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Bitchbot One – The Introduction

Spotting *her* amongst the other dogbots was easy. The canine division of Homebots had, after all, built her based on the photographs and videos I’d given them. She moved… differently than I’d expected. Oh, I hadn’t expected any miracles and after being shown the various production models I’d readily agreed that I couldn’t expect her […]

What Goes Around, Cums Around

Persuasive by nature and devilishly curious, young Liza, convinced her cousin Kellye to have sex with her, one night while they both slept over their grandparent’s house. Liza discovered several of grandfather’s pornographic magazines, underneath the bathroom sink. She managed to sneak a couple them using a large, hardcover children’s book. She transported them unsuspectingly […]

Good women are never remembered in History

It is quite possible that the two of them met in their dreams while sitting in a hotel bar towards closing time one lunch-hour. They both sat there, lost in their own independent thoughts, their glasses practically drained on the shiny surface of the bar, their plates pushed to one side. Teresa was remembering how […]

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