Dancing in the Rain

The night is hot but storming.
Lighting flashes in the sky and all I can think of is Celtic tempests.
The mad dash of an Irish fiddler and uilean pipes with a hot bodhran
beating time in the background. The thunder matches the beat of that
drum inside my head and I want to walk through the storm. Feel its energy
rush through my body, feel the electricity of this night play through my

I walk out and down the lane. The rain has my t-shirt plastered to my
chest in no time. My cutoff jeans are soaked and my bare feet squish
through the mud as I head out to the park. It is an open field and I
know it is crazy to be out in this storm but I have an undeniable urge to
walk about. To feel the night tempest, be a part of it and not just a

From the park I can see the lake and she is a tempest. Waves flying
high as they reach the breakwater. Waves performing their own dance. As I
turn around to head out I see her. Long wet hair whirling around her
head as she dances on the green. Her white dress is plastered to her
body form the rain, but her skirt flies free as she twirls exposing fine
strong legs and feet as bare as my own. She is caught up in a dance with
the tempest of her own. I am drawn to her as a moth to the flame.

She spins to a tune inside herself, a tune in time with the storm that
rages around us. Lightning flashes and her eyes light up, fiery blue.
Eyes that latch onto my own. Her body freezes except for the panting
from her frenzied dance. Then she starts to sway. slowly in time with
my heart beat. a beat that I would have sworn was slow until I saw her
dance. A Beat that quickens as she approaches motioning for me to join
her on the green. The wet grass is a velvet carpet beneath my feet. It
is an evening for sensations and my body is alight with the tingling
electricity within the air. Our fingers touch and we jump together as
the clouds let loose with a flash of light and the bark of thunder that
are not even a hair’s breadth apart. We smile at each other as she grabs
onto my hands and starts to twirl with me. We laugh and dance in the
rain as our bodies our to counterweights to the centrifuge of our dance.
Faster and faster we spin as the wind roars around us the lightning
crashing and my head is loosing touch with my surroundings. All I can
see is her face and her ice blue eyes as we spin and the rest of the
world becomes a haze.

Faster we spin until she pulls me close and we tumble to the ground
dizzy. Her body is soft and sweet against me. I can feel her hard
nipples poking me in the chest as she pulls me close, so close that I
feel I will be a part of her before too long. She rolls me on my back as
our mouths meet and she kisses me with the strength and fierceness of the
storm. Her tongue is a maelstrom, a fury untamed. Lightning crashes and
she is on top of me grinding her hips against my groin. Not breaking our
kiss she reaches beneath herself to unbutton my shorts and free my rod.

Tilting her hips she slides onto me smooth and swift.

She has started a new dance for herself, one that includes me but only
as a prop for her dance for the earth her dance to call forth the new
shoots, her dance to call forth new buds and new life. Her hips rock and
sway in time with the internal storm of her. Her mouth is still a
tempest against my lips. My hands crush and fondle her ripe breasts as
she continues to rock and sway with the beat of the earth and the beat of
our hearts.

Our bodies are just another manifestation of the storm as we rock
together. My hips take up her beat and join her rhythm. As I rock into
her she leans back placing her hands on my chest for support she rocks
even harder. She draws me into her more and I hear her voice for the
first time as she begins to cry to the sky. Calling down the tempest,
calling up the storm. She draws me in and my body contracts, my balls
contract hard up against me and I rain within her. She calls forth the
new seed and her flower blooms in response, her petals pink and full as
she shakes and shivers not from the cold but from the thunder within, the
storm that racks her soul as she comes…..