Donny’s Hot Mother

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

DONNY’S HOT MOTHER is a dramatic representation of a family — a mother and her son — who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society — people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to be completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


“Christ, I’m fuckin’ horny!” Laurel Hutton sighed softly, putting her finger suddenly and accurately upon the uneasy tension that had assaulted her all day.

Laurel was standing beside the tiny swimming pool which graced her suburban home’s high-fenced, smallish backyard. It was early spring and a little cool to be dressed as she was, in a tiny string bikini, but Laurel wanted another deep, rich tan this year and she knew it would be warm enough once she settled down onto the sun-warmed tile beside the pool.

“Men go ga-ga over a tall, slim blonde with big tits and a chocolate tan,” Laurel muttered to herself as she knelt on the warm surface.

Laurel loved men, or at least she loved cock, the stunning divorcee smiled to herself. The long hard cock that thrust out from between their legs, the part that rutted her juicy, sensation-filled pussy to heaven almost every night.

Two things about the last thought made Laurel’s beautiful face curve into a frown. Number one, the man she had been with last night had come too soon — much too soon — and he had been too old to do much after the first time. Number two, Donny, Laurel’s teenaged son, was starting to become resentful about his mom’s many “boyfriends”, her euphemism for the endless stream of men who had fucked their way into and out of the insatiable blonde’s life over the last two years.

Donny was growing up, and he was beginning to look askance at Laurel now when she explained an all-night absence with some wild tale about flat tires or a fog so thick that it was impossible to drive home through. He was starting to look as untrusting as his father had before abruptly packing his bags two years ago and stomping out of the house forever.

Laurel undid her bikini top and lay forward on the hot pavement, relishing the heat against her big, sensitive nipples. Her mouth made a little pout, like a child brooding about denied candy.

It wasn’t fair! Laurel told herself. She shouldn’t have to give up fucking just so Donny wouldn’t find out what a hot, uncontrollable nature his mom had. That thought really scared Laurel because she had just turned thirty-two a week before. Even though there wasn’t an ounce of fat on the perfect body nor a sag visible anywhere Laurel was terrified of getting old and suddenly losing the cock-hardening sex appeal she had exhibited since she had been Donny’s age.

As if to assure herself that her good, looks hadn’t vanished as she thought about losing them, Laurel raised up onto her elbows and turned to examine her sleek, sexy body in the bright sunlight. She smiled as she eyed the deep, firm contours of her near-perfect ass, the supple, bulgeless line of her smooth thighs and calves, the smallness of her waistline.

A movement behind the sliding glass patio door caught Laurel’s eye and she turned to see what it was. Donny was peeking out from around the half-open curtain, watching his mom twisting and turning on the warm tiles. The handsome young teen’s eyes were wide with fear, as he realized that he had been caught red-handed staring at his mother’s naked, bobbling tits.

Laurel smiled at her only child and waved, the motion making her left breast jiggle even more. Donny gulped and waved back limply, surprised by his mother’s calmness.

“Whatcha’ doing?” Laurel called out. “Why don’t you come out and swim, you chicken. The water’s not THAT cold!”

Donny giggled, embarrassed, and shrugged his shoulders. He ducked back behind the curtain.

Laurel chuckled and put her head down on her arms, sunning herself once more. Her heart was beating crazily with excitement, a weird, unexpected kind of excitement caused by the way she had shamelessly shown her body off to her own son. The beauty told herself that she had done it all so coolly because she didn’t want the boy to grow up with any guilt about nakedness or sex. But the hammering heart inside her ribcage told Laurel that she had also shown her tits off to Donny for quite another reason: it turned her on to exhibit herself to men, any man, even her own flesh and blood!

Laurel decided that a mom-son talk session was called for, the sooner the better. She told herself that she wouldn’t allow the kinky thrill she got from baring her tits to Donny to happen again. She got up and put on her top, resolved to sit with Donny and talk things out until she was sure he was on the right track about, sex. She was determined to be a good mom for once, to put her baser instincts to rest at least temporarily.

Inside the house, Laurel looked first in the kitchen for her son but there was no sign of the always-hungry teenager. She went down the hall to his room.

The door was slightly ajar when Laurel reached for it, and a low moan from inside the room made her hand stop before touching the handle. Laurel moved up close to the small crack left by the partially open door and looked inside. Reflected in his dresser mirror, the anxious young mother could see Donny spread out on the bed, his clothes scattered about the room, his hand moving furiously up and down over his groin.

“Good God!” Laurel whispered to herself. “What a BIG cock for a kid!”

It was true. Her darling Donny had become a good deal more manly somewhere along the way. The last time she had seen him naked, his balls had been two cute, tiny marbles in a hairless sac. Now they were the fur-covered, plum-sized ovals of a grown man.

But it was the boy’s cock that really took Laurel’s breath away. The six-inch, throbbing prick that Donny was so fervently stroking was one of the thickest, reddest cylinders of prick-meat Laurel had ever drooled over. And she had seen her share, that was for sure!

Donny was groaning, his boyish ass lifting up off the bed, his eyes closed with lust as his come approached. His closed fist went faster, his breathing became more ragged. Small, grunted words spilled from his curled lips, and Laurel leaned closer to the door to hear what he was babbling.

“Fuck… shit… oh… oh, Jesus what tits!” Donny was gasping, his body going rigid, his hand stopping — frozen on his cock. “Oh, Mama, I want your big, big TIIIIIITS!”

The boy screamed and started pumping his fist wildly once again. His nuts jerked and a blob of creamy goo shot high in the air above Donny’s twisting body.

Laurel felt her cunt build to a rapid, unexpected boil as she watched her boy jacking off. It had been a long time since the voluptuous thirty-two-year-old had seen a young boy come. She had forgotten the incredible amount of pussy-pleasing ball juice a boy this age could generate. It was a far cry from the two small squirts of jism Laurel’s fortyish, rich date from the night before had managed to conjure up and pump into her eager cunt before he collapsed, heavy and spent, on her still unsatisfied body. She found herself wondering what it might be like, having a young, virile teenager rutting inside her, spewing out his wad after wad of hot spunk, the way Donny was moaning and pumping it out right now!

The very notion of being on the receiving end of such a heavenly come deluge made Laurel weak in the knees and even hotter in the crotch. The stunning blonde pushed the door open a bit wider, so that she could see every pearly drop of the youngster’s hot outpouring as it rocketed out of his wilting prick. She couldn’t believe the amount of cream the boy was unloading. Her cunt twitched wildly as she watched it spurt into the air and fall splashing onto the rug and bedspread.

“M-Mama,” Donny suddenly croaked, his nearly closed eyes snapping wide open as he saw his mother peeking through the crack in the door.

“My God, honey, there sure was a lot of that stuff!” Laurel grinned approvingly, stepping into the room.

She didn’t know what else to say or do. She could give the boy a lecture on self-abuse, but she didn’t really think jerking off was very abusive, and, besides, she would have felt hypocritical about chewing him out for doing something she had enjoyed watching as much as she had enjoyed this.

Donny moaned as his gorgeous, nearly naked mother came into his room. The sight of her jiggling tits in their barely containing bikini top drew another clench from his emptying cock. The big squirt of spunk arched up off the bed, across the few feet that separated them, and spattered onto Laurel’s bare thigh a few inches below her nearly nonexistent swimsuit bottom.

“Oh, my, my, how hot and nice this stuff is!” Laurel giggled at her son’s sperm-filled tribute to her beauty, gathering the slippery cream in her finger-tips and rubbing them together. “So slick and warm and good!”

It was all Laurel could do to keep from licking the delicious-smelling jizz off her fingers right before the boy’s eyes. It was so tempting, so mannish and pungent smelling, so delightfully strong and earthy.

Maybe it was her disappointing fuck the night before, maybe it was the guilty, yet terribly excited and proud way Donny was looking at her, maybe it was something special about the texture and feel of his boyish come between her fingers — Laurel didn’t know. But she did somehow know that she could no more stop herself from saying what she said next than she could stop rain from falling.

“You know, Donny honey, you really shouldn’t waste this beautiful cream,” Laurel said slowly, her voice a deep purr of sexual invitation. “You shouldn’t just spray it up in to the air and let it fall. You ought to find a nice, hot, juicy pussy to pump this delicious jizz into, darling. That’s what it’s for, you know.”

Donny gasped at his mother’s lewd words. His prick gave a last jerk of dwindling lust and a final jet of come burbled up out of the softening prick and dribbled across the boy’s fingers.

“See, your cock knows a hot cunt sounds better than a hand job,” Laurel teased, grinning.

Laurel’s cunt was seething with need. She knew what she was going to do was awful, against every taboo in the book.

She thought about it and decided she didn’t care. Her pussy was bubbling, the sexy black bikini bottom probably showed a thin line of growing wetness by now. Her nipples were standing out taut and tender against her flimsy cups, aching for a tender mouth upon their pinkness. She could never remember needing a fuck as badly as she needed one right now.

“Yeah, baby, I think that neat little fireplug of a cock of yours would fit real nice in a tight, hot little pussy,” Laurel whispered softly, coming right up to the bed. “And I think I know where you can find one, if you’re interested.”

Staring down at her son, her deep blue eyes filled with passion, Laurel slowly licked the come off her fingers. With her free hand, she reached back and undid her top, her eyes never leaving Donny’s.

“Holy… shit!” Donny gasped as he saw his mother lap the spunk off her hand like a cat cleaning a kitten’s fur.

The big, round tits tumbled out of their enclosure and the boy’s eyes grew even wider. His mother’s tits were huge, even bigger than they had looked from a distance, now that they were bobbing and swaying naked above him. Her nipples were jutting out like tiny pink spouts, goose bumps of desire all around the extended tips.

“Like ’em?” Laurel asked in an excited whisper.

“G-God, yes!” Donny mumbled dumbly, his eyes transfixed by the gently bobbing treasures.

“Good,” Laurel said softly, extending her hand. “Then follow me and I’ll let you do anything you want with ’em!”


Donny got up off the bed and put his hand in his mother’s. Nervously, they made their way down the hall to Laurel’s room, both of them trembling with lust, excitement, and the added zest of knowing what they were about to do was considered wrong by almost everyone.

“If you’re gonna be a man,” Laurel explained, taking her naked son into her arms as they got inside her bedroom. “Then I guess it’s okay for me to show you how to be a man, isn’t it?”

Their lips came together before Donny could stammer an answer. They pressed their bodies close, Donny gasping at the feel of his mother’s big tits mashing into his chest, their hot little nipples burning against his bare skin like a pair of glowing coals.

Laurel was still slightly taller than the gangly youngster and she had to bend her head a little to press her hot, willing lips to his. She didn’t mind a bit. The heady thrill of kissing, really kissing her handsome young son had her mind reeling and her cunt pumping. She squished her tits into him and opened her lips, her tongue wriggling against his closed mouth, seeking entry.

Donny opened his mouth, sighing as his mother thrust her tongue inside and explored the roof of his mouth and all around his tongue inside the boy’s cheeks. Hot, sweet saliva, fresh from Laurel’s mouth, splashed everywhere and Donny sighed deeply and grew bolder, his arms tightening around his mother, pulling her in closer.

The boy’s tongue went as rigid as the cock Laurel could feel pressing against her bare thigh. The panting older woman sucked hard on the boy’s tongue, imagining it was his prick, licking and nibbling at the smooth, wet tongue as she moved her compressed lips up and down its firm stalk.

Donny quivered in his mother’s arms, excited beyond anything he had ever imagined in his wildest jerk-off fantasies. His cock jumped against his mother’s velvety flesh, threatening to unload its spunk before she even touched it.

Realizing the danger of going too quickly, Laurel backed off a little. The voluptuous blonde pulled her tongue slowly out of the sighing teen’s hot mouth, caressing his bare arms and shoulders as she did so.

“The bed,” Laurel gasped, her eyes alive with lust. “The bed, darling. Get on it and wait for Mama. I’ll be with you before you know it!”

Donny practically ran to the large, lushly appointed waterbed across the master bedroom. He looked quite funny, his eyes wide with expectancy and wonder, his prick sticking out in front of him, wobbling crazily as he moved quickly toward the bed. He plopped himself down on his back, his body rising and falling in choppy waves on the waterbed’s fluid surface, his cock bobbling above the rise and fall like a ship’s mast in heavy seas.

Laurel watched the boyish prick dip up and down with undisguised arousal. She imagined it sliding in and out of her juicing cunt… up and down between her sucking lips… drilling its way tightly up and back in her gripping asshole… pounding against her clenched fist as she pumped it.

Standing over the bed, her tits as full and ripe as a set of flesh-colored melons, their nipples elongated with need, Laurel hooked her fingers in the clingy, taut bikini bottoms. She licked her lips suggestively and began working the tight fabric downward, her eyes toying hungrily with the boy’s.

“Jeeezus!” Donny gasped as he saw the first wisps of his mother’s curly blonde pubic thatch glide into view above the descending, tantalizing black material.

Laurel enjoyed it. She moved her lips in an exciting, provocative roll-and-grind motion as she lowered the panties. The movement made her tremendous tits sway fluidly across her chest. Donny’s cock jumped uncontrollably as he watched her and that made it even better.

The top of Laurel’s smallish, wet cunt came into view. Donny’s eyes went large as door knobs as he watched more and more of the sweet pink opening emerge until, at last, the bikini bottoms slid away down the sleek white thighs and his mother kicked free of them and faced him in all her nude splendor.

“Holy God!” the boy breathed reverently, his rapt gaze telling his mother that she was the first naked woman her son had ever beheld outside the pages of a men’s magazine.

Relishing every thrilling second of it, Laurel put one foot on the bed, her cunt opening wide as she split her legs. The sensuous blonde moved one hand up to her nipples and began teasing them to their full, throbbing glory as her other hand stole downward. Laurel winked at her son and plunged one finger up into her pussy, working it in and out with a squishy, regular cadence that excited them both almost beyond endurance.

“Do you… do you… LIKE me?” Laurel teased in a low, throaty whisper, her own arousal so complete that she was in danger of coming right there in front of him without his even touching her.

Donny groaned and reached for his twitching cock, his hand stopping to hover just above it, as though he knew it would shoot off the second he actually touched it. His eyes pleaded with Laurel.

“P-Please, Mama… show me!” Donny breathed in agony. “Show me how to… to… DO it!”

Laurel smiled and stopped stroking herself. She got onto the bed and moved toward him.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do, darling,” she promised the turned on boy with a sigh filled with desire. “That’s just exactly what I’m going to do. Just relax and hold back. Don’t think about coming, and you won’t. Just lay back and do what Mama tells you. I’ll take care of EVERYTHING!”

Donny nodded dumbly. He didn’t move. His eyes stayed wide and expectant as his mother moved over him, her big tits dangling down like the swollen tips of twin blimps. Her pinkish-red nipples jutted out like spires of lust.

“Suck me first, baby,” Laurel cooed softly. “Open your lips and let Mama feed you a big, hot titty. Just nurse a little, darling, like when you were a baby. Don’t worry, you’re already an old pro at this, you’ve done it lots of times. It will all come back to you.”

Laurel could remember the beautiful, cunt-fulfilling thrill she had gotten years before, when Donny had sucked the milk hungrily from her nipples as a baby. It had been one of the most wonderful, unexpected benefits of motherhood Laurel had experienced.

But it was all going to pale before the exquisite sensation of the boy’s lips on her titties now. Laurel was sure of that before his mouth had ever touched her sensitive flesh.

Then it happened. Donny’s moist nervously trembling lips engulfed Laurel’s right nipple. His tongue flattened itself against the tender nub and licked.

“UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!” Laurel gasped, her trim belly bowing upward as the white-hot thrills tore through her and raced down into her pussy.

Donny stopped for a moment as his mother cried out, half-afraid that she had changed her mind. But then he saw that she was really getting off on his mouth against her tit and he began sucking hard, his tongue slipping all over and all around her pulsing nipple cap.

“Agghhhh! Jesus, Jesus, Donny, that’s it! That’s so good!” Laurel urged him. “Suck me. Suck Mama’s tits, baby! Suck ’em both! Suck HARRRRRRD!”

Donny had changed tits abruptly and the first tug of his insistent lips against her delicate nipple flesh sent a surprise jolt of orgasmic fury flashing through both tits. The large globes jerked and clenched wildly, thrilling currents of come joy circling between them and throbbing down into Laurel’s untouched pussy socket.

Laurel bucked and moaned and tossed on the bobbing waterbed, reveling in her come. She couldn’t believe how well and how quickly the inexperienced boy’s mouth on her luscious tits had made her shoot over the top. What would happen, she wondered, when his thick fireplug of a prick actually got up inside her clenching pussy? Would she even be able to stand the hot, erotic goodness of being mounted and fuccked by her own baby boy?

The thought made her cunt jerk one last time, a powerful mini-orgasm that gripped Laurel and shook her despite the fact that her original come was ebbing away. The intensity of her sensations today was so strong that it actually frightened the lovely blonde a little. But she knew she was more excited by the forbidden nature of what she was experiencing than she was scared away by it.

“M-Mama, are you… are you through?” the boy’s tentative voice came to Laurel through the fog of her own twisted thoughts and emotions.

The spectacularly built Goddess laughed. “No, darling, Mama’s not through for the day, not by any means.”

Laurel lay down next to her boy and ran her fingers through his hair. She kissed his neck and shoulders, her soft, warm lips against his boyish skin exciting them both anew. His prick jerked in the air as she licked him like a cat cleaning kittens.

“No, baby, there’s lots more for us to do today,” Laurel assured her son in a low, husky murmur, nuzzling him. “First, I want you to play with my tits, darling. Hold them, heft them, get the feel of them in your hands. Touch my nipples. Touch my… CUNT!”

Donny gasped as his mother said the word. He had never heard her say anything like that before today, and it shocked and excited him to hear such things coming from his gorgeous, proper mom.

As if to show him she was really serious about dipping his fingers in her cunt, Laurel opened her legs. She was lying on her side, facing the boy, and she brought one leg up and rested her foot on her other knee, exposing her furry pussy slot completely to his wide-eyed gaze.

“See? See how it’s all wet and hungry for your touch, baby?” Laurel cooed softly, running her own fingers through the lust-sodden curls.

Transfixed by the sight of his mother toying with her own cunt, Donny reached down awkwardly toward the gushing pinkness. As if mesmerized, the boy sought the golden, wet bush.

“That’s it, darling,” Laurel encouraged him. “Just inside the lips, that’s where it feels best to Mama. See this little bump? That’s my clit, my love button. That’s what makes Mama get off when a fat, hard cock like yours slides inside her. Even a finger… or a tongue will do it, if the person is good with it.”

“Tongue?” Donny sounded incredulous.

“Of course, baby!” Laurel’s tinkling laughter filled the room. “Haven’t your friends ever told you about eating pussy?”

She smiled shyly at her handsome young son. “Haven’t you heard about… sucking cock?”

Donny gulped. He was too embarrassed to speak. He just nodded.

“How would you like to play with my tits and eat my cunt while I suck that beautiful little cock of yours?” Laurel asked suddenly, enjoying the shocked, stricken look on the boy’s face as she spoke.

Sensing that Donny was willing to try just about anything she wanted, but was too frightened at this point to move, the voluptuous woman smiled and kissed her son lightly an the mouth. She guided his hands onto her tits, sighing as she felt him begin to knead them.

“Ummmmmmmm, that’s lovely, darling,” Laurel encouraged her son. “Just the tips now. Just play with my nipples for a little while, then my pussy again.”

Donny was warming to his assignment. Some of the fear was leaving the boy, replaced by lust for his mother’s lusciously accessible body.

The boy tweaked Laurel’s nipples, then jiggled her firm tits appreciatively in each hand, then squeezed them together until the reddened tips touched and played off one another. Laurel groaned and felt her cunt beginning to leak hot juice once more. She thrust her chest into the boy’s demanding palms, sighing in ecstasy as he gripped and teased her tits.

“My… my… pussy, baby!” Laurel gasped, knowing she could come again at the first touch of his fingers against her pulsing clit. “Finger-fuck me, darling. Finger my hot cunt!”

Donny nodded, his eyes wild with need. He bent and sucked in a nipple as he moved one hand down to his mother’s juicy cunt, his other hand still exciting her other taut bud.

“Ohhhhhhh, Jesus! That feels so good!” Laurel tossed her long, perfect blonde locks and groaned. “Suck me. Suck my big, hot titties as you finger me, baby. Oh, yesssssSSS!”

Laurel came for the second time. The boy’s finger moved in and out of her pussy only a few times before it was inundated in a lava flow of steamy cunt jizz. His greedy mouth and slippery tongue on her nipples, his flying finger drilling, in and out across her up-raised clit — it was just too much stimulation for the aroused blonde to take.

“CQMMMING!” Laurel cried out bliss fully. “Ohhhhh, baby, do you feeeeel it?”

Donny moaned, showing his mother that he did. His finger pierced her again and again, drawing still more of the slick, wonderfully hot fluid from her pumping loins. He didn’t stop fingering the overflowing hole until the deluge had receded to a trickle.

Laurel gradually stopped quivering wit delight. She was panting once more, her beautiful face beaded with perspiration. Her big tits rose and fell quickly, Donny’s nursing lips still glued to one of them, his fingers stirring twinges of joy in the other.

The horny blonde found that the two orgasms in less than ten minutes had not diluted her hunger at all. Laurel pulled Donny’s head from her breast and kissed him hard, her tongue slithering inside his mouth and roaming wildly about the hot cavern. She pulled away and whispered in his ear, her hands all over his back and ass.

“I want to suck your cock, baby. I want to feel it shoot in my throat. I want to gulp down every last drop of your warm, delicious spunk!”

Donny went board-stiff in her arms. She could feel his heart pounding in his ribcage as if it were trying to batter its way out.


“I… I… oooh, Mama!” Donny moaned, unable to speak coherently.

The excited disbelief was mirrored in the boy’s face. He wanted desperately to ask Laurel to do exactly what she had said she would do to his upright cock, that was clear. But he could not really bring himself to believe that all of this was happening, that his gorgeous mother would really put her sweet, sensuous lips around his cock and suck it till it came.

Laurel wanted to show him just how true that was. She licked all around his upper body, feeling his heart hammering under her tongue. She kissed his boyish, hairless nipples. She sucked them gently, her fingers tracing down his flat stomach toward the flag pole-like cock.

Donny screamed with delight. He hadn’t known his nipples could be points of erotic interest, just like a woman’s. But under his mother’s experienced tongue and lips, he soon found his whole body was a quivering, sensation-producing instrument of sexual need. An instrument that Laurel could play with virtuoso skill.

The lapping, kissing blonde’s fingers found her boy’s cock. The wide shaft jerked wildly as Laurel’s hand wrapped around it, but the boy somehow maintained his cool and kept from shooting off all over the bed.

“Mmmmmmm, Donny darling, what a fine, fine cock you’ve got for Mama!” Laurel cooed, kissing the boy’s belly, working her head slowly downward, nibbling and licking as she went.

“Mom, oh, oh, Christ, when you touch it!” Donny croaked, his prick twitching again.

“Ummmmm, no, no, baby, mustn’t cream yet,” Laurel smiled back up at the boy. “Must let Mama lick it and suck it a little before you unload.”

“Ughhhhhh!” Donny groaned, plainly struggling to hold back.

Laurel knew that the first touch of her lips to her son’s cock would bring him off. He was just too excited. She decided to hold back a little, to let him cool down a bit before she tried sucking him. And she knew a beautiful way to wait.

“Donny, lover. Would you like to learn to eat pussy?” Laurel asked the boy, moving down a little further, kissing his thighs and ignoring his cock for the time being. “I can promise you that knowing how to lap a pussy just right will make you very, very popular with all the girls in your high school, once the word gets around.”

Laurel had slowly shifted around on the bed so that her head was down by Donny’s cock and her cunt was just opposite her son’s face. The boy was looking right down into her open, gleaming pinkness. Her clit was standing.

“How, how do I do it?” Donny asked, his tone making it clear that he was not at all sure he wanted to.

Laurel scissored her perfect legs open a bit wider and lay over on her back. She pushed her cunt upward off the bed’s rolling surface and circled her juicing pussy with her fingertips.

“Here, darling,” she urged him gently. “Just lick all around here, slowly. Don’t rush it. Take your time and work up to it. It works the girl up too, makes her really hot for your sweet tongue then you finally start eating her. Try it.”

Donny was not a boy who was used to arguing with his mom. He bent and kissed the smooth, taut flesh of her well-rounded thigh. Donny’s tongue came out and touched the warm skin and Laurel groaned with joy.

“Ohhhh, yessss, honey, do it!” the turned-on mother sighed contentedly. “Lick me. Lick all around my cunt. Tease me, baby, tease Mama’s tummy with your tongue. Then lick me. Lap the honey out of my cunt. Eat it. Eat my pussy!”

Donny was kissing and licking like crazy, urged onward by his sexy mom’s hot pleas. The boy was obviously getting very fond of the taste of hot cunt oil. He licked all of the musky fluid from Laurel’s thighs and flicked the drops of lubricant deftly out of her curly blonde pubic mat with his tongue tip.

The boy was better than she had ever hoped he would be, Laurel realized happily. His tongue was tantalizing her always-responsive pussy into a furiously satisfying orgasm, her third of the afternoon!

“Oh, fuck, baby, have you got talent!” Laurel gasped as Donny’s wriggling tongue found the entrance to her flowing gash and plunged inside. “Do it! Fuck me. Fuck me with your hot tongue, my darling!”

Donny did just that. Sucking with pursed lips at the heady deluge of cunt oil bubbling out of his mother’s snatch, Donny rammed his tongue in and out of her thrusting, jerking pussy as though it were an oral cock.

Laurel screamed and kept on pumping her hips up and down, the natural motion of the waterbed helping her. The incandescent glow of her third come hovered near, and she didn’t try to hold it back. Laurel knew that just the thrill of her mouth on Donny’s prick would bring her near a fourth orgasm, so she let the third roll through her hungry body like thunder through a canyon.

“OOOOOOUUUUUUGGGHHHHH!” Laurel wailed as the heavenly contractions started deep in her pussy.

What felt like a tidal wave of cunt cream suddenly boiled out of Laurel’s cunt as the all-consuming sensations gripped her lush body. The spasming blonde squealed and moaned and hunched her climaxing pussy wildly upward, grinding the hot pink flesh against her little boy’s mouth like an orange half against a juicer.

The sound of Donny literally gulping down her steamy jizz made Laurel came even harder. Her tits shook and her throat could make no further sounds as the full fury of coming took her and she shuddered her way from peak to fiery peak.

Donny had inherited her full-blown sex drive. The fact hit Laurel somewhere in the back of her mind right in the midst of one of the best comes she had ever experienced. It was obvious. The boy was sucking and swallowing and tonguing the pulsing pussy for all he was worth, his breath coming in ragged gasps, but his need to gulp the slippery juice growing stronger and stronger as he grew used to sex. His fingers were dug into his mother’s gyrating ass, holding her in place as best he could to lap still more of the burning outpouring from her cunt.

“Oh, baby, you’re so gooooooood!” Laurel howled as the last and biggest surge of come fever tore through her.

Donny’s lips found her clit and fastened down onto it as if he were trying to nurse soda up through a tiny straw. The incredible rush of sensation Donny’s sucking lips produced from Laurel’s vibrating clit almost knocked the horny blonde senseless. Her mind was reeling under the onslaught of the exquisite, total, viciously good orgasm that followed so closely and so spectacularly upon the heels of the last one.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Laurel screamed helplessly, her pussy closing, her ass flying up off the bed once more, her whole body as rigid as a cock.

Donny sucked the new gush of hot jizz down as eagerly as he had mouthed the first outpouring. Maybe even more eagerly! The bay’s tongue was all over and inside Laurel’s cunt as she tremored through her come this time, drawing out still more of the shiny jism, and his lips were glued to her bubbling slit as the hot oil poured out.

“N-N… No m-moooore!” Laurel gasped, groaned, and begged limply. “Let me rest for a moment, darling!”

The unbelievable intensity of the twin orgasms had drained the normally insatiable blonde momentarily. She didn’t want to come again for a while, at least until she caught her breath, and she was a little awed by the furious nature of the climaxes her inexperienced lover had given her.

It must be because he’s my son and it all seems so beautifully forbidden, so totally, wonderfully wrong, Laurel told herself. That had to be it. Other men had eaten her just as well, probably a lot better, technique-wise, but no one had ever made her pop so hard, so fast, so close together.

Is this what I’ve come to? The luscious blonde asked herself fearfully. Is this the only way I can really get off the way I like to get off? Teaching young boys to be depraved, as depraved as I am? My own SON!

Laurel pushed her fear to the back of her mind, not wanting to think about it. After all, she told herself, Donny would have learned all this somewhere, sometime. Probably soon, the way kids all fucked each other silly in high school and even before that nowadays.

Something poked the guilt-ridden woman in the cheek. Laurel turned and saw the boy’s cock, swollen and stiff but not quite as ready to shoot as it had been earlier, nudging in close to her.

“I did promise you, didn’t I, darling?” Laurel asked out loud, more to herself than to her son. “And it wouldn’t really do to have Mama go back on a promise, would it? Especially after you’ve learned how to please your old mom so well.”

Laurel kissed the tip of the boy’s hard cock, smearing the pre-come fluid across her lips as she did so. Donny groaned and pushed forward, his cock jumping once more as he saw his sexy mama lick his cream off her lips and swallow it.

Not too close together, Laurel told herself, watching her son’s nuts. That was good. She would have time to lick and suck the thick shaft a little before he came. She was glad she had diverted him for a while with the pussy eating, given him a chance to calm down a little before she had tried sucking him off.

Laurel gave her boy’s prick several long, lazy tongue swipes, base to tip. Donny emitted a choking, delighted gasp as his mom bathed his prick in hot, slick spittle, her silky tongue caressing him as she spread the warmth up and down.

“Mmmmmmmm, what a delicious cock you’ve got, baby!” Laurel murmured, kissing the wet prick all over with light, sucking pecks. “You must let me suck it more often. It’s beautiful! So big and thick!”

Donny moaned with pleasure, too excited to speak. His mother extended her talented tongue again and swirled it all around the very tip of his cock head.

“Aggghhh!” Donny gulped, holding back. Laurel smiled, seeing the boy’s balls move in tighter, her preliminary mouthings bringing him near eruption once again. She moved her tongue in a widening spiral, lapping at the firm mushroom of prick now, basting it in hot spit. The fat cock jerked under her tender attentions, almost begging her to take its whole swollen mass into her warm, hungry mouth. Laurel decided that it was time to do just that. She opened her lips and sucked the reddened cock head into her mouth, her tongue gliding all around the marble-hard dome of flesh as it entered her.

“Jesus! Jesus! JESUS!” Donny shouted excitedly. “You’re doin’ it! You’re really doin’ it!”

Laurel smiled inwardly and moved her pursed lips down the already moist shaft. She lubricated the hot prick thoroughly with her own warm saliva, splashing it on with her tongue.

The entrapped cock made a sexy, sucking sound as it slid back through Laurel’s nursing lips on the upstroke. She moved her head back slowly, letting the firm prong feed out of her compressed lips as if it were a tight, hungry pussy. Her tongue never stopped gliding over the small, fat prick’s smooth surface.

“God, oh, God! I never dreamed…” Donny cried out in sheer ecstasy, still not quite believing it was happening to him. “So hot — so fuckin’ hot and good!”

Laurel murmured and moved her head up and down a little faster, sucking hard. Her boy’s cock was absolutely the best tasting, most delicious prick she had ever sucked. She couldn’t wait to taste his spunk!

“Mama, oh, oh… Jesus!” Donny moaned, his body quivering under her sensational oral caress.

Laurel saw the boy’s balls jerk. She licked his wonderful cock up and down, and bobbed her head even more quickly. Her lips were tight on his prick and her cheeks hollowed with suction on the upstrokes.

Donny flailed about under the rising and falling lips like a fish suddenly thrown up on a dock. He could stand it no longer. The boy reached for his mother’s lush ass and drew her into him, his mouth descending on her wet pussy. He sucked and nipped at her sopping cunt as her mouth went wild on his sliding prick.

“Ummmmmmm! Agghhhhh! OHHHHHHHH!” Laurel murmured, then groaned as the boy’s tongue and lips worked their newly found magic on her cunt.

The whimpering, cock-sucking blonde didn’t really want to come again — all she wanted was to suck Donny off — but the boy wanted her to get off with him, and he spared no effort in lapping and sucking her cunt to get her there in a hurry. The moaning teenager humped his ready-to-spurt prick in and out of his mother’s jaws with a wild, natural rhythm that matched her greedy mouth-lunges perfectly. He ate her pussy mercilessly as he balled her lips, his sharp young teeth grazing her clit again and again as he tongued her.

Laurel felt it coming over her like a screaming freight train gone out of control. Her come roared up out of her well-nibbled clit, engulfing her pussy and vibrating up to her clenching tits. Her whole sensuous, twisting body shivered with the keen pleasure of total orgasm.

“UMMMMMMM!” the climaxing blonde moaned ecstatically, letting Donny know how beautiful and complete her come was.

The humping, pussy-sucking teenager’s cock could take the heated sucking of his mother’s greedy, sliding lips no longer. The pulse of Laurel’s howling throat against his prick was the last straw.

“Oh, oh, GAAAAWWWDDDD!” Donny wailed up into his mother’s clasping pussy slit.

A fountain of come splashed up into Laurel’s nursing mouth. The orgasming blonde gulped it down hungrily, her tongue still swirling around the boy’s cock as it rammed in and out of her tight lips.

“God, I’m in heaven,” Laurel told herself as she swallowed the tastiest, most forbidden cock cream she had ever tasted. The flow seemed endless, and the richness of Donny’s jism made Laurel feel as if she was downing mouthful after mouthful of heavy, salted sour cream.

The incestuous lovers clung together until the last throb of sensation had pumped through Laurel’s body and the thick cock in her mouth had gone completely slack. She licked the last delicious glob of come from the soft tip and let it fall from her lips.

“Jesus… that was… that was, fantastic!” Donny sighed contentedly.

“It’ll be even better, darling,” Laurel assured her son in a low, sexy purr. “When I fuck you.”

Donny groaned. “Are we, are we really gonna… do it, Mama?”

“Mmmmm, you know it, baby,” Laurel cooed.

The honey-blonde leaned forward to suck in her son’s limp prick once more. Just as her lips touched it, there was a knock on the front door.

“Shit!” Laurel cursed, sitting up on the bed.

She went to the closet and got into a robe, heading for the front room.

Who in the fuck can that be? Laurel asked herself as she approached the front door.


Marsha Gilroy stood impatiently on the front step, her pert eighteen-year-old body jiggling up and down as she bounced on one foot waiting for the door to open. Marsha, a pretty brunette, was chewing gum loudly and humming off-key. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and a half-open terrycloth robe.

Laurel remembered now. Marsha was supposed to come over this evening to stay with Donny in case Laurel’s date kept her gone all night and Laurel had casually mentioned that if the good-looking little babysitter wanted to come over early and use the pool with her and Donny, it would be okay.

Marsha obviously wanted to get a jump on the bathing suit season, too. She was four hours early!

“Donny, get your swimsuit on,” Laurel turned and yelled down the hallway. “Marsha’s here! We’ll just have to continue our… uh, lessons some other time.”

“Okay, Mom, I’m ready,” Donny’s voice came back to his mother.

Laurel nodded and opened the door. She smiled at the young girl, noting the fullness of the firm, youthful tits, the sleekness of the eighteen-year-old girl’s thighs.

“Well, hi, Marsha, didn’t expect you this early!” Laurel gushed as she invited the girl inside. “Come in, please.”

The lovely teenager sauntered in, her well-developed hips swaying provocatively as she moved. The brunette’s big tits jellied in their thin restraints when Marsha plopped herself on the couch.

“Are you and Donny gonna join me by the pool?” Marsha asked. “Remember, you said it’d be okay to come by and sun.”

Laurel nodded. She supposed she might as well lay out for a while longer. Now that the babysitter was here, she and Donny couldn’t do what they really had wanted to do — fuck each other silly!

“I’ll just slip this robe off and join you two,” Laurel said, wanting Marsha to think she had her suit on beneath the terrycloth. It seemed less suspicious that way.

Marsha smiled and went outside, grabbing the transistor radio off the kitchen table as she went. Before Laurel could even get out of the living room, she could see Marsha’s curvy young body spread-eagled on the warm cement, the radio blasting away on a rock station.

“Kids!” Laurel told herself, hurrying down the hallway to change to her suit.

The sun had grown caressingly, glowingly hot in the late afternoon. It beat down on the trio of sun bathers like warm oil flowing onto their languid bodies, relaxing them completely. Laurel made herself a jug of wine coolers and the kids a pitcher of grape drink. They had been pinching the wine behind her back, giggling and gulping it down, and the half-tipsy Laurel merely winked at it, letting them think that she didn’t see them pouring the dark wine into their plastic glasses.

By three o’clock, all three of them were acting silly and laughing a lot. Marsha seemed to sense there was some new bond between mother and son that hadn’t been there before, but she was too inexperienced to guess its nature. She just shrugged and gulped her wine and joined in the fun.

“Mmmmmm, Jesus! Look at the line I’m getting!” Laurel suddenly noticed aloud as she looked back over her body.

The statuesque blonde was lying on her stomach, looking back toward the house. The swimsuit tie cutting across her sumptuous flesh had moved a little when she turned, exposing the white crease.

Without even thinking about it, Laurel undid the strap, freeing her big tits from the top’s confining cups. Casually, the stunning blonde slipped the discarded top free and dropped it next to her, her mammoth tits puddling beneath her on the pavement as she lay her face on her crossed arms.

“W-Wow!” Laurel heard Marsha breathe excitedly.

Laurel got up onto her elbows and turned to face the girl. Marsha was sitting wide-eyed and staring a few feet away, her eyes riveted on the older woman’s spectacular set of tits. Laurel smiled and looked down, noting that from where Marsha and Donny sat, you could just see the very tops of her pink nipples. But because of the size of Laurel’s breasts that still meant you could see a lot of tit!

“What’s the matter, honey, haven’t you ever seen a pair of tits before?” Laurel asked innocently enjoying the younger girl’s discomfort at her casual nudity. “Don’t you take gym in school? Or do they have private shower rooms, one to a girl there now?”

Marsha turned red all the way down to her own bulging tits. She shook her head and shrugged.

“Uh, no, Mrs. Hutton, I mean… yes!” the embarrassed eighteen-year-old stammered. “That is, I’m trying to say that I do take gym and I’ve seen lots of ti… girls naked. It’s just that, you know, I mean with Donny here and all… I just thought that… I mean, it certainly doesn’t bother me! It’s just that…”

Laurel ended the girl’s hopeless attempt to get out of her verbal predicament by cutting her off. The beautiful blonde laughed.

“Oh, God, honey, Donny’s seen scads of knockers! You should see his room. It’s just bulging with Playboys and Penthouses, not to mention some of the porno magazines he keeps hidden at the top of his closet that show a lot more than a bare boob or two!”

Now it was Donny’s turn to blush in front of the two females. Marsha and Laurel giggled wickedly at the boy’s sheepish grin and helpless turn to crimson.

“Besides,” Laurel went on. “I don’t think it’s unhealthy for a boy to see his mama in the raw once in a while, not if she’s got a good shape. And I think my shape is at least… adequate, don’t you?”

The gorgeous older woman lifted her massive, solidly out thrust tits free of the concrete, presenting them like a pair of prize soccer balls for Marsha’s critical inspection. The pebbly little nipples stuck out like tiny pink knobs and the flesh was creamy white and utterly flawless.

“M-more that adequate!” Marsha gasped at the view. “You have got to have the biggest, prettiest tits I’ve ever seen!”

Marsha became embarrassed at the silence that followed her blurted admiration. She turned her eyes downward.

“I’d give anything to have tits like that,” the girl muttered just loud enough for Laurel to hear.

“Oh, I don’t know, yours look pretty nice right now,” Laurel was quick to compliment the girl. “And you’re young. You might gain an inch or two in cup size over the next couple of years!”

Marsha looked very pleased at that prospect. “Do you really think so? And do you really think they look good now? I was always afraid that they were a little too… uh, you know, big on the ends. Too big in the, uh, well, that is to say, I always wished I had small, pretty nipples, like yours!”

Marsha was painfully aware of Donny’s presence again. It was clear that, like most young girls, she wanted desperately to believe that she was as pretty as she hoped she was. Assurance from a knockout like Laurel Hutton would go a long way to ease her girlish mind. But the young boy sitting next to her made talking about breasts size and shape and things in that category very difficult.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, honey,” Laurel suggested in a bright, easy tone.

“Wha-What?” Marsha burst out.

“You know. Why don’t you join me in going topless?” Laurel asked, an impish grin playing across her pretty features. “Let’s take a look at your tits, and you can get a better tan at the same time.”

“B… But… Donny!” Marsha croaked, turning and staring at the boy.

“It’s perfect!” Laurel assured her. “Donny’s not really all grown up yet, but as I told you, he knows a good set of tits when he sees one. It’s all boys think about when they’re his age, from what I read about it. He can give you the male view. Come on, Marsha, don’t be such a young prude! Have another slug of that wine you’ve been filching all day and join the party! Hell, I thought all you teenage chicks were liberated and unafraid!”

Marsha shook her head as if she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Laurel’s verbal jab about being a prude and unliberated had obviously reached the girl, but she wasn’t quite ready to prove that she was as liberated as the next girl by taking off her top — not quite yet. She took another big blast of wine, straight this time as Laurel had suggested.

“I dunno, ’bout thiz!” the girl slurred awkwardly as the heady wine hit her solidly and almost immediately, courtesy of the warm afternoon sun.

“You do what you want, honey,” Laurel sighed, pretending she was tired of waiting. “But I’m not letting this good tanning light go to waste a second longer. No sir, I’m getting me an all over tan, while the getting is good!”

With that, Laurel drained off what was left in her wineglass, feeling the rush overtake her as she finished it. Calmly putting down the empty glass, Laurel undid her bikini bottom and wriggled out of the tiny triangles of cloth that had barely covered her pussy and ass crack.

Marsha watched in something like awe, as the delicious body of the older woman came into view. Laurel spread her long, sleek legs and poured suntan oil onto them, massaging her ass and thighs until they gleamed with the shiny stuff.

Sitting up, Laurel bathed her entire, heart-stopping body in oil. She worked it into her mountainous tits, smoothed it across her ribcage and down onto her nonexistent tummy. The trailing, caressing fingers rubbed the warm goo into the velvety skin until Laurel glowed like a perfectly chiseled, well-oiled alabaster statue.

“Good God! What a fuckin’ bod you got!” Marsha sighed under her breath.

“Well, don’t just sit there,” Laurel smiled back at the girl. “Show us yours.”

Objections somehow overcome by the wine and the sight of Laurel’s naked, gleaming body, Marsha reached back and started to undo her own top. She fumbled with the ties a little, her motor reflexes reduced by the wine.

“Next to you, I look like a boy, practically.” Marsha said shyly, finally getting the stubborn top loose. She let the ties slide through her fingers, the long strands of material and the cups fluttering off her chest and hanging into her lap.

“No danger of anyone thinking a boy could have tits as big and pretty as those!” Laurel hissed excitedly as the round, firm tits spilled into view.

Marsha’s tits were as she had described them. Large and full and globe-shaped, with big, brown nipples that jutted defiantly outward into the bright spring sunlight. Both Laurel and her son’s eyes were glued to the springy spheres as they gradually bobbled to a stop.

“I sure know some boys who’d like to have tits like that,” Donny whispered hotly. “To play with, I mean!”

Marsha blushed but not as badly as before. It obviously pleased her that a good-looking youth like Donny approved of her bared tits with their nipples.

“Yes, they’re really nice,” Laurel agreed, slightly mesmerized by the younger girl’s naked, gently rising and falling tits. “Their size is perfect, darling. They’re just big enough to really get a man’s attention, and hold it. And yet they’re not a bit saggy. And they make your waist look so TRIM! I never realized how thin your tummy was before, dear. Nor how well developed your ass is. It’s really very shapely. You ought to take off your suit bottom, before you ruin your tan with those ugly white lines.”

Laurel made the suggestion in a friendly, off-hand manner. She was trembling with excitement and lust inside. It had been many years since Laurel had handled another girl’s body with sex in mind, but she could sense that Marsha was going to be different. Laurel somehow had to have this one. She had to share Marsha with Donny, to bring all three of them into the closest most intimate of bonds.

“Uh… Gee, this is kind of neat,” Marsha’s voice was shy and tentative as she looked around the high-fenced, very private little yard. “I mean they sun-bathe nude in France and places like that all the time, don’t they?”

“Sure,” Laurel was enthusiastic, encouraging. “And that nice little ass of yours would look so much better with an all-over tan instead of those awful suit lines!”

Marsha looked around guiltily, a gleam of adventure in her big, brown eyes. Donny was playing it as cool as he could, staring off the other way as if he had grown tired of the sight of his mother’s cunt and had no interest in seeing Marsha’s bared, dark-furred muff.

“Well,” Marsha drawled, teasing all three of them for a moment longer. “I don’t really see any harm, and an even tan would look a lot better.”

Her voice trailed off and the thin bikini strings trailed slowly down her shapely thighs, uncovering her pretty pink slit and its surrounding thick brown fur. She kicked the suit away and sat facing Laurel with those big eyes full of fear and longing.


“Goodness, you’re nice all over, aren’t you, darling?” Laurel asked the trembling girl in a soft, teasing voice, her eyes boring into Marsha’s naked, pink pussy mouth.

Marsha didn’t turn red this time. She smiled shyly and closed her legs a little, but she didn’t blush. She was growing used to being looked at and admired, and she clearly liked the feeling.

Turning onto one side, Marsha effectively hid her cunt from the others. She lay on one elbow, covering one swaying tit partially but leaving the other wobbling free and exposed in the warm sun.

“Look at her… her… ass, Mom,” Donny whispered, pointing. “She’s got white marks from last year. Her skin’s white as a snowdrift. She’s gonna get the burn of her life.”

Laurel nodded. “Yes, I think he’s right, darling,” the older woman said to the girl. “Why don’t you turn over on your tummy and let Donny and I put some lotion on you, so you don’t get yourself deep-fried. I’ll do the bottom half, of course, for propriety’s sake, and Donny can rub it into your back.”

Marsha didn’t see anything wrong with that. She rolled onto the warm cement and spread her legs a little, waiting for the first splash of the cool suntan oil on her bare skin.

Laurel sucked in her breath as the girl’s legs split open and the blonde Goddess found herself staring up into the cute little teenager’s moist pussy once again. Usually, girls didn’t do much for Laurel. Her few lesbian-oriented experiences had been years ago, in high school, and they had been nothing to brag about, really.

Why was her hand quivering so as she reached for this girl’s supple ass? Laurel asked herself impatiently. Why did she want to nuzzle and lick and fondle this saucy, dark-eyed little brunette so badly all of a sudden?

Laurel put the questions from her mind as her fingers made contact with Marsha’s warms pliant ass cheeks. Put it down to Marsha’s interrupting the fuck session with Donny earlier, Laurel told herself as she massaged the slick oil into the girl’s soft, baby-like skin.

All Laurel knew was that touching Marsha, rubbing the slippery substance all over her youthful, unblemished flesh, was a huge turn-on for both of them, and for Donny. Laurel could see Donny’s cock standing out under his swimsuit as he moved in on his knees to do Marsha’s back and shoulders. Marsha was sighing and grinding her bottom up into the air to meet Laurel’s insistent caress in a way that left no doubt that the sexy teenager was becoming very excited!

The circle Laurel’s fingers were tracing became gradually larger. The oil-slick fingertips moved down the lovely, firm thighs, just missing the wisps of pubic fuzz that grew downward from the puffy cunt mouth.

On the upsweep, Laurel annointed Marsha’s ass until the tiny pucker of the girl’s asshole was shimmering with warm oil. The star-shaped asshole gulped the viscous fluid down as the muscles contracted involuntarily under Laurel’s sensuous fingers. Marsha moaned as the slippery oil greased her asshole. She ground her pussy lips together by moving her legs slightly, reveling in the sexy feeling of being totally relaxed and lubricated in both holes.

Laurel smiled at the girl’s movements, knowing the tantalizing rubdown was really getting to the teenager. The tall blonde dug her fingers into Marsha’s ass mounds and squeezed, her right thumb “accidentally” popping into the girl’s asshole as it slid off the greasy cheek a little. Laurel left it inside, working it deeper as she kneaded the taut, girlish flesh like twin loaves of beautifully leavened bread.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” Marsha groaned, her cunt doing a sucking, grasping dance around the invading thumb.

The little brunette’s cunt let loose a waterful of clear, shiny oil that gleamed like silver in the sunlight. Marsha’s pussy was transformed into a pool of cunt juices in just a few seconds. The rich sheen sparkled and ran down the puffy lips.

Laurel smiled and moved her other hand downward, leaving her thumb in the girl’s ass.

Abandoning all pretense of spreading sun tan oil, the honey-blonde tickled Marsha’s slick pussy opening with her fingernail.

“Uhhhhhhhhh!” the pretty brunette moaned loudly as Laurel’s thumb sluiced noisily, succulently, in and out of her moist asshole and her nails raked Marsha’s tender cunt mouth.

The enraptured teen lifted her ass higher automatically, ramming Laurel’s finger into her asshole still deeper as she exposed her distended clit to the older woman’s skilled fingering. Laurel found it easily and rolled it back and forth between her forefinger and thumb as she finger-banged the girl’s asshole.

“EEEEEEEEE!” Marsha screamed at the sudden increase in sensual pleasure, her body wriggling wildly under Laurel’s talented finger. “Ohhhhhhh! Oh, that’s so fucking good!”

Laurel winked at her son. She began finger fucking the sexy teenage girl’s cunt in perfect synchronization with her thrusts into Marsha’s asshole. Each finger plunge into the brunette’s pussy bent the girl’s aroused clit in half.

“Oooooooooah! Shit! Oh, holy shit!” Marsha wailed helplessly, her hips jerking up and back in a crazed fuck-me motion.

Bringing Marsha quickly right up to the brink, Laurel stopped the savage, beautiful sensations just as the younger girl was about to tremor into orgasm. Laurel held her there, just below the peak of ultimate pleasure, working her fingers slowly in and out of the little brunette’s gripping holes, teasing her, until Marsha was panting and bucking against her delving hand like a frustrated, tied-down animal longing for freedom.

“Ohhhh, Mrs. Hutton, pleeeeeeease!” Marsha howled. “I… I wanna… I GOTTA COMMME!”

The girl tried to work her plush little ass back into the relief-promising fingers, but Laurel withdrew them at the last second. Shaking like a bitch in heat, Marsha still hung at the brink of climax.

“Turn, over, darling,” Laurel commanded the teenager in a sweet but firm voice. “Turn onto your back so that Donny can eat your delicious little pussy while I suck those fat, big-nippled tits!”

Marsha shuddered and whipped her head up and down in relieved agreement. “Ohhhhhh, yessssss!” she hissed. “Yes, do thaaaaat! Eat me! Eat my pussy and suck my hot tits!”

Donny grinned at his mother, a new respect sparkling in his eyes. The unspoken knowledge that he had had the hots for his attractive babysitter for years flashed between mother and son in that instant, and he scrambled around on the warm cement to change places with Laurel, an incredulous smile on his face. He was being handed a piece of gorgeous teenage pussy on a platter, pussy he had often jerked off thinking about. Given to him at last by his mom!

The boy had learned a lot in the brief lessons his sensuous mother had taught him earlier. As Donny moved into position between Marsha’s widespread legs he worked a finger immediately up into the girl’s asshole as he kissed and licked his way up one luscious thigh and down the other.

Marsha trembled and moaned softly, her eyes half closed against the bright sun as she lay on her back. It gave her an even sexier, droopy-eyed bedroom look. The girl hunched her finger-fucked ass up off the concrete toward Donny’s nibbling, sucking lips.

“Oh, kiss me there!” Marsha begged, completely at the mercy of the erotic sensations running through her lovely young body. “K-Kiss my hot pussy, please. Please, just lick it for me, Donny darling!”

Donny was his mother’s son, that was for sure. He knew how to enjoy a situation. He had obviously daydreamed about delectable, sexy Marsha begging him for it on a thousand occasions in the past, never having the slightest hope that his youthful lust-dream would come true. Now that he had the popular, unapproachable brunette laid out nude and crying for his attentions, the youngster savored every second of it.

“Mmmmmm-ooooooooh, Dooonnnyyyeee!” Marsha gasped, then squealed delightedly as the boy lapped the cunt juice out of her inundated pussy, just tickling her clit enough to make her scream, then pulling away and kissing her thighs once more.

Donny smiled up at his mother. She had taught him well. He licked Marsha’s pussy again briefly, bringing the girl up to wailing, head whipping side-to-side ecstasy in just a few skillful swipes with his knowing tongue. He stopped lapping at Marsha’s cunt, not wanting her to come quite yet, and went back to working his finger experimentally in and out of her tight asshole.

“Jeeezuz, Jesus, yes!” Marsha shouted after less than a minute of the noisy, squishy-sounding ass fucking. “I, I feel hot back there too. Oh, oh, God! I think I’m gonna come back there!”

Marsha’s shot off the ground once more, burying the boy’s finger deep in the slickened socket. The taut-thighed girl wiggled her ass against the heavenly finger, moaning and murmuring, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” over and over again as she twisted and humped her bottom on the spearing finger.

“Enough, darling,” Laurel suddenly cautioned her son. “We want Marsha to come but not quite yet.”

Laurel reached down and cupped a rosy, throbbing tit in each hand, running her fingertips across the upraised nipples. Marsha gulped and her tits jerked convulsively in Laurel’s palms.

“See, Donny?” his mother asked quietly, fascinated by the big, responsive tits. “See how much better it will be for her if you suck her pussy while I suck these?”

Marsha was hot as a glowing blast furnace. At the lovely older woman’s lewd words, the girl reached up off the ground and wrapped her arms around Laurel’s neck, dragging her down.

Laurel gave the cute teenager a little surprise, suddenly moving her descending lips upward at the last minute, landing not on Marsha’s pulsing nipples, as the girl wanted, but on the young brunette’s half-open mouth. Marsha went stiff as the other female kissed her just like a pussy-hungry boy would in the same situation. She hadn’t been ready for that!

Taking advantage of Marsha’s shock, Laurel forced her tongue deep into the girl’s slack lips. Her tongue toyed with Marsha’s, tasted the youngster’s sweet saliva, trailed hotly across the roof of Marsha’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmmuuulllppphhhh!” Marsha moaned, then gurgled, trying to force the other woman’s tongue out of her mouth.

The only way Marsha could do that was by tightening her lips and pushing with her tongue against Laurel’s. As soon as the sweet lips pursed tighter and the two tongues collided, a shock-wave of sensation passed between the two women. Laurel growled passionately and started fucking the younger girl’s lips with her tongue, her fingers coiling through Marsha’s wild, dark tresses, her tits banging into the girl’s as she kissed and stabbed at Marsha’s mouth.

“MMMMMMMMMMM!” Marsha murmured hotly, her tits quivering frantically as Laurel’s nipples touched hers and the intensity of their kiss heated to a fever pitch.

Gone was all resistance now. Marsha rubbed her big tits up into Laurel’s exciting, dangling ones, relishing the pulsing flashes of goodness it gave both of them. She tightened her grip around Laurel’s neck and kissed her back, her own tongue coming to life now and seeking out the older woman’s.

Donny jumped back into action, inspired by the incredible sight of his mother soul-kissing the fuck out of Marsha. The turned on teenager thrust his tongue into his babysitter’s succulent pussy, reaming her asshole with his finger as he licked her.

Marsha came up off the concrete this time as if the hard surface had suddenly been heated to a thousand degrees. Moaning and writhing, Marsha went utterly crazy. Her hands were suddenly all over Laurel’s tits, then touching Donny’s bobbing head, urging him in deeper and faster, then caressing Laurel’s face and hair, then touching her own tits, tweaking her own nipples, cupping her own jellying tits and forcing them up into Laurel’s firm ones.

“Gonna come… oh, oh, God, never came like… like this be-before beforrrrrrreeeee!” Marsha was screaming, her body jerking and hunching and spasming out of control.

Bet you haven’t, darling, Laurel thought to herself as she sucked one of the climaxing girl’s flying tits into her mouth and bit down gently on the tender knob.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Marsha’s scream went lower, a sheer bellow of sexual release.

Laurel chewed delicately on the other girl’s engorged nipple, milking every last twinge of enjoyment out of the near-delirious teen’s tit. The honey-blonde twisted and played with Marsha’s other nipple as she sucked and nipped, increasing the girl’s pleasure to the point where she was not sure Marsha could endure it.

Marsha clearly wasn’t sure either, but she was beyond worrying about earthly matters such as sanity right now. The orgasming brunette was too caught up in the come of her life to worry about anything at the moment.

Laurel watched in awe and building lust as the girl shook and groaned, and dumped a gallon of hot pussy juice down Donny’s greedy throat. The boy licked and sucked until Marsha had collapsed back onto the ground in a sobbing, gasping heap. Only then did Donny remove his tongue from the dark-haired pussy and his finger from the girl’s relaxed ass.

Donny sat back and wiped the cunt juice from his chin and cheeks. He slurped it down hungrily as Laurel and the tired Marsha watched. He wiggled the finger he had crammed up Marsha’s ass, watching appreciatively as it moved around.

“Thought I broke it there for a minute,” the boy commented. “Boy, it got tight in there when she came!”

Laurel smiled at him and leaned over Marsha’s reclining body. She kissed Donny wetly, licking off some of the girl’s gleaming cunt jizz as she mouthed him.

“I bet it did get tight,” Laurel whispered to her son in a voice loud enough for Marsha to overhear.

Laurel put her finger in the girl’s open cunt, drawing a sigh of contentment from her. The honey-blonde worked it around in the steamy gash a little, bringing a louder moan from Marsha as her enlarging clit got rubbed repeatedly.

“I bet this little goodie got plenty tight too,” Laurel said aloud, her finger sluicing more quickly in and out of Marsha’s wet cunt.

Reaching down with her other hand, Laurel pulled Donny’s loose-fitting swim trunks nearly down to his knees. More than half of his rock-hard, thick cock came into view. She fitted her fingers around it and brought it all the way out quickly.

“I think I just found something that would fit real nice in this juicy little thing when it gets tight again,” Laurel sighed, putting two fingers up Marsha’s hot cunt.

Marsha’s mouth dropped open. There was a flutter of increased, racing, heart activity between the two naked breasts.

“M-Mrs. H-Hutton! Y-You mean you want me to…” Marsha stammered, her eyes going to Donny’s stiff cock and staying there.

“Yes, darling, I want you to give my little boy a good, hard fucking… as you eat my hot pussy!” Laurel hissed at the dumbfounded girl.

Marsha looked utterly stricken. “B-But, I never, I mean… ugh!”

Laurel smiled at her. “You mean the idea of eating another girl’s snatch isn’t your cup of tea?” she asked Marsha innocently. “Well, here, let me show you how good it can be.”

With that, Laurel pushed Donny back a foot or two and dipped her head down in between Marsha’s open thighs. Before the startled teenager could react, Laurel’s tongue was gliding up into the cunt mouth, depressing the pearl-like clit in a maddening, heart-pounding manner as it slid deep inside.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Marsha moaned approvingly, her legs automatically falling open even wider.

Laurel sucked noisily on the girl’s delicious cunt lips, gulping down her golden nectar.

When she was sure Marsha was too far gone to stop, Laurel swung a leg over the girl’s sighing, tossing head and lowered her own cunt down onto the pretty face.


“Mmnmmfffffffff!” Laurel heard the girl’s muffled cry as her pussy covered Marsha’s open mouth.

There was a brief, half-hearted struggle by the girl to free herself of the slippery pink meat’s warm embrace, but Laurel held her between her strong thighs and mashed her cunt again and again into the helpless girl’s face. Laurel also ensured her success by licking away at Marsha’s juicy pudding until she felt the younger woman relax beneath her and begin to undulate her hips up to meet the satisfying tongue thrusts.

Then Laurel felt it. The first uneasy, exploratory laps of her little captive’s tongue. It split Laurel’s well-lubed cunt lips and slid inside, drawing back out almost instantly.

Laurel waited the outcome of Marsha’s oral verdict. Would the musky taste of pussy be repugnant to the young girl’s inexperienced mouth?

The tongue moved slowly but deeply back into Laurel’s hot snatch, and the honey-blonde relaxed. Marsha was tonguing her nicely now, really getting into eating pussy. In less than half-a-minute of the forbidden sex-play, Laurel felt the girl’s strong fingers digging into her ass cheeks, splitting them wider so that more of the hot, spicy meat was available to Marsha’s hungry, suctioning lips. The thick nectar pouring from the tall blonde’s aroused clit emptied noisily down the little teenager’s working throat, and Laurel moaned hotly as she heard Marsha swallow her steamy juices.

Laurel was gobbling the youngster’s succulent pussy as if there were no tomorrow. The more Marsha got carried away with eating Laurel’s pumping cunt, the more the sleek blonde got into lapping and sucking at the sex-crazed younger girl’s.

The two women were like a hunching, intertwining snake by now, each fired to new heights of lust by the other’s passion. Cunt pitched wildly against willing mouth, head dove furiously into the valley created by jerking, needy thighs thrusting upward.

“Jeeeeezus!” Laurel heard her son’s breath expel itself in a greedy hiss of amazement.

Laurel pulled her head out of the girl’s glistening cunt and looked up at her boy. Donny had his swim trunks off and was kneeling just in front of her, his hard, wide cock in his boyish fist. He jerked the fiercely red rod back and forth as he watched the lewd tableau created by the two girls unfold in front of him.

“Don’t waste it, darling,” Laurel counseled her son in a voice tight with excitement. “Stick it in here. Right in this tight little pussy!”

The turned-on boy’s eyes lit up like search beacons. He looked down at the wondrously wet and pink gash his mother had just stopped sucking.

“Yes, darling, do it,” Laurel urged him on, moving her head back slightly so that he would have easy access. “Do it to her… right… NOW!”

The boy needed no further coaxing. Donny moved forward on his knees, his hard cock bouncing obscenely out in front of him as he hurried into place.

“That’s it, dear, rub it all around in her hot juice,” Laurel instructed, eyes bright with wonder as the boy did her bidding just inches in front of her nose. “Get your beautiful little cock all wet, then pound that big fucker right on in!”

Marsha sighed somewhere in the background, her head still surrounded by the older woman’s thighs and dripping slit. Laurel paid her no mind, moving her pussy downward so that the last vestige of Marsha’s weakly protesting moans were cut off. The girl burbled helplessly up into Laurel’s hot cunt.

“Sink it, Donny, sink it!” Laurel breathed hotly.

Donny centered the firm cock head in the middle of the youthful brunette’s tiny cunt. He punched his hips forward in an all-out lunge, drilling his cock deep into the girl’s slippery pussy.

“Aggghhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh, Mama!” Donny gasped as his rigid prick went all the way into the girl’s gushing cunt.

Marsha moaned loudly up into Laurel’s engulfing pussy well. The younger girl tossed and bucked beneath mother and son, but her actions only moved her hips up and back, easing her juicy slit along the boy’s engorged cock.

“Uhhhhhh! Oh, fuck, Mama, it’s so hot!” Donny murmured, lost somewhere in the confines of total bliss. “SO hot and good! Didn’t know anything could feel so fuckin’ GOOD!”

“Fuck her, baby!” Laurel whispered as if in a trance, watching the girlish pussy move involuntarily up and down her son’s hard prick. “Fuck her hot young pussy good and deep. Really ram it in her!”

Donny grunted with desire and moved his hips experimentally in and out. A huge, satisfied grin broke over his face as he experienced for the first time the tight hotness of a juicy young cunt sucking at his impaling cock.

“Oh, God, it’s fuckn’ fantastic!” Donny sighed, his hips moving faster.

Laurel fought off her come. Just seeing her boy dick-deep in Marsha’s delicious pussy, and feeling Marsha going crazy under his impulsive, stiff cock thrusts was enough to make the sensuous blonde shoot her load.

But Laurel wanted more. She got to her knees and elbows and struggled to turn, to face the groaning, eyes-closed girl beneath her, to watch Marsha moaning and cooing and pursing her sweet lips in search of more of the forbidden pussy she had been eating so avidly. Moving up on Marsha’s supine form quickly, Laurel squatted right over the girl’s ecstatic face. Marsha needed no prodding this time. She reached up and put her arms around Laurel’s spectacular ass cheeks and pulled her downward, smearing the older woman’s cunt lips all over her pretty face.

“Uhhhhhhhh, that’s it, lover!” Laurel hissed as the girl’s tongue made contact once more with her clit. “Lick it! Lick my pussy until I come all over you! Lick until we all come together!”

Marsha was burbling excitedly up into Laurel’s juicy pussy now, her hips driving up off the cement to meet Donny’s thrusts. Laurel rolled her head from side to side and bounced up and down on the girl’s licking, sucking mouth. The statuesque blonde’s big tits were wobbling like jello, and her hair was flying everywhere.

Laurel looked over her shoulder and saw her boy’s fat cock gliding rapidly in and out of the blissful girl’s pussy. The sight — plus Marsha’s tongue reaming her own cunt so hungrily made Laurel’s head begin to spin out of control. Her orgasm was coming, and it was going to be devastating in its power and intensity.

Donny and Marsha were close, too. Laurel could tell from the lust-charged, frantic atmosphere that surrounded them. Donny was driving his thick cock deep into Marsha’s sucking cunt, knifing it in just a little harder and deeper with each savage stroke. And Marsha was a wild girl when it came to tossing her cunt upward with total abandon and burying her cute young face in Laurel’s wet cunt as if she just couldn’t get enough pussy.

As all three of the panting, delirious trio reached for the final crescendo of passion, Marsha suddenly let go of Laurel’s sumptuous ass and reached up. The moaning girl caught the flopping, jerking tits on the fly, her tiny hands squeezing hard on the sensitive, ready-to-explode nipples.

“EEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!” Laurel squealed, then groaned as the white-hot arc of come fury shot downward from her tits right into the center of her pussy.

Marsha’s lips united around Laurel’s quivering clit at just that moment, and the girl gave the petite finger of sensitivity a gentle, insistent suck. The tremor of pure orgasmic ecstasy that her fingers and lips produced on Laurel’s tits and pussy was so strong that the screaming blonde nearly blacked out from the heat of her climax.

A wave of cunt juice washed down out of Laurel’s wildly contracting pussy mouth, spilling into the girl’s gulping throat more rapidly than Marsha could swallow. Puddles of clear, hot liquid built along the sides of the pretty, young mouth and trickled down the rosy cheeks as Laurel’s cunt came and came.

Laurel felt the girl’s fingers clench spasmodically on her tits and looked downward. A dreamy, blissed-out expression had replaced the frenzied look on Marsha’s teenage face, and Laurel looked back over her shoulder.

Donny was gasping for breath, his prick buried as deep as it would go in Marsha’s clenching, eagerly accepting cunt. Laurel could see her son’s spunk spilling out of the already flooded opening, his balls jerking to send more of the white seed slamming up into the twisting, climaxing girl.

The knowledge that all of them were sharing the moment, the magical, mind-blowing moment of total joy, made Laurel’s pussy throb furiously. A second, even better wave of fever tore through the swaying blonde. Laurel groaned and pushed her cunt down onto Marsha’s drilling tongue, inundating the eighteen year-old in another hot outpouring of girl jizz!

Marsha didn’t seem to mind at all. The little brunette ate the hot pussy mashing itself down into her open mouth until no more of the gloriously slippery, tasty oil splashed out. The girl kept working her hips up and down on Donny’s cock until it went soft and small in her pussy’s sperm-slick grasp. She sighed as the limp prick slid at last from her outer lips.

Laurel remained still for a few moments as her own come slowly drained away. It was only after she felt Marsha’s fingers loosen and fall from her swollen tits that the honey-blonde finally breathed a deep sigh and slipped down onto the hot cement next to the girl.

“Ohhhhhh, God!” Donny spoke first, flopping face down onto the tile a few feet from the women. “My balls are completely dry!”

Laurel laughed. “Men are the same at any age. First they complain they’re not getting any fucking, that their nuts are turning blue. Then you ball ’em a little and they complain that you sucked them dry!”

Marsha giggled. She nodded her head in agreement, smiling shyly but happily at Laurel.

“That’s what I’ve found, Mrs. Hutton,” Marsha said in an almost little-girl voice. “That’s what my boyfriend always pulls on me.”

Laurel laughed again and leaned toward the girl. She looked deeply into the brown eyes and licked her lips.

“I think you can call me Laurel now, dear,” she whispered softly. “Don’t you think we know each other, uh… intimately enough?”

The girl turned crimson, giggled again, and nodded. “I guess we do… Laurel.”

Smiling, Laurel reached down into the dewy cunt between the eighteen-year-old’s thighs. She drew her hand out, covered with Donny’s cream-like spunk. Still looking directly at Marsha’s pretty face, Laurel slowly licked the come from her fingertips and swallowed it.

Marsha’s tummy fluttered at the sight of the lovely blonde temptress gulping down her own son’s sperm. But it wasn’t a quiver caused by revulsion, that was clear from the gleam in the teen’s brown eyes.

Laurel dipped out another finger full of come and held it out to Marsha. Slowly, deliberately, the girl’s mouth opened and her tongue snaked outward. Marsha lapped the thick wad of goo from the other woman’s finger obediently, her eyes never leaving Laurel’s.

The pair leaned closer together. Marsha wet her lips expectantly with her jizz-smeared tongue.

“How would you like me to lick that sweet little cunt of yours clean again?” Laurel whispered in a voice that was a low-pitched moan of pure desire.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” Marsha responded instantly.

Their lips met in a blazing kiss that promised a long, hot afternoon.


It wasn’t until the next day that the guilty thoughts began inching into Laurel’s consciousness. Marsha had stayed most of the night, and her tender young cunt had been eaten what seemed like a hundred times by the ravenous blonde. Donny had been sucked off by the girl twice and had fucked her to completion once more before all three of them had fallen victim to total exhaustion.

It had all seemed beautiful at the time. But now, in the cold light of the spring morning, Laurel was feeling very uncomfortable about it all.

He IS my son! Laurel kept telling herself, feeling chagrined and ashamed. Is that any way to bring him up? Sucking pussy right in front of him and teaching him to seduce young girls… and me?

Laurel had herself pretty well talked into writing yesterday off as a bad dream or something that simply would not happen again, when she suddenly remembered how big Donny’s boyish cock was, how good it had felt in her hand and in her gliding lips! The very thought of all that youthful cock — and how often it shot its incredibly big wads of spunk and then got almost instantly hard again soon — had the voluptuous blonde sighing with need once again.

“It’s just the old farts I’ve been dating recently,” Laurel told herself in a whisper. “Plenty of money but no staying power.”

That was it, Laurel told herself, pulling on her robe. It wasn’t specifically Donny she needed. It was just better fucking. Younger, harder cock, that was all!

Going to the door, Laurel slipped into the hallway and padded down to her son’s room. She needed to see him, to assure herself that she wasn’t irresistibly drawn to him as a lover. The bedroom was empty. Laurel was a little disappointed, a little relieved to find her son up and gone.

It was the day Donny usually played baseball with his pals, Laurel reminded herself with a smile. She had to admire the stamina of youth. Fucking half the night with an insatiable little cunt like Marsha, then getting up in time to make the weekly sandlot game! Where did kids get the energy?

Laurel had to admit to herself, as she moved down the hall toward the front of the house, that her own energy level was fairly high as well. She had been up half the night with Marsha and Donny and she still felt an unanswered itch between her trim thighs. Laurel had eaten cunt and cock all night and she had poured a gallon of girl-come down Marsha’s lovely, gulping mouth — but she hadn’t had any of Donny’s hot cock up her pussy. She realized abruptly that if her son had been in his room a few moments ago, she would have seduced him. She might not have started out to do it, but that’s how it would have ended up.

“Teenage cock!” Laurel whispered aloud. “That’s what I’ve been craving. That’s what I NEED!”

As if in answer to an obscene prayer, the back gate of the yard swung open a few moments later. A tall, gangly boy who looked like he couldn’t be a day over seventeen came stumbling onto the patio carrying a big vacuum hose and a cleaning brush. The name on the back of his blue overalls identified him as the newest member of Al’s Pool Service.

“Oooooh, he’s beautiful!” Laurel sighed, drinking the tall, thin masculine shape in with widened eyes.

The boy closed the gate and began to set up his equipment. He was intent on the pool, his back turned to the house. He couldn’t have seen Laurel standing inside, back in the shadows by the hall, even if he had looked in.

Laurel went hastily into the bathroom and flicked on the light. The robe was as sheer as wet tissue paper and she had only a pair of translucent panties on under it.

Smiling, Laurel pinched her nipples through the gossamer fabric until they stood out firm and pronounced in the center of her mammoth tits. She worked on them until she was sure they would stay hard for a few minutes, then turned and walked quickly through the house and out onto the patio.

The jutting buds showed as clearly as if Laurel had taken off the gown as the sensuous blonde stepped out into the bright sunlight. The boy looked up and saw the near naked vision of sensuality and almost fell in the pool.

“Hi, I’m Laurel Hutton,” the tall Goddess smiled at the startled boy.

“Uh… I’m Jerry, Jerry Daniels,” the muscular teen managed to stammer back. “I — uh, came to clean your pool.”

“I guessed that, from your uniform,” Laurel teased the staring youngster gently. “I see you have all the right equipment to do it.”

Laurel moved her gaze down to the youth’s tight jeans, right onto his bulging cock, as she said he had the right “equipment”. It wasn’t very subtle, but then Laurel wasn’t feeling very subtle, just horny. She wanted the kid’s hard, hot prick up her cunt and the look on her pretty face left little doubt about it.

“Yes, I really go for a young guy with nice ‘equipment’,” Laurel sighed sexily, moving closer to the pool.

The boy swallowed hard, his eyes moving nervously up and down the sumptuous, barely covered body displayed in front of him so alluringly. He had heard about things like this hot voluptuous older woman who liked to make it with younger guys — but it had never happened to him before!

“Uh… this sure is a nice p-place ya’ got here,” Jerry stammered. “Great pool! Easy to clean.”

He turned his head and peered into the blue depths. “You sure are beautiful, Mrs. Hutton,” the young pool man managed to sigh, now that he wasn’t looking right at Laurel.

The stunning blonde looked down at Jerry’s prick. The boy’s cock was growing stiff against the tight jean fabric right before her eyes. The sight of that long cuntful of cock made Laurel’s pussy wet and her mouth water.

“Ummmmm, you’re a handsome boy, Jerry,” the experienced seductress whispered. “I hate to see you work so hard. Why don’t you join me over here, in the shade of the patio for a little while? Let me rub some of the stiffness out of your muscles.”

Laurel reached out and caressed the boy’s prick through his jeans. Jerry’s eyes went wide as she boldly touched him, but he stood where he was and let the gorgeous honey-blonde fondle his hard prick.

“Come. Come with me, darling,” Laurel urged him, stepping back toward the patio area.

The tall teenager followed haltingly. His eyes were on the woman’s firm, bobbling tits beneath the sheer gown. He moved forward into the shade as if mesmerized by their rolling, jiggly motion.

The pair came to the chaise lounge. Laurel sat down on the edge of the overstuffed mattress, her head now even with the tall boy’s bulging cock. Smiling, she reached for him again.

“Oh, Jesus,” Jerry sighed as he felt the older woman’s fingers tracing along his stiff prick.

“It looks so big, so… cramped in those tight pants,” Laurel murmured. “Let’s give it room to breathe, shall we?”

Before Jerry could answer, Laurel’s nimble fingers were at work on his fly. The zipper whirled downward. In seconds, the boy’s belt was undone, and his pants were unbuttoned.

Laurel’s smile deepened as she worked the teen’s pants down over the muscular, lithe legs. She grasped his shorts at the bottoms and pulled them down slowly, evenly, teasing herself and the boy by baring his swollen manhood with tantalizing slowness.

At last, the tip of the youth’s hard cock cleared the top of the shorts and it sprang outward, free of its bonds. Laurel’s eyes glowed with desire as she saw the fat cock head swaying near her lips. The boy’s prick was long and curved.

“Ohhhhhhh, it’s so big, so hard!” Laurel hissed excitedly, not acting any more now. She took the hefty prick in her fist. “It’s hot, too. Hot as a glowing skillet! Let me coot it down for you, baby. Let me cool this hot thing off!”

Laurel’s tongue snaked out of her mouth and swirled around the tip of the teenager’s swollen cock. Jerry gasped as he saw the lovely blonde head lapping hotly at his fevered cock head. The boy’s knees shook uncontrollably and his hips jerked forward, trying to deposit more of the throbbing prick in Laurel’s open mouth.

“Ahhhhh, you like that, don’t you?” the stunning older woman teased, drawing her head back slightly. She grinned up at the tortured boy, then wet her lips. “Okay, darling, let’s see how you stand up to this.”

Laurel opened her mouth to a tight, encircling “O” and slid her soft lips over the boy’s hot knob, her tongue gliding over the surface of the smooth, hard meat. Jerry whined like a puppy and tried to press forward again.

This time Laurel let him do as he liked. She held her head in place and allowed the youngster to drive his burning cock deep into her sucking lips. Laurel licked at his thrusting cock as the boy excitedly rammed his long prick into her willing mouth, fucking her tight lips like a second pussy.

“Ummlllphhhh!” Laurel gurgled happily as she felt the teen’s scratchy pubic fuzz against her nose and the base of his lengthy cock kissing her ovaled lips.

Jerry was all the way in. The boy shivered in ecstasy as he looked down and saw the beautiful golden-haired woman sucking hungrily on his whole swallowed length. Her neck muscles caressed his buried cock head as she nursed on his prick.

“Gawwwwwwwd! God, you’re eating every inch of it!” the blissful youth sighed. “Oh, suck me, baby! Suck my big cock!”

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Laurel purred contentedly, doing just that.

The prick-hungry woman moved her head up and back in long, sweeping thrusts, gliding the boy’s long cock slowly in and out of her tightly pursed lips. Laurel’s tongue was ever-moving as she sucked at the hot meat, her lips never ceased their greedy, hungry tugging.

“Fuck, oh, fuck!” the youngster cried out. “Jesus, lady, can you ever suck cock!”

Laurel whimpered, aroused even more by the boy’s crude compliment. She adored the strong, manly aroma and flavor of his cock. The more she licked and sucked at the rock-hard prick, the more she wanted it inside her juicy, super-heated pussy.

Still making little animal noises of lust and need, the voluptuous blonde finally released the boy’s blood-engorged prick. It shone throbbing and wet with her saliva. The veins stood out, pulsing with excitement, and the tip was slick with Laurel’s spittle and the teen’s slippery pre-come fluid.

“How would you like to put that big, hard cock right up my pussy?” Laurel breathed hotly, her eyes never leaving his prick. “My cunt is wet and hot and ready. Just sucking your long, beautiful cock has me dripping down there. Here, feel for yourself!”

The youth stepped out of his jeans and kicked off his shoes. He tugged at his shirt and was completely naked and kneeling beside the delectable blonde on the chaise lounge in seconds.

Jerry opened Laurel’s sheer robe with trembling fingers and put his big, awkward hands on her large tits. The hot-blooded older woman groaned as her young lover’s fingers found her pebble-hard nipples and began to twist them lovingly.

“Oh, yes, that’s it! Feel my big tits. Play with them. Squeeze my hot nipples, darling.” Laurel was groaning and pushing her mountainous tits up at the boy.

Jerry moaned and leaned forward, his lips seeking the tiny pink nipple centered in Laurel’s firm right tit. His hot mouth engulfed the hardened knob and the sensuous blonde whinnied like an excited colt.

“Yes! Suck me. Suck my hot tits!” Laurel begged, writhing happily beneath him. “Lick my nipples as I stroke your big, stiff prick!”

The turned-on seductress found Jerry’s long cock with her left hand and began moving the smooth, soft skin up and down slowly. She gripped him a little tighter, like a hot pussy clamping down on a sliding prick, and increased the motion of her palm just slightly.

“Uhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Jerry groaned, his hips jerking against the woman’s knowing hand hold.

The suction on Laurel’s throbbing nipple increased dramatically as she worked his cock up and back faster and faster. She wanted Jerry turned-on and hot to fuck, but she was careful not to excite him too much. The prick-hungry blonde wanted the teenager’s load of jism up her pussy — not spread all over the patio from a hand job!

Jerry gasped and changed tits abruptly, his pelvis jerking instinctively against Laurel’s clutching fist. He fucked her fingers as needfully as he had slapped his cock into her hot mouth earlier.

Laurel stopped jerking his prick in her fist. She teased his cock tip with her fingertips instead, wanting to make him last.

“My pussy,” she murmured. “Finger my hot cunt as you eat my tits, baby!”

The boy’s hand knifed down under the statuesque blonde’s waistband, his fingers plowing quickly through her moistened cunt hair. The tip of Jerry’s middle finger found Laurel’s steamy pussy and sluiced inside.

“UHHHHHHH!” the horny divorcee groaned as the eager teenager’s finger glided along her clit and dipped deep into her wet cunt.

Laurel put her hand behind the boy’s head and mashed his sucking lips tighter against her throbbing fist. At the same time, she took his rigid cock in her fist once more and lifted her hips up to meet his finger thrusts as she jacked him off.

“Jesus!” Jerry cried out. “Jesus, this is wild!”

The excited teenager dove back into Laurel’s heaving tits, licking and sucking furiously as she stroked his jerking prick. Her cunt was as hot as lava around his delving finger. He reamed it in and out of her pussy until Laurel was whining and writhing like a crazy woman, her fist flying up and down his reddened cock staff.

“In me!” the beside-herself woman wailed. “Put this big fucker in my hot pussy!”

The boy pulled his finger out of Laurel’s cunt and sat back. His enlarged, crimson prick waved above his tightened nuts as Laurel released his cock and whipped off her panties.

Naked now except for the sheer, open robe, the wanton divorcee lay back on the chaise lounge and let her long legs fall open. She hunched her shimmeringly wet pussy up at the aroused teen.

“Come on, stud,” she challenged him. “Put it in me.”

Jerry came around to the front of the chaise and knelt between Laurel’s widespread legs. He centered the tip of his stiff prick in the middle of her juicy cunt and pushed forward slowly with his hips.

The end of Jerry’s prick punched the tight lips open and two inches of hard cock slid inside. Laurel closed her eyes and moaned as the pulsing, rock-firm teenage cock entered her. She moved her feet back up onto the lounge and dug her heels in, pushing her cunt up onto the long prick.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Jerry growled as the super-heated pussy sucked in his manhood.

Laurel urged her hips upward until the last thrilling inch of the youngster’s cock was driven down into her well-oiled depths. The panting blonde shivered with joy as she felt her cunt lips kiss the base of the boy’s steely cock.

“Uhhhhhhh!” Laurel moaned. “Don’t move yet. Let me move. Let me just stir that long prick around in me for a minute, darling.”

The wildly aroused woman kept her ass up off the lounge cushion and began rotating her ass in a tight circle. The boy groaned as his prick rubbed against the sides of Laurel’s clasping, slippery cunt. The honeyed walls sucked hungrily at him and the hot overflow from her welling pussy bathed his cock in boiling cunt oil.

“Fuuuuck, oh, fuck!” Jerry cried helplessly. “It feels so hot, so good. Gotta fuck you, lady. Gotta do it now!”

The anxiousness and power of the young teenage stud took Laurel by surprise. She felt powerless to resist as Jerry suddenly pinned her to the lounge with a solid, driving thrust of his hips. The boy nailed her cunt down and yanked his cock nearly free, then rammed it hilt-deep once more.

“Ugh! No, slower, not so fast!” Laurel begged, but Jerry paid no attention.

Again and again the long, hard prick split Laurel’s defenseless cunt wide open and plunged inside. With each thrilling stab, the hot-blooded divorcee felt the boy’s balls slapping against her up-turned ass.

It had been years since Laurel had experienced the bull-like, all-out rutting of a turned-on teenage boy. The hot pounding in her juicy cunt soon had her blood racing as fast as it had been last night with Donny and Marsha.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssssss!” Laurel suddenly growled, giving herself totally to the heady sensation of being slammingly, mercilessly fucked. “DO it that way. Stuff me full of it. Hammer that big cock into me, baby!”

The tall blonde whipped her slender legs around the boy’s jerking ass and rode up on his pile-driving cock. Laurel whimpered with lust as the long prick crammed itself into her even deeper and tighter. She threw her arms around the young pool cleaner’s shoulders and mashed her big tits against his lightly furred chest as he fucked her.

Jerry grunted and threw more of his weight down onto Laurel’s eager body. The insistent slap of his nuts against the woman voluptuous ass became louder and quicker as he drilled his cock into her with ever-increasing speed. The boy’s handsome features grew contorted with lust as he felt Laurel’s clingy wetness close even more tightly around his dick. Each rapid stroke felt better and better, and the boy could not help but increase his pace.

“Oh, oh, fuck, lady, are you ever balling me!” Jerry groaned into Laurel’s ear. “Holy shit, can you ever move.”

It was true. The lovely blonde was throwing her pussy up to meet each thrust. Laurel was moaning and mewing with lust, wriggling her cunt upward with complete abandon toward the steel-like cock.

“Gonna… gonna… SHOOT, baby!” the boy gasped, his breath becoming ragged and quick as his thrusts.

Laurel reached down and gripped the youngster’s balls lightly. She felt the balls throbbing, ready to pump their hot treasure up the lad’s furiously pounding cock and deep into her pussy. The very thought of all that rich, burning teenage come spattering up into her made Laurel tremble near orgasm. The first splash of the molten jizz in her pussy would send the groaning, fiercely hunching blonde spiraling over the top. She knew it already.

And then it happened. The back curtain on the sliding glass door ported and Laurel saw Donny peering disgustedly out at her.

The trapped divorcee wanted to scream, to tell the grunting, sweating teenager atop her to pull his prick out, to go away. But it was too late now.

Jerry gripped Laurel’s shoulders hard and rammed his cock deep inside her, his pelvis crushing up against hers, his cock head bottoming against her cervix. A low, almost painful groan escaped the boy’s clenched lips.

“UGGGHHHHHHH!” the youngster growled in Laurel’s ear as the first boiling jets of his come rocketed into the depths of her cunt.

Laurel didn’t want to come in front of Donny. She didn’t want him to see her getting off with another boy’s jizz pumping furiously into her, but the sensation was overpowering and, somehow she reluctantly admitted to herself, knowing that Donny was seeing her twisting and moaning through her orgasm made it even more intense in some kinky way!

“Unnnnnnnnng!” Laurel gurgled as the heavenly clasping began around the boy’s prick inside her. “Oh, God, it’s happening. I’m fucking coming! Oh, screw me. Screw me hard, baby. Fill me with creeeeeeeam!”

Jerry’s eyes went wild with lust and he rutted his spurting cock in and out of the frantic woman’s clenching cunt with sheer animal fury. Laurel whined and held tight as the searing jizz spilled into her and her own burning juices flowed up out of her hotly working pussy.

The blinding orgasm raged on and on. Laurel couldn’t believe how much come the boy had stored in his jerking cock. The white jelly pumped into her until it back-washed out of Laurel’s clamping pussy lips and dribbled down her thighs.

“Unnnnngh! Oh, God, baby, give it to meeeee!” the panting woman whined as a final thrilling spurt of come puddled into her still-throbbing cunt.

“You got it, lady,” the boy sighed, going to dead weight atop her, his prick beginning to soften inside her. “You got every last fuckin’ drop.”

They lay still for long moments, until the boy’s bulk was uncomfortable, sprawled out on the reclining blonde. She shifted beneath him and the boy got the hint and slid off. He sat next to her on the chaise, his once-proud cock now spent and limp with drying come.

Laurel looked at the house. Donny was gone. A surge of shame and excitement washed through her as she relived her shattering climax, as she remembered Donny’s eyes riveted on her lush, trembling body.

The pool cleaning kid’s drained prick beckoned to her. Laurel found herself slightly horny already, just thinking about all the come the boy had spewed up into her. She wondered if older boys could get up as fast as her Donny.

Why not? Laurel asked herself. The damage was already done now. Donny had already seen her fucking this other boy. The kid had already shot one huge wad up into her. Why not indulge herself if she felt like it?

“Let’s just see, good lookin’,” Laurel whispered to the boy, leaning over near his depleted prick. “Let’s just see if I really DID get every drop.”

The gorgeous blonde opened her mouth and sucked all of the boy’s flaccid prick into her warm lips. Her tongue ran up and down the spongy tube like an agile, tickling lizard.

“G-God, lady!” the surprised teenager gasped.

Jerry sat back on the chaise to watch the lovely, shameless blonde eat his soft cock. He watched in awe as she licked him clean and gulped down his sticky come, his prick beginning to stir in her mouth as she nursed at him.

Laurel was in heaven. The kid’s spunk was delicious. She worked her lips up and down the hardening prick faster and faster. She wanted a mouthful of the gooey, hot stuff, and she knew that this good-looking, easy-going kid was going to give it to her. She tightened the “O” of her suctioning lips and licked frantically at the pulsing tip.


It wasn’t until the clock above the kitchen stove read eight o’clock that Laurel became worried. When it eventually read eight-thirty, then nine, and there was still no word from Donny, the voluptuous divorcee began to panic. It was completely dark outside now and the streetlights were on.

Laurel threw on a sweater and went outside. She paced up and down the street, looking for the boy at the playground and in the Dawsons’ front yard. No Donny.

At nine-thirty, Laurel called all of Donny’s friends she could remember. Still no trace of him. She got in the car and began driving. Up and down every neighboring street, in an ever-widening circle, Laurel guided her big station wagon.

A sinking feeling in her heart, the worried mother told herself: “Two more blocks. If I don’t find him in two more blocks of driving, I’m going back to the house and call the police!”

As she rounded the corner of the last block she had alloted herself, Laurel’s headlights picked up a flash of white. It was a boy’s white tee shirt — the kind Donny wore constantly in the spring and summer — she was sure, but now it was gone.

Instinctively, Laurel crammed the big car into reverse and hit the gas. The wagon lurched backward suddenly, its lights catching the skulking figure behind the tree in their revealing glare just as the boy jumped backward for cover.

Laurel shoved the wagon into park and got out, mad as hell. The tall, statuesque blonde looked like an Amazon warrior maiden as she stomped angrily across the darkened suburban street toward the cowering boy.

“And just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” Laurel shouted as she got near her back-pedaling son.

“I… uh… thought I’d take a walk,” Donny began defensively, still backing up. His eyes suddenly flashed defiantly.

“I didn’t think you’d notice, Mama. I thought you’d be busy fucking all night — I…”

The slap was short, powerful, unexpected, and devastating. It came from Laurel’s right hand and carried all of her long, lean power behind it. She had never struck Donny in the face before, so he wasn’t expecting it, and the force of the blow lifted the surprised teen right off his feet and rolled him in the grass.

“Get up, you little bastard, and get in that car!” the irate blonde screamed.

Terrified by a side of his mother neither of them had known existed before, Donny scrambled onto his feet and bolted for the wagon. Tears were streaming down his stunned face as Laurel slid behind the wheel beside him and threw the lever into drive.

“You don’t talk to your mother that way, young man,” Laurel hissed as she whipped around a corner and floored the car toward their street.

“Like… like… what?” Donny sniffed under his breath. “Like you’re a whore, which you are!”

Laurel screeched like a wounded cat and smacked Donny solidly across the mouth with the back of her hand.

“Shut up! Shut up!” the frenzied woman screamed, hitting her son two more glancing blows as he ducked, frightened, away. “I’ll show you what happens when you talk to me that way, you self-righteous brat!”

The car was in the driveway. Laurel turned off the ignition and hurried around to Donny’s side. She tore the door open and reached inside, her long fingernail biting into the squirming, protesting boy’s ear as she grabbed him and hauled him toward the house.

Donny was sniffling angrily and holding his puffy ear. He was in a state of semi-shock and made no move to resist when his mother grabbed him by the belt and towed him down the hall to her bedroom.

“Now we’ll see who’s a whore, mister!” Laurel panted, her anger raging out of control as she tore the belt from the boy’s pants and ripped at the snap and zipper.

Jeans stripped down around his tennis shoes, Donny seemed to realize all at once what his mother was up to. The teen tried to run, tripped, and fell to the soft carpet face down.

Laurel was on him in a minute, stripping the boy’s shorts down around his ankles. She raised the belt over the teenager’s bare ass and let it rip downward.

“AGGHHHHH!” Donny screamed as the tough leather snapped onto his exposed flesh. “No you don’t, you dirty bitch. I’m too old for whipping!”

Donny struggled up onto his arms in a push up position and tried to turn onto his butt. Maddened even more by the boy’s insult and resistance, Laurel cast around for something to restrain him with. She saw one of her housecoats lying on the nearby bed and drug it over, stripping the soft cotton tie-string from around the waist.

Donny screamed bloody murder and kicked wildly as his mother threw her full weight onto him and pinned him to the carpet on his belly. Laurel tied one hand securely in the drawstring, then laced the other to it and cinched the two fists securely together.

“That ought to hold you!” the panting blonde snapped as her son flopped around like a beached fish at her feet.

Laurel stood up and went to Donny’s room. She found his bathrobe hanging in his closet and took the tie from the waist. She returned to the bedroom and tied the boy’s feet as carefully as she had his hands, leaving him totally helpless and thrashing on the carpet.

“Now we’ll see who’s too old to whip,” Laurel said quietly, a strange, powerful warmth flowing over her as she caressed the belt leather with her hand and watched the terror reflecting out of Donny’s trapped eyes.

“Mama, no,” the teen pleaded in a little-boy voice. “No, please, don’t beat me. You’ve never beat me before!”

Laurel smiled a cruel, calculating smile that made the boy cringe. A surge of complete domination coursed through the tall blonde.

“Maybe that’s why you’re behaving like such a bad boy,” Laurel admonished her son in a soft, dream-like voice. “Maybe that’s why you’re treating me so badly. Maybe I should have whipped you like this long ago.”

The golden-hair beauty sunk to her knees back of her son, an almost trance-like expression on her lovely features. She caressed Donny’s naked, trembling flesh briefly with one hand, still toying with the hard leather surface of the belt with the other.

“So mommy’s a whore?” Laurel hissed, barely audible, leaning forward. “Well how’s this for being strict?”

The belt flew up and came down hard across the boy’s bare rump. The loud smack and Donny’s thin wail of discomfort filled the room.

“You liked it when mommy sucked your hard little cock, didn’t you, baby,” Laurel teased, the belt coming up again. “But when she does it for someone else, she’s a whore. Well, maybe this will teach you not to be so greedy. And this and this, and this!”

The belt popped across the youth’s tender cheeks again and again, Donny shrieking, as much with the humiliation of it as the pain, his body jerking and writhing beneath the loud snap of the leather. Laurel’s eyes were bright with excitement at the boy’s yelping and wriggling. Her cunt felt suddenly wet and hot, and the sweater she had on over her blouse was now bulky and much too warm.

Stopping for a moment, the succulent blonde peeled off the sweater and, almost before thinking about it, the blouse, as well. Now Laurel was dressed in only her slacks and a skimpy bra that barely held her sumptuous tits in check as she raised her arm once more and brought the belt down on her son’s reddened ass.

“Ohhhhhhh! Mama, no!” Donny squealed in agony. “Stop hitting me, Mama, pleeease!”

Laurel whacked the clamoring teen on the ass several more times, her clit throbbing and her nipples glowing with increased excitement every time she brought the leather down. The huge tits swung heavy and ripe in their flimsy restraint, aching to roll free. Laurel’s cunt was so wet she feared the pussy juice would leak through her panties and ruin her slacks.

“Ahhhhh, so now it’s ‘please’ and ‘Mama’ again, not ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’,” Laurel purred happily, bringing the strap down as hard as she dared.

“EEEBEEEEEGH!” Donny whined, madly seeking to twist and worm his body away from the torture.

White-hot with a kinky passion she had never known existed in her before, Laurel whipped off her bra and undid her slacks. The sex-crazed blonde yanked herself free of all her clothes and knelt naked and trembling next to her half-stripped son.

“Does my body look like a whore’s, Donny?” Laurel asked in a low, husky whisper. “Does it? Answer me, you little fucker!”

The belt snapped harmlessly on the rug next to the entrapped youth this time, but Donny whimpered and jumped as if it had lashed his flesh. He shook his head frantically.

“No, Mother, no! I swear to God you don’t!” the terrified boy protested, still trying desperately to wriggle away.

Laurel smiled. She reached down and rolled Donny to one side so that she could reach his cock. A startled, delighted gasp escaped her mouth as she rolled her son into the new position.

“Well! So you like this, eh?” the lovely blonde asked as she eyed the boy’s stiff prick. “It turns you on, being hit by Mama and watching her big tits flop around. You like what the whore does to you?”

Laurel’s hand found Donny’s rock-hard prick as she spoke. The boy whimpered with fear and the incredible contrast between the bite of the strap on his tortured flesh and the gentle caress of his firm cock.

“I asked you a question,” Laurel hissed quietly, her fingernails biting just lightly into the head of the boy’s prick.

“Y-Yes! Yes, Mama, I like it,” Donny blurted obediently, leery of the sharp nails and the hovering strap.

Giving him a smile of approval, Laurel brought her fingers into a fist around Donny’s pumping cock and began softly stroking it. The boy mewled with pleasure and began to relax.

Laurel brought the belt down sharply across the lad’s relaxed ass while she continued pulling at his cock. Donny screamed, but his prick jumped like mad in Laurel’s fist and she could see his balls tighten with an involuntary jerk.

“So you like it a little rough?” Laurel sighed, smacking him again, her own cunt flooding with juice as she watched him grunt and rut at her hand. “Well, Mama will give it to you just the way you want it, darling!”

Faster and faster, the tugging hand moved up and down the fevered prick. The belt whacked relentlessly at Donny’s reddened ass. The boy was blubbering about how good it felt with one breath, how bad it hurt with the next. His hips jerked away from the maddening belt, his prick drove ceaselessly in and out of his mother’s pistoning palm.

“Oh! Oh… Mama… I… ohhhhhhh, it’s sooooo… I’m gonna… AGGHHH!”

Donny’s tied-up body bent over like a drawn bow. The veins in the boy’s neck stood out and his cry of pained delight strangled itself off.

Laurel felt her clit twitch wildly as the youth’s eyes grew incredibly wide and the first shudder of total release shimmied through the lean body. A streamer of spunk three inches long tore out of the end of Donny’s prick and arched its way five feet across the bedroom carpet.

“Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss!” Laurel growled excitedly. “Do it, you little fucker! Shoot a big load for Mama!”

The frenzied blonde jerked faster and faster on her son’s squirting cock and pummeled his ass with the heavy belt. Laurel’s spectacular body shook with unleashed delight as a quick, fiery orgasm shuddered through her. Every jet of milky boy-come that shot from the tip of Donny’s throbbing cock sent a new surge of excitement through his mother’s panting body.

“More, more,” Laurel was chanting, barely above a whisper. “More hot, hot come!”

Donny was caught in the throes of a super climax, his nuts already churning out volley after volley of the gooey white cream. The boy cooed with satisfaction and speared his hips forward desperately against his mother’s tight fist. He moaned and banged his come-smeared cock into Laurel’s hand until there wasn’t one squirt of juice left.

“Mmmmmmm, that was nice, very nice, darling,” Laurel sighed at last, releasing her son’s prick and putting down the belt.

Smiling dreamily, the statuesque blonde licked her hand clean of Donny’s pudding-like come. Bending forward, Laurel sucked the boy’s deflated prick into her mouth and laved every drop of the delicious cream off her son’s spent cock. She swallowed noisily and licked Donny’s balls until they were as clean as the head of the boy’s shiny prick.

“There. Now I hope you learned something out of this,” Laurel told her son, untying his hands.

Donny rubbed his wrists and sat up, thinking about it for a few moments. “I guess I learned about the neatest way in the world to get a whipping if you’re gonna get one,” he said at last.

Laurel smiled. “I think you’re going to need that kind of whipping at least once a week, darling, from now on. I think I can guarantee it. Only next time, Mama may get on top of that big, hard cock of yours and ride it a little, or maybe suck it off, after she’s whipped you till you’re hard as a rock. Would you like that, baby?”

Donny just groaned, and Laurel knew from the look in his eye that they had just stumbled onto a new, once-a-week family treat. She got up and Donny followed.

“Come on, little stud, let’s go fix you something by way of a late dinner. We’ve got to keep your strength up, now don’t we?” Laurel winked at her son.

Donny grinned and Laurel put her arm around him. They disappeared down the hall arm-in-arm, laughing and jostling each other like a pair of happy school children.


Laurel waved goodbye to Jerry over the fence. She could still taste the faint chalkiness of his come in her mouth as she watched him hop in his truck and drive off.

The boy had come over to finish cleaning the pool after being sidetracked by Laurel and her chaise lounge three days earlier. This time, Jerry had gotten the pool all done, but the luscious divorcee had still managed to occupy an extra half-hour of his time.

Jerry had fucked Laurel in the house this time, right in the middle of the living room rug. They had been down an all fours, Jerry mounting her from behind like a young stallion. Laurel had come like crazy around the boy’s slamming cock, then pulled it out of herself just at the last minute.

“Wha… what are you doing?” Jerry had screamed in anguish.

Laurel had answered him by spinning onto her back beneath him, scooting between his legs, and sucking all of the ready to shoot dick into her hungry mouth. The hot envelopment of the lovely blonde’s lips had set Jerry’s cock off instantly. Wave after wave of hot spunk had jetted down Laurel’s eagerly accepting throat as Jerry gasped and shivered in ecstasy.

Donny had come home from playing baseball just as Jerry had unloaded in Laurel’s hungry mouth. The boy had stood in the door way, watching intently, as his mother ate several big mouthfuls of the heavy cock cream, then licked her young lover’s prick free of come.

Jerry hadn’t even noticed the younger boy at first. He had been too caught up in orgasmic delight to care. He had started to say something, but Laurel shook her head.

Donny watched until the action ceased, then turned down the hall and disappeared into his room, seemingly unconcerned. Jerry had left scratching his head in wonder.

“If it don’t bother him, it don’t bother me,” he had kept repeating.

Laurel was frowning. Now that Jerry was gone, she had to face Donny and make sure that everything really was okay with him. Summoning up her courage, the curvaceous blonde went back in the house and started for the boy’s room.

“So, how was the ball game?” Laurel asked as she reached Donny’s room and found him sprawled out on his bed.

Donny eyed his gorgeous mother and her skimpy swimsuit appreciatively before answering. “Not as much fun as yours,” he replied sourly after a few more seconds. “We won.”

Anger and disappointment flashed in Laurel’s eyes. She took a step into the room.

“Jealousy is still a problem with you, I see,” the tall blonde said in a threatening voice.

“No! No, it’s not!” Donny was quick to blurt. “I learned my lesson on that one. Whatever you want to do is great with me!”

The boy had moved backward on the bed, his hands held up protectively in front of him. Fear of the kinky whipping he was certain Laurel had in mind for him was etched in Donny’s wide eyes.

This isn’t what I want, Laurel thought. I want to get rid of his jealousy and possessiveness voluntarily, not scare him into it!

“Okay, honey, we’ll talk about it later,” Laurel said aloud, softly. “After I get back from my date. I’m going to see if Marsha will come over and stay while I’m gone.”

Laurel walked down the hall, the plan still forming in her mind. If everything worked out, Donny would soon be over his jealousy. He’d learn all about the joy of sharing, Laurel would see to that…

Marsha was only too happy to come over and stay with Donny. The girl was there minutes after Laurel’s phone call. She was extremely friendly, but Laurel didn’t respond at all. The stunning divorcee had other plans for Marsha’s evening.

“You keep an eye on things around here, dear, and I’ll be back late this evening,” Laurel told Marsha as she gathered up her purse and headed for the front door. “You keep an especially-close eye on Donny. That sexy little devil is always in trouble lately!”

With a knowing wink, Laurel turned and left the house. It never hurts to plant the seeds so the right idea can take root, Laurel said to herself as she drove off. She was sure Marsha — sexy, cock-loving Marsha — would get the right idea in no time.

Laurel parked the wagon way down the block and around the corner. She had driven around for an hour, until it was near dark. She had stopped in a bar and had a couple of drinks and made one phone call to Jerry, the pool cleaning kid, at his folks’ home number. It was all part of her little plan…

Now, as she sneaked guiltily up on her own house in the gathering darkness, Laurel found she was hoping that the plan was going to work. Everything looked good so far. The lights were off in the front of the house and the pool light was on in the backyard, reflecting up off the big tree that shaded the house. The sound of a girl’s carefree laughter floated on the still night air, then the splash of someone diving in the pool.

Laurel smiled with satisfaction and slipped the lock on the front door open with her key. The house was dark, but the back patio was lit up from the underwater light in the pool. The deck and pool area looked as stage-lighted as if it had been done by a set designer for the local theater guild.

Slipping into the kitchen, Laurel made herself a whiskey and water from the open bottle on the counter. She sipped the strong drink as she made her way down the hall to her room in the darkness. Laurel’s bedroom window overlooked the pool and she went immediately to it and eased it open so that she could hear what was said as she peered out through the slightly open curtains.

Donny and Marsha were standing by the pool, dripping wet, drinks in their hands. Marsha was giggling and obviously quite tipsy and it was clear from the way Donny’s thin, wiry frame wobbled back and forth as he leaned back to take another drink that he was keeping up with the older girl’s alcohol consumption.

“I’m gettin’ really fucked up!” Marsha laughed.

Donny smiled and reached for the girl’s big tits. “How about just getting fucked instead?” he asked wolfishly, his words slurring a little.

Marsha giggled again and stepped back, shaking her wet hair. She had on one of Laurel’s skimpy two-piece suits and the teen’s big tits almost spilled out of the flimsy cups as she jerked her upper body back.

“Uh-uh,” Marsha shook her head negatively. “I keep telling you, that other time was a mistake. It was the wine, and having your mom out here with us, and, uh, I don’t know. It was just weird, different. I’m not that way, really!”

Donny harumphed. “Aw, come off it, Marsha. Jeff Wallace told me he fucks you all the time. Come on, how about a little tit at least?”

Marsha’s eyes went wide. Anger flashed across her pretty, young face.

“That fucking big-mouthed Wallace!” the girl stormed. “Just what did he say? That prick never could keep his mouth shut!”

Donny laughed. He drank the rest of the bourbon in his glass and set the empty down on the picnic table. He was clearly enjoying his secret knowledge of Marsha’s varied sex life.

“Wallace just told me about the time he took you out and you two drank a lot of beer before the Spring Fling dance,” Donny smiled cunningly at Marsha. “We just talked about how, uh… friendly you get when you’ve had a couple of drinks, baby.”

Even in the pool light, you could see Marsha turning a little red. She stamped her foot and took another big drink.

“And just what else did that fucking prick tell you?” the eighteen-year-old demanded.

“Oh, he just mentioned about how Dale Henry had a flask of bourbon at the dance and him and Jeff and you were hitting off it, getting really screwed up, and how you all ended up outside in Jeff’s car in the parking lot,” Donny went on, chuckling. “And how you sucked Dale’s cock until he came in your mouth while Jeff fucked you from in back.”

Marsha went redder.

“And he went on to tell about how Sam Henry happened to see his little brother, Dale, giving you a mouthful. So when the two of them finished. Dale and Jeff that is, good old Sam and a pal of his climbed on and each gave you a cunt full.”

Marsha was too embarrassed by what the teenager knew about her to speak. Donny smiled and stepped forward, his hands snaking around Marsha to the snaps behind her back that kept the top on. He undid it and the shocked girl numbly let him pull the top off completely.

“So see, Marsha, you don’t have to act so high class with me,” Donny said quietly. “After Jeff let me in on what you did with him and his pals, and after what you did here with Mom and me, I feel like we know each other pretty good. See?”

Donny walked over to the pool and pulled off his swim trunks. His thin cock was half-hard in the soft glow of the light as he waved for Marsha to join him.

“Come on, honey, let’s skinny dip a little,” the boy urged the half-naked girl.

Apparently Marsha was just drunk enough and just convinced enough by what Donny had said to figure “what the hell?” The eighteen-year-old nymph eased out of her bottoms and walked naked to join Donny.

The boy smiled and turned his attention to his dive. He launched himself off the edge and split the water in a clean, steep arch. Donny came up ten feet away from the side and motioned for Marsha to give it a try.

“The water feels great on your bare skin!” Donny shouted happily.

Marsha put her arms over her head and leaned forward, her big tits rolling forward with a jelly-like shake. The older girl didn’t have the boy’s good form, but she splashed in on her belly and knifed the water over next to him.

“Now these are what I call a set of buoys!” Donny laughed, grabbing Marsha’s bobbling tits, one in each hand, as they floated to the surface.

“Now, Donny, I thought we were gonna swim!” Marsha began to protest. “Mmmmm, ohhhhh, myyyyyyy!”

Marsha gurgled happily and stopped trying to pull her tits away from Donny’s hands as the boy found her semi-erect nipples with his fingertips and began massaging them. The boy’s thumbs flicked across the pink nubs until Marsha was moaning and her twin knobs were as stiff as a pair of pencil erasers.

“These look too good to miss tasting,” Donny murmured, bending forward.

His mouth found Marsha’s left nipple and sucked the hot nubbin inside. The raven-haired girl cooed delightedly as the lad’s lips tugged at her tits.

Donny was treading water with one arm and both feet, sucking Marsha’s big tits alternately as he swam. His other arm was around the girl’s trim waist beneath the surface, his hand on one of her sleek ass cheeks as she kicked and paddled to keep herself afloat. Donny moved his hand down a little and let a finger float up between the girl’s scissoring legs and disappear up into her hot pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” Marsha groaned loudly, missing a few strokes and nearly going under.

“Let’s get out for a little while,” Donny panted, releasing the tit he had been busily nursing. “I can do a better job of sucking these big tits on dry ground. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Oh, yessss!” Marsha purred.

Donny towed the aroused girl over to the side of the pool and jumped out. He reached down and took Marsha’s hands in his and pulled her up out of the water. As soon as her feet touched the concrete, Donny was helping her into the house, his arm around her naked body, caressing her bouncing tits as they crossed the patio.

Inside the bedroom, Laurel was smiling to herself. She had observed the scene out on the patio and in the pool intently, nursing her own drink as she did so.

Now, in the darkness of her room, Laurel eased out of her own clothes and finished what was left of her drink. The beautiful blonde felt as fucked up from the three drinks she had bought at the bar earlier and the one she had just downed at home as the kids in the front room.

“You like my cock, baby?” Laurel heard her son ask Marsha as she crept down the hall toward the pair in the living room.

“Mmmmm, you have a nice, nice cock for a kid, Donny,” Marsha answered softly.

“How would you like to suck it, honey?” Donny urged the girl. “How would you like to put that sweet mouth of yours on it and lick it a little?”

Laurel felt her pulse quickening as she heard the girl say teasingly: “Well, maybe just a little!”

The voluptuous blonde tiptoed to the end of the hall and peered into the living room. Donny was flat on his back in the middle of the carpeted floor, his prick standing up unwaveringly above his tightening balls. Marsha was kneeling next to the boy, her head hovering close to the tip of his steely prick.

“Oh, yeah, baby, suck it just a little,” Donny was urging her. “Take all of it in your hot mouth!”

Marsha smiled and moved in closer, her lips kissing the head of Donny’s cock lovingly, teasingly. From her vantage point in the hall Laurel could see the girl’s tongue lashing out in between the pecking kisses. The hot, pink snake lapped and caressed the head until it shone with the girl’s warm spittle.

Donny sighed and writhed with need, his slender hips bumping up off the floor in an attempt to sheath his hard prick inside the girl’s teasing mouth. Marsha licked at the thrusting cock, but continued to pull her mouth back just as it looked as if Donny might penetrate her tantalizing lips.

“Pleeese!” the frustrated boy begged, his ass jerking up toward Marsha’s mouth. “Suck it! Suck my cock!”

Marsha laughed at his hungry insistence. The smiling eighteen-year-old planted her lips sensuously against the head of Donny’s swollen cock and kissed it. Slowly, her mouth opened and the girl’s rich, full lips engulfed the youngster’s rock-hard cock.

“Uhhhhhhh!” Donny groaned as he felt the sucking heat of Marsha’s pretty mouth. “Ohhhhhhh, that’s it, baby. That’s the way to suck my prick!”

Marsha kept on coming. She pushed her succulent lips on down Donny’s meaty prick until every throbbing inch of it was crammed up into her mouth and throat. From her hiding place in the hallway, Laurel could see the girl’s tongue tip tickling the scratchy tangle of pubic hair at the base of the boy’s sucked-in cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Marsha growled, her throat vibrating Donny’s prick wildly against her quivering vocal cords.

“JEEEEEEESUS!” Donny wailed, his hips bucking involuntarily once more at the quivering, unexpected thrill Marsha’s throat was giving him.

The brunette kept on humming and began moving her head up and down Donny’s imprisoned cock. Laurel could hear the wet slurping sound the girl’s mouth made as it slid tightly up and down Donny’s saliva-gleaming cock, and it gave the naked blonde shivers of delight. She could see Marsha’s head moving faster and faster on her son’s engorged cock.

The horny blonde let her fingers steal up to her own velvety cunt as she watched her boy being sucked off a few feet away. Laurel found her own pussy steamy and wet as if Marsha’s talented tongue had been laving it instead of Donny’s thudding prick.

With a gentle sigh, the honey-blonde eased a long middle finger up into her own pussy, her eyes never leaving the torrid scene unfolding in front of her. The statuesque older woman swayed up and back, lust overwhelming her, as she nudged her finger in and out of the tight, juicy cunt while watching Marsha’s sweet mouth gobble Donny’s prick. The hot, insistent sucking of the girl’s lips matched perfectly Laurel’s squishing finger thrusts.

“Ohhhhh, maaaaan,” Donny suddenly cried out, grabbing Marsha’s bobbing head by the ears. “I think I’m gonna come, baby! Suck it hard. Just keep on licking and sucking it, you hot bitch!”

Donny was overcome with need. He locked onto Marsha’s tender earlobes and yanked the girl’s tight mouth up and down his ready to shoot prick as fast as he could, moaning and gasping as he thrust up off the floor. The steely six-inch prick buried itself deep in Marsha’s lips with each lunge, the bristly fur at the thick cock’s base obscuring the girl’s nose with each savage penetration.

Marsha didn’t seem to mind her rough treatment one bit. The dark-haired nymph was moaning and gurgling with pleasure as she slid her way up and down the boy’s saliva-slick cock.

Laurel couldn’t wait any longer. The spectacularly built blonde was hunching jerkily up and back, her big tits swaying and bouncing as she sawed her finger in and out of her juicy cunt. Her breath was short and raspy and her cunt felt ready to explode with passion.

The sighing, excited couple on the floor didn’t even see her as Laurel made her way out of the hall and dropped down behind Marsha on the rug. The turned-on mom slid her wet finger up the younger girl’s pussy slit and found it as bubbling hot as her own.

Marsha groaned as the finger caressed her sensitive clit. The little prick was covered with hot, slick fluid and the touch of the other woman was as unexpected as it was perfect as the knowing finger glided across the tender nubbin.

“Urrrrrrrggghhhhh!” Marsha exhaled loudly as Laurel’s touch sent shivers throughout her youthful cunt.

“Mmmmmmmm, surely you children don’t mind if Mama plays, too?” Laurel crooned softly, her finger sluicing up and down slowly in the girl’s seething cunt.

Donny opened his eyes and saw his mom toying with the eighteen-year-old’s pussy. He ran his wide eyes over Laurel’s naked blonde body and smiled, not surprised at all to find her there.

“So, you couldn’t resist joining us after all?” the boy laughed, thrusting himself into Marsha’s hot mouth once more as he spoke. “Did your date fall through?”

Laurel stroked Marsha’s clit teasingly, making the girl squirm and groan with delight. “No, not really,” the blonde smiled mysteriously at her son.

Donny was too worked up by what was happening to his rigid cock inside Marsha’s mouth to answer further. The boy gave a choking gasp and rammed his prick deep into the girl’s throat.

Laurel knew he was just seconds away. She tweaked Marsha’s clit, bringing the hot-cunted girl to an instant boil beneath her experienced fingers.

“Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaah!” Marsha whined as the searing climax tore through her.

Spotters of pussy juice rained down on Laurel’s hand as she fingered the younger girl expertly through the blistering orgasm. The sleek mounds of Marsha’s gyrating ass bounced and wiggled as the torrent of clear, boiling juice oozed out of the clasping pussy.

Laurel watched Donny tremble, then scream, as his own fiery load shot out into Marsha’s wailing throat. The eighteen-year-old gagged at the splattering wads of cream, but her natural instincts saved her. She gulped and swallowed the steamy globs of spunk out of pure reflex, her eyes widening as the salty out pouring slithered down her contracting throat.

The sight inspired Laurel. The blonde seductress dipped her head down behind Marsha’s quivering ass and spread the girl’s knees wide, presenting the little brunette’s sodden cunt to her hungry mouth.

“It’s not right that you should get all the come, dear,” Laurel murmured, thrusting her tongue up into Marsha’s overflowing cunt.

The intrusion of the older woman’s hot tongue into her pussy sent new shock waves of joy through Marsha’s orgasming body. Laurel’s snake-like tongue found the eighteen-year-old’s spasming clit and massaged it greedily.

“Unnnnngh — ulllllp!” Marsha wailed, then gulped as the last gush of Donny’s come spurted down her throat, cutting her moans of ecstasy off.

Laurel paid the girl no mind. She just kept on sucking and licking the jizzing cunt until her own mouth was filled with molten girl juice.

“Oh… oh… oh, Jesus, Mrs. Hutton, I think I’m gonna come again!” Marsha panted, Donny’s deflating prick slipping from her lips.

Laurel turned the unresisting teen over on her back and began eating her pussy in earnest. “I think I can guarantee it, darling.” Laurel paused for a moment and smiled down at the girl, cunt juice streaming from her pretty face. Marsha opened her legs as wide as she could and waited. Laurel took a supple thigh in each hand and spread the girl, her mouth coming down hungrily on the tiny, dark-fringed pussy.

“Guh… gub… guhaaawwwwwd!” Marsha howled as Laurel’s darting tongue rippled over her exposed cunt, then stabbed deep into it.

Laurel was about to show the humping, thrashing teenager what pussy-sucking was all about when she heard the front door open and close. Snapping her head around, the pussy-eating blonde saw Jerry, the pool boy, standing in the entryway, taking in the lewd scene with an appreciative leer.

“Well, this must be the party all right,” the boy said with a grin.

His big hands went for his belt and the zipper on his tight-fitting jeans.


Marsha watched, terrified, as the good-looking boy undid his trousers and pulled off his sweatshirt. The easily embarrassed teenage girl tried to close her legs and cover her bulging tits, but Laurel held the slender thighs open and smiled at her attempts toward modesty.

“Relax, darling,” the stunning blonde advised the girl. “Jerry is a friend of mine — as good a friend of mine as my son is of yours. Old fucking buddies, you might say. We’re all going to get better acquainted tonight. We’re all going to learn more about sharing and not being jealous.”

“Oh, nooooo! Not me!” Marsha assured the older woman, really trying to get free now.

Laurel was as muscular as she was lithe and attractive. She held on to Marsha’s struggling legs and pinned the girl to the carpet as easily as she had held Donny down and tied him the time she had whipped him into submission.

“Stop that, you little minx,” Laurel demanded. “You know you want it. You’re one of the hottest little cunts I’ve ever seen, so just stop playing hard to get!”

Jerry finished undressing and came over to help. The dark-haired girl’s eyes grew large again as she saw the size and length of Jerry’s prick as it flopped, half-erect, against his thigh when he crossed the room.

“What do you want me to do, Laurel?” Jerry asked, looking down lustfully at the twisting brunette.

“I want you to fuck the shit out of this hot little bitch,” Laurel answered curtly. “Her pussy’s already as wet as can be from me eating her. All you have to do is get that beautiful prick of yours hard and jam it in!”

“My pleasure,” Jerry murmured, noting Marsha’s plump, full tits and her slender legs.

“No! No, I… I don’t think I want to dooooo this!” Marsha protested, wriggling hard again.

Jerry dropped to his knees in the soft carpet and held the girl’s shoulders to the floor as easily as Laurel pinned her legs. He smiled at the frightened brunette and bent low over her heaving tits.

“These little beauties look tasty as hell,” the horny pool cleaner sighed, kissing both of the hot, pink tits.

“Nuuuuuhhh!” Marsha moaned loudly, but her jerking attempts to wrest herself free subsided noticeably.

Jerry opened his mouth and sucked Marsha’s left nipple. His tongue made rapid indentations against the side of his cheek as he swirled it again and again across the girl’s sensitive nub.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Marsha sighed, the tension draining out of her taut body.

“Mmmmm, it looks like you’re getting her, Jerry,” Laurel said admiringly. “Just keep on sucking and you’ll be riding her cunt in no time.”

Marsha shut her eyes at that statement but made no further attempt to dislodge Jerry. The voluptuous young girl settled back onto the carpet and let her legs relax in Laurel’s grasp.

“Donny, darling, why don’t you lay down here on the other side of Marsha and take care of her other tit?” Laurel asked her motionless son. “I’m sure Marsha would find that just marvelous, having both tits sucked at the same time while I eat her juicy little cunt, don’t you think?”

Donny had been watching what was going on intently, but until now he had shown no inclination to join in. Now that Laurel had invited him, he wasted no time in sliding down off the chair he had been sitting on and taking his place on the other side of the reclining girl.

Marsha seemed to know that there was no point in fighting it now. She lay spread-eagled on the carpet, Donny and Jerry on either side of her, sucking and licking at her tender tits, while Laurel lay between her open legs, lapping gently, knowingly at her exposed pussy slit.

The feelings those three hot mouths caused became overwhelming almost immediately. Marsha moaned and put her arms around the boys’ necks, drawing their warm, suctioning lips in tighter on her throbbing tits. The little teenager let the last of her resistance drain away. Her shapely ass began rolling up and back on the cushiony carpet, her wet cunt mashing open against Laurel’s questing tongue.

“Unnnnngggggh-ohhhhhhhhh!” Marsha murmured hotly, way down in her throat, as the slithering tongue shot up inside her and the boys nursed hungrily at her firm tits.

Laurel felt a wave of slick, super-heated cunt oil flow out of the girl’s pussy as Marsha moaned. The pussy-hungry blonde sucked the boiling love-honey down and lapped gently at the teen’s, excited clit.

“Eeeeee! Ohhh, God, you three are driving me crazeeeeeEEEEE!” Marsha screamed. Laurel’s lips suddenly clamped down hard on the tiny clit and began to suck.

Her pretty face awash in a sea of cunt juice, Laurel raised her head briefly to observe the boys’ mad tonguing. They were lashing and sucking at Marsha’s tits like a pair of starving babies. Marsha’s flat little stomach was rippling with excitement and her breath was coming in short, ragged gasps.

Laurel knew that just a few swipes of her own tongue would send the writhing teenage girl over the top to a screaming, searing orgasm. But that wasn’t what Laurel wanted, not right now.

The scheming blonde tickled the younger girl’s clit lightly with just the tip of her tongue. Marsha whined and thrust her burning clit forward, trying to get Laurel to suck it hard.

“Eat me!” Marsha squealed in a frenzy of illicit desire. “Suck my cunt. Lick it! Lick it hard… the way you… you know I need it!”

Laurel teased the passion-drugged girl even more, a cruel little smile etched on her beautiful face. Gently, like a butterfly landing on a flower, Laurel kissed the hot pussy until new gushes of cunt oil were flowing in stream out of it. The exquisite little ass beat helplessly against the floor and all Marsha could do was gurgle and moan for more.

“Now, darlings,” Laurel panted, pulling her lips from the molten pussy. “Which one of you would like to fuck this hot little pussy?”

Laurel looked at the firm, throbbing cock that lay beside her head on Marsha’s belly. She smiled up at Jerry, the pulsing cock’s tit-gobbling owner.

“How about you, stud?” Laurel whispered sexily, bending close to the boy’s engorged, thudding-with-excitement prick. “How would you like to get this big mutha’ right inside my little friend’s boiling cunt?”

With that, Laurel sucked the tip of Jerry’s burning cock into her own cunt oil slick lips.

The ravishing blonde let her head glide up and down the excited boy’s fat cock a few times, until it shone with her saliva and the younger girl’s slippery juices.

“There, that ought to be wet enough to slide in just about anywhere you want to put it!” Laurel winked up at Jerry, then turned her head to the other side of Marsha’s heaving belly.

Donny’s hard prick greeted his mother’s mouth there. The sight of Laurel eating Marsha while Donny and Jerry had sucked the reluctant brunette’s tits had more than revived Donny’s recently satisfied desire. His cock stood out firm and ready.

Laurel wasted no time in making sure that her son’s cock remained that way. The voluptuous older woman dove on the boy’s prick, forcing it deep in her willing throat as she cooed and sucked with undisguised delight.

Donny groaned and worked his hips forward, spearing every last millimeter of his stiff cock inside his mother’s eagerly sucking mouth. Her tongue swirled and lapped at the swollen flesh, basting it with her own hot spittle and the residue of Marsha’s super-slick cunt juice.

“Fuck her, baby?” Laurel panted, pulling her lips reluctantly from her boy’s prick.

“Fuck her right in the pussy. It’s what she wants, isn’t it, Marsha, dear?”

Laurel tickled the younger girl’s clit expertly with a fingertip. A wave of clear, hot girl oil shot out of the little brunette’s already sopping cunt hole. Laurel kept up the teasing pressure, just enough to excite to a frenzy, not enough to make the tortured teenager come.

“Isn’t it, darling?” Laurel repeated in a whisper. “Isn’t my boy’s hard, thick cock just what your little cunt wants?”

Marsha held off for a few heartbeats, resisting. She didn’t want to say the words Laurel wasted to hear, that was plain.

But Laurel’s finger on the girl’s clit was relentless. The blonde vixen tickled and teased and built the young girl to the edge of a blistering climax, then withdrew her fingertip from the panting, writhing girl’s reach.

“Isn’t it?”

Marsha moaned. “Yesssssss! Oh, God, yes. I want to fuck! I want a cock, a finger, a tongue. Oh, dear God, yes, I want… I want to… to commmme!”

Laurel smiled in victory. She nodded to Donny.

“On your back, darling,” she instructed the boy. “Let Marsha climb on and ease her pussy down on top of your cock. You’ll enjoy it more that way, you’ll see.”

Donny obeyed quickly, his prick whipping straight and hard above his balls as he flopped onto the carpet next to Marsha on his back. Jerry and Laurel let the girl free and smiled at each other knowingly as she scrambled up onto her knees and crawled straight for the younger boy’s waggling prick. She wasted no time in straddling his lithe body and centering the hot plug of cock head right in the middle of her simmering cunt.

“Oh, screw me, you little fucker!” Marsha whined as she flung her clasping pussy down on the boy’s up-turned prick. “Fuck me for all you’re worth. Jesus, do I need to get off!”

Marsha whipped her beautiful little ass up and down on the boy’s cock like a mad woman. Her cunt ate the throbbing prick hungrily again and again as Marsha moaned and gasped with pleasure at each thrilling plunge.

Jerry watched the action with obvious approval for a minute or so, his own engorged prick becoming even more full as he observed the lust-driven couple. His eyes seemed to burn a hole in Marsha’s quivering ass cheeks as they rode and jiggled up and down.

“You were sure right, Laurel,” the fascinated teen growled, his voice gruff with arousal. “That is one piece of ass I’d gladly wait for!”

The horny pool cleaner moved up behind the wildly hunching brunette, kneeling between the girl’s splayed-open legs. He guided the tip of his still glistening cock up to the very entrance of the eighteen-year-old’s puckered asshole.

“A little grease never hurts,” Jerry muttered, shoving a couple of fingers full of his own slippery spittle up into the unsuspecting girl’s asshole before pushing his cock up against the tender opening.

“Ugghhh! Oooh! Whaaa?” Marsha wailed as the hot fluid filled her asshole.

The enraptured, gliding girl was silent after a moment, obviously deciding that she liked the feel of the warm liquid up her ass, and the pressure of the super-heated prick resting against her tight little asshole. The pretty, dark-haired girl sighed and began humping again, her trim ass grounding up against the hot cock a little more firmly with each stroke. Jerry’s eyes grew wide with satisfaction. All the big teenager had to do was keep his hard prick pushed tightly up against the clasping asshole and Marsha’s own frantic fuck movements were driving it up inside her. The girl mewled and grunted and kept on pushing, just like she couldn’t wait to get more of Jerry’s long cock up into her virgin ass.

“OHHHHH!” Marsha suddenly groaned, as the mushroom-like head of Jerry’s big prick abruptly popped through her tight asshole. “Oh, dear God, it’s… it’s going up inside me! It’s going in… back there!”

Jerry laughed, clearly enjoying the girl’s surprise and dismay. It was obvious he liked fucking a girl’s asshole whether she wanted it or not. Maybe he even liked it a little better if she didn’t!

“Ugh!” the boy grimaced as he took both of Marsha’s sumptuous ass cheeks in hand and lunged forward.

Half of Jerry’s long, thick cock disappeared up into the unwilling teenager’s ass. Marsha screamed and dug her nails into the carpet. She bucked, trying to dislodge the humping boy, but her frenzied thrashing only succeeded in driving another inch of cock into her abused ass.

“N-Noooooo!” Marsha pleaded. “Nuh… not… not up thereee!”

Jerry laughed and rammed all his prick into the protesting girl’s asshole. He didn’t stop until his balls were resting against the spot where Donny’s cock rode deep in Marsha’s cunt.

“Oh, oh, man, that feels wild!” Donny shouted as the other boy’s cock glided past his, separated only by the thin membrane of the girl’s pussy wall.

“You know it!” Jerry sighed. “Let’s fuck her together, kid. Let’s really get our cocks going in this hot little bitch!”

Marsha groaned. “No! No, you can’t do it at the same time! You’ll rip me apart. You’ll kill meeeeeee!”

The girl screamed as both boys pulled their impaling cocks nearly free, then drove them back in at the same time. The girl’s speared body convulsed and shook as if she was being knifed in the lower belly.

Jerry and the younger boy didn’t stop. Again and again, they lanced their bludgeoning cocks into the defenseless girl, lifting her body upward as they fucked her hard and deep.

“Ummm, unggh, ohhh, ohhhhh, Gawwd!” Marsha moaned and bawled as their pricks tore up into her.

“Jesus, baby, what an ass you got!” Jerry gasped, grabbing the girl’s tits like hand holds. He bent Marsha over and really started to give it to her like a steam engine, chug-chug-chug, right up her gripping ass.


Marsha bellowed, the big cock pummeling out a steady beat up her ass while Donny sawed his fireplug cock relentlessly in and out of her gushing pussy.

The intensity or the younger girl’s scream brought Laurel out of her own sexual trance. The honey-blonde had been toying with her own pussy and tits, mesmerized by the show the three teenagers had been putting on just in front of her on the rug.

Laurel started to caution the boys, afraid that they might be doing permanent damage to the pretty brunette. But then she noticed the slight up-turn on Marsha’s lips, the way the girl was almost imperceptibly moving backward now to meet Jerry’s hot thrusts up her ass, the eager jerk of the youthful thighs downward onto Donny’s up-drilling cock.

Reaching out, Laurel entwined her fingers around the girl’s dark locks and drew her off to one side, toward herself. The elegant blonde threw her legs over her son’s chest and pulled Marsha’s head down lower.

“SO, you’re enjoying it now, aren’t you, darling?” Laurel whispered to the younger woman. “Well, eat me. Eat my pussy so I can enjoy it too! Come on, you know you want to. Why not just give in, give in and do it all!”

Marsha was too turned-on to care. Without even answering, the pretty teenager’s tongue dived into Laurel’s offered cunt. The little brunette’s tongue was everywhere on Laurel’s pussy slit at once. Lapping at the inflamed clit, delving inside the juicy lips, tickling wildly, excitedly at the hairy mouth, toying with the puckered asshole below Laurel’s seething cunt, Marsha’s tongue went everywhere as the two boys gave Marsha’s wriggling ass more fucking than she had ever imagined possible.

“Oh, oh, fuck, yesss! Eat me. Eat me just like that!” Laurel whined in ecstasy. “Suck my pussy and we’ll all come together!”

Jerry groaned and shoved his cock into Marsha. “Together!” he grunted, sweating with the effort of ass fucking the gorgeous eighteen-year-old. “Together!”

“Together,” Donny sighed from beneath Marsha’s flailing, grinding body. “Oh, yeah, man, let’s get off together!”

“Suck it! Suck my hot clit!” Laurel screamed with joy as the girl’s nursing lips tugged hungrily at her swollen clit. “Oh, oh, Jesus, together!”

Marsha was crying, tears of utter bliss flowing down her pretty cheeks as she sucked at Laurel’s boiling cunt. She was chanting “together, together” with the other three, burbling the word happily up into the older woman’s pussy as she kissed and licked and sucked.

“Can’t… can’t wait too much more!” Donny suddenly shrieked, his body going stiff as a two-by-four.

“You… you ain’t alone, kid!” Jerry gasped, sinking his fiery prick deep in Marsha’s wiggling ass and holding her jerking hips tightly. “This little bitch is gonna suck the come right out of me with her hot ass!”

“Can’t… hold… baaaaack!” Donny howled, the first spurt of come splashing up into Marsha’s feverishly clutching cunt.

“UMMMMMMMMM!” Marsha gave a throaty growl up into Laurel’s pussy as the heated jizz filled her.

“Jesus! Jesus, is she ever comin’!” Jerry cried out, the frenzied contractions in Marsha’s ass holding his sunken cock like a velvet vise.

The greedy suction was too much for the horny pool cleaner. With a roar of ecstasy, Jerry unloaded a huge spurt of cream right up into Marsha’s ass.

The second wave of lava-hot come cascading into her was almost too much for the climaxing brunette to stand. Marsha clamped down hard on Laurel’s quivering clit and held on as the boys emptied their balls into her in one searing blast after another.

“Guh… Gawwwwwddddd!” Laurel choked as the teenager’s out of control sucking nearly tore her clit free.

The power of the lapping tongue and the fiercely suctioning lips sent Laurel’s head spinning. A rainbow of fiery come sensations flashed through the climaxing blonde. Rich vibrant colors throbbed before Laurel’s closed eyes, and her pussy jerked and spasmed uncontrollably around Marsha’s eager tongue.

“Come! Come. Oh, eat my come with your hot little mouth. Swallow it, you hungry little cunt!” Laurel begged Marsha as the steamy fluid rolled out in clasping waves.

Marsha did just that. The turned-on teenager lapped at Laurel’s contracting pussy until the heady, succulent juice stopped flowing. The pretty eighteen-year-old kept her face buried in the wet pinkness until the boys’ balls were finished pumping their searing juice into her and all of Laurel’s lush girl cream was gone.

The spent foursome stayed entwined until breath came back to their panting lungs. Slowly, Laurel pulled her lips back from Marsha’s kissing mouth. Jerry eased his soft prick out of the young girl’s tight ass sheath.

“God, baby, that was choice,” Jerry sighed, patting Marsha on the ass.

The girl sighed and pulled her ass up higher, as if seeking his touch as his hand drew away. The action on her part tugged Donny’s limp cock from her sucking pussy lips.

Laurel watched as the first slippery curds of her son’s come dripped from the other girl’s pussy. There was something incredibly erotic about the way the thick, gooey male sex cream flowed out of the beautiful teenager’s pouting cunt. It made the juices begin to flow anew in Laurel’s own recently satisfied pussy as she watched it.

Marsha looked down and saw the older beauty eyeing her sopping cunt. The youngster’s big tits gave an involuntary heave of renewed excitement.

Wordlessly, the small brunette disengaged herself from Donny and Jerry and lay back in the center of the room on her back. The aroused teen gave Laurel a hopeful smile and opened her legs wide.

Laurel was looking right down the girl’s spread pussy. The sex-hungry blonde felt her heart poundng faster as she eyed the pudding-like mass of cock cream oozing out of the little teen’s cunt.

Getting up onto her knees, Laurel crawled over her son and made her way to Marsha.

Unable to take her eyes off the other girl’s gooey treasure, Laurel positioned herself over the dark-haired girl’s face in a classic 69.

“Suck me again, baby,” she urged the younger girl. “Eat me real good while I clean you all up with my hot tongue!”

Laurel’s hot mouth came down on Marsha’s cunt and the girl whimpered with delight. In a matter of seconds, Marsha’s fingers were digging in to Laurel’s exquisite ass cheeks, pulling Laurel’s glistening cunt down onto her own up-turned mouth.

The feel of the girl’s willing, wanton mouth on her cunt coupled with the taste of her son’s spunk sucked fresh from Marsha’s juicy cleft sent a shiver of ecstasy through Laurel. The radiant blonde ground her pussy down against the eagerly lapping tongue and buried her own mouth between the smallish, sperm-smeared cunt lips. She wanted to suck every last drop of the salty cream from the groaning, licking girl’s pussy.

“Jesus! Look at her eat it right out of her pussy!” Jerry whispered in awe from somewhere behind Laurel. “What a hot pair of bitches, kid. What fuckin’ we got in store for us!”

“Yeah, just look at ’em go!” Donny agreed in the same horny, bedazzled tone.

Laurel smiled inwardly and kept on eating, her passion growing by the minute. They were young boys, always ready to shoot a new load into a willing cunt. In just a few minutes, the soaring blonde congratulated herself, the two lusty teens would be hard again, ready to jam their greedy young pricks into Marsha and her again… and again.

This was what she had needed all along, Laurel told herself breathlessly, this kind of rapid-fire, no-holds-barred kind of fucking.

Through all of the one-night stands before Donny’s father had found her out and left, through all of the guys she had fucked her way through since the divorce — this was the kind of screwing she needed to keep her happy and home at night. The kind only young boys could give her!

Laurel’s heart felt like bursting with joy because it was happening. Even as she was coming, pumping her hot juices down Marsha’s hungry, accepting mouth, Laurel knew that this was only the beginning.

Marsha and Jerry were only the start. Both of them would have lots of pretty, fiercely horny teenage friends. And all of them would be more than glad to meet Laurel and Donny, once they went to a party like this — Laurel was [missing text].

As if to second her notion, the panting housewife felt something round and hot and hard poking at her asshole at that very instant. Laurel looked back over her shoulder to see Donny on his knees behind her. His thick, fat cock was rock-hard and ready and pointed right up her ass.

“Oh, do it, darling,” she sighed as if in a dream. “Do it to Mama. Put it right up her ass and fuck her right to heaven!”

Laurel smiled and put her head down in Marsha’s gushing cunt and began licking. She closed her eyes, satisfied.

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