Do It After School

Johnny Howard was a blond youngster who was uncomfortable if he didn’t get his balls emptied at least twice a day.

But it wasn’t easy to find a suitable place to beat his meat in privacy and comfort.

He was painfully aware that he made a lot of noise — moaning and panting and grunting — when he was jacking off, especially when he started to cum.

That made it embarrassing to beat off at home, because his mother was a housewife with ears like a hawk. And she was always around the house, no doubt, listening, and it was not unknown for her to walk into a guy’s bedroom or the bathroom without knocking.

Johnny slipped hand-jobs in at odd hours of the day and night, but it was frustrating to have to be quiet and jack off in silence, instead of pounding his prick with the enthusiastic vigor that he preferred.

Too, when he shot his wad, his cum-load sprayed out all over the place, and the boy lived in terror of his mother finding neglected globs of jism in the basin or the bath or pooled in his bed sheets.

Whenever he did manage to get a meat beating accomplished, she always gave him a sort of knowing look, which caused him to blush with guilt, making it worse.

It wasn’t any better at school, either.

Johnny jacked off in the lavatory, in a locked stall, but couldn’t really concentrate on the pleasure for fear that the football coach might catch him at it. The coach termed it self abuse and claimed that it sapped a young man’s stamina and lessened his athletic prowess.

Yet, even if Johnny had had enough willpower to forego playing with his cock, it would have been worse, if anything. For then he knew that he would have wet dreams, every night and maybe even cream his jeans in class, which would leave more incriminating evidence than when he drained off his balls willfully and mopped up the results.

Then he found the tree house.

And a lucky day it was for a wanker like him.

Johnny had often noticed it before, without paying much attention to the possibilities. It was a sturdy structure built of wooden planks and plywood, lodged firmly in the limbs of a large tree.

The tree was on his way home from school — a convenient location for a boy who inevitably came home with a hard-on — and it was on common ground between two homes, close but on neither property.

Johnny recalled that Bill Evans, an older boy, had built the tree house several years before. But Bill had gone off to college and the tree house had been left there, abandoned and unused.

On this fateful day, Johnny had been hauling home a particularly troublesome boner — since he had gotten a look up Sheena Stratton’s skirt in class.

And as he was passing the big tree, it suddenly struck the youth that the tree house might make a damned good setting for jacking off.

There were wooden slats nailed to the trunk of the tree, forming the rungs of a ladder. Johnny climbed them — with some discomfort, because his hard cock-bulge kept bumping against the rough bark.

When he crawled into the tree house, he was surprised to find that it was furnished — in a fashion.

There was an old mattress on the floor, a cracked mirror on the wall beside it and pictures of naked women and girls, cut from glossy magazines, nailed up all around. There was even a damp, faded copy of a girlie magazine.

The magazine and the pictures were all streaked with what he recognized as dried cum.

It dawned on Johnny that Bill Evans must have used the tree house exactly as he, himself, intended.

And Bill Evans had gone off to college on a football scholarship — so much for the coach’s silly ideas about the effects of self-abuse!

Jerking off in that place would be sort of like taking sloppy seconds, Johnny figured. But that did not deter him in the least.

If the virgin boy ever got a chance to fuck a girl, he wouldn’t give a shit if he was twelfth in line in a gang-bang!

He studied the situation to make sure the premises were secure before doing the deed. He found that he was able to see into the bedroom windows of the house on either side, but only by standing and looking over the walls, so that no one could see him from either window once he was lying down on the mattress. And, besides, it was unlikely that the bedrooms would be occupied at that time of day, right after school got out, when Johnny was most desperate to cream.

He didn’t give a thought to the attics of those nearby homes which, higher up, afforded a plain view over the walls of the tree house.

Deliriously happy with this fortunate find, Johnny lay down and pulled his formidable hard-on out and proceeded to toss himself off our times in rapid succession, enjoying the privacy and the comfort and not needing to care about how, much noise he made.

The pictures of naked women were a boon, as well, since he didn’t dare keep a saucy magazine at home.

He gave silent thanks to Bill Evans, his athletic predecessor and the builder of that handy masturbatorium, to whose aged spunk-streaks Johnny added a plentiful supply.

After that first time, Johnny stopped at the tree house just about every day, on his way home from school, and arrived at his own home so satisfied that his snoopy mother wondered if the boy was ailing.

As much as Johnny enjoyed his daily visits to the tree house, Wanda Jarvis enjoyed them even more.

Wanda lived in one of the adjacent houses.

She was a voluptuous woman with jet black hair and an hourglass figure and a temperament to match.

As fate would have it, she was a voyeur, as well — and it was her lucky day as well as Johnny’s.

Wanda was in her attic on the day that Johnny first found the tree house.

She had been looking for her dildo. Usually, her husband threw a rigorous morning fuck into Wanda before he went to work, or at least ate her cunt to cool her down. That generally kept her happy, although simmering, until he got home in the evening.

But this morning the alarm clock had failed to go off and, late for work, he had dashed off, leaving his lovely wife unfucked.

Wanda was annoyed and frustrated — and randy as could be.

She finger-fucked hers elf a lot during the day, but there was little satisfaction in that, for a married woman with a usually helpful husband.

Then she remembered her dildo.

It was a big rubber prick that she had often used in college, both on herself and on her sexy roommate. She hadn’t seen it in ages, but it would be just the tool to fill the gap until her husband got home.

Now, where had she put it?

As near as she could remember, the rubber prick was stored away in a trunk in the attic. She had been lying around naked all day and, not bothering to dress, went right up to the attic to look for her latex lover.

She finally found the fuck-tool stored at the bottom of a pile of less useful objects. Just looking at it brought back fond memories. The dildo was realistically contoured, with a big, bulbous knob and simulated veins, and the hilt was fitted with a leather harness so that a lady could strap it on and fuck another lady.

Wanda wasn’t a lesbian, to be sure, but she always enjoyed a bit of dildo-fucking and cunt-lapping with another feminine woman, just for the variety of it.

The naked woman was so hot by this time that she sat down on the edge of the trunk and gave herself a thorough fucking right there in the attic.

She creamed off twice, sucking her own cunt-cum from the rubber cock in between.

Then her cunt was cooled off somewhat — as much as that hot pussy would ever get — but the exertion of pumping it up her pussy had left the rest of her curvaceous body hot and sweaty.

She decided to open the attic window and let the cool afternoon breeze cool her off. Leaving the dildo stuck halfway up her pussy, she got up and went over to the window and, opening it, looked out.

Fate had taken a hand.

Just as Wanda gazed out, Johnny noticed the tree house and realized how handy it could be.

Wanda recognized him as the Howard boy who lived down the block and thought no more of it — for a moment.

Then she saw the gigantic cock-bulge that was contorting the front of his jeans.

Holy shit, she thought.

Wanda had always had the hots for young boys, and she was a peeper by her nature. Her dark eyes flashed as she gazed at the blond youngster, and her pussy began to steam on the rubber prick, in response.

Then Johnny approached the big tree.

She wondered where the cute boy was going, but didn’t care, happy to feast her eyes on his swollen crotch.

He climbed up the makeshift ladder awkwardly and entered the tree house.

And Wanda found that, looking down from the elevation of her attic, she could see the interior of the tree house with perfect clarity.

She almost fainted when Johnny stretched out on the mattress, opened his fly and reached in to haul out his cock and balls in one fat handful.

He began to play with his prick.

Wanda, naturally, began to ram her rubber cock in and out of her cunt-hole, angling it so that all of the firm stalk rubbed against her clit.

The potent youngster shot off on a very few strokes, his creamy cum-load looping up above the walls.

Wanda juiced off at the same time. With hardly a pause, Johnny jacked off again, turning onto his side this time and spraying his spunk onto the sexy pictures tacked to the walls.

Wanda joined him in cumming again.

What a treat this was for a frustrated housewife who loved young boys and adored playing the peeper and had a pussyful of rubber prick, to boot!

Johnny got onto his knees for his third cumming, hosing his jism all over the tree house.

Wanda was so hot that she thought her dildo might melt in her fuck-hole. She actually looked down to see if steam was wafting from her pussy.

Johnny shot off once more, fucking his fist furiously, spilling out damned near as much cock-cream as he had on the previous cummings.

Wanda wondered if the kid’s balls were bottomless.

Her cunt was hot as hell, and she melted again, too.

Johnny rested for a while following his fourth cumming, then tucked his cock and balls away and, a very contented boy now, climbed back down from the tree house a lot more easily than he had gone up.

He went on home to act innocent in front of his ever-alert mother.

And Wanda, despite her repeated orgasms, was left feeling as horny as ever. She began to dildo-fuck herself yet again, staring into the spunk-festooned tree house.

But then the naughty woman had an idea that thrilled her and made her feel deliciously depraved and wickedly wanton.

She left the attic and quickly pulled a hone dress on, not bothering with underwear. Taking the rubber sex-toy with her, she went out of her back door and crossed onto the common ground.

She looked around furtively, then climbed up to the tree house.

The fragrance of cock-cream made her head spin. Although the tree house was open to the fresh air, the familiar aroma still permeated the place.

Wanda removed her dress.

Naked, her body hot in the cool breeze, she began to rub her hairy cunt and her big tits against the cum-splattered wall. Her nipples shot out like rockets as she juiced them with jizz, and her cunt was spilling out almost as much cream as had shot from Johnny’s prick.

She cupped her fat tits in both hands and squirmed, drenching them with the kid’s cum. Then she lifted the tit-globes and dropped her raven head and began to suck the jizz up from her tits.

Even tasted second-hand, the flavor of a young boy’s fuck-juice drove her wild.

Sticking her tongue out, Wanda began to lick the cum up greedily, shifting from wall to wall and bending down to lap some from the floorboards.

She scooped up a mouthful of cum and let it trickle around in her mouth, savoring the taste and the texture, then she swallowed it and tongued up more.

She gave her lapper a rest while she frigged her frantic fuck-hole for a while, then she got her head down and sucked up more jizz from the mattress.

She couldn’t believe how much cum there was.

Of course, she didn’t know that, along with Johnny’s recent supply, she was drinking a lot of cum that Bill Evans had deposited in the past, the long-congealed stuff liquefying again in her hot mouth.

Eventually, she had licked it all up, and left the wood and the mattress and even the pictures glistening with her saliva — and lots of pussy-nectar, too.

She left the tree house finally and returned home, where she hid the dildo away and waited impatiently for Hank to get home from work.

Hank Sands was surprised when, with a passion rare even for his horny wife, she met him at the front door and fucked him in the hallway.

And that was only for starters. Wanda fucked her husband before dinner, during dinner, and for dessert. She was insatiable that evening.

Hank, in blissful ignorance of the cause, could only assume that this was how his wife reacted when he neglected to give her her customary morning fuck.

He figured he might leave her horny again, if this was the reception he got later.

And through all the marital mating, Wanda was thinking about that afternoon and remembering how Johnny Howard had jacked off so often and how, afterwards, she had tasted his sweet boy-cum.

And how she hoped that the handsome youngster visited the tree house again.

She got her wish.

Johnny stopped at the tree house almost every day from then on.

And Wanda, without fail, was waiting at her attic window, with her cunt already stuffed full of rubber prick. And every day, too, as soon as Johnny had gone home, Wanda had climbed the tree and bathed in his cum, sucking it up like a sponge.

He never realized that the tree house had been mopped clean of his cum, because Wanda left an equal amount of her own cum which, congealed, was easily able to pass for spilled cock-cream.

This went on for several weeks.

Johnny jacked off every day and Wanda subsequently licked his cum up, enjoying the arrangement a lot more than the unsuspecting boy. It was only a series of hand-jobs for Johnny, who had no idea of where his fuck-juice was winding up.

But then, one memorable day, there was an unexpected change in the routine.

And a most welcome one. Johnny brought a guest to the tree house.


Johnny had enjoyed fantasies about damned near every girl in school while he flicked his fist and pretended it was a mouth or a cunt. He had thought lurid thoughts about skinny girls with flat chests, because he figured they would fuck like sinuous snakes. And he had lusted for fat girls because they had big tits. And he had jacked off while entertaining lustful images of the buxom librarian and the lean lady who taught French and the girls’ gym instructor, who was rumored to be deviate.

But most of all, by far, Johnny thought about Sheena Stratton while playing with his prick.

Sheena was the prettiest and sexiest and most nubile girl at school, a strawberry blonde with big blue eyes and a cocksucker’s mouth.

She had round, bouncy tits capped by nipples that always seemed to be stiff, poking out in twin peaks in the tight sweaters she usually wore.

Her waist was tiny, her hips supple and her ass was high and hard and provocative. Her shapely legs were long, and her skirts were always short.

And she had a sultry way of looking at a guy, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking — and what he would soon be doing by hand.

Johnny wasn’t the only boy who had jack-off fantasies about Sheena, to be sure. The saucy teenager was probably responsible for more jacking off than anyone else in town and for enough spilled spunk to float a battleship, as multitudes of potent young men emptied their balls in frantic reaction to her obvious charms.

Sheena knew this perfectly well.

She loved turning guys on and made a point of posing and moving erotically. She favored revealing clothing and used it to good advantage by the way she positioned her legs and loins.

The sexy teenager liked to make all the boys horny — and the teachers, as well, even including the female gym teacher, who was said to be a lesbian.

But most of all, Sheena liked to give little Johnny Howard a hard-on.

She had the hots for handsome young Johnny. There was a certain innocence about him, even when he was staring lustfully at her and panting like a dog. She felt sure the kid was a virgin — and that was a turn-on for Sheena.

Today, she was feeling particularly bold and saucy and sexy and had dressed accordingly. She wore a tiny red mini-skin and a cotton tee-shirt so snug it seemed to be painted on her tits.

She put on her tiniest bikini panties under that short skirt.

This garb was strictly against the school’s dress code, to be sure. But since the teachers got to ogle her, as well as the students, no one objected.

She’d flashed her crotch all day. The boys’ lavatory was awash with all the jizz that had been jacked out between classes as, one after the other, the youths she had exposed her bikini-clad cunt to sought solace in the cubicles.

Sheena was keeping track of which boys went to the bathroom with bulging crotches and returned looking relieved, with the swelling reduced.

She noticed, though, that Johnny Howard had not been to the bathroom and that the handsome lad had retained his big cock-bulge through every class.

Johnny, of course, was keeping his hard-on until he could seek the solitude of his tree house.

But Sheena didn’t know that and the naughty girl was puzzled. Was she losing her charms for him?

Well, evidently not, since the bulge in his jeans had gotten larger class by class, and he had stared at her so lasciviously that his eyes had nearly burned into her belly and tits like laser beams.

Sheena was intrigued.

She decided that it was time to get to know Johnny Howard better.

A lot better.

When Johnny came out of the school following the final class, Sheena Stratton was perched on the wall beside the front walk.

He gulped. Her knees were parted and her crotch was fully displayed. The tiny panties seemed to be molded to her pussy, the crotch band dragged up into her cunt gash as if by suction!

Johnny halted and looked up her short skirt in a sort of mesmerized awe. His cock jumped so savagely that it almost knocked his schoolbooks from his grasp as he held them in front of his loins to hide his hard-on.

Then the innocent youth realized how he was gaping, and he blushed and looked up at her face — and found that Sheena was grinning impishly at him.

Holy cow, he thought.

She must have seen where I was looking — and she doesn’t seem to mind!

Johnny had never dared to hope he might get a crack at the sexiest girl in school, other than within his own fevered mind. Now he began to wonder if Sheena was really as naughty as she looked.

She slid gracefully down from the wall, and his attention shifted to her jiggling tits.

“Hi, Johnny,” she said, batting her long, silken lashes in a come-hither fashion.

Johnny croaked a greeting.

“Wanna walk home with me?” she asked.

“Errr — yeah — sure,” he stammered.

They moved off, side by side.

Her hip brushed against his. He gazed sideways at the thrust of her stiff-tipped tits, and she kept grinning. She had a sort of swaybacked way of walking, so that her tits thrust forward and her ass jutted out.

She turned to say something, and he never did catch the words, because the twisting motion swung her heavy tits against his arm.

So much blood rushed down into his hard prick that he damned near blacked out.

In a kind of daze, Johnny had only one wish. He hoped she wasn’t just a cock-teaser.

Red Miller, the football coach, was looking out his office window and he saw Johnny and Sheena walk off together.

He had been looking before that, too. Coach Miller had also been staring up Sheena Stratton’s skirt.

And he, too, had a booming hard-on. But Red Miller, who believed what he preached, had a different way of seeing things.

Dirty little tramp, he thought. The football team had not won a single game yet, and Red knew why. Sheena was responsible for his players’ lack of prowess. How could a guy be expected to run and throw and catch when all of his vitality had been sapped away by self-abuse?

Miller knew it for a fact.

He felt certain that he could have been a pro football player, himself, if he hadn’t jacked off so frequently in his own schooldays.

He had, single-handedly, so to say, wined his own athletic potential. He still beat off a lot, as a matter of fact.

It was a hard habit to break.

But he consoled himself now, reasoning that a coach didn’t need stamina the way a player did, and could drain his balls with impunity.

He waited until Johnny and Sheena were out of sight, with mixed emotions. He glared and he grimaced. He loathed the nubile sexpot for arousing his players, yet he longed for her as much as any of them.

The coach opened his pants and reached in to haul his prick out. He had a fat, blunt headed prick and a set of balls like medicine balls. The sight of sexy Sheena had stiffened the first and bloated the second.

He folded his fist firmly around his cock and started to whip it up and down in a steady rhythm.

That was when Ida Whicker, the girls’ gym teacher walked into his office…

Red blushed furiously.

Ida was slim and supple in her gym uniform, accusingly at the coach. She was staring a pretty woman, although she looked sort of dykish because she wore her sandy hair cut very short and used no cosmetics.

“I — ahhhh — I came to ask you about…” she stammered, her pay eyes glued to his prick.

Red, who was quite quick-witted as football coaches go, thought fast.

“This isn’t what you think,” he raped. “No?” she said, cocking an eye and giving Red the distinct impression that she didn’t believe him.

“I — err — what did you think I was doing?” the coach croaked.

He had heard rumors about Ida being a lesbian and hoped she might not know anything about the way men masturbated.

But evidently she did.

“I thought you were jerking off, Coach,” she replied, with a hint of a smile.

“Naw! Me? Hell, no! Never done that in my life!” he protested. His mind was working as cleverly as if he were diagramming a post-pattern pass play. “I was only — errrr — exercising my penis muscle.”

She looked skeptical and amused.

“Honest. You wouldn’t know about such things, but a man — a real, red-blooded man, you know — he’s got to keep all his muscles in trim. Use or lose, right? Don’t want my penis muscle to go slack, on me.”

Ida started to laugh.

But then, surprisingly, she looked serious — and Red thought that maybe she had believed him, after all. Well, she, too, was a coach, and he guessed she wasn’t too bright.

Although Red had no way of knowing it, Ida was as horny as he was — and for the very same reason — that provocative nymph, Sheena Stratton!

Ida had been watching Sheena during gym class. The acrobatic teenager had been using the parallel bars, her tits bouncing, thighs flashing.

Then Ida had managed to sneak a look at her, naked, in the shower.

The rumors were right about Ida.

She was a cunt-lapper.

But not exclusively.

Ida eyed Red Miller thoughtfully, nodding slowly as if in agreement.

“Yeah, Coach — I can see that,” she said, in her husky, low-pitched voice. “I know that I have to exercise my vagina to keep it tight.”

Red’s jaw dropped like a lever, damned near bouncing off his brawny chest.

“You know, Coach Miller — maybe, being colleagues, and all — maybe we could exercise together, sort of collaborate on keeping fit, huh?”

“Errr — how would we…”

“Understand, it wouldn’t be like making love. Not a man-and-woman thing. But we could kill two birds with one stone if you exercised your penis in my vagina.”

Coach Miller was astonished — and then his jaw closed up again and he began to grin.

And Ida Whicker, without further ado, began to strip off her gym uniform.

If she was a lesbian, it was a shame, Red thought — because Ida had a lovely body. All trim and tight from steady exercise, rippling with sinew, yet with velvet-soft flesh drawn tight to her contours.

Her tits were small, but firm and round and topped by big, rosy tips. Her ass was hard as a rock and her legs looked like they could crush a man’s haunches if they locked around him in a scissors grip.

Her cunt-mound was a wide, tawny triangle and, below, her cunt-slot was soaking wet and gaping open. Dyke, or not, this was some lady!

Ida sat on the edge of Red’s desk, her bare ass perched on the rim and her legs trailing to the floor, lean thighs wide apart, cunt streaming juices between.

“Exercise me, Coach,” she said, panting as if she had already exercised vigorously.

Red moved up, cock jutting up, and stood between Ida’s open legs. He thrust his hips forward, shoving his prick into her groin.

She reached down and felt his stiff cock. “Ummm — what a hard muscle you have, Coach,” she sighed, in obvious appreciation.

She turned her wrist, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down in her gooey cunt-slot and brushing it against the flaring nub of her cunt.

“Hard and heavy. Why, it’s like working out with a fucking barbell!” she squealed.

Red grinned with macho vanity.

He tensed, ready to stuff his cock up her cunt.

“No — don’t do anything, Coach. My cunt needs a good workout — let me do it all.”

Red stood with his head and shoulders thrown back and his muscular thighs slightly bent and his prick looming out like a vaulter’s pole.

Ida fitted his swollen purple cock-head into her coral-pink cunt-slot. She squirmed on the desk, getting limbered up for the exercise.

Then the gym teacher began to work her cunt-muscles with great concentration. Red didn’t need to hump at all. Her squeeze box pussy was sucking his cock in all on its own! Her cunt-lips clamped to his cock-stalk and the inner rings tightened, pulling his prick deeper with each contraction.

Red had never fucked such a hot pussy. He stared down and watched his long, thick cock-shaft being sucked in inch by inch. It felt as if she had a hand inside her loins, frigging him in her pussy. Her cuntslot slurped juicily. Her cunt was soaking wet inside, yet so tight, that it felt as if her cunt-sleeve was bonded to the contours of his cock.

Cunt-cream gushed from her pussy, turning her groin to a morass. Trickles unwound down her lean thighs and gooey streams seeped into the crack of her ass. The top of his desk was getting slimy — luckily, there was a blotter there to absorb the overflow.

Her flat belly pumped gently.

Her cunt sucked his cock in balls-deep.

He fondled her hard tits and pulled at the swollen pink tips. He wanted to kiss her, but guessed she would not welcome a sign of affection or emotion.

His thighs braced as, once again, he prepared to throw a cock-thrust into her. But her cunt was gripping his cock so tightly that he couldn’t pull back!

“No — don’t hump, Coach,” Ida panted. “This isn’t fucking, remember. Just keep still and let me exercise my pussy-muscles.”

All of his prick was buried. Her cunt-lips were glued on the hairy hilt and his big balls were jammed tightly to her trim ass. Her cunt tingled on the base of his cock. She wriggled her ass and hips a bit, but only slightly. Her cunt was doing the job unassisted.

The inner rings of her cunt muscles fluttered up and down on his cock-shaft in sequence, and the core of her cunt was sucking on his cock-knob like a mouth.

Red had never known a sensation like it. It wasn’t like fucking, because he wasn’t moving at all. It dawned on him that she was getting all of the benefits of this bizarre workout, since he was inactive. But he didn’t give a damn about that.

His cock-meat was throbbing inside her, but not sliding in and out. He didn’t need the friction of humping. Her cunt was doing the job to perfection. It felt more like a blowjob than a fuck, he thought — and so tight that it was more like ass-fucking than cunt-stuffing.

She tightened her cunt convulsively.

Red groaned. It felt as if she were puffing his prick out by the roots. He could feel the suction all the way back in his asshole.

Pre-cum was dribbling into her pussy now, as the magic massage of her cunt brought him toward the creamy conclusions. She whimpered as she felt the spunky flow seep into her. Her cunt-chute got wetter as she began to melt, yet stayed as tight as ever.

Red wondered what secret methods she used to build up her cunt-muscles. Her pussy could have sucked the batteries out of a flashlight!

“Oh, baby,” he groaned, as more precum was pulled from his piss-hole.

Ida glared at him and her pussy missed a pulse on his prick. She wanted no familiarity, no terms of endearment from a man. This was a convenience for Ida, not a love affair.

Red got the picture.

“Break the pain barrier — work it out,” he croaked.

Her pussy began to tense rhythmically again, wringing his hot prick-meat. Her momentary displeasure faded and her frown turned to a look of pure passion. His cock felt so lovely in her cunt that Ida even wondered, for a moment, why she was a lesbian.

His pre-cum was drooling out now, in a prelude to the full cum-load. Her clit was exploding on the root of his prick and the depths of her cunt were dissolving on his cock-head. She was getting so hot that he thought his prick might melt in that furry furnace.

“C’mon, Coach — break the tape,” she moaned, as her own arousal rose toward the crest.

Red felt his cumming start in his asshole.

His big balls drew up and his jism sped up the core of his cock-shaft and splashed into her cunt in a torrent.

Ida whimpered like a schoolgirl when she felt his cum inside her. Her own climax peaked and her cunt-cum gushed out to mix with his cock-spume. She kept on working her inner pussy-muscles, milking him off to the dregs as she worked herself through her own sweet spasms.

She drained him dry, and he sagged.

He would have stopped humping then — if he had ever been humping to begin with.

Ida continued the meat-massage until she had finished her own volatile creaming. His balls hung down now like punctured balloons and his prick began to soften and diminish inside her pussy.

Yet her cunt was so tight that even as he lost his hard-on and went limp, she still clutched his cock as firmly as ever.

Her prowess impressed him.

She seemed pleased by his equipment, too.

“Good workout, Coach,” she said.


The sexy girl who had been indirectly responsible for a football coach and a gym teacher working up a good, healthy sweat together instead of practicing vile and abominable acts of self-abuse was walking down the street with a young boy who had wasted plenty of spunk while he savored fantasies about her.

Johnny was shy and nervous, but Sheena was bold as could be and even slipped her hand into his — the one he jerked off with, as a matter of fact.

“You like me, Johnny?” she purred. “Oh, yeah!” he enthused. “I’ve seen you staring at me,” she said.

She lowered her eyes demurely, but her smile was elfin and erotic, lips slightly parted and the tip of her tongue showing. “I bet you’re a horny guy, huh?”

Johnny looked flustered. “You jack off a lot?” she asked boldly. He replied by a wordless, strangled sound. “You don’t have to be shy with me, Johnny. Everybody frigs off, right?”

“Well — errrr — ahhh…”

“I finger-fuck myself all the time. It isn’t anything to be ashamed of,” she said.

Her fingers tickled his palm. Johnny wondered if he was going to make it to the tree house or just cum in his pants. He was amazed that she would admit to playing with her pussy — and intrigued. He’d always figured hand-jobs were a sort of secret and shameful thing, yet she had just blurted out the confession!

“What hand do you use, Johnny? Ummmm? This one?” She teased him, caressing his palm. “I use both hands myself, you and me holding hands like this is almost like we were frigging each other, huh? Sort of like a second-hand hand-job.” She giggled.

The naive boy was rapidly losing his composure, but his inhibitions were going, too.

He squeezed her small, delicate, moist hand in a sort of desperate desire, imagining how her palm and fingers would work in her juicy crotch.

“You think about me when you beat off sometimes, Johnny?” the teenaged temptress coaxed.

“Yeah — most of the time,” he admitted. His face was so flushed by arousal now that she couldn’t tell if he was blushing again or not.

“I like that, Johnny. I love to think about you stroking your prick and thinking about me.” Her gaze slid don to his big cockbulge. “Golly, you’ve got a whopper, huh? You’ve got a big boner on right now!”

“Yeah, I sure do,” he grated.

“You gonna jack off?”

“Not gonna — gotta…” he groaned.

Sheena grinned happily, taking that as fine testament to her ability to turn the kid on.

They had almost reached the tree house by this time, but they were moving very slowly. Johnny was lugging his lumber and stepping bowlegged around his balls, and Sheena’s pussy was squishing between her slim thighs with every step that she took.

She gave him a thoughtful look.

“If you know any place we can go to be alone, maybe we could fool around together, huh?” she whispered. “I’d show you my tits and pussy. I’d watch you jack off, and you could watch me finger-fuck myself.” She paused. “Or we could do it for each other.”

Johnny staggered as his surging hard-on nearly threw him off balance. She looked at him in concern, wondering if she had gone too far, too fast. Maybe his cum-bags had suffered a blowout.

But then the boy grinned wolfishly. “I know a swell place,” he said.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” His fears had been unfounded.

Sheena Stratton was sure no cock-teaser!

Wanda Jarvis was at her customary place at the attic window, like a sort of randy royal box. She had her rubber prick stuck up her fuck-hole, but she wasn’t moving it. She was waiting for the usual jack-off show to begin.

When she saw Johnny and the bouncy blonde vixen approach the tree, she gasped and her cunt bubbled over on the immobile dildo, without needing a single stroke.

For a hot voyeur, this was the stuff of dreams!

Panting at the window, she waited for the performance to begin — and got all she could ask for.

Johnny politely helped Sheena up the makeshift ladder and followed her into the tree house, staring at her panties as she crawled before and above him.

The fragrance of her overheated pussy was driving the kid crazy as he inhaled the fumes that were wafting from her fuck-hole.

Sheena looked around and Johnny felt embarrassed, not sure how she would react to the dirty pictures on the walls, hoping she wouldn’t be hurt or jealous because he had pictures of other females there.

“Oh, what a neat place,” she said, approvingly. “You jack off here a whole lot?”

“Every day — more than once…”

“Oooooh — I like a guy who cums more than once — a guy who stays stiff and shoots off lots. That way, we can have fun in lots of different ways.”

Did she mean different kinds of handjobs? Or was he going to get more than that — maybe even lose his virginity?

Without any delay, sexy Sheena started to strip.

She pulled her tee-shirt off and her naked tits thrust out, bobbling tantalizingly. Her swollen nipples looked stiff.

“Don’t want to get jizz on my clothes,” she said, as if she needed to explain why she was disrobing. “You probably spray cum all over, huh?”

She left her bikini panties on for the moment — as if she were playing hard to get in a very modified manner.

Johnny frantically tore all of his own clothing off, having some difficulty getting his jeans and undershorts down over the derrick of his rigid cock.

The two young people stared admiringly at one another, not touching yet.

And a very, very excited housewife stared at both of them, drooling with equal lust. Wanda’s eyes flashed from prick to pussy, balls to tits. Her lovely face was so twisted by depraved desire that she looked like a mad woman confined in her attic.

Johnny’s hands were trembling to touch the girl’s nubile body. But he did nothing, afraid to break the spoil, knowing full well that Sheena was in charge and willing to play the slave to her every whim.

“What you gonna do first?” she asked, arching her back and shoving her tits out. “Wanna feel me up? Wanna play with my tits for a while, Johnny?”

The boy reached out, moving like a sleepwalker or a man hypnotized and obeying a command. He touched her tits gently, stroking with his fingertips. Then he kneaded the firm tit-globes and drew his hands up, pulling at the swollen pink nipples with thumbs and fingers.

They stiffened under his caress.

“Ummmmm — nice — you feel me up swell,” she sighed.

She cupped her own hands under her tits, lifting and deepening the cleavage.

“Suck them, Johnny,” she breathed.

His head dropped and he dove on her tits. He sucked a bloated nipple into his mouth and nursed, then switched to the other tit. His mouth worked hungrily on those plump peaks. They were like gumdrops in his lips, chewy and succulent, making him drool.

“Ahhhh! Sometimes I cum when a guy sucks my tits,” she moaned.

Johnny was beyond jealousy.

And Wanda was gasping and gulping, her own empty mouth working in sympathetic vibration with Johnny’s, emulating that succulent sucking.

Wanda was turned on two ways.

She envied the girl for having Johnny sucking on her nipples, and she envied Johnny that sweet mouthful, every bit as much. She lowered her head and began to suck on her own tit-tips, but she kept looking from the tops of her eyes, gazing at the action in the tree house.

Johnny switched from tit to tit, paying equal homage to each. Sheena’s nipples were distending, stabbing into his mouth as his lips pulled.

Her cunt was flaring in her panties in the same way, reacting to the stimulation in her tits. She was so hot that she thought her panties might melt and fuse to her crotch in nylon sludge.

She tucked her thumbs under the waistband and began to work them down her wriggling hips.

Johnny stared down from her tits, watching her cunt-muff emerge. The aroma of hot cunt drifted up and merged with the succulent taste of her tit-meat.

She pulled the soaking panties down her legs and off her feet, never for a moment dislodging Johnny from the headrest of her tits.

Sucking her tit, he stared at her pussy.

Wanda, too, was gazing at that gooey groin. Her mouth was watering heavily and her hot lapper was sizzling in her own frothy saliva.

Whimpering with arousal, Sheena opened her legs wide, showing off her pussy to the ardent youngster and, unknowingly, to the woman in the attic.

She expected Johnny to play with her pussy, but he was engrossed with her tits, not wanting to rush things, enjoying each act in turn.

His prick was pumping like a shock absorber, the prick-knob gleaming with cock-lube.

Gooey pre-cum oozed from his gaping piss-slit and ran down his cock-shaft like hot mercury.

The sight of that throbbing young cock made Sheena tremble, and her hands itched to caress him. She reached down and slid a hand up his inner thigh, very slowly, as if she were a predator creeping up on prey.

The instant that Sheena touched Johnny’s balls, his cock shot off streamers of creamy an!

But it was okay. It was only the first time…


Sheena gave a wail of dismay when Johnny jizzed off instantly, because that naughty little tramp had more than handjobs in mind and no use at all for a premature ejaculator. But then she recalled that Johnny could cum a lot more than once and that his spurt was only acting like a steam valve, releasing the initial pressure so that he could last longer once he got his cock in her mouth or cunt.

She bent down to enjoy the thrilling sight of young cock-meat spurting off.

Johnny was still wallowing on a faceful of tit and Sheena tilted her head down so that, cheek to cheek, they both watched his spunk squirt out.

The first shot of cum had billowed from his prick the moment Sheena’s fingertips brushed his hairless balls. His cum skidded up her trim tummy and foamed into her tit cleft like a milky flood forced into a ravine.

She cupped the kid’s surging balls in her hand, squeezing gently, feeling his cum-load slosh around. His balls jolted again and more jism splattered onto her belly and tits, hot as boiling oil.

She slid her hand up and gripped his jolting hard-on, frigging up and down at the base, pumping more slime out with every stroke.

His purple cock-head flared, his piss-hole opened, and another spume jetted out. Johnny’s jizz was just about the thickest and creamiest that Sheena had ever seen. Trembling, she bent still lower, her nostrils flaring.

If the fragrance from her fuck-hole fascinated the boy when he climbed the tree with her crotch in his face, now the aroma of hot cock-meat and cum was turning Sheena on every bit as much.

Her tongue slid across her moist lips and her blue eyes crossed as she stared at the head of his prick with a cock-eyed gaze.

Lithe and nimble, Sheena twisted from the hips. Johnny had one plump tit in his mouth. She dipped the other down and brushed the swollen tit-tip against the head of his cock as he squirted cum yet again.

Her nipple pushed right into his piss-hole, as if the girl were fucking his prick with her nipple. Creamy cum bubbled out, lathering his cock-knob and her tit-tip.

His cock jolted and bucked. A final gooey geyser of cum sped out and skimmed up the slope of her fat tit, and then he stopped shooting off.

She kept on frigging at the root of his cock, coaxing out the dregs.

The last seepage didn’t spray from his cock-knob, but clung to it like whipped cream on a fat, purple plum, tantalizing the cock-hungry girl.

Johnny moaned and sprawled back along the mattress, looking as if he had been poleaxed. He had shot off a big cum load, but his sturdy prick was still standing as fat and firm as if he hadn’t cum in a week — and his potent balls had only sagged slightly.

Sheena was delighted to see that…

So was Wanda.

That raven-haired beauty had seen Johnny jizz off countless times, but seeing him juice on a nubile girl’s lovely tits was driving her wild.

Her mouth was so full of drool it felt as if a cock had just cum there — although, of course, her saliva was not as thick and tasty as jizz.

Her eyes glowed as she gazed at the blond youngster’s cum-drenched cock-head, then glanced at the girl’s soaking tits. Those succulent tit-mounds were awash with cum, looking like cream buns, glazed like doughnuts.

How Wanda would have adored to suck the young boy’s jism from the pretty teenager’s tits!

In a peeper’s frenzy, Wanda jerked the rubber prick out of her pussy and held it to her face. Pretending that the dildo was Johnny’s prick and that her own cunt-juice had come from the girl, she began to lick the bulging knob. Then she sucked it into her lips.

As she sucked her sex-toy and made believe it was the real thing, she continued to stare at the kids in the tree house.

Joyce Kilmer hadn’t known shit about trees, poetry be damned!

Wanda was hoping that the naughty kids were not going to limit their fun to masturbating.

And Wanda got her wish in no uncertain terms, and in all the variety she could have asked for…

“Boy, you sure cum a lot,” Sheena whispered.

Johnny grinned happily, pleased that he had impressed her with his plentitude.

“Often, too, I hope,” she added, grinning back at him suggestively, the tip of her tongue showing.

“You can jack me off all you want,” he said.

“It’s fun, but hand-jobs are kind of childish, don’t you think?” she purred.

He stared at her, wondering just what she meant — hardly daring to hope.

Then she did something that thrilled him — and thrilled the attic audience, too.

Sheena cupped her plump tits in her hands and lifted them. Her strawberry-blonde head tilted down and she began to fuck her tongue at her own nipples, lapping up Johnny’s milky jizz from her tits.

“Jeez, Sheena! You-you’re tasting my spunk?” the boy croaked, in awe.

“Ummmmm — it’s yummy, too,” she purred.

She sucked a fat nipple into her lips and nursed. Cum dribbled down her chin.

Johnny groaned as he watched.

And Wanda thought that her eyes were going to cum — that she was having an optical orgasm!

Sheena raised her head again and gave Johnny a dazzling smile, her lips parted so that he could see a film of his cock-cream on her pink tongue.

“Your jizz is scrumptious, Johnny. And I’ll bet it would be even more delicious if I drank some right out of your big cock.”

Johnny felt faint.

“Do-do you blow, Sheena?” the youngster panted.

“Of course I blow, silly,” she giggled.

“I never had a blowjob.”

“Ooooh — how nice! I love to be a boy’s first face-fuck, Johnny. Cherry cum is so sweet!”

Johnny’s whole body was vibrating, as if his prick were an electric cattle prod galvanizing his groin. He was so eager for a blowjob that he didn’t even stop to wonder about how many other virgin boys had lost their innocence in her pretty mouth. He humped up, bridging his back and driving his stiff cock high into the air. The cock-knob was soaking with white slime and trickles of the stuff were running down his cockshaft.

“Suck me, Sheena!” he begged.

“Sure. I’m hot for it, baby. I’m hungry for your cock and cum. And I’ll bet you’d like to learn to eat pussy too, huh?”

He nodded with enthusiasm. If cunt tasted as good as it smelled, Johnny reckoned that he was in for a real taste treat.

“I’ll suck you off first, then you can go down on me — and we can fuck, too,” she said.

The virgin boy gasped, realizing that all of his wildest dreams were about to be fulfilled — and with the prettiest girl in town, to boot!

Sheena moved closer, looking hungry. “Don’t cum,” she said. Johnny looked puzzled. That, after all, was the whole point of a blowjob, wasn’t it?

But then she added: “Don’t cum too soon, this time. I wanna enjoy a nice long mouthful of cock-meat before I swallow your jizz, baby.”

Johnny vowed to hold back as best he could.

But how long could a horny boy last in Sheena’s loving mouth? He didn’t want to disappoint her. But what the hell — he could always cum again, potent as he was. This adorable cocksucker could have cum for starters and cum for dessert, and all the cock-meat she wanted in between!

Sheena curled up beside him, eyeing his big prick like a glutton about to be seated at a banquet table. She was happy that he had shot off once already, knowing it would have been disappointing if he had cum the instant she started to suck his cock.

Teasing his prick, she didn’t dive on him immediately. She began to lick up the cum from his belly and thighs, tasting the residue of his first jizzing as a canape, whetting her appetite for the main course to follow. Her blonde hair fell in a curtain over his loins. She shifted about, licking all around his downy groin but avoiding his rigid prick.

Johnny, in no doubt now that he was really in for a blowjob, didn’t mind waiting.

But he was eager for the sucking to begin. And Wanda Jarvis, sucking a substitute prick, was as hot to see it as Johnny was to get it.

They didn’t have to wait very long. Because Sheena was as eager as any.


Sheena began on the kid’s balls. She cupped his balls in her palm, lifting the smooth pink sacs, and started laying them with her nimble lapper. She licked all around his heavy cum-bags, nuzzling down to fuck at the underside, groveling in his groin.

“Ummmm — ummmm!” she moaned, as the flavor of his balls tingled on her taste buds.

She began to suck his balls gently, drawing them into her lips as if she were trying to suck his cum-load right through the tissue — to swallow his spunk straight from the source, instead of drinking it from his cock.

Johnny was rapidly losing his innocence. “Oh, you sweet ball-sucker!” he moaned. She rooted down into his downy groin, licking back, damned near rimming out his asshole. He hiked up and she rutted around in wanton glee, stabbing her tongue into his ass-crack, then slurping back to his balls.

“Yummy ball-meat,” she sighed.

Sheena loved to lick and suck balls, worshiping them because of the sweet load they contained. She nuzzled happily in his crotch, sighing and purring and moaning.

She would have gladly lingered there longer, but the virile youth’s prick was beating savagely and she didn’t want to run the risk of bringing him off before she had his prick in her mouth. One wasted cumload was quite enough.

She began to run her velvety tongue slowly up and down the underside of his cock-shaft, tracing the dark, pulsating vein and tasting the seepage that had trickled down from his creamy cock-knob. “Yeah! Lick my cock, baby!” he rasped. “Sweet boy-cock,” she murmured, licking up to the tip and slurping at the sensitive spot where his cock-knob flared out from the cock-stalk.

She turned her face sideways and placed her parted lips to the base of his cock-shaft, then began to draw them slowly up and down.

She was humming and blowing and sucking, playin his prick like a mouth organ.

His cock-head was already drenched with the residue of his first cumming, and now fresh cock-lube started to seep from his pinhole and rim down his prick.

The hot-mouthed blonde sucked the slimy pre-cum up as her lips pulled up and down.

Wanda followed suit.

She pulled the head of the rubber cock out of her mouth and began to play her lips up and down the shaft, copying the action she was watching. She shoved the dildo up her cunt for a moment to get the rod juiced up again, then started playing it like a harmonica again. But it was only rubber. She sure envied Sheena.

Sheena moved her mouth up and down, from Johnny’s balls to his bulging cockknob, then she turned her pretty face down over him and began to give his cock-head a tongue-bath. She lapped all around the fat lump and slurped into his gooey piss-hole. Her drool ran down his prick as she licked up all the slime seeping from his piss-slit.

Johnny was gasping and panting. If it felt so wonderful to get his prick licked, what would it be like when Sheena started to really suck him?

He humped, trying to fuck his cock into her mouth.

She playfully eluded the mouthful, moving her head up and down as he heaved. If he hadn’t been so potent, Sheena would have liked to tease him for hours, just licking his cock-head lightly and pausing whenever it seemed like he was going to shoot.

But she was afraid he might cream off on the tongue-work if she delayed too long.

“Suck me, Sheena — suck my cock!” he pleaded.

Her lapper danced on the cock-tip, flicking and fluttering and slurping. She held his balls in her hand, massaging them tenderly — and estimating how ready those bloated cum-bags were.

She was an expert in judging such things. But she kept her other hand off his cock, not wanting any manual assistance in the sucking.

He biked up, arching his spine.

Sheena slid her hand back through his groin and nudged a finger into his tight asshole. She worked it in and Johnny gasped. She seemed to be rubbing the root of his hard-on inside his guts!

His cock-head flared out so huge that she wondered if her lips could stretch around it. If she’d ever had a bigger prick in her face, she couldn’t remember when — and she knew damned well that she had never had one that was as hard and vibrant and tasty.

He humped again, in desperation.

Sheena finger-fucked his ass and licked his prick as he lurched up and down. His balls were so solid now that they weren’t swinging, they were rolling up under his cock.

“Take it in your fucking mouth, Sheena — please! Suck my prick!” he wailed.

“Wanna use my mouth like a cunt, Johnny? Hummmm?”

“Wanna fuck my face?”

“Yeah — yeah — yeah!”

“What am I, Johnny?” she sighed.

Johnny was beginning to understand her wanton ways, to know what turned her on.

“You’re a cock-sucker,” he whispered.

“Ummmm!” she purred.

“You’re a ball-licker. You’re a prick licker. You’re a cum-sucker,” he babbled.

“Yes — yes — yes!” Sheena panted. She was as hot to have him cum in her mouth as he was to do it. “I’m hungry for your hot, thick jizz, baby. I’m hot to milk your prick and gulp your cum!”

“Suck me off! I gotta cum! Oh, shit! My fucking balls are gonna blow up!”

As greatly as Sheena was savoring this foreplay, she knew it was time to get down to some serious cock-sucking, to work for the creamy conclusions.

She gave his cock-head another tongue bath, spooning up more pre-cum from the cleft.

Then she kissed the slimy cock-tip. Johnny hiked up, his prick nudging her lips, and this time Sheena opened her mouth slowly and let him feed the cock-meat into her facial fuck-hole.

Now the blowjob had started in earnest.

And, in a dark attic not very far away, a beautiful raven-haired housewife stopped licking her rubber prick and shoved it down her throat…


Johnny jerked convulsively as Sheena’s hot, wet mouth engulfed his cock-head. He humped up, wanting to fuck all of his prick into that lovely face. Her strawberry-blonde head swayed on the end of his fucker.

Sheena’s sensual lips were slightly parted around his cock-shaft just below the cockknob. Drool ran down the heavily veined shaft. Her cheeks sank in and puffed out as she sucked and blew down his prick.

Her lovely face was radiant with joy as she mouthed the youngster’s huge prick. She turned her head from side to side, winding her lips around, as her tongue danced against the underside of the flaring prick-knob.

She sighed, loving the taste and the texture and the way that the cock-meat throbbed in her maw. Sheena loved sucking even more than she did licking. And Johnny was finding it more thrilling, too — not to mention the woman who was watching the cock-sucking from above, while she stuffed her own throat full of rubber prick.

Sheena started to move her head up and down, taking a bit more cock in each time.

Inch by inch, and stroke by stroke, she was swallowing down toward his balls. Half of his prick vanished into her mouth.

She drew up and her pliable lips pulled open, distending ending down his cock-stalk as she sucked up to the cock-knot. She nursed on the slab for a moment, then bobbed back down.

With a sudden lunge of her head, Sheena went down and took it all. Johnny’s cock disappeared. He stared down in amazement, wondering how Sheena had managed to envelop the whole huge fucker.

Wanda, with her own gullet gorged, knew exactly how, but was just as thrilled by it. Wanda recognized an expert cock-sucker when she saw one in action — and she wondered if the sexy girl would work so enthusiastically if her face was buried in a hairy pussy.

Sheena’s chin was pressed to Johnny’s balls, and her cute little nose was in the downy fuzz of his groin, and her lips were plastered to the thick base of his prick. Her chin moved from side to side as she gently munched the meat, and her tongue was sliding around on the buried cock-lance.

Johnny started to heave his haunches up and down on the mattress, fucking her pretty face. Sheena met him, bobbing down as he drove his prick up. He was using her mouth like a cunt, and she adored every inch.

She gagged as he clogged her gorge with cock-meat.

Then she purred as she pulled her lips back up to his dripping cock-head and spooned some pre-cum from his piss-hole with her tongue.

Sheena was going suck crazy, working on the cock-knob, then swallowing all of the cock-stalk in. She blew down and his balls inflated as if his cock were a valve.

She was skillfully coaxing Johnny toward his crest, and he was shaking and shuddering violently, flinging his limbs about as he fed the cock to her.

The preliminary tongue-work had readied the boy, and she knew he would cum soon. She adored the mouthful of cock, but knew that the best part of a blowjob was when a cock spurted cum in her mouth and throat — and Sheena was working toward that magic moment gleefully.

Johnny’s head tipped back and he stared up at the leafy branches of the tree and the cloud-strewn sky. The fluffy white clouds looked like globs of spunk. Then he looked back down, watching his thick prick pumping in and out of Sheena’s facial fuck-hole. “Cum in my mouth, baby!” Sheena urged.

She bobbed her blonde head up and down faster, on the steady strokes that would bring the kid off. Her head was bobbing faster than Johnny was humping now, her lips working up friction on the greasy prick-shaft.

“Juice me, Johnny — jizz my fucking mouth! I’m horny to drink your cum!”

Her lewd words excited the big-cocked youngster almost as much as the sweet sensations of her sucking. It turned him on to hear her beg for his cum-load.

She panted and pleaded on his cock-head, then ducked down and choked off her words on the full load of cock-meat.

“Cum — feed me your — umppphhffff — slurp! Slime, baby! Whitewash my — glubbbb — sputter — throat!”

She ground her lips down to the hilt and sucked back up, inhaling on his prick as if it were a snorkel tube.

Johnny felt as if she might suck his guts out, as if his asshole might cave in.

His cock hissed through the collar of her lips and sizzled over her darting tongue.

“It’s cummin’, Sheena!” he gasped.

“Ummmm! Give it to me!”

“Now! Swallow my cum, baby!” he cried.

Sheena sucked on the head of his cock as Johnny’s balls exploded dynamically. His cum spurted up his cock-rod and a torrent rushed into her maw.

Jizz skimmed over her tongue and poured down her throat. He was squirting off again and again, each squirt of cum coming so quickly after the one before that it seemed as if she were drinking an unbroken rope of cum.

Her mouth filled up with jism and she relished it on her taste buds, then gulped it down into her belly. He was feeding the cum-hungry girl so lavishly that she could feel a tide of cock-cream sloshing in her stomach.

Johnny spurted as he humped up and spumed off again as he dropped back to the mattress. Jizz bubbled straight down her gullet, then hosed her tongue.

Sheena was in rapture as she glutted on his tasty cum-load.

A jizz-jet hit the roof of her mouth and a creamy coil of cum slid into her cheek. Her tongue was floating like a raft in a creamy swamp. She swallowed, her magic mouth puffing the spunk from him.

“Don’t stop, Johnny! More — more!” she begged.

Her belly was already full, but the greedy minx wanted him to keep on hosing her from his cornucopia cock.

In response to her pleas, he pumped another gooey wad of cum into her maw. Her lips pulled up and down and her lapper worked on his cum-spurting cock-knob.

Sheena gulped cum from his piss-hole on the upstroke, then dove down and stuffed his prick right down her gullet and took a shot of cum straight into her throat.

His abundance amazed and delighted the lovely cock-sucker. Johnny was pasting her palate mid painting her throat and plastering her lapper. Jets of jism sprayed into her mouth from all angles.

Johnny couldn’t believe how much he was cumming, how long it was lasting. His balls seemed bottomless, his lavish load endless, his vitality boundless. He was pumping as much cum into the girl’s mouth as he would have spilled out on half a dozen hand-jobs. And that was a lot of cum!

Sheena’s skills brought their own reward, and the cum hungry teenager was keeping Johnny cumming beyond the normal limits of his stamina.

She quaffed and gulped from his prick, content to milk the meat as long as he could manage to keep the sweet cock-cream coming.

She was swallowing most of it, but his cum-load was so plentiful that some was spilling from her lips and running down onto his balls.

Seeing what the blonde girl was drinking was driving Wanda crazy!

Wanda knew how scrumptious Johnny’s jizz was, since she had licked up lots of it daily. But she knew fun well that the stuff would be even more divine if she could drink it from his prick instead of just tonguing it up later, congealed and cooled off.

She yanked the dildo from her mouth and tossed it aside, disenchanted. The rubber prick was a handy plaything, but it wasn’t full of cum and she envied Sheena that nourishing, wholesome bellyful.

She cupped her cunt and scooped up handfuls of her own cunt-cream and lapped it from her palms. But it was a poor substitute for what she longed for — Johnny’s cum straight from his cock and Sheena’s girl-cum straight from her pussy.

Of course, the woman never expected to get it.

But Wanda should have, been more optimistic.


Johnny was trembling so violently that the tree house was shivering in the branches. The virile youngster was, at long last, starting to flag.

His big prick had stopped spurting cum, but Sheena was still greedily coaxing out the dregs. Instead of spraying, the flint wound onto her tongue like a trickle from an overturned can of condensed milk.

He groaned and slumped back, spent, his smooth chest heaving, his handsome face glowing with satisfaction as he watched Sheena continue to suck away on his prick.

Sheena, insatiable in her quest for cum, kept on bobbing up and down.

“Ummmmm — I love it!” she sighed.

Johnny’s heels drummed on the mattress and his lean thighs were jumping with sinew. Now that his balls were depleted, it felt as if Sheena was going to suck his asshole out through his cock.

When she was sure he had no more spunk to spurt, Sheena collared his cock-knob and folded her fist around his prick and squeezed as she pulled up, as if she were getting the last paste from the tube.

She drew her dripping lips from his cock, smiling and gazed up at his face. She stuck her tongue out so that Johnny could see the coating of his cum on the pink slab. Then she dove down and took another suck of his cock.

Although she had drained his balls dry, Johnny’s gigantic fucker was still rigid, only slightly diminished, and Sheena knew that she had struck it lucky with this hot kid.

She polished his cock-head to a gemstone luster, then pulled her mouth away with a slurp.

“Nice?” she purred.

“Jeez — what a cock-sucker!” Johnny enthused.

Although he had no frame of reference, he didn’t think that it would be possible for a girl to give better head than Sheena did.

“I just love to swallow your cum, baby. I’ll come here with you after school every day, if you want — I’ll keep you sucked dry.” Johnny grinned with glee.

Sheena inspected his cock thoughtfully. His cock was still hard enough to sit on, and she knew that her squeezebox pussy would soon have his balls full again, as well. But she was so hot from sucking cock and swallowing cum that she knew, too, that she was going to cream off the moment she got her cunt stuffed.

Sheena calculated that it would be a good idea to get her rocks off first, so that she would be able to last longer when she took a ride on his cock.

“You can fuck me, too,” she whispered. Johnny elevated his loins, driving his big cock up high in open invitation. He didn’t suppose that fucking pussy could possibly be any better than face-fucking, but it might be just as good.

And he was certainly looking forward to having his prick stuck up his first-ever cunt and losing the other half of his virginity.

“Can I sit on your face for a while, first?” Sheena asked him coyly.

Johnny grinned happily, figuring it was a lovely idea to suck what he would soon be fucking.

“I’ll cream in your mouth — and then we can have a lovely, long fuck,” she said.

Johnny sprawled out and turned his face up.

“Have a seat, baby,” he rasped.

Sheena shifted up and threw a knee across and squatted over his head. She swiveled her slim hips, winding her cunt around just over his chin.

Her pussy was wide open and Johnny was staring right up the creamy chute. He licked his lips and breathed in the bouquet of her hot cunt.

Sheena slipped both hands down, framing her golden vee, using the tips of her fingers to spread her cunt-gash open even more.

His neck craned and he jerked his head up, his tongue reaching for her delicious looking pussy. Sheena teased him, dancing just out of reach. A glob of pussy-slime dripped from her swollen clit and strung down onto his lips, still connected to her cunt by a gossamer thread. Johnny licked the blob up and moaned when he realized that cunt-juice was even more scrumptious than he had supposed.

He grabbed Sheena by the cheeks of her trim ass and pulled her pussy onto his face as if he were putting on a hairy mask.

She squirmed and wriggled and Johnny began to tongue her cunt-slot and clit and suck hungrily in the gooey grotto, his actions instinctive. It was his first faceful of cunt, but the novice cunt-lapper was showing an enthusiasm that more than made up for any lack of practice at plating pussy.

He was working in the intricate crevices and nooks and crannies of her cunt-folds, trying to get his face buried to the ears in that steamy honeypot.

He licked her cunt-lips and her clit and stabbed as deep into her fuck-hole as his tongue would reach. He avidly sucked the rim as he tongue-fucked the hole.

She was holding her pussy-slot open on his munching mouth and he was massaging the cheeks of her ass as he drew her scrumptious pussy down on his mouth.

“Oooooh — eat, Johnny — eat me, baby!” Sheena squealed, loving the hearty appetite that Johnny was showing as he lunched in her loins.

Wanda was as turned on now as she had been when she was watching Sheena gave Johnny a blowjob, envying both of the naughty kids again. She envied Sheena Johnny’s mouth, and she envied Johnny Sheena’s cunt.

She was still scooping pussy-cream from her own swampy groin and tasting it, pretending that her cupped palm was Sheena’s sweet young pussy.

As Sheena squirmed on Johnny’s face, the firm cheeks of her adorable ass parted and Wanda could see the tiny bud of her asshole.

That, too, made Wanda drool.

Wanda loved to stick her tongue up a female asshole. And now she nudged a finger into her own puckered asshole, wriggled it around, then brought it up to her mouth and sucked the soiled finger.

She was pretending that she was sucking Johnny’s cock after he had been ass-fucking Sheena.

Sheena jerked around, and Wanda stared into the girl’s groin from below the half-moon of her ass-cheeks, seeing Johnny’s chin shifting around and his pink lapper fucking in and out of the teenager’s cunt.

The scene was making Wanda so unbearably horny that she almost wished it would end, so that she could sneak down to the tree house and tongue up all the residue of boy cum and girl cum that was left there.

It never dawned on her that she could have simply gone down and joined the horny kids.

It was fate that would eventually bring that about Sheena was loving to ride the saddle of Johnny’s face and trying to hold her cumming back as long as she could, but she was so aroused from sucking him off that she began to orgasm quickly.

“Drink my cunt-cum, baby!” she moaned.

The flow was getting thicker and richer as her cunt-cream turned to cum. Johnny gobbled in her groin. Her clit began to go off like a detonator, setting off deeper blasts in the core of her cunt.

She hunkered down and her cunt-lips spread wide on his mouth. She seemed, to be putting her pussy-sheath on his face like a rubber on the head of a cock.

Johnny’s mouth filled with girl-cum as he sucked it from her hairy pussy.

Her hips shifted from side to side and her pussy slid up and down. His head moved with her, his mouth glued to her cunt gash by saliva and cunt-paste and held tight by the suction of the coupling.

Sheena was creaming like a waterfall. Most of her pussy-foam was flooding his mouth, but it was seeping out from the rim of her cunt-slot, too, dribbling down his cheeks and chin, glazing his face as high as the cheekbones, frosting him with cunt-slime.

Johnny sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. His tongue fucked in and her tight pussy sucked on it as if he were French kissing her fuck-hole. The boy’s lapper was as sensitive as his prick, and he loved eating her cunt as much as having her suck his cock.

He mouthed her through the spasms of orgasm and held her at the highest peak, wanting that delicious cunt to keep creaming off for hours.

The final wave rippled across her belly and her whole nubile body shook as if she were falling apart. She was gasping. Her head tilted back and her face turned from side to side.

The horny kid was sucking her guts out!

At last, the thrill began to fade.

She slowed her squirming as Johnny lapped up the last oozing drops, milking out the final ebbing spasms. Sheena smiled blissfully.

It was a smile of contentment but also of anticipation. Now, it was time to fuck.


Sheena slid back and her sopping pussy pulled off Johnny’s lips with a moist suction sound. The boy kept on fluttering his tongue and working his lips as if he didn’t realize her pussy was gone.

He looked so dreamily content that Sheena was delighted with how much he had relished sucking her cunt. She knew that she had created a confirmed cunt-lapper with that first creamy feast, and that was always a handy accomplishment.

She slid back down the boy’s body, her trim haunches shifting, her ass-crack spread open, her cunt spilling out more juice onto his smooth chest and flat belly as she wriggled slowly down his lean, arched torso.

She backed up to his loins and the tower of his stiff prick pressed into the cleft between her ass-cheeks. She rubbed against his cock-head. She slid up and down, frigging his iron-hard fucker in her ass-crevice a few times.

Then she hiked up. His prick pulled down the crack of her ass and snapped into her groin. She shifted back farther, not fitting it in her fuck-hole yet, and hunkered down on his upper thighs.

His cock-lance stood before her now, looming up high. With his hairless balls in her pussy-hair, the head of that tall fucker almost brushed her bobbing tits.

She stared down, seeing how high his prick rose on the outside of her belly and anticipating the pleasure of having it probing deep inside her pussy.

She reached behind her ass and massaged his balls, finding them huge and heavy again.

Wanda couldn’t see Johnny’s cock now. But she could see his swollen balls under the curve of Sheena’s ass. And she knew that once they were coupled she would have a perfect rear view of all the juicy fucking.

Sheena swiveled as she rolled her gently rounded tummy on the boy’s rampant fuckrod. It felt like a red-hot crowbar levered up from her vee.

She bent down and lowered her dangling tits into Johnny’s radiant face. His head jerked up and his mouth clamped on one of her nipples.

“Sit on my prick, Sheena,” he mumbled on the fat tit-mound. “Fuck yourself silly, you gorgeous girl!”

She knelt upright again and, thighs rippling with sinew, began to slowly ascend his fuck-pole, as if she were shimmying up a palm tree.

His drooling cock-head slid down her belly and lay in her cunt-bush, like a panting purple lizard basking in a sunny glen. His pre-cum was flowing again, running into her pussy-hair, matting the golden curls.

Then her ass moved and the fat prickknob dipped in under her vee. His cock nudged her cunt, and the lithe teenager balanced on top of the meaty tower.

Now Wanda could see a lot more Johnny’s thick cock-shaft rising from his balls and his naked purple cock-head fitted into Sheena’s cunt-slot. Sheena’s cunt-lips were puffing on the cock-tip, her cunt sucking as her mouth had before.

Cunt-juice streamed down his prick and pre-cum was bubbling freely into her pussy-gash.

She held the hilt of his prick and worked the tip in her cunt-slot, running it through the split and brushing it against her hot clit.

He humped, driving his cock up.

Sheena went up and down with him, perched on his fat cock-crown, not letting him fuck in yet. Her haunches bounced and her tits jiggled.

Then she began to push her pussy down, and his prick started to fuck in. His cockhead vanished and she paused there, only the head inside her pussy, wanting to savor the penetration slowly, stalling, taking the cock-meat in inch by inch on the initial stroke.

She went down halfway.

Johnny bridged like a wrestler fighting against a pin, holding his hips off the mattress, waiting for her to complete the connection.

The young boy was babbling and moaning in the terminal moments of his hated virginity, eager to lose his cherry and yet appreciating her careful, slow approach.

Sheena twisted her hips, puffing her pussy around on the top portion of his prick, gripping him with fierce and clinging suction and adding torque as she rotated. Then she dropped down and took all of his big cock.

Johnny gurgled at the sweet sensation of having every inch of his prick buried in steamy pussy. If it wasn’t better than Sheena’s mouth, it was just as good!

He wondered if he had lost his cherry now, or if he would still technically be a virgin until he had emptied his cum-load into her cunt-hole. It was a moot point. Either way, he would soon be rid of the curse of his male chastity.

Sheena hunkered down, not really fucking yet, enjoying having her cunt full. The coral-pink lips of her pussy were glued to his cock-base and milky fluids were seeping out where plug stuffed socket.

She slid a hand in and fingered her clit, then felt all around the junction of cunt and cock. She fondled his balls with her other hand.

The head of his prick felt like a burning ember in the depths of her pussy, and his cock-shaft was levering up the length of her cunt-sleeve. She was stuffed to the brim, cored out like an apple.

Still keeping the full penetration, Sheena began to work her cunt-muscles. The inner rings closed and gripped and rippled up his cock-lance.

Johnny held her by the hips, waiting for her to start fucking up and down, marveling at how much her cunt felt like her mouth. He had used her mouth for a fuck-hole, and now her pussy was sucking his cock like a hungry mouth. She seemed to be blowing him inside her cunt.

Sheena turned gracefully, turning her pussy on the spindle of his prick. Her cunthole was sopping wet, yet tight as could be, clinging to the contours of his buried prick.

He humped, but she went up and down with him.

“Ride my cock, Sheena!” he croaked. The boy was hot to feel the friction of the wanton waltz. He was afraid that her suctioning cunt was going to milk him off before they had fallen into the rhythm of a good fuck.

But Sheena knew all about such things, and she was gauging the pulsating of his prick to a fine point, knowing he was not ready to cream off yet.

She was happy that she had taken his last load of cum in her mouth, knowing the fucking would be prolonged — wanting to fuck him for hours.

His cock lurched savagely inside her. Now it was time to gallop on his groin.


Sheena very slowly pulled her pussy up his towering cock-lance and poised with only the cock knob in her cunt-slot. Then she dropped down and took it all again.

She held to the rhythm, rising slowly and falling back fast, so that Johnny’s prick was emerging inch by inch but sinking in with lightning thrusts.

Johnny heaved up from the mattress, meeting her as she descended and sinking back down as she pulled her clinging cunt up to his cock-head.

Her tight round ass was churning and her pneumatic hips rolled and her fiat tummy pumped as the blonde girl stuffed her pussy on his prick, doing a dance of desire on his rampant fucker.

She slammed down hard and Johnny jolted up to meet her, launching his steely cock into her cunt. The cock-meat hissed in and Sheena flopped like a broken marionette on the bone-jarring thrusts.

Twisting her hips, she screwed her pussy on his thundering hard-on. The head of his cock rammed to the core of her cunt, making her squeal. Her slender back arched, then she bent forward, and her head was jerking from side to side, her face a mask of lust.

Johnny bridged up and Sheena slid down in a sensual spiral. He fell back and she rose on trembling thighs, rising to his cock-knob again. Her big tits flopped as she bent forward and flipped up like balloons when she bowed her supple back, tilting her shoulders back.

By rising slowly and falling fast, Sheena was keeping control of the fucking. She knew it would last longer that way, than if she just fucked away in a steady rhythm. She bounced down and wriggled up, jumping her juicy cunt on his frenzied fuck-rod.

“Fuck your sweet ass off, Sheena!” Johnny croaked.

This was a marvelous mating.

It was quite a performance, too.

From her attic window, above the tree house and behind Sheena, Wanda could see all the details of the randy rutting perfectly. Johnny’s thick cock-shaft came out, glistening with cunt-juice, the fat vein throbbing up the underside. His purple slab emerged in Sheena’s cunt-slot at the top of the stroke. With his balls bloated at the bottom and his cock-head swollen at the top, his prick looked like a dumbbell — and just about as hard and heavy, as well.

As Sheena stuffed her pussy, his fat plunger was pumping cunt-goo from her slot, frothing her groin and soaking his balls.

The cunt-juice was streaked through with threads of thicker slime as his pre-cum dribbled out.

Wanda’s tongue was pushed out as if it were being pulled towards the kids’ loins and her nipples were sticking out like bullets, echoing her clit. Wanda was hungry for both sexy kids, lusting for cock and cunt, jizz and pussy-juice. Wanda loved to swallow both. Seeing the stuff blended together in Sheena’s groin was driving the horny housewife half-mad with desire.

She wished that she was in that tree house with them, so that she could lick around the edges of that frantic fucking. She yearned to lap balls and cock as they emerged and to sink her lapper up into Sheena’s pussy along with Johnny’s cock-meat.

“Cum, kids,” she whispered, longing to watch the naughty youngsters cream off.

Sheena fucked down and her cunt swallowed his cock balls-deep and the cheeks of her lovely ass opened, giving Wanda a glimpse of her succulent shit-hole, adding another dimension to the housewife’s hunger.

Wanda was loving to spy on them, but she was eager for them to finish fucking and vacate the tree house, so that she could climb up there and suck up all of the blended fuck slime they would leave for her repast.

She didn’t expect more than a secondhand snack, a sort of cold buffet that could be reheated in her mouth as she relished it on her taste buds.

But Wanda was going to get a lot more than warmed-up residue.

Sheena angled her loins so that all of Johnny’s prick was rubbing over her clit as she went up and down. It was bringing her to the crest and she started to rise as fast as she fell.

Johnny held her by her hipbones and hauled her haunches up and down, helping her in her groin gallop, lifting and dropping her as she centered on his cock. The friction was getting fierce now as Sheena fucked with all her vitality and Johnny matched her vigor.

“Ooooh! I’m creamin’, baby!” Sheena moaned. Her cunt-hole was melting on his cock as he fucked in. “Jizz me, Johnny! Shoot cum up my cunt while I cream on your cock!”

“Here it cums, Sheena!” he grated.

He was gasping and gurgling, as if his cum-load had bubbled up into his throat, making his voicebox burble as if submerged.

They churned together in a fucking frenzy as they rose to the crest together.

Johnny pounded his prick in and his cumload blew as he buried it.

His cum shot into her in a geyser, splashing into the depths of her cunt so hard it felt as if she had a cannon up her cunt. He damned near blew her off the end of his prick.

She shoved down and orgasmed as his big hard cock squirted cum into her cunt.

Her cunt went off, her pussy dissolved and the virile youngster kept spraying her with his cock-spume, shooting as he plunged in and spurting as he pulled out, his fuck-juice coming in a steady tide.

Sheena squealed with the bliss of it and Johnny grunted like a rutting hog, as he rammed it to her and fed her more spunk. Cunt-cum and jizz streamed out in a milky paste. She rode his cock in a rapture, milking him off as she worked through her own spasms.

Sheena felt as if her pussy had been packed full of dynamite, fused by her clit.

It seemed as if the kids were both going to keep cumming forever. The tree house was shaking in the limbs as they bounced together and leaves were breaking from the swaying branches and drifting down around them.

But finally it was over.

Johnny groaned as his last torrent of cum rushed into her. He fell back, spread-eagled.

Sheena kept on whipping her pussy up and down, shaking and gasping, as the last spasms ripped through her loins.

Then she slid down and, with his spent cock still buried in her pussy, she leaned down, tits bobbling, to give him a loving kiss.

Johnny’s sturdy, robust prick was finally starting to shrink and turn limp inside her pussy. Bending, his cock began to snake from her slot and retract back towards his balls.

Sheena was always sorry to see a hard-on start to falter. But she had cum plenty, too, and she knew it would be greedy to expect more.

There was always tomorrow.

His limp prick slithered out. The prickknob lodged in her cunt-gash momentarily, then popped out like a cork, followed by a flood of milky cum from her vacated fuck-hole.

The boy’s cock looped in a meaty coil down his trembling thigh.

Sheena gracefully dismounted.

She sat in the lotus position and gazed down at her own well-fucked pussy, amazed at how thick the fuck-slime was as it poured from her gaping cunt-hole.

Then she stooped over him and kissed his soft prick, affectionately, as if to express her gratitude to that fuck-tool for giving her such pleasure.

All slimy from her cunt, his cock tasted swell as she sucked it into her mouth for a moment and nursed the mingled creams from it. If his cock had responded, Sheena would have cheerfully suck him off again, but Johnny was drained dry, and the cockmeat only quivered a bit as her sweet mouth savored it.

Raising her head again, her pretty face glowing with a well-fucked luster, she grinned.

“That was great, Johnny. Can we stop here after school again tomorrow?”

Johnny was enthusiastic about that prospect.

The naughty kids got their clothing on and, both a bit wobbly at the knees, climbed down from the tree house and walked off, holding hands just like any pair of innocent young lovers…

Wanda had been waiting — and now, like any proper waiter, it was time to clear the table.

Those kids had been messy.

She stayed at the window until the youngsters were out of sight, then went down from the attic. She stopped in her bedroom to slip into a dressing gown for the sake of any curious neighbors. It was, after all, a quiet, residential neighborhood where bored housewives had little to do but look out of their windows.

Then, in her dressing gown — but naked beneath, of course — she went out her back door and strolled casually over to the big tree. She looked around warily and disguised her mission by picking up a discarded cigarette pack. No one seemed to be watching her, and she climbed up the rungs with ease and crawled into the tree house.

The wooden platform was open to the air, yet it still retained the pungent, cloying scent of cunt-cum and the gamy, heady fragrance of jizz.

It made Wanda’s head swim.

The old mattress was so sodden with fuck slime that it looked like a piece of flotsam that had been washed up from a slimy sea.

Wanda slid her dressing gown off and, naked, began to rub her tits and pussy onto the mattress, for starters. Then she began to mop up with her tongue. The slime was mixed together, but her educated palate could differentiate between boy-cum and pussy-cream.

She didn’t know which flavor she preferred.

She took a taste of milky cunt-juice, then relished a tongueful of slippery cum. She sloshed the blend around in her mouth, then gargled the goo down her gullet and lapped up some more.

She placed her parted lips to the mattress top and began to suck the fuck-slime from the fabric, where it had seeped into the material.

She had plenty of time before her husband was due back from work — and that was just as well, because there was an awful lot of fuck-slime to be sucked.

Her imagination was running wild, images dancing like sugarplum fairies in her mind. She thought about sucking young Johnny’s cock, and she thought with equal desire about eating Sheena’s pussy.

Then she thought about sucking them both at the same time — while they fucked.

That idea made her so hot that she had to pause and strum her clit for a moment. She creamed off pleasantly.

Then she resumed her obscene feast. Wanda intended to make a protracted, multi-course meal out of this well-stocked larder.

How could she be expected to know that Sheena and Johnny would soon be back?

She didn’t expect to see them again until after school the next day.

But fate had decreed otherwise… Walking down a quiet suburban street, holding hands and halting to kiss from time to time, as young lovers tend to do, Johnny and Sheena happened to notice a car parked at the curb.

The car was gently rocking.

“Isn’t that Coach Miller’s car?” Johnny said.

It was, indeed, as they soon found out.


Following their rigorous training session, Coach Miller had graciously offered to drive Ida Whicker, the girls’ gym teacher, home.

She accepted and they left the school together and went off in his car, sitting at a proper distance, as was only befitting teachers.

It was pure chance that Ida lived in the same neighborhood as Johnny and Sheena.

They were halfway to her apartment building when her eyes suddenly widened slightly.

She was staring at Red Miller’s crotch. A fat tubular cock-bulge was showing prominently in his pants.

“Why, Coach Miller — I do believe that your penis muscle is still taut and tense,” she said.

He leered at her.

“It could use another massage,” he croaked.

Ida smiled to show her willingness to oblige him. Fellow healthy fanatics, they were in accord.

“Can we work out at your place?” he asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Ida sighed. “My roommate will be home, and she doesn’t understand about how beneficial these exercises are.”

In fact, she did — but only with a dildo, since she was more deviate and one dimensional than Ida, and only worked out on Ida’s face.

“Damn! My wife is home, too,” he said.

Ida hated the thought of going home to her lesbian lover while her colleague still had a hard-on.

“Why don’t you pull over, Coach?” she suggested. “We can’t have a proper session in the car — but you can exercise your penis in my mouth.”

That prospect was so pleasing that Coach Miller would have had to halt the car, regardless. He was in no condition to be driving.

He pulled over in a place where no prying eyes could see them.

Not from the houses, at least. He didn’t know that two of their students would be walking down that street soon.

He turned the ignition off, glanced around, decided they had enough privacy and opened his pants, hauling his cook and balls out.

Ida eyed the cock-meat hungrily.

“I didn’t know you blew,” he said.

She looked affronted.

“I certainly don’t!” she snapped. The coach was flustered and puzzled.

“But, you said…”

“I didn’t say I was going to blow you, Coach,” she explained. “I’m not a cocksucker, for heaven’s, sake. That’s disgusting!”

He shook his head in confusion. She looked amused by his density.

“I said that you could exercise your penis in my mouth — I didn’t say anything about sucking. There’s a big difference, you know.”

Red Miller couldn’t see much difference. But he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, either, and he waited for her to clarify it.

“If you want to manage your meat and get your balls emptied off again, Coach, you’re more than welcome to do it in my mouth,” she explained, with a sort of benign tolerance, as if instructing a dim-witted pupil.

Miller was hanging on every word and looked rather dim-witted, himself. He knew about forward passes and end rims, but he didn’t know much about bisexual logic.

“It isn’t healthy for you to walk around with a set of bloated balls — so you should drain them off, like you were doing when I walked into your office.”

He looked sheepish about having been caught jacking off.

“And, since I’m here — well, semen is very beneficial in a proper diet, you know. It’s wholesome and nutritious and packed full of vitamins and trace elements. I’m sure I should drink more of it than I do — but, since I’m not a cock-sucker, I don’t get a chance very often. It’s not something you can buy at the health store, like yogurt.”

“I see,” Miller said, nodding — although it was too deep for him and sounded suspiciously like philosophy, which was taboo to a coach.

“So if you want to go ahead and masturbate, I’ll take the head in my mouth and you can give me a drink. It’ll be good for both of us — as long as you don’t expect me to do anything sordid like sucking.”

“Okay — get down there,” he grunted. She stooped over his groin willingly.

He folded his fist around his thick cockshaft and tugged down, pulling the foreskin back and making the purple cock-knob flare out naked.

Ida engulfed his cock-knob in her mouth.

“Ummmmmm!” she purred.

It seemed to Coach Miller that her hot, wet mouth was softly sucking on the flushed head of his prick. But he could have been mistaken.

“Massage your penis muscle work out,” she mumbled on her mouthful of cock-meat.

He began to jack off very slowly into her mouth, wanting to make it last…

That was when two kids came along and, curious, sneaked up and looked into Coach Miller’s car.

“Holy shit!” Johnny gasped.

“I don’t believe it,” Sheena said, and she giggled in a girlish way.

Her own taste buds were still tingling with a spunky flavor, but she was still amazed to see her gym teacher with a mouthful of prick.

“I thought she was gay,” Sheena whispered.

Sheena had often flaunted her naked body to Miss Whicker and gotten a smoldering look from the woman. Now she saw that the gym teacher must be a switch-hitter. Sheena was suitably impressed.

But Johnny was indignant.

Coach Miller had warned him a dozen times about the need to exercise willpower and avoid the temptations that led to debilitating self-abuse.

And here was Coach Miller steadily jacking his own sturdy prick!

It wasn’t right!

What kind of a role model was he?

Still, to give the coach the benefit of the doubt, he was beating his meat into a sexy woman’s mouth.

Maybe that wasn’t self-abuse, after all. And it was sort of educational, as well.


Johnny and Sheena huddled together, cuddling and feeling each other up and getting horny all over again, as they peeked on the football coach and the girls’ gym teacher who were working out in such a peculiar way.

Miller pulled his big fist up his cock-shaft and gently bumped against Ida’s parted lips, then pumped back and nudged the heel of his hand against his hairy balls.

The head of his cock pulsed in and out like an inhaling lung in Ida’s mouth. She blew down his prick as the knob flared and bulged, as if giving his prick the kiss of life — or maybe practicing some form of arcane aerobics on his muscular fucker.

Her drool ran down his cock and lubricated the steady stroking of his palm and closed fingers.

He felt a glob of pre-cum run from his open piss-hole and dribble onto her tongue.

“You like that, baby?” he rasped.

But Ida certainly wouldn’t admit it.

“It’s nutritious,” she murmured, her throat working as she swallowed the slippery cock-lube. “And don’t call me baby.”

Miller put his free hand on the back of her head and tried to coax her to swallow down on his cock-lance, but Ida steadfastly refused to take more than the cock-head in, determined not to give him a blowjob. Still, her mouth felt lovely on his prick-knob and the coach was not going to complain.

Too, he could have sworn that she was sucking, whether she would admit it or not.

He skimmed his fist up lightly, then clamped his grip tighter and jacked off savagely. More drool streamed down his cock-shaft, threaded through with gooey streaks of his pre-cum.

“Ummmmmm! It’s-it’s…” she sputtered, almost forgetting herself in the heat of the moment.

But she came to her senses just in time and made no mention of how delicious his cock lube tasted.

“It’s like yogurt and wheat germ,” she said.

She came up for air.

Her face stayed over his stiff prick, turned down. Blobs of pre-cum dribbled from her parted lips and fell onto the head of his prick, almost sizzling when they hit the hot prick-meat. She stared down at his wet cock and licked her lips, and ingested a little pre-cum.

Then she sucked his cock-knob in again. Coach Miller was ready to get his rocks off at any moment, needing only a few cum strokes. Instead, he stopped frigging for a little while, holding his cock well down at the base.

He thought she might object, wanting him to stick to the routine and get it over with.

But Ida made no objection. Whether she would admit it or not the gym instructor was relishing a mouthful of cock-meat, and she was happy for Miller to take as long as he liked before he fed her his cum-load.

“Suck a little, Ida,” he rasped.

She didn’t agree, but her pliable lips did seem to move a bit more. Of course, she may have just been doing some facial exercises.

Johnny had his hand up Sheena’s short skirt and she was groping down the front of his jeans as they watched this oral examination.

The kids had been well satisfied following their antics is the tree house. But now, seeing Coach Miller exercising his prick in Miss Whicker’s mouth, they were both starting to get as horny as if they hadn’t creamed in ages.

But nothing was going to drag them away from the window of that car while the action was still unfinished. They were keen to see the pretty lesbian drink Coach Miller’s cum as a foaming finale.

Miller was jacking off again, slowly and deliberately, and humping up from the seat of the car as he did so, fucking through his own fist en route to Ida’s mouth.

He was getting an inch or two of cockshaft in behind his cock-head now, but if the woman noticed the sneaky intrusion, she made no objections.

Miller grunted and heaved and Ida gulped as more of his cock-lube slimed her tongue. The flow had been oozing from his piss-hole before, but now, as he neared the crest, it was coming out in little jets, foreshadowing the way it would squirt when he shot his wad.

He could see only the back of her close cropped head as she groveled over his prick, but the kids could see her handsome face at an angle — and noticed that she was smiling around Miller’s cock.

Miller began to pound away faster on his prick, unable to contain his urgency any longer.

“Get set,” he croaked, as if telling a substitute linebacker to put his helmet on.

“Oooooohhhh — feed me!” she moaned. His balls had become enormous now and his athletic sexual equipment was booming. His cock-head was a solid lump in Ida’s mouth. It felt as big and as hard and as heavy as a shot-put she thought.

Miller jacked down and humped up — and his own load began to flood into her mouth.

The kids could hear her sputter and gulp and gulp as she drank greedily, sucking the wholesome, healthy jizz fizz from his prick.

His fist flew up and down his cock, pumping the cum out, and her throat pulsed as she drank deeply.

“Oh, baby — suck it up!” he wailed, forgetting himself in his rapture.

But Miss Whicker was lost to the joy of drinking jism now, and didn’t even notice that he had used that insulting endearment again.

Spunk spilled from her lips and ran down her chin, but she was gulping most of it down in a feeding frenzy. Because she refused to dive down on his prick, all of the thick cum was biting her taste buds before it slid down her throat, letting her relish the flavor of his jism before she ingested it.

“Suck that cock! Oh, shit! You’ve got a mouth like a fucking vacuum!” he croaked.

She was gulping his cock-cream down like an overheated athlete drinking Gatorade!

Miller shot his cum in slowly diminishing squirts, feeding her plentifully. Ida swallowed all that he could supply. Shaking, the brawny coach slumped back in the car seat, grinning as if he’d scored a touchdown.

Ida kept on sucking, making no bones about it. Now that she’d had a taste of his cock-cream, she could no longer carry on with the pretense that it was strictly for nutrition.

When she was certain that he had no more of the sweet stuff lurking in his balls, she drew away, daintily wiping her cummy lips. She, too, leaned back in her seat, and they reclined there side by side.

“Was that good?” he rasped. “Ummmm! I feel so-so healthy,” she purred. She tensed her cheeks and jaw muscles tentatively and then smiled. “I really needed a good facial workout. If I let you exercise in my mouth two or three times a week, I’ll never get a double chin.”

She might get fat, drinking all that high calorie cum, but no one said anything about that.

The kids lurked by the car window for a few moments, to see if there was going to be any further action.

But Coach Miller was done for the day.

He had shot twice, and that was his limit.

He blamed his limitations on all the masturbation or us spent youth.

And Ida was eager to get home to her roommate now, so that she could French kiss her and see if the single-minded lady knew what a man’s cum tasted like.

Realizing that the show was over, Sheena and Johnny backed away from the car.

“Wow! I always thought that Miss Whicker was a lez,” Sheena said. “I always get a kick out of showing her my pussy and figured that one of these days she might give me a tongue-fucking.” She thought about it. “Of course, she still might. Just because a lady will suck a prick doesn’t mean she won’t suck cunt, huh?”

Hearing that his sexy new girlfriend was interested in lesbian licking made little Johnny even hornier. He knew that jacking off couldn’t do him any harm now, since the robust and manly football coach did it not that any such fears had ever caused Johnny to miss a single stroke.

But now that he had Sheena’s mouth and pussy to fuck, he wasn’t at all interested in beating his own meat.

The kids gazed at each other in tacit understanding.

“Let’s go back to the tree house, Johnny. Okay?” the blonde vixen suggested.

“You bet!” he enthused.

And so it was that the excited kids, aroused yet again, went back to the tree for another fuck-session in what they thought of as their private love nest.

But they soon found out differently. They climbed the ladder and when their heads came up to the level of the platform, they were astonished to find themselves staring right at a firm, shapely ass looming up as a raven-haired woman held her head down and sucked their fuck-slime from the mattress!


The pale full moons of the woman’s bare ass stuck up, wriggling and below those globes her bushy cunt was streaming glistening pussy-juice down her inner thighs.

Sheena and Johnny looked at each other and then both looked back at the voluptuous lady.

Just then, she came up for air and saw the youngsters peering at her from the edge of the platform. She twisted to gape at them, her face all gooey, like a ghoul caught at a grave.

They recognized her then.

Both kids knew Wanda Jarvis by name. And, for his part Johnny had beat his meat more than once while having naughty thoughts about the lovely housewife.

“Oh! Oh, dear! I’m so embarrassed,” she whispered, blushing a delicate shade of pink.

But she noticed that both kids were grinning and looked more intrigued than shocked.

Johnny saw no reason to be shy and diffident under these strange circumstances.

“You’re a cum-eater, huh, Mrs. Jarvis?” he said.

With the creamy evidence all over her mouth and chin, Wanda could hardly deny it.

“I-I saw you naughty kids fooling around and — well, I got carried away,” she admitted. She batted her, dark lashes demurely. “In fact, I’ve been watching you jack off for quite a while, Johnny.”

“You like to taste my jizz, huh?”

“Ummmmm,” she sighed.

“Wanna drink some jizz from my cock?” the young boy blurted out.

Wanda smiled enticingly.

Sheena wondered if she should feel jealous. But, somehow, jealousy was the last emotion she felt at the moment.

The kids crawled into the tree house and, without any hesitation, removed their clothing.

Wanda looked back and forth between them, and Sheena was delighted to see that the vampish woman was paying as much attention to her as she was to Johnny.

Sheena had been flashing her nubile body at the gym teacher a lot, hoping that the rumors about Miss Whicker being a dyke were true and that the athletic woman might seduce her. Sheena was still intrigued by the idea of lesbian love and eager to give it a try.

Now the cute teenager realized that she might not have to wait for Miss Whicker to succumb to her charms.

Johnny was standing up as he removed his jeans, and Wanda was kneeling upright. Her head was on a level with his groin and, with lots of his cum already coating her sensual lips, the boy had no inhibitions.

He stepped up and shoved his loins out. The boy was so hot from watching the football coach jerk off into the gym teacher’s mouth that his prick was already drooling pre-cum.

Wanda looked hypnotized, like a bird that had looked into the eye of a serpent. He thrust his cock out, and she began to lap the glossy cock-knob.

Sheena curled on her supple flank, watching the action with interest and hoping that she, too, would soon be getting some action from that sexy housewife’s mouth.

“Suck my cock, Mrs. Jarvis — suck me off!” Johnny rasped, stabbing the tip of his big prick against her lips.

If she had been alone with the boy, Wanda would probably have done a lot of licking to begin with, lingering over the lingual foreplay, the way, that she had watched Sheena give detailed head.

But since she had a creamy-cunted girl to be taken care of, too, she didn’t daily on Johnny’s prick. She parted her lips and he shoved his prick in.

“Unghhhh — umpfffhhh!” she sputtered as he rammed his huge fucker right down her throat.

Johnny began to throw the cock-meat to her as she knelt before him, face-fucking her steadily.

Wanda gulped as he clogged her throat and sighed as he pulled out and she sucked every inch and collared the flaring slab of his meaty prick-knob.

Her dark head tilted back and ducked down as she met his cock-thrusts, gorging on his cock. Her lips pulled out on his prick as he withdrew, and her lapper danced against the underside as he fucked in.

Sheena moved closer, wanting to be involved.

She fingered Johnny’s asshole as he humped and pressed her face in to nuzzle his balls. Those hairless balls were bloated and ballooning, and the girl knew that Mrs. Sands was about to get a lovely hot drink.

But she didn’t mind, as long as she got her jollies, in turn.

Wanda was working like a sump pump, pulling with her lips and her cheeks and using her tongue to embellish the suction. The wanton woman had been licking up the boy’s fuck-cream for weeks and had cherished it second-hand, and now she was feverish for a load of that sweet boy-cum straight from the source.

“Slime, baby — jizz me!” she panted.

Sheena turned from Johnny’s balls and began to suck Wanda’s fat tits as they heaved up and down, nursing on the tips, wanting to make sure that the voluptuous woman knew she was game for anything.

Johnny gaped down, surprised to see the girl who he knew loved cock mouthing the woman’s tits just as if she were a lesbian. But he wasn’t as surprised as he would have been before he watched the deviate gym teacher swallowing Coach Miller’s cum-load.

Johnny was learning fast today.

“Give me your sweet cum, Johnny — I’m hot to swallow your fuck-juice,” Wanda moaned. She shoved her tits into the girl’s eager face as she gulped down on the young boy’s surprisingly huge cock.

Johnny jerked as if galvanized.

“Drink this, Mrs. Jarvis!” he howled.

His prick exploded in her mouth and his lean ass jolted back on the recoil. His creamy cum whooshed out, slathering her tongue and gushing down her gullet.

Wanda gurgled with cum-drinker’s glee and moved her dark head up and down frantically. Johnny’s cock was foaming off like a fire extinguisher, bathing her tongue with a blanket of thick jism.

As she had known, the kid’s jism was even more scrumptious when she sucked it from his cock and balls than when she licked it up from the mattress.

She knew how much the horny youngster shot, having seen him jack off countless times, yet she was still amazed by how much sweet cum he was feeding her.

Wanda didn’t think she had ever swallowed so much cum from a single prick on a single cumming. Her husband was a virile man, yet it would have taken him a week to feed her as much cock-cream as this lovely little boy was feeding her on a single blowjob!

Her tongue was floating, her sucked-in cheeks drenched, the roof of her mouth coated with cum like a limestone cavern. Cum gushed down her throat.

Johnny held her face between his hands and fucked his cock down her throat and stopped humping, letting the last of his cumload trickle out in her gullet.

He staggered back and she sucked up the cock-shaft as it slowly pulled out of her mouth.

“You’ve got a beautiful cock, Johnny, and yummy spunk,” she told him, licking her cummy lips.

“Boy! You can blow me anytime, lady!” he offered.

“All the time,” she suggested.

Johnny didn’t think that Wanda sucked cock any better than Sheena did. They were both expert and enthusiastic and greedy. But the fact that Wanda was an adult, and a married woman, to boot, enhanced his pleasure.

It gave him a thrill to cum in the mouth of another man’s wife.

And he was looking forward to sucking her cunt, too, guessing that a housewife who sucked cock was certain to fuck, as well. Although her adulterous mouth had milked him to the bone, that bone was still hard and ready to sink into her hairy, juicy pussy.

But little Johnny had to wait his turn now…


Wanda gently drew Sheena’s pretty face up from her saliva-soaked tits and kissed her on the lips. They let the residue of Johnny’s slippery jizz slide back and forth between their mouths as they sucked tongues.

“Do you eat pussy, Mrs. Jarvis?” Sheena panted.

“Yes, baby,” Wanda panted into her mouth.

“I never had a woman suck my cunt but I’m hot for it. And I wanna go down on you, too,” Sheena moaned.

This shocking news astounded young Johnny.

But it delighted Wanda to find out that Sheena had never known the joy of lesbian love — and that the lovely girl was eager to suck as well as be sucked. It was like seducing a virgin, in a way, and Wanda was determined to make Sheena’s first lesbian experience a memorable one.

“Let me show you how I do it,” Wanda purred.

She licked Sheena’s drooling lips and explored her mouth with her tongue, then sucked on Sheena’s tongue, demonstrating exactly how her mouth was going to pleasure the teenager’s pussy.

Sheena was trembling and vibrating in anticipation of oral love with this curvy, ebony-tressed beauty — as keen to gobble gash as she was to have her own pussy sucked. She fed her tongue to Wanda’s mouth and fluttered it around. Wanda sucked it like a clit. Then Sheena sucked on the woman’s tongue in response.

Then Wanda began to go down.

She lowered her head onto Sheena’s plump tits, licking the mounds and into the deep, smooth cleft and sweeping her tongue up to her swollen pink nipple. She nursed on Sheena’s nipples, switching back and forth.

Sheena dropped back along the mattress, lifting her knees and parting her slim thighs.

Wanda kissed down her tummy, licked out her belly button, then slurped in her blonde cunt-bush. Then she went on down, tonguing down the inside of one thigh and licking back up the other trembling leg.

Sheena tilted her crotch up eagerly.

“Do my pussy, Mrs. Jarvis!” she whimpered.

But Wanda teased the girl, licking up to the crease of leg and loins, but avoiding the girl’s cunt-gash. Her nose brushed Sheena’s frenzied clit as she turned her face between her slim thighs.

“Oooooh! Don’t tease me — tongue-fuck me!” Sheena wailed, tilting her cunt up again.

Johnny hovered over them, as keen to see some deviate cunt-lapping as Sheena was to feel it.

Wanda held Sheena by her hips, tugging her haunches up and turning her slightly.

“Roll over, sweet baby — I wanna rim out your asshole for an appetizer,” the dark haired slut moaned.

Sheena gasped and twisted over belly down hiking her naked ass up. She thought that ass-licking was really wicked — and all the more thrilling because of it.

Johnny gaped in awe at this depravity, and his prick began to pound like a jackhammer under the sordid stimulation of what he was witnessing.

Wanda placed her open hands on the hard, round cheeks of the blonde teenager’s ass and gently pulled them open, exposing her asshole. Sheena’s asshole was tiny and tight and tantalizing.

Wanda nudged her nose into Sheena’s asshole, sniffing and snuffling the tangy slot.

She ran her tongue up through the musky crack of the girl’s ass, then began to lick her asshole. She lapped at the ass-ring, then stabbed in.

Sheena squealed and whimpered as she felt a tongue probing into her ass. Lesbian sex had more elements that she had dreamed of — and Wanda was obviously versed in all the details of distaff dalliance.

Wanda began to French-kiss Sheena’s shitter.

As her lapper slid up the chute, her lips sucked on the tart, tasty rim. She drooled into the girl’s shit-hole, then sucked her own slobber back out, flavored deliciously by ass-juices.

“Ahhhhh — eat my ass!” Sheena cried. “Yeah! Suck her ass, Mrs. Jarvis!” Johnny moaned.

The boy leaned down so that he was cheek to check with the ardent ass-eater as he watched her pink lapper probe into the girl’s asshole.

Wanda dearly loved to rim and ream a girl’s ass, but Sheena was squirming so much that she was afraid the girl was going to cream off too soon. She gave her whole a last loving slurp and drew back.

It was time for some cunt-lapping now, and Sheena knew it. The limber teenager rolled over again and jerked her cunt up.

Wanda’s face hovered over Sheena’s blonde we, her nose flaring as she breathed in the aroma rising from that overheated pussy and her eyes glowing hungrily.

Sheena’s cute pussy was open so wide it seemed to have turned inside out. The dark inner pussy-folds were exposed, and her pussy-slot was as full as a cream bucket.

Wanda dove in tongue-first.

She danced her lapper on Sheena’s stiff clit and spooned it in her cunt-slot. Then she clamped her lips to the girl’s gooey gash and started to suck steadily. She was stuck to Sheena’s cunt like a limpet to a mossy rock.

Munching merrily away, Wanda used her tongue and lips in conjunction, spooning and sucking, slurping and licking.

Sheena was going wild. No boy or man had ever given her head as good as this lustful lady.

She began to melt.

Waves of exquisite sensations raced across her trim tummy and jolted her thighs. Her clit detonated and the core of her cunt creamed.

Wanda held her by the cheeks of her ass and tilted her up as if Sheena’s fuck-hole were a goblet she was draining to the dregs.

“Cum — cum — cum,” she panted into Sheena’s pussy, her voice muffled.

With her dark head down and her white ass hiked up, the wanton woman presented an intriguing picture to young Johnny. He knelt behind her haunches and started to guide his prick into her cunt dog-style.

The cock-knob nudged into her cunt-slot. But Wanda loved Sheena’s sweet pussy so much that she wanted no distractions. She was hot for a cuntful of the boy’s big prick, to be sure, but she wanted to enjoy it after she had finished sucking Sheena’s pussy, so she could concentrate on one pleasure at a time.

She reached back to dislodge his cock.

But his cock was throbbing so savagely that Wanda realized the potent boy was liable to shoot off soon, whether his cock was up her cunt or not.

And she wanted ever drop of his cum in her body — somewhere. Feeling deliciously depraved, she grasped his magnificent fucker and levered it up.

“Fuck my ass first, baby,” she panted. Johnny gasped. He had just been watching Sheena’s tight shit-hole sucking on Wanda’s tongue — and he could just imagine what it would feel like to have a shit-chute working on his prick. It was, too, another aspect of his virginity to be gotten rid of.

Wanda guided his cock-head to her asshole and he began to wedge it in. He gaped down. His mushroom-shaped cock-knob looked too big for the tiny opening of her asshole.

But Wanda knew more than the boy did about such things. Her ass-muscles fluttered and rippled and her ass-ring opened to accommodate his prick.

His cock-knob sank in.

It was the fattest part of his prick, and if the cock-head would fit, he knew damned well that the rest could be packed in behind it.

Holding her by the hips, he inched his long fucker up into her asshole. It went in smooth as silk. He fucked in to the hilt and his balls jammed to her crotch as his cock vanished up her ass. Her pussy was juicing over his hairless balls.

He held it all up her, moaning at the feeling as her shit-chute sucked on his prick, as if she were swallowing his prick from the wrong end, giving him a blowjob backwards. Wanda’s asshole felt exactly like her mouth had, both ends of her digestive tract interchangeable.

He was up her ass so deep that he thought the head of his cock might come out of her mouth and slip into Sheena’s pussy, fucking the blonde girl via the conduit of the raven-haired woman’s alimentary canal!

He began to pull out and fuck in. Each time Johnny stuffed her ass, Wanda’s tongue shot up Sheena’s pussy, as if his big cock were forcing it from her mouth.

Sucking pussy and taking prick up the ass, Wanda was in a state of pure ecstasy.

She undulated between the kids, shoving back, the buns of her ass bumping on the flat plane of Johnny’s belly as her tongue explored every nook and cranny of Sheena’s foaming fuck-hole.

Wanda’s ass seemed to be swallowing his cock-meat, and Johnny began to spill out pre-cum into her bowels.

“Ummmmm! Pack the fudge, Johnny,” Wanda moaned. “Shoot your cum up my ass!”

Johnny poured his steaming hot cum enema into her ass-guts as Sheena peaked in her mouth. Cum swirled up her digestive tract from behind as she gulped pussy-slime down from the other end, turning her torso to a torrent, filling her greedy belly from both ends.

And they weren’t done yet.


Sheena’s pussy was well sucked and satisfied, but cunt-lapping was a mutual joy — and now the teenager’s tongue was as hot as her clit had been.

She twisted sinuously around to get at Wanda’s dark-haired cunt.

Johnny was pulling his slimy prick out of Wanda’s cummy asshole now, and Sheena paused to watch.

His long cock came out as it had gone in, inch by inch — and it was still fat and firm. The cock-knob slurped from her ass-ring and the big fucker jolted upright. Creamy cum poured out of the woman’s fluttering asshole.

Sheena sucked Johnny’s prick into her mouth, tasting Wanda’s succulent ass on the soiled prick-meat. She mouthed the fuck juices from his cock, then turned eagerly to Wanda, who was still in the dog-fucking position.

Sheena sucked the woman’s dribbling asshole, swallowing Johnny’s jizz as it came out.

“Turn over, Mrs. Jarvis — I’m hungry for cunt,” Sheena babbled into the woman’s slimy ass crevice.

Wanda twisted around to feed Sheena some pussy. But she saw that Johnny was still hard, his cock still vibrant. Johnny and Sheena were both looking hot for her cunt now, and Wanda couldn’t decide between the boy’s big prick and the girl’s nimble tongue.

Both at once would be nice, she thought.

Wanda pushed Johnny down on the mattress and squatted over his hips. She ladled the head of his prick around in her cunt-slot, then pushed down and hunkered on his loins, taking his towering cock-lance up her pussy to the hilt. She held it all in her, wriggling.

Sheena gave a gasp of frustration, finding that the cunt she was yearning to eat was occupied by cock-meat. She began to suck Wanda’s asshole again, adoring the tangy confection, but wanting to suck cunt more.

Wanda didn’t disappoint the hungry girl. The curvaceous housewife began to slowly turn around, rotating lithely on Johnny’s upthrust prick.

With all of his cock buried, she turned through a half-circle so that she was facing his feet and her ass rested on his flat belly.

She was presenting a smorgasbord of cock and cunt to Sheena now.

Sheena gazed into Wanda’s widespread going, gasping in fevered anticipation. Wanda’s pussy was jammed down on the root of Johnny’s prick, spilling out cunt cream around the rim of the coupling.

The girl flopped belly-down and slithered in with her chin on the mattress. She began to lick Johnny’s hairless balls for starters, lapping up the juice that Wanda’s cunt was spilling onto the pink sacs.

Her radiant face shifted up, and she took Wanda’s stiff clit into her lips, sucking the swollen nubbin and making Wanda shudder.

Sheena wasn’t interested in Johnny’s cock at the moment, since she had already sucked that tasty fucker a lot, but the fact that it happened to be stuck up the pussy she was hungry for didn’t trouble her in the least.

She wedged her tongue into Wanda’s cunt-hole alongside Johnny’s prick. Then she put her parted lips to the cock-stuffed cunt-lips and began to suck.

Cunt was as scrumptious and as suck able as the teenager had expected it to be — even more succulent, if anything — and Sheena had become a confirmed cunt-lap her with the very first taste. She seemed to know how to eat a pussy just as she had known how to suck cock the first time, as if the skill were instinctive. And her enthusiasm for the one was as great as for the other.

Sheena would never lose her appetite for a mouthful of prick and a bellyful of jizz, but she intended to eat all the pussy she could, from now on.

Miss Whicker would be pleased to hear it. Wanda squatted down on the root of Johnny’s cock, not riding yet, waiting for Sheena to get the oral action going. Then she began to slide up and down, fucking herself on his prick while the blonde vixen sucked and tongued at the junction.

Moans and whimpers and slurps drifted out of Wanda’s groin now, as Sheena dined sumptuously. Wanda fucked up and down, making it a moveable feast.

Sheena sucked Johnny’s balls as cuntjuice washed over them like a tide. His cock came out glistening and she slurped and sucked it, savoring cunt-nectar on the cock-meat.

She tilted her head so that Johnny’s cock was fucking through her lips as it sank in and pulled out of Wanda’s gooey cunt-gash. He began to spill out a lot of cock-lube.

Cunt-juice poured from Wanda’s fuck-hole, with globs of pre-cum streaking the dime. Sheena sucked the seepage up from Johnny’s cock-shaft ad balls and then slurped more out of Wanda’s melting pussy as the woman began to orgasm.

Johnny howled like a banshee and bridged up as his climax hit.

His cum-load geysered up into Wanda’s cock-filled cunt then came flooding out into Sheena’s mouth. Wanda pounded her pussy up and down, draining the boy’s cock and balls and working her own spasms off.

“Suck, baby — suck!” the dark-haired woman urged the slim blonde teenager.

Sheena kept on sucking like a vacuum cleaner, swallowing a delectable blend of cum and cunt-cream, never wanting this muff and meat meal to end.

Johnny ceased shooting cum at last.

Wanda kept on fucking, but the young boy’s cock was spent again, ad it bent and came out. His prick sagged down, but Sheena didn’t mind. It just got it out of the way.

She clamped her mouth on Wanda’s vacated cunt-slot and sucked every drop of cunt-cum and jizz from her pussy.

Naturally, Sheena’s cunt was smoldering again by the time she was finished feeding.

But that was no trouble at all.

They went into the house for the next session, though, and had a ball in Wanda’s big bed.

The first of many.

Johnny came to see Wanda every day after school, and Sheena was usually with him — except when she stayed for some extra activities after gym class.

No one used the tree house for a while, after that.

Then one day another horny young man happened to notice it as he wandered by with a hard-on.

But that was another story…

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