A young husband fantasizes about sharing his wife with another

My wife, Annie, was brought up in a strict home,
and hadn’t even been French-kissed until our first
date in college. She was a virgin on our wedding
night, and though we fucked only twice, we had sim-
ultaneous orgasms the first time. Annie’s was so
powerful she screamed. She also came very hard on
our second coupling.

Annie developed such a voracious appetite for sex
that we tried every nuance known to man and woman. She
became an expert at giving head, developing a fondness
for the taste of semen.

The internet has been a part of our lives for the
past three years, and the newsgroup stories about men
sharing their wives get Annie as hot as they do me.

This past New Year’s my firm gave a giant party to
celebrate record profits. Annie came to it in a tight
little black dress that had a mid-thigh hemline and
spaghetti straps up above. The low-cut neckline
revealed most of her back and an eye-catching amount
of cleavage. The dress clung to her luscious body like
a second skin, and caused every man in the room to do
a double take.

I could tell Annie was excited because her firm
nipples showed plainly through the thin fabric, and
because her brown eyes were flashing with eagerness.

At this point James, the company president, walked
over for an introduction. “I have to dance with this
ravishing beauty,” he said.

“Be my guest,” I said. The next song was a slow
one, and before it was over Annie’s body was plastered
against his. In the dim light I could see his hands
were plainly and boldly cupping my wife’s firm ass
cheeks. At the end of the dance James gave my wife a
long and lingering deep kiss and whispered something
in her ear. When Annie returned to my side she was

“He wants me to go up and see his suite,” she said
excitedly, her breasts rising and falling.

“Do you want to?” I asked as my cock began to

“Well, would you be mad if I did?” Annie asked.

“Only if you don’t tell me what happens. ” My
beautiful wife smiled happily at my response, and I
ran my fingers through her long, dark hair. “Remember,
he’s the big boss.”

“He’s big all right,” Annie whispered. Then she
smiled at me and walked toward him.

“I’ll be waiting,” I said.

I watched James escort my stunning young wife to-
ward the elevators. Twenty minutes later I saw James
again, working the room. But Annie hadn’t returned
with him, and about five minutes later James disappear-
ed into the elevator. Once more I tried to keep my
mind off what might be happening to my wifr, and
ignored my watch.

About 45 minutes later I saw Annie making her way
toward me. Her eyes never left mine until she slid
into the chair next to me. She was breathing deeply,
and her hand instantly grasped mine.

“So,” I said, “was I right that he didn’t just
want to discuss the decor?”

“We talked,” she said, “but we did everything else

My cock lurched in my pants, and I caught my
breath. Annie waited as I struggled to keep myself
under control. “Was he big?” I asked.

My beautiful hot wife nodded, her voice low but
charged with sexual energy. “He said he was ten
inches, and I believe it. I think he was as big
around as my wrist.

I leaned in close, slid my hand along her thigh,
squeezing it as my cock throbbed. “Tell me all about
it.” I said.

“Well, on the way up in the elevator he kissed me
– at first just regular kissing, but then with a lot
of tongue. I could feel his cock against my belly,
and he was squeezing my bottom and sliding my dress
up. When the elevator stopped he had the skirt all
the way up to my waist and I was Frenching him back.
I was so hot I couldn’t stop.”

I kissed her quickly, tasting a faint essence of
semen, I could smell it on her breath no. “Okay. Go
on. I want to hear everything.”

“We went into the suite, sat on a love seat, and
he kissed me and felt my boobs. Then he unzipped his
pants and put my hand on his throbbing cock. Honey,
I’ve never felt anything like it before. I had to
look at it to be sure it wasn’t fake or something.”

When I gasped, Annie squeezed my hand and looked
deep into my eyes.

I could tell what was going through her mind, and
I said, “I love you, and my cock is about to explode.
It’s killing me but I’ve never been so turned on.”

“When we got to the room,” Annie continued, “he
said he had to go back downstairs to the party and put
in an appearance, and he wanted me buck naked, except
for my heels, when he came back. So I took off my
dress and panties and waited for him to return.”

I groaned softly at the vision of my wife, naked
and horny, waiting for her new lover and his gargan-
tuan love stick.

“Was he pleased when he got back?”

“Oh, yes,” Annie said, blushing. “He almost
ripped his clothes, he was taking them off so fast.

The tablecloth was long, and my napkin was on my
lap when I unzipped my pants, releasing my pulsing
prick. “Go on,” I said, as I placed her hand on it.
She fondled me under the linen as she continued.

“We kissed, he felt me up, and I handled his prick.
Then we got on the bed, and–well, we did it.”

“Did he feel good?” I asked.

Annie lowered her eyes. “It was a lot better than
good,” she said softly.

“Did you like his length or his girth best?” I
asked as fluid began oozing from my prick, smearing
Annie’s palm.

“It I had to choose, I’d say his thickness. It
was nice feeling so filled.”

“His cock has touched you where mine never will,”
I said, unable to keep a hint of jealousy out of my
voice. My wife only nodded silently.

“I came, just when he got it all the way in me.
It was a screamer,” she said.

I moaned softly as Annie stroked me.

“He kept telling me how great my pussy felt, how
tight it was and how juicy it felt. He was ramming
me hard, and I put my heels in the middle of his back
so he could penetrate as deep as possible. He liked
it when I yelled and kicked. He didn’t last very long
though, probably about three or four minutes, tops. I
came again when he did, but it was kind of a weak one.”

“So your cunt is full of his sperm,” I said, slid-
ing my hand up between her thighs. As I felt slimy
stickiness below her twat, I erupted with a moan,
spraying semen all over Annie’s hand and the napkin.
“I think you came a cupful,” she said with a giggle.
I nodded, keeping her hand on me.

My penis had barely shrunk. “Was that it?” I asked.

“No,” my wife said. She smiled, and my cock again
began to expand. “We kissed some more, and he touched
me down there and…you know…sort of teased my ass

I knew what was coming. “He asked if he could
screw my ass, and I was all for it,” Annie said.

“Stroke me,” I croaked. “Go on.” Her hand began
its expert manipulation once more.

“He got up beside my face and played with my nip-
ples while I sucked him hard. Then I got on my knees,
and he used his come and my juice to lubricate me.
Then he put himself in and did me. It felt really
good, but he has no staying power. He came too fast.”

“Did you come?” I asked.

She shook her head no. I was about to explode
again. “He said I was fantastic, one of the best lays
of his life.” Once more she studied my face. “He
wants me to come to work for him.”

With another low guttural moan I came again. More
thick, white spunk splattered Annie’s hand and the
already soaked napkin. Panting, I put away my tender
organ and zipped up. Thank God, the room was dimly
lit and no one was paying any attention to us.

Annie brought her come-coated hand to her lips to
lick off my jism as she smiled lewdly at me.

“Do you think you want to take on a new job?” I

“I think I can handle it,” she said. “Can you
handle it?”

“As long as you promise to bring your work home
with you and tell me all about your day. You did tell
me every thing, didn’t you?”

Annie smiled mischievously and said, “Just about.
I thought I’d save a few details for later.”

“Well, I think we should head for home,” I said.
“Then you can tell me everything you left out. We can
talk about what you’ll be doing on your new job too.”