Daughter’s New, Hot Family

“I’m over eighteen, Papa, old enough now to know what I want!” Kitty Harmon insisted. “Old enough for you to treat me like a woman instead of just a little girl!”

“Baby,” Luke Harmon said, squirming from the pressure being put on him, “you know I’ve always tried to give you anything you asked for. That still goes, too. I’ll do my best to give you anything… except this!”

“Papa, you know you want to as much as I do!” Kitty purred, sexily playing with the buttons on her father’s shirt. “You’re just afraid that Mama will find out about us, that’s all. But she doesn’t have to if we’re careful. And what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.”

“Don’t start dragging your mother into this,” Luke replied. “Even if I’d brought you up just by myself and it was just us two on the farm, I couldn’t do this. What’s wrong is wrong, no ifs, ands or buts about it! I’m a decent man, and I’m going to do my best to make sure you stay a decent girl!”

“Then,” Kitty said, “I don’t turn you on, Papa?”

Luke Harmon cringed, but he didn’t answer Kitty’s bottom-line question. He seemed frightened to tell the truth.

“Tell you what, Papa,” Kitty said. “If I don’t turn you on, I’ll drop the whole thing. Never bring it up again. We’ll both forget it ever happened. Is it a deal, Papa?”

Luke remained silent. And Kitty knew why, which was the reason she’d made the offer to supposedly let him off the hook. The telltale mound at the crotch of her father’s pants told her that he couldn’t win.

“Is it a deal, Papa?” she repeated.

Still tongue-tied, Luke wavered like he were trying to back away, but couldn’t get his body to resist the mounting temptation.

“You’d tell me no right now if that’s what you really meant, Papa,” Kitty said. “So…”

She knelt before him and Luke cringed. But he stayed put.

“Ali, we’ll find out in a second for sure whether I turn you on!” Kitty murmured, her father helplessly under her spell.

Down Luke’s dusty jeans came, followed by the bottom half of his long johns. As a result, springing forth in jutting arousal was the last thing Luke wanted Kitty to see, yet he was powerless to hide from her.

“Mmmm, Papa!” she cried at the sight of his hard cock. “Didn’t have any idea you were this hung!”

Kitty was fascinated by her father’s cock — his big, hard cock. At least ten inches his cock had to measure, his cock-head like a miniature fist.

“Has Mama ever sucked your big cock all the way down her throat, to your balls, Papa?” Kitty asked with panting curiosity.

“I told you,” Luke groaned, finally recovering his voice, “leave your mother out of this?”

“Sure, Papa, sure!” Kitty said. “This is just between you and me, anyway… what really counts today is if I’ve got what it takes to suck your whole cock!”

Luke looked away as she made her move. He felt Kitty’s soft lips close around his prick’s chunky knob with hungry suction.

“What kind of man am I?” he breathlessly asked himself. “To go ahead and let my own little girl do such a thing to me!”

With her mouth full of prick, Kitty overheard and readily answered her father. “What kind of man are you, Papa? A stud, Papa, nothing but a stud! Just the way I’ve always planned for us. My own personal stud service!”

Then she swallowed more prick, reaching his heavily veined cock-shaft. Luke still looked away, but his uncontrollable reaction in his cock left nothing to the imagination. His bucking crotch forced several inches of cock into Kitty’s welcoming throat.

“More, Papa… more!” she urged, choking on so much prick-meat, yet managing to talk nevertheless.

Luke felt like a criminal. But, at the same time, there was the sheer pleasure that resulted from being on the receiving end of a young girl’s blowjob. Adding to Luke’s guilt, his crotch delivered another cock-thrust. He felt, the sudden grasp of Kitty’s lips all the way down around the root of his hard-on.

Just to be certain he’d actually done it, he finally looked directly toward his loins. Sure enough, he saw, he’d fed her his whole cock. His little girl was deep-throating his entire cock!

Although Luke had warned Kitty to leave her mother out of it, he blurted out, “Oh, baby, your mama never did it to me like this!”

That was what Kitty had been waiting to hear. Having proved she could swallow every inch of her father’s prick when her mother couldn’t, she began sucking back and forth along its length. She made her father fuck her in the mouth.

“Can’t stop… can’t stop!” Luke moaned, rolling his hips in rhythmic reply. “And if I don’t stop, won’t be long before I’m gonna gonna…”

Kitty knew exactly what he was trying to say. Although his was the first cock she’d ever tasted, its flexing, throbbing state in her oral grip left no doubt that the creamy pay-off was near. Her father was on the verge of cumming in her mouth.

To make it happen as soon as possible, Kitty primed his balls with her squeezing hand. She could almost hear his balls squish with all that jizz they were about to send shooting down her throat.

“God, can’t help it!” Luke groaned.

His cock abruptly spurted. Kitty swallowed just as fast. The flavor of her father’s cum was so sweet, it almost made her cum, too. Every precious drop was what she was after, and she didn’t stop slurping until she had succeeded.

“You’ve got it all, baby!” Luke Harmon croaked when his balls were drained. “My cock’s never felt so sucked!”

He pulled his cock out, expecting that his hard-on would be gone. However, to his surprise, in spite of the wad he’d just shot, his cock was as stiff as ever.

“Well, Papa,” Kitty teased, “looks like you’re ready for even more of me!”

Luke warily asked her what she meant.

“I’ll let you figure it out for yourself, Papa,” Kitty teased some more.

Kitty began to strip. Her outer layer of clothing was typical farm wear like her father’s — jeans and a flannel shirt. But underneath, rather than long johns, her sleek curves were graced by the fanciest bra and panties a farm girl could send away for from a mail-order catalog.

“Gee!” Luke gulped when he saw her in the lacy attire that left her clad in next to nothing. “You look like a pin-up picture come to life in those, baby!”

“I look even better out of them, Papa!” Kitty giggled.

She unhooked her bra and let it fall away. Her tits, while not exceptionally large, were perfectly shaped, sagging not an inch when they were naked and free.

“Beautiful!” Luke cried at the sight of Kitty’s tits.

“Just wait, Papa, I get even better!” Kitty said.

She began peeling down her panties. She did it slowly, keeping her father in suspense about what she had between her legs until the last possible second.

Then her panties were gone and Luke Harmon gasped. “Oh, my God! It’s too good to be true! Just the way I remember it from when you really were just a little girl… when you couldn’t have been any older than ten!”

“Of course, I have to shave my pussy now to keep it this smooth,” Kitty said of her bald cunt. “But anything for you, Papa! I knew you’d like my pussy to still be this way when I was ready for you to do something about it. Yes, still the same way as when I was really your little girl. Not a hair in sight!”

“It’s almost like,” Luke murmured, “if did anything more to you after I’ve seen you this way, it would be nearly the same as doing it to you when you were still that young.”

“That’s the idea, Papa,” cooed Kitty. “No matter how much of a woman I am, I still wanna be that little girl for you when you do it to me.”

“D-do what?” Luke stammered.

“I told you already that you were gonna have to figure it out for yourself, Papa,” Kitty said coyly. “But, don’t worry, I won’t make it that tough for you!”

Kitty drifted over to the couch. Stretching her naked body out across the sofa, she hooked one leg over the backrest and dangled her other leg onto the floor. That spread her hairless cunt wide open, dazzling her father with inner pink.

“Now, when a girl shows her body, like this, no matter how young she looks,” Kitty pointedly hinted, “she can only be ready for one thing. You tell me, Papa. What is it?”

Luke Harmon, though, just couldn’t quite bring himself to mutter the key word. It caught in his throat, actually making him cough.

“Then why don’t you just spell it out for me, Papa?” Kitty coned. “Just four simple letters. A four-letter ward everyone knows. Okay?”

Luke nodded. “F…”

“What’s next, Papa?”


“You’re halfway there, Papa!”


“One more, Papa.”

“Oh! K…” Luke Harmon said.

“Now, all together, Papa!” Kitty prompted.

“F-u-c-k,” her father murmured.

“So, what’re you gonna do to me now, Papa?”

Luke took the deepest breath of his life and told Kitty what she was waiting to hear. “Fuck you, baby. Papa’s gonna fuck you…”

He picked up steam.

“Papa’s gonna fuck your little girl’s cunt with his big, hard cock!”

“Then here it is, Papa!” said Kitty, finger bang her pussy-lips apart as wide as they’d stretch.

Her father went to her, his rigid cock in his hand as if he were pulling the rest of himself forward with it. He settled between Kitty’s spread thighs, and cum with his ten inches of cock.

“Put it into me, Papa!” urged Kitty. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!”

Luke took the plunge as Kitty pushed back from beneath him. However, his cock did not hilt her pussy as he’d anticipated. Something stubbornly resisted from within, actually making his hard-on buckle.

Luke figured it out at once, sputtering, “Jesus! You’re still cherry, aren’t you?”

Although she was in temporary pain from the cock-thrusting assault on her virginity, Kitty sweetly replied, “I thought you knew that, Papa. You wouldn’t want your little girl to be any other way the first time you fucked her, would you, Papa?”

Luke thought about it a moment, then admitted to himself that he guessed not. If a man went as far as fucking his female child, it just wouldn’t be right if he weren’t the one who took her cherry.

“So then, what’re you waiting for, Papa? Pop it! Pop my cherry!” Kitty demanded.

Luke still hesitated. Kitty didn’t, however. Her crotch surged up from the couch so she could force as much cock into her cunt as she could. And Luke passed the point of no return, answering with all the strength he had behind the weapon of his ten-inch cock.

Kitty shrieked, “Oh, Papa, you stud! It’s happened! My cherry… popped! Just feel how bloody my pussy is for you now!”

Luke nervously reached down into the crush of their loins. His trembling fingers came back up and dripping.

“It’s true!” he muttered in awe of his accomplishment. “I-I just took my little girl’s cherry!”

“Hope you’re not gonna stop there, Papa,” Kitty said. “‘Cause you’ve still got plenty to do to finish the job on me. Need to make me cum from the first cock in my cunt, then shoot me full of your jizz!”

Leaving nothing to chance, Kitty began wiggling her ass so the friction between her father’s hilted prick and her eager pussy could grab hold. Luke pumped in reply and into high gear.

“Ahhhhh, this is how I always knew it would be!” swooned Kitty. “What a trip! Just feeling cum for you now, Papa!”

Kitty climaxed on the spot. There was so much female cum that it and the blood from her popped cherry overflowed from Kitty’s cunt into the crack of her ass.

“I’m cumming so much!” she cried. “It feels like I’m pissing at the same time I’m getting fucked! That’s how hot and wet my pussy is!”

Luke reached down to their joined crotches and dampened his fingers again. Kitty grabbed his hand and brought it to her tits. She smeared the glistening slime all over them, as if it were a badge of honor.

“Oh, Papa, I know I’m still your little girl and I always will be,” she said, “but, thanks to your big cock, I’m finally a real woman now, too!”

“More woman than I’ve ever fucked!” Luke admitted. “God, what a tight, wet cunt!”

“And I’ve been saving it just for you, Papa,” Kitty moaned. “Plenty of boys tried to get into bed to fuck my pants, but I always knew you me first. Down deep, I guess, its every girl’s fantasy to give her cherry to her own father — but not many of us can make the dream come true. So that’s gotta make me as lucky as I can get!”

“Not as lucky as I am!” Luke said. “I raised you from a pup, watching you grow up every inch of the way. And every day that went by, I was more sure that you were the most beautiful, little girl there could be. Couldn’t help wanting you for myself, and hating the idea of you giving yourself away to some punk your own age. And now — this! Whatever else happens from here on, I’ve had the best piece of ass any man can!”

“But you’re not through fucking me yet, Papa! And if you add some sucking along with it, we’ll get even luckier!”

Kitty bunched her tits together so her rigid nipples plumply quivered side by side. Her father leaned down and took both her nips in his mouth at the same time with a slurping suction.

“Ooooohhhh, it’s sen-sucking-sational with your mouth on my tits, Papa!” Kitty cried with delight. “Goes just perfect with your fan fucking-tastic cock in my cunt!”

“Oh, you whore… that’s what you are, down deep. A whore! Papa’s special whore. ‘Cause no normal female can get a man as hot as I am for you. She’s gotta be an expert for that it all the years I’ve been married to your mother, no matter how much I love her, we never had it this good between us!”

“Not even the night when you fucked Mama and made me?” Kitty asked, riding the crest of his praise.

And as soon as she’d asked it, her father completely froze, his sucking and fucking abruptly, stalling.

“Papa, what’s wrong?”

“I-I can’t tell you. Just can’t tell you, little girl, that’s all!”

“But a second ago I was your whore. You couldn’t suck and fuck me enough. And now…”

“Leave it alone, Kitty! I’m warning you. Just let it be. Please, baby, please!”

“Then just start sucking and fucking me again like you were before, Papa. If you do, you won’t hear anything more out of me except how much I’m cumming.”

“You sure of that?”

“Just trust me, Papa. Try me!”

With Kitty’s promise that she’d stop grilling him about his sex life with his wife, Luke fought over his hang-up and returned his attention to the luscious, teenaged tits and at at his disposal. He threw himself back into sucking and fucking as if thinking that could blot out what had been bothering him.

Sooner or later, Kitty supposed, she’d find out the truth about her parents. But at the moment she was only too willing to trade her curiosity for raw passion. Her sucking, fucking father had abruptly started her cumming again.

“Ooooohhhh, Papa!” she moaned. “Take me all the way to the end now. The perfect ending to the perfect fuck! Keep me cumming for you until after you’re cumming for me, too!”

Luke poured it on. Along with his mouth on her tits and cock in her pussy, he added a stabbing finger up Kitty’s asshole. She was thrilled by that, never having suspected before that she was so horny in the place where she shit. She thought she could have cum just from getting her ass finger-fucked in itself. And along with her sucked tits and prick-filled cunt, the effect was three times more, wonderful.

“Don’t know how much longer I can stand so much of a good thing,” she said. “Papa, maybe you’d better hurry up and cum, to put me out of my misery. My sweet, sweet misery! Hate for it to end… but I just might wind up sucked, fucked and fingered to death if it doesn’t!”

“You got it, baby!” Luke said with the urgency in his voice indicating he was holding back on shooting his wad as long he could stand it. His and Kitty’s needs were perfectly timed to feed one another.

She tugged and hauled with her cunt, almost jacking his cock off with her pussy as his prick was fucking her. Then Luke gawk to her — an erupting torrent of scalding jizz.

“OOohhhh, Papa, your cum burns my pussy soo goooood!” Kitty cried. Then, burning equally from the feverish frenzy of her orgasm, she forgot herself and recklessly added, “And best of all, I know it’s the same hot cum that shot into Mama’s cunt the night you fucked her and made me happen!”

She couldn’t have said anything worse!

“You damned bitch!” her father thunders at her, his cock pinching off the last of his jizz as he immediately withdrew it from her cunt. “Didn’t I tell you to shut up about that? You promised!”

“I’m sorry, Papa,” Kitty sputtered, asking for forgiveness. “Just got carried away, that’s all! Didn’t mean anything by it!”

“Bullshit!” Luke Harmon snarled. “You’ve been playing me for a fool all along. You never would have tried this if you hadn’t known all along, you scheming, little cunt!”

“I don’t know anything, Papa!” Kitty desperately pleaded. “Except that all I ever wanted was for you to take my cherry!”


Luke brutally slapped Kitty’s face. She hadn’t the faintest idea what had gotten into him, except that it had something to do with her mother. If only she could ask Mama what in the world it was all about, she thought. But that would be impossible, when her reason for wanting to know was because she’d fucked her father.

Then, without warning, Kitty had no further reason to keep the secret of father-daughter incest.

“Luke Harmon, you son of a bitch!” Elsie Harmon cried from the doorway. “Get the blazes off that little girl and out of here before I kill you!”

Luke bolted up, ready to run. But before he fled from his threatening wife, he said, “Well, Kitty, expect you’ll find out now what it’s all about, after all. Tried my best to keep it from you, but you’re on your own now!”

Then Luke was gone. They could see him running through the cornfield when he’d left the house. He was still in full stride when he disappeared into the stalks, not looking back.


Elsie’s small size and normally pleasant face were misleading. Many years as a farmer’s wife had made Elsie Harmon as tough a woman as they come. Without much formal education, she was in the habit of looking reality square in the eye to see herself through hard times, and now was no exception. What was done was done, Elsie thought, so there was no use in her beating around the bush with Kitty.

“Girl,” she said, “I’ll help you pack your things. It’s time for you to make your own way in the world. You can’t stay here anymore! Not after… this!”

“But, Mama!” Kitty sobbed. “Where will I go? This is my home!”

“Not from now on, it ain’t!” Elsie snapped. “Can’t have you turning this place upside down because you can’t keep your legs crossed. Only room enough for one of us to act like a woman in the bed on this farm. And you’re looking at her, girl!”

“Okay, Mama, I get the message. I’ll leave Papa alone. He’s all yours!” Kitty promised.

“Ain’t that simple!” Elsie Harmon said, blunter than ever. “Once a man dips his wick into some sweet, little piece of ass, he’s hooked. He’s always gonna be sniffing around for more of the same as long as she’s around to give off her scent. And I’m not about to lose my man to any such type, no matter who she is! Even you, honey!”

“You’re my parents, though,” Kitty pleaded. “No matter what I did with Papa, you can’t just turn me out like this. Mama, I’m your own flesh and blood!”

Elsie Harmon took a deep breath and said, “So that’s what you’re counting onto save you, is it, girl?”

“It sure ought to count for something, Mama! Count for plenty!” Kitty said desperately. “Tell me I’m your only child!”

“If,” Elsie Harmon whispered in an hush, “it was true!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kitty asked. “You’ve got some other kids somewhere, Mama, I don’t know about?”

“No, girl, you’ve got it backwards,” Elsie answered, whispering still. “Fact is, we got no children anywhere on God’s earth.”

“Just me, you mean,” Kitty said.

“Meant just what I said, girl! Got no natural born kids no way, no place, no how!” Elsie said with stark simplicity. “Can’t make it plainer than that to you, girl.”

“Then, I’m adopted?”

Elsie nodded, then said, “I’ve got the papers in my bible. Give ’em to you when you leave and you can do with ’em what you will. Look up your real kin if you choose and see if you fit in there, flow that you’ve got no place here anymore.”

Overwhelmed, Kitty had no more to say. The rest of the last day she spent on the farm was a daze to her. As the sun went down, she found herself on a bus, traveling toward an unknown horizon.

Her birth certificate listed her mother as someone named Claire Fisher. Seventeen and unmarried. Her father was a year older, a boy named John Branch. The town was Centerville, about halfway across the state from the farm where Kitty had been raised. When the bus pulled in there around midnight, Kitty ended her ride.

She walked the unfamiliar streets of the area for a while, then slipped into a phone booth. There was no Claire Fisher in the book, but a listing for a John Branch seemed to jump off the page. Trying to get up the nerve to call the number, Kitty was interrupted by a sharp rap on the glass.

“Out a little past bedtime, aren’t you, girlie?” a cop drawled after he’d motioned Kitty out of the booth. “Just what’s your business this time of night, anyhow?”

“I-I’m new in town,” Kitty stammered.

“Don’t have to tell me what I already know,” the cop smugly said. “It’s my business to keep an eye out for strangers. ‘Specially when they’re female and out walking the streets later than any decent girl’s do. Know what I mean?”

“Y-you think I’m a prostitute?” Kitty asked. “Lemme put it this way, little lady,” the cop said. “Unless you can prove to me you got somewhere respectable to go, I’m running you in. So what’s it gonna be?”

Thinking quickly, Kitty said the first thing that came to mind.

“Glenrock Street,” she said to the cop. “That’s where I’m going. I’ve got kin there. Family. I was just about to call and tell them I’m here. Uh, I’m a day ahead of when they were expecting me. You know them?”

The cop’s whole attitude changed. “John Branch, huh? Well, why didn’t you say so? That’s a horse of a different color. Here, least I can do is give you a ride over there. After all, any kin of Uncle John’s is kin to me, too.”

And, indeed, Kitty now noticed that the cop’s nameplate clearly read Branch.

“Yeah!” he said, leading her to the patrol car. “My daddy and Uncle John are brothers, you know. They call me Buster.”

Kitty had no choice but to introduce herself and invent a part of the family to satisfy the curiosity of the cop. She told the officer something about relatives in Mossy Fork, the nearest spot on the map to where she’d been raised.

“Thought you sounded like a farm girl,” Buster said, seeming to buy her explanation. “Pretty fertile one, too. You got yourself a farm back there in Mossy Fork?”

Kitty shook her head, deciding to avoid tripping herself up with any more lies than need be.

But then she realized she’d stopped too soon. Buster was practically undressing her with his eyes and letting her know that he was unattached himself.

Since the car hadn’t moved, Kitty nervously said, “Shouldn’t we get going now? I’m sure you’re awfully busy, being on duty and all.”

“Naw, it’s a slow night,” Buster answered.

“I’m not in any hurry, if you aren’t. Tell you what, since you’re new in town, how about if I show you around before I drop you off at Uncle John’s? Know a place where you can get a real good look at the town.”

Wary of getting on the wrong side of not only the law, but someone who might be her cousin, Kitty agreed to go along. Buster started driving. Inside of five minutes they were parked on a bluff, overlooking the few remaining lights in Centerville at that time of night.

“Kids come up here to make out. Call it Make-out Point, in fact,” Buster said, telling Kitty what she’d already suspected. “None of them will try anything as long as we’re around, though. Patrol car scares ’em off. So we have the place to ourselves, private as you can get. Yeah, just you and me!”

His arm edged over and fell around Kitty’s shoulders. He leaned close enough to her so she could feel his breath against her face.

“Jib, Buster,” she said when his free hand sneaked onto her thigh. “Really, I think we’d better leave. I’m supposed to be somewhere…”

“Hey, relax,” Buster answered. “Said yourself that Uncle John’s not expecting you until tomorrow. You can stay out as late with me tonight as you want and nobody’ll be the wiser. We’re the only ones who’ll know!”

“Know… about what?” Kitty asked.

“What else?” Buster said with a grin. “You don’t have a fella back in Mossy Fork, I don’t have a girl here in town, and nobody knows we’re together. No strings attached. Trust me, little lady, we can make some beautiful music together if you’re in the mood. And I’d bet my badge you are, especially once I warm you up!”

Ever since Buster had looked at her when she got into the patrol car, Kitty had expected that it might come to that. However, now that it actually had, she remained at a loss as to what to do.

Buster smirked at her. “Here, maybe this’ll help you make up your mind real quick!”

His free hand went from Kitty’s thigh to his bulging fly. He unzipped his pants, reached inside, and pulled out what, in his macho opinion, he considered irresistible.

“Well?” he confidently asked.

Kitty was stunned. His cock was so big that its size took her breath away. His prick had to be at least a foot long, she thought, and so thick! She hadn’t realized any man could be hung quite like that. She had to wonder if she were woman enough for so much cock-meat.

“Think you could suck the whole thing?” Buster asked.

“I-I dunno,” Kitty stammered.

“Only one way to find out then, isn’t there?” Buster said. “Go for it, baby, you’ll never know unless you try. Unless I make you try!”

He wasn’t the type who held back once lust was in his blood. After he’d forced Kitty down on the front seat, his massive cock-head was suddenly in her face.

“Open that mouth up and let me fuck it for you,” he said.

Pinned down, Kitty thought about screaming. But for what? she wondered. A cop?

So, accepting her fate, she murmured, “Okay, I’ll give you a blow-job. But that’s all. Then you have to take me where I’m going and forget this ever happened.”

Buster was busy forcing his huge prick into her mouth and down her throat. And once she had tasted his cock, Kitty was hooked. Her natural reflex was to just start sucking and set aside her worries about what might happen.

Nothing mattered now, except proving to herself that she had what it took to deep-throat the biggest cock she guessed she’d ever have the chance to see. Inch after inch she swallowed, until she was on the verge of gagging. But there was still so much more. Determined not to let Buster’s cock get the best of her, Kitty braced herself and sucked harder.

She was in a breathless daze by the time Buster announced, “Wow! I didn’t really think you could do it! No other chick in this town ever has. But just look at you! Got your damned cunt of a mouth around every bit of my big prick, all the way to my balls!”

Kitty became aware that her face was being tickled by Buster’s hairy crotch. There was no doubt she’d gone down on him all the way. Spurred on by her success, Kitty sucked his cock in earnest.

“Oh, baby!” Buster moaned with mounting pleasure as Kitty’s mouth began moving along the length of his prick. “Your mouth gets more like a cunt all the time. What a load of jizz I’m gonna shoot for you!”

At the mention of this, Kitty’s thirst for it became all consuming. To prime Buster’s supply, she squeezed his hairy balls with one hand and finger-fucked his gritty asshole with the middle finger of her other hand.

“Jeez! Maybe I should have run you in as a whore, after all!” Buster groaned with delight. “‘Cause you sure as hell go down on a guy like one. More whore than I could ever afford on a cop’s pay!”

Kitty had never felt more flattered in her life. She stepped up the action even more to live up to his praise. At that rate, she thought, Buster’s jizz would have to soon be hers.

“My cock’s ready to blow, baby! Hold on, ’cause here it comes!”

His cock exploded with liquid fury in the depths of Kitty’s throat. His prick wasn’t just spurting. Buster’s jizz gushed in a continuous stream, as though he were creamily pissing it. As fast as his cum arrived, Kitty gulped it down at the same pace. Not until Buster’s climax had dribbled to a close did she release her oral grasp, having downed every last drop of jism she could dredge from his balls.

“Gotta hand it to you, little lady,” he murmured when it was over, “a guy could live his whole life and never get a blow-job as good as the number you just did on me! You’re the best! An actual piece of ass from any other chick wouldn’t stack up against the kinda head you put out!”

Buster started stuffing his sticky cock-meat back into his pants to zip up his fly. Kitty’s triumph went flat when she saw that he’d had enough, while she’d just been getting warmed up.

“What’re you doing with your cock?”

Shrugging, Buster explained. “Just keeping up my end of our bargain. You said that after the blowjob I had to take you to Uncle John’s. That’s still what you want, isn’t it?”

“What do you think?” Kitty asked steamily.

“You tell me what to think,” Buster countered.

“Action speaks louder than words!” Kitty whispered. She quickly stripped. Wearing just her bra and panties, she got out of the car and lay down on a soft patch of grass.

Following her, Buster found her bathed from head to toe in moon glow. In that spotlight, Kitty removed the last of what she wore. She unhooked and cast aside her bra, releasing her bare tits in stiff-nipple splendor.

“Chicks don’t get any foxier than this!” moaned a wide-eyed Buster.

“This one does!” Kitty teased. She reached down to peel away her panties. Her cunt was on display between her spread thighs — her pride and joy.

“Oh, God!” Buster blurted when he saw her shaved pussy. “Not a hair on it! Just like a little girl’s curt. You’ve got tits like a woman, but a pussy like you could still just be a child.”

“Best of both possible worlds, huh, Buster? Now, what’re you gonna do about it?” Kitty asked.

“Oughta pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming!” Buster sighed. He dropped his pants to unleash his cock again. His prick was harder than ever.

“I’ve never fucked a shaved pussy before,” he said.

“Well, mine isn’t here for you to just look at, stud!” Kitty crooned, fingering her puss lips apart to dazzle Buster with her pink cunt. “If you’re not ready to give me what I’m after by now, you must have turned gay since that blow-job!”

“Shit, if I’d been gay to start with, sure as hell wouldn’t be anymore after seeing your bald cunt spread wide open like that for my cock!”

“Then get into the groove, stud!” Kitty urged. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!”

She was still chanting when Buster moved on top of her. With her cunt treated to twelve surging inches of thick prick, Kitty’s voice dropped into a low moan. She was already on the orgasmic brink.

“I’m cumming… cumming… cumming!” she cried to Buster. “Now do something wonderful to my tits, to go along with your big cock in my cunt. Keep happening for me! Don’t wanna stop cumming the whole time you’re fucking me, stud!”

Buster used his hands on her tits. He squeezed them hard. It hurt so good, as she discovered the joy of sexual pain. The jagged buzz from her mauled tits went straight to her pussy, adding to the friction she was already getting between her legs from Buster’s pistoning hard-on.

“More, more, more!” she begged.

Buster seized her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. He pinched and twisted her buds of tit-flesh around double.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming twice as hard now!” Kitty cried. “Don’t know whether I’m gonna die from it, or it’ll make me live forever! Feel like I’m in heaven and hell at the same time, and both of ’em are exactly where I wanna be.”

“And I said you were like a whore,” Buster said. “Jeez! How could I be so damned dumb? No whore ever liked it this much!”

“Then what am I?” Kitty asked, ready to get off on Buster’s flattery, as much as she was from his cock fucking her cunt and his sweet torture on her tits.

“You’re… a… like a…” Then Buster found the right words, and declared, “A wet dream come true!”

“You mean it? Really mean it?”

“Sure as I’m fucking you!!”

“Then say it again!”

“A wet dream come true! No lie! That’s what you are!”

Kitty had a fresh climax just from his words alone. The brutal treatment of her tits and Buster’s cock in her cunt took back over, and the rapid arrival of her next orgasm was the result of pain and pleasure.

“Ooooohhhh, stud… you stud!” she groaned. “Now I’m ready for you to cum, too. You getting there for me?”

“Been holding back already a helluva long time!” Buster reported. “Didn’t wanna shoot it into you until you were ready!”

“Mmmm, you old sweetheart,” Kitty moaned. “You fuck like an animal, but you’re still a gentleman. The perfect combination.”

“Then you want me to let it go?”

“Now, stud, now!” Kitty demanded, squeezing her cuntful of cock with all her spasming strength.

“Oh, baby, you’ve got it! Damn!” croaked Buster. “Got more jizz than I ever thought I could cum!”

His hilted cock gushed at the core of Kitty’s cunt. It was the same as when he’d cum down her throat — a continuous flow, but even more jism, and hotter. There was no way a cunt could hold that much jizz. Kitty’s pussy was starting to leak into the crack of her ass.

“Mmmm,” she said, “your cum’s making a mess out of me. Such a beautiful mess!”

As his cock unloaded in her pussy, Kitty reached down and smeared Buster’s excess cream all over the wriggling checks of her ass. She smeared jism in her ass-crack to thrill her asshole with liquid heat. It made her cum again, making her wonder about her orgasmic response should she ever ass-fuck. As Buster’s cock slowed to a creamy dribble in her swamped cunt, Kitty was considering whether she ought to try to get him to actually ass-fuck her next.

“Headquarters calling Officer Branch! Headquarters to Officer Branch!” the police radio suddenly squawked from the patrol car. Then, with a scratchy drawl, the dispatcher added, “Hey, Buster, stop jerking off out there and get your tail over to the pool hall! Got a complaint that those boys got too much beer in ’em and they’re whipping each other upside their heads with their cue sticks again.”

Lurching to his feet, Buster staggered to the car with his pants around his ankles and managed to answer. “Yeah… sure… I’m on my way!”

Knowing it was over, Kitty gathered her clothes and quickly dressed. By the time she was sitting beside Buster, his pants were back up and he’d just stuffed his sticky cock back into them.

He started to apologize for having his job to do, but Kitty made it easy for him. “Don’t worry, I’ll be around. You haven’t seen the last of me!”

“Well, I’ll drop you off now, then,” Buster said. “Uncle John’s place is right on the way to the pool room. And if I’m a couple of minutes late, those boys’ll just beat the hell out of each other that much more and make it easier for me to haul ’em on down for another night in jail. No big deal. They’ve been there before and will be again.”

Buster pulled onto the main road, reaching sixty miles per hour by the time he sped through the first intersection. As it turned out, Kitty’s destination really wasn’t that much on his way, and the radio kept squawking for him to take care of business.

“All right, Sarge, don’t shit, I’m almost there!” he squawked back when he’d lurched to a stop in an exclusive neighborhood.

Then he cut off his end of the transmitter and pointed to the nearest house, the fanciest one on the block.

“This is it, baby,” he said to Kitty. “Say hey to Uncle John for me. And I’m holding you to that promise not to forget ol’ Buster!”

Kitty had no choice but to get out. The patrol car squealed away into the night, its siren blaring. Kitty found herself staring at Glenrock Street, wondering if her real father was truly its owner and what she ought to do about it.


Although Elsie had given Kitty some money from the cookie jar, Kitty was afraid to walk to the center of town and look for a place to stay. The chance that she might run into Buster again and have to explain herself with more lies was just too great. However, actually knocking on the door of Glenrock Street was an even scarier thought.

She stood there at wit’s end in front of the house. Suddenly, Kitty was caught in the glare of a pair of headlights from a car that had just swung around the corner.

“B-Buster!” she moaned. “He’s here again. What’ll I do?”

If she took off like a thief in the night, she thought, Buster, being a cop, would surely chase her. So she decided to hold her ground and just pray that she didn’t run out of lies.

However, when the driver braked to a stop, Kitty saw it wasn’t a patrol car. A high-school aged boy leaned out the car window and blearily gave Kitty a once-over.

“Man, I gotta lay off the beer!” he said thickly. “Drank so much tonight that I’m starting to see things. Look at that chick, just standing there like she’s waiting for me to lump her!”

Kitty could have easily fled into the night, but something made her stay. The moon had just bathed the boy’s face in light, and there was something eerily familiar about him. It was as if Kitty had known him all her life, without ever having seen him before.

He also stared at her. He got out of his car, then warily approached the strange girl he’d found on the street.

“Hey,” he said to her in a kind of hush, “maybe drinking so much damned beer’s got me a little out of wack… but I could swear I know you from somewhere. Do I?”

“Maybe,” Kitty answered. Then, motioning toward the house, she added, “You live here, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m Andy Branch,” he said. “And you?”

“I-I’m not sure just who I am!” she muttered.

Shaking his head, Andy Branch sighed. “Wow, now I really know I drank too much beer tonight. Come home and find a foxy chick waiting for me, and she doesn’t even have a name. Like she just stepped out of a dream. No way this can actually be happening! Have to be freaking out!”

Kitty had the desperate idea that if she let him get away she’d be losing a part of herself. For what she recognized in his face and his last name added up to the striking possibility that Andy Branch was her brother!

“Help me!” she blurted out.

“H-how?” he stuttered, the urgency in her voice sobering him.

Kitty pleaded, “I need a place to stay. Can you… could you… do anything?”

Andy thought it over. Then, with the beer seeming to take over, his boyish face was creased by a lopsided grin.

“Sure, maybe I can give you a place to crash. My room’s out in back, away from the rest of the house, so nobody’s have to know,” Andy said. “Just depends, that’s all.”

“Depends on what?” Kitty warily asked.

“On what’s in it for me!” Andy smirked. “Know what I mean?”

Kitty did. She realized there was no point in her trying to pretend otherwise.

“I’ll have to let you fuck me, is that it?” Kitty asked.

“Like my dad says, there’s nothing for free in this world,” Andy Branch said, his grin turn big wolfish. “So that’s my offer. Take it or leave it!”

Kitty didn’t see how she had any other choice but to go along. But, at the same time, now that Andy had shown his true colors, she couldn’t resist rocking him back on his heels some. If he were going to take advantage of her, at least she’d let him know she could hold her own.

So she braced herself and bluntly said, “Okay, I’ll let you fuck me. Just one thing… you’d sure as hell better have a big cock!”

It took Andy by surprise and he sputtered. But then, when he broke out laughing, Kitty couldn’t tell whether it was nerves, or she’d caught him off balance.

His cock wasn’t quite as big as his cousin Buster’s. However how much beer he’d had, there was no effect between his legs. When he got Kitty into his room and stripped off his jeans, the hard-on he showed her was like a stallion’s.

“Big enough for you?” he asked, once his rigid fuck-tool was on display.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm,” Kitty said, instantly aroused, in spite of the sleazy bargain that had put her in such a position. She didn’t see how any girl could help but be aroused.

“So now it’s your turn to show me what you’ve got for me,” Andy Branch said. “And it better be good!”

“I don’t think you’ll have any complaints,” Kitty predicted, her confidence mounting, along with her arousal.

She went to Andy’s bed and stretched out on it, still fully dressed. After bouncing her ass on the mattress a few times, she went to work on her shirt. When her tits spilled from her bra and fell free, she flicked her nipples to show how hard they were.

“Well, how do you like me so far?” she asked.

“So far, so good!” Andy said. “Now, what about the rest?”

“Ah, yes, my cunt,” Kitty said, bluntly naming the object of his curiosity. “I’m proudest of my cunt! Bet you’ve never seen another one like it — at least, not on a girl your own age!”

Proud of his reputation as a stud, Andy snapped, “Hey, I get around! Plenty! Been getting laid since junior high!”

“So the cunts have been getting hairier for you every year, huh?” Kitty asked saucily, expertly setting up the surprise she had in store for Andy.

“Well, shit, I don’t fuck any chick who’s not old enough to know what it’s all about!” Andy said, a defensive tone creeping into his voice.

“Then that must mean,” Kitty purred, “you must not have been fucking anything that looks like this!”

She pulled down both her jeans and panties with one yank, kicking them away. Then, grinning, she dazzled Andy with her bald cunt.

“Yep!” she said. “Not a hair on it! No one ever had a smoother cunt… the kind you’re too uptight to fuck!”

Andy steadied himself and finally said, “Cute, very cute. Now I suppose you think I’m gonna fall all over myself to fuck your hairless, damned pussy!”

“You’re only human, aren’t you?” Kitty teased.

“Don’t be so sure of that,” Andy warned.

“Then you must be gay!” taunted Kitty.

“Or maybe an animal, when some bitch staffs thinking she can make me jump through hoops!” Andy fired back.

“Talk is cheap, sonny boy!”

“You’re really asking for it, bitch!”

“Then prove you have the balls to give it to me,” Kitty said.

He took the bait, rushing the bed. He pounced on top of Kitty. He had her legs in his grasp, jack-knifing them all the way over her head. That forced her ass up with her ass-cheeks apart. It wasn’t only Kitty’s bald cunt Andy was looking at now. There was also her shit-hole a notch away, which the razor had missed.

“Didn’t get around to shaving yourself all the way back here, did you, bitch?” he hissed. “Still kinda hairy where you shit, aren’t you? Not a whole lot, just enough so you forgot about it. But enough for this!”

Andy grabbed a hold of the wispy strands of hair swirling around Kitty’s unshaved asshole and gave them a painful tug. She screamed, feeling the pain like it was a sharp knife.

“Yeah, I’m no baby-fucking freak! I want the fuck-holes I ball to look like they belong to a real woman, not some damned little girl!” Andy hissed. “Good thing you got one, after all, otherwise you just might’ve wound up back on the street where I found you!”

Kitty gulped. “You mean…”

“Nothing but, bitch!”

Kitty felt Andy’s cock-head mash against the dent of her shifter. There was no way she could stop him. He was going to fuck her in the ass. After having lost her cherry back on the farm, here she was, a virgin all over again. And scared to death.

Andy didn’t take the plunge, still chuckling at Kitty. “For some damned reason, I just started feeling generous. Willing to wait long enough to let you go ahead and make it a little bit easier on yourself.”

“H-how’s that?” Kitty asked.



“On your hand… aw, you dumb bitch, I’ll even do it for you!”

Grabbing Kitty’s wrist, Andy sucked her fingers until they were dripping wet.

“Now, rub that mess all over my prick,” he said. “Go ahead… get my cock nice ‘n’ slippery so I won’t rip you in two when I start fucking your ass!”

Kitty took a deep breath and did as she was told. Once she had her slender fingers around Andy’s cock, moistly stroking his long, and thick prick-shaft, she was hooked on taking every inch of it up her ass.

While she gave him the spit-slicked hand-job, Kitty was face to face with Andy. And what she saw there was too convincing not to believe in. If she were a boy, Kitty knew in her soul that was what she’d look like.

And, at the same time, Andy was also closely studying her face. He’d said out in the street that there was something he recognized about her, but now in the light, so close, exactly what it was about her looks finally struck him with full force.

“I know what it is about you!” he suddenly blurted. “Wherever you came from… whoever you are… damn, if you couldn’t pass for my own sister, if I had one!”

Now that it had occurred to him, Andy seemed to be almost slipping into a trance. So distracted was he that Kitty felt his cock soften in her grasp. If she didn’t hurry and light a fresh fire under him, she thought, he just might lose his hard-on completely and not be able to get it back up to fuck her cherry ass.

Kitty urgently said, “Andy, if you did have a sister and she was horny for your big cock, wouldn’t you fuck her?”

“Dunno what I’d do,” Andy admitted. “It’s always been just me and my big brother, Greg. Just us guys growing up together.”

Kitty gambled again, testing the odds even more. “Bet if you did have a horny sister, Greg fucked her if you didn’t get there first. Is that what you’d want to happen?”

“He always beats me to everything,” Andy muttered. “The chick I lost my cherry to? Damn, when I was through fucking her if she didn’t tell me I was almost as good as my big brother!”

“He can’t beat you to me,” Kitty coaxed. “Not if you go ahead and fuck my ass now!”

Her hand jerked Andy’s prick for emphasis. His cock stiffened in response.

“I’m a virgin in my ass,” Kitty said steamily. “As cherry where I shit as any boy’s sister ought to be for him. You be the first, Andy, the first one to fuck me there!”

“But, Jesus!” Andy gulped, remembering something. “I still don’t even know your name!”

Kitty went for the kill, at her most seductive as she suggested, “Make it easy on yourself and just call me Sis.”

In a daze, Andy tried it on for size. “Okay… Sis.”

Playing it for all she was worth, Kitty cooed, “And what’re you gonna do to me, brother dear?”

“F-fuck you!” Andy sputtered, then finished in a rush. “Fuck you in the ass, Sis!”

“Then put it into me, stud! Every inch of your cock up my ass to your balls, so your little sister won’t be cherry where she shits anymore!”

Andy was sold. His crotch bucking, he toot the plunge. And with her asshole abruptly jammed with all that surging cock, Kitty was instantly thrilled by how good it hurt.

“Already!” she cried as the combined forces of pain and pleasure overwhelmed her. “I’m cumming!”

“Yeah, Sis, yeah!” Andy groaned, totally under the incestuous spell that Kitty had cast over him. “Cum for me, Sis, cum for me while I fuck your ass!”

“Then keep me cumming, stud!” urged Kitty. “Now that I’ve started, you won’t let me stop if you’re half the stud my own brother ought to be!”

Andy was up to the task. He turned his attention to her shaved cunt that he’d passed up in favor of ass-fucking kitty. Into her pussy his fingers dug. Pussy-juice ran down his arm as he began to rhythmically pump to its depths.

“Now your thumb, your thumb!” Kitty cried. “Press it as hard as you can against my clit!”

Andy found her clit and mashed it. That put orgasmic springs in Kitty’s loins. Andy’s fingers in her pussy and his prick in her ass got even more tugging and hauling from her fuck-holes.

“Man, oh, man! Now I can feel what I’m doing to your cunt with my cock in your ass!” Andy reported. “Feels almost like I’m jacking myself off through your pussy at the same time I ass-fuck you, Sis!”

“Then keep it up!” Kitty moaned. “Keep it up and pretty soon you’ll be cumming, too!”

“That mean you’re ready for my jizz, Sis?” Andy anxiously asked.

“As soon as you can shoot it, stud! Give it to me as hot and sticky and quick as you can!”

“How about,” Andy whispered, “right now, Sis?”


“You got it, Sis!”

His jizz primed to erupt, Andy did something remarkable. Through the thin wall between Kitty’s finger-fucked pussy and her ass, he actually managed to get a brief grip on his assfucking prick. Just enough for only one slippery stroke, but it was all he needed to pull the trigger on the creamiest load of jizz he’d ever shot.

“Oh, it’s fantastic… fabulous!” Kitty squealed. “I’ve never felt so full of anything as my ass is now with your cock and cum!”

Andy couldn’t answer. He as too delirious with pleasure. When his sticky fingers limply slithered from Kitty’s cunt. His body sagged like a rag dolls, and the end for him was very near.

“Oh, shit!” he moaned. “I can’t hang on anymore. Feel like I’m falling… falling…”

In the narrow channel of Kitty’s asshole, Andy’s cock abruptly shrank away. And that was his final link to her body, the last thing holding him upright. He pitched over backward and landed like a knocked out boxer on the bed. He was out cold.

“Andy… Andy?” Kitty asked with concern.

Jumping up to get a better look, she saw that he was grinning. She knew anybody that happy even though he’d passed out was going to be just fine. So, having the room to herself, Kitty decided to look around.

Dripping cum from her fucked ass, she left the bed and went to Andy’s dresser. On it she found something which took her breath away as surely as a cock up her ass. A family picture. Andy’s family.

As she studied it, Kitty was certain that it was her family, too. At the center of the photograph was the man who must be her real father, she thought.

“Daddy,” she said to the picture. “Daddy… Daddy… Daddy. I can hardly wait to finally meet you. Yes, Daddy, one way or another, I’m here to stay!”

Having made the decision to go for broke, Kitty crawled into bed with her brother and slept as much as she could while waiting for what morning would bring.


Kitty refused to take no for an answer the next morning, keeping the pressure on Andy until he gave in to her. She’d made it plain that he’d fucked her for the first and last time the night before, unless he agreed to go along with her plan.

Andy believed that Kitty needing a place to stay was her only reason for putting him up against the wall that way. In the light of day, he couldn’t take that sister business seriously.

Although, he had to admit every time he sneaked another glance at her, the effect was rattling.

Since it was Saturday, there was no school for Andy to miss. He and Kitty dressed and slipped away from the house in his car before anybody else in his family was awake. As they drove around the outskirts of Centerville, Kitty coached him about what to say when they returned to his house. But when that time came, Andy thought she’d be the one who did most of the talking.

The longer they were away from home, the more Andy began to have second thoughts about what he was getting into. Sure, he thought, she was one terrific piece of ass. But, like he’d told her last night, he’d been doing all right in the pussy department before she came along. Maybe once with her was enough, after all, he thought.

But then, seeming to read his mind, Kitty purred. “Need a little extra dose of courage right about now, Andy honey?”

Her nervously asked her what she meant.

“Turn up here and you’ll find out,” she said. Andy recognized the place at once. He’d been up there to Make-out Point enough times with girls. But always at night, never at that time of day. Morning, though, he soon saw, made Make-out Point even more isolated than usual. “If you’re new in town,” he asked when they’d parked, “h-how’d you know this was up here?”

Kitty seductively said, “Now I can’t very well explain that to you if I’m busy sucking your cock, now can I? Of course, if you’re not in the mood for a blow-job…”

Andy found himself with an instant hard-on. As his swollen fly was being unzipped, he temporarily forgot about everything but getting his cock sucked by the mystery girl of his dreams. When he came in her mouth, something abruptly occurred to him. He couldn’t believe he’d gone that far without knowing it.

“Your name!” he blurted out as she swallowed his cum. “You’ve never even told me your name! You really do have at least a first name I can call you, don’t you?”

She waited until she’d downed the last of his jizz, then bobbed up with a sticky grin from his spent prick. Andy was as breathless with suspense as he was from shooting his wad.

“Kitty,” she told him. “My name is Kitty.”

“Kitty what?”

“Just plain Kitty for now. Trust me… now let’s go home!”

“Dad,” Andy Branch said, “this here’s Kitty. Her and me… well, it’s like we’re sorts going together. And, she’s had some trouble with her folks. You know? So, uh, she needs a place to stay for a while.”

John Branch raised his eyebrows, looking at both his son and the girl before saying, “Stay here with us, is that what you mean, Son?”

Andy sheepishly nodded, muttering, “Know it’s a big favor to ask, Dad, but…”

“Perhaps,” John Branch said, speaking in carefully measured terms, “if I spoke with the young lady in private before we make any decisions. So, Andy, if you’ll please excuse us, thank you.”

Given the hint to make himself scarce, Andy almost tiptoed away. Kitty was led by his father into a nearby den, and the door closed behind them. When she sat down across from John Branch, the more Kitty was certain he was her father, too.

He turned out to be a man who didn’t mince words, asking her point blank, “Are you sleeping with my boy, young lady?”

Kitty decided on an even more direct approach. “Sure, Andy’s fucked me!”

It didn’t seem to faze John Branch. “I see. And is that what has your family in such an uproar?”

“No, the folks back home don’t know about me and Andy,” Kitty said with some degree of the truth. “I just need to get away from them, that’s all. No good for me anymore.”

“So, I suppose you think, to use your charming word, that you can fuck your way into Andy’s family!” John Branch starkly stated. “You think you can do a little better for yourself in this world by seducing the son of a bank president!”

“Hey,” she said, improvising, “there’s something in it for you, too, if you want it!”

“Such as?” he asked dryly.

“Same as Andy’s been getting,” Kitty boldly replied, ready for anything at that point. “Me!”

If she’d expected her boldness to cause any cracks in John Branch’s armor, however, she was mistaken. But, she supposed, she’d have been disappointed her father if he’d lost his elegant cool.

“Well,” he smoothly said. “it looks like your timing is excellent, young lady. Just happens that my wife is out of town for a few days and perhaps something can be arranged, if you’re serious.”

“But how serious are you?” Kitty asked brashly, continuing to awe herself. “I’m looking for a lot more out of this than only a few days!”

“Ah, smart girl!” John Branch chuckled. “Also just happens that I’m looking for a new mistress. A nice, young one who knows what a man like me expects from her. The last one didn’t. She wanted more than being kept in a first-class apartment with all expenses paid. Made the mistake of forgetting that I’m also, shall we say, a happily married man. At least, that is, on paper.”

“A scandal would ruin the president of the bank in this town, huh?” Kitty asked cannily.

“Precisely,” John Branch said. “Must say, you have quite a good head on your shoulders, my dear. However, if you’re interested in applying for the, uh, position, what counts most is what you have between your legs!”

“Is the door locked?” Kitty asked.

“Certainly. I’m not the kind of man who leaves things to chance. The rest is up to you. You’re either woman enough to take advantage of my offer, or you’re not.”

Kitty smiled, at her absolute sexiest, and began to strip.

“Yes,” John said, “I like your breasts. Very nice. A most pleasant appetizer before the main course!”

“You mean you like my tits,” Kitty bluntly replied. “Not my breast, my tits!”

“Ummmmm, you’re a sassy one, aren’t you?” John Branch said, expressing his approval in his tone of voice. “I like that in a young woman. Something a man misses in his wife after a marriage passes a certain point.”

“Ready for the best, for last?”

“Definitely,” John Branch said in his usual, understated way.

Kitty had saved her pussy for the final impact. So now, wriggling out of her jeans, she left her panties between her gaze and the treasured cunt between her legs.

“I just love showing it off!” she said. “You’ll see why!”

She slowly peeled her panties down, with John Branch expecting her cunt-bush to appear. When her panties fell to the floor, he was staring at a completely hairless cunt which could have easily belonged to a much younger girl. But John Branch seemed as composed as ever. “So you shave it, do you?”

Rattled by his outward lack of passion, Kitty pouted. “Don’t you like it?”

“Quite the opposite, my dear,” John Branch answered. “The fact is, when I take up with a young woman, I insist on her cunt being utterly smooth. Which means, you arrive on my doorstep already having passed the first test. Now, if you don’t mind…” He left his chair. “I’d like to taste you!”

John Branch backed Kitty over toward the couch. He still hadn’t touched her, but his commanding gaze made her spread herself beneath him. As quickly as she could do so, she was all cunt on him.

“Yes!” John panted, his voice rippling with emotion for the first time, as his eyes feasted on Kitty’s bald cunt. “This is what makes the difference for me. Mast men are the same way, somewhere inside them, but. I’m man enough to admit it!”

“What’s that?” Kitty whispered, fingering apart her hairless pussy-lips for added persuasion.

It was a subject of importance second to none for John Branch. He gulped out his words, revealing his very soul after having played the part of Mr. Cool for so long.

“Every man,” he said, “dreams of his very own little girl. One who looks up to him like he can do no wrong. Do you know what I mean?”

Kitty was sure she did, answering, “You mean, like his own daughter?”

John Branch nodded, then wistfully sighed. “I missed out on the real thing when it was mine to have. Never mind how… main thing is that I’ve been trying the best I can to make up for it ever since.”

“Are you trying to tell me,” Kitty asked, “that when you fuck somebody young enough to be your daughter, that’s what you make her be in your mind — your daughter?”

“I can’t help it!” John Branch said. “And the younger my little girl looks for me, the more I want to do for her. Know that I can’t risk anyone under a certain age, but I can buy the next best thing to the real thing. And, damned if you aren’t as close to what I’m after as I’ve ever seen!”

Kitty knew that she could do no wrong as long as she just followed her natural instincts, so she urged, “Then eat me, Daddy. Heat me up by eating my smooth pussy until I cum in your mouth!”

“Ahhhhh, yes!” John Branch murmured, then knelt beside the couch.

His face was swiftly between Kitty’s open thighs. His tongue went for her cunt, and licked her pussy from the clit at the summit, to her asshole a notch below her juicy cunt-hole.

“Mmmm, so sweet!” he moaned after his first lapping taste. “My own real daughter couldn’t have a sweeter cunt!”

“Would I be cumming for you next, if I was her?” Kitty asked.

“Please, baby, please!” John Branch croaked.

“Then suck it, Daddy, suck my cunt for all you’re worth! Close your mouth all over my cunt and taste what happens!”

Kitty bucked her crotch. As John’s lips sealed her pussy-lips and his tongue shot up her puss slit, she climaxed on the spot.

“Oh, that’s wet!” she orgasmic ally moaned. “Such wet, wet cumming, Daddy! I’m cumming so wet Daddy, it almost feels like I’m pissing in your mouth!”

John Branch was in the mood for more. His tongue withdrew from the depths of Kitty’s cunt. His probing tongue tip found a much shallower, tinier, but equally crucial opening — her piss-hole.

“Daddy,” she excitedly asked, “am I wrong, or do you really want me to go ahead and piss in your mouth?”

The tip of his tongue poked her piss-hole without let-up, making his kinky desire as obvious as possible.

All Kitty wanted was to please the father whom she’d never known before. So, bearing down from within, she gave him what he craved — hot, steaming piss.

He took her piss down his thirstily gulping throat. If it had been anybody else drinking piss, Kitty supposed, she might have been turned off by such a bizarre act. But with her father, anything that gave him pleasure did the same for her. As she pissed for him, she was simultaneously thrilled by a fresh orgasm.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” she moaned as he drained her pissing, cumming pussy. “I never knew it could be this good with anybody! A girl’s just fooling herself if she thinks anybody’s better than her sweet sugar daddy. Oh, just listen to me go on, and you haven’t even actually fucked me yet!”

John Branch lurched up from Kitty’s cunt, slobbering with her piss and cum. “I’m ready… do you want my hard cock in your bald, young pussy now?”

“More than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life!” Kitty cried urgently. “Fuck me, Daddy! Please, you’ve just got to fuck me right away!”

“Yeah!” John Branch said hornily.

Kneeling before Kitty, he dropped his pants. His throbbing hard-on was every bit as big as Andy’s.

“Oh, hurry, Daddy, hurry!” she pleaded. “Hurry up and put it into me!”

John Branch took aim. He separated Kitty’s pussy-lips with his cock-head nudging between them. Then, once he’d made contact, he lunged full speed ahead.

“Mmmm, this is what I need, Daddy!” Kitty yelped, her cunt abruptly hilting his cock to the balls. “Now pump it! Pump your cock in me. Back and forth. In and out of my pussy!”

To help her father, Kitty wrapped her legs around him and rocked him in the cradle of her thighs. His cock responded in her cunt with jerking rhythm, with the male-female friction.

“Perfect, Daddy, perfect!” Kitty cried. “Now feel me cum for you!”

Her fucked cunt immediately went into orgasmic spasms. Her cunt was tugging and hauling at her father’s prick, leaving him breathless.

“You’re too good to be true!” he moaned. “If I closed my eyes, little girl, I could swear you really are my flesh-and-blood daughter!”

“Even more than you know, Daddy!”

John Branch did close his eyes, sighing. “Yes, yes, this is as close as it gets to the real thing. As good as it gets to fucking my own daughter!”

Fucking her in an almost dream-like state, John Branch placed his hands on Kitty’s splendid, young tin. When she told him to go after her nipples, he pinched them.

“Awww, hurts so good!” Kitty groaned.

“Now more, Daddy, more! Treat my tits eyen worse!”

Her nipples were twisted around double. The exquisite pain went straight to her cunt to join the friction from her father’s cock. Kitty came twice as hard as she had before. Yet still, she was greedy for more.

“My tits aren’t all you can get at while you’re fucking my pussy, Daddy!” she moaned. “There’s way down below, too. Where I slit!”

John Branch needed no further encouragement to drop one of his hands between the cheeks of Kitty’s squirming ass. He discovered she didn’t shave there like she did her cunt. He approved, since that made her even more a combination of a little girl and a woman with both a smooth cunt and a hairy ass. He yanked at the silken fluff of her ass-hair, treating Kitty more welcome pain.

“I love it!” she squealed. “Now finger-fuck me there, Daddy! Deep and hard, straight up my horny asshole!”

John shoved a pair of fingers where Kitty slit. His fingers were curled at the knuckles, and felt like the head of a cock up her ass to go along with the cock screwing her pussy. And she felt the fucking from both sources rub together through the thin, membrane wall separating her fuck-holes.

“Oh. Daddy!” she cried. “It’s as super in my ass as it is in my cunt. Just wish you could cum in me both places when you shoot your wad.”

“Baby, don’t soil me short!” John ached.

With a hiking thrust, his cock abruptly erupted at the depths of Kitty’s pussy. Feeling his smelting jizz rush all the way into her womb. Kitty had only one regret — that there wasn’t a similar flow also swamping her asshole. But she accepted that even a girl’s father was only human, and she’d sure as anything settle for that pussyful of cum over any kind of load from anybody else.

After his last drop of cum was spilled, John’s hard-on remained as rigid as ever. When he pulled his cock out of her drenched pussy-slit, Kitty hoped prick was headed for her shifter.

Her father’s fingers withdrew from her stretched whole. In their place, his cock-head nudged against her. Just a shove, and his cock would be in her shit-chute, she thought, his dick’s surging path.

“Go for it, Daddy!” she urged wildly. “It’ll be an better than the first one!”

Kitty’s was suddenly as jammed as much hard dick as she’d ever taken.

“Daddy, you stud!” she cried, crazed with lust. “Fuck my ass so deep that I can’t help myself! So I do more than cum! So I shit, too, Daddy! Shit all over your cock at the same time I’m cumming!”

“Mmmm, you dirty, little bitch!” John Branch said with approval. “You’re always one jump ahead of me, always ready in advance for whatever will turn me on the most!”

“That’s what Daddy’s little girl is for!” Kitty moaned. “Now pour it on, Daddy. Ass-fuck the living shit out of my cumming ass!”

“I’ll split you in two if I can, bitch!” John Branch murmured lovingly.

“Yes, go font, Daddy! Rip me… rip me!” Kitty pleaded.

His cock was like a jackhammer. Kitty had never experienced such violence. And had never treasured anything more.

She came, the orgasmic network of nerves connecting her asshole to her clit humming. She started to boil within, when her bowels gave way. Hot shit burned her father’s prick with its rushing slime. In return, his balls gave way, and he was answering Kitty’s shitty flow with a creamy one of his own, shooting his wad even more mightily than he had in her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy, you did it… did it!” Kitty howled with glee as her ass was flooded with jizz. “Came in both my pussy and my asshole. It’s heaven, Daddy, pure heaven! Makes me the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you, Daddy, thank you!”

After pulling away from his cock, she reared up and pounced on his wonderfully filthy fuck tool. She sucked her stilt off of his cock, keeping his cock hard, and didn’t stop until there was yet another load of jizz for her to devour.

“Daddy,” she said, “it’s only gonna get even better between us. We’ll be so sucking, fucking great together!”

“No man in his right mind would argue with tat!” John Branch sighed, his overworked cock reluctantly collapsing in a sticky coil. “You’ve got the job. My mistress.”

“Is that all, Daddy?” Kitty pouted.

“I mean, welcome home, little girl! I’ve finally bought myself a daughter to fuck. As long as you put out like this for me, you’ll live like a princess in Centerville. The way John Branch’s little girl should!”

“I’ll earn it!” vowed Kitty, never meaning anything more in her life. “You won’t believe how much I’ll earn it!”

John Branch sighed, though still not suspecting the whole truth about the remarkable, young woman who’d entered his life. “Little girl, after today, nothing you do will surprise me. You’re that good for me. But, tell you what, don’t let that stop you from frying.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal there,” Kitty promised. “You can bet your life on that… Daddy!”


“My boy, I was your age once, so I can understand how you got mixed up with her. She is a pretty, little thing,” John said to Andy. “But I’m also a lot older and wiser than you, so you’ll have to take my word that this girl is not for you. Definitely not. Trust me on this one and you won’t be sorry.”

“But suppose I do agree to cut her loose, Dad?” Andy Branch asked. “What’ll happen to her? She still needs a place to stay.”

“I’m not a hard man,” John Branch said. “I’ll take personal responsibility for finding her something. You don’t need to worry about her.”

“Well, if you say so, Dad,” Andy replied, sighing with relief that he’d gotten out of the mess so easily.

“Then you just have to promise me you won’t try to see her again, and I’ll handle the rest. Do we have ourselves a deal, Son?”

“Yeah, sure, Dad, whatever you say!”

“So it’s settled. Now, here’s ten dollars no, twenty. Go out and have yourself some fun, Son, and forget all about her.”

Andy took his father’s money and left. Then John Branch went to the phone and made a call.

“Get the top floor rooms ready right away,” he instructed the superintendent of the apartment building he owned across town. “A young lady will be moving in early this afternoon. Make it extra nice for her.”

Assured that it would be taken care of, John Branch hung up with a satisfied grin, sure he’d pulled off his sweetest deal since he’d started keeping young women on the side. Then he called the store where he’d sent his latest mistress for a sexy, new wardrobe and gave her the address of her new apartment.

“Yes, everything’s right on schedule. No loose ends,” John said, congratulating himself. John Branch’s confidence, however, was misplaced. For although he’d taken care of Andy, his other son, Greg, was lurking in the hallway, overhearing enough to know the score.

“So,” Greg Branch said to himself, “Pop’s got himself a brand-new mistress. How about that? Wondered when he’d get around to replacing the last one.”

He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Well, just guess I’ll have to go over and welcome her into the family!” Greg laughed out loud. “Like I did the last one, when I found out about her!”

He checked his watch. It was a little past noon. If he went over now to that apartment his father used for a love nest, he could be waiting for the latest occupant.

“Mmmm, hope she’s as good a piece as the one before,” Greg said. “But smarter, though. That other bitch was so damned dumb that she really thought she could get Pop to divorce Mom and marry her. Shit, that was guaranteed to get her a one-way ticket out of town. And left me without having that shaved pussy of hers to suck and fuck when Pop wasn’t around.”

A college boy, Greg had trouble fucking his share of co-eds at the Centerville campus of the state university. College girls were just to kill time, however, as far as Greg was concerned. His real kick was getting one of his father’s bought-and-paid-for mistresses to cheat behind the old man’s back.

“Pop thinks money can buy anything!” Greg snickered as he got ready to take stock of his father’s latest possession. “Just doesn’t understand that there’re some things a guy can get for free. Especially when he’s a young stud who’s hung like yours truly!”

Greg dressed to leave. He put on his tightest jeans, the pair that showed off his crotch to the best advantage when it bulged with his big, hard cock — his pride and joy. Twelve inches his cock measured. The only guy in town hung with as much cock was his cousin, Buster.

“And poor Buster,” Greg murmured, “doesn’t have a rich father to keep him in shaved pussy behind the old man’s back the way I do!”

Then Greg was on his way, that huge prick of his already stirring with anticipation in those tight jeans.

Kitty felt like she were walking on a cloud. All that money for new clothes, she thought, just imagine it! Back on the farm, she’d been lucky if she got a new pair of overalls once a year. And now, she even had a place of her own to live, with an elevator to take her up there.

“The top floor, Daddy said,” Kitty said, bubbling with excitement. The fact that John Branch had to be her real father was second nature to her by now. “I can’t wait to see it!”

When she left the elevator, the door to the apartment was open for her. She ran with wings on her feet to it, breathless when she answered. Then she realized that she already had company.

Greg stood there with a lopsided grin on his all-too-familiar face, casually leaning against the wall. Although she’d never seen him before, Kitty would have recognized him anywhere.

“Y-you look exactly the same!” she blurted at the sight of him.

“Same as which one?” he drawled. “The old man or my kid brother, Andy?”

“Both of them!” Kitty choked.

“Then that must make me Greg,” he said. “Greg Branch, at your service.”

“Nice to, uh, meet you. But, well, I think I can handle everything that needs to be done on my own,” Kitty muttered. Then she warily asked, “Does your father know you’re here?”

Greg Branch laughed. “No way! But, then again, what the old man doesn’t know won’t hurt him. And I’d say we have plenty of time to leave him in the dark before he shows up here.”

“Plenty of time… for what?”

“Me and you, baby,” Greg said in a low, forceful voice, abruptly closing the distance between Kitty and himself. “And so you won’t waste your time telling me to get out, let me clue you in on something. All I have to do is tell my mom about Pop’s new girlfriend, and your free ride and I’ll be over before it starts!”

“Blackmail!” Kitty cried.

“Nothing else but, baby,” Greg said. “Now, are you ready to pay my price?”

Kitty didn’t need to ask what that was. The telltale bulge at keg’s crotch told all. He expected to fuck her in return for keeping his mouth shut, Kitty knew. Kitty’s cunt had suddenly caught fire.

“You got one of those shaved pussies my pop digs so much?” Greg asked, keeping Kitty cornered.

“Let me see you first,” Kitty dizzily suggested. “Then I’ll decide what I ought to do.”

“Baby, you’re as good as hooked!” Greg said boastfully.

Without hesitation, he peeled down his skintight jeans. He wore no shorts underneath, so his jutting hard-on abruptly twanged in the open — all twelve, thick, throbbing inches.

Kitty couldn’t contain her response. “Ooooohhhh, God, it’s soooo big! What a big cock!”

“Think you can suck the whole thing, baby? All the way down to my balls?”

Kitty knew that she could. After all, she had done the same to her cousin Buster’s equally huge prick when she’d arrived in town. Before leaving the farm, she wouldn’t have thought it possible to run into two such cocks, but, since she had, one cock was sure good practice for the other.

“I’ll give you a blow-job you’ll never forget!” she cried hornily, temporarily forgetting all about her father in favor of her big brother.

She started to drop to her knees to get into the classic cock-sucking position, but Greg stopped her, holding her upright.

“No, not yet,” he told her. “First I’ve gotta see that pussy of yours. So I can decide if I wanna eat it while you’re going down an my prick!”

Kitty was only too eager to strip for him. Greg, though, took matters into his own hands. In rough, macho style, he ripped the clothes off her body. Caught by surprise, Kitty’s immediate response was to cover herself.

“Wanna bet whether or not my pussy is shaved?” she asked, keeping her hands crossed over her crotch.

“What do I get if I win?” Greg asked. “The best sixty-nine you ever had!”

“And if I lose?”

“The same thing.”

“Sounds fair to me. Yeah, sounding more and more like you’re my kinda girl!”

Kitty let her hands flutter away. And there it was — her hairless pussy — shaved to perfection and as bald as a baby’s ass.

“You like?” she confidently asked. Greg answered by sweeping her off her feet, picking her up and carrying her to the bed. There he stretched her out in all her glory, then straddled her from above, looking down on her shorn cunt.

“Yes, the best sixty-nine you ever had,” Kitty repeated, then angled his hard-on to her mouth to fold her lips around his swollen cock-head.

“Baby, you sure as hell ain’t getting less from me than you’re giving me!” Greg vowed, then took the slurping plunge between her spread thighs.

Deep-throating his cock, Kitty felt his tongue simultaneously squirming in her pussy. God, she thought, it felt like he was turning an oral cock loose in her cunt at the same time she was suck big his prick.

When Greg had reamed her cunt to his tongue’s root, Kitty had swallowed his prick to his balls. The combined penetration unhinged her senses and she climaxed on the spot.

“Oh, baby, you’re cumming!” Greg moaned at her crotch. “I can feel you cumming for me. Taste you cumming…”

His voice trailed off into a thirsty gurgle as he gulped down a generous sample of Kitty’s orgasmic pussy-juice. Meanwhile, she was using her mouth like a second cunt on his cock, making him fuck her mouth.

As much as she came herself, Kitty knew the best part of the sixty-nine for both her and Greg would be when he finally came, too. So, priming his supply of jizz, she squeezed his balls with one hand and finger-fucked his asshole with a surging finger of the other.

“Jesus, baby!” he moaned from the bald nest of her cunt. “You go after a guy’s cum no holds barred, don’t you?”

In reply, Kitty sucked, squeezed and finger fucked all the harder.

“Well, shit, I’m only human,” Greg mowed. “So, baby, you got it!”

His cock erupted at the depths of Kitty’s throat. It took quite a girl to keep up with the amount of scalding jizz which flowed, but Kitty was more than enough cocksucker to get the job done. Every last drop was her goal, and she didn’t let up on her greedy suction until the final dribble from her big brother’s big cocks was warming her belly.

“Damn, you drank it all, didn’t you?” Greg exclaimed, praising her performance, finally pulling out on top of the completed sixty-nine.

“And left you with a hard-on as good as you had in the first place!” Kitty said. “Turn around so we can both look at what kinda shape I kept you in!”

Greg quickly swiveled around, and checked out his cock. Sucked to a bright shade of red, his spit-slicked prick remained nothing less than a raging hard-on.

“Now, that really was the best sixty-nine I’ve ever had!” he readily admitted.

“I always keep a bargain,” Kitty cooed. “And now I’m ready to make another one.”

“Then you know you’re talking to the right guy,” Greg said. “What’s the pitch, baby?”

“The oldest in the world, stud,” Kitty answered. “Fuck me!”

“You’re definitely talking my language!”

“Fuck me, and I’ll give you the best piece of ass you ever had!”

“Just point me in the right direction then, and your bald cunt will be so full of cock you won’t believe I’m not gonna split you in two!”

“How’s that?” Kitty called back. She’d bounced up on all fours like a bitch in heat, spreading her cunt from the rear as the juiciest of possible targets.

“Dog-fuck you, huh?” Greg asked, lining up behind her.

“Just like we’re a couple of muffs in the street!” Kitty declared.

“Say,” Greg said with approval, “along with the rest, you’ve got some dirty mouth on you there. I like that in a chick!”

“Want me to keep talking dirty to you while you dog-fuck me?”

“You know it!”

“Then how’s this? My cunt’s just aching to suck up so much of your big cock that I’ll be able to taste it at the other end?”

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Greg groaned. “And here goes!”

After fitting the knob of his prick between Kitty’s pussy-lips from the rear, his crotch violently bucked. Like a battering ram, his twelve inches of cock-meat surged into her cunt.

“Oh, your nasty cock’s dog-fucking my poor cunt soooo mean now, stud!” Kitty cried. “Turning me into even a hornier, damned bitch than I visa before! When I cum, watch out, you’ll have to hold on for the wild ride this horny, damned, dog-fucked bitch in heat is gonna give you!”

“Sooner the better!” Greg urged.

“Then give me something extra so I’ll cum quick!” Kitty yelled, her voice hoarse with lust.

“Name it, you horny bitch! Just tell me what, how and where.”

“My asshole! A couple of fingers at least, digging in so deep that I slit all over them! That dirty enough for you, stud?”

“You mean this way?”

“OOohhhh, my God, yessssss!” Kitty squealed with delight, as not just his fingers, but a pair of flexed knuckles jammed up her asshole like another cock fucking her where she shit.

“Then cum, bitch, cum!” Greg demanded. “You always keep a bargain, remember?”

“Do more than just cum for you now!” Kitty gasped. “You’re getting the best of me from both fuck-holes now, ready or not!”

Her fucked cunt orgasmic ally spasmed without delay, oozing female cum along the length of Greg’s hard-on. At the same time, Greg’s knuckled fingers were also drenched, as shit from the depths of Kitty’s gouged asshole flowed like molten lava.

“Yes! I’m cumming and slitting! Shifting and cumming!” Kitty crowed. “Get any better than this for a horny, damned bitch like me! Never felt so fucking dirty in my life!”

“But it can always get dirtier,” Greg said.

Yanking his filthy fingers from Kitty’s shifty ass, he stuck them in her face and dared her to suck them. She went for it, slurping as if she’d never tasted anything more delicious.

“Jeez!” Greg said in awe, making it clear that she’d called his bluff. “Didn’t think you’d really do it!”

Kitty recklessly cried, “Anything! If it’s sex I’ll do anything! Or let it get done to me! And, Goddamn it, the dirtier the better!”

Greg didn’t doubt it for an instant. It was up to him to prove he was stud enough to take full advantage of what Kitty had offered him.

“Well, what’re you waiting for?” she asked impatiently when he didn’t step up the action right away.

“I-I’m thinking!”

“Then just think of the dirtiest thing you can and then damned well do it to me as quick as you can!” Kitty demanded.

Greg murmured to himself, “Yeah, that’s the ticket. Why the hell not?”

She knew where her brother’s cock would go next. And then she got it — all his punishing cock — ramming up her shifter.

“Yes! God, yes!” she shouted. “Fuck my ass with all that prick!”

“Fuck your ass, bitch? Sure!” he hissed, driving his hard-on into her shitty depths. “Except that’s just the half of it. Don’t think I’m gonna forget this, do you?”

Greg abruptly withdrew his cock from Kitty’s ass and plunged his filthy cock straight back up her cunt again.

Kitty pleaded, “Oh, please don’t stop! It’s even better than I expected, but now I won’t settle for anything else! Back and forth, stud, in and out with your big cock fucking both my cunt and asshole at the same time!”

At the peak of his macho powers, Greg turned himself into a human fucking machine. His stamina was limitless and his cock almost a blur, as it pistoned from one fuck-hole to the other, shafting Kitty’s asshole and cunt at such a rapid pace that two guys fucking her couldn’t have done any better.

“I’ve never cum this hard!” she shrieked. “Don’t think any griever has!”

“You can stand it!” Greg said. “Anybody else but you, and she’d probably have already passed out cold. But not a horny, damned bitch like you. ‘Cause no way you’ll go under before I give you the frosting on the cake!”

“What’s that?” Kitty asked.

“My cum!” Greg yelled.

“OOohhhh, stud, you read my mind!” Kitty moaned.

“Then where do you want it? In your cunt? Up your ass?” Greg asked.

Kitty surprised him. “Neither! Come all over me!”

“Then spread it out, bitch!” Greg directed, jerking his cock free of Kitty’s fuck-holes. “And you’re taking a bath in my jizz!”

Kitty rolled over onto her back. She jackknifed her legs all the way back, straddling her head with them. That made her face, her tits, her cunt and spread ass-cheeks multiple targets, ready to be drenched by brotherly jizz.

Greg jacked off the rest of the way. It took about two strokes, then his cum shot in the air, a silvery plume that reached its peak, then rained down.

Kitty’s face got it first. Greg’s hot, splashing cum seemed to melt her grinning features.

Her tits were next. A creamy river ran down between them, traveling along her belly and pooling in her navel.

Then her hairless cunt — gobs of jizz splattered her smooth pussy, decorating it like liquid jewels.

Finally, there was the crack of her spread ass. By the time his cock reached there, Greg’s climax had slowed to a dribble. So Greg lowered the head of his cock into her ass-crack and smeared the last of his jizz around the swollen pucker of Kitty’s shit-pit.

“Well, that’s all there is to that!” Greg wearily sighed, his hard-on collapsing at last. “But it was a helluva ride while it lasted, huh?”

“The best!” Kitty said. “You can come up and see me, mmmm, any old time.”

“While my old man pays the bills!” Greg said in triumph. “What a set-up!”

Kitty glanced up at the clock on the wall.

“Shit!” she blurted with alarm that made her sagging body bolt up at the waist. “He’s gonna be here pretty soon! Greg, you’ve gotta get out of here before he catches us bare-assed in bed together and all hell breaks loose!”

“Hey, I’m gone,” Greg said. “Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll be here when the old man ain’t.”

“And right now I’ve got to take a bath to wash all this cum off me,” Kitty said. “If he wants to fuck me, I’ve got to be clean so he won’t suspect anything funny.”

But as they prepared to part, it was too late for Kitty and Greg. The door to the apartment had just swung open, both of them still on the bed. With nowhere for either, of them to run, they froze in panic and prepared to meet their fate.


Buster was writing a parking ticket when he saw Kitty go into the fashion boutique. He couldn’t miss her if he tried. It was like he had radar for that girl.

“That’s her, all right. Mmmm, what a piece!” Buster Branch sighed, his stiffening cock getting as bulky between his legs as his service revolver was at his hip. “Now, why do you suppose she’s going in there? That’s the most expensive store in town. She must have plenty of her own dough to spend. Uncle John’s only that generous with those girls he keeps on the side — his, what you call them, mistresses.”

Stalling to get another look at her, Buster hung around on Main Street by finding more parking tickets to give. When he ran out of there, he hassled a couple of bums in the town square. Then, just when he was running out of things to do, she came back out onto the street.

Curious, Buster kept a safe distance and followed her. She stopped and asked somebody something, apparently getting directions to somewhere. Then, after traveling another block, she turned right.

Buster caught sight of Kitty again just as she was entering a building he knew full well. Puzzled, he took a walk and tiled to figure it out.

“Damn!” he muttered. “If that’s not the same place where Uncle John keeps those women he fucks on the side. What’s a little girl who’s kin to him doing in there?”

After several minutes of thought, Buster guessed that he’d come up with an answer. She must be here in town for more than just a few days, he reasoned. Came here, maybe, to live for a while. And since Uncle John owned the whole building, Buster supposed, he must be letting her stay in one of the vacant apartments.

“Yeah, that’s it… got to be it,” Buster told himself. “Hell, if she’s got the money to shop at that fancy boutique, she’s probably even paying Uncle John rent on that apartment. Can come and go as she pleased without Uncle John saying boo.”

Buster Branch saw no reason why he shouldn’t take a break from patrolling Main Street to pay the little girl a friendly visit. Just to say hello, he thought, and get in a quick fuck if she was as much in the mood for another session with his big cock as he hoped she would be.

The apartment superintendent was taking a snooze, so Buster nudged him awake with his billy club and asked about the new girl in the building. Half asleep, the old guy mumbled something about the top floor, then went back into a nod.

Taking the stairs, he vaulted up them two at a time, counting on being as lucky that afternoon with the new piece of ass in town as he’d been last night.

Kitty looked at keg, he looked at her, then both turned their glassy eyes to the opening door, knowing there was no way to escape the trap of the apartment. They’d just have to take their medicine for being caught red-handed by the man who paid the bills.

“Hey!” the intruder cheerfully called out just before showing himself. “Guess who? Heard you’d moved in here, and thought I’d pop in. Surprised to see me?”

Kitty sighed with relief. It could have been a whole lot worse than only Buster, she thought.

“What’re you doing here?” Greg and Buster simultaneously snarled at each other.

Then a bare-assed Greg bragged, “Well, Buster, even somebody as dumb as you ought to be able to figure out that I’ve been fucking this chick silly! So why don’t you just take a walk and leave her to me?”

“Yeah, just so happens, though, that I saw her first,” Buster retorted. “I mean, fucked her first! So all you’re getting is sloppy seconds, asshole!”

Greg got up from the bed and hissed, “You’re lying! Now are you gonna get the hell out of here on your own, or am I gonna have to make you leave? Don’t care how big a cop you think you are, I’ll ram that tin badge right up your ass!”

“Just try it, punk!” Buster spat.

Their fists cocked, they were ready to fight. And although she was flattered to be their prize, Kitty knew she had to do something to stop them.

“Boys, boys!” she shouted, jumping up between them to keep them at bay. “We can settle this some other way, believe me!”

Their piercing stares silently told her they’d like to know how. Kitty knew that she’d better speak up with an answer, fast.

Then it suddenly came to her, the only logical way to settle it. What’s more, she realized, if she could actually bring it off, it just might turn out to be the best thing that could have happened.

“All right, it’s true,” she said. “I’ve fucked you both. But that doesn’t mean I have to pick one of you over the other today. After all, what makes you think I’m not woman enough for both of you?”

They blinked their eyes like they weren’t sure what they’d heard.

Greg said, “Oh, no! Forget it! No way I’m waiting in line for pussy. I’m not taking turns, if that’s what you mean!”

“Ditto here!” Buster chimed in, agreeing with his cousin for the first time.

Kitty slyly whispered, “NO waiting, boys! I’m talking about the two biggest cocks I’ve ever sucked and fucked, both at the same time!”

She sprawled on the bed then, raising her knees and parting her thighs with her hairless cunt yawing.

“Of course,” she teased, “if one of you still wants to leave, I’ll just have to go ahead and get it on with the one who stays. But if you both want me, that’s exactly what you’ll have to give me — your big, beautiful cocks together!”

“What-what if we both leave?” Greg asked. “Well, there’s always this!” Kitty smirked. She began finger-fucking her cunt. That did it. Neither Greg nor Buster was going anywhere but straight to bed to get his share of Kitty.

She was more than ready for them. It all happened so fast that she wasn’t even, sure whose cock was suddenly in her mouth and which twelve inches filled her pussy. She was doing what most girls would have thought impossible, sucking and fucking a pair of hung studs at once.

Keeping her eyes closed as she fucked Greg and Buster, Kitty couldn’t help but think how far she’d come from the farm in such a short time. And it only promised to get better, as the current threesome with her brother and cousin illustrated.

Celebrating the delicious spot she was in, Kitty gleefully came. It was a double climax, a cum in her fucked cunt and the other in her fucked throat.

In her orgasmic daze, she overheard her brother and cousin talking about her. Buster said, “Little girl wasn’t kidding when she said she was horny enough for both of us! You feel how hard she’s cumming?”

“Sure as hell do!” Greg answered, the hatchet buried between the two young men now that they’d both buried their big pricks in Kitty. “First time any chick ever gave me head when I could swear she was cumming from a cock in her mouth the same as with her cunt!”

“Yeah, well, I can sure as hell tell you about that cunt of hers!” Buster moaned. “The more I fuck it, the tighter her pussy grabs onto my prick. And now that she’s cumming, her cunt’s rippling, too. Like a bunch of fingers giving a hand-job at the same time I’m getting laid!”

“Her mouth’s like a cunt at the same time she blows me!” said Greg.

Then Buster noticed something about Kitty. “Hey, look! She’s got her eyes closed!”

“Yeah, sure,” Greg replied. “They have been the whole time since we jumped her.”

“So maybe,” Buster said, “she still doesn’t know exactly which one of us is fucking her where!”

Reminded of how dumb his cousin could be, Greg scoffed, “Christ, she can hear, you know!”

“Sure! She knows where our cocks are fucking her now. But what if we start switching them around from where they’re sticking her now and don’t tip her off? Ought to drive her crazy… and, if you ask me, this is one chick that digs being fucked crazy. We’ll be doing her a favor!”

Listening from below, an eager Kitty wanted to beg them to please go ahead with it. She held back, though, deciding to let them work it out on their own.

Greg said, “Goddamn, Buster, you’re actually starting to make some sense for a change. Let’s damned well do it!”

They pulled their cocks out of Kitty’s mouth and pussy. She knew she’d be only temporarily unfucked, as she waited anxiously for their cocks to strike again. Suddenly, they blindfolded her with a pillowcase, making her think that it was almost like being raped.

When one of their cocks dropped back into play, Kitty truly didn’t know whose it was. His cock was between her tits, so she clenched her mounds of spongy tit-flesh together, and started rhythmically stroking the twelve thick inches of hard-on.

“Ooooohhhh, yes,” she moaned with joy, “fuck my tits! Fuck my tits raw! Nobody’s ever done that to me before. It’s like my tits are cherry for the first cock that fucks them!”

The next place she was fucked, though, wasn’t cherry. Her whole eagerly welcomed all the big, hard cock it could get. Kitty was on the brink of shitting and cumming.

She held back as long as she could. That was to give the hard-on between her tits an equal chance to make its mark. The friction between her tits couldn’t be as intense as it was down below, she thought. Kitty discovered the trick of turning her nipples inward so they directly rubbed prick, and she heard a groan of pleasure.

“I’m cumming! God, am I cumming!” Kitty cried. “Cumming as hard from my fucked tits as lam in my fucked ass!”

Kitty shit all over the cock that ass-fucked her.

“Damn, she’s hot!” one of the boys cried.

“And dirty!” the other said.

They were bunched so closely above her, though, that Kitty had no way of picking out which boy was doing what to her by listening to them. In her ecstasy, their voices were also starting to sound alike.

Then her tits and ass were no longer getting balled. For a while, the two cocks squirmed all over her naked body like slithering snakes. Then one cock returned to her mouth. When she tasted the bittersweet flavor of her shit, she knew that cock was the one that was fresh out of her ass. A moment later, her mouth took a second cock-head, that one spiced with the honey of her pussy-juice.

Kitty couldn’t deep-throat a pair of pricks, but, if she sucked for all she was worth, she could certainly do them justice.

“Oh, man, if she keeps this up I’m gonna cum before we have time to stick our prick anyplace else in her!” Buster reported.

“You and me both!” Greg said. “Should we go ahead and shoot it this way before we go back to fucking her different places again?”

“Might as well. The way she’s sucking, our pricks’ll stay hard as ever no matter how much we unload!”

One of Kitty’s hands seized a set of balls, then her other hand grabbed a matching pair. She expertly squeezed, the way she’d milk a cow. But she’d never gotten anything as creamily delicious from old Bessy’s floppy teats as she was about to from the hard cocks of her brother and cousin.

“I’m gonna shoot it!” one of them screamed.

“Not any harder than me!”

Their cock-heads erupting at the same instant, the boys came together in Kitty’s mouth. There was so much jizz in the double-dose, but Kitty kept up with it, swallowing cum as fast as it spurted from both pricks as if her life depended on drinking every drop.

But feasting on all of the combined cum was only half of Kitty’s goal. She was also working to keep the boys’ hard-ons as rigid as ever in spite of the way they were unloading. The next place she wanted them to double-fuck her would be the real test of how much cock she could take at one time, she thought.

As soon as she’d downed the last of their cum, Kitty grabbed their sticky pricks and gave them short-term hand-jobs to keep them stiff. The boys, in turn, discussed where they’d plug in next.

“She wants more, that’s for sure!” Buster groaned. “God, what a horny bitch! Look how she’s making our pricks stay up so we can fuck her again some other way, right away!”

“Yeah, now if we could only think of some flew number to lay on her,” Greg said. “Her mouth, tits, ass and cunt — we’ve fucked ’em all! If she wants something different after all that, she’s sure as hell gonna have to invent it for us!”

“Maybe she’ll tell us,” Buster said.

Greg was more forceful, hissing down to Kitty, “Right, bitch, tell us! C’mon, blow our minds with a brand-new way to fuck you! We got the hard-ons, so you better come up with how we’re supposed to use ’em on you. And the kinda mood we’re in, it better be Goddamned fucking dirty!”

Kitty spoke up, her tongue still thick with jizz. “My cunt… somebody start by giving me a cuntful of his big cock.”

“Big deal!” Greg snorted, mocking her request. “We’ve each already screwed you there today!”

“But only one at a time,” Kitty said.

Buster was beginning to understand. “Hey, does that mean you want the other cock…”

“Fucking me in the same place as the first cock,” Kitty said. “Fucking my cunt! Both of you studs fucking my cunt together with your big, hard cocks!”

“Jeez, I think she means it!” Buster gulped. “Aw, she’s bluffing!” Greg scoffed. “Maybe she could bring it off with two other guys. But two guys hung like we are? No way. We’d rip her to pieces. She’s just counting on us not having the balls to go that far so she can keep us in our place. Typical chick trick. Then she can get us to settle for a whole lot less, something nice ‘n’ easy on her that lets her save face.”

“I’m telling you,” Buster said. “I really think she means it.”

“Just shows how dumb you are, that’s what she wants us to think!” jeered Greg. “Instead of stopping us, she can get us to stop ourselves.”

“Maybe I’m ready to go through with it, though,” Buster said. “But I’m gonna need some help. So that leaves it up to you, Greg. You have the balls?”

“Okay,” Greg said to Buster, “I can handle it. It’s the bitch’s cunt if she wants it torn apart. Even if she bluffing, she still asked for it. We can fuck her to death for all I care!”

“Then let’s stop talking about it and get the job done,” Buster urged.

“Yeah… the bitch doesn’t have a chance!” The boys made their moves. Still blindfolded, Kitty couldn’t see how they were dividing the task of preparing her to take both of their huge pricks in her pussy. She just knew that one unseen set of hands was roughly flipping her over onto her belly. Then, once she’d landed, the other boy grabbed her ass-cheeks from behind so she was propped on her knees with her pussy yawning from the rear.

One cock-head pierced her pussy-lips from below. Then she was forced from behind to drop her hips and take a cuntful of the first prick’s thick cock-shaft.

With one boy’s cock halfway up her cunt, his cousin got into position in back. Since both pricks were equally large, the fit was tight for the second cock-monster.

Kitty screamed, “Oh, my God, it hurts! Didn’t think it’d hurt this much!”

“See? Told you the bitch was bluffing all along,” Greg said.

“Guess you’re right,” Buster reluctantly agreed. “She can’t take much more of this. We’d better pull out before we really do fuck her to death. Even a cop like me couldn’t cover up something that bad.”

Kitty was in too much of a daze to pick out which voice was corning from below or behind her. But she’d overheard enough to know that Greg and Buster were ready to pull their cocks out of her aching cunt.

“No! Don’t you dare!” she cried out to them. “I’ll never fuck either of you again if you both don’t finish fucking my pussy together!”

“We’re hurting you, though…” Buster said.

“But,” Kitty moaned, “You’re hurting me soooo fucking goooood!”

She came on the spot. Her orgasm was too genuine for the boys to dismiss. Anybody who could cum like she was now had to be loving what they were brutally doing to her.

“Shit, she’s gonna be all right?” Buster said with relief. “What a girl! What a piece of ass she is!”

“Amen!” Greg yelled. “I was wrong. There’s no bluff in this chick. Can’t fuck her to death, ’cause she damned well lives to fuck!”

“Mmmm, truer words were never spoken,” Kitty murmured. “So make me live forever, studs, by both of you fucking my horny cunt as hard as you can with those two beautiful, big cocks!”

Greg and Buster started working as a team, performing as though they’d been practicing fucking the same pussy for years. They alternated cock-strokes, one of them shoving while the other partially withdrew. And, adjusting to the bulky tempo, Kitty’s cunt gradually shed the initial pain and responded with sheer pleasure.

She came over and over again, nonstop, her multiple climaxes galloping on one another’s heels. It was an orgasmic stampede, trampling her with pounding ecstasy.

Eventually, Kitty craved the final chapter of their fuck — the perfect ending. When she sensed the time was right to get what she wanted from her brother and cousin, she urged, “Boys, boys! My pussy’s so thirsty it can’t wait anymore! Thirsty for so much hot jizz from your fucking cocks!”

Greg and Buster were primed to shoot their wads. “Together?” one of them asked the other.

“Sure as hell!” the other enthusiastically agreed. “We’ve gone too far fucking her like this not to cum in her cunt at the same time now!”

As their cocks erupted in tandem to instantly swamp her cunt with combined jizz, Kitty came herself from the scalding impact. She’d had so many orgasms already that she’d lost count, but that one stood out from all the rest. In fact, it was the last thing she remembered before passing out. She was out cold, fucked out of her mind.

“Well,” Greg said when it was over, “maybe we didn’t fuck her to death, but she’s dead to the world for a little while anyway, that’s for sure!”

“So, what’ll we do?” Buster nervously asked, having pulled out of Kitty’s cunt along with his cousin, now that their spilled cum had turned her double-fucked cunt into an oozing wound.

“Leave her,” Greg answered.

“But what if somebody finds her like this?” Buster worried aloud.

“Let him!”

“H-him? Who?”

“Who else? My dad. She’s his problem now!”

“You mean that she’s your dad’s.”

“Bought and paid for,” Greg said. “Just another one of my pop’s high-priced whores!”

“But what if she tells him about us?” Buster asked.

“Are you kidding?” Greg scoffed. “With the kind of bucks the old man’s spending on her, she’s got more to lose than we do if she spills the beam. If she doesn’t crawl into the tub in time to wash off our cum, she can always claim she was raped by a couple of strangers. Worst that can happen is you cops will have a nice, wild goose chase on your hands.”

“Hope you’re right,” Buster said anxiously. “Then try this on for size, if you’re still not sure we’re home free,” Greg said. “If the bitch blows the whistle on us to my pop, she won’t be able to have us come around and fuck her on the side anymore. Now you tell me, you really think she’s gonna do that to her horny, little self?”

“I see what you mean!” Buster sighed with relief.

So, feeling they had little to worry about, the cousins prepared to leave, real buddies for the first time in their lives.


“Mrs. John Branch,” she was called just about everywhere she went. Even leaving Centerville for a vacation on the coast hadn’t changed that, since she had to pay for everything with credit cards stamped with that irritating identity.

The final straw, she thought, was the beach boy she’d picked up for a fling. After he’d fucked her and thought she was asleep, she’d found him robbing her purse. And what he had was a fistful of those credit cards.

“Hey, what’s the matter, baby?” he taunted her when she caught him. Then, glancing at one of the stolen cards, he added, “Don’t you like having to pay for it, Mrs. John Branch? Well, it’s no skin off your rich bitch ass. You have a husband to pay your bills, but I gotta live, too. So John Branch can take on my bills for a while in return for fucking his wife for him!”

The beach boy got hit by an expertly aimed shoe in reply. Scattering his loot, he fled the hotel room with blood streaking his tanned face. That’s when Mrs. John Branch decided to cut short her soured holiday and return to Centerville, where at least the wife she hated being commanded respect.

She didn’t call John to tell him she’d be back early. These days, she resented giving him the time of day. Besides, if she returned without warning, she thought, perhaps she might trap the son of a bitch doing something she could profitably use against him. Not that she didn’t have enough dirt already to force a divorce, except it was all second-hand. And her husband was so powerful in Centerville that it would take eyewitness proof to make it worth her while to dump him.

So she caught the next flight, arriving in Centerville on the shuttle the next evening. It was dark when she arrived, so when she told the cab driver to let her off downtown, she was not immediately recognized as Mrs. John Branch.

She went looking for a particular old lady. “Howdy, Mrs. Branch,” the ancient lady cackled, at her usual spot on the corner where she peddled flowers — and occasionally information — for a meager living. “Been out of town?”

“Anything I might’ve missed while I was away?”

The old woman flashed a toothless grin as she was slipped a folded five-dollar bill, then pointedly looked down at the side street toward an apartment house that Mrs. Branch knew all too well. That was all it took for the information to be passed. Mrs. Branch walked briskly toward the place where she realized her husband must have installed a new mistress.

“This time,” John Branch’s wife told herself as she entered the building, “I just ought to go up there and wring his latest, little bitch’s neck and make her admit everything to my face. Maybe even sweeten the pie by buying her off. Then get her for my lawyer. That’d give me a divorce. Even all the strings John can pull in this town won’t stop from setting me free.”

Kitty thought she might be dead, until reality sounded off in the form of the ringing phone. Picking up her naked, bruised, cum-soaked body from the bed, she staggered over and answered the call.

“Little girl,” John Branch hurriedly said, his usual calm obviously raffled, “I’m not gonna be able to get together with you as soon as I thought.”

“How come?” Kitty asked, trying to get herself enough together so her father wouldn’t think she might be drunk, let alone suspect what had really happened.

“My wife. She’s back in town early. Up to something. Might be checking up on me — and that involves you. I wouldn’t even know she’s here, except the cab driver that picked her up at the airport gave me the word. Claire doesn’t know that he works for me sometimes. And my people are very loyal.”

“H-huh?” asked Kitty, her stomach abruptly invaded by a squadron of butterflies.

“He works for me,” her father repeated, thinking that’s what she meant. “Half the people around her do, one way or another.”

The cab driver’s status wasn’t what had shaken Kitty so, but it was too late to clear it up. John Branch had just told her to lay low until Mrs. Branch was under control, then said goody. The next thing Kitty knew, she was listening to a dial tone.

One thing stuck in her mind about her father’s call, and now it echoed repeatedly in her mind after she’d hung up. A single word, over and over again. A name.

“Claire,” Kitty whispered, finally daring to say it aloud after listening to it bounce off the inside of her skull long dough to make her dizzy. “He said her name is… Claire.”

Just to be absolutely sure, Kitty went and dug out her birth certificate. And there it was in black and white.

“Claire Fisher,” she read. Then she whispered, “My God, Daddy must’ve gone ahead and married her after all!”

What that meant in terms of her own situation, Kitty couldn’t be certain. Maybe, she decided, a long soak in the tub would help her think. She went into the bathroom and turned on the water. It was still running when she eased down into its warmth, the water loud enough so that it was temporarily all Kitty could hear.

Claire entered the apartment at that moment. The intruder looked over the furnishings and snorted with disgust. So this was how her husband set up his mistresses, she sneered. Looked like a motel room, which she supposed was entirely appropriate.

“Well, might as well get on with this if it’s what I’m going to do,” Claire sighed. “Never have a better chance than this. John’s little bitch is taking a bath, I can hear it, and so she won’t be able to run when I trap her in the tub. It’s perfect!”

The uninvited guest headed for the bathroom and a showdown with her husband’s latest mistress. The door was ajar.

Broken in on without warning, Kitty splashed with alarm in the tub. She saw the frowning woman standing there and froze. However, Kitty wasn’t the only one who was totally stunned. For Claire was in no better shape.

After a silence so tense it seemed to crackle, both of them spoke. And choked exactly the same words.

“No… no… it can’t be!”

But each knew in her heart that it was true. Stark naked, Kitty emerged from the tub, ready to meet her fate. In turn, Claire closed the distance between them. Without hesitation, they lovingly embraced.

“Oh, Mom,” Kitty moaned with happiness. “It’s like a dream come true!”

“My own little girl?” Claire Fisher Branch moaned back to her long-lost daughter. “I always prayed that some day you’d come back into my life!”

They kissed. Held tightly, Kitty’s naked body rubbed against her mother. Claire responded by adding her darting tongue to the kiss, forcing it down Kitty’s welcoming throat.

“Oh, Mom… Mom!” Kitty moaned to Claire when they broke for air. “I’m so excited that my legs are like jelly. Think I’d better lie down so I can catch my breath!”

“Then let Mother take you to bed,” Claire purred. “And we’ll get better, uh, acquainted there!”

In a daze, Kitty was led from the bathroom. The next thing she knew, her mother had spread her out on the sheets and was kneeling over her.

“Mmmm, you’re so beautiful! Such a beautiful, young girl!” Claire murmured, her eyes roaming over Kitty’s naked body, especially her tits and shaved cunt. “I knew the second. I saw you that you were mine. My own precious daughter!”

“H-how did you know, Mom?”

“The same way you did about me, darling. A mother and daughter can just tell about each other, that’s all. There’s just a special chemistry there…”

Claire’s voice trailed off, as she rubbed her daughter’s inner thigh, just shy of Kitty’s bald pussy.

Then Claire said, “I just love it shaved, sweetheart! It’s like you did it just for me!”

“Mmmm!” Kitty crooned as her mother’s hand strayed directly onto her hairless cunt. “I’m starting to feel that chemistry come to a boil!”

“You mean like this, darling?” Claire asked, finding and rubbing her daughter’s stiff clit.

“Ooh, yes, Mom!” Kitty moaned, climaxing on the spot. “More, please, more!”

“More of the same, dear, or even better?”

“What do you think, Mom?”

“Don’t think, I know!” Claire steamily told her daughter. “Know if I don’t taste your beautiful, young cunt right now that I’ll never forgive myself!”

“And I’ll never forgive you either, Mom,” Kitty declared, “if you don’t start sucking my cunt right away. So when you make me cum again, Mom, it’ll be right in your mouth!”

Claire quickly stripped off her clothes. “Oh, Mom!” Kitty said excitedly when her mother was gorgeously naked. “Does this mean what I think it does?”

“Absolutely, precious!” Claire said. “You do want to eat my pussy as much as I want to eat yours, don’t you?”

“Just you sit on my race, Mom,” purred Kitty, “and you’ll find out how hungry for your pussy and…”

“No sooner said than done, my treasure!” Claire swung her loins astride her daughter, blanketing Kitty’s face with the shadow of her cunt. It was every as hairy a pussy as Kitty’s was bald, her jet-black cunt-bush framing a meaty set of drooling pussy-lips.

A liquid pearl of juice dripped from Claire’s inner, pink pussy onto Kitty’s tongue. It was the sweetest juice Kitty had ever tasted. Unable to wait a second longer to feast on its juicy source, she grabbed her mother’s ass-cheeks and yanked Claire’s delicious cunt down flush with her hungry mouth.

“Oh, baby, eat me, eat me!” Claire called to her daughter from on top of the action. “Keep eating my pussy just like that while I eat yours!”

Then Claire burrowed between Kitty’s spread thighs to make the lesbian sixty-nine complete. Her tongue surged into Kitty’s divine, teenaged gash as soon as her lips had scaled the girl’s pussy.

“Oh, Mom, you’re eating my cunt so good already!” Kitty gurgled with joy from the bottom of the action, her mouth full of juicy cunt hair and pussy-meat. “Just getting started and I can tell that we’re absolutely perfect together!”

“Mmmm,” Claire said.

Claire and her daughter sixty-nined to shared orgasms, each cumming in the other’s mouth at the same time. It was so delightful that they went on to do it again… and again… and eventually had climaxed so many times together that they lost count.

Finally, Claire and Kitty bobbed up from one another’s cunts to take a breather.

Kitty asked, “Mom, what about, well, your ass?”

“I have one, darling, if that’s what you mean!” Claire teased in reply.

“So do I,” Kitty said. “So I was just kinda wondering, since we’re mother and daughter, if your ass is like mine.”

“How’s that, honey?”

“Horny!” Kitty said. “Horny as your cunt. That’s how my ass is!”

“Mmmm, princess, then so is mine. What’re we waiting for? We’ve had enough fresh air for a while, so let’s get really nasty!”

Claire and Kitty resumed their incestuous sixty-nine, only their all-female suction was centered a notch away from their previously sucked cunts. Each was quickly giving the other a rim-job up her spasming asshole.

As Kitty had recently discovered about her shit-pit, the nerves from there were directly linked to her clit. Backdoor, sex could make her cum every bit as much as fucking her cunt. But, she wondered, was her mother built the same way? A sputtering fart that could only be orgasmic erupted in Kitty’s mouth.

Just to be certain, Kitty felt her mother’s cunt. Claire’s pussy was oozing with fresh cum.

Kitty’s tongue in her mother’s asshole had done the trick.

“Mmmm, it’s happening to me, too!” Kitty moaned between her mother’s ass-cheeks. She released a cumming fart of her own in her mother’s mouth.

Her mother eagerly sucked it up, then answered with a fart of her own. Kitty wasn’t left behind, quickly catching back up. They orgasmic ally traded farts, until they finally stopped, just shy of actually shitting in each other’s mouth.

“Wow, we can’t get much dirtier than that together, can we, Mom?” Kitty asked when the sixty-nine unraveled at last.

“Oh, baby, it was just fabulous!” Claire moaned back. “The dirtier we can make it, the lovelier. I could stay in bed with you forever to make up for all the time I’ve missed being a mother to my adorable, little girl.”

Owing in to her curiosity, Kitty asked, “So, uh, how long have you been bi, Mom?”

With a sly grin, Claire answered, “That’s exactly what makes it special. I never was bi. Not until today, darling — and you!”

“Gee, Mom, it’s exactly the same way for me!” Kitty said joyously, her mother having told her exactly what she wanted to hear. “It’s sorta like we’re losing our cherries to each other, huh?”

Claire agreed, but then she wistfully sighed. “I just wish, though, we could really go all the way together. More than only sucking!”

“You mean actually fuck each other, Mom?” Kitty asked excitedly.

“Ah, yes! What I’d give if either one of us could grow herself a big, hard cock right about now!”

It was too thrilling a possibility for Kitty to pass up, and she impulsively blurted out, “Just wait right here, Mom!”

When her daughter jumped out of bed and grabbed something to put on, a puzzled Claire called, “Where are you going, darling?”

Kitty didn’t have time to explain. Having dressed as rapidly as she could, she suddenly left the apartment. Too impatient to wait for the elevator, she ran down the stairs. She’d seen a delicatessen on the block, so when she was out of the building, that was where she went. When she’d made the purchase she had in mind, she asked the owner to charge it to John Branch.

“No problem there, little lady,” the man assured her. “Mr. B told me you might be in. Your credit is always good here, as long as he says so.”

Then, amused at her father’s habit of trying to leave nothing to chance, when she was back in the building, Kitty chuckled. “Poor Daddy has practically this whale town in his pocket, but can’t keep his finger on his own wife!”

Clutching her purchase, Kitty dashed back up the stairs. When she returned to the apartment, she was breathless from taking two steps at a time.

“What is it, darling?” Claire asked, seeing that Kitty was hiding something behind her back.

“Close your eyes, Mom, I wanna surprise you!”

Claire did so. Then Kitty whipped out the salami. The hard, Italian salami was as solid and thick as any cock, but long enough to be two hunks of cock-meat end to end. She guided several inches into her cunt, leaving the other half to jut from her loins as if she’d just grown a prick.

“No, Mom, don’t open your eyes yet. Believe me, I won’t even have to tell you when it’s finally time, you’ll know for yourself!”

Kitty went to the bed and climbed back on board. She aimed her meaty cock on the inviting slice of her mother’s hairy cunt. She nudged around Claire’s pussy with the blunt tip of her fuck-tool, teasing pussy-lips, clit and asshole.

“Oh, baby!” Claire said anxiously, “I swear, whatever it is you’ve got, it feels so much like a cock already!”

“Just keep those eyes shut, Mom,” Kitty said.

Kitty took dead aim, fitting the free end of the two-way hard-on between her mother’s quivering pussy-lips.

With a thrust of her hips, like a female stud, she buried her weapon as deep as it could surge into Claire’s cunt.

Her mother’s eyes flew open and Claire cried, “My God! What in the world is that fucking me soo goooood!”

“Our cock, Mom!” Kitty crowed, their crotches grinding flush now as their cunts shared equal penetration.

“Where did you get it, for heaven’s sake?”

“Just a little something… I mean, a very large item I picked up at the deli on Daddy’s credit!” Kitty bubbled to her mother.

“Oh, my baby’s a genius!” Claire said. “Make that a fucking genius, Mom! With the fucking underlined!”

“Beautiful! Fabulous! Sensational! Because you only just started fucking me and already [missing text].”

“So am I, Mom!” Kitty said urgently.

Mother and daughter came together from their first all-female fuck.

Once they reached their orgasmic peak, they weren’t about to settle for anything less. So with their cock in the groove of their grinding pussies, they fucked harder and harder and came repeatedly in tandem.

Indeed, the only thing missing by the time they’d finally fucked one another into exhaustion was jizz. However, after humping for a solid half-hour, they settled on the next best way to get wet.

“Mom, how much more fucking do you have left in your cunt?”

“Oh, baby, my cunt hurts so good I don’t think I can stand it much longer,” Claire admitted.

“Same here, Mom,” Kitty said. “So, what do you say, let’s wind up in style. And that means as wet, as we can make it. I mean gushing!”

“If you mean pussy-juice,” Claire moaned, “I just dunno how much morel can wring out of myself!”

“Wetter than just pussy-juicer Mom,” Kitty said. “I told you, gushing. We can’t shoot any jizz to give us the perfect ending to our perfect fuck, but we can sure shoot something else. And for this we don’t even need our cock. In fact, it’ll just be in the way!”

Kitty reached into the crush of loins and snatched away the length of meat that bad given her mother and herself so much pleasure. Then their cunts squashed their pussy-lips together cunts centered.

“Baby,” Claire eagerly moaned, “just tell me what you want, and I’ll do my damndest to give it to you!”

Kitty wrapped her legs around her mother and squeezed as hard as she could. The pressure that applied to Claire’s kidneys had her gasping.

“Just do what’s the most natural thing of all, Mom!” Kitty urged.

Claire caught on. “You sure, sweetheart?”

“Mmmm-ummmmm,” Kitty grunted, straining from within herself. “I’m going for it, too, so we’ll get there at the end just like we’ve done everything else — together!”

“Then you’d better hurry if you’re going to catch up with me,” Claire warned. “‘Cause you’ve already got me set to explode, baby!”

“Just say when, Mom.”

“Oh, God!” Claire screamed. “Now, honey, now! Yes, I’m gonna…”

“Me, too, Mom!” Kitty yelled.

Their pussies erupted at the same instant. Claire’s scalding torrent of pin spurted into Kitty’s cunt, while the girl’s cunt returned the favor from the other direction.

“Piss!” Kitty cried. “So much hot piss! Don’t you love our hot piss, Mom? We’re pissing in each other’s fucked cunts even hotter and wetter than a cock shoots jizz!”

“Oh, baby, are we ever!” Claire cried. “Said it before and I’ll say it again. My daughter’s a genius! Excuse me… that’s a fucking genius!”


Kitty didn’t hesitate, any more than she had about sucking and fucking, when it came to telling her mother everything. Describing her life on the farm as a member of the Harmon family, she revealed how that had ended when she’d lost her cherry to her so-called father.

“That’s when I found out I was adopted,” she explained. “Mama caught me fucking Papa, then let me know I wasn’t really their daughter. Next thing I knew, she had my bag packed and I was on my own, with the birth certificate the only thing I knew about where I came from.”

“So you headed for Centerville,” Claire said. “That’s what it said on that piece of paper,” Kitty said. “Had to find my roots.”

Kitty told how she’d met Buster her first night in town and had let him fuck her, even though she suspected he might be her cousin.

“It all just started falling into place once I’d put out for Buster,” Kitty went on. “Next I met Andy. He was so cute that I fucked him, too, especially after I figured out that if I was actually a Branch, he must be my brother. Then when I met his father if knew for sure I was in the right family. That he was my father, too. So I came on to him hard, and he loved my shaved cunt. He got rid of Andy and fucked me right in the den!”

“And you took the job as his mistress right then and there, I suppose,” Claire murmured.

“But I didn’t expect Greg to be part of the deal,” Kitty said. “He showed up at my new apartment and wanted his share of my shaved pussy. His cock was so big I couldn’t resist, especially since he was family, too. Then Buster showed up again, while I was still naked with Greg, and I wound up taking them both on at the same time!”

“Any more?” Claire warily asked, glassy-eyed from her daughter’s incestuous adventures. Kitty purred, “Just you, Mom. After Greg and Buster, you came along.”

“Was… was I-I as good for you as the others?” Claire stammered.

“The best, Mom, the best!” Kitty assured her mother. “You were the real breakthrough. The first one in the family who saw me right away for what I am. One of you!”

But Claire was far less giddy than Kitty. “Don’t be so sure it’s that much of a break finding out you’re a Branch. Please don’t get me wrong, darling, being with you again is like a miracle. Your father knocked me up while we were still in high school. I was sure I’d never see my little girl after I had to give you up so there wouldn’t be any scandal.”

“But you married Daddy after all, anyway,” Kitty pointed out. “SO why didn’t you just go ahead and do it when you were pregnant in the first place and keep me.”

“Like I said, the scandal,” Claire bitterly replied. “Nice girls don’t have babies six months after they’re married in white to respectable boys. And that’s what I mean about the Branches. They’re so respectable, they’d make you puke — especially once you know what rotten bastards they all really are behind all that money!”

“You could’ve left town with Daddy and started out fresh together…”

“Oh, sure,” scoffed Claire. “John… your father… would have loved that. Letting the family bank wind up being run by his half-wit brother, Mart. You know, Buster’s his son, so you get the idea. Mon wasn’t interested in that damned bank, anyway. So John got it in the end and everybody turned out happy — except for yours truly, after being dumb enough to ever marry into such a family.”

“What about Andy and Greg?” Kitty asked. “They’re your kids, too.”

“Them!” Claire snorted. “I did my best, but those boys are turning out just like their damned father!”

Then Claire looked with total love into Kitty’s eyes and said, “It was the little girl they made me give away who I always wanted more than anything. And now that I’ve got you back, darling… well, to hell with the rest of them. Let’s just get as far away from Centerville and the Branches and start our own life together on our own!”

Kitty was tempted, but she couldn’t do it. “No, Mom, I’ve come too far to find my real family to turn my back on them now. It has to be all or nothing for me.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Claire whined. “Stand back and watch you fuck them while I eat my heart out seeing you get more like them every day?”

“I don’t blame you for being bitter, Mom, after all you’ve been through,” Kitty said. “But you’ve got me back now, so things can be different if you’ll let them — for all of us. In other words, I’m asking you to give Daddy and the boys another chance for my sake, so we can all stay together like a real family.”

“But your father thinks you’re just another one of his mistresses. And to your brothers, you’re just another piece of ass!”

“But we can change that, Mom,” Kitty said.

“W-well,” Claire asked warily.

“Just trust me, Mom,” Kitty said, “and you won’t believe it’s the same family once you’ve done what I tell you. How about it?”

Accepting the fact that she was helplessly under her daughter’s spell, Claire Branch shrugged and agreed. “All right, darling, I’m not sure exactly what I’m letting myself in for, but whatever you say, I’ll do it.”

“Good girl!” Kitty soothed, as if the roles between parent and child had been reversed. “Now, here’s what I have in mind…”

Greg and Andy Branch had been waiting for the explosion to go off between their folks, heard the gossip around town that their mom had been spotted going in and coming out of the apartment house where their father kept his mistress. But when their father left the house that evening, apparently to go fuck his latest plaything, all was apparently fine and dandy.

“Have a nice time, John,” the boys overheard their mother say at the door.

“It’s strictly business, Claire,” their dad answered. “Don’t wait up.”

“Whatever you say, dear. ‘Bye now.”

When the front door closed, Greg sneered. “Jeez, what bullshit! Who’s Mom trying to kid? She knows where Pop’s really going — to fuck that bald pussy across town!”

Slumped in a chair watching television, Andy clicked off the remote control, bolted up and stammered, “B-bald p-pussy?”

Greg sneered at his kid brother. “Yep, just exactly who you think she is. Your little girlfriend. Didn’t think the old man took her off your hands just to be a nice guy, did you? Nobody could be that dumb. He’s got her stashed away so he can fuck her regular!”

“H-how do you know so much?” Andy asked.

“How else? I fucked her, too. Behind Pop’s back after he stole her away from you!”

“You better be lying!”

When Greg needled him with more details, Andy was ready to fight. Leaving their chairs, the Branch brothers had squared off when they realized their argument was not private. There in the doorway of the den — their mother — obviously having overheard plenty.

Andy, although the youngest, was the one who tried to bluff their way out of it. “This is just between me ‘n’ Greg, Mom, okay?”

“But maybe I can help,” Claire Branch said to her sons. She was practically purring as she closed the distance between herself and them. “After all, what’re mothers for?”

She wore a robe. When she reached the boys, they could see she had nothing on underneath. The sash was so loosely tied that her big tits were almost spilling out, her dusky nipples playing peek-a-boo.

“You boys just think you’re angry with each other,” Claire said in a soothing voice. “But your real problem is you’re frustrated. Frustrated because you know your father’s fucking that little girlfriend of yours tonight, when you’re both so horny for her!”

The Branch brothers had never heard their mother talk like that. Along with her big tits, her language put them in sort of a trance.

“Yes, I know how you toys must feel,” Claire crooned on. “It isn’t easy for me, either, having to sit at home while your father’s fucking that little girl, when I’m just as horny as anyone else in this family!”

She completely untied the sash now.

“If you don’t believe me,” she told her wide eyed sons as her robe fell all the way open, “just look how wet my cunt is tonight!”

She reached down and rubbed her hairy pussy, making it squish loudly. Then she took her sticky fingers from her damp cunt and left glistening trails of pussy-juice across her smeared tits.

“You want to know why I didn’t get mad at your father tonight, when I knew he was really going out to fuck that little girl?” Claire asked the boys. “Because that’d be the pot calling the kettle black. How can I be angry at him for milking young pussy, when I’m just the same about the other side of the coin — young cock?”

Claire pointedly looked toward the evidence of the two cocks in the den with her. With their naked mother talking so dirty to them, Greg and Andy Branch couldn’t avoid the telltale bulges at their crotches.

“Ummmmm,” Claire murmured, “maybe the three of us can come up with something that’ll work out our, uh, frustrations, after all!”

She shed the robe entirely, and, static naked, knelt in front of the boys. They were speechless, motionless and breathless as they waited to see what their mother would do next. Claire grinned broadly.

“Why not?” she whispered. “Guess, down deep, there isn’t a mother with sons who hasn’t wondered if she’s woman enough for the younger generation.”

Claire reached out with both hands, unzipping the swollen flies of both her boys at once. Greg and Andy just stood there like statues when she groped inside their open jeans. With glassy stares, they saw her pull their stiff pricks into the open, as if she were measuring them alongside one another.

“Oh!” Claire giggled at the sight of their hard-ons. “Just can’t decide which of my boys’ big cocks to suck first. Guess I’ll have to go ahead and suck ’em together at the same time, that’s all!”

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she angled her sons’ cock-heads into a common target, then bore down and started hungrily slurping. She also fished out their balls to squeeze them along with the dual blowjob. Greg and Andy could no longer hold back their active participation. Their mother’s suction and squeezing quickly had their hips rolling in response, signaling that they were hooked.

Andy moaned, “Jeez, Mom, dunno why you’re doing this… but, damn, you give great head! Doesn’t she, Greg?”

“Won’t get any argument from me about that!” Greg groaned. “If she keeps it up like this, I’m gonna cum right in her mouth!”

“You and me both,” Andy said. “Think Mom can drink all that jizz if we both shoot ours at the same time?”

“Any chick horny enough to get two cocks in her mouth isn’t gonna have any problem drinking their jizz,” Greg predicted.

“Then let’s find out for sure,” Andy urged. “My cock’s ready to blow in Mom’s mouth, how about yours?”

“Right on, just a few more seconds and Claire didn’t want to have to wait even that short a time.” She squeezed her sons’ balls as hard as she could, abruptly squeezing the triggers of the boys’ big cocks.

“Arrrggghhh!” Greg and Andy groaned together as their cum fired point-blank into the target of their cock-sucking mother’s throat.

“Mmmm!” Claire gurgled, gulping down the double-dose of teenaged cum.

She wolfed down the boys’ jizz during their initial spurting, then nursed on it during the dribbling stage. When their cocks finally left her mouth, they remained rock-solid.

“Well,” Claire teased with a sticky grin when the boys saw what kind of shape she’d left their cocks in, “now we can’t let a couple of beautiful, young hard-ons like yours go to waste, can we? Looks like you’ll just have to fuck your old mother here and now. No rest for the wicked, huh, boys?”

Claire turned her back to her sons and raised herself on all fours like a bitch in heat. She had a hairy ass between her spread ass-cheeks, and an even hairier cunt. And both fuck-holes looked ready for some good, hard fucking.

“Wouldn’t think of just taking on either of you boys only one at a time now,” Claire called over her shoulder. “Good thing I’m built with as many holes to fuck down below as you boys have cocks between you to fuck them with — two!”

“Pussy,” her sans said together, “and ass?”

“As quick as you can get your big cocks fucking them!” Claire urged.

She made her fuck-holes even more tempting, reaching behind to yank apart her ass-cheeks and pussy-lips as wide as possible. The boys could smell the natural perfume of her yawning cunt, then, when she farted, the tangy scent of her shit-pit as well.

Greg and Andy were immediately at odds again about, who would fuck their mother where. Claire settled the argument.

“I’m thinking of a number between one and ten, boys,” she told them. “Whoever’s closest gets his choice of fucking either Mommy’s asshole or pussy!”

The Branch brothers took their guesses. Andy was nearest to the magic number. He eagerly chose his mother’s ass to fuck.

“Then we have to be fair,” Claire said, juggling her sons’ interests as she’d done when they were younger. “If Andy gets his choice, Greg can start first?”

Greg warned Andy, “Hey, kid, you’d better watch out. I just might pack Mom’s pussy so full of my big prick that there won’t be any room left for you in her ass?”

“Just try it and see what happens,” Andy said. “Nothing’s keeping my prick out of Mom where, she shits!”

“Good luck, squirt,” Greg taunted his kid brother, then moved to get into position.

He slid beneath his mother’s feet first, holding up his prick so his cock-head bumped along her naked body from her tits, down her belly, to her crotch where it nudged between her flared pussy-lips. Then Claire dipped her hips and slid her cock-hungry cunt straight down onto Greg’s thick fuck-pole.

“Ahhhhh, now that’s what I call hung,” she moaned as she took her oldest son’s cock into her cunt. “Greg, honey, your prick feels even bigger in Mommy’s cunt than it looked like it’d be, and that’s saying something!”

“Yeah, well, just wait’ll you feel my prick up your ass, Mom,” Andy impatiently called from the sidelines.

“Yes, dear,” Claire said to him, as if he were a pouting child. “Mommy knows you’ll do just fine when your turn comes.”

“Fine, shit!” Andy bragged, his adolescent voice cracking from his need to prove himself. “You’ll think I’m ripping you in half once I start ass-fucking your damned ass with my big prick!”

“Fine, just fine,” Claire clucked in mother hen fashion.

Andy lined up behind her. He tested the pucker of her shit-pit with his nudging cockhead, then spit on his hand and slicked his cockshaft for the plunge.

“Hang on, bitch!” he called down to his mother, trying to shed his kid brother image by acting as tough as he could. “Your horny ass is fucked!”

“Yes, den,” Claire softly answered.

Then she screamed. Andy’s teenaged cock had surged into her tight, brown shit-tunnel like a runaway train. The impact in her ass was so great that, as much as Greg tried to hold his ground, his prick was forced almost all the way out of his mother’s cunt. That’s when Claire’s ordeal really began.

“Hey, shit-head!” Greg jeered at Andy. “You really think you’re gonna get away with taking the play away from me? No way!”

Launching his hips from the floor, Greg reared up with all his strength. He drove the spike of his rigid prick straight back up into his mother’s cunt, making Andy’s cock give way in her asshole.

“Take this, both of you!” Andy yelled. His cock barged its way back into Claire’s shitter. She screamed some more. Then her older son fucked her cunt with another mighty surge from down below.

It became a cock-thrusting contest of the wills between the Branch brothers. They took violent turns hilting their mother, Greg ramming her pussy and Andy her ass.

“Look, I got shit!” Andy boasted. “Smeared all over my cock. I’m fucking the shit out of Mom’s ass! Let’s see you do that good in her pussy, Greg. Fuck the piss out of her cunt!”

“Just give me time,” Greg said. “Nothing you can do that can’t do better!”

Through her daze, Claire heard them argue big again. Sons, she thought, were such a problem. And when a mother had two of them, they’d never stop fighting unless you gave them both what they wanted.

So, with her fucked asshole already squishing from her shit for the benefit of Andy’s cock, Claire strained from within to give Greg his share of her filth.

“See, I told you!” Greg triumphantly called up to Andy as their mother’s cunt erupted with piss. “Mom’s pissing all over my cock now! I fucked the damned piss out of her pussy!”

“Yeah, well, big fuckin’ deal!” Andy snapped back. “I’m gonna be the one who makes her cum first. So she’s shit and pissed. She still hasn’t cum and my cock in her ass is what’ll make it happen for her!”

“You think. I’m the stud who’s getting that job done — with my cock in her cunt!” Greg insisted.

Yes, Claire thought, they were at it again. These boys who were so much like their father, always trying to win at something. Except that the real winner would be nobody other than herself, Claire knew. Whichever of her sons made her cum first, she’d be getting exactly what she craved, a dynamite climax.

She heated up their contest, rocking to and fro on her hands and knees, making their cock’s stab repeatedly back and forth between her ass and pussy. She shit and pissed some more, but the real pay-off was brewing like molten lava in the crater of her volcanic being — the orgasm of a mother’s lifetime.

Her cum had started to build at the depths of both her fuck-holes. Claire just couldn’t be sure where it would peak, in her asshole or pussy. Whichever, she couldn’t wait to be devastated by it.

Then, with both of her fuck-holes wildly spasming at their cores, Claire realized that she was going to cum even better than she’d expected. Twice as much. For neither her ass nor pussy was about to let the other beat it to the orgasmic punch.

Claire yelped, “I’m cummmming, boys! Cumming just as hard in one fuck-hole as I am the other for my mother-fucking sons! Each of you has me cumming as much for him as I am for his brother!”

Capping off her divine release, Claire shit and pissed again. Shitting, pissing and cumming, she thought if that wasn’t any one’s recipe for heaven on earth, she might as well just pack it in.

“I’m shooting it now, Mom!” Greg suddenly called from below as he fucked cunt.

“Me too, Mom! Yes!” he declared, with his cock locked in her ass.

The Branch brothers bucked their crotches, burying their hard-ons at the same time in their mother’s ass and pussy. As Claire screamed from all that hilted cock, her bowels and womb were scalded by simultaneous torrents of teenaged jizz.

“Heaven! Heaven!” she shouted. “We’ve fucked our way to heaven!”

The boys sighed their agreement as their cocks slowed to a dribble, certain that their threesome had scaled heights that were out of reach for the rest of the world.


“I thought you’d straightened things out with your wife?” Kitty asked John Branch.

He sheepishly answered, “I thought I had, too.”

“Then what’s the matter tonight?” Pulling the sheet over his stubbornly limp prick to cover his embarrassing inability to get it up, John Branch explained, “There’s just something funny in the air at home, that’s all. My wife’s being too friendly. Saw me off at the door tonight, all smiles; when she made no fuss I was on my way over here to fuck. That’s not like Claire when I lie to her about having to work late at the bank.”

“Well, maybe she’s finally wised up and found somebody of her own to fuck on the side.”

“Christ, if only that were true!” John Branch sighed. “If I knew for sure that Claire’s screwing around, then maybe we could level with each other and work out some kind of agreement to make us both happy. Stay married for convenience sake, but go our separate ways in bed. That’d be perfect. The perfect marriage.”

“But you’d have to get the goods on her first, wouldn’t you? Force her to deal on your terms?”

“Claire would never be that careless to let me walk right in on her while she’s fucking somebody else,” John said.

“Then you’ll just have to catch her by complete surprise. On a night she thinks she’s the last thing on your mind because you’re too busy cheating across town. What better time for her to get it on with somebody herself? On a night… like this one.”

John Branch had to admit that the idea made more than a little bit of sense. “But could I actually go through with something like this?”

“Look at it this way. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. If your wife’s not screwing around when you come home early, you can just tell her that your business meeting was canceled.”

“But what about me and you?” John asked. “This is our first night together in the apartment. I’m supposed to be fucking you tonight, not spying on my damned wife!”

“Let’s face that, too. Your cock’s not doing a thing as long as you’re so worried about your wife,” Kitty said bluntly. “So, for everybody’s sake — yours, hers, and mine — why don’t you settle this if you can. Tonight. Stop driving yourself crazy trying to get it up to fuck me when you could be getting your head back on straight by proving your wife’s just as guilty as you are. Trust me. I just feel it in my bones that if you go home you’ll catch the horny bitch sucking and fucking, red-handed!”

“Okay… I’ll do it,” John Branch said. “Just one thing, though. I want you there with me. Waiting in the car. So if I do catch Claire in the act, and we can go on to work things out between us, I can introduce you to her when the time is right. No more sneaking around. Everything has to be out in the open.”

“Then what’re we waiting for? I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Kitty said, having expertly maneuvered her father into the trap she’d set for him. “Let’s go!”

With the three of them rested up, Claire Branch was thinking aloud about having her sons switch fuck-holes for the next time around. When the boys heard that, their hard-ons sprang back to life with jutting anticipation. At their age, they were always ready for more action, especially with a sexy bitch like their mother.

“C’mon, Andy,” she said to her youngest, “slide underneath Mommy and slip her pussy full of your hard, young cock. I’m starting to need a pussyful of my boy’s big cock real bad. It’ll go perfect with Greg’s cock in my ass, when your brother starts fucking me there.”

A short time later Claire had both teenaged cocks firmly in place. Then, while the friction took hold in her pussy and slit-pit, she got as excited by something outside the house as from what was happening inside her body.

A car had just pulled up. Funny, Claire thought, how she could recognize certain, ordinary things if she listened for them. Like the particular sound of a particular door opening and closing. The door to her husband’s Mercedes, for instance, she thought.

She heard the footsteps coming up the walk, onto the porch, the kind made by a bank president’s expensive, but sensible, shoes. Claire’s brain was buzzing as her ears intercepted these familiar sounds. The boys didn’t pick up on them, they were too busy fucking their mother to listen to anything but her squishing cunt and asshole and their own gusting breath.

The front door inched open. The boys didn’t notice, but their mother was wide-eyed and biting her lower lip with anticipation.

“No! Oh, my God, no, not this!” John Branch cried out as if he’d just been mortally wounded. “Anything but this!”

With his startling appearance, his sons panicked. Each tried to wrench his cock from his mother, but Claire clamped down with the muscles of her ass and cunt to hold them in place for the time being.

“Mom, this is hell breaking loose for Christ’s sake!” Greg pleaded from behind. “C’mon, let me and Andy go so we can all get out of here before the old man kills us.”

“Yeah, Mom!” Andy whispered. “It’s everybody for themselves now!”

But Claire wouldn’t budge any more than she’d permit her sons to do so. And looking her husband straight in the eye, she grinned from ear to ear, so sassy that her boldness made him take a step back.

“If you think this is bad, John,” she said devilishly, “Just wait, it gets even worse. Or better, depending on how you look at these things!”

Outside in the car, Kitty impatiently watched for her mother’s signal. But still with no sign from the house, there was a complication. Around the corner, a patrol car turned onto Glenrock Street, jumping out at Kitty from the rear-view mirror. She hadn’t the slightest doubt who was driving the police car.

“Buster,” Kitty muttered. “What a time for him to show up!”

A moment later, he’d parked behind her and was out the door, shining his flashlight her way.

Kitty was leaning out the window so her cousin could see her. “Damn it!” Kitty hissed, “Buster, it’s me. And I don’t have time to talk. Just be a nice boy and…”

She had started to tell him to go away, but just then, the signal from the house — her mother turning the lights off and on.

Buster couldn’t help but notice that something was up, the way Kitty jumped when she saw those lights flicker. She realized that with his cop’s curiosity, she wouldn’t be able to get rid of him with a stick of dynamite.

So Kitty sighed. “All right, Buster, c’mon with me. Why not? You’re family, too, after all. Just stay cool when we get inside, that’s all I ask, and you’ll find out everything you want to know and never expected to!”

Buster was so horny for Kitty that he’d have followed her anywhere. As she started for John’s house, he trailed her like a puppy dog.

Kitty made her entrance, suddenly the center of attention at Glenrock Street.

“Well, here she is!” Claire Branch said gaily, while her breathless husband and sons acted like they were seeing a ghost. “Join in boys, you all know little Kitty, don’t you?”

They all gulped.

“That is,” Claire merrily continued, “you all think you know her, just because you’ve all fucked her. But there’s more to our Kitty than just a piece of ass. Darling, show em… in, uh, black and white!”

With all eyes on her, Kitty reached down her blouse. She had stashed her birth certificate in her bra, nestled between her tits so it would be near at hand. She made the piece of paper swish aloud as she unfolded it with a flick of her wrist. She let it flutter to the floor, stepping back so it waited to be picked up and read.

At first, her father and brothers shrank away as if what she’d dropped in their midst were radioactive. But then John Branch finally edged forward, stooped over, and held it in his trembling hands before his glassy eyes.

“Good L-Lord!” he choked.

“It’s official, John,” his wife said. “You can see it there yourself, the town seal. It’s her birth certificate, as sure as there’s a center… and just as sure as we’re her parents and she’s our daughter!”

John Branch couldn’t deny what was there in black and white. So now he turned to the teenaged mistress who was his daughter, asking the only question he could.

“Why?” he asked. “Why did you come back?”

“You ought to already know the reason for that, Daddy,” Kitty told her father. “But just in case you need to be reminded, well, that’s what tonight is all about.”

As fast as she could get out of her clothes, Kitty stripped. Once she was naked, she jiggled toward the man whose jizz had given her life and knelt at his feet. The next thing John Branch knew, his fly had been unzipped, and his cock was out in the open.

“This time, Daddy, no way I’m gonna let you stay soft!”

Kitty took his entire cock into her mouth. Her suction was slurping poetry. John Branch was helpless in her oral grasp. Suddenly, his cock was rock-solid from his long-lost daughter’s blowjob. The rest of his family watched her deep-throat John’s prick.

He groaned, “Oh, God, I can’t help myself! Now that I know she’s my own little girl, my cock can’t get hard enough for her! What kind of man am I?”

“The luckiest man in the world, I’d say,” Claire Branch said. “Now if you’re not the dumbest, you’ll take advantage of it and fuck your little girl in the mouth as hard as you can!”

“Looks like I don’t have much choice!” John sighed, his hips beginning to roll on their own so his prick pumped down Kitty’s throat. “What’s meant to be is meant to be!”

Having accepted fate, John was quickly in the groove. His hands went to his daughter’s head and he guided her suction, making her mouth tug back and forth like a cunt on his cock.

With her husband hopelessly hooked on incest, Claire Branch turned to her sons and said, “Aren’t your father and sister just beautiful together? She’s just what he’s always needed to turn him from a bank president into a decent human being — his own little girl. I’m so happy for him. So happy for all of us tonight!”

“Yeah, well, that’s just the thing, Mom,” Greg said, over his shock now. “Us. What about the rest of us? Are we supposed to stand around and watch Pop get all the action?”

“I said all of us, didn’t I?” Claire said to her sons. “And since Kitty is the guest of honor… well, she’s your sister just as much as she’s your father’s daughter, isn’t she?”

“So?” the boys anxiously asked in the same voice.

“Your father’s only fucking her mouth,” Claire slyly noted. “That means there’s plenty more of your sister to go around. Just there for the taking!”

Greg and Andy got the message and immediately went for it. When they reached Kitty, the only thing standing in the way of them fucking her was their old man’s approval.

“Go ahead, boys,” John Branch said. “She belongs to all of us now. Fuck her!”

Continuing to suck her father’s prick, Kitty dropped to all fours and presented her puckered asshole and rear-spread pussy. Greg slid underneath, lining up his cock with her bald cunt, while Andy moved in behind to take aim on her shit-pit.

The Branch brothers put their big cocks into their sister together. Lurching forward from the impact, Kitty took her father’s prick more deeply than ever down her throat.

“Ooh, fantastic!” Claire Branch cried. “My family’s finally something I can be proud of!”

Claire’s attention was distracted from the action by a uniformed figure emerging from the shadows. In all the commotion about Kitty, Buster had slipped into the house was if he were invisible.

“B-Buster!” Claire stared at her policeman nephew. “What’re you doing here?”

“I’m family, too!” Buster stated.

“Yes, that’s right,” Claire said. “You were the first one who fucked Kitty when she came to Centerville, weren’t you?”

“Proud to say that I was,” Buster answered. “And now that I know who she really is, I aim to fuck her again!”

“But you can see that the little girl’s all, uh, tied up with her father and brothers right now,” Claire pointed out.

“Guess I can wait my turn for a piece of ass,” Buster said.

Claire grinned as she eyed the inviting bulge at her nephew’s crotch, then purred. “Come to think of it, you don’t have to wait for that piece of ass at all. Not if you’re really in a family mood!”


“That is, if you don’t mind giving your horny, old auntie a chance at trying your big, hard cock on for size! You don’t mind if I see for myself just how big and hard your cock really is, do you, Buster honey?”

The next thing Buster knew, his aunt had him cornered and had unzipped his fly. Then his cock was out of his pants, throbbing in her stroking grasp.

“Wow, it looks like being hung really runs in the Branch family,” Claire cooed. “Shame on me for not taking advantage of it before!”

“Are you just teasing me, Aunt Claire,” Buster asked, “or is this on the level?”

Claire braced her nephew against the wall. Then she climbed onto his huge cock, snagging it in her cunt while they were both still standing.

“This answer your question, stud?” she whispered steamily in Buster’s ear as his twelve inches of prick slid into the damp vise between her legs.

“Jeez, you’re tight!” Buster panted, his aunt’s pussy-muscles squeezing around his buried cock. “Got a cunt just as tight as Kitty’s!”

“Like mother, like daughter,” Claire said. “Now, c’mon, big boy, let’s fuckin’ [missing text].”

Remaining on her feet, she began wriggling her hips. Buster’s crotch bucked in reply, as the friction between cock and pussy heated up.

“Oh, go for it, stud, go for it!” Claire urged her nephew.

Buster picked Claire up, holding her aloft now. In that position, his cock jabbed her pussy with short, powerful thrusts.

“Oh, you’re so strong!” Claire swooned. “Feels like you could crush me if you wanted to!”

“Don’t worry, Aunt Claire, I’m just gonna fuck you!”

“And what a job you’re doing with that! I believe I’m gonna cum for you already.”

Before Claire could climax, she was beaten to it by her husband. Across the living room, John was groaning with raw pleasure as he shot his wad in his daughter’s fucked mouth.

Kitty didn’t swallow his jizz, though. She let his cum slobber down her chin, then took the rest in her face as she released her father’s spurting prick. She just couldn’t contain the news of how much she was cumming herself.

“I’m cumming soooo goooood!” she gurgled. “And the more jizz I get, the more I’ll cum! Greg, Andy, you hew me?”

Her brothers responded at once. Quickly, their cocks were gushing in her ass and pussy, and she was screaming with orgasmic joy.

In Kitty’s wake, Claire experienced her own delayed climax. She was cumming almost as much from watching and listening to her little girl as she was from Buster’s huge cock in her own fucked cunt.

Buster turned his aunt around, so she was wedged between him and the wall while he fucked her standing up. Then, banging her skull and ass against the plaster, he rammed her pussy with a jack hammering series of the most violent cock-thrusts he could launch. That got Claire’s attention away from Kitty and entirely back to what Buster could do for her.

“Ahhhhh, crush me, you big, strong bastard, crush me!” she screeched.

Buster flooded her. With a final surge to his churning balls, he abruptly unloaded with a creamy torrent that made Claire feel as if his massive hard-on were pissing jizz into her immediately overflowing cunt.

“God, am I fucked… so fucked!” groaned Claire. “How can any one cock fuck in my pussy full of so much hot, thick cum!”

Buster was drained. He let go of his aunt with his spent cock sliding from her slippery cunt, and she slithered down the wall to the floor.

“Mmmm, will you just look at me now!” Claire cried when she landed on her ass, her yawning thighs framing the oozing condition of her messy cunt. “Have you ever seen anybody who looked so fucked?”

Kitty answered. “No, Mom, nobody… except for me!”

Claire had to agree as her daughter’s thighs also yawned, with fresh jizz messily leaking from her fuck-holes.

“If it was anybody else but you, darling, I’d be jealous,” Claire told her daughter. “But since it’s my Kitty, all I want to do is suck the fuck right out of you right here and now!”

“Exactly the same thing I was thinking about doing to you, Mom!”

Without delay, Claire and Kitty Branch closed the distance between them. A lesbian sixty-nine was the rapid result, as each began feasting on the generous supply of jizz between the other’s legs.

But the quartet of Branch males didn’t have to worry about being forgotten. There was a long night ahead. After all, Kitty and Claire were doing them a favor with their all-female antics. As John, Greg, Andy and Buster soon discovered, nothing got their hard cocks hard again any faster than watching a horny mother and daughter going down on each other, like a couple of dykes.

Within minutes, their revived hard-ons would be back in action. With two cocks apiece to suck and fuck, Kitty and Claire weren’t going to have much time to themselves. The Branches would orgy until dawn to welcome the newest member into the family fold.