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While the innocent are no strangers to violence, and never have been, the recent upsurge in criminal activity has taken a particularly grim toll of the unsuspecting bystander. And the reasons for their molestation’s have been more sinister.

Today’s newspapers are filled with stories of oil company executives kidnapped for political purposes, of young heiresses taken to insure the extortion of foodstuffs from their wealthy parents, or diplomats gunned down in foreign capitals because they represent views of a government hostile to some particular minority.

Some of these acts have been committed in the name of some cause whose philosophy is probably suspect and whose means of executing same are sordid. All this is done because, supposedly, the end justifies the means. Additionally, there are the crimes that bring monetary gain to the perpetrators, and suffering to the victims. But in either case, it is the guiltless individual who suffers.

The story of Valerie Jones is a case in point — an innocent girl suffering at the hands of cruel and depraved people. Her story holds a lesson for an uncaring society.


Valerie could feel Richard Farr’s cock hardening in his pants. He likes me, she thought. The handsomest, richest boy in town wants me!

“Jesus, Val, you shouldn’t hide these,” Richard moaned, cupping her huge tits in the baggy blouse. “Jeez, they’re fantastic!”

“Do you really like them, Richard? Do they please you?”

“I’ll show you how much!” he moaned.

His mouth came down to meet hers. His tongue parted her lips and a tingle slid down to swell her already huge breasts.

Suddenly she was aware of his hand on her right tit, fingers spread wide in an attempt to enclose the full, swollen mound. It was the first thing that the few other boys she had dated always tried to do — feel and massage her tits. Now for the very first time that she could remember, she made no attempt to stop him, to push away his hand, as she had all the others.

Hands at her sides arid her lips still pressed to his, Valerie thrilled to his gentle caress, his gentle fondling through the flimsy material of her blouse and bra. She emitted a little gasp as his finger brushed over her nipple.

Is this really happening to me? To Valerie Jones? she asked herself. Me, plain little Valerie Jones being desired by Richard Farr?

It’s impossible to even hope for! But it’s happening!

His hand slid down inside her panties. She went taut as she felt his fingers against her naked flesh, gradually threading their way into her wet slit. She could feel him teasing her pussy, and the sensation was so new and overpowering that she couldn’t offer even token resistance. She could hear her own breathing now, and feel herself undulating to the rhythm of his fingers. It was a frightening, yet beautiful, feeling!

She had often played with her pussy with her own fingers, and she recognized the overwhelming, wonderful feeling that was now building inside her belly. She was going to come — to come on Richard’s fingers! She was only brief moments away, when suddenly he lifted his mouth from her tits, took his hand from inside her panties and whispered, “You don’t want to come like this, do you, Valerie honey?”

“Huh… what?”

“I mean, it would feel a lot better for bath of us if you came on my dick!”

There it was, the invitation, the proposition, complete with the real words. Handsome Richard Farr really wanted to do it to her!

“Yeah,” she heard herself gasp. “Yeah, I guess it would be better!”

“Then let’s go into the cabin.”

“Cabin? What cabin?” she asked. They were parked by the lake. Valerie knew there were cabins there, but she didn’t realize they were so close to one.

“That one, right there. It’s my folks’, and I’ve got a key. C’mon!”

Before she could resist, she was being tugged from the car. And then they were in the large one room cabin. The only illumination was the moonlight streaming in through the window, but it was light enough to see the huge king-sized bed, and the sight of it brought home the reality of what she was about to do.

“Richard… uh… maybe we better not.”

“Now, honey, don’t be scared.” He moved toward her in the darkness. Her heart pounded wildly as he placed his hands on her hips, drawing her close to him until their bodies were touching, then pressing.

The feel of her softness seemed to excite him. He pressed closer, his belly to hers, grinding his young cock to her lightly covered pussy mound.

“Oh, Richard, is that the only reason you wanted a date with me? To do it to me?”

“Oh, Val, no, honest. I like you!”

“You do?” she gasped, feeling a flood of juices ooze from her lower lips.

“Sure. I’d like you to be my girl.”

“You would?” Her head was swimming.

She sighed happily and reached up to him, her arms going around his neck, fingers toying with his long hair. He kissed her and she gave her mouth and her tongue to him willingly as she felt his hands go behind her to grasp her soft ass and draw her closer. She thought his poker-stiff prick would burn a hole in her belly.

God! In her whole life she could never remember feeling so hot before — wanting anything so much!

Then his hands were working at her clothes. I’m going to be naked! she thought. I’m going to be stark naked with a boy in the cabin with a bed!

And then she stood before him, her soft young body totally nude in the moonlight.

Richard’s breathing grew ragged and heavy. His hands clutched at the billowy softness of her large, milk-white tits. He kissed and tongued them all over, causing her whole body to shiver with new excitement. Then all at once he was propelling her backwards toward the big bed.

Valerie went sprawling across it and his mouth was again at her aching tits. She clung to him, giving herself up completely, moaning with ecstasy at the newness of the sensations he was bringing her.

“I’m… I’m getting those funny feelings in my belly again, down between my legs, like I did outside in the car. Ohhh, Richard, is that the way a girl is supposed to feel? When she gets all hot for a man?”

“That’s it, baby,” Richard whispered. “I’ll bet you’re getting all wet down there, too.”

“Oh, I am, I am!” she gushed as she felt his hand slipping between her thighs. His fingertips gently glided over the moist slightly parted lips of her pussy. Now it was inside her snug slit, tormenting her clitoris. Valerie thrashed and wailed.

He drew back from her and got off the bed.

Her eyes were drawn to him like a magnet as his fingers went to his fly and slid open the zipper. He reached inside and whipped out his cock.

Valerie caught her breath at the sight of it standing up stiff and straight, its enormous head all smooth and shiny wet. This was the first cock she had ever seen. Its strength and size both frightened and fascinated her. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

Richard stood there at the side of the bed for a long moment, letting her get a good look at it. Then he continued to undress. When he was as naked as she, he got back onto the bed. Valerie felt him parting her legs and getting between them. She moaned with anticipation and rolled her head from side to side, her big titted body twisting beneath his with growing frustration.

Never in a million years would she have believed she would feel this way — even for a boy she had idolized ever since her first year in high school. She wanted him. If he didn’t give it to her quickly, she would scream out for it! She hated herself for the way she felt — so helpless — but her hot young pussy was beyond control.

Richard took his swollen cock in his right hand and moved the head of it slowly along the sensitive flesh at the inside of her thighs. Valerie felt her thighs part of their own volition, wider and wider, as the head of his prick moved closer and closer to its goal.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Open those legs for me. Open that sweet pink pussy of yours!”

“You… you will be careful, won’t you?” Valerie murmured.

“Of course.”

“I mean, I never did it before — not with anybody. You’re the first one!”

Suddenly she felt the head of his big cock touch the tender flesh of her cunt. Shamelessly, she lifted her ass off the bed and moved her cunt closer to it.

“Here goes!” he gasped and pressed the knob of his prick against the dripping folds of her outer lips. He poised his cock on the edge of her quivering flesh and raised himself above her.

Valerie instinctively began rubbing her naked pussy against his cockhead, first slowly, then with undisguised lust. Richard slipped his hands under the twin globes of her ass and clutched her to him as he sank into her hot cunt. At the same time, he dropped his face to one of her big tits and pulled the aching nipple into his wet mouth.

Then his strong young cock hit her barrier. Jesus, he thought with surprise, she is a virgin! He felt his prickhead split her cherry as he lunged. To his further surprise, she showed no pain. Quite the opposite. Valerie dug her fingers into his ass and forced more and more of his steel-hard cock up her cunt channel.

“Oh! Oh, yes, yes! OH, MY GOD, IT’S WONDERFUL!” she shrieked, raising her ass from the bed and sending the hot glove of her pussy hard over his meat.

“Jesus,” he gasped.

She was going crazy for it. She was so eagerly hot to have his cock go deeper that the slight stab of pain and the drops of blood that splattered his thighs and hers hardly slowed her at all. Valerie drove her ass up and down off the bed and felt the wonderful stiff meat of his throbbing prick plunge into her tight virgin pussy.

But that was nothing compared to the thrill she experienced when she felt his fat cock swell inside her cramped cunt and then begin to shoot glob after glob of his hot cum into her guts. It tripped her orgasm. She bucked up and down under him, hugging his face tightly to her swollen tits. Even after she felt his cock go limp inside her, she kept slamming up against him — hoping, demanding more.

“Ohhh, Richard, don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me! It feels good, sooo gooood!”

“Jesus, baby, you really are hot!”


“Sure, sure, baby,” he gasped, leering down at her. “But you’ll have to get it hard enough for me.”

“How?” she moaned. “Tell me how!” He pulled his dick from her creamy pussy and slid up on the bed until his glistening wet meat bobbed against her cheek. “Suck it a little! Suck it for me!”

“WHAT? You mean… with my mouth?”

“Yeah! Then I promise we’ll fuck a lot more!” Valerie looked embarrassed as she quickly sat up next to him, smiling and stroking his long, vein popping cock and cupping his balls gently, looking at him for a sign of approval.

Richard grinned as he removed her hand and lifted himself from the bed and stepped up, each foot on either side of her, towering over her.

He moved closer. His feet were now snuggled next to her waist and his massive balls were hanging over her like ripe fruit, ready to be picked from a tree.

“Are you going to please me?” he asked.

Valerie nodded dumbly. He leaned a little forward, allowing the bottom of his cock to reach the lips of her awe-struck face.

She lifted his dick upwards, grabbing his balls gently with her lips. She took them both into her mouth, gagging and gulping, watching his face for approval. Her hand held firmly to his cock, while she sucked and licked each ball, flashing her tiny pink tongue in and out while rubbing the throbbing shaft. Then she popped the prick into her mouth and began to suck, in and out, in and out.

Richard quickly spun around, nearly causing her teeth to drag along the tender head, and pushed his ass against her face. Her jaw widened and she began to nibble at each cheek, tenderly at first, and then increasing to wide-mouth bites. Licking and biting, while her hand kept working in front, jerking and rubbing.

Her other hand reached inside his crack and spread his ass to one side, allowing her to use her tongue on his waiting, quivering asshole. Her tongue wedged its way through the dark entrance until it came in contact with his tiny ass-ring. Her tongue began striking and stabbing, while her face was now crammed against his firm cheeks.

Then he flipped around and lay on his back. “That’s good, Val, that’s really good! Now keep sucking my dick and ram your finger up my ass at the same time!”

Valerie fell alongside him, still sucking his dick, while her hand ran furiously along every inch of his body, searching and grabbing to arouse him further. Her hand dropped below his balls. One of her fingers probed the area where her tongue had been moments before. It quickly rammed home, plunging deep into his asshole, causing him to groan and writhe with increasing passion.

While her finger continued to fuck his ass, he began to give Valerie the attention she needed, grabbing her huge tits, squeezing and then sucking and tonguing her nipples. Then he moved completely on top of her.

His mouth worked at her luscious tits and then moved down. He licked her belly, the fur at the top of her cuntal slit, and then returned to her enormous, heaving globes.

“Ohhh, that’s wonderful. I love it when you kiss and suck my breasts!”

“Tits, honey… call ’em tits. Big, hot, beautiful, delicious tits!” he growled.

“Can you fuck me some more now?” she breathed, grabbing his neck and pressing his face into her huge mass of tit-flesh.

In answer, Richard moved on down, lower and lower, forcing her to remove her finger from his ass. He got to his knees between her creamy thighs. They quickly spread around his lean waist. His cock was once again rock-hard and bobbing lustfully between her legs.

“Ohhh, Richard, your dick is so big and beautiful!” She grasped the throbbing pole and aimed it. “Fuck me, Richard, stick me, honey!” she gasped, closing her eyes and feeling his weight fall on her while his cock slipped into her, sliding freely from her juices and plunging through her cunt until he came banging against her soft young cervix.

“Oh, God!” she cried out as he plunged deep into her belly.

“Good, baby? My dick’s good, isn’t it?”

“OHHH, YESSSSS!” she moaned, feeling his finger drive up her ass. His cock was continuing its relentless drive inside her, with gentle pushes and then with energetic, raw thrusts.

“Goddam, Val, I don’t know what kept you from fuckin’ before, but you’re sure tryin’ to make up for it now!”

“Oh, it’s so good! I never knew it would feel so good!”

She arched her ripe body to meet his and raised her long legs, slinging them around his waist. Their bellies slapped together and her pelvis twisted in maddening movement as she was filled to the core with his cock.

Fused in the hot, clamping vise of her thighs, Richard performed amazing feats, driving her crazy as his hands kneaded the snowy cheeks of her buttocks and his index finger dug into her clit.

Scorching with blazing heat, her belly reveling in the exquisite sensations that shattered her body, Valerie pulled him together, showing her pleasure with a series of spasmodic jerks of her lush hips.

It was fantastic for both of them. A fiery lust consumed them, hurrying the rhythm of their young, keyed-up bodies. Richard plunged deeply as Valerie hung on. Soon they were swept into total rapture as convulsive spasms raced through their bodies in terrific shudders.

They came together in a wild burst of shooting cum and spurting pussy juice.

“Jesus, I could fuck you all night!”

“Maybe, some night, we could manage that,” Valerie smiled up at him.

“What a chick. You’re all woman, baby!” he said, his eyes adoring her.

“Take a shower with me and see how much woman I am!” she challenged.

She got up from the bed with Richard at her heels. He turned on the taps and adjusted the water while she searched for towels and soap. Giggling, they stepped into the shower stall.

They soaped each other, then started to explore each other’s lean, hard bodies. It was only a matter of minutes before Richard’s prick was poking against her slippery leg.

His arms went around her waist, pulling her into a tight embrace. They rubbed and wriggled under the pelting water as their aroused lust threatened to drive them crazy.

Valerie spread her legs, standing on her toes. Richard’s firm hands clasped her ass cheeks, pinning her hard against him. Standing up, with the water cascading over them, they slipped and slid together in a wild, twisting motion.

They lunged and stabbed as total, wanton lust goaded them on. It was fiercely wild and primitive. They banged away oblivious to everything but their mutual enjoyment.

Richard buried his dick deeper into the fiery depths of her pussy, slamming again and again, until together they erupted in a searing, vibrating orgasm that almost took them flying to the ceiling of the shower stall.

It was several minutes before either of them realized that the water was still pelting their bodies. Their knees felt so weak they stepped out of the shower and started drying each other off.

The friction from the large Turkish towel gave Richard another bone-stiff erection.

“Want some more?” he grinned down at Valerie, waving his big, throbbing prick in her direction.

“No, we don’t have time,” she giggled. “Hurry, let’s get dressed. I’ll do it with my hand in the car. I’ve got to get home!”

She beat him off in the car and timed it so he came just as he pulled up in front of her house.

“You’ll call me, won’t you, darling?” Valerie breathed as she slid from the car. “I love you!”

“Sure. Sure, I’ll call you.”

“Goodnight, darling!” She ran into the house hearing his car squeal off into the night behind her.

She was halfway up the stairs when she realized that she’d left her panties and bra in the car. God, she hoped her mother was sleeping soundly!

Richard drove to the all-night cafe and pulled into the parking lot. The others crowded around the car.


“How’d it go?”

“Betcha missed it!”

Richard chuckled and held up the panties and bra. “You turkeys all owe me twenty bucks apiece. And, speaking of piece, little-miss-too-good Valerie Jones was the hottest fucking piece of ass I’ve ever had in my life!”


Eunice Muncie loved to fuck. She was only seventeen, but she couldn’t remember when she hadn’t been fucking. But the real fun started when Richard Farr and his buddies started screwing her.

Of course, it was just Richard at first. He took her to his house when his folks weren’t home, arid ploughed it to her right in his bedroom.

It was nice for Eunice. She didn’t get to fuck very often in a bed. Most of the boys would pump their cocks into her in the back seat of a car, or sometimes out in a field on a blanket.

Eunice came real good on Richard Farr’s dick. He had a nice one. She opened her eyes to tell him so, and there — right in front of her — were his buddies all standing around the bed.

She knew them all. She’d gone to school with them before she’d gotten kicked out.

There was Roger Batini. He was cute, and the girls said he had a big cock. Bruno Carl was an enormous boy, a tackle on the football team. He was ugly, but Eunice had always harbored a fancy about fucking him. Sammy Gaff was almost a midget beside the rest of them, but the way his mouth was slobbering over her tits, he obviously liked her.

And then there was sad-faced George Reems. He was tall and blonde and shy and quiet. She didn’t know much about George, but she guessed she liked him. He never talked much.

“You know all my buddies, don’t you, Eunice?” Richard said, rolling off her and rubbing his wet dick on her thighs.

“Oh, sure. Hi, fellas.”

All of them said, “Hi!” and Sammy Gaff leaned over and kissed one of her tits.

“Jesus Christ, Eunice, you got some set of jugs!”

“Why, thank you, Sammy!”

“I wanna shove my dick up your pussy, Eunice… is that all right with you?” Sammy asked, and pulled his little cock out of his jeans.

“Why, sure, Sammy,” Eunice said. “As long as it’s okay with Richard. He’s my date tonight.”

Richard was laughing so hard he could hardly answer her. “Sure, honey, sure,” he finally managed. “That’s what this is all about! We’re gonna have us a little party… and you’re gonna provide the entertainment!”

So Sammy crawled up between Eunice’s thighs. He grabbed her tits as Bruno and Roger pulled his pants and shorts down. Eunice giggled. He was so short that, with his cock near her cunt, he hardly had to bend his head to suck the huge melons of her tits.

He might have been small, but Eunice responded to him as she did to any boy that mounted her. She went wild.

Every touch of those hard fingers sent electric shock waves tingling through her. And then his lips and tongue came into play — softer, gentler, but even more tantalizing on the tender nipple points — while his hands moved over her ribs and thighs and belly, kneading and squeezing underneath her ass, rocking her from below, and finally probing the soft hairs and warm wetness of her hot cunt.

She dimly heard and only vaguely remembered afterwards the chatter that never ceased for a moment, all the time her body was being mauled by Sammy.

“Suck me! Suck it to me…”

“Ooooo, whatta setta titties!”

“What’s the flavor, Sam? How about a little sugar on that.”

“Take a bite for me, too, baby…”

“Sweeeeet, sweet pussy.”

There was a new finger groping between her legs — hard, hot, blunt — digging at the hole of her pussy with unbearable tickling. And then the white hot dick rammed in, in one lunging stab, blotting out all other consciousness. She was filled with fire, her arms reaching out to grab the air, her legs wide open, stretching, straining, as far apart as they could go, in absolute surrender to the little dick splitting her up the middle.

“Oh, Sammy, SAMMY!” she wailed. “You got a little dick, but you sure as shit know how to use it!”

Then it was pounding, pounding, slamming into her with pile-driver strokes. The fire of his first penetration was cooling down now. But a new tide of voluptuous sensations was building and spreading, a thousand times more than anything before, from cunt to belly and all through her, until her whole body was one great quivering, pulsing, oozing cunt, bubbling over with the joyous juices of unbearable orgasm.

She came twice on Sammy’s little dick. Then he crawled off her and shouted, “NEXT!”

“Oh, no, not yet,” Richard said. “I want her to do a little show for us first. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Eunice?”

“Oh, yeah,” the big girl said, clapping her hands together and rocking on the bed so her enormous tits did a dance on her chest.

“Hey, Rich,” George Reems said, his voice quiet but filling the room. “Maybe that’s goin’ too far. I mean, granted she’s got the body of a woman, but her head is still in fourth grade.”

“Oh, come on, George… she wants to!” Richard said.

“Sure, she does,” Bruno said, reaching over and mauling one of her big tits. “You’d like to shake those big jugs for us, wouldn’t ya, Eunice honey?”


So George was overruled and Richard quickly explained to Eunice what they expected of her.

Eunice was proud of her body. She loved to show it off. So she caught on fast. That’s about all Eunice ever did catch on fast to the uses to which she could put her body.

Richard was applauding. He leaped to her with a cry of triumph and hugged her from behind, his hands clamping her gold mine tits in a loving squeeze.

“Baby, that’s all you have to do. You got the whole act right there. Walk a little, bounce a little, turn around once or twice, bend over and just shake ’em till the milk turns to cream. Man, we’re never gonna let you off stage once you turn that on!” Then he moved to the stereo, started the music, and sat with the other boys to watch. “Now when I turn the lights on, you go, Eunice!”

“Okay,” the girl agreed, in her best baby-doll voice.

She took a position in the middle of the room, arms folded across her tits, while the lights were out. When the light went on, there she stood, stark naked, smiling shyly, trying to keep her eyes straight ahead as she’d been coached to do. She nudged her tits up high on her forearms, and then suddenly dropped her hands to her sides so that the great globes fell SPLAT onto her ribs — two great quivering jelly-bombs, with the nipples flaming red.

The noise never let up from then on. The boys were going crazy as she walked all around, the way Richard had showed her — bouncing provocatively, and then leaning slowly forward in the full glare of the bright light, reflected in the straining eyeballs of every boy in the room.

The stereo let out a screaming chord, and then went pounding into a hard rock tune, and she began her shoulder-wiggling and tit-jiggling business right oil the first beat. The boys clapped hands right along with it, and soon they were all up out of their seats and crowding for a closer look at the great earth mother and her flailing, leaping, jitterbugging tits.

Eunice went on and on with it, for no one had told her when to quit. But finally the music rose to a shriek and cut off abruptly, putting an end to it. She stood for a moment, panting and smiling uncertainly while they all clapped and cheered for an encore.

But Bruno couldn’t take an encore. He ripped off his jeans, threw her on the floor and fell between her thighs. “Gonna fuck you, Eunice! Gonna ram my prick clear up to your tits through your pussy! All right?”

“I guess so,” Eunice nodded. “If Richard says it is. He’s my date tonight.”

“Fuck him, Eunice,” Richard laughed. “Fuck his cock right off!”

“All right, Bruno, fuck me!” she cried.

She was flat on the floor, her feet planted wide apart on the carpet. In that position she opened to him and took his dick into her cunt with one supple motion of her hips.

She locked her legs around his back, then reached up and caught each of his arms in a tight grip, and pulled him down on top of her. Her hips pounded against him in a frantic rhythm, and her heels drummed on his ass as she raked his back with her sharp nails. He responded to her urgings with bull-like vigor.

“Oh, yes, Bruno! Pound me! Oh shit, you got a cock like a horse… FUCK ME WITH IT!”

She closed her eyes and thought about how nice Richard was to her, taking her out and spending money on her and then sharing her like this, letting her have all this wonderful cock to fuck.

And especially Bruno’s cock. It was huge. When he rammed it hard into her pussy, it felt like it went clear through her guts and right on up to her tits.

She urged him again to fuck her harder.

He was rough. He hurt her, but she welcomed the roughness, the pain. “Harder! Hurt me! Oh, hurt me!”

Then all thought was washed away by a flood of pleasure so intense that she thought she would faint. She raced toward a come with this muscular brute that was fucking her so wonderfully. Her ecstasy broke as a great shudder shook his body like a convulsion. She screamed in his ear. Her pleasure went on and on. She was sure she couldn’t bear it.

Then her body heaved against his, almost throwing him off her, and she collapsed beneath him, her very bones seeming to melt and run out through her pores at the heat of their passion.

And then she fainted.

It could only have lasted for a second or so, for she soon was aware that Bruno was gone and there was another hard cock in her cunt.

She opened her eyes. Roger Batini was fucking her now. His cock was even bigger than Bruno’s!

Eunice had never been loved so much in one night. She was in heaven!

She fucked and sucked all five of the guys twice apiece that night. George Reems wouldn’t fuck her in front of the other guys, so Richard let him take her into another room to screw her.

George was funny. He was gentle, and he touched her a lot before he put his cock in her. Also, he kept whispering in her ear about how he loved her and how beautiful she was.

Eunice enjoyed fucking George. But she liked the rough way the other boys — like Bruno and Richard — fucked her. It was more exciting. She also kind of liked being watched while she fucked.

She didn’t come on George’s cock.

After that first night, Richard called bet about once a week to go have a fuck session with the boys, either at his house in town, if his folks were away, or the cabin his dad owned out by the lake. A couple of times they just met uptown at the drug store by accident and went out to a field and she fucked them all on a blanket.

And then one day, to Eunice’s surprise, Richard called and invited her out to the cabin for a whole weekend. She readily accepted.

“Mom, I got invited out to the lake for the weekend!”

“That’s nice, Eunice. Take some warm clothes. It’s cold out there at night.”

“Sure, Mom. See you Monday!”

Eunice forgot to even take a bag as she skipped out the door for a whole weekend of fucking.

“What friends would invite Eunice for a weekend?” her father asked.

“I don’t know,” her mother replied, “but Eunice has become very popular lately.”

Her father shrugged. It didn’t matter to him. It was nice getting Eunice out of the house. She bothered him, with her constant sing-song speech and her vacant, staring eyes.

God, it was just his luck to have conceived an idiot daughter. Well, at least she had a great body. Somebody would get some good out of her — someday.

Eunice met Richard at the drug store. “I forgot to bring a bag,” she said as they walked to the car.

“That’s okay,” Richard chuckled. “Shit, we ain’t gonna wear anything all weekend anyway!”

“Oh, goody!” Eunice said, sliding across the seat of the car and pulling his dick out of his pants. “Want me to suck you off on the way?”

“Suit yourself,” Richard said, sliding his hand down the front of her blouse until it was filled with one of those glorious tits. “Goddam, Eunice, we’re gonna give these one hell of a workout this weekend!”

“Oh, goody!” Eunice said, dropping her face over his meat and sucking as if her life depended on it.

It had been a week since Valerie had been fucked by Richard Farr and he still hadn’t called.

She was getting desperate. She loved him, and she loved the wild screwing she had received from Richard’s beautiful cock.

Why didn’t he call? Was he unhappy with her? God, she had been a virgin and she had given herself to him. Didn’t that mean anything to him?

She needed him, needed it so badly. She had masturbated at least twice every night since she had fucked him.

Now it was Friday night. She was alone again in her room and she could feel the need rising in her body. She was on her bed, day-dreaming, almost feeling Richard’s beautiful dick slamming in and out of her little pussy.

Her mouth was parted, and her brain was spinning with the heat of her growing lust. She flailed her head from side to side on the pillow, her long hair swirling in a jangled cascade of shimmering loveliness. The quilt was thrown from over her trembling form now, falling to the foot of the bed as her hands continued their mad pace up and down, down and around, teasing her fevered flesh into even more intense arousal. Her brain was alive with thoughts of Richard’s wonderful cock fucking her warm, wet pussy.

She arched her back, her hands moving behind and under her to quickly unsnap the catches on her bra. She had to have her big soft tits free, to touch the hard pink nipples without the clothing. She pulled her bra off, tossing it to the floor beside her bed. Her hands engulfed the huge, luscious round balls of tit-flesh. Slowly, rhythmically, she began to pinch and roll the nipples back and forth, squeezing them and then releasing them, squeezing, releasing.

The entire time she was thinking, no, no, this is wrong, it’s silly! I’m playing with myself! I’m a real woman now, I’ve been fucked, and yet I’m lying here and playing with my tits. It’s silly, but — oh, it feels so good… so good!

Her right hand left her tit and moved slowly down, over her belly to the elastic waistband of her panties. In spite of her feeling of guilt at what she was doing, she knew that she couldn’t stop herself from going to the finish.

“Oh, cock, cock, cock feels so good filling my hot pussy!” she moaned.

She was pulling her panties down now, drawing them sensuously over her hairy cunt while her other hand continued to stroke the nipple of one soft tit. She raised up on the bed, pulling the thin garment over her ankles, her eyes tightly shut, so that she was completely nude.

She lay back again, the one hand on her soft and sensitive tit, the other stroking first one inner thigh, then the other. Valerie avoided for the moment the moist hole of lust which was her cunt. Then, when she could stand the pressure no longer, her eager hand jumped to the hot, glistening folds of her pussy, pressed against it there as she again brought her legs up off the bed and spread her thighs wide apart. Her pussy was opened wide under her fingers, and she inserted a stiff finger into the soft wet folds of her gently clasping cunt hole.

She imagined that it was Richard’s hand, his finger touching her pussy, stroking her there. She imagined it was he who was now manipulating the softly hair-lined lips until they seemed to be swollen with blood the way his prick was swollen with blood, until her clit was as hard as his cock was hard.

She found her miniature dick with the tip of her searching finger and began to tease it back and forth, running her fingernail around the quivering nub until the waves of pleasure rippled through her belly.

The sensations caused her to jackknife her legs back against her chest, mashing her big soft tits flat. Her ass, white moons of soft, flawless flesh, jerked and twisted under her finger-fucking, and she could feel the sweat beading on her face and matting her hair to her scalp.

I want to be fucked! I want cock! Oh, God, doesn’t Richard love me? Doesn’t he desire my pussy anymore?

“Oh, Richard, I wish you were here!” she groaned through the lust-fog of her brain. “I wish you were playing with my cunt! I wish you were going to put your cock — oh, your long wonderful cock — into my pussy and fuck me hard, and deep, until you came and I came! Oh, I want to come so bad, so bad! Richard, Richard, I need you, I need youuuuuuu!”

Faster and faster, Valerie’s finger fucked into her sensitive cunt, teasing her clit and the red slash until she knew her orgasm was only moments away. Her hips thrashed and pounded the bed beneath her, and her other hand squeezed and kneaded her big tits and nipples painfully. There was no guilt, no shame for her in that frozen period of time. There was only the wonderful feelings of impending orgasm filling her soul.

“Ooooohhhhh, I’m… yes, yes, I’m coming, coming, comiiiinnnnng!”

Her ass churned and danced, her upraised legs kicking at the air. She was like a wild woman, moaning out her release in little whimpering mewls of bliss as wave after maddening wave of her come swept through her.

“Val… Valerie?”

It was her mother at the head of the stairs. “Yes?” Valerie croaked.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“There’s someone on the phone for you, dear. A girl. She says her name is Eunice.”

I don’t want to talk to a girl, Valerie thought, I want to talk to a boy! I want to talk to Richard. I want to fuck Richard!

“What does she want?”

“She says she has a message from Richard.”


Roger, Bruno, Sammy and George were waiting for them at the cabin.

Bruno already had his dick out, waving it in Eunice’s direction. “Hi, sweet meat! Come, give ol’ Bruno a little suck!”

Eunice giggled and dropped to the carpet in front of him. She was just taking the dripping head of his cock between her lips when Richard pulled her to her feet.

“Hey, hold up! Remember what we talked about?” he said.

“Yeah,” Bruno groaned, “but I just wanted a quick blow.”

“Can’t I blow Bruno anymore?” Eunice asked innocently.

“Sure you can, honey,” Richard said. “But we’re gonna do it a little differently this time. We’re all gonna fuck you at once!”

“It’ll only be four, Eunice,” George Reems said. “Count me out.”

“Don’t you worry, honey,” Richard said, removing his clothes. “We’re gonna get you so fucking hot and ready you can take us all without any trouble!”

“Well, okay,” Eunice sighed. She started to remove her clothes.

Sammy stopped her. “No, baby, you let us do that.”

All the boys, except George, were naked now. They took the huge king-sized mattress from the bed and put it on the dining room table.

“We’re gonna make a feast out of your pussy, Eunice!” Richard grinned, moving toward the girl.

“Oh, goody!” Eunice giggled, and shivered with a nervous laugh. “Wow, four cocks at once. I’ll bet none of the girls at school could do that!”

“No,” Roger said solemnly, “I’ll bet they couldn’t either.”

“Shit, Eunice,” Sammy chimed in, “nobody digs cock like you do!”

She glanced at Roger on her right and exchanged grins with him. Then she turned her head to wink at Sammy, who leaned close on her left. Both boys squeezed her tenderly. She felt their arms meet at the small of her back, and suddenly their other hands were at the backs of her knees and she was being lifted. They didn’t move her far. They simply laid her on the table.

She felt Sammy’s hands on her knees as Roger took her in his arms, his lips going to hers in a passionate kiss. They had set the table beneath a hanging lamp, and Eunice stared up into its light, keenly aware of each sensation.

She felt one of Roger’s arms under her shoulders, his other hand at the small of her back. His chest rested on her tits as his lips crushed her mouth. She parted her lips and touched his hot, hard tongue with hers, then gulped as the rough bulk of his tongue drove into her mouth.

Sammy’s hands forced her legs flat on the table and then pushed her skirt up along her thighs, baring her cunt and hips. He stroked her thighs, forcing them away from each other, and let his fingers trail over the furry hair of her cunt. She felt the waistband of her panty-hose stretch tightly across her belly as he pulled it away from her sides. He worked it slowly over her ass, then swept the front down to uncover her cunt hair. The nylon hissed as it was drawn off her legs, and she wriggled her toes when they were freed.

She felt hands on her ankles. They spread her legs until her knees were over the edges of the table, then lowered her calves so that her knees hooked, and she could not pull them together. Her thighs parted at such an angle that it felt like she was doing the splits.

Without delay, Sammy’s fingers busied themselves with the lips of her pussy. She moaned in her throat and clung fiercely to Roger.

While Sammy stimulated her cuntlips, Roger took time out to pull her blouse off and to remove her bra. Once again, she lay naked in the midst of the boys. But there was a difference. She had fucked and sucked them all, before, but one at a time. Now she was going to fuck them all at once.

She could hardly wait.

The boys could hardly wait, either.

“Goddam, look at those tits,” Roger exclaimed. “Jesus, I never get tired of ’em!”

Eunice felt her tits flatten and push out to the side under the weight of his hand. Her nipple felt soft and small when Roger closed his lips over it, but as he sucked and nibbled, it lengthened and hardened. Tingling currents of excitement shot through Eunice at the contact, making her whole body twist. The hands that stroked her thighs and sides aroused her almost as intensely as the fingers that teased the rim of her cunt.

And suddenly lights exploded in her head. Sammy sucked her clitoris into his mouth and began to tease it with his tongue. She shrieked against Roger’s shoulder and arched her back. Her muscles ached from their wild contortions, and her lungs burned with the need for more air. She could see nothing but the glare of the overhead lamp, and it became so painful to her eyes that she squeezed the lids tightly.

“Goddam, you ever see a cunt get hot so fucking fast?” Bruno exclaimed, his hands kneading the cheeks of her ass.

“Only one,” Richard replied. “That pussy you guys said I couldn’t fuck the other night… Valerie Jones!”

“Aaaaaarrgggoowww!” Eunice cried. Something — she decided it must be Sammy’s whole hand — drove deeply into her cunt, and she felt it moving her guts. Something else crushed her clitoris against her pubic bone and rolled it back and forth until she let screams tear at her throat, her mouth straining open.

Her body thrashed and her fingers ripped at the naked shoulders that blotted out her view. She dug in her nails and ripped at the flesh under them with long, clawing motions.

“Oh, shit, she’s ready!” Sammy moaned. “Get with it, Bruno! You’re first!”

Eunice opened her eyes again. Three of the boys stepped back and Bruno crawled up onto the mattress, his log-like dick slapping against her inner thighs.

“Roger and me, we got the biggest dicks, so we’re gonna fill you up first. You dig that, don’t ya, Eunice?”

“Oh, yes, Bruno,” the girl smiled. Eunice didn’t really know what the giant meant. He and Roger were going to fuck her with their beautiful hunks of meat, that’s all that mattered to her.

“I’ve got your cock. You’ve got my cunt.” She lowered a searching hand to grasp his big prick. “I’m gonna love that inside me, twisting my little pussy!”

Bruno’s lust grew as he watched her beautiful body squirm under his fingers.

“Diddle me,” she groaned, reaching up to stroke his sac of balls. “Shove your dick up my cunt!”

Her fingers on his blood-hardened prick sent Bruno’s head whirling, and his meat leapt to meet her. His fingers probed the entrance of her sweet pussy. It gave him a great sense of power to see how she wriggled and moaned under his tickling fingertip, and he pressed harder, pulling the lips of her cunt wider and rubbing up and down the moist, pink flesh.

Eunice began to jerk his prick erratically, and finally Bruno could stand it no longer. He staggered to an all-fours position, hovering over the naked girl like a dog. The boys had already planned what they were each going to do. Bruno had never fucked a girl in the ass before, and the idea made his big dick twitch with lust.

“Uuuhhhhh,” Eunice moaned hotly. She spread her legs below him, and arched off the table, pulling her cunt lips apart with her fingertips to expose her naked slit. She rubbed up and down the length of his dick, and then she lurched upwards with a sudden, savage thrust, impaling herself on his great prick.

“AAAAAARRGGGHHHHH!” she wailed beneath him. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

Bruno felt the warm glove of her pussy slide wetly along his sensitive dick. His cock raced to her extreme depths, battering against her cervix, her juice making wet sucking sounds as he fucked into her. His balls slapped against the firm cheeks of her ass as she gave out a low, throaty groan, pushing and shoving her cunt harder against his dick. He reached under her and between her ass cheeks while he drove his rampaging cock into her pussy. He searched until he found the tiny puckered ring of her asshole. He pushed hard, feeling the tight asshole ring give slightly, and then his finger slid into her rear channel.

A river of warm juice ran down Eunice’s thighs, and she jumped forward on his fucking-pole, almost slithering backwards on her spine.

“Aaaargghhh!” she cried, “I love it! It hurts, but I love it! Don’t stop!” She screwed her ass on his finger tighter. “More! More! I want all of you!”

Bruno felt the thin wall of flesh which separated the underside of his prick and his finger, and with a rising sexual frenzy, he rammed forward with his hand and cock at the same time until his palm was flat against her ass.

Eunice was caught up in his fucking rhythm, and opened her legs wider so that he could ravish her cunt deeper and farther. His cock expanded until he thought his balls were going to burst. With a howl of delight, he rammed his prick and his finger in perfect rhythm, sending Eunice on to new, higher planes of passion.

“OHHHHHHH, YEAH, YEAH! Fuck me HARRRRRD!” she shrieked, pressing her knees up and back against her chest. She clasped her legs to hold them in position, her heels pounding on the sides of his back. Bruno couldn’t remember any girl ever responding so totally to his cock before. It was as though she were a wild animal. She pulled her thighs back until the whole of her cunt was offered for him to fuck, deeper and deeper. His lusty prick slammed into her and his balls ached with boiling cum.

“Make her come once that way, Bruno!”

Richard howled, listing his dick as he watched. “That’ll loosen her up for the other!”

“Yeah, yeah, fuck, FUCK!” Bruno gasped.

Eunice gave a wild yell and lacked her legs around him. “I’m COMING!” she cried. She squeezed his prick, and it was all he could do to force his cock through the locked muscles of her pussy.

“Now, Bruno, NOW!” Roger and Richard yelled together. “Turn her over!”

Bruno pulled and tugged until he had turned Eunice over. She was on her elbows and knees like a bitch dog. He ran his cunt-juice smeared dick up and down her crease until he found her asshole.

Then he rammed, hard, until the throbbing cockhead popped through.

“OHHHHHHHHHH, GODDDDDDDDDDD, NOOOOOOO!” Eunice screamed. “Stop, oh, please, STOP! You’re hurting me!” She tried to pull away, but Bruno held her tighter in a bear hug. He pressured until, inch by inch, her ass stretched to take his big prick.

Then with a brutal thrust, he suddenly rammed his prick home, soaring into her tight ass with savage and brutal force.

Eunice moaned in a choked cry of torment. The cry changed to gasps as Bruno flexed his giant prick and drove deeper into the softness of her belly.

“Goddam, your asshole’s tight!” he grunted.

She tried to scream out to beg him to stop, but her face was far too contorted in agony to allow any noise to pass her lips.

“Come on, Eunice, honey,” Bruno panted. “It’s all right. Relax and you’ll find out that you like it!”

He slowly withdrew his mammoth tool and then drove his way back in, ripping away at her tender asshole. He could feel his foreskin peel back and he looked down in lustful delight as his cock was sucked by her pink-rimmed shithole muscles. He gave a quick, hip-thrusting stab.

“AAAAHHHHH! Please! It hurts! It hurts! Oh, God, I can’t take it all!”

“It’s supposed to hurt, dammit. Now stop complaining and push back! Push back!” Bruno hissed.

“No… no… noooooo!” Eunice’s whole body was wracked with pain.

“Look! Shit, she’s taking him,” Roger cried. “Damn, I can hardly wait!”

Bruno drove his prick until his pubic hair grazed and flattened against her ass. Then he began to fuck unmercifully into her, Eunice ground her fingers into the mattress, trying to ease the pain, and — magically — the pain did lessen. She felt strangely wet and open. A pleasure-pain reaction was beginning to make her respond, and she involuntarily started to undulate her soft ass in tiny circles.

Bruno fucked deeper, the pressure on his cock tight and wild, promising to draw his lust-heated load of cum out like a sucking hose.

Eunice, mindless with her growing desire, reached behind her and cupped his swinging balls as they slapped against her cunt. She found pleasure in touching the wrinkled sac, and then she located her pussy and stroked it while he ass-fucked her, moving her finger in time to his lunges. Her face was flushed and her teeth were bared with the frenzied explosions in her invaded asshole.

“Oh, yes!” she hissed. “Fuck my ass!” She heaved backwards, swallowing the last inch of his prick. “FUCK MY ASSSSSS!”

“Do you like what you’re getting, Eunice?” Richard asked. “Do you like being fucked in the ass?”

“Ohhhhhhh!” Eunice gasped, but then Bruno jerked, driving up into the straining walls of her tight rectum. An electric bolt of lightning seared into her stomach and her brain, already reeling from the impact of his dick. She screamed and yelled. “Yes! Yes! I love it!”

Richard smiled. “Then it’s time to join in.” He climbed up on the table and battered Eunice’s smiling lips with the head of his dick.

Eunice opened her mouth. Richard splayed his legs on either side of her face, and lifted her head with the flat of his hand, pushing against her forehead while with the other hand he guided his trembling prick past her lips.

Then Bruno gave a violent forward thrust into her widespread asshole, and she shot forward, gasping, and swallowed Richard’s cock in the wet and warm cavern of her mouth. She felt his hugeness slither along her tongue and then lodge with its pulsating head against the back of her throat.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he wheezed.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” Bruno echoed.

In heaven with a cock in her asshole and a cock in her mouth, Eunice began to suck and fuck. Richard’s balls bounced against her chin and his musky odor filled her nostrils with flaring desire. Tears of joy mingled with her saliva, and their saltiness was a sharp contrast to the almost sweet taste of his firm prick. His pubic hair brushed against her cheeks.

Behind her, Bruno gripped her waist and began to fuck her unresisting asshole harder and faster. He battered his cock like a jackhammer against her smooth, quivering ass as he panted. He stared town at her gyrating back and stretched the moons of her ass as far as they would go with his fingers, watching his big prick sink into the moist, pink passage of her asshole.

Eunice, delirious from the double fucking, moaned around the giant dick ripping into her mouth. Her brain was inflamed with the excitement of this new fuck. Suddenly a new thought blazed its way to her.

Roger was waiting. He was going to fill her cunt, her one remaining empty hole.

That was what was missing, she told herself. And she wanted him there, inside her cunt, to make it a three to one shot, and that would be the culminating experience of all her sexual dreams.

Eunice reached for Roger around the prick fucking her face. Then she caught sight of the boy’s lust-inflamed prick. Ohhhhh, but he has such a wonderful cock! I can almost feel it inside me! I’ve gotta have it… now!

Roger grinned at her and took his hand off his dick as Eunice reached for it. When she touched it, he shoved the big staff forward so that she could grasp all of the hot, fevered meat. She rubbed it with the palm of her hand, making gurgling noises around the cockmeat in her throat.

Roger was wild. He could hardly breathe. His dick pulsed in her hand as he watched his two friends fuck her — Richard’s cock in her mouth, her head bobbing on his lust-hardened dick until her lips touched his pubic hair. And Bruno, the bull, pulling her ass apart and staring down as her asshole clasped his ramming dick like a huge fist in a small glove Bruno saw Roger staring at him and rammed Eunice’s ass even harder. He traced his finger down under her thighs and dipped into the soft, wet lips of her pussy.

Eunice moaned through her tightly ovaled lips, and this excited Roger even mare. The sight of their wild fucking filled his brain, making it reel.

“Oh, shit!” he cried, as Eunice squeezed his dick and pulled him toward her. “I think she’s got it! I think she’s got the fucking idea!”

“DO IT!” Richard bellowed.

“Do you understand, Eunice?” Roger moaned. “I’ve got to fuck you, Eunice, honey. Do you hear me? I’ve gotta fuck you, too!”

“Uuuuuuuuh,” Eunice moaned around the cock in her mouth. Roger’s words penetrated her brain, adding even more passion to her cunt. “Oh, yeah, yeah, Roger! I want it! I want you in my cunt!”

Just the idea of having Roger fuck her pussy while Bruno screwed her ass and Richard fucked her mouth stirred the girl further. She could feel her cunt hot and moist, and when she heard Roger’s savage cry, a thrill raced through her, making her fuck harder against the two boys.

Yes, this is what I want! I want them all, all at the same time! The perfect fuck! Oh, I am so lucky!

Roger crawled onto the table. He lowered his head and began to worm his way under Eunice’s heavily perspiring nakedness, letting her soft belly beat a tattoo against his face. He slithered slowly along, while the girl raised herself so he could slip beneath her. She looked down as he positioned himself, and then the reality of what he was doing leapt into her mind with a wonderful shattering force.

He is going to fuck me — just like he promised he would! He is going to put his giant prick up my cunt while Bruno fucks my ass!

Roger threaded his way between Bruno’s spread legs, then between Eunice’s, while his mouth was licking and tickling her soft cunt hair. He removed her hand and replaced it with his lips. He licked the soft, sweet folds of her pussy, nuzzling her searing hole with his nose and lips. He probed until he found her clit with his tongue.

Eunice whimpered in a choked voice as he teased her throbbing clit with his lips. He ran his tongue tip around and around, his tempo matching the beat of the fucking Bruno was giving her asshole a scant inch from him.

Roger could see and hear the surging prick as it pumped deep inside the girl’s ass, and he could feel the tremors of the pummeling it was causing in her body. It spurred him on, massaging her pink slit and flailing his head from side to side.

Eunice tightened her mouth around Richard’s churning prick, wildly undulating her hips as the fucking the three men were giving her continued.

Ohhhhh, this is so beautiful! I can hardly stand what is happening to me! Tears of pleasure flooded her eyes, rolling down her cheeks as she shoved her pussy down to Roger’s sucking mouth, pushing his tongue deeper into her steaming cunt.

“Fuck her, Roger, FUCK HER CUNT!” Sammy howled as he moved in beside Richard and lunged his dick forward to join his friend’s inside Eunice’s mouth.

The girl’s mind whirled as she swallowed the new cock along with Richard’s. Three down, she thought, and one to go. Oh, Roger, fuck my pussy!

Hurry and finish filling me with hot cock!

Roger’s body slithered beneath her kneeling body again, until he was nearer to her head and his legs stuck flat out behind her, in between Bruno’s flexing thighs. His stiff, upraised prick brushed against the warm, moist pubic hair of Eunice’s glistening cunt as she waved her ass wildly.

Bruno, grinning at the thought of what Roger was going to do, forced her asshole lower, until her grinding cunt lips were poised over his friend’s cock. Then, with a fury, Roger surged upwards, his ass lifting off the mattress and his pistoning prick charging into her wet cunt with unerring aim.

Eunice’s pussy seemed to have a suction of its own, sucking his young meat up to its hardened hilt, bearing against Bruno’s great fuck-tool with only the thin membrane separating the twin cocks.

I’ve got them! Eunice’s mind screamed. I’ve got all FOUR PRICKS AT ONCE! OH, FUCK, FUCK ME! FUCK ME CRAZY!

Her body seemed to give them some signal. Bruno and Roger began to fuck her in unison. They both withdrew until only the heads of their pricks were inside her. Then they plunged simultaneously deep inside her, their stiff dicks pushing against each other as they rooted along the double channels of her cunt and asshole.

“AAAAGGGG!” Eunice screamed around the two driving cocks in her mouth. “MORE! MORE COCK! Don’t stop! DON’T EVER STOP!”

They fucked her more, pumping and pulsating in and out, in and out. Again and again they fucked into her, their balls making slapping sounds as they ground back and forth. The soft slushing of juice and cum from the boys mingled in the pink slash between her two openings.

Delight boiled through Eunice, sending her to another world. She massaged the skin of Richard’s dick and tantalized the base of Sammy’s cock with her fingers as the hard shafts were completely absorbed in her ovaled mouth. She sucked and stroked them in time with the rhythmic fucking she was getting in her two fuck-holes. Her tongue flickered around the swollen, throbbing cockheads in her mouth and lapped the blue-veined shafts.

Richard flexed his ass, the sight of her soft lips puckered and hungry as she bobbed around his dick, sending an added thrill to his already bursting balls. Roger was now able to stare up and catch every detail of Richard and Sammy’s pricks being sucked by Eunice. The sight caused him to ram his dick deeper into her pussy.

That in turn made Eunice squeal and peel back her lips from the pleasure of it all. Her teeth clung to the rock-hard dicks and then, as she let her lips softly close over the swollen rods of flesh again, she sucked even more hungrily.

“Come! COME! EVERYBODY COME TOGETHER!” Bruno bellowed as he pumped his steaming jism into her ass.

“YESSSSS!” Roger cried, as he poured his into her cunt from below.

Eunice’s whole body burned with the heat of the juice being pumped into her asshole and pussy. She dug her nails into Sammy and Richard’s ass cheeks and drove their dicks into her head to the hilt as they, too, started spewing.

She gagged, swallowed, and then gagged some more. They pumped, she sucked. One by one, the cocks emptied and withdrew.

At last, Eunice sprawled alone on the table, feeling fully and totally loved.

“Let’s get a beer!”


“Whew, what a fuck!”

“Tight ass. My fuckin’ dick’s raw!”

Eunice smiled to herself. She couldn’t remember if she’d come or not. But it didn’t matter. She knew she would.

This was just the start of the weekend… and she knew it was just the start of the fucking.


The five boys sat in the den, drinking beer and discussing the recent fuck with Eunice.

“George, you’re an asshole,” Richard said, waving his half-full bottle at his lanky friend. “Why the hell didn’t you join in?”

“Just not my cup of tea,” George offered.

“Ol’ George is shy,” Roger said, slapping his semi-hard dick against his thigh and taking a deep slug from his beer. George was the only boy in the room with clothes on.

“Why don’t you go in and fuck her now, George?” Sammy laughed. “You’ll have some privacy!”

George shrugged and nodded. He crossed to the door and gently pushed it open. “Eunice?”


“Can I come in?”

“Sure, George,” the girl said. “You wanna screw me now?” George mumbled something that sounded like yes. “Oh, goody! Let me wash some of the cum out of my pussy, in case you wanna eat me!”

The door closed behind George, and all the boys laughed.

“I think ol’ George is fallin’ in love with Eunice,” Sammy chuckled.

“So am I,” Bruno said. “With her cunt and asshole!”

“We gonna screw her all weekend, Rich?” Roger asked. “Jeez, it’s gonna be a drag, all five of us throwing it to one chick all weekend!”

Richard smiled and stared at the other three boys under narrowed lids. “You know, I was just thinking the same thing. And I think I got a solution for it.”

“Oh, yeah?” Bruno’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah. Remember that chick I banged the other night? The one you guys said wasn’t fuckable?”

“Valerie? How could we forget her? She cost us twenty bucks apiece on our bet with you!” Roger hissed.

“Yeah. Well, that chick had some kind of hot pants, let me tell you. And I think, with a little persuasion, I could get her out here again.”

“But would she fuck us all?” Bruno said. “She’s kind of a snooty, pure bitch… even though she spread for you!”

“Once she was here she’d have to, wouldn’t she?” Richard said, as again laughter filled the room.

“But how you gonna get her out here? Hell, her old lady wouldn’t let her spend the weekend at a cabin with a bunch of guys!”

“I know that, Roger, you asshole,” Richard replied. “But she would with another girl.”

“Eunice!” Sammy exclaimed.

“Exactly,” Richard grinned, and crossed the room. He pushed open the door and entered. George was between Eunice’s legs, pumping his dick into her steaming pussy. “Hey, Eunice, we need you a minute.”

“Jesus, Rich,” George gasped. “Can’t you see we’re fucking here?”

“No shit, is that what you’re doin’?” Richard laughed. “Well, crawl off for a minute. We need Eunice. You can screw her some more after I’ve finished with her!”

“Jesus!” George cried. “All four of you assholes just banged her. Let me have mine!”

“We don’t wanna fuck, you shit,” Richard said, pushing George from between the girl’s legs and pulling her from the table.

“Don’t you, wanna fuck me any more, Richard?” Eunice whined.

“Sure we do, honey, after a while.” Richard led her back into the other room. “You ever eat another girl’s pussy, Eunice?”


“Did ya like it?”

“It was okay,” the girl said, wide-eyed, staring at the four naked cocks in the room and forgetting all about poor George. “But I like cock better!”

“Yeah, we know that, honey.” He pulled her across the room. “You ever have another chick eat your snatch?”

Eunice nodded. “Couple times. I kind of liked that. Girls eat pussy good!”

“Terrific,” Richard said. “We’re gonna give you a chance to get your pussy eaten by another chick.”

“Oh, goody!”

“Yeah. Now here’s the number I want you to call.”

Valerie’s folks were having one of their neighborhood house parties Friday night. She had no trouble getting permission to go out by herself, even though it was rather a rare thing for her ever to leave the house at night for anything more than a trip to the library or church choir practice.

“Don’t be too late, dear,” her mother said. “Try to get in before midnight. You know how your father worries.”

She knew no such thing. In fact, she could have stayed away for the weekend and he never would have known the difference. Which, unknown to her mother, was exactly what she planned to do. She could hardly believe it — a whole weekend alone with Richard, fucking! It would be heaven!

Actually, Valerie’s parents were relieved to have their daughter out of the house, since one of the party guests whose brother was in the vice squad was bringing over a film to show that would hardly be recommended for youths under seventeen, whether accompanied by parents or not.

Valerie walked uptown and entered the drug store. She ordered a Coke at the counter and sat down to wait for Richard. The girl, Eunice, had said that he would pick her up in an hour.

In much less time than that, she felt an arm on her shoulder. “Hi, Val.”

She whirled on the stool and faced Bruno Carl. “Oh, hi, Bruno,” she said, nervously. She didn’t like Bruno. In fact, she was afraid of him. Some of the girls at school said they had gone out with him, and when they wouldn’t put out, Bruno just threw them down and raped them.

“Rich asked me to pick you up.”


“Yeah. He and my girl, Eunice Muncie, are waiting for us out at the cabin. You know Eunice, don’t ya?”

“Uh… yeah, slightly,” Valerie replied. She did know Eunice and felt sorry for the girl. That poor beautiful girl with the fabulous body and no brains. She’d heard stories about how boys had often taken advantage of Eunice, just as she’d heard stories about Bruno.

Bruno and Eunice made a good pair.

“C’mon. Rich will be wonderin’ where we are. He’ll think we’re doin’ him dirty or somethin’.”

“Doing him dirty?” Valerie said.

“Yeah, you know, me foolin’ around with his girl.”

His girl, Valerie thought, I’m his girl! Richard must have said as much to Bruno. He must have told Bruno that I was his girl and it was hands off!

That was all the impetus Valerie needed to slide from the stool and follow Bruno to the car.

They drove to the lake in silence. If Valerie was conscious of Bruno’s sidelong, lustful glances at her wits in the tight dress, she gave no indication.

“Well, this is it,” Bruno rasped, helping her from the car.

“Yes, I know.”

“Oh, yeah,” he chuckled. “I almost forgot. You been here before.”

Oh, Lord. Did Richard tell Bruno about us? How dare he! But in her need and desire to see Richard, she forgot all about the implication as she followed Bruno into the big, well-lighted cabin.

The main room was empty. “Where are they?”

“You check the bedroom,” Bruno leered. “I’ll look out back on the porch.”

The bedroom? Valerie thought. What would Richard be doing in the bedroom with Eunice, Bruno’s girl?

She switched on the bedroom light and found it also empty. She was about to retrace her steps when she heard voices coming from the bath.

She approached the partially opened door, meaning to knock and call out for Richard, when he gasped and froze in horror. A small cry burst involuntarily from her throat, and she felt as if someone had kicked her in the stomach. She couldn’t seem to find her breath, and she stood there gaping, her eyes bulging wide with sheer disbelief.

There in a bathtub directly before her eyes, not five feet away, a cock was being sucked. Valerie was shocked. She was so shocked by the sight of cock-in-mouth, that it took her a moment, to realize that it was Richard’s cock in Eunice’s mouth.

The girl was kneeling in the tub, amidst a thick coating of bubbles, her head bobbing up and down over Richard’s groin, her lip’s sliding around his huge swollen prick hungrily. His hands were wrapped in her hair, urging her on too even faster sucking and licking. His face was a mask of mindless lust. His lips were pulled back aver his teeth, spit was dribbling out into his chin, and he had both his legs spread wide, heels resting on either side of the sucking girl kneeling before him.

A strangled gasp escaped Valerie’s throat, a gasp of total disbelief. She wished that she were dead. She staggered backward, wanting to turn and flee — run, get out of there — to blot that terrible scene from her mind. But she ran straight into Bruno.

“Well, would you look at that,” the giant said, spinning her back around and forcing her to look at the scene in the tub. “My date is giving your boyfriend a blow job!”

“Oh, God,” Valerie moaned, trying to avert her eyes.

But Bruno twisted her head back and moved his body in close to hers. “Ain’t that she shits now? Can’t leave ’em alone for an hour without getting two-timed. Think we oughtta put up with that shit, Val?”

“Let me go!” Valerie gasped. “Just let me go! Take me back home!”

“Goddam, ol’ Eunice can sure suck a dick, though, can’t she?” Bruno said, watching with admiration the way Eunice’s lustful mouth and tongue were working around Richard’s prick. Damn, she could really give a blow job! His prick leapt into instant arousal, watching her, and the feel of Valerie’s soft, resilient flesh trembling under his hands sent little ripples of heat flashing through his groin.

Valerie felt as though she had been hit in the face. She leaned back against Bruno almost without realizing it, while her mind fought to accept the reality of what she was seeing.

“Do you know what’s happening in there, baby?” Bruno almost whispered, his voice hypnotic now. “That’s your boyfriend and my girl, and they’re fucking! She’s sucking his cock!”

“No! No, no, no!” The words tore from Valerie’s lips in an almost pleading sob, as if she were trying to convince herself that it couldn’t be true. Her mind seethed with tumbling, reeling thoughts and emotions.

But it was true and Valerie knew it. There was Richard lying there with another girl’s mouth sucking his dick. And he was obviously enjoying it, from the way his face was twisted like some love starved animal.

Oh, what a fool I’ve been! Valerie thought. For a whole week I’ve been dreaming about him, waiting for his call, wanting that cock that another girl is sucking now.

Bruno was holding her very tightly now, and she suddenly became aware of a prodding against her soft ass and the pounding of the giant’s heart. She shuddered, trying to turn. Did Bruno have a hard-on from watching this? My God, was he aroused? But little flutters of arousal were beginning to tingle in her pussy, too.

As if sensing her thoughts, Bruno moved his stiff cock against her ass lightly, and in her ear he whispered, “It’s exciting to watch, isn’t it, Valerie? It’s exciting to watch Richard’s prick getting sucked off by someone else. It turns you on, doesn’t it? It makes you want to fuck, doesn’t it, Val?”

She moaned. What was the matter with her? Had she gone crazy, feeling this way, thinking like that? She didn’t know what to think about Bruno. She didn’t know what kind of a boy he was at all. Why, why, it was almost as if he were enjoying this — as if he had known all along that it would happen, and was waiting for it.

“Look at the way Eunice moves her mouth up and down on his long, stiff prick,” Bruno whispered behind her, his breath hot in her ear.

“Look at the way her mouth works on his prick, Val. That’s beautiful, isn’t it? It turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“No, no, let me go!”

“Did you suck Richard’s cock like that the other night, Valerie?”

“How did you know about that?!”

“Richard told me. He said you were a great fuck. How about it, Val, are you a great fuck? Are you as good a fuck as Eunice?”

“Don’t talk like that!” Valerie cried, tears running down her cheeks now. “Please!”

“Eunice can take two, three cocks at once.”

“Let me go! I want to go home?” Valerie cried, struggling to break free. But his grip was like iron on her. She felt something else rise in her — hot, unreasoning emotion that replaced the horror which had numbed her mind until then. The line between anger and sexual fury was a thin one, and she had crossed over it. She hated Richard enough to kill him. Yes, to kill him, to cut off his dick with a butcher knife and watch him bleed to death! And she hated Bruno, too, hated him almost as much as she did Richard.

They had somehow planned all this — she was sure of it.

Now Bruno was rubbing his body against hers.

Valerie could feel the huge ridge of his cock against her belly through his jeans as he banged it against her.

It was doing things to her. She couldn’t stop it.

She felt a huge burst of heat warming her tits and moistening her cunt. She was breathing hard, her eyes locked on the tub before her, watching Eunice’s undulating ass causing waves in the bubbled water as she pumped her mouth up and down around Richard’s rigid prick. Her wet hair was floating in the water over his belly, and her tongue was lashing furiously around and around the heated head of the swollen cock in her mouth on the outstroke. There was the same mindless lust contorting her features as Valerie saw on Richard’s face.

“Watch ’em, Val,” Bruno commanded, holding her. “Watch ’em — watch Eunice suck Richard’s prick!”

His words brought a gasp from Valerie, but she found herself obeying. She was watching, watching with widening eyes. Bruno began to whisper more obscene remarks into her ear, and his hand moved around under her big, softly rounded tits, his forearm raising them up as he held her. He was telling her again how exciting it was to watch the suck scene in the bathroom, how much fun it was to see other people doing it.

And suddenly, in spite of herself, Valerie was fully aroused.

She could feel her pink nipples harden beneath the dress she wore, beneath her plain white bra. She could feel her juices begin to flow as they had that afternoon when she had masturbated. She tried to will the desire away, tried to turn her eyes from the sight of her lover getting a blow-job, but she couldn’t. The passion was growing inside her now. It was spreading rapidly, like an electrical storm crackling and slashing in the sky, causing her to tingle deliciously, wickedly, all over.

Bruno, sensing her arousal, felt a glowing warmth in his balls. It was going to work out just as he and Richard had planned. He could feel Valerie’s tits swelling and her body shaking. He knew the other guys were in the closet behind the bed.

Goddam, he thought, when he got his dick into this hot little piece, he would give them one hell of a show!

Bruno’s hand moved up to cup one of her soft tits, lightly kneading it. Valerie had nice tits! She wasn’t protesting now, either. She was watching Eunice suck Richard’s cock, and she wasn’t fighting Bruno’s advances. He pressed his dick tightly against her ass, cramming the hardened bulge into the soft, yielding crevice between her ass cheeks.

“My girl and your boyfriend,” he breathed into her ear. “They’re making it with each other. That’s what they’re doing, you know, making it. So why shouldn’t we make it, too, Valerie? I want to fuck you standing up right here, Val.”

Her mind was still a seething turmoil of confused desires, but it was fast becoming swamped by her rising passion. Bruno’s words were taking their toll now. She could feel his hand moving across her soft tits, knew she should take it away, stop him from touching her like that. She could feel his prick, hard between the cheeks of her big ass, and she knew she should stop that, too. But they were adding fuel to her excitement, and she didn’t want to stop.

She wanted to fuck, too.

She wanted Bruno to fuck her!

The sudden, overwhelming realization made her head pound. Yes, that was what she wanted! She wanted him to do what he was whispering in her ear, wanted him to, yes, FUCK her! She wanted to be screwed!

She wanted to punish Richard for what he had done to her, what he was doing to her right now by allowing that fucking cunt to suck him off like that! What better way to get back at him, what better way than to fuck Bruno!

It didn’t matter now that Bruno had known about this all along, had set it up. None of that mattered right now, right at this moment. All that mattered was getting back at Richard, hurting him like he was hurting her — and the desires which were raging in her flesh, demanding to be satisfied.

“Valerie.” The chant in her ear was continuing. “Val, I want to fuck you while we stand here and watch Richard fucking Eunice! Do you hear me, Val? I want to fuck you while we…”

“Yes!” she heard herself cry out. “Yes, Bruno, yes, yessssss! I want you, I want you to… to fuck me!”

His hand squeezed her harder as he sighed in her ear. Those, were the wards he had waited to hear. He cupped both her big soft tits, moving his cock tight behind her. “Right here, right now,” he whispered.

“Yes! Yes, yes!”

“Lean forward and put your hands on the wall on either side of the door,” he commanded. “Put your face right up to the crack so you can see!”

Valerie obeyed, past all caring now, wanting only release from the passion surging through her hot a cunt. She wanted him, wanted his cock inside her pussy — wanted him, wanted him, while she watched Richard getting sucked off.

Bruno’s fingers were on the buttons of her dress now, snapping them open one by one. Slowly, he drew the garment off her shoulders, down over her limp arms and then off her body.

Valerie raised one foot, then the other, to step out of the dress, wearing only her bra and panties now. Bruno unfastened her bra snaps, letting it fall away, and her full, pink-tipped titties swayed into freedom. Even in her bent position, there was no sagging to her full, firm mounds. They remained high and firm on her chest.

She felt his fingers teasing along the material covering her ass, his nails digging lightly into her hot flesh. Then he was tugging at the waistband — pulling her panties down. A cool rush of air blew along her asshole, and she dimly realized that she was now completely nude, her full rounded ass presented to the lusting gaze of this boy with total abandonment and surrender.

On the other side of the door, in the bathtub, she could see Eunice sucking Richard’s prick into her mouth, the shaft sliding along her tongue as she swallowed every single inch of his dick into the soft folds of her cheeks.

Eunice’s shapely ass waved, and Richard was jerking and twisting in wild frenzy under her sucking, the water lashing over the edge of the tub, spilling onto the floor in glistening pools. And still Eunice sucked up and down on his prick with frantic movements, her pink lips contrasting with his blood-red meat, her mouth sucking him so tightly that her tongue pulled out as her head bobbed up, then turned in to almost completely disappear as she lunged downward again and he rammed up to meet her bobbing thrust.

Fuck her mouth, you bastard! Valerie told herself, fuck her face and I’ll get my kicks from Bruno’s big cock at the same time! Fuck you, Richard! Fuck you, you dirty bastard!

Richard jerked wildly. He’s going to come in her mouth, Valerie thought numbly. He’s going to pump her mouth, drown her in his hot juice. Between her thighs she felt her cunt oozing juice as she watched Eunice lick and suck Richard’s prick.

Behind her, Bruno was massaging her ass, kneading and squeezing the bare flesh with his fingers, pulling the crevice of her tight firm ass apart to reveal the crack that nestled between her slender legs. Then he brought one hand around to stroke one of her tits, his finger rolling and teasing the rigid nipple. His other hand dipped into her soft, furry cunt — middle finger extended and teasing — down and under along the soft pussy lips.

He found her clit — trembling and stiff — and began to poke at it with the tip of his finger. Valerie moaned with delight at the flashes his probings were sending through her.

At that moment, she felt one hand leave her tit and, a second later, heard the unmistakable sound of his pants being unzipped. She tensed, opening and closing her legs around his finger, waiting for what she knew was to come.

Bruno pressed forward, and Valerie felt the hard, rubbery tip of his prick nosing along the velvety surface of her ass. It dipped into the moist crevice and down toward where his finger was sliding into the warm lips of her wet pussy.

He’s going to fuck me with his big hard dick! she thought. For the second time in my life I’m going to get a hard cock in me! But not Richard’s cock, not the cock I fell in love with the other night. This cock is a strange cock. And I don’t care! I just want a cock!

Bruno worked the throbbing head of his prick up and down in her cunt folds. Oh, this was really going to be good! he told himself. It was going to be one of the best fucks he’d ever had. He could sense it, feel it in his balls. They felt as if they were lead weight, and his prick throbbed and jerked with the need to fuck her. He was going to pop his load after about ten strokes, he was so Goddamned excited! But what the hell, they had the whole weekend. He’d fuck her again, several times. Slit, he might even get around to fucking her asshole, breaking her in like they had broken Eunice in!

“I’m going to fuck you now, baby,” he breathed. “I’m going to put my prick in your pussy and fuck you until you scream!”

“Yes!” Valerie heard herself agree in a half-whisper. “Fuck me, please fuck me!”

“Reach behind you and take my prick in your hand. Put it in. Put my cock in your pussy!”

Groaning with pleasure at the sound of his words, she obeyed, reaching behind her to grasp the fleshy, rubbery head of his huge prick.

It’s so big! Can I take it all? Yes, yes, I can take it! I have to take it!

She leaned forward and spread her legs wide apart, bracing herself against the wall, with her eyes feasting on the jerking ample in the bathtub. She guided Bruno’s meat to her cunt, placing it at the entrance to her pussy. She eased the thick head inside, reveling in the delicious sensations that made her feel like nothing more than a pussy with arms and legs.

“Fuck me, please!” she pleaded. “Hurry, hurry, huuurrrrryyyy!”

“I’ll fuck you, baby,” Bruno murmured. He couldn’t control himself any longer. He levered forward with all the power in his body, sending his huge prick tearing along the warm, wet, yielding walls of her pussy like a battering ram. The purple head slammed against her back wall, and his bone ground against her jutting ass. His balls slapped resoundingly against her wet cuntlips below.

“AAAAAGOHHHHH!” Valerie moaned, and as he withdrew slightly and levered forward again, “Uuuuuhhhhh! Uhhhhoowwwwww! Oh, God, you’re so biliiiig!”

“Take it! You can take it, you bitch! Take all my meat! Jesus, what a nice, tight pussy!”

His hands came around to cup and knead her tits. His breath was ragged on the back of her neck. He couldn’t control himself. He was just going to fuck her, fuck her the way he wanted to fuck her, the way he knew that she wanted to be fucked! He began to drive into her, back and forth, withdrawing his huge tool almost all the way out, and then lunging forward again to bring groans of tormented pleasure bubbling from her lips.

“Do you like it, baby?” he grunted. “Do you like my prick in your cunt?”

“Yes! Oh, yes, I love it in me, Bruno! It’s so big, so good in my belly!”

“I’m gonna fill you up with my juice, Val! I’m gonna fill you up!” He pistoned faster and faster into her wet flesh.

“Yes, yes, fill me up, Bruno, fill me up!”

It feels good inside me, it really does, she thought in her passion-fogged brain. This cock fucking my pussy feels so good, so wonderful! I’m a whore, but it feels so fantastically good! And look at Richard in there, look at his face, the way he’s twisting and jerking. He’s going to come any second now! And so am I and so is Bruno!

She watched Eunice’s pretty mouth work harder and faster on Richard’s prick in the water of the bathtub, work with incredible speed until her head seemed to be a blur of motion. Richard’s body was levered up almost out of the water now, driving his cock into her face, thrusting her flailing head down on his rock-hard meat to bend it from side to side with her lips and tongue. Her hand stroked and caressed his balls, urging him to come.

Suddenly Valerie saw Richard’s mouth fly open as he drove upward. A strangled scream tore from his throat. “I’M COMMMMING!” he howled.

Eunice pulled her head back so that only the head of his prick was between her lips. She churned her mouth and lips crazily as the first jet of his juice burst into her mouth. With her hands she splashed hot water on his balls. Her cheeks hollowed and bloated, hollowed and bloated as she milked the erupting cock, swallowing to keep from drowning as he flooded his warm, white juice deep into her throat.

Valerie saw Richard’s cum dribbling out around the beautiful girl’s wildly sucking mouth, rolling down over her chin to mix with the water.

This sight triggered her come. She rammed back against Bruno’s driving cock like an animal, ass pressing against balls, reveling in the slapping sounds of his balls against her pubic hair and the wet, sucking noises of his cock sawing into her pussy. Her entire soul was filled with her climax, and her body trembled and vibrated at the onslaught of the invading cockmeat.

“I’m going… going… OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she wailed.

“Meeee toooooo!” Bruno moaned behind her, unable to control the spinning heat in his balls. With one final lunge, he came in time to her coming, pumping a great burning river of sticky white cum far, far up into her wildly quivering pussy. He was moaning continuously as he filled her cunt hole with his jism, soaking her with it. Her cunt flowered open around the wildly spasming prick, and her juices exploded to mingle with his deep inside her still-contracting belly. She had never known an orgasm like this in her life!

She kept coming and coming for long minutes. Her mind drifted and expanded as Bruno’s mammoth prick gave one final jerk and then began to deflate, draining in her pussy as it went limp.

Finally it slipped from her cunt passage with a soft, juicy popping sound, trailing sticky strands of white cum from her saturated slit.

She slumped forward onto her knees on the carpet, her head resting against the door. She didn’t object when she felt Bruno’s strong arms lift her up and carry her across the room to place her gently on the wide double bed.

She again felt his mouth on her tits and heard his voice through her lust-fogged brain. “Now from the front, baby!”

The pain was awful as his body settled between her thighs and she felt his dick again split her from the front.

He was fucking her. Valerie thought she might be coming, but she wasn’t sure.

She passed out.


It seemed like hours later, but was actually only minutes after Bruno’s departure, that Valerie awakened. Even in the semi-darkness of the strange room, she remembered everything — the lurid scene of Richard and Eunice making love in the bathtub, her own passion, the feeling of Bruno’s big cock in her pussy, the orgasm — everything.

She rolled onto her back, feeling hot tears of humiliation begin to cascade from her eyes. Oh God, oh God, she thought, I’ve become a whore! Just the slightest hint of a boy — any boy — wanting to invade my body with his big cock, and I give in with hardly any fight at all!

But it was Richard’s fault. How could he do such a thing after taking my cherry and telling me how much he cared for me?

The tears flowed hotter, more stingingly on her cheeks and again she moaned sadly. She was sick, that was the only logical conclusion. She needed help, for in one day she seemed to have forsaken all that she considered moral and right — her innocence in sex, her desire to love and be loved by one person. It was all hollow, all of it!

Was there hope for her, or had some incredible transformation taken place inside her body? Had she somehow become a sex fiend instead of a wholesome, loving girl? Oh God, what was the answer? What was the problem?

The sound of a door softly opening snapped Valerie’s foggy head off the pillow, breaking her reverie, and she looked toward the bedroom entrance. The door was opening slowly, and in the light from the hallway beyond, she could see Richard, the beast, standing there, staring in at her. No! her mind shouted. No, go away, go away! I don’t want to see you, not now, not ever! Go away, you… you pig!

But he didn’t go away. Instead, he came into the room, walking softly, and crossed to the bed. He reached out and switched on the lamp on the bedside table, flooding the bed with soft light Valerie turned her head away, flinging one arm up to cover her eyes. Richard sat down beside her.

“Honey?” he whispered. “Honey, how do you feel?”

“Go away!” she pleaded. “Leave me alone, you fiend!”

“Baby, what is it?”

“You know what it is!” she flared. “Oh God, you know what it is, you… beast!”

“Look, honey, you’re not being very rational right now. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and clean up a little. You’ll find some of my mother’s things in there. Put something on and then come back out. We’ll talk.”

“I don’t want to talk,” Valerie said. “I want to go home!”

“Like that?”

She looked at a mirror on the opposite wall. He was right. She was a mess. Gently, she rolled from the bed. Her thighs and her pussy were sore. Bruno had been huge and he had fucked her like a bull.

She hurried into the bathroom. When she got there she locked the door and stood with her back against it. Her heart was hammering and her thoughts were all confused. What in God’s name had she gotten herself into?

Her eyes swept the bathroom, looking for an escape. But there wasn’t even a window in the room. Only a small ventilator up near the ceiling, not big enough for a small cat to squeeze through. Seeing that there was no possibility of her getting away, she began to think more rationally.

She would somehow bluff Richard, get her clothes, and make her escape.

Once she stepped under the invigorating hot spray of the shower, all her worries seemed to wash down the drain along with the dirt and grime that she scrubbed out of her pores. She stayed under the shower until she heard Richard rap on the door and ask how much longer she was going to be. Then she turned off the water, took a big bath towel and rubbed himself until her flesh glowed with a pink cleanliness.

On the back of the door she found a shapeless white cotton nightie. It was perfect. It hid all of her voluptuous body from view.

She slipped into the nightie and looked at herself in the mirrored back of the door. Even the shapelessness of the gown could not entirely hide the size and shape of her monumental tits, the rigidity of her nipples, or the roll of her ass.

Richard’s voice called impatiently through the closed door, telling her she couldn’t stay in there any longer.

Valerie opened the door and stepped into the bedroom, only to be shocked at what she saw.

Both Richard and Eunice were lying sprawled out on the bed. He had removed all of his clothing except a pair of shorts that showed the bulge of his cock. All Eunice had on was a black nylon negligee that was partly open in front — open enough to expose her conical-shaped tits and black bush that grew thick between her legs and traced a line all the way up to her navel.

“Oh, goody!” Eunice exclaimed, shaking her body until her full tits escaped the negligee. “This is gonna be fun! I never done it like this before!”

“Like what?” Valerie exclaimed, edging back toward the safety of the bathroom.

“You’ll see,” Richard leered, grabbing her wrist and pulling her toward the bed.

“No, Richard, no… PLEASE!” she cried.

His eyes looked as if they were going to bulge right out of his leering face at the sight of her loosely contained, oversized tits, so clearly outlined through the cotton material of the nightie.

“Christ!” Eunice gasped. “Will you get a look at those tits!”

“Let me go!” Valerie yelled, angry as well as embarrassed as she struggled to free herself from Richard’s grasp. But he only tightened his grip on her wrist.

“Not a chance, sweetheart,” he grunted, his breathing grown heavy and the lump in his shorts hardening.

Valerie was trembling, dreading to think what might be going to happen to her as Richard, his face sweaty and flushed, began to pull her toward the bed. She made one final all-out attempt to get away from him. But be simply bent her arm up behind her back, and with a cruel twist and savage shove, sent her sprawling onto the bed alongside Eunice.

Valerie barely hit the bed when Eunice’s hand was on her thigh, well up underneath the bottom of her nightie. Valerie quickly reached down and tried to push his hand away, “Stop it!”

“Grab her and hold her,” Eunice said.

Richard let go of Valerie’s wrist and, taking hold of her shoulders roughly, forced her down onto the mattress on her back. He held her there while Eunice’s hand continued on its way upward along Valerie’s satiny thigh, carrying the hem of the nightgown along.

Eunice watched intently as more and more of Valerie’s gleaming white flesh was bared. Her eyes were like hot coals in her sweaty face. Valerie shivered in terror, every nerve and muscle in her body taut as her prominent, furry cunt was uncovered.

“Holy Jeez, what a bush!” Eunice muttered, bits of cotton forming at the corners of her thin lipped mouth.

“Eunice likes a lot of hair on a woman’s cunt,” Richard said.

“Richard, Richard,” Valerie sobbed, “how can you do this to me?”

“Easy, baby,” the boy replied. “Kicks. I can get a lot of kicks watching Eunice eat your pussy.”


“Yes, Valerie. Just relax, you’ll love it!” he laughed, as his hand found her left tit — squeezing, massaging, rotating his palm over the sensitive nipple, while with his other hand he kept her pinned to the bed.

“Oh, no… no… please stop,” she begged them, trying to fight against the arousal they were bringing her with their teasing.

“Let’s get this fuckin’ nightgown off,” Richard grumbled as he grabbed the hem of the nightie and stripped it off over her head in spite of her efforts to stop him.

Now Valerie was lying between the two of them, completely nude, her face and body flushed, glistening wet with perspiration.

“Oh, honey!” Eunice exclaimed as she drew back her hands for a moment and looked down at the naked girl. “You sure are just right! Goddam, your tits are bigger’n mine!”

“You ain’t just shittin’!” Richard confirmed, as he took one of Valerie’s voluptuous, hard-nubbed tits in each hand and began squeezing them into fantastic shapes as if they were made of sponge rubber.

Then Eunice’s hands were back at Valerie’s cunt, one of them massaging her clit while the other forced her legs apart, her fingers dancing lightly over the moist, pink, outer cuntal lips.

“Oh, no… no,” Valerie pleaded as she felt Eunice’s fingers slither like wiggling serpents into her inflamed pussy.

“Ummmmmm, have we ever got ourselves a hot little pussy,” she heard Eunice gasp. “She’s wet as a swamp!”

Richard wasn’t as gentle as Eunice. He put a hand on Valerie’s breast bone to hold her down, then slammed his wet mouth over her left tit, enclosing the nipple and puffing hard.

Eunice now had three fingers far up inside Valerie’s juicy slit, probing heatedly between the softly throbbing walls of her pussy. “Jesus, she’s wet!”

Richard made no comment. He was too busy sucking Valerie’s tits.

As the girl felt the wetness of her growing passion spreading over the insides of her thighs, she wondered if she could keep from screaming as they continued to stroke and caress her body — Richard at her tits, Eunice’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, gradually easing up to her clitoris to rotate in slow, sensuous circles.

Valerie could not fight the sensation. She may have heard it, but she couldn’t stop the sweet glow of pleasure building in her belly. Eunice was much too good at what she was doing.

Valerie closed her eyes and her sobs quieted. Her fists clenched with the mounting pleasure, but her cunt went all soupy and her stomach muscles began to tense.

Then she felt a sudden warm breath on the tender flesh at the inside of her thighs. Her eyes popped open and she strained to look down at Eunice, but Richard, still sucking at her breasts, blocked her view.

She tensed, and then she felt Eunice’s warm kiss against the lips of her cunt. She reacted with sheer panic. “Oh no! OH, GOD, NO!” she screamed.


Almost as if she hadn’t heard, Eunice laid her long, moist tongue against the even-wetter pink slash of sweet, young pussy. Sensuously, the girl began to swab with her tongue, licking the silky cunt hair and the slippery smooth edges of Valerie’s now-heated pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, good, soooo fucking good,” Eunice gurgled. “It’s been a long time since I smelled and tasted some hot pussy!”

This is wrong! Valerie’s mind screamed. This is vile, dirty! But she couldn’t stop it. She wasn’t sure she wanted to stop it. Eunice really knew how to use her tongue and lips on her cunt. Valerie had never felt so turned on between her thighs.

The young girl was in a state of magnificent panic. In her whole life she had never known such incredible sensations. Her mind screamed, and if possible it became even more stimulated as Eunice wriggled her tongue in between her cuntal lips. She slurped up the free-flowing juices, fluttering her tongue maddeningly against Valerie’s white-hot little clit. It trembled and throbbed.

Valerie was moaning and sobbing loudly now, wiggling her buttocks around on the juice-soaked bottom sheet of the bed as Eunice went on licking, sucking and nibbling gently at the tip of her clit.

“Oohh, God… ohhh… aaahhh!” Valerie moaned as her belly exploded with the stored-up fury of her orgasm. She lifted her ass cheeks off the bed. Her back arched like a strung bow, her cunt following Eunice’s suctioning mouth. Her clit was held between the girl’s lightly clenched teeth.

“Oh, shit, she comes good!” Eunice cried out as she lifted her mouth from Valerie’s spasming cunt.

Valerie slumped back on to the mattress in complete collapse. For seconds she lay there, eyes closed, throbbed in bliss, her clit vibrating and sending wild spasms shooting through her body.

Richard’s moan brought her sharply back to her senses. She opened her eyes and lifted her head. He had stripped off his shorts and Eunice had removed her black negligee. He was still kneeling on the bed, his prick standing out from his hairy groin at a 45-degree angle, swollen with blood.

Eunice crawled across the bed toward Richard. She grasped his prick and skinned it back so that the big, cum-dripping head was exposed. As Eunice’s tongue darted out and licked the milky fluid from his throbbing cock, Valerie knew she was going to get a re-play of what she had seen in the bathtub.

But she was wrong.

They both had other ideas.

“You’re good and hard, honey,” Eunice purred. “Fuck her now! I can’t wait to see your dick go into her sweet pussy!”

“Oh no… you can’t!” Valerie cried out fearfully and tried to scramble across the bed away from them.

But Eunice caught her and, with surprising strength for a girl her size, slammed Valerie down on her back onto the bed and held her there while Richard shifted his position and spread her legs. Then, as Bruno had done earlier, he positioned himself between them.

Valerie remembered how he had fucked her before. It had been gentle then, loving, as he had taken her cherry. But this was different. This was rape. Before, she had wanted his cock. Now she despised him. Before, she had envisioned herself in love with him. Of course, now she knew that she did not love him at all. She simply had been terribly infatuated with him, same as most of the other girls in town, and she had wanted to have her first sexual experience with him. But now, with the cruel and inhuman way he had acted toward her, she could not possibly love him.

Then her thoughts were interrupted and a shudder of panic streaked through her as he began dragging the glistening head of his cock over her cuntlips, widening the hole. It was almost as if his dick were whispering to her tautly stretched pussy.

Then, throbbing with violent desire, his cock began to sink slowly into her hot cuntal flesh.

“NO!” was Valerie’s final protest as she felt the blunt-headed cock press into her like a battering ram — painfully at first — as it forced its way between her cuntlips. With each stroke, he lammed deeper, her hot pussy flesh clinging and molding around him. His groin began pounding harder and harder against her belly, his coarse hair mingling with her soft fluff, the encircling wet-warm mouth of her cunt devouring his entire length of hard male meat.

Then, suddenly, Eunice was at Valerie’s side. The girl began tonguing and kissing her ears, her neck, her bare shoulders and then her tits — making love to them, arousing them as only another woman could. Helplessly, Valerie lay there, sucking air, eyes wide open unseeingly.

“Damn, you got a sweet pussy, baby,” Richard croaked. “It’s even better second time around!”

“And she’s lovin’ it, Richard, honey,” Eunice chirped. “I can tell, ’cause her titties are swelling up and gettin’ hot! Fuck her, Richard, FUCK HER PUSSY GOOD!”

Valerie could feel her cunt flowing open for his cock. Gone was the last of her resistance. With the inner muscles of her cunt quaking, her legs scissored at each side of him. She gave into him, and to her own feelings, completely.

Moaning now, she panted and worked her hips beneath Richard frantically. Until she felt as if the walls of the room were closing in around her, stifling her breath, she fucked up at him wildly.

“It’s good, isn’t it, Val?” Richard cried. “My dick feels good in you, doesn’t it?”

Valerie only sighed and he fucked on, deeper and deeper into her cunt. His full weight fell on her, crushing her soft, yielding body to the bed, his huge prick sliding into her hole like a thick sausage.

“Ohhhh! Aaaahhhh!” Valerie cried out beneath him. He twitched his dick inside her, touching with jerking motions the deepest parts of her invaded cunt, flexing deep against her cervix.

“How does it feel, baby?” he rasped.

She didn’t answer.

“I said, how does it feel to you?”

“Don’t make me!” she heard herself whisper, and she realized that she was almost in a state of shock, all of her pride gone down the drain, and the last ounce of resistance fled.

“Tell me how it feels, dammit, while I’m fucking you!” Richard hissed.

“I…” The words stuck in her throat.

He continued the slow, steady fucking while Valerie moaned incoherently under him, while she bowed her back and arched her cunt up to take more of his cock.

Eunice was fascinated. She had never watched another girl getting fucked before. She stood beside the bed and bent over so she could see better. Her cunt juiced wildly as she saw Richard’s big dick saw in and out of Valerie’s pussy. Her tits ached to be sucked as the squishy sounds of cock into pussy reached her ears.

“Beautiful,” she moaned. “Just fuckin’ beautiful!”

She could feel all the passion she had ever dreamed of overtaking her. She tore at her body. She panted, standing there nude. She rubbed her body and the furry slot between her legs with her hands, feeling the crinkly texture of her pubic hair — and it felt good to her touch.

Richard was hissing at Valerie again. “Tell me!” he snarled.

“I feel… your cock,” Valerie moaned, her passions rising to a crescendo. “It is big, bigger than before.”

“Yes… yes?”

“And I feel my pussy stretched tight around it. My cunt lips are soft and thick, and hungry for your dick. They are holding onto it and they’re trying to milk it, and I can feel my cunt juice. It’s running down and out of my pussy.”

“More! Tell me more!” he commanded between clenched teeth.

Eunice groaned, and her fingers dipped into her widely splayed cunt. She rubbed her hand over her pussy mound, feeling her hardened clit with the tip of one finger, and she almost fainted from the wave of pleasure which engulfed her.

“I’m close, baby… I’m close to coming! Almost there!” Richard panted. He reached out and, still driving hard into Valerie’s cunt, kneaded her tits with his hands. Then he kissed her nipples. Valerie shivered as if to rid herself of his lips, but it was as if she were rooted to the bed.

“Ohhhh God, what are you doing to me?” she groaned, helpless to stop him and raising her head to stare down with bulging eyes between her erect tits. Richard’s head was pressed to her naked globes, and then he looked up at her, smiling. “Ooooohhh,” she mewled, as his hot tongue snaked out and closed over her soft pink nipples. Then his hands grabbed her buttocks and pulled her cunt closer until his cock was burrowing into the soft back wall.

Still he fucked her, and as Eunice watched, her mind raced. Suddenly, Eunice cried out. “Richard, Richard, I want you to suck my cunt! While you fuck her I want you to kiss and lick my pussy until I come!”

Richard pulled her up until she stood over Valerie, with her splayed cunt mashed against his face. “Fuck, suck, fuck, suck!” the boy groaned.

Then he pulled her to him, and his head moved to her crotch, his, mouth glued to the lips of her cuntal slit.

His kisses sent spasms through Eunice’s hot pussy, and the intense heat of her desire set fire to her cunt and her big tits. The tongue-fucking of her pussy aroused her wildly, crazily, insanely. Her mind reeled from his actions. She could think of nothing at that moment except his lips on her hungry cunt.

“Oh, Holy Jeez, yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Suck me, SUCK ME!”

Richard fucked Valerie wildly as he drove his head savagely into Eunice’s cunt, his lips mashing hard against her pussy lips, his tongue ramming deep into her slot.

Then he pulled his head away for a moment. “I want…” he gasped. “I want you to…”

“Yeah… yeah?” she murmured. “Anything, anything!”

“I want her to suck my cock. Now! Right now!” Eunice watched his cock — shiny and wet with Valerie’s cunt juices — fucking in and out of the young girl’s cunt.

Beneath him, Valerie groaned. She couldn’t believe what he was saying. Wasn’t it bad enough that he was fucking her? Now he wanted her to suck his cunt-juice soaked cock!

Yet, an unwanted shudder of sensual desire quivered through her. She still sought to fight it as the cock rammed her cunt and filled her mind with more desire. Valerie held her breath, trying to fight with all her moral strength, but her weakened willpower wouldn’t last. Her resistance shattered.

“Yes, yes, give it to me, I’ll suck it!” Valerie gasped.

She groaned, and then there was a cool rush of air over the rising bud of her clit as Richard’s cock moved away suddenly. Gone was all feeling save the delicious lust building inside her pussy. The straining muscles of her thighs began to relax and she moaned softly with the thought of what was to come.

Eunice flopped on the bed and groaned in frustration when Richard stopped eating her.

Richard slid from the warm, moist sheath of Valerie’s cunt, and there was a small slurping sound when he withdrew. Some of her cunt juices flowed out, undammed now by his hard dick. He rolled from the bed and stood. Valerie sighed with excitement. His prick glistened with the juice from her pussy.

Blind with desire now, Valerie reached for his meat. Richard grabbed her and they sank together to the floor.

“Richard, oh Richard, I want you! I want you so much!” the young girl wailed.

“Yeah, baby, yeah,” he rasped. “That’s more like it.”

They stretched out full length, bodies touching, their positions inverted so that they faced each other’s crotches.

Smoothly, expertly, Richard tongued her inner thighs, and she parted them for his touch. His hands slipped over her belly to squeeze her mammoth tits, cupping them brutally as his mouth continued the rape of her pussy. He made a furrow with his tongue through the wispy cunt hair, and then found the tiny tip of her clit. He took the nub between his teeth and ran his tongue around it in continuous circles. She mewled softly and flailed her head in ecstasy. She clenched her hands into fists in his hair, pulling in convulsive jerks.

“Oh, oh, oh!” she chanted over and over, as Richard continued to tongue-fuck her. “I love it! I love it!”

He slipped his hands beneath her thighs and pushed her farther up until her pussy was draped around his churning face. He thrust deep into the depths of her cunt, sliding his hot tongue into her clasping wet hole.

Valerie’s breath came in gulping swallows and she moaned, past all caring now, having conquered the part of her brain that had called this vile, dirty, perverted. Then, unable to control herself any longer, she grabbed his shiny prick. She rested her head on the floor and caressed his heavy balls with her left hand, rubbing a fingernail over the bottom of his cock as his tongue lunged in and out of her pussy.

“Suck me!” Richard groaned. “Kiss my dick now! Suck it, baby, that’s what I want!”

Without hesitation, with mindless, lusting obedience, Valerie tasted his cock. It sent wild, uncontrollable tremors through her.

Oh, I love his prick! I don’t care that it has cunt juice on it. It tastes too good to be true! She washed his cock, sending her warm tongue over its base and thick underside, playing and stroking with her fingers on every lap. She grazed the smooth head with her tongue and tickled the parted hole, then returned to the base. The curly hair brushed her cheeks as saliva mixed with his cum and her cunt fluids.

Valerie was going wild with frenzied new desire, thrilled with tonguing his prick and sucking her own juice. She trailed her tongue between his widespread legs and then back up to the top of his cock. Then, pausing only for a second, she slipped her lips glove-like down over the throbbing head.

Richard licked and sucked and drove his tongue deep into her tight pussy. He reveled in the abandoned sucking of his prick by her soft, warm lips and tongue and the gyrations of her lust-contorted body.

He dipped his head to drench her tight, puckered little asshole with saliva, then he returned to lick her cunt and the soft hair over her cunt lips. He paused for a moment to stare up along the sweat slick valley of her big round tits, at the lust-twisted grimace of her face as she slaved over his prick.

Shit, she was really digging it! She was wallowing around his cock! It won’t be long now, not long at all! He lowered his head to her pussy again.

Valerie lustfully let his rock-hard cock slip full length into the depths of her throat. Her head bobbed up and down as Richard thrashed and groaned and sucked her.

Yes! Yes! She couldn’t wait for release! It would be any second now, and she wanted his hot, sticky cum to bloat her cheeks and fill her belly. Crazily, she rammed down on him, her tongue swirling as his blood-filled cock fucked wildly into her ovaled lips. Then her pussy began to quiver and pulsate.

She trembled, never losing the rhythm of her mouth on his meat. Her eyes widened, and her tits heaved. His cock hair tickled her mouth as she all but swallowed his prick. Oh, I’m going to come! I’m going to come from a mouth instead of a cock! Yes, yes, more, MORE!

She dug her fingers into his hair as the first tremors of her orgasm swept through her pussy and flowed around her body. Her cunt flowed with warm gushes of juice.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop sucking my cock! HARDER!” Richard felt her jerk and spasm and her coming produced, a violent reaction in him. His thick prick began a sudden spasmodic action. He grabbed her ass harshly as spurts of warm, gooey cum jetted into her mouth.

Valerie sucked and sucked some more in a wild effort to keep up with the increasing flow of his pumping juice. She swallowed as fast as she could, her Adam’s apple bobbing as she continued to milk his prick, swirling her tongue around to suck him dry. His groans of pleasure simmered to sighs of contentment, and he reined his hands as his big prick gave one last shot of fluid and slowly began to deflate.

“OH, SHIT, I NEED COCK, TOO!” Eunice was screaming on the bed. “SOMEBODY FUCK ME!”

Valerie rolled over and lay on her back, staring at Eunice, who was rapidly bringing herself off with her whole hand rammed deep in her drooling cunt. Valerie heard Richard slowly get to his feet, and then saw him standing over her, his dick dangling from his pubic bush.

“Fuck me now, Richard! Put your cock back in my pussy and make me come on it!” Valerie begged.

“No, Richard, fuck ME!” Eunice cried. “Please, fuck ME!”

At that moment, Roger and Sammy burst from the closet, naked, their hard dicks shooting from their hairy groins like spears.

“We’ll fuck you, Eunice,” Sammy bellowed.

“Yeah,” Roger laughed. “We’ll fuck both of you!”


Valerie wailed.


Everything was chaos. Through the haze of fear and lust that clogged her mind, Valerie saw George Reems pull Eunice from the bed. He carried her out the door, with the girl still screaming to be fucked.

Then Bruno joined Sammy and Roger and they all advanced on her.

“Richard! Please, Richard!” she cried when she read the intent on their faces.

“You wanted some cock baby?” Richard grinned.

“Well, my friends are gonna give it to you.” Roger’s hands were crawling up the inside of her thighs. She reached down with both hands, grasped his wrists and pushed hard. “Stop… please!”

“Are you for real, baby?” he hissed, grabbing her hair. “You’ve been slinging your knockers and your cunt into my face for the past hour. Now you expect me to stop?”

“Or me, either?” Sammy asked as he put a hand over her left breast and squeezed.

“Or me, either?” came from Bruno standing behind her as he reached down over her shoulder to cup her naked right tit, causing the nipple to harden against his sweaty palm. “Shit, Valerie, I didn’t see anywhere near enough of you before!”

Valerie gasped and felt herself start to panic as she watched Roger’s hand dive for her crotch. One quick yank and her entire cunt was exposed to the four boys.

“Hey, she’s got a real patch!” Roger exclaimed as he gaped down at her pussy.

Valerie began to sob faintly, oblivious to their coarse chatter, as she felt Roger’s hands forcing apart her clenched thighs, wedging his fingers between them to graze the moist, velvety lips of her cunt. Actually, she wouldn’t have minded a bit if she had been alone with him, with any one of them, in fact. After Richard’s tongue, her pussy hungered for a cock, needed a stiff prick. It was simply that she didn’t want gang rape, and there was no question in her mind that was what this was going to be.

“No, no!” she whimpered as she felt Roger’s fingers now well up inside her cunt, diddling her clitoris, bringing her passion alive. Her hips began moving uncontrollably with the in-and-out motion of his hand, while Sammy leaned forward and got into the act, stroking her clit. “Oh, please, no! I’ll let you do what you want to me… alone,” she tried to bargain with Roger. “I’ll let any one of you do it! But not like this! Not all together!”

“No dice, baby,” Roger whispered as he moved his fingers, faster and faster, trying to bring her to a climax.

“We want it this way,” Sammy chimed in, thick tongued, as his hand moved up and down over her bare belly, from her navel down to the top of her wet slit. “We wanna fuck you proper. Right, Roger?”

Roger wagged his head.

So preoccupied had Valerie become with what Roger’s fingers were doing to her cunt as Sammy’s hand continued to caress her entire crotch area, she had completely, forgotten Richard and Bruno for the moment. Suddenly they were both at her tits, drawing the hard nipples deep into their mouths, sucking and wagging their heads crazily from side to side.

“Oh, GOD!” Valerie hissed and tossed back her head, her neck muscles straining cord-tight as her body throbbed violently in orgasm.

“Goddam, oh SHIT, she comes good!” Roger wailed, puffing his fingers from her pussy and rising between her legs. “I can’t wait to get my dick into that!”

Valerie looked down between the heads at her tits and saw Roger’s naked cock. Bruno had been big, but Roger was huge. It was bigger than the cocks on the ponies that Valerie had seen on her uncle’s farm when she was a little girl!

The three boys stopped mauling her long enough to get completely naked. Then they joined her on the bed. Bruno went back to work on her tits, massaging one with his hands while he milked the other with his mouth. Sammy spread her legs apart, lay on his belly between them, and began eating her cunt.

Roger got his kicks out of kneeling on the bed at her head and rubbing the head of his enormous cock in her hair, along the side of her throat, against her cheek and finally over her moist, slightly parted lips.

Valerie could smell his male odor, taste the cum seeping from his meat. Even if her mind had not been fogged already by lust, and the torment of Bruno at her tits and Sammy at her cunt had not set her squirming body on fire with a passion that threatened to consume her, it was doubtful if she could have resisted the tempting closeness of Roger’s outsized prick. Like a thing on its own, her tongue shot out and sponged the juice from the tiny hole in the tip and the valley that ran down the underside of his cockhead.

Roger’s sharp intake of breath reacted on her. She parted her lips as far as they’d go, forming a perfect O, which she dropped over the enormous head of his meat. She took as much of it as she could manage into her hot, wet mouth.

His hands were knotted tightly at his sides as he knelt beside her, sucking in his breath. He waited until he could take no more of the exquisite pleasure she was bringing him, then he blurted out, “Oh, Jeeezzz… you guys better get with it if you’re gonna make it a three-way. This cunt’s a born cocksucker! Oh, Jeeezzz, she’s blowin’ my fucking mind!”

Valerie stiffened in fear. The words “three-way” could only mean one thing — something she had thought about so many times, wondering what it might be like. She had always been afraid, for fear that the stimulation might prove more than she could stand.

Even as Roger pulled his cock out of her mouth to wait for his friends, Valerie could feel Sammy positioning himself between her legs, pressing his cock into the hole that his mouth and tongue had turned into syrup. She knew it would be a waste of words to try to plead with them.

Even if they had been sober, aroused as they were, she knew she would have a rough time getting through to them. Now, high as they were on beer and pot, no power on earth could stop them. But it wasn’t until Sammy rolled her over so that he ended up beneath her, with her impaled on his rigid cock, that she really panicked.

“OH, NO! NO! PLEASE, NO!” she screamed, hysterically, her voice trailing off into mumbling and sobbing as she felt the weight of Bruno above her, the rubbery head of his dick in the crease of her ass. “No, NOT THERE! Not the two of you AT ONCE!”

The hard ring of muscle around her asshole was clenched tight. Bruno lunged and his dick bent instead of entering. But he was hot, hotter than he could ever remember. He persisted, ignoring the pain that Valerie’s strangling tightness brought to both of them, inching into her gradually until the resisting asshole gave way, and he rammed his cockhead up into her bowels.

“OH, SHIT!” Bruno squealed when his meat was fully sheathed. “Good, tight fucking asshole!”

“Fuck her ass, Bruno!” Sammy hissed from below her. “I can feel your cock against mine… right in her cunt!”

Roger, still kneeling on the bed alongside her head, waited patiently until his two friends were deeply embedded inside Valerie’s pussy and ass. Then he shoved his monstrous prick back into her waiting mouth.

Her whole body was alive now with uncontrollable passion. Valerie could only lie there between the two sweating male bodies that pummeled her front and back, while she sucked on the gagging meat crammed in her mouth. She felt like a slut being used by these three boys in this way. But since there wasn’t a thing she could do to stop them, she made up her mind that she may as well try to derive as much pleasure as she could from the wild fuck.

Slowly, methodically, she began moving between them, no longer offering even token resistance, as little by little she guided them into a rhythm. She slammed her hips up and down, driving Sammy’s long, thick dick to the hilt inside her clasping cunt. Her buttocks flexing and then easing, flexing and easing around Bruno’s prick buried to the balls in her asshole. The sucking sounds and the combined sighs and moans of the fuck only added to their lust and turned them into sex-obsessed maniacs.

And Valerie was as aroused now as the three boys.

While Bruno and Sammy continued to fuck her from above and below, she let Roger’s huge cock slide as deep into her throat as she could. Then she clamped her lips tightly around its thickness and sucked while she ran her tongue worm-like around the sensitive underside. She could feel his prick respond inside her mouth, puffing out her cheeks and dribbling droplets of pre-cum into her throat, its pungent saltiness driving her on.

Roger clenched his eyes and gritted his teeth against the intensity of the wildly sucking girl attached to the end of his dick. Never before in his life had he known anyone to suck quite like her.

Her mouth was a vacuum that threatened to pull his balls right up out of their sacs along with his cum.

Valerie, at this point, was so hot that she felt as if the whole room, the entire world around her, were going to explode. Once again she lost all count of the orgasm she had, wondering if when the big one struck would it rip her body apart? It would happen, she knew, just as soon as one of the other of the three boys came.

But they were not about to come just yet.

“Let’s hold back and see how hot we can get her!” Sammy panted ominously. “Then let’s, all blast off together.”

“Ohhh, no, no! God, no!” Valerie cried out with dread anticipation. The stimulation even now was as much as her mind and body could stand. “I’ll go out of my mind! I’ll die!”

They paid no attention to her pleading. Instead, as Sammy had suggested, they held back until they could stand it no longer.

Roger came first. His body shuddered and then his ballooning prick began its jerkings. Valerie gagged and coughed as the rich streams of boiling jism flooded her mouth, her cheeks bloating and hollowing frantically, as she swallowed and sucked him dry.

While Roger was coming, Sammy went off in her cunt. She could feel his thick prick stuck in the depths of her belly, pumping a flood of his male juice in seemingly never-ending gushes from the tip of his wildly throbbing dick.

Valerie couldn’t say whether it was Sammy’s climax, or the shattering explosion of Bruno’s cum into her asshole that triggered her own come. But around Roger’s massive prick, still stuck in her throat, she let out a scream of rapture.


Her lush body twisted from side to side in a dance of abandoned lust between the two sweat drenched boys as the orgasm of orgasms wracked her from her limbs to the drum-tight skin of her scalp. Never, never before in her young life had she known such stimulation. It proved to be far more than she could bear. Her eyes rolled back until only the white showed, her mouth dropped open and her body went slack. She lapsed into merciful unconsciousness.

How long she lay that way, bathed in sweat and cum oozing from her three openings, Valerie had no idea.

She came awake slowly, with soft, warm hands running a cool wash cloth over the fevered flesh of her body. She shivered slightly and the hands in creased their pace.

“You awake, honey?”

It was Eunice. Valerie mumbled.

“They sure did give you a good fuckin’,” the girl said. “Jeez, ain’t this fun, havin’ all these guys lovin’ us up like this?”

She’s liking this! Valerie thought. Eunice actually thinks that the boys care about her! Oh, God, I’m trapped with a bunch of raping cocks and a moronic cunt!

But Eunice’s hands felt good on her body.

“Listen,” the smooth female voice said, “I want to relax you. Mmmmmm… make you real nice and warm and relaxed. I want to have you all night, want to dig my tits into yours, play with you… you know. Would you like that?”

“Eunice, Eunice, we’ve got to get out of here!”

“Oh, shit, honey,” Eunice said, “you sound like George! We’ll get out, when the weekend’s over.”

Oh, God, Valerie thought, we’ll be dead by the time the weekend’s over! My cunt will be stretched beyond repair!

She tried to relax, tried to get her thoughts in order, tried to invent some way to escape from this nightmare. But Eunice’s skilled fingers were having an effect on her body. She could feel her clit filling with blood and the walls of her pussy start to juice as Eunice stroked her swollen tits.

Eunice noticed it, too. “Oh, honey, you gettin’ a little hot again? You wanna do it with me?”

Valerie didn’t answer. She could feel the flush of embarrassment creeping up her throat to her cheeks. This was a girl rubbing her titties, making her hot! The warm cunt juice was now dripping from between her throbbing lips, soaking her thighs. She didn’t dare look down for fear Eunice would notice. Why is she doing this to me? She looked for an answer in Eunice’s face. Her heart leaped with a spasm of fear. Eunice’s tongue was slowly circling her already wet and glistening lips and her eyes were glinting hotly. She was enjoying herself, she was actually enjoying feeling her body!

“Eunice, do you… do you like doing it with a girl?”

“Honey, I just like doing it!” Eunice laughed. “With anybody!”

Valerie’s mind was whirling. She was admitting to herself that Eunice was a welcome relief from the boys’ prodding cocks.

With one of her hands, Valerie pushed Eunice’s hands down to her pussy.

Eunice put her hand over the fleshy cunt mound and squeezed it gently. She pressed her fingers on either side of the silt until the cunt lips slowly opened into a pink slit. She laughed when Valerie inhaled sharply as she teased a finger into the open, moist gash, and finding the clit already throbbing, deliberately stroked it with the sharp edge of her fingernail.

As the fingers spread across her quivering belly and pressed firmly into her soft, warm flesh, Valerie could feel her muscles rippling with tiny, exciting little spasms. She desperately tried to lie still as the tantalizing sensations crawled up through her quivering belly into her tits, swelling them even more.

Then suddenly the reality of what she was about to do hit Valerie. “No, Eunice, don’t!”

“I ate your pussy before,” the girl whined, sounding hurt.

“I… I know, but that was different!”

“Why? Because I was gettin’ it ready for a dick?” Eunice moved her hands up to Valerie’s tits.

“No, it’s just that… oh, Eunice, please stop it! We mustn’t!” But she was already breathing heavily and she knew Eunice could hear it. The fingers tightened around her sensitive tit mound, tantalizingly caressing the full underside. Then, lifting the heavy, full globe, Eunice stretched it until the skin pulled tight. Then she let it drop, watching it quiver.

Valerie tried to pull away as Eunice’s fingers reached for her other breast, her arm tight across her body. She tried to sit up, to push away from the exciting, voluptuous body. She slowly gave up, sinking weakly back onto the pillow.

“Oh, please, Eunice, don’t,” she whispered desperately. “It isn’t right. We’re both women. It isn’t natural.”

“Tell me you haven’t thought of making it with a girl before, honey. Tell me you really want me to stop.” Valerie couldn’t say a word. “I thought so. I see it in your eyes, honey. Your sweet little pussy is so hot right now, the juice is just pourin’ out of it!”

Valerie felt her face going red. It’s true, she thought. I was thinking of making love to her, and her hands feel so good. I don’t want to stop. Let her do what she wants. I want to love her. I want to love her beautiful body. I want to make love to Eunice so she can take away the sting of all the cocks that have fucked me.

Valerie shivered again and slowly buried her cheeks into Eunice’s soft throat, as the girl’s hands roamed possessively over her throbbing titties and trembling belly. She opened her mouth, licking and sucking Eunice’s soft skin as she enjoyed the sweet pleasures rippling through her. She was trembling with anticipation now. There was no longer the revulsion of being made love to by another girl. She felt a thrilling desire to be raped as a hot passion flooded through her writhing body.

“Valerie, honey?”


“You’re beautiful.”

Valerie opened her eyes to see Eunice’s face above her. Then she was gently drawn beside her and embraced, just as a mother would do her infant. The contact of bodies made Valerie quiver as her tits merged and melted into softer ones. Eunice kissed her, gently at first, then with increasing passion.

A hot surge of desire shot through Valerie.

“You have a nice kiss, honey,” the other girl breathed. “Your lips are so soft.”

Valerie couldn’t say a word and she felt like crying. She looked into Eunice’s eyes and saw the lust blazing there. Eunice’s hands moved slowly down to touch the cheeks of Valerie’s ass. Her softness was wobbly and pliable and she worked her fingers into Valerie like she was molding clay. In the action, Eunice’s big tits came plunging against hers and Valerie caught her breath.

The nipples were the most beautiful she had ever seen — even prettier than her own. They were puffy looking and there was a growth of baby-fine hair around their ridges. Valerie wanted to reach out and touch them and pull them to her mouth. Her nipples ached, longing to know how it would feel to be kissed by this female, to be rubbed against her ripe ones. She found herself reaching out and greedily fastening her hands around one pendulous globe. She took it in both hands and twisted it, churned it.

Eunice looked down at what she was doing. “Mmmm, yeah, that’s it, honey. You’re gonna be good, I knew you would be!” She pushed Valerie back onto the pillow and fastened her wet, warm lips over Valerie’s ass. She groped gently for her asshole and tickled it, sending Valerie into spasms. Then her fingers were probing at her pussy. Valerie went crazy. She tried to suck milk from Eunice’s tits, moaning and groaning.

Eunice reached between her legs and took the lips of the young girl’s pussy in her fingers and squeezed them together. She kept doing it and rubbing the full length of her slit until it was wet and making a big stain on the bed.

“Now I’m gonna eat you, honey,” the big girl said. “But better than last time. I’ll really make you come this time!”

Eunice’s finger toyed at the entrance of Valerie’s cunt, pulling the tender lips apart. Very delicately she stuck her finger into the center of the oozing hole, caressing, thrilling the other girl. The other hand worked feverishly at Valerie’s tits to keep her tormented. Valerie returned the affection. She saw how hungry Eunice’s eyes were for her pussy, thirsting for the taste of her juices.

“Yes, yes, do it, Eunice! EAT ME! SUCK MY CUNT!”

“That’s it, baby… that’s it!”

Eunice eased down to kiss the flat of her stomach, her lips licking into her navel. Valerie I kept herself squirming uncontrollably, and moaned out loud at the delicious sensations coursing through her. The girl’s kissing was unbearable when the kisses trailed to her lower body. Her thighs were held apart and the trembling flesh was being stroked. Eunice’s mouth finally settled on the slight rise of clit and almost made Valerie shoot off the bed.

She played there for what seemed like hours, before Valerie felt the hot wetness of her lips bear down on her open cunt hole. She looked down between her legs just in time to see a slippery, milky oil seep out into Eunice’s mouth. It trickled all the way down her thighs and Eunice moved swiftly to lick it all off.

Eunice held her head back and pecked at Valerie’s open slit with her tongue. The young girl strained, pushing out to feel it, while she took her fingers and pulled the hole wider. Eunice’s tongue licked all around the edge, tasting the musky liquid. Valerie was ashamed to let Eunice see how hot she was, and how badly she was spurting below.

Eunice’s tongue did its work well. Valerie went off right away and Eunice had to hold her steady because of the frantic kicking that she was doing. Valerie got even more excited when she saw cunt cream all around Eunice’s mouth. She went faint knowing that it was from her hole.

“Mmmm, honey, did you enjoy that? Wasn’t that beautiful?”

“Yes, oh yes, Eunice!” Valerie moaned. And it was beautiful. So gentle and complete, compared to the boys’ ramming cocks. “Now it’s your turn!”


“Me, silly,” Eunice said, rolling over and pulling Valerie onto her. “Now it’s your turn to do me!”

Valerie was more than willing. Somehow doing it with Eunice made her less of a prisoner.

Eunice’s skin was smooth and her whole body felt on fire. There were sexual magnets drawing Valerie’s fingers into her flesh. She was surprised and delighted to realize how soft and sexy other girls were. She had to know what made women so precious to horny men. She had to know why the female body had the ability to attract both cunts and cocks.

“Now kiss me, honey. Lap it with your tongue!”

“I’ll do whatever you say, Eunice, just tell me!” Valerie opened Eunice’s pussy with her thumbs.

She sent her tongue into the slit to taste her. She searched for the clitoris, pushing through the tangled pussy hair, just as Eunice had done to her moments before. Her clit felt like a small cock. Valerie sucked it and Eunice responded beautifully. She pulled back on the bed and groaned, twisting her head in a passionate rage.

“Awww shit, oh shit! God, God, it’s so damn good!”

Spurred on by the girl’s wild moaning, Valerie redoubled her efforts. After she sucked her clittie, she brought her tongue around to the open sides of her cunt. It was pulsing with Eunice’s every heartbeat, opening and closing. Valerie could even hear the lukewarm sound of her juice squirting out of her, and she flicked out her tongue to taste the pussy nectar.

Eunice’s cunt was like an open oyster, crying out, begging, for the hot flesh of Valerie’s tongue. She licked faster, harder, and greedily. She withdrew her head for a second to look up at Eunice’s body wriggling frantically on the bed, then lowered her head and licked her again, faster and faster.

“Oh! Ohhhhh! Oh!” Faster and faster. “Ohhhhh, OOHHHHHH SHIT, BABY!”

Eunice cried out in bliss as the girl’s tongue entered her hole like a spear, flickering streams of pleasure, growing in intensity. She arched her back and pushed her cunt against Valerie’s beautiful face. Valerie was intoxicated by the sweet taste and the warm lustiness of the other girl’s cunt. She moved her tongue up and down against her clit, while constantly caressing Eunice’s ass with her fingers. She thrust her tongue into her expanding hole, trembling with delight as Eunice groaned softly. She rounded the smooth, swollen opening with her tongue, renewing her efforts with each small spasm of Eunice’s cunt.

Suddenly the smell took full effect and Valerie ate the sweetness of Eunice’s cunt like a cannibal. She sucked her throbbing clitoris as though she were sucking a cock. She pulled it deeper and deeper into her throat as she twisted her fingers into the girl’s hole. Her body shook with desire as she pushed four fingers into the wide opening, gasped as the wet fullness there overcame her senses, then sucked on her pulsing clit again and again as she thrust her fingers farther and farther into the slippery channel.

“MY GOD!” Eunice screamed.

“My whole hand,” Valerie whispered, “my whole hand is in YOU.”

“Move inside me!” Eunice begged. “Oh, shit, it’s good! Move it! FUCK ME!”

Valerie felt her excitement reach an almost unbearable peak as she pushed her hand in and out of the throbbing, convulsing flesh. Eunice’s wetness surrounded her fist as she fucked her with it. She pushed her fist farther into the hot cunt with each stroke. Eunice thrust her pelvis forward over and over, as Valerie slammed her fist in rhythm.

Valerie took one of the girl’s taut nipples between her teeth and bit softly as she fucked her harder and harder. Then she moved up her body and took her sweet mouth, ravaging it with her tongue as though it were another cunt, another sweet cavern to fuck. She felt Eunice’s cunt contracting and opening with each thrust. Her hips thrust with each thrust of Eunice’s.

Eunice eyes were glued to Valerie’s tremendous nipples as they swung before her. She held them between her hands and rubbed her fingers over the hardened tips. She pushed them together and slid her tongue across the ends as Valerie pushed her fist even farther into her coming cunt.

“OH, Christ!” Eunice wailed. “I’m coming, baby, I’m coming! Put your clit against mine and clit-fuck the hell out of me!”

Valerie responded immediately. She felt an insane desire she had never felt before. She ripped her fist from Eunice’s cunt fiercely and fell between the girl’s splayed thighs. “I’m gonna fuck you now,” she whispered. “Oh, God, am I going to fuck you!”

Eunice’s body shook with orgasms as the two clits ground against each other, as Valerie’s soft melons slid over her body and rubbed against hers. She grasped Valerie’s ass just as the girl was gripping her and moved together with Valerie’s writhing body as the hard clit stabbed her. Valerie held Eunice tightly, kissing her neck, taking her lips and tongue into her own mouth, fucking her — clit to clit — from on top. Bath girls were coming continuously now, lost in total, all-consuming passion.

Suddenly Eunice rolled Valerie over and she became the aggressor. She took Valerie’s tits in her hands as she fucked, and pinched the nipples harder and harder as she screwed into her. She fucked Valerie’s clit like a wild woman. Valerie was screaming and crawling across the bed with her insane gyrations. Eunice followed her, pushing her down, plunging against her clit, until they could move no more, until the spasms within them overpowered them, and they lay in each other’s arms still coming and trembling with delight.

Then suddenly the bedroom door opened and all five of the boys burst in. “Jesus, Eunice, you did great!” Richard grinned. “You got her good and hot!”

“Yeah, Jeez, she’s ready!” Roger crowed. “That’s good, ’cause look what we found!”

Eunice rolled from her body and Valerie looked down in stark terror at the foot of the bed. She was looking at the biggest dog she had ever seen in her life.


Valerie couldn’t believe what they intended doing. To make her fuck the huge dog seemed too obscene even for their warped minds.

She struggled with them, begged them, fought and tore at them with her teeth and nails. But it was all to no avail.

She looked at Eunice who, in turn, was staring glassy-eyed at the big beast. “Eunice, help me!”


“You’re a girl, a woman, like I am. Don’t let them do this to me!”

Eunice smiled. Her grin was lopsided and her eyes became even more glassy. “If she doesn’t wanna fuck the dog, I’ll do it. I think it might be kicky, Richard!”

George Reems grabbed Eunice by the arm and hauled her toward the door. “No, Eunice, NO!” he cried. “That’s too much!”

“Aw, George,” she said.

“NO, DAMMIT!” he hissed, hauling her into the other room. “No way!”

The door slammed behind them and Valerie saw her last hope disappear. She jumped from the bed. Richard and Bruno grabbed her, picked her into the air and threw her back. She bounced up and down like a rag doll.

“Bend over!” Richard commanded as he picked up a small jar from the top of the dresser. “That’s right, on your knees like a dog.” He scooped up a handful of cream and smeared it between the cheeks of her ass and down along her cunt lips jutting out between her legs.

“Please, PLEASE, DON’T DO THIS!” she wailed. “I’ll do anything. I’ll fuck all of you. I’ll suck you off all the way and swallow your cum! Just don’t make me do this!”

“Shit, honey,” Roger laughed, “you’ll do that anyway.”

“Hell, yes!” Sammy echoed.

Suddenly, still in her dream, George Reems drove up in a white Cadillac and shoved the beasts away. He carried Valerie to the car and gently laid her in the back seat with Eunice. The other girl immediately went to work kissing and licking all the vile cum from her body and cleansing her as the three of them rode off into the sunset in the Cadillac.

Instead of a scream, Valerie awoke with a smile on her face. She suddenly knew exactly what she was going to do.

She rolled off the bed and, not bothering to cover her naked body, opened the door and walked into the hall. Sammy, Richard and Bruno were sitting at the coffee table.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” she said.

“Sure,” Bruno grinned, his eyes glazed. “You get all cleaned up, honey. We’ll be ready for you again pretty soon.”

Valerie moved down the hall. The first room was empty. Roger was passed out on the bed in the second. She went on by the bath and pushed open the last door.

Eunice and George lay naked on the bed. Valerie stepped into the room and closed and locked the door behind her. She crossed to the bed and looked down, studying the naked forms it was truly a case of beauty and the beast. Eunice’s beautiful body, with its high rising tits, smooth thighs, and curly cuntal bush was a marked contrast to George’s thin, bony frame. His face was as ugly as Eunice’s was lovely.

Valerie studied the boy’s limp dick as it rested over his balls. It was half the size of the other boys’. She smiled. She could see why he didn’t want to fuck in front of the others.

Normally she wouldn’t look at George twice, let alone fuck him or suck him. But he was going to be her salvation… both her and Eunice’s salvation.

So she would suck him. And she would fuck him. And she would make this boy think he was the greatest lover on the face of the earth.

Valerie squatted beside the bed and moved her head over his crotch. She moved one hand out to caress his meat. George groaned, but he slept on.

But not for long, she thought with a smile.

Her tongue darted out, over his belly and thighs, and finally his balls. She cupped them tenderly as she squatted back onto her haunches, pressing her head forward until her mouth slipped over the end of his cock. Her fingers skinned back his foreskin as her tongue played over its head hungrily while he lay there.

But slowly, slowly, her body began to betray her. She was to be the master in this, and yet the longer she sucked George’s prick and the harder it got, the more her body trembled and the wetter her pussy got.

Seeing that he was still sleeping quietly, Valerie held his jerking shaft with one hand and lowered her face to the fully gorged shaft of his cock. Her lips kissed and mouthed the tight bulb. Her tongue gently penetrated the tiny opening and then over the whole head. She leaned her head back and savored the male flavor of his prick as she looked at his face. A slight change had come over his expression, and she couldn’t help but smile as the wondered what he must be dreaming.

Then again she leaned forward and this time opened her mouth wide and gently sucked the head of his cock inside. The pulsing head filled her mouth as her lips clamped tightly around it. With her other hand, she reached between his thighs and softly lifted his balls, rolling them gently as she sucked more of it in.

She could feel his thighs twitching and his hips making tiny thrusts as she sucked him off. But still he didn’t awaken as she greedily swallowed his cock with each plunge of her head. Her saliva poured in such quantities that she couldn’t swallow it all. Small streams of drool ran down the long length of his shaft until his hair and balls were soaked with it.

“Jesus, Valerie, what are you doin’?”

He was awake.

Valerie lifted her head off his cock and smiled up at him. “Sucking you off, George. Yours is the only cock I haven’t had, and I want it so bad.”

“You want me?” he said, staring wide-eyed at her and at his own wet dick sliding along her cheek.

“Yes, oh yes, darling. Shhhh, you’ll wake Eunice. And right now I want you all to myself, just the two of us!”

It was obvious from the look on his face that George could hardly believe his ears. “What do you want me for?” he asked, stupidly.

“I want to make you happy, darling,” Valerie gushed. “I want to do everything to you. I want your beautiful cock!”

“My… beautiful… cock?”

“Yes, darling. Lie back! Let me really get you turned on with a massage. Oh God, George, how I want you!”

By this time, Valerie almost meant it. She was hotter than hell from sucking his dick. She entertained the idea of waking Eunice up right away so she could really get off, but she quicky vetoed it. She wanted George hungry for her alone first.

Few girls had ever wanted to fuck George, let alone massage him first. He stretched out on the bed in awe of both Valerie and what she was about to do.

Valerie sat on the edge of the bed, her long, delicate fingers reaching for his shoulders. The instant she touched him, George felt his body tingle. Her touch was sure, yet extremely light.

Sparks of electricity seemed to run from her fingertips into his body, making him quiver and writhe as her hands lightly rubbed his chest. Her palms made circular motions on his nipples, making George realize how sensitive he was there.

“Do you like me, George?” Valerie breathed, plunging her tongue into his ear, causing a blast furnace to erupt within him.

“I like you,” he gasped, his voice almost squeaking it was so high-pitched. “But I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I feel like I’m ready to blow up!”

“Then let’s not waste time,” Valerie said. “After all, I’m here for your pleasure.”

“M-My pleasure?” the boy croaked. “Jeez, you really mean that?”

“Oh, yes, George,” she cooed. “God, I’d like to be with you always, just the three of us, together. Wouldn’t you like to fuck Eunice and me forever, George?”

“Jeez, both of you? Damn… I…”

“Ssshhhh, George. Yes, both of us. But right now I want you!”

He slid over on the bed and let her lie down. Valerie stretched out, her lush hair forming a halo around her beautiful face. Then she spread her thighs, exposing the hair-fringed pink cunt between them.

“Come on, George,” she moaned. “Come on and fuck me.”

He needed to hear nothing more. In less than a second he was between her thighs, his burning prick sinking deep into her dark, moist hole. His cock plunged in violently. George seemed unable to control his savage attack. His hips moved relentlessly, and his throbbing meat pounded away inside her. It was as if his lower half was no longer controlled by his brain, but was some thundering fucking machine. He continued pounding into her hot, grasping cunt as her fingers stroked his sweating body. As if to balance himself, he reached forward and took hold of her huge, round tits.

“God, what a lover you are, George!” Valerie moaned. “You’re wonderful! The best fuck I’ve ever had!” Valerie could barely feel his dick in her stretched, well-fucked cunt. She scooted down so she could get some friction on her clit.

George fucked wildly, overcome with a savage lust. His animal instincts had complete control of him now and he was painfully squeezing the large pink nipples of her tits. At the same time, he was slamming his dick into her inflamed cunt with demonic fury.

“Go, George, go!” Valerie cried, bucking her body in time with his pounding. Her smooth, white flesh shuddered and rippled as he drove relentlessly into her cunt. He would withdraw his aching prick out to its bulbous knob, then hurl it forward again until his tight balls slammed with bloated heaviness against the partially parted slit of her luscious ass in a single, attacking thrust. “Oh, God, George!”

Valerie yelled. “God, you throw a mean fuck!”

“Not much longer,” he gasped. “I’m gonna come!”

“Come!” Valerie gasped for air as she bounced along with him. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll make you hard again and you’ll come again! Give it to me, George, give me your cock!”

George’s cock tingled. His balls were boiling. He was going to shoot and there was no way to delay it. He was going to blow a blast of cum into her deep, cock-hungry cunt. And he was glad she’d let him know she wanted him to.

His mind was flustered. Her unexpected, joyous response to everything he wanted had made him ignore everything but the passion building inside him. Now he bucked even harder, ramming his dick into her all the harder, battering his hairy pelvis against her cunt with wild ferocity.

“Me you gonna come now?” Valerie asked, anxious to wake Eunice up and eat her cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes,” George panted.

“Good. Hurry!”

Shit, but his prick was heavy with jism. He was just about ready to blow blazing white, searing lava into her hole as the girl beneath him writhed in pleasure.

“Squirt it into me!” Valerie breathed hoarsely.

“Blast that creamy cum into my pussy! All of it! I want all of it, George! Shoot and shoot and shoot!”

“I’M SHOOTING!” he cried, tossing his head back and frantically grunting as he plunged the full length of his cock into her stretched cunt. His thin body was jerking convulsively as he pumped a load of sperm into her flaming hole. His mouth was wide open, gasping for air as his fingers clawed at her heaving tits, pulling and pinching them.

Valerie, working her cunt muscles like a vise, strove to milk him. When he was finally dry, she scrambled out from beneath his body and rolled over toward Eunice.

“Now let’s wake up Eunice and all of us have a fuck,” she said. Under her breath, she added, “a good fuck!”


As usual, Eunice was ready the moment she woke up. She reached out and grabbed George’s limp dick while he played with one of her enormous tits.

“Get hard, George!” she whined as she squeezed his prick. “I wanna fuck!”

“I will, Eunice. I will, baby,” he groaned. He squirmed in pain as she squeezed, but he didn’t fight or push her away. He only bent his head and began sucking hungrily on her tit.

Eunice stopped squeezing his meat and held it firmly. “It feels good, doesn’t it, George? You’re gettin’ hard, aren’t ya?”

“Oh yeah, honey,” the boy mumbled, licking her tits and belly as he spoke. “It’s gettin’ hard.” It was, and Eunice again squeezed it tightly. “Oh, baby, anything you do is good!”

“Rub it against my pussy, George,” the girl ordered. George held his dick lovingly against her clit and rubbed it, moving it gently back and forth between her lower lips. “Do it better!” He stroked her harder, his cockhead soft against her cunt. “Bastard, cocksucker!” She pushed him away. “Shit, you’re not hard, George!”

Valerie went to work on Eunice as George watched. She kneaded the girl’s big tits as if they were bread dough. Then her hands moved lower, her nails lightly skipping across the girl’s quivering flesh to find the inside of her thighs and then slide upward to the now soaking, hot mound of her pussy.

Eunice’s legs were thrashing in response and her head and shoulders jerked convulsively in anticipation. She began moaning and whimpering as Valerie’s fingers slid up and down her wet slit, pausing occasionally to press against the sensitive spot at the very top of it.

Suddenly, Eunice’s body was on fire. Her moans became lustful screams and her hands began exploring the other girl’s body. Her nails dug into Valerie’s flesh as if she could force the satisfaction she needed from the other woman.

“Ohhhh, Valerie, honey,” she pleaded.

“Hurry… please, hurry! I can’t wait for it! Hurry! Yeah, yeah, oh God, yes, your tongue! There! Ohhhh, your tongue’s so hot. There! Harder! DO IT HARDER! Oh, shit…”

Wildly, the two girls started sucking each other’s cunt. George sighed softly as he watched hands caressing asses, lips enclosing clits.

Valerie slipped her hand into Eunice’s cunt and pulled herself away from the grasp of the other girl’s lips. She sucked Eunice’s clit harder and harder as she pushed her hand in and out of her cunt. George scrambled off the bed and stood where Valerie couldn’t see him, her ass high in the air before him like a golden prize.

His dick was hard now.

Moving forward, his fingers found the swollen lips of Valerie’s pussy. She sighed and wiggled her ass back toward his searching fingers. Eunice opened her eyes to look at him. She grinned when she saw the knobbed head of his prick rise and harden. He caressed the lips of Valerie’s cunt between two fingers, then he slid his fingers rapidly up and down. Valerie hunched and groaned.

He plunged his fingers into her cunt as she fondled and sucked Eunice’s tits hungrily. She humped crazily against his hand as he fucked her clit and slipped his fingers in and out of her hole. He thrust his lips forward and his hardened prick bobbed and danced like a blood-filled spear in front of his groin.

“Oh, Jeez, I want it, I want it!” Eunice gasped, pushing Valerie away from her creaming pussy. “On top! Let me on top, George! I wanna ram my meat down over yours!”

George was more than happy to oblige. He slid under her body and watched as the hot, wet lips of her cock-hungry cunt slid down over his prick.

“Take it… take it all!” he growled.

“I will, man. Don’t you fucking worry, I want every beautiful inch of your meat!”

Valerie slithered to the floor. The sight of the beautiful, animal-like bodies fucking on the bed delighted her. She sat back, smiling, to enjoy what she was about to watch. She let her hand trail down to her pussy and made two fingers curl under the hard bone of her pelvis and into the seething mass of her pulpy cunt.

George lay unmoving as Eunice took her pleasure on the full length of his cock. She spread her thighs to their fullest over him and sucked in her breath sharply as their pubic hairs met and mashed together.

“Jesus,” she panted, “it feels like it’s halfway up my stomach!”

“It is,” he said, smiling and ramming up against her.

Eunice moved her crotch in slow circles, causing the head of his prick to rub the inside of her pussy. He reached up and cupped her dangling tits, pushing backward as she lifted her ass up and leaned forward, giving him enough room to fuck her.

He moved his prick in and out of her cunt easily, his rhythm smooth and relaxed. She closed her eyes and leaned forward even farther, concentrating totally on the way his cock was making her feel. Her open mouth sucked in air as the tension began to build.

The slight depression under her tits blended into her hard, flat stomach. The hairy vee into which his cock drove dripped juice that spread over his thighs. He took his hands off her tits so he could watch them shake and jiggle as he fucked her.

Low moans escaped from deep in Eunice’s throat as he increased his speed, spearing upward, slapping his crotch into hers. Eunice’s pussy felt like a warm, wet, tight glove as she manipulated her cunt muscles, alternately squeezing his prick, then relaxing, then squeezing again.

In spite of the coolness of the room, Valerie could see tiny drops of perspiration running off the hard nipples at the ends of Eunice’s gigantic, swaying tits. Eunice fucked well. She obviously knew all the little tricks that would bring complete sexual pleasure to both herself and her partner. Like moving her pelvis forward and then backward so that George’s angle of penetration changed slightly.

He pinched her nipples, flooding her tits with pleasure. Then he moved his mouth up and sucked on one of them — devouring the nipple, licking it, biting it, doing everything to it that she obviously liked. She grabbed his head and crushed it into her tit as he opened his mouth and took as much of the soft, fleshy globe in as he could, at the same time picking up his tempo slightly, bouncing his crotch bone off hers only to slam into her again.

Valerie looked between Eunice’s legs and watched as his juice-covered cock went in and out of her cunt hole, rubbing against her clit. He rhythmically stroked her, breathing hard, his stomach muscles taut.

“Harder, harder, make me come!” Eunice panted.

Her body was like a well-tuned instrument. George put on a savage burst of speed, slapping his prick in and out of her hole. Eunice shot skyward, filled with intense excitement.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna get it!” she wailed. “KEEP FUCKIN’ INTO ME, GEORGE, I’M GONNA GET MY COME!”

“Yeah, YEAH!” he screamed back.

Valerie’s passion mounted more and more as she watched them fuck. She crawled up onto the bed and swung her leg over George’s face. She spread the lips of her pussy so that her juice and some of his cum could drip out. George opened his mouth and took it.

Eunice banged downward, furiously fucking with him. She reached the peak of her orgasm, a came that flooded her pussy and wracked her body with tremors that left her weak and lightheaded. She overflowed, hot, sticky, drops oozing out from between her cuntlips and splashing down onto his hips.

She gritted her teeth and squeezed his prick as hard as she could with her strong cunt muscles. Her eyes looked dazed and glassy. Her whole body was hot and wet. Pleasure ran wild, causing her to react like the hot bitch she was.

She reached around Valerie’s body and began playing with the other girl’s tits as George pulled Valerie’s cunt down onto his face.

Valerie gasped as his tongue flicked across her cunt lips. She sat astride his face happily, loving the soft urgency of his lips and tongue. The shrieks of Eunice coming, fucking the prick of the boy who ate her cunt, sent a shiver of orgasm through Valerie.

Then she suddenly had a new desire. She lifted her cunt from George’s face and quickly turned around. When she once again mashed her syrupy pussy down over George’s mouth and felt his hard tongue plunge up into her hole, she was facing Eunice.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Eunice was moaning, her eyes rolling back in her head as she plunged up and down on George’s meat.

“Yes, baby, yes,” Valerie chanted, grinding her juicy cunt down and pulling Eunice’s face to hers. They kissed, Valerie holding Eunice’s lips with hers. They kissed passionately as Valerie squirmed and humped George’s face, and he answered her frenzy with his fiery tongue shooting deep into her cunt. She ground her furry mound against his face, held the tips of Eunice’s perfect tits between her fingers, pinching them.

Eunice rose and fell on George’s prick. She loved the feeling of that hot meat inside her. She groaned aloud around Valerie’s plunging tongue as she bucked and heaved, wringing all the pleasure she could from George’s prick.

Her slick pussy slid on his cock, swallowing it and letting it half emerge and then swallowing it again. Her tits danced and jumped and swung. Her body glistened with a sheen of perspiration.

George lay beneath the two writhing females, his forearms and palms flat on the bed. He pushed. His hard-driving, upward jerks sent the rigidity of his meat deep up into Eunice’s heated fuck-hole.

Eunice began twisting her hips voluptuously, riding him, as he rocked and slapped her with straining power, with thrust after ramming thrust into her cunt. She jiggled up and down, writhing and arching and moaning deliriously, working to tighten her grip on his prick and swallow it even deeper into her molten cunt. It stabbed and rammed her pussy with deep, heavy thrusts that opened the well-widened recesses of her womb.

Valerie watched the jiggling dance of Eunice’s naked tits, leaping before her. She watched her own hands rise to fondle them, gripping their milky softness. Each juicy-looking tit sprouted a long, rosy nipple. Her palms cradled and cupped them.

Then Valerie clamped one hand around a tit. She squeezed. Her eyes stared. Her other hand dropped to the bulge at the base of Eunice’s quivering belly, just to the top of the hot lips that encased George’s cock. She could see the tip of her finger disappear into the tight crack at the very top of those pink lips. She could feel it touching George’s prick as it pumped into Eunice’s pussy.

Exquisite pleasure coursed through Eunice’s cunt as she was finger-fucked and cock-fucked at the same time.

Then she came, exploding with an ear-shattering scream.

It brought on George’s blast. Pulling Valerie’s cunt hard to his face and yanking Eunice’s cunt over his cock, he began to shoot. His cum gushed up into her smothering cunt in hot streams. His exploding prick filled her to overflowing.

Eunice kissed Valerie passionately as she came, gushing cunt juice over George’s cock and Valerie’s palm. Valerie felt her own fuck-hole explode at the same time, and the creaming channel let go a flood of pussy cream which George hungrily licked and drank into his throat.

Then the three of them collapsed weekly on the bed, a sweating tangle of arms and legs.

They lay quietly for awhile. Then Valerie rolled over and rubbed her tits against George’s chest.

“We sure fuck good together, don’t we, George? The three of us, I mean?”

Eunice started to object, but Valerie silenced her with a look.

“Yeah,” George grinned. “Yeah, I guess we do!”

“Wouldn’t you like to fuck us all the time, George?”

“Huh? You mean it?”

“Sure,” Valerie said, reaching down and fondling his limp dick. “You’ve got your car here, don’t you?”


“We could run away together, the three of us.”

“But I don’t…” Eunice began.

“Shut up, Eunice!”


“Eunice, suck George’s cock while we talk.” Valerie shoved Eunice’s head down over the boy’s crotch. Obediently, the girl took his cum and cunt juice soaked meat into her face and started bobbing her head up and down on it.

Valerie snuggled close into George. “Just think George, if the three of us ran away together, you could fuck us any time you wanted to! You could watch Eunice and me suck each other! You could fuck our pussies and you could even stick your dick up our butts! If you had us all the time, you could do anything you wanted to us! Wouldn’t that be great, George?”

“Yeah… oh, fuck yeah!” George groaned, humping his half-hard dick into Eunice’s hot mouth.

“You’d have your own harem… all to yourself,” Valerie cooed.

“But… but how do we do it?” he gasped. Valerie smiled. “They’re probably all stoned by now. You could just go from pocket to pocket and take all their money. And then we could just sneak away, the three of us.”

“Oh, shit, no… I couldn’t do that!” he said, sitting up abruptly in the bed. “They’d get me for sure!”

“Not if you call the police and tell them about all the drugs here in the house,” Valerie said softly.

“Yeah, yeah, that would really fix those bastards!” he smiled, his whole face beaming.

“Go on, George! DO IT!” Valerie hissed. “But I haven’t come yet,” the boy said, again reaching for Eunice’s head to pull it back over his meat.

Valerie tugged him from the bed. “You’ll get lots of chances to come later, George. Now hurry before one of them wakes up!”

George padded from the room and Valerie turned to a whining Eunice.

“I don’t want to run away with George!” Eunice wailed. “He’s not a very good fucker and the other guys have got bigger cocks!”

“Now, now, baby,” Valerie soothed, puffing the girl from the bed. “You just get dressed and let me take care of that!”

“How?” Eunice insisted.

“I’ll fix it so you can have all the cocks you want, Eunice. All the cocks you could ever want to fuck.”

“Really?” Eunice’s eyes lit up like torches. “Oh, goody!”

“And the more cocks you fuck, the mere places we’ll go, and the more pretty clothes we’ll have to wear.”

They stood, side by side, on the hill behind the cabin. Below them, they could see the uniformed officers marching the boys out one at a time and putting them in cars.

“What will they do to them?” Eunice asked. “Not half as much as they would if we stuck around and told them about raping us,” Valerie answered. “Right, George?”

George reddened and shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah. Shit, I never wanted to do any of this, anyway. All I wanted to do was fuck Eunice.”

“Well, you’ll get to do a lot of that from now on, George. C’mon, let’s go!”

The police cars were pulling out as Valerie led the way back to George’s car.

“Why don’t the two of you ride in the back,” Valerie said. “I’ll drive. Then you can fuck if you feel like it.”

George practically leaped into the back seat and started tugging at his clothes. Eunice whispered in Valerie’s ear as she passed. “Remember what you promised?”

“I remember,” Valerie said. “I’ll pick up the first cute hitchhiker I see, Eunice.”

Eunice climbed into the back seat and started sucking George’s cock as Valerie slid in behind the wheel.

Well, she thought, it all came out fine. I found a way to get away from my folks. I’ve got a beautiful pussy to eat when I want one, and that same pussy will be my meal ticket until I find a better one.

Now, all I have to do is get rid of George. Well, that shouldn’t be too hard. He’s even dumber than Eunice.

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