Black House Guest

I love to tell about some of the events in my life and
this is one of my memorable times.

They say when the cats away, the kitty will play. Well
it was true this time anyway. You see my husband of
almost twenty years was away on deployment with his
military unit and I was managing the house and keeping
up with our son who was in his first year in college.

Spring break came and as things were a bit tight on
money, I encouraged my son to forego the college
tradition of going to the beach somewhere during spring
break. He agreed and asked if he could bring a
houseguest, his friend BB, home for the vacation. I was
happy that he had a friend that he wanted to socialize
with, so I agreed.

My son, Tim, had not told me anything about BB so when
they arrived, I was surprised that his friend was
black. As we were introduced, I could see that BB’s
eyes took a good look at my 5 ft 9 inch 140 lb body. He
gave me a lingering peck on the cheek. I made nothing
of it, just a normal male subconscious look at a lady
sizing her up. I think most males do this

Later that evening after dinner, we socialized some in
the living room and I asked BB about his nickname. He
said that his uncle had called him Black Boy as a very
young age and later it was changed to BB. He thought
nothing of it and actually liked the nick. I looked at
this jet-black skin and thought how beautiful and sexy
it was. Now I was wondering why I thought that. Maybe
it was just a subtle thought from my past.

I remember as a teen in high school, the black guys
were always hitting on the white girls and I am sure
many got what they were after. I was thinking that I
had never been so lucky as I chuckled to myself. Oh
well, those days are gone forever. One cannot relive
the past.

“What are you guys going to do to pass the week away?”
I asked.

“Guess we will get our bathing suits on and spray each
other with the water hose and play like we are at the
beach,” Tim said as he was joined in laughter with BB.

The next morning, as I sat with my morning coffee
reading the paper, BB came into the kitchen and walked
up behind me and put his arms around me and gave me a
squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, and said, “Good
morning Momma. You look hot in that gown.”

I then realized that I had not dressed but was sitting
there in my nightgown, and without anything under it. I
made some feeble excuse about how I had forgotten that
I had a house guest and I stammered as BB chuckled and
said, “I like it, you are a very foxy Momma.”

“Oh BB you are just saying that to make me feel good,”
as I felt a flutter between my thighs and a tingle in
my clit. “What am I thinking? Damn it, I am a happily
married woman and besides I am old enough to be his
mother and he isn’t interested in an older woman

The guys passed the day somehow. That evening Tim had a
date but BB passed on the opportunity to go to the
movie with Tim and his date. He instead chose to stay
home and watch a movie with me. I made some popcorn and
we watched the movie and sat on the couch together. BB
joked about us being on a date and put his arm around
me. I said, “OK, lets play like I am a teen-ager again
and you are my date.”

H squeezed me and replied, “It’s OK by me, but if I
treat you like my date, you may be asking for more than
you bargained for Momma.”

“OK quit calling me Momma. I am Brenda and I am your
date,” as I giggled and snuggled up to BB. He didn’t
back off a bit and pulled me close and kissed me deeply
and passionately. My head was now spinning.

I was now wondering what I was doing with this young
black stud that probably was ready to stick his hard
black pole into my white married honey pot and shoot
his black seed deep inside my white womb.

“Oh shit,” I though. “I am thinking about giving some
of my husband’s private stuff to a young black man whom
I have just met and is my own son’s college friend.
What am I thinking about? I need to stop this now
before I go too far, oh I want to feel that young stud
pounding me hard…Yes, he can have me if he wants me,
yes, yes, yes, I am going to give him some white

We were now doing some heavy petting and giggling like
a couple of young high school kids on their first date.
I was becoming fully aroused as I could feel my juices
lubricating my canal getting ready to be bred just as
nature has made it. I was now aware that BB was fully
aroused. We had long ago forgotten the movie and were
concentrating on each other.

I whispered to BB, “Put your hand between my legs and
you will know that you have made your date ready to be
loved,” as I moved my hand down to his crotch and
gently rubbed his hard erect love tool. We were now in
a full embrace, kissing deeply and felling each other
all over.

I stood and led BB to the master bedroom, and the bed,
which had been only used by my husband and me. Now that
the old Tomcat was away, the Momma pussycat wanted to
play with the handsome and eager young Tomcat. I think
that is one of the laws of the jungle, “When the
dominant male is not looking, the young males sneak
around and breed the females. And of course the females
are more than willing to get some young hard cock.”

As for me I was thinking that it was OK to let BB have
my husband’s wife as he was not using her at the moment
and he would never miss anything, and I would enjoy
being this young stud’s plaything.

We had now removed each other’s clothes and were
admiring the objects of our sexual desires for the
night. What a body BB had! Muscular, young, black, and
chest covered with curly hair. I knelt and took his
black pole in my hand and the other hand gently held
his sperm filled balls. I licked the clear fluid from
the slip in his cock, and then my mouth encircled the
head as he moaned with pleasure.

I moved my fingers through his kinky black pubic hair.
When I realized he was reaching a point that I needed
to stop before he shot his load, I laid back onto the
bed as he suckled my breast and trailed kissed down to
my black curly and thick pubic hair, parting my lips
and running his tongue around my clit driving me nearly
to climax, He pushed his tongue deep into my canal and
slurped my freely flowing juices. I was not begging BB
to take me.

As BB moved his black body above mine to claim his
white pussycat, I opened my legs to welcome him. He
slowly entered as he breathed hard and moaned with
pleasure. I pushed up to receive my young stud pulling
him to me as I moved up tight with my hands firmly
planted on his buttocks. I was now giving my husband’s
private honey pot to this young black stud that I had
invited to take my husbands place while he was away.

We were moaning, thrusting, squirming, and sweating as
we moved to take our pleasures from each other. BB was
now nibbling on my ear as he thrust deeper and faster
and was telling me how good I was. All I could find to
say was “Fuck your Momma! Fuck your Brenda! Come in
Momma! I’ve got you baby! I want your fucking black
seed in me! Breed me my Young Black Stud! Breed me!

As I felt him start thrusting hard and deep, grunt as
he thrust, I knew he was going to blow his load very
soon. This sent me into pure sexual bliss and I started
thrusting hard and then stiffened as his cock started
pumping his seed into my waiting womb His black balls
slapped my white ass hard as he made his final thrust
and unloaded in me. I briefly shook all over and then
collapsed totally exhausted as he lay there on this
just fucked white wife with our sweat mixing and
rolling down onto the bed sheet. The sheets were now
soaked with our commingled sweat and love juices.

Without a word spoken we both knew that we had pleased
each other. BB rolled over and we both went to sleep
from sheer exhaustion. The next morning, I awoke with
the sun shining into the room, and looked over at my
lover as he slept. I thought, “What a handsome black
stud and I had him last night all to myself. Damn, what
a lucky married woman I am!” I looked at his cock as it
lay limply knowing that I had made it that way.

I looked at his large black balls and knew that they
had emptied their contents into my womb last night. I
smiled as I thought of how I could work magic on BB’s
black cock and bring it back to full erection and
wondered if he had some more black seed to plant…
Well maybe tonight I would find out the answer.

I was so pleased and happy as I reflected back on the
evening and how our two bodies had taken control of our
minds and put us together to please each other just as
nature had intended for man and woman to do. I reached
down and felt my stretched lips and the black seed that
had filled me to overflowing. I felt the matted damp
pubic hair coated with BB’s sperm as it oozed out from
where it had been pumped during our lovemaking.

I lay there wondering if I would be thinking of BB when
my husband came home to reclaim his wife. How could an
older married white woman forget being loved by a
handsome young black stud? I was thinking how hard, how
big, and how black my lover was and how I had eagerly
given myself to him. A southern white gal had just been
black fucked! Damn it all. It was good.


Author Note: I wrote “Black House Guest” and was not
intending to write more of the story however my mind
has been dwelling on that week and I think you need to
hear the rest of the story, so here it is.

BB and I were like two dogs. I was like a bitch in heat
and he was following me around like a stud dog. I think
it was the third night that we were sleeping together
that I awoke late the next morning and noticed that I
had left the bedroom door open. As I passed Tim’s room,
I noticed that he was already up. “Oh, damn it all,” I
thought. “He has seen me and BB so what shall I do?”

I walked into the kitchen and Tim and I exchanged
greetings and I poured me a cup of coffee and joined
Tim at the breakfast table. I could see by his
expression that he had seen us and I was wondering how
this would play out.

Tim, with a grin on his face said, “I can’t believe it.
BB got the hots for my mom. Now that is hot.”

“Oh, Tim, honey, I don’t know what happened. I…
uhhhh… well guess BB got horny last night and came to
my bed and I didn’t exactly discourage him. I am sorry.
Dad will not be happy if he finds out. Please don’t
tell anyone, and certainly not Dad.”

“It’s OK Mom. I think you are hot myself. I have had a
few dreams about you”

“Huh? I don’t know what to say. My own son thinking of
his mom like that. I know it happens but it is not
right. You should not have those thoughts,” I remarked.

“Mom I am sorry but it is true and this was a good time
to tell you. I understand your needs… you know…
well with Dad gone and all. I know the feeling myself.
I guess young guys get horny and take it when they can
get it. I suspect women get horny as well. I understand
why BB got the hots for you. You are very sexy, Mom.”

“Son, I am showing my age. I surely am not that
attractive to young guys like you and BB.”

“You would be surprised, Mom, to find out that a lot of
young guys dream of getting it on with an older woman.
Young black men think they are not a man until they
have made out with a married white woman. I guess BB is
really feeling manly now. A lot of guys feel that
banging someone’s wife shows how manly they are.”

“Yes I think I have read some article somewhere on that
subject. I understand that incest between a Mom and her
son is a matter of the son feeling like he is man
enough to challenge the dominant male, the Dad, and the
woman feels that she needs to know that she is still
desirable. Don’t get any ideas. It is Taboo, so don’t
get any thoughts along those lines.”

“How can it be more taboo than a White wife getting
laid by a young black guy?”

“I don’t know son, but it is wrong somehow,” I
continued. Now my thighs were getting little tingles in
them and my stomach was having little muscular
contractions. I knew the signs. I was getting horny
talking to my own son. Oh, I could not believe I was
entertaining a fantasy of having sex with my own son.

Actually I had to admit that the thought had crossed my
mind as I watched Tim grow into a man and had
occasionally gotten a peek at his young cock as he got
older and his pubic hair began to grow. I was proud
that I had raised a handsome young man and had wondered
if he ever had dreams about his Mom.

Tim got up and moved over and planted a big kiss
squarely on my lips and as he drew away, I gasped for
breath knowing that it was a sexual kiss rather than a
friendly one. Tim said, “I wish I had a girl just like
you Mom.”

Now, I was thinking of what the meaning of that
statement was. Did he want a girl like me his own age
or did he want me just like I am and make me his secret

That night I lay in bed with my sexual thoughts and as
I felt my private parts I was becoming stimulated with
thoughts of being my own son’s secret mistress. How
wonderful for a Mom to take care of a son’s sexual
needs until he found his own wife. I was trying to
think of how being with my own son would be any more
taboo than giving myself to BB. No it is not. A son had
needs and if he needs his Mom, it is no more wrong than
for a Mom to sleep with his friend. If my son needs me,
I will be there for him.

It was after midnight. I was in a state of arousal that
drove me to get up and go to my son’s room. I looked at
him under the sheet as he slept and I slipped my gown
off and slid into bed beside him, moving my hand down
into his shorts and felt his soft manhood. I moved my
lips down and took his cock into my mouth gently
sucking and moving my tongue around. I felt it starting
to get larger and larger until it was rock hard. I
heard my son moan my name, “Oh Mom, I love you.”

I kept playing with his balls and his hard cock as I
moved above him and lowered my wet mound over his
waiting mouth. He knew what to do, and eagerly slurped
my free flowing juices. Tim was now moving his hips up
and down pushing his cock deeper. I then turned around
and moved my wet pubic area over his young cock and
lowered myself onto him taking all he had into me. Our
lips met as we kissed and squirmed each matching the
others thrust. Tim now had his hands on my buttocks
holding me close.

My mind was racing as we fucked like two sex starved
teen-agers. My son, for the moment, was taking his
Dad’s place showing his Mom that he was now a man ready
to breed women. In farm terms, it is like the young
bull deciding that he is ready to take over from the
old bull and breed all the cows young and old.

I was giving myself to my son freely. He was thrusting
deeper and deeper knocking on my womb preparing it to
receive his seed. I then moved off of top to let my son
take the top position so he could really drill deep and
slap his sperm filled balls against my rear end.

I quickly opened my legs wide to receive my son’s man
cock. He was soon pounding and breathing rapidly as he
blurted out, “Oh Mom! Oh Mom, you feel so good. I’m

I was now at my peak and shook all over having my
orgasm as I felt my son shooting his hot seed into my
womb. I could feel him throbbing and pumping the last
drop as he relaxed and I went limp. We lay there for a
few moments, then Tim moved over and we both went to
sleep knowing that we both had fulfilled our secret

I now had two horny young studs in my house to contend
with. What a wonderful situation that was. I was not
into the threesomes and I didn’t want BB to know
anything so Tim and I decided that the next night was
reserved for BB then one more night with my son before
spring break was over, of course Tim started coming
home more often to remind his Mom that he was a horny
young man who was taking some of his dad’s private
stock. I knew that I was capable of taking care of all
my men and give them what they need.

I began to wonder if I was becoming a sex maniac. I now
found myself dreaming of what it would be like to have
all three sniffing and licking all at the same time,
three hard cocks, my husband’s, my son’s and BB’s black
one, ready to dump their loads deep inside my waiting
white pussy. Yes all three could breed me and I would
love it.