Evening Song – Merlin (furry, M-vixen-F, rom)

“That’s the last of the guests.” Velvet sounded tired. “I’m glad it’s over with. What possessed him to do it, anyway?” The sounds coming from the kitchen stopped. Kay’s voice was tinged with gentle amusement when she answered Vels’ plaintive question. “He did it because he loves us both–and it was his way of telling […]

Catherine’s furry Playmate

Come and Play Again A week later the phone rang at Catherine’s house. “Hey Cath how ya doin?” Cath’s heart stopped! It was her neighbour. She looked around to make sure no one was listening. Luckily no one was home. “King was wondering if you could come over to ‘play’” She could hear the grin […]

Mini Mind’s Eye (Dream Fant.)

I spotted her walking towards me, first intermittently amongst pedestrians moving in both directions on the busy sidewalk. I was sipping a cappuccino in my favorite sidewalk cafe, which with its raised deck afforded me a commanding view of the bustling crowd. Like always, when a goddess graces our earthly domain, there’s a charismatic glow […]

Mat Twassel: The Snoozer

One beautiful Saturday morning in early summer Joe and JoJo set out from their house on Bluebird Lane for a little before-breakfast stroll about the neighborhood. They had not gone far, just around the corner and to the next block, Robin Drive, when they noticed a garage sale. “Oh, no,” Joe said, “we have way […]

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