you? I want to look at you later like that. After we’ve played around a little.”
Lauren shuddered with excitement as she peeled her panties off and stepped out of them. In a moment, Charlie reached for her again, his hands running over her body. She stood still, her urns at her sides, trembling as he touched her everywhere.
Then he dropped his head to her tits, cupped her tits in his hands as he sucked one of her nipples.
She groaned and almost fell down as she gently pushed him away. “Charlie, not here. I want to be with the others. I want Jim to hear us.”
Charlie snickered. “Whatever you want, doll.”
He took her hand and led her to the connecting door and in a moment they were in the other bedroom. This room was just as dark as the first one, but suddenly Lauren could hear them. The sounds were unmistakable. Wet sucking sounds. Was Pat sucking Jim’s cock?
Lauren wondered if Charlie expected that from her. She knew she wouldn’t refuse him anything. She wondered if he was hard to please in bed.
Then Charlie whispered to her again. “We’ve got two beds in here and one of them is empty.”
“Isn’t this where you sleep with Pat?”
“No, that’s down the hall. Come on, let’s use the empty bed.”
He led her to the bed and guided her down onto it. She could just make out the two people on the other bed. Her husband and Pat.
Lauren trembled as she stretched out on the bed. A moment later, she felt Charlie’s weight on the bed as he joined her.
Charlie made no attempt to be quiet and Lauren was certain Jim and Pat knew that she and Charlie were in the room with them.
Lauren didn’t care. Having Jim know she was there only made it more exciting for her. She expected Charlie would fuck her silly while Jim listened to it.
Charlie grunted as he pressed against her. Now she forgot about Jim and Pat as Charlie began kissing her. She quivered as he nibbled along her shoulder. She slid a hand between their bodies to take hold of his hard cock. She heard Charlie groan in response as she skinned back his prick to uncover his knob.
Charlie whispered in her ear. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk!”
Lauren giggled softly. “Then I won’t be able to go home.”
“You’ve got a great body, doll.”
She quivered with pleasure as she felt herself turning on to him. She wished her husband could be made more aware of how Charlie was responding to her.
“Charlie, I want you to fuck me!”
“Don’t worry, I will.”
Then he stopped talking as he took one of her tits in his mouth. She deliberately moaned louder so she could be heard by the others.
Suddenly Lauren heard Pat’s voice.
“Keep sucking,” Pat said. “Lick it, baby, lick it!”
Lauren was stunned as she realized Jim was sucking Pat’s cunt.
Then Lauren focussed again on what Charlie was doing to her. He was moving now, moving his mouth from one tit to the other as he sucked her nipples. His hand roamed over her belly and thighs. He kept moving his mouth from one tit to the other, but finally his mouth slid down over her belly and away from her tits.
His cock pulled out of her hand as he shifted down on the bed.
He licked her belly with his wet tongue. Then he moved his face lower down and she felt his teeth nipping her flesh just above her cunt mound.
Lauren moaned as Charlie pushed her legs apart. He crouched between her thighs, and then she gasped as she suddenly felt his fingers pulling her cuntlips apart.
She felt the cool air on her gash, and then a moment later she trembled at the feel of his tongue directly on her clit.
He spread her cuntlips wider apart, dropped his tongue from her clit to her cunthole. She groaned as he pushed his tongue deep inside her cunthole and wriggled it around.
She loved the feel of it. She reached down to tangle her fingers in his hair. She pulled his face hard against her crotch as his tongue reamed out her pussy.
“Oh God, it’s good,” she said with a groan.
Her tits heaved as she squirmed on the bed. Her legs were wide apart, and now she jackknifed her knees up against her tits to open her cunt as wide as possible.
Charlie used both hands to spread her cuntlips apart as he sucked her cunt. Then he moved down, dropped his tongue down to the puckered ring of her asshole. Lauren shuddered as she felt the tip of his tongue pushing against her shitter, pushing forward until it slipped inside her ass.
She loved it. She wriggled and moaned as he reamed out her asshole with his wet tongue.
Then suddenly his tongue was gone and she felt something else. His finger pushed against her asshole as his mouth returned to her clit. He slowly pushed his finger inside her tight bung as he sucked her cunt once again.
She groaned as his finger pushed in deeper. “Charlie, it hurts! You’re hurting me!”
He continued sucking her pussy and soon she became accustomed to the presence of his finger in her ass.
She lay still, gasping with pleasure as he continued licking and sucking her steaming cunt. He twisted the finger in her ass around and around, stretching her asshole, driving her crazy as he reamed it out.
Soon she began pumping her ass back at his finger, skewering her asshole as he continued lapping her clit. He slid his free hand beneath her ass to press her crotch against his face.
Nothing mattered to her now but the hot sensations tipping through her body. She writhed and twisted on the bed. “Suck me, Charlie! Ram your finger up my ass!”
Charlie worked like a demon as she began to come. He lapped his tongue faster and faster, grinding his finger inside her hot ass. Her body squirmed, her thighs opened and closed against his head.
She jerked each time his tongue touched her clit flaw. A steady moaning sound came out of her throat as he sucked her cunt and diddled her asshole.
She didn’t care about Jim any more. Now all she cared about was the face between her legs, the mouth on her cunt and the finger in her ass.
Her belly pumped as she made it. Her head tossed from side to side, her hair flying.
Charlie thrust his tongue deeper inside her cunt as her thighs pressed fight against his face. She was coming again now, her tits heaving and dancing an her chest, her fingers twisting in Charlie’s hair.
Finally she arched her body and cried out gasping.
His tongue was still thrashing inside her cunt and it drove her crazy. She could feel the juices pouring out of her pussy to wet her asscrack. His finger was still inside her asshole, slowly twisting as it stretched her shitter.
She collapsed on the bed now, her legs dropping down on each side of Charlie’s body.
She was exhausted, wiped out by the multiple orgasms, her arms and legs splayed out like the limbs of a rag doll.
She told herself she had never come so hard in her life, never never like that with Jim.
Charlie was lying still also, his head resting on her cunt mound, his breathing heavy.
Then he crawled up over her and kissed her mouth. She could feel the cuntjuice on his face. She thrust her tongue deep inside his mouth, a gesture of thanks for the lovely way he had sucked her off.
When he pulled his mouth away, he snickered. “Rest awhile and then you can do me.”
She murmured her agreement as they kissed again. She told herself she owed it to him to suck him off the way he did her. She wanted to repay him for those delicious orgasms he’d given her. She also wanted Charlie to have her mouth as a gesture against her husband. Her damn husband hardly ever made love to her as good as Charlie had just done. Or maybe Jim never had. Maybe her marriage was just a charade. She told herself that what she needed was a man like Charlie, a man who knew how to turn a woman on and then send her to the heights of bliss.
Now Lauren could hear the soft mewlings of Pat on the other bed. Lauren was amused. Jim had a long way to go and a lot to learn if he was going to compete with Charlie.
She had no reluctance about the swapping now. Now she understood how good it was and how important it might be for her.
Charlie lay by her side with one leg thrown over her body and his chin on her shoulder. Lauren heard once again the wet sucking noises of the lovemaking on the other bed. She heard Pat moaning as Jim did things to her.
Go on, do it, Lauren thought. She was excited by the feel of Charlie’s hard cock lying across one of her thighs. She turned and whispered to him. “Are you ready, honey?”
Charlie chuckled. “Yeah, you bet I am.”
She whispered more softly. “Is there a light switch close by? I want you to promise to turn the lights on just before you come.”
Charlie was amused. “There’s a wire switch I can hold in my hand.”
“Roll over on your back so I can do you.” She was surprised at her own boldness. She wanted to punish Jim. She wanted Jim watching another man shoot off in her mouth. The idea of that made her hot as hell. She wanted Charlie’s jism in her mouth and she wanted Jim to see it.
She began slowly with Charlie, running her tongue over his neck and down to his chest. She sucked at his nipples, biting them gently. She reached down to grasp his hard cock with her hand.
Then she worked lower down, licking her way down from his chest, licking at his bellybutton. She ran her tongue around it until she felt his belly heave under her face.
He had a hairy body, thick hair on his chest and hair all over his belly. She rubbed her face in it, tickling her cheeks with the hair at the top of his cock bush. Her fingers curled around his prick, pulled his foreskin back and forth in a teasing motion.
Now she changed her position, crawled over him, pushed his legs apart to kneel on all fours between his thighs. Her feet hung over the edge of the bed as her face poised over his crotch.
She continued skinning his cock, her lips just a few inches away from his fat knob. She opened her mouth and breathed against his cockhead.
Charlie groaned. “Suck it, baby!” His words excited her because she knew Jim could hear them. She wished she could see Jim’s face at that moment. She wanted to punish Jim for neglecting her.
Her tongue fluttered out now to touch the tip of Charlie’s prick.
She circled her tongue around his cockhead as he groaned and twisted his body. She found his pisshole with her tongue-tip and toyed with it. She sucked up the juice leaking out. She could smell his cock and balls and the smell turned her on. Her mouth was watering for his cock but she deliberately held herself back. Her hands dropped to the base of his cockshaft, then one hand moved farther down to cup his balls. She grazed his ball-sac with her fingernails.
Holding his balls with one hand, she used the other hand to grip his cock. Her fingers pulled down at the base of his cockshaft, skinning his prick down until his knob stood out alone and swollen against her lips.
She began kissing his cockhead and cockshaft now, starting at the tip of his prick and working down to his cock bush. Then she kissed her way up again, teasing him by not taking his cock in her mouth just yet.
But Charlie couldn’t stand it.
He groaned and reached down with his hands, grabbed her head and thrust his cock against her face with impatience.
She resisted a moment, but then finally she opened her mouth to take his knob.
His cock pushed in like a battering ram.
She could feel the heat of his dick with her tongue. She felt his knob pushing at the back of her throat and she had to pull back a bit to avoid gagging. Saliva filled her mouth and started running out over her chin. His cock stuck out of her mouth like a huge banana. Charlie groaned. “Christ, your mouth feels like hot butter around my cock.”
Lauren giggled. Then she quivered as he began a slow fucking of his cock in and out of her mouth. She held her head still and let him do the work for a while.
“Tighten your lips, baby! Tighten your lips and suck harder!”
She did what he wanted. She felt a delicious excitement growing in her body as she sucked his hot prick. She sucked with abandon now, her tongue lashing his cockhead as his prick slid in and out of her lips.
Now she wanted to get him off.
She bobbed her head, pumping her mouth up and down his prick, mewling with pleasure as she worked her lips over his hard fuck pole.
She thought of him coming in her mouth, all that lovely white jism spurting over her tongue and down her throat.
Yes, she wanted it.
And Jim would see everything.
Oh yes, she wanted that so much.