Spying on Amber

Amy is my twin sister. We were born less than an hour apart. By all accounts we were a “surprise” to our parents and older siblings. Charlie, the oldest, turned 33 last month. Meg and Liz (also twins) turned 28 in April, and the closest to us, Amber, will be 25 this fall.

Amber just finished college at State and moved back in after graduation. She was taking the summer off to relax before starting the job hunt for a career. Our parents are very laid back and thought this was a grand idea.

For the last 4 years we got used to it just being the 4 of us, so Amber’s arrival annoyed my sister and I. The house is plenty big for all of us. It’s the last house on the cul-de-sac of a large development. There’s a nice yard, and woods and a stream behind us, separating us from the main road in town by over 500 feet. Plenty of privacy and little to no noise. Ambers return home would change that.

Where my sister and I were quiet, and slightly reserved (as were our parents), Amber was loud and messy. She also dressed like she was still in her sorority house which drew frowns from Mom, and disapproving side eye from Dad. She didn’t seem to care and would go off jogging in a tight sports bra and short running shorts or walk around the house in her underwear and tank top. After only 3 days home I’d already seen her breasts twice when she’d bent over or leaned across the table for something.

Amy and I were (and still are) very close. We share a very special bond that only twins really seem to get. Our older sisters understood and used to make comments about it that we never fully understood until we got older. My sister and I learned about the opposite sexes’ bodies from each other. Growing up we always compared the difference in our bodies with each other. I’d seen my sister naked hundreds of times and she’d seen me as many as well. Even as we got older and started to develop, we would show each other everything. For 6 months straight we’d look every night to see if the other had a pubic hair yet. We made a competition out of it. Sometimes she would measure my erections to see if I’d grown. It was all innocent and never sexual. I appreciated the fact that I knew what was what on a girl and was an authority even at the age when most boys didn’t even know what girls looked like naked. Amy and I talked about sex a lot lately. Her breasts were starting to develop, and she’d had a steady period for a few months already. Mom had sat her down and gave her a talk about being responsible for her own body and not trusting boys and all that. My Dad was more direct. He warned me not to get a girl pregnant and that was the end of things.

Once school was out for the summer Amy and I had made plans to sell lemonade on the main street behind our house like we’d done on hot days last summer. We actually had made a few hundred bucks in only a few weekends last year, so we had plans to scale it up this summer. The parents decided that since Amber was home and not working that they should take a well-earned cruise and be gone for 2 weeks. Amber didn’t seem to care, and her only comment was “Don’t piss me off.” Before they left, Dad drove me to Home Depot and I got some lumber and stuff to make signs with, and I promised to pay him back with our profits. Meanwhile my sister had gone with Mom to the grocery store and got all the needed things to make killer lemonade.

Amy and I spent a day making the stand and as it got close to dinner time we pulled it into the woods and took the shortcut back home through the woods. As we approached the back yard the trail comes out behind our old shed where Dad keeps the mower. When we went to walk around my sister stopped in front of me. I didn’t understand why until I looked over her shoulder. Our sister Amber was standing in the back yard near the deck completely topless. She had just finished her run, and hadn’t heard us coming with her headphones on. My sister instantly pulled back and knelt behind the corner of the shed. We couldn’t be seen there with the rose bushed and evergreens covering most of that corner. I knelt behind her, unable to see what was happening.

“What the hell is she doing?”, I whispered to Amy. “Why is her shirt off?”

Amy didn’t immediately answer. I tried to push along side her to see. “Stop. She will see you” her voice barely audible. “She is using a towel to dry her chest. She’s sweaty from her run.”

“Let me see” I said with too much excitement. I tried to push past Amy, but her arm stopped me. I stood up and peered around the corner to see her generous tit from the side. It was full and pointed out, and slightly up, with a dark colored nipple extending off it. Just then her platinum blonde hair fell across her chest, and she raised her arms and slipped her damp shirt on and walked in the house.

Amy spoke first as we waited for a minute before heading inside. “Don’t tell her we saw.”

“Why would I? She’d kill us.” I joked.

After a few we went into the house and Mom welcomed us home and asked about the stand and such. Neither of us talked too much so she sent us up to change for dinner. Later that night we all said goodbye to the parents as they would cast off well before we got up in the morning.

As I laid in bed, I replayed the brief snippet I’d gotten of Ambers breast. It wasn’t much but it had my little dick hard as a rock. I closed my eyes and replayed over and over the image. I got up and grabbed a sock from the laundry pile. I barely touched myself and exploded like a firecracker into the poor sock. It was a huge mess. Feeling some relief finally, I was able to lay back down and get some sleep.

The next thing I remember was a knock on my bedroom door. “Come in” I said. My twin bounced into the room all smiles and ready to go sell lemonade.

“Come on, get up sleepy.” My sister had her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and she was wearing a yellow t-shirt and jeans. “Don’t you want to go sell?” she questioned.

“Yeah in a few. I’m tired I was restless all night.” My sheets were balled up and pillows had been scattered throughout the night. “I need a shower, then we can go.” An hour later we were walking through the woods on our way to the stand. Neither of us had spoken about what we’d seen the night before, but it was all I was able to think about. Finally, my sister broke the tension as we crossed the small stream.

“Do you think I’ll get boobs like Amber?” she asked almost as in passing.

“Why not, we are related after all. I hope you do anyway, they looked nice.”

“I think they looked perfect.” Amy responded. “I thought about it a lot last night.”

“Did you?” I asked “Cause so did I.”

Amy didn’t respond and moments later we were at our spot. We set up shop and had a few sales for the day. Amy ran home to get us snacks and use the bathroom. I just peed in the woods when I had to go. It was getting late in the afternoon when Amy finally revisited the Amber thing again.

“Do you think she will take her top off again?” she asked out of nowhere.

“Maybe, it’s been hot. If she went running, she will be sweating a lot today.”

“Can we go and see?” she asked me. I was immediately aware her nipples were hard. She had not started wearing bras yet and her thin yellow shirt did little to reign them in. I’d never though of my sister in an explicitly sexual way before that moment, but suddenly my penis got that tingly sensation and I had to shift myself in my shorts before standing up. We poured out the unsold liquid, stashed the booth in the woods, and put all the stuff into a backpack that I hauled back. On the way Amy started laying out guidelines.

“If she’s not there we should wait quietly a bit. But stay behind me. I can kneel if you want to stand but don’t make any noises.” She had clearly been thinking about this. Then she uttered the statement that made me stop dead in my tracks.

“And if you get hard try not to poke me with it, ok?”

My head was spinning. “Uh ok” was all I could manage. I wondered if she knew what I’d done last night to my sock, or maybe she heard me since the walls are thin. Suddenly I was very sweaty. Amy was almost to the shed and I hurried to catch up. We arrived and Amber wasn’t there. We stood around but it felt awkward just lingering. Suddenly I had an idea.

“If we go IN the shed, we can see through the holes in the metal” I offered. “Dad had put a few in there over the years from the mower kicking stuff up. When you lose the door from the inside it’s like looking at the stars.”

“That’s a great idea!”. She moved around the side and into the old shed. I followed with out backpack. Once the door was closed, she saw what I meant and there were literally a dozen small holes that you could peer through and clearly see the entire deck and small patio walkway. We sat quietly for what felt like 2 hours. It was very hot out, and the shed was 10 times worse. Amy sat on the front tire of the mower inches from the wall and with a hole directly in front of her. I sat on our backpack and had my choice of 3 holes all equally good.

Suddenly I noticed movement outside “Here” I whispered. Amy sat up straight and peered out the hole. I did the same as our sister came jogging up the short driveway. Her ample breasts tested the engineering of that sports bra. It was a dark grey and soaked with sweat. She was wearing matching biker shorts and her camel toe was pronounced and outlined with sweat spots. We waited anxiously and Amber did a few cool down stretches. Her hair was up in a bun and sweat was glistening down her neck and back. She turned toward us, and after a quick peak she shed her top in a quick fluid motion. There before us were Ambers perfect tits. They sat high on her chest and were full and firm. The nipple was surrounded by very light areolas. She took her towel and slowly wiped under each breast. Then she stretched out and dried off her back giving us the best view of her large tits. I was getting extremely hard just watching this. My penis tingled and I felt like I might cum even without touching myself. I looked over at Amy who was watch intently and noticed her right arm was down her side and her hand was between her thighs. HOLY SHIT SHE’S MASTURBATING I thought to myself. I suddenly felt the urge to do the same and slipped my hand into my shorts. When I looked back over Amy was looking at me, before going back to her hole. At this point Amber had just about finished the toweling off and she put the towel on her shoulders, around her neck, draped over her boobs. She grabbed her top and her iPod and walked up the stairs on the deck. She turned around one last time and her boobs were in full view briefly. That’s when Amy let out a quiet huff and my attention was diverted from my big sis to my twin sis. I looked at her as her body began to relax from an obvious orgasm. I hadn’t got there and now the show was over.

“She’s inside. We should go,” I said.

“Just wait a minute until we’re sure she’s gone in the shower. We don’t want to be obvious.” Amy responded. “Did you cum?”

“No, I couldn’t in my shorts it would have been awful.” We had always been blunt with each other since we could always tell when the other was lying. Besides, she saw.

“Next time take them off then.” Next time? I hadn’t thought about doing this again. Before I could respond Amy said we had to go. We were both overheating in there. We left and went into the house. Upstairs I could hear water running and we knew we could go to our rooms without being seen. I closed my door and locked it. Dropping my shorts to the floor I picked up a sock from days ago and beat my meat as fast as I could. Within seconds my cum was erupting into my sock pussy.

The next day we were at it again. We talked about Amber most of the day and her breasts and how free she was taking her top off. My sister mentioned a plan she had about putting a lounge chair from the deck into the yard and seeing if my sister would lay there topless to tan maybe. She said she would make some comments to her about tan lines, or some shit girls worry about and maybe we could get her to lay out for a bit. We broke the stand up early and went home just as Amber left to take her afternoon jog. We waited till she left then went into the house and dropped our stuff.

“I’m gunna change into something lighter so I don’t sweat to death today” I told Amy. She agreed too and we decided to meet in 30 min to get ready for our sisters return. Soon we made our way to the shed. Amy was wearing her blue bikini with a white t shirt over it. I raised an eyebrow when she walked down the stairs in it.

“It’s hot” she defended.

I wore the loosest basketball shorts I owned and had an old shirt on. We went out to the yard, and I watched Amy’s ass as she walked in front of me. The bikini was from last summer and was a touch too small from her now, so the fabric didn’t cover her whole ass and I was treated to a show. When we got in the shed, she slipped off the shirt she was wearing and set it on the tire, then sat down. The top was also too small, and her tiny buds filled the small cups of her top. She noticed me looking but smiled and turned her head away.

Finally, she spoke, “Did you mind that I touched myself yesterday?” Amy inquired.

“No, I did the same. But you got to cum and I didn’t.”

“I didn’t do THAT” she defended. Her cheeks turned so red I could see them in the darkened shed.

“It’s ok that you did.” I said “I just didn’t know that you’d get turned on like I did by Amber’s tits. I would have cum too if my shorts weren’t so cumbersome.”

“So then take them off. I’ve seen it before I don’t care.”

“Well, you can do the same with your bottoms too then. That’s got to be easier than going through the fabric, right?”

“I guess. It’s just different for boys though.” Just then I saw Amber coming. I realized I hadn’t brough the backpack to sit on.

“Shit, where do I sit, she’s coming?” I asked Amy.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe on the tractor seat?”

I pulled off my t shirt and set it on the seat. Then I sat on the side of the seat and put my feet on the deck. In this position I’d NEVER be able to get my hands down my shorts it was impossible. Amy saw me struggling and whispered “Just slid off your shorts and sit. Hurry.” I stood and slid them off, my cock already at full attention. I saw Amy looking at it the go back to her peep hole. I sat on the edge of the seat and found a hole that was adequate. Together we watch our sister walk into view. Today she had on regular running shorts, and a tank top over a sports bra. We watched in silence as for the next few minutes she stretched her legs out and danced to her music. Finally, she got to the point where she removed her top and her breasts fell into view. Because of my position I had to lean to my left which brought me very close to Amy. In fact, by leaning toward her my erection was pointing toward her a bit. I could see she had also removed her bottoms and had her legs slightly spread and her hand was doing its job as well. I switched between sisters as I wacked off. I wanted to go slow but it didn’t matter. I knew an orgasm was coming soon. Amber stuck to her routine and slowly toweled off her beautiful breasts. When I looked down at Amy, she had opened her legs up some more and I could hear the sounds of her wet pussy as she played with it. That was all it took for me and as I stroked myself, I came hard and fast. I couldn’t control the cum and it went everywhere, including a large glob on Amy’s right thigh. She paused for a second as it processed in her head what happened, then she went full bore at her pussy rubbing faster and faster until her own orgasm hit. She quietly grunted and moaned a bit as she worked through her climax. When I looked back out the hole Amber was gone. We sat quietly basking in our own self-induced orgasms.

“We should go” Amy finally muttered. She stood up first, on shaky legs, and looked at me. My thighs, hand and stomach were covered in sticky cum. She took the shirt she’d been sitting on and wiped my cum off her thigh. “There’s a lot” she said very bluntly. I reached for the shirt she was using so I could clean myself, but she motioned my hand away and did her best to clean me off. My deflated penis was just peeking up between my thighs as she dabbed and wiped the pools of semen from me. “Good enough. Let’s get outta here,” she said. We walked into the house and again heard the shower running so we knew we were same. “That was fun.” Amy said. “Gotta shower and get your sticky stuff off me.”

“Sorry about that,” I lied. “My aim is uncontrollable when THAT happens.” We both laughed and went our own ways to clean up. Once I was locked into my room, I jerked off again. I thought about Ambers big titties but also about Amy. I just couldn’t get the sight of her masturbating out of my mind. I came again pretty quickly. It was a smaller load but still significant. After I washed up and changed Amber called us for dinner.

Amber was a rotten cook, but we didn’t care. I was so hungry I devoured the sloppy chicken dish she made, and Amy ate almost as much. As Amber sat across from us checking her phone and paying as little attention to us as possible, I was ogling her tits. She was only wearing a tank top and shorts, no bra, and as she moved or bent I kept getting glimpses of her ample cleavage. Several times Amy caught me looking and would elbow me under the table. This would send us both in giggle fits and annoy Amber.

“What the fuck is with you two?” Asked Amber. “Act like adults.” This sent us into more laughing. If she only knew. Amber got even more annoyed with us then. “Look, if you don’t like my cooking that’s perfect, you can fend for yourselves tomorrow, because I’m going on a date.”

“Really?” Amy asked. “With THOSE tan lines? Oh, I wouldn’t be caught dead.” I could see immediately where she was going. Our sister had 2 wide white strips where her sports bras went over the shoulders and the contrast against her tanned shoulders was obvious. “You should get some sun on that tomorrow while we are gone selling lemonade. Use Dads lounger in the back.”

Amber immediately became self-conscious and started pulling on the skin on her shoulders. “Is it that noticeable?”

“I mean, that’s all I notice,” I offered, trying to help sell the plan. Amber got up and walked into the kitchen to examine herself under better light. Amy and I looked at each other and she raised an eyebrow. I nodded confirming I liked the plan.

“What time are you rugrats leaving in the morning? I may need to fix this?” Amber asked.

“We will be gone by 9. We won’t be back at all until 5.” Amy was quick to reply. After dinner we left Amber on the couch watching a movie and said we were going up to play a game. Once we reached Amy’s room, we closed the door and started to plan.

“Ok so we skip lemonade tomorrow. I’m ok with that.” Said Amy “Where do we go though? We can’t stay in that shed all day we will die.”

“Mom and Dad’s room faces the back yard. Let’s go in there and see if we can see anything.” I responded. We walked down the hallway and into our parents’ room. The side with all the windows was also the side where the bed was. The tall headboard covered the first few inches of the window, but if we knelt on the pillows, and rested our arms on the headboard, we could see almost straight down to the deck and the yard. There was not enough room for both of us in the window well to look together.

“We have to take turns,” my sister said. “But this is perfect. We can see the whole yard and deck.”

“Well, who goes first?” I asked, “And for how long?”

Amy sat for a second thinking then spoke “I’ll go first, since it was my idea. We will set a reoccurring timer on my phone. Five minutes then we switch. Deal?”

I nodded in agreement. “And what about privacy?” I asked.

“Whatever. Your time can be your time. I won’t bother you. I’ll play on my phone.” Amy looked more seriously at me. “We’ve never been shy around one another, right. So why start now? What’s the big deal I saw everything earlier in the shed anyway.”

I was ok with it if she was, so I let it go at that. I went to my room but had a hard time falling asleep. I tossed and turned all night. Several times I woke with a throbbing hardon and once, around 3 am, I had to jerk off just to get back to sleep. Finally, morning came, and I was able to shower, and Amy and I put on a show of packing and leaving even though Amber was still in her room, probably asleep. Amy packed a small cooler bag with some drinks and snacks for us and I took it up to their bedroom. I had dressed for the day like we were still going to sell lemonade. Amy, however, came into the room in just a night shirt. It was an old black concert tee that she had stolen from our dad once at the beach and never given back. She slept in it most nights. It was old and faded and came down to her knees.

Once she walked in, I locked the door. We sat on the bed looking at each other. “Now what?” I asked. Amy shrugged and pulled out her phone and some headphones and started to watch a show. Damn it she though of everything. I moved to the floor and waited. I’m sure I nodded off at some point. It wasn’t until after 10am that I heard some stirring from Amber. We could hear the shower in the guest bathroom running. I tapped Amy on the leg and we both got ready. We listened as Amber talked to her friends on the phone, then went downstairs to make breakfast. We were getting bored. It was nearly noon when she finally came back up to her room. We figured she may be changing to go outside.

Soon enough she headed back down the stairs and out to the yard. Amy went up to the window and I started the timer. “When this chimes, we switch, ok?” She nodded in agreement. “Also, tell me what you see”

“Ok,” Amy agreed. “Nothing yet. She is wearing her shirt from dinner last night. I can see her boobs swaying around, so no bra. And she has leggings on. Those must be hot.” Amy was blunt in her de***********ion. I could hear some disappointment in her voice. “Ok she moved the lounge and it’s in the sun. Don’t know where she went maybe back inside?”

I listened but didn’t hear any noises downstairs. I laid down to put my ear to the floor to listen better. When I turned my head, I was treated to an up shirt shot of Amy. I could see the bottom of her bare ass she wasn’t wearing panties. My heart jumped into my throat. I thought if I moved a bit maybe I could see her slit but her legs were closed tightly, and her bum was all that was visible. I stayed in that position until the alarm chimed.

“Switch,” Amy said. I moved off the floor and up to the bed. By kneeling on a pillow, I was in the perfect spot to look down and out the window.

“I don’t see her.” I strained in all the directions but could see nothing. I waited impatiently. Finally, Amber appeared. She had a soda in her hand and walked to the lounger. She bent forward to set it on the ground and I could see her magnificent breast from above through the neckline of her shirt. I must have taken a deep breath because Amy immediately spoke.

“What is it?”

“I can see down the top of her shirt. The tops of her boobs are so white.” I continued to stare at my older sisters’ breasts. Then in a smooth, casual motion, she lifted and removed her shirt. “They are out” I barked. “She’s topless. She’s walking around the chair. Now she grabbed a cushion from the other and laid a towel down. I think she’s going to lay down.” But to my surprise, she instead slid her leggings down, and stepped out of them. She was left in a white pair of small bikini panties. “Oh shit, shit took her pants off, she’s just in panties!” I could not contain my excitement. Just then the timer went off and my sister pushed me out of the way.

“She’s laying down. She’s on the chair and she’s laying down…” Her voice trailed off.

“What? She’s laying down and?” I inquired.

“She has hair. Pubes, lots of them. And they are poking out her bikini line.”

“Oh shit, really?” I had never seen a bush before. I looked at the timer and still 3 minutes to go. “Damn, what else? What’s she doing now?”

“Nothing now. Just laying there in the sun. She put a towel over her face. Her boobs are so perky.” I sat there and was suddenly aware that Amy’s commentary was making me hard. Still though I wanted to see. My erection had started and was causing me some discomfort.

“Amy, can I take my underwear off? I’ll put my shorts back on. I’m just need some room in there. I’m getting, um, cramped for space.”

“You’re getting hard. It’s fine. You don’t need to wear shorts if you don’t want to. I’m not wearing anything under this shirt.”

“I know.” I said. She looked at me quickly, smiled, and went back to her window. I stood and removed my clothes. I figured why keep the shirt on if the bottoms are gone. My cock sprung to life. It wasn’t huge but it didn’t all fit in my hand anymore when I jerked, and it was still getting bigger. Finally, the alarm went off. Amy turned to get down and stopped for a second to look at me, then her eyes dropped to my cock. Just as quickly as she looked, she broke eye contact with my member and moved off the bed.

“Thanks,” I said as I mounted the pillow. I looked down at Amber’s pussy. Her panties were small, and indeed there was a good amount of black curly hairs protruding from their confinement. “That looks weird, huh?” I asked.

“You don’t like pubes?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know really. Only girl I’ve ever seen nude before is you, and you don’t have any.”

“Well…” Amy interrupted me “I may have gotten one or two.”

“What? Really? When? Why didn’t you tell me. We had a bet, remember?” I lost focus on the window as I looked at my sister. She blushed a little.

“I found them like a month ago. I pulled them off with tweezers. I think I’m getting more though. Sorry I didn’t tell you. It’s just been strange with getting a period and my boobs always hurting then that. It was a lot.”

The timer went off and I slid my naked body off the bed to the floor. I was trying to process all the info my sister had just hit me with. Amy assumed her position and once she settled in, I tried looking up her shirt again. All I could see was some ass cheek, side and bottom. Still, I kept trying. The timer went off at least a dozen more times and each time we would swap, and I’d stare at my topless older sister. Eventually my raging hardon subsided into more of just a semi erect status. Amy and I didn’t speak much. We were absorbed in our own thoughts, and in watching Amber tan her big tits.

It was Amy who finally got a breakthrough, coming after more than an hour of spying. “She’s moving.” Amy announced. “She’s sitting up. Wow her boobs are amazing, they just don’t sag, or hang at all.” I could sense some jealousy in her tone. “Oh wow, Keith, you will love this. She’s taking her panties off. Her ass is so white. She’s laid back down on her stomach.” When it was finally my turn Amy didn’t get off the bed, she just moved to the side, and I got up on the pillow. Looking down, I saw Amber, completely nude, her ass on display. As I stared at her I could make out a bit of her slit from between her ass cheeks. Her legs were slightly spread. I felt my penis getting rock hard again. Amy giggled.

“What?” I asked.

“I guess you like what you see?” Amy motioned to my engorged penis.

“Well yeah, it’s a nice view. Wish I was closer. I can see between her legs. I can sorta make out her vagina.”

Amy closed her eyes. Her hand made its way between her upper thighs. I watched her as she started to play with herself. “What else do you see? Down there.”

I tried to concentrate but out of the corner of my eye I would keep catching her movements and it was distracting. “Nothing else. She’s just laying there. I wish I could see her vagina.” I stated.

“I’m sorry bro. Would it help, if you wanted to, I mean, to look at mine?”

I nearly died when she said that. I looked over at Amy, who was laying on the bed, her head propped up on two pillows. She had moved her shirt up to her waist, and her hand was between her thighs, moving around. I took another look out the window, and our sister hadn’t moved, so I considered the offer.

“Yeah, I’d love that Amy, thanks.”

“Sit on the floor. And face the bed.” She directed. I did as instructed. I put my back against the dresser and stretched my legs out. My shins and feet went under the bed I was so close. Amy spun herself ninety degrees and scooted her ass to the edge of the bed. She sat upright, spread her legs wide, and raised her shirt above her bellybutton.

“Oh wow,” I uttered. “You look different than I remembered. The last time you shoed me this close, it was a slit. Now it looks more like a flower, with waves on the edges.”

“My pussy is growing. Once I started masturbating and got my period it changed. I like it more now. It’s more sensitive to my touch.” She ran a finger through her folds and there was moisture on her fingers. She smeared it around the top and repeated the motion. “My clit is up here. That’s where it’s most sensitive. I get wet when I get horny and then I can use my juice to slide my fingers around more easily.”

“I get that too. When I start jerking, I get some slippery juice that comes out, before the cum, and it’s like lube or something.”

“Show me.” Amy leaned even more forward. I started stroking myself while looking up at her pretty pussy, only feet away. She ran her finger up and down, stopping every few strokes at her button to make small circles. When she did that, she used two, or even three fingers. Her lips became more wet, and started to turn more red. I stared in fascination at her pussy. I could see an opening sometimes, as her fingers spread her lips, before they snapped back into place. I knew that’s where the penis went to make babies. Amy picked up her pace. Her eyes, that had been glued to watching me stroke my dick, were now closed. She took shorter, deeper breathes as she continued to play with herself. I started to feel my orgasm building. I stopped and was fumbling around to get a sock off. “What are you doing?” she asked with squinted eyes.

“I’m getting close to my cum, and I usually do it into a sock so it’s not a mess.”

“Just keep going I’ll clean it up, like I did before.” Amy’s pace suddenly went to full speed. I couldn’t even make out her hand anymore it was a total blur. “Stand up, quickly.” She ordered. “Remember yesterday, you shot and got some cum on my leg? Well, it felt all warm and I liked that a lot. It’s something I thought about last night when I did this too. Can you do that, cum on me?” I nodded and stood. I positioned myself between her legs, my cock only inches from her wet pussy.

“I’ll tell you when, ok?” I asked. My hand went back to my shaft, and I started pumping. I knew in seconds I’d be exploding. “Amy it’s gunna happen! I’m gunna shoot my cum!” I pumped a few and exploded with full force. The first spurt was massive and hit her just below the belly button. The next two went off well left and landed on her forearm, the one she was using to rub herself. A fourth, and final one, almost as large as the first, het her fingers that were feverishly working her pussy toward climax. This seemed to be the final thing needed to trigger my sister and off she went. Her back arched and her hand stopped in place over her hole. She squealed and held her breath. She shook in small convulsions. Finally, she started to come around. “You ok?” I asked. I’d never seen anyone act like that before.

“Yes. Just hang on for a second, let me compose myself, and I’ll clean you up, ok? I nodded and stood there just looking at the mess I’d made. There was cum running down her belly, to her thigh, and the loads on her arm had slide off her as well. Her hand was sticky and when she removed it from her pussy it was all I could stare at. I was mesmerized by her flower. “You made a mess, Kev.” I nodded. She casually removed her shirt to start cleaning up my cum. My eyes locked onto her tiny boobs, and she noticed. “Don’t stare at them, they are nothing compared to Ambers.” I could tell she was self-conscious about them.

I looked away to make her feel more comfortable. When she was done cleaning me off, she asked me to check on Amber and see what she was doing. I got on the bed and saw Amber had not moved. Just then our timer went off and we both laughed. It hadn’t even taken us 5 minutes to cum. I turned off the phone timer.

Amy went to the master bath to wash up and I sat on the floor, back against the bed. Shortly, she returned, walking into the bedroom still completely naked. She hopped up on the bed to look out the window, then returned to me and flopped down on the floor next to me, our thighs and shoulders touching. I admired her budding breasts for a moment. The nipple was puffy and stood out prominently from her small breast. They appeared to be slightly smaller than my fist, but like our sisters Amber, they were pointing up and out.

Amy noticed my glaring and crossed her arms with her hands covering her tits. “It’s ok sis, they will get there soon enough.” I offered in support. She didn’t respond, but tilted her head to the left and let it rest on my shoulder. We sat like that for a little while. Eventually we heard Amber downstairs making noise and figured she was in the kitchen making lunch. Since we were still hiding, we had to be quiet so we could hear all her racket. When she heard the door close again, Amy got up and went to the window.

“Keith come look at this.” Amy said.

I got up and onto the bed, my sister slid over to give me some room. I looked down and saw our sister on the lounge chair. She was laying back, but her hands were in her crotch. With one hand she was pulling on her long pubes, and the other was stroking her clit. Almost immediately I started getting aroused. I didn’t say anything, I just leaned over the headboard in awe. For several minutes Amber stayed like that, just holding herself open and rubbing her pussy. Her breasts swayed with the motion of her hand. Her nipples were hard, pointed up, and she was glistening with sweat.

“Keith, what’s she doing? Describe it to me.” Amy asked.

“She is sweaty. Her hand is rubbing her sex. She is pulling on her pubes.” Amber shifted in the chair. “Now she’s putting fingers inside. Her other hand is rubbing her big tit and she’s moving around a lot.”

“Her orgasm is close. I want to see.” Amy tried to push next to me but the window was narrow and side-by-side we couldn’t see. “Move back, I’ll get in front of you, and you kneel behind me, and you can look over my head? Sound ok?”

“Yeah but hurry she’s going even faster now.”

I moved away from the headboard and Amy tucked in front of me, spreading her legs slightly so they were outside of mine. She put her hands on the top of the headboard, and rested her chin on them. I moved close in behind her, and put my hands outside hers, and pulled against her close with my head over hers. My erection poked her dead center in her lower back. “Sorry” I offered as my warm erection slid up her back and jammed itself between my stomach and her back.

“It’s ok. It feels warm and slippery.” Amy responded. We watched as our sister finger fucked herself and kneaded her breasts with her hand. My erection was throbbing from the show and the feeling of the skin on skin contact. When Amber pulled her hand from her pussy to her mouth, tasted herself, and then put her hand back, Amy shuddered. She moved her hands from under her chin. She moved her left to her pussy and her right one between us. “Just don’t move, ok?” She whispered. She took my cock into her hand and moved it from pointed up her back, and slid it between her ass cheeks. I could feel the heat coming off of her and feel the movement of her other hand working over her pussy only an inch away.

“What are you doing?” I asked as my cock nestled between her cheeks.

Amy then leaned back into me and our bodies were completely touching. She let out a slight moan and my cockhead settled between her asshole and pussy.

“Just don’t move and it will be ok.” I felt her butt cheeks clench and the feeling of my penis being wrapped up was amazing. Instinctively, I tried to pull away and push back, but Amy clenched tighter, so I stayed put. Suddenly I felt the tip of a finger form her right-hand slide across the head of my dick. Then again, and again. “Oh, you are leaking lube Keith, it feels good. It’s so slippery, can you keep doing that?” I grunted in approval. I had no control over that, but her touch felt so amazing I didn’t want it to stop. Every few passes across her pussy, she would slide across my embedded member, scoop some pre cum, and return it to her warm pussy.

I wrapped my arms around my sister and put my head into the nape of her neck. She was breathing hard and as my arms encircled her, my hands made contact with her small sensitive breasts. She responded with a moan of approval and pushed her ass hard against me, causing my cock to push deeper between her thighs. I felt the warm wetness of her pussy on my cockhead. She stopped moving her hand and started rotating her hips, allowing my manhood to grind against her. I gently massaged her breasts. They were very firm and the nipples hard as rocks. This brought more sighs and moans from her lips.

“Look!” She exclaimed. I lifted my head and peered out the window in time to see our older sister with her knees in the air, her feet against her ass, her eyes tightly shut, embroiled in her orgasm. She had stopped moving and gone completely rigid. Amy seemed very turned on by Amber’s orgasm and placed her hand palm down over her pussy and my cock. She mashed the two together and rubbed vigorously. Very quickly she too was on the verge of orgasm. She put her free hand over one of mine still attached to her breast and squeezed. Her orgasm came almost instantly. She continued to roll my penis back and forth through the fold of her hot pussy. I looked down at the top of her tiny ass, grinding against me, and felt myself about to explode. Gripping her breasts firmly I timed my pelvic pushes to meet her hand touching my cock. I erupted with a grunt filling the open gaps between her fingers and her pussy lips with my hot sticky cum. She continued to rub the both of us as our orgasms subsided. As I pulled my shaft from between her ass she reached around behind her and took hold of it. She stroked the last little drops I had left onto her back.

We giggled as I fell back onto the bad and Amy laid on top of me. We looked each other in the eyes, and depending on whos version you believe, one of us leaned in and kissed the other on the lips. We had kissed like this many times when we were younger, but this kiss had more passion and meaning behind it. I wrapped my arms around Amy and held her tight as she lay her head on my chest.