Mom’s Wet Panties

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only tinder extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, males and females alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood mate-swappers.

Joyce Martin is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a perverse desire for her son lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

MOM’S WET PANTIES — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Joyce Martin held her son’s hand as they walked along the dark street. They could have taken a taxi, but the night was warm and perfect for a walk.

Jerry had been with his friend, Tony, a few blocks from his own home. And, after thinking it over, Joyce had decided to get him. Jerry was still much too young to be out so late by himself, although he didn’t think so.

She squeezed his hand affectionately, looking down at his handsome young face as they passed beneath a street lamp. He looked so much like his deceased father it was sometimes painful for Joyce to look at the boy.

She had enjoyed fucking with her husband, and it still tormented her even when sleeping. She had always been an intensely erotic type of woman, and there was nothing she and her husband had not tried and enjoyed. Widowed a year ago, Joyce found only recently that her thoughts had turned to Jerry, imagining him between her legs, his cock pumping into her always hot and wet cunt, fucking her the way her husband had fucked her.

She had tried to rid herself of these lewd thoughts by finger-fucking herself to a series of orgasms that left her feeling wrung out and totally satisfied.

Jerry was old enough now, she was certain, to enjoy a good fucking with a woman who knew how to take, care of his cock. The fact that she thought woman instead of girl gave her the inkling of a desire she had been trying to suppress… suppress because she thought of herself as that woman.

Even holding his hand this way, her hip brushing against him occasionally, sent ripples of steaming hunger through her puffy cunt. As soon as she had taken his hand when they left the home of his friend, Joyce had become aware of how wet her cunt had become. The crotch of her panties seemed soaked as her pussy seeped, her clit so distended she wished she could rip her panties off; the pressure of them against her cunt was unbearable.

They were still a few blocks from home when Joyce felt the urge to piss. She tried to control it, but the more she did, the greater the urge. Lately, when she was aroused, this desire to piss had become stronger. Only the day before, thinking of fucking her son, she had wanted to piss so badly she had actually come as she sat on the toilet, pissing a golden stream into the water, hearing it tinkling. That had never happened to her before, and she had never played pissing games with her husband. It was one of the few things they had not gotten around to by the time of his death.

She gave a soft moan as a quick squirt of piss slipped from her cunt. She had been unable to prevent it, and now she could feel warm piss on her inner thighs. It felt sensual as her thighs rubbed together, making her cunt boil all the more. Joyce was not really surprised at her reaction… not after the day before. She squeezed her son’s hand tighter, bringing the back of it along her thigh in a slow swinging motion. They were in shadows now, and Joyce began looking for someplace she could piss. She knew she would be pissing in her panties long before they got home. The only answer was to piss in a dark corner someplace. She didn’t want to arrive home with piss running down her thighs, Jerry maybe noticing it, making fun of her or something.

They were in a residential section, about two blocks from home. Joyce noticed an older home setting about thirty feet from the sidewalk. It had an old-fashioned porch with a white painted railing, and what looked to be a porch swing. There was some shrubbery near the porch, but not enough to conceal her. The house was dark, and the for sale sign on the lawn convinced her she could perhaps piss on the porch, out of sight.

She paused, still holding her son’s hand.

“Jerry, don’t you dare laugh at me, but I have got to pee so badly. I can’t wait until we get home, so I’m going to use that porch.”

“Go ahead, Mother,” he said. “I won’t laugh. I know how it is when you gotta go. I’ll wait here for you.”

“No, come with me, honey,” she said, her voice taking on a lower, throaty quality. “It’s kind of dark up there and I’m a fraidy cat.”

Jerry went willingly up the sidewalk, walked onto the porch, and saw the old-fashioned porch swing hanging there. Joyce looked for a dark area, but the only place dark enough was behind the swing.

She whispered to her son: “Sit on the swing, honey. I’ll go behind it, but I want you close to me.”

As her son sat on the swing, Joyce slipped behind it, already lifting her skirt. Jerry caught a flash of his mother’s long, lovely thighs before she disappeared behind him. Joyce lifted her skirt to her waist, sliding a finger into the crotch of her soaked panties, pulling it aside as she squatted. A soft moan of relief from her as she began to piss. The hissing sound seemed loud in the dark stillness. Joyce knew her son could hear it as well. She was not surprised to find her cunt pulsating as she pissed, and the sensation of an orgasm bubbled about her clit.

She looked up to see her son stating at her over the back of the porch swing. She gasped, but with embarrassment. She gasped because she almost came. Although it was too dark for her son to see her cunt as she pissed, they could see into each other’s eyes, see the interest and heat they both were feeling.

“It feels good,” she whispered. “I couldn’t have held it much longer. Don’t look at me, honey.”

But Jerry looked, trying to peer between her knees, trying to see his mother’s cunt. His cock had become very hard inside his pants when he heard her pissing. He was pressing his hand hard against his cock-bulge. Although Joyce was unaware that her son had a hard-on, she felt the tingling in her cunt as she pissed. The fact that he stared at her, whether he could see her pussy or not, started her flesh shivering with a desire that became very strong. A soft moan came from her mouth as a mild orgasm shot through her cunt, and she was still pissing a strong stream.

Joyce felt she would piss for hours, but she finally finished. She stood up, letting the crotch of her panties slide back over her cunt. Before she smoothed her skirt down, a passing car’s lights illuminated her briefly. Jerry saw his mother’s sleek thighs and the bottom of her panties before the lights moved away. That brief glimpse had caused his cock to throb against his hand.

“Oh, you didn’t see me, did you?” Joyce asked. “Those damned lights!”

Jerry didn’t answer; he felt excitement bubbling through his cock and balls, and pressed his hand hard against them. Joyce, smoothing her dress over her hips, came around the side of the swing as Jerry got to his feet. Instead of moving off the porch, they stood looking at each other in the darkness. Something was happening to them, a tension Joyce didn’t want to break. She caught her son’s hand in hers as they stood close, facing each other. Joyce listened to her son’s heavy breathing, and knew he had, become excited. She didn’t know if it was the brief peek he’d had, or because of listening to her piss. But she did know that the heavy way he was breathing meant he was exited, and probably had a hard on.

Neither spoke, Joyce felt her cunt become fiery, the hair-lined cunt lips pulsating inside her panties. Even she wasn’t aware of bringing her son’s hand between her legs until she pressed the back of it against her cunt through her dress. The only response Jerry gave was a gasping sound, a sound that turned to a moan as Joyce pressed his hand more firmly against her cunt. She turned her son’s hand, curling his fingers between her, thighs until she had him cupping her fiery pussy. Holding her son’s hand tightly against her cunt, Joyce gripped his shoulder with her other hand, her face moving slowly toward his. She had to lean down a bit, and brushed her lips across Jerry’s. Jerry kept his hand on his mother’s cunt, feeling the searing heat through her panties and dress. Joyce moaned as she kissed her son, arching her hips into his palm, twisting slightly.

“Ohhhh, Jerry!” she moaned, now holding him tightly, his face pressed between her tits. “Oh, God, Jerry!”

Her son remained silent, but his hand was moving now, rubbing at her cunt firmly. Kissing him hotly once more, Joyce grabbed her son’s cock through his pants, squeezing it as her tongue plunged into his mouth. Without either knowing how or when it happened, Joyce was gripping her son’s ass, pulling his hard cock against her lower body. Jerry was digging his hands into his mother’s ass, feeling it twist as she pressed her cunt hard against him. They whimpered with the excitement of what they were doing, neither wanting to stop.

“You’re so hard, darling,” she whispered, grinding her pelvis against him, pulling at his ass. “You’re so very hard!”

She felt her son thrusting against her, rubbing his cock around as if he were trying to find her cunt and fuck her. With nerves burning, Joyce shoved a hand between them again and clawed at his cock-bulge. She found the zipper of his fly and yanked it down, her hot hand darting into his fly and pulling his cock from his pants. She closed her fingers around his cock and began to jack his prick frantically, moaning hotly at the top of his head.

“Hold me, Jerry!” she murmured, stroking his hard cock. “Hold me tight, honey!”

Jerry had his hands still on his mother’s ass, his fingers clutching tightly Joyce wiggled her ass in his hands as her fist pumped at his hard cock.

“Under my dress!” she hissed with a thick sound. “Hold me under my dress!”

She felt her son’s hands lift her dress in back, then he was molding her rounded ass cheeks through her panties only. But even that wasn’t enough for Joyce.

“Inside my panties,” she whimpered hotly. “Shove your hands down in my panties and hold me!”

Jerry ran both his hands down into the elastic of her panties, feeling the smoothness of his mother’s ass. Joyce felt herself become dizzy with emotion, with an ecstasy that she had not known before. She stroked her son’s cock hard, mewling in desire. She could feel his prick throbbing and burning in her hand. “Oh, baby!” she groaned. “Hold my ass tight! Hold me real tight!”

She lifted her dress and slipped his cock between her thighs, holding it there, squeezing her smooth legs tightly about his cock. Gripping her son’s ass again, she pushed and pulled in a way that caused his cock to slide back and forth between her legs, fucking between them. The shaft of his cock was running along the tight crotch of her soaked panties, rubbing at her cunt.

And still it wasn’t enough.

“So hard,” she murmured against his head. “You’re so damned hard… hard and hot!”

She slipped the crotch of her panties to one side, feeling his prick sliding along the slit of her boiling cunt. She let out a soft squeal as the smooth cockhead rubbed, spreading the lips of her cunt and almost entering her fuck hole.

“You almost went in me,” she gurgled, working her hips back and forth. “You almost did it to me, darling.”

“I felt it, Mother,” he said, his voice choked with emotion. “I felt it almost go in.”

“Don’t come!” she moaned. “Oh, don’t come, honey!”

Her hips jerked back and forth, her thighs gripping his cock. Her cunt was burning hotly, and suddenly she pulled from him. She looked into his face, seeing nothing because of the darkness.

“I want you, Jerry,” she whispered. “God, I want you so much!”

She sat him on the swing, his cock standing out from his open pants. She could just see the outline of him. She lifted her skirt to her waist and straddled her son. Yanking the crotch of her panties away from her cunt, she shoved her knees onto the swing and along each side his hips, taking his cock with her other hand. She rubbed the swollen cockhead along the slit of her hairy cunt, then maneuvered his cock into her pussy.

“Oooo, this is what I want!” she moaned. Joyce sat on her son’s lap for a long moment, his cock stuffed deeply into her cunt. She felt the hard throbbing of his prick with her sensitive, stretched cuntlips. Her body shook with pleasure, her fingers digging into his shoulders. She listened to her son’s heavy breathing, anxious that he would accept what she was doing without guilt or shame. The hairy lips of her cunt squeezed about the base of his cock. She tightened the cheeks of her ass, forcing her cunt to gnaw softly on Jerry’s strong, hard cock.

With a slow movement, Joyce lifted her crotch, her pussy clinging, to his cock. She lifted slowly and mewled ecstatically until she held only the swollen prickhead inside her cunt. She sucked in a hot gasp of air, her eyes gleaming in the darkness as her ass made a slow rotation, moving downward again.

“Hold Mother’s ass,” she whined softly. “Ohhh, Jerry, hold my ass!”

Jerry eagerly ran his hands under his mother’s skirt and along her hot thighs. He cupped her flexing ass through the thin panties, feeling her lift again.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” Joyce moaned. “Hold my ass tight, honey! Hold it real tight!”

She leaned forward, her head thrown back, her ass twisting in her son’s hands, her cunt holding his cock deep again. She rubbed her straining tits about his face, one after the other. The whimpers coming from her were hot and low. She gave a gasp of pleasure when her son captured a rigid nipple pressing at the top of her dress. She felt the wet heat of his mouth as he closed his lips about her covered tit, trying to take it all inside. His hands clung to her revolving ass with tightness, and he was fucking his cock up into her cunt.

“Ahhhh, sweetheart!” Joyce groaned, her ass pumping now, her fiery wet cunt riding up and down his burning cock. Her cunt was scraping his cock shaft, fueling the intense hunger of her pussy. “So good. Jerry! God, have I wanted this! Mmmmm, you’re so hard in me… so beautifully hard!”

A grunt came from Jerry, Joyce pulled her shoulders back, trying to see his face in the darkness. She squirmed her cunt down onto his cock, twisting.

“Say something, Jerry,” she hissed hotly. “Say something!”

“What should I say, Mother?” he asked, his voice hoarse.

“Anything, damn it!” she insisted in a throaty sound. “Say any damned thing! Tell me you like it… that you want more! Don’t just sit there quietly. It makes me feel so… so awful. Say something, please!”

“I like it,” he said.

“Can’t you says anything else?” she asked, needing verbal approval from her son, needing his full cooperation. “Say you want more! Tell me you want to fuck me… how my ass feels, what my cunt is like around your cock!”

A gasping sound came from her son. Joyce knew he was surprised at her language, but she didn’t care. What she wanted was her son’s complete approval for fucking him, his total and absolute cooperation. She wanted him to love fucking her as much as she was loving fucking him.

With hot grunts, she began to ride up and down his cock with her cunt, moving it swiftly, soft and moist sounds coming from under her dress. She wiggled her ass in her son’s hands as she fucked him, squirming and twisting, jerking and fucking him with breathless hunger.

“Talk to me, Jerry!” she almost shouted. “Please, say something to me, anything! Tell me how hot my ass is, how wet my cunt is! Please, darling, tell me!”

“You’re hot, Mother,” Jerry said, starting off in a whisper. “Your ass is hot, real hot…” His voice became louder, in proportion to the pleasure rumbling about in his balls. “You’re awfully wet and hot, Mother! Your cunt is wet… your cunt is hot!”

“Oooo, yes, yes, it is!” she squealed. “More! Tell me more, baby!”

Joyce was fucking her son frantically now, her cunt bouncing wildly, the swing creaking beneath their weight.

“Hot cunt,” Jerry mumbled. “Hot ass and hot cunt and wet cunt! I love you, Mother! I love you!”

“Yes, darling, yes!”

Jerry clung to his mother’s pounding ass, his fingers gripping each asscheek, arching his cock tip as she fucked him with frenzied gyrations. The feel of her nylon panties in his palms and the heat of her ass burning through them, the curve of her ass, sent a rippling, rumbling ecstasy through his young body.

“Hot and wet,” he moaned, moving his hands about her ass. “Your cunt is hot and wet, Mother!” He was babbling with a reeling mind now, babbling because of the intense pleasure her cunt was giving him. “Hot pussy, hot ass… wet cunt… fuck fuck!”

Hearing her son, Joyce felt tears of delight come into her eyes. She grasped his head, drawing his face to her tits as she leaned forward, her cunt fucking faster and faster on his cock. She mewled when his wet mouth closed about her covered nipple again. She wanted her naked tit in his mouth, wanted to feel his tongue licking at the sensitive, turgid nipple, his lips sucking at the firm titflesh. But she was boiling too much to stop and take time to open her dress. She was fast approaching orgasm, her cunt twitching and becoming tighter about her son’s hard cock.

“Ooo, you’re going to make me do it, darling!” she moaned, pulling his mouth against her tit, making it difficult for him to reply. “You’re going to make me come, Jerry! Ohhh, I love you, baby! Love you and love your hard cock and love to fuck you! Ohhhh, I’m coming now, Jerry!”

Joyce shuddered as the fiery ecstasy exploded inside her body. The convulsions of her orgasm sent spasms waving up and down the satiny insides of her tightly gripping cunt.

The wail that came from her threatened to turn into a scream. Joyce choked as she tried to remain as quiet as she could, her pussy fucking up and down on her son’s cock furiously.

Jerry, arching his hips high, felt the gripping waves of his mother’s cunt as she came. Her cunt seemed to draw on his cock, trying to suck his cock deeper inside. His balls ached now, ached with the exquisite need to empty into his mother’s searing cunt. His hands dug hard on her pantied ass, his teeth tight about her titflesh. The high-pitched whining sounds she made caused shivers of pleasure to race about his flesh.

“I gotta… uh, uh, uh,” Jerry groaned, his cock throbbing as come juice abruptly spilled into his mother’s cunt.

The come juice spurted time and again, like an unending stream, filling his mother’s cunt, splashing at the velvety pussy walls. He rammed his cock upward as his mother slammed her cunt down onto it, grinding hard as she whimpered in that small puppy sound of ecstasy.

Joyce slumped forward, sucking in air with a harsh sound. Jerry, feeling as if every muscle in his body had become liquid, panted, still holding his mother’s quivering ass.

The sudden illumination of a passing car brought Joyce up with a cry. She slipped from her son’s lap, the crotch of her panties sliding back over her cunt. She leaned down and tucked her son’s cock into his pants, then pulled the zipper up.

“We better go,” she whispered. “This is too open — someone could see us, if they haven’t already.”

Holding hands, they went back to the sidewalk, starting home again. The rest of the walk was in quietness, neither speaking. Joyce was nervous, afraid her son would be disgusted, or show coldness toward her. Jerry, holding his mother’s hand, was wondering if he could put his arm around her waist as if she were his date.

As they entered their house, Joyce looked at her son, trying to read what he was thinking by his expressive eyes. Jerry gazed back at his mother, wanting her to say something, anything that would let him know she would like his cock inside her cunt again.

They stood facing each other for a moment, the tension between them heavy. Then Joyce took her son’s face in her hands, leaning down to kiss his mouth. It was a tender kiss, not the kind she wanted to give him, using her tongue to taste him. When her son stood still, not even lifting his hands to touch her, she pulled back, thinking he was disgusted with her. As she turned from him, walking on unsteady legs toward the hall leading to the bedrooms, she did not know her son was gazing at the swell of her swaying ass, his eyes hot and his tongue running over his lips with desire.

In her room, she undressed, tossing her panties and the dress on the floor at the side of her bed. She was not a sloppy woman, but tonight she had more important things on her mind than neatness. She went into her adjoining bathroom and spent a long time beneath the shower, scrubbing her body until her flesh glowed deliciously. She lifted her tits, looking at them. They were very good tits, hardly any sag at all. Her flesh was smooth, without the blue-veined appearance of many women her age. She had long nipples, a pink-brown color, with enormously pebbled circles at the base of them. She could pass the pencil test still, she knew.

Her waist was as slender and narrow as any high-school girl’s, and her stomach was flat, with a dimpled belly button. A very thin line of dark hair grew from it, down toward the lush, thick triangle of her cunt hair. Her hips were round, her legs shapely and slender. Her ass swelled and rounded out tightly, the asscheeks smooth and creamy, with a deep, enticing asscrack.

Joyce was a beautiful woman, not yet thirty-three, not in the least vain about her exceptional good looks. She was unlike many truly beautiful women in that she was gifted with an erotic mind and a strong desire to satisfy her boiling sexual hungers. She knew that many beautiful women were selfish, demanding tribute to their looks, and she had heard most were cold when it came to fucking, true fucking.

But not Joyce. She had a beautiful face and a beautiful body and a hot ass and a constantly wet cunt… and an overwhelming desire to indulge in wild, exciting sexual acts. Nothing was perverse as far as she was concerned, as long as her partner enjoyed it and had fun. She was not in the least shy or inhibited once involved, eager to try anything and everything. And she wanted Jerry to be the same way.

As she dried herself, she thought of her son and of fucking him on the swing at that empty house. She knew a boy of her son’s tender age was usually feeling so hot he would stick his cock in any hole available. He had certainly not protested when she pulled his cock from his pants. He had tried to watch her as she pissed behind the swing. He had fucked with her, shot his jizz inside her cunt and made her come. He had held her ass and told her how hot her cunt was. Jerry had loved feeling his cock inside her boiling cunt, and of course he would not be disgusted with her. Joyce was convinced of that now, after thinking it over.

Dropping the towel into the linen hamper, she went into her room and pulled a pair of tight bikini panties on, seeing the shadow of her cunt hair through them. They were a pale green color, sheer enough to expose the inviting crack of her ass, drawing up on her asscheeks to show those creamy half-moons. Dark curls of cunt hair stuck from the tight crotch, where her panties mounded, the slit of her pussy obvious.

She began brushing her wavy, long chestnut-colored hair, watching her bare tits rise and fall with the movement of her arms, her nipples tingling in hardness. She sensed, rather than heard the presence other son. She turned to see him standing in her open doorway hesitantly, his eyes burning with lust as he looked at her almost-naked body.

Joyce put the brush down, turning to face her son. They gazed at each other for a long time, hardly breathing. Jerry wore a pair of white briefs, and Joyce’s eyes drifted downward, seeing the bulge of his cock and balls there. His cock was swelling into hardness as he gazed at his mother, his eyes moving from her tits to her waist to her hips and settling at the crotch of her panties.

Thinking she had to say something, knowing her son was waiting for her to make the first move, Joyce thought it best not to act shy or embarrassed, which she wasn’t. A direct approach with bluntness was called for, she felt. A lewd smile spread over her face, her eyes sparkling with smoldering desire as she watched his cock grow into full hardness, outlined by his Jockey shorts.

“Do you have something for Mother, baby?” she asked in a hoarse whisper, her eyes significantly on the outline of his hard cock. She cupped her naked tits and lifted them, her nipples peeking between her fingers as she cocked one hip suggestively. “Is that for Mother? That hard-on I see in your shorts?”

Jerry licked at his lips, watching her hands caress her succulent tits.

“Want to fuck me again, Jerry?” she whispered. “Do you want to fuck Mother again?”

Jerry nodded his head, too emotional to speak.

With a soft sigh of delight, Joyce held her arms out to her son, her eyes misting over with affection and desire for him. Jerry ran into his mother’s open arms, hugging her tightly about her narrow waist. Joyce closed her arms around him, pulling his face between her bare tits, feeling his breath hot on her flesh. She pressed her hips against him, twisting and squirming and feeling his cock throbbing against her right thigh. She pressed her thigh hard against his cock, hearing her son moan with pleasure.

Cupping her son’s chin, she held his head up, closing her lips onto his. She kissed him hard and with passion this time, her tongue probing at his lips. She shot her tongue past his lips and into his mouth, licking about hungrily, squirming her thigh against his cock.

“Hold my ass,” she whispered, as she had on the porch of the empty house. “Hold Mother’s ass, darling.”

She mewled as her son grabbed the asscheeks of her ass with both hands, digging into them. Her hands slipped down his back, going into the elastic of his shorts, sliding along the tightness of his young ass. She fondled her son’s ass, twisting her lower stomach against him as she flexed the cheeks of her ass in his palms.

With her hand inside his Jockey shorts, Joyce brought it around in front and gripped her son’s cock hard. She moaned as her fingers flexed in squeezing motions on his cock.

“You’re so hard again, Jerry. Do I give you this hard-on, darling! Is it me, your mother, that makes your cock get so hard?”

“Yes, Mother,” Jerry said between her tits. “You make me get so hard, I wanna jerk off all the time!”

“But you don’t have to jerk off, honey,” she said, pumping her fist on his cock slowly, feeling the seeping wetness at his piss bole. “You don’t ever have to jack your cock off again, not with your mother here.” Then she thought of what he had said. “Jerry, have you been jacking off and thinking — fantasizing — about me?”

“Yes, Mother,” he admitted.

“How long, Jerry?”

“Since before Dad died,” he said, looking up into her face now.

“But…” She seemed puzzled. “Honey, you couldn’t come then, could you? Could you come a year ago?”

“Last spring,” Jerry told her. “I came the first time last spring, when I saw you bending over in the back yard. I saw your legs and your panties and I just came in my pants.”

Joyce giggled about that. She squeezed her son’s cock very hard. “I made you come first, huh?”

“Yes, and then I saw you fucking with Dad and had to jack off,” he said, sounding excited, his young eyes gleaming. “I’ve been peeking at you ever since. Sometimes I saw enough, and sometimes nothing.”

“What’s enough?” she wanted to know.

“Just your panties when you had your legs open,” he said.

Joyce kissed her son’s mouth hard. “Then you were ready for that porch tonight, huh?”

Jerry nodded his head.

“Turning around and trying to see me piss,” she murmured excitedly. “Trying to see my cunt while I took a piss… I bet if you had seen me, you’d have come off in your pants again!”

“Probably, Mother,” he laughed.

“Why don’t you take my panties off, Jerry?” she said in a husky voice. “Why don’t you take Mother’s panties off now and fuck me?”

“Oh, I’d like that, Mother!”

Joyce stepped back. “What are you waiting for, then?”

The gurgles coming from, her son were evidence of his desire as he went to his knees, his hands dragging her bikini panties down her round hips. His eyes burned on her cunt as it was exposed to him. Joyce lifted first one foot, then the other, to help him. She stood naked, her feet parted on the floor hands on her hips, cunt thrust forward, watching, her son as he remained on his knees gazing at her pussy with boiling desire.

Joyce moved her hands down into the thick curls of her pussy, parting the hair to show her son the pink wetness of her cunt and throbbing cunt. She saw his eyes glow with a more determined heat, his tongue running over his lips.

“Do you like Mother’s cunt?” she whispered. “Is my cunt a pretty one? Would you like to stick your hard cock in mother’s cunt and fuck me again, Jerry?”

Jerry nodded his head, staring excitedly at his mother’s dark-haired cunt, his cock about to burst the seams of his shorts.

Impulsively, giggling, Joyce shoved her pussy close to her son’s face, taking the back of his head. She rubbed her wet cunt into his face, watching for his reaction. His eyes smoldered up at hers, his young face almost buried into the thick curls of her cunt hair, his lips pressing against her slippery, steamy cunt. Joyce mewled when she felt her son kiss her cunt lips, his hands on her hips.

“Nice, baby,” she hissed throatily. “That was a nice kiss for Mother’s pussy.”

She smeared her pussy into her son’s face as he gurgled. The sounds her son made were obviously those of pleasure, so she pulled his mouth tighter into her crotch, twisting her hips as he slipped his hands around to clutch at her naked, creamy ass. With a child-like giggle, Joyce closed her hot thighs about his face, scissoring them as Jerry kissed her steamy pussy again.

“Ohhh, you’re so sweet, baby,” she gurgled down at him. “You like kissing Mother’s cunt, Jerry?”

He nodded his head, eyes glowing, kissing her puffy pussy again. Joyce pushed his head from her crotch and lifted him to his feet.

“Now it’s my turn to take your shorts off,” she whispered, going to her knees in front of him. She stared at his hard, outlined cock, seeing the moist spot where the cockhead pressed on the fabric. “You have a beautiful cock, darling. A beautiful hard cock.”

She pressed her lips to his shorts, closing them on the shaft of his cock, running them up and down. She pulled his shorts downward, and his cock flipped out and up. Joyce gave an excited squeal, jerking his shorts all the way to his feet. She grabbed her son by his ass with one hand, his cock with the other. She closed her fingers, tightly around the prickshaft, pressing into the sparse hair, making his cock stick out long and very swollen. The cockhead was creamy smooth, his piss hole wide open and seeping. She glanced up at him, her eyes blazing with an intense fire.

Jerry’s expression looked expectant, his mouth glistening with the juices of her cunt. Joyce reached up and ran a fingertip over her son’s lips, and she felt elation as he sucked her finger into his mouth.

She pressed her face against his cock, feeling it throb against her cheek. She twisted her face against him, rubbing at his cock and balls, kissing moistly. Sliding her lips up and, down the shaft of her son’s cock, Joyce made soft, hungry, mewling sounds, her eyes burning up at his. Gripping her son’s naked ass, she slipped her tongue out and licked from his balls to the tip of his cock. She paused a moment, then ran her tongue in a hot circle about the head of his cock, lapping in a dainty, manner at the dripping piss hole, tasting the slippery wetness that oozed out of his cock.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, closing her lips about his piss hole and sucking, her tongue flicking up and down.

She felt her son’s ass shake in her palms, and dug her fingers into the asscheeks, sliding her tight, hot lips past the head of his cock, her tongue pressing his prick against the roof of her mouth. She moaned ecstatically as the head of her son’s cock brushed her throat, her lips writhing at the base, his balls resting on her chin.

“Mmmm!” she moaned again, sucking back on his prick with her lips very tight and wet. She held the head of his cock between her lips a moment or so, her tongue lapping against his seeping piss hole. The juices coming out of his cock sent chills of erotic delight along her spine.

“O shit, darling,” she whimpered, leaving his prick. “I’ve got to have it in me! Jerry, oh Jerry… fuck me, baby! Fuck Mother… fuck Mother’s boiling cunt!”

She stumbled to the bed, sitting on it and leaning back, her shapely tits arching up with stiff nipples. She spread her long, sleek thighs widely, the lips of her glistening cunt pulsating in need. Scooting her ass to the edge of the mattress, she kept her eyes on his cock.

“Fuck me, Jerry! Oh, God… shove your cock up my cunt, my hot, wet, fucking cunt! Fuck Mother’s cunt, baby! Give it to me… please give me a hard fucking! I need it, Jerry, need your beautiful cock up my fucking wet cunt!”

She twisted her hips, squirming her crotch in a lewd, eager invitation. Jerry’s eyes almost bugged from his head as he looked at his mother, his cock jerking up and down. His shorts clung to his feet, and he kicked them away, going to his mother. He was short enough to stand between her spread thighs, his cock level with her fiery cunt. As her son’s cock spread and stretched her cunt, Joyce gave a loud moan, feeling his throbbing hard-on fucking deep into her pussy. She jerked her hips upward, and it seemed to Jerry that his mother’s cunt suddenly sucked his cock right into her.

Joyce lay back, clutching at her straining tits as her hips began to churn up and down, fucking her son before he could start moving. She hissed and gasped and panted with ecstasy, her hips thrashing up and down, her hairy cunt fucking on his cock with a fiery wetness. Jerry placed his hands on his mother’s thighs, thrusting his cock into her now, fucking her quickly with short, jerking fuck-plunges, his balls smacking her churning ass.

“Ram it hard, baby!” Joyce yelled. “Fuck Mother’s cunt real hard! Hurt me… bruise my cunt. I don’t care! Fuck that hairy cunt… my wet pussy… my hot twat, my snatch! Fuck Mother… fuck Mother… fuck, fuck, fuck me!”

Jerry was snorting heavily, his eyes blazing and unfocused as he rammed his cock into his mother’s clinging cunt with swift fuck-thrusts. He held her thighs with tight hands, standing there and pumping his hips back and forth. He watched those pink lips of his mother’s cunt, framed by all that exciting pussy hair, gripping his cock in slippery wetness.

Joyce lifted her legs until she rested them on her son’s shoulders, her hips twisting and gyrating with frantic movements. “Talk to me, darling! Talk to me… say something, say anything!”

“Fuck,” Jerry said in a tight voice. “I’m fucking you, Mother! I’m fucking your cunt with my cock! I’m gonna come in your pussy, Mother! I’m gonna fuck your cunt and come off in your cunt and then I’m gonna fuck you again!”

“OOOOO, yes, yes, darling!” she cooed, shaking her ass against his balls. “Talk like that to me! I love to hear you say those things. Tell me how good my cunt is, what a great fuck I am… how hot my ass is! Call me names… call me all those delicious names, Jerry!”

“Good cunt, Mother!” he gasped, fucking his cock into her so hard, there was that moist, slapping sound. “You’re a good fuck, Mother, a really great fuck! You’re a cunt… a real hot cunt, Mother! You’re a fucking cunt!”

“Yes, oh, yes I am! I’m a cunt, baby! I’m your cunt! Fuck my cunt, Jerry! Fuck your mother’s cunt! Give, me that hard cock… fuck your hard cock up your mother’s wet cunt!”

Jerry fucked his cock into his mother’s gripping pussy faster, his balls very tight as they pounded at her wiggling, naked ass. He stared at her hands, watching her claw at her spongy tits. He was holding her thighs tightly.

“Fucking cunt! Fucking hot cunt,” he gasped with each fuck-thrust. “Fucking cunt cock-sucker asshole! Cunt cock-sucker cock sucking cunt! You’re my mother with a hot cunt and you’re a cock-sucking cunt!”

“Ohhh, yes!” Joyce screamed, erupting into spasm after spasm of orgasm. “Oh, I’m coming! My cunt is coming, baby! Fuck it… fuck your cock-sucking cunt mother! Fuck my pussy! Come up my tight, wet pussy! Give Mother your hard, hard, sweet cock! I love it! I’m your cock-sucking cunt mother and you’re my cunt-fucking, pussy-licking son and you’re fucking me and I’m fucking you and I’m your mother and you’re my son and your cock is mine and my cunt is yours and we’re going to fuck and we’re going to suck and I’m coming and you’re going to come in me and I’m going to piss and you’re going to piss and we’re going to have… oh! Shit, shit, shit! I can’t stop coming, you’re so good!”

Listening to his mother, ramming his cock hard into her gripping cunt, Jerry grunted loudly, jabbing his cock as deep as he could, his body going stiff. He yelped as come juice roared up from his balls, through his cock and spurted in a frothy gush into his mother’s greedy, insatiable cunt.

Joyce closed her legs about her son’s neck, squeezing him as she twisted and ground her jizz-flooded pussy against the base of his cock, his balls smashed upon the creamy heat of her ass cheeks.

As her legs fell from him, Jerry slumped over on top of his mother, his cock sliding from her cunt and resting along the crack of her ass. Joyce wrapped him in her arms, drawing his face to her naked tits, then she lifted her legs to close them about his lower body, holding him as she gasped for air.

A short time later, Jerry scooted from his mother and onto her bed, resting his head on a pillow. Joyce moved up beside him, shoving an arm beneath his head.

“I suppose you think you think your going to sleep with me now, don’t you?” she said in a soft, tired voice.

“Why not?” Jerry asked, cupping one firm tit in his hand. “If we’re gonna do all that fucking you were talking about, Mother, there’s no sense in me using my bed anymore.”

“What talk about fucking?” she asked.

“That’s what you were saying just a minute ago,” he remained her.

Joyce laughed, a half-shy sound. “I talk like that every time I’m out of my mind with heat, baby.”

“Then you didn’t mean it, Mother?” She detected a feeling of rejection in his voice. She snuggled up tight against him, tossing a thigh over his cock and balls. “I meant it,” she murmured into his ear. “I meant every fucking word I said.”

“You don’t really remember what you said, do you, Mother?”

“No,” she admitted, worming the tip of her tongue into his ear. “I don’t know what I was saying, but I meant every word of it.”

“How can you say that if you don’t know what it was, you said?”

“Because it doesn’t matter what I said,” she whispered, licking at his tongue. “I’m willing to do anything I said then, anything.”

“Really, Mother?”

“Mmmm, all you have to do is ask to find out, darling,” Joyce said softly. “You don’t know just how hot your mother is yet. I’m so fucking hot, you can touch a cigarette to my cunt and light it!”

Jerry laughed with pleasure. “But you said a lot of weird things. Maybe you don’t mean all of it, Mother.”

“You let me worry about meaning it,” she said, rubbing her thigh on his cunt-wet cock. “I can promise you this — you’re going to have more ass than any boy your age has ever had. I just hope you don’t get tired of fucking my cunt, Jerry.”

“Never!” he said, hugging his mother and kissing her mouth.


Joyce woke up with a hard cock prodding between her thighs from behind. For just a moment it puzzled her, then as she remembered the night before, she smiled to herself, arching her ass into her son’s cock.

“Mmmm, what do you plan on doing with that thing?” she cooed and wiggled her naked ass against him.

“Get some pussy!” Jerry gurgled, sliding the swollen head of his cock along the slit of her pussy.

Joyce thrust her ass back into him, running a hand down over his hips and to his ass, pulling him tight. “Do you always wake up with such a hard-on, I hope?”

“Most of the time,” he said, his lips against her creamy back, between her shoulder blades.

Joyce felt the smooth head of her son’s cock press into the lips of her cunt, and she sighed with happiness. “Go as deep as you can, lover,” she murmured. “I like a hard cock deep in my cunt.”

Reaching around his mother’s naked body, Jerry clutched her tit, fucking his cock into her cunt, kissing at her back. Joyce dug her hands into the cheeks of his ass, mewling and pumping her hips with him.

“It’s so good to wake up with your cock in me, Jerry,” she said with a thickening voice. “It’s a wonderful way to start a new day! Mmmm, God, your cock is so hard! Fuck it, honey, fuck it!”

Fondling his mother’s tit, Jerry fucked her — but without the frenzy of the night before. With the edge of their initial lust somewhat sated, they could enjoy each other more now. The throbbing of her son’s cock between the tingling stretching of her cunt lips felt better than ever. She made soft whimpering sounds as he fucked her pussy from behind, feeling his lower stomach rubbing at the cheeks of her smooth ass. Scooting her other hand between her thighs, she clutched at his hairless balls, holding them as he fucked her. She tried to turn, her head around, wanting to suck at his tongue while he fucked his cock in and out of her cunt, but she couldn’t twist that far.

“Let me get on my hands and knees,” she said. “Give me a doggy fuck, Jerry.”

“Hey, yeah, Mother!”

She eased his cock from her pussy and turned onto her stomach. Before she drew her knees underneath, she giggled. Jerry had leaned over and kissed one cheek of her ass.

“Mmmm, you’re an ass-kisser, are you?”

“I sure am, Mother,” he giggled, watching her pull her knees under, her shapely ass lifting into the air.

“How many asses have you kissed?” she teased.

“[missing text],” he replied, seeing her ass cheeks.

“One,” he replied seeing her asscheeks spread, the winking of her asshole and the hairy lips of her cunt pooching from between her thighs.

“And whose ass was that?”

“Your ass, Mother,” he giggled again. “Just now.”

Joyce waggled her uplifted ass erotically at her son. “Mmmm, and it was a very nice kiss, too. But I’d rather have your cock in my cunt right now. You can kiss on my ass all you want later, but I need a good fucking now.”

Jerry was on his knees behind his mother’s upturned ass, rubbing the wet head of his cock about her thighs, dragging it up over her sweet, smooth ass cheeks, leaving burning moisture on her flesh. He dragged his cock down along the split of her ass, rubbing the cockhead on her hot asshole, then down to shove it into her eager cunt.

With a squeal, Joyce rammed her ass back on him, his cock fucking all the way into her pussy. Placing his hands on her ass, Jerry watched with wide-eyed delight as his mother began to dance her ass about, shaking it and fucking on his prick.

“Do you like that, baby?” she asked, wiggling her ass without difficulty. “Do you like how I can shake my ass for you? I can fuck in all kinds of positions! I can even fuck you standing on my head.”

“I don’t believe it,” he said.

“I’ll show you, but not right now,” Joyce mewled. “Right now I want you to fuck me like a doggy. Fuck me good, the way a doggy fucks!”

Jerry fucked into his mother’s cunt, his balls swinging about. He leaned over her back and closed his hands about her tight tits, humping swiftly as the excitement gripped him. He plunged his cock back and forth, licking at the flesh on her satiny back. Joyce grasped her son’s balls as she rested her head on a pillow, panting heavily as her son pounded his prick into her cunt.

Unlike the night before, she didn’t shout exciting words to him, nor did Jerry say anything. Their gasps were the only sounds in the bedroom besides the moist slapping of his cock fucking into her gripping cunt.

When she came, she moaned loudly, her pussy sucking on Jerry’s cock with steaming waves of spasms. It was enough to draw the thick, creamy come juice out of his balls. Jerry made whimpering sounds as he came, and when it was over, he pulled his cock out of his mother’s cunt and lay on his back. Joyce sat up, seeing the glistening wetness of his prick. She cuddled his cock in her palm, seeing confusion in her son’s eyes.

“What’s the matter, baby?” she asked. “Wasn’t it good for you?”

“You didn’t say anything, Mother,” he said in a quiet voice. “You didn’t talk dirty like you did last night.”

“Oh, is that it?” she laughed. “I wasn’t sure you wanted me to say anything. I thought maybe you wanted me to be quiet.”

“Oh, no! I like hearing you talk that way, Mother!” he said. “It makes me real hot to hear you say those things.”

“Then I’ll talk,” she said. “I love to talk that way when I’m fucking. But you know what? I love hearing you use those words and calling me those delicious names, too.”

“You mean it?”

She nodded, holding his balls and cock in her hand. “I mean it, you sweet little motherfucker,” she said, her eyes dancing merrily. “I meant it all, you cunt-licking little motherfucking asshole.”

“So I’m a mother-fucker,” he laughed. “You’re a cock-sucking cunt mother, aren’t you?”

“You better believe that!” she giggled, leaning down to kiss his cunt-wet cock. “I’m anything and everything you want to call me, and more.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I’m a fuck-lover,” she said in a low voice. “I’m a cock-lover and it makes me get all hot and wet just thinking about hard cock. There’s nothing like a hard cock and wet cunt fucking, coming all over the place.” Then, teasingly, she asked: “Where did you learn those words, anyway?”

“School,” he said. “All the kids use them.”

“And they probably don’t know what those words mean, either,” she laughed. “Smart-assed kids! Now you know more about fucking than anyone your age, I’d bet.”

He nodded in agreement. “At least the guys, but there’s this girl who seems to know all about it.”

“Oh?” Joyce raised an eyebrow. “That sounds to me like you’ve got the hots for some little cunt at school.”

Jerry’s face flushed. “Well, she’s awfully pretty and sometimes I see her panties and I get hard. I think she knows what it’s all about, but I’m not sure. She teases a lot.”

“A prick teaser, is she?”

“I think so,” Jerry said, climbing off the bed. “But she sure is pretty.”

“You’d love to fuck her, wouldn’t you?” Joyce felt no jealousy, but she did feel a certain kind of excitement. “I might get a chance some day,” Jerry said, going into his mother’s bathroom, leaving the door open.

Joyce lay back, spreading her legs, listening to her son pissing into the water of the toilet. There was a clenching of her cunt as she heard it, and she was reminded of the time she came while pissing and thinking about her son. She recalled how it had felt the night before as she pissed behind that swing. The urge to go to him and hold his cock as he pissed was strong, and she closed her fingers into a tight fist. She saw him, in her mind, his cock held between his forefinger and thumb, the golden piss rushing out of his cock in a warm, exciting stream.

Joyce came.

Her cunt throbbed with a wavy sensation as an orgasm bubbled through her. She squeezed her thighs tightly, pressuring them on her clit. When the spasm, passed, she swung her legs over the bed and walked into the bathroom just as her son was shaking his cock. Her eyes focused on the head of his prick and she licked her lips.

Jerry moved away. “You gotta piss, too, Mother?”

Joyce nodded her head. But instead of sitting on the toilet as usual, she spread her legs about it, facing the tank. She grinned at her son.

“Want to watch?” She studied his eyes carefully as she parted the lips of her cunt. “Want to watch me piss?”

She was pleased when his eyes sparkled and he leaned over to see. She let go with a golden stream of piss, hearing a soft moan from her son. Still pissing, she sucked in a deep breath.

“I came hearing you pee, honey. I came when I heard you pissing in here,” she admitted.

Jerry giggled, and her pulse raced as her son suddenly slipped his hand into the stream of her golden piss, moving it up until he was cupping her cunt lightly. Piss streamed from his hand, soaking her thighs. She covered the back of his hand with her own, feeling her piss along with him.

“Ohhh, shit… I might come again!” she moaned.

“Then come, Mother!” he urged.

But she didn’t come, right then.

She dried her cunt with a tissue, then washed her hands beside her son.

He washed his when she finished, and then they went back to her bedroom. Joyce slipped into a fresh pair of panties, pulled a blouse over her tits, and completed her dressing with a skirt that was tight enough to mold and hug her shapely ass, a long slit up the left thigh.

They had breakfast, both still feeling the excitement of a new day, a day of learning more about each other’s sexual desires and hungers.

She had talked her son into putting on a pair of old faded jeans he had chopped off and made into shorts. They were a little small for him now, but that pleased her. She had asked him not to wear underwear because she wanted to see his cock dangling down. She went on to tell him that once she had seen the head of a young boy’s cock hanging out of his cut-offs, and that she had come very hard. She did not tell, her son she had been with his father at the time, and that her husband had encouraged her to look at the boy. Neither did she tell her son of how his father would get an enormous hard-on when he looked at the succulent young girls wearing shorts so tight their cute asses were half naked.

She did not tell Jerry of the many times she and her husband had fantasized about the young girls, nor of the one time they had been with a couple, fucking first each other, then trading partners. She did not tell her son how exciting that had been to her, watching her husband’s cock fucking the other woman’s cunt, or the thrill she had gotten while her husband watched her sucking the man’s cock off, taking his come juice into her mouth. Maybe she would do so later, but not now.

Seeing her son wander about the house in his old cut-offs, the head of his cock dangling in full exposure, kept her cunt on fire. She cleared the table after breakfast, and openly watched her son’s cock. She sat in positions so the slit of her tight skirt was open, her sleek thigh revealed. They were teasing each other, letting the passions grow and bubble, and they both knew it. It was a game, a game of lewd anticipation. There was no reason to tease, not now — but it was fun. Joyce was delighted that her son had picked up on the words she loved to hear him say, the names she wanted him to call her. When he would call out lewd words to her and waggle his cock at her, she would almost come in her panties.

She was on the couch, legs crossed, the slit of her tight skirt high, the ridge of her panties showing, her eyes glowing with heat as her son stood a few feet in front of her, his cock dangling from the frayed edges of his cut-offs. Jerry pulled them aside, exposing his cock and balls to his mother.

“What do you think of this, cock-sucker?”

“I think it’s beautiful, you little motherfucker,” she replied.

“Want it?”

“Yes,” she said, her eyes smoldering.

Jerry moved toward her, his cock and balls revealed. Joyce caressed his cock and balls as he stood before her, making his prick swell and throb. When his cock was hard, she stroked it with her fist, licking her lips.

“You know what I’d love, baby?” she asked in a low, throaty voice, pulling on her son’s prick.

“Sure, to fuck my cock, Mother.”

“Always love to fuck you,” she said, “but I would love to have your cock in my mouth. Would you like to fuck Mother in the mouth, Jerry?”

“Really?” he asked, excitement making his voice track.

She nodded, grinning at him.

“But I might come.”

“Mmmm, I hope you do!” she squealed.

“In your mouth? Really, Mother? Come in your mouth?”

Joyce made a gurgling sound, gazing at her son’s cock and balls with hungry eyes. She ran her hand along her skirt, lifting it past, her thigh. She uncrossed her legs and spread her knees, the tight crotch of her panties showing. As her eyes focused on the swollen head of her son’s cock, Jerry stared between his mother’s thighs. Joyce caressed her inner thighs lightly, licking her lips slowly.

“Of course you can come in my mouth,” she said in a throaty murmur. “That’s what it’s for. A girl shouldn’t offer to let a guy fuck her mouth unless she allows him to come in it, just as he comes in her cunt.” She flashed a lewd grin at her son. “I love to feel a cock squirt jizz in my mouth, it tastes heavenly!”

Jerry climbed onto the couch, standing on the cushions at his mother’s side. Joyce noticed her son was short enough so that she could sit on her ass and take his cock into her mouth. She turned to face him, spreading her legs about his feet. Drawing her knees up and rubbing the satiny flesh of her inner thighs close to his knees, she opened his cut-offs and pulled them down past his ass. Her beautiful face was on a perfect level with Jerry’s cock and balls.

“I love to hold a naked ass in my hands if I get fucked in the mouth, darling,” she whispered. “And don’t forget, call me some delicious names while I’m sucking you.”

She cupped her son’s bare ass with her hot palms. Playfully, she rubbed her lips about the tip of his dripping cock, sliding her tongue out to taste the seeping juices.

“Hold my face,” she said in a thick, whispery voice. “Hold my face like you would my ass when you fuck me.”

She shivered when her son placed his trembling hands on her cheeks. “Mmmm, now fuck my face, honey.”

The smoothness of his cock touched her lips and Joyce allowed them to open and slide over that creamy sweet cockhead. Her lips ovaled to take his cock, and they tingled as her son slowly inserted his prick into her mouth. She kept her eyes gazing up at his young, excited face. When, he had half his cock in her mouth, Joyce gave an ecstatic moan and jerked at his ass, pulling his throbbing hard cock deep into her wet, hot mouth, his balls slapping at her chin. Her tongue pressed his cock tightly to the roof of her mouth, the smooth prickhead in her throat. She used her, lips and tongue and throat to make a tight, wet, hot sheath for her son’s cock, her eyes twinkling up at his very excited face.

In a hesitant way, Jerry pulled his cock back, feeling the sucking pressure of his mother’s mouth. He pulled back slowly, then moved forward again, still slowly, as if afraid he would harm her in some way. Joyce let her son fuck her mouth as she wanted for a few moments, then she slipped her lips from his cock, nuzzling his cock tip.

“You don’t have to be so gentle, baby,” she said, squeezing his ass. “You can fuck my mouth as hard and fast as you want. You won’t hurt me… I love it best when you’re so excited and moving fast.” She kissed his balls. “And don’t forget those names!”

She engulfed his cock again, pulling him forward by his has, bringing his cock deep. She moaned softly as her cunt fluttered with that ecstatic sensation, her mouth burning around his cock. She dug her hands into his asscheeks, her fingers deep between them. Jerry began to fuck faster into his mother’s mouth, gazing with hungry excitement down at her, seeing her lips encircling his cock. Then he fucked faster yet, gasping with the sensations her tongue and lips were giving him.

“Mmmm!” Joyce whimpered excitedly as her son fucked her mouth with increasing speed and power, his ass cheeks bunching against her palms. His balls swung against her chin, increasing her delight. She pressed her knees against his legs, squirming her ass on the couch as the heat of her cunt began to boil wetly.

“That’s good, Mother!” Jerry yelped, fucking his cock back and forth. “That’s so good! Your mouth is hot and wet and you’re gonna suck my cock right off me! Ohhh, Mother, suck me! Suck my cock, Mother, suck me!”

Joyce’s eyes rolled, her soft mewls bubbling around his throbbing prick.

“It feels almost like your cunt, Mother!” Jerry was groaning. “No hair, but as wet and hot as your fucking cunt! Eat my cock, Mother! Ohhh, suck my prick, cock-sucker! Oh, you suck cock so fucking good! Cock-sucker mother… mother cock-sucker… cunt-face… cunt cock-sucker! Ohhh, you hot cunt bitch cock-sucker mother!”

Jerry was fucking her mouth wildly now, plunging his prick into her mouth with short, jerky strokes. Joyce moaned with intense delight, sucking on his cock with greedy determination. His words bounced around inside her burning, erotically oriented mind, sending hot flashes to her cunt.

“Fucking cock-sucker! Cock-sucking cunt face!” Jerry was yelling down at her now, fucking fast, his balls beating at her chin rapidly. “Eat my fucking hard cock, you cock-sucking cunt! I’m gonna fuck your cock-sucking cunt mouth and come down your fucking hot cock-sucking throat!”

Spasm after spasm began to erupt inside Joyce’s fiery cunt, the convulsions spreading that tremendous, ecstatic heat along her inner thighs and lower stomach. She clutched at his naked ass, trying to force him to fuck her mouth faster yet. It wasn’t that she had a special preference for fast mouth-fucking, she loved to give slow, lingering blow-jobs, too. But that would come later. She knew her son would become this excited their first time, and this one was more for him than her.

Joyce gripped his ass hard as he fucked into her mouth, relaxing her fingers when he pulled back, until it was as though she were forcing his hips back and forth. His sock plunged deep, then drew back until only the cockhead was between her lips, then he fucked in again, deep. His body was shaking and his eyes unfocused as she gazed heatedly up at him, her mouth filled with his precious cock. It was throbbing more and more, and the juices dripping out of his piss hole burned on her tongue, making her hungry for the thickness of his sweet come juice.

The words her son used came easily to him now, and they made her cunt twitch as she kept coming, her clit swollen painfully. The orgasms steamed one after the other, in a never-ending wave of orgiastic ecstasy, her ass twisting as she moaned around his cock.

“Cock-sucker… cock-sucker… cock-sucker,” Jerry was chanting over and over, ramming his prick in and out of his mother’s wet, sucking mouth.

Joyce felt his cock becoming even harder. She knew the signs a cock made with impending climax, and she began to suck at his cock with wet, hungry moans, her tongue fluttering and licking eagerly. Again her eyes rolled as she anticipated the flood of his creamy come juice, her lips very tight. Sliding her right hand to his balls, she gripped them and twisted gently, tugging as his cock fucked in and out of her hot mouth. She felt her son’s body trembling as his climax swelled, felt in his balls and his throbbing cock shaft, and the increase of those juices at his piss hole slimed her tongue.

The sudden eruption of her son’s jism was accompanied by a wild, choking yell. Her eyes closed dreamily as his cock squirted into her mouth, the sweetness of his come juice coating her tongue, then running into her throat. Jerry’s body had become stiff as he came, and Joyce moved her lips hotly on his cock, finally gripping his cock shaft, her tongue lapping about his jizz-gushing piss hole.

The taste of his come juice filling her mouth sent her cunt into a shattering and final orgasm, causing her ass to grind into the cushions of the couch. She was wailing with the intensity of her ecstasy as her mouth filled time and again with her son’s come juice. She did not swallow immediately, but kept his come juice in her mouth and on her tongue. She thought he had finished, and was starting to suck him off, when a final spurt of thick jism bubbled from his piss hole. She moaned and gazed glassy-eyed at his contorted face, his hands tight on her cheeks. She held her lips tight as he pulled his prick out of her mouth, sitting on the back of the couch and leaning on the wall, gasping and still moaning. Joyce rolled her son’s come juice about in her mouth, her eyes dreamy, and she began to swallow his warm jism.

“Ooo, that was so good, darling!” she mewled and shoved her face against his wet cock and hairless balls, loving him with her face and mouth. “You came so fucking much! You came more than your father ever came, baby! God, I hope your sweet balls are always that full.” She kissed his lower stomach, pleased when he ran his hand through her hair and grinned happily down at her.

“You really do enjoy sucking cock, don’t you, Mother?” he said gently.

“No, honey, I don’t enjoy it… I love it! Especially a cock like yours, with so much jizz. I came, you know. I came very hard when you shot off into my mouth.”

“Really?” he asked, eyes big. “You can come just by sucking on a cock?”

“I come very easily,” she giggled, lifting his prick to kiss the moist piss hole. “As you’re learning. I can come just thinking about a cock sometimes.” She twisted and stood up, shoving her skirt down. “Listen, baby, why don’t you get cleaned up? And we’ll go out for dinner.”


After Jerry had gone off to school, Joyce realized she had not given him his money for lunch. Glancing at the clock, she saw she would have to walk to the school sometime in the next hour with the money, or he would have to go hungry.

She had bathed in her scented bubbles for an hour, thinking of her son and what they had done with each other. He had slept with her again the night before, and when they woke up this morning, his cock had been very, very hard. He had been sleeping on his back, and she leaned over him, sucking on his cock to wake him up. Jerry, as he awoke, had grabbed her head and fucked his cock deep into her throat, fucked her mouth awhile, then rolled her onto her stomach and shoved his cock into her cunt from behind. She had lifted her creamy ass to make his penetration easier, and grunted and moaned as he fucked her to five or six orgasms before squirting his precious come juice into her receptive cunt.

Even as she bathed, her cunt continued to pulsate, as if his cock were still inside her. Joyce had leaned back in the tub, spread her legs wide, and caressed her cunt and finger fucked her pussy with the other hand, pretending her finger was her son’s cock. She brought herself to two more orgasms, then shoved her pussy beneath the water faucet, turning it on and coming once more as the water splashed and stung the sensitive, overheated lips of her hairy cunt.

She was now dressed in a becoming sun-suit, with a tight top that made her tits thrust forward, nipples outlined, with thin straps over her shoulders. The seat of the sun-suit molded her shapely ass. Her slender body was emphasized by the pale-yellow sun-suit, her sleek thighs smooth and golden in color. Joyce seldom wore make-up, except for a light eye shadow and lipstick, and that was all she used for make-up today. She was an unusually beautiful woman as she walked happily toward the school, smiling at everyone she met. She was the unobtainable beauty seen from afar, the sort of feminine perfection men panted over. Aware of the drooling attention she received, Joyce basked for it, but never once gave encouragement to any man bold enough to make a pass.

Look and drool and get hard and come in your fucking pants, she thought, but this girl’s ass belongs to only one — my son!

She arrived at Jerry’s school shortly after the lunch hour started. She saw her son sitting on the grass beneath a huge tree. There was a very pretty young girl with him, apparently was sharing her lunch with him. The lovely creature sat with her back against the tree, her knees up, a sandwich resting on them. Joyce was somewhat surprised to see the long, creamy backs of the girl’s slim thighs, and just the hint of her white panties. That could be a simple accident, but she knew it wasn’t. Her son was on his stomach in front of the girl, eating an apple, and he was peering straight at the pretty girl’s crotch, his eyes hot.

“I see you’re eating already,” Joyce said as she approached. “I forgot your lunch money, honey.”

“That’s all right, Mother,” he said, pleased to see her. “Pamie gave me this apple.” Jerry introduced the girl to her, and Joyce found herself looking into the warmest eyes she had ever seen. “Remember, Mother? I told you about Pamie.”

So, this was the girl who flashed her panties and spoke as if she would fuck half the school. She was certainly lovely, and gazed without flinching at Joyce. The heat Joyce saw in Pamie’s eyes was unmistakable; here was a girl who, if not already fucking, was desperate to fuck. She was, not, Joyce felt, a prick-teaser at all. This girl would fuck, but apparently only under the right circumstances. The tip-off, the proof of the young girl’s lack of inhibitions was that she did not lower her legs as Joyce stood there, even though Pamie knew Joyce saw her son peering under her dress. Joyce wondered if Jerry had said anything to the girl about fucking his mother.

“I’ve invited Pamie to visit, Mother,” Jerry said. “But she can’t until Saturday.”

“It’s my parents,” Pamie said, her voice a tinkling, melodious sound that was warm and invitational. “They hardly ever let me go anywhere. They think I might do something they wouldn’t approve of.” Her clear eyes seemed to say more than the words.

Joyce wasn’t going to let the girl go with that explanation. She knew of her son’s desire for the girl, and she determined immediately to help him out. She squatted next to her son, and saw Pamie’s eyes follow her legs. Letting her knees part slightly, Joyce was aware Pamie could see a few of her dark cunt hairs swirling from the legs of her sun-suit at the crotch, and she watched the girl’s expression closely. She flashed a smile when Pamie’s eyes, instead of shifting, became a deep, smoldering color. She had pegged the girl right, she felt.

“What is it they’re afraid of, Pamie?” she asked.

“That I might, you know, get involved with a boy,” Pamie said, her voice low, eyes still looking at the woman’s crotch, “or maybe with a girl. Sometimes I don’t know how I was ever born.”

Jerry turned onto his side, resting on his elbow, listening to his mother and the girl he wanted to fuck. Glancing at the front of her son’s pants, Joyce grinned to see his cock was very hard.

“My parents don’t want me to have any fun,” Pamie said, licking her lips.

“And you think it would be fun to be, as you say, involved with a boy or a girl?” Joyce asked, her voice low and filled with meaning.

“It sure would!” Pamie said, half squealing. “I’ve tried it before and, oh, it’s heaven!”

Now they were getting someplace, Joyce thought. The girl was so eager she was talking almost bluntly immediately.

“What’s stopping you from enjoying it more often?” Joyce asked.

“I have to be very careful so they don’t catch me,” Pamie said, her eyes shifting to the swelling bulge of Jerry’s cock, then back to Joyce’s crotch. “If they caught me there’s no telling what they’d do to me.”

“I see,” Joyce said. “Maybe I could help.” Pamie gazed boldly at Joyce, her eyes clouded with the inner heat she felt. There was an immediate understanding between Joyce and Pamie. They didn’t need words of agreement; it was in their eyes.

“If I can help you,” Joyce said, opening her knees a bit more for the girl, “what will you do for us?”

Pamie glanced at the swelling cock-bulge in Jerry’s pants, ran her tongue over her moist lips, then looked back at Joyce. “Anything you want,” she said in a very low voice.

“Prove it,” Joyce said softly.

“How?” Pamie asked, looking around them. They were almost alone, with most of the boys and girls a good ten yards away. Looking back at Joyce, Pamie slowly parted her slender legs until they were wide, her skirt taut, the crotch of her tight white panties exposed, the succulent bulge of her tender cunt molded, the pussy slit obvious. “Like this?”

“That’s a start,” Joyce said, licking her lips.

“That’s pretty,” Jerry said, groaning as he looked at Pamie’s exposure. “You make my cock hard, Pamie.”

“I want to make your cock hard, Jerry,” the girl said, still looking at Joyce. She ran her hand along the crotch of her panties briefly, then closed her thighs. “I don’t want those others to see, though.”

Joyce’s cunt was boiling with excitement. She was so hot she would have fucked her son then and there, with all of the other students around watching. Jerry, too, looked as if he were about to come in his pants. She didn’t want him to do that; if he came, she wanted to help him out.

“Where can we go now?” Joyce asked. “Someplace so we can be alone.”

“I know a place, Mother,” Jerry said, getting up and not bothering to conceal his bulging hard-on.

Joyce and Pamie went with him, and Jerry led them behind what looked like a gardener’s tool shed. Some bushes grew behind it, but there wasn’t much concealment. If anyone should come there for some reason, they would be seen easily. But it was the best they could do on the school grounds. But Pamie was worried.

“I’ll take care of him, Pamie,” Joyce said. “If someone catches us, you can always say you caught us first.”

“You’re gonna… gonna do it? With your son?” Pamie asked, awed and excited.

“We can’t let, him run around here with a hard-on like that, can we?” Joyce said, cupping her son’s cock and squeezing it. “The only thing I can think of is to fuck him, right now.”

“But you can’t take your sun-suit off,” Pamie protested, looking around nervously.

“You can’t get naked right here.”

“I’ll do it this way,” Joyce said, pulling at the rear of her sun-suit, revealing a cream ass cheek and her ass crack. She arched her ass back, offering it to her son as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Pamie’s eyes burned on Jerry’s prick.

“Fuck me fast, Jerry. We have to fuck quick before someone finds us.”

One cheek of Joyce’s rounded ass was fully revealed, and when she arched it back, the hairy slit of her cunt was level with her son’s cock. Joyce noticed the girl’s excitement as she watched Jerry fuck his cock into her cunt from behind. Joyce mewled as her son’s cock spread the wet lips of her pussy, fucking deep into her.

“Ooo, fuck it fast, baby!” she whimpered, twisting her ass when he started fucking her. Joyce placed her hands on the wall of the wooden building, bracing herself as Jerry rammed his cock in and out of her fiery cunt.

“Ohhhhh, look at that!” Pamie squealed excitedly. “I can see Jerry’s cock fucking you! Ooo, that sure makes my pussy hot!”

With her ass dancing in time to her son’s lunging cock, Joyce whispered loudly: “Feel her up, Jerry! Feel Pamie’s cunt and fuck my pussy at the same time.”

“Golly, yes!” Pamie whispered, lifting her skirt, forgetting about anyone coming upon them now. “Feel me… play with my pussy, Jerry!”

Joyce watched the girl shove her panties down, seeing the gleam of soft pussy curls and the pink slit of Pamie’s sugary cunt. Pamie spread her legs and shoved her hips forward. Jerry moved his hand between Pamie’s thighs, working a finger into her boiling, tight cunt, fucking her with it while Pamie gurgled and wiggled her hips. Joyce was not at all surprised when Pamie slipped a hand up and cupped her spongy tit, squeezing it. She had seen the heat in those eyes and felt Pamie would do just about anything, and this was all the proof she needed.

“Can I play with you?” Pamie asked. Joyce didn’t know if the girl was talking to her or her son, but she answered, “You can play with anything you can get your hands on,” she said huskily, waggling her ass to the thrusting of her son’s cock.

“I wanna feel Jerry’s balls!”

Joyce felt a hot little hand between her son and her exposed ass. She wiggled and mewled, and Pamie dug into her tit with her eager fingers and played with Jerry’s balls as he fucked her. Feeling that hot little hand sent Joyce’s emotions soaring. She thrust her ass back and forth to meet her son’s cock, feeling him fuck deep, her cunt lips gripping his prick with wet heat. As vocal as she and her son were when they fucked, it was difficult to remain quiet behind the shed.

“I feel you fucking your mother’s cunt!” Pamie groaned. “I feel your cock fucking her pussy, Jerry! Ooo, work your finger faster in my pussy… I’m about to come!” Pamie clung to Joyce’s shapely tit, her fingers digging in, the rigid nipple burning at her hot palm.

Joyce lowered her right arm and clutched Pamie’s tight little ass, squeezing her sweet ass cheek.

“I’m about to come, too!” Joyce yelped as softly as she could. “Ooo, fuck that pussy, Jerry! God, fuck Mother’s cunt!”

She felt Pamie’s hand between them slide up and feel about her exposed ass cheek, then it was moved in front of Joyce and down to rub along her pussy. She shoved, her hand beneath Pamie’s skirt, inside her shoved-down panties, feeling her son’s finger fucking swiftly at that sugary, soaked young cunt. She wrapped her fingers about Pamie’s shaking little ass, gave her a squeeze there, then moved her hand up and fondled a firm, small tit through the cloth, finding a bra on the girl. She tried to work her hand inside Pamie’s dress, wanting to fondle that succulent little tit, but the buttons were in back.

Jerry was making grunting sounds as he fucked his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt from behind, one of his hands now gripping a tit as Pamie held the other tit. “Fucking bra!” Joyce said with a growl, holding the tit that just fit her hand. “I hate the fucking things!” Pamie whimpered, twisting, her ass while Jerry kept finger-fucking her. “I hate to wear fucking clothes! I want to be naked and ready to fuck… fuck Jerry’s hard cock!”

“You will, you will!” Joyce whimpered, feeling her cunt starting to spasm. “Ohhhhh, shit! I’m going to come, Jerry! Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and fast!”

“I wanna see!” Pamie yelped. “I wanna see you come, Jerry!”

Hearing that, Joyce twisted her ass, causing her son’s cock to pull free just as he started spurting his jizz. She felt his come juice spattering the cheek of her ass.

Pamie quickly grabbed his cock, jerking her small fist frantically on it, jerking him off and watching the creamy come juice smear his mother’s naked ass.

“Ooo, I’m coming, too!” Pamie squealed, her young cunt sucking on Jerry’s fucking finger. “Oh, golly… I’m coming!”

Joyce mewled as her son’s hot come juice smeared about the cheek of her ass. Jerry had taken his hand off her tit and was holding her sun-suit wide, and as a spurt of his sweet came juice splashed against her puckered asshole, Joyce came again.

As Jerry slumped to his knees, gasping from his energetic fucking of his mother, Joyce moved her hand to Pamie’s sweet cunt. When her son’s finger came out of Pamie’s cunt, Joyce slipped her own into it, feeling those soft pussy lips close hotly around it. She worked her finger into the girl’s convulsing cunt, finger-fucking her until her body stopped shaking. She started to pull her sun-suit over her jizz-smeared ass.

“Wait,” Pam said. “You want more proof?”

Before Joyce could reply, the little girl dipped her face and darted her tongue out, licking into the white come juice for a moment, then she slid her tongue along Joyce’s ass, tasting the creamy fuck juices.

“Mmmmmm, you could almost make me come again doing that, Pamie,” Joyce said, waggling her ass. “But there’s a better way of tasting jizz, you know.”

“I know,” Pamie giggled in a lewd, childish way. “Sucking cock, right?”

“Right,” Joyce smiled, straightening her sun-suit. “I hope my sun-suit isn’t all messed up. I have to walk back home.”

“You’re fine, Mother,” Jerry said.

“Here’s a spot,” Pamie said, and wiped her hand along the back of Joyce’s thigh, cleaning it up. “Now you’re okay, Joyce.”

She turned to face Pamie. Jerry was still on his knees, his cock dangling from his open fly. Pamie’s moist lips glistened with come juice, and her expression was radiant, her clear eyes sparkling hotly.

“There’s something I’d like to do before we go,” Joyce said.

A bell rang in the distance.

“We gotta hurry to class,” Jerry said, getting to his feet. “That’s the last bell, Mother?”

“Wait,” Joyce said as they started to turn away from her. “I have to do this first!”

She squatted quickly in front of Pamie. “Hold your dress up, Pamie.”

Pamie had pulled her white panties backup, and she lifted her skirt for Joyce. Joyce placed her hands on the girl’s slim thighs, then darted her face into the tight crotch. She kissed Pamie’s cunt hotly, scraping her tongue over the moist crotch. A soft moan came from Pamie, and the young girl pressed her cunt into Joyce’s mouth, holding the back of her head.

“Ooo, I like that,” Pamie moaned.

“You’ll like this better, then,” Joyce mumbled, drawing the tight crotch of the panties away from the girl’s cunt. She swiped her tongue about Pamie’s cunt, then thrust it into that hot tightness. As her tongue slipped in and out of Pamie’s cunt, the young girl squealed and grabbed the back of Joyce’s head, pulling her tightly.

“Golly, golly!” Pamie gasped, pumping her hips back and forth, grinding her hot little crotch into Joyce’s sucking mouth. “I do, I do like this better!”

Jerry was watching his mother sucking Pamie’s cunt with interest, his eyes shining. He shoved his hand onto Pamie’s wiggling little ass, feeling it while his mother tongue-fucked the squealing girl.

In the distance, another bell sounded. They ignored it.

“I’m gonna come!” Pamie yelped. “Ohhhh, you’re gonna make me come! You wanna make me come this way?”

Joyce flashed her reply to the girl with hot eyes, her tongue plunging eagerly into the steamy wetness of her pussy. Pamie pulled Joyce’s head tight, grinding her succulent cunt hard into Joyce’s face, and her right hand moved fast, clutching at Jerry’s cock as her pussy convulsed.

The wet tightness of the girl’s creamy, sugary-tasting cunt flexed about Joyce’s tongue. There was a bubbling sensation in Joyce’s cunt, and she moaned against Pamie’s pussy as her own cunt erupted into a series of strong orgasms.

“No more, please,” Pamie pleaded. “I can’t come again, not right now! Please, stop sucking.”

Joyce pulled her smeared mouth away, but kissed those creamy, lovely cunt lips quickly before letting the crotch of Pamie’s panties slide back into place. She petted Pamie’s pussy gently, then got to her feet. She kissed her son’s mouth, and felt pleased when his tongue darted to lick her lips, to taste the juices of Pamie’s cunt on her lips.

“Kiss me, too,” Pamie said, almost shyly low. “Will you kiss me, too, Joyce?”

“Of course, honey,” Joyce said, pressing her mouth to those young, moist lips. She kissed the girl as she always kissed her son, her lips writhing and the tip of her tongue fluttering on Pamie’s lips. Pamie clutched Joyce’s ass cheeks and pressed her hips forward, then pulled back.

“I can’t wait until Saturday,” she said, taking Jerry’s hand. “I just can’t wait that long.”

Joyce watched her son and his new girlfriend run toward the classroom. Pamie’s skirt danced about her slender thighs, flying up to give, a brief glimpse of her tight little ass.

Joyce, smiling to herself, felt about her sunsuit for any wetness. Finding her sun-suit dry, she wondered how that could be; her son must have come a gallon on her ass. With a giggle, she walked from the school grounds, thinking they were finding some strange places to fuck since all this had started on the porch of that vacant house.


There was a great deal of erotic talk with Jerry, most of it now concerning, Pamie. Jerry asked his mother what the girl’s cunt was like when he came home from school.

“You should know, honey. You finger fucked her, didn’t you?”

“Sure, but I mean what did it taste like?”

“Mmmmmm, sweet, hot and wet,” Joyce laughed. “You’ll have to eat her pussy Saturday. Pamie’s cunt will make you a confirmed cunt-licker if any would.”

“I don’t know what it’s like, sucking cunt, Mother.”

“Want to find out?” she said, her eyes twinkling in a mischievous way. “You don’t have to wait until Saturday. I suppose we could find a cunt for you to lick around here if we looked hard enough, don’t you?”

Joyce was sitting in the lounge chair, wearing a robe and panties, and nothing else. Jerry was in Jockey shorts. Watching her paint her toenails. He could see his mother’s panties because of the way she sat, and his cock was becoming hard. He had fucked his mother as soon as he came in the door from school, but that meant nothing. Neither of them seemed to get enough fucking since all this began.

“Well?” she winked at him.

“Do you think we could find a nice cunt for you to practice on?”

“I see one now,” he said, rubbing at his cock and licking his lips.

“And it looks real tasty, Mother.” Joyce spread her legs and rubbed lightly at her pantied cunt in a teasing manner, them hooked her finger into them and pulled the crotch way.

“It isn’t too hairy for you, is it, baby?”

“I like all that hair,” he whispered, running his tongue over his lips as he gazed at his mothers pussy.

“Taste me,” she teased in a whispery voice. “Taste your mother’s hairy cunt, Jerry. Come kiss my wet pussy.” She shoved her ass to the edge of the chair, twisting slowly with a lewd invitation as she cupped her naked tits.

Jerry’s cock throbbed inside his shorts as he gazed hotly at his mother’s pussy. As he stood up, Joyce kept her eyes on the beautiful outline of his cock, seeing his shorts become moist where the cock head pressed at the fabric.

Kneeling in front of his mother, Jerry ran his hands up her smooth thighs, gripping the waist of her bikini panties. He pulled than down her hips and over her thighs slowly. Joyce mewled softly with anticipation, massaging her tits in circles with her palms. After Jerry had her panties off her feet, she spread her legs wide, arching her glistening wet cunt up, twisting her hips erotically. Jerry fondled her legs, feeling the creamy smoothness of his mother’s thighs, gazing all the time at her succulent cunt.

“You’re wet, Mother,” he said in a low, passion-laden voice. “Your cunt is wet, really wet!”

Reaching forward, she cupped his young face, drawing his mouth to the heat of her inner thigh. Jerry didn’t have to be told what to do. He kissed the softness of his mother’s inner thigh, then licked at her flesh, sliding his tongue along her skin wetly, his eyes on her waiting cunt.

“It’s wet for you, baby,” she whispered. “My cunt is always wet for you.”

She pulled his mouth against her cunt, grinding against his lips. “Kiss it!” she hissed hotly. “Kiss Mother’s wet cunt!”

Holding her son’s face, Joyce smeared her pussy on his lips, gurgling softly as ecstasy swelled inside her lower stomach. She gasped with the expected pleasure as her son’s tongue darted from his lips, moving about her clit. Jerry slipped his hands around her hips, clutching the checks of her naked ass pressing his mouth tightly into her cunt, his lips wide.

Turning his face loose, Joyce pulled at the hairy lips of her cunt, opening it to his mouth and tongue.

Jerry pressed his tongue into her clit, swirling it about, tasting the slippery wetness of her cunt slit. His tongue moved about the puffy lips of his mother’s pussy, hotly and hungrily. He licked about one cunt lip, then the other, going to her rigid, throbbing clit again. Closing his lips about her cunt, Jerry sucked as hard as he could, his tongue fluttering about the sensitive tip.

Watching her son licking her cunt with boiling eyes, Joyce began to churn her crotch against his face as if she were fucking his tongue. She saw the wetness gleaming on his cheeks, and felt the erotic pleasure boiling deep inside her trembling stomach.

“Ooo, baby!” she wailed softly. “That’s good! God, your tongue feels so fucking good on that hairy cunt! Eat me, suck me… lick Mother’s cunt! Jerry, oh Jerry, suck your cock-sucking mother’s hot, hairy cunt!”

Joyce tossed her hips up and down, banging her pussy into her son’s face relentlessly. She lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders, scissoring her hot thighs about his head as she thrust with fucking motions against his mouth. His hands clutching the cheeks of her ass felt so good to her. She twisted her hips, darting her right hand beneath her ass, pressing at his hand there. With gurgling whimpers, she shoved her son’s fingers into the crack of her ass, making one fingertip rub at her puckered asshole. Jerry understood, and when she pulled her hand away and back to her cunt, he rubbed hotly at the tightness of her asshole as his tongue swirled about her seeping cunt.

“Oooo, yes, yes!” she groaned. “Eat me, baby! Oh God, eat my cunt! Tongue-fuck my pussy, Jerry! Tongue-fuck Mother in the cunt!”

As Jerry fucked his tongue in and out of her gripping pussy, she squealed with the intensity of her pleasure. His upper lip pressed at her pulsating clit as his tongue fucked in and out of her wet, slippery, hair-lined cunt lips. Jerry rubbed at her asshole, exerting gentle pressure now and then against it.

An electrical sparking sensation shot through Joyce when her son pressed hard against her clenched asshole. She yelped hotly as he started trying to shove the finger up her ass.

“Ohhhh, do that to me!” she urged huskily. “Shove your finger in me… shove your finger up my fucking asshole, Jerry!”

He pressed hard, and his finger stretched the fiery ring of her asshole. Joyce screamed in ecstasy.

“Fuck me up the ass… fuck me in the asshole! Jerry, Jerry, suck my cunt and finger-fuck me in my ass, please! Ohhhh, do it for me! I want you to do it!”

With liquid sounds, Jerry began lapping his tongue about his mother’s cunt and fucking his finger in and out of her asshole at the same time. Joyce became even wilder, screaming out her ecstasy as she bucked and thrashed her crotch into his face, fucking on his finger with her asshole more than he was doing it. She drew her knees back to her shoulders, wrapping her arms behind her knees, lifting her ass high. Jerry licked furiously at the steamy wet lips of his mother’s cunt, fucking his finger deeply into her asshole. He reached up and grasped one of her tits, his fingers squeezing hard.

“Uh… uhhhh!” Joyce grunted, wiggling her ass about, grinding her cunt into her son’s face, loving the hot way his fingers stretched her receptive asshole. “Ohhhh… harder! Fuck my hot ass harder, darling! Lick my hairy cunt fast… suck my pussy and fuck my asshole!”

The orgasms threatened to rip her apart.

Joyce screamed loudly when the first one struck, making the lips of her cunt become tight around his buried tongue. The convulsions were very strong, causing the muscles of her stomach to tighten in a way they never had before. Her asshole squeezed his stabbing finger so hard, Jerry could hardly move it.

“Oooo… oh,” Joyce moaned over and over as she came, the length of her slender body shaking violently. She lifted her legs in the air, spreading them widely, then closing them around his head, spreading them again. “Oh, ohhhh… so fucking good!”

She began slumping her ass downward, too tired to hold it up in the air. Jerry’s face went with her, his lips clinging to her cunt as he kept sucking, his tongue flicking about her overly sensitive cunt.

“You’ve got to stop, baby! Please, honey, I’m so sensitive… so fucking sensitive.”

Jerry moved his head back, but kept it between her thighs. He licked gently along the inner softness of one thigh, then turned to lick the other one. Joyce shivered as the ecstasy continued to glow and rumble through her body. Jerry lifted her legs a bit and dipped his head. He lapped at the creamy curves of his mother’s shapely ass, bringing a murmur of delight from her.

“You’re so sweet, Jerry,” she said in a low, whispery voice as he licked slowly about her satiny thighs. “You’re so damned sweet to me. I just wish we could have discovered this sooner. We’ve missed out on so much, haven’t we?”

Jerry nodded his head, his eyes flashing warmly. He drew her thigh flesh between his lips, sucking tenderly at it, the curls of her cunt hair tickling his cheek.

“I wanna suck Pamie’s cunt Saturday, Mother,” he said.

“You will, I’m sure,” she murmured, running her hand through his hair affectionately. “I doubt if Pamie will object.”

Jerry stood up.

“Oh, look at that!” Joyce mewled, her eyes burning, on the way his cock strained against his briefs. “You’re so hard! Your cock looks as if you’re about to come off, Jerry.”

“I thought I was gonna come licking your cunt,” he grinned, cupping his balls through his shorts.

“Those things are wet, are you sure you didn’t come off?” she laughed teasingly. “Maybe better do something about it before you do.”

Joyce slipped from the chair and sat on the floor, grasping her son’s hips. She buried her face into his crotch, moaning softly as the heat of his balls and cock seared her lips. She ran her tongue up the taut fabric to the head of his cock, swirling her tongue about the wetness. She closed her lips around the head of his cock, feeling the heat through his shorts.

“This isn’t going to work,” she murmured. “I don’t like anything between my mouth and your cock when I suck.” She jerked his shorts to one side, his cock and balls popping out. “Mmmmm, better.”

She grabbed the head of his cock in her hot lips and sucked in a frenzy for a moment, then scooted her mouth down to his balls. She ran her tongue beneath his balls and drew them into her wet mouth, mewling like a kitten. She swallowed the full length of his throbbing cock, the cock head just in her throat. Her lips writhed at the base of his prick, his balls resting on her chin. She made hungry sounds as she sucked. Gripping his ass cheeks, Joyce chewed tenderly on his prick, her tongue moving constantly. She shoved her hands into his shorts and, squeezing an ass cheek, began to drag a finger up and down the crack of his ass. At the same time, she began bobbing her lovely face back and forth, her lips gliding smoothly on the pulsating shaft of his hard cock.

“Your mouth is so hot, Mother!” Jerry gasped down at her. “Hot and wet! You sure suck my cock good, Mother! Take it in your throat… real deep in your throat!”

Joyce ran her lips down on his cock, feeling the swollen cock head brush her throat. She widened her lips for a moment, then gobbled every inch of his fucker into her mouth. The head of his cock just penetrated her throat, and she opened and closed it about the head of his dripping prick. Her eyes sparkled in triumph as she held his cock deep for a long time. She drew back because she had to breathe, and that was hard to do with his cock in her throat. She slipped her mouth from his cock and moved her lips up and down the prick shaft.

“Mmmmm, you taste so fucking good, darling,” she whimpered. “You have the sweetest cock ever!”

“I’m gonna ask Pamie to suck me off, too, Mother,” he said.

“We’ll make sure she sucks your cock, baby,” Joyce moaned, gobbling his prick into her mouth again. She darted her face back and forth furiously again, then licked about the cock shaft with her tongue. “We’ll make certain she sucks you off.”

She sucked his balls back into her mouth, her tongue swirling. Jerry was so aroused, he gripped his cock with his fist and began jacking on it frantically while she sucked on his balls. The finger dragging up and down the crack of his ass found the tiny pucker of his asshole. She began to rub at it, her mouth filled with sweet, hairless, balls while she was watching him pump his fist furiously on his cock. Her lips pulled at his full, swollen balls, her eyes gleaming, watching the head of his cock, seeing the moisture bubble on the piss hole.

She began to slowly press her finger into his asshole, and Jerry did not prevent it. He moaned as her finger stretched his asshole, and gave a grunt when she started finger-fucking him in his ass the way he had her. His fist tightened on his cock and pumped almost frantically, his balls writhing in her wet mouth. Fucking her finger in and out of his asshole, Joyce gurgled around his balls, feeling an unusual excitement to see him jerking his cock this way. Jerry’s mouth was hanging open and he was watching her face, her lips stretched about his hairless balls. The heat of his tight asshole on her stabbing finger increased her excitement.

She discovered her son enjoyed having a finger up his ass. It was something she used to do with her husband, and often he would come as she finger-fucked him in the asshole. It had been part of their erotic games with each other, and now it appeared it would be included in the play with Jerry. She felt his asshole squeezing her finger the way her husband’s asshole had done.

“I think I’m gonna come, Mother!” Jerry groaned.

The words had hardly left his mouth when the creamy come juice spurted from his cock. Jizz flew high into the air, then arced down and fell onto the top of Joyce’s head, in her hair. She squealed and jerked her mouth from his balls, but she was not fast enough to prevent more come juice from landing in her hair. She opened her mouth widely, moving to the head of his jizz-spewing cock. She closed her lips about it, feeling her son’s fist beat against her lips as he kept jacking off. The thick sweetness squirted into her mouth, and she swallowed his jism greedily, her eyes turning glazed with ecstasy, her tongue working at his come-gushing piss hole.

As he finished, she pulled away. “I almost lost it,” she said, licking her lips.

“I came before I knew it, Mother.”

“It happens sometimes,” she soothed, running her hand through her hair. “You sure made a mess with my hair. I’ve got come juice all in it.”

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Oh, no, don’t be sorry. You can come anywhere on me you want. In fact, I’d love to have your cock coming all over my tits and cunt and ass and legs and…”

Jerry laughed. “I can’t come that much, Mother.”

“No, of course you can’t,” she smiled slyly at him. “But I know something you can do that would be just as good to me.”


“Later,” she said, getting to her feet. “Let’s take a shower together and wash my hair.”


Wearing a fresh pair of panties, her hair still damp from the shower, Joyce prepared a light snack for her son. Her panties were a tan color, and the dark curls of her cunt were easily seen through them. Curls of hair stuck from the tight crotch.

“I’ve got to shave this off,” she said.

“Don’t do that, Mother. I like it that way.”

She did a teasing bump and grind for him. “If that’s what you like, that’s what you get.”

Jerry had pulled on a fresh pair of white briefs. Neither of them knew why they bothered. Perhaps it was an unconscious thought, but Joyce knew the value of exposing a little, hiding a little. It worked beautifully in keeping an intense desire in her son. She had discovered that he enjoyed looking at her in revealing panties, or a skirt slit to her hip. Sometimes she would go about the house wearing only a bra and panties, as much as she hated wearing a bra. Sometimes she wore only panties, and sometimes only a skirt, her tits revealed for his enjoyment.

She liked seeing him in his tight Jockey shorts, his balls cupped and cock straining. She loved the way his young ass was molded in the white fabric.

She handed him his sandwich and a glass of milk. As her son turned to place them on the table, Joyce moved swiftly up behind him squatting down. She shoved his shorts into the crack of his ass and pinched one ass cheek. Jerry yelped and started to jerk away, but then changed his mind and arched his ass into his mother’s face.

“Mmmmm, sweet,” Joyce murmured as she licked up and down the cheeks of his ass. “Your ass is as sweet as your cock, baby.”

She ran her tongue all about his ass cheeks, down the backs of his thighs, then up again. She clawed the seat of his shorts away, lapping her tongue up and down the crack of his ass. With a lewd giggle, she probed for his asshole with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh, even your asshole is sweet,” she gurgled as her tongue lapped the heat of his inner ass cheeks, barely touching the tight pucker of his asshole. “Bend over, baby.”

“What are you gonna do, Mother?”

“Eat your asshole, that’s what I’m going to do,” she groaned with perverse pleasure. “I want to lick your fucking little asshole, that’s what I want to do.”

Giggling, Jerry leaned over, bracing himself by holding his knees. Joyce held the seat of his shorts wide, peering at the spreading of his ass cheeks. She saw the twinkling of his asshole, and with a hungry moan, shoved her face between the cheeks of his hot ass, licking in a frenzy at his asshole, circling it and tapping directly on his ass pucker. She pressed her lips around his asshole and sucked hard, then began trying to fuck her tongue up his ass.

Jerry was still giggling with the lewd pleasure of his mother’s tongue lapping his asshole, shaking his ass into her face. He rammed his ass back, bringing his hands off his knees and grabbing his ass, pulling the ass cheeks apart for her. Joyce mewled and pressed the wet tip of her tongue hard against his asshole, feeling it give. As his asshole stretched, she shoved her tongue as deep as she could, licking about, then started tongue-fucking him in the ass.

“You’re making my cock hard, Mother!” he giggled, waggling his ass against her face.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, darting a hand in front of him and clutching at his cock through the shorts.

His prick was hard, as he said, and she squeezed it while tongue-sucking him in the ass. Jerry pressed his ass cheeks against his mother’s checks, then pulled them wide again. He was making choking sounds as Joyce thrust her tongue as deep as she could, tongue-fucking him with eager whimpers. She squeezed his throbbing cock very hard, moving her hand on it through his shorts.

She felt his asshole become tight around her tongue, and with a perverse feeling of pleasure, squeezed his cock hard and rammed her tongue in and out of his asshole swiftly.

“Mother!” Jerry yelled. “You better stop you’re gonna make me come!”

“Mmmmm!” Joyce moaned, tongue-fucking her son in his asshole furiously, squeezing his cock as hard as she could. The throbbing power of his cock in her hand and the heat of his asshole on her tongue and lips sent a searing fire to her cunt.

Jerry groaned loudly.

Joyce felt his asshole flexing on her tongue, squeezing and loosening, and at the same time he came off inside his shorts. She felt the hot wetness of his come juice soaking through his shorts, and she fucked her tongue deeply into his asshole.

After he finished coming, she pulled her tongue away, kissing his asshole once, then stood up.

“That will teach you to walk around showing your ass, Jerry,” she laughed.

“You do it, too,” he reminded her.

“Sure, but I beat you to it, didn’t I? I knew you’ve been thinking of tongue-fucking my asshole.”

“I wasn’t,” he protested.

“Of course not,” she smiled, looking at the front of his shorts. “You sure are a mess now.”

“I’ll have to change.”

“Why? I just might do it again.”

She ran her hand about his wet shorts, then brought it to her mouth, licking her palm.

They ate lunch, chattering with each other, most of the conversation about Pamie, with Jerry wondering what the exquisite young girl would do Saturday.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Joyce told him. “Pamie will do anything you and I do. You can count on that. She’s a hot little cunt, you know.”

They carried the conversation into the living room, where they turned playful. They began to wrestle about on the floor. Jerry began to tickle his mother, making her laugh as she tried to stop him.

“Stop, you idiot!” she groaned. “You’re going to make me pee my panties! Come on, Jerry, stop!”

“So pee in your panties, Mother,” he laughed, digging his fingers into her sides. “Who cares if you pee in your panties?”

“I do, you nut!” she howled. “This isn’t the bathroom, you know! Now stop it before I piss all over the floor!”

But Jerry refused to stop. Joyce was particularly ticklish on her inner thighs near her cunt, and when Jerry found this out, he tickled her unmercifully as she rolled and twisted, trying to get away from him. She was on her back, lifting her legs into the air and trying to hold them together. Her cunt, concealed in the sandy-colored panties, pooched out. Darting his mouth to it, Jerry sucked at his mother’s cunt as he tickled her sides again. Joyce squealed, half in delight and half in torment.

Jerry began to lick at the backs of her thighs, still tickling her. “Ohhh, damn you!” she shouted. “Now look what you made me do! I pissed in my fucking panties!”

Jerry saw the wetness spreading about the crotch of his mother’s panties, and he laughed in childish pleasure. “You sure did, Mother!”

“I told you,” she panted. “I always piss in my panties if I’m tickled. Now, you little pussy-licker, turn me loose so I can change.”

“I wanna see you piss again,” he said. “Come on, Mother, let me see you piss in your panties again!”

“Why?” she asked, feeling her pulse race.

“It excites me,” he said.

She was on her back, legs lifted and knees toward her shoulders. “Like on that porch?” she asked. “Did that excite you?”

“I almost came before you fucked me,” her son said.

“I thought so,” Joyce replied.

“Well, are you gonna do it for me?” he urged.

“If you want me to,” she teased in a throaty voice.

“Pee the way you are now, with your ass up.”

Joyce didn’t have to try hard. She was intensely excited. If her son had not brought it up, she would have sooner or later, she knew. She squirted piss against her panties, stopped it, and squirted again, watching him. Jerry’s eyes burned as he watched the wetness of his mother’s crotch spread until her panties were drenched. Piss ran over her doubled-over stomach and along her ass cheeks to her back.

Jerry ran his hand up his mother’s ass and placed his hand on her cunt, feeling her warm piss against his palm. His cock lurched into a full, throbbing hard-on. He stood up, pulling his cock out of his shorts and pressing the cockhead against her piss-wet panties, rubbing it around as she pissed.

“Does it feel good, baby?” she asked in a thick, whispery voice.

“I like it, Mother,” he replied, watching his cock become wet with her piss. “I like it a lot.”

Moaning in delight, Joyce continued to piss in her panties as her son rubbed the head of his swollen cock back and forth over the crotch, along her cunt slit. Jerry moved the tip of his prick into the tight band, starting to press into his mother’s cunt as she pissed, but before he could accomplish the penetration, Joyce finished pissing.

“Aw, shit, Mother,” he complained. “I was gonna fuck you.”

“While I pee?”

“I was gonna try,” he said.

“We have all the time in the world, honey.” She let her ass down. “Now you know what happens to me when I get tickled, so be careful.”

“What am I gonna do with this hard-on?” he asked, looking significantly at her mouth.

“Anything you want to do with it,” she replied. “I can take my wet panties off and you can fuck me, if you don’t mind a pissy cunt.”

“Mind?” he asked, and he shoved his face eagerly down to her crotch.

Joyce gurgled and grabbed his head, smearing his face into her wet panties. Lifting her head, she was pleased when her son pulled the piss-wet material into his mouth, sucking at it. She widened her thighs, giving him more room at her crotch, her eyes glittering as she saw her son sucking thee piss-wet panties between his lips, his hands holding her uplifted ass.

“If I could piss again right now,” she whispered, “I’d do it… right in your fucking mouth, Jerry!”

Her son giggled and clawed her panties to one side, running his tongue about her cunt, tasting the steaming pussy juices and piss that lingered there, his cock throbbing. Joyce twisted her hips, grinding into his face as his tongue darted and lapped, fucking into the tight heat of her wet cunt and swirling up about her clit. His lips were wide, and he seemed to be trying to get the whole of her cunt mound into his mouth, as if he wanted to devour her, eat her in a literal way, suck her piss-wet cunt off her trembling body. He groaned and moaned against his mother’s hairy cunt, licking and sucking hungrily, clutching the cheeks of her soaked ass in his palms.

“You little cunt-licker!” she squealed in ecstasy. “You really like to suck a pissy cunt, don’t you? Does Mother’s cunt, with all that piss on it, taste good? Does it make your cock very hard?”

Jerry moaned a reply as his tongue thrust in and out of her overheated cunt, tongue fucking her as deep as he could. Then he ran his tongue to her cunt, sucking, and licking it with obvious hunger, eyes flashing up at her, his cheeks covered by her wet cunt hair. Joyce arched into his face her uplifted ass writhing in his hands, grinding her cunt hard at his mouth and tongue. She started whining as the heat grew inside, her, stomach, spreading out along her thighs and centering in her pussy. Her thighs, still dripping with piss, lifted and closed about his face, holding him tightly at her cunt. Joyce wailed as she started coming, bucking into her son’s face hard, almost violently. Her whimpers turned to screams of ecstasy as the orgasms increased in power, the hair-lined lips of her cunt sucking at his tongue reflexively.

Jerry pulled his tongue out of his mother’s pulsating cunt, licked for a moment at her throbbing cunt, then dragged his tongue over her piss-wet panties to her stomach, licking along her flesh, tasting the piss there. He went to her tits, mouthing them, sucking her tits, licking at her rubbery nipples. Joyce squirmed on the floor, mewling softly as her son kissed and sucked and licked at her tits, going from one to the other. His cock was prodding at her cunt, but the panties had slipped over it and he could not fuck in. Instead, still sucking at her tits, he rubbed his hot, hard cock up and down her lower belly.

Joyce, boiling hotly despite the intensity of her orgasm against his mouth wanted his cock fucking her, plunging into her cunt harshly. She grabbed at her wet panties and pulled, tearing them from her body.

“Now shove it to me, baby!” she shouted. “Ram that sweet cock to Mother!”

With perfect aim, Jerry’s cock plunged into his mother’s open cunt, stabbing deeply. Joyce screamed in pleasure as his balls smacked her hot ass, her cunt clutching his cock as he fucked her. She grabbed her son’s ass in both hands, lifting her legs up and wrapping them about his thrusting hips. She shoved her hands into his shorts, wanting nothing between her hands and his smooth, young ass. She pulled at his ass, spreading the ass cheeks as he fucked her cunt hard. Again she found his tight asshole and began to rub at it, working her finger into his ass. As her finger fucked at his asshole, Jerry grunted and pounded harder yet into his mother’s tight, wet pussy. Jerry stuffed his mouth with a tit, his lips wide and his tongue licking hungrily, panting hotly as his ass flew up and down.

“Ooo, your cock is so hard, Jerry!” Joyce wailed. “So fucking hard! Give it to me, baby! Fuck Mother good! Oooo, ram your sweet, hard cock up mother’s hot, wet cunt! Fuck it… fuck it hard! Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

The pulsing hardness stretched and stuffed her pussy. She could feel his cock throbbing as he fucked deeper and deeper, driving her ass against the floor. The floor was wet from piss, and she loved the feel of it against her naked skin so much, her mind was reeling in perverse ecstasy. She lifted her son’s face to hers, gluing her mouth to his, sucking at his lips and darting tongue in a greedy way. Her ass churned and thrashed under his rapid, hard fucking, squishing sounds coming from, her cunt. She tasted her piss on her son’s mouth, and found herself inflamed beyond reason. She licked at his face, tasting piss on his cheeks and chin and lips. The taste of her own piss on her son’s face increased her perverse hunger, and she fucked her cunt onto his cock as he slammed down, grinding with an orgiastic frenzy that was unlike any feeling she had ever known until now.

She was unable to get enough of her son’s rigid cock, wanting it to drive her naked ass through the piss-wet floor, fuck her until her cunt lips were raw, until her ass was bruised painfully. Neither spoke, neither was able to speak. All they could do was grunt and gasp through the rough fucking. They clawed at each other with feverish hands, feeling and stroking and squeezing, hardly knowing what they were touching. Joyce’s piss-wet thighs scissored about her son’s hips, her heels beating at his clenching ass, her finger darting into his asshole a few times, then pulling free so she could clutching his preciously young balls. Jerry, too, fucked a finger up his mother’s hot asshole a number of times as they thrashed about on the floor.

Each time his finger rammed up her ass, a rippling of electric heat would sear the flesh of Joyce’s body, making her cunt erupt with unbelievable orgasms. As she came time and again, her hot cunt drew and sucked and squeezed her son’s cock. She pushed at his balls, pressing them against her spreading ass cheeks, wishing she could shove his balls up her asshole while she fucked his cock with her boiling, convulsing cunt. She mewled and gurgled hotly against his face, licking at his flesh until there could not possibly be any more piss on it. Her cunt pulled at her son’s cock in a rippling sensation that he could no longer withstand.

Just as he was about to come, Jerry jerked his prick from his mother’s cunt, and before she knew what he was doing, he was scooting his ass up her belly. His cock was throbbing with threatening eruption. His balls moved along her flesh, then over her tits. As his ass started to settle on her tits, Joyce curled her fingers into his ass cheeks. Her mouth opened and she gripped the head of his cock with her lips. Jerry leaned over his mother’s head, holding himself up on stiff arms, looking down at her, seeing his cock stretching her lips.

Then he began coming.

Joyce made a delicious gurgling sound as her son’s come juice bubbled from his piss hole, coating her tongue with the thick sweetness. She sucked hard on the head of his cock as he came, her tongue licking frantically about his piss hole, pressing against it as if trying to stop the rushing, bubbling come juice. Her throat worked in a convulsive way as she swallowed her son’s jism, moaning half put of her mind with pleasure. Her ass kept moving on the piss-wet floor, the lips of her cunt pulsating in a steamy heat, although she was no longer coming. Despite the lack of orgasms now, Joyce was still floating in the delirium of sweet sensations.

“Oooo!” Jerry moaned as his cock shot jism into his mother’s fiery mouth. “Oh, suck it up, Mother! Ahhh, suck my come juice up! Eat it… suck my cock!”

As the last drop of his come juice entered her mouth, Joyce relaxed, holding Jerry’s prick between her lips and moving her tongue about the piss hole slowly and caressingly, fondling his ass tenderly. As his cock softened in her mouth, she pulled it deep, then managed to get his balls in, too. She held her son’s cock in her mouth for a long time, breathing heavily, eyes closed as she shivered in a warm glow of perverse ecstasy. Her hands moved about his ass, shoving under his shorts and stroking lightly at his asshole, bringing a happy moan from Jerry.

Finally Joyce pushed him off her face. She sat up, grinning lewdly at her son.

“What happened?” she whispered.

“I think we got too excited, Mother,” he said, stretching out on his back, arms above his head and legs wide.

“That must be it,” she agreed. “I’ve never done anything like that before, with anyone.”

“Pissing, you mean?”

She nodded her head.

“Well, I like it,” her son replied. “You know what, Mother? When I sucked on your panties, tasting the piss in them, I almost came.”

“Wonderful,” she purred, stroking his balls. “Because… I liked it, too.”


Every time Joyce passed the vacant house where it had all started, she could not help feeling affection for the place. She wanted to return some evening with her son, repeat the events of that night, perhaps make it better, even.

She wondered if it would be considered breaking and entering if she went in to look it over. She could ask the real estate office to let her see the place, but that would defeat her real purpose. It might be exciting to take her son in and fuck him someplace, the living room, bedroom, bathroom, wherever. It would be an adventure, a lark, she thought.

She stood looking at the porch now, the swing where she had first fucked Jerry in the darkness, with car lights illuminating them briefly. Again she wondered if anyone had seen them. She didn’t think so, but she felt it would have been awfully exciting if they had been.

It was not yet time for Jerry to come home from school, and if she waited here, he was bound to come by on his way home. She walked up the sidewalk to the porch. She looked behind the swing where she had pissed, but there was no longer any evidence of it. She sat on the swing, rocking back and forth slowly, looking out on the residential street. The feeling of excitement came over her. She felt deliciously wicked as she rocked back and forth, the soft creaking of the swing providing a surprisingly erotic sound. She grinned, then giggled in a childish manner. Running her palms along her thighs, caressing herself through her dress, she stared at the sunlit street. No one was out in any of the yards.

“Why not?” she whispered softly, and she slipped her dress up until it was gathered in her lap. She opened her legs and rubbed at her cunt. She was not wearing panties, hoping her son would enjoy it. He would, she knew, because Jerry was excited by everything they had done. She had, in the past day, convinced him to go without underwear.

Joyce always became excited when she saw a cock-bulge on a man. It would make her cunt twitch and her mouth water.

Recalling seeing her son’s cock dangling in his pants so sweetly that morning as he went off to school, Joyce rocked gently on the porch swing, rubbing at her naked cunt, feeling so wicked it sent rippling chills of pleasure up and down her spine. Although she still gazed out onto the street, she saw nothing except what was in her mind. She could sit there, rock back and forth, in broad daylight, and make herself come, and no one would ever know about it until she told her son. There was something exciting about doing this, something that bubbled like some consuming fire in the pit of her stomach, something that seemed to force her into it.

Joyce didn’t fight against the feeling, she never fought against any kind of erotic feeling. She leaned forward and peered at her bushy cunt as her finger rubbed her rigid clit.

“You hot cunt,” she whispered to herself. “Can’t get enough hard cock, can you? Want to get fucked and sucked and… and pissed on, don’t you, cunt?”

She looked up, still rubbing at her cunt. Her heart leaped when she saw it was Jerry, walking home alone. She jumped from the swing, waving at her son. Jerry saw his mother, his face splitting into a wide smile as he came up the sidewalk to her.

“Hey, little boy,” Joyce said, “how would you like to have a piece of hot ass?”

“Gosh, lady,” Jerry giggled, playing the game with her. “I don’t know. I gotta hurry home. My mother’s waiting and she always makes me fuck her as soon as I get in the door.”

“It won’t take long,” she said. “My cunt is terribly hot and wet, and I’ve just been waiting for a handsome young man like you. We’ll make it a quicky and she won’t know.”

“I’ll tell her,” Jerry said, eyeing his mother’s straining tits. “She’d love to know about it.”

“Mmmmm, she sounds like my kind of woman,” Joyce said. She was standing in a shadow, and she lifted her skirt. “Wouldn’t you like to have a taste of this, little boy?”

“Mother can wait,” he said, reaching out to feel her hairy cunt.

“Let’s see if we can get inside,” she said softly. “I think that window over there is open.”

The window, the old fashioned kind, was open about four inches at the bottom. Joyce gripped it and pushed, and the window lifted easily. Curtains fluttered. Joyce lifted her skirt, exposing her slender, creamy thighs, and stepped over the sill and into the room. Jerry followed. They were in a living room, empty of furniture, but clean. There was a strange odor in the house, and it was some time before Joyce identified it.

“Developing chemicals,” she said. “Someone was a photographer that lived here. I wonder if anything was left behind.”

They wandered about the empty house, looking at everything. It was a beautiful old place, and Joyce loved it. They found nothing downstairs, and went up to the second floor.

The master bedroom had, at one time, been a photographer’s studio, they saw immediately. Unlike the ground floor, the upstairs had not been cleaned. Litter was everywhere, and a stack of old papers were in one corner.

Rummaging in the papers, Jerry found a folder, the sort a school kid would carry. He opened it, and called to his mother excitedly.

“Look what I’ve found, Mother.”

There was a stack of large, glossy pictures in the folder, all in beautiful color. The top picture showed a middle-aged man sitting on a chair, his cock lifted up in hardness, his balls out of his open fly. Standing next to him was a woman of about the same age, totally naked with one leg cocked up on the arm of the chair, her bushy cunt revealed under her raised dress. She wore nylons and very high heels, shiny black in color.

The other picture behind this one was of the same two. The man’s, cock and balls were tied by a thin rope, and the woman had her heel near them, pulling on the rope. The next picture showed the woman wearing a rubber cock, belted about her hips. A girl, apparently very young, was kneeling on hands and knees, with the tip of the rubbery cock pressing at her cunt.

Another picture was of the woman again, lying on her back with her feet drawn beneath her ass, legs wide. Between her knees the man sat, his cock and balls still tied. The woman was pissing, the golden stream very clear in the picture. Her piss arced up and right into the man’s wide-open mouth.

“Beautiful,” Joyce whispered, running her hand along the front of her son’s pants, finding his cock hard. “Whoever took these was some photographer.”

“Look, Mother!” Jerry gasped, showing her another picture.

“Why, who would have believed it?” she said, gazing at the picture of Pamie.

The exquisite little creature was spread out on a narrow cot, her legs wide and her arms above her head. She was totally naked, her fuzzy little cunt revealed, her small, sugary tits hard and round with rigid pink nipples. Standing above her, straddling her head, was the woman in the other pictures, and she was pissing down onto Pamie’s tits. Between her feet was the man, and he was pissing on Pamie’s succulent cunt.

There were pictures of the man fucking the girl, his thick cock stretching her pussy wide, and in them all, Pamie’s expression was one of pure ecstasy. One showed the girl sucking the man’s cock, with the woman eating her cunt and finger-fucking herself, all of them starting into the lenses of the camera, expressions telling of the pleasure they were feeling.

The final picture was the one that interested Joyce more than the others. Pamie was sitting on the lap of the woman, a rubber cock fucked into her tight asshole. Her back was against the woman, who held Pamie’s small tits and was finger-fucking that young cunt. The man stood next to them, pissing directly into the girl’s mouth. It looked as if the woman was pissing, too, but Joyce couldn’t be sure.

“Now I understand why Pamie was so eager that day at school,” Joyce said, her voice thick with erotic emotion. “She’s a fucking little sex fiend?”

“Like us, huh?” Jerry giggled, sliding his hand up the back of his mother’s dress, feeling her rounded ass.

“It sure seems that way,” Joyce replied. “I wonder who the man and woman are. The woman has rings on, so she’s married, but whether to the man we don’t know.”

“What are we gonna do with these, Mother?”

“Keep them,” she said. “It wouldn’t be right if someone else found them and showed them around. Pamie would be in serious trouble with her parents. She said they were very careful with her, remember?”

“These pictures sure make me hard,” Jerry said, removing his cock from his pants, stroking it as he gazed at Pamie being fucked by the man.

“Me, too,” Joyce murmured, pulling her son’s hand from her ass to her cunt. “See how wet I’ve gotten.”

Jerry fucked his finger into his mother’s cunt as he stroked his cock, the bundle of pictures falling and scattering on the floor.

Joyce turned to him. “Give it to me now, baby!” she whimpered. “Fuck me right here quick!”

She dropped to her hands and knees, jerking her dress over her ass and pulling her knees up, her creamy naked ass waving lewdly at her son.

“Fuck it, baby! Oooo, fuck me before I start coming now. I’m so hot for your cock, Jerry!”

Jerry went to his knees behind his mother’s wiggling ass, ramming his cock into her cunt swiftly. Joyce let out a low wail of pleasure as her son’s cock began to fuck her. She waggled her ass at him.

“Take your pants down! I want to feel your balls and stomach on me! Take those fucking pants down, baby, and fuck me hard!”

Jerry paused long enough to shove his pants to his thighs, then grabbed his mother’s ass again, fucking his cock back and forth. The colorful pictures surrounded them, some face up. Right before Joyce’s eyes, was the one of the girl taking the man’s thick cock into her tiny, thoroughly stretched asshole. She shoved her tongue out and started licking at the picture, where the man’s cock penetrated Pamie’s asshole.

“Up the ass,” she moaned. “Fuck me up the ass, Jerry!”

“What?” he groaned, fucking wildly into his mother’s boiling cunt.

“Fuck my Goddamn ass!” she screeched. “Ohhh, Jerry, shove your cock up Mother’s ass… fuck me in my asshole, like Pamie is doing it in the picture!”

Jerry pulled his cock from his mother’s gripping cunt, pressing the rounded, swollen cockhead upon her tight ass pucker. Joyce moaned with the ecstasy of the pressure there, and when her son’s cock fucked into her burning ass, she screamed loudly with tears of joy running from her eyes.

“Ohhh, that’s fantastic! Ram my ass!” she shouted. “Ram my fucking asshole! Fuck my ass, Jerry! Oooo, fuck Mother up the asshole… fuck me good… come in my hot asshole! Ohhhh, baby, I had no idea it would feel this good! I love that hard cock in my hot ass! Fuck me… fuck my ass!”

“You’re so tight, Mother!” he grunted, driving his throbbing cock as deep as he could. “Your asshole is tight and hot and I’m gonna fuck you good right up your ass!”

“Yes, yes! Do it… do it! Fuck my asshole raw. Make my asshole sore, Jerry!” she screamed, throwing her head back, her neck stretching, her beautiful face contorted by ecstasy.

“Asshole!” Jerry shouted. “Fucking asshole cunt mother! Cock-sucking cunt mother… I’m gonna ream your hot asshole good! I’m gonna fuck you in the cunt and in the mouth and up your asshole and come all over your cock-sucking cunt body and tits.”

His words bounced about in her head, creating an intense lust throughout her shaking flesh. She twisted her naked ass frantically against his pounding cock, feeling a fire searing the ring of her asshole, a fire she never felt in her cunt. The sensations of being fucked in her ass were different than in her cunt, and just as exciting.

“Ohhh, baby, it feels so good,” she wailed, her ass gyrating lewdly. “I love your cock up my ass! Mmmmm, fuck Mother’s asshole fuck it hard! Oh, you darling little mother-fucker!”

“You mother cock-sucker!” Jerry yelped, watching his cock push and pull at the tight, hot ring of her asshole. “You’re a cunt and a cock-sucker, Mother! You fuck with your cunt and face and asshole and I’m gonna love you forever!”

“And I’m going to fuck you forever, darling!” she groaned as his cock went deep into her ass. “Fuck your sweet cock in my hairy cunt and hungry cock-sucking mouth and tight asshole forever!”

Joyce’s cunt was boiling as her son’s balls beat a tattoo against it, banging upon her pussy lips and cunt, his cock stretching and burning into her asshole. She was so wet, pussy juice dripped along her satiny inner thighs. She had opened her eyes and was staring at the scattered pictures, seeing Pamie fucking that thick cock, seeing the man piss into her mouth as the woman used the rubber cock in her tiny asshole. The pictures seemed to take on motion as her son fucked excitedly into her ass. She could see Pamie fucking on that rubber cock with her asshole as the woman’s finger plunged into her fuzzy little cunt, the man pissing into the girl’s wide-open mouth. The pictures seemed to come alive, as if there were five of them in the room fucking and sucking and pissing on each other.

The images were so real to Joyce, her cunt erupted into the strongest orgasm yet. She began to scream with mindless ecstasy, reaching between her thighs and clutching her son’s balls, trying to stuff his balls into her fiery cunt while he fucked her ass.

“I’m gonna come, Mother!” Jerry yelped, feeling her asshole gripping and relaxing on his cock. “I’m gonna come in your fucking asshole!”

“God, yes!” she wailed. “Flood my asshole with jizz, baby! Flood it good, drown my asshole with come juice!”

The boiling jism spurted from her son’s cock, spattering her ass guts, gushing hotly into her ass. Joyce shook her ass like a dog ridding itself of water, screeching loudly.

Her son’s climax began to subside, his prick softening inside her asshole. As he started to pull his cock out, she gripped his balls hard.

“No! Leave your cock in me!” she yelped. “Don’t take your cock out yet!”

Jerry rested by leaning against his mother’s silky ass, her ass cheeks spread wide as she lowered her shoulders to the floor. Mother and son panted heavily for a while, with Joyce flexing her asshole around her son’s cock. With her ass high in the air and his cock clutched by her ass ring, Joyce pulled a picture closer to her eyes. It had been stuck to another one and they had missed it.

Pamie and the woman were squatting, facing each other. The man was on his back, his mouth wide under both those cunts. The woman was kissing Pamie’s lips, holding a small tit. Pamie was clutching both of the older woman’s tits and they were pissing, together, into the man’s open mouth. He was tied, hands holding his cock and balls, with the rope around them. Joyce showed it to her son.

“They’re real weird, aren’t they, Mother?”

“Not any more than you and I,” she said. “Besides, I like all that.”

“All what?”

“Pissing, of course.”

“I thought so,” her son laughed. “After last night, I think you like anything a cock can do with you.”

“Mmmmm, you’re so right.”

She wiggled her ass, tightening her asshole on his still-buried cock.

“Piss in me,” she said, her voice husky. “Try to piss in my asshole, Jerry.”

“Maybe if you’d stop squeezing my cock, I could.”

“I can’t help it, honey… my asshole squeezes you all by itself, I’m not doing it on my own.”

Jerry stroked his mother’s rounded ass and grunted as he tried to piss in her ass. “I’m trying, Mother.”

“Try hard!” she moaned. “I want you to piss in my asshole so much! Try hard.”

Jerry strained, and managed a squirt of piss.

“Oooo, I feel it!” Joyce moaned. “More, baby, more!”

Soon, her son was pissing easily, the stream spurting into her asshole hotly. Joyce, feeling his piss filling her ass, squealed with ecstasy. Her cunt quivered as if she were about to come again.

“I’m doing it, Mother!” Jerry said triumphantly. “I’m pissing in your asshole! Can you feel it? Does it feel good, Mother?”

“God, yes! I love it. Ohhh, I love the sensations of you pissing in my ass! You’ve got to piss in my cunt next… piss all over me!”

“Yeah,” Jerry agreed, filling his mother’s asshole with hot piss. “All over you and piss in your cock-sucking mouth, too!”

“OOOOO, I will, I will!” she moaned. “I’ll drink your piss, Jerry! I’ll drink piss right out of your beautiful cock!”

He slipped his cock from his mother’s asshole, and pissed an her creamy ass cheeks, then aimed the golden stream to her cunt, trying to shove his cock in and piss at the same time.

But he finished pissing before he could stuff his cock into her pussy.

“No matter,” she said. “Next time you can piss in my cunt.” She stood up and felt her ass.

“That feels like you’ve given me an enema. I’m going to find the bathroom.”

As his mother searched for the upstairs bathroom, Jerry gathered up all the pictures and put them back into the folder. Then he searched around the litter again. He found more pictures, of different people, all of them fucking and sucking, with emphasis on pissing. The only one he knew or had ever seen before was Pamie, and that was one of the reasons he wanted to keep them.


Joyce and her son placed a few of the large, colorful pictures in frames, hanging them in her bedroom. The ones they chose depicted Pamie, and the others were stashed away, to be brought out when they wanted to look at them again.

She and Jerry had showered together after dinner, and lounged about on her bed, fondling and caressing. Joyce enjoyed the times they done this, everything so gentle and filled with love. Jerry, always so eager, his cock raging hard, learned to slow down with his mother, that there was no need to rush into fucking her. He had been going at her as if she might suddenly deny her body to him before he finished. He was learning some measure of self-control, but only a little. Besides, Joyce lost control easily once her cunt became fiery and wet. She could only control herself up to a point.

Jerry lay between his mother’s thighs, peering at her cunt, feeling about it, kissing the pulsating pussy lips occasionally as he talked quietly. Jerry, of course, talked a great deal about Pamie and the upcoming Saturday. Joyce was amused at his eager excitement, letting him talk as much as he wanted about the exquisite creature. When he asked a question if she thought Pamie would do this or that, she agreed with her son, knowing it was the answer he wanted. Besides, Joyce had no doubts about the girl after seeing those pictures.

Pamie had obviously been a willing model. Her lovely little face glowed with ecstasy in each picture, her eyes sparkling. If she had been an unwilling victim, those eyes would have come across dull and perhaps glazed, no matter what expression she wore.

Jerry kissed his mother’s cunt, lapping his tongue along the side of her clit. Joyce shivered with the hot wetness of his mouth. She turned him on the bed, bringing his feet toward her head. They lay side by side, facing each other. Joyce rested her head on his thigh, stroking her son’s balls and cock and hard young ass as he talked and talked. She pressed her thigh underneath his head, bending the other leg and holding it wide to allow him access to her crotch.

Seeing his precious balls, the crack of his ass, watching his cock swell under her caressing fingers, Joyce wondered if he would ever become tired of her, tired of seeing and touching her body. She hoped not. He was so good with her, his cock throbbing in her cunt or mouth or up her ass. She would have many more years with him, but the time would come when he would find some young girl, become infatuated or perhaps fall in love. She didn’t want to think about that now.

When that time came, she hoped desperately it would be with a girl compatible to their ways, a girl willing to share Joyce’s good looking son with her, perhaps become a threesome. That way she would always remain with her son. Stroking his sweet hard-on in one hand, cradling his balls with the other, Joyce would be more than willing to share him with an agreeable woman or girl, but only if that girl was willing to live with their lifestyle. If not, well, Joyce would have to go her way and find someone else. She was not going to be the kind of mother who interfered with her son’s life. She would simply always be available to her son if and when he wanted to fuck her.

She moved her mouth to Jerry’s crotch, kissing his balls with moist lips as she stroked her palm about his naked ass, still clutching his cock. She felt his prick throbbing in her fist, and moved it up and down, watching moisture bead up at his piss hole. When she felt her son run the flat surface of his tongue along the fiery wetness of her cunt slit, she shoved her face to his ass, feeling his balls on her neck. She lapped wetly at the tight cheeks of her son’s ass, tasting the freshness of his skin, enjoying it.

Feeling her son moving his tongue about the swelling cheeks of her ass, doing to her what she did to him, she widened her legs and arched her crotch forward. The more they kissed and licked at each other’s ass cheeks, the more passionate they became. Heavy breathing started, and their hands were more insistent as they roamed about. Feeling his cock, hard and throbbing, pressing against her tits as she ran her tongue up and down the hot crack of her son’s ass, Joyce drew one knee high, shoving her ass into her son’s face.

She wrapped her hands about his hips, her fingers spreading the cheeks of his young ass, her tongue seeking, the tight heat of his asshole. A soft whimper came from her as she ran the tip of her tongue about his asshole, feeling her son’s tongue probing at hers. His hands pulled her satiny ass cheeks wide, and then he was kissing eagerly upon her tight asshole. With a low growl of pleasure, Joyce rammed her tongue into her son’s asshole, bringing a groan from him. The tight heat of his asshole closed about her buried tongue, and she tongue-fucked him in his ass for a long moment, then pressed her lips around his asshole and started sucking, her tongue flicking and lapping.

“Ooo, you’re sweet, Jerry!” she whimpered into the crack of his ass. “You’re sweet all over! Eat my ass baby, eat Mother’s asshole, too!”

The only reply she got from him was a fast thrust of his tongue up her ass. Joyce squealed happily and ran her tongue in and out of his asshole, twisting her hips, grinding into her son’s face as he tongue-fucked her asshole. They squirmed about on the bed, becoming steamy with excitement, lapping into the crack of each other’s ass, delving with tongues into the hot tight assholes, clutching each other by the ass cheeks to hold them wide.

Mother and son began to devour each other, sucking and kissing and licking, fucking tongues into each other’s asshole. She felt her son’s chin pressing into her slippery wet cunt, her tits smashing at his chest. Her nipples burned against his flesh as she twisted and squirmed at him. His cock throbbed in hardness against her, his balls feeling full and hot on her neck. She fucked her tongue into his asshole eagerly, sucking around it as her hands held his ass cheeks wide. If her son came off, squirting his come juice about her tits as she sucked his asshole, she wouldn’t mind. She would help her son come off in any way he wanted at any time he wanted.

But the hardness of his cock against her tits, the dripping wetness on her flesh were too much for her. She licked his asshole, kissed it with her moist hot lips, then pulled her face away. Dragging her tongue along his balls, she moved his hips until her mouth could close about his dripping cock. As she gripped his prick hotly in her mouth, she pulled at him until he was on top of her, his knees at her face. Running her hands up his thighs to clutch his ass, she pulled his cock deep into her mouth, spreading her legs and shoving her pulsating cunt onto his face.

Jerry, sucking at the hairy lips of his mother’s pussy, closed his hands about her shapely ass and started fucking her wet, hot mouth. Joyce mewled softly about his cock and closed her eyes, savoring the deep thrusting fucking he was giving her mouth. She drew her long legs up and back, spreading her pussy onto his mouth, rubbing and twisting. Her son’s balls bounced up and down, rubbing at her nose as his cock fucked deliciously deep. She moved her finger about his puckering asshole as she sucked on his hard, fucking cock, making soft sounds of whining ecstasy. He dripped a great deal, causing her to swallow often. The powerful throbs of his cock vibrated her lips. Her tongue pressed hard, making a hot, wet sheath for his cock.

Jerry, fucking his mother’s mouth, ran his tongue about her rigid, steamy clit, finally sucking it between his lips. Joyce groaned in pleasure as he pulled hard on her clit, gulping the head of his cock into her throat. Opening her eyes, she watched her finger moving about his asshole, the visual stimulation increasing the swelling, bubbling passion in her naked body. When her son fucked his tongue into her cunt, stabbing in and out with his chin rubbing her cunt, Joyce squealed in ecstasy as she started coming. The power of her orgasm caused her cunt to suck and grow tight on his tongue, and his hands dug into her rounded ass, lifting his mother’s cunt into his face.

The orgasms increased, shaking her body with pleasure, and she began to make him fuck her mouth faster and faster, mewling around his cock. She brought a hand to his balls, twisting them as they became tight. Anticipating the gushing flood of his come juice, she sucked as hard as she could, her tongue moving constantly.

With his tongue pressed deeply into his mother’s spasming cunt, Jerry unleashed boiling come juice, squirt after squirt into her greedy, hungry mouth. The sweet thickness choked her for a moment, then she swallowed, and sucked almost frantically as his prick poured jism into her throat. She slammed her cunt up and down against his face, grinding and trying to fuck his tongue. It didn’t matter to Joyce if she came while sucking his cock, but she did almost every time. The delight she got from having her son’s cock in her mouth was enough. Her orgasms were simply added ecstasy for her.

Jerry lifted from her, sitting back on his heels with his knees about her head. She let him rest his balls on her face. She cupped her tits and pushed them together as her tongue lapped about his now-empty balls, his cock on her chin, Jerry giggled.

“What’s funny, baby?” she said from under his balls, his ass on her forehead.

Although Jerry didn’t answer, she understood as his cock started pissing.

“Oh, baby!” she mewled, feeling the warm piss spurting over her tits. Her tongue lapped at his balls as he pissed onto her tits, her hands holding them tight together. The piss stung her nipples and she began to writhe her naked ass with pleasure.

Jerry rose to his knees, holding the base of his cock, pissing all over her tits, giggling childishly.

Joyce looked up with fiery eyes, watching him piss. She began to wash her tits with his piss, mewling softly. Drops fell on her chin, and she suddenly scooted downward, letting him piss into her face. She threw her head back, closing her eyes and shuddering happily, her face becoming drenched in the warm golden stream of her son’s piss. Experimentally, she opened her mouth and tasted his piss. A squeal bubbled from her and she shoved her tongue out, catching piss with it. Jerry aimed his cock and pissed directly into his mother’s mouth, watching it fill and overflow with foaming piss.

Joyce washed her hands on her piss-wet face as though she were washing at the sink, mewling with pleasure. She swallowed a little of her son’s piss and found herself clutched in very tight, boiling orgasms again. She moved her right hand to her cunt and began to finger-fuck herself vigorously while her son kept pissing into her gurgling mouth. Her hips jerked up and down as her finger thrust wildly, her hairy cunt clutching at it.

“Piss on you!” Jerry said. “Piss on you, Mother, you fucking cock-sucker! I’m pissing in your cock-sucking face, in your cunt mouth!”

“Mmmmm,” Joyce moaned, swallowing more prick.

As the stream of piss stopped, Jerry shook his cock, bringing a few more drops into his mother’s face. He started to move away, but she pulled the head of his cock between her lips, running her tongue over the piss hole, tasting his pissy prick.

“Mmmmm what brought that on?” she asked, her face radiant with pleasure.

“I just had to piss,” he said, and then he pointed to the photograph of the man pissing into Pamie’s mouth as the woman fucked her tight little asshole with the rubber cock. “Besides, Pamie seemed to like it, so I thought you would, too, Mother.”

“You’re getting to know more about me,” she said, pushing her lips into his balls, kissing them moistly. “But I don’t think I’d go for that rubber cock at all. I want the real thing.”

She was drenched in piss, but it felt good to her, perversely so. It was odd, she thought, how long it took for them to get to this particular point. They both had known of each other’s interest in pissing since that night on the porch. Maybe it was best to go slow, take it easy, let it all develop in its own way. She remembered picking her son up at his friend’s house, and a vague thought came to her. For a brief moment she wondered if Jerry’s friend, Tony, would be interested in her body, what it would be like to fuck her son and his little friend at the same time. It might be exciting, but Joyce didn’t want to cause any embarrassment for Jerry. He might not like seeing her fuck someone else, especially a boy so close to him.

Jerry was possessive with her, she knew.

Being with Pamie was different than having another boy join them. Jerry was turned on to the exquisite creature, a girl he could fuck and play games with his mother joining — but another boy would be another matter. No, best if she didn’t even talk of it with Jerry. Later, maybe, but not right now.

Perhaps, with Pamie with then, Jerry, would become excited enough to consider it, to understand it was all in fun and that Joyce wanted her son most of all. Boys, she thought with amusement. They wanted to stick those hard cocks into every cunt they found, but they didn’t want a girlfriend, or in this case a mother, fucking anyone else but them.

Boys, it seemed, had trouble separating the deep emotional love from the purely erotic ecstasy. But Joyce could love one person deeply, and still enjoy fucking others. Fucking some one did not mean she was in love with that person, but Jerry was still too young to understand that.

Later, perhaps, she could talk to him about Tony.


Joyce sat on the toilet and painted her toenails as Jerry watched with interest.

He liked watching her do everything, especially if it was some intimate act. Knowing this, she allowed him to always observe her. She had shaved some of the straggling hairs around her cunt, something he watched with warm pleasure. He liked her hairy cunt, saying the thick pussy hair appealed to him. Joyce knew some men preferred a woman to shave her cunt, and Joyce could never understand that. The only thing it could be, she thought, was their desire to fuck younger girls. She could understand that desire, because she liked the fact that Jerry’s cock was almost hairless, and his balls were totally devoid of hair.

Pamie’s young cunt and hair, but not much and it had certainly appealed to Joyce that day behind the gardener’s shed at school. Yes, she could understand the desire for a bald pussy, just as she understood her son’s pleasure with all the hair around her pussy.

Finished with her toenails, Joyce leaned against the water tank of the toilet, stretching her long legs out, spreading them as her son stared between them. She began to caress herself slowly, pulling the moist lips of her cunt apart, then squeezing them together, watching his eyes become hot. His cock had lifted up in hardness, and he gripped it in his fist.

It was Saturday morning, the day Jerry had been waiting for with anxiety. Joyce, too, had been waiting for it. Both had gotten out of bed eagerly, showered together in preparation for Pamie’s visit. She would be there around noon, and Jerry was about to burst with eagerness. He looked at all those pictures again, the ones with Pamie. He was stroking his cock and balls and talking excitedly about her small tits, her cunt and ass, her slim thighs. Joyce had prepared breakfast nakedly, flexing the cheeks of her ass for his delight, keeping him in a high state of excitement.

Sitting on the toilet and letting her son peer at her cunt, Joyce wondered how he kept himself from coming all over the floor, or shoving his cock into her cunt and fucking her furiously he had been that excited since getting out of bed. She spread her legs wide, very wide, scooting her naked ass to the edge of the toilet.

“Lick me, honey,” she said softly. “Lick Mother’s cunt for a while.”

Jerry licked his lips, and shoved his mouth to her pussy, his tongue swiping up and down, tasting the steamy cunt slit and wetness, lapping her cunt slowly and dipping his tongue into her fuck hole. He held her thighs about his head, burying his face into his mother’s wet, sweet pussy. She ran her hand through his hair as he licked and sucked at her pussy. The way her son licked her cunt, going from one cunt lip to the other, then swirling his tongue about her cunt, finally going down and into her fuck hole, repeating the movement over and over, felt very good to her. She enjoyed being sucked off slowly this way sometime. But most times she wanted it violently and fast, with lips chewing at her clit and the tongue thrusting deep with quick plunges.

As his tongue started the fire in her cunt, she started twisting and grinding her pussy into his young face, moaning softly, gazing into his eyes and holding his head.

“Tongue-fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck Mother’s cunt with your tongue, darling. Oooo, that’s what I want! Go deep as you can… real deep! Eat my pussy and suck my cunt juice, Jerry!”

As her son’s tongue fucked in and out of her pussy, Joyce gave a soft squeal. The orgasm her son’s tongue produced sent rippling goose bumps about her satiny flesh. She moaned softly as she came, grinding her cunt into his face, not fast and hard, but slowly, the orgasm dragging out. His eyes shone brightly as she came, sparkling up at her face as her hairy cunt squeezed his tongue.

“Mmmmm, that was nice,” she said. “I just had to come, honey. Just letting you watch me this way, sometimes, makes me very hot, you know.”

“You like to be watched, huh, Mother?”

“Yes, I do,” she smiled, leaning down and running her tongue about his face and lips, tasting her pussy juice on them. “I enjoy watching and being watched and when I see you fucking Pamie this afternoon. I’ll probably come a lot.”

“Are you just gonna watch, Mother?”

“Of course not,” she laughed. “I couldn’t just watch, you know that.”

He grinned up at her, then dipped his head and licked at her stomach. “You gonna lick her cunt again?”

“Mmmmm, and a few other things,” Joyce admitted.

Jerry stood up, his cock hard and jerking, pre-come dripping from his piss hole. Joyce watched his prick a moment, then closed her fist about it and jerked his cock slowly, feeling it throb. She leaned forward and pressed a nipple against the wet piss hole, smearing her tit flesh, sliding his cock to her other tit. Finally, she placed his cock between her tits and pressed them together around it. She looked up at him.

“Fuck my tits,” she said. “Fuck Mother’s tits.”

“I might come, Mother,” he warned.

“I’ll shower again if you do,” she whispered. “Don’t you want to fuck my titties?”

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Jerry began to hump up and down, watching his cock fucking between the smooth tit mounds, her nipples almost touching. Joyce drew her chin down, seeing the head of his cock tome up from between her tits. She shoved her tongue out, tasting his seeping piss hole with the tip. She could swirl her tongue around the smooth cock head as he sucked her tits, making her son groan in pleasure. The heat of his throbbing cock sliding up and down between her tits felt good, and she wanted him to come off, splash his jism on her tit flesh.

“Mmmmm, come on me,” she purred. “Come on Mother’s tits, darling. I want to feel you squirting jizz all over my tits. Shoot off on my fucking titties!”

All morning long, Jerry had been excited and now his balls were tight and full. The satiny tightness of his mother’s tits on his cock, his balls rubbing against her, was too much for his young emotions.

His cock erupted a fountain of creamy jism.

Joyce gave a squeal and opened her mouth, holding it wide as his cock spewed jism. She caught most of his come juice with her tongue, but since her mouth was open, some dripped out and onto her tits. She tried to swallow what jism she caught, but closing her lips, she caused them to become covered with sweet cock cream.

By the time Jerry finished coming, her tits were glistening wetly, her mouth smeared. Joyce ran her tongue over her lips and mewled as she tasted his come juice. She tried to lift her tits to her tongue, but couldn’t manage that. Instead, she wiped her tits with her finger, then sucked them.

“Like I said, I can shower again,” she said, getting back under the spray of water. “Why don’t you get dressed, honey? Pamie will be here soon, you know.”

“Let’s be naked when she gets here, Mother.”

“No, let’s don’t,” Joyce said. “Just in case, we’ll be dressed, young man.”

“Just in case what?”

“Jerry, you’ve got to use some discretion. Pamie said she had to be careful. Remember? Suppose her parents decided to bring her?”

“Yeah, you’re right, Mother, as usual,” he said, then he ran off to dress.

“Horny little mother-fucker,” she said laughing, watching his naked ass. “One thing he’s got to learn is not everyone is like us.” She stepped out of the shower and toweled her body.

Joyce heard the voices as she dressed, and rightly suspected Pamie had arrived. She could hear her son talking excitedly to the girl, but the words weren’t clear. Joyce pulled on a flowing, toga-like affair, slipped into a pair of bikini panties, brushed her hair, and then went to the living room.

Pamie flashed her a grin as she came in. Joyce noticed the little girl took in the way her tits strained and how her legs looked beneath the short toga-like skirt. Pamie sat with Jerry, holding his hand in her lap. Pamie wore a small checkered and pleated skirt with a modest white blouse. Her dimpled knees were bare. On her feet were a pair of scuffed shoes and knee-length socks. She looked exactly her young age, fresh and pretty.

“I told Pamie about, the pictures we found, Mother,” Jerry said.

“Jerry, you shouldn’t have,” Joyce replied. “Pamie may be embarrassed about them.”

“Oh, no, Joyce,” Pamie said quickly. “I’m not embarrassed.”

Joyce looked at the girl. “How did they happen, Pamie?”

“My uncle,” Pamie said, not in the least shy. “He used to live there. He was a photographer.”

“The man in the pictures,” Joyce said.

Pamie nodded. “Yes, he used a timer to take them.”

“And the woman?”

“His girlfriend.”

“Why did he move?”

“He got a job for a magazine in the East,” Pamie said, and Joyce noticed the girl was rubbing Jerry’s hand against her lower stomach. “He’s working for one of those magazines with naked girls in them.”

“Why did you pose?”

“I wanted to,” Pamie said, as if it were the most natural thing ever. “It was fun.”

“Did you enjoy… everything in those pictures?” Joyce asked.

“Oh, yes!” Pamie squealed, and she shoved Jerry’s hand down, pressing it into her skirt and opening her legs. “I love it, but I have to be careful. My parents suspected what my uncle and I were doing, but never knew for sure. They watch me very closely now.”

“Yet they allowed you to visit with Jerry?”

“They’re kind of, well, silly,” Pamie giggled, pressing Jerry’s hand deeper into her crotch. “They don’t think a boy as young as Jerry would know anything about sex, and they know you’re gonna to with us.”

With deliberate motion, Pamie lifted Jerry’s hand, then her skirt, and pushed his hand between her legs. Joyce watched the girl curl her son’s fingers into her pantied cunt, then grinned at Pamie.

“You don’t waste any time, do you, honey?”

“What sense would that make?” Pamie asked. “I mean, isn’t this what I’m here for, to get fucked?”

Joyce smiled. “If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll certainly get, baby. We do a lot of fucking around here, don’t we, Jerry?”

“All the time,” he agreed, rubbing his hand up and down the wet heat of Pamie’s panties.

Pamie giggled and grabbed Jerry at the front of his pants. Joyce watched the little girl curl her fingers about his swelling cock bulge, squeezing it.

“It sure was nice watching you two fuck at school, Joyce,” she said, rubbing Jerry’s prick. “And when you sucked my cunt! Oooo, what a surprise!”

Jerry worked his hand into the elastic waist of Pamie’s panties. Pamie giggled eagerly, spreading her legs wide and scooting her small ass to the edge of the couch. Joyce watched, not at all surprised, at the girl quickly opened Jerry’s pants. Pamie pulled his cock free, squealing in delight as she saw his cock. She closed her hand about his pricked began to pump eagerly, writhing her hips as Jerry fucked a finger into her cunt.

“Aren’t you gonna…” Pamie didn’t finish had plunged his finger hard, and she arched her hips up with a moan of ecstasy.

But Joyce knew what she was saying. “I will soon. Right now I’d like to see you two enjoy this… I think my son has come off a dozen times just waiting for you to get here, Pamie.”

The girl looked at Jerry, her eyes glowing with desire. She jerked hard on his cock.

“He’s not the only one,” she whispered, fumbling at his belt.

Watching them, Joyce felt the wet heat bubbling between her thighs, her cunt quivering with fiery excitement. Her ass checks clenched under her short dress, her hips swaying. She brought her hands up, cupping her own tits as she watched with almost glazed eyes. Pamie had Jerry’s pants open, his balls in her hand now, offering her moist mouth to his for a kiss. Wildly, Jerry pulled his hand from her tight panties and wrapped his arms about the girl, hugging her hard.

But Pamie and Jerry had other things in mind. They pulled apart, looking at each with hot eyes.

“Fuck me, Jerry,” Pamie said in a low voice. “Come on, fuck me! I want fuck so much!”

She arched her shoulders, her small, tight tits pressing outward. She reached behind her back to unbutton her blouse. Joyce moved to her. “Let me doll baby,” she said.

Immediately, Pamie grabbed Jerry’s cock in one hand and his balls in the other, letting Joyce work on her blouse. She seemed reluctant to turn loose of Jerry’s cock long enough to slide the blouse off. Next Joyce removed the girl’s tiny bra, and those pink tits were exposed. They were the most exquisite tits Joyce had ever seen. Small, but firm, with luscious pink nipples hard with desire.

Joyce had to hold and feel them for a moment. She cupped Pamie’s tits, squeezing, making Pamie mewl in delight. She twisted the little nipples gently, watching Pamie jerking hard on Jerry’s cock.

“Not too much of that,” she warned the girl. “You’ll make him come off before he gets his cock in your little pussy!”

“Then we better hurry,” Pamie moaned.

Releasing Jerry’s cock, she stood up. “I’ll take the rest off later. Come on, Jerry, get on the floor and I’ll fuck you!”

Joyce laughed as her son rushed to the floor. He shoved his pants down, jerking them from his feet, his cock standing up very hard.

It would be a fast fuck, but that didn’t matter. They would all get involved and enjoy it once Pamie and Jerry had gotten rid of the initial frenzy.

Joyce sat on the couch, leaning forward, watching intently. She could see, very clearly, Pamie’s succulent cunt fucking up and down on her son’s cock. Jerry’s prick gleamed with the wetness of that young pussy, and the girl’s lightly fuzzed cunt lips were stretched wide, her tiny clit scraping at his cock shaft.

Pamie fucked Jerry with ecstasy, her young face glowing with her hunger, eyes flashing hotly. Pamie would watch Jerry’s face, then Joyce’s, her little ass in a constant up and down motion, twisting and grinding with a skill that could only from experience and not simple desire. Pamie kept her skirt about her waist, her ass gleaming nakedly, her slim thighs working. Her tits, small and very tight, hardly jiggled or moved as she bounced and fucked and wiggled on Jerry’s cock. Sounds of insatiable hunger and ecstasy came from Pamie, her tongue moving on her lips.

“Fuck him, Pamie,” Joyce said in a low moan. “Fuck his hard cock, baby! Jerry has wanted your hot little ass for a long time. Fuck him… fuck his cock, Pamie! Make my son squirt off in your sweet cunt!”

“Ooo, that’s what I want!” Pamie squealed fucking her ass up and down wildly. “I want him to come in me… come in my cunt! Oooo, I’ve been coming ever since we started!”

“Sweet pussy,” Joyce whimpered, jerking her short skirt high, spreading her legs wide. She jerked the crotch of her panties aside and began to rub frantically at her hairy cunt, sitting on the very edge of the couch. “Such sweet cunt! So wet and sweet… juicy! Fuck my son, Pamie! Fuck his hard cock and make him come up your sweet, sweet cunt!”

“I am!” Pamie screamed. “Ohhh, I am gonna fuck his cock and make him come in my cunt! Come, Jerry… squirt that hot jizz up my cunt! Oooo, yes, Jerry! Come in me… hurry, come in my pussy! Ahhh, I’m coming so much, so fucking much!”

Pamie’s ass flew up and down, and Joyce thought she could see that pink cunt gripping and flexing with orgasm. With a sudden plunge, Pamie banged her cunt hard onto the base of Jerry’s cock, thrusting her hand behind and grabbing his balls. She pressed his balls into the crack of her ass, her head thrown back as she came in powerful waves of delicious orgasm. Her cunt squeezed Jerry’s cock, and he arched his hips up, grunting, his face contorting as be unleashed a steady, spurting stream of cock cream into the girl’s gripping, sucking, cock-hungry cunt.

Watching her son and this exquisite, erotic creature coming, Joyce began to pump two fingers in and out of her hair-lined pussy, feeling her own orgasm boil over, making her hairy cunt squeeze her fingers.

Pamie’s small body shivered and shuddered with delight. Jerry stroked Pamie’s slender, fantastically smooth thighs, one hand going up to fondle a small tit. Joyce slipped her juicy fingers out of her own cunt and brought them to her mouth, but Pamie stopped her.

“Let me! Let me taste you!” she said. “Let me suck your fingers, Joyce!”

“Mmmmm, of course,” Joyce said, and she offered her cunt-wet fingers to the girl.

As Pamie sucked at her fingers, Joyce found her small mouth hot and wet, her tongue wicked. Sucking on Joyce’s fingers, Pamie lifted her cunt from Jerry’s cock, then moved her mouth from the cunt-wet fingers. With a soft whimper, Pamie dropped quickly to her knees, leaned over, and hungrily gulped Jerry’s pussy-wet cock into her mouth, sucking, her head twisting, eyes glowing up at Joyce with erotic merriment. Joyce listened to the wet sucking sounds, watching her son’s cock disappear into the girl’s mouth.

Seeing the way Pamie sucked at Jerry’s cock, Joyce knew the kids would take some time to cool down. It was obvious that Pamie was insatiable, young as she was. And there was no way Joyce could leave them alone, be satisfied to simply sit and watch as they fucked.


Getting up, watching Pamie suck in pleasure on her son’s cock, Joyce undressed, tossing the toga-like dress on the couch, then peeling her panties off.

From her kneeling position, her small mouth filled with Jerry’s cock, Pamie watched, her eyes glowing brighter as she stared at Joyce’s hairy cunt. Joyce parted the thick pussy hair with her fingers, throwing her hips forward, the pink, wet lips of her cunt blatantly exposed to the young boy and girl.

Pamie lifted her head, letting Jerry’s cock slide away slowly, her eyes burning on Joyce’s cunt. Jerry still had his shirt on, and he sat up now, taking it off. Pamie stood and, still gazing at Joyce’s cunt, unzipped the pleated skirt and let it fall to her feet. She stood on one foot and removed her knee length stocking, then the other, all the time staring at Joyce’s cunt. All of them were naked now, and Pamie’s expression suggested she wanted to devour both Jerry’s cock and Joyce’s cunt, at the same time if possible. Joyce could see the lust burning in those young eyes.

“You want my cunt, don’t you, Pamie?” Joyce whispered. “You not only suck cock, but you lick pussy, too. Right?”

Pamie nodded her head, licking her lips. “Yes,” she whispered in a soft, yet excited voice. “I love to taste pussy, and I love them real hairy like your cunt.”

Jerry was standing behind Pamie, his arms around her, playing with her small tits, his cock probing at her ass. Already his cock was swollen into a beautiful hardness again. He maneuvered the head of his cock into the crack of Pamie’s ass, rubbing the dripping cock head about her tiny, very tight asshole. Pamie arched her ass into his cock, her eyes almost closing in pleasure.

“I think,” Joyce said in a hoarse voice, “that my son is trying to fuck you in the ass, Pamie.”

“Ooo, I know!” Pamie mewled, twisting her small ass against Jerry. “His cock is hard again and I’m gonna take it up my ass! You saw those pictures, Joyce. You know I’ll take a cock up my ass… and do, well, other things, too.”

“Bend over, honey, and let my son stick his cock up your little asshole,” Joyce said. “Let me fuck you in the ass and I’ll let you suck my cunt.”

With a shiver, Pamie dropped to her hands and knees, Jerry going with her. She waggled her cute naked ass. Joyce dropped to Pamie’s hips, taking her son’s cock in one hand and searching under the flat stomach of the girl’s cunt. She rubbed at Pamie’s fiery, insatiable cunt, then worked a finger in to fuck a moment. Finally, she slipped her hand between Pamie’s thighs to that tiny, pink asshole. She rubbed the girl’s asshole a moment jacking on her son’s cock. With a soft squeal, Joyce leaned down and kissed Pamie’s ass, sliding her tongue across a creamy ass cheek and darting it against the hot, tight ass pucker. Pamie gave a squeal and wiggled her ass, lifting a hand to cup Joyce’s hairy cunt. When Pamie lowered her shoulders to the floor, arching her sweet, shapely ass up, Joyce lapped daintily for a moment longer, then brought her son’s cock to it.

Rubbing her son’s dripping cock against Pamie’s tight asshole, Joyce mewled to see it open under the pressure of Jerry’s cock. It was evident Pamie had taken cock into her asshole often.

“Now!” Pamie squealed, shaking her ass. “Make him fuck my ass, Joyce! Oooo, make him shove his cock up my fucking asshole!”

“Eat me, Pamie,” Joyce said. “Eat my cunt!”

“Yes, oh yes!” Pamie gurgled, and she buried her young face into the wet hairiness of Joyce’s burning pussy, her tongue licking swiftly up and down the slippery cunt slit. She was wiggling her ass while Jerry fucked his cock deep into the boiling depths of her young, insatiable body.

Joyce moaned as Pamie’s tongue dipped into her cunt fluttering hungrily, her small mouth wide and pressing upon the sensitive cunt lips. Joyce leaned back, arching her cunt into the girl’s gobbling, licking, sucking mouth, grinding about in ecstasy. Jerry clung to Pamie’s twisting hips, fucking his cock back and forth, feeling the squeezing tightness of that young, pink asshole gripping his cock.

“OOOOO, you’re good, Pamie,” Joyce moaned. “So young, and such a good cunt-licker! Ohhhh, your tongue sure goes deep in my pussy! Suck me, baby, suck my hot cunt! Oh, Jerry, ram her hot little ass! Fuck the little cunt up the hot asshole!”

Pamie lifted her head, her face thoroughly smeared with the glistening juices of Joyce’s cunt, her eyes glazed and misty with erotic emotion. “You taste so good, Joyce,” she whined. “Your cunt is sweet and juicy and so hot! Ohhh, Jerry, fuck my ass! I love a hard cock up my ass… in my asshole! It’s been a long time! Fuck my asshole!”

She lowered her young face back to Joyce’s cunt slurping her tongue up and down the hairy pussy slit, closing her lips about Joyce’s cunt and sucking ecstatically. Past the girl’s head, Joyce watched the smooth back, seeing those small ass cheeks wiggle as her son fucked swiftly into the tiny asshole. She could actually see goose bumps on the girl’s flesh, and they told her Pamie, despite her very young age, was one of the horniest girls she would ever meet.

As she sucked and licked at Joyce’s cunt, Pamie made soft whimpering sounds, her small hands sliding under and cupping the shapely cheeks of Joyce’s ass. When Joyce felt Pamie working a finger to her asshole, she lifted her hips higher.

“Yes, Pamie!” she groaned. “Stick your finger up my ass! Finger-fuck me in my asshole, but don’t stop eating my cunt! God, you’re about to make me come already, darling!”

Pamie thrust a finger into Joyce’s asshole, fucking it in and out quickly, her tongue diving into the seeping cunt, her little ass wriggling as Jerry probed the heated depths of her sweet, slim body with his throbbing cock.

“Eat my mother’s cunt, Pamie!” Jerry groaned. “Eat her pussy and suck it! Your asshole is about to burn my fucking cock off, it’s so hot and tight!”

“Mmmmm!” Pamie groaned, rubbing, her pretty face in a frenzy about Joyce’s cunt. Her finger flew in and out of Joyce’s asshole, fucking eagerly as her tongue and lips seemed to be everyplace at once on the woman’s hairy, slippery cunt.

Joyce twisted and writhed, grinding her cunt hard into the girl’s face, one hand holding the back of Pamie’s head. She closed her thighs about the young face, humping her cunt up and down as the orgasms started to boil deep in her pussy.

“Ooo, I’m about to come!” Joyce screamed, and her cunt bubbled over, contracting about the sweet tongue in spasms of steamy orgasm. “Eat my fucking cunt! Eat it and suck it and lick it… I’m coming, you hot little cunt!”

A loud, muffled squeal came from Pamie, and her small body shook violently. Jerry yelled about the way Pamie’s asshole had suddenly squeezed his cock. With a yelp, he began to squirt come juice into Pamie’s asshole. Pamie was squealing into the woman’s hairy cunt, her naked body shaking with intense ecstasy.

Then, with a moan, Pamie lifted her mouth and, eyes bright, gently slipped her asshole off Jerry’s cock. She giggled and raised up on her knees, holding her ass like a little girl just spanked. “OOOOO, I thought I’d never stop coming. That was so good, so very good!”

Joyce looked at the lovely little girl, seeing Pamie was even more of an erotic creature than she had thought. The sheer beauty of her face was tantalizing. Her small, very firm tits with those candy-pink nipples were delicious and suckable. Her fuzzy little cunt, the moist pussy slit visible, made Joyce’s mouth water. Her tight little ass was a dream.

Pamie would fuck, take cock up the ass, and obviously was eager to suck a cock or cunt with equal delight. She stood up, both her hands holding her little ass cheeks. Pamie’s eyes burned still with insatiable fuck-lust. Jerry got to his feet, his knees shaking. His cock dangled with his balls, and his expression was that of a very happy boy. Pamie slipped her hand to his cock and balls, cupping them, rolling them about in, a loving manner.

Joyce grinned as Pamie lowered her head and ran her tongue about Jerry’s miniature nipple wetly. As she bent over that way to lick at his nipple, Pamie’s succulent ass arched, and Joyce could not resist stroking the baby smooth flesh for a moment, giving Pamie’s ass a squeeze. Joyce was sitting up, her knees drawn upward, and with a soft murmur, she kissed Pamie’s little ass briefly. Pamie mewled happily, wiggling her ass into Joyce’s face.

Jerry’s cock, under the caressing manipulations of Pamie’s hot little hand, began to swell again. Pamie squealed happily as she stroked his prick, feeling it become hard.

Falling to her knees in front of Jerry, Pamie smeared wet kisses about his lower stomach, then ran her tongue along the shaft of his cock, finally licking his balls. Joyce felt her erotic emotions starting to soar again, watching the sweet girl licking her son’s balls.

Pamie drew her head back, gazing at Jerry’s cock, fondling his balls. Jerry was dripping pre-come again from his piss hole. Moaning softly, Pamie wrapped her hot lips about the head of his cock, her cheeks sinking inward as she sucked very hard. Jerry groaned with the sensation, holding the back of the girl’s head. Joyce watched, amazed, as Pamie sucked every inch of her son’s cock into her mouth, her eyes closing as she twisted her face about, sucking eagerly. Pamie moved her hands to the cheeks of Jerry’s ass, holding them as she bobbed her young mouth back and forth on his throbbing cock.

Joyce recognized Pamie as a dedicated little cock-sucker and wondered, but just briefly, when she had started. She was so young, yet she devoured Jerry’s cock like a woman who had developed a taste for cock-sucking over many years. Sliding her hand up and between her son and Pamie, Joyce fondled and caressed the girl’s small tits, her other hand rubbing her bubbling little pussy. Her eyes were straining as she watched Pamie suck vigorously on Jerry’s cock.

“God, you look so beautiful, Pamie,” Joyce whispered throatily. “With my son’s cock in your mouth, you look so beautiful! Suck him, baby! Suck my son’s cock! Taste his hot came juice! You’ll love it, Pamie! Jerry has the sweetest and most jizz of anyone I know! Suck him, you sweet little cock-sucker!”

Pamie was groaning softly as she ran her tight lips back and forth on the throbbing hard-on, her eyes opening and closing, her gaze glassy with ecstasy. She dug her fingers into Jerry’s ass, squeezing the ass cheeks and pulling his cock deep into her hot, wet mouth. Joyce lowered her head, shoving it between her son’s legs and Pamie’s body, sucking a pink nipple as she looked up, watching her son’s balls bang upon that young chin. As she sucked Pamie’s tits, Joyce kept her hands busy, roaming about the satiny thighs, the tight little ass, feeling the heat of the fuzzy young cunt.

Pamie pulled her mouth off Jerry’s cock, nuzzling his hard-on against her cheek as she looked up at him.

“Jerry, you can piss in my mouth if you wanna, but don’t say anything to any people at school, okay? I don’t care if you talk about fucking me or that I suck cock, but I don’t want them to know you piss in my mouth.”

“I won’t,” Jerry promised, trying to work his cock back into her fiery mouth.

“Won’t what?” Pamie teased, blinking her eyes at him as she rubbed the wet head of his cock across her lips. “Tell or piss in my mouth?”

“Tell,” he said, arching his hips forward and fucking his cock into her willing mouth.

Pamie began to suck furiously again. Joyce, her lips wrapped around a sweet tit, almost all of the tit in her mouth, watched again with excitement as the little girl sucked with an energetic hunger. Working her middle finger into Pamie’s steamy cunt, she found it to be very tight. Fucking with her finger and sucking that sugary tit, she kept looking upward as Pamie sucked hard on Jerry’s cock.

“You want me to come in your mouth, Pamie?” Jerry asked, his voice cracking with ecstasy. “You want me to fill your little mouth with my jizz?”

Pamie nodded her head, but refused to let his cock go long enough to reply. She nodded and mewled about his prick, her hands digging harder into his ass, her fingers clawing at the crack of his ass as she began to make him fuck her mouth.

“I’m about to come,” Jerry said, grunting and holding the back of her head, pumping his cock in and out of her tight, hot lips. “I’m about to come in your fucking mouth, Pamie!”

Pamie squealed around his cocks sucking very hard.

Joyce, her mouth filled with Pamie’s tit, finger-fucked the girl in a frenzy. She watched her son’s balls, seeing them become tight at the base of his cock, the girl’s lips stretched as his prick penetrated them, fucking her mouth with quick, short strokes. Jerry’s balls writhed as he grunted. Joyce didn’t have to hear the wail of ecstasy Pamie made to know her son was coming off, filling that young mouth with his creamy, sweet come juice. As her son came in Pamie’s mouth, Joyce felt the girl’s little cunt squeezing and tightening around her plunging finger, the hips moving. Pamie was coming almost violently around Joyce’s finger as she began to make wet, gulping sounds, swallowing the thick cock cream spewing into her greedy mouth.

Joyce slipped her finger out of the Pamie’s cunt as the girl sat on her heels, grinning widely, licking her puffy lips.

“I came so hard!” Pamie said happily. “I started, coming when you did, Jerry, and I thought I’d never stop.”

“Don’t I get any credit?” Joyce asked, leaning over and kissing the girl’s come-drenched lips.

“Oh, yes!” Pamie mewled, darting her tongue playfully into Joyce’s mouth.

Joyce faced her son, swirling her tongue about his cock, tasting a drop or two of his come juice that seeped front his piss hole. Pamie watched with glowing eyes. “I guess we’re both cock hungry, huh, Joyce?”

“We sure are, honey,” Joyce replied, “not to mention just a teeny bit cunt hungry, too.”

Panic looked up at Jerry. “Don’t forget,” she said, her eyes flashing, “you want to piss in my mouth.”

“You asked me,” he reminded her.

“You don’t wanna piss for me?”

“Don’t worry,” Joyce said, caressing those tight little tits. “Jerry will piss for you.”

“In my mouth?”

“Wherever you want,” Jerry said.

“My cunt?” Pamie asked, showing excitement. “Will you piss on my cunt?”

“He’s pissed in my asshole,” Joyce said.

Panic’s eyes grew huge. “Really? Ooo, I bet that felt good. Joyce!”

“Well, it made me come, that’s for sure even if it did feel like be gave me an enema.”

“I wanna try that!” Pamie said, her voice low with emotion. “I wanna try it, too.”

“How long can you stay?” Joyce asked.

Pamie looked at the clock above the fireplace. “I’ve got two more hours,” she said. “But I can come back. I wanna come back as often as I can.”

Joyce hugged the girl tightly, smashing her big spongy tits against those small tits. “You can come here as often as you want, baby.”

“And we can do this? We can fuck and suck all the time?”

“Why else?”

“I can’t get enough,” Pamie said, clutching at one cheek of Joyce’s ass, her other hand holding Jerry’s cock tightly. “I don’t know why, but I just want to be fucked all the time.”

“Just fucked, honey?” Joyce asked, laughing lewdly.

“Oh, no! I wanna do everything, Joyce,” the girl said. “I wanna try it all!”

Over Joyce’s shoulder, Pamie pulled Jerry’s cock close to kiss it. At the same time she scrambled about until she was sitting between Joyce’s thighs, her own thighs around Joyce’s hips. Joyce felt the warmth of the girl’s cunt close to hers, and then the wetness.

“You’re pissing!” Joyce mewled.

“Yes,” Pamie whispered.

Joyce felt the golden stream of piss splashing upon her hairy cunt, making her pussy tingle.

“Your gonna get it now, you sweet thing!” Joyce said, and she began pissing all over Pamie’s cunt, too. Pamie leaned back, looking down. Jerry, peering over his mother’s shoulder, could see them pissing on each other’s cunt, and he draped his cock over his mother’s naked shoulder.

Pamie lifted her eyes in time to see Jerry letting go with a strong golden stream of piss, right into her young face. Pamie squealed loudly, opening her mouth wide.

Joyce watched her son pissing into the exciting girl’s mouth, over her face until piss ran down over her small tits, then back into her gurgling mouth again. Joyce’s cunt began to convulse as she felt the warm piss flowing from Pamie’s cunt, spurting upon her clit as she returned the stream to Pamie. She felt her son’s piss splattering back from Pamie’s face and mouth to her swollen tits, running warmly down her belly and drenching her thick cunt hair. Joyce turned her head sideways, her mouth open.

Jerry began to piss alternately into Pamie’s mouth and his mother’s. Pamie pressed her check to Joyce’s and both began to swallow Jerry’s hot piss, their cunts still spurting foaming piss. Jerry shook his cock into their faces when he finished, then sat back on the couch, legs wide, playing with his cock.

Pamie mewled and hugged Joyce, their piss-soaked tits pressed together.

“Oooo, I wish I could live here,” Pamie whispered, licking about Joyce’s face.

“So do I,” Joyce replied. “So does my son.”

“It would be so nice,” Pamie murmured. Jerry stroked his cock into hardness. “Hey, which one of you wants to take care of my hard-on?”

Joyce and Pamie giggled, then both turned to him.

“Both of us!” Joyce giggled. She took her son’s cock into her mouth as Pamie began to lick his balls.

“Oh, yes, both of you!” Jerry sighed happily, leaning back and watching his mother and little Pamie devouring his cock and balls hungrily.

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