Niece Going Down

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of swinging and illicit sex. All in the spirit of good clean fun. But where does the fun stop and degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as a pattern for their own life style what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of one family in one neighborhood in one city, Anywhere, U.S.A. It is startling as a mirror of away of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, for them it is the norm.

The norm… For the Lowell family, yes. And how many other families like them?

NIECE GOING DOWN — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society a food for serious thought.


Taffy Lowell stared at her naked body in the full-length mirror. She pouted, wishing her small budding tits were bigger and that the silky blonde hair that decorated her virgin pussy was thicker.

“Damn!” she muttered, turning around to gaze at her round, firm ass.

Glancing over her shoulder at her reflection, her wide innocent blue eyes critically stared at her lithe body and the slight swell of her hips.

“Shit, I don’t even have any curves. Fuck,” she moaned, facing the mirror again.

She rubbed her small plump tits, squeezing them together to make them appear larger. The pink nipples swelled immediately under her touch. She kneaded her tits, her slim hips moving.

“God, I wish I were older,” she whined. She spread her legs, her hands skimming down her sizzling flesh to her virgin pussy. Hot frothy pussy-cream greeted her fingers as she dipped them between her thighs and slid them up through her pussy.

“Oooooo, shit, I wanna get fucked so bad.” Finding her clit, she rubbed it, her eyes closed, an image of her handsome uncle filling her lust-sopped mind. “Unnnn, Uncle Martin,” she sighed. “I want your cock.”

Opening her eyes wide, a look of determination swept across her sweet, innocent, face. “I’m gonna make him fuck me,” she vowed. “And I’d better hurry before Aunt Lois comes back from shopping.”

Quickly, she grabbed the soft terry shorts off the bed and pulled them up her long slender legs.

“No panties,” she giggled as the hot pink terry shorts clung deliciously to her slim hips and soft ass.

She picked up the matching top and dropped it over her head of thick blonde hair.

“No bra either.”

Slipping into a pair of high heels, she paraded back to the mirror to check her appearance.

She saw the hard pointed tips of her sensitive nipples jabbing against her terry top. “At least he’ll know I’m hot,” she giggled nervously. Her heart skipped a beat as she hurried out of the bedroom and headed for the stairs.

“Hi, Uncle Martin,” Taffy whispered hotly as she came into the front room of the house.

Martin leered at his niece. She had been staying with them for three days and for three days he had suffered with a hard-on. Even while he was fucking Lois all he thought about was Taffy and her blonde virgin pussy.

“Hi, baby,” he said, the lust for his niece evident in his voice. “Your aunt’s shopping.”

Taffy winked. “I know.” She felt his horny gaze and it made her tingle.

Martin leered at her, his eyes focusing on the crotch of her shorts where it dug between the folds of her virgin pussy. His eyes lifted and fasted on the pointed nipples of her tits jabbing against the terry top, screaming to be pinched. He squirmed in his chair, his cock aching in the tight confines of his pants.

Taffy shivered under his lustful glance. It made her blood boil. “Why don’t I make you a nice drink, Uncle Martin?” she purred, jutting her tits out as she took a deep breath. “I always make Daddy’s drinks at home.”

Martin’s mouth, dried up. He nodded. “Make it a stiff one,” he said, his voice raspy with desire for his niece.

Taffy shivered, knowing the stiff one she wanted — it was right between her uncle’s legs! Swaying her hips, the cheeks of her pert ass sticking out from under the tight shorts, she walked to the bar. She felt his eyes on her ass and it made her knees weak. With shaky hands she dropped ice in a glass then poured Scotch over it.

“Here you go, Uncle Martin,” she cooed.

She bent over and smiled as she set the glass on the table. She was sure he could see down her top and when she glanced up, she caught him ogling her tits. It sent a hot spasm through her pussy.

All kinds of thoughts raced through Martin’s mind. The girl was definitely trying to turn him on. “Why don’t you sit next to me?” he said, glancing at the clock, calculating how long Lois would be gone.

Taffy gave him her hottest smile. “I’d rather sit on your lap.” Her pink tongue flicked out over her lips. “Daddy doesn’t like me sitting on his lap. He thinks I’m too old.”

Martin let out his breath in a whoosh. “C’mon. You’re never too old to sit on your uncle’s lap.”

He patted his thighs, his cock throbbing in his pants. If his niece wanted to play, he’d go along with her — maybe even give her something to worry about. A lewd grin swept over his face.

Quivering, Taffy sat on his lap, leaning into him as he sipped his drink. Her heart was pounding in her throat and her virgin pussy was contracting wildly. She squirmed, a shuddering sigh trapped in her throat.

Martin groaned as her soft ass mashed against his aching prick. He took another gulp on his drink as she squirmed again.

“Mmmmmm, this is nice,” she cooed, draping an arm around his neck.

She rested her head on his shoulder and pulled at her shorts. The crotch was digging into her cunt and rubbing against her exposed, blood-filled clit. Accidentally, her fingers brushed over her uncle’s cock and she quickly moved her hand away, her cheeks flushing a bright pink.

Martin polished off his drink. His niece’s ass was fabulous against his prick. He wanted to grab her, carry her upstairs to bed and ravage her body. He grit his teeth. She was his brother’s daughter.

“Maybe you’ll find a boyfriend while you’re staying with us,” Martin said, trying to keep his desire out of his voice.

“I don’t know,” Taffy said wistfully. “Boys are so immature.”

She squirmed her ass and moved her thighs apart, just an inch so his cock could be comfortable against her crotch. She gulped, feeling it throb, and at the same time praying that it would soon be buried deep in her virgin pussy.

“You like real men, huh?” Martin said with a grin.

Taffy’s cheeks burned red. She snuggled close, crunching down on his cock as she pressed a soft plump tit into his arm. “I think men can make a girl happier than a boy,” she cooed.

The vein in Martin’s temple was throbbing. The girl was going to bust his cock if she didn’t stop squirming. He felt the softness of her tit against his arm and the sweet scent of her body. It had his head reeling.

“DO you think I’m sexy enough for a man?” she asked, breathing her hot breath on his neck.

“You’re sexy enough for anyone,” he said, his hands itching to grab the soft meat of her tits. He put his arm around her, his balls beginning to ache. “You won’t have any trouble getting anyone you want.”

She sighed and flicked her tongue out, the tip brushing against her uncle’s ear. “I think you’re sexy, Uncle Martin. Real sexy.” She squirmed, knew she was driving him crazy. If only she could make him fuck her!

Martin was finding it almost impossible to keep his hands off his horny niece. If she was playing at being a prick-teaser, she was messing with the wrong guy.

Taffy ran her tongue into his ear and rubbed her tit into his arm. Feeling his cock throb against her crotch was causing tiny spasms to erupt deep in her virgin pussyhole.

“Am I sexy enough for you?”

Martin groaned as his prick stiffen beneath her twisting body. “If you weren’t my brother’s daughter…” He didn’t bather finishing his sentence. She was driving him crazy!

Taffy lifted her head, her, ass constantly moving against the throbbing bulge in his pants. A hot smile spread across her flushed innocent face. She knew the end of his sentence and she intended to make him take her pussy whether he was her uncle or not.

She opened her mouth and brought her hungry lips to his. Her tongue darted out, snaking into his mouth. She hummed, twisting on his lap. “Kissing you is great.” She ground her ass down on his cock. “Did you like it?”

“Yeah, but Christ, Taffy!” His insides were beginning to churn. She was going to wind up with more than she bargained for if she kept that up.

Taffy was trembling. “It’s okay for me to kiss you like that, isn’t it?” she asked, her eyes wide with innocence.

Martin couldn’t speak. He shook his head, unable to find the words.

Taffy sensed his lust and took advantage, of it. She plastered her eager lips to his again, her tongue swishing through his mouth. She felt his raging hard-on throbbing against her crotch and she wiggled down, wishing it were buried up inside her pussy. Keeping her mouth fused to his, she held his face, caressing his neck and combing her fingers through his hair. Martin couldn’t keep his desire under control any longer. He crushed her body against his. His hips jerked and his cock ached to be jabbing between her hot thighs and into her virgin cunthole. His hands covered her back, kneading her lithe body as she pressed tightly against him.

Taffy melted into his arms, her quivering body sizzling with desire. Eagerly, she kissed him, her tongue exploring his sucking mouth. She moaned, showering his face with hot urgent kisses. She kissed his neck, cars, then swept her hot mouth back over his face, sucking and whimpering as he rubbed her back and held her crushed in his arms.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Martin,” she gasped. Her face was flushed and her wide innocent blue eyes glimmered with, a growing lust. Trembling, she brought her mouth back to his feasting on his lips as she squirmed on his cock, the throbbing prickmeat keeping her virgin pussy constantly pulsing.

Martin’s head was spinning. Taffy had him crazy. He jerked her away from his mouth, his breathing ragged, his face tight with emotion. In a moment of sanity, he brought himself under control.

“You gotta cut this shit out,” he said hoarsely. “You don’t know what could happen.”

Taffy knew and she smiled as she climbed off his lap. She stared down at the bulge in his pants and shivered. “What could happen, Uncle Martin?” she purred innocently.

From lust-glazed eyes, Martin stared at his hot sexy niece. “You better go out until your aunt comes home,” he said, fighting his urge to fuck her.

Legs spread, Taffy stood in front of him. She was tingling all over. She wanted his cock and intended to have it. “Would you like to see me naked, Uncle Martin?” She swayed in front of him. “I look real sexy when I don’t have any clothes on.”

Martin groaned deep in his throat. There was no way he was going to say no to her suggestion.

Panting softly, and having her uncle’s undivided attention, Taffy slipped her top over her head. As she tossed it on the floor, she heard her uncle suck in his breath. She skimmed her hands up over her flesh then shook her tits, the nipples sticking out, swollen and eager for her uncle’s mouth.

“They’re not big like Aunt Lois’, but do you like them?”

Martin groaned again, his eyes riveted to his niece’s beautiful tits. They were small, nothing at all like Lois’, but they were perfectly shaped and creamy white, capped with pink. His mouth dried up and a muscle at the corner of his tense mouth began to twitch.

“I’ve never shown my titties to anyone before,” she cooed. “I like it. It makes me hot. Does it get you hot, too?”

Martin nodded, devouring her budding tits with his eyes, wanting to devour them with his mouth. “They’re gorgeous,” he rasped.

A hot smile spread across Taffy’s face. Her cunt was on fire and her knees were trembling. “You wanna see my pussy?”

Martin nodded. There was no way in hell he would have said no.

Taffy saw the desire in his eyes and it made her cream. She stuck out her tits, the nipples feeling as if they were going to burst as she slipped her fingers into the elastic of her shorts.

With lust running rampant through her virgin body, she slid her shorts down over her slim hips, baring the silky hair of her overheated pussy. Jiggling her hips, the action making her tits sway, her shorts melted down her legs and gathered around her ankles. She stepped out of them, posing naked, her high heels making her legs look even longer.

“Do I look good?” she purred, jutting out a hip.

Martin brought his hand to his crotch and rubbed the aching meat of his prick through his pants. He stared, sweeping his lust-filled eyes over her naked flesh. She was perfect! He groaned, his mouth watering for her pussy.

Taffy turned around, exhibiting her pert ass for his approval. “Daddy’s always patting my ass,” she giggled as she rocked her hips and bent over, “but he’s never seen it like this.”

Martin drooled as he ogled her ass and long legs. He could see her ass crack and the pink gash of her wet, virgin pussy. At this moment, he wanted her more than anything in the world.

Taffy turned around and saw his desire. It matched her own. “I’m so hot, Uncle Martin. The way you’re looking at me makes my pussy all mushy.”

Her head was spinning and all she could think about was the bulge in his pants and what she wanted to do with it. Dropping to the floor, she kicked off her shoes and crawled between his legs, placing her hand on his crotch.

“Let me see your prick,” she whispered hotly.

Martin groaned. “Go ahead, Taffy.” He stared at her as she rubbed the palm of her hand slowly over his bulging cock. “Take it out.”

Quaking with a passion that was growing more intense by the second, Taffy tugged the zipper down. She groped inside his pants until her fingers touched the hard, hot meat of her uncle’s prick.

She gasped as she lugged out his giant cock. “Ooooo, Uncle Martin. It’s so big and thick!”

Martin jerked as her fingers curled around the fat throbbing shaft of his cock. “What are you goin to do now?” he rasped. His hips squirmed as her fingers glided slowly up and down his cockshaft.

“I wanna do everything with it, Uncle Martin.”

She licked her lips, her mouth inches away from the spongy head of his prick. She leered at her first prick, seeing how the veins ran through his prickshaft. She squeezed, feeling the blood surge through his hard steel-beamed prick.

“Ununun, Uncle Martin. I’m gonna lick it and kiss it, and suck t.” She lifted her eyes to his face and watched as his mouth curled up into a lewd smile.

“Go ahead, Taffy,” he said, his voice coated with lust. “Do whatever you want with it.” His groin was tight and his balls were swollen. “Enjoy it, baby.”

“I will,” she panted breathlessly. She blew her hot breath over the bloated head of his cock as her fingers lightly stroked the fat throbbing prickshaft.

“Unnnnn, Taffy,” Martin groaned. “Jesus.”

Hearing her uncle say her name like he just did sent shivers up and down her spine. She brought her lips to his cock and gave the fat spongy tip a wet noisy kiss.

Spasms ripped through her cunt the moment her lips came in contact with his prick. She kissed it again, her uncle’s soft, urgent groans making her quiver with passion.

“Suck it, Taffy,” he said, his voice rough. “Put it in your mouth and suck it.”

Taffy parted her lips and sucked the bloated head of his cock into her mouth. She began to shake uncontrollably. She swirled her tongue over his cockhead, her fingers still gliding up and down his prickshaft.

Martin moaned as the heat of her eager mouth sent shock waves down his shaft to the cum churning in his balls. His body was tight and it took all of his willpower to keep from lunging up and spearing her throat.

“Suck it, Taffy. Put some more in your mouth.”

“Yesssss,” she moaned, her mouth coming off his prick. “Let me get your pants off first. I don’t want anything getting in the way.” With his help, they quickly had him stripped from the waist down.

Taffy moaned as she stared at his giant cock and huge balls. She caressed his nuts, watching them contract under her feathery touch. Using her nail, she traced a path up his long throbbing cockshaft.

“Use your mouth, Taffy,” Martin moaned, desperately wanting his niece’s mouth back on his cock. “Put it in your mouth.”

Taffy snaked out her tongue and slithered it up the length of his cockshaft until every hard throbbing inch was wet with her spit. Spreading his legs more, she used her tongue on his swollen balls, coating them with warm, drooling spit. Completely soaked, she lifted her head, her eyes bright with desire.

“Did you like that?”

Martin nodded. “In your mouth, Taffy. Suck it!”

“Yes, Uncle Martin,” she purred. “I’ll do anything you want.” She paused and licked her lips. “Anything.”

She brought her hungry mouth to his cock, bringing the bloated head between her lips. She sucked as the fat head of his prick brushed against the roof of her mouth. His groans were filling her head as she sucked his cockhead and stroked his throbbing cockshaft.

“Unnnnn, Taffy,” Martin groaned. The heat of her mouth was driving him crazy. “Eat it, baby. Unnnnnn… suck it.”

Holding the thick base of his prick, Taffy eased her mouth forward, the head of his cock gliding along the roof of her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Breathing through her nose, she paused. Her pussy was sopping wt and all she could think about was taking his prick all the way into her mouth then into her pussy.

“Don’t stop,” Martin groaned, his hips jerking. “Suck it!”

Forcing herself not to gag, she pushed forward, taking the bulbous head of his cock into her throat. It was fantastic and her head began to spin. She sucked, her tongue swishing back and forth across the sensitive underside of his throbbing cock.

Martin was out of his mind. He lurched up, driving his cock into his niece’s throat. He beard her gag and felt her teeth sink into his prickshaft. He lunged again, then dropped back in the chair groaning as she sucked and licked frantically on his aching cock.

“Unnnnn, Taffy, unnnnn!”

Gasping, her throat stretched wide, Taffy inched his prick into her gullet until her clinging lips touched her fingers. She took away her hand and plunged down, taking the rest of his prick into her mouth.

“Aghhhh,” Martin groaned, his prick trapped in her tight throat and hot, sucking mouth. “Unnnnnn, Taffy. You got it!” He twisted on the chair, his prick throbbing violently in her mouth.

Caressing his groin and thighs, she held him deep in her throat, his cockhair tickling her nose, the head of his prick almost reaching into her belly. Her heart was pounding. Her first blow-job and she had taken every hard wonderful inch of his prick. She gurgled, her pussy pulsing, oozing out a steady flow of virgin cuntjuice as he throbbed in her mouth and gullet.

Eagerly as her uncle groaned with pleasure, she slowly lifted her head, her hips clinging to his prick until her teeth banged against the ridge of his bell-shaped cockhead. She sucked, then lowered her head again, taking him back into her throat. She repeated it, her uncle’s groans growing louder as his prick swelled even larger in her mouth.

She used her tongue, whipping it across his cockshaft as she slowly fucked her face with his prick. She sucked, then began to gently gnaw on his rock-hard cockshaft. The action of her teeth made her uncle twitch.

“Ahhhhh, Taffy,” Martin groaned. “Suck it! Suck it!” He lunged up, meeting her mouth. “Unnnnn, baby. Chew it up.”

Eager to please, Taffy threw herself wildly into sucking her uncle’s cock. She bobbed her head frantically up and down his cockshaft, her spit drooling from his lips, soaking his cockhair and dribbling down over his cum crammed nuts. She sucked and whipped her tongue along his throbbing prickmeat, chewing on the steel-hard cockshaft. Her nails raked his thighs and tight groin as her head bobbed faster and faster on his bloated prick.

“Baby!” Martin roared, lunging up from the chair. “Unnnnn, Taffy!” He jabbed at her face, his ass hammering the cushion of the chair. “Unnnnn.”

Taffy pulled her mouth off his cock. Her face was red, spit dribbling from her panting mouth. “Cum in my mouth, Uncle Martin,” she gasped. “Let me drink your cum.”

“Yeah, baby.” He reached down, grabbed her blonde hair and brought her hot mouth back to his cock. “Suck it and I’ll cream.”

Like a vulture, Taffy gobbled up her uncle’s prick. She took him to his balls and swooned, the thought of him cuming in her mouth making her cream. She sucked, her noisy slurps blending with her uncle’s groans of pleasure. She used her tongue, his groans growing louder. When she used her teeth, his groans filled the room.

“Un… un… un,” Martin groaned, his ass lifting off the chair. “Unnnn, Taffy.” He drilled her face with his cock, his balls rumbling, ready to explode.

Taffy felt her uncle tense. She didn’t know what to expect, but she was eager for it to happen. She gulped on his prick, her body shaking, her mouth sucking and chewing.

“I’m cuming!” Martin roared as he slammed his prick into her mouth. “I’m cuming!”

His bells erupted, a blast of cum spurting from his pisser and splattering the back of Taffy’s throat as another thick wad quickly followed.

Taffy gulped the first wad. Her eyes bulged as she choked on the second spurting glob of his jizz. He was cuming in her mouth and it drove her insane.

“Baby,” Martin roared, drilling his exploding prick in and out of Taffy’s hot sucking mouth. “Unnnn, I’m cuming!”

Taffy slammed her mouth down on her uncle’s prick, meeting his hard lunging thrusts, her lips mashing into his groin. Cum gushed into her mouth, flooded her cheeks as she frantically gulped it down. It was even more exciting than she had ever imagined. Gulping and gagging on his spurting prick, she sucked and chewed, wanting all of his cum.

“Taffy,” Martin roared, hammering her face with lightning stabs. “Suck it! Suck!” His balls churned as he fed her his cock with hard punching jabs. His ass thumped on the chair, his face twisted with lust. “Unnnnn, don’t stop, baby. Aghhh, got plenty more.”

Cum gushed from Taffy’s lips and her nose. It squirted into her throat and filled her mouth. Choking and gagging, she never stopped. She bobbed her head wildly, her teeth grating along his cockshaft, her tongue whipping it. She sucked deep, drawing the cum up from his rumbling nuts and into her mouth. It was wild and she loved every second of it.

Martin roared, plowing her throat with his squirting prick. He dropped back to the chair and jerked his hips as her teeth gnawed on his prickshaft. He lunged up again, meeting her mouth and crushing her lips into his groin.

“Unnnnnn, Taffy!”

Slurping and sucking his cock, she chewed, craving every drop. Grabbing the base of his cockshaft, she squeezed, her hand flying up and down his prick as she feated on his spewing cockhead. Cum still gushed from his prick, filing her mouth and squirting down her throat.

Martin jabbed up, his balls almost drained. “Unnnnn, Taffy!” He crashed back to the chair, jerking his hips, his cock trapped in her sucking mouth.

Holding his prick, she sucked deep, drawing out the last of his cum. One deep suck brought a thick glob into her mouth and a loud grunt from her uncle. She shoved her face forward, mashing her lips into his groin as the last spurt of jizz sprayed her throat.

“Unnnn, baby,” Martin gasped, his prick buried to the hilt, her hot sucking mouth making his spent dick twitch. “Enough.”

As if in a daze, Taffy lifted her head, his drained dick popping from her mouth. Cum stained her lips as she looked up at him from bright glassy eyes. “Did I do it right?” she asked.

Martin nodded, his limp prick lying against his thigh. “Nobody could’ve done better.”

“I’m glad,” Taffy moaned. “I’m so glad.”

She licked her lips clean and sighed. “God, cum tastes so good.” She smacked her lips and gazed at his cock. “So delicious.”


Taffy rubbed his limp cock with her hands. “It’s all wet and gooey… and so soft. How you gonna break my cherry, Uncle Martin?” She began to tremble, afraid that by sucking him off, she had lost her one chance to be fucked.

“Don’t worry, Taffy,” he rasped. “My cock’s not dead. It’s just resting.”

“Oooo, good,” she gasped, throwing herself back on the floor. She writhed on her back, her blue eyes glowing with lust. “How long before you can fuck me?”

Martin heaved a sigh as he ogled her lush nubile body. “I’ll take care of you with my mouth first,” he said.

“Ooooo,” Taffy moaned, excited about this new turn of events. “How?”

“I’ll show you,” Martin said, tearing off his shirt and dropping to the floor beside his hot niece. He pulled her lithe body into his arms, his wet prick burning into her flesh.

“Ooooooo, Uncle Martin,” she moaned, rubbing against him, her sensitive nipples scratching against the hair of his chest. She jerked her hips, her pussy sizzling, the juices constantly flowing. “Unnnnn, whatta you gonna do?”

Martin rolled her onto her back. “I’m gonna eat you, baby. Every sweet delicious inch of your body.”

“My pussy?” she exclaimed as she squirmed on her back.

“Especially your pussy,” he said, dropping his hungry mouth to one ripe swollen tit. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and whipped the hard tip with his tongue.

“Ooooo, Uncle Martin,” she gasped. It was the first time a mouth had ever touched her tits and she quivered with desire. “Ooooo, it feels good!”

Martin feasted on his niece’s plump tittie meat. His hands roamed her writhing body, kneading the silky flesh as he sucked and licked her tits. He sucked each nipple then began chewing, on the creamy white flesh, his mouth going from one ripe, budding tit to the other.

“Ummmmm,” Taffy moaned as she squirmed on her back. “Ummmm, bite me, Uncle Martin. Bite my titties.” She grabbed his head and crushed his mouth to her tits. “Umrnmmm.”

Martin feasted on her tits, sucking and chewing as his niece squealed with pleasure. His hand dipped between her juice-stained thighs, kneading the flesh, his fingers working to the gash of her steamy virgin pussy. His fingers slid through the juicy cunt and over her exposed clit as hot buttery pussycream drenched his fingers.

“Oooooo,” Taffy wailed as she humped up against his teasing fingers. “Ooooo, I’m creamin’!” She bucked up, keeping his mouth plastered to her sensitive tits. “Finger me! Pinch my clit!”

Martin gobbled on her tits, turning them to a bright red. His fingers rubbed her clit as she thrashed on her back. The girl was delicious and it had his head spinning and his cock growing.

Frantic and wanting to feel her uncle’s mouth on her cunt, Taffy pushed at his head. “Eat me, Uncle Martin. Suck my pussy!”

Martin, finished with his niece’s tits, worked his mouth down the girl’s writhing body, over her heaving rib cage to her taut belly. He sucked his way over her smooth flesh and began nibbling on her jerking thighs. As he stroked his fingers through her pussy, the pungent aroma of her virgin pussy flared his nostrils and made his head swim.

“Oooooo, eat my pussy!” she wailed. “Ooooo, Uncle Martin. Eat me. Eat me!” She thrashed on her back, her hips jerking, her small, red, blotchy tits flopping. Legs spread, she humped up. “Eat… me!”

Martin climbed over his writhing niece and got between her outstretched legs. He stared at her virgin pussy. It was red, the folds of her cunt puffy and glistening with white filmy cunt cream. He watched her squirm.

“I’m gonna make you a woman, baby,” he panted.

“Yes, Uncle Martin,” she gasped, unable to keep from twitching. She brought her anxious hands down her body and stroked her pussy. “I’m so fuckin’ hot!”

Juice soaked her fingers as she spread the folds of her cunt, exposing her virgin cunthole. Her glassy eyes saw his prick and a shudder swept through her.

“You’re getting hard,” she said softly.

“When I’m finished eating you, I’ll be hard as a rock.”

“Ummmmm,” she moaned, swooning with the thought of having her pussy fucked. She jerked her ass off the rug. “Eat me now, please.” It was a whisper of desperation. “Please!”

Martin brought his mouth to her juice stained thighs and began chewing his way to her hot seeping pussy. He caressed her body, his mouth getting closer to her pussy as his prick stiffened into a slab of rigid muscle. For a second, he paused, his mouth watering for her cunt, then he fused his mouth to her pussy and sucked.

“Aghhhhh,” Taffy wailed as his mouth sucked deeply on her pussy. “Ooooo!” She jumped up, her hips twisting, her cunt grinding into his mouth. “Suck! Suck!”

Warm pussyjuice flowed over Martin’s face and into his mouth as he sucked his niece’s virgin pussy. He slapped out his tongue, dragging it up through the tender meat of her hot, sizzling cuntslit. He whipped his tongue across her clit, then back down through her cunt as his hands skimmed over her gyrating hips and jerking thighs. His niece’s squeals of delight filled his head and hardened his prick as he dined on her virgin pussyhole.

“Ahhhhhh,” Taffy gasped. She humped her ass and ground her cunt into his mouth. “Suck! Suck out my cherry!” She jerked up, rolled her hips, then slammed her ass back into the carpet as her uncle obliged her wishes.

Martin sucked ravenously on her cunt, the sweet-tasting pussymeat and creamy juices making his head reel. Virgin meat always tasted the best. He sucked, then chewed on the puffy folds of her cunt as she squealed with joy and banged her cunt into his mouth.

Taffy went crazy. Never in her life had she felt anything this exquisite. She thrashed on her back, her hands pounding the floor. Mouth open, she gurgled on her own spit as she moaned deliriously.

“Oooooo!” she cried out, now using her hands to maul her own body. “Ooooo! Make me cum, Uncle Martin! Make me cum!” She rocked her hips, her tits flopping, her thudding against the floor. “Make me cum?”

Martin wanted the same thing. He sucked hard then began biting her pussy, turning his niece into a wailing, threshing wildcat. He sucked her clit into his mouth and gripped it with his teeth, his tongue lashing across the tip.

“Bite! Bite! Bite!” she shrieked as she bucked insanely against his mouth. “Make me cum!”

Martin sensed that his niece was about to climax. Holding her clit tightly with his teeth, he lashed his tongue over it. His jaw worked back and forth, his teeth gnawing at the blood gorged sex button. He sucked hard and shook his head from side to side, the action bringing Taffy to the edge of her orgasm.

Taffy arched her back, shuddered, than went into spasms. “I’m cuming. I’m cuming!” she screamed.

Her pussy exploded and hot cunt cum gushed from her virgin pussyhole, drenching her uncle’s face and flowing into his mouth.

Martin held his niece’s clit between his teeth a pussy-cum flowed ever his face. He sucked mid Taffy screeched. He chewed and Taffy screeched louder. He used his tongue, whipping it repeatedly over her clit as he gnawed it and Taffy went mad.

Taffy thrashed on the floor, her legs slapping up and down. Her ass humped up and she rotated her hips, her cunt grinding into her uncle’s mouth.

“Ooooo, Uncle Martin. I’m still cuming! Ahhhhh!” She mashed her clit into his teeth and jerked her hips, her body convulsing wildly. “More! More!”

Holding her throbbing clit with his teeth, Martin treated his niece to her first fantastic orgasm. He beat it with his tongue and chewed it. He sucked it again, his hands going under and grabbing the jig cheeks of her ass. One deep suck and a hot, frothy river of pussycum flowed into his mouth.

Taffy shuddered, collapsing back on the floor, a mass of tingling nerves. She moaned, twitching as her uncle continued to dine on her clit.

Martin came out from between her legs. Pussycum coated his face. His eyes were blazing with lust and his prick was rock-hard and throbbing.

“Now you’re primed, baby,” he rasped. “Primed for my cock.”

“Ooooo, yes,” she gasped as she writhed on his cock deep inside her.

Martin growled and drove his cock balls deep into her cunt. His groin whacked into her quivering body, his cock buried to the hilt. He held steady as she jerked and twisted in agony beneath him.

“Ayieeeee!” she screamed as the pain of his cunt-stuffing cock seared her pussy. “Aghhh!”

She threw her legs around his hips, digging her heels into his back, keeping his cock deep inside her. Twisting and gasping, she worked her hips until the sticky juices of her cunt began to flow again and grease his buried cockshaft.

Martin moaned as the muscles of her hot cunt began to tug on his cockshaft. He felt the hot juices ooze from her spongy cuntwalls and bathe his prickshaft as she squirmed beneath him.

“You got it, Taffy. Every fuckin’ inch,” he panted.

“Mmmmm, Uncle Martin,” she moaned hotly, feeling his giant cock stretching her pussy. She moved her ass back and forth against the nap of the rug, her cunt adjusting to his huge meaty cock. “Mmmmmm, it feels wonderful. No pain at all now.”

Martin grinned into her hot, innocent face. Easing back, he slipped his prick out of her clinging cunt until only the head was buried inside her tight pussy. He groaned, gazing down at his cock. Blood flecked the shaft, mixing with the milky cream of her cunt.

“Oooooo, Uncle Martin. Don’t take it out!” She arched her back, humping frantically at his prick. “Don’t take it out!”

“Easy, Taffy,” he moaned. Slowly, he glided his fat, hulky prick in and out of his niece’s pulsing cunt. Cream flowed from her contracting cuntwalls, keeping his cock well greased. “You like it?”

“Ummmmm, heaven, Uncle Martin,” she gasped, feeling each slow, wonderful stroke of his cock. “Mmmmmm. I love it!”

Martin continued fucking his niece with slow, torturous strokes, his prick throbbing, his self-control amazing as her cunt gobbled greedily on his cock each time he shoved it up inside her pussy. His balls rumbled, the churning load of cum bubbling, just waiting to erupt.

Taffy waited for each wonderful thrust of his cock. Her tits ached as she squirmed on her back. “Unnnn, faster, Uncle Martin,” she gasped. “Ooooo, fuck me hard.” She lunged up, ground her body into his groin as she milked his cock with her cuntmuscles. “Fuck me!”

A tight smile spread across Martin’s face as he leered down at his lust crazed niece. He slammed his prick hard into her body and watched her face contort with bliss. “You like that?”

Taffy went into spasms. “Unhhh,” she moaned, her body quaking under the hard-hitting fuck-jab. “Yeahhhh. Fuck me like that? Please!” She started to quiver, waiting for the next dynamite thrust. But it never came.

Martin carried her along at the peak. Long, slow teasing strokes, followed by a quick series of punching jabs, had Taffy out of her skull and Martin’s mind ready to snap.

“Ahhhhhh!” Taffy wailed. “You’re driving me crazy!”

She dug her heels into his back, pounding him. She raked his powerful arms and heaving chest. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Jesus, fuck me!” She thrashed maniacally under him, her face flushed, her tits flopping. “Fuck me faster! Please!”

His niece’s cries of lust and the constant pressure of her hungry cunt on his cock finally eroded the last of Martin’s will power. He grunted and slammed his prick into her pussy, but this time he didn’t stop. He pounded her hard and fast, his cock cutting easily through the gooey hole of her gripping cunt.

“Yessss,” she hissed as he drilled his prick into her pussy. “Oooooo, yessss!” She went insane, meeting each thrust with her overheated body. “Unnnnn.”

Groaning, Martin slammed his hard-on into her gulping pussy. Hard pounding thrusts smashed her into the carpet. Juice flowed out over his swinging balls and he slammed her wriggling body again. Short punching stabs had them both crazy and racing toward their orgasms.

“Ooooo, Uncle Martin!” Taffy screamed, not believing the fabulous pleasure his stabbing cock was giving her. “Oooooo! More! More!” What he had done with his mouth couldn’t compare to what he was doing now with his prick. “Ooooo, harder! Faster!”

She bucked like a wildcat beneath him, arching up, absorbing his pounding thrusts. She twisted her hips, her clit grinding into his groin each time their bodies mashed together. She caught his rhythm, panting and moaning under his lunging frame.

Martin drilled her gooey cunt, the squishy juices constantly searing his fat, hulking cockshaft and oozing out over his cum-filled balls. Arms stiff, her heels digging into his tense back, he lunged forward, pounding her into the floor.

The pleasure, of her uncle’s cock was out of this world. She lifted her legs, angling her cunt for a deeper thrust. It came and she went berserk. She humped, her legs drawn up, her pussy taking him deeper and deeper.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” she chanted each time he skewered her pussy with his cock. “Make me cunt. Make me cum!”

Martin felt the cum in his balls rumble. His prick swelled inside her fiery cunt, ready to explode. He shortened his jabbing strokes and picked up the already blinding speed as he brought them both to the peak.

“Cream, baby,” he groaned, lashing in and out of her cunt. “Cum!”

Taffy went wild under his frantic fuck stabs. She arched her back, grinding her clit into his pounding groin. Lifting up to meet his thrusts, he slammed her back into the carpet and she moaned.

“I’m there! I’m there!” she screeched as she battled him with her body. “Ooooo, I’m there, Uncle Martin.”

She moaned as he smashed back into the floor, his meaty prick stuffing her cunt. She bucked up, felt his cock swell and knew he was going to cum too. It blew her mind and she raced toward her orgasm screaming her head off.

“Ride it, baby,” he groaned, his balls ready to explode. “Ride it.”

Taffy’s ass churned in circular motions and she reached the peak, hovering for a spilt second then creaming. “I’m cuming!” she howled. “I’m cuming!”

Her legs shot out straight then curled around his lunging hips. Hot bubbling pussycum gushed from her exploding cunt. It drenched his cockshaft and flowed from her pussyhole, coating his swinging balls.

Pounding her pussy mercilessly, Martin felt his balls erupt. “I’m cuming, too,” he roared. “Aghhhh!” Hot thick wads of cum spewed from his pisser, flooding her tight pussy. “I’m cuming.”

Taffy felt the hot squirting cum as it sprayed into her climaxing pussy. “I feel it! Ooooo, Uncle Martin!” Another orgasm seized her and she threw her body into his, her nails raking his chest and her heels pounding his back.

“I’m cuming again!”

Martin drilled her, with his spurting cock. Every muscle in his body was drawn tight, his hips like a jackhammer, drilling her pussy with mindless stabs, the cum pouring from his pisser. He lunged hard, and twisted his hips, the head of his cock gouging the cushiony walls of her pussy.

“Baby,” he howled. “Unnnnn Taffy!”

She cried out as spit drooled from her panting mouth. Her ass bucked up, her cunt pulsing madly along his jabbing cock. Her head snapped from side to side as her blue eyes widened with lust.

“Ooooo, fuck me! Fuck me!”

Martin felt the muscles of her cunt beating against his stabbing cockshaft. The exquisite action churned more cum up from his swinging balls. He pounded her back into the floor, creaming her pussy with thick gooey wads of jism. He smashed her hard, fucking her like a demon as his balls erupted again, sending another thick load of cum into her already cum-filled pussy.

“I can’t stop!” Taffy screamed as she lunged up and gobbled on his stabbing prick.

She jerked her hips, her clit raw as she mashed it into his groin. Again and again, she impaled herself on his prick, her face twisted with lust, her tits flopping, her hips constantly jerking.

She began to shudder and she threw her body into his hard frame. At the same moment, Martin stabbed her with his cock, driving her back into the floor.

She screamed and collapsed beneath him, quivering and whimpering as he finished pounding her cunt. Her legs melted away front his body and her arms dropped to the floor.

Martin eased his spent prick from her pussy and rolled over onto his back. “You were fantastic, Taffy,” he said, trying to catch his breath.

“I never thought it could fed that good,” she whimpered as she went into his arms at rubbed her tingling body against him. “When can we do it again?”

Martin groaned. The girl was insatiable.


Lois walked into the house, coming up short as she reached the entrance to the living room. She spotted her husband on the floor, holding Taffy in his arms.

“What the hell is goin’ on here?” Lois said as she stared at their naked bodies.

Quickly, Martin shoved Taffy out of his arms and sat up. “Lois! Christ!”

“That’s right. I’m Lois,” she sneered, “but Christ isn’t with me.”

Taffy sat up, her small tits bouncing. She didn’t care. No matter what punishment her aunt had in store for her it would be worth it. “Hi, Aunt Lois,” she said sweetly.

“Let… me… explain,” Martin stammered as he imagined his marriage going down the drain.

“This ought to be good,” Lois said, ignoring her naked niece and plopping down on the couch. “Tell me all about it.”

“It wasn’t his fault,” Taffy mewled, giving her aunt a big sexy smile. “I made him do it.”

Lois laughed. “I’m sure you did. What did you do, hold a gun to his head?”

Taffy giggled.

“Shit, Lois,” Martin said. “She came in here while you were gone and stripped right in front of me. What the hell was I supposed to do?”

Lois looked at her niece. Naked, the girl was dynamite. She had seen the way Martin had been ogling her and she realized two things — she didn’t blame him and she wasn’t the least bit mad.

Martin didn’t notice, but Taffy did. “I’m always so horny,” she purred. “And Uncle Martin is so sexy. I figured maybe yea wouldn’t mind.” She found herself staring at her aunt, wondering what Lois would look like naked.

“Shit, Lois,” Martin grumbled. “I tried turning her down, but it was impossible.” He looked around, wishing he could get dressed. Sitting on the floor naked seemed to put him at an awful disadvantage.

Lois allowed herself to smile. “Well, how was she?”

Martin was shocked. He saw her smile and hope for his marriage came rushing back.

Before he could speak, Taffy did. “It was fantastic, Aunt Lois,” she bubbled. “We did everything.”

Lois jeered at her niece, the inside of her cunt reacting. The muscles began to pulse and hot cuntcream began to flow, greasing her cunt.

“I know he’s fantastic,” she said. “I’m interested in how good you were.”

Taffy giggled. “Tell her, Uncle Martin.”

Martin wasn’t about to tell his wife how good Taffy had been. He didn’t intend to push his luck any further than he already had.

Taffy giggled. “I don’t think he wants to say, Aunt Lois.” She crawled over to her aunt. “I sucked him off,” she bragged, “and he creamed in my mouth.”

Lois shook her head. “What else?” she said, finding herself getting hotter.

“He ate my pussy until I creamed.” Taffy said, noticing the subtle change in her aunt. “Then he busted my cherry. God, fucking’s the greatest thing in the world!”

Lois swallowed the lump in her throat. “I think you two are crazy,” she said, a hint of passion in her voice.

Taffy put her hand on her aunt’s leg and began caressing it, moving it higher until her fingers slipped under her skirt.

Lois’ cheeks flushed red, but she didn’t move her niece’s hand away. She looked at her husband. “You should just be glad it was me walking in and not her father.”

Martin groaned, but kept his eyes on Taffy and what she was doing.

Taffy giggled. “Daddy would have pissed a bitch.”

“He would have cut off. Martin’s balls,” Lois said. Taffy’s fingers were making the inside of her pussy itch.

“Steve isn’t due back from his business trip until tomorrow,” Martin said, wondering if Taffy was going to have the same effect on Lois.

Taffy inched her hand higher, caressing her aunt’s thighs, her fingers moving closer to her panties and pantie-clad pussy. A natural instinct she didn’t understand told her that her aunt would be as easy to make it with as her uncle had been.

Without thinking, Lois parted her legs, her eyes still focused on Martin. “Maybe you should get dressed, Martin,” she said, her voice strained.

“No,” Taffy pouted as she scrambled up on the couch with her aunt. “It would be more fun if you got undressed.”

Martin didn’t say a word. He was curious about what was going to happen. There was something about Taffy, a sexual magnetism that was hard to refuse, practically impossible. He watched, sensing that his wife was going to succumb as easily as he had.

“Ooooo, Aunt Lois,” Taffy purred.

She rubbed her naked body against her aunt, her hand slipping over one of Lois’ tits. She squeezed gently, her breath hot against her aunt’s throat.

“Do you like it when Uncle Martin sucks your cunt?”

Lois’ breath caught in her throat. Her nipples swelled under her niece’s kneading hand. “Yes,” she whispered hoarsely. “He’s got a great tongue.”

Taffy began unbuttoning her aunt’s blouse. “I have a great tongue too, Aunt Lois,” she cooed, her fingers tracing shot path along the lace of her bra. She took her aunt’s hand end placed it between her legs. “Uncle Martin’s cum is all squishy inside me. You wanna feel?”

Lois moaned. The girl was driving her crazy! She looked at Martin, wondering if he knew. The smile told her he did. Instinctively, Lois cupped her niece’s pussy with her hand. It was hot, wet, and oozing. A moan of desire lay trapped in her throat as Taffy wriggled her ass and dipped her hand into her bra.

“I’ll bet you’re gorgeous naked,” Taffy sighed, kneading the bare flesh of her aunt’s tit. “C’mon, let me undress you and use my tongue on your pussy.”

“Yeah,” Martin said as he rubbed his limp prick. “The girl loves sex. Let’s both enjoy her.”

Lois’ head was spinning. Taffy had her pussy on fire. She gulped and nodded. “Why not?” she panted as her nipple hardened under her niece’s pawing hand.

“Great,” Taffy gasped. “Stand up. I wanna take off your clothes.”

Lois stood on wobbly legs as Martin watched. “How do you turn this girl down?” she panted.

“You don’t,” Martin said. “You just enjoy everything she has to offer.”

“Uncle Martin’s right,” Taffy said as she stood in front of her aunt. “I want you both to use me as long as I’m visiting.”

Lois moaned as Taffy finished opening her blouse. “God, I don’t believe this,” she gasped as Taffy slipped off her blouse and dropped it on the couch. “God.”

Taffy’s fingers worked the button, of her aunt’s skirt open and watched as it melted to the floor. “Oooooo, you’re beautiful, Aunt Lois,” she sighed, ogling her aunt. “So sexy.” She was tingling, as anxious to make it with her aunt as she had been to make it with her uncle.

Lois trembled under her niece’s hot gaze and her husband’s leers. Her breathing was shallow and her heart was pounding. The crotch of her bikini panties was soaked. “I gotta be crazy to allow this,” she gasped.

Taffy giggled, her fingers caressing her aunt’s bare flesh.

Martin shook his head. “Not crazy. Just human.” His cock was growing hard as he watched his niece seduce his wife.

She began kissing her aunt’s stomach, her hands slipping down and kneading the cheeks of her aunt’s firm ass.

“Ooooo, Christ,” Lois gasped as her niece drove her insane. “I can’t stand up.” She swayed as Taffy fondled her ass and showered her stomach and hips with wet, urgent kisses.

Seeing Lois succumb to Taffy’s desires blew Martin’s mind. His prick was stiff, his balls churning with a new load of cum. “Eat her,” he urged in a raspy voice. “Eat her, Taffy.”

“Ummmmm, I will,” Taffy sighed. She licked her aunt’s thighs then crawled around to stare at her aunt’s ass. “Ewwwww, does Uncle Martin lick your ass?”

“Yesssss,” Lois hissed. Each jagged breath made her tits heave. Her face turned red as she felt her niece’s hot breath on the cheeks of her ass.

Curiosity and lust seethed inside Taffy’s mind. With her aunt’s ass cheeks parted, she stared at the brown, wrinkled crack. “Did, he ever stick his cock in your ass?”

Trembling and finding it difficult to stand, Lois hissed out her breath. “Yessss.”

“Ooooo, I’ll bet it’s fantastic,” Taffy moaned, already deciding that she wanted her asshole fucked. She brought her mouth to her aunt’s asshole and licked.

“Ahhhhh,” Lois gasped as she almost melted to the floor. “Unnnnn, stick your tongue inside.”

With her mouth plastered to her aunt’s asshole, Taffy darted out her tongue. She soaked the crack then plunged her tongue into her cunthole. Her hands skimmed around her aunt’s rocking hips. She brought them between her aunt’s thighs and began stroking her fingers through her overheated pussy.

“Oooooo, Christ,” Lois moaned. “Ooooo, Martin, she’s fantastic.”

Martin stood and came toward his wife. He began fondling her tits. “She’s a fuckin’ nympho, honey. We’re gonna have a ball with her.”

“Unnnnn,” Lois moaned as Martin pawed her tits and Taffy tongue-fucked her ass and fingered her pussy. “Unnnnn, God. I’m creamin’.”

Taffy’s fingers found her uncle’s cock. One hand held his prick, her other hand gouging her aunt’s pussy. She plunged her tongue deep into her aunt’s asshole and reamed, the tip of her tongue tormenting the narrow walls of her shitter.

Martin groaned as Taffy’s hand found his hard-on. He jerked his prick through her clutching fingers, his hands roughly mauling his wife’s tits.

“Suck out her ass,” he groaned.

Taffy sucked and licked. Her head was spinning and her pussy was on fire, her uncle’s cum oozing, from her pussyhole everytime her cuntmuscles contracted.

“I can’t stand up,” Lois gasped as she leaned forward into her husband’s hands. “Ooooo, Christ, I can’t stand up.” She jerked her hips smashing her ass back into her niece’s face. “Ahhhhh!”

They held her steady between them. Martin pawed her tits and Taffy sucked out her asshole and fingered her cunt.

Taffy gobbled on her ass and stroked Martin’s throbbing prick. She gouged the walls of her aunt’s pussy, feeling the muscles beat against her fingers. Her tongue plunged deep, the muscles in her ass trying to yank her tongue from her mouth.

Lois’ knees buckled and she slithered to the floor, her tits jerking from her husband’s hands. She moaned as she squirmed on the floor, Taffy’s tongue and fingers still inside her sizzling body. She writhed on her side, her tits flopping, her mouth drooling spit. “Ooooo, God!”

Taffy feasted on her ass, her tongue like a wild snake, darting in and out of her asshole as she finger-fucked her pussy. She sucked deep then started to chew on the tender meat of her aunt’s ass as Lois writhed and moaned on her side.

Martin dropped to the floor, his huge prick dangling between his legs. “Give it a suck, honey,” he groaned, feeding his prick to his panting wife. “Chew it while the little nympho eats out your asshole.”

Lois, her head swimming and her body on fire, gobbled Martin’s prick into her mouth. She gurgled as it slid easily into her throat. Her ass jerked back and she twisted her hips, mashing her ass into Taffy’s feasting mouth.

Taffy became a wild animal. She chewed viciously on her aunt’s ass. She sucked deep then tongued her asshole. Her fingers ripped into her aunt’s pussy, twisting and scratching frantically at the hot, steamy sensitive walls of her pulsing pussy.

Lois went insane. Her mouth was stuffed with cockmeat and her pussy was filled with Taffy’s gouging fingers. She slammed back her ass and choked as Taffy’s tongue reamed her asshole and Martin’s cock jabbed into her throat.

Taffy grabbed her aunt, her lust giving her strength. She forced her aunt onto her belly, Martin’s cock popping from her mouth. She lifted her head, panting, her eyes glowing with passion.

“You can have her when I’m finished.”

Martin dropped back on his haunches to watch. “She’s all yours, Taffy.”

“Ooooo,” Lois moaned as she writhed on her stomach. “Ooooo, God, she’s destroying my ass!” She humped back as Taffy’s mouth found the crack of her ass again. “Ahhhh!”

Taffy gobbled on her aunt’s ass, her finger still buried deep in her pussy, her nails scratching and clawing the pulsing walls of her oozing cunt. She sucked and forced her aunt’s legs farther apart and began licking her tongue up through her aunt’s pussy to her asshole.

Lois thrashed on her stomach, her tits crushed into the carpet. She lifted her head, leered from glazed eyes at her husband. “Unnnnn, Martin. She’s driving me insane.”

Martin’s glance swept from his naked niece to his writhing wife. “Eat her pussy, Taffy. I wanna watch her cunt.”

“Yessss,” Lois hissed. “Eat my pussy. Jesus Christ!” She slammed back her ass into Taffy’s face. “Make me cum. I can’t stand it.”

Taffy popped her mouth off her aunt’s asshole. She rolled her quivering aunt onto her back and leered hotly at her ripe oozing pussy. She licked her fingers clean, the taste of pussyjuice snapping her mind.

“Yessss, Aunt Lois. I’ll eat you.”

Drunk with lust, Taffy climbed over her aunt’s writhing frame. She dragged her hot, sizzling cunt up her aunt’s flesh, soaking her with warm frothy pussycream. “Ummmmm, first I wanna give you my pussy.”

“Ooooo, shit!” Lois cried as she twisted on her back. The girl’s hot cuntcream was burning her flesh. She reached up and mangled Taffy’s tits in her hands. “You sex-crazy little bitch!”

Taffy moaned as she wrenched her shoulders, her tits trapped in her aunt’s mauling hands. She rubbed her steamy pussy over her aunt’s fleshy tits, soaking them in buttery cuntcream.

“Unnnnn, now I’m gonna drench your face,” the girl panted.

“Yessss,” Lois moaned.

Martin stood, his prick jutting out, aimed at his niece’s flushed face. “Suck it, baby while you cream your aunt’s face.”

Straddling Lois’ face, Taffy gobbled her uncle’s cock into her mouth. She sucked hard on his prick, holding his hips to keep her balance as she smashed her pussy against her aunt’s mouth. She moaned deep in her throat as her aunt’s tongue darted into her cunt and her uncle’s cock plunged into her gullet.

Lois dined on her niece’s delicious-tasting pussy. She sucked out Martin’s cum and roamed her wiggling body, her hands finally settling on the cheeks of her ass. She squeezed and found the crack of her asshole, plunging a finger into the tight, narrow canal. At the same time she sucked Taffy’s clit into her mouth and began to chew it maniacally.

Holding onto her uncle, Taffy went insane. She ground her cunt into her aunt’s face and chewed on her uncle’s prick. She sucked and felt him swell in her mouth, his balls whacking against her chin. She jerked her hips, her aunt’s ass-stabbing finger was driving her crazy!

While Lois feasted on Taffy’s pussy, Martin plowed her mouth with his cock. He jabbed hard, fucking her face with quick punching thrusts. Each jab mashed her lips into his groin and slammed his balls into her chin.

“Suck it! Chew me up, Taffy!” he groaned. Taffy bucked on her aunt’s mouth, her pussy contracting and oozing cream. She choked on her uncle’s cock and sucked. Using her teeth, she gnawed on his lunging cocktail as Lois chewed on her clit and fingered ha asshole. The pleasure was devastating and she almost fainted under its intensity.

Martin grabbed Taffy’s head, holding it steady. He pounded her mouth, his balls ready to explode. “Gonna cream your fuckin’ mouth, Taffy,” he grunted as he plowed her face with his prick. “Gonna cum!”

Taffy’s ass rotated in tight, frenzied circles. She gobbled on her uncle’s cock, wanting him to cream, wanting the hot cum in her mouth. She clawed his ass with her nails as her aunt ravaged her pussy with her sucking mouth and chewing teeth.

Pounding Taffy’s mouth with his fat cock, Martin felt his balls burst. A hot jet streams of cum shot from his pisser and splattered the back of his niece’s throat.

“I’m cuming!” he roared, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth. “I’m cuming!”

Humping her aunt’s mouth, Taffy gulped on her uncle’s squirting prick. It was a new sensation. Sucking a cock while she was getting her cunt sucked and her asshole fingered was terrific! She sucked hard on her uncle’s prick, taking wad after wad of delicious-tasting cum into her mouth as she fed her aunt her pussy. She felt her own climax building inside her tongue-fucked pussy and she doubled her efforts to finish her uncle off before she creamed.

Martin grabbed her tits as he drilled her mouth with his cock. Hot, stringy lumps of cum shot from his pisser, flooding her cheeks and oozing from her clinging lips. He stabbed hard, driving his cock deep into her throat, his balls constantly churning out more thick gooey clumps of cum.

“Aghhh,” he growled, his fingers twisting the soft meat of her tits. “Aghhhh!”

Smothering her aunt with her sizzling pussy, Taffy jerked her hips and chewed on her uncle’s prick. She sucked hard, the cum choking her, squirting into her throat and oozing from her nose and down her chin. She smashed down, her aunt’s muffled cries mixing with her uncle’s loud howls of pleasure.

Martin plowed hard, the last of his cum spurting into Taffy’s greedy mouth. His knees buckled as she sucked his strength from his balls. He groaned, his prick popping from her mouth, the last squirting spray splashing over Taffy’s lust-contorted face. Then he dropped to the floor, his legs too weak to support him.

With her uncle no longer holding her up, Taffy crushed forward, mangling her clit into her aunt’s teeth. Stiff-armed, she ground her cunt into her aunt’s face, cum dribbling from her panting mouth.

“Bite,” she gurgled. “Bite me!”

With her ass humping up and down, Lois viciously chewed her niece’s pussy. She gouged her fingers in and out of her tight asshole and sucked her clit into her mouth. With it trapped between her teeth, she chewed, her niece’s screams filling the room and echoing in her skull.

Martin stared at his wild niece as she ground her cunt into Lois’ face. “Make her cum, Lois?” he roared as he rubbed his limp prick. “Bite her fuckin’ cunt!”

“Yesssss!” Taffy wailed as she thrashed on her aunt’s mouth. “Bite my clit. Gotta cum! Gotta cum.” She jerked, her arms stiff, her swollen tits swinging beneath her as her head snapped from side to side. “Ooooo, I’m there, Aunt Lois! Oooooo. Bite!”

Lois bit hard, then sucked, her fingers constantly jabbing in and out of Taffy’s asshole. Whipping her tongue over Taffy’s clit and chewing it at the same time triggered Taffy’s orgasm.

“I’m cuming.” Taffy screamed. “I’m cuming!” She humped her cunt up and down on her aunt’s face, almost tearing her clit from her frenzied body. “Ahhhhhh, I’m creaming, Uncle Martin. I’m creaming!”

Martin watched as his niece creamed his wife’s face. Seeing the teenager in the throes of passion was beginning, to harden his cock again. “Damn,” he groaned. “Goddamn!”

Lois’ face became saturated in pussycum. She sucked on Taffy’s pulsing clit, fingered bet ass, and gouged the sensitive walls of her asshole with her nails. More pussycum flowed over her face and into her mouth. She squirmed on her back, her own pussy on fire, heeding something — anything — to put it out.

Taffy went insane. Hot orgasms ripped through her pussy and cum gushed from her cunthole. She snapped her head back, her uncle’s cum still dribbling from her panting mouth. “Ooooo, I’m still cuming!” she shrieked, mashing her cunt into her aunt’s face. “She’s biting my clit. I can’t take it anymore!”

“Lois,” Martin roared. “Don’t stop, make the little bitch suffer!”

Lois had no intention of stopping. With Taffy’s clit caught between her teeth she beat it with her tongue. She shook her head from side to side as Taffy screeched in agonizing bliss. Bubbling pussycum flooded her mouth, making her choke, but she didn’t stop. Her fingers ripped into Taffy’s jerking ass, the muscles tight around her fingers. She twisted them as Taffy screamed again.

“Aghhhhh!” Taffy cried out as her eyes rolled onto her skull. “Aghhhh!”

Her arms gave out and she crashed to the floor, writhing and whimpering as her clit snapped painfully from her aunt’s mouth and her aunt’s fingers popped from her asshole.

She lay on her belly for a second, squirming like a wild snake. Cum drooled from her clit and mouth and her flushed face was stained with her uncle’s cum.

“Now I’ll take care of you,” she gasped, wanting to give her aunt the same pleasure she had just received.

“Ooooo, yes,” Lois moaned, her face drenched with pussycum. “Eat me! Hurry!”


Taffy, panting and still trembling from her orgasm, crawled on the floor until she was between her aunt’s outstretched legs. She caught her breath and threw herself at her aunt’s pussy. She sucked as hot pussycream gushed over her face and into her mouth. Like a wildcat, she clawed her aunt’s jerking hips, skimming them under her writhing body to the cheeks of her jiggling ass.

“Ooooo, Martin. She’s fantastic!” She humped up and twisted her hips, her cunt grinding into Taffy’s teeth.

“I know,” Martin groaned, amazed that his cock was growing and thickening again. “I’m gonna fuck her till she faints as soon as you cum, honey.”

“Yeessss, Martin,” Lois moaned. She arched her back, her tits flopping, her cunt flowing as Taffy gobbled hungrily on her ready to explode pussy.

Taffy had heard what her uncle had said and it blew her mind. She clawed her aunt’s ass and chomped on her clit. Cunt cream saturated her face and she plunged her tongue into her aunt’s pulsing pussy. She scrambled to her knees, her mouth still fused to her aunt’s pussy. If her uncle was going to fuck her, she wanted her pussy in position.

Martin leered at his niece’s ass then at his thrashing wife. “Cream, honey. Cream the nympho so I can fuck her.”

“I’m ready, Martin!” Lois wailed. “I’m ready.” She humped up and down her ass hammering the floor as she mashed her cunt into Taffy’s face. “Ooooo, I’m there!”

“Cum,” Martin roared. “Cum!”

Like a hot bolt of lightning, an orgasm ripped through Lois’ pussy. “I am! I’m cuming! Ahnh… I’m creaming, Martin. I’m creaming!”

Taffy’s feasting mouth bore the brunt of Lois’ climaxing pussy. Hot cum flooded her mouth. She gagged on it, swallowing it as it gushed from her aunt’s cunt. She sucked hard then chewed, her mouth treating her aunt to all the exquisite sensations of pain and pleasure.

While Lois thrashed insanely on the floor, Martin got into position behind his niece’s beautiful ass. His eyes flowed from her jerking hips to his wife’s humping body and bouncing tits. “Bite, Taffy. Cream, Lois!” His head was spinning, his cock rock-hard and throbbing for his niece’s pussy.

“Oooooo, Martin,” Lois gasped as she stared from glassy eyes at her husband. “I’m creamin’ my fuckin’ brains out!” She twisted her hips, her niece’s nails scratching viciously at her fleshy ass. “Ooooo, Taffy. Suck! Bite!” Her head snapped from side to side, her face twisting with lust. “Ahhhhh!”

With her teeth clamped to her aunt’s cunt, Taffy rolled her hips, enticing her uncle to fuck her pussy. She sucked, a river of cunt cum flowing into her mouth as Lois’ screams grew louder and more shrill. She chewed, sinking her teeth into her aunt’s blood-filled clit. Lois’ screams grew louder.

Lois bucked like a maniac. She smashed her cunt into Taffy’s face as another orgasm caromed through her pussyhole. “Ooooo, I’m cuming again,” she gasped. “Ooooo, whatta mouth! Whatta mouth!”

Martin waited and watched, his prick poised, ready to ravage his niece’s cunt the moment Lois finished cuming. He stroked his cock and felt it throb then dragged it through the steamy gash of Taffy’s pussy, coating the head with warm, sudsy pussycream.

The contact with her uncle’s cock sent shock waves of pleasure through Taffy’s body. She moaned, the sounds muffled by her aunt’s pussy. She chewed, her teeth gnawing roughly on her aunt’s exposed clit. She began to shake, needing her uncle’s cock to put out the fire now raging in her pussy.

Lois went into convulsions. She twisted her hips, her tits flopping as she wrenched her shoulders. A spasm racked her and she collapsed back on the floor, twitching uncontrollably as her intense orgasm left her weak as a kitten.

“No more, Taffy,” she begged. “No more!”

Taffy lifted her head. Her eyes were glowing and her mouth was drooling pussycum. “Fuck me, Uncle Martin. Fuck me!”

“Yessss,” Lois panted. “Fuck her. Fuck her!”

Martin grabbed her hips and lunged forward, driving his prick deep into her scalding cunt. “You got it, Taffy,” he bellowed as he fucked her pussy with hard, fast, punching jabs. “You got it.”

“Aghhhhh!” Taffy screamed as her head snapped back. “Ooooo, you’re ripping me apart!” Her eyes bulged as she stared at her aunt. “He’s in me! He’s fucking me! Ooooo, heaven!”

She forced herself up on stiff arms and rocked under her uncle’s brutal assault. “Ooooo, harder, Uncle Martin. Rip my cunt apart!”

Martin lashed his prick into his niece’s pussy. His balls whacked against her cum stained flesh. Each jab brought loud squeals of pleasure from Taffy’s panting mouth. Each jab swelled his cock and rumbled the cum in his balls.

“Cream, Taffy,” he rasped hoarsely. “Cream my cock!”

Taffy’s face was twisted with lust and covered with cum. She drooled, her tits swinging, her pussy being bombarded with hard vicious jabs of her uncle’s cock.

“Ooooo, Aunt Lois. He’s gonna make me cream. Ooooo, shit. I can’t stop shaking!”

Mauling her jerking hips, Martin lunged into her pussy. Cuntcream coated his fat cockshaft, greasing it for speed. Cuntmuscles tugged on his jabbing prick, making the cum rumble in his swinging nuts. He spread her ass, leered at her crack then plunged a finger into her asshole.

“Aghhhhh,” Taffy wailed as she rotated her hips. “Ooooo, Aunt Lois. He’s reaming my asshole too!” She bucked, her ass gobbling on his fingers as her pussy milked his hulking cock.

Lois squirmed down, grabbed Taffy’s jiggling tits and began to squeeze them. The hard pointed tips burned into the palms of her hands. “Cum, Taffy,” she rasped. “Cream his cock!”

Taffy’s head was swimming. Pleasure raged in her pussy like a storm. Her aunt’s pawing hands and her uncle’s ass-stabbing fingers, coupled with his drilling prick, had her insane.

“I’m so close!” she shrieked. “So fuckin’ close!” Her clit, totally exposed, pulsed painfully as it swelled with blood. “Unnnn, so fuckin’ close!”

Martin picked up speed, his cock drilling deep, his thick shaft stretching the spongy walls of her pussy. He twisted his fingers in her tight asshole, making her shriek at the top of her lungs.

“Cum!” he shouted, his groin whacking into her jiggling asscheeks. “Cum.”

Lois smiled sadistically. “I know how to make the little baby cream.” She squirmed down and with one hand pinched Taffy’s exposed clit. She pinched it again, twisting the slippery clit mercilessly. “Cum! Cum!”

Rocking on her hands and knees, her body being exquisitely destroyed by her uncle and aunt, Taffy raced to the summit. She began to buck wildly, her cunt feasting on Martin’s cock and her ass contracting against his vicious fingers. She twisted her hips, almost ripping her clit from her body. Her head dropped then snapped up as an orgasm erupted deep in her cock-stuffed pussy.

“I’m cuming!” she shouted. “I’m cuming!”

The teenager went into convulsions as Martin stabbed her pussy with his cock. Under the triple sensations of Martin’s stabbing cock, ass-plunging fingers, and Lois’ pinching and clawing fingers, Taffy went completely out of her mind.

Martin drove his cock in and out of the stormy vat of her climaxing pussy. The greedy muscles and hot frothy pussycum ignited the cum rumbling in his balls. He picked up speed, drilling her pulsing cunt harder as he raced to the peak and an explosive orgasm.

“Cum, Uncle Martin!” she screamed. “Cream me! Oooooo, cum!” She thrashed on her hands and knees, her aunt mangling her tits and clit. She lunged back, her fuck-holes gobbling hungrily on her uncle’s cock and fingers.

“Cream her, Martin,” Lois rasped as cunt cum gushed over her fingers. She twisted Taffy’s tit and raked her nails over Taffy’s clit. “Drown her, Martin. Christ, do it now!”

“Yeahhhh,” Martin yelled as his balls burst. “I’m cuming!” Hot torrents of thick gooey cum shot from his cock. It squirted deep inside Taffy’s pussy, quickly flooding her cunthole. “I’m creamin’ her, Lois. I’m cuming!”

“Yesssss, Aunt Lois,” Taffy shrieked, her head twisting, her face contorting. “He’s creaming me! Ooooo, it feels so good!”

She slammed back, wrenching her hips, her cunt devouring his exploding cock and her asshole feasting on his stabbing fingers.

Like a wild bull, Martin pounded his niece’s cunt with his squirting cock. Hot spraying wads of cum splattered deep. Cum gushed from her cunt each time he plowed his prick into her writhing body. It flowed over his exploding nuts and Lois’ fingers.

“I’m cuming!” he howled again as another orgasm caromed through his balls, sending hot cum into Taffy’s cunt. “Aghhhh!”

Taffy rocked on her hands and knees, her head hanging down, her body twitching with each stab of her uncle’s prick. She shuddered as orgasms swept through her pussy like wildfire. She moaned hysterically as her uncle pounded her and her aunt destroyed her clit.

Martin’s balls erupted again. More cum shot from his pisser and gushed into her cunthole. He gouged the walls of her tight ass as his face twisted with lust. “You gettin’ enough, baby?”

“More,” Taffy screamed. “More!” She wanted to fuck until she dropped. “Harder! Pinch me? Fuck me! Aghhhhhh!”

They did. As Taffy screamed her head off, Lois turned Taffy’s clit into raw pulsing meat. She twisted the girl’s tits until they were swollen and red. Martin plummeted her pussy with his cock, driving deeper with each lunge. He ripped his fingers into her ass, his face tight, his teeth bared, his eyes blazing.

Taffy’s body went into spasms. Jerking her elbows buckled. She crashed into her aunt, slobbering and moaning. Her ravaged body shuddered convulsively as her uncle lashed his spurting prick into her climaxing cunt. She gurgled at the complete mercy of her aunt and uncle.

A shrill cry escaped her drooling mouth. “Stop! Stop!” She began to shake, the rain spinning as everything turned fuzzy. “Aghhhhh!” Her head dropped and her body went limp.

Lois released Taffy’s clit and tits and held her as Martin emptied the rest of his cumin her pussy. She stroked her sweaty forehead, waiting for Martin to pullout his cock so she could suck his cum from her niece’s cunt.

Martin growled and fucked her one last time, the last of his cum oozing from his pisser. He jerked his cock from her pussy at yanked his fingers from her ass. Failing back on the floor, he gasped with exhaustion.

“Damn little bitch has worn me out!”

Lois cased a whimpering Taffy onto her back. She crawled around between the girl’s legs and fused her mouth to her cunt, sucking out every drop of Martin’s cum.

Taffy whimpering like a baby. “No more,” she begged as tiny spasms whipped through her pussy as Lois cleaned her cunthole. “No more!”

Finished, Lois sat up. “I think she’s finally satisfied.”

“I should hope so,” Martin said as he rubbed his tired cock.

From dreamy eyes, Taffy leered up at them. “I won’t be satisfied until I get my daddy between my legs,” she said weakly. “I gotta fuck my daddy.”

“Now that could be a problem,” Lois said. “Maybe not,” Martin argued. “I think Taffy could do it.”

“I know I can,” she giggled drunkenly. “I know I can.” She closed her eyes and within seconds was asleep.


Taffy looked in the mirror at her naked body. She no longer thought about not being sexy. Yesterday, with her uncle and then with her aunt, had changed her mind. Last night had been even better.

“You’re gorgeous,” Lois said, ogling be niece’ bare ass.

Taffy spun around. “I just hope I can get daddy to fuck me as easily as I got Uncle Martin.” She smiled hotly at her aunt.

“Your father won’t be as easy,” Lois said. “Since your mother left, he’s turned down quite a few women.”

“Then he’ll be extra horny,” Taffy said gleefully. She plopped on the bed, her bare tits jiggling. “If I knew what he liked, it would be a lot easier.”

“Well,” Lois said, caressing her niece’s back. “According to your uncle, your father likes it raunchy. The dirtier the better.”

Taffy giggled. “I can do that,” she said. “I like being dirty.” Her confidence was growing.

“You’re gonna get your chance as soon as Martin brings him back from the airport.”

Taffy’s heart leaped into her throat. “God, I’m so hot and nervous.” She squirmed on the bed. “I don’t even know what to wear.”

“Wear that little silk short set you have. Your father loves pink.”

Taffy shivered and rummaged through the dresser. “I got it!”

She stepped into it, wiggling her lithe body into the tight shorts. She slipped the top over her head, the hem stopping right below the creamy mounds of her budding tits. Bare creamy flesh was exposed from her slim hips, where her shorts clung tightly, to her skimpy top. Her belly button was on display along with her long slender legs.

“You look great,” Lois said. “He’ll gobble you up once you get him hot.”

“That’s what I wanna do,” Taffy giggled. “Gobble him up.” She looked in the mirror and liked what she saw. “I’ll be so dirty, he won’t stand a chance.”

Lois laughed. “I wish I could be here to see it,” she said, getting up from the couch. “But, you’ll stand a better chance if you’re alone with him.” She patted Taffy on her silk-clad ass. “C’mon. We’ll wait for them downstairs.”

Tits bouncing erotically under her skimpy top, Taffy hurried down the stairs with her aunt. “God,” she gasped. “I’m creamin’ just thinking about my daddy!”

“I don’t blame you,” Lois said as they sat down in the living room. “Your father’s a hunk.”

“Maybe after I get daddy to fuck me, you can fuck him?” Taffy’s eyes were bright and hopeful.

“Yeah,” Lois laughed. “As long as Martin doesn’t mind.”

“Shit, Uncle Martin won’t get mad. He fucked me, didn’t he?” She squirmed nervously, constantly glancing at the clock.

“We’ll see,” Lois said. “First, you gotta get him. Later, we can talk about making it a family affair.”

The front door opened and Steve and Martin came in. “We’re here,” Martin called as he closed the door.

“Oooo, shit,” Taffy moaned. “I can’t stop shaking.” She turned her head and saw her father standing there.

“Hi, kitten,” Steve said, a wide grin on his face. “You miss me?”

Taffy came off the couch and ran to her father. “Oooo, Daddy,” she squealed with delight. She threw her arms around him, showering his face with kisses. “I missed you so much.”

Steve held his daughter. Even as she had rushed across the room, the bounce of her small tits and bare flesh had not been lost on him. He held her gingerly, sensing she was no longer his little baby. For some reason, she felt like a woman in his arms.

“I missed you too, kitten,” he said, aware of her lithe body pressed against him.

Lois grabbed Martin by the arm. “You two have a lot to talk about. Martin and I will be back later.” She winked at Taffy and pulled Martin out of the house.

Taffy yanked on her father’s hand. “Sit down, Daddy. Tell me all about your trip.”

Steve sat on the couch, unable to tear his eyes away from his daughter’s beautiful body. “You look terrific, kitten.”

Taffy shivered under his intense gaze. “So do you, Daddy,” she giggled nervously. She felt her nipples harden under her halter and she quivered. “How do you like the outfit?”

“Great,” he said, trying to keep the emotion out of his voice. He sucked in his breath as she turned around and wiggled her ass.

Taffy spun around, catching the flush in his face and gleam in his eyes. “Sexy, huh?”

“Very sexy,” he said, clearing his throat nervously.

She jutted out her tits and saw the line around his mouth tighten. “I don’t wear tin anymore.” Her words dripped with sex.

“I can see,” Steve said, unable to keep his desire from his voice any longer. Taffy giggled lewdly. “I don’t wear panties either.” She winked, her hips swaying. Steve was awed. He had only been gone four days and Taffy seemed like a different person, a sexy bundle he wanted to grab and fuck. But he erased that thought from his mind, deciding that with thoughts like that it was time for him to find a woman to fill his needs.

Taffy was tingling with desire. “Does the pink outfit make me look like a little tramp?” she purred.

Steve swallowed the lump in his throat. It was getting harder to swallow each time. “A little,” he said, admitting it, but liking it at the same time. “Just don’t walk around the streets dressed like that.”

Taffy giggled. “Never. I only wore it to please you, ’cause I knew you liked pink.” She shook her shoulders, making her tits jiggle. “Do you like watching me do that?”

“Unnnnn, kitten,” Steve said, his eyes bugging out. “Whewwww.”

Taffy giggled. “I can tell you did.”

Peking a yawn, she stretched, the halter rising, baring the bottom of her plump titties. She shuddered, knowing he was gawking and enjoying the sight. Maybe it wasn’t going to be hard after all to get him to fuck her.

Steve let out a groan. “Christ, kitten. You keep stretching like that and your damn tits will fall out.”

Taffy dropped her arms. “Ewwwww, were ft you looking?”

“I couldn’t help it,” he said, the strain in his voice getting worse.

Taffy plopped on his lap. “Can we talk honest?” she cooed, rubbing her silk-wrapped ass into his crotch.

“Sure, kitten,” he said, aware of her every move.

“Promise that no matter what I say, you won’t punish me?”


“We’ll seal it with a kiss.” She plastered her hot eager mouth to his and kissed him hard, her tongue darting between his lips to explore his mouth.

For a moment, Steve didn’t react. By the time he did. Taffy had pulled her mouth off his. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“I’ll tell you sometime,” she said mysteriously. She wriggled her butt, felt his cock begin to get hard. “I’m all grown up, Daddy.” She took his hand and before he could respond, she patted it against her tit. “Feel me. Daddy. Feel my tits. They’re getting big and they’re sore all the time.” She kept his hand pressed hard assist her tit.

“Kitten,” he rasped, his fingers sinking kite the soft flesh through the hot pink of her halter, “you’re my daughter.”

Taffy brought her mouth to his neck, her hand still keeping his on her tit. She licked his neck. “Yeah, but I’m really a horny little whore who wants to be fucked all the time.”

Steve groaned. “Cut it out, kitten.” His head was reeling. “Don’t talk like that,” He felt the hardness of her nipple against his palm and the soft squirming cheeks of her ass against his hard-on.

“I can’t help it,” Taffy pouted as she rubbed his hand over her tit. “I wanna be your little whore, Daddy,” She brought his hand away from her tit and down to her crotch. “My pussy is always wet and I want you to be the one to fuck me. I know you like fuckin’. So why don’t you fuck me? I can be as dirty as any slut on the street.”

What his daughter was offering him, Steve was finding very difficult to refuse. “No, kitten,” he groaned. “You’re my daughter.”

“I’m your whore,” she said, pressing down on his crotch. “I’ll do anything you want and you can do anything to me. I mean anything and I’ll love every second of it.” She squeezed her thighs together, keeping his hand a prisoner between her legs. “We can have so much fun together.” She threw her arms around him and fused her lips to his, her body grinding into him.

Steve held her, feasting on her full mouth. His hand became active between her legs, rubbing her sizzling pussy through her crotch. It was damp with pussy juice and he knew right away that Taffy would make him deliriously happy.

Taffy pulled her mouth from his and stood up. Panting, she stared at him from glassy eyes that were filled with lust. “DO you want me, Daddy? Do you want my pussy?”

“Yes,” he grunted, leering at her.

“I want your cock. I’ll give you blow-jobs every morning before you go to work.” She flicked her tongue over her lips.

“Take off your clothes,” he rasped.

“No, Daddy,” she moaned. “Rip ’em off me. Treat me like a little slut.” She rocked in front of him, taunting him with her lush body.

Enraged with lust, Steve reached out sand grabbed his daughter’s halter. He pulled the silky material. It ripped, coming away in his hand. “Jesus!” he groaned, ogling her pert naked tits. “They’re beautiful.”

“They’re all yours too, Daddy, unless you want me to let other men suck them.” She was dizzy with lust, her own words driving her crazy.

“Jesus,” he moaned, grabbing her in his arms.

He pulled her to the floor, his mouth hungry as he fed on her darting tongue. His hands roamed her body, kneading her bare flesh and jerking hips. He grabbed her cunt through her shorts and squeezed.

“Unnn, kitten,” he groaned. “You’re driving me out of my mind!”

Taffy writhed on her back and stared up into her father’s handsome face. “You like me being a whore?” she panted.

“Yeah, kitten,” he groaned, mauling her pussy through her shorts. He brought his mouth to one ripe tit and sucked frantically on the nipple.

“Oooo, Daddy. I love it! Ummmm,” She crushed his mouth to her tit. “Bite! Bite my fuckin’ nipple.”

Steve chewed on his daughter’s tit as she squealed with pleasure. Her hot voice echoed in his skull. He ripped at her shorts, tearing them away from her writhing hips. He tossed them away, his hand seeking the wet heat of her pussy. He found it, his fingers jabbing violently into her cunthole. Groaning, he fingered her and sucked on her tit.

“Unnnn, Daddy. Jab your fuckin’ fingers in me. Ooooo! Harder! Make my pussy hurt!” She twisted her hips, grinding her cunt down on her father’s plunging fingers. “Oooo, yesss, Daddy!”

Steve was out of his skull. He twisted his fingers inside her tight pulsing twat as hot cream flowed out over his hand and wrist. He chewed on her tits, working his mouth from one plump globe to the other. His prick, trapped in his pants, ached, his nuts painfully sore and swollen. He lifted his head.

“You are a little tramp,” he groaned as he gouged the walls of her pussy with his blunt fingertips.

“Yessss,” she hissed, writhing frantically on her back. “I’m a fuckin’ slut and I belong to you.” She humped up, grinding her curt into his fingers. “Unnun, let me have your prick and I’ll show you what a good cock-sucker I am.”

She squirmed away from him, his fingers popping from her juicy pussy. Like a wildcat, she attacked his pants, pulling and yanking until he was naked from the waist down. She stared hungrily at his prick as he tore off his shirt.

“Oooo, Daddy,” she gasped. “Your prick is so beautiful.” She drooled as she brought her trembling hands to his hard-on. “So big and beautiful.”

Steve groaned as his daughter’s eager hands lovingly caressed his hulking cock. “Who you been fuckin’, whore?”

Taffy giggled. “I like it when you call me a whore.” She squeezed his cockshaft and jerked the thin skin up and down his hard throbbing prickshaft. “Ummmmm, it’s throbbing so much. I’ll bet it wants my mouth all over it.”

“You didn’t answer me,” he grunted. He jabbed up, driving his fat meaty prick through her fists.

“Oooo, Daddy. Remember, you promised not to get mad.”

Steve’s face twisted into a lewd mask as his daughter’s hot breath caressed his cock and balls. “Tell me, slut.”

“Ewww, you’re making me cream, Daddy.” She brought her mouth to his cock and swirled her tongue over the bloated head, drenching it with her spit and making it glisten. “I’ve only sucked one cock,” she said. “It was big like yours.” She kissed his prick again as he groaned.

“Whose?” he rumbled, his balls churning.

“Uncle Martin’s,” she giggled. “I couldn’t help myself. I got so damn hot, I had to fuck somebody and you were away.”

“Jesus Christ,” Steve growled. “The bastard!”

Taffy giggled. “No, Daddy. Uncle Martin’s not a bastard. He’s great.” She looked up at him, her eyes bright with desire. “I made it with Aunt Lois too.”

“Holy Christ!” Steve groaned as an image of his daughter and sister-in-law flashed through his mind. “You really are a little tramp.”

“Ummmm, I know,” she sighed. “I’ll bet you’d like to watch me fuck Uncle Martin, huh?” She sucked the head of his cock into her mouth.

Steve moaned as her hot spit dribbled down his cockshaft and her sucking mouth made the cum in his balls churn. “Maybe Martin and I will take you on at the same time.”

Taffy jerked her mouth off her father’s prick. “Mmmm, I’d love that, Daddy.” She massaged his prick and balls. “I’ll fuck anybody you want.”

“Suck it, baby,” he groaned. “Show me what you’ve learned.”

“Oooo, yes, Daddy,” she gasped. “Get on your stomach first and let me lick out your ass.”

Steve groaned. It was too good to be true. “You got it, baby.” With his prick mashed into the carpet, he moaned as his daughter’s hands scratched at his ass.

“I’m gonna take care of you just like those high-priced whores take care of their customers,” she whispered hotly as she clawed his ass and drooled. “Except I do it for love and pleasure, not money.”

Steve’s head was spinning. “Do it, baby. Stop talking and do it.” His prick was throbbing, the tip seeping.

Taffy started with his legs, licking and sucking her way up to the back of his thighs. She began to chew, her hungry mouth finally settling on the cheeks of his ass. “I love doin’ this,” she moaned, “God, it makes me cream taking care of you, Daddy.”

Steve groaned as her mouth feasted on his ass. He jerked back against her nibbling teeth, his hands balled into fists, his prick throbbing.

Taffy parted the cheeks of her father’s ass and leered at his crack. She plastered her mouth to his crack and soaked it with spit.

Teasing the tight ring, she plunged her tongue inside and reamed her shitter as he slammed back into her face.

“Mmmmm, delicious!” she said.

“Unnnn, baby,” he groaned, her tongue driving him wild. “Urmnn.”

Taffy moaned, lifting her head. “I love eating your asshole. It’s so sexy!”

She pushed his legs farther apart and brought her mouth to his balls. She licked the back of his nut-sac, her swishing tongue slithering back up through the crack of his ass to his asshole. She plunged her tongue in, her hand reaching under his twisting body and grabbing his stiff prick.

“Unnn, kitten,” Steve groaned, jamming back at her mouth. He jerked his hips, his seeping cock stabbing through her fist. “No more. Suck my cock!” He lunged back knocking her away as he rolled to his back.

Panting, Taffy leered at his prick. She rubbed her tits over it and saw the cum seeping from his pisser and swing the warm sticky cum aver her nipples.

“Am I making you happy, Daddy?”

“Yeah, kitten,” he groaned as she writhed on top of him.

“I’m gonna make you happier,” she gasped. She squeezed his cock between her tits and jerked back and forth, her glassy eyes riveted to his lust-filled face.

With his cock between her tits, she straddled one of his legs, humping her cunt frantically against his flesh. “Unnnn, watch me cream your leg, Daddy. Watch me.”

Steve leered at his daughter. The wet heat of her pussy seared his leg as he jabbed his cock through the pillowy softness of her tits. “You’re wild, kitten,” he groaned. “Wild!”

“Unnn, a wild little slut,” she gasped, her ass jerking, her clit mashing into his leg. “Ahhhh!”

Steve jerked his knee up, mangling his daughter’s clit. “Cream, you little bitch. Cream!”

“Yesss, fucker,” she moaned.

She smashed her clit into his leg, her eyes bulging. Hot spasms raced through her empty cunt and her head dropped to his groin. She writhed, humping and twisting her hips. Her head snapped up, her face red with passion, her mouth drooling.

“I’m creaming, fucker! Ahhhh!” she cried.

As quickly as her orgasm came, it passed. She shuddered. Drunk with lust, she scrambled off his leg, her tits bouncing as she straddled his prick. Still quivering, she mashed his cock between her pussy and his hard groin.

“Gonna soak it in pussy-cream first, Daddy,” she moaned, her hips jerking back and forth.

“Unnnn, you hot sexy little slut,” Steve grunted as he grabbed the jiggling flesh of her tits and squeezed. He lunged up, his face tight with desire, his glazed eyes fixed on his daughter. “You’re fantastic!”

Taffy was out of her mind. His hands were brutalizing her tits and she loved it. His voice always so calm, was now calling her vile names and it made her swoon.

“I’m creamin’ your prick, fucker,” she slobbered, her head dropping. “Ummmm.” She watched his prick glide into view, the head soaked in milky juice. “Ummmm, you’re drenched.”

She wrenched herself free from his grappling hands and fell off his cock. Moaning hysterically, she crawled between his legs and stared at his prick. It was coated with her cream.

“OOOO, Daddy,” she sighed, swiping her tongue up along his prick. “My pussyjuice tastes so good.”

Steve lifted his head. “How does your aunt’s taste?” he groaned, his voice tight with emotion.

“Aunt Lois is delicious, Daddy. I love suckin’ her cunt. You cap watch me next time.”

Steve’s head was reeling. He dropped it back to the carpet and lunged his ass up as Taffy began slobbering all over his balls, licking the juice off his wrinkled nut-sac.

She hummed, her mouth plastered to his balls. She sucked, then quickly began nipping her way up his towering cockshaft to the bloated head of his prick. Her mouth was like fire as she slurped her lips up and down his prickshaft, her teeth nipping, her tongue flashing.

Steve jerked up. “In jour mouth, pig,” he growled. “Suck it!”

His words bombarded her ears and she lifted her head, her mouth over his cock.

“I can take it all,” she bragged as her lips drooled.

She slammed down, his cock ripping into her throat. She jerked her head, her teeth scraping against his cockshaft as she mashed her lips into his groin, and impaled in her throat. She gurgled, feeling his prick stretch her gullet as it throbbed violently.

Steve howled, his prick trapped in her throat, her teeth gnawing on the base of his cockshaft. He lunged up, his ass coming off the rug. He dropped his ass back with a thud as she raked his taut groin with her nails.

“Unnnn, kitten!” he groaned.

“Not a kitten,” she gasped, popping her mouth off his cock. “An alleycat.”

She grabbed his prick in her hands, twisting it as she gobbled and sucked hungrily on the spongy head. She swirled her tongue through the pisser then sucked, inching his cock along the roof of her mouth until it clogged the back of her throat.

Steve roared, his hips jerking, his cock skewering her throat. “Suck it! Suck it!”

Taffy slammed her face down, spearing her throat with his cock as he lunged up. On her hands and knees, her tits jiggling, she bobbed her head furiously up and down, fucking her mouth with his cock. Deep moans escaped her throat, the sounds reverberating through his cockshaft and churning the cum in his balls. She sucked hard, her face red, her lips drooling as they glided rap icily up and down his throbbing prickshaft.

Steve caught his daughter’s frenzied pace and began humping, his cock drilling her eager mouth. “Unnn, Taffy. Gonna cum in your sweet sucking mouth.”

Her father’s words made her head spin. She sucked deep, drawing her cheeks in as she pounded her face on his prick. She chewed, gnawing roughly on his throbbing prickshaft, her tongue constantly whipping back and forth along the sensitive underside of his hard, meaty cock. Spit drooled from her mouth and flowed over his balls as she gurgled on her own spit and the head of his cock each time it plunged into her throat.

Every muscle in Steve’s body tightened. His balls were ready to burst. He lunged up, his hands balled into fists, “I’m ready, Taffy. Ready to cum. Aghhh!”

Taffy held her head steady, constantly sucking and chewing as her father brutally pierced her throat with upward thrusts of his hips. His cock stabbed her throat and she felt his cock swell. She gurgled, her body anticipating the squirt of his cum.

“I’m cuming!” Steve roared as his balls burst. “I’m cuming!” He jerked up, his cock drilling her throat as the first spraying wad of cum shot from his pisser.

Taffy took the first wad at the back of her throat. It oozed down her gullet as another wad quickly followed. She gulped, his cum filling her mouth and cheeks. Sucking, she drank greedily at his spurting cock, savoring the hot gooey wads as they gushed from his cock and squirted into her mouth.

“Unnn, Taffy,” he bellowed, plowing her throat with his cock. “Suck it! Chew it! Aghhh!” He hinged up, his hips jerking and twisting as he creamed her hot eager mouth.

Sucking her father off blew Taffy’s mind. She slammed down, meeting his hard jabs. Her mouth sucked deep as hot thick stringy globs of cum sprayed her throat. She chewed on his throbbing cockshaft, her head bobbing, her tits jiggling. More cum burst from his prick, flooding her cheeks. She gagged, but continued to swallow, losing some as it began to ooze from her clinging lips.

“Don’t stop, Taffy,” Steve growled, his ass hammering the floor as he pounded his cock into her mouth. “Unnn, keep suckin’!”

Taffy had no intention of stopping. She gobbled on his spurting cock, the cum now gushing from her lips and down his prickshaft. It flowed over his erupting nuts and oozed from her nose. She slammed down, jerked her head, her teeth gnawing on the base of his cockshaft as hot squirting lumps of cum shot into her gullet.

Steve continued to pound her face with violent jabs. His balls churned out more cum, choking his daughter as she sucked and chewed wildly on his stabbing cock. His back stiffened, his hips jerking.

“Unnnnnn, kitten. Unnnn!”

Taffy sensed he was about finished but she wasn’t. She took the battle to him, sucking and chewing, her mouth flying up and down his cockshaft. She sucked deep, bringing the cum up from his balls as he roared, his pleasure.

Her entire body was shaking, her nipples swollen, ready to split open. She gulped and sucked, taking the last wad of cum on her tongue as it oozed from his pisser.

Steve collapsed back on the floor, his prick trapped in her mouth.

“Stop it, Taffy,” he gasped. “I’m drained.” He squirmed, her sucking mouth making his eyes bulge. “No more!”

Taffy lifted her head, his cock popping from her mouth. Cum dribbled from her lips as she stared from bright glassy eyes at her father. “Am I a good cock-suckin’ tramp?” she panted, swallowing a clump of cum that was at the back of her mouth.

“Unnn, Taffy. You’re the best.”

She licked her lips then cleaned the cum off his prick and balls. “Wait ’til you fuck me,” she moaned as she crawled up into his arms. “Hold me, Daddy. I’m so fuckin’ hot I can’t stop shaking.”

Steve held her trembling body in his arms. “I’ll take care of you in a minute,” he rasped, knowing that his hot sexy daughter would have his cock stiff again in record time. “Just let me catch my breath.”

Taffy moaned. Her entire body was consumed with lust. “Hurry, Daddy. Hurry or I’ll start shoving things up in my pussy.”

“Unnn, kitten,” he groaned, stroking her back.

“Ummmm, Daddy.” She squirmed in his arms, feeling his wet cock against her belly her sensitive tits rubbing against his hairy chest. “Oooo, I’m so fuckin’ hot!”


Steve held his whimpering girl. Her hot flesh burned into his body. “Relax, kitten,” he rasped, cupping her soft ass and kneading the pliant meat of her wiggling cheeks. “Gimme a minute.”

“I can’t,” she gasped, twisting out of his arms. “I’m burning up.” Out of her skull, she shoved her father over onto his back. “Look at my pussy. It’s on fire.”

Steve groaned as his daughter climbed over him, exposing her hot, sizzling cunt. It looked delicious! “I’ll lick it,” he groaned.

“Ummmm, yes, Daddy,” she whimpered, straddling his face. “See all the juice?” She squirmed her hips. “I’m creamin’.”

Steve pulled his daughter’s pussy to his mouth and sucked deeply on the puffy folds of her pussy. Warm, cuntcream flowed over his face as Taffy’s hips jerked frantically.

“Tongue me, cunt lapper,” she squealed. “Ram your fuckin’ tongue in me!” She squashed her cunt against his mouth and squealed with joy as his tongue plunged up in her sizzling pussy.

Steve gobbled on her sweet-tasting pussy, chewing and tonguing urgently as his prick began to swell with new life. He found her clit and sucked it into his mouth, his teeth clamping tightly on the pulsing clit.

“Aahhh, Daddy,” Taffy cried out as she fell forward, her arms stiff, her head lolling. “Ooooo, bite it off! Finger my asshole!” She was delirious.

Mauling her ass and chomping on her clit, Steve jabbed a finger into his daughter’s asshole. Muscles tightened around his finger, pulsing as hot pussycream flowed over his face.

Taffy went wild. She jerked back at his stabbing finger and mashed her clit into his teeth. “Make me cum,” she begged, needing some relief from the lust raging like a storm in her cunt. “Make me cum or I’ll lose my mind.”

Steve snagged her clit and began chewing it, his tongue whipping across the tip. The rough action acted like a catalyst, sending a sizzling Taffy off on an explosive orgasm.

“I’m cuming, Daddy!” she screeched. “Ooooo, I’m creamin’!” She bucked on his face, almost tearing her clit from her wrenching body. “Ahhhh… I’m cuming!”

Hot cum gushed from her pussy and flowed into her father’s mouth. He chewed and sucked, his sex-crazed daughter thrashing on his mouth as he plunged his finger in and out of her asshole.

Taffy twisted and churned on her father’s face. She stiffened, her orgasm whipping through her like a storm. “Ooooo, no!” she cried out as she tumbled forward. “Oooo, no!”

She writhed on the floor and pulled herself up on her hands and knees. With her tits flopping, she crawled between her father’s legs. “It wasn’t enough,” she panted, her face flushed with passion. “I need more.” She stared at his prick. It wasn’t hard. “Oooo, God… what am I gonna do?”

Steve watched his girl shiver with lust. “I’ll be ready in a second, kitten,” he promised. “Suck my cock until it’s hard.”

Slobbering, she straddled his leg. “I need something in my pussy.” She dragged her cunt along his leg, soaking it with cuntjuice. “Unnnn,” she moaned as his foot banged into her ass. “I got something.”

Steve moaned as she grabbed his foot. His eyes flowed over her trembling body, his mouth watering. “Fuck yourself, kitten,” he groaned. “Fuck my foot.”

“Yesss,” she hissed as she lifted her quaking body. “Ahhhh, this is gonna be great.”

She slammed her body down, impaling herself on her father’s foot. “Ayieeee, wiggle your toes! Wiggle your toes!”

Steve wiggled his toes and her cunt muscles pulsed against them. Cuntcream drenched his foot. He jerked his foot, watched her drool like a wild animal.

“Unnnn, Daddy. Am I a good fuckin’ whore?”

“Yeah, kitten,” he rasped, his toes constantly moving in the bubbling fat of her pussy. “You’re a fabulous little slut.”

“Ooooo, that makes me so happy.” She went crazy, bouncing up and down on his foot, gouging it deep into her cunt. Her head swung from side to side, her blonde hair lashing across her crimson face. She jerked, her tits flopping, the nipples swelling, the tips hard like tiny bullets.

“Call me names!” she screamed. “Call me names.” She ground her pussy on his foot and squealed with delight as his toes tore into her cushiony hot cuntwalls.

“Cream you little whore,” Steve roared as he watched his daughter go wild on his foot.

Insanely, her father’s words ringing in her ears, Taffy fucked herself on his foot. She twisted her hips and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her cunt.

“I’m cuming Daddy!” she wailed, her mouth slobbering. “Oooo, I’m cumin’ on your fuckin’ foot!”

Steve jerked his foot, his toes gouging her climaxing pussy. “Cum, my sweet little tramp. Cream my foot.” He leered at his daughter and watched her tits bounce as she pounded her cunt on his foot. “Harder, pig. Harder!”

Taffy’s mind was swirling. She slammed down on his foot, her cunt contracting. Hot cuntcream gushed from her pussy hole and soaked her father’s foot. “Oooo, Daddy! Daddy!”

She fell forward, his toes digging into her cunt walls. Bucking her hips, she creamed again as her face smashed into his stiff prick. “Oooo, Daddy! It’s hard! It’s hard!”

She grabbed his prick and dragged her cunt off his foot. Panting, her mouth drooling, she crawled up his body and straddled his prick. She twisted his prick through her pussy then slammed down, burying him to the hilt.

The wet, pulsing heat of her pussy seared Steve’s cockshaft, the fire reaching into his balls. He groaned, reaching up and grabbing her tits. He mauled them in his hands, the nipples burning into his palms.

“Unnn, kitten!”

With her cunt finally stuffed with her father’s prick, Taffy brought herself under control. “Oooo, Daddy. I felt it up in my belly.” She rotated her hips and leaned into his mauling hands. “Hurt my tits. Twist them.”

Steve sank his blunt fingers into the soft meat of his daughter’s tits. He lunged up, his cock slicing deep.

“You’re tight,” he rasped. “Tight like a real little virgin.”

A drunken giggle escaped her mouth. “Only my asshole is virgin, Daddy,” she moaned, his prick driving her wild. “Remember, Uncle Martin broke my cherry?” She rolled her hips, creaming his prick with her pussy.

“Maybe that’s where I should be fuckin’ you, slut.”

Taffy’s eyes popped. “Ahhhh, Daddy. Yessss! Yessss! Fuck my asshole!” she swooned, toppling off her father’s cock.

Steve sat up, his prick coated with pussy cream. He stared at his lust-crazy daughter as she scrambled onto her hands and knees. His mouth watered as he contemplated breaking in his teenaged daughter’s asshole.

Taffy rocked on her hands and knees, her small tits swinging. She turned her head, her face red, her eyes glowing. “Fuck me like a dog, Daddy. I’m a bitch in heat who needs a cock shoved up her ass.” She wiggled her hips and drooled as her father climbed behind her.

Steve grabbed the soft flesh of his daughter’s jiggling hips. He leered at her heart-shaped ass, his prick throbbing, his nuts rumbling. “Your ass is gorgeous, kitten.”

“Fuck it, Daddy. Stick it up in my belly!” She jerked back, the head of his cock banging at her ass. “Split me open.”

Steve held his hulking cock in his fist, giving the bloated head to the tiny crack of his daughter’s asshole. He pushed, the head pressed against the tight muscled ring.

“Unnn, kitten.”

Taffy began to shake. She felt the pressure. “Ummmm, Daddy. Do it! Do it hard and make me scream!”

Holding her hips, Steve lunged, driving his cock into the narrow canal of her asshole. Muscles clamped like hot vises around his thick cockshaft and he lunged again, his groin whacking into her jiggling ass, his cock now buried to his balls.

“Ayieeeee!” Taffy screeched at the top of her lungs.

All the fingers she had had stuffed up her asshole had not prepared her for this. It felt as if she had been split in two.


Steve held his cock deep in her ass, letting her ride out the pain of her first ass-fuck. “Enjoy it, whore,” he bellowed. “Enjoy!”

Taffy bucked like a demon on her father’s ass-splitting prick. “It hurts! It burns! Ooooo, God, I love it!” She thrashed on her hands and knees, hit cock throbbing up in her ass. “Ram it again! Hard!”

As Taffy rocked on her hands and knees, Steve eased his prick out until only the head was trapped inside her tiny ass. He stared, watching the muscle of her ass twitch around his cockshaft.

“Jesus,” he groaned. “Damn!”

For the moment, the pressure in Taffy’s asshole was relieved. She gasped, her body quaking, her breathing shallow and rapid. She braced herself, waiting for, her ass to be ravaged with her father’s cock.

“Shove it back! Shove it back!” she cried.

Martin and Lois walked in and saw what was going on. “It looks like we came home a little early,” Martin said.

“I think we got home at the right time,” Lois said as she ogled her brother-in-law and niece.

Taffy turned her head. Glassy eyes found her aunt and uncle. “Daddy’s giving me an enema,” she squawked. “It’s wonderful.” She jerked her hips. “Shove it in, Daddy! Show ’em how to fuck!”

Steve wasn’t interested in his audience. All he was interested in was emptying his nuts in his daughter’s asshole. He lashed at her body, sinking his cock to the root. He groaned as her ass gobbled him up.

“Jesus,” Lois moaned as she watched Steve plunge his cock into Taffy’s ass. “I’m creamin’!”

“So am I!” Taffy wailed as her whole burned and stretched. “Oooo, I love it, Daddy!” She rolled her hips, her ass adjusting to the hard throbbing slab of cockmeat buried up inside her.

Steve groaned, her ass pulsing against his cockshaft. He roamed her sizzling flesh with his hands, kneading her hips and the soft meat of her ass.

“Unnn, kitten. You’re fantastic.”

Martin dropped to the couch, his prick throbbing in his pants. “Fuck her, Steve,” he growled as he rubbed his crotch. “Fuck the little nympho.”

Steve ignored his brother. He was too involved with his daughter. He eased his prick from her tight ass and watched her squirm. Grunting, he lunged back, his balls whacking against her as his groin slammed into her ass.

“Oooo, yes. Daddy,” Taffy gasped. She shuddered, her hips twisting, her asshole feasting on his buried cock. “Do it again, Daddy. Harder this time.” She braced herself.

Steve obliged his horny daughter. He eased his prick from her asshole and plowed it back, almost knocking her to the floor. “Like that?”

“Yeahhhh!” she screeched, her head snapping back. “Ooooo, it’s fantastic!” She shivered as hot spasms raced through her empty cunt. “Again! Again!” The sex-crazed girl couldn’t get enough.

Steve repeated the devastating jabs. Long, slow, powerful stabs had his cock swelling and his daughter in hysterics. He mauled her ass, spreading the cheeks, his eyes riveted to her tiny crack as it swallowed up his cock each time he plunged forward. His breath whooshed out as his groin mashed against her asscheeks.

“Unnn, kitten. You’re so fuckin’ tight!”

Lois’ mouth was watering as she stared at her brother-in-law’s ass. She began to strip. “Do you mind, Martin?” she panted.

“No, honey,” he rasped. “Join in the fun.”

Lois tore off her clothes, her breathing ragged, her tits heaving. “God, this is gonna be great.” She dropped to the floor and crawled over to Steve and Taffy.

“Oooo, Aunt Lois,” Taffy moaned, her ass stuffed with her father’s prick. She jerked back and forth, fucking herself slowly on his fat, hulking prickshaft.

Lois reached under and grabbed her niece’s tits. “Save some for me,” she whispered hotly, her hot eyes drifting up to Steve. “I got a real itch for his cock.”

Taffy moaned. She jerked back, humping her ass, her asshole pulsing against his cockshaft. “Fuck me, Daddy. Do it hard and fast!”

Steve leered at his naked sister-in-law. He ogled her big fleshy tits and jabbed his prick into Taffy’s ass. “I’ll have plenty left over for you,” he said huskily, liking the idea of giving his sister-in-law a fuck. “Plenty.”

“I’m counting on it,” Lois moaned as she pawed Taffy’s tits.

Taffy swooned, her head twisting around. “Fuck me, Daddy. Make me cum.” She slammed back at his dick, gobbling it into her ass as her cheeks whacked into his groin. “Fuck me! Drive me crazy.”

“Fuck the little whore,” Martin rasped from the couch. “Then let me see what you can do with my wife.”

A lewd grin spread over Steve’s face. He lunged into Taffy’s asshole, slicing deep, his balls swinging and rumbling with cum. He plowed her again, making her jerk on her hands and knees.

“Unnun, kitten!”

Taffy absorbed his powerful thrusts, trembling each time his cock plunged deep into her ass. She shuddered, wrenching her shoulders as Lois mauled her tits.

“Ummmm, harder, Daddy! Rip it into my belly!”

Keeping her asscheeks spread, Steve drilled his prick deeper. He grunted, his groin tight, his nuts swollen. He kept his eyes on his sister-in-law, knowing she would be next. It blew his mind!

Taffy rocked under his lunging stabs. Her cunt went into spasms, and, she began to shudder. “Pinch my clit, Aunt Lois,” she screeched. “Pinch me!”

Lois reached under the quivering teenager and raked her nails over her exposed clit. Hot cuntcream flowed over her fingers. “Like that?”

“Ahhh, yes!” Taffy wailed as she bucked wildly on her father’s prick. “Yeahhhh!”

For a moment, Lois forgot about Taffy’s clit. She skimmed her hand between Taffy’s thighs and milked Steve’s balls, her fingers gliding up to his jabbing cockshaft. She shuddered, knowing that once he was through with Taffy, she would have his cock. It sent spasms through her cunt as she brought her fingers back to Taffy’s clit and began pinching the blood-gorged clit.

Taffy went insane. Her ass was being ravaged and her clit was being destroyed. It sent her reeling toward an explosive orgasm. “Faster, Daddy! Faster! Make me cream. Make me cum. Ooooo, Christ… make it happen!”

Steve picked up speed and shortened his strokes. He pounded her violently, his cock ripping in and out of her tight, clenching asshole. “Cream you little bitch,” he roared. “Cream!”

“I’m so close, Daddy!” Taffy wailed as she rocked on her hands and knees. “So fuckin’ close!” She bucked, slamming back to meet each punching jab of his cock. “Ooooo, I’m getting ready!”

Martin sat on the couch, mesmerized by the scene on the floor. His cock bulged in his pants and his mouth dried up. “Cum. Taffy. Cum!”

“Yesss,” Lois hissed as she pinched and scratched Taffy’s pulsing clit. “Cum, baby. Cream your fuckin’ head off.”

Steve joined in as he pounded her asshole. “Yeah, kitten. Cum! Cum!” He jabbed again, his lashing cock spearing deep. “Cum!”

Taffy’s head was swimming ma sea of lust. Their voices echoed in her lust-sopped brain as she raced toward the peak. A shuddering spasm caromed through her cunt and her head snapped back.

“I’m cuming!” she roared. “I’m cuming!” Orgasms bombarded her empty cunt. She bucked and twisted her hips as hot pussy-cum gushed from her pussy. “Ooooo, Daddy. I’m creamin!”

She thrashed on her hands and knees, her clit contracting under Lois’ clawing nails. Her asshole closed around her father’s stabbing prick, milking his cockshaft and churning the cum in his nuts.

“Cum, Daddy. Cum with me!”

“I am,” Steve howled. “I’m cuming! Aghhhh!”

Hot cum shot from Steve’s cock, flooding Taffy’s narrow asshole. His cock squished through her asshole, his cum greasing her for faster speed. More cum spurted from his prick, oozing out each time he slammed his prick into her ass.

“Aghhh, kitten, I’m cuming!”

“I feel it!” Taffy screeched as her father’s hot cum sprayed into her asshole. “I feel it squirting. Ooooo, Daddy! It’s making me cum again!”

With Lois destroying her clit and her father spurting cum into her asshole, Taffy climaxed again. She rocked on her hands and knees as one orgasm after another caromed through her pussy. She slammed back and beard her father grunt as her ass whacked into his pounding groin.

“Harder, Daddy! Harder!” she cried.

Steve gave his daughter what she wanted. He plowed his exploding prick harder into her ass and cum gushed from her pussy and drenched his nuts. Cum gushed from her ass as he stabbed her, oozing out over his balls and down to her creaming cunt. He grunted, his nuts churning out wad after wad of thick gooey cum.

Lois’ hand was soaked. She continued to pinch and rake Taffy’s clit with her hand. “Oooo, watching you makes me cream,” she gasped. “Ooooo, cum, baby. Cum!”

Taffy’s elbows save out. She crashed into her aunt, slobbering and moaning as she bucked her hips and gobbled on her father’s jabbing prick. She rolled her ass, cum squirting out.

“More, Daddy! More! Ooooo, God!”

Steve fucked her ass with dynamite jabs, his balls rumbling, the hot cum spouting from his pisser. He held her jerking ass, his groin, hard as steel, smashing into the soft meat of her ass.

“Unnn, kitten. Ahhhh!”

Taffy crumbled. She lifted her head and screamed as her eyes rolled into her skull. “Daddy! Daddy!”

Steve lunged one last time, his cock squirting the final wad into her quivering body. He grunted and jerked back, his spent cock popping from her asshole.

“Jesus Christ,” he gasped, falling back on the floor. “Damn!”

Taffy melted to the floor, whimpering like a baby as her father’s cum oozed from her brutalized asshole. “Ummmm, it was fabulous,” she panted, resting her head on her aunt’s lap. “You gotta take him on.”

Lois licked her lips. “I intend to.”

“And so she did.”


Taffy stared at the sexy things her aunt had bought for her to wear. She began to tingle, her fingers seeking out her cunt.

“Ummmmm. Daddy will cum in his pants when he sees me.”

“So will your uncle,” Lois said. “Now finish puffing on your make-up and get dressed. Your father has to leave again in a few hours and you want to give him a memory to keep his prick hard while he’s away.”

Taffy slashed a hot pink lipstick over her lips, making them glossy. She licked her lips. “Ummm, tastes good.”

Lois stared at her naked niece. “This is gonna be one fantastic afternoon,” she sighed.

“I know,” Taffy gasped.

She grabbed the red panties and slipped them on. The crotch was open, her pussy and asshole available for anyone’s pleasure.

“Oooo, God, I’m shaking like a leaf!”

“So am I,” Lois admitted. “Now, hurry.” Taffy fixed the lacy red bra over her tits, the nipples peeking out deliciously from the openings. She plopped on the bed, slipped her legs into the black stockings then stood up, easing her feet into a pair of high heel shoes.

“Lemme see how I look,” she panted, staggering to the mirror.

“You look great,” Lois said as she put, on an identical outfit of black lace. “We’ll have ’em both crazy.”

Taffy stared at her reflection in the mirror. “God, I really do look like a whore.”

“It’s what your father loves,” Lois said. “Now let me fix your nipples and pussy.”

Taffy didn’t understand, her wide blue eyes questioning as Lois came to her with the lip stick. “What are you gonna do?”

“You’ll see,” Lois said. She coated Taffy’s exposed nipples with the glossy pink lipstick. “Now bend over.”

Taffy shivered with pleasure as she bent over. “Ewwww, Aunt Lois,” she swooned as her aunt colored her pussy and asshole with the sweet-tasting lipstick. “Will Daddy like it?”

“He’ll love it,” Lois said. She stared at Taffy’s exposed pussy and asshole. “I know I do.”

Taffy gulped and straightened up. Her knees were shaking. “What’s in the box?”

“It’s for the show we’re gonna put on for them,” Lois said. “Take it out and look at it.”

Anxiously, Taffy pulled off the lid. Her eyes popped as she stared at a giant three-pronged dildo. “Jeez!” she gasped. “How does it work?”

“You’ll see,” Lois winked as she came over and took it out of the box. “You’re gonna love it.”

“I know I will,” Taffy swooned, her imagination running rampant. “Let’s go downstairs before I start cuming.” She giggled and pulled on her aunt’s arm.

Taffy’s father and uncle sat on the couch. Lois had told them it would be an afternoon they’d remember for a long time and both men were anxious for it to begin.

“What the hell is keeping them?” Martin said.

“They’ll be down soon,” Steve said. He rubbed his crotch, his mind on his daughter. “I just wish the hell I didn’t have to go away again today.”

Martin grinned. “Lois and I will take good care of Taffy. You don’t have to worry.”

Steve laughed. “Just keep your cock in her and she’ll never complain.” Steve heard footsteps and turned his attention to the noise. “Jesus Christ!”

Martin turned his head and saw Lois and Taffy standing in the entrance to the living room. “Goddamn,” he groaned, ogling them.

Taffy strolled into the living room, her ass swinging, her body on tire as her father and Uncle devoured her with their eyes.

“Well, how does she look?” Lois asked, following her niece into the room.

“Terrific,” Steve groaned, feasting his eyes on his luscious daughter. “I don’t believe it.”

“Yeah,” Martin said, drooling over his sexy niece. “You look fabulous.”

“Hey,” Lois said. “What about me?” She modeled for them, her large tits straining against her black-laced bra. “I’m not so bad myself.”

The two men turned their attention to Lois. “You look great, honey,” Martin said as Steve nodded in agreement.

“Do I look like a whore, Daddy?” Taffy purred.

“You’re a wet dream come true, kitten,” he groaned, his prick throbbing in his pants.

Taffy shuddered, her hips swaying as she stood in front of her father and uncle. “We got a surprise for you, don’t we, Aunt Lois?”

“We sure do,” Lois said, producing the three-pronged dildo. “I’m gonna get this little slut all primed for you guys.”

“Christ,” Steve said as be stared at the huge dildo.

Taffy walked over to her aunt as the two men leered. She caressed her aunt’s body as she melted to the floor in front of her.

“Ummm, Aunt Lois. Let’s make them cum in their pants.”

She licked her tongue up her aunt’s thigh and began to chew her ass through her black panties. She patted the lace, exposing her aunt’s asshole. Her tongue flashed out, soaking her aunt’s crack. Holding the dildo, Lois swooned, her big glassy eyes fixed on her husband and brother-in-law. “The girl’s a fuckin’ sex fiend.”

“I know,” Steve groaned. He rubbed his crotch and watched and, listened as his daughter licked and slurped on Lois’ ass.

“When you gonna fuck her, Lois?” Martin moaned.

“After she’s had some fun with me,” Lois gasped as she pushed her ass back into her niece’s face. “Oooo, her tongue’s up in my asshole.”

Taffy became a little wildcat. She ripped off her aunt’s panties, tossing them away. She scratched her aunt’s ass, leaving a criss-cross pattern of red passion lines in her creamy cheeks. Skimming her hand between her aunt’s legs, she gouged her fingers into her cunt, raking the spongy walls with her nails.

“Ooooo, Taffy,” Lois moaned. “Don’t be so rough.”

She rocked on bet feet, her tits heaving as she gasped for air. Her knees turned to water and she dropped to the floor. With Taffy still gouging her cunt and chewing on her ass, she crawled over to her brother-in-law.

“Lemme have your cock.” She glanced at her husband. “Do you mind?”

“Hell no,” Martin groaned. “Suck him off, I’ll watch.”

With Taffy chewing on her ass and fingerfucking her pussy, Lois attacked Steve’s zipper. She pulled it down, groped inside, and lugged out his cock. She licked her lips then gobbled the head of his prick into her mouth. She sucked, her tongue swishing around his cockhead and through his pisser.

“Unnn,” Steve groaned, lunging up into his sister-in-law’s mouth. “Suck it, Lois! Chew it up!”

Taffy heard her father’s voice and looked up. “Is she suckin’ you good, Daddy?” she panted, her fingers gauging Lois’ pussy.

“Yeah, kitten,” he groaned, his hips jerking, his cock jabbing into Lois’ mouth. “Eat out her ass.”

Taffy mowed and plastered her mouth back against her aunt’s asshole. She plunged her tongue deep, reaming her aunt’s ass as Lois gobbled on Steve’s prick. She forced all of her fingers into her aunt’s pussy. Cream flowed over her hand as she clasped at the spongy walls of her cunthole and tongue-fucked her ass.

Lois was out of her mind. She wiggled her hipster ass mashing into Taffy’s face. She slammed her face down, taking Steve’s prick to the root, his zipper scratching her lips. She sucked deep on Steve’s prick as her cunt pulsed wildly against her niece’s fingers. She gurgled and felt Steve throb in her mouth and began bobbing her head frantically up and down his fat cockshaft.

“Unnnn, suck it, Lois,” Steve roared as he watched his daughter gobble on her ass. “Suck out my balls!” He lunged up, plowing Lois’ face with his prick. “Unnn, Christ!”

Lois was creaming. Taffy’s ass-fucking tongue and pussy-jabbing fingers had her swirling in bliss. Steve’s ready-to-explode cock had her crazy. She sucked frantically, craving the cum churning in his nuts. She gurgled as his prick speared her throat and she shoved back at Taffy’s face and stabbing fingers.

Steve humped his ass off the couch, his cock drilling Lois’ throat. “I’m ready!” he roared. “Unnn, here I come!”

Lois sucked, taking the first glob of cum in her mouth. She swallowed it, her head bobbing rapidly up and down his cockshaft. Her own pussy contracted as tiny explosive orgasms raced through her finger-stuffed cunthole. She choked as more cum squirted from Steve’s stabbing prick. Her hips twisted, Taffy’s tongue and gouging fingers kept her cuming as Steve plundered her mouth with his spurting cock.

Taffy brought her mouth out from her aunt’s ass to watch her father fuck her face. Still gouging her aunt’s climaxing pussy, she watched her father’s face twist with lust.

“Cream her, Daddy. Ooooo, cream her!”

Staring at his daughter, Steve ravaged Lois’ sucking mouth. Hot cum gushed from his prick as his balls burst again, sending another gushing stream of jism into Lois’ already filled mouth. He roared as Lois’ teeth began to gnaw on his throbbing cock-shaft.


“He’s creamin’, Uncle Martin. So’s Aunt Lois. I can feel it with my fingers.”

Martin stared at his wife as she gobbled on his brother’s cock. It blew his mind. “Suck out his balls, baby,” he groaned, his hand rubbing over his bulging crotch. “Fuck her face, Steve!”

Lois was climaxing as hot cum flooded her mouth. She sucked, her hips constantly jerking as her orgasming pussy fed on her niece’s jabbing fingers. She slammed her face down, her lips mashing into his zipper. Hot cum squirted into her gullet and she gagged.

Steve lashed at her face, his cock rumbling with the last of his cum. He jerked up and plowed her mouth then dropped back, his prick spent and his balls empty.

Lois dragged her mouth off his cock. Cum dribbled from her panting lips. She squealed with joy and jabbed her pussy back at Taffy’s clawing fingers. A shuddering spasm ripped through her and collapsed on Steve’s lap.

Taffy yanked her fingers from her aunt’s pussy and licked them clean. “Mmmm, so delicious. You should eat her, Daddy.”

Steve groaned. “Later, kitten. Christ.”

Taffy giggled. “You gonna use that on me now, Aunt Lois?”

Lois caught her breath and picked up the three-pronged dildo off the floor. “I’m gonna rip your insides out with it.”

“Great,” Taffy moaned. She looked at her father. “You wanna watch me suck Uncle Martin while Aunt Lois fucks the shit out of me?”

“Yeah,” he groaned, rubbing his limp, sticky cock. “It’ll get me hard again so I can take care of your pussy.”

Taffy sighed and crawled over between her uncle’s legs. “I’m gonna suck your brains out, Uncle Martin.”

She pulled down his zipper and hauled out his cock. Her gazed blue eyes widened with joy as she stroked the long, thick cockshaft.

Lois stood on wobbly legs. She ripped off her bra, freeing her mammoth tits. Her eyes were filled with lust as she stared at Taffy between her husband’s legs, her hands wrapped around his prick. She swayed, her trembling hands gouging her cunt with one long thick piece of the dildo. The other prongs jutted out, each angled to plunder a woman’s fuck-holes.

“Jesus,” Steve grunted as he stared at Lois. “Fuck her good.”

Taffy twisted her head and saw her aunt. She sighed, gripping her uncle’s cock tighter. “Hurry up. I need it!”

Lois dropped behind Taffy and stared at ha exposed fuck-holes through the red lace of her crotchless panties. The hard prong in her own pussy gouged the spongy walls of her gooey cunt. She moaned, getting into position.

“She’s gonna scream her fuckin’ head off.” Steve’s head was reeling. “Fuck the shit out of the little slut.”

Taffy jerked her ass back, her body hungry for the double hole fuck. “Hurt me,” she moaned, twisting her uncle’s cock. “Hurt me real good!”

Lois grabbed her niece’s hips. “Hold steady, bitch,” she rasped. “I’ll show you what it’s like being raped.”

Taffy couldn’t stop shaking. She dropped her head and began gnawing on her uncle’s cockshaft as her body tensed for the onslaught of her two greedy fuck-holes.

Lois lunged forward, the angle perfect. Each fat, stiff prong of the dildo plunged into Taffy’s overheated body. She lunged again, her own cunt on fire as the action ground the head of the third prong into her pussy.

“Ahhhh,” Lois wailed, her hips jerking as she filled Taffy’s teenage body completely. “Ahhhh!”

Taffy’s head snapped up and her blue eyes rolled. The pain in her ass was matched by the pleasure in her pussy. She jerked her hips, her body impaled. “Aghhhh. It hurts! It’s wonderful!” She bucked as her aunt kept the two stiff prongs deep in her body.

Lois jerked her hips, her big tits flopping, her hands mauling Taffy’s twisting hips. She lunged again, ripping into her ass and pussy with the two hard dildos.

“Take it, bitch,” she rasped through clenched teeth. “Unnn, take it!”

Taffy’s head twisted. Her pussy was gulping at one dildo, her ass burning painfully from the other. She bucked, her dilated eyes leering drunkenly at her father.

“Oooo, Daddy, I’m getting raped in my whole and pussy. Oooo!”

Seeing his daughter being ravaged drove Steve crazy. He rubbed his cock. It was hard as a rock! “Fuck her,” he roared. “Fuck her tin she faints!”

“Oooo, you bastard,” Taffy shrieked.

She looked at her uncle then dropped her head, gobbling his prick into her mouth. She sucked, her teeth chomping on his prickshaft as it throbbed deep in her throat.

Martin lunged up, growling as Taffy’s gnawing mouth destroyed his cock. “Rip her apart, Lois,” he roared. “Rip the slut open!” He jabbed up, pounding Taffy’s face with hard, brutal jabs.

Taffy was swimming in a sea of lust. Her ass and pussy were being plundered and her mouth was being ravaged. She loved it. She shoved back at her aunt, slamming her chewing mouth down on her uncle’s cock and savoring the exquisite pleasures of pain and bliss.

“The little whore loves it,” Louis said.

She case back, dragging the hard prongs from Taffy’s writhing body. Her own flesh was on fire. The third prong was gouging her pussy and for a moment, she watched as Taffy feasted on Martin’s cock. A sneer swept across her face and she lunged forward, ripping into Taffy’s pussy and asshole.

“Ahhhh,” Lois moaned, the action sending hot spasms through her own pussy. “Ahhhhh!”

Pain seared through Taffy’s flesh. Her head snapped back, her uncle’s cock popping from her mouth. Drool oozed from her lips and her face twisted in agony.

“Oooo, Daddy! Daddy! I’m being fucked to death,” she cried as she reached over and grabbed his stiff cock. She knew it was hard because of what was happening to her and it made her head spin. “Ooooo, it’s fabulous!”

Martin grabbed her by the hair and slammed her mouth down on his cock. “Suck it, tramp,” he growled. He pounded her head up and down on his prick, ripping his prick in and out of her throat.

Taffy slurped on her uncle’s cock. She dropped her father’s cock and began mauling the base of her uncle’s fat, throbbing prick. She chewed, her hips rotating as her aunt plowed her fuck-holes with violent lunges that had her racing maniacally toward an orgasm. With his fingers twisted in Taffy’s blonde hair, Martin drilled his prick into her mouth. His balls rumbled, the cum churning, ready to erupt.

“Unnn, Taffy,” he roared, his ass bouncing up and down on the couch. “Unnnn, gonna cum!”

It was what Taffy wanted. She shook her head, her teeth grating along his cockshaft. She sucked hard, whipping his prick with her tongue. She squeezed his prick, his groans growing louder. Her body went into convulsions as she brought her uncle to the peak.

Lois was screaming her head off as she pounded her niece’s body with punishing stabs. She jerked, her hands mauling Taffy’s panty-clad ass.

“I’m gonna cream too,” she gasped, her eyes dropping and gazing hotly at the two prongs as they invaded Taffy’s wriggling body. “Ooooo, I’m so fuckin’ close!”

Taffy was close too. The brutal attack on her pussy and ass was driving her insane. She bucked, absorbing her aunt’s devastating jabs and sucked her uncle’s cock as it swelled in her mouth. Steve bellowed as he watched his brother fuck his prick into Taffy’s mouth. “Drown the little whore!”

Still holding Taffy’s head, Martin lunged up, skewering her throat with his cock. His hips twisted and his nuts burst. “I’m cuming! I’m cuming!” he shouted as a hot, thick stream of cum burst from his pisser. “I’m cuming!”

Taffy gagged on the squirting wads, of her uncle’s cum that flooded her mouth. She gulped at his squirting prick, her head reeling as her aunt continued to plow her ass and pussy with the hard, fat prongs of the dildo. Her lips mashed into his groin and cum dribbled from her lips. She choked again, her mouth overflowing with jizz.

“Aghhh,” Martin howled as his niece chewed on his cock. “Aghhh!” He jerked his hips, her hot sucking mouth drawing the cum from his exploding balls. “Suck it! Suck it!”

Taffy’s body was in spasms. Her aunt’s screams as she fed the prongs into her body blended with her uncle’s deep bellowing howls as he fucked her mouth. She slammed her face down and jerked her head, her teeth cutting into his cockshaft. Hot cum spurted directly into her throat and she gagged.

Martin drilled his squirting prick into her mouth, his eyes fixed on his wife as she pounded Taffy from the rear. “Got more cum!” he yelled, lunging up, his prick spearing her throat. “Aghhhh!”

Taffy absorbed their punishing attack, wallowing in it, her own pussy about to climax. She sucked harder, finally draining her uncle’s balls. One deep gnawing chew and she popped her mouth from his spent cock. Thick cum was trapped in her throat and drooling from her mouth.

“Unnnnn, Daddy!” she gurgled.

Martin’s cock gave her face a final spray and he dropped back to the couch, exhausted. “Whatta fuckin’ mouth,” he groaned. He looked at Steve. “We could sell her and make a fortune.”

Steve groaned, his eyes on Lois as her tits bounced each time she plowed Taffy’s quaking body. “Cream, bitches. Give us a treat.”

Taffy slammed back at her aunt, her hips gyrating. “Ooooo, I’m so fuckin’ full.” She twisted her neck, her lust-crazed eyes leering at her aunt. “Make me cum, you fuckin’ bitch. Rip me open. Gimme!” She shunned back, watching her aunt’s face twist in agony as the hart prong gouged her cunt.

Lois’ eyes popped. “Whore,” she hissed, lunging forward and cutting deep into Taffy’s asshole and pussy. “I’ll give it to you.”

She picked up speed, her tits bouncing, her hips a blur as she lunged in and out of Taffy’s hot, quivering body.

Taffy rocked on her knees, thrusting back and taking everything her aunt could give. “Watch me, Daddy. Watch me cum!” She shoved back, rolled her hips. “Ahhhhh, I’m so close!”

Lois was close, too. Her pussy pulsed rapidly around the jabbing dildo. Hot buttery pussycream flowed from her hole and down her thighs. Tits bouncing, the nipples ready to bust, she lashed violently in and out of Taffy’s pussy.

“I’m gonna cum too,” she screeched. “Ooooo, I’m there! I’m there!”

“Cum! Cum!” the two men chanted as they watched the two screaming females. “Cum!”

Taffy went into convulsions. “I’m cuming!” she shrieked. “I’m cuming!”

She bucked against her aunt’s lunging body, her pussy exploding around the jabbing dildo. Her asshole tightened around the other hard prong and she climaxed again.

With her cunt constantly being gouged, Lois, reached the peak and crashed over. “I’m creaming!” she wailed at the top of her lungs. “I’m creaming!” Her cunt erupted, hot pussycum gushing from her pussyhole. Her cunt muscles gripped the hard dildo as she slammed into Taffy’s jerking body. “Ooooo, I’m cuming!”

The two naked females slashed against each other as Martin and Steve watched. Taffy lunged back. Lois plunged forward. Their bodies jerked. Taffy’s head snapped up and her mouth opened, a scream escaping her throat. Lois held her hips, her tits swinging, her face twisted. A scream erupted from her throat, piercing the air.

“Daddy! Daddy?” Taffy screeched as she grabbed her uncle. “Oooo, I can’t stop cuming! Ahhhhhh!”

She thrashed on her knees, her ass stuffed, her pussy creaming. Hot, frothy cum gushed from her stuffed cunt, soaking the lace of her crotchless panties and staining her thighs. Her tits jiggled in the red bra, the nipples swelling, aching painfully.

“Oooo, I’m cuming again!”

Lois drilled the prongs into Taffy’s ass and pussy as the girl bucked insanely against her. Her own cunt exploded again and ha head snapped from side to side, her dark hair lashing across her face as her huge tits bounced erotically.

“I’m creaming, Martin. I’m cuming so much!” Her hips rotated, the action sending another convulsive orgasm through her twat.

Taffy shoved back, her hips twisting her face contorting with lust. “Ooooo, I’m gonna faint! Ooooo!” She humped her ass, her head dropping to her uncle’s lap, his limp prick mashed against her mouth. “Ahhhhh!”

Lois wasn’t about to let the teenager faint. She picked up speed, drilling the quivering girl’s body with devastating thrusts. The new torturous speed was having the same effect on her. She blinked as an intense orgasm ripped through her pussy. Everything was turning fuzzy and spinning. She held tight to Taffy’s jerking hips.

Taffy began to quake uncontrollably. Her body shuddered, then went limp as she began to sob hysterically. “I can’t…” She fainted, never finishing her sentence.

Lois lunged one last time. Swaying, she tumbled back, the hard prongs tearing from Taffy’s pussy. She lay on her back, panting, slipping in and out of a light faint.

Taffy slumped to the floor, her legs spread, her eyes fluttering.

Steve heaved out his breath, his hard cock ready to ravage his daughter. “The little bitch puts on quite a show, huh, Martin?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Lois ain’t too bad herself.” He rubbed his cock. “As soon as I’m ready, let’s show Taffy what it feels like to have real cocks buried up inside her body.”

Taffy heard them talking and moaned with delight.

Lois sat up, yanking the prong of the dildo from her cunt. “Christ… that was fabulous.” She crawled over to her husband. “Did you like the show?”

“Loved it, baby,” Martin smiled. “Loved it.”

“How ’bout you, Daddy?” Taffy sighed, still too weak to get up.

“Fantastic, kitten. Fantastic.”

Taffy dropped her head back to the floor and smiled. Already, her mind was thinking about having their cocks stuffed up inside her insatiable body.


Taffy staggered to her feet, wobbling for a second as she regained her strength. She stood there swaying, her breathing shallow, her lipstick-painted nipples exposed through the sexy red bra. She spread her legs and leered at her uncle’s limp prick.

“If you two fuckers are gonna take me on, I’ll have to get you hard again, Uncle Martin.”

Martin leered at his niece, his eyes traveling up her black-stockinged legs to the blonde hair of her pussy peeking out through the red lace.

“You won’t have any problem,” he groaned, fixing his gaze on her nipples. “Just get between my legs and suck.”

Taffy dropped to her knees between her uncle’s legs and mauled his limp prick. “I’m glad Daddy’s hard. My damn mouth is sore from suckin’ cock.” She stroked her uncle’s cock, feeling it begin to throb.

“Suck him, kitten,” Steve moaned as Lois dropped on his lap and began stroking his prick. “Then we’ll give you something to hold you over until I get back from my trip.”

Taffy giggled. “I know. Two hard cocks.” She dropped her head, gobbling her uncle’s limp, meaty prick into her mouth. She sucked deep, her tongue swishing across his prickshaft as he began to stiffen in her mouth.

Martin looked at his naked wife as Steve sucked on her tits. “Jesus Christ,” he groaned, never believing he would enjoy seeing his wife making it with his brother. “Bite her nipples, Steve!” He groaned. He jerked up into Taffy’s mouth. “Unnn, suck it, Taffy.”

While Lois played with his prick, Steve dined on her huge fleshy tits, his eyes constantly glancing at his sexy daughter as she sucked Martin’s prick.

“Get him hard, kitten. I gotta get my cock in your cunt.”

Taffy’s head bobbed up and down, her slurping mouth drooling all over her uncle’s cockshaft and balls. She sucked deep then began gnawing on the prickshaft as it grew in her mouth. The cockhead hit the back of her throat and she slammed forward, taking him into her gullet.

“Unnnn,” Martin groaned as he lunged up into her mouth. “Unnn, suck it, baby. Suck it!”

Frantically, Taffy dined on his cock. He turned to steel in her mouth and she lifted her head. “You’re ready,” she gasped. She stroked it. “Ummm, hard as a rock.” She licked her lips and stood up.

“You ready for them?” Lois moaned as she jerked her tit from Steve’s mouth and crawled off his lap.

“I’m ready,” Taffy said, her blue eyes on fire as she stared at the two giant cocks that would soon invade her body. “I’m ready for whatever they can give me.”

Steve grinned, reached for his daughter’s bra. He ripped it from her body, baring her jiggling tits.

“Oooo,” Taffy moaned. “A rape, huh?” She quivered with joy.

“Yeah,” Martin said, grabbing her panties and yanking them away from her lithe body, exposing her silky blonde pussy.

Defiantly, Taffy jutted out her pink glossy nipples. Her long legs, encased in black stockings, were spread, her hands skimming down her body. She parted the folds of her cunt.

“Aunt Lois fucked away all the lipstick on my pussy, but you guys can suck it off my nipples.” She shook her tits and laughed lewdly. “Come and get it, fuckers.”

The two men got to their feet, stripping off their clothes and tossing them across the room. They grabbed Taffy, ripping her stockings from her legs, leaving her completely naked as they dragged her to the floor between them.

Lois gasped, her head spinning as she watched them fondle and maul her niece. “Give it to her, guys,” she moaned. “Give it to her good.”

Taffy writhed on her back, their hands driving her insane. “Mmmm, suck my tits. Suck my tits.”

Steve dropped his hungry mouth to one ripe tit and sucked viciously on the nipple. The taste of lipstick was good and his daughter’s whimpering cries of pleasure made his head spin.

“Oooo, Daddy,” Taffy gasped as his teeth gnawed on the tip of her nipple. “Oooo!” She crushed his head to her tit as her uncle sucked her other tit into his mouth.

Lois watched from the couch as both men dined on Taffy’s lush, teenaged body. “Bite her nipples off!” she cried insanely as she squirmed and creamed. “Finger-fuck her!”

“Yessss,” Taffy hissed as she jerked her hips and kept their mouths plastered against her tittie meat. “Finger my cunt. Finger me!”

Chomping on her tits, her father and uncle roamed her writhing body, kneading her flesh until they reached her pussy. Each jabbed a finger into her cunt and gouged at the walls of her pulsing cunthole. Hot cream flowed and muscles gripped their jabbing fingers.

“Aghhh!” Taffy wailed as she lunged against their fingers. “Oooo, harder. More fingers. Stretch me!”

She clawed her fingers through her hair, her hips jerking, her tits raw from their chewing teeth and sucking mouths. “Ooooo, gimme! Gimme!”

She looked up at her aunt. “Ooo, Aunt Lois. I’m in heaven.”

“I can tell, baby,” Lois rasped as she fingered her own overheated pussy. “It’ll be my turn when Steve comes back from his trip.”

“Yessss,” Taffy moaned as they plunged their fingers into her pussy. “Bite! Bite!” she cried as she thrashed on her back, their teeth and jabbing fingers driving her mad.

Steve dragged his fingers from her pussy, giving Martin exclusive use of her pussy. He clawed his way under her bumping ass, finding her crack. With his fingers juicy with cream, he jabbed his fingers into her ass.

Taffy screamed, humping wildly between them. “Ooooo, I love it! Get me ready for your cocks.”

Steve plunged his fingers into her ass. Martin jabbed his fingers into her pussy. Both men chomped on her tits. Their cocks were stiff, throbbing against her squirming body.

Taffy twisted her hips, feeling the heat of their pricks burning into her flesh. She wanted their cocks in her! “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooo, Christ… fuck me!”

Steve rolled away from his screaming daughter, his fingers popping painfully, from her ass. “Climb on, kitten. Give it a ride.”

Taffy couldn’t move. Her uncle was still finger-fucking her pussy and feasting on her tit. “I can’t get away from him,” she panted as she writhed on her back. “Oooo, Uncle Martin. Stop so I can get on Daddy’s prick.”

Martin gnawed on her tit then yanked his head back as Taffy screamed in pain. He twisted his fingers inside her pussy, his face flushed with desire as he watched her twitch on her back.

“Go ahead,” he said huskily.

“I can’t,” she panted, twisting on his stabbing fingers. “You gotta let my pussy alone.”

“Let her go!” Lois screamed, anxious to watch her niece take on both men. “Let her go!”

Martin sneered, ripping his fingers from her cunt. “Go on. Climb on his cock. Just remember, I’ll be right behind you with this.” He grabbed her hand and rubbed it over his raging hardon.

“Ummmm, Uncle Martin,” she moaned. She squeezed his prick and rolled away, her flirty eyes staring at her father’s towering cock. “Gotta get on your cock.”

She crawled over her father, drooling and panting as she straddled his hips. She slammed down, mashing his prick into his groin and between the puffy folds of her pussy. Her small tits bounced, the flesh blotchy from their greedy mouths. Her nipples hurt, the lipstick long sucked off.

“Ooooo, Daddy! Daddy!” she cried.

Steve reached up, mangling her tits in his hands as she soaked his prick in pussy cream. “Put it in, kitten. Put it in your pussy.”

Drunk with passion, Taffy nodded. She lifted her jiggling ass, her father’s cock popping up from his groin. She moaned, grabbing the thick cockshaft at the base. She gouged it through her cunthole and shuddered excitedly.

Steve lunged up, driving the head of his bloated cock into the steamy vat of his daughter’s bubbling pussy. He groaned as his prick was greeted with hot frothy cuntcream.

Taffy shrieked, pulled her hand away, and plunged down, devouring his prick with her pussy. She went into convulsions as his cock filled every inch of her scalding, hot cunt.

“Ooooo, Daddy,” she wailed. “Ooooo, Daddy.”

Mauling his daughter’s tits, Steve plowed her pussy with his cock, her cunt bathing his fat throbbing cockshaft with milky cream.

“Urnnnn, kitten. Ride it!”

Taffy bounced up and down, her tits trapped in his hands. She jerked her hips and wiggled her ass, the pleasure in her pussy driving her wild.

“Oooo, Daddy.” She leaned into him, her mouth drooling. “Tell Uncle. Martin to fuck me!”

Steve pulled his daughter forward, his hands glued to the soft meat of her tits. He jerked up, grinding his prick into her bubbling cunt.

“She’s all yours, Martin,” he groaned. “Take her!”

Martin crawled behind his niece and leered at her ass. He saw the base of his brother’s cock, the rest stuffed up inside her pussy. Milky cuntjuices coated his nuts and for a second he watched him jab into her cunthole.

Taffy wiggled her ass. “Fuck me, Uncle Martin. Jesus, stick it in my ass.” She humped on her father’s prick, her asshole twitching for her uncle’s prick.

Martin grabbed her hips, his fingers gouging her plump ass. He parted the asscheeks, exposing the tight crack. A lump clogged his throat as he aimed his fat prick at her asshole. He jerked his hips, the head of his prick sinking into her sizzling body.

“Unnn, Taffy,” he grunted as her assmuscles closed tightly around his cockshaft.

“Unnn, Christ!”

“Ooooo, Uncle Martin. Don’t tease me. Shove it in! Shave it all in!” She slammed back, anxious to have her ass stuffed with her uncle’s hard, throbbing cock.

Martin lunged, driving his prick into her ass. He lunged again, his groin whacking into the cheeks of her jiggling ass.

“You got it, baby,” he roared. “Every fuckin inch!”

Taffy went crazy. Her body was stuffed to the hilt with two giant pricks and both were throbbing. “Ooooo, Aunt Lois. I got ’em! I got ’em!”

Lois watched, her mouth open, her eyes wide. “Ummmmm,” she moaned, her fingers constantly jabbing in and out of her own twat. “How does it feel?”

“Heaven!” Taffy shrieked. “Heaven!” She bucked between them. “I can feel them both throbbing!”

Lois swooned, wishing she was taking their cocks instead of her niece. “Fuck ’em, honey. Make ’em cream you!”

“I will!” Taffy screamed, working her hips in frantic circles as she feasted on the two stabbing cocks. “I’ll drain their fuckin’ balls!”

Steve lunged up, his hands still manhandling his daughter’s sensitive tits. He stared into her face. “You happy now, slut?”

“Yessss,” she hissed. “So fuckin’ happy!” She slammed down, her pussy contracting on her father’s cock. “Ummmm, so happy!”

Martin eased his prick from her ass then jammed it back, his nuts slapping against her quivering body. He gritted his teeth, every muscle in his body keyed to the relentless pounding he was giving his niece’s asshole. He mauled her hips and kneaded her ass, his eyes staring as his cock stabbed in and out of her tight ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Taffy screamed hysterically as she absorbed the punishing stabs in her ass and pussy. “Ooooo, harder! Faster!”

The two men snarled and began drilling her writhing body with lightning-fast jabs. Steve speared her sopping wet cunt, his cock throbbing in her spongy cunthole. Martin plowed her ass, the muscles clamped tightly around his swollen prickshaft. Each grunted as they brutalized the screaming girl and stretched her fuck-holes with their huge, meaty cocks.

“Oooo, Daddy,” Taffy slobbered as she stared into his face. “Uncle Martin is ripping my asshole apart!” She wrenched her shoulders, almost ripping her tits from her body as her father’s fingers twisted into the soft, jiggling meat. “Ahhhhh, it hurts.”

As Martin lunged forward, Steve lunged up, almost ripping Taffy apart. She screamed, shuddering as they did it again, their pounding fuck-thrusts in perfect rhythm as they drove their pricks in and out of her twisting body.

Taffy almost fainted under their violent attack. “Cream me!” she shrieked as spittle drooled from her mouth. “Cream me!”

Martin’s hips became a blur as his balls rumbled and his prick swelled inside her tight asshole. “I’m ready!” he roared, stabbing his prick into her ass. “I’m ready!”

“Cum!” Taffy wailed. “Cream my ass!”

While Steve plowed her pussy, Martin’s balls burst. A hot thick spraying river of cum gushed from his pisser. It squirted deep in her ass.

“I’m cuming,” he shouted. “I’m cuming!”

“Oooo, Daddy. He’s squirting his cum in my asshole.” She wiggled her hips, her uncles hot jizz burning in her ass. “Ooooo, he’s drowning me!”

“Cream her!” Lois screeched from the couch. “Cream her, Martin!”

Martin pounded her wriggling body, his cock squirting out thick gooey strands of cum. It oozed from her ass and soaked his balls as he jabbed his cock into her.

Taffy churned her hips, her clit rubbing into her father’s groin. “Oooo, Daddy. His cum is making me cream.” Her head snapped back. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Taffy’s pussy erupted. Hot milky cunt cum gushed from the spongy walls of her pussy, scalding her father’s jabbing cockshaft. It flowed out over his balls.

“I’m cumming, Daddy! Feel me cum!” Steve felt her and it blew his mind. He stabbed his prick hard, his ass thumping against the carpet as his own nuts rumbled.

“Getting ready!” he roared, twisting her tits in his hands. “Gonna cream your pussy!”

“Yesss, Daddy,” Taffy cried as orgasms ripped through her cunt. “Cum! Cum!”

Martin’s cock cut through the squishy gash of her asshole, his balls churning out jizz each time he slammed his groin against her ass. He roared, twisted his hips, his prick spewing hot wads of gooey cum.

“Taffy. Taffy!”

“Cum, Steve,” Lois shrieked. “I’m cumming too!” She bounced up and down on her fingers as an orgasm tore through her cunt. “I’m cumming!”

Taffy heard her aunt’s shrill cries. “You too, Daddy,” she gasped, lunging back at her uncle’s squirting cock. “Cream me!”

Steve hammered his cock into his daughter’s climaxing cunt. Cushiony muscles milked his prick, igniting the fire in his balls. “I’m ready,” he rasped. “Ready!”

Martin grunted, the last of his cum gushing from the head of his cock. He stopped, his prick trapped in her ass. He moaned, jerking his prick from her overflowing asshole. He fell back on the floor to catch his breath.

“Ohhhhh, Taffy.”

Lois leaped from the couch as Steve and Taffy fucked like animals or the floor. She threw herself at her husband’s cock and began sucking it frantically as Steve’s booming voice filled the air.

“I’m cumming,” he howled. “I’m cumming, kitten!”

Hot squirting loads of jism spurted from his prick, squirting deep into Taffy’s climaxing pussy. He grabbed her hips, humping and twisting beneath her writhing body.

“Unnn, kitten. I’m cumming!” Her father’s hot thick cum triggered another orgasm in Taffy’s pussy. “I’m cumming again, Daddy!” she cried as her uncle’s cum seeped from her jerking ass. “I’m cumming again!”

Taffy bounced maniacally on her father’s spurting cock. Cum filled her pussy, mixed with her milky cream and flowed from her cunthole.

“Oooo, Daddy! Daddy!”

Steve bucked up, drilling his prick into her body. He mauled her hips, his eyes riveted to her bouncing tits. “Ride it, whore! Ride it!”

Taffy rode his prick as she screamed. She slammed down, rotated her hips then fell forward, grinding her clit into his hard groin.

“Ummmm, Daddy. I can’t stop cumming!”

“Me either, kitten,” he howled, drilling her with punching stabs of his exploding cock. “Unnn.”

They battled on the float. Steve lunged up and Taffy slammed down. Their screams grew louder, filling the living room as Lois and Martin watched.

“Jesus,” Martin groaned. “Look at them fuck!”

“Yeah,” Lois slobbered as she licked her lips. “The girl has really brought us together.” Taffy shrieked. She lifted up, slammed down, her father’s cock piercing her deep. Her eyes besieged and she fell forward. Limp, she crushed her tits into his chest.

“Ummmm, Daddy. I… I…”

Steve held his daughter in his arms, lunging up and emptying his cock. He groaned, his ass thudding back to the carpet. He moaned, rocking her in his arms as his cock slipped from her pussy.

“Unnn, kitten. You’re fantastic.”

Taffy rolled off as Lois attacked Steve’s prick, cleaning it with her vacuum mouth. Finished with Steve, she turned her attention to a whimpering Taffy, sucking the cum from the girl’s body until there wasn’t a drop left.

Steve sat up as Lois finished. “I think we’d better get dressed. I don’t wanna miss my plane.”

“Shit,” Taffy grumbled. “I wish you didn’t have to go.”

“So do I, kitten. But, I’ll be back.”

A half hour later, the four left the house to drive Steve to the airport.

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