Back door neighbours 2.

A half hour earlier, Jim was feeling happy as Pat led him into the darkened bedroom. He wanted to turn the lights on so he could look at her, but when he mentioned it to Pat she said no. “In the dark, honey. The first time is always more exciting that way.”
So he held her in his arms and kissed her in the dark. The kisses were hot and he was sure she could feel his hard cock pressing against her belly.
Before long he helped her undress. She giggled as they both worked in the dark to get all her clothes off. He fondled her tits as soon as he had a chance. She had big jugs and ever since he and Lauren had agreed to swing with the Reeds, Jim had been thinking about getting his hands on her tits.
After Pat was naked, Jim hurried to get himself undressed while she waited for him on the bed. He lost his balance a few times. He was loaded from the two martinis he’d had on top of the drinks he and Lauren had had in their own house.
But finally he made it. He had all his clothes off and in a moment he crawled onto the bed beside Pat.
“So I’ve got you at last,” he said.
Pat chuckled. She opened her legs wide and pushed his head down toward her belly.
“Yes, you’ve got me,” she said.
Jim never cared much about eating pussy and he’d done it to Lauren only a few times in the five years they’d been married. But he understood Pat wanted it now and he decided to do it.
He pried her cunt open with his thumbs. He sniffed her cunt and he found the smell was a turn-on.
Pat made a sound of pleasure. “Kiss it, baby! Kiss my cunt!” Her hands stroked his head to encourage him to go down on her. He stuck his tongue out finally and he felt her quiver as his tongue touched her pussy for the first time.
He made contact with the slippery meat of her pussy. He licked gently at her clit. Pat began jerking her body in response to what he was doing and it excited him to turn her on like that.
Now he pulled her cunt farther apart with his thumbs, pulling her hairy cuntlips wide apart. He lapped his tongue up and down her pussy gash, aware of her excitement and liking it. He felt a sense of power as he licked her cunt, something he hadn’t expected. This woman after all wasn’t his wife, but here he was making her shake with excitement.
Pat continued groaning and twisting her body around. Finally Jim pushed his tongue at her cunthole and worked it inside.
Now she went wild. She obviously loved having his tongue in her cunt. She gave out a loud moan, pumping her crotch at his face. She held his head with her hands to keep his face imprisoned between her thighs.
Jim’s cock was hard as iron against the mattress. He started pumping his crotch up and down against the mattress as he sucked her cunt, giving himself pleasure by rubbing his cock back and forth on the bed.
His face was filed with her cunt, the wetness and the smell and the taste of it. He any more about leaving Lauren alone downstairs with Charlie. Lauren could look after herself. Maybe Charlie could take care of her. Jim recognized that he and Lauren hadn’t been getting along that well lately. Maybe this was what they needed to get the marriage happy again.
In any case, Pat certainly turned him on. She was groaning again, churning her hips as she pumped her crotch at his face.
“Faster, honey. Move your tongue faster!”
He did what she wanted, amused at the way her ass wiggled around with more gusto as he speeded up the movements of his tongue against her clit.
Then she called out again to him. “Put your hands under say ass and lift me.” He did that too. He slid his hands down her thighs to grab her asscheeks and pull her crotch up to his face. He could feel how wet her cunt was. He was unhappy the room was dark because he wanted to see her cunt. She was a brunette, not at all like Lauren, and he wouldn’t mind having a good look at her pussy.
She squealed with pleasure as he nibbled at her cuntlips. Once again he felt the power he had over her. He worked extra hard to make the sucking good for her, to make her like what he was doing to her cunt.
His tongue whipped and massaged her cunt as she made sounds of pleasure in response. He sucked and licked between her open thighs like a hungry animal.
Then suddenly he heard a noise in the dark room.
He tried to raise his head to look, but Pat’s hands held his head down.
He heard the noise again, closer now.
He realized someone was now on the bed next to them. He heard rustling sounds, excited whispering.
He continued sucking Pat’s gash. He knew who was on the next bed. It had to be Lauren and Charlie.
Then Jim heard moaning sounds. He stopped sucking Pat to listen. He wondered if he ought to go on with what he was doing while Lauren was there.
Pat pulled at Jim’s head with her hands. “Baby, don’t stop!”
He heard Lauren moaning again. Were they already fucking? Jim was unsettled now. Why did they have to pick this room to do it? Why didn’t Charlie take Lauren somewhere else? Maybe they were too drunk to go anywhere else.
Maybe they didn’t know that he and Pat were there on the next bed.
Jim heard Lauren groaning again. Then he heard Charlie’s voice. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk,” Charlie said.
“Oh God, yes!” Lauren gasped.
Jim’s tongue was still inside Pat’s cunt as he listened to them. He listened to his wife begging to be fucked by another man.
“Honey, keep fucking me,” Pat said with a moan.
Her legs jerked over his shoulders, her thighs wrapping around his head to hold him fast.
Jim was suddenly bothered by the knowledge that Lauren must have heard Pat telling him to suck her cunt. Did it bother Lauren too? All he heard were the wet sounds of lovemaking on the other bed. He hoped Lauren wasn’t sucking Charlie’s cock. Jim didn’t like the idea of that at all. But he couldn’t pull his head away from Pat’s cunt to take a look. He wanted to look at them but he couldn’t. Was Lauren lying on top of Charlie? Was she straddling him with her legs wide open? Was she completely naked? Obscene pictures of his wife passed through Jim’s mind. He imagined Charlie fucking Lauren, Charlie’s cock slamming in and out of Lauren’s wide open cunt.
Jim groaned as he sucked Pat’s cunt with more fervor. He tried to forget about Lauren and concentrate on Pat.
But he heard Lauren moaning. She never moaned like that when she was with him. She sounded almost as though she was in pain.
Now everything was exciting him. He was turned on by Pat’s oozing cunt. He decided Charlie must be sucking Lauren’s cunt the way he himself was sucking Pat’s pussy. Charlie was certainly driving Lauren crazy with pleasure.
Jim could feel his cock throbbing and aching as he pressed it against the mattress under him. His balls felt swollen. His cock jerked each time he heard Lauren cry out, each time she begged for more from Charlie.
Then Jim heard twisting and turning on the other bed. Lauren groaned without stopping now, a deep groaning out of her chest. Jim wondered what the hell Charlie was doing to her to make her groan like that.
In the meantime Pat was still holding Jim’s head, still pulling his face hard against her steaming cunt.
And then suddenly Jim heard Lauren crying out as she came. He knew what she sounded like when she climaxed. He heard the creaking of the bed Lauren was on. He heard Charlie grunting as he ate Lauren’s pussy.
Lauren continued crying out until her orgasm. He heard Lauren gasping now, murmuring to Charlie on the other bed. For a moment, there was nothing but silence. Jim listened intently, wondering what they were doing over there now. He’d stopped sucking Pat. He was just lying there with his face against Pat’s cunt as he listened to the people on the other bed.
He wondered what Charlie thought about Lauren, if he was really turned on by her. Did he like Lauren’s cunt? Once again Jim wondered what Charlie was doing to make Lauren come so hard. For a moment Jim felt like leaping over to the next bed and fucking his wife as she lay there helpless. Yes, he wouldn’t mind fucking Lauren now.
Then he heard them moving around again on the next bed. He heard whispering as they rearranged themselves on the bed. Then Jim heard Charlie grunting as Lauren did something to him.
Jim heard a sudden gasp from Charlie’s lips.
“Christ, your mouth is like melted butter,” Charlie said.
Jim groaned into Pat’s cunt as he heard it. He wanted to blot out everything now. He couldn’t stand the idea that Lauren was sucking Charlie’s cock. He shuddered as he imagined his wife’s lips wrapped around Charlie’s prick.
Jim felt he’d been had. He was angry at himself now for agreeing to the party. Here he was with his face between Pat’s thighs while his own wife was sucking off Pat’s husband.
It was too much. It was as if he and Lauren were being taken advantage of by the Reeds.
Now everything was turned around for Jim. At first when he’d found, out their new neighbors were swingers, he’d thought what a wonderful chance that was. Now he hated the whole idea of it.
Then he heard Charlie talking to Lauren.
“Baby, tighten your lips and suck harder,” Charlie said.
He peered through the darkness but he couldn’t see anything. His imagination ran wild. He imagined he could see Lauren crouching over Charlie’s cock as she sucked it. He heard the sounds of sucking and it drove him wild.
Finally Jim couldn’t stand it any more. He had a need to fuck Lauren.
Pat cried out as he pulled away from her. “Jim, don’t leave me!”
But he twisted away from her, ignored her pleas to stay with her. All he wanted now was to get to Lauren, to fuck her and punish her in some way for giving herself to Charlie. Jim stumbled in the darkness toward the other bed. He stuck his hands out in front of him and suddenly he hit the bed and made contact with a body. Lauren’s soft body. Jim heard her gasp. Then he heard something like a laugh coming from her and he realized she’d gone back to fucking Charlie’s cock again.
Jim dug his hands into Lauren’s body as he held onto her. He found her backbone and understood she was kneeling on the bed. He followed her spine down to her ass, all the way down until his fingers touched her asscrack.
Her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed right in front of him. She had her knees wide apart on the edge of the mattress and her ass swaying in the air in front of him.
He shifted a bit more until he was directly behind her.
He ran his hands over the smooth globes of her asscheeks. He could feel her ass quivering under his fingers as she bobbed her mouth on Charlie’s cock.
Jim clenched his teeth as he took Lauren’s ass in his two hands and pulled her asscheeks apart with his thumbs.
He ran the middle finger of one hand down the length of her asscrack. She was completely wet there, her asscrack drenched.
He touched her cunt, pushed a finger inside her cunthole. Lauren jerked as he did it and a deep groan came out of her throat. Then she groaned again as he fingerfucked her cunt while she continued sucking Charlie’s cock.
Jim realized how hot his wife was. And he was hot too, hot to get his cock in her cunt. He could feel her asscheeks flattening out as he pressed against them. He reached forward, clasped his hands around her waist and held her tightly. A muffled sound came out of her lips, from her mouth stuffed with Charlie’s cock. She tried to squirm forward to escape the cock in her cunt. But Jim held her fast, his cock buried to the hilt in her steaming pussy.
Charlie lay beneath Lauren, holding her head trapped between his hands, his legs splayed out on either side of her knees. He pumped his ass, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face.
At the other end of Lauren’s body, Jim slammed into her with long strokes of his prick in her cunt-channel. Her ass shook as he fucked her with a steady rhythm.
Then Charlie’s fingers suddenly threw the light switch and without warning a lamp came on to light up the room.
Jim swung his head to the side as he rammed his cock inside Lauren’s cunt. He had a sudden side view of his wife in a nearby mirror. He groaned in anger as be saw Lauren skewered between himself and Charlie.
Jim could see Charlie’s thick cock stuffing Lauren’s mouth, stretching her lips so that her mouth looked like the round open mouth of a fish. Her hair flowed down over her head to lie on Charlie’s belly. Her tits danced and shook as they hung down from her rib cage.
When Jim looked over at Pat, he saw that she was watching them. Pat’s eyes were wide open and sultry with excitement. Her legs were spread loosely apart, her knees drawn up. She had three fingers of one hand deep inside her cunt. The other hand fondled her tits as she fingerfucked herself.
Jim wanted to cry out, to pull Lauren away from Charlie.
But he found it impossible. His cock ached and throbbed inside her clasping cunt. He couldn’t bear to pull his prick out of her cunthole.
Instead he watched what was happening in the mirror. He began to follow Charlie’s rhythm, fucking Lauren’s cunt as Charlie fucked her mouth.
Everyone was groaning now. Lauren’s moans were muffled by Charlie’s cock in her mouth. She rolled her body between Charlie and Jim. Her tongue swirled around Charlie’s prick.
And then it happened.
Charlie made a croaking sound, his hands locking around Lauren’s head. He forced her mouth down until her lips were at the base of his cockshaft. He started coming, started shooting in her mouth while he held her head in place.
Jim watched with horrified eyes. He saw Lauren swallowing convulsively as Charlie dumped his load in her mouth. Her throat tightened and relaxed and tightened again as she gulped Charlie’s jism.
A great shudder went through Jim as he imagined Charlie’s load shooting down his wife’s throat. At the same instant he felt her cunt grabbing his own cock, her juices flowing as she came around his sliding prick.
Lauren went off, groaning around Charlie’s prick, churning her ass to grind her cunt around Jim’s fuckpole.
Jim clenched his teeth as he shot off. His jism squirted out of his cock in long streams of hot pleasure. He spurted his load far up Lauren’s cunt channel.
For a moment he hated her. He slammed her again and again as he emptied his balls.
Lauren whimpered now as her climax came to an end. She jerked forward, trying to dislodge Jim’s cock from her cunt.
But Jim held on as he finished. He looked down the back of Lauren’s head as she suddenly turned her face to the side. He watched Charlie’s thick cock slide out of Lauren’s mouth.
Jim could see strings of Charlie’s jism hanging from Lauren’s wet lips. Her breathing was heavy, her mouth and nose completely covered with a sheen of sweat. She groaned as she dropped her head sideways on Charlie’s belly. She wiped her face on his cock bush. Her body was limp, held in place against Jim’s belly by his hands on her hips.
Jim strained forward now to empty the last of his load in her cunt. Then he released her, removed his hands and pulled his wet cock out of her gaping cunthole.
Lauren slithered forward to lie across Charlie’s chest, her legs still wide apart and her cunt leaking Jim’s jism.
Jim could see his wife’s cunthole gaping like a wide open pink mouth.
Now he fell to the side of the other bed where Pat was still working her fingers in and out of her cunt.
“Do me now!” Pat pleaded. “Jim, do me now!”
Jim could see Lauren on the bed watching them, smiling at him, thin trails of jism still visible around her swollen lips.
He moved his face into Pat’s crotch and started sucking her pussy.