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No Regrets

It was an expensive hotel and the door to the room closed with a sigh and a click. Phil hadn’t bothered with goodbyes. Neil forced open his eyes and tried to forget the ache in his head and the taste in his mouth. Vodka. Nothing got Paula going quite like vodka and the bottle was […]

Linda my slut wife

I would like to believe I’m fairly typical,with a normal life with a few exceptions along the way. I’m 47 had seven (for the most part) lovely wives and have always enjoyed a great sex life. As I have gotten a little older I’ve worry a bit about sex not being as good as it […]

Amazing, she did it!

A friend of mine was visiting one weekend and we decided to ride out towards a friend of hers to see if we could surpurise her and introduce her to my buddy. Fortunately she was home and invited us in. She had a beautiful home and a very nice pool and sauna in her back […]