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The Final Level – big tits

Gwen looked at herself in the bedroom mirror and softly caressed her large breasts. Then taking each nipple between her fingers gave them each a vicious squeeze that made her gasp. She couldn’t believe what she was contemplating on doing this morning. She had played around the edges of it in her mind for years, […]

Total Submission (FM, femdom, mast, rom)

“You don’t want a husband,” Todd’s voice was small; mousy, like any housetrained male. “You want utter servility.” “You’re right, little boy.” Abbie pushed her love slave hard against the wall of her bedroom. She held his shoulders pinned in place as she went on. “I never said I wanted a ‘husband;’ that’s your word. […]

Even The Neighbors Suck!

Steve and Bonnie Conrad were an extremely promiscuous couple with teenaged twin daughters named Pam and Jill. Though the two blonde girls were extremely attractive and innocent looking, they’d both lost their cherries and had been fucking regularly ever since. Their parents, unaware of the twins’ sexual activities, were into all sorts of kinky sex, […]

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