Cuckold’s Dream Cum True

Patty came home from work yesterday with a package of
Chinese food under her arm saying that she had much to
talk to me about. Last month, her supervisor, a nice
middle aged woman was transferred to another city and a
gentleman, Richard, from another division in the
company was assigned to take her place.

At first Patty would say that he was a demanding prick
but as time went on she became more accustomed to his
management style. After the first couple of weeks they
started having lunch together at work and sometimes
stayed late to finish a project. It has only been about
a month and they have been getting to know each other.
Patty is a team player and likes to say, “happy boss,
happy life”.

Several days ago Patty came home from work and
described an elaborate lunch they had at one of the
fancier clubs in town. Seems Richard is a pretty golfer
and is a member of an exclusive club Patty always
wished she and I could join. I don’t play golf and
neither does Patty but she wanted to meet all the
“right people”. During lunch their talk must have gone
from business to more intimate discussions of home and

Richard told her he had been married and divorced
several times and just couldn’t find a woman that was
comfortable with him. Patty said she thought that was
an unusual way to describe his relationship problems.
She had heard men complain that their wives or ex-wives
were bad tempered or shopped too much or cheated but
never that they were uncomfortable with their husbands.

After pretending to be shy, or so Patty thought, the
conversation progressed to much more intimate topics.
Richard confessed to having a dick that was
substantially larger than most other men. He said it
was physical discomfort that his wives complained about
saying that sex with his member caused them discomfort.
Both wives couldn’t tolerate having sex more than twice
a week because of the size of his dick which wasn’t
good enough for Richard.

Little did he know that Patty is a size queen and just
loves big dicks. Since my dick is pretty average like
everything else about me, she has often resorted to
using a life like vibrating dildo to fill up her pussy
after we have sex which isn’t very often these days.
Patty has preferred her girlfriends to me. Patty has
said that Susan’s clit was almost as large as my pecker
but there was so much more to sex with Susan than I
could imagine.

Their conversation must have got pretty intimate
because Patty said Richard invited her to reach under
the table and feel his size through his pants. Of
course Patty being who she is didn’t really need an
invitation. She gasped at the size and Patty said she
knew then and there than she needed more than a
discrete feel at the restaurant.

Patty told me that in response to Richard’s questioning
she disclosed how she had been cuckolding me with the
help of her friends. She described how I would have to
lick her behind and how she and her girlfriends would
give me golden showers and watch them have lesbian sex.
Apparently Richard had heard about this type of
cuckolding style but he was surprised that I agreed to
taking female estrogen pills to feminize me. “That’s
what made it all possible,” Patty told him. Before the
pills Etiene would get jealous now he just wants us all
to have fun.

As we ate our Chinese food, Patty told me it didn’t
take long before Richard was asking if he could visit
us after work and Patty was only too willing to invite
him over. “After we eat, Richard is going to stop by, I
hope that’s alright”, Patty said. He wants to meet you
and see how we live. I was hoping you could wear that
pretty white dress Susan bought for you.”

Well, you can imagine my surprise. Not only had Patty
disclosed our secret to her boss who would share it
with everyone else with whom she worked, he now knew
that I was a dress wearing cuckold. Despite my initial
horror Patty convinced me to calm down and get ready.

I guess she is right. I’ve enjoyed being her cuckold
husband more than I enjoyed just being her husband.
Patty assured me she would protect me if anything
happened and with that I walked to the bedroom closet
to change my closes. Patty also insisted I wear the
garter belt one of her friends brought over.

As soon as I tied the sash of the dress around my waist
the door bell rang. In walked a pretty average looking
guy, though he did have a strong demeanor. He reached
out to shake my hand when Patty introduced us and I
could tell he was physically strong as well. “Patty
tells me you enjoy wearing dresses now that you are
talking the medication the doctor prescribed,” he said.

“Yes, it’s ok,” I replied a bit shy to say how I really
felt. I just loved wearing Patty’s panties and nothing
made me happier these days than a pretty new dress.
“Well Patty says you have all but been transformed into
a sissy girl husband and I guess from the looks of you
she is right. She says you are growing some fair sized
breasts, too.”

It was true, since I started talking the estrogen my
breasts have grown and my facial and body hair have
started to disappear. “Patty also told me about your
experiences with her friends. Just how does a golden
shower feel, Etiene?”

I wasn’t surprised that Patty shared that with Richard.
Patty loves to tell her girlfriends about the golden
showers she insists I accept. “One thing Patty told me
was that you have yet to feel a real penis other than
your own. She also says your wanger isn’t anything to
write home about which is, I suppose, why I’m here.”
Richard was right, other than sucking plenty of pussy,
and being fucked with a strap on dildo, I hadn’t had a
real penis experience.

“I told Patty that it has been a while since I’ve had
any release and the tension of the sperm build up has
been getting to me”, Richard said. “I guess it is
causing me to be short tempered at work. Patty thought
you’d like to help out before she and I head out for

I didn’t know how to reply other than to ask what he
had in mind.

“Well, Etiene, I know that even before you started the
medications and the cuckolding regime, you fantasized
about watching your wife have sex with another man.”

Patty had told him my secret but then it was no
surprise. “You see, Etiene, Richard said, since I
haven’t had sex for a while I’m afraid I will cum in
your wife too quickly to give her the pleasure she
wants me to provide. She thought that you could share
in the fun by giving me head while she is getting ready
to go out. This way you’ll be part of tonight’s
experience and won’t feel left out. Later you can help
out again by cleaning Patty up for round two.”

Richard was something. Obviously he knew as much about
me as he needed to know and Patty had already told me
what a huge pecker he had. I wanted to suck Richard, I
really did. I could see the bulge through his pants and
he could see my excitement level rise as he talked.

Without another word he unzipped his pants, reached in
and took out the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I’d been
going to gyms since I was in my 20’s and I’d only once
or twice seen a penis as large as Richard’s.

“Don’t be shy, Etiene. I’m so horny I won’t last long
and then I’ll be ready to help Patty.”

I knelt down and slowly moved my face in the direction
of this throbbing member appreciating every second.
When my lips parted and I took him into my mouth I had
to really stretch my mouth just to fit in the head of
his penis. I sucked for all I was worth and pumped the
shaft with both hands.

It only took a minute or two and he was exploding a
river of cum in my mouth. I didn’t pull away as the
liquid filled my jaw and he encouraged me to continue
sucking until he couldn’t take it anymore.He also told
me not to swallow which was curious because I thought
guys liked it when women swallowed.

When we were done, Richard asked me if I swallowed and
I told him no, I did as instructed. He then called
Patty into the room. Patty wasn’t fully dressed and
hadn’t put her bra on yet. Her breasts were beautiful
and her nipples were obviously hard. Kiss your wife
Etiene and tell her how much you appreciate her
bringing you a present.

Patty bent down and kissed me open mouthed. The cum
that filled my mouth sloshed between us and some
dripped down her check and mine. It was so arousing to
pass Richard’s cum back and forth with Patty.

Shortly after Patty and Richard left for their dinner
date explaining that I should put clean sheets on the
bed for later. I was told not to go to sleep until they
returned home. Patty told me that when they arrived
home she wanted me wearing the pretty purple teddy she
purchased last week.

Just a little after 11:00 PM Patty and Richard arrived
home and they were obviously a bit under the influence
of alcohol. They greeted me politely and quickly got
undressed as they explained what they had for dinner.
They went into the bedroom not even bothering to close
the door and for thirty minutes I could hear and see
them screwing. I couldn’t help hearing Patty moaning
with pleasure. More than once she commented that she
loved his big dick and was grateful she didn’t have to
learn to be satisfied with my modest tool.

When the action finally subsided, Patty and Richard
both called my name, “Etiene, please come in here.”

Still wearing my teddy I stepped into the bedroom to
see them both lying naked on the bed. Even though
Richard’s penis was soft, it was still larger than mine
is hard. Patty’s whole body was flush with excitement.

Patty said, “Richard, doesn’t Etiene look pretty in his
teddy. I know you liked how he sucked you off before,
but I was getting dressed and didn’t get to watch.
Perhaps Etiene can pretend to suck you off and just
clean you up with his tongue.” I knew this game and
gladly played along. I got in the oversized king bed
and while he and Patty kissed I started licking
Richard’s pecker until he was clean of the fuck juices
that combined from his penis and Patty’s pussy.

After tend minutes or so Richard told me I had done a
great job. He was beginning to get hard again and
instructed me to clean Patty up for a second poke. Like
the dedicated cuckold that I am I dove into Patty’s cum
drenched pussy and sucked for all I was worth. I loved
sucking a cum filled pussy cream pie. It tastes great
and is easy to suck because the clitoris is already
swollen. I also love the taste of Richard’s cum mixed
with Patty’s fuck juice. As I sucked Patty clean I knew
they would have me back for a second time that evening.
I only hoped this would become a regular part of
Patty’s work.

This morning Patty and I discussed Richard and the good
time we had. She said it was really hot watching me
suck Richard and thought it would be fun to bring home
one of Richard’s bi-sexual friends so we could double
the fun.

Patty thought it would be hot to watch me taking it in
the rear while I sucked Richard’s big dick preparing
him for her. She also thought it was time to up my dose
of estrogen which I’m in support of. I felt a pang of
jealousy for a moment last night and that isn’t right.
If a husband truly loves his wife her pleasure should
be his pleasure and I simply shouldn’t hesitate to let
Patty have all the pleasure she can handle.

Oops, I hear my name being called. Time for my golden