In A Dungeon Down And Dirty

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

IN A DUNGEON DOWN AND DIRTY — a young woman finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Although she suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


“Yes, I’m glad you like my qualifications,” Melinda Davidson said, smiling at Hugh Mason. “I came out nearly at the top of my class.”

She crossed her long legs, making sure he caught a glimpse of her black stocking tops and a hint of the lovely white skin above them.

Hugh put Melinda’s resume on the desk and looked at her closely. “So, how do you like being a dental assistant?”

“Oh, I love it!” Melinda enthused, playing with the top button of her blouse, making sure he could see the lacy top of her bra. “I love working so close to dentists, you know, to professional men.”

She crossed her legs again, being even more blatant this time. Normally the combination of her tight little leather skirt, silt up the thigh, the black stockings and her endless legs would have had any man slobbering with lust to get at her. But Hugh was different. She played with her blouse button once more.

“Okay, then,” Hugh said, leaning back in the chair, as he took in the delicious curves of Melinda’s body. “Why do you think I should hire you rather than any of the other girls who have come for the job?”

Melinda hesitated for a moment. When he saw the full effect of her legs and tits, he would knuckle under like they all had. So she stood up.

“Well, I think I have some extra things that might make you want to hire me.” She walked slowly over to his desk.

From her lovely beautiful face to her large firm tits and long legs, she had driven more than one man crazy to get into her pants. She always wore tight, uplift bras for interviews, bras that barely concealed her tits. And she always wore stockings when she wanted to lead men on, usually black, often mesh, as now.

She swayed up to Hugh’s desk in her black, six-inch high heels, smiling invitingly at him.

“I think I have some things that might make you want to employ me.” She slid her hands over the front of her tight black leather skirt. Very slowly she eased the hem up, showing her stocking tops, then the creamy whites of her thighs and finally the tight black crotch of her panties and the swell of her pussy-mound.

Hugh sat there and followed the line of the skirt hem with his eyes, his face breaking slightly into a mocking grin.

“Yes,” he said at last as Melinda started to ease the hem of her skirt down, “I can see you have some powerful arguments there.”

“Then I’ll be hearing from you soon,” Melinda said, going back to the chair and picking her purse up.

“Yes, you’ll be hearing from me soon.”

Melinda left his office and headed for the nearest phone, confident that she had got another victim on the hook. She dialed Hugh’s number.

“Oh, hi, Doctor Mason,” Melinda sighed. “It’s me, Melinda Davidson. I have something I think you ought to hear.”

She switched on the tape recorder she’d hidden in her purse and played back their conversation over the phone.

“Just think what the ethics committee would say about that,” she said.

There was a short silence.

“What do you want?”

“Oh, say, ten thousand.”

“You nasty little bitch!” Hugh spat.

“Naughty, naughty, bad words make it twenty thousand,” Melinda chided.

“All right,” he said at last. “Where do I meet you?”

“How about Fifth and Main?” It was one of the busiest crossroads in town.

“Okay,” he said levelly. “What time?”

“Oh, say, eight tonight?” Melinda whispered.

“Okay, I’ll be in…”

“A BMW, I know,” Melinda interrupted. She put the phone down, feeling very pleased with herself. This was the eleventh time she’d pulled the scam, and each time it got better. Go for the job, flash her tits and legs. Get the poor dentist panting over her, saying indiscreet things, and she had him. Rather than face an ethics committee, not to mention their wives, they all paid up. The more indiscreet they were, the more they paid — those disgusting creatures who always wanted sex, who wanted to push their horrible cocks into her innocent little pussy. Some of them even wanted to push their cocks into her mouth! It was all so disgusting, and Melinda loved making them pay.

Exactly on the dot of eight, the BMW pulled to the curb.

Melinda walked up as Hugh opened the passenger door.

“I’m glad we understand each other,” Melinda purred, reaching for the briefcase beside Hugh.

“The tape,” he said, holding the case in one hand.

“Oh, sure,” Melinda said, reaching into her purse.

Then things went wrong.

“Come on, honey, move over. There’s room,” said a woman’s voice.

Melinda was pushed into the car and the woman was in beside her before she could even gasp. The car took off.

“What is this!” Melinda demanded.

“You just shut the fuck up or you’ll be in the back, on the floor,” the woman said.

“And who says?” Melinda demanded, too angry to notice her danger.

“We do,” a than said, sitting up in the back seat.

“Who are you?” Melinda screamed. “I’m Richard, Hugh’s attorney. We wanna discuss this deal you made.”

Melinda was getting uncomfortable. The woman beside her smiled, her soft, rather lovely face looked almost mocking, like Hugh’s.

“Did I do good, darling?” she asked. “You did just great!” Hugh said, turning the car onto the freeway.

“Where are you taking me!” Melinda demanded, twisting around, sudden flashes of fear rushing over her.

“We’re gonna discuss the deal you wanna make with me,” Hugh said.

“You can’t do this,” Melinda gasped, starting to tremble.

“Tell that to my attorney. He says we’ve got a great case against you. Enticement, wasn’t that it, Richard?”

“Sure was,” Richard replied. “And I checked, honey, you used the same scam before, right?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh? How about Jack Kinsiki in Cleveland? Marvin Jalowitz in Chicago?”

Melinda felt as if her breath was being taken away.

“So you know what we’re talking about,” Richard said.

Melinda trembled. She cursed herself.

“Into the back!” Hugh snapped.

“What?” Melinda said, then shrieked as the woman gripped her leg.

Richard grabbed her shoulders, and Melinda was hauled over the back of the seat. She screamed and struggled, but suddenly there were handcuffs on her wrists. Before she could gasp, a blindfold was over her eyes and she was being pushed to the floor.

“Scream and I’ll gag you as well,” Richard threatened.

Melinda was too terrified to do anything. She crouched on the floor, wondering desperately where they were going.

It took under an hour, but they were well outside the city when the car stopped. The air was fresh on Melinda’s face and there was gravel under her feet. Somewhere to her right two dogs were barking loudly and she trembled again.

She was pushed down a flight of steps, then the cuffs and blindfold were taken off. The light was dim, but more than bright enough for Melinda to see. She shrieked in panic.

The place looked like a dungeon. There were racks holding whips and chains on the walls, a horizontal wheel in the middle of the floor, and bars, ropes and other torture instruments all over the place. Against the opposite wall was an enormous four-poster bed with a canopy over it.

“What are you doing, let me go!” Melinda screamed, then turned to run.

The heavy door slammed and Melinda was trapped. She held her hand to her mouth and backed up to the wall, sobbing in desperation.

“Well, hi, honey,” the woman said, coming up to Melinda and sliding her hand over her shoulders. “You came on to my husband, you know that? I’m Jacqueline, his wife.”

“I’m sorry, sorry!” Melinda sobbed. “I didn’t mean to do it, I wasn’t trying to, you know, get him into bed! Just let me go, please! I won’t tell anybody!”

“Oh, the fuck with that,” Jacqueline said softly, sliding her fingers over the front of Melinda’s blouse. “You came on to my husband. You promised to fuck him. You gotta fuck him, honey. And me. And Richard. You gotta be good to a man, honey, you gotta learn that.”

“Oh no!” Melinda whispered. “Please, I hate — you know, I hate sex, please!”

“Honey,” Jacqueline sighed, her young, thrusting tits pushing out at the front of her dress. “You gotta learn to please a man, you just gotta!”

She laughed mockingly and stroked the front of Melinda’s blouse, her finger running over Melinda’s luscious tits.

“Please, if it’s money you want, I can…”

“Honey, we got enough money. What the fuck do I want with money? No, I want you, honey. You’re beautiful. I wanna fuck you real bad, Hugh said I could.” Jacqueline’s fingers caressed Melinda’s tits.

Melinda squirmed, twisting away in horror. “No, no, I won’t! I don’t care what you do, I won’t!”

Then she screamed as she was grabbed from behind. The two men pulled her over to a rope that hung from the rafters. Melinda almost lost her mind, screaming and wailing, struggling for all she was worth as Richard held her arms and Hugh slipped thick leather bonds over her wrists.

“What are you doing! No, you can’t, no!” Jacqueline pulled on the other end of the rope and Melinda’s arms were hauled, up over her head until she almost hung from them, twisting on the rope, sobbing with terror.

“Please!” she wailed, but Jacqueline slid her hands over the front of her blouse again, reaching for her tits.

“Tell me how you want me to caress your tits.” Jacqueline smiled, playing with the top of Melinda’s blouse, opening the button.

“No!” Melinda screamed.

She kicked out at Jacqueline. But her tight skirt prevented her from getting much force in the blow and her foot grazed Jacqueline’s knee.

“Oh I see,” Jacqueline said, stepping back. “Better get her legs, darling.”

The two men grabbed her ankles and spread them.

Melinda screamed in rising terror, for, as her legs were spread apart, her tight leather skirt was forced up her thighs, showing more of her legs. Leather bonds were slipped around her ankles, the free ends lashed to ring-bolts in the floor. Melinda looked down. Her skirt was up almost to her stocking tops.

Then she saw that Jacqueline was undressing. The men were behind her, so Melinda couldn’t see how they reacted, but even in her terror she could see that Jacqueline had a great body, almost as good as hers.

The dress came off easily, revealing a pair of tits just a little smaller than Melinda’s, a waist just as tight, and an ass that swelled just as deliciously.

Jacqueline paraded around in a little white camisole top and tights, white stockings and opened-toed white high heels.

“You like my outfit?”

“Let me go!” Melinda screamed.

“Oh no, honey,” Jacqueline whispered. “You have to learn to behave and please men. That’s what we’re here for. You’re gonna be so grateful to us when we’ve finished.”

She came up and slid her hand under the stretched hem of Melinda’s skirt, over the top of Melinda’s thigh, moving closer to the tight crotch of her panties.

“No!” Melinda gasped, her face going white with horror.

Jacqueline’s fingers slid over Melinda’s panties, caressing the girl’s pussy through the thin material.

Melinda wailed, tossing on the rope, her shoulder-length brunette hair flicking in the air. Her thighs shuddered.

“Don’t you want me to touch your pussy?” Jacqueline teased, her swelling tits bobbing in her camisole.

“Leave me alone!” Melinda shrieked, trying helplessly to pull free of the bonds.


“Tell me how much you want me to touch your pussy,” Jacqueline crooned, moving her soft, sensual mouth closer to Melinda’s face.

“Let me go!” Melinda screamed, twisting on the ropes, body tense with disgust. But Jacqueline’s fingers still slid over her pussy, caressing her cunt through her tight black panties.

“Tell me,” Jacqueline whispered in Melinda’s ear, her lips brushing against Melinda’s cheek, gently kissing her.

“Let me go!”

Jacqueline smiled and her fingers came off Melinda’s pussy. Melinda sighed with relief. Jacqueline started sliding the tight leather dress farther up her thighs, revealing not only her stocking tops, but also her creamy white thighs and the lacy straps of her garter belt.

“No! What are you doing! Stop!” Melinda shrieked. “Let me go; stop!”

It came out of nowhere. There was a slight swishing sound and something lashed into Melinda’s ass like a red-hot iron. She jerked in disbelief, then screamed at the top of her lungs as a painful agony surged out of her ass.

“Stop, what are you — aaaghhh!” Melinda jerked.

Hugh stood there with a thin cane in his hand.

He grinned, then raised the cane, holding it over her ass.

“No, what are you — aaaggghhh!” Melinda screamed as Hugh lashed her asscheeks.

Her ass jerked, her legs strained at the bonds. Jacqueline smiled, still holding Melinda’s tight leather skirt up over her ass. “You have to learn, honey. Hugh punishes me like this when I’ve been bad, so you gotta learn to be good.”

“No!” Melinda screamed, jerking on the ropes in rising horror.

She screamed as Hugh whipped her again.

“Come on,” Jacqueline whispered, sliding her fingers back over Melinda’s pussy. “Tell me how you love to have me touch your cunt.”

“No, no!” Melinda saw the cane lashing in on her. “No, you — aagghhh!” Fresh agony burst in her ass. “Please, let me go! I won’t do it again! I won’t, I’ll — aaggghhh! I’ll pay all the money back, I will!”

Hugh laughed. “I want your ass, bitch, and I’m gonna have it, any way I want until I don’t want it any more!”

He whipped Melinda’s ass hard.

“And Richard’s gonna have you until he doesn’t want you any more,” Hugh said, lashing the screaming Melinda again. “And so is Jacqueline!”

“You can’t!” Melinda screamed in desperation. “They’ll come looking for me, they’ll get you!”

Another stroke of the cane whipped into her flesh, and she jerked. At the same time Jacqueline’s fingers worked over her pussy.

“We checked, you stupid bitch!” Hugh sneered and whipped Melinda again. “You work alone, there’s nobody to miss you, you lying cunt!”

He lashed again, and Melinda gyrated on the ropes, screaming her heart out, knowing she had been betrayed by her own greed.

“Tell me how you want to let me touch your pussy,” Jacqueline whispered, her mouth close to Melinda’s ear. “It’ll stop the pain. At least for the moment.”

Melinda could feel another welt of agony on her flesh. Her little panties were torn at one edge under the horrible beating.

“All right, you can!” she wailed. Even the horror of Jacqueline’s fingers on her cunt was better than the pain.

“There, see how easy it is.” Jacqueline cooed, working her hand underneath the skirt, sliding over the tight crotch of Melinda’s panties. “That’s better.”

Jacqueline rubbed her fingers over Melinda’s pussy, stroking her cunt expertly through the thin panties. Her mouth moved over Melinda’s face, kissing gently, until Melinda was groaning in horror.

“Please, no!” Melinda moaned, pulling at the ropes.

“Kiss me,” Jacqueline whispered, sliding her mouth closer to Melinda’s. “Kiss me, or you’ll get whipped again!”

Melinda couldn’t face another whipping. Her lips moved over Jacqueline’s mouth until the two of them were kissing gently, Jacqueline’s tongue flicking out over Melinda’s lips.

“Mmmnn, isn’t that nice?” Jacqueline’s tits pressed into Melinda’s swelling tit-mounds. “I love doing girls sometimes, don’t you?”

Her free hand moved over Melinda’s tits, stroking them as she undid the buttons of Melinda’s tight blouse.

“Wouldn’t you love it if I kissed your tits?” she asked.

Melinda was stunned. Jacqueline’s fingers caressed her pussy, and she kit strange tinglings from the contact.

“Please, no!” she moaned. “Please! I’m sorry for what I did!”

“Honey, you’re dry down here. You have to get wet for the men.” Her fingers pushed into Melinda’s panties and rasped over the dry bud of the girl’s clit. “So, maybe it’ll help if I kiss your tits.”

“No, please, it won’t!” Melinda sobbed.

Jacqueline started to slide Melinda’s skirt back up over her ass.

“No, no, please, not that — aaggghhh!” Melinda screamed as the cane lashed into her ass. She jerked her head around to see not only Hugh with the cane, but also Richard, sitting on a chair close by, grinning casually as he watched. “Please, stop, stop!”

“Say nice things to my wife, bitch!” Hugh snapped, lashing her ass again.

“Aaagghhh! Please! Kiss my tits!”

“There, you see how easy it is when you learn?” Jacqueline let the skirt slip slowly back down over Melinda’s crimson ass. She opened Melinda’s blouse.

Melinda sobbed and wept as her tight, sexy blouse was unbuttoned to the waist.

Still moving slowly, Jacqueline pulled the blouse out of the waistband of her leather skirt, then her hands caressed Melinda’s thrusting tits through her bra.

Melinda trembled as the two men came around to watch her humiliation.

“Nice tits.” Jacqueline remarked, her own tit-mounds heaving in her excitement. “Oh, darling, I’m getting real wet just looking at them!” She slid her hands around to the back of Melinda’s bra, reaching for the clasp. “Oooohhh, darling! I’m being so bad, getting all turned on by your tits!”

Melinda closed her eyes, as the cups of her little bra dropped away to reveal her luscious tits. Her tits were large, heavy, thrusting out, the areolas just a little darker than the creamy flesh surrounding them.

“Ohhhh!” Jacqueline gasped and ran her hands all over the thrusting tit-mounds. “Ohhh, you’re gonna love these, darling!”

“Yeah!” Hugh grinned, watching as Jacqueline slid her mouth over Melinda’s tits, kissing and licking as she went.

Melinda sobbed, her body trembling as Jacqueline’s mouth moved closer to her nipple. Jacqueline closed in on the bud, kissing it, then taking it right between her teeth and tongue rolling it.

“Ahhhh!” Melinda gasped, her eyes red with weeping.

Jacqueline sucked Melinda’s nipple harder while her fingers went back to Melinda’s pussy rubbing and caressing.

Melinda wept as Jacqueline sucked harder, beginning to bite at her nipples, her teeth gripping as she tongued the squirming nipple bud.

“Aahhh!” Melinda moaned, becoming rigid on the ropes, her arms straining and her luscious, stockinged legs trembling.

Pain gushed out of her tits as Jacqueline continued her caresses on Melinda’s pussy.

Jacqueline gave a sudden bite.

Melinda screamed.

Then Jacqueline was whispering in her ear.

“You still don’t get wet, honey. We have to teach you how to get wet for the men. You gotta learn to treat them right!”

“Stop it, no! Leave me alone!” Melinda screamed, pulling at the rope over her head, her hands twisting in desperation. “Please, please, let me go!”

“But you’ve got to learn to please men,” Jacqueline whispered, sliding around Melinda’s spread-eagled body, her fingers playing over Melinda’s tits. “We all have to learn how to please men.”

She was behind Melinda now, her hands playing over Melinda’s luscious tit-mounds, her legs spread as wide as Melinda’s were. She slid her mouth down the bound girl’s neck, kissing and nibbling at her skin.

“No, oh please!” Melinda gasped, her voice becoming hoarse, her whole body trembling with revulsion at the touch of another woman.

Richard appeared in front of her. He held the whip. Melinda had never seen anything like it. The whip had a short handle and many long knotted leather tails. The knots were shiny with use. She trembled.

“You have to learn to get wet for men.” Jacqueline pinched the girl’s nipples, her pussy pressing into Melinda’s ass.

Melinda could feel Jacqueline’s tits pressing into her back, and the feel of Jacqueline’s hot cunt against her injured ass was almost more than she could stand. Her ass was sore enough and the heat throbbing through Jacqueline’s tights was enough to make Melinda sick with horror.

“Oh, please, Richard, whip me too!” Jacqueline suddenly moaned, her fingers gripping Melinda’s nipples. “You know how bad I am, I need it too!”

She shoved her pussy against Melinda’s ass, pushing Melinda’s body until the girl was almost off-balance and even more weight came on her arms.

“Please, no!” Melinda’s arms ached. She stared at the whip in Richard’s hands.

He came forward, stroking the thick leather tails as he grinned at Jacqueline. “So, you want it too, huh, bitch?”

“Oh, yes, yes, Richard!” Jacqueline moaned. Her fingers tightened painfully on Melinda’s nipples.

“Kiss me!” Richard ordered.

Jacqueline reached for Richard’s head and pulled him down to her mouth. The two of them kissed in front of Melinda, their mouths locking, Jacqueline moaning with horrible, depraved desire. Melinda closed her eyes and struggled against the bonds that bit into her wrists and ankles.

“Okay, bitch.” Richard grinned as he pulled away from Jacqueline’s mouth. “Maybe you can share.”

“You bet I share!” Jacqueline twisted Melinda’s nipples again, running her hands over the girl’s swelling tit-mounds.

Richard looked at Melinda. “You know what this is?”

“N-no,” Melinda sobbed as the whip waved in front of her face.

“It’s called a cat. And it’s great for whipping pussies. It spreads pain all around.”

Melinda gasped. “W-whip my what?”

“Your pussy.” Richard grinned. “Right there, right between your lovely legs, whore. There!”

Melinda screamed in horrible loathing as he reached under the hem of her black skirt and ran his fingers over her panties. The contact made her cringe, her flesh crawling at the contact.

“No! Please!” she sobbed, the bile rising in her throat.

“Wow!” Richard said softly. “So why the fuck do you come on to men, huh?”

“I-I…” Melinda shook her head as his fingers played with the outer lips of her pussy.

“You wanna pay men back? Huh?”

His fingers probed her crotch, pushing at her clit and pussy entrance.

Melinda screamed, twisting at the ropes, her body repulsed by his touch. To add to her horror, Jacqueline was twisting her nipples harder, shoving her hot little cunt against Melinda’s shivering ass.

“Tell me why you hate men, whore,” Richard said, probing at Melinda’s fuck-hole entrance.

“Aahhh!” The horror of his fingers at her pussy-hole made her shudder as her head spun with pain.

Richard laughed and pulled back. “We’ll find out, whore. Maybe you’re a lezzie, huh?”

“Oooooh!” Jacqueline sighed. “I can have a real good time then, honey?”

Her body pulsated against Melinda’s back and ass.

Melinda began to cry, unable to speak she was so desperate and terrified.

Richard swung the cat slowly back and forth. Jacqueline’s body was pressing harder against Melinda’s, her hands gripping Melinda’s tits.

“Oh, yesss, Richard!” Jacqueline moaned. Her hands went down and eased Melinda’s tight black skirt up until it was around her waist. Then she slid her hands back to Melinda’s tits.

Melinda couldn’t believe what was happening. Her skirt was out of the way, revealing her black panties and her garter belt. In rising horror, she watched the cat circle slowly above Richard’s head, then trail against the floor. Then the tails were sweeping upward, right between her wide-spread legs. She screamed, trying to close her helpless thighs.

The cat-tails hit home, right on Melinda’s pussy and inner thighs. Behind her, Jacqueline moaned as the ends of the leather also beat in on her wide spread pussy.


The agony in her cunt almost drove Melinda out of her mind. She lurched, tossing wildly, her thighs aching, her pussy throbbing, her tits thrusting into Jacqueline’s clutching hands.

Jacqueline sighed in delight. “Oh, fuck, Richard, you’re the greatest! Do it again — ohhh!”

She pressed against Melinda’s body, Melinda’s nipples.

“Please, please, no — aaagghhh!” The cat-tails cracked between her thighs. Her black stockinged legs trembled as the cat struck home, lashing her pussy. “Oh God!”

Jacqueline gasped in pleasure, tightening her grip on Melinda’s nipples until the pain was almost as great as the agony between the bound girl’s thighs. Jacqueline trembled, her pussy spread for the cat, her thighs pushing Melinda forward as she took as much of the blow as she could.

“Oohhh, Richard, Richard!” Jacqueline moaned, twisting and jerking, her pussy pushing against Melinda’s ass. “Do it, darling! Do it to me! Whip me — whip meeee!”

Her mouth ran down Melinda’s neck, sending more shivers of horror through the bound girl.

Melinda’s horror grew as Jacqueline clutched her tits, twisting brutally. The cat lashed up into their open pussies again and again. The insides of Melinda’s thighs were already a crimson stain and the agony from her whipped pussy soared through her in horrible, shuddering waves. She screamed at each blow, jerking against the bonds.

“Yes!” Jacqueline screamed, losing control as the whip cut into her curd and ass.

Her fingers tightened on Melinda’s nipples. Her body shook and trembled. She screamed as Richard lashed them, the cat speeding up, lashing between their spread legs with greater power.

“Oohhh, fuck! Don’t you love it!” Jacqueline wailed, her mouth on Melinda’s neck, her hands going crazy on Melinda’s tits. “Do it, Richard! Do it to me! You know how bad I am! I deserve it, darling, I deserve it! Whip me, whip meeeee!”

Her fingers tore at Melinda’s nipple-buds.

Melinda was going out of her mind. She could feel a damp patch on Jacqueline’s panties as they rubbed against her ass. That alone sent her body shivering with horror as the wet patch spread over her ass. The agony soared from her pussy and from her tits, where Jacqueline’s fingernails were ripping at the soft flesh. Her screams echoed in the dungeon. Her body gyrated against the ropes.

“Ohhhh, darling, yes!” Jacqueline screeched, jerking her pussy against Melinda’s ass, her fingers gouging at Melinda’s nipples. Her hands pressed the soft flesh of the twin mounds, rubbing and squeezing. Her own tits rubbed hard against Melinda’s back. “Do it, Richard! I’m coming! Ohhhh, yes! I’m coming!”

The whip lashed down, then up, beating into Melinda’s pussy. She jerked on the ropes, twisting horribly, as her cunt was whipped raw. Behind her, Jacqueline went out of her mind as the passion overwhelmed her. Her mouth caressed Melinda’s neck. Her fingers worked the tight buds of the young girl’s nipples.

Melinda shuddered in revulsion, yet Jacqueline’s lips on her throat did more than send her spasming in disgust. There was a warmth and desire. Melinda moaned and, closed her eyes as her thighs trembled and the whipping crashed to a climax.

“Yesssss!” Jacqueline came, her body rocking and twisting out of control as the lust surged over her.

She gasped, twisting Melinda’s tits, her pussy sliding hard over Melinda’s ass as the climaxes rushed aver her. She fucked her pussy forward, pushing against Melinda.

Now Melinda’s pussy was being whipped with a vicious force as Richard lashed Jacqueline to the peak of orgasm.

“Yes, darling yes!” Jacqueline screeched, clutching Melinda hard. Her pussy rocked against Melinda’s ass in flowing waves of passion. “Ohhh, that was the best!”

Melinda sighed. The whipping had stopped. She moaned as the agony throbbed in her pussy and thighs.

Still murmuring with pleasure, Jacqueline slid her hand down Melinda’s leather dress and to the front of her panties.

“No, please, stop that!” Melinda whispered. Jacqueline caressed her pussy, sliding her fingers between her outer cuntlips.

“Oh, fuck, Richard, she’s still dry!” Jacqueline gasped. “Can you believe it? Fuck, oh well, you can teach her to suck, I’ll get her wet.”

She giggled and pulled away from Melinda, giving her a final kiss on the back.

Melinda knew that her horror had only just begun as she saw Hugh wheeling a strange piece of apparatus toward her. It was a set of bars that could be cranked and moved into many positions. There were padded pieces on it and a great many straps.

Hugh terrified her. He had changed, taken off his clothes and was wearing nothing but a black robe. As he pushed the apparatus, she could see his cock. And it was enormous. Just the sight of his cock made her feel sick once again.

Then she moaned and shuddered as Hugh pushed the apparatus against her spread body. One of the padded bars hit her just below the waist. Hugh flicked a handle and the wheels clicked up, the legs bit into the floor and it was fixed in place, pushing hard against Melinda’s pussy mound. She moaned, terrified about what might be coming next.

Then, as she pulled desperately on the ropes, she found that they were slackening.

Hugh grabbed the ropes and pulled the sobbing Melinda face-down over the bar.

“You can’t do this!” Melinda sobbed, lurching over the bar, her back aching with the strain.

Her luscious tits heaved out of her open blouse and hanging bra and she could see Hugh’s eyes on them as he worked on her wrist bonds.

“Let me go!” Melinda wailed, trying to pull herself upright as soon as her hand was free.

She grabbed one of the bars, but Richard grabbed her wrist. Without a handhold, Melinda was helpless, all her weight placed on the bar.

Hugh slipped new bonds over her wrists and pulled her arms out to the far ends of the apparatus. He bound them there, pulling on her wrists until Melinda moaned with pain. She was now bent at a right angle over the bar, her tits swinging free, her legs straining?

Then the whole scene took another step into depravity.

Jacqueline sank to her knees in front of her husband and slid her hand into the opening of his robe. Pouting at Melinda, she eased her hand out again, holding a hunk of male cock that caused Melinda to turn her head away, her eyes closing in horror.

There had to be nearly a foot of cock-meat there, Melinda was sure. Hugh’s cock was so thick she knew it was too big to get into her little cunt. She sobbed and her head sank down, tears rolling over her cheeks.

“Look at it, bitch!” Richard snapped, lashing Melinda across the ass with the cat.

“Aaaghhh!” Melinda screamed. Her head jerked up.

Richard smiled. “Don’t let me see you do that again!”

Jacqueline ran her hand over the massive length of her husband’s cock.

“Now you learn how to please men, you little whore,” she purred.

She slid her mouth down the throbbing length of Hugh’s fuck-rod, her lips dragging on the hard flesh, her tongue flicking over it, tracing a line of saliva over the thick prick.

“Ooohhh, you gotta learn to love cock, bitch!” she sighed. “You gotta learn.”

Then, as Melinda stared in unbelieving horror, Jacqueline slid her mouth over the top of his cockhead, taking it in, filling her mouth with the massive thickness. She gurgled with passion, her mouth moving gently up and down on the shaft, bobbing, as she sucked her husband’s massive fucker.

Melinda broke into sobs of horror. No matter how hard they whipped her, she knew she could never do that. She would rather die than take a man’s cock in her mouth! Her legs trembled against the bonds that held them so wide open and her ass jerked, red and sore from the whipping.

Jacqueline’s mouth cased back up Hugh’s cock as he stood there, his arms folded, his eyes on Melinda.

“You thought you could take me for ten thousand, bitch. Now I’m gonna take ten thousand out of you. One fuck at a time.” Hugh laughed and slid his cock deeper into Jacqueline’s sucking mouth. “How much you think you’re worth for each fuck, huh, whore?”

Melinda sobbed.

Hugh laughed.

The cat lashed her ass, and her head jerked up, her eyes running tears.

“Watch, bitch!” Richard snapped, lashing her ass again, just for fun.

“Aggghhh!” Melinda wept, her whole body aching with pain.

Jacqueline slid her lips back to the tip of Hugh’s cock, running her mouth over it, her fingers playing with his hard flesh. “You’re gonna suck this, whore!”

“No, please, I can’t stand men!” Melinda begged. “I get sick, I mean real sick!”

“Then you’re gonna get real sick,” Jacqueline purred. She grinned wickedly at Melinda. “You behave and you have all the pussy you want, bitch. But you learn to please men first.”

She worked her mouth on Hugh’s prickhead for a moment, then pulled back and slid, her tongue over the hard flesh.

Melinda felt the vomit rising in her throat at the thought of having a man’s cock in her mouth, but the cat lashed her ass and she jerked wildly, sobbing with pain.

“Beg to suck cock!” Richard lashed at Melinda again.

The cat-tails bit into her ass, then into her pussy, sending Melinda jerking and screaming on the bar. She stared at Hugh’s prick as it fucked in and out between Jacqueline’s lips. She knew she would rather die than do that.

“No, please, don’t hurt me! I just can’t do it!”

“Oh, little whore,” Jacqueline admonished, puffing Hugh closer to the struggling Melinda. “She promises everything, and delivers zilch!” She filled her mouth with Hugh’s cockhead for a moment, then eased back. “If you don’t suck him soon, bitch, I’m gonna bring him off. Then you get whipped until you bring him off. And, fuck, I tell ya, bitch, the second time Hugh takes a hell of a long time to come.”

Jacqueline breathed deeply, moaning over the hard cock. She began kissing and licking Hugh’s cock.

“Shit, he can fuck me to jelly before he comes a second time, and you don’t know how long it takes to fuck me to jelly! Don’t risk it, it’ll be too painful, suck it now!” Jacqueline gurgled with passion and slid her mouth back over Hugh’s prickhead, her mouth full of his cock.

“Well, bitch, you ready to suck cock?” Richard demanded.

“Aaggghhh! Please, no!” Melinda screamed. “Beg me, bitch, I wanna hear you beg!” Richard yelled, lashing Melinda for all he was worth.

“Aaagghhh! No, please, I can’t — no! Aagghhh, please!” Melinda wept as her ass was whipped again, the cat-tails lashing into her flesh, shredding her panties. Her asscheeks clutched and throbbed as the cat whipped her, the pain pulsating all over her bound body. “Please, not that, please!”

Richard lashed her ass harder, the strokes coming faster.

She stared at Jacqueline running her mouth all over the massive bulge of Hugh’s cock. Hugh stood there as if he didn’t care what his wife did, but his cock was throbbing in her mouth and even Melinda could see that his cock would soon shoot masses of white cum. Then the horror would be even worse for her, she knew that.

“Beg us!”

“No, no, I can’t, no!” Melinda screamed, jerking wildly on the bar. “I’d rather die!”


But, in truth, she was weakening. The pain was getting worse with each stroke of the cat, taking her ever closer to the breaking point. The tails of the cat were also lashing into her pussy.

“Beg us!” Richard yelled, lashing Melinda hard, the tails whipping into her beaten ass and her pussy.

“No! Please, please!” Melinda screamed, staring at the enormous length of Hugh’s cock as it slid between Jacqueline’s lips, moving into her welcoming throat.

Jacqueline was making a special effort to give Hugh a good time, her lips closing tightly on his cock as it sank into the back of her throat, her mouth working over his hard flesh. Her fingers fondled his balls, caressing them gently.

Melinda took another lash on her ass, begging them to stop. But she could see that Hugh was beginning to react to his wife’s sucking. His eyes were closed as he fucked his cock at her mouth. He gave a low groan, and Melinda knew she had to act fast.

The surges of pain overwhelmed her.

“All right, I’ll do it!” she wailed.

“Beg us!” Richard yelled, then lashed Melinda’s ass again.

“No, please, don’t make me do that!”

“Beg us!” Richard yelled, the cat lashing Melinda’s panties to shreds. The material of her panties was frayed and slowly tearing open under the knotted whip tails.

“Uuurrrh, no!” Melinda wailed, staring at Jacqueline’s mouth moving over the throbbing pole of Hugh’s cock.

Jacqueline worked her mouth to the tip of Hugh’s prick.

Melinda writhed, moaning and shuddering in pain.

“Beg us, bitch!” Jacqueline hissed. “Or I’ll suck this right down my throat and bring him off inside five seconds, he’s so hot. I can do it, bitch, believe me! I know my husband’s cock! And then I’ll help them whip the shit outa you! Beg bitch, it’s your last chance.”

Melinda could feel the caress of the whip tails on her ass, dragging slowly over her flesh. She could also see the turgid mass of Hugh’s fucker fucking between Jacqueline’s lips and she knew that Jacqueline wasn’t bragging. She really could suck that hunk of fuck meat off in five seconds.

“Please, Richard, let me do it!” she moaned. “Say it, whore, say it!” Jacqueline hissed, going down on Hugh’s cock.

“Ohhh, please, please!” Melinda moaned.

“All right, please let me, let me… let me suck his cock!”

“That’s better,” Jacqueline cooed, pulling away from Hugh’s prick and standing up. “Wasn’t that easy?”

Hugh moved up to the sobbing Melinda, his cock in his hand. “I know you, cunt. You waited as long as you could so I’d come fast, right?”

“No, honest, I didn’t — I just can’t suck cock!” Melinda wept.

“Bullshit!” Hugh snarled. His cock slapped hard against Melinda’s face.

“Ahhh.” Melinda moaned.

“But, if I just slap you around a bit with it, I come down again,” Hugh said, smacking his massive cock into Melinda’s face, first from one side, then the other.

Melinda moaned, her head starting to ring with pain as the thick hunk of cock slapped her face.

“So I can enjoy you sucking me!” Hugh added, slapping Melinda’s face with his cock a few more times, the sharp sound of flesh on flesh ringing off the walls. He chuckled, drops of pre-cum juice flicking off his piss-slit and onto Melinda’s cheeks. “That’s better.”

He held his cock and ran it over Melinda’s trembling lips.

“Now, you put that mouth to some good use, bitch,” he growled, his hard cock-flesh rubbing over Melinda’s lips.

Melinda was shivering with horror at the feel of the pre-cum juice on her cheeks, and she felt like throwing up with Hugh’s cockhead in her mouth.

Sobbing with pain and shame, she slowly opened her luscious, sensual lips and let a man’s cock slide between them for the first time in her life.

“Yeah!” Hugh sighed as Melinda’s luscious, pouting lips slid over his cockhead. “Suck it, you little cunt!”

He gripped Melinda’s hair and shoved his cock deeper into her mouth, then let it ease back until the bound girl’s sobbing lips were just running over his swollen cock-tip.

“You tried to fuck with me, you bitch!” he growled. “Now you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna get more than, you bargained for, you little cunt!” He pulled his cock out and slapped Melinda across the face with it again. “Beg for it, cunt! Beg to suck my cock!”

“Oh, please, no! Please, let me suck your cock!” Melinda wailed, sobbing loudly as she took another slap on the face from the massive hunk of his cock-meat. “Please, I’ll be good, I will! Let me suck your cock!”

“Sure, bitch!” Hugh snarled. He slapped Melinda with his cock, shoving his rigid prick at her face. “Beg!”

“Please, please!” Melinda whimpered, taking another slap of Hugh’s cock in her face. “Please, let me suck your cock, I want to so badly!”

She moaned as Hugh heaved a great shuddering high and shoved his cock back between her lips, sliding it in until it filled her mouth and she had to breathe through her nose. She hung over the bar, her arms and legs stretched badly, all her muscles aching as she sucked on Hugh’s massive fucker.

Then Jacqueline was kneeling beside Melinda, her fingers playing over the seven or eight inches of Hugh’s cock that was outside her lips.

“I’m gonna show you how to take all of it,” Jacqueline whispered, sliding her fingers over Hugh’s balls, stroking them softly. “That’s the way to really please a man — take his cock right down your throat, you know that?”

Melinda’s eyes widened as she stared down at the frightening length of cock still outside her mouth. The idea that she could ever suck all of it was incredible. She would choke first. But Hugh kept his cock pushed right between her lips and there was nothing she could say.

“I’m gonna get you wet, cunt!” Jacqueline stroked Melinda’s tits. “And, when you’re wet, both the guys are gonna fuck you, got that?”

Melinda moaned and sucked at the enormous cockhead in her mouth, her mind spinning with horror. She shivered with deep terror at the thought of taking a cock up her cunt. All her fear of men rushed over her and she gasped, her head falling onto Hugh’s cock until it rammed at her throat and she choked.

Hugh laughed and rammed his cock in again, filling Melinda’s mouth, his cockhead pushing at the entrance of her throat. Once again, Melinda gagged, her stomach heaving desperately.

“Fuck!” he gasped. “I’ve a good mind to train the bitch to take it now!”

“Come on, darling, leave something for later,” Jacqueline crooned, caressing his balls, hex fingers drawing a groan of lust from him.

“Think of the fun, getting her better trained each day.”

“Yeah,” he growled, “but right now I wanna shoot ail over her fucking face, the cunt!”

“Go ahead, darling, do what you like with the bitch.” Jacqueline smiled. “I’m gonna have my fun.”

She disappeared and Melinda was left with her mouth full of Hugh’s cock. Her lovely brunette hair was tangled, hanging in strands over her face.

Hugh’s growls of lust got louder as he rammed his cock in and out between her sucking lips, his cock getting even harder as she sucked it.

“Fuck, bitch, you like cum on your face?” He gripped her hair, running his cockhead over her lips.

“Please, go! Please, not that!” Melinda wept, her lips sliding over his hard cock-flesh.

“Wrong answer, bitch, whip her!”

“Oh, no, please, I love — aaagghhh!” Melinda screamed as the cat lashed across her asscheeks. “Please, yes, I love it!”

Melinda shuddered at the thought of having cum all over her face.

“Maybe,” Hugh said thoughtfully, enjoying every jerk of Melinda’s terrible humiliation.

“Maybe I’ll just ram it down your throat and shoot it all there!”

His ass hunched as he fucked his rock-hard prick deep in Melinda’s mouth.

Melinda gurgled and sucked, her body heaving on the bar, her ass ringing from the beat of the cat.

“Whaddaya think?” Hugh pulled his cock back, running it over Melinda’s lips once more while he held her hair.

“Please, what do you mean?” Melinda sobbed.

“Shoot in your throat, or over your face?” Hugh teased, slapping Melinda with his cock.

“Whichever you want!” Melinda wailed, tears running down her cheeks.

“Wrong answer, bitch, you gotta choose!”

“No, please — aagghhh!” Melinda screamed as the cat lashed her ass. “Shoot over my face! Please, shoot over my face!”

“No, I think I’ll shoot in your throat, so that was the wrong answer too, bitch!” Hugh yelled, his cock fucking faster in her mouth, the enormous prick swelling harder each moment.

“No, please — aaagghhh! Please, yes, shoot in my throat!” Melinda screeched, her ass ringing with pain.

“No, changed my mind. That was the wrong answer, you stuck-up, cock-teasing bitch!” Hugh bellowed, his prick running over Melinda’s lips as he held his cockshaft, working it savagely.

“Please, no — uurrggghhh!” Melinda screamed as another savage blow of the cat lashed her ass. “Just tell me what you want and I’ll beg for it!”

“I wanna shoot while they whip your ass, bitch!” Hugh yelled. “Now beg for that! Yeah, beg for that!”

He thrust his cock into Melinda’s mouth, filling it with hot meat for an instant while the helpless girl screamed and sobbed.

“Well?” He pulled his cock out, running it over Melinda’s nose.

Melinda burst into harder sobs, knowing she was trapped. The cock pushed at her mouth again for a moment before Hugh pulled back and let the hard flesh slide over her lips.

“Come on, cunt. You said you’d beg for it. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry, cunt, you’ll be sorry!”

“Oh, please, have mercy!” Melinda begged, straining helplessly against the bonds. “I-I didn’t do anything this bad, really I didn’t!”

“Oh, no, bitch?” Hugh snarled, his cock throbbing at her lips. “You wanted to ruin me, take every fucking penny I got, right?”

“No, it wasn’t like that, it was — aaagghhh!” This time the cat lashed deep between her thighs, biting into her pussy. “Yes, yes! That’s what I was trying to do!”

“So you deserve to be whipped and raped, right?” Hugh snarled, his voice hoarse with lust.

Melinda closed her eyes, her lips running over the huge head of Hugh’s cock. “Yes, I deserve to be whipped and raped!”

“So, beg me to do it!” Hugh growled, his cock punching at Melinda’s mouth.

“Please, whip me, rape me!” Melinda whimpered, breathing over the hot cock at her lips.

“Yeah now we understand each other.” Hugh plunged his cock back into Melinda’s mouth.

Melinda screamed as the cat whipped her ass, beating another set of agonizing lines into her flesh. The tips of the knotted tails beat into her pussy, fraying her black panties and adding to her helpless pain. She knew now that her only chance was to suck Hugh off fast and stop the whipping. Her mouth worked on his cockhead with all the power she could muster while her screams beat out around the cock each time the cat lashed her ass.


Hugh gripped Melinda’s hair, ramming his cock to the entrance of her throat and holding it there. His ass jerked, and Melinda knew his rage and lust were bringing him close to shooting. The cat lashed her ass, pussy and thighs, and she screamed around the massive cock. She jerked helplessly on the bar, her legs trembling as they tried to pull clear of the bonds.

Melinda shuddered, the pain soaring through her in a suddenly different way. It was agonizing, but there was a warmth to it, a cleansing warmth. She screamed, her head bobbing up and down on the massive rod of Hugh’s cock, taking it deeper than she’d managed to do before.

“Fuuuuck, yeah, here it comes, bitch!” Hugh bellowed, his ass jerking wildly as his cock fucked faster into Melinda’s trembling throat. “Whip her, Richard. I wanna see her ass jerk. I wanna hear her scream!”

The cat lashed her ass mercilessly, beating into her flesh. Her mouth was sore as she felt his cock throb with the cum rushing out of his balls. Her body jerked against the bar.

“Ohhh, fuck, this is good! This is good!” The cum rushed up his cockshaft, heading right for Melinda’s mouth. “You take it, bitch, and there’s a lot more where that came from — a hell of a lot more! Yeahhh!”

Melinda felt his cock harden as the cum surged up its length. Her tongue ran over the swelling tube on the underside of his massive prick as the hot streams of jizz shot upward, right to the back of her throat.

The cat lashed her ass, and a strange new warmth churned in her guts along with the agony. Hugh’s grip on her hair was steel hard as he fucked her face, and a sudden jet of horrible-tasting white cum burst into her sucking mouth.

It was hot, sticky, disgusting.

Melinda almost choked as she tried not to swallow it, but a second jet burst into her mouth and the jizz backed up, filling her cheeks.

“Yeah, yeah!” he roared, pumping cum into Melinda’s mouth, his cock trembling, forcing his shooting cock deeper into her choking throat. “Ohhh, fuck! Take it, bitch! You owe me!”

Cum flooded Melinda’s mouth. She gasped, jizz cream dribbling out of her mouth and back over the shaft of his jerking fuck-rod.

“Swallow it, cunt, or you’ll lick it off the floor!” Hugh roared, his cock spewing more jizz. “Come on, swallow it all!”

With a roar of lust he shoved his still-spurting cock into Melinda’s throat, plunging it deeper than ever before.

Melinda’s throat spasmed as Hugh’s cock filled it. She thought she was going to vomit on his shooting fucker, but the cat lashed her ass — more pain roared through her, opening her throat wide. She took another inch of prick and a massive spurt of cum.

Hugh groaned with the force of his ejaculation, then he hauled his cock back, right out of her mouth. He held it an inch from her lips. A hot stream of jizz gushed out of his piss-slit and splattered all over Melinda’s mouth.

“Beg for it, bitch! Beg for it!”

“Please — aaahhh! Please, shoot on my face!” Melinda screamed, taking another stream of hot goo over her mouth and chin. “Ohhhh, God!”

She moaned as his cock splattered more sticky, gooey cum on her checks, then she saw his piss-slit aiming right at her eyes.

“No!” she wailed, but there seemed to be no end to the amount of cum in Hugh’s balls. More white fuck juice gushed into her eyes, stinging horribly before she got them closed and managed to take the next shots over her closed eyelids. Her rushing tears washed the cum out fast, but Hugh held his cock over her face, shooting cum for what seemed like an hour.

The horror and shame were so terrible that Melinda hardly noticed the cat lashing her ass with each shot of cum-cream that gushed onto her face.

Her screams of pain opened her mouth, allowing more of the hot spunk to spew between her lips.

Finally the stream of jizz juice slowed. Hugh gave a growl of satisfaction, pushing his cock back into her mouth to make her take the last dribbles of juice that ran out of his cock-slit.

The whipping stopped.

Melinda was still sucking on Hugh’s cock, tasting the sticky, salty cum that oozed into her mouth. She felt throbs of agony in her ass and pussy.

“Yeah, not bad, whore. We gotta do that again!” Hugh said with a chuckle. He pulled his cock out of Melinda’s mouth, slid it over her face and picked up some of the gobs of cockcream. “Yeah, kiss it, whore, kiss it and say thank you!”

“Thank you!” Melinda moaned as his massive cockhead slid back into her mouth and she sucked more cum off it.

“Want more? There’s lots of it.”

“Yes, please,” Melinda sobbed.

Hugh slid his cock back over her face, taking up more cum and sliding it into her mouth. He kept that up for several minutes while Melinda cried, sucking up most of the jism that clung to his cock. It was horrible enough that she had to do that, but there was something else that made her guts quake.

Hugh’s cock got a little softer, just starting to droop in her mouth. But then it got hard again, swelling in her sucking mouth until it was just as hard as before.

Melinda sobbed, for she knew that his cock was ready to fuck her again. Dimly she wondered how many times Hugh could fuck and get hard again like that. Each time meant more suffering for her.

“You want her?” Hugh asked.

“Sure, that looked pretty good,” Richard replied. “Then we can set her up for some real fucking.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna ball the bitch raw!” Hugh pulled his cock out of Melinda’s mouth. He gave her a final slap across the face with it, then went to one of the chairs and sat down.

Melinda felt hands running over her sore ass. She knew it was Jacqueline. Melinda moaned, wondering what the blonde bitch would do to her next.

Jacqueline caressed between Melinda’s thighs and over her pussy, feeling, probing.

Suddenly Jacqueline gave a squeal of surprise. “Fuck, she’s getting damp!”

Hugh chuckled. “Maybe she’s into sucking cock after all.”

Jacqueline’s fingers probed at her pussy, then she slid a finger into Melinda’s cunt and it went in easily, sliding in on the juices that had started to flow.

Melinda twisted as sparks of excitement pulsed from her cunt-walls.

“Hey, you a virgin?” Jacqueline asked, sliding her finger deeper into Melinda’s pussy.

“No!” Melinda sobbed, her face going red with shame.

“How many men have been up here, huh, bitch?” Jacqueline shoved another finger into Melinda’s cunt.

“Just one!” Melinda wailed.

“So why do you hate men so much, huh?”

“I-I don’t know!” Melinda shuddered, her pussy throbbing as Jacqueline’s skillful fingers worked her fuck-hole.

“I reckon the whip’ll help you remember,” Jacqueline said, her fingers spreading Melinda’s cunt. “You know how Richard loves to use the cane.”

“No, please, it was all, all — aagghhh!” Melinda jerked as Richard lashed the cane against her ass, beating her flesh, while Jacqueline’s fingers twisted in her cunt and set off a spasm of strange feelings. “No, it was because he stood me up! He fucked me and left me, that was all he wanted!”

“Ah,” Jacqueline said, her fingers still rolling in Melinda’s cunt. “Did you come when he fucked you?”

“No!” Melinda sobbed, her head down, hoping that Jacqueline wouldn’t make her tell everything about the degrading fuck — the couple of strokes, the groan and the cum in her cunt.

Jacqueline chuckled and slapped her ass. “These two bastards’ll make you come, you’ll see.”

Then Richard was at her face. He too had changed into a robe. But this one was already open and his cock thrust out at Melinda’s mouth. Melinda couldn’t decide if it was bigger than Hugh’s, or about the same size, but it sent the same shivers through her.

Richard slid his hand into her hair and pushed his cock at her mouth. Melinda took it in, sucking gently on his huge prick-head.

Jacqueline’s fingers ran into Melinda’s panties, pulling the thin crotch out until the tiny briefs strained. “Are you gonna behave, cunt, or do I have to whip your ass again?”

Melinda moaned around Richard’s cock which still filled her mouth, her head bobbing in an attempt to tell Jacqueline that she’d do what they wanted.

Jacqueline laughed. She ripped at Melinda’s panties. The tight garment was already badly frayed and it ripped apart at once, tearing right across the back. Jacqueline tore the panties away and slid her hand into the deep crack of Melinda’s whipped ass.

Melinda cringed as she felt Jacqueline’s fingers probe at her asshole, then push back down to her cunt. She shivered, her mouth sucking at Richard’s cock, her arms still pulling helplessly at the bonds.

Jacqueline felt the full length of Melinda’s legs. “Shit, Hugh, she’s sure built. No wonder you wanted to fuck the bitch!”

Hugh laughed.

Jacqueline slid to her knees behind the still sobbing, heaving Melinda.

Melinda had her mouth full of Richard’s cock and hardly noticed anything until Jacqueline’s lips ran over her ass. Then she jerked, her mouth almost puffing off Richard’s prick.

“No!” she gasped. “Ohhhh!”

Richard gripped her hair and pulled her head up. “What did you say, cunt?”

“Nothing, nothing!” Melinda wailed, her ass trembling as Jacqueline’s mouth ran over it, kissing and licking.

“Tell Jacqueline that if she really licks your pussy and ass and makes you come, she can whip you!” Richard snarled, his cock bobbing at Melinda’s lips.

It was almost a relief for Melinda. She knew she wasn’t going to come, whatever they did to her.

“Yes, yes!” she screamed. “Yes, if Jacqueline makes me come, she can whip me! Please, Jacqueline, please do it!”

Richard laughed, then slid his cock back into Melinda’s mouth, letting her suck on it while he leaned on the bars of the apparatus. He thrust his cock into her mouth, but not too hard. It filled her mouth, the massive cock sliding steadily between her sucking lips.

Every fiber of her body was shuddering at what Jacqueline was doing to her ass. Jacqueline’s soft mouth ran over her whipped ass-flesh, kissing gently, her tongue flicking out, licking the welts and deep red points where the knots of the cat had landed. Shivers of horror made Melinda feel deeply disgusted with herself for giving into Jacqueline’s demands.

But Jacqueline’s mouth also felt terribly exciting. Very slowly, Jacqueline slid her fingernails over the crimson-red whip marks on Melinda’s ass, scraping slowly, digging in a little, then a little harder.

“Uurrhhh!” Melinda sobbed as shudders of passion poured out of the contact of Jacqueline’s long fingernails on her whipped ass.

Jacqueline dug harder, scraping over the curves of her ass while kissing gently.

Melinda’s moans got louder, and her head pumped harder on Richard’s cock, taking it right to the entrance of her throat. Her pussy spasmed as Jacqueline’s fingernails scraped closer to the sensitive flesh of her pussy lips.

Melinda’s head spun. Her head started bobbing faster, her mouth sucking at the massive head of Richard’s cock.

Jacqueline played with Melinda’s pussy, then her sharp fingernails were raking over Melinda’s ass and inner thighs, moving closer to her pussy, then away again, back up the curves of her tight, shuddering asscheeks. Her mouth continued its slow kissing and licking on the crimson flesh while she moved both her hands to Melinda’s asscheeks were far too strong. Her pussy spasmed, even as Jacqueline’s tongue slid down the crack of her ass and flicked into the opening of her fuck channel. Her legs trembled, struggling to get free, but all she could do was jerk her ass up for Jacqueline’s mouth, demanding more tonguing in a haze of terrible shame.

Richard smiled as he lifted Melinda’s head up and stared into her eyes. “Coming, bitch?”

Melinda wept and moaned, keeping her eyes away from his, her head spinning with horrible lust. His massive cock bumped against her mouth and she felt another burst of shame as she realized she wanted it, wanted the massive thick prick in her mouth.

Jacqueline licked over her slit, and Melinda shuddered with horrible, depraved lust.

Richard laughed again, pushing Melinda’s mouth back on his cock. She groaned as she took it in, letting the enormous thick cockhead slide into her throat with no resistance at all. Melinda’s throat spasmed around his prick-meat.

“Suck it, whore, suck it all out!” Richard’s ass was jerking as he forced his cock to the depths of Melinda’s spasming throat.

Melinda sucked, her mind spinning out of control. She felt Jacqueline’s tongue on her pussy, driving the pulses of lust out of the hard bud of her clit. Melinda felt her pussy was oozing juices, something it had never done before and that made her feel ashamed too. But the terrible passion overwhelmed any pain or shame. Her ass jerked. She knew she was coming, her body was controlled by Jacqueline and her expert mouth.

“You want her to come when you do?” Jacqueline yelled, licking Melinda’s asscheeks.

“Oh, yeah, honey, you can do that?” Richard gasped, his cock swelling in Melinda’s throat.

“I got the bitch, she’ll do what I say now!” Jacqueline grinned, digging her nails into Melinda’s ass, pulling the girl’s whipped asscheeks even farther open. “Just say when, honey, enjoy, take your time!”

She ran her tongue down the crack of Melinda’s ass, licking the tight ring of muscles.

Melinda screamed as Jacqueline’s tongue dug into her shit-pit. She writhed, but Jacqueline pulled back, teasing her, her tongue caressing her asscheeks, moving down again for a taste of the tight hole of her pussy.

Melinda was eager for the release that Jacqueline could give her any time. Her mouth plunged down on Richard’s cock, taking more and more of the massive shaft each time. Dimly she realized that more than three quarters of the meat was in her mouth. Her throat bulged and throbbed, working over the ball of his cockhead, driving up and down like a piston.

“Yeah! Oh fuck!” Richard yelled, his ass hunching as he fucked his cock into the depths of Melinda’s throat. “Nearly there, Jacqueline! Fuck, this is good, this is the best!”

His cock jerked in Melinda’s throat, throbbing as the cum rushed round in his balls.

Melinda could feel Richard’s cock swelling and jerking in her throat. She knew he was going to shoot, and the memory of the horrible spouts of Hugh’s cum almost made her gag.

Jacqueline’s tongue was delving into her pussy and the shock of pleasure soared over Melinda, making her feel helpless. Her thighs trembled, straining to open farther, to allow Jacqueline’s tongue to get deeper. Melinda wept, her throat sucking at the thick cock, her arms pulling at the bonds.

“Ohhh, fuck! Yeah, here it comes, Jacqueline!” Richard yelled, his cock churning in Melinda’s throat. “Make her come, honey! I wanna feel the bitch come as she swallows my jizz.” His cock throbbed to the beat of the hot streams of cum bursting out of his balls and rushing up his cockshaft.


Melinda jerked on the ropes, knowing she was about to get another mouthful of fuck juice. She tried to struggle, to pull away, but Jacqueline’s mouth pinned her ass. Fingers dug deep into Melinda’s asscheeks. Her tongue fucked into Melinda’s spasming slit-pit. This time Jacqueline dug in and churned her tongue around, licking Melinda’s spasming shitter walls.

“Aagghhh!” Melinda screamed as a depraved rush of passion burst out of her anal walls. With her mouth taking the whale of Richard’s cock in, her lips were wrapped around his prick-base, her throat throbbing, as incredible waves of climax rushed over her. Nothing could stop her orgasm. It pulsated, burst, rang through her head with explosions of the most disgusting satisfaction. Her ass heaved back at Jacqueline’s mouth while the blonde stabbed her fingernails into her ass flesh and licked deep into her shitter.

Richard gasped as the stream of cum burst from his piss-slit, spewing deep in Melinda’s throat.

“Suck it, whore, suck it all down!” he yelled, then rammed his cock deep, gasping as the come rushed from his fucker.

Melinda felt the gush of cum in her throat.

Her orgasm made her shudder, made her throat suck at his jerking cockhead, milking the salty white jizz out of his balls.

Spunk backed up into her mouth as Richard yelled, his cock going wild in her throat. She tasted the goo as more eruptions of orgasm hit her.

Then, as Melinda’s moaning mouth worked up and down on Richard’s fucker, Jacqueline slowly dug her fingernails in deep, until she had a fierce grip on Melinda’s ass.

Melinda felt the arrows of pain digging into her ass. Jacqueline’s nails dug in, probing into the sore spots, digging deeper.

Melinda’s legs spasmed in the bonds, straining, as Jacqueline’s mouth ran over her ass, softly kissing her flesh. Melinda sucked Richard’s cock, her tongue flicking against the hard flesh, her throat starting to spasm as the hard cockhead pushed at her throat.

Then Jacqueline spread the cheeks of Melinda’s ass wide apart. Melinda gave a scream of horror and pain as the deep crack of her ass was revealed and the tight hole of her shit-pit.

Jacqueline held them open, her mouth moving over the swelling flesh, drawing closer and closer to Melinda’s asshole and pussy.

Melinda felt Jacqueline’s mouth moving into her asscrack, licking toward her pussy. Her screams vibrated Richard’s cock as her head pumped up and down. She knew better than to pull her mouth off his cock.

Melinda licked at the cum on her lips, taking the thick globs in and swallowing them while she sucked at Richard’s cockhead. He held her mouth to his cock-tip, shooting over her lips, then spewing into her mouth as the hot streams of jizz pulsed out of his throbbing balls.

“Come on, bitch, tell us what it’s like to come!” he roared.

Melinda shuddered, her pussy and ass erupting with passion under Jacqueline’s skillful work.

“No, no!” she moaned, taking another shot of jism in her mouth. She licked it up, taking more as it shot out of his cockslit. At least the force of the cum-shots had diminished, though there seemed to be a jot pouring into her mouth. She swallowed thick strings of cum as the spasms of climax rushed out of her pussy and ass.

“Tell me, bitch, what’s it feel like?” Richard demanded, pushing his cock back into Melinda’s mouth for a moment, pouring cum over her tongue.

“No, no, please, no!” Melinda sobbed, her body wracked with orgasms, her mouth full of cum.

She swallowed more jizz. Finally the stream from Richard’s cock slowed. Dribbles of jizz ran out of his piss-slit and over her tongue and lips while he held her head and watched, gasping with satisfaction.

“You said Jacqueline could whip you if you came.”

“I didn’t come!” Melinda wailed, her clit throbbing again as Jacqueline licked her tongue around the tight bud and then into her fuck-hole.

“Lying bitch!” Richard snarled, pushing his cock back into Melinda’s throat for a moment. “You came, whore! You came like a fucking freight train!”

“No!” Melinda wailed, her mouth sliding over his cockhead.

“You shit, you’ll pay for that!” Richard snapped. “Now Jacqueline gets to do what the fuck she likes with you.” He ran his cock over Melinda’s lips once more and pulled it away, smacking her across the face with it. “You wait, whore!”

Jacqueline licked her clit, and Melinda spasmed again, coming helplessly in front of them all.

“Bitch!” Richard said, then sat down, waiting along with Hugh.

Jacqueline stopped her work on Melinda and stood up, digging her nails into Melinda’s ass one more time.

“My turn now,” she said brightly, coming around to Melinda’s face and grinning at the helplessly bound girl. “Now we can do this easy or hard, it’s up to you. You do as I say and take your punishment and it won’t go too badly. You fuck me around and I’ll double everything. And then, bitch, I’ll have something that’ll really set you screaming. Got that?”


“You’ll find out if you fuck me around!” Jacqueline warned and started to undo Melinda’s bonds.

Melinda fell to the floor. Her whole body ached and throbbed.

Jacqueline left her there for a few minutes to recover. But it wasn’t long before she was back, the cat in her hand, a fiendish grin on her face.

“Stand up!”

Melinda struggled up, her little black skirt still wrapped around her waist, her blouse flapping, her stockings wrinkled and torn.

“Take them off. Close to the men, give them a good time!”

“What? Here?” Melinda gasped, her head in a spin.

“Where the fuck do you think?” Jacqueline leaned over Melinda. “You want your own changing room, maybe?”

“Please, I’ll do it!” Melinda moaned.

She staggered over to where the two men sat, waiting for her. She pulled down her skirt to get at the zipper, her eyes cast down, knowing the two men were staring at her wonderful body. She could also see that Hugh’s cock was as hard as before and that Richard’s prick was already starting to heave back upright. She unzipped her skirt and started to pull it down over her whipped ass.

“Slowly, cunt!” Jacqueline whispered in her ear. “You gotta keep these two men interested, keep them horny. If they ain’t horny, I’ll whip you until they are, got that?”

“But they’re already, you know, ready,” Melinda moaned as she eased her black leather skirt down her thighs.

“You don’t say when they’re ready, bitch, they do! Or I do. Got that?”

“Th-that’s not fair!” Melinda whimpered.

“Oh, yeah?” Jacqueline hissed, sliding the cat over Melinda’s naked ass. “So what you did was fair? Hey, bitch, you gotta pay a lot for that, cunt!”

As Melinda bent over to slide her skirt off, Jacqueline lashed her exposed ass.

Melinda screamed, twisting around, her eyes flaming.

“Stop that, bitch!”

Jacqueline snickered. “Take your blouse off.”

“Please, I-I didn’t mean that!” Melinda wailed as she let her blouse drop to the floor and her bra with it. “I-I was confused, you know, confused!”

“Don’t worry, honey,” Jacqueline said in silky tones, “that’s what I’m here for. You won’t be confused when I’ve finished with you!”

“Please!” Melinda sobbed, her body shaking with terror.

“Face them. Let them see what you’ve got!” Still shaking with fear, Melinda turned and faced the two men. She was naked, except for her stockings and high heels. Her lovely tits were totally exposed and she watched as the two men ran their eyes over her curves. She couldn’t help but notice that Richard’s cock erected much faster as he watched her trembling body. For some reason she hated to think about, she felt a pang of pride. He really wanted to fuck her.

“Jeez!” Hugh whistled. “That sure is some body!”

For the first time they could see the true hourglass curves of Melinda’s figure. They were curves that she had played up at the interviews, and they looked just as good without the tight blouses and dresses she usually wore. The heavy curves of her tits accentuated the way her waist pulled in. And there, between her spread thighs, was the triangle of her pussy hair, damp now from Jacqueline’s mouth and her own pussy juices. Her legs looked even better than the moment when she pulled her skirt up to impress Hugh at the interview. Her high heels enhanced the curves of her calves and thighs into incredibly delicious shapes while her sulky, scared, pouting face added the final touch to the men’s lustful appreciation of her body.

“Put your hands behind your head and hold them,” Jacqueline said.

Melinda shivered, knowing there was more punishment to come. She did as she was told, holding her hands behind her head, looking down to see her tits thrust out, becoming an even greater temptation for the two men.

Jacqueline strolled around Melinda. She slid the cat over Melinda’s tits, stroking the strong, heavy globes.

“You gotta learn to behave,” she said softly, “so I’m gonna whip your tits.”

“Aaagghhh, no!” Melinda screamed, pulling her arms away. “You can’t do that, you can’t!”

Jacqueline laughed.

“Let me tell you,” she hissed. “You have a choice. It’s six strokes on your tits if you hold your arms back and don’t take them away. If you make me tie you down, it’s twelve. Like I said, double.”

Melinda trembled. “Please, no, not that, I’ll be good! You can all fuck me, but not that, please, not on my — my tits!”

She fell to her knees and crawled, falling around Jacqueline’s ankles, clutching them desperately.

“Get up!” Jacqueline snapped, lashing Melinda’s back and ass.

“Aaagghhh, yes, yes!” Melinda screamed, rolling away, then scrambling to her feet, her face white with horror.

“Which is it, bitch? And don’t tell me you don’t deserve it after what you tried to do to my husband.”

Melinda felt trapped, utterly trapped. She knew she had to give in. Her arms slowly, very slowly started to lift up and move to the back of her neck. She sobbed, weeping at the humiliation as much as the pain that she knew was coming.

The cat soared up above Jacqueline’s head, swinging around.

Melinda shivered, but she knew she had to keep her tits thrust out. She could see the two men, staring at her tits, as the whip came down on her swelling tit-mounds.

Agony rushed out as thin red marks appeared on the swelling globes of Melinda’s tits. She screamed and her legs spasmed, her fingers twisting at the back of her neck.

“One!” Jacqueline lashed the girl’s tits again. “Aagghhh!” Melinda screamed, jerking helplessly, her thighs shaking so badly that she nearly lost her footing.

“Two,” Jacqueline said, whipping harder.

Melinda nearly lost it all at the third stroke. Her tits were inflamed masses of red flesh, the nipples aching even more than the rest of her flesh. She staggered, weeping at the degradation and pain, her hair tossing over her face.

Then Hugh slid his hand up her thighs and caressed her spread pussy, his fingers probing at her clit. Sudden spasms of excitement poured over the helpless girl. She gasped, pushing her pussy at Hugh’s fingers, her hands gripping even tighter behind her head.

“Three more strokes, right, bitch?” Hugh teased, his fingers stroking in the crack of Melinda’s pussy.

“Yes!” Melinda sobbed, watching Jacqueline out of the corner of her eye.

“If you ask me nicely, I’ll keep doing this while you get them,” Hugh said, his fingers driving hot spasms of passion into Melinda. “Or you can take them without this. Tell me.”

Melinda moaned. Her pussy throbbed, and waves of desperate pleasure were already surging out of her wet cunt. Her clit throbbed and swelled, and she wanted his touch desperately. But to get it, she had to beg for it, and she wasn’t sure she could sink that low.

“Tell me soon, bitch. If you don’t make a decision before I count to three, you’ll get two more strokes. Now, yes or no?”

“Ahhh, yes! Yes!”

“Beg me, cunt!” Hugh snapped.

“Please, finger my pussy!” Melinda moaned, her face flushing a deep red.

She shivered with shame, but the touch of Hugh’s fingers was turning her on as badly as Jacqueline’s mouth had turned her on before.

“Sure, cunt. Ready?”

“Yes!” Melinda wept, her thighs spasming as his fingers worked inside her pussy.

She sobbed as the cat lashed and beat across her tits again. The pain erupted. She lurched, screaming, her cunt suddenly pouring juices over Hugh’s fingers.


He twisted her clit and finger-fucked her cunt, sending throbs of depraved passion surging up to meet the pain in her tits.

“Four,” Jacqueline said, holding the cat above Melinda’s throbbing tit-mounds. “Ready for more?”

Melinda trembled and staggered as Hugh played with her pussy, stroking her hot flesh, sliding his finger into her fuck-hole. The cat caressed her tits gently, the knots flicking off her taut nipples. Her pussy spasmed and a rush of climax surged out of her cunt.

“Ahhhhh, yes! Yes, I’m ready!” she moaned, sobbing as she began coming again.

The cat lashed in. Her tits bounced under the blow. Burning agony surged through her tits. She staggered, screaming at the top of her voice.

“Five,” Jacqueline said, grinning at the moaning, spasming Melinda. “The last one. Want it?”

Melinda nodded in desperation, her pussy throbbing with climax, her thighs opening for Hugh’s hand.

“Yes!” she wept, her tits thrusting out for the cat, her nipples drawn tight, throbbing with horrible lust.

The cat lashed in, beating across her tits.

Hugh slammed his hand at her cunt, working it over, his thumb rubbing her clit.

The eruption of pain and lust tore into Melinda. She staggered, pulling her cunt off Hugh’s hand, falling to her knees on the hard floor, rubbing her tits desperately, her other hand deep in her cunt. Shamelessly she worked her pussy and tits, feeling the shudders of a painful orgasm pouring over her. She dug at her nipples, twisting them, rubbing the sore flesh of her tits.

“Enjoying your orgasm?” Jacqueline laughed, standing over Melinda.

Melinda nodded, her body throbbing desperately.

“Get up, bitch!” Jacqueline snapped.

Melinda sobbed, then crawled, her body aching with pain and lust. She stood in front of them, wondering what horror they had in store for her next.

“Whadaya think?” Jacqueline asked. “You wanna see her in something sexy?”

“Yeah!” Richard replied. “I wanna rip somethin’ off the bitch before I fuck her!”

“Something little and nice?” Jacqueline walked around Melinda, sliding her hands over the luscious curves of her body.

“Yeah, something she’ll look real good in.” Richard smiled, holding his thick cock and rubbing it a little.

“Okay, come with me, bitch. And don’t play me up. You can’t escape, but you can suffer a lot more.”

Melinda had no fight left in her. She followed Jacqueline to a small door in the opposite wall. It opened into a small room that was packed with revealing lingerie and other clothes. Normally it would have really excited Melinda, she loved sexy underwear. But now she shivered, waiting, as Jacqueline ran her fingers down the racks of clothing.

“You know, you look a real mess,” Jacqueline said. “Come here.”

When Jacqueline led Melinda back into the dungeon, the two men whistled and their cocks thrust out of their robes.

Not that Jacqueline had done much to Melinda. She had made the whimpering girl wash her face and put her hair right. She had made Melinda’s face up, so that her facial features were brought out even more alluringly.

Melinda’s sensuous lips were a deep red, her eyes brought out with mascara, her high cheekbones accentuated. Jacqueline had made her put on a little red slip, matching panda and stockings, and five-inch heck. The slip only partly covered Melinda’s tits and the hem just covered her ass, showing the tiny panties underneath. The panties were just a triangle of red gauze at the front and a lacy strap that ran deep in the crack of Melinda’s ass at the back.

Melinda was trembling and terrified, her thighs shaking. Jacqueline pointed with the whip, and Melinda obeyed, walking forward until she was facing the two men, her body quivering.

“Fuck me, Jacqueline, she looks better than ever,” Hugh said with a grin. “How did you keep your hands off her?”

“Don’t know,” Jacqueline said softly. She fondled the long single tail of the new whip she carried, running the handle down Melinda’s spine toward her ass.

Melinda trembled as Jacqueline slid the thick, leather-covered whip handle under the hem of the red slip and up, into the crack of her ass.

“But she’s promised to be good, right, bitch?”

“Yes,” Melinda replied, her ass shaking as the whip handle pushed into her ass-crack, working toward her shit-pit entrance.

“Show the gentlemen your legs,” Jacqueline said.

It was all so humiliating, but Melinda thought that at least it was better than a whipping. She worked her hands down her thighs and slid the hem of the slip up, spreading her legs as she did, lifting the hem until the tiny red triangle of her panties was visible.

“Come here,” Hugh said.

Melinda walked slowly to him, still holding her slip up, her ass shaking, as Jacqueline walked with her, still rubbing the whip handle into her ass crack.

Hugh touched her thighs, playing with her stocking tops and the lacy straps of the garter belt. The tingles started, running all over Melinda’s legs and into her pussy. To her horror, she realized that she was getting wet. She bit her lip and held back the tears.

But Hugh’s fingers were running higher, over the flesh of her thighs, then up to the crimson, whipped flesh just below her pussy.

Melinda closed her eyes as his fingers ran over the little red panties.

“Well, whore. You’re getting pretty damp, around here,” Hugh said with a grin, his fingers probing into her panties, running over her clit. “Ready for some fucking?”

Melinda stifled a sob, her tits bulging out of the top of her slip.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good.” Hugh said. “Hey, Richard, feel the bitch!”

Melinda had to walk over to Richard, her hands still holding the slip hem up. And all the time Jacqueline was there, the whip handle was in the crack of her ass.

Richard pushed his hand into her panties and caressed the hot bud of her clit.

Melinda shuddered as her terrible, perverted passion soared. The greatest terror in the world seemed to be creeping up on her. She had hated men all her life and now she was getting turned on by men who treated her as a slave, just an object to be whipped and raped as they liked. She gasped, tears starting in her eyes.

“Cut that out, bitch, you’ll spoil the makeup!” Jacqueline snapped.

Melinda made a great effort to stop the tears.

Richard’s fingers were rubbing her pussy, and passion burst out of her hard clit-bud in searing waves. She moaned, her legs shook, and Jacqueline slid the whip handle into her ass-crack.

With a horrible burst, a climax shook Melinda. She gasped and stumbled, pulling herself upright as the orgasm shook her whole body.

“Hey, bitch, you gotta slow down,” Richard said nastily. “You come too easy, you’re no fucking challenge at all.”

“No, no, I don’t! It’s a lie, I hate it!” Melinda screamed, twisting away from his hands.

They all laughed, then Jacqueline lashed the whip out, catching Melinda’s ass expertly, ripping the little slip with the force of the blow.

Melinda screamed and gasped, her ass trembling, the agony bursting in her flesh.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped. “But I didn’t come, really I didn’t!”

“Lying bitch!” Jacqueline yelled and whipped Melinda again. “You gotta choice, cunt. Take another six strokes or bend over and beg me to ram this up your ass!”

She brandished the whip handle in front of Melinda.

Melinda choked as she stared at the thick whip handle. She shivered, forced into another impossible choice. “No, please!”

“This or twelve strokes!” Jacqueline snarled, striding up to Melinda. “Make up your mind, cunt, or you’ll get both!”

“Aaaagghh, all right!” Melinda screamed and turned. Helplessly, submissively, she bent at the waist over the back of one of the chairs. “Stick it up my ass then!”

“Learn, cunt! Beg me!” Jacqueline said nastily, sliding the whip handle into Melinda’s asscrack.

She pushed the slip up over Melinda’s ass and the helpless girl sobbed, holding onto the chair back with all her power.

“Please, Jacqueline, ram that whip handle up my ass, I want it so much!” she sobbed.

“Good.” Jacqueline chuckled, running the thick rod deeper into the crack of Melinda’s ass.

She pulled the little lacy string of her panties out of the way and passed the whip handle over the spasming entrance to Melinda’s shitter.

The men were watching, enjoying every moment of Melinda’s humiliation.

Melinda gripped the chair hard, waiting in expectation as Jacqueline ran its whip handle at her ass, probing, forcing the tight ring of her shitter open a little.

Melinda gasped. She closed her eyes, her head spinning. She couldn’t confess to them that she’d come. It would be too degrading.

Then she wished she had confessed. She groaned, as Jacqueline rammed the whip handle right into her ass. Her shitter walls spumed, jerking around the thick rod. It wasn’t just that it was thick, the leather was plaited and the rough covering scraping at her anal walls in searing waves of pain. On top of that, her ass was dry and there was nothing to ease the agony.

She groaned, her legs spasming, agony rushing up her asshole.

“Want me to fuck you with it?” Jacqueline demanded, pulling the whip handle out, then slamming it in again.

“Uurrhh! Yes, yes, please!” Melinda moaned, sweat breaking out all over her body as the agony surged out of her ass.

She jerked and tossed, spuming as the whip handle slammed into her shitter.

“Yeah, yeah, come on, bitch! Come with this up you!” Jacqueline laughed, ramming the handle in and out of Melinda’s tight ass. She fucked Melinda’s shit-pit hard, plunging the full twelve inches of the whip handle in and out.

Melinda groaned and gurgled, sobbing helplessly, her body pulsating to the ramming fuck of her ass. The rasping of the leather ridges against her shitter walls was driving her out of her mind. It was agony, but the shudders of lust were building. She pushed back at the whip handle, screaming in a mixture of pain and lust, her asshole trembling and jerking.

“Fuck me!” Jacqueline yelled. “She’s gonna do it! Fuck, this bitch is out of her fuckin’ mind!”

She fucked the whip handle deeper, her fingers sliding into Melinda’s spasming shitter along with the end of the whip handle.

Melinda’s shitter stretched in pain, the agony pulsating with the lust. The pain of the whipping had faded, but the whip handle was pure agony, surging all the way with the passion.

Melinda jerked and moaned, her ass hunching Jacqueline’s hand as she rammed the whip handle deep in her ass.

“Come on, bitch, show us, show us!” Jacqueline screamed as she realized Melinda really was going to come.

She pumped the whip handle into Melinda’s ass, yelling with excitement.

Melinda screamed, the pain and lust boiling in her ass. The whip handle plunged into her shit-pit, faster and deeper with every stroke. She groaned, her ass jerking back for more of the raping whip handle. Then her orgasm broke, bursting in her guts like a star shell. She screamed in ecstasy, her whole body on fire, pulsating to the ramming flick of the whip.

Jacqueline pulled the whip handle out of Melinda’s ass.

Melinda screamed and rubbed her ass, jerking in horrible pain as her orgasm tried to go an, yet couldn’t without the whip handle in her shit-hole.

“Beg for it and you can have it!” Jacqueline yelled, lashing Melinda’s ass.

Melinda screamed, her ass spasming as it tried to grip onto a thick rod that wasn’t there.

“Come on, cunt. Admit you came. Beg for it!” Jacqueline yelled.

She lashed Melinda again, and the screaming girl jerked and sobbed, her hands digging deep into her ass to try and stop the pain.

“Right, cunt!” Jacqueline screeched in total rage. “I’ll show you! Put her on the cross, boys!”

“No, no!” Melinda wailed as the two men picked her up.

Her body ached for a cock up her ass, or in her pussy. She sobbed, hating herself for her weakness, hating all of them.

She was only half aware of the way they tied her up. The cross was X-shaped, her arms running up the two top beams, her legs lashed to the spread bottom ones. There were bonds tied to her shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees and ankles. She could hardly move at all. She sobbed, her body aching, her pussy running juices into the panties.


“You wanna rip it off, or you want me to whip it off?” Jacqueline asked, surveying the sobbing, trembling Melinda, who was spread out helplessly for them.

“Leave it on for me, honey,” Hugh said. “You can do what you want with Richard.”

He advanced on the bound Melinda. She stared at him through half-closed eyes, trembling from head to foot, terrified out of her mind. And yet, her pussy spasmed as the tall, dominating men stood in front of her and opened his robe. His cock looked even bigger than before.

She knew he’d never manage to get it all up her pussy, but her little fuck-hole puckered and ran juices as she thought of such a thick cock filling it.

“Yeah!” Hugh grinned, sliding his cockhead against the spread lips of Melinda’s pussy.

He caressed her cunt with his cock through the little panties for a moment, then he jerked her panties aside and slid his cocktip over her aching pussy-crack.

Melinda moaned, her arms and legs pulling at the bonds, her pussy throbbing with horrible excitement.

“I’m gonna make you beg for it, you whore!” Hugh said, running his cock over Melinda’s clit and into the tight entrance of her cunt. Melinda squealed and he eased his cock back out again. “Not yet, I know. But you will, you little cocktease!”

He worked his cock back into Melinda’s cunt and she jerked, her pussy walls stretching wider for his cock.

“Yeah, real tight, right?” Hugh laughed. “Keep it just the way it is, honey, we’ll fuck it open a bit!”

He laughed and pushed, sliding his cock deeper into Melinda’s spasming fuck-hole.

Melinda gasped, her pussy walls stretching, trembling with the force of the massive cock working between them. There were only a few inches of Hugh’s enormous fucker in her pussy, but it felt as if the biggest cock in the world was invading her cunt. Her cunt began spasming with a mixture of pain and lust.

Hugh laughed and slammed his cock upward, filling Melinda’s cunt with his thick meat.

She gave a terrible scream of passion. Her head was flung back, and she gasped, her cunt sucking, gripping at the prick that filled it.

Hugh worked his cock over her pussy walls, sliding into the depths, easing back, ramming home again until his balls slapped against her.

Melinda’s body was on fire. Her tits almost broke loose from the flimsy lace. She tried her best to ignore the passions breaking loose in her body.

But then she saw Jacqueline, who was on her knees, her soft mouth moving over the thick head of Richard’s cock while he watched and enjoyed the spectacle.

Melinda sobbed at the thought that these people were so depraved that they allowed a man’s wife to suck his best friend while he fucked her. Her ass checks bunched, and her pussy throbbed as waves of excitement poured over her. She, screamed and wept, but the pumping of Hugh’s cock in her pussy worked her pussy. The throbbing excitement began rising. She stared over Hugh’s shoulder, trying to avoid his mocking gaze.

Jacqueline still slid her soft lips over Richard’s cock, working his prick into her mouth, sucking the rock-hard rod, moaning with lust the whole time.

“Please, Richard,” Jacqueline moaned, running her tongue over his cockhead. “Please, fuck me! I know you wanna fuck that bitch and you can, but, please, fuck me first!” She gasped, her fingers running down into her panties. “If I make you come, you can whip me until you’re hard again. Anything, I got her ready for you. Come on, darling, I want some cock, I’m going crazy!”

She slid her mouth right down his cock, filling her throat with his fuck meat.

Richard shoved his cock between Jacqueline’s willing lips.

“Okay, deal,” he growled, his hard cock shaking in her throat. “But you make me come, and I’ll whip your ass raw!”

Jacqueline moaned around his cockhead. “Oh, yes, darling!” she gasped, grinning up at him. “Maybe I’ll bring you off on purpose!”

She slid her tights down her long legs, then dropped onto the sofa, her legs spread, her hands working her tits.

“Come on, fuck me!” she demanded. Melinda watched as Richard dove on Jacqueline, his cock out and ready. He slammed his prick right into her spasming pussy. The blonde wife gave a scream of lust, her legs clutching around him, her arms puffing him in.

“Ohhhh, fuck me!” she wailed. Melinda watched Richard fucking his cock in and out, plunging down on the gasping Jacqueline. She felt sick, yet her whole body throbbed with a passion that wouldn’t go away. She hated the thought that she might one day behave like Jacqueline, like a little slut who’d do anything for cock. She sobbed with shame, but her pussy was spasming around Hugh’s cock and she knew that she’d come again if he kept fucking her.

He grinned, sliding his hands up the front of Melinda’s slip, reaching for her tits in the lacy top. His brutal grip worked on her whipped tit mounds, rubbing the lace into them, making them ache with pain all over again.

“Come on, you hot little whore!” He laughed. “Admit it, you’re a fuckin’ nympho!”

He rammed his cock deep in her cunt and Melinda screamed with the passion bursting in her guts.

“No, no, no!” she sobbed, her arms and legs spuming.

Hugh twisted her nipples. Melinda moaned as the pain from her tight nipples rocked down into her body and mingled with the lust pouring out of her fucked pussy. She sobbed and turned her face away, biting her lip. But her pussy was still pouring juices, her cunt-walls were clutching at Hugh a cock as if it was the most delicious rod she had ever felt.

“Fuuuuuck!” Hugh gasped, his cock fucking faster and harder in the slippery sheath of Melinda’s cunt.

He gripped her tits, working them over, mating Melinda scream and jerk on the cross. His eyes ran over her swelling tit-mounds. His cock swelled, throbbing harder as he fucked her.

“Jesus!” he groaned. “I’m gonna shoot right up your cunt, you whore! Right up your cunt!”

Melinda gasped, pumping her cunt over his cock, her body trembling as she tried to keep her orgasm from peaking. She did her best, but the raging surge of Hugh’s cock was fucking her pussy walls until they were trembling with orgasm. She moaned, jerking, trying not to show her shame.

Jacqueline was bucking up at Richard. Her legs clutched around him, her pussy sliding over his cock as she spasmed. Her little camisole top was torn and hanging off as he held her down with his strong hands, his cock plunged to the depths of her pussy. His hands worked Jacqueline’s tits, squeezing, twisting the hot flesh as the little slut screamed and came.

“Ohhhh, Richard, Richard!” Jacqueline screamed. “Oh, fuck! Keep it up me, let me ride it! Ohhh, Richard, you can do anything tome, anything you want! Fuck, I can’t get enough! Ram it up me, into my guts! Ohhh, fuck, fill me up!”

She pulled at his body, trying to get his cock deeper inside her pussy.

But Richard held his body off Jacqueline’s, his cock still sunk in her pussy, one hand on the sofa arm and the other working her tits.

Jacqueline screamed and twisted, her cunt sucking at his cock, her whole body exploding with lust. He grinned and rode her, holding her captive, preserving his strength, fucking Jacqueline deeper into submission with each heave of her body.

Melinda shuddered as she watched, listening to Jacqueline begging Richard, promising him anything as she came helplessly in endless eruptions of orgasm. The horror Melinda felt at the sight was nothing to the horror that surged over her as she began to lose her own battle. Another orgasm was surging up from her pussy, bursting in her tits as Hugh worked them over and his cock surged in her cunt, throbbing with pent-up cum.

He slammed his cock to the tap of Melinda’s fuck channel. He twisted her tits viciously, roaring with lust as he watched the bound girl’s helpless struggles.

“Yeah, you lying bitch, here comes a cunt full!” he yelled.

Melinda screamed as she felt his cock throb and burst in her cunt. The rasping fuck of his cockhead over her pussy-walls surged to a peak. Suddenly there was a spurt of hot fuck-juice deep in her cunt, gushing over her walls. She writhed on the cross, her arms and legs straining as she came, her body responding to Hugh’s demands.

He gripped her tits, his cock surging, heaving, pumping cum in her cunt. His throbbing fucker poured out jizz, splashing it into her spasming pussy walls, the hot streams running down her trembling fuck-channel and oozing out.

Melinda lurched, helpless in the grip of the passions that overwhelmed her. Her cunt exploded with lust everytime Hugh’s cock slammed in and shot out another gush of cumcream. Her pussy constricted, trying to get every last inch of his cock in her cunt. Her wails of horrible passion echoed through the dungeon.

On the sofa, Jacqueline was reaching the peak of her own raging orgasm. Her legs gripped Richard’s ass with so much power that she was lifted off the cushions, jerking wildly as she came. She screamed, ramming her cunt up to his cock as he held it up so that she had to work harder and harder for it.

“You fucker, bastard, shit-faced jerk!” Jacqueline screamed, her cunt reaching for the cock that Richard was slowly pulling away from her. “Fuck me, fill me up!”

The shudders of orgasm were exploding in her pussy. She wailed and moaned, her legs spasming around his ass.

“Please, darling, please, please!” she begged. Richard laughed, his body tense, waiting. He held himself up off Jacqueline’s squirming body as she screamed and begged, promising him anything if he’d finish her off. Her wracking climaxes surged, then peaked, bursting over her.

“Darling, please, you can have anything!” she screamed.

Then, with a brutal thrust, Richard slammed in, driving her body into the sofa, his full force ramming his cock deep into her cunt and churning inside.

Jacqueline gave a high-pitched scream. She heaved up off the sofa for a few seconds, gasping and wailing as her orgasm burst into a thousand shells of lust, then faded.

Moaning with satisfaction, she fell back, holding Richard tight, her pussy still clinging to his cock.

Hugh’s cock poured out the last great streams of jizz into Melinda’s cunt. She clung to the cross, cum soiling her panties, running over her thighs.

“Yeah!” Hugh roared, then shot the last gob of cum out of his piss-slit. He held his cock deep in Melinda’s pussy while it was still hard. He laughed as the helpless girl rode his cock. “Tell me, bitch, or it’ll be worse for you.”

Melinda hung there, her pussy throbbing around the massive pole of Hugh’s prick. It hadn’t even started to go down yet and the churning of his thick prick in her cunt was sending soft waves of climax through her. She moaned, turning her head away.

“Tell me, you little cunt, or else!” he snapped, twisting her nipples hard.

But Melinda had seen what happened to Jacqueline. She couldn’t go that way, she would die of shame.

“No, no, it’s a lie! I hate you all, I hate you!”

“You little bitch, I’ll teach you,” Hugh snarled, twisting Melinda’s nipples.

His cock slid out of Melinda’s still-sucking cunt, wet with his cum and her pussy juices. With his eyes boring into her face, he took the hem of her red slip and wiped his cock on it.

“You ready to fuck this whore?” he yelled to Richard.

Richard was still fucking his rock-hard cock in and out of Jacqueline’s sucking pussy, stroking her cunt walls gently. He was grinning, and she moaned with arousal, gasping with satisfaction.

She reached up and ran her fingers over his face, her tight pussy sucking at his cock.

“Surely you came, darling,” she sighed. “I know you did.”

“Oh no,” he said, grinning at her, sliding his cock into her pussy. “I’m saving it!”

“But I’m sure you did, darling!” she exclaimed, heaving up at him. “You have to punish me if you came, and you know how I’d love to be punished.”

She gave a moan of lust and moved her cunt over his cock.

“You mean like we did with the last bitch?”

“Yeah, just like that, but this one’s gonna be even more fun!” Jacqueline gasped and pulled him down to her. “Now tell me you came and it’s ’cause you’re such a man that you can keep your cock hard for me!”

“Bitch!” he growled, then pulled his cock out of her cunt.

With his massive cock sticking out like a pole, he twisted her round and threw her on the arm of the sofa so that her face was almost at the carpet.

Jacqueline squealed with delight as he spanked her ass hard.

“Ohhhh, Richard, you get me so hot!” she gasped, her ass writhing as his hard hand slapped down on it again. “Ohhhh, honey, if you’re gonna do that, use the whip — hurt me, Richard hurt me!”

Melinda stared in horror as the mewling, gasping little whore lifted her ass up and spread her thighs really wide. Melinda was again horrified by the depravity around her. She screamed as she saw Richard advancing on Jacqueline’s ass with the cane. But strange things were still happening to Melinda. Her pussy spasmed and fresh rushes of juices oozed out of her fuck channel. She stared at the cane as Richard lifted it up over Jacqueline’s ass.

“Darling, darling look at me!” Jacqueline gasped. “I’m rubbing my pussy — you must whip me, whip me hard! Yes, yes, aagghh! Yes!”

Melinda turned her head away as the cane lashed into Jacqueline’s ass.

The blonde screamed in ecstasy, her fingers blurring on her clit, her ass jerking up as a thin line of pain spread across her flesh.

“Harder!” Jacqueline begged. “Harder, hurt me, darling! I want to come for you — hurt meeee! Aaaagghh, yes, yes, I’m coming! Whip me harder!”


She went berserk on the sofa arm as he lashed her ass, weeping, screaming for more, which Richard laid on hard and fast.

“Such a whore, my wife,” Hugh said, stroking the inside of Melinda’s thigh. “That’s why I married her.”

Melinda struggled, but she was tied so tightly she could hardly move her arms or legs at all. There was nothing she could do to stop Hugh’s fingers from sliding on up her thighs and playing with her pussy.

“Stop bitching, you stupid whore,” Hugh said sharply. “Anybody would think you didn’t like this.”

Hugh knew she was turned on, and he gently fondled her pussy, making her ass jerk on the cross in her rising lust.

Jacqueline’s screams for more and the blurring fingers on her own cunt were making Melinda shiver with horrible desire. She suddenly wished she was over that sofa arm, getting her ass whipped, coming like Jacqueline was coming. She bit her lip as a spasm of excitement rushed over her.

Hugh chuckled. “Yeah, you little whore, come on, you love it!”

“Noooo!” Melinda wailed as she came again, her body throbbing with perverted excitement and lust.

“Yes, darling, yes!” Jacqueline collapsed across the sofa arm, her ass whipped crimson. “Ooooh, darling, that was sooo good! Come here and let me suck your cock!”

Richard laughed and ran his hand over her ass. “Come on, whore, I got a date with the one over there.”

“Bastard,” Jacqueline murmured softly as she rolled off the sofa arm and straightened up, rubbing her sore ass. “Oh, fuck that hurts like hell! That was the greatest!”

She strutted over to Melinda and grinned. “That’s how to take it, whore. That’s how to get it all!”

Melinda tried to turn her head away, but Jacqueline held her chin and kissed her, softly running her lips over her mouth and cheeks.

“You’ll learn,” Jacqueline whispered, then grinned at her husband. “Is she a great fuck?”

“Yeah,” he replied, his hands running over Melinda’s tits.

“Bitch,” Jacqueline said. “She’s gotta suck my pussy then.”

Melinda kept silent as Hugh’s fingers trailed over her tits, stroking them, pulling at her nipples. It was so horrible because there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. They could do what they liked with her and they were going to.

Richard was there, a small cat in his hand, his cock sticking out.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m ready to fuck. Get her down.”

Melinda thought they were going to take off the cross, but she was wrong. She shrieked with surprise as the cross was pivoted, then she fell backward until her head came down onto a small padded cushion. Now she stared up at her tormentors, feeling even more vulnerable than before.

“Yeah!” Richard said.

He threw his robe off, standing there with the small cat, his cock hovering over Melinda’s helpless body. He walked to the lower end of the spread cross. There was more than enough room between the legs of the cross to stand and slide his cock into her cunt.

She gasped and closed her eyes, turning her head, her body trembling. She could feel his massive cockhead pushing at the crotch of her red panties, rubbing over her clit, sending spasms of pleasure rushing over her.

She broke into sobs.

Richard chuckled and stroked the cat-tails down past his cock, over the tight material of Melinda’s panties and on down, right between her lap.

She moaned, her pussy throbbing and spasming.

Then he drew the tails up, the knots rubbing gently against her pussy, his cock pushing them into the crack of her cuntal slit.

“Ooohhh!” Melinda moaned, tossing on the cross, her body raging out of control with depraved lust. She moaned and twisted, feeling like a total whore.

“Come on, cunt, tell us, and have the greatest time of your life,” Richard urged softly, his voice full of menace. “Think of it, you can have what Jacqueline had, any time you like, you can have any dirty little thing you want!”

Melinda sobbed as she trembled with lust. “You stupid bitch!” Richard ripped her panties off.

She squealed.

Very slowly Richard worked his cock into the tight entrance of Melinda’s cunt, pushing no more than his cockhead in at first, rubbing it up and down, his cock dripping with her pussy juices. He reached down and took hold of the top of her slip as he slid his cock into her cunt.

Melinda felt her pussy pulsing with passion, oozing more juices over his thick cockhead. She couldn’t stop her cunt from sucking at the massive head of his prick, couldn’t stop herself from hoping he would ram all of his prick into her desperate fuck-hole.

He chuckled and gripped the top of her slip, tearing at the material.

Melinda twisted on the cross, her tits jiggling as the thin slip began to rip between her lovely mounds. Her pussy rammed at his cock as she trembled with horrible, perverted desire.

The lacy material of the slip ripped, exposing the swelling mounds of her tits.

Richard rammed his cock in a little more, filling Melinda’s cunt with another inch of hard flesh. He gathered the slip at her waist, revealing Melinda’s luscious tits as the bound brunette sobbed.

“Ohhhh, fuck, what a body! I could fuck this for a week.”

“Which is about what you’re gonna do!” Hugh laughed, standing close by, watching.

“Yeah, you bet!” Richard growled, pushing his cock harder at Melinda’s spread pussy.

Melinda held back a scream of passion as his cock filled her cunt, ramming to the top of her passage, filling her pussy. The throbbing pulses of lust exploded in her cunt, surging all over her body. She writhed, trying to get every last inch of fuck meat up to her cunt.

“Look at the whore go!” Richard caressed Melinda’s tits with the whip pulling the knots over her nipples so that they caught on the hard fleshy buds. “She’s gonna come before I do and I’m hotter than hell! Look at her, the bitch!”

Suddenly he lashed Melinda’s tits.

Melinda thought she was going to rip her arms off the cross with the force of erupting passion that surged through her tits and pussy. Her scream of lust rang around the dungeon. Her tits were thrust out, reddening even further under the assault. Her cunt sucked and worked on Richard’s cock, trembling with passion, as his hard prick rammed deep in, then pulled back, slamming in again for a long hard fuck.

“Yeah, bitch, come on!” Richard yelled, whipping back and forth across Melinda’s heaving tits. “You bitch, come for us! Come on, bitch!”

He lashed her tit-mounds, slashing the leather tails in with all his force. His cock fucked hard into her pussy, sliding to the top, filling her fuck-channel.

“Look at the cunt!” he yelled.

He kept up the whipping as he rammed his cock all the way into Melinda’s cunt and held it rigid, only his arm moving as he lashed the cat back and forth, beating Melinda’s lovely large tits into a crimson mass.

Melinda’s arms were aching, her legs straining to open, to close, to do something in the raging passion that burst all over her.

She screamed, jerking wildly, her pussy spuming and gripping with the most depraved lust she’d ever known. Now she knew how Jacqueline felt, as she lay over the sofa arm. Melinda wanted more, wanted more of the whip on her tits, more cock in her steaming cunt.

Climaxes pulsed with every lash of the cat on her tit-flesh. Her nipples were harder, larger than they’d ever been, and her pussy sucked with more passion that she’d ever felt. She screamed and came.

“Beg for it, cunt!” Richard roared, his arm sweeping, beating more pain into Melinda’s tits.

“No, noooo!” She was gasping, coming helplessly, her body on fire.

“You cunt, cunt!” Richard yelled, whipping her tits in a raging fury, his cock still rigid in her constricting cunt.

Melinda knew he wasn’t going to come until he’d driven her to a confession of her depraved desires. She screamed, coming to the beat of the whip on her tits and the seething lust of her cunt as it sucked on his massive cock.

Suddenly Jacqueline was standing over Melinda’s face, her blonde hair in disarray.

“Suck me, you little whore!” she demanded and slid her pussy over Melinda’s face.

Melinda saw the deep cane marks on Jacqueline’s ass, and she shuddered with horrible lust. She gurgled as Jacqueline spread her legs and squatted.

Hot wet pussy-flesh rubbed over Melinda’s face, settling down over her mouth, the hot, terribly delicious smell of a woman in heat assaulting into her nostrils. Melinda’s head was whirling, her whole body trembling with passion. She opened her mouth, sucked the steaming flesh of Jacqueline’s pussylips into her mouth and worked them over, licking, sucking, biting.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!” Jacqueline gasped, leaning forward a little, pulling off the tattered remains of her camisole and throwing it away. “Fuck, honey, come on! I want some of that!”

She shoved her tits out, the luscious curves hanging on her chest like an open invitation.

“You cocksuckin’ whore!” Richard yelled with delight.

He lashed Jacqueline across her tits with the cat, stroking the tails back and forth, beating red stain into the thrusting flesh. His cock stiffened even more in Melinda’s cunt as his lust began to burn out of control.

Melinda tossed wildly on the cross, heaving her tits up for the strokes of the cat that didn’t come. Above her, Jacqueline mashed her cunt on her face, screaming as she climaxed, her tits jutting out for the beat of the cat.

Melinda screamed, her climaxes fading, her pussy going wild on Richard’s cock. Her orgasm surged, but couldn’t reach the heights. She strained against the bonds in a horrible dilemma.

She couldn’t plead for the whip, it would give her away completely. But she wanted it, needed the pain and humiliation in order to climax. She sucked Jacqueline’s clit harder, biting viciously as the blonde spasmed and came on her face.

Jacqueline loved Melinda biting her cunt. She came harder, screaming, jerking her pussy, rubbing her juices all over Melinda’s face.

“Oooohhh! Urrrgghhhh!” she screamed, surging into another orgasm, going totally out of control. “Oohhh, darling whip me! Just like that, please — yesss!”

She gave a long drawn-out scream of lust, smearing her cunt all over Melinda’s face, then she slid forward, running her ass-crack over Melinda’s mouth.

Rage shook Melinda. She bit Jacqueline’s asscheeks, her tongue probing hard for the tight ring of muscles guarding Jacqueline’s shitter.

Melinda’s pussy throbbed around Richard’s cock, spuming with climax. But there wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She licked the entrance to Jacqueline’s ass, then lifted her head, bit on the woman’s shitter, chewing it, sucking it into her mouth.

“Aaaggghhhh! Oooohhh, fuck!” Jacqueline screamed.

She almost collapsed across Melinda’s body. Her legs almost gave out as her ass pounded Melinda’s face.

“Ooohh, God, I can’t take it — nooo!” she screamed, her ass grinding on Melinda’s mouth, as she gripped the sides of the cross with trembling hands.

“Fuuuck!” Richard yelled, his arm supporting Jacqueline as she fell forward, her tits hidden from him. “Get up, you cunt!”

His cock started to throb, going out of control in Melinda’s tight cunt.

“Aagghh! Nooo!” Jacqueline screamed, but she sat upright again, thrusting her tits out, leaning back, her ass making Melinda’s mouth.

“God, God, I can’t take it!” she screamed, her skitter gyrating on Melinda’s face.

The whip lashed Jacqueline’s tits. Richard’s cock fucked in Melinda’s helpless cunt, and she let all of her frustrated rage out on Jacqueline’s ass. She could feel Jacqueline jerk everytime the cat lashed her tits, and Melinda’s horrible desire surged with them, making her chew harder on Jacqueline’s asshole, biting until the blonde on her face screamed louder and longer, her body becoming rigid, her tits thrusting out for the cat.

“Jesus, Jesus!” Richard lashed Jacqueline’s tits as cum began to burst out of his throbbing nuts.

He bellowed with raging lust as the hot streams of cum surged out of his balls. With all his power, he lashed Jacqueline’s tits.

Melinda felt Richard’s cock go out of control. Cum was busting through his cock and soared into swirling circles of fury. She bit on Jacqueline’s asshole like a demon, chewing the flesh.

Jacqueline gave a terrible scream, jerking out of control. She stiffened like a steel rod, gasped once, then screamed horribly and fell off Melinda’s face onto the floor. Her asshole was yanked out of Melinda’s mouth as she fell and she lay there, groaning with painful, total satisfaction.

Melinda stared up at Richard as she twisted on the cross, her tits thrusting up, her pussy tightening around his cock. She felt the cum rushing up the shaft, and she shuddered with passion, wanting to beg him for the whip, beg for more pain.

But she couldn’t do that. Her tits pulsed. Her cunt sucked at the massive pole of Richard’s cock and she took the first spurt of Richard’s jizz in her hot wet pussy.

He lashed Melinda’s tits in his releasing lust, his cock thrusting and jerking in her cunt.

The whip-stroke broke all the barriers in Melinda. Her scream of undisguised lust rang off the walls. She thrashed, thrusting her tits up shamelessly for the next blow. When it came, she climaxed, her cunt sucking a massive jet of cum out of Richard’s cock, rippling around the shaft of his cock. Her pussy-walls trembled. She screamed in delight, twisting, as he lashed her tits harder, beating her nipples.

Her orgasm rushed higher as she twisted and pulled, gasping for breath, her orgasm doubling in strength.

“Jesus, fuck!” Richard bellowed, lashing Melinda’s tits as he filled her cunt with cumcream. “You gotta feel this cunt, you gotta feel her!”

He groaned with lust, his cock spurting more cum in Melinda’s sucking cunt. The final gobs of cum burst out of his piss-slit, soothing Melinda’s cuntal walls. His arm swept across, lashing her tits with three, final, searing blows.

Melinda was tossing, rating, as the raging passions erupted in her whole body. Her cunt sheath tightened around Richard’s cock until it held his prick like a vise, sucking at it, demanding even the last dribbles of his spunk.

She screamed wildly, her tits bouncing and throbbing, the climaxes peaking, erupting inside her, shattering her, then fading into a depraved satisfaction.

She lay on the cross, her arms and legs relaxed, her cunt still sucking gently at Richard’s cock. She gazed up at him, wanting to tell him how great it had been. Then her head fell back on the padded cushion and she groaned, tears rushing out of her eyes.

Richard grinned, his chest heaving, still fucking his cock gently in her pussy. “Fuckin’ hell, baby, that was the best, right?”

Melinda wanted to nod, wanted to beg for more, to beg him to stay and fuck her. But she couldn’t.

“No, you beasts, your horrible beasts!” she wept. “You raped me! You raped me!”

Richard smirked and pulled his cock out of her cunt, making Melinda moan and tremble, hips heaving up for the prick that her pussy wanted so much.

“You bitch!” he hissed. “We know you want it as much as Jacqueline, so you tell us, cunt. Then you can scream about rape as much as you want. But you fuckin’ tell us the fuckin’ truth!”

“No, you raped me!” Melinda wailed.

“Okay, fuck-face, you’re gonna learn. You’re gonna learn real good!” Richard looked up at Hugh and grinned.


“So, you gotta choice. You can get off there, kneel down and take it. Or you can fight us, honey. Then we’ll tie you on the bench and whip your ass to shreds before he fucks it. You get the point.”

Melinda did indeed. She knew they meant every disgusting word they said, and the thought of having her ass whipped, then fucked by dogs until the dogs couldn’t fuck her any more made her scream. She twisted and jerked, sobbing helplessly.

“All right, all right, I’ll do it!”

“You’re learning,” Jacqueline said, untying Melinda’s bonds.

Melinda wasn’t given any time to recover after she was pulled off the cross. Richard shoved her down on the floor, and she fell into a crouch, sobbing and clutching her legs.

Melinda trembled as she looked at the room where she had suffered so much, but there was also a spasm of excitement in her pussy.

Ten minutes later Melinda came out of the dressing room in a maid’s costume, cut to show her figure off the best advantage. The heels were six inches high, her black stockings a tight mesh, her panties matching back, her flared skirt reaching just below the stocking tops.

A wide white belt held the little apron tightly at her waist. The top of her dress was cut high at the neck, and a tight bra pushed her tits up. The tops of her tits showed. The little cap on her head set off the whole outfit perfectly.

Melinda was in a strange state. She had no will to resist at all. On the other hand, her pussy was running shamelessly with excitement. She knew she wouldn’t have been dressed like that if she wasn’t going to have to satisfy the men.

Jacqueline took her into the kitchen. She made Melinda wait as she got the coffee, muffins and juice ready, then gave her the tray.

Melinda wasn’t very good with the tray, but she managed not to drop it.

Jacqueline led her into a large bedroom with light streaming through the windows.

Hugh lay in bed, while Richard sprawled on a sofa, reading a newspaper.

“Ah, have a good night?” Hugh laughed as Melinda came in.

Melinda put the tray down on the table and waited. Her cunt was spasming with horrible lust. She glanced at the front of Richard’s robe, and she was sure she could see his cock. She gasped and her nipples erected.

“I asked if you had a good time!” Hugh snapped, picking up his coffee and sipping at it.

“Yes,” Melinda replied, her tits on fire. She hated them, but just the thought of those cocks fucking her sent her cunt into throbs of lust.

“Yeah, I think you did, I mean look at this,” Hugh said.

He clicked the VCR on.

Melinda was stunned, turning as she saw her video image pulling Jerry at her, screaming at him to fuck her.

Melinda blushed and burst into sobs of rage. “Why the fuck do you think we left the light on?” Hugh grinned.

“You bastard!” Melinda wailed. “You… you fuckers!”

She burst into tears.

“Come, come,” Hugh said, grinning at the sobbing Melinda. “Any more language like that and you could be over the bed, getting more lashes on that delicious ass of yours.”

Melinda choked as a surge of lust swept over her. “You fucker! That’s all you wanna do, fuck me, right? Whip me? Right?”

“Damn right,” Hugh replied. “Over the bed, face-down.”

“Fuck off!” Melinda snarled, her pussy erupting with lust.

“It was two strokes, it’s now three,” Hugh said, watching her carefully.

Melinda’s tits throbbed as she slid her hands over the front of her maid’s uniform and pulled the hem up, over her stocking tops, over her thighs, until the wet crotch of her panties could be seen.

“Yeah?” she sighed, brazenly working her fingers over her pussy, rubbing her panties into her cunt-crack. “How many for that, fucker?”


Melinda spasmed and came, trembling with lust. She was out of control, unable to stop.

“Come on, big boy, that’s not enough for masturbating!” she gasped. “How many for coming, then, huh?”


“Bet I can suck your cock off before I take all ten!” Melinda snarled. She gasped as the rush of depraved lust soared over her. “Bet I can, and if I do, you gotta satisfy me, fucker!”

“You don’t get a thing until you beg for it, you whore,” Hugh said. “Get over the bed. It’s twelve now.”

Melinda was shaking in endless excitement as she paraded to the bed. She was going to get everything she wanted and not confess a thing!

“Oh, yeah? You couldn’t keep your cock out of my mouth if you just shot your load into Jacqueline’s cunt!”

She slid over the bed, her legs locked straight, her ass poised in the air. Her tits mashed into the soft bedcovers as she lifted the hem of her maid’s costume up over her ass.

“Come on, big boy, you confess. You want to shove your cock in my mouth, you can’t keep it out!”

Jacqueline hopped up onto the bed, running her hands over Hugh’s chest, then lower, revealing Hugh’s cock, which was stiff and ready, throbbing in her hand.

“So, you don’t think I can satisfy my husband?” She giggled, sliding her mouth down and running her lips over his cockhead.

“I can out fuck you, whore!” Melinda snarled, hoisting her ass up. She turned and saw Richard, the cane in his hand. “Yeah, come on, whip my ass! Then fuck me, show me what a man you are!”

“You stupid whore!” Jacqueline said, gently rubbing Hugh’s cock. “You can have it all if you just beg for it.”

“Fuck off — aahh!” Melinda hissed as the cane lashed into her ass.

A rush of climax surged through her. The cane whipped into her pantied ass and she rushed to the edge of orgasm, just hanging there, waiting for the next blow.

It didn’t come.

She moaned and turned.

Richard stood behind her, his cock thrusting out of his robe as he watched her luscious body.

“You said twelve!” Melinda screamed. “Come on, you chicken-shit, whip me!”

She screamed, her ass burning in desperation as she waited for the pain that she wanted so much.

“You only get what you want when you confess and beg!” Jacqueline said, licking Hugh’s cockhead. “Come on, you’re as much of a whore as I am! Fuck, the two of us could have the best time in the world!”

“You said I was going to get twelve strokes!”

“Beg like I beg,” Jacqueline said softly. “Grovel for it, whore. Come on, be like me!”

Melinda knew she had to give in. She wanted to be whipped and fucked so bad it was killing her. She groaned and shivered.

“What do I get for it?” she screamed defiantly.

“Right now you get all the sex you want,” Jacqueline said breathlessly, “even if we have to get some of our friends in tonight to help satisfy you.”

Melinda moaned.

“Then you get a job as a dental assistant with Hugh. You have to agree to fuck any of his patients he tells you to, like I did!”

Jacqueline moaned and ran her mouth over Hugh’s cock. “Ooohhh, fuck! Ten, twelve cocks a day and cunts too! Fuck, it’s heaven baby and it keeps them coming back!”

She worked her lips over Hugh’s cockhead as Melinda gripped the bedclothes tightly.

“And?” Melinda screamed, her ass churning wildly.

“And you come down here whenever you’re told,” Jacqueline replied. “I mean we got a mortgage on the dungeon, it’s gotta be used a lot, right?”

Melinda writhed on the bed, her lust bursting out uncontrollably. But she had one more demand. “Promise me I get satisfied!”

“Fuck, Melinda, do I look as if I don’t get enough?” Jacqueline gasped. “Even a whore like you gets satisfied!”

Melinda spasmed, her last shreds of resistance breaking apart.

“Ohhh!” she groaned, “Ohhhh, shit, you fucker, whip me! Whip my ass, make me come, fucker, I wanna come! Yeahhhh!”

Richard lashed her ass.

“Whip me, hurt me, I need it!” she screeched with delight, rushes of climax bunting in her ass. “I want cock! Come on, you promised you could satisfy me — aagghh! Yes, Richard, yes, whip me! Cock, I want cock!”

Jacqueline grinned and pulled on Hugh’s cock. She held it and guided it to Melinda’s sobbing lips.

“I get satisfied too, honey,” she purred, “you promise me that!”

“Yes, yes!” Melinda screamed as she came. “Oohhhh, fuck! I gotta get some pussy-sucking practice in, right?”

“Riiiight!” Jacqueline grinned, letting Melinda’s soft lips slide over her husband’s cockhead.

Richard whipped her ass, and Melinda screamed around Hugh’s cock, her maid’s uniform tossing all over the place as she came. She filled her throat with his cock, feeling it swell as a fresh load of cum churned in his balls. She eased back, sucking his cock gently, holding him on the edge of orgasm.

“Ohhh, yes, please!” she, screamed as Richard whipped her ass. “I want it all!”

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