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Vin watched his wife fuck a donkey on stage

One evening Vin was sitting with Beatrice and Lady Kathy at their usual table. Vin was dressed in his riverboat gamblers suit, his women were dressed in their dance hall costumes. They were enjoying themselves, watching tourists make fools of themselves. A Japanese tourist walked slowly by, admiring Lady Kathy’s breasts. Vin watched him double […]

World of Mystery and of course, sex!

Felix Harris yawned and stretched as he pondered the computer screen in front of him. His Minotaur Ranger had just swung his Battleaxe of Cleaving at several nasty looking wolf creatures and now he had to wait for the monsters to decide what they were going to do. His Universe of Battle character swayed gently […]

A peek at her dog act

Judy Sutton liked to jerk off dogs. Judy was 18-years-old, pert, nubile and popular. In most ways she was perfectly normal, and her sex life was energetic. She had three fairly steady boyfriends, all of whom she fucked regularly, and once in awhile she would go to a single’s bar and get picked up by […]