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As mentioned, she looked amazing that morning. We were both very, very nervous, but at the same time excited. He came over just after noon, they had a small hug , we proceeded to chat a bit, have a couple shots of tequila and get comfortable.

After about 15 minutes, I asked my wife to stand up and I proceeded to untie her wrap, basically presenting her to him. He was in awe. Even though he is 10 years younger, he had to marvel at her very sexy, perfect body. As soon as the wrap was off, she looked at us and said she was going to the bedroom. All doubts were gone now. He was younger and in her words very hot. The bulge in his pants gave away what he was feeling at the time.

As soon as we were all in the bedroom they embraced and kissed. She mentioned that he had too many clothes on and started helping him undress. Once he took his pants off, she immediately pulled his underwear off, wanting to see exactly what awaited her. He was already hard, and a very good size. I am Ok in that department with a thick 7″, but he was an inch longer and thicker, so she was not disappointed. She tried to move into position to start sucking him, but instead he pushed her back onto the bed, kissed her and exposed her breasts so he could play with them and suck on her nipples. He quickly moved down her body and started licking her, and in amazingly quick fashion was able to bring her to 2 quick orgasms. Those were the first of many that afternoon. After making her cum with his tongue, (the first time anyone has made her cum twice with oral), she had to get at his cock. She moved over top of him and really started to suck him. What a sexy sight, watching your wife suck another man’s big cock. She brought him to the edge several times, but held back, not wanting him to cum just yet.

I am the only one who had ever cum in her pussy, and although we talked about it and fantasized about her taking it bareback, we made sure we had condoms for this occasion. She was so hot and turned on, she said she wanted him to fuck her, and she wanted him bareback. That shocked me as she was not on any birth control, but again, my already rock hard cock just gave a bit of a twitch and got a bit harder. I wanted to guide his cock inside her, also fantasy fodder of ours, so he positioned himself over top of her, with his cock lined up near her pussy and I took hold of it, (1st time I have ever touched another cock), and rubbed it all over her pussy until she was trying to power it inside her. I relented and let the head enter her, still holding it and moving it back and forth inside of her. She loved it and started really moaning, so I pulled my hand away and he immediately buried his cock inside her unprotected pussy. She moaned loudly and as he started pounding her, she came almst immediately. Already her 3rd orgasm in less than 20 minutes.

He was relentless in his fucking. fucking her very hard, harder than she has ever beein fucked. Several times as he was pounding her, she whispered “I Love Your Cock”. I asked her where she wanted him to cum and she looked at me and said “deep inside my slutty pussy”. Holy cuckolds brownie, she had never talked or acted like this, it was so hot and so slutty. I just loved it. Once he heard that he fucked her a little harder and unloaded in her pussy. They both lay there for a bit, and he needed a take so he got up and without thinking I went down on her to taste my 1st cream pie. Wow, another fantasy fulfilled.

We took turns fucknig her for 3 hours. After the 2nd time he came inside her, I immediately fucked her for a couple minutes, pulled out and fed her my cock so she could lick his cum off and then I finished in her mouth. I came more than I ever thought was possible. They were both amazed at how much I had cum, but I was so turned on for so long, it just kept flowing, and she could not swallow it all. He very intently watched this happen and I could tell he really enjoyed the show. His turn to be the voyeur.

He came inside her 3 times, and like I said, fucked her harder than she has ever been fucked before. She had at least 10 orgasms, and was exhausted by the time he left. Needless to say, we are still riding the pleasure wave and are making plans to get together with him again.