Black Bliss (MMF, wife, voy, intr)

I wanted to write to tell you about this marvellous get
high my wife and I tried. It was purely experimental
and to tell the truth she didn’t know I had
administered it to her in her coffee, but the result
was absolutely astounding and lead the best all round
sex session I had ever experienced.

It had all started innocently enough when my friend Dr.
Jim Amamba told me about his research work on an sexual
performance enhancement drugs for women. Jim and I went
back years. We had even done our doctoral research in
the same field. The fact that I was white and short
while Jim was as black as the ace of spades and built
like and American footballer made this friendship seem
unlikely on the surface but we shared many common

I listened as Jim explained to me that the male market
for sexual stimulants like Viagra was saturated and the
laboratory was developing a female derivative that
enhanced women’s sexual urges and performance to
penetrate into an untapped sector. When Jim had first
mentioned it, I had remarked half seriously that my
wife was fairly frigid sexually and I for one sure
would buy the product. He had raised an embarrassed
eyebrow and then changed the subject so I had not
persued the conversation any further. A couple of weeks
later we were working out at the gym when he had begun
awkwardly: “Jim, remember our conversation a couple of
weeks ago…”

“Yeah…” I said encouraging but non-committed. I
didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but being
a pure male I didn’t want to let on.

“The lab is looking for couples to volunteers for the
trial of “Bliss”, the new sexual drug for women.” He
managed, half embarrassed.

My ears pricked up.

“And?” I said.

“I was ..uh… wondering whether you meant what you
said the other day. I mean about you and Alice being
interested in trying it out.” He said.

“Maybe, what’s the catch?” I replied.

“The drug is totally untested on humans so you would
need to try it in steps of 5 milli-grams over a one
week period and then write up the results and side
effects and check in with me every day. The trial would
be totally anonymous of course. To compensate you, we
would pay $10,000.” He added.

I argued a bit, he threw in free supply and then I
closed the deal. He gave me some papers to sign and
after hesitating, signed then for Alice and returned
them to him. The next day I took the drug home and
mixed the first dose, 5 milligrams, into her coffee. A
big zero. No result. I was angry and I told Jim that
his drug was useless. Reluctantly, he told me to go
straight to 20mgr, so I went to 30 instead.

That night she went wild. No cold shoulder for Jim, oh
no, boy oh boy. Alice just couldn’t get enough sex. She
got me to take her in all her holes, one at the time,
including in her arse (she had never asked that
before). I came as soon as I had broken her in — we
both came violently.

“I need more sex.” She kept repeating.

“What like a big black rod?” I jested.

She groaned in reply, climbed on top of me and rode my
cock until she came once more, leaving exhausted after
the fourth round. We were at it all night long though
and it was fantastic.

The next day Jim called me up concerned about the
experiment. When he asked how it was going I told him
it was a total wash. He sounded very displeased and
said with disbelief that it was impossible.

“Come and see for yourself!” I replied.

He was embarrassed but I managed to talk him in. He
hesitated, then reluctantly agreed. He had too much
riding on this. He came in early and we had a few
beers. What I didn’t tell him is that I had mixed up
Viagra in his beer…I wanted him to suffer black Bliss
while he watched me screw Alice… When Alice got back
we had a nice evening and she cooked us a roast. I told
her Jim was moving some furniture and that he would
crash out on the sofa tonight. She said that wouldn’t
do, he could use our bed and we would take the sofa
bed. He excused himself for the trouble while she
prepared him some sheets. He retired early and I helped
my wife clear the dishes. I served her the chamomile
tea, this time with 40 milligrams just for luck.
Fifteen minutes later she was really hot, trying to
take my clothes off.

“Let’s sneak up and take a peek at Jim.” I suggested.

In her daze she just followed me up to our bedroom. Jim
was snoring softly.

“I need you, now.” She moaned with eagerness. Her eyes
shone with lust as she pushed me onto my back on the
bed and she began rubbing her backside against me, her
bottom, rubbing against my crotch. She was totally
gone, man, and I had the biggest hard on ever. Alice
slipped her panties off. She was rubbing her ass into
my cock and I knew what she wanted. My cock sprang to
attention as she swayed and pumped against me. In no
time, I felt her slip a rubber on my cock. I was on my
side and she was in front of me looking toward Jim. I
felt her adjust her body and slip her pussy on my cock.
I let my cock slide into her from the rear and she let
out a guttural cry. I began to rub her clit and I could
feel her juices flowing. She grabbed her breasts,
kneaded them and cried: “Oh yes! Fuck me!”

I glanced over to make sure Jim was asleep. He was on
his back with his eyes closed. I whispered to Alice
that we should go downstairs but she only pushed back
harder letting out a little moan. Since she didn’t seem
concerned, I began to pump back at her. Alice began
moaning louder and saying, “Yes. Harder! More.” I
grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her. The
tightness of her pussy made me tense up and shoot my
second load of the night. Alice had her eyes closed and
kept pushing back on me begging for more. As I slowed
her down I glanced over at Jim and saw Jim’s white
round eye open wide with surprise and fascination. I
could see his hand pump his hard cock under the sheets.
As he uncovered them, I realised Jim was sporting the
longest hard on I had ever seen, except maybe on a
horse, thanks to the Viagra.

I leaned forward and asked Alice if she was still
horny. “Yes!” she replied with her eyes closed. Out of
the blue I said, “Good, Jim wants to fuck you.” I
grabbed a rubber and threw it to Jim. He was out of his
bed and naked in a flash. His hard cock pointed right
at Alice’s face. I looked at her not sure what he was
going to do. All she did was lay there with a sweet
smile on her face. She was too sex crazed to really
notice him even when Jim came join us, his long thick
ebony member sticking out in front of him ready to use.
His shadow fell over her and her eyes went wide and she
gasped with fear and excitement, yanking back with a

He drew nearer. His huge black cock was poking forward.
It was a good 9 or 10 inches long, as thick as Alice’s
wrist, and was it was “uncut”. Although it was almost
fully hard, it still drooped from its sheer size and
weight. The thick foreskin was pulled back slightly,
revealing most of its thick bulbous head, and a clear
drop of pre-cum was slowly oozing out of its half-inch
long piss-slit. For a few moments neither of us spoke.

My eyes soon turned back to my wife, and in her eyes I
saw something. That initial look of shock had gone and
was replaced with a look of total fascination.

My wife gasped and covered her mouth in shock as Jim
opened his legs exposing his incredibly long and thick
penis to my young wife’s eyes.

“Is your husband as big as me Alice?”

My wife gently shook her head as she stared mouth open
at Jim’s naked body.

“What’s that I didn’t hear your answer Alice?”

“No,” Alice whispered.

“Am I a little bigger or much bigger?” he continued.

There was silence for a few seconds before Alice in a
clear voice said: “Much bigger.”

Despite it being true these words really cut me. I also
noticed that Jim’s penis had been growing as he had
been asking my wife these questions.

“Do you want to see me hard? See how much bigger it
gets?” he asked my wife.

“W-we better stop Jim I’m married,” she said weakly.

“OK Alice we’ll stop soon,” Shane said as he moved her
hand onto his large cock. And what she did next sent
ice-cold shivers through my whole body. Her right hand
slowly came up from her crotch, and in what seemed like
slow motion, she reached for this huge cock. Her eyes
darted at me a few times to check my reaction, and I’m
sure she didn’t see any objection from me. Closer and
closer… then she touched it. Encircling her small
hand around his shaft, she began to gently caress his
cock. She seemed to intimately study it’s every detail
as she stroked it back and forth, running her slender
fingers over every ridge and vein, sliding the foreskin
back and forth over the fat black head. It was like a
weird courting. A bird prey seduced by the snake.

His enormous cock seemed to pulse from the mere touch
of Alice’s fingers. Not once did she remove her eyes
from this stranger’s pitch black penis as she grasp it
in her hand, feeling it throb from her gentle
massaging. It was so easy to see that her repressed
sexual desire was slowly taking over, as this strange
black manhood seemed to gradually melt away her
virtues. But his cock wasn’t the only thing that had
her undivided attention. Underneath it hung a set of
balls that were the size of eggs! Pulling his scrotum
into our side, she gently squeezed his huge balls,
kneading them, feeling their weight in her hand.

“It is magnificent!” She exclaimed. “Oh Harry, if only
you had a cock as long, thick and stiff as this…”

All of the sudden her curiosity seemed satisfied and a
sense or gratification took over.

My wife’s hand seemed so tiny as it rubbed his balls
and growing cock. After just a few seconds of stroking
his cock he was seemingly rock hard. Despite my shock I
had to admit that he had an incredible cock it must
have been at least 10 inches now and so thick like a
bat. My wife’s small hand was now stroking his long
cock with long slow stokes and she was moaning as she
was doing so.

“Do you like touching my cock Alice, what do you think
about it?” He asked her.

“It’s! It’s! It’s amazing, I can’t believe how big it
is,” she stammered.

Her left quickly joined her right, and with a wild,
intense look on her face, she began to jack off this
stranger off! Stroke by stroke, she pulled on his cock,
sliding her beautiful hands down it’s full length. And
ever so slowly I began to notice that with each stroke,
she inched her head closer to the tip of his cock. I
knew what she was thinking. She may have wanted to
resist it, but I knew she wanted to slip her lips
around his black cock. And no sooner than did that
thought enter my mind than did she close the distance.
She sat up and kissed the tip of his hard prick. Jim
moved closer so that she could suck him deeper into her
mouth. Jim handed Alice the condom and she tore it
open. With one swift motion she moved her mouth to
Jim’s balls and unrolled the condom on his cock.

Jim pushed her down on the bed and knelt at her side as
he began sucking on one of her nipples. I watched in
awe as she slipped the end of his ebony cock into her
mouth, let it slide past her lips, and sink into her
warmth. Alice wrapped her lipstick-painted lips around
his dick and began to suck him taking as much of his
shaft into her mouth as she could, sliding it deep into
the back of her throat a few times only to pull it out
and slide her tongue down it’s length. She began slowly
kissing the base of his cock and taking long licks up
his long shaft between stokes.

“You dirty slut Alice, look at you,” he laughed at her.
This did not put my wife off but instead just made her
go wilder. She was now stroking faster plus she was
kissing and licking his cock like a starved woman.
Alice pushed her away from his cock; my wife looked at
him with a hurt expression. He laughed out loud and
with both hands he ripped open my wife’s bra and pulled
her towards him again. She eagerly went back to his
massive rock hard tool.

She moved her lips up and down along the length of his
shaft, and it began to grow even longer as she sucked
him to an enormous erection. Not only did I hear this
stranger moaning, but Alice was moaning as well. Of
course she couldn’t take much more than two-thirds of
his cock into her mouth, but she seemed to delight in
pulling his foreskin back and sucking on the tip of his

Sitting beside her, watching this sight unfold, my hand
slipped back between her legs to work on her pussy some
more. But she was already there with her right hand,
frantically working her fingers over her hairy pussy
and rubbing her clit! She must have been wet too,
because I could hear the gushing sounds her fingers
made as they went in and out of her. Sensing my hand
was there to take over, she quickly grasped his cock
with both hands again as I plunged my finger into her
pussy. And as I slipped my finger inside her, I
honestly thought she had lost control of her bladder.

She was so fucking wet, her juices were almost to the
point of running out of her cunt. I don’t think I’d
ever felt her that wet before!! Feeling her pussy
literally flooded with her natural lubrication, being
SO wet, and seeing how intensely she was sucking his
cock; all the signs were giving her away. I knew that
deep down she wanted to be fucked by this cock. Her
mouth would occasionally slip off of his dick, and she
would smile at him. About the third time this happened,
Jim swung his hips back and forth, slapping his dick
against her cheeks. She got it back in her mouth and
looked in his eyes as she sucked him. Jim said: “Slut,
do you love my black dick?”

With his dick still in her mouth, she nodded yes.

He asked: “More than your husband’s? Because it’s
thicker? And I know you love it cause it’s blacker,”

He was pulling and pinching her other nipple so hard I
thought he would pull it off. Alice only moaned in
pleasure. And as if this stranger was sensing her mood
as well, he suddenly withdrew his wet cock from the
hole and Alice’s grasp. I swear she had the look on her
face of that of a kid who had just had her candy
stolen. The condom glistened from my wife’s saliva.
Alice stared at his protected cock for a few seconds
before she gingerly reached out for it and grasped it
in her hands.

“Babe, I think he wants to fuck you!” I said.

“Nooo… I… I can’t” she stammered.

Thrusting a finger into her sloppy wet pussy I replied,
“Uh-huh, but your cunt is giving you away… you know
you want that huge cock inside you… filling you up
like you’ve never been filled before!” I continued by
adding, “Just think about how good that huge, hot black
cock will feel deep inside your pussy!”

“Nooo…. I can’t do this.” she moaned in desperation.

She looked at me with eyes that were filled with lust,
but at the same time eyes begging for me to stop. She
put up a feeble struggle as I lifted her skirt up over
her waist.

“Nooo… I can’t do this…” She moaned. But, she
didn’t resist at all when I turned her onto her back,
ass toward the Jim and had her bend over.

“Fuck me please. I need to feel that big cock inside
me,” she begged.

“Is it bigger then your husband’s penis Alice?”

“You know it is, it’s twice as long and twice as thick.
Please fuck me!”

He laughed and slowly began to push himself into my
wife from behind.

I placed her hands on my knees allowing her to support
herself in this position. Not giving her time to think
about it, I quickly pushed her back so that her legs
were straddling his cock. And as she moved into
position I grasped the huge black cock and pressed it
up against her wet crotch centering the helmet of his
prick at the entrance of her cunt. I looked at Jim’s
monster cock, nearly a foot long and as thick as my
wrist. I didn’t see how it could ever fit into my
wife’s little body… it would have to stretch her and
reach past her navel!

She tried to hold back a deep moan, but she couldn’t. I
then pressed his hot long dark shaft up between her
pink pussy lips. She inhaled deeply as she felt his
hot, hard cock touch her cunt, poised at the opening of
her pussy and that was all I needed from her. Not
wasting time, I positioning its huge thick head up
between her pussy lips.

“Ummmmmmm…… Noooo… PLEASE! No!”

Inside her I knew there was a battle going on between
her strict morals and her pure sexual lust. But I knew
what the outcome of that battle would be. Holding his
cock next to her, pressing against her opening I
whispered, “Ohhh Baby! Feel that huge black cock next
to your cunt… Do it!! Take it inside you!!”

That was all it took. I could feel her whole body
shudder and I could sense her caving in to her primal
craving. She was high on drugs and very horny. Using my
index finger, I pushed the end of his cock into her

“There baby, here we go, you must feel it opening you
up. Savour the feeling…”

She smiled but her grip on my hand tightened for a
moment and her body stiffened as the massive cock
spread her cunt-lips and he began to penetrate her. He
eagerly pushed forward, and inch by inch, I felt his
cock slowly slip up into my wife! She shuddered as she
felt the big prick going deeper and deeper. Alice
pushed and pushed as if she was having a baby until
somehow, that giant purple head of his long dark dong
forced it’s way into her tiny, distended pussy. My wife
let out a small cry, obviously as the huge cock entered
her pussy: “Oh, that feels so fucking good stretching
my tight white cunt!”

He turned to me: “What do you think, still so keen to
see me to fuck her? I’m only about an inch in, you want
to try to stop me or do you want to see your fantasy so
much that you will take the risk?” He taunted.

She stopped half way there and closed her eyes for a
moment, getting used to the girth, then once more
started to push. Shaking with excitement, I pushed on
his arse firmly and was greeted by a scream from my
wife as he went deep into her to the root.

“Oh God!” she squealed. “He’s right, you know, the evil
bastard. I’m so fertile, especially this week. Make
sure he has protection, that he wears a condom. You’ve
got your wish, I couldn’t stop now, I must have a man
in me even him but make him be careful.”

“Tough luck, you’d need an army to pull me out of here
now. I hate rubbers, they spoil all the fun. If it
comes off I think you would make a lovely mother for my
kid. You’re not the sort to get rid of it.”

Her pussy soon widened to accommodate him and she began
to relax. I watched spellbound, partly dazzled by the
raw beauty of two people in the throes of the sex act,
and partly amazed that I was watching someone else fuck
my wife – even if, with her approval, I had planned and
arranged the whole thing.

Alice started bobbing up and down slowly, coating Jim’s
incredible shaft with her glistening juices. Each time
she went down, she managed to take a bit more of it. I
was fascinated… never in my life had I seen such a
sight! Finally, he pushed the entire length of his
black manhood into her cunt in one smooth motion. She
was dazed as she cried out in pleasure. His balls
slapped against her as the full length of that cock
filled her pussy. It was an incredible sensation. She
must have been so turned with it real deep in her where
her vaginal muscles could grip it all nice and tight.

He paused briefly before withdrawing the black pole he
had inserted into her! His cock glistened with her
moistness. He withdrew almost completely, I could see
the crown of that black cock almost come out of her
briefly, then he thrust it back into her. Alice groaned
loudly in satisfaction as she simultaneously thrust her
hips forward to meet his attack. Then he pulled it out
quickly and thrust back into her. She was loosing
control, moaning in pleasure. And as he slid inside
her, I all but had to hold Alice up as she became “one”
with him, emitting a deep guttural groan as he entered

She looked up at me. I could see the lust in her
eyes… she was in another world. She reached one hand
around the back of my head and pulled my face to hers,
kissing me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… my
tiny red-haired wife, no bigger than the average 12-
year-old, had just taken a black cock the size of a
salami into her pussy… to the hilt, no less. With a
sudden twinge, I realized that her tiny pink pussy
would quite probably never be the same.

He began to hump her furiously and in spite of herself
she began to respond, her breathing deepened and she
started to make little whimpering sounds. Her arms
crept around him and she lifted her lips to his now.

Alice gasped: “Oh my GOD! Jim! He’s bigger than
anything I ever had! Oh shit! Oh my God! You’re so
fucking big! Oh please! Easy!” Alice spread her legs.
Slowly his cock moved in and out of Alice’s pussy
making little plopping sounds as he took it out. Alice
moaned: “Oh yes Jim. Fuck me like that…” Her
encouragement was all he needed to pick up the pace. He
began to buck, pumping his cock in and out of my wife
and she began to push her cunt onto his cock,
responding to his thrusts and fucking back at him.
Alice’s hands were on his butt pulling the black cock
deeper into with each thrust.

He paused briefly before withdrawing the black pole he
had inserted into her! His cock glistened with her
moistness. He withdrew almost completely, I could see
the crown of that black cock almost come out of her
briefly, then he thrust it back into her. Alice groaned
loudly in satisfaction as she simultaneously thrust her
hips forward to meet his attack.

Reaching into the front of her blouse, I flipped her
bra down, and once again I had the surprise of my life.
Maybe it was only the moment, but I swear I’d never
felt my wife’s nipples so hard and erect! They were
literally so hard and so sensitive I knew she didn’t
want me playing with them so I left them alone. But
that didn’t stop me from reaching back between her legs
to rub her clit. The instant I touched her clit, her
head reared back and she let out a deep moan.

I was feeling sort of left out, and wanting to be part
of the action I decided to help her get off by
massaging her clit. And as I did so, I couldn’t resist
the temptation to move my finger back and feel the
thick black cock that was pumping my wife. On the next
stroke, I let my middle finger wonder back. And as he
took his next stroke, my fingertip rubbed along the
underside of his cock. I heard him moan “Yessss!” as I
did so, making it obvious he liked the added sensation.

It dawned on me that since he was unable to get all of
his cock inside Alice’s pussy, I assumed he might like
a bit of added stimulation, especially at the base of
his cock. Reaching back I let my fingers, lubricated
with Alice’s pussy juices, ride across the base of his
cock as he stroked. Once more he moaned in gratitude,
and I responded by wrapping my thumb and index finger
around the base of his cock and squeezing him tight. It
never dawned on me what would be the result of my doing
this. As he withdrew on his next stroke, I felt the rim
of his condom catch in my grasp. And before I could
release my grip, his condom had slid half way down his

You would think that as he pushed inside her the next
time, it would have slipped back down his cock, but
that was not the case. He didn’t miss a thrust, and
with the next several strokes, I did my best to try and
slide it back down his cock. But the more I tried, the
more it seemed to work it’s way closer to the head of
his cock. Then in an instant it slid completely off his
cock, was poked up into her cunt for a stroke or two,
then I felt his wet, wadded up condom drop into my
cupped hand. Alice had no clue as to what happened. I
was certainly aware of it, but so was Jim. As he felt
his cock, now unsheathed, slide up into Alice’s pussy,
he moaned.

I had every reason in the world to stop everything
right then and there and put the rubber back on this
guy before continuing. But for some reason I didn’t.
Instead, I simply sat there holding his discarded
rubber and stared at the sight in front of me. Only
then did it hit me as to what I was really watching. I
was witnessing my wife, performing a filthy sexual act
that I would have never dreamed of her doing, not even
in my wildest of dreams.

She was an honest virgin until our wedding night, and
during all the years of our marriage, I know she had
never strayed. She was the “textbook” wife and mother,
with spotless morals. Yet here she was, in a perverted
situation I never imagined her in. I couldn’t believe
this was the same woman I’d married! I couldn’t believe
I was seeing her bent over, pressing her full arse and
thighs up against a negro. Her face contorted in erotic
ecstasy as she was totally lost in the sensation of
having her pussy serviced by a huge black cock and
doing her best to get his cock deeper inside her.

And as I looked on, I made the stark realization as to
why I didn’t pause their copulating to put his condom
back on. As hard as it was to admit it, I was
incredibly turned on over the risk of her being
impregnated! And the fact that this strange black man
had his bare cock inside my wife’s unprotected pussy,
frothing and pumping his juices in her stretched
snatch, and that she was in the most fertile part of
her period, it only fuelled my desire beyond
imagination. As much as I tried to suppress it I
couldn’t. In the heat of that instant, all logic and
clear thought had vanished from my mind. I yanked HARD
on my cock as it was so very clear what I wanted. I
wanted Jim to squirt his sperm deep inside my wife, and
impregnate her with his black baby!

That thought was suddenly interrupted by Alice’s heavy,
loud moans. Only then did it dawn on me that I had been
in sort of a trance, totally unaware of how much time
had passed. Sensing she was almost to orgasm, I quickly
reached between her legs and began to massage her clit.

“Oh yes!” Alice cried. “Make me cum, stretch my cunt so
that only a black man will do! Watch him David, watch
him stretch your wife so wide, that your cock wouldn’t
touch the sides even if you were allowed in!”

The talk combined with the rigorous fucking was
exciting me beyond belief, but I hated myself for it,
and I was increasing concerned that it was obvious I
had lost my wife sexually forever. I was shaken out of
my thoughts as my wife began to show all the signs of
an oncoming, intense orgasm. Jim sensing her peak
ploughed into her clutching hole, withdrawing all the
way, and returning balls deep on each stroke. I guessed
she had come several times by now.

As I lay on the other bed I found I couldn’t move. I
had never seen two people have sex before, let alone
one who was my partner. Time seemed to stand still and
all I could do was watch that cock plunge in and out of
Alice. Jim’s cock glistened in the soft light from
Alice’s cunt juices. I could smell her pussy, this time
not as a participant.

Jim put her on her side facing me and entered her from
behind. Her legs were closed and I couldn’t see his
cock go into her. I asked her to lift her leg so I
could see her pussy get filled by the cock she was
begging for. She lifted a leg back over Jim and I got a
clear view of her hungry cunt taking what it wanted.
Jim had reached both hands around in front and was
squeezing Alice’s tits. As she has small ones, Jim’s
hands completely covered them from view but I could
tell he was using as much pressure on them as he could.
With this grip on her body he could move her roughly up
and down on his cock.

She pulled my head towards her and started kissing me
deeply and passionately as Jim fucked her silly. Alice
was furiously rubbing her clit and she brought herself
to a wild orgasm, babbling to herself about fucking and
cumming and big nigger cocks. I was entranced to see
her respond to this brutal fucking. I leaned and
showered kisses onto her as she thrust her tongue into
my mouth and gripped us both frantically. Jim could
take no more and he too joined her babbling as he said:
“Oh fuck Alice. You’re making me cum, you little whore!
Oh Babe, hear it comes, its good stuff, worth waiting
for. So were you, I didn’t expect to get this fuck but
it’s the best yet. I’m gonna fill your slutty cunt and
give you a black baby! Oh yeah! I want to make you

With a last deep thrust he rammed his cock home and
came hard and deep into her now well-fucked cunt. Alice
was rubbing her clit faster and harder in time with his
strokes. He continued with little stabs into her cunt,
instinctively trying to get as deep into her as he
could. His frantic thrusting induced her climax and her
orgasm swept uncontrollably through her. While Alice
was in the peak of her orgasm, he delivered one
final… almost brutal thrust. With that, I knew that
his veined cock had sank up into the depths of my
wife’s vagina one last time, and hold motionless. I had
a split second to think about grabbing his cock and
yanking out of her… But I didn’t. She shuddered as
his sperm pumped between her legs and then spilled out
of her overfilled cunt and ran down between her thighs.

Jim could feel her cunt pulling at him with strong
spasms and contractions, milking him, sucking his
strong spunk deep into her in spite of everything she
had said. He flooded her womb entrance where the black
sperm could get quickly to work to make a kid closed.
It was the best time of the month for her to fall for a

I was so turned on watching her so wantonly gripped by
such forbidden pleasure. I was thrilled to watch her
lose control and cum so promiscuously. I watched him
pumping in and out of her cunt lips as the wrapped
around his big prick so recklessly and saw her cuntal
love juice squeezed out of her by his pumping.

I stroked her belly and mound as it convulsed in
pleasure. I loved her so much. She was so sexy and
desirable. Over and over again, Jim’s black cock pulsed
and ejaculated his sperm inside my wife’s pussy, no
doubt flooding her 35 yr. old womanhood full of what I
knew could result in a black baby. And as he continued
to gush inside her, I found myself frantically rubbing
her clit, extending her orgasm to mask any sensation
she might feel of her being filled with his hot semen.
I wouldn’t have believed it possible that a guy could
cum so much, but for what seemed like a solid 15
seconds, he kept his cock planted deep inside my wife,
pumping spurt after spurt of his cum inside her. All of
the sudden it was over… quiet except for Alice’s
heavy breathing.

I felt Alice’s body relax, and at the same instant I
felt a hot, sticky fluid covering my fingers as the
stranger withdrew his spent cock from my wife. It ran
down her legs and made a huge mess on the sheets,
leaving them soiled and soaked. For a moment I watched
her lying on her back in all the spunk on the soaking
sheets. I wanted to slide my half erect cock right into
her pussy up to the base and start pumping it into her.
I crawled over to her and she just looked at me and
smiled. My wife just had the biggest smile on her face.
She looked like a cat that had just swallowed a canary.
She said: “Oh God. He’s so good!”

She reached behind her and gently stroked Jim’s cock as
he pulled back from her. When he was soft enough, she
leaned back onto me.

I pulled my prick out and slid it into her mouth. She
smiled and took it deep, sucking and slurping on it. I
started to withdraw as I began to cum, knowing she
normally hates the taste of cum in her mouth but she
sucked me back in deep and licked and swallowed until I
was sucked dry.

We had sex six more times that evening and each time
Jim came like crazy in my wife’s private parts. I
crawled back into Jim’s bed and fell asleep. My last
memory was Alice getting rubbed off by Jim while they
kissed passionately. In the morning I awoke to Alice
crawling in bed with me. Jim had left for a morning
basketball game. It seemed that Jim fucked her once
again during the night and again in the morning before
he left for his game. We talked about what happened. It
had never happened before but she said it had always
been a fantasy of hers. In fact, she wondered why it
took so long for us to do it to her.

I began licking out the residue of her lover’s cum.

“I hope you like the taste,” my wife said. “Because I
am going to be seeing a lot more of Jim in future.

She shocked me when she said she wanted to fuck both of
us again. The idea of having two guys whenever she
wanted them was very appealing to her. She assured me
that she loved only me and hoped it wouldn’t jeopardize
our marriage. I told her it wouldn’t.

Although we didn’t use the drug again after that,
especially after Alice forced a confession out of me,
Jim still comes over a couple of times a week to
service my wife. I had assumed that when he pulled his
cock out of her sweet pussy it would all be over and
she would still be all mine. I was wrong. She seems to
have grown addicted to the black bliss.