Between Mother And Son

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

Newspapers today carry accounts of people who have never learned about good and bad, people who have never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictates. The pervasive corruption in high political office today offers still another example.

The people in this story are of the present. Living lives of existential hedonists, they refuse to worry about tomorrow. Their main concern is for today, and the pleasures it brings. For them, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

BETWEEN MOTHER AND SON — the story of amoral people who embody the lifestyle of many in our society. Their story holds a lesson for us all.



Usually, after her husband had left for the office and the kids had gone to school, Jessica Macarthur liked to go back to bed and spend a relaxing hour playing with her pussy. It wasn’t that the voluptuous redhead needed to finger fuck herself. She got plenty of good fucking from her handsome husband, Dan and a bit on the side, as well, since she was a rather promiscuous lady.

It was more just a pleasant habit. Today, for a change, she decided to forego her ritual morning hand job.

Dan had thrown an energetic fuck into her before he left and she felt completely satisfied.

She lingered over a cup of coffee, wondering how to spend her time that morning and finally decided that she would clean out her son’s bedroom closet. Jeff was a teenager and growing by leaps and bounds, turning into a tall, athletic young man, and his mother knew that there would be a lot of clothing he had outgrown which she could collect and send off to the Salvation Army.

Still wearing only her frilly, semi-transparent nightie, she got up from the table, stretching. Her big tits thrust out, the tips standing in twin peaks against the filmy, clinging material. Jessica wasn’t feeling randy at the moment, but her nipples were always stiff and swollen.

She had noticed her son gaping at her tits across the breakfast table, earlier. It had delighted the lascivious lady to feel his gaze on her tits.

She left the kitchen, walking normally, which, for Jessica, meant swinging her heart shaped ass provocatively. She always moved that way, even when there was no one to admire her, just to keep in practice.

Jessica just loved to have men and boys stare at her with longing and lust, and she usually managed to give them plenty of sexy body to see.

She went upstairs, her nightie parting, plenty of smooth, sleek thigh exposed. Although her cunt wasn’t really heated, it was still squishing juicily between her legs as she walked and she could feel a few trickles of her husband’s thick jizz dribbling from her slot.

She went into Jeff’s bedroom, wrinkling her nose at the clutter and pausing to look at her reflection in his mirror. Jessica was vain and narcissistic and enjoyed admiring herself. She had tilted green eyes, high cheekbones and a wide scarlet slash of a mouth. Her hair was like tongues of flame spilling over her shoulders.

Her tongue could flame a bit, as well. Her tits were large and firm, big melons capped by those rosy, perpetually taut tips. The outline of her bushy cunt showed through her sheer nightie. She had wide hips and a gently rounded belly, and a pneumatic pelvis set atop long, shapely legs.

She knew that if she stared at her own image for very long she would get turned on and wind up giving herself a hand job, anyhow. Determined now to forego that and clear out the big, walk-in closet, she turned from the looking glass and went on into the chamber.

The Macarthur house was fashionably rustic, with pine paneled walls. The interior of the closet, the back of which was adjacent to the master bedroom, was the same. Jessica began to root around in the jumble of clothing and athletic equipment and outgrown toys.

As she bent over to open a box, her firm ass bumped against the back wall of the closet. A panel fell out and crashed to the floor.

Jessica frowned. Her first thought that was the house was disintegrating, that maybe termites were undermining the structure. They might have to call a builder in, she thought, annoyed. But as she lifted the fallen panel, her eyes came level with the gap that it had left in the wall.

Jessica gasped as the truth struck her. Looking through that opening, she found that she was gazing right into the master bedroom, and at the big bed where she and Dan slept and screwed.

She studied the loose plank thoughtfully. The edges were smooth and it obviously wasn’t splintering or cracking. It seemed as if that panel must have been very carefully removed. She fitted it back in place and it stayed there solidly enough, but when she tugged on the edge it came back out easily.

Holy shit! She thought. Had her son deliberately loosened that panel so that he could spy on his parents in bed?

The thought didn’t anger her at all. Quite the opposite, in fact it thrilled and excited Jessica to the very core. Had her son been watching her undress?

Had he seen her getting fucked? Had the boy perhaps been lurking at that opening that very morning, an avid spectator, while Dan was shoveling his huge prick into her?

Oh, how she hoped so! Jessica had always been an exhibitionist.

It went along with her vanity and narcissism. She loved to flaunt her body and her charms and to turn guys on by flashing her limbs and loins and tits.

As a teenager, she had always preferred to double date so that the other couple would have a chance to see and hear her perform with her own date. It was best if the other girl was a virgin or a prude or even frigid so that, without being distracted by his own date, the other guy could pay attention to what Jessica was doing.

She adored fucking and sucking at any time, but when she was being observed it greatly added to her pleasure and to the physical thrill of the action.

Some of her happiest nights had been spent sucking a prick in the back seat of a car, while the other couple stared over the back seat, looking and listening in envy.

And she never minded swapping dates, either. In boarding school, she had never drawn the curtains of her dormitory bedroom window when she undressed, or even when she was fucking herself off, hoping that a few horny college boys might be looking in from the quad.

And even on her honeymoon, Jessica had left the shades lifted in the bridal suite.

If it thrilled the lustful woman to know or even imagine that a stranger might be watching her getting laid, it thrilled her a whole lot more to think that her own handsome young son had been spying on her.

Trembling at the very thought, Jessica sank slowly down to her knees, bringing her face level with the gap in the wall. She imagined this would be how Jeff positioned himself when he played the peeper.

She stared into her own bedroom. The view was comprehensive. If the boy had been gazing through that gap in the laths and plaster that morning, he would have been able to see all the juicy details while they fucked.

Jessica wished that she had known about that spy hole before. Not that she would have done anything about it, except to make sure that the boy had the best possible angle of her naked body and fucking with even more enthusiasm than she normally showed, which was always plenty.

Jessica certainly planned to put on quite a performance the next time she and Dan balled while Jeff happened to be in his room.

And then she made another fascinating find. The wall, starting at the gap and extending down to the floor, was plastered with a filmy coating. Jessica leaned down and pressed her nose to the boards, sniffing. Then she whimpered with joy.

She recognized the fragrance of congealed cum. Jeff had been beating his meat as he spied on his parents. And from the amount of spunk clinging to the panels, the boy must have shot his wad countless times.

Her mind reeled dizzily as her fevered imagination summoned up the image of her teenaged son, staring at her, his fist hammering on his hard cock and his handsome face all contorted by lust. Her wet, pink tongue slid out automatically. She ran her lapper up the slime soaked wall, licking her son’s jizz from the wooden panels.

Oh my God, she thought, smoldering with desire. Her son’s cum was scrumptious. Even tongued up second hand it was creamy and rich and delicious. She could just imagine what it would be like to suck a load of the hot, thick stuff straight out of his prick.

Her lapper was going wild on the wall as she slurped up the cummy residue, adoring the taste and the tenure and the starchy aroma and, moat of all, thrilled by the knowledge that it was incest oil she was tasting.

She scooped a few gooey gobs up on her fingers, then slid her hand under the hem of her nightie and worked her son’s spunk into her steaming cunthole.

She was so hot and horny she felt crazed.

She worked a blob of fizz into her trim little asshole, massaged more into her gaping pussy, and ducked down to lap more from the heavily sprayed wall.

She opened her nightie and thrust her fat tits out, holding them cupped in her hands and rubbing the swollen tips into the creamy spillage. She knew that Jeff must have emptied dozens of loads against that spying wall. There was enough fizz to fill a bucket, she figured.

She drenched both tit tips in it. The congealed stuff was starting to liquefy again on the heat of her tits. She lifted the globes and lowered her head, radiant face tipping down. She began to suck her son’s slime from her own vibrant nipples, switching back and forth between those peaks as they exploded in her lips.

She nursed both nipples dry of spunk, and then rubbed them against the sticky wall again. Then she jerked her loins out. Kneeling with her knees apart and her cunt tilted up, she worked her pussy against the panels. Her cunt was blazing hot and flowing heavily. Her son’s cum turned fluid and seeped into her slot and her cunt juice poured down the wall to replace the spunk she had lapped up.

The wall was glazed like a limestone cavern. How lucky it was that she hadn’t given herself a hand job as usual that morning, thought Jessica.

Because she sure as shit had to now.



Jessica was hot enough to cream off quickly, had she wanted to. A few finger strokes up her fuck hole or a brisk rub on her clit would have brought her to the crest almost immediately. Her imagination had made her cunt incandescent with lust. But she wanted to linger over the job enjoying some self conducted foreplay while she continued to tantalize and titillate her hot body with her fevered mind. Cumming was, of course, the objective of a hand job, but that didn’t mean that a woman couldn’t enjoy a leisurely buildup and some prolonged play before she melted her pussy in a climax.

Avoiding her cunt for a while, she stroked her flanks and ran her hands up the insides of her trembling thighs. Her sexy nightie was open wide and flung back on her shoulders, her body arched so that her tits loomed out.

She began to feel her tits up, kneading and massaging the heavy globes and then drawing fingers and thumbs up the slopes to pull at the swollen tips.

Those taut nipples were like high-caliber bullets, exploding in her fingers. She lifted her tits in both cupped hands and dropped her face, flaming hair cascading about. Her tongue flicked at the hot buds, then, she nursed, on herself, switching from nipple to nipple. Jessica loved sucking her own tits.

She loved sucking other women’s tits, as well, as far as that went. She was certainly not a lesbian, but because she admired her own curvaceous body so much, she was inclined to love any feminine body and always enjoyed a bit of dyking in a sort of wholesome way.

She lapped up her deep, slick cleavage and mouthed her tit caps some more. Then she leaned over lower and gazed into her pussy as she knelt, one knee raised high. Her cunthole was gaping open in a wide oval, the coral-pink lips folded back like the petals of a fleshy flower, exposing the darker meat of her inner cunt sleeve.

Cunt juice was pouring from her steamy pussy, lathering her groin and seeping down into the indentation of her ass crack. Trickles slid down her inner thighs. Her clit was as stiff as her tit tips, standing out from her cunt like a little pink log in a swamp.

She delicately opened her cuntlips wider, using only the tips of her fingers. She jerked her pussy up and her nostrils flared as she inhaled, breathing in the tantalizing fragrance of hot pussy perfume.

It made her mouth water.

She wished that she were limber enough to go down on her own cunt, to bend her voluptuous body right into a hoop and suck her own cunt. That fiery fuck hole was so aromatic that she just knew it would be delicious. She tantalized herself with fantasies of pussy sucking as she inhaled her sweet fumes and stared at her delicately creamed cunt.

But she knew that she couldn’t manage to eat herself out, having tried it several times and frustratingly failed. When she got really hungry for pussy, all she could do was find some other lusty lady who was game for some mutual cunt diving. That was always a treat.

But today Jessica wasn’t really thinking about girls. She was concentrating on her son and the only thought she had as far as cunt went was how wonderful it would be, now that she knew about his secret spy hole, to give the horny young boy plenty of opportunity to gaze at his mother’s juicy cunt and to beat his meat as he did so.

She had already licked and, rubbed most of the cum film from the wall but there was still some left and she scooped a few gooey globs up on her fingertips. She worked her fingers into her cunthole and whimpered. In the heat of her fuck hole, the boy’s jizz turned slippery again and her pussy absorbed it like a sponge.

The horny woman moaned at the knowledge that she had her own son’s spunk in her cunt. Even if it had only been delivered by hand, it was a thrill.

She drew her hand back out of her pussy and brought it up to her lips. Her lapper flickered out and she tasted a succulent blend of Jeff’s jizz and her own cunt cream. She licked avidly, then began to push her fingers into her mouth, sliding them in and out and bobbing her head up and down as if she were giving her hand a blow job.

She was pretending that she was sucking her son’s prick just after it had been sunk up her cunt.

Jessica was really getting carried away with her naughty thoughts. Her mind was as hot as her body and her tongue was as horny as her clit.

She reached behind her ass, under the open nightie, and nudged her middle finger gently into the tight ring of her puckered asshole. Squirming, she worked the digit around in her sensitive shitter for a while. Then she returned her hand to her mouth. Sucking that soiled finger, she made believe it was Jeff’s prick again, after it had been ramming up her ass chute.

She pushed her face up to the opening again, looking through into her own bedroom, imagining that she was Jeff and trying to guess just how the boy must feel when he played the peeper on his parents. Whatever he had felt in the past was damned well going to be intensified the next time. Jessica was going to make sure of that.

The wanton woman was truly enjoying her preliminary play and pretending, but her cunt was so steaming hot by this time that she just had to get her rocks off. If she didn’t begin the fucking action, she knew that her pussy was just going to melt by itself, spilling her cunt cum down her thighs. Cumming felt better when she had something on which to cum, instead of simply creaming with an empty cunt.

She licked both hands again, then dipped them both down into her cunt. Tilting her wrist, she shoved four fingers of one hand up into her gooey pussy, stabbing them in to the knuckles and wriggling them around in that tight, slippery, clinging cream bowl.

She began to play with her clit with her other hand, strumming it with her fingertips, then pulling and rolling that tingling lust lobe.

She shuddered and whined and whimpered. Her clit was throbbing and her fat nipples echoed that pulsation. Waves of fiery feeling shot through her body. Her clit was humming like the vibrator she sometimes used on it, beginning to smolder like a fuse.

“Oh! Ohhhhh!” she moaned, turning her head from side to side, her lovely face twisted into a mask of lust, eyes narrowed, lips slack and panting, nimble tongue switching back and forth across her open mouth.

She tensed her thighs and began to bounce up and down gently on her hand. She finger fucked steadily in and out of her cunt, squatting over her hand as if she were riding a prick, while her other hand continued to fondle her clit frantically.

Her cumming began in her clit. That swollen bud went off like a detonator, setting off a deeper explosion in the core of her cunthole. Waves of ecstasy rushed across her loins and shot like electric currents up her trembling thighs.

The waves came faster and higher, each one rushing upon the one before, beginning to blend together and merge into one tidal crest.

Jessica jerked convulsively as she surged to the crest and clung there. Her clit was going off like a machine gun and her pussy melted again with each explosion. She swayed from side to side and rocked back and forth on her heels. Her firm ass shot out, her belly pumped up and down, her hips worked like driving pistons.

Cunt began convulsing and came as if a darn had burst somewhere in the depths of her loins. Her groin turned to a milky morass and creamy ribbons unwound down her thighs. Her fingers sank in and she yanked them back out against the suction of her cunt. It was like sticking her hand into a paste pot, using her fingers to stir glue.

She hung suspended at the highest crest, crying out in rapture. Then, at long last, the waves of her cumming began to ebb and falter and subside. She kept on fucking with both hands, letting herself down slowly, working off the last sweet spasms and draining off the last gooey drops. Finished, she slumped over her hands.

Jessica looked pleasantly surprised. She always enjoyed creaming off on her hands, but today her orgasm had been something special, dynamic and spectacular, embellished as it was by her incestuous fantasies.

A dreamy smile turned up the corners of her moist lips and her green eyes glowed like melted jade. When she pulled her fingers out of her cunt, they came out with a juicy slurp and a flood of cunt nectar bubbled from the vacated pussy like she had spilled a milk shake in her lap.

Jessica brought both hands up to her chin, tipped her face down and began to lap up the cunt cum that had pooled in her palms like a hungry kitten drinking from a bowl of cream. She licked her hands clean and dipped them into her cunt again, bringing up another creamy load to her lips.

Then, her legs shaky, she sat back on her heels and shook her head in pleasant wonderment.

That hand job would hold her for awhile, she thought at least until Jeff got home from school.

Jessica had lots of exciting plans for then, performing for his peeper’s pleasure.



Jeff Macarthur had indeed been spying through the loose plank in the back of his closet when his sexy mother was getting screwed that morning. The teenager, desperate with puberty, had been playing the peeper on his parents for several weeks now. He hadn’t actually had a very good view today. His mom and dad had fucked in the missionary position and all Jeff could really see was his father’s ass corkscrewing and his big balls swinging in and out.

It had been inspirational, nevertheless. The teenager had jerked himself off twice while he watched, providing a good portion of the jizz that his mother was later to lap up and finger fuck herself with. Then he had beaten off a third time, on his bed. But it hadn’t diminished his ardor. Like any well trained athlete, Jeff had plenty of stamina and he kept himself fucking fit by exercising his cock with regularity and frequency.

He calculated that he had shot out at least a quart of cum since he had made the spy hole. That wasn’t even counting all the foaming fuck juice he had milked from his prick at other times, such as during his frenzied and incestuous fantasies about his nubile younger sister.

He had also spent plenty of spunk in the dirty clothing hamper, creaming in his mother’s and his sister’s used panties indiscriminately, equally aroused by both.

This morning, gaping at his mom’s big tits stuffed so tantalizingly into the bodice of her sexy nightie and recalling how she looked naked and stuffed full of his father’s prick, the boy had gotten horny all over again, with the result that he had spent a most comfortable day in school, with a rock-hard cock throbbing in his pants.

As soon as the last bell sounded, Jeff rushed from the school, holding his books awkwardly in front of his groin to conceal his condition.

His pretty blonde sister, Melissa, was chatting with some older guys on the lawn in front of the school as Jeff came down the walk. Normally he would have waited for her to walk home with him. But today he hurried straight past, pretending not to notice me nubile girl.

He reckoned that if she were to walk beside him she would be sure to see his swollen fly and figured that would have been embarrassing for both of them.

In fact, it would have been a lot more fascinating than embarrassing, for Melissa was intrigued by the mysteries in a guy’s pants.

But Jeff didn’t know that yet.

Passing her without pausing, he headed for home. He didn’t expect to have anything to see through his spy hole, since his father wouldn’t be home from work yet. All of his peeping so far had taken place either just after his parents went to bed, or first thing in the morning.

Jeff was only thinking of getting to the privacy of his bedroom and beating his meat to cream.

How could he know that today would be different?

Melissa had seen Jeff hurry past, but she hadn’t called to him because walking home with her brother was the last thing she wanted to do today. The little minx wanted to stay and flirt with the older guys.

She was an adorable bit of fluff, with bouncy tits and a high, hard, perfectly rounded ass and long, shapely legs that seemed to have been expressly designed to be wrapped around a man’s heaving haunches as he pumped his prick up into her cunthole.

She had her mother’s jade green eyes and wide, sensual mouth a cock sucker’s mouth, it had been called and her silken hair was a few shades lighter than her mom’s, dark honey instead of flaming red.

She was an outrageous flirt. She posed and postured and batted her long eyelashes. She stood with one hip shot out and held her slender back slightly swayed, so that her plump tits thrust out in front and her trim as jutted out behind.

Melissa was a virgin. But then, she was very young. She was perfectly ready to lose her cherry, but she had the sense to know that she shouldn’t just give it away to the first guy who asked. A girl’s very first fuck should be sort of special, she figured. She was only waiting for the right time and the right place and the right guy.

And she would have been amazed if she could have known who that guy was going to be, and how special the occasion, in a strange sort of way.

Soon, though, most of the guys wandered off. Melissa, although she didn’t know it and didn’t mean to be one, had a reputation as a cockteaser. Since she had never put out, it was a normal enough assumption for the horny young men with whom she flirted.

So now, not expecting to get anything from her, they moved off one by one, looking for more lascivious young ladies. But one guy stayed behind.

Mike Jarman was tall and good looking, with crisp dark hair and an easy smile and a varsity letter on his sweater. Lots of girls fancied him, and he played the field. Melissa didn’t think that Mike, being a Romeo, was the right guy to take her cherry, but she was interested in him and taking no pains to hide the fact. He was cycling her appraisingly, almost leering.

“Wanna go in the bushes?” he asked.

There was a wooded area just behind the school, frequently used as a pastoral lover’s lane. It was secluded enough for making out, yet close enough to city streets that a girl didn’t have to worry about being taken by force.

She gave him a bewitching smile, hesitating, teasing him by the delay. She stuck her lower lip out and blew a strand of blonde hair from her eyes.

“Well? You game?” he asked.

She gave a little shrug, as if it were a matter of total indifference to her. But when Mike frowned slightly and started to turn away, she stopped him.

“Yeah — okay,” she agreed.

He grinned widely and, taking her by the hand, led her off across the school yard and then into the wooded area. They strolled along a dirt path between the trees for a ways, and then he stepped off into the bushes, pulling her behind him. She followed willingly.

There was a small clearing not far off the path, a shaded spot with the boughs drooping above and the sunlight coming through in a dappled pattern on the ground. Melissa thought it was a romantic spot.

Mike slipped his varsity sweater off and placed it on the ground for her to sit on. She figured that was a real polite and gallant gesture. She settled down, curling her sleek legs gracefully under her. Mike sat down beside her. The ground was carpeted by pine needles and the air was sweetly scented by the fragrance of pine. There was also another sweet aroma.

Melissa’s cunt was starting to simmer. Mike put his arm around her and she leaned against him. He tilted her chin up and kissed her on the lips, brushing his mouth lightly on hers for a moment, then kissing her with rising passion.

His lips ground on hers and his tongue slid out and probed into her mouth. Melissa had been French kissed before and she liked it. She began to suck his tongue with enthusiasm, making him breathe heavily.

Glancing down, she saw that the front of his trousers had begun to balloon.

She would have been insulted if it hadn’t.

They swapped tongues and saliva, panting into each other’s open mouth. His hand crept onto the outline of her tit and she shuddered. She hadn’t decided how far she would let him go, but a feel of tit was okay. It felt real good to have him fondle her tits.

He began to unbutton her blouse.

Melissa grabbed his wrist, stopping him. But that was only for show. She didn’t want him to think that she was a whore or anything. She held his wrist for a moment, then released it, with a sigh, and allowed him to continue to open her blouse.

The garment fell away and she arched her slim back. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her naked tits thrust up, perkily peaked and pert and tantalizing.

He began to stroke and pet her mounds and to tug gently on the pink tips.

“You got great tits!” he croaked, his lips moving on hers, speaking right into her open mouth.

He punctuated his words by feeding her a tongue sandwich. Melissa sucked on his lapper, moaning with pleasure as her nipples swelled and tingled.

Mike placed a hand on her inner thigh.

Again she grabbed his wrist, restraining him for a moment, and again she released him. He rubbed up her thigh very slowly. Her knees parted slightly. Mike cupped his hand over her panty-clad cunt and she shuddered.

The crotch of her tiny bikini panties was soaking wet and so hot he wondered that they hadn’t melted. He rubbed her clit through the sodden silk and Melissa began to pant like a steam engine.

She expected that he would slide his hand inside her panties and play with her naked pussy next. That was fine with Melissa. The girl wasn’t awfully experienced, but the few times that a boy had finger fucked her she had really adored it and creamed off wondrously.

But Mike had other ideas. His mouth slid down from her lips and he began to suck on a mouthful of fat tit. With one hand massaging her cunt, his other hand fumbled with his belt and zipper. His pants opened and his big cock loomed out.

Melissa gave a little gasp, starting to panic. Things were moving a bit too fast for her. If Mike had progressed with a little more patience, he would certainly have been a lot more successful. Melissa probably wouldn’t have let him fuck her, but she would certainly jack him off in return for a finger fucking and maybe, if he had gotten her hot and horny enough, she might have given him a blowjob.

She had never sucked a prick. But she had thought about it a lot and the idea was really exciting and, too, she figured that taking it in the mouth would be a proper stage on the progression to the ultimate loss of her cherry.

But Mike wasn’t a patient sort being a callow youth he didn’t realize the undoubted value of proper preparation and foreplay in aiding a seduction.

He knew girls who put out and girls who didn’t and it was all black and white to him. Either she was ready to spread her legs or she wasn’t, sweet and simple.

Nor did he give a thought to a girl’s needs. Mike cared only about getting his end away and never even cared if the girl creamed or not.

Now his selfishness confounded him, hoisting him by his own petard, or on his own horny hook, as it were.

He pushed Melissa down on the ground and moved over her, forcing, her legs apart and kneeling between. She stared at him, aghast. He hadn’t even taken her panties off yet, in his frenzy to get stuck up her cunt.

He rasped his cock by the hilt and aimed the swollen knob at her groin. That purple slab was flaring and dripping with frothy pre-cum.

He started to drag the leg hole of her panties aside to give access to his prick.

“No, Mike! Stop it!” she cried. He glared at her. “You can’t fuck me let me up!” she wailed. “I mean it — I’ll scream!”

“Bitch!” he snarled, in a fury, so enraged that he was foaming at the mouth as well as at his meaty knob. “I figured you were a cockteaser!” Melissa was both insulted and frightened. She didn’t know what to do. She thought about offering to jerk him off or to let him fuck her in the mouth, but she was too shy to just come right out with such an offer, right out of the blue. If he’d pulled her hand onto his cock, or moved up and offered it to her mouth, he would have had all the fun he wanted.

But she had denied him her cunt and Mike was too worked up to even consider the possibility of another option. His balls were threatening to explode and his cock was vibrating savagely and all that the uncouth youth could think of was getting his load off. “Dirty cockteaser!” he rasped.

Her unwarranted reputation had preceded her and deceived him. Melissa wanted to protest that she was no such thing, but the words wouldn’t come. She was distraught and a little scared and plenty nervous. Her silent, beseeching look only served to further annoy the desperate, thoughtless youth and compound the misunderstanding.

He shook his cock over her like a club. Then, to Melissa’s dismay, Mike began to beat his own cock with savage vigor.



Kneeling between her thighs, with his bloated balls cushioned on her bikini clad cunt mound, Mike began to pump his fist up and down on his thick, heavily veined cockshaft. His prick went up and down like a shock absorber, so stiff that it was humming.

He skimmed his hand up, brushing his cock, then tightened his grip and pumped harder. As he pulled up, his foreskin folded in a fleshy carpet over his wedge shaped knob. As he pumped back down towards his swollen balls, he skinned that naked slab out in a flaring purple wedge.

Melissa was intrigued. The relatively inexperienced virgin was not a total stranger to stiff pricks. She had played with a few cocks when she was necking and petting and she had even had a couple guys cum off in her hand. But those experiences had always taken place in the dim interior of a car, along with all the rest of the awkward and clumsy groping of youth courtship. She liked the feel of hard cock but had never really gotten a good look at one before.

Here, in the clear light of clay, she was getting as good a look as a girl could want. Seeing handsome Mike jacking his own cock was a tremendous turn on.

Her eyes crossed as she gazed at his bloated, bulging, throbbing cockhead, watching that meaty purple slab come flaring from his fist on the back stroke.

His pisshole was spilling out plenty of preliminary spunk. The slime dribbled down his stalk, greasing up his cock for his rapidly stroking hand. The vein writhing up the underside was as fat as her little finger.

Her fingers were itching for a touch of his cock and balls. Her eyes glowed as she gazed at his sex tackle and her mouth was watering as well.

She even timidly moved one hand closer to his groin, hoping that he might snatch it up and clamp it onto his smoking hot prick. She was too nervous and shy to initiate the contact, but she sure as hell wouldn’t take much coning to replace his fist with her own.

She was eager to jerk him off, at least. But Mike didn’t seem to notice. Melissa tried to look as willing as she could, without actually telling him so or simply grabbing his cock. She arched her slim back, hiking her tits up, and she ran her moist tongue across her lips. Her lovely little face was contorted by desire.

“M-Mike…” she whispered timidly. She paused, leaving her lips slightly parted. And still he failed to realize that Melissa was not the cockteaser he thought she was. His mind was made up on that point and he was too hiding bound to understand.

Concentrating on the self abuse at hand, Mike wasn’t even looking at her lustful face. He was staring down at his own thundering prick.

His balls were laid heavily on her curly cunt mound, swelling huger all the time. Through the flimsy material of her panties, she could feel his cum load sloshing around inside those big, bloated bags.

She craned her neck, lifting her head and bringing her face up before his loins. She had her gaze glued to the foaming head of his cock and only a fool could have failed to notice her willingness and fascination.

But this fucker was a fool, deluded by his own false premise and pounding his own prick in self-contained and self-serving attention.

It didn’t take long — not nearly long enough to suit the girl, who was frustrated at being left out of it, yet enjoying her ringside seat, nevertheless.

His hand and wrist had fallen into the familiar rhythm and his prick, well-accustomed to this pumping action, was responding with gusto. Goo poured out, trickling down his prick, soaking over his balls and seeping through the material of Melissa’s panties to mat her aunt bush. Thick gobs snapped from his knob and splattered en her naked belly.

“Arghhhh!” he growled.

Her eyes went wide, and so did her mouth. “Gonna hose you down, scumbag!” he snarled, abusing her in his churlish fashion. “Show you, cockteaser! Gonna use you for a slime rag!”

She wasn’t insulted, however. The prospect was causing her to tremble. Her cunt was simmering, juicing into the tiny crotch of her bikini panties. Her nipples were standing up like pink gumdrops, her palms were itching and her fingers were tingling.

She was drooling like a dog and her hot tongue was sizzling in her own saliva.

“Here it cums, pig!” he rasped.

“Ooooooh!” Melissa squealed. But if Mike even, heard that little whimper of anticipation through the pounding of his own blood in his ears, he must have assumed that it was a groan of dismay, a pica for him to aim his prick some other way.

The foolish wanker slammed his fist down to the root of his pulsating prick and his balls exploded like a bomb on her curly cunt shelf. His fat cock gave a violent jolt as the steaming juice came spurting up through the hollow core of that meaty tube.

Then his frothy white jizz was squirting out, as thick as condensed milk.

His first geyser came with his cock angled up like a howitzer. The stuff cascaded high into the pine-scented air, hanging suspended for an instant, like some sperm-firm white cloud floating in the sky. Then the heavy dose dropped down to splash onto the teenager’s tummy.

Melissa gasped. His spunk was so hot that she thought it would blister her belly.

Mike, grimacing, his face demented by lust, angled his wrist and levered his stiff cock down, his ass hiking up on the far end of his hard-on.

His second spurt showered her up thrust tits, foaming into her cleavage, washing over her firm mounds, swirling around the peaks of her nipples.

A steaming stream skimmed up and sloshed into the hollow of her fluttering throat.

Melissa whined and dropped her head down, her chin levered onto her breastbone and her face right in front of the exploding head of his cock. Her mouth was open and her tongue was looped out over her lower up and her eyes were misty with passion. Cock sucker’s lust was plainly written on her countenance.

But silly Mike never realized that he could have shoved his cock into that willing maw and finished his hand job in a more agreeable fashion. When he saw her drop her head, he thought she was averting her face to avoid his slime, squinting to get out of range.

He pumped back hard, groaning, and another creamy jism jet squirted right into her radiant face.

Cum streaked her chin and cheeks and bubbled on her tongue and lips. Her lapper whipped across her mouth, switching like a sinuous tail. Her taste buds were going crazy as the flavor of hot fuck juice registered on her tongue.

A final squirt sprayed her face and his cock stopped spurting under such pressure. He kept on hammering up and down, milking out the dregs in trickles that seeped down his prick and onto her panties.

Empty, his balls were slack on her cunt mound, and his cock began to droop, slowly sinking down from a rampant rod to a meaty coil.

Even softening, his prick looked scrumptious, all slathered with thick spunk. It still wasn’t too late to put it in her mouth. Melissa would have gladly sucked the residue from his cock and polished his knob to a luster.

But Mike failed to seize the moment. He bent his cock down and wiped it off on her panties. Then he sat back on his heels and began to stuff his prick back into his pants and zipper up his fly.

Melissa watched mournfully.

She hated to see that lovely cock tucked away, untouched and unstated. Mike thought her wistful look was one of disgust at his actions. Now that his balls were drained, he looked a bit embarrassed and sheepish for having given himself a hand job in her presence.

“Serves you right, slime bucket,” he hissed. She just looked at him longingly. She was coated with cum from her groin to her cheeks, glazed with Mike’s congealing goo. He snorted in scorn. He hoped that the cock teasing bitch had gotten some right in her fucking mouth, not knowing that she had, deliberately and deliciously.

Then he stood up, his legs shaky and trembling. Shooting her a last look of sneering satisfaction, modified somewhat by his own shame, he walked away.

Melissa lay there on his varsity sweater, wondering if he had purposefully forgotten it so that he would have an excuse to see her again. But this first casual encounter had been only a modified success, at best. She wasn’t even sure that she wanted to see Mike Jarman again.

But she was sure of one thing.

She wanted to see lots of guys jerking off, now that she knew what a thrill it was. She wanted to let them finish off in her mouth, as well.

Lying back, she let the last trickles of his jism slide around on her tongue, and then swallowed the mouthful. She cupped her hands and scooped slime from her tits, lapping the stuff from her palms. Cum was even more scrumptious than she had expected it to be. She knew that she had a real treat in store for her the next time she was out on a date. She was eager to have some guy shoot in her mouth, knowing cum would be even more yummy when she drank it right from the source. It didn’t even matter who the guy happened to be, as long as he had a big prick and plenty of spunk.

The prospect of giving conclusive head, along with the gamey flavor of Mike’s jizz, was making Melissa smolder. She had already scooped all of his juice from her tits and belly. Now she squirmed out of her tiny bikini panties. And brought them up to her mouth, licking at the slippery seepage, then pushing them into her mouth and wringing them out like a gooey sponge onto her lapper.

She was so hot she thought she would glow in the dark. But she wasn’t interested in finger fucking herself. She wanted to save her cumming for a communal occasion.

But she didn’t have a date this week. How frustrating it was to have made up her mind to become a cocksucker and to have no cock to suck.

Did she dare to telephone some boy awl ask him if he wanted to foal around? No, she was too shy for that — and embarrassed now, too, having realized that some of the boys thought that she was a cock teaser.

Yet she simply couldn’t bring herself to just come right out and ask a guy if he wanted a blowjob. Innocent and cherry, she wasn’t ready to be bold and brazen, no matter how hungry she was for jizz. It was just going to have to happen as if on a sudden impulse, in the midst of a heavy petting session. That meant that she would have to wait, with an empty mouth, until someone asked her for a date.

She was thinking of various boys. And then she thought of her brother.

Jeff was a good-looking young man and Melissa hadn’t failed to notice that, in his tight jeans, his crotch was well packed and solidly hung. Of course, since he was her own brother, she couldn’t fool around with him. That would be incest and strictly taboo.

But not being able to touch him didn’t mean that she couldn’t look at him, and maybe she could manage to look at him in an interesting fashion.

She had loved watching Mike jack off.

It would be even more thrilling to spy on her brother when he was draining his cock. She knew that Jeff was a frigger because she had heard his bed springs squeaking and heard him moan a few times. The sounds had excited her, and the sight would obviously be even more stimulating.

She thought about the possibilities and grinned as she hit upon a plan. Jeff had a big walk in closet in his bedroom. If she were to sneak into his room when he wasn’t there and hide in the closet, with the door open just wide enough so that she could see his bed, there seemed to be every chance that she would see him jerking off.

What a naughty and delightful scheme! She could finger fuck herself silly while she watched her sibling beat his meat and he would never need to know she was there.

Once the idea had come to her, the randy little virgin was determined to do it, and do it at the very first chance that she got.

Now she chewed and sucked the last of Mike Jarman’s jizz from her soaking panties, then pulled them back on, drenched with her own drool, over her smoldering snatch.

She got up and took Mike’s varsity sweater and, with the delectable flavor of fuck juice tingling on her tongue and the memory of watching him pump his prick and shoot his wad stamped indelibly into her mind, that would be over walked out of the clearing and back to the path, all bouncy and exuberant with erotic anticipation. She sure hoped Jeff’s bedroom was empty so that she could sneak into his closet as soon as she got home.



Jessica was planning to let Jeff know that she was going to her room to lie down for a while. She thought that the boy would be sure to hurry up to his own room for a peek through the closet wall. She planned to put on a quite a show for his benefit. It would be a solitary show, of course, at least until her husband got home, but she figured she could enchant her horny son by finger fucking herself and using her cock shaped vibrator as she sprawled across her bed with her so cunt turned towards his spy hole, of course. But then fate took a horny hand.

Fate came in the person of a young man named Peter Preston. Peter should have been in school, actually, but the teenager had been playing hooky quite often lately, trying to earn enough money to buy a second hand car. He had never had a piece of ass, not even an opportunity, and he thought that having a set of wheels would go a long way toward getting his wick dipped.

Today, by skipping school, Peter was going to get a lot more education than he’d ever had in a classroom.

Jessica was still wearing only her semitransparent silk nightie when the doorbell rang. She had been expecting no callers. Curious, she went to the door.

A lean, sandy haired young man stood on the doorstep, his hat politely in hand.

“Yes?” Jessica asked.

“Got any odd jobs that I can do, lady? I’m pretty handy and I’m trying to earn some money for a car.”

Jessica looked him up and down. He was a very presentable young man, probably about the same age as her own son. Jessica had a thing about teenaged boys.

Although he was trying not to be obvious about it, Peter couldn’t help but gape at the redhead’s big tits and creamy cleavage in that sheer nightie.

Jessica saw where he was looking and smiled. Being wanted was always a turn-on for the lewd exhibitionist and today she was particularly randy, having discovered her son’s spy hole and planning an erotic exhibit. Jeff wouldn’t be home from school for a while yet and she saw no reason why she shouldn’t pass the time pleasantly.

She wondered if this handyman was a virgin. She sure hoped so. Naughty Jessica just adored virgin pricks and cherry jizz.

“I just might,” she said. “Come in.”

As Peter stepped over the threshold, she contrived to rub her tits against his arm.

The young boy began to sweat and look flustered. Grinning, pleased at how she aroused him, Jessica led the way to the front room and motioned for him to sit on the couch. He settled down. Then she surprised him by sitting beside him, close up, her lush hip pressed to his lean flank.

“What sort of odd jobs?” she breathed.

“Errr just about anything,” he stammered.

“Have you brought your tools?” she asked, giving the boy a playful look.

“Well, I ain’t really got…” he began.

“Oh, yes I see that you have,” she broke in. Her hand moved down and cupped his groin. Peter gasped. “Ooooooh! A nice big, hard one, too!”

He was speechless, gaping at the voluptuous redhead with his jaw hanging open and his eyes popping out. His lips moved, but soundlessly. The amazed youth had been struck dumb. He wouldn’t have known what to say, anyhow.

Jessica, delighted by the way he was gasping and squirming, groped his cock through his jeans and smiled lewdly into his face, licking her lips.

“Oh, yes I’m sure that we can find a few odd jobs for this lovely tool,” she whispered.

Peter was stunned and bemused, but his cock was behaving rationally, pulsing and pounding in her caress, threatening to burst right through the denim confines of his fly, hot enough to melt the material.

Jessica leaned over and brushed her scarlet lips against his ear.

“Is this a brand new tool, young man? Has it ever been used before?”

“N no, ma’am,” he croaked.

“Ahhhh. Then I do believe that I’ve got a job of plumbing for you to do. Some hammering and some screw driving, and maybe a drain to unclog.”

She started to open his fly.

Peter, despite his naivete, was starting to understand that he had struck it lucky today. He had stumbled upon the proverbial promiscuous housewife, encountered what every youth dreams of — a nympho!

“I sure hope you ain’t just playing with me, lady,” he mumbled, hardly able to believe his good fortune.

A cockteaser, of course, was the nightmare side of the nymphomaniac dream.

But Jessica, like her little girl, was no tease. And if she intended to play with him, it was going to be in a way that he yearned for.

As she fumbled with his fly, she turned her face to his and kissed him with a significant amount of tongue involved. She tugged his zipper down and reached into his jeans to haul out his cock and balls.

“Ummmmm! Just the tool I need,” she sighed, gazing down at his groin through fluttering eyelashes.

She licked her lips, and she was breathing hard. Her hand caressed his prick expertly.

Peter didn’t guess he would get paid for this odd job, but that didn’t matter, at all. Working for a lady like this, he wouldn’t need to buy a car.

She proceeded to undo his belt and button, so that the boy’s jeans opened in a wide vet, leaving his sizzling hot cock fully exposed and available. She cupped his balls and found them satisfyingly packed with spunk. Her hand ran up his prick and she was delighted by the rimless shaft.

Holding his cock in one hand, Jessica opened her nightie with the other, offering him her tits.

Peter began to fondle those fat globes with both hands.

She was wondering what to do with him first. “Can you manage more than one job?” she murmured in his ear, nibbling at the lobe.

“Oh, yeah, lady!” he moaned confidently. He had never been fucked or sucked but he knew that he could jack off three or four times in a row and that no matter what jobs she had for him, nor how odd those jobs turned out to be, he would be more than up to it.

Peter was a workman worthy of his hire. And, assured that there would still be plenty of cum left for her smoldering snatch, Jessica decided she would drink his first load of sweet cherry juice.

She drew her hand up his stalk and moved the ball of her thumb against the underside of his wedge shaped cockhead, at the sensitive spot where the ventral vein spread out into the flaring slab. As she did that, his pisshole opened and globs of pre-cum bubbled out.

She sighed happily at the sight. It had been the wise choice to take him in her mouth first, she could see. He was going to get his rocks off so fast on his first cumming that it would hardly be worth bothering to get his big cock rammed up into her cunthole.

It was going to be a quick slurp and a swallow. That was fine with Jessica, for the naughty woman dearly loved to drink fuck juice from a young man’s virgin prick.

She slid her fist back down his shaft, making the cock knob balloon. That purple slab was so coated with preliminary cum that it looked like a flat plum soaked with whipped cream. The slime was steaming from the hot prick.

Leaning over his lap, Jessica inhaled, breathing in the tantalizing musk of his prick meat and the gamey succulence of his pre-cum.

Peter stared at her face as she hovered over his cock. Her lips were parted and panting and the tip of her pink tongue was sliding back and forth. She was quite obviously a lustful lady.

Peter was not versed in the ways of wanton wives. Maybe she just likes to look at cocks up close, he thought.

But, hopefully, he humped up a bit, fucking his cock through her fist and up toward her face. He placed an open hand behind her head and pushed gently, coaxing her face down onto his cock.

His eagerness thrilled Jessica. She was keen to blow the boy as he was to be blown, but she wasn’t going to rush things. She enjoyed the build up.

“I’m gonna suck your cock!” she moaned. Peter gasped and groaned as she knew he would. Jessica knew the value of pillow talk.

“Your sweet prick looks so delicious! I’m drooling for your cock! My tongue is steaming for a taste!”

She slid a glance up at his face, loving the way that lust was mangling his features. Exciting a young man excited her in turn. She stuck her tongue out and flicked it around, demonstrating how it would soon be laying his cockhead.

“Ohhh, lady!” he croaked, trembling violently in an almost unbearable anticipation, an exquisite torment of longing and expectation.

“Have you ever been sucked off?” she whispered.

He shook his head. It was obvious that was what the woman wanted to hear, and it was true, besides.

“Ahhhhh! Then I’ll be the first,” she moaned. “I’ll milk you dry and drink all your hot, thick slime!”

Her tongue and lips were working as if getting limbered up for the exercise ahead of them. Peter pushed on the back of her head again, but without any real force. She certainly didn’t need any coaxing or guidance, he could see, and she must know a lot more about blowjobs than he did.

He figured it was much better to leave the details in her experienced hands.

That flame hued head was turning as she gazed at his prick from this way and that, like a glutton surveying a banquet before being seated. She kept breathing in the delectable fumes of meat and spunk and getting hungrier by the moment. But from the way his pisshole was spilling out the preliminary cock spume, she knew that the boy was going to blow his wad with dispatch. Once his cock was in her mouth he wasn’t likely to last more than a moment or two and although she was eager to have his prick hose her throat she wanted to enjoy the meat for a little while before she drank the dessert.

She began by licking him lightly.

Her lapper slurped against the slimy tip of his cockhead, licking up the pre cum. She tongued up a mouthful, then drew away to savor it on her taste buds for a second while she watched his pisshole spill more out.

“Yummy!” she sighed.

She turned her face and slid her tongue out so that the enchanted lad could see his thick cream on the pink meat of her lapper. Then her throat pulsed and she swallowed with her mouth still open.

“Jeez, lady!” he gasped.

Seeing the lovely housewife swallowing his spunky flow was almost as thrilling as the feel of her lapper on his knob. The psychological aspects of an enthusiastic blowjob enhanced the physical sensations. The sights and the sounds embellished the feeling.

She ducked down and lapped some more. She was using only her tongue and concentrating on his cockhead. Usually when she went down on a man, Jessica liked to start with his balls and enjoy lots of preliminary tongue and lip work before she got down to the serious sucking. But with this overexcited young lad, she didn’t want to take the risk of having him shoot off prematurely. How frustrating it would prove to have his hot jism jets squirt out into the air while she was still simply nuzzling around on his balls. She loved to suck balls, but not while those balls were spilling out spunk.

Her head ducked up and down. She licked his knob, then drew back, giving him a moment to recede from the surging crest and watching as more pre-cum came bubbling out onto his slick slab.

He arched his back and laid his head on the back of the couch, moaning. Her talented tongue was driving him crazy. But like Jessica, Peter was in no hurry to shoot his bolt. The licking was so lovely that he was content to lean back and enjoy it for hours.

That would have suited cock hungry Jessica, too, except that she didn’t have hours to spend. She had to get him sucked off and then properly fucked before it was time for her kids to get home from school.

The alternative hadn’t occurred to her yet. Up and down bobbed her head, hair tumbling over his balls as she whipped her nimble lapper against his cockhead. She drew back, gazing at that flaring hunk of cherry meat as she let his pre spunk dribble down her throat, then ducked back down to tongue up some more.

The potent teenager had already poured out as much cum as a lesser man would have squirted out when he creamed off. Jessica had sucked lots of guys to a conclusion without drinking as much as Jeff had fed her on the preliminaries. But that abundant seepage was in no way diminishing his capacity. His balls were ballooning more all the while, filling up faster than they were oozing off.

Jessica knew she was in for a real feast.

And that initial slime was whetting her appetite so much that she could wait no longer.

It was time to swallow his load.



Jessica dropped her head down again and this time she stayed on his cock knob, not drawing away to give that slab time to cool off. Her tongue laved all over the wedge shaped crown of his cock, gliding and slurping, making lots of moist, juicy sounds. As she tongued up his goo, her saliva was washing heavily down his throbbing shaft.

Her mouth was as horny as his prick and her drool was as hot as his jizz. It was steaming from his cock, evaporating from the flaring slab.

Then she kissed the tip of his cockhead and let her lips part around it, slowly feeding the scrumptious, slimy slab into her voracious mouth.

Her cheeks indented as she sucked and billowed out as she blew down his prick. Her lips were unpeeled, collaring his cockshaft just below the knob.

Peter panted and moaned. Getting sucked felt even more wonderful than getting licked. Although the teenager had no frame of reference, he could tell instinctively that this lewd lady was a consummate cocksucker, skilled and talented and totally enthusiastic.

She exhaled down his prick and his balls swelled at the base just as if she were blowing them up via the meaty valve of his cock.

Then she inhaled so hard she seemed to be trying to breathe him right down into her lungs. She had only the head of his sweet prick in her mouth. She wasn’t bobbing up and down in the classic blowjob motion and Peter was bridged and not humping. Her magic mouth was working such wonders on his cockhead that he didn’t want to disrupt the rhythm by fucking deeper into her face, content to have her nurse his knob.

Jessica was confining her efforts to his cockhead far a valid reason, a wanton purpose. Knowing he would shoot off at any moment, she wanted his jizz to splash on her tongue, not pour straight down her throat. She wanted to taste his cum before she gulped it down.

She was sucking like a sump pump and his huge slab was throbbing savagely in her lips. As she nursed on the knob, she switched her lapper back and forth sinuously against the underside of that great meaty cockhead.

Her head turned as she twisted the collar of her lips around on his cock, winding her mouth on his prick, adding torque to the suction.

“Ummmmm! Ummnunmm!” she purred.

A huge glob of spunk soaked onto her lapper and she thought he had creamed. But his knob was still swelling and bubbling more juice out and she realized, to her joy, that she still had the full load ahead of her.

“CUUMM! Cumm!”

She panted down his cock, as if she were talking to his balls down a speaking tube. “Shoot off in my fucking mouth! Feed me spunk!”

Her pleading words came bubbling out from her soaking lips, each syllable punctuated by his greasy seepage.

“Gonna gonna…” he gasped.

“Ooooooh! Slime me!” she cried, sucking with even more gusto as she knew the end was in sight.

Those huge, hairy bags ballooned mightily, pumping like a bellows at the base of his prick.

“Here it cums, lady!” he howled.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” she panted.

His cock rippled as his lust lava shot up the tube and his cockhead went off like a bomb in her mouth. She sucked his prick and suddenly her mouth was full to the brim with his joy juice.

She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. His jizz just kept spurting out in massive doses. The redhead was drinking as fast as she could but his load was too much for even that avid mouth and throat. Spunk spilled from her lips and dribbled down her chin.

“Uhhhhh! Uffff!” she gurgled as she gulped clown his boiling oil and sucked or more.

It was like having a fire extinguisher go off in her mouth, spraying her with a foaming deluge, carpeting her tongue with cum. He squirted into her cheeks, hosed her throat, shot a wad against the arched roof of her mouth. Her tongue was submerged in a sea of steaming slime.

His cherry fuck juice was so scrumptious that she wanted to drink it for hours. Her belly was already sloshing with his slime yet she kept on voraciously milking more from his cock, insatiable in her hunger.

Staring down his prick, she watched as his balls gradually subsided, going slack as they emptied.

“Don’t stop!” she gurgled. “I love it! Keep shooting off keep feeding me!”

But at long last Peter was drained.

He slumped back, looking as if he had been poleaxes by passion, cadged by his cumming.

Jessica continued to suckle, nursing the last feeble slime trickles from his pisshole. Then she folded her hand around his cockshaft and fucked up and down, pumping out a few last drops by hand action.

She kept her mouth on him until she was certain she had it all, and then she drew away, smiling happily, her lips dripping with goo.

She winked at him, showing him her coated tongue, then ducked back down and used that nimble lapper to gather up the stray drops that had escaped her lips and trickled down his cock. She slurped some from his balls.

His balls were deflated now, but his prick was still promisingly firm, still standing rampant and hardly softened at all. His cockhead was glowing like a well polished purple gemstone, slick with her saliva.

“Nice?” she purred.

“Jeez, lady, you’re a great cocksucker!” he rasped, paying her a fine and welcome compliment. But she knew that, of course. She had a hot mouth and gave head with instinctive skill and inbred enthusiasm. She kept in practice, as well. She dove on his cock again, sucking on the gleaming, knob for a few sweet moments, treasuring the taste of his cock even though it was devoid of cum now. She wanted to make sure that his prick was as hot and as hard as she could make it.

But that took no effort at all. Peter’s potent prick was not about to go limp and when there was more action to be had, more work for his steely tool, more odd jobs to be done.

With his cockhead in her lips, Jessica slowly turned her head, her mouth swiveling on the pivot of his prick, so that she could see the clock an the wall.

She had an hour before her kids got home. That was plenty of time to fuck this virile boy a few times, she figured.

How her son would love to see that!

The thought hit her like a thunderbolt.

She had been planning to perform for Jeff’s spying eyes, giving a solo performance, but how much more thrilling to show him a duet!

She thought about it as she nursed on his cockhead. It was a really naughty thing for a mother to do and her son might even be scandalized at seeing her being unfaithful to his dad. But, scandalized or not, the boy would sure as hell get a kick out of it. And be couldn’t blow the whistle about her adultery without admitting he had made a spy hole.

If Jessica hadn’t been so horny at the moment, she might have had reservations about such a sordid scheme. Her maternal instincts might have been at odds with her exhibitionistic tendencies and she might have felt inhibited. But sucking a cock and swallowing cum always made Jessica much too hot to think clearly.

With a steaming cunt, she was a creature of pure instinct and impulse.

And it was such a lovely idea. She pulled her head off Peter’s prick with a juicy slurp. His cock was vibrant, the knob glowing with a luster. His balls were already beginning to bulge again. He looked at her expectantly.

“You want to fuck my cunt, don’t you?” she purred.

“Oh, yeah!” he babbled with enthusiasm.

“Ummm! I want it I need it now that you’ve fucked my mouth, I need my cunt filled!”

The boy reached out for her, hands trembling. But she moved out of his reach, smiling wickedly.

“Let’s go up to my bedroom,” she suggested. “Your first piece of ass should be in a bed, you sweet boy!”

Peter was inclined to agree.

Taking him by the hand, Jessica led the youth up the stairs and down the hallway to the master bedroom the bedroom next to her son’s room, of course.

Standing beside the bed, she undressed Peter completely, kneeling before him to tug his jeans down and kissing his cock and balls a little while she was there. Then she guided him down on the bed.

He lay on his back, his young prick towering tall over his loins. Jessica, still wearing her open nightie, curled up beside him.

He waited. He was in her hands and had no doubts at all that he was going to get his prick stuck up her fuck hole.

He didn’t even wonder why she was taking such a slow and leisurely approach. She bent over him, licking here and there, her lapper darting about sinuously. She began to go round the world on him. Avoiding his cock for she had no intentions of making him cream again, yet she tongued his smooth chest, nuzzled his neck, and licked his ears and lips and throat. She slid down and tongued his stomach, dipped into his bellybutton, ran her lapper through the wiry triangle of his cock bush.

Then, by passing his groin, she worked her way up and down his legs, licking him from his toes on up to the tops of his muscular thighs. She sucked his balls a bit, but still neglected his cock.

Her eyes kept sliding sideways as she kept a watch on the alarm clock beside the bed, but Peter didn’t notice.

He didn’t, have the faintest idea that this delayed foreplay had an ulterior motive that it was merely a time killing overture preceding the main performance and that he was to be one of the stars in the show.

Jessica cupped her hands under his hard ass and hiked his hips up from the bed. She was mouthing his balls and she wedged her face down lower and sneaked her lapper into the musky crack of his ass. She lifted him higher and licked out his asshole.

He gasped in a sort of awe. Was there no end to this housewife’s depravity? He wondered. Was there nothing at which she would balk?

He hoped not.

She rimmed out his shit ring for a happy minute or two, then lowered his ass and suckled his balls some more. She kept glancing at the clock.

Peter lay back in a randy rapture and Jessica kept licking merrily away. The hands of the alarm clock moved inexorably on toward the appointed hour.

It was almost show time.

With five minutes to go, Jessica slid gracefully from the bed and stood up. She bent down to kiss the head of his cock. It was bubbling again. Then she stepped back.

Peter looked dismayed, thinking she must have changed her mind. But the voluptuous redhead gave him a promising wink and a lascivious grin.

“I’ll be right back, darling,” she whispered. Peter guessed she must be going to make some preparations necessary before fucking. He was a virgin. He knew nothing about such things. “Don’t you dare jerk off while I’m gone?”

She said.

“No way!” he promised.

Leaving the young man naked atop her bed, Jessica, still wearing only her sexy nightie, went downstairs to await the arrival of the audience her son.



Jeff came hurrying home, hiding his hard on behind his schoolbooks and hoping that he could sneak right on up to his bedroom without meeting his mom. He sure didn’t want her to notice his bulging groin.

But Jessica was standing in the hallway. When Jeff came in by himself, she was pleased, not wanting the presence of her daughter to inhibit things. Her daughter was getting jerked off onto in the bushes at the moment, actually, but Jessica didn’t know that, although it would have thrilled her if she had.

Jeff paused just inside the door.

He was wondering how he could sneak his boner past his mom and why she was still in her nightie.

“Hello, darling,” she said.

“Hi, Mom,” he mumbled, jamming the schoolbooks protectively to his groin.

His posture was not as natural as he hoped and Jessica’s eyes showed a merry glint.

“Have a hard day at school, dear?” she inquired.

Jeff blushed bright red.

He had certainly spent a day hard. But he guessed her query was innocent, a polite formality, and he shrugged. He moved down the hallway awkwardly, with a sidewinder gait, keeping his crotch shielded behind the books.

As he came abreast of her, Jessica leaned out and kissed him on the lips. It surprised him. She didn’t normally greet him that way. But she was his mother and he could only assume it was a kiss of affection. He never dreamed that she wanted to kiss him because there was a film of fuck juice coating her lips.

Then she stepped back and made a point of shrugging elaborately. Her tits loomed out and her nightie opened almost as high as her curly vee.

“I had a hard day, too,” she said not without truth. “I was just going upstairs for a nap.”

The schoolbooks jumped in his hands as his cock leaped thunderously behind them.

If his mother was going to go to bed, maybe he would get a look at her naked body while he was busily beating his meat. The prospect made him quiver like a bird dog and his cock was pounding on the books.

Jessica turned, the hem of her semitransparent nightie swirling around her lovely legs. She went down the hall with her ass swinging provocatively. She started up the stairs. Jeff bent down to look up her nightie as she ascended, getting a flash high up her lush legs.

He waited until she was out of sight, and then hurried up, quietly, to his own room, eager to spy on his mom as she rested hopefully naked. Jeff tossed his books on his bed and darted into his closet. He very carefully removed the loose panel and peered through, already reaching for his groin.

He damn near fainted. His mother was standing just inside the door, but that wasn’t what had caused Jeff to gasp and almost cry out in his amazement. There on his mother’s bed lay a young man, stark-naked, with a huge hard-on standing from his groin, and balls as big as melons at the base. The boy, who looked no older than Jeff, was obviously his mother’s lover. Poor Dad, Jeff thought, sorry for his father who was being cuckolded in his own marital bed. But Jeff’s sympathy was modified by fascination. He figured his mother was very naughty to be unfaithful to his dad, but Jeff wouldn’t have wished it any other way — not as long as he was right there, watching from a ringside seat.

Jeff was so thrilled by the sight that, for a moment, he even forgot to take his prick out.

Jessica waited just inside the door, giving her son time to get into position. She heard a faint scraping sound and glanced covertly at the wall.

That wall was in shadow, which was why she had never seen the spy hole in the past, but now that she was aware of it, she could faintly make out the oblong gap as the loose panel was stealthily removed.

Satisfied that the audience was seated, Jessica grinned and dropped her nightie. Naked and glowing, she crossed over to where Peter waited on the bed.

She curled up beside his flank, gazing lovingly down at his prick and glancing from the tops of her eyes toward the watcher’s wall, as well.

Jessica, exhibitionist that she was, was measuring angles and calculating positions, figuring out just how to give her peeping son the best possible view.

She wanted to do a lot of naughty things and to let Jeff see all the juicy details.

She bent over Peter’s prick.

His cockhead was flowing like a fountain, pre cum washing down the knob and stalk. His sweet jizz was flowing so heavily that his cock looked like a melting ice cream cone.

Now he was sorry that she had already sucked him off, wishing that she had waited until Jeff was watching before she gargled his goo. His next load was destined for her cunthole. But she guessed he wouldn’t shoot off immediately, now that he had already been drained off once, and that she could safely suck his cock for a little while, giving her son an oral preliminary for his visual delight.

Her lapper shot out and she began to slurp on the bubbling tip of Peter’s flaring slab.

“Yummy!” she purred, partly because his seepage was so succulent, but mainly for Jeff’s benefit, wanting to tantalize his ears as well as his eyes.

Her nimble tongue laved all over that meaty, drooling slab, lapping up the spunky spillage and making plenty of juicy slurping sounds. She sighed and panted and moaned. She gazed down at her lover’s loins, then sneaked a secretive glance toward the wall behind which Jeff lurked.

Then she sucked his cockhead into her lips. “Ummmmm! Ahhhhh!” she purred, nursing greedily on that slab of moist meat.

“You gonna suck me off again?” Peter gasped. Faintly, Jessica heard another muffled, stifled gasp as her son heard that and knew that his mother had already milked this young man off at least once.

She was sorely tempted to drink another load of Peter’s prick juice, too. But she already had a lovely bellyful and her cunt was hotter than her tongue now.

She bobbed up and down, hair tumbling in flaming strands, lips fluting far down his cock. Then she pulled her head away. Her face was toward the wall and her mouth was open. She drank the pre-cum slowly, sighing, making sure that her son could see her swallow.

It was time to get fucked.

But her mouth work had made Peter’s prick start to hum like a tuning fork. She didn’t want him to cum as soon as he was stuck up her cunt, and she figured it would be better to let him cool down slightly before she started fucking him. And she wanted to make this a variety show, as well, letting Jeff see how comprehensive her lust was.

Holding Peter by his lean hips, she gently rolled him over onto his belly. His cock was so stiff and taut that it levered down into the bed like a crowbar, heaving his ass up on the far end of his hard-on, like a meaty boulder being pried from the earth.

She rubbed her heavy tits against his hard asscheeks, squirming and wriggling. Then she placed her open hands on those muscular mounds and opened his ass crack. She began to run her lapper up and down in that musky cleft. She liked to lick assholes and this young virgin boy had a flavorsome one. Besides, she could just imagine the profound effect her sordid slurping was having on her son.

She began to stab her tongue right into his shitter, buggering his ass with her lapper. Her lips sucked on the fluttering ring. She drooled into his asshole, then sucked her saliva back out, flavored by his bowels.

Peter jerked and humped as if he were fucking the bed. His haunches hiked up. Jessica slid lower and mouthed his balls for a while, and then her face came back up. Her lapper dragged up his ass crack and she began to rim and ream the boy’s asshole some more.

She squeezed and fondled his balls as she tongue fucked his shitter, both because she loved to feel those swollen balls surge in her hand and also to keep track of the situation, not wanting him to suddenly reach the crest and spurt his spunk out onto the bed. His balls were wondrously inflated, but with his prick temporarily neglected, Peter showed no sign of shooting his load too soon. Jessica figured that she had time to fool around for a while before she turned him over again and fucked his ass off.

She had decided that she would sit on Peter’s prick, the first time, at least. That position would give her son the clearest view of the coupling, she judged, and Jessica was even more eager to perform for Jeff that she was to get fucked for its own sake.

And so Jessica lingered over Peter’s asshole for a while and thereby, although she didn’t know it, gave another member of the audience time to arrive.



Melissa came walking home with her cunt juicing down her shapely thighs and the delicious flavor of jizz sizzling on her tongue, hoping desperately that she would get a chance to spy on her brother when he was beating his meat. She didn’t expect more than a look, since he was her own sibling and anything more would be wicked.

But fate had taken a hand. She entered the house and looked through the downstairs rooms. Finding no one around, she was pleased. She went on upstairs, walking quietly, not wanting anyone to know that she was home in case they were in their bedrooms. She went down to Jeff’s room and listened at his door. Hearing no sounds from within, she turned the knob and carefully opened the door a crack. Jeff wasn’t in his room and his sister grinned devilishly. Of course, she had no way of knowing if Jeff would be back soon or if he was going to be pulling his prick on his bed, but it was sure worth waiting to find out. She was expectant and hopeful.

The girl went in and softly closed the door, then headed over to Jeff’s large closet. The closet door was ajar. She opened it farther and stopped dead in her tracks as she saw an intriguing sight within. Jeff was kneeling at the back wall, looking through a gap. He was breathing hard and his face, illuminated through the hole in the wall, was contorted by lust. He was massaging his prick with one hand, but sort of casually, most of his attention on whatever it was he was watching.

Melissa looked amazed, then gleeful.

Jeff must be spying on their mother while she undressed or something, she figured. And it looked like he was about ready to jerk him self off, too. Holding her breath, she moved up behind him, tiptoeing. She wanted to be close so that she could get a good look as he stroked his big cock and, too, she was curious about what he was peeking at.

Melissa wasn’t nervous or worried about having her brother discover her presence. He was the one who was being naughty, so why should she feel embarrassed? Besides, he was so intent on spying that it didn’t seem likely that he was going to turn around and find her behind him. Anyhow, Melissa was too damned horny to give a shit.

She slid sinuously down to her knees and, leaning forward, tits bobbling, looked over her brother’s shoulder and through the gap in the closet wall.

Then she saw why Jeff was so fascinated.

Melissa could hardly believe her eyes. There was a young man naked on the bed, belly down and ass jerked up, and her mom was rimming out his asshole.

She couldn’t stifle a gasp.

Jeff’s head snapped around. When he saw his blonde sister kneeling at his flank, he blushed and looked dismayed. But then he saw that the girl was as intrigued as he was by what was going on in the master bedroom. They shared the same genes, after all. Why should his sibling not share in his taste for playing the peeper?

The boy grinned sheepishly. His sister, realizing that her arrival had been discovered, looked into his eyes. They exchanged a glance, both grinning, naughty conspirators sharing a guilty secret. Under the circumstances, neither of them could feel ashamed or embarrassed. Mom was the naughty one they were simply innocent onlookers.

Melissa shifted closer so that she was cheek to cheek with Jeff as they both turned their attention on the scene in their mother bed. Her plump tits were rubbing against his arm, the tips branding him in twin peaks. Her pneumatic hip brushed against his flank.

The girl didn’t even think about what she was doing, she was too hot to reason. She took Jeff by the wrist, pulling his hand off his prick and drawing it behind her. She jerked her skirt up with her free hand and guided his hand into her crotch from behind.

Jeff began to rub his sister’s cunt through her sodden panties. Her clit was sucking the crotch of those bikini panties right up into her pussy. He dipped his fingers inside the leg hole, feeling naked cunt.

Melissa shuddered at the contact. His prick was thundering as it jutted up, neglected now that his frigging hand was busy on his sister’s cunt. Melissa reached down and folded her own fist around his iron hard rod.

Her brother’s cock was the biggest and the hardest that Melissa had ever felt. It throbbed in her hand, making her palm and fingers damn near as hot as her cunt. Her whole nubile body had become an erogenous zone.

She stroked Jeff’s cock up and down very slowly and Jeff dipped his fingers into her fuck hole, rubbing his thumb against her clit as he finger fucked her wet tunnel, twisting his finger and screwing in knuckle deep.

But the siblings were caressing each other almost casually; their own hand jobs only a side show as they both concentrated on watching their wanton mother cavort with her young lover. Both of the teenagers were hot as hell and both would need to cream off soon, but at the moment they were holding their own passion back, waiting to see what their mother was going to do next.

“She sucks his cock, too, Sis,” Jeff rasped. That didn’t surprise Melissa. If a woman would stick her tongues up an asshole, she sure as shit wouldn’t balk at a mouthful of cock.

Melissa wanted a mouthful of cock, herself, and in the worst of ways. She slid a glance down at Jeff’s huge prick as it came sliding from her fist. Her mouth filled up with frothy drool. Jeff was her brother and blowing him would be really, really a naughty thing to do, but knowing that it was forbidden fruit only made the prospect more mouth watering to the cock-hungry nymphets.

Her mind was undecided, her conscience struggling with her desire, but her tongue was so hot that she thought it might melt in her mouth.

She would cross that bridge when she came to it.

First they had some more watching to enjoy, getting an eyeful before she got a mouthful.

And the drama unfolded. Jessica gave Peter’s shitter a last lick and a suck, and drew her face back from his quivering ass. She turned him over onto his back again. His prick came up like the mast of a ship, looming over his loins.

Peter had a huge cock, Melissa saw. Almost as huge as her brother’s.

She had her eyes glued to that big prick. His mom ducked down and took the slimy purple cock-knob into her mouth again, sucking and whimpering. Her head jumped up and down, gulping almost all of the long cock in. Preliminary goo was running clown her chin as she swallowed down toward his balls. Her chin bumped on those bloated bags and she turned her head, winding her lips around on his cock rod.

Then the woman drew her mouth off him and straightened up, kneeling beside his hip. She threw one thigh across and squatted over his loins. Her cunt was pressed to his balls and his prick towered up in front of her stomach. She rolled her belly against that massive cock, gazing down past her heaving tits, seeing how high his prick rose on the outside of her body and gurgling at the prospect of having the hard meat plunge deep into her tunnel of love.

She leaned over him, tits swinging. Peter sucked on the swollen pink tips.

Her ass swayed from side to side and her hips jerked. She rolled her belly on his cock. Pre spunk oozed out and dribbled down her like dripping limestone, laying a slimy trail down her stomach and seeping into her cunt bush, turning that vee to a tropical forest.

She began to rise up on trembling thighs.

His vibrant cockshaft dragged down her slickly and the knob nestled in her curly mound, and then slid on into her steaming crotch. The tip was poking into her cunt and Jessica was kneeling atop his prick, squatting on the fat crown like a flagpole sitter. She squirmed and wriggled, balancing on the bulging head of his cock.

Her back was to the wall and she knew that, in this position, she was affording her peeping son the best possible vista, a clear view of the coupling.

She had no idea that her daughter, too, was savoring the details of her dalliance, nor that her kids were fondling each other incestuously as they watched her misbehave.

If she had known that, the exhibitionistic woman would have loved it all the more.

She poised there with only the very tip of his cockhead in her cunt, putting on a real sound and sight show. Her cuntlips were parted, pulling juicily on his cock-knob. Cunt juice was steaming down the underside or his thick prick, where the fat ventral vein was standing out in a dark, pulsating ridge, seaming his shaft. The end of his cock was in her cunt and his balls were ballooning at the base. His long prick looked like a pipeline connecting his balls to her cunt slot as it throbbed and jolted.

She reached behind her balancing ass and fondled Peter’s balls. She wriggled on his knob like a slippery fish squirming on a gaff. She arched her back, swinging her heavy knockers up and down and her face twisted from side to side with sharp, spasmodic jerks. Then Jessica began to fuck him to everyone’s delight.



Jessica started to sink down on Peter’s prick, taking the throbbing meat up into her fuck hole inch by inch. Her pelvis twisted, grinding. Her inner rings clamped to the contours of his cock, contracting up the stalk, molding her cunt sleeve to his outline.

Peter moaned. This lustful lady had a cunt like a squeeze box, he thought. Like a suction cup. Her cunt was sucking his cock just as her mouth had done, swallowing his prick in like a secondary maw.

She dropped down the final inch, taking all of his towering prick into her pussy.

Her cuntlips were plastered to the hairy hilt of his cockshaft and his balls were cushioned under her ass. Milky cunt juice was oozing from her well-stuffed pussy, turning her groin to a creamy paste.

She held the full penetration for a while, savoring the sensation of having her cunt stuffed to the hilt and letting Peter thrill to the feeling of having every inch of his hot cock buried in clinging fuck hole.

Then she began to rise up and down on his prick.

Her hips pumped like pistons. She went up and down slowly and steadily, stuffing herself rhythmically on his looming cock. She twisted her pelvis she sank down, screwing her pussy down to his balls. Her cuntlips were clinging to his prick as she rose up, distending, her cunt almost turning inside out.

His cock hissed up her hot fuck hole and came out drenched with her pussy slime, glistening and steaming. He was humping up from the bed, meeting her cur as she dropped that soaking slot down to the root of his cock.

“Abbli! Shove it! Fuck me to jelly! Fuck my ass off!” Jessica wailed.

Her head turned. From the corners of her eyes, she gazed towards the watch hole in the wall, imagining how her son must be feeling, wondering if the boy was beating his meat yet or holding it back, waiting for her to finish before he hosed his closet wall again, as he must have done so often in his peeper’s past.

She sank down all the way and held Peter’s cock buried, grinding on it but no longer sliding up and down. She wanted to make this fuck last for a while. She fondled his balls, checking them to see how near they were to exploding. Her inner muscles were working like a wringer on his prick. More cunt juice, shot through with streaks of creamy pre-cum, oozed from her cunt.

Jessica figured that it was time to change the tableau. She had given her son and, her equally intrigued little girl, a good look at her ass as she fucked herself up and down on Peter’s prick. Now she thought that Jeff might like a full frontal.

Holding Peter’s cock enveloped in her pussy, Jessica began to rotate. She was turning her cunt on the spindle of his prick, never for a moment losing the penetration as she revolved. She threw her knee across and twisted through a half circle, so that she was facing the wall now, still mounted on her lover’s prick.

She smiled towards the shadows where her son was lurking, eyes narrowed, and tongue gliding across her lips. She arched her back and her tits loomed out. Her nipples were standing like rockets ready to be launched, like iron filings being drawn to the magnet of her son’s mouth.

She began to ride on the saddle of Peter’s loins again. She rose up slowly and sank down fast. Facing the wall now, she was presenting an even more fascinating sight. Her kids could see her big, swollen-tipped tits and watch Peter’s prick slip into the split of her cunt. Her clit was rubbing up and down on Peter’s throbbing prick.

Jeff was panting, longing for his voluptuous mother’s delectable tits and juicy cunt.

Melissa was panting just as much, and that naughty girl was almost as hot for her mother’s tits and cunt as she was for cock and balls. She was no lesbian, but the thought of nursing on her mom’s pussy was making her whimper.

Jeff’s prick jolted in his sister’s fist.

Her pussy was juicing and his hand. He had, tugged her panties down her thighs and was finger-fucking her hot fuck hole and whipping his thumb against her clit. Each time he shoved his fingers up her fuck hole, his ass corkscrewed and he drove his cock thorough her skimming fist.

“Gonna shoot, Sis,” he croaked.

He expected Melissa to begin beating his meat vigorously, to bring him to the crest. They were giving each other hand jobs and cumming was the point of it, he figured.

But instead of stroking him on the cum strokes, Melissa pulled her fist down to his cock roots and stopped frigging, holding him steady and not allowing him to hump his cock through her palm and fingers.

He shot her a desperate glance.

“Wait,” she whispered, huskily.

Holy shit am I gonna get more than a hand job? Jeff wondered. He was more than content to bide his time at that happy expectation.

Jessica was pumping towards a crest now.

She had wanted to make it last longer but Peter’s cock was pulsing so savagely that she knew that the horny young man was going to shoot off soon and she was whipping her cunt onto his prick with a steady pace that would bring her surging to a simultaneous cumming.

Her thighs rippled, tensing. She angled her cunt so that every inch of his spike was rubbing against the flaring fulcrum of her clit as it sank in and pulled out. Her ass bounced off his flat belly. She sank down all the way and his balls ballooned against her cunt.

His cockhead felt like a lump of smoldering iron in the core of her cunt and his iron-hard stalk was levering like a crowbar in her fuck chute. Each time she stuffed herself full, his fat plunger pumped more juice from her. That flow was getting hotter and thicker and creamier as the woman soared towards the peak.

The perfume of hot pussy and the fragrance of girl cum was permeating the bedroom. Jessica knew that her son would be breathing that tantalizing aroma in, inhaling the fumes of her fuck hole.

It added to the pleasure of her cumming. And it would have added even more had she known that her daughter, too, was slobbering and salivating as she filled her nostrils with that sweet bouquet.

Her cunt was melting and her clit was detonating now, her pussy dissolving on Peter’s cock like a wax candle on a flaming wick.

“Cum cum in me!” she cried.

He grasped her hips, pounding her pussy up and down on his prick as if he were using her cunt to jack off with. His balls expanded like a bellows.

“Here it cums, lady!” he croaked. “Hose me! Slime me!” she wailed. His bloated balls blew savagely and his jizz shot out in a gooey geyser, spurting into her loins. That spume was so tremendous that it felt as if she had been squatting astride Old Faithful when it blew. Jizz hit her cunt core under such pressure that she could hear it splash inside her. He was damn near blowing her off the end of his prick.

Up and down she pumped, grinding and churning, working off her own creaming as she milked his cock to the bone and filled her fuck hole brimful of cherry spunk.

His last jet sped into her and Peter slumped back, gasping and panting. He was drained to the dregs. His balls were sagging loose between his legs.

But his cock was still fat and firm in her cunt. Jessica slid up and down a bit longer, making certain that her cumming was spent off to the end. She shuddered at a last fading spasm and whimpered at a final ebbing wave.

Then she stopped riding his cock and settled down, holding it buried and smiling dreamily.

The creamy curtain had come down and the first act was over — but this was an ongoing drama. Jessica was eager for more. She adored getting screwed at any time and now, playing to an audience, her lust was boundless.

She pulled her pussy off Peter’s prick as it had gone, on, inch by slow inch. His cock knob lodged in her slot for a moment, then slipped out like a cork from a bottle.

She shifted from his loins and sat on the bed, facing the wall, her knees lifted and her thighs wide apart, letting Jeff and Melissa get a good look at her wildly fucked and cum drenched pussy.

Her cunt was gaping wide open, retaining the shape of the cock that had just spread it out. That open grotto was flooded with cunt cum and jizz and the mingled stuff was running down her crotch and into the crack of her ass. Her whole groin was lathered, the insides of her thighs glistening with spunky ribbons.

Peter’s prick was swaying, not quite as hard as it had been, but certainly not soft. It looped up in a parabola from his well drained balls.

Jeff was staring at his mom’s cunt, licking his lips, his cock jolting violently in his sister’s fist.

Melissa was looking back and forth, staring at Peter’s soaking prick, then at her mother’s sodden cunt, whimpering hungrily for both those creamy delicacies.

The lustful young lady was longing to suck her mother’s cunt cum off Peter’s prick, and to suck Peter’s spunk off her mom’s cunt, as well.

She had never sucked a cock or a cunt, but Melissa knew that she would just adore it and that she would know instinctively how to give sweet head.

Mike Jarman had lost out by his impatience. But she sure wasn’t thinking of Jarman now. Jessica sat there for a few moments, tits heaving as she breathed hard. She gave Jeff time to get a good eyeful of her flooded fuck slot. She even fantasized that she could see his eyes glowing in the shadows beyond that spy hole, like a hungry tiger ready to pounce.

Then she turned towards Peter again.

His prick was still standing promisingly, only softened slightly, still tense and fat and firm. She had a lovely idea about how she was going to fuck him the next time, too a way that would give Jeff an even better look at the action, from a much closer range.

But first she wanted to make sure that Peter’s sweet prick was iron-hard again, and to give his balls a few moments to recharge themselves.

She leaned down, making sure that her thighs were still open so that Jeff could continue to gaze at her cunt. She took the head of Peter’s prick into her lips and began to suck him up to a renewed vigor.

His meat was even tastier now that it had been soaked in her cunthole and she nursed with glee.

Seeing her mother with a mouthful of cock made Melissa whimper in envy.

But, of course, she had a cock to suck, too. He was her brother and it was real naughtily but it was sure going to be fun.



Melissa swung her honey-blonde head around towards her brother. His cock was quivering in her hand. He looked at hex hopefully, not at all sure what she had in mind but sensing that it would be thrilling.

“What Mommy’s doing?” she whispered.

“She’s sucking that guy’s prick,” Jeff rasped.

“I know. It looks yummy!” Melissa sighed, batting her eyelashes seductively. “Can I can I suck your cock, Jeff? Can I make you cum in my mouth?”

She panted out that plea. Jeff was doubly astounded first that she would want to blow her brother, and secondly that she should think it necessary to ask his permission. He looked so stunned that, for an instant, Melissa thought that her suggestion had offended or disgusted him and she whimpered, abashed.

But then Jeff grinned like a fiend.

“Oh yeah, Sis! Suck me!” he moaned.

He raised up. He was kneeling upright and she was on her hands and knees, one hand on the floor and the other on his cock. She was holding that big fleshy flask up to her face as if it were a Spanish wineskin she was about to drink from.

She stared at his cock and balls like a deprived child gazing at a candy bar. Her lips were moist and parted and trembling and her eyes were glowing. She had been hot to drink from a cock for ages, and even hotter since her abortive episode with Mike Jarman. The fact that this was her own brother’s tasty looking cock made it all the better. She knew it was taboo, and drooled for her sibling’s sweet prick with an unholy hunger.

Jeff placed a hand on her check and looked into her eyes, lunging his loins out. He could scarcely believe that this was really happening. He had been eager for incest ever since he had begun spying on their mom and dad and jacking off in used bras and panties, but he had never expected it to go beyond the vicarious visual stage. He wouldn’t believe it was about to become reality until his cock was in her mouth.

Then she began to tongue his knob.

He groaned and gasped and she gurgled and sighed as she laved all over that huge purple slab. With the very first lick, Melissa knew that blowjobs were even more wonderful than she had expected them to be.

She loved everything about his prick — the taste and the texture, the heated temperature and the tantalizing fragrance of hot cock and spunky seepage.

And she knew, too, that she was going to be a talented cocksucker. Her mouth seemed to have been designed as a socket for a meaty plug and she knew instinctively just how to go about the delicious work. Maybe she had inherited that ability from her enthusiastic mother.

Turning her head, she darted her lapper all over his flaring knob, licking the slopes and the tips, the wedge shaped underside and the flattened top and tonguing right into his open, oozing piss hole.

She lapped up all his pre-cum and her saliva glistened all over the slab. Jeff just knelt there, not bumping, holding his prick out and letting his naughty sister take charge. She licked up and down his stalk, slurping on his balls as she slid down to them. Her tongue dragged up the underside of his prick, along the fat vein. Then she fitted her ups to his shaft and drew them up and down, playing his prick as if it were a harmonica.

Her lips fluted up and down on his vibrant cock, humming and slurping. More pre-cum bubbled out onto his saliva-soaked cock-knob and ran down his shaft, as solid and as sluggish as a flow of quicksilver.

It trickled into the corner of her mouth as she pulled her lips up towards his cockhead. Her taste buds tingled wildly as the flavor registered. She was truly starved for his full load. Sucking and licking his prick and balls were wonderful, but she knew that the best part of all would be when he began to hose her throat.

She played the meat flute for a few lovely minutes, but by then his cock-knob was seeping so heavily that she was afraid he might shoot off before she had her head on his prick. She dragged her lips up his stalk again and this time, coming to the top, she turned her face and slid her drooling mouth down onto the bulging slab of his cockhead.

She began to suck voraciously. “Sis Sis!” he croaked. “Ooooooh, Sis that’s it! Suck my cock suck me off!”

“Ummmmm I wanna she purred on his knob.” Her wet lips writhed as she whispered. “Give me your jizz, Jeff — whitewash my tonsils! I’m hungry for your hot, thick juice!”

He began to fuck into her face.

She pumped her honey blonde head down to meet him as he thrust his prick out. His cock sank in deeper each time they pumped together. Her cheek bulged out as his fat cock head pushed into it. Then she took his next stroke right back into her throat.

“Unghhhh!” she gagged as his knob jammed into her gullet, choking her sweetly.

But she held it buried, her nose rustling in his pubic patch and her chin pressed tightly against his swollen balls. Her lips were glued to the hilt of his cock and she twisted her face around, winding her mouth on that gorging face fucker in rapture.

“Ummmmm!” she sighed, as she drew her slurping lips back up to his cockhead, sucking through every precious inch.

She nursed on his knob, then bobbed back down and stuffed her mouth full again, taking it all, deep-throwing him with a wanton, gulping delight.

Her head was bobbing up and down steadily, as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel. She took him in balls-deep, and then drew back to his cock head, moving her head in the rhythm of the traditional blowjob.

“Jeez, Sis you’re fucking swallowing my cock!” Jeff gasped, gazing down in awe as he watched all of his massive prick vanish in her adorable face.

His balls swung under trembling chin, then rolled up and jammed to her parted lips. His cock-knob wedged down her throat. She was gulping him down so deeply and so greedily that he figured his cock head must be plunging right into her stomach, that when he shot his wad the cum hungry girl wouldn’t even have to swallow the hot slime would be pouring out right in her belly instead of her mouth.

He held her face between his open hands and jammed his cock in as she bobbed up and down, whimpering and moaning and gasping in cock sucker’s ecstasy.

Pre-cum soaked her tongue and cheeks and dribbled from her lips, getting gooier as he neared the crest. His balls were so solid by this time that they were whacking her chin and mouth like blackjacks.

“Gonna jizz you, Sis!” he groaned.

“Yeah! Yeah! Umphhff!” she wailed.

His brotherly love came spurting out in a savage spur. Melissa gulped it down like a glutton and he sprayed more into her mouth. He was painting her palate, pasting her checks, showering her lapper. The stuff was as hot and as thick as melted lead and she gulped it down as if she were drinking from a metal mold.

His cum was scrumptious, even more delicious than the preliminary appetizer had been, and his sister was swallowing as if she just couldn’t get enough. Her mouth was soaking his spunk up like a sponge.

His balls emptied, squirt by squirt. They were rolling up below his sliding stalk like bowling balls, then they were swinging like pendulums and finally, as they emptied to the dregs, they were whipping in loose and slack, flailing her chin. He sagged back, spent and dazed. He felt as if his greedy sibling had sucked out his blood and bones and brains. She kept on nursing, coaxing out a few more trickles. Then she tightened her fist around his cock and pulled it up, squeezing, as if she were getting the last drops from a toothpaste tube.

A final gooey coil unwound onto her lapper, as thick and cloying as spilled glue.

Melissa was so full of cum that she could feel it sliding around in her belly, yet the greedy girl was still hungry for more. She kept sucking to make sure that she had every last drop of the precious sibling spunk, but Jeff was finished for the moment. His prick was still fat and stiff, but there was no more juice left. His sister had swallowed him dry, for the time being.

She drew her slimy lips from his polished cock head and flicked her tongue around, lapping up a few stray gob’s from the base of his prick and from his balls.

“Ooooooh! I love drinking your jizz,” she sighed, smiling in dreamy contentment. She gave him a bewitching look, shy and diffident and delicious demure. “Can I suck you off a lot, Jeff? Can I drink your cum every day?”

Jeff grinned. There was no need to reply. Her question had obviously been rhetorical and he was going to feed her so much fuck juice in the future that she was liable to become chubby with all the added caloric intake.

“And I need to cum, too,” she sighed.

Now that her hungry mouth was satisfied, her cunt was smoldering like a furnace.

Jeff was only too happy to return the creamy favor.

But first their mom was going to perform again.



Glancing through the spy hole again, Jeff and Melissa saw that Jessica had removed her mouth from her young lover’s prick, and that she had sucked the big cock up to another rampaging erection.

Jeff glanced at his sister questioningly. “I can wait,” she sighed, her cunt was steaming, but the naughty nymphets was quite willing to delay her own cumming long enough to watch Mom misbehave again.

And Jessica, that carnal choreographer, had another fascinating routine created for their pleasure.

The curvaceous redhead slid from the bed and stood up. Peter gave her a puzzled look. Having struck it so lucky with this lewd lady, the boy was worried that their affair might end at any moment, that all the necessary odd jobs would be done and he would have to depart with his multi purpose tool still iron hard in his jeans.

But she took his hand and drew him to his feet. Standing face to face, she kissed him with her yummy lips and massaged his cock and balls lovingly.

“I want you to fuck me up against the wall now, you lovely boy,” she whispered.

Peter grinned with enthusiasm, appreciating all the venial varieties this creative and imaginative red-haired bombshell was ardently contriving.

And Jeff and Melissa both gasped and exchanged a heated glance. What wall did Mom have in mind?

And, of course, it was the right wall.

Jessica, grinning at her own naughtiness, led Peter over to the wall just by the open gap. She turned to face her lover. Her firm ass loomed up right there in the spy space, right in front of her kids’ gaping faces.

She rose up onto her toes and pulled Peter up against her. They stood belly to belly, her tits in his face. He gulped automatically on a stiff nipple and she grasped his prick and levered it into her groin. She was tall, and standing on her tiptoes she was at just the right elevation. Peter dipped at the knees so that his cock was angled right up into her fuck slot.

He humped up and she shoved down and his prick slid easily up into her creamy cunt. They held it buried for a moment. Her hips shot from side to side and her ass jerked and ground against the wall.

Then they began to fuck knee trembler fashion. And what a ringside seat the kids had now! Cheek to cheek, Jeff and Melissa gaped through the gap, watching Peter’s sturdy cock slip in and out of their mother’s milky cunt. His prick disappeared and his balls jammed in her crotch. Then she rose up and he dipped down and his cock came out, glistening with cunt juice and the cum from their previous fuck.

Melissa couldn’t resist.

Shoving her chin out and pushing her radiant face right into the spy space. She began to lick Peter’s slimy cock as it pulled from Jessica’s cunt. She tongued his balls as they rolled up, then lapped his prick as he withdrew, tasting cockmeat and cum and cunt juice all blended together in a rare and succulent sauce. No French chef had ever prepared such a sweet condiment. She slurped with joy, swallowing that mingled nectar with gusto.

Peter was stunned by the sensation.

He had no idea that a teenaged tart was tonguing his cock and balls as he lumbered up Jessica’s loins. Her cunt had sucked like a mouth before, but now that charming fantasy was even more pronounced.

Then, getting really carried away, Melissa began to run her hot lapper up through the musky crack of her mother’s ass. She stabbed her tongue into the woman’s shit hole, rimming and reaming at that flavorsome ring.

Jeff looked amazed. He knew that his kid sister was no deviate, loving cock as she did. The sight and the sound of the girl tongue-fucking their mother’s asshole was driving him crazy.

He just had to get into the act.

Leaning into the gap alongside Melissa, Jeff began to lick his mother’s asshole out, as well. Their sibling tongues twisted and glided together as they shared that tangy, aromatic snack of shit hole.

Jessica was moaning at the sensation. Unlike Peter, she understood just what was happening, but she was puzzled, too. It felt just as if there were two tongues stabbing into her shit chute.

She began to wonder about the audience.

But her enthusiasm could only increase. She fucked Peter in a frenzy and shoved her ass back, adoring the fervent and frenzied attentions of ring-rimming lappers.

Then Melissa, leaving Mom’s shitter to her brother, slid down and began working on Peter’s cock and balls again. She tilted her head and fitted her parted lips to the underside of his prick. It hummed through her lips as he humped. He was fucking through Melissa’s mouth as he sank in and pulled out of her mother’s wet cunt.

His cock came out slathered with cunt cream and plunged back in drenched with drool.

Melissa’s mouth moved up his cock and her lapper began to shoot out. She was licking her mother’s cunt now, as Peter’s prick plowed in and out of the slot.

Her lapper played over Jessica’s unfurled cuntlips then shot right up into her fuck hole, probing into that sodden sleeve in tandem with Peter’s prick.

Jessica began to cry out in bliss. There was an exuberant tongue whipping into her taut shit hole and another avid lapper dancing in her cunt slot. Now she knew that there must be at least two people on the far side of the wall, joining in audience participation. She could only assume that one of Jeff’s teenaged friends had come over while she was occupied. But that double lapping felt so wonderful that she wasn’t about to question the situation too closely. Whoever it was reaming out her asshole and licking her cunt was more than welcome.

Jessica jerked and churned, loving everything about this depraved situation the dark psychological thrill enflaming her as much as the physical sensations of being fucked and sucked and rimmed all at the same time.

But she wasn’t getting all the tongue that she wanted in her seething cunt. Her asshole was being properly and attentively serviced, but Peter’s cock and balls kept getting in the way in her pussy, blocking the free access of that flashing, questing tongue.

She saw a simple solution.

Rising high onto her toes, she grasped Peter’s cockstalk and tugged it from her cunt. He gasped and tried to jam it back in, but she bent him away.

“I want a back scudded now,” she rasped. She turned, spinning round in a half circle so that now her belly was to the wall and her hairy muff was jerked out right in the open space.

Melissa began to munch her mom’s cunt hungrily.

Jeff, deprived of a tasty shitter to slurp on, stared at his sister, watching her tongue dart and her sweet lips suck on their mother’s cunt in awe.

And envy, too.

The boy dove in and, with his head beside his sister’s, began to share the snack. Their lappers stabbed in together. Their ups shifted in her cunt. Brother and sister were French kissing each other in their mother’s pussy.

And they left no room for Peter’s prick. Peter was standing up close behind Jessica, holding her by the handles of her hipbones. He dipped down and lunged up and out, driving his cock into her groin from under the cheeks of her ass.

But his cockhead rebounded. Those avid sibling mouths were clamped voraciously on Jessica’s gooey cunt, plastered to her pussy like suction cups on a clogged drain. Between them, they had completely blocked off access to her cunt.

Peter pumped again, and again his cock bounced off, the knob glancing from Melissa’s chin. Peter couldn’t fathom it. He knew full well that this lascivious redhead had a cavernous cunthole, although her talented inner rings made it nice and tight once his meat was stuck up her, and it was a total mystery to the inexperienced youth as to why his cock wasn’t sinking in.

Frustrated, he hammered in savagely, but to no avail. Two voracious maws had claimed that prize.

Jessica saw Peter’s problem but she didn’t know what to do about it. She certainly didn’t want to dislodge those enthusiastic lips from her cunt, especially since she knew that one of those mouths must belong to her son. But she didn’t want to leave Peter out of the action, either. It wasn’t fair to deprive the lovely lad and it was a terrible waste to not make use of his hard cock.

Peter’s prick inadvertently discovered the solution all by itself.

As he bucked in so frantically, he missed the mark in his eagerness. His fat cock came rippling up through the tight crack of Jessica’s ass. His knob skimmed across her shit socket, flaring and throbbing. Her smile was one of pure depravity. Her cunt was fully occupied, but her well tongued asshole was vacant and available. What a lovely way it was to solve the problem.



Jessica, whipping her cunt into her kids’ eager faces, groped behind her ass and grabbed Peter’s cockstalk. She tugged him to her. He arched his back, thinking that she was going to guide him into her cunt.

But she fitted his knob to her asshole. He gulped, wondering if she had made a mistake. “Shove it up my shit chute,” she moaned. “Ass fuck me! Pack the fudge up my ass!”

Peter gasped, but grinned, amazed by this lustful lady’s degeneracy. In the closet, two overexcited teenagers gulped excitedly in Jessica’s cunt. Was there no end to their mother’s wickedness? They loved it!

Jeff and Melissa kept on eating her out, sharing lunch in her loins and Peter started to wedge his big cock slowly up into her asshole.

Jessica shaved her ass back on his prick, and then whipped her cunt out into her kids’ faces. She swayed back and forth, belly pumping and hips driving. She was dizzy with desire, not knowing which felt better that fat cock inching up her tight shit chute or those mouths munching in her pussy. Her whole curvy body was vibrating and trembling as she racked slowly back and forth against the wall.

Holding her hips, Peter hauled her haunches back and levered more prick into her ass. He stared down, amazed that his fat cock could fit up such a snug slot. But her ass was swallowing him greedily. Like her cunt, Jessica’s shit chute sucked like a mouth. She seemed to be dragging him in deeper, in some reversed digestive process.

With the sudden lurch, Peter slammed his prick all the way up into her guts. She cried out and he thought that he might have hurt her. But she felt nothing but pure pleasure as that pulsating prick stuffed her shitter full. His cockhead was smoldering deep in her bowels. She wondered if that hot slab might be sizzling and splashing around in the cum she had ingested from the other end.

Peter held his cock buried. His balls were hanging down into her crotch and Melissa was giving those tasty bags a few swipes of her tongue, as a sort of succulent side dish to the main course of her mother’s cunt.

Peter began to tug his cock back out. His thick prick came out slowly, against the suction, dragging the puckered brown bud of her asshole out along his stalk. He withdrew until only his cock-knob was in her shitter, and then shoveled all of his meaty bolt back into her bowels.

His cockhead was the widest part of his prick, opening her shit chute for his cockshaft to follow. Her sphincter muscles loosened slightly, allowing him to glide more easily yet still clamped tight to his tube, caressing his cock as it sank in and dragged back out.

Peter gaped down, watching his prick emerge, making sure he wasn’t skinning his cock in that snug tunnel. Then he banged in more vigorously, eager to spill his hot enema into her seething bowels.

“Oooch! I love it up the ass!” she moaned. He hammered in, shoving her belly against the wall and her cunt into her kids’ faces. Melissa was dining rapturously, spooning cunt cum and jizz out with her tongue and gulping it down ravenously. Jeff was concentrating on his mother’s stiff clit, sucking it blissfully, feeling the swollen bud explode in his worshipful lips.

Peter twisted her ass around as he drove in and as he turned her pelvis he was mopping her sodden cunt into her kids’ faces. Cunt juice streamed from Melissa’s lips and Jeff was creamed from brow to chin.

Her clit detonated.

“Ummmm! Umpfffhhh!” Jeff gulped feeling that bud burst and knowing his mom was creaming.

Melissa knew that just as well because her mouth was beginning to flood with a thicker wash of cum cream.

Jeff sucked the spasms from her clit.

Melissa drank the resultant flow from her gash.

Like Jack Spratt and his wife, Jeff and Melissa were licking the platter clean between them.

Jessica was melting blissfully, her loins so hot that she felt as if she were cumming in her bowels as well as her cunt. Peter plugged away fast and hard, his flat belly bumping on the round globes other ass, and Jeff and Melissa kept on gobbling in her pussy in a feeding frenzy. Jeff had gone suck-crazy, and his sister was swallowing pussy nectar joyfully. The girl had already gulped all of Peter’s spunk from her mom’s cunt and now she was dining delightfully on pure unadulterated cunt cum.

Then Peter peaked again.

He rammed his cock up her ass to the hilt and his jizz squirted into her guts in a hot stream. Jessica could feel each separate spurt stream into her. As Peter filled her bugger ass with his slime, her cunt core dissolved over and over again, feeding her kids a foaming feast.

Peter emptied his load and sagged, clinging to her haunches, his legs turned limp, all his vitality spilled out through the valve of his cock.

He was still jammed deep up her back passage and Jessica kept pumping her pussy around in the spy slot, juicing off into those eager faces lavishly.

Then Peter stepped back, drawing his soiled cock out of her asshole very slowly. It had started to soften at long last. When his cockhead came slurping free, the long prick flopped up and down. He stood where he was, too stunned to move, his whole body swaying as if he were being shaken on the end of his cock.

Jessica drained off to the sweet dregs, juicing her little girl’s lips and tongue, creaming her son’s face. She shuddered through the ebbing spasms.

Then she turned around.

She stuck her ass up to the gap, feeling Peter’s slime dribbling from her asshole and knowing that sight would be a treat for Jeff and whoever else had been kind enough to give her cunt a tonguing.

Cum bubbled from her ass hole and dripped on down the canyon of her ass crack. She moved back. Melissa clamped her mouth on her mother’s oozing shitter and began to suck the spunk from that flavorsome brown ring.

Not interested in sucking up spunk himself, although he knew that his mom’s asshole was delicious, Jeff shifted back and watched his sister slurp merrily away.

Jessica squirmed and churned, shoving her big, firm ass back, loving the tantalizing sensation of a tongue probing her well-reamed cornhole. Peter was still swaying there, his cock swinging like an elephant’s trunk before him.

She bent down, both to jam her ass back farther and to bring her face level with Peter’s loins. Her chin thrust out and her lapper slid from her lips. She used that nimble lapper to curl under his cockhead and then to snake the limp slab into her mouth.

Even soft, Peter’s prick was delicious — and eyen more so, now that it had been soaked in her shit chute. The texture of his meat was rubbery now. His cock slipped and slid in her lips, bending and curling in her mouth, poking into her cheeks and snaking over her tongue. Jessica sucked happily, tasting her own ass juices mixed with his sweet slime, swallowing greedily as she nursed his meat to a luster. With a prick in one end, she still had a tongue up her asshole. She didn’t know who was on the other end of that tongue, nor did she give a shit, although it would have delighted her to know it was her daughter’s fervent face pressed to her ass, drinking from her shitter.

Then Melissa leaned back, moaning. Her soiled lapper was curled from her lips, steaming and soaking. The girl turned toward her fascinated brother.

He raised his eyebrows.

“I need to get fucked, Jeff,” she mouthed. His cock, stiff as a board to begin with, began to jolt like a thunderbolt at the prospect of ultimate incest. Her mouth had been lovely. He could just imagine what her cherry cunt would feel like.

“Take me to bed,” she whined.

Jeff was eager to comply.

But Jessica, still mouthing ass flavored prick, wondered why those mouths no longer played on her pussy and asshole. She would soon find out.



Jeff and Melissa looked once again at their mother’s up thrust, saucily wriggling ass. They hated to stop peeping, but they were both hot to fuck. Anyhow, by this time all the cum and jizz had been wolfed from Jessica’s fuck hole and all the cock spume had been gulped from her whole. Although she was still bending over and sucking her young lover’s prick, that meat was soft in her mouth and her kids figured there wouldn’t be anything further to spy on for a while, certainly long enough for them to take an erotic intermission and fuck each other in an incestuous frenzy.

They slipped from the big closet and dashed to the bed, fairly running in their eagerness. Melissa’s tits bobbled and Jeff’s prick preceded him. Her cunt was bubbling over, boiling like a brimming caldron, and despite the huge load that she had already swallowed from her brother’s balls, his cock-knob was slick with more seepage.

They jumped on the bed and embraced, lying on their sides, belly to belly. They kissed, lappers flashing back and forth, faces grinding in passion. His cock was like a branding iron against her stomach. The meat was searing hot and his stalk was so long that with his balls nudging against her blonde vee, his cockhead brushed the underscores of her jiggling tits, sliming her tit meat with his spunk.

He cupped her cunt and she stroked his cock, but they were ready for a lot more than hand jobs now. Melissa moaned and rolled onto her back. Her lovely face was a mask of lust, chin tilted up, eyes glazed. Her blonde hair spread out in silken strands on the pillow.

Jeff raised up on his elbow, gazing down at her nubile body in that alluring posture. Melissa bridged her slender back. Her knees were lifted, and her shapely legs were wide apart. She tilted her loins, jerking her juicy cunt up to the angle of coupling.

Her brother rolled on top of her, mounting her in the missionary position. For some reason it seemed right that their first taboo-breaking union should be forged in that accepted posture, as if doing it in such a pure position would somehow modify their wickedness.

But they both knew damned well that once they had shattered the taboo the first time, they would be fucking each other silly in all possible ways in the future.

Sibling fucks are seldom one night stands.

Taking his weight on his elbows and knees, Jeff hovered over her, kissing her lips and throat and ears, then sucking on her tense and swollen tit tips. His cock was beating like a drumstick on her taut stomach.

Melissa whimpered with need. Her cunt was so hot that she thought it would have ignited, bursting into flame, had it not been much too wet to burn.

“Do it to me, Jeff!” she pleaded.

His ass jerked up and his long, thick prick dragged down her belly. His cockhead lay in her curly blonde bush for a moment, and then dipped into her groin. The slippery tip brushed her sodden cunt and her pliable cuntlips began to suck on that meaty slab, as if her empty cunthole, abhorring a vacuum, was trying to fill itself by suction.

Jeff held only his knob in her for a moment, savoring the last instants before they coupled, the final fleeting moments of their unfucked purity. Melissa quivered under him expectantly, burning with desire, eager to yield her virginity to her brother’s cock.

“Stuff my cunt, Jeff!” she moaned. “Shove your meat up my fucking pussy!”

Jeff began to inch in, moving very slowly, savoring every lingering instant of his entry. Her cunt sleeve was as hot as an oven and soaking wet, yet tight and clinging. He pushed half his cock in and paused.

“ALL of it!” she cried. He fed her another precious inch. Melissa felt her cherry go as his huge cockhead plunged deeper. Her inner rings were working instinctively, closing around his prick. Just as the girl had known how to suck cock, she knew how to fuck, needing nothing but her nubile loins and her total enthusiasm to be a great piece of ass from the start.

Jeff slid his hands under her wriggling ass and lifted her pelvis up from the bed. Holding her arched deeply under him, he braced his knees and tightened his ass and drove his cock in to the hilt.

“Ahhhh!” Melissa gurgled joyously.

His huge cockhead was smoldering in the very heart of her fuck hole, his iron-hard prick was buried up her pussy, his balls were jammed to her ass. She could hardly believe how wonderful it felt to have a cunt full of cock. It was even better than taking it in the mouth.

He held it all rammed in his sister as they both trembled on the coupling, linked at the loins and loving it. He gazed down at her in awe. He was stuck up his kid sister’s cunt. It seemed too good to be true.

And she looked back, showing only passion and pleasure. The girl had known she would adore getting fucked, and getting fucked by her own brother was the best of all. The sensation was embellished by the dark charm of incest. It was all the better because it was wrong. Her mind was as hot as her cunt.

Melissa began to move first, pulling her pussy up and down, fucking herself on his immobile prick. He pulsed his cock sinew, making it throb inside her as she slid her cunt sleeve up and down.

Then he fell into pace with her, puffing back as she did, then ramming in to meet her as she heaved her loins down on his cock. Their bellies slapped together and his balls beat on her ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she babbled in her bliss.

Jeff dipped down and fed her a low, under slung stroke, his balls rolling up the bed. Then he hiked his ass up and sank his prick into her from a higher angle, running every inch of his cock across her fiery clit.

Her hips danced a wild horizontal gavotte, jerking and pumping. Her ass churned under her as she bridged up from the bed, hopping her body. She clamped her trim thighs around his hips, holding him in a velvet vise.

Her heels drummed on his cock screwing ass, then locked behind him. She cupped her belly and fashioned meaty hooks of her thighs. Her heels rubbed in the crack of his ass. Then she threw her legs up in the air and her arched feet began to pump as if she were pedaling a bicycle.

Her lovely face turned from side to side on the pillow. She was biting her lip and rolling her glued eyes, panting and moaning and whimpering. His cock hissed up her fuck hole. Her cunt sucked on his cock voraciously, clinging to the contours as he jerked back.

Her knees drew up to her tits and Jeff hammered down into her cunt as if he were trying to fuck her right through his bed. Then she straightened from her hoop and pedaled behind his ass again.

He slowed down, trying to make it last.

But his balls were ready to blow out and his prick was vibrating savagely. He knew that he couldn’t last very long on this fir at magic mating. He certainly didn’t have to wait for his sister, because Melissa’s cunt was already starting to melt.

Her cunt turned to cream. His cockhead was plowing in like a torpedo in a swamp, a bow wave of cunt cum breaking around the wedge of his knob. As he shoveled his prick in to the hilt, his swollen cock stuffed her to the brim and her juices came-gushing from her cunt, pumped out by his tight fitting prick.

He jolted her hips down, and then heaved her ass up as he pounded in from different angles. His pestle filled her vessel. The mortar of her cunt melted on his cock. Melissa was at the crest and holding there, her whole body sparking with the thrill. She knew that her brother was holding back, but there was no need. She was yearning to feel his jizz squirt into her cunt, to soar to the peak of her own cumming as his cock spurted off.

“Cum, Jeff! Jizz my cunt!” she cried.

He had held back as long as he could. It hadn’t been long, but it was just long enough for their mother to arrive for the grand finale.



Jessica was standing on trembling legs, her body bent over, head down and ass hiked up, sucking adoringly on Peter’s shit hole soiled cock.

But Peter, virile as he was, was finished.

His cock stayed limp and his balls remained deflated. After a while he groaned, unable to bear it any longer. He staggered back and his pliable prick came out of Jessica’s mouth like a sinuous snake from a hole.

It stood straight out, pointed at her face for a moment. Then it drooped, jerked, sagged, jolted and dropped down, hanging heavily along his hard thigh, the knob dripping her slobber down his leg.

Jessica kept her mouth open, just in case he wanted to sink his limp prick in again. But Peter stepped back, wobbling and tottering. The back of his knees hit the side of the bed and he collapsed across it, panting and groaning and utterly spent.

Jessica sighed. She had had plenty in mouth, cunt and asshole, but the insatiable housewife still yearned for more. She shoved her ass up against the spy hole again. But now no eager tongues were there to lave her.

As well as being insatiable, she was curious. Who had that second mouth belonged to, and why had the watchers left the closet? With her lusty young lover no longer capable of more odd jobs, it seemed a good, time to sneak next door and satisfy her curiosity.

Grinning devilishly, the naked, voluptuous woman left her room and tiptoed down the hall.

She opened the door to her son’s room carefully and peered in — and gasped.

Her son was there, as she had known, and he was throwing a savage fuck into his sister!

Jessica was stunned. But she was still grinning as if her jaw muscles were too tight to relax that rectum. She didn’t mind that her naughty teenaged kids were enjoying incest. She only minded being left out of it!

She stepped into the bedroom.

Melissa gulped and Jeff looked around and cried out in alarm. But he was on the cum strokes and it was too late to stop now, even in his dismay at being discovered.

His ass kept on pounding and Melissa continued to grind under him as his balls exploded and his brotherly love came streaming into her fuck hole lavishly.

He hammered away, draining off and Melissa surged to the highest crest, creaming on his cock, her cunt churned swirling out and blending with his joy juice.

They fucked faster, ad then began to slow down, like some meaty machine running out of phallic fuel. Jeff stopped pounding into her and held his cock buried. Melissa squirmed for another instant, then she, too, stopped.

Both stared in horror at their mom.

And Mom said, “I hope you saved some for me.”

Jessica moved to the bed and curled at their flanks. They looked at her warily, but her approval and enthusiasm were evident on her radiant face. Her nipples were swollen and her cunt was overflowing.

She cupped Jeff’s balls in her hand and gently drew his prick out of his sister’s cunt. It was still hard and soaked with their cum creams. His mother leaned down and slurped it into her lips.

“Ummmmm!” she sighed, sucking adoringly, nursing on her son’s cock-knob more hungrily than he, as an infant, had ever sucked on her titty tips.

Jeff was gasping. Getting his cock sucked by his mother seemed even more depraved than face fucking his sister and even more thrilling.

Jessica slurped up and down, swallowing her daughter’s cunt cum from her son’s prick. It tasted so delicious that she wanted more, right from the source.

“Oh my God!” Melissa cried.

She had already sucked her mother’s delectable cunt, but secretively, not realizing her attentions had been detected. This sweet sucking, with full knowledge and awareness was so deliciously depraved that she started to cum again immediately.

Slit gaped down at that flame dressed head wallowing so wantonly in her pussy. Jeff gazed on in dumbfounded amazement at this incestuous lesbian love.

“Mommy Mommy!” Melissa gurgled.

“Ummnmm!” sighed that naughty woman, the sound soft and muffled on her little girl’s cunt.

Jessica had her knees drawn up under her. With her head down in her daughter’s cunt, her firm ass was hiked up at the highest point of her body, wriggling around at the base of her arched spine.

She was in the doggy fucking position.

And with his cock already half-sucked and hard as stone again, it was too inviting for Jeff to pass up. The boy rose onto his knees behind her. He grasped his mother by the hips and dipped his cock into her crotch from behind. He paused with only the knob stuck in her pussy to see if she would offer any objections. She was, after all, his mother. But his hesitation was needless — and silly.

Jessica jerked back, pushing her pussy halfway down his prick. Jeff cried out in exquisite glee and slammed all of his cock up his mother’s creamy cunt.

He began to hammer into her in a savage doggy fuck. Each time he pounded up her fuck hole, he shoved her face into Melissa’s cunt and her lapper shot up the girl’s pussy. Jessica was in rapture. With her cunt full of her, son’s cock and her mouth clamped on her daughter’s delectable cunt, she was going crazy at both ends.

Wailing Melissa creamed her mother’s mouth.

A spilt second later, howling like a wolf, Jeff jizzed off in her seething cunt. Jessica sucked Melissa off to the sweet dregs and her ass heaved around as Jeff drained balls filial fucking into her loins.

They all came together in a foaming family crest and, finished, clung together in fond embrace.

When she thought of how it had happened. Jessica had to smile in Melissa’s cunt.

If she had gone back to bed for her habitual morning hand job, she would never had been in her son’s closet and discovered the spy hole.

How ironic it was. By having been a chaste wife, doing the housework, she had set all these things into motion. And that was the best thing that could be said for chastity.

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