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Every inch a nymph 2.

“He just had too much to drink tonight. I’m sure he’ll be ashamed of himself tomorrow morning, and I’m sorry about Slim. He goes a bit overboard sometimes. That man, all he ever thinks about is body-building, his spa, and sex! But I love him!” “Do… do you ever…” Melanie lowered her eyes and blushed. […]

Curve Patrol

I exited the bathroom still wet from a long soak in the tub. With my terry robe wrapped tightly around me, I stalked toward the kitchen on the hunt for a giant mug of hot chocolate. A triple latte espresso would have been better, but it was nine at night and I’d had a long […]

Horny wife’s mid-life crisis

Recently, my wife took a trip back to Ohio from our home in Florida to visit her relatives. She’s terrified of flying, so to test herself, she insisted on my dropping her off at the airport entrance and going through the check-in and boarding by herself. Of course, to help with her courage, she stopped […]

Cum For Bigfoot

Winter had been a difficult time for the tribe, as several of our beloved apes had perished battling Bigfoot hunters. The persistence of the intruders was breathtaking, their boldness astounding, and the damage they inflicted permanent. Archie and Tate were dead, and Leonard had been injured. His wounds were slow to heal, leaving him cranky […]

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