Let’s play a little game

“Let’s play a little game,” she says. “Close your eyes.” Obediently he shuts his eyes. He is slouched down in the pink upholstered chair by the window of the twelfth-floor hotel room, his arms resting on the chair arms, legs relaxed, extended, ankles crossed. Midafternoon sun passing through the drawn drapes gives the room a […]

After our first encounter

After our first encounter I wish I could say El and I slept together most every night. Technically that would be true. But it would also imply we had sex most every night, which would not be accurate at all. The morning after our impromptu romp I woke when she closed the door, on her […]

The Stolen Pussy

Jocelyn threw off the covers and dreamily spread her naked legs. She had freshened up while her husband got ready to go to work. She did not need any lubricant, however — her arousal took care of that. She closed her eyes when she heard her husband open the bedroom door. As she pretended to […]

The cyber wife

As with many of the things Cindi and I try, the phone sex thing was a one-time event (so far, I still have never figured out what she meant by the other “position”). I still love watching her have her online fun at least three times a week. She says it helps her unwind from […]

Over coffee with one of my girlfriends we decide to organize a four-way with our men

“Is that really true, or fake news?,” she asks disbelievingly. I am Luna, thirty-eight years old, sixty-seven inches tall with a strong sex drive and a penchant for kinky sex. Both sexes compliment me on my body and looks. After coffee Isla helped me strip naked to try on some new clothes in an upmarket […]