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My wife and I have known the neighbour’s 18yo teen since he was born and have been friendly with his parents for years before that. From a young age we guessed he was big because at BBQ’s around their house in the summer he would be in the puddling pool and in speedos which showed off an impressive bulge. We were not into that sort of thing, but some things are hard to miss!

As he hit puberty my wife commented on what a handsome man he had become. He grew a teenage moustache which my wife teased him on calling it “cute” lol She mentioned that he was turning into a man now and bet he had the pick of all the girls.

As he entered college, my wife mentioned how tall and muscular he had become and even teased him on occasions about being careful with girls his age, as with his strength and size he may cause them permanent damage lol

My wife and I have had a great sex life since being married, and recently we had been experimenting with role-playing our fantasies, after I confessed to my wife that I had fantasies of her being with another man.

One day, I asked her what kind of guy she might fantasize about being with, other than me. I am slender, very slight of build, and without much upper body muscle. She confessed to me once that she could fantasize about a guy who is more muscle-bound than me. She even teased with how a muscular man would take her away from me, so I had better be on my guard and on my best behaviour. This fuelled my cuckold fantasies of my wife leaving me for a man who was muscular, taller than me, and with a bigger cock!

My wife learned that saying these things really turned me on, and she started to see that she was not being mean or hurtful to me, but that she was actually giving me more exciting sex. Over time, her description of her lover, and the things they did together, became more detailed. Eventually we gave him a name; it was the 18yo boy’s name!

Fast forward to the weekend and we go over for Fucking in the neighbour’s garden. After an hour or so my wife asked where the college boy was and his parents said that he was upstairs, as he did want to be around older people. We all laughed at that and mentioned about teenagers thinking anyone over 30 was dead lol

As we were about to leave the boy came down and his parents told him to say goodbye, so he shook my hand and went to do the same to my wife – but after a few fuck, she said no you can do better than that and gave him a hug. As they separated, he was blushing and said he had to go, but not before I saw the big bulge in his shorts. It was then that I wondered if he fancied getting into my wife’s knickers.

At home I teased her about getting the college boy hard and she started getting a bit pissed and making out that it was no big deal and teen boys get excited around any woman

I continued to tease her about the boy’s big cock over the next few weeks, and I knew that she wouldn’t have let me continue to talk about it if she didn’t have a genuine interest. And that provided me with fantasy wanking material.

My wife and I started to have bedroom conversations about the neighbour’s teen and if he realised that he had the proper equipment necessary to please any woman. We role played about finding out that he had made several conquests of married women and cuckolded their husbands, who appreciated their wives being fucked by a big hard teenage cock. We also fantasised about my wife being the 18yo girlfriend of the boy and experiencing his big hard teen cock!

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